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CASA FRIDA Sabores De Mexico


BARBARAJO HATCH 3 Ways to Get Organized for the Holidays


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WHITNEY BEAN Top 3 Ways to Decrease Stress

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Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone for being a part of our Journey and our Online Digital Magazine. Our Magazine is simply here to inspire you and help be a Voice to other talented Entrepreneurs, who love to share their stories and writings. This is another wonderful Platform we have put together for you to enjoy. We are here to help encourage those who love to write but don't know where to start, have hidden talents as writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and so much more, to be a part of our Magazine. We want to inspire you to embrace new talented writers as they will be sharing their stories for the first time. We also have amazing writers from around the world. Here at Inspiration 4 Life, we are a judge free zone and love to give others the opportunities to also live their dreams and passions. We have been trying to make this dream come true since 2010 but with so many obstacles that stood in the way, we managed to break barriers and still made our dream come true. We inspire you to never give up on your Dreams!

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In this Magazine, you will read about some of our amazing Inspiration 4 Life Team, our Members, Partners, Sponsors, Advertisers and more. Inspiration 4 Life has covered the Eastside, Westside, Southside, Northside, surrounding areas and also around the world. There are no boundaries of the location and type of inspiration we will cover in our Magazine. We have covered it all after all these years. We have so many amazing people in our Communities of San Antonio, therefore we will always have stories for you. Inspiration 4 Life will always be thankful for our Local Heroes Segment on KENS 5 Great Day SA, Sunday Morning Show from 2011-2015. If you would like to be a part of our Magazine or have any questions, you can visit Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Rita Hernandez


Introduce yourself and tell us a little about “You” My name is Cleto Rodriguez I am a husband, father, Christian, and comedian! I have been married for 20yrs and a comedian for 23yrs! I also work for Fox 29 Morning News! Tell us about your Business/Product. I have been performing comedy all over the country and internationally for 23yrs! When you started the Business? I started in 1997 Why did you start your Business? I started to perform stand up because I couldn’t wrestle! What is the main message or purpose of your Business? I just had a brand-new comedy special now available on Amazon Prime! Also, I was voted best comedian in San Antonio for 2020, plus I have my own comedy stage at Las Chiladas Mexican Rest. 2387 NW Military Hwy! Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? My family inspired me to try standup comedy due to the fact I was always making them laugh! 3

I started to perform stand up because I couldn’t wrestle!

Do you have a Team or Staff? Jesus Christ-Manager, Lynette Rodriguez-Booking agent, John Andrade- Web/Producer, Phil Zavala-Wardrobe, Patrick Flores Business Partner. How can you help others through your Business? I will be providing laughter to the many that come to my comedy shows. How can someone get in contact with you for more information? Phone: 210-393-8587 Email: Website: Social Media Links: Twitter- Cleto Rodriguez, Facebook-Cleto Rodriguez, Instagram-Cleto Rodriguez Is there is anything else you would like to add? New Podcast The Cleto Experience.

Cleto Rodriguez

Comedy & Live Events Stage

Cleto Rodriguez

Comedy & Live Events Stage



Seven years ago, our family said goodbye to living in a regular house and moved into an Airstream to move forward in our calling to begin a disaster relief mobile food kitchen. This year has been crazier for everything‌ and while I do not know that there are necessarily more storms than previous years, I do know that I have seen less media attention than ever before. Just a quick perusal of will show 4,499 declared disasters this year. August 28th, we all watched as Hurricane Laura which had been continuing to gain speed headed straight for our neighbors in NE Texas and South West Louisiana. Our family went into action collecting funds and donations to make our way there. They still had not received a lot of media attention so it was still difficult to see where and how funding was going to come in, but we just buckled down with our efforts to be prepared in faith that God would come through if He wanted us to go. We made it there and our family was able to serve over 3,000 people before having to return home.


"It was a picture seen through my eyes of 3 blonde children."

I want to share with you a story from my seventeen-year-old daughter and her experience serving people in Louisiana. Hi. This is Haidyn. The image that just came to mind is something I’ve seen before. And it was not made up. Or in a movie. It was real. The image was the picture I took in my mind that might stick with me for the rest of my life. It was a picture seen through my eyes of 3 blonde children. They looked exhausted. One of the sweet girls looked so tired and sad. She had an unchanging face. She looked like her whole world was taken from her. The other two children looked the same but for some reason she stuck out to me the most. Maybe because she looked the most worn down. I wanted to cry right then and there but I didn’t. I hung on to the little ounce of strength I had to keep moving. I wanted to start doing goofy things, to make them laugh, like pretend to walk downstairs in the food truck. But I didn’t. My insides crashed for what felt like the millionth time that week for someone that lost everything. The children are affected too. It’s not just the adults who “simply” lost a roof. Which is what people make it feel like. It’s the children too that lost their roof and their bed and their favorite toy because it was left to ruin in the remains of their shattered, flooded home. Those beautiful blue eyes that still seem to hang onto my heart. Just to feed them one more meal. Just to hold them by the hand and tell them it will all be okay in the end, but it’s not just “going to be okay” when you are in it. It’s your shattered life that you are trying to pick back up and put back together. No one can ever fully understand how it is until they are right in it. The ones that lost a lot are in havoc trying to get their lives back together. Trying to clean out their house the best they can. Passing those piles and heaps of remains of people’s houses and walls that held memories and stories in.

