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Stylying with J Marie Jasmine Hernandez

Local Talent Ariel Corinne

Artist At Heart Denyse Lipka Carbonell

Alamo City Spray Christopher Day/Denise Martinez

CurlMeCrazy Marlena Huizar

MilliemadeCreations Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Elvis Tribute Artist Michael McMullen

Dezynr Nadia Ramon

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A Message from our Editor Rita Hernandez

Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone for being a part of our Journey and our Online Digital Magazine. Our Magazine is simply here to inspire you and help be a Voice to all forms of Artists, who love to share their stories and talents. This is another wonderful Platform we have put together for you to enjoy. We are here to help encourage those who love to write but don' t know where to start, have hidden talents as writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and so much more, to be a part of our Magazine. We want to inspire you to embrace new talented writers as they will be sharing their stories for the first time and of course we have writers that have been writing for years. Here at Artist Expressions Magazine, we are a judge free zone and love to give others the opportunities to also live their dreams and passions. Artist Expressions is our second Magazine we have under our belts and we are so proud of all the accomplishments we have achieved since 2005, through Inspiration 4 Life. We began our first Magazine journey since 2010 and we have coved all throughout the City of San Antonio and around the world. We are here to inspire you to never give up on your Dreams and show support to our writers and all the artists we featured in our Magazine. In this Magazine, you will read about some of our amazing team members, artists, musicians, partners, sponsors, advertisers, and more. There are no boundaries to the type of inspiration we will cover in our Magazine. If you would like to be a part of our Magazine or have any questions, you can visit www.inspiration4life.org/Contact Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Rita Hernandez


Stop by and shop with Jasmine! Follow her Social Media. Jasmine Hernandez is our Featured Entrepreneur for the Artist Expressions Issue. Jasmine makes such amazing jewelry and so much more for your perfect moments. Jasmine is a Junior at Brackenridge HS and is multitalented. She is in Band, plays the Flute and Oboe and is in the Media Film Institute. Jasmine is a published writer for the Inspiration 4 Life Magazine and has been a Student Ambassador with Inspiration 4 Life since 2009. She now has her Boutique at Art by Blas & Rita Studio.


https://www.facebook.com/StylingWithJMarie https://www.instagram.com/stylingwithjmarie/






ART 4 A CAUSE Featured Art by Local Artist of San Antonio, Blas Hernandez



* Churches *Ministries Art 4 A Cause is dedicated to help *Schools *Organizations with funding through the Silent * Galas *Luncheons Auction Sales of Artwork by Local * Non Profits *Scholarships Artist of San Antonio Blas *Fundraiser Events *And Much More Hernandez. For more information, please Contact Rita Hernandez at www.inspiration4life.org/Contact

ARIEL CORINNE Hello! My name is Ariel Corinne and I am a local 17 year old musician in San Antonio. I am a singer-songwriter as well as a performer, with my main instrument of choice being the ukulele. I am a musician who has a small but diverse discography of genres that include rock, pop, instrumentals, lofi, and others, all being performed on the ukulele. I also perform covers of all types of genres from oldies, rock, indie, pop, and more, but with my own twist and style. At 13 years old I taught myself to play the Ukulele using YouTube videos and books. I was very nervous to perform in front of people so I started to play to my family and grew more confident to play around town at open mic nights. I then started to play for non profit organizations I wanted to help. I officially started as a paid performer in 2018 when I was the opening performer for other musicians. In 2019, I auditioned and was chosen to play as a vendor at the San Antonio International Airports “SAT Live Series” and then 2020 I released my first EP, “Yellow”.


