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Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone for being a part of our Journey and our Online Digital Magazine. Our Magazine is simply here to inspire you and help be a Voice for everyone! We love to share your stories with the world. This is another wonderful Platform we have put together for you to enjoy. We are here to help encourage those who love to write but don't know where to start, have hidden talents as writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and so much more, to be a part of our Magazine. We want to inspire you to embrace new talented writers as some will be sharing their stories for the first time. We also have experienced, amazing writers from around the world. Here at Inspiration 4 Life, we are a judge free zone and love to give others the opportunities to also live their dreams and passions. We have been trying to make this dream come true since 2010 but with so many obstacles that stood in the way, we managed to break barriers and still made our dream come true. We inspire you to never give up on your Dreams!

In this Magazine, you will read about some of our amazing Inspiration 4 Life Team, our Members, Partners, Sponsors, Advertisers and more. Inspiration 4 Life has covered the Eastside, Westside, Southside, Northside, surrounding areas and also around the world. There are no boundaries of the location and type of inspiration we will cover in our Magazine. We have covered it all after all these years. We have so many amazing people in our Communities of San Antonio, therefore we will always have stories for you. Inspiration 4 Life will always be thankful for our Local Heroes Segment on KENS 5 Great Day SA, Sunday Morning Show from 2011-2015.

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Rosalind Monique-Rider

1. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about “You” and about your Cause/Non-Profit. Veteran - Funded, Women Led, It's Already Done Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in Texas in 2019. Our mission is to take care of and support the men, women and children in our community. We have several ministries within our organization designed to reach individual members as well as the community as a whole. Our main focus is Women, Veterans, and Aging-Out Foster Young Adults.

The VISION of this organization is to support our women, veterans, and young adults by providing resources at our Women’s Wellness Weekend, in our Veteran’s Village, and The Aging-Out Foster Care Young Adult Transition Facilities. Our goal in this organization is to improve nutrition, ensure equal access to resources, and encourage innovation/creativity. We host an annual Women’s Wellness


Weekend that focuses on changing the lives of women globally. using team building, facilitation, oneon-one as well as group counseling. The priority for our young adult Transition Facility is to provide housing and other facilities to train, educate, and equip our young adults to be positive, active and independent members of society. We offer a transition facility that meets their basic needs of life while providing education, access to vocational studies or entrance into the military. Finally, our Veteran’s Village will provide the needed housing and support for our veteran community allowing them affordable housing as well as access to much needed resources to attend to their health, mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

2. When and why did you start your Cause/NonProfit?

We started in 2019. During the mid nineties, I prayed for a corner lot in a newly developed neighborhood. I was told I could have any lot but the corners because they were all sold. I requested for specific items which included a corner lot. There were 4 builders in the area, so I chose my layout and secured my $500 deposit. I truly believed this was the location of my home and prior to going to work on my night shift, I would go to the property and pray. Lord, I will dedicate this house as a place of refuge for women and children with my family. I will help women that need safety. (I was a survivor of domestic violence) Everyday,I would walk the perimeter property line and remind him of Joshua 6:1-27, how the walls of Jericho fell. I said God tear up the contract, I do not believe this is what the owners desire. Show them how big you are to increase their faith. While out of state Easter, 1998 I received a call apologizing about the oversight. I was told “if you still want the lot, it's yours.” I was not shocked. I responded, “start building.” My two daughters and I moved into our beautiful home. I was traveling globally and following many conferences such Bishop T.D Jakes, Back to the Bible and Women that are Loose; Joyce Meyer Ministries; Prophetess Juanita Bynum, No more Sheets.

Many of the ladies I associated with wanted to travel, but could not due to different reasons. In 2004, I prayed to have the finances to purchase all the conference material available and bring it back to share with the ladies. God honored my request. I went to our local church and stopped in the foyer to speak to one of the ladies who wanted to attend. She asked”How was it?’ I responded that it was wonderful. I informed her I purchased to DVD;s and she was welcome to come over to my home. We set a date. When she came to my home I had all the DVD’s spread and reached to grab one when I heard the Holy Spirit “Let her choose.” We watched together and during our praise we both ended up on the threshing floor, praising God. The following Sunday, I was approached by the previous sister and along with another, who requested to come over. I agreed and set the date. The Holy Spirit gave me the same instruction “Let her choose.” The three of us repeated the same results.

The Women’s Ministry had no title. I would invite them to my home for a Women’s gathering. I noticed women would share personal experiences with me and I created a safe place for ladies to join together and encourage one another. I opened my home once a month in Killeen Texas and offered food, prayer and fellowship. I never advertised and we quickly grew from 1 woman to 44 traveling as far as 4 hours from the North, South, West and East. I remained in the house for 15 years and had single women and women with children stay with us for 5-8 years. I was accused of trying to start a church and was instructed to stop allowing ladies to come over. As a new believer I didn’t fully

understand what I was doing wrong. My heart was broken. I became very busy working in the military. Whenever I would notice ladies connecting to me, I would try and disconnect. I planned my birthday and invited family, old friends and new to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend. My intention was a one time event which now has led to seven years with 300 ladies globally to include Africa and Palestine. We established a Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat Journey to the Crown every 3rd weekend in March. We have a weekly Tuesday evening Podcast Sisters Supporting Sisters.

We have a Men’s Ministry, slowly developing an infancy stage. We recently started a three month pilot Podcast Brothers Supporting Brothers and our youth desire to become more active.

Our Aging-out Foster young adults organically transformed from the United States Air Force. During 15 years of my career people would ask “What happens to the kids that get kicked out?” I would respond, “I don’t know that's not my lane,” as I would shrug my shoulders with no concern. In 2017, I took a position as a Military Training Instructor that I was not praying for; however; my coworkers insisted I should take it. During the same time I applied for a Recruiters position and was told my application was excellent, in fact they said I was like cream on top of coffee. The door closed as a recruiter and opened as a MTI. My last position was with the kids that got kicked out of the Air Force. Who knows God laughs?I discovered many of the military members we recruited were homeless and could not conform. We were sending them back to the streets with no hope and no future. I cried everyday on my drive home. I was told to create three programs to help them. I was so overwhelmed. I introduced college credits and Job corps opportunities. Once the job ended I remained in the military as I am in my twenty six years. I found myself crying out to God. I experienced a feeling of emptiness similar to an “Empty Nest.” My dear sister in Christ Valerie Lewis said “Rosalind, you must continue in the community this is another program in your ministry. I took all my information and started


going into the community talking to aging -out foster young adults 16-24 years.

Our ministry has continued the programs filling in the gaps to transition them into a successful path. We identify young adults from homelessness, existing youth at transition homes aging out at 18, group homes, referrals, friends and family. We use our personal vehicles to teach and obtain their Drivers License. Our programs include GED/Diploma, college, military and Job corps entry, medical needs such as eyes and dental, therapy. Often when we communicate with our young adults they have lost or their documents have been stolen. They are unable to apply to take any necessary steps until the basic requirements are complete. We sit for hours to follow processes to receive Social security card , Birth certificate and state ID’s.

3. What is the main message or purpose of your Cause/Non-Profit? Our purpose is to cause awareness and support from anyone and everyone. We desperately need a Transition home to house our young people. There are more children than facilities available.

The priority for our young adult Transition Facility is to provide housing and other facilities to train, educate, and equip our young adults to be positive, active and independent members of society.

the numbers are high directly affecting communities in every city and every state.

5. Do you have a Team or Staff? Yes, presently we have 10 volunteer staff members including myself. Rosalind Monique Rider, Faith Hall, Vunda Comeger, Paula Robinson, Sonia Arenas, Ienata Masin, Mya Wells, Yolanda Hall, Vante'jah Lacourtney Comeger, and Angela Alexander-Brown.

6. How can you help others through your Cause/Non-Profit? Our primary focus is helping aging-out young adults with resources. We help each individual based on their needs. Our organization is not a cookie- cutter. Every need is different from every person.

We receive requests for resources because we have been added to several websites through other people and organizations. We have assisted adults and children and they gave our organization a name. Ultimately, we may not service everyone but if we are called we are working on gathering enough information to guide them to the right service to assist them.

7. Can anyone join to be a part of your Non-Profit or Volunteer? We always accept volunteers. Our two major events: Goodies 4 UR Hoodies, for our aging out young adults and community. WWW JTTC, Weekend retreat ( ladies-ages seniors in high school to adults).

8. How can someone get in contact with you for more information or to donate?

Phone: 210-446-8663


4. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? Due to my lack of awareness God opened a door in the military that forced me to see our young military members discharged from the service. Many of them were returning to an epidemic of homelessness. We are discovering


Social Media Links:

Instagram: iadminstries

Facebook: IADM Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

It's Already Done Ministries Presents

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AJ Sure

AJ Sure is a Texas singer and songwriter. Born Alfredo Segura Jr in the small Texas town of Cotulla, AJ had a love a music from a young age. His first gig was in elementary school, when a Catholic nun gave him an acoustic guitar and told him he was going to play and sing for the church services.

As he grew, AJ expanded his music knowledge to include mastering the baritone, tenor, and alto saxophones, the guitarrón and the electric guitar. In college he studied classical guitar, piano and music theory and joined the University’s worship team.

This experience led him to forming the band, Along for the Ride. As lead vocals and rhythm guitar of the band, he performed in the late 1990s and early 2000s in dancehalls, venues, and festivals across South Texas to include the Artisan River Theatre, San Antonio Riverwalk, Cotulla Wild Hog Cookoff, Floore’s

Country Store and Dancehall, Freer Rattlesnake Roundup, Great Country River Festival, San Antonio Fiesta, and the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo. The band also performed for several private events hosted by the Greater San Antonio Builders’ Association, Brighten Horse Refuge, Don Strange Ranch, Helicopter Air Lift Operations, Hill Country Trailriders Association, International Association of Business Communicators, and USAA. The band was recognized as finalists in San Antonio’s Battle of the Bands and in Don Reed Productions’ Starborn competitionbeforegoingtheirseparateways.

Itwasduringthistime,thatAJwroteIfYou’reNotEven Here, Time Flies, Head Over Heels and Rescue Me. AJ hasperformed,IfYou’reNotEvenHereonthestageat Nashville’sGrandOleOpryHouse.

AJ has served as a worship leader in several Methodist churches and shared his talents with smalltown churches during special services or communityevents.In2010,K-LoveFMChristianradio recognized him with a Worship Leader Appreciation Awardforhisservicetoministrythroughmusic.

Today,AJliveswithhiswifeandtwosonsintheTexas hill country. He is back in the studio remastering his original music to release on digital platforms and writingnewsongs.


AJ mostly plays Country and Christian Music with original music that can be found in all social media outlets such as, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and iHeart Radio.

The main message that I’d like to say is that a song inspires the emotions and vice versa. Meaning, that sometimes a song comes out of an experience and helps solidify a memory or emotion – e.g. a song that shares a first kiss, lost love or favorite pastime. And other times, a song can be linked to an experience in a way that creates a memory or emotion – e.g. the first song you hear after the birth of a child or on a vacation.

A Catholic nun inspired me to learn how to play guitar for our church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Cotulla, TX starting at 5th grade. My love for music grew and I was further inspired by my music teacher in high school, Francisco Javier Sosa. Mr. Sosa gave me the opportunity to play in band, stage band and mariachi band. In college, Leslie Lyon, my classical guitar professor, gave me the tools to be more confident to play guitar. It was then that I branched out to find my own style.

My musical influences in these genera are, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Gordan Lightfoot, Emilio Navaira, Ramiro “Ram” Herrera, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, and MattRedman.

In the late 90s I had a band called Along for the Ride. We played for about 7 years before branching out on my own. I was the worship leader at Spring Creek United Methodist for 15 years and provided live music to churches who didn’t have bands, as well as outside ministries such as Kairos and Emmaus. Today, I concentrate on song writing. If I play for a live audience, I am selective to the venues. I prefer to play forfestivalsand/orsongwritinggatherings.

My dream collaborations would be to write a Christian song with Chris Tomlin. I would also like to collaborate onrecordingasongwithaTejanolegendlike“Ram”.

I believe music is food for the soul. If my music can help you feel something or get through something, I’ve donemyjob.




To place your Business Card in our Digital Magazine, please visit to request details. INSPIRATION 4 LIFE Business Card Showcase (We have spots available) 23



Art 4 A Cause is dedicated to help with funding through the Silent Auction Sales of Artwork by Local Artist of San Antonio Blas Hernandez.


* Churches    *Ministries

*Schools         *Organizations

* Galas            *Luncheons

* Non Profits  *Scholarships

*Fundraiser Events  *And Much More

For more information, please Contact Rita Hernandez at

Featured Art by Local Artist of San Antonio, Blas Hernandez


1. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about “You”. Hi my name is Jenny 4C I’m the Vocalist for the worldwide band Saving Jackie. I am a Wife to Navy Veteran George Ramirez, we’ve been married for 16 years, we have a blended family. He has a daughter in the Navy, I have a daughter in Mortuary Science and we have a son in College Prep..

2. Tell us about your Business/Being a Musician. We are a rap rock band from San Antonio, TX. I rap, sing and write all lyrics for Saving Jackie. We’re a band with a positive message. The band consists of myself on vocals, my brother Anthony on Drums and John Cortez on bass. Our music is played Worldwide. I also record radio bumpers.

3. When did you start the Business as a Musician? I’ve been performing on

stage since 1993. I started off dancing for rap groups and eventually began writing. I’ve been in a few rap groups that led me to form Jackie On Acid from 1998-2003 I took a break from rapping and later decided to come back after going through some trials in my life. I cofounded Saving Jackie in January 2019.

4. Why did you start your Business or become a Musician? I love music. Music is my outlet and it helps me cope with life and its challenges. It helps me to move forward and start fresh.

5. What is the main message or purpose of your Business and being a Musician? We love to perform and we love to encourage people and give them hope.

6. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? I enjoy listening to many artists but rap music has always inspired me to create and share my story. I love the old school rap like: Tribe Called Quest, Method Man, Fugees, Craig Mack


7. Do you have a Team or Staff? Yes. My Husband helps with photography and our website. My brother Anthony handles all the band business, bookings and networks worldwide. I handle all social media, our website and I ship merch.

8. How can you help others through your Business/Being a Musician? I share my struggles and victories with my health like having cancer, type 2 diabetes, insomnia and PTSD. We’ve also played for “You Are Not Alone “ mental awareness and a Cancer benefit to help raise money and soon we’ll be performing for Veteran Suicide Awareness at the VFW Post 76 on November 11th.

You can send us a message on Saving Jackie Facebook page or by emailing us at


Social Media Links:

We’ll be announcing a special offer soon to help raise money for our upcoming Tour. Our info will be released through our social media sites soon.

AnyAwards or Recognition? Saving Jackie performed at Exodo Fest 2023 at Parque Nacional La Malinche, Tlaxcala in Mexico. We are returning to Exodo Fest 2024. Saving Jackie won 1st place KLRN City Showdown contest representing District 3. I was a Global Speaker for LatinTalks 2023. Our music is played Worldwide.

You can purchase our music through any music platform. We will be Touring soon updates to come on our Facebook page.



I am looking for inspiring stories, Non Profits, Small Businesses, Events, Schools, Military, and so much more! Everyone has a Story!! I want to Interview you!

Live Radio Broadcasting & FB Live Shows every Monday-Friday 10am at different locations #AllOverSA.




I am sitting here, cool as a cucumber as the hot sun burns my lawn to a crisp, just Netflix and chillin. This would not have been something that would have been experienced growing up as a child in the 1970’s. Now, I know I am showing my age but memories of the summers of my childhood come flooding back. The smell of Copper Tone and the song “Summer Breeze” blasting though the speaker of my blue transistor radio.

Picture it, 1972, San Antonio Texas, our recently built home did not have central air. What we had in the master bedroom was a swamp cooler! It was a huge unit that

cooled the room with water. I can feel it now, I'm napping on top of the chenille bed spread and the cold air skimming my body. Waking up was certainly memorable because your clothes were damp and stuck to your skin. I was totally content which really means I did not know any better!

My favorite way to cool off was to take a trek downtown to the market square and get a snow cone, a Raspa! Raspa con nieve to be exact. This was a family adventure and, as soon as Dad gave the red light, we piled into the station wagon and off we’d go.

Riding in the station wagon was fun, it had blue glitter plastic upholstery that


scalded my legs when I sat on it. Seat belts, no way, if we had a crash I would not be ejected because my legs were almost permanently stuck to the seat!

We arrived at our destination and parked across the street at Milam park. I got out slowly, carefully unsticking my thighs from the seat. I stopped to catch my breath, I looked up and there it was the aqua blue building was calling my name, the old screen door barely hanging on, the only thing keeping me from a taste of heaven.

I grabbed the hot metal handle and the door creaks as I open it, sounding like La Llorona when she lost her children.

I slowly step into the dark room; an Aztec calendar and a large picture of President Kenedy graces the cement walls.

I turn, as if I was seeing him for the first time. He is a small man, possibly in his early 80’s. He is standing behind a homemade wooden counter that has several holes on top to hold the paper cones, allowing him to make more than one raspa at a time.

I watch him pack the ice skillfully into the paper cone. He immediately Pours the colored syrup completely saturating the ice. The shaky hands of an Artist, stained with many colors, some blended to make other colors. He slowly and carefully scooped up a small dome of Vanilla ice cream and placed it ever so gently on the ice in the perfect spot. He lifted a nondescript bottle of syrup and drizzled it on top. The liquid was gold in color, this was the Midas touch that made the magical concoction so magnificent!

I surely miss those simple days when a raspa con nieve was the ultimate treat, What I received was much more than that, a simple man, and early day Entrepeneur, using his talents and resources not just to line his pockets but to create many memories and ultimately make people smile!

I patiently wait, and then, it’s my turn, I walk up and stare and the man as if he’s going to give me holy communion, I’m in awe.

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Catherine's Pearls

Instagram earlcastaneda/ Facebook



Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Angie Vivian

Puro Texas Charm





Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Rhonda Short - Mature Diva Travel


Instagram @thematuredivas


TikTok @cruisingthroughmudlife


Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Charlet Auguste - United Realty Group

Website: thebullrealtor




Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Boutique Rebel Rose


Instagram Boutique.rebel.rose



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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Nature V'S




Nature V's Scrubs


Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Tristan Ramires

Heart Chakra Healing

Instagram: @heart_chakra_healing


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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Rebe Crafts




Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Art by Blas & Rita

FB: @artbyblasandrita

Instagram: @artbyblasandrita


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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Chiquita Bonita Snacks

FB: @chiquitabonitasnacks

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

JuneBug Jewelry

FB: @junebuggjewelry
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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

The Beauty Bar Boutique

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Moelicious Treats N Things

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Chupa Mi Chilito Chamoy

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Harley's Creative Cave

IG: @harleyscreativecave

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Debi Debs Bootique and Bootanica

FB: Debi Debs Bootique and Bootanica


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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Enchanting Sweets

IG: @enchanting_sweets_by_alex


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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Patty Ann's Junkroom

FB: @pattyannsjunkroom
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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

The Dream Corner Shop


FB: @dreamcornerjewelry


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House of Bougie

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Pretty Girl Fits

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Market & Fashion Show

Thank you to all those that attended our Shop Local San Antonio Market at Brick at Blue Star on Saturday August 5th. It was a great success and we would like to thank our Partner Juanita Flores with Galdina's Dresses for having her mini G-Model's walk the red carpet. The Model's did a fabulous job during their Barbie themed Fashion Show. We also want to thank Eric Chavez for being the red carpet photographer and Janie Victoria for being the MC for the Fashion Show. A special thank you to Ariel Corinne for her amazing talent and gracing us with her beautiful voice. You can find Ariel Corinne on all Social Media platforms. Enjoy these beautiful photos by Eric Chavez.

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We Love We Love We Love Our Customers Our Customers Our Customers Come visit us at 716 S. Alamo! Inspiration 4 Life, Art By Blas and Rita, Styling with J Marie Boutique and Love It Stefunny! 85

Live On Air With Rita Show would like to thank everyone for being a part of my journey since 2005 through community outreach and since 2009 through my media journey. I would also like to thank all of my Sponsors, Sponsored locations, Guests, Fans, Live Studio Audience, and listeners from San Antonio and Around the World. Here are some photos for you to enjoy! You can tune in to my Show Monday-Friday at 12pm. You can listen at or watch my Show at

Live On Air With Rita


M illionVoicesProject DocumentarySerieswithHost


Exciting news!!! I will be going on a Media tour to talk about my upcoming Million Voices Project Documentary Series and my Story. God is so good to me and has my back when life sometimes takes all these twists and turns from being sick. It’s because of all your love and support in what God has called me to do. I strive to always be unique and different in everything I do because this is what God has planned for me. Working on my Roku Channel and other amazing Platforms is going to take my Media and Outreach Organization to levels God has always planned for me. For those of you that really know me, you know my visions and dreams and I work hard for it all and I am so glad I have been gifted with the gift of patience because this has been a long time coming but the time is now. I will have amazing people and partners working with me and will be sharing the different shows/podcasts that I will be on when sharing my Story. More details to come! Stay tuned my family, friends and fans! Much love to all! ~Rita

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