They were gone. And yet all of that is left out of the news. It is forgotten so easily. You never know how it feels to go without electricity for more than a day until you must do it. The hallway that the kids used to run and play in is now too dangerous. Maybe not everyone’s house there is like that, but I guarantee many are. So many that we fed, said that was the first hot meal they had weeks. How hard. Be hugely in prayer for them. Because they are still going through it. Their world around them is still in pieces. Keep praying.

Here is our info: Web: Or Facebook: HolyRollers Ministries, Inc. DONATE: Or make checks payable to: HolyRollers Ministries Inc 105 E Gonzales St. Suite 210 Seguin, TX 78155 All donations are tax deductible


Casa Frida Sabores De Mexico

1. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about “You” My name is Alejandro Gutierrez Cosio, I’m originally from Guadalajara Jalisco México, where I was born and raised. In 2006 I moved with my wife to Salem Oregon where I taught Spanish in a high school for six years, while we were there, my daughters Ximena and Alejandra were born and in 2012 we decided to move to San Antonio to continue our career in education and to be closer to our families. In 2013 I had the opportunity to become an Assistant Principal at a local high school and I’ve been in that position since then. In 2015 Lucia, my youngest daughter was born here in San Antonio. One of my passions is to help our young students in our community to be successful and show them that it is possible to accomplish, goals and dreams in your life if you dedicate yourself and work hard with love and commitment for the things you do. My other passion is to cook and promote my heritage and culture through authentic food and drinks. 13

2. Tell us about your Business/Product. Casa Frida was born as result of a common goal and dream with my business partner Velia Bedoy. We both wanted to open a restaurant where people could experience authentic Mexican food and drinks, made in the moment with fresh produce at an inviting and warm place where people can come and enjoy a delicious meal and have a great and relaxing time with their beloved ones. It didn’t take us too much to come up with a common vision, so when we found this beautiful place we knew it was the perfect spot to realize our dream and bring to South town an authentic dining experience in a colorful and very Mexican atmosphere. 3. When you started the Business? We started our business on March 21st 2020, originally, we were planning on having a big opening day but because of the Pandemic, we had to begin our business only doing curbside and pick up until we were able to use our patio under the city mandates and guidelines. 4. Why did you start your Business? I started this business because it was a dream of mine to open a restaurant where people could experience authentic Mexican food and drinks, mainly from the state of Jalisco in Mexico. To have a place where our costumers could have a great time and relax with their friends and family. Mrs. Bedoy, who is the talent behind all of our plates and dishes had the same dream and vision so, we both decided to work together and try to accomplish our dream and love for food with Casa Frida, Sabores de MÊxico.

5. What is the main message or purpose of your Business? The purpose of Casa Frida is to provide our customers with authentic food at a reasonable price in a colorful place where they can relax and make good memories with their friends and families. Our plates are always prepared in the moment with fresh produce, our plates take the necessary time to get prepared, but the wait is always worth it. 6. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? My inspiration comes from my family, they always support me and believe in me, I am very lucky to have my wife and daughters in my life and to do everything I do because of them. Doing this hasn’t been easy but with them by my side, everything looks easier and possible. I want to do something positive for myself and our community and show my daughters that dreams come true if you work hard. 7. Your Team or Staff. Velia Bedoy Chef and partner 8. How can you help others? I can help others by providing a safe and unique environment, either as a costumer or as a Casa Frida staff member. 9. Any Special Offers? At Casa Frida we are always trying to bring new dishes as specials according to the season. We also have Happy Hour from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm form Wednesday to Friday and we offer authentic Mexican drinks like Cazuela, Paloma or Mezcamaica. 10. How can someone get in contact with you for more information? Phone: 210-378-6641 Email: Social Media Links: Instagram: casafrida.saboresdemexico Facebook: casafrida.saboresdemexico


Come out to First Friday in the beautiful King William with your friends and family. Sit and enjoy some tasty food & drinks at Casa Frida. Local Artists of San Antonio, Blas & Rita Hernandez will be Showcasing their Frida Kahlo Artwork inside Casa Frida and selling Artwork during First Friday. Inspiration 4 Life Media/Magazine will be Broadcasting Live and doing Live Giveaways during First Friday. We will have Giveaways from Art by Blas & Rita, Inspiration 4 Life and @PennysPlantWorld. Stop by and visit to win! Follow @CasaFrida.SaboresDeMexico @ArtByBlasAndRita and @Inspiration4LifeWorldWide on Instagram Contact Info: Rita Hernandez 210-237-7496

3 Ways to Get Organized for the Holidays BY BARBARAJO HATCH

Ever miss feeling like

the start. Waiting to

your 10-year-old self

open that one gift on

on Christmas morning?