My interest started when I was in kindergarten when I wanted to start playing the violin but has transformed into a love for the ukulele. I started playing and performing music as it was a passion of mine and something that kept me grounded whenever I was going through a rough patch in my life, and through that it has transformed into a want to spread that same joy music brings me to others. My main goal is to encourage others to find the good moments in life whether it be during a hard time, an uncertain time, and anytime where it may seem hard to find positivity. I always wanted to do something in music, there was actually a point in my adolescence that I wanted to become a DJ hahaha, but I found that performing a live instrument, mainly the ukulele, was for me. I was inspired mostly then by groups such as Twenty One Pilots, Panic at The Disco, the likes. Now, I take more inspiration from artists such as Surfaces, mxmtoon, Kai dreams, and other artistswho use the ukulele as the focal point in their music. For better truth, my “staff” is my family who

have given me more support than I could ever ask for. My mother works as my Manager, my sister works as my artists and inspiration, while my dad works as the muscle by moving and transporting the equipment. Whether it's by inspiring others to find peace and good vibes through a time of uncertainty or inspiring younger artists to continue on their musical journey, my performances and music can speak to others and be interpreted as wanted. I just want my music to be used as a form of enjoyment. It’s hard for me to praise myself. I’ve been told by my mom many times how proud she is of me and I’m OK with that. I am a high school junior and I play on the Varsity Tennis Team and sing for the Advanced Choir. I was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. I have a passion for Biomedical Engineering/Pathology but will always have my music to keep me balanced and grounded. My greatest wish is for my music to be heard around the world to bring happiness and healing. I have recently released my first EP Yellow in October 2020 and is out now on all streaming platforms!

https://www.instagram.com/arielcorinneofc/ https://www.facebook.com/ArielCorinneMusic/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp1YXPdcNXK7iBO0Q3Pk2TA https://open.spotify.com/artist/2tgtYtYfuB1XiYygooiWle?si=A3sr0WxkSgWvESFJQDYAtg https://music.apple.com/us/album/yellow-ep/1534831853?uo=4&app=itunes https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KXRCKYW

Phone:( 210)-758-942611. Email: pmcguire2911@gmail.com12. Website: https://arielcorinne.carrd.co/


ArtistAtHeart.org 216-308-4801 Denyse Lipka Carbonell is a Cleveland, Ohio artist who received her undergraduate degree from The Cleveland Institute of Art and a Masters in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University. She is a certified Ohio art educator with twenty+ years of experience teaching all ages and ability levels. Currently Denyse is teaching art virtually, offering new weekly live art classes and 150 recorded videos. Denyse paints with groups from local companies, including Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Metro Hospitals’ staff, residents, and patients, promoting health and wellness through the arts.





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Alamo City Spray


About the Artists: Hi, my name is Christopher Day, lead artist and co-owner of Alamo City Spray. I am a creator of things. I'm an artist, an entrepreneur, a lover of dreams, life, and freedom. I am also Fallible man.. I am Human. Alamo City Spray is a joint venture between myself and Denise Martinez, (fellow artist/manager of many many things), my life partner and began in January 2020. Although we are both creators of many things, our focus is on the fusion of Performance/Fine art….Creating fine art using spray paint, in front of a live audience, while also making it an exciting and interactive experience. On December 27th, last year, I walked out of federal prison a free man, for the first time in many many years. Free... but, homeless, jobless, and with almost no money at all. For the first time in my life, I was completely alone… 39 years old, on a bus to San Antonio Texas, where I had no one... completely alone and hungry. So with the $3 in my pocket, I went to a Walmart. As a child, my brother once told me about a man he saw when on vacation...a man who painted the cosmos with spray paint, on the street corner and how amazing it was. That day, I purchased two cans of paint for 96 cents

Our school is getting bigger every year. Let's help each tore the poster board in half, created two art pieces other learn it means using the plastic bagswhat as my tools. Each pieceto sold for the $15 Timpton Spirit! $15have on the spot. went to food, the other went to

each, and a 67 cent poster board...In the parking lot, I

more paint and poster boards.

This was just as Covid was getting ramped up, just before quarantine, hard working men and women with good records were losing their jobs. There were no jobs for me, not that would actually help me get my head above water. Spray paint saved my life...and the people of San Antonio Texas have given me a home and business, a life, a career and I am THANKFUL. Today, things are much better...and there are many plans in the works for positive growth in this artrepreneurial career. My main message for my Business is, Dream big, because with enough hard work, they can come true. Bad choices, hard times, Covid, and music all inspired me to do what I do . All of my pieces have "soul". Music is a huge contributor to my work. Each piece is crafted with the emotion of the music that inspired it. Anyone who has ever witnessed my live performances can see how heavily influenced the art can be. Currently, Denise and I wear ALL of the many hats it takes to run this business. However, we are interested in bringing some additional team members in, in order to grow our business to the next level soon.

We have many aspirations for the future...for one, I'd like to become a permanent part of downtown San Antonio...the Tony Vegas of San Antonio… my plans are to bring a bigger

Because so much of what we do is also a performance

than Vegas type show, to this city.. permanently.

art, we get the opportunity to engage with our audience in a way that many artists do not. We get to

If anyone out there would like to contact us with information

talk to them while we create. We get to involve them

or help in making that happen, we would be grateful.

in the creation process. We have the opportunity to teach many life lessons through our art and it's creation process. We have a story to tell, a long one..one that can

Our school is getting bigger help the world...one that spreads hope, love, creativity, every year. Let's help each imagination and personal growth. The process of our learn it means toat a time. artother allows us to sharewhat that message, one piece have the Timpton Spirit!

Once again, I'd like to thank the people of San Antonio Texas. Only here was it possible for this dream to happen. Because you have accepted me and given me a HOME, my family has a better future. 1Phone: 2107125672 1Email: alamocityspray@gmail.com Website: https://linktr.ee/AlamoCitySpray

MARLENA HUIZAR My small business name is CurlMeCrazy and I create jewelry with paper! It's called paper quilling and I've been at it since 2014 but I'm just now trying to make it a business. My pieces can be purchased at www.amazon.com/shops/Cur lMeCrazy I was approved to be an Amazon Handmade Seller in October of this year and I just launched my shop today. 2 sales already!! Thank you so much for this opportunity to be featured in your magazine! FB: Curl Me Crazy Instagram: curl.me.cr4zy



Milagros Suriano-Rivera

www.milliemadecreations.com MilliemadeCreations | Facebook HealedEnoughArts | Facebook Instagram.com/healed_enough_arts/ 25

Tribute Artist in San Antonio and South Texas!!" Winner of the Male Vocalist of the Year Award for Traditional Country by the Lone Star State Country Music Association. I perform a variety of Elvis' musicfrom his early years, through to the Vegas years. My shows include professional costume, vocals, sound, and lighting with authentic backup music tracks or a live band. I provide entertainment for both private and public events such as for weddings, birthdays, grand openings, corporate events, singing telegrams, fundraisers, and charity events in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. I also provide quality entertainment for senior centers, as well, and am a licensed minister. I have over ten years of experience as an Elvis impersonator and 20+ years of experience as a Country Western singer/songwriter and musician.


Call me today at 210-725-8854 or visit my website: www.michael-mcmullen-entertainment.com




CONTACT: RITA 210-237-7496


Nadia Ramon DEZYNR Phone: 830-212-3078 Email: dezynr.shop@gmail.com Website: www.dezynr.shop Social Media Links: Instagram @dezynr_ Facebook @dezynr.shop Pinterest @dezynr.shop 37

My Name is Nadia. I am 27 years old, a UTSA graduate, and a lover of many hobbies. Aside from working on building my jewelry business, I enjoy reading, hiking, cycling, and social dancing. I started making seed bead jewelry back in 2015 and this year I transitioned to working with polymer clay. I love making jewelry and accessories with polymer clay because clay is versatile, and I am able to develop my creativity.

that accentuates their outfits for any occasion.

I started my business in August 2020. I started my shop as a hobby during quarantine but have naturally loved seeing its growth and have continued to expand. The main purpose is to encourage women to wear lightweight, durable, and unique jewelry

I am a one woman show however, my boyfriend has been a great helper and supporter. I hope that I can inspire other women who wish to start their own business, like me.

Exploring my creativity has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. Starting my small business came so naturally to me and I have truly enjoyed the full experience of learning every step of the way since then. I am continuously inspired by my travels.

ART TALK ART COMES IN ALL FORMS When it comes to Art, it can

Word, Actors, and so much

be categorized in all forms.

more, to share their talents

We love to see, hear, feel,

with everyone. Many never

taste and smell what each

have the opportunity to do so

Artist creates. We want to

and we have this space to

search our communities of

help everyone shine. Artist

San Antonio for Painters,

Expressions is ready for you!

Chefs, Musicians, Spoken

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