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Social calendar, clubs and interest groups

Championship golf, fine dining, fitness and more

Aging-in-place design and high-end finishes

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I didn’t know a lot about stress tests. I wasn’t really too nervous about it. Through other tests and things I’ve been through at Missouri Heart Center, I know my heart’s in pretty good shape. I was very interested in doing it just for the experience, because I knew it would help me. I work with Missouri Heart Center on the radio talking about their services, and this would be something else I could share with listeners. Going, hey if you’re having heart problems, this is one of the things you might do. They told me wear tennis shoes, wear what you would work out in. Wear kind of a loose T-shirt because they’re going to plug stuff up underneath it. When you first get there, it looks like just a regular treadmill. But it’s hooked to some other machines and a computer. They hooked up several things to me that would monitor my heart, my blood pressure and some other numbers. They had to shave my chest a little bit, so it didn’t pull when they took the tape off. They start you out on just a flat level and at a normal walking speed and then every couple of minutes they increase the speed and they raise the incline because basically, what this test is, is to put your heart to the test. They’ve got to see your heart really working. Mine went 11 minutes. I got to my target and I was still feeling pretty fine. I was a little tired but we kept pushing it and I went up to the maximum, too, so that allowed them to get more readings. It’s noninvasive, it’s pretty quick and it’s not really uncomfortable. It’s only uncomfortable just to the point where sometimes exercise is uncomfortable, when you push yourself, you’re out of breath. If you feel too uncomfortable, they’ll stop it on a dime.”

Scotty Cox

On Air Pesonality - Clear 99

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Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death for women in the U.S. So get your heart checked at Missouri Heart Center because I need you Mom for more than just playing dress-up.


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1605 E. Broadway, Ste. 300 573.256.7700


3700 W 10th Street 660.827.1771



Humility & Respect These two words come to mind when I think back over the last 30 years of standing, day after day, in front of a hot grill. Although I am humbled and honored to receive such recognition, it is RESPECT that I feel the most for the REAL chefs (I am a cook) in Columbia that have dedicated their careers to the Culinary Arts. They are who I look up to and who inspire me to create new flavors and experiences of my own. Hopefully, you have shared in my excitement and passion for preparing the best quality steaks available anywhere. It has always been an honor for me to share them with you. When I was growing up, steak on the grill meant Celebration! It meant Great Times! So, with all that being said … I have had a lifetime to prepare to say… “Here’s to the Columbia chefs who make our city such a great place to dine!” ~ Cheers, Scott Cleeton

573-445-7772 1401 Forum Blvd. BOOM MAGAZINE 7



publisher’s note

So let the good times roll Let the good times roll I don’t care if you’re young or old Go out and get together, let the good times roll.” “Let the Good Times Roll” is a blues song recorded by a number of individuals, but it’s the

legendary B.B. King who I first heard sing it. The King of the Blues poured his heart into it and played it like he meant it. Are you ready for the good times to roll? We are. That’s why this issue of Boom! magazine

is a lighthearted and an enjoyable read. We’ve scoured mid-Missouri for the most poignant trips, personalities and events you’ll find. We’ve got articles on horseback riding, jewelry making, book clubs, fresh foods, uplifting exercises and fashion after 50. You’ll find an article on an educational, casual trip close to home and a weekend excursion to Music City, where the fun never ends. And what’s more fun than excursions with the grandchildren? You’ll find two pages of activities and recreation that are perfect to enjoy alongside your grandkids this summer, including theme parks, water play and camping. And if you think redheads have more fun, you may be right. Rod Smith, KRCG’s ever-smiling sports director for more than 30 years, shares with us his best four-legged friend in Pet Portrait. Our strawberry blonde model, Tonya Christensen, shows us stylish fashion for those who are traveling this summer. Fun goes alongside adventure and we’ve included some two-wheeling excitement in this issue. I’m told that there’s nothing quite like driving a motorcycle; the thrill of the ride is pure joy. That’s why we have highlighted two local women, Terrie Eiffert and Romana Mack, who ride. You’d never know by looking at them that these two ladies ride on a few hundred-pound motorcycle and love it! So, sit back, relax and let’s have some fun. Let’s face it, it’s your time. This is the time to just have fun — whatever that looks like for you. As B.B. King says, “It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Go out and get together, let the good times roll.”

staff Chief Executive Officer Carla Leible Founder & Publisher Emeritus Fred Parry Publisher & Managing Editor Melody Garnett Parry Associate Editor Peg Gill Art Director Tim Flanner Graphic Designers Jenn Smith Megan Schmeling Photo Editor L.G. Patterson Advertising Coordinators Jeff Ausmus Kalie Kramel Kaia Beatty Marketing Representatives Cathy Atkins Matt Melton Karlie Klimes Kylee Laurine Business Manager Becky James Distribution Associate Steve Leible

Melody Parry

Publisher of Making Life More Fun Email me at

Contributing Writers Dr. Suman Ahuja Jack Wax Kimberly Blaker Mike Hoeferlin Collin Hoeferlin Diana Lambdin Meyer Eli Marchbanks Kent & Regina Johnson

Boom! Magazine is published by Zimmer Strategic Communications, 3215 Lemone Industrial Blvd., Suite 200, Columbia, MO 65201, 573-875-1099. Copyright Zimmer Communications, 2019. The magazine is published 4 times a year on the fifteen day of the month. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of any editorial or graphic content without the express written permission of the publisher is prohibited.


OUR 5STAR SERVICE PROGRAMS are designed to BENEFITS OF THE 5STAR PROGRAM • Applications are safe, odorless, and performed by a trained expert. ensure that you, your family, and your property are protected year-round from invading, damaging and • Easy / hassle-free scheduling. • Pests are mainly eliminated and prevented on the exterior before possible dangerous pests including: ants, beetles, they enter the building. Exterior rodent baiting included. brown recluse, boxelder bugs, centipedes, clover • Exterior insect web and nest removal is performed on every service. mites, cluster ies, crickets, mice, millipedes, • Unlimited retreatment warranty inside and out 24/7/365. mosquitoes, pill bugs, scorpions, spiders, spring tails, • Termite prevention and complete colony elimination with The Sentricon System + $250,000.00 termite damage warranty. termites, wasp/bees and many other “general pests” termi • Mosquito reduction by 80-90% with an unlimited satisfaction depending on the program chosen.

retreatment warranty.

“Steve is just really a great guy. He wants his people to do their jobs well, and they do. He knows he is being represented on every service call and he keeps outstanding reputation in our community. In the coaching profession we want to be proactive rather than reactive and that’s exactly what 5 Star Service Plan is.”

- Steve Bieser | Head Coach | Mizzou Baseball

For more information or in need of our services call us today 573-874-2020 BOOM MAGAZINE 9

in this issue SUMMER 2019


32 Pack Like a Pro

Planning a summer trip? Find the perfect pieces to pack.

40 Fun & Fit

Summer exercise can be enjoyable when you engage in one of these six activities.

46 Cycle of Life

Two adventurous women who’ve discovered the joy of riding motorcycles.

58 A Heart For Hooves

Anna Marie Knipp embraces her unbridled passion for Saddlebreds at High Spirits Farm.




Don’t Let Your Investments Go on “Vacation”


Summer is here — and so is vacation season. Americans spend a lot on their summer getaways — more than $100 billion in 2017 alone, as reported in Travel and Leisure magazine. When you hit the road, you will enjoy getting away from your regular tasks, but there’s one part of your life that should never take a break — your investments. To keep your investments working consistently and efficiently, consider these suggestions: Match the right investment with the right “job.” – You hire an electrician to install a light fixture, you employ a plumber to clear a clogged drain, and you would not expect either one to work on the other’s project. In a way, this view of a division of labor is similar to how you might look at different investments. In general, you purchase stocks with the hope of achieving the growth necessary to help you meet long-term goals, such as a comfortable retirement. On the other hand, when you purchase certain fixed-rate investments such as certificates of deposit (CDs) or money market accounts, you know they won’t provide as much growth potential, but are available to fund a short-term goal — such as a dream vacation. Evaluate investments’ performance relative to your goals. – Some people think the only way to evaluate their investments’ performance is to track them against a wellknown market index, such as the S&P 500. However, using an index as a measuring stick has some drawbacks, one of which is the lack of a personal connection to your situation. Look at it this way: In many types of organizations, you typically go through

performance reviews, where your work is assessed in terms of how well it helped you move toward your goals — and you can follow the same process with your investments. Specifically, you can measure their performance by how effective they are in helping you move toward your financial objectives. For example, if you need your portfolio to provide you with a certain rate of return to meet specific retirement goals at a designated age, but you find that you are not currently on track toward meeting these goals, you may need to adjust your investment mix to potentially provide you with a higher return. Be aware, though, that seeking higher return potential will likely mean taking on more risk. You may want to consult with a financial professional to make sure you find a risk/reward ratio suitable for your goals and risk tolerance. Look for hard-working investments. – Some investments work especially hard. Some stocks, or investments containing stocks, pay dividends. Instead of taking the dividends, you can choose to reinvest them, purchasing even more shares — and increased share ownership is one key to helping build financial resources for the long term. Dividend reinvestment is typically automatic, so once you have chosen this option, there’s really no extra work on your part. (Keep in mind, though, that companies are not obligated to pay dividends, and they can be reduced or eliminated at any time.) In the investing arena, as in many endeavors, hard work can be rewarding. So look for opportunities to keep your investments gainfully employed throughout your life. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Gina N Mauller, Financial Advisor Member FDIC

2509 Bernadette Drive Columbia, MO 573.445.7671 | | M S


in this issue SUMMER 2019


good life

14 Out & About

62 Wellness

20 Someone You Should Know

67 Getaway

Get ready to enjoy the bounty of area farmers markets and find out which superfoods to shop for.

Find out where people are going around town.

Fulton is full of history for you to enjoy and explore, along with good food and good fun.

Cindy Mutrux helps others create one-of-kind glass art at Cindy Lou’s Glass Studio.

24 Making a Difference

Meet Barb Melson, who lovingly tends an Adopt-A-Spot location on Park DeVille Drive in Columbia.

good stuff 27 Life Enrichment

Book a date with the Central Missouri Region chapter of the Jane Austin Society of North America (JASNA).

31 Technology

70 Travel

20 52

You can’t beat the beat of Nashville. Music City has a whole host of fun things waiting for a weekend getaway.

Someone You Should Know Dining

74 Grandkids

Here’s how to have a grand time with your grandkids this summer.

76 Relationships

Four “Not-so-secret” secrets to making marital love last.

on the cover

Music to your ears: Learn what to look for when looking for a Bluetooth speaker.

52 Dining

Two local celebrity chefs dish on what their favorite dishes are and where they can be found.

57 Pet Portrait

Say hello to sportscaster Rod Smith’s biggest fan.


Answer the call of the open road on a righteous ride.

You like being active. So do we. At Lenoir Woods, our pool and fitness center keep residents moving, while our community center and theatre host enrichment activities and educational series to keep minds learning. Our Life Plan Community has beautiful spaces for every level of living providing a plan for the future should your needs change.

Schedule your personal tour today at 573.876.5894!

3710 Lenoir St. | Columbia, MO 65201

A LUTHERAN SENIOR SERVICES LIFE PLAN COMMUNITY Independent Living | Assisted Living | Memory Care | Long Term Care | REACH Short Stay Rehab




Job Point’s Comedy Fundraiser

Job Point held its 31st annual Comedy Night fundraiser on April 17 at Stoney Creek hotel, raising nearly $40,000. Matt Istwan hosted the event. A number of local comics set the stage for professional comedian, Greg Morton, who brought down the house. 2 3

PHOTOS BY RANJANA HANS 1. Thomas Rost, Jake Lindsey, Bill Shields, Debbie Shields, Brett Krautman, Joel Schaffner, Katie Long and Wyatt Parsons 2. Hillary Burks, Suzanne Stuebben, Gina Mauller-Crane and Mike Crane 3. Stephanie Smith, Lauren Berube, Marla Welker, Mark Claypole, Anne Williams and Jolene Reddick 4. Michael Mueller, Kerri Roberts, Justin Miller, Samantha Miller, Nicole Sutton and Morgan Mueller





Assistance League Celebrates Two Anniversaries



The Assistance League of Mid-Missouri celebrated its 25th year on April 17. At the same time, Upscale Resale, the

organization’s consignment store, marked its 20th anniversary. 2 PHOTOS BY NANCY TOALSON AND WALLY PFEFFER, MIZZOUWALLY@COMPUSERVE.COM 1. Nancy Galloway, Diane Bruckerhoff and Lynne Geary 2. Deb Gerecke and Julie Swain 3. Barbara Trabue and Mary Stixrud 4. Alane Lidolph and Lynne Hedrick 5. Lynnanne Baumgardner, Jean Gurucharri, Jan Beckett, Becky MacLellan, Donna Beckett, Rita Schulte and Carol Smith








Ambassador Mixer

In anticipation of another active spring, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors met for a mixer on April 8 at Room 38.


PHOTOS BY NANCY TOALSON AND WALLY PFEFFER, MIZZOUWALLY@COMPUSERVE.COM 1. Jan Beckett, Cindy Mustard and Darlene Johnson 2. Ellen Dent, Lindsay Lopez and Kristy Bryant 3. Brad Roling and Jaime Palmer 4. Virna Camacho-Meier and Charlene Jayamanne 5. Rusty Strodtman, Jay Lindner and Kevin Czaicki










GROWING UP IN SPRINGFIELD, MO, MARISSA Whitley Tago was a shy five-year-old who began organizing for neighbors on the weekends. That hobby grew into something that was more than a job — it became a large part of who Tago is, her history and her purpose. As owner of interior design firm The Whitley Co., her greatest challenge and reward is creating spaces that truly inspire or help motivate those living within them. “My lifelong passion has been to be of service to those around me and I found that through people’s things, magic happens,” Tago says. “Each space is different thus each one challenges me in new ways, making my passion a labor of love, truly. I love simply listening and connecting with people. From there, I am able to incorporate what I have learned about them to work and transform their space into a true reflection of their lives through their interiors. Designing is my love language and I strive to make a positive impression on people’s lives.” Being a business owner was always a dream of Tago’s. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree in December of 2017. As a Navy wife and mother, Marissa has mastered juggling numerous responsibilities with her design career and wouldn’t have it any other way. “I thrive having lots of irons in the fire! I know no other way!” The Whitley Co. specializes in both residential and commercial design projects ranging from new construction to remodeling projects along with offering downsizing and liquidation services. “People need help with their stuff, simply put! We are here to be hands on and make sense out of chaos often times in interior spaces. We love to create cohesive and clutterfree places for our clients.” “From concept to completion, our only goal is to give our clients the chance to reflect on their lives,” she says, “to then guide the process to transform their space into something as unique as they are.”





Tigers Supporting Mizzou Baseball The Boone County Chapter of the Mizzou

Alumni Association sponsored an afternoon at Taylor Stadium to watch the Tigers take on the South Carolina Gamecocks.



1. Jennifer Manning and Cassie Reeser 2. Carla Hunter and Jimmy Hunter 3. Joanne Rotert and Dave Rotert 4. Pam Thomeczek and Mark Thomeczek 5. Stacy Cooper and Greg Cooper





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Member SIPC

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Member SIPC

The (PM

Andy March, AAMS® Financial Advisor

201 East St Eunice Rd Suite 2 Member SIPC




Colorful Creations

Discover Your Inner Artist at Cindy Lou’s Glass Studio BY JACK WAX • PHOTOS BY L.G. PATTERSON


verything about

worktables, and sheets of col-

business card features a colorful

his work clothes and serves as

Cindy Lou’s

ored glass and cutting tools are

caricature of Mutrux with the

minister to several churches in

Glass Studio goes

taken out of their storage bins.

phrase “You got some fusion

Howard County. As the wife of a

toward making

In a matter of minutes, Cindy

to do,” which sounds a lot like

minister, Cindy finds a religious

fused-glass art

and her husband, Ross, who own

Lucy’s catchphrase, “You got

calling in her glass work. “Art

a fun and fulfilling experience.

and operate the Sinclair service

some splainin’ to do.”

is therapy,” she says. “One day

First, there’s the unlikely setting

station at Stadium Boulevard

— a gas station, complete with

and Rollins Road, convert the

approaches her glass fusion

realized that glass is just like

gas pumps, a tall Sinclair dino-

space into a glass studio.

classes with a bright, optimistic

people — we all come in dif-

attitude. She makes her classes

ferent sizes and shapes, some

saur sign, reception area and

Then, there’s Cindy. Red-

Like the TV character, Mutrux

while learning glass fusion, I

service bays. Mondays through

haired and ready to laugh,

welcoming to even the least-

sharper than others, all different

Fridays, mechanics push aside

she’s usually smiling. There’s

artistic, ensuring that everyone

colors, but we’re all beautiful in

Cindy Mutrux’s glass fusing

something about her that

who attends a class succeeds in

the end.”

tools and work on cars and pick-

reminds most people of Lucille

creating something of beauty.

ups. But several weekends each

Ball. It’s no coincidence that a

Unlike Lucy, Mutrux also

shards that go into her kilns

month, the bay is cleaned up,

painting of Lucy hangs on the

shows a more spiritual side. On

might look dull and common-

bright-red stools are set out with

wall above her kilns or that her

Sundays, Ross changes out of

place, they come out as beautiful


Although the glass sheets and

one-of-a-kind creations. Glass

fusion art. And she was instantly

fusion is a process where layers

fascinated by it. “One day, I

and combinations of different

had a very dear customer who

colored glass are heated in a

gave me a glass flag ornament,”

kiln until the glass softens and

Mutrux said. “So, I started tak-

melts. When cooled, some of the

ing classes and decided to start

fused glass resembles polished

helping people through art.”

river stones, which can then be

One of the people she helped

mounted with various hardware

was a friend from high school,

and transformed into bracelets,

Sandy Thompson. After taking

broaches, earrings, necklaces

a few classes, Thompson went

and even soap dishes and wall

on to become an accomplished


glass artist who now teaches

For much of her life, Mutrux’s

alongside Mutrux. “Working

days and evenings consisted of

with glass gave me a release,”

raising her family and working

Thompson says. “All I can say

six days a week at the service

is that if you’re having some

station with Ross. Somehow, she

trouble and need an outlet, this

found time for volunteer work at

is a place you can find it.”

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s

Usually, groups reserve the

Home and Central Missouri

studio, but individuals can also

Honor Flights. In the midst

sign up for classes, which last

of her orderly but busy life,

several hours. “Sometimes, we

someone introduced her to glass

have a date night, where people BOOM MAGAZINE 21



come in as couples. I’ve got

“This piece was designed by a

and an occasional client might

He picked out the colors and

a 4-H group coming in from

woman who came in last week, a

add the cremated remains of

helped design it. The ashes

Howard County with about 30

year after losing her daughter to

loved ones or pets into the mix-

inside are part of his father’s

kids. And sometimes we have a

cancer. The colors are those her

ture of glass that is then fused


‘bring a friend’ night. We mix it

daughter liked, and the yellow is

into art. She holds up a fused-

up,” Mutrux says.

for children’s cancer. We share a

glass pendant with a swirling

Cindy Lou’s Glass Studio than

lot of laughs while we work, and

design on its surface. Cradling

glass work. It might look like a

sometimes we share tears.”

it in her hand, Mutrux says, “A

service station, but sometimes

A couple of the art pieces have special meaning to the people

There’s a lot more going on in

the repairs involve healing from

“’s a safe place, a place where connections are made every time someone comes in.” — CINDY MUTRUX

loss or the beginning of new friendships. “We make lasting friendships here,” Mutrux says. “I tell people it’s a safe place, a place where connections

who created them. Picking up a

As a way of memorializing

yellow soap dish, Mutrux says,

those who have died, Mutrux


5-year-old child made the piece

are made every time someone

with some adult supervision.

comes in.”

We know how‌ To promote self-determination and cultivate success. SIL’s youth and family programs and services are specifically designed to support youth with disabilities (ages 13 to 24), and their families. We provide support and resources for day-to-day growth as well as for major life transitions. We empower youth with disabilities and their families in a fun, relaxed, and supportive environment. We believe that allowing youth to be themselves and to learn from each other and experienced mentors is the best path to independence.

To find out more as to how we can help, call 573-874-1646; or, visit BOOM MAGAZINE 23



Spot On

Adopt-A-Spot Volunteer Plants Goodwill BY COLLIN HOEFERLIN • PHOTO BY L.G. PATTERSON

FOR MANY PEOPLE, VOLUNTEERING OR PROVIDING SERVICE TO OTHERS IS A NOBLE, IF OCCASIONAL, UNDERTAKING. For a much smaller group, however, volunteering and providing service to others is more than an undertaking — it’s a way of life. Long-time Columbia resident Barb Melson is one such person.


Melson, who grew up in

Except for the months

Centralia, moved to Columbia

of December, January and

with her husband in 1971

February, Melson and her

after graduating from what

beautiful blue Thunderbird

was then Northeast Missouri

can be found at her spot

State University (now Truman

daily for at least a couple of

State) with degrees in Health

hours. Whether it’s mulching,

and Physical Education. For

planting, pruning, watering,

the next 37 years, she was

putting down MiracleGro or

able to positively impact the

cleaning up trash and litter,

lives of thousands of students

Melson works hard to ensure

at Hickman High School,

her spot is in tip-top shape,

Jefferson Junior High School

and her efforts haven’t gone

and Smithton Middle School.

unnoticed. It’s not uncommon for

After retiring from teaching, Melson began selling real estate for House of Brokers in Columbia. As a realtor, Melson is passionate about helping her clients sell their homes if they’re moving, as well as helping potential buyers find the perfect

Melson to be out at a restaurant or the grocery store and have someone come up and say “thank you” for her hard work or to leave a note on her car expressing appreciation for her efforts. “People take notice,” Melson says.

home and making them feel like

“They do. The community is very

they’re a part of the community

appreciative of volunteers.”

she cares so much about.

In addition to her work as a

“I encourage people in the

realtor and an Adopt-a-Spot

community to take a step back

volunteer, Melson finds the

and see what they can do to

time to volunteer with Meals

improve [the community],”

on Wheels as well, having

Melson says. “To receive much,

recently completed her second

we must give much. If we all

three-year term on the board

“To receive much, we must give much. If we all give a little, we all benefit.” — BARB MELSON give a little, we all benefit.” And

of directors, and now serving

these aren’t just words.

as a driver who delivers meals

Since 2002, Melson has

to seniors on Mondays, an

dedicated thousands of hours

activity she thoroughly enjoys.

to maintaining an Adopt-a-Spot

“This is something that crosses

location on Park DeVille Drive

communities,” Melson says, “I

near the Wal-Mart on West

strongly support it.”

Broadway. Melson’s decision to

As for what keeps a woman

adopt a location stemmed from

like Barb Melson going strong

her love of gardening and her

after all these years? “I’m doing

desire to make the community

it for the community and I feel

a nicer place. She takes pride in

very strongly about giving back,”

the upkeep and appearance of

Melson says, “as the community

her chosen spot.

has given me a lot.”


A home goods shop that provides its customers with a mix of beautiful, useful, eco-friendly, and nostalgic items for their living spaces

110 Orr Street Suite 103, Columbia, MO 65201 Tue-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat. 10AM-4PM, First Fridays 10AM-9PM 26 BOOM MAGAZINE



Jane Austen Society Local Book Club Focuses on Popular Author’s Works



he died at only

completed works of literature

members across the United

Missouri Region of JASNA.

41 years of age,

she left behind have remained

States and Canada.

McGraw, a retired English

unknown to the

popular, and in print, for almost

world because she published

under a pseudonym; but the six

“She’s the kind of author

teacher, has been reading the

200 years. Today, the Jane

people fall in love with,” says

works of Austen since he was

Austen Society of North

Patrick McGraw, the regional

a teenager, some of them “as

America (JASNA) boasts 5,600

co-coordinator for the Central

many as 20 times.” BOOM MAGAZINE 27

Jane Austen Society of North America


As of January, the Central Missouri Region has 29 members

she had contact with fascinating

who meet once a month for

characters who would have also

10 months out of the year —

influenced her work.

September through June — with

compelling, McGraw explains, is

their own homes. The meetings

not just the stories themselves but

— usually about two hours long —

her writing style. “She invented

discuss not only Austen’s writing,

the modern novel,” says McGraw,

but also the time period during

adding that Austen was one of the

which she wrote and various other

early pioneers of a style of writing

factors that affected her writing.

known as “indirect discourse” —

During the April meeting, 20 people gathered in the house of a local member to listen to Dr.

COST: $30 annual membership cost for JASNA CONTACT: Pat McCraw at


presenting a character’s speech or thoughts in the third person. “She hardly ever meant what she

Sheryl Craig, editor of one of

said,” McGraw says. “Her narrative

JASNA’s publications, summarize

voice was so ironic and subtle.”

writing was influenced by her

DATES: Upcoming meetings are May 19 and June 2

What makes Austen so

members hosting the meetings in

her research into how Austen’s

JANE AUSTEN NOVELS: Sense and Sensibility (1811) Pride and Prejudice (1813) Mansfield Park (1814) Emma (1815) Northanger Abbey (1818) Persuasion (1818) Lady Susan (1871)

well-traveled naval officers, and

JASNA is currently experiencing the highest membership in its 40-

“She’s the kind of author people fall in love with..” — PATRICK MCGRAW

relationship with a British

year history. McGraw attributes

spymaster and his most successful

this, in part, to renewed interest

spy, a Frenchman named Louis

in Austen with the 200-year

Bayard. Many believe Bayard

anniversary of her death in

was the inspiration for Emma

2017. The membership, McGraw

Orcy’s famous novel The Scarlet

concedes, does tend to skew to the


older population. “Older people,”

“Austen is sometimes portrayed as this reclusive spinster,” McGraw says, “but she was quite worldly.”

she jokes, “have more time for things like this.” No matter what age, McGraw

Austen’s father, a rector and

says everyone is welcome to

college instructor, allowed Austen

attend any of their monthly

full access to his extensive library

meetings. “We’re a group of

and might have even let her sit in

people who like Jane Austen, and

on his classes from time to time.

we have fun getting together,”

Austen had brothers who were

she says.

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Bluetooth Technology Discover Three Speaker Options Under $80



luetooth technology. It’s a term you might or might not be familiar with, but if you have a smartphone, you’re able to use Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows your smartphone to connect to a variety of electronic items. One of the most popular uses for Bluetooth is connecting one’s smartphone to a speaker in order to access the music on your phone. As Bluetooth technology has advanced in recent years, so too have the types of Bluetooth speakers available for customers to purchase. When looking at purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, the most important aspect to consider is quality. Fortunately, when it comes

to Bluetooth speakers, quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. Below are three Bluetooth products that, in addition to serving as speakers, are able to serve additional beneficial functions for everyday life.

These speakers are all priced at $80 or less.

2. JBL Charge 3 $78 The JBL Charge 3 is a Bluetooth speaker with a 20-hour battery life that is also able to charge your phone while playing your music. This means you don’t have to worry about your phone dying while using this speaker.

1. Hidrate Spark 2.0 $45

The Hidrate Spark is not only a Bluetooth speaker, but it doubles as a water bottle. As such, it is quite portable. Additionally, this water

3. VicTsing Shower Speaker $19.99

bottle tracks your fluid intake, glows

The VicTsing Shower Speaker is a water-

to remind you to hydrate and is

proof Bluetooth speaker that, as its name

dishwasher-safe (although the cavity

indicates, is designed for use in the shower.

and cap and sensor need to be

This speaker is waterproof and can also be


used outdoors.


It ’s time to


The Perfect Packing Essentials for Your Summer Trip By Diahann Bieser and Melody Parry • Photos by L.G. Patterson TAKE OFF TO YOUR FAVORITE DESTINATION IN STYLE THIS SUMMER. Model Tonya Christensen is ready for fun in the sun with these pieces that will help you look cool and comfortable. Not sure what to pack? Picking basic pieces helps you create multiple outfits for different vacation options. Here’s a tip: consider packing five shirts, four pants/shorts, three accessories, two shoes and one dress for a week of stylish fun. And, of course, don’t forget a swimsuit!


Sleeveless denim dress. Target $29.99 White long-sleeve sweater. Loft $49.50 Sofft Corrina lemon yellow embroidered wedge. American Shoe $110


White jeans go with any color and can stretch your vacation wardrobe. Throw in a pop of color with some bright linen shorts.

A light, breezy dress takes you from daywear to dinner. A denim dress can be easily dressed up or down.

Pack a few accessories to energize your wardrobe.

Easy-to-pack flats you can wear all day long. Denim or white jackets are a must for cool vacation evenings.


Wild Fable orange floral jumpsuit. Target $28 Cremieux denim jacket. Dillard’s $119 Universal Threads Goods Co. striped wide brim straw hat. Target $16.99


Half United market grey straw bag. American Shoe $46 Sofft Corrina lemon yellow embroidered wedge. American Shoe $110


Black-and-white floral shirt. Loft $54.50 Gold shorts with tie. Loft $59.50 OluKai Nohie bronze flat sandal. American Shoe $100


Raspberry v-neck t-shirt. White House Black Market $34 Pearl gray jacket. White House Black Market $160 White denim jeans. Loft $79.50 Kendra Scott Inez necklace. Kelly Fields $85


SOAK UP SOME SUN AND KNIT FOR FUN! Check out our website for upcoming spring and summer classes.


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he mention of exercise and summer might make many wonder how working out could be any fun at all. Truth is, chronic diseases are on the rise, and without structured physical activity at least four to five days each week, treating diseases at their roots might become an impossible task. If you’re tired of clichÊ workout routines in or out of the gym, it might be time to spice up your fitness routine. According to the American Heart Association, physical activity is key to preventing chronic diseases. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate- to high-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity, or a combination of both, preferably spread throughout the week. The key challenge might be to transform the dreaded exercise routine into something fun and ultimately an activity that will allow you to revamp your health and sweat the toxins away, all while enjoying some sun and family time. Consider these activities that raise the fun factor a notch or two.

Kayaking Canoeing and kayaking are lowimpact activities that can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Kayaking can immensely help improve cardiovascular health while reducing wear and tear of joints — something traditional aerobic activities such as running or jogging might fail to prevent. Kayaking also improves muscle strength, particularly in the arms, back and chest from stroking the paddle. If a strong torso is on your bucket list, look no further than kayaking.


Much like tennis, badminton offers the exhilaration of a competitive sport while providing endless health benefits. Between running, lunging, diving and birdie hitting, playing badminton can improve cardiovascular health while eliminating the boredom that sometimes comes from a gym routine. Studies have shown that sports such as badminton can enhance cognitive performance, as players must constantly make fast-paced decisions to beat their opponents. Did you know that sports such as badminton can help reduce bad cholesterol and prevent diabetes?

TandemBiking If you’ve ever seen someone ride a tandem bike or ridden one yourself, you can easily understand the growing popularity of this fun fitness activity. Tandem biking allows you to not only feel physically fit but also to share togetherness with your biking partner. A tandem requires two riders, popularly known as the captain and the stoker. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure all goes well as the ride progresses. So, if your intentions are to teach the grandkids about fitness and leadership skills, tandem biking might be the perfect exercise. It can also be a good way of rekindling your social life or having fun with your partner while polishing your health routine. Bonus: With tandem biking, it is easier to push yourself harder and drop those unwanted pounds faster because, with two cyclists, the early-onset fatigue usually felt by solo cyclists is eliminated. BOOM MAGAZINE 43


Summer screams fun, and learning to dance will not only make the heart healthy and the waistline trimmer, but it also allows you and your partner to bond while becoming healthier versions of yourselves this year. Learning a new activity such as dance keeps the neurons growing, and it will also help you drop unwanted weight, especially from the midsection. Dancing can help prevent bone disorders and improve muscle tone and memory because of the attention to coordination while performing various dance moves.


Most individuals today suffer from stress-related health disorders. Our lives are consumed by multiple devices, and insomnia has become ubiquitous, either due to unmanaged stress or the need for endless gratification derived from social media sites well into the wee hours. Camping forces one to enjoy fresh air and sunlight and to strengthen social bonds in the absence of electronic devices. While camping, take a walk to help promote heart-healthy benefits as you to breathe the fresh air.

Golf For a routine that benefits both the body and For the abrain, give routine thatgolf a shot. Any physical benefitsexercise both the body that can get the pumping andblood the brain, give golf is gooda for one’s heart. The acshot. Any physical exercise tivities leading up to a successful that can get the blood pumpswing can promote ing is good for cardiovascuone’s heart. lar benefits while reducing the The activities leading up to a risk for successful stroke and diabetes. Plus, swing can promote golf is an activity thatbenefits boastswhile low cardiovascular injury risks, improved reducing the riskcognitive for stroke and functions and improved diabetes. Plus, golf issleep. an activity that boasts low injury risks, improved cognitive functions and improved sleep.

Mobility becomes limited as we age, but staying active can help prevent these problems. Exercise