Christmas Eve,

Butterflies in your

gathering as a family

tummy, and magic in the air. The Holidays were wonderful! All the smells, tastes, anticipation, and visiting relatives made it so memorable. Driving down the streets to see the spectacular display of Christmas lights and decorations was just the start. Waiting to 17

for a delicious turkey dinner, acting out the Nativity with cousins,

Since becoming the coordinator of all things magical, it is easy to lose those

dropping off goodies at

loving feelings for our

all the neighbors and

once beloved holidays.

exchanging gifts with

Stress and overwhelm

friends made the

creep in all too often.

holidays so fun and

That is why I want to

special. As a child I

share with you 3 ways

never once thought of

to kick your holiday

who was behind the scenes making it all happen.

season into gear so you can relax and enjoy them.

1. Make a list. Start creating gift lists before Halloween. Take notice of conversations happening about wants or needs. Keep an ongoing list close by and update it frequently. Any time you are at the store, keep an eye out for items on the list. Try to have your gift shopping done by Thanksgiving. 2. Plan days for baking and shopping. Set aside time on your calendar for these specific activities so you do not get overwhelmed at the last minute. Bake in batches. Shop the clearance sections at the end of each season. Start stashing the things you will need for the holidays.

"Remember to take

3. Keep track. Whether it is gifts or batches of cookies in the freezer, keep track of what you have prepared so you do not do it twice. Keep record of who you have bought gifts for and what you have purchased. Keep a list in your wallet of current dress, pant, and shoe sizes of all family members, so when you stumble upon something spectacular, you will have the correct size.

you are to relax

time to take a deep breath and enjoy the magic you have created. The more you do ahead of time, the more likely and enjoy this season. Build memories and have a wonderful holiday season!"



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ART 4 A CAUSE Featured Art by Local Artist of San Antonio, Blas Hernandez



* Churches *Ministries Art 4 A Cause is dedicated to help *Schools *Organizations with funding through the Silent * Galas *Luncheons Auction Sales of Artwork by Local * Non Profits *Scholarships Artist of San Antonio Blas *Fundraiser Events *And Much More Hernandez. For more information, please Contact Rita Hernandez at

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique

An online fashion boutique, catering to the women who loves fashion variety, from high end to trendy styles. Specializing in sizes to fit S (small) to (3X) Website: Social Media: Instagram Facebook Phone:



Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature


"Not enough people are talking about these things and I wanted to start the conversation" Belinda Hearn

This wasn't a career I consciously planned for myself but rather one that Destiny has led me to. After having my second daughter I had started some pretty bad habits for myself and they lead me to burning out. I had postpartum depression, my anxiety was through the roof and I was totally drowning.

I went with what I thought was the most obvious route, I spoke to my husband and then to my Doctor, who promptly prescribed some happy pills. I was thankful, Lord knows I needed them! They helped get my head out of the fog and allowed me to function like a normal human being again.

It took me a while to realize what was going on, to accept it and to ask for help, but help is what I needed because I knew I was out of my depth and I couldn't do it alone. To anyone in the middle of that storm right now, I'm sorry I know it’s not easy. You can heal and you will be ok, try to be kind and patient with yourself and the sooner you get help the better.

The trouble was that I still had this nagging feeling inside, I was happy to take the medication to help me through the space I was in, to bridge a gap if you will, but I wasn't happy taking them indefinitely. I didn’t want to for personal reasons and also because I felt like they were treating the symptoms (which I was grateful for) but they weren't dealing with the cause and never mind the side effects. I had so many questions about what I was feeling, why I was going through this and if I was ever going to be ok again. I was terrified I'd be this version of myself forever and I couldn't find the answers I was so desperately looking for. I started researching and trying all sorts of things, anything and everything that someone said would help. Some things did help of course but it was all quite short-lived, what I began to discover was that this all went much deeper. There were fundamental things that I needed to look at, question, address and build on. That's when the magic happened and the true healing began. After a while I realized that I was ok, in fact I was better than ok, I felt like an even better version of myself. I had been so scared that I would never be my old self again that it hadn't occurred to me that I had the potential to be so much more than that. Throughout this journey I came across more and more women who were silently struggling in their own ways. It struck me how many people never got the help or even worse, never realize they need it and what a difference it would make. Not enough people are talking about these things and I wanted to start the conversation.


I knew right away that I needed to share my story, to make talking about these things more normal, to let those women know that they would be ok and that they can find their joy again. And most importantly, that they are not alone! In my darkest moments I had found my light, my passion and my purpose. I trained as a hypnotherapist which at the time was simply to help myself heal my anxiety, but it was a game changer! So was qualifying as an Energy Healer, again something I did for myself but I now use both of those techniques in my coaching to help women on their own healing journeys. I work mostly with mothers of young children who resonate with my story and who want help finding themselves in this new chapter. However the principles that we work on don't only affects mom's, they are incredibly useful for anyone really. I never set out to be a healer or a coach but life has a way of guiding and directing you to where you are meant to be. Even the hardest of moments in life are there to help you become who you are destined to be, sometimes you just discover that faster when you have someone on the path with you. Any good coach knows that everyone already has the answers they need inside of them, they might just need help accessing them. My top tip for anyone looking to reconnect with themselves would be to create more space in your life for yourself. Set a weekly date with yourself and never cancel, spend that time doing something that serves no purpose other than to make you happy.

Belinda is the author of Finding Yourself in Motherhood, a no fuss, funny and to the point guide on some of the most common challenges in motherhood, like lack of time, not enough sleep and feeling like your needs don’t matter. She offers one to one coaching, group programs and workshops. If you are on your own journey of self-discovery and want to be a part of our community you can join us on Facebook in Becoming Unapologetically You. You can follow her on Instagram or check out her blog too.

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All Separate Events $30 per Event First Come First Serve

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TOP 3 WAYS TO DECREASE STRESS BY WHITNEY BEAN Stress gets a bad wrap in our culture. It’s like the evil villain in a movie that plots ahead of time to overthrow our daily goals and our friendly demeanor (making us grumpy and bad communicators). As if it creeps in where we don’t notice and eventually takes its toll on our health and life, causing us to have a “bad day” or to experience health issues. In reality, we have all access to this stress building up. It’s not sneaky or a surprise. We have complete and total control of if it settles in and creates issues. Did you know you have this superpower? You have the ability to recognize when and where stress originates and then you have the opportunity to choose whether it is helpful to your productivity or if it’s damaging to you inside and out. When we feel stress, sometimes it can simply be notifying us that something is important. For example, let’s say my child’s bus is late and we have somewhere to be right now. At that point, 31

I have a choice. I can choose to feel overwhelmed and rushed and worried and blame the bus driver, or I can use that powerful feeling of stress as a notification that I need to adjust our plans. Can you see the difference? Stress isn’t bad. Holding on to unwanted and un-useful stress, well that is where we get into trouble. We’ve been conditioned from a young age to hold on to stress in an effort to control it, cover it up so it’s not recognizable, ignore it hoping that it’ll simply just go away, or procrastinate dealing with it for “when we have time.” In the meantime, this unused stress is damaging and taking its toll (It sounds like we’re back to the villain scenario, right?). So, what do we do about it? How can we change a pattern that we’ve used our entire lives? Especially in a society that rewards the idea of being stressed?

Here are 3 simple ideas to help you to decrease unwanted stress: 1. Be aware of your body. What does stress feel like to you? Check right now, I promise you can find some looming right this minute. Start by checking head to toe, where are you feeling tension? Where are you experiencing tightness, clenching, or even discomfort? These are the areas that you’re holding onto unneeded stress. These are the spots your body is conditioned to store that stress as it fluctuates. Be more aware of your body and these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) tensions that occur throughout the day. Noticing is a huge step in the right direction. 2. Choose if it’s useful stress. Is this stress notifying you of something you need to do or stop doing? If so, make a plan to get that thing done so that your body doesn’t have to be your perpetual to-do list. Resist the idea that “I’ll feel less stress WHEN…” We often feel like if we can just make it through this week or if we can just get this project done, then we’ll feel great and allow the stress to dissipate. This is not how it works! There’s no free pass you get when you’re done with a project that gives you permission to stop feeling stress. Make a plan of when and how to accomplish what needs to be done and feel better now, while still accomplishing your task.

3. Connect your breath to your body. Connecting to your breath sounds like a hippie idea, but this is real. Taking time to breath intentionally can make real, measurable changes in your life. It not only can help you to feel where you’re holding stress, it can eradicate that looming and unuseful stress you’ve been holding onto for weeks, months, and even years. There you are! Repeat these 3 simple steps many times throughout the day to recondition that stress response and soon you’ll be using stress as the useful tool it’s meant to be. Instagram @whitneybeancoaching Facebook Whitney Bean Coaching Podcast “A Tad Bit Crunchy” Email

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature Business name:

Penny's Plant World  Penny's Plant World

Penny propagates her plants from roots or plants new seeds. Caring for them and helping them grow. Instagram: Penny's Plant World Facebook: Penny's Plant World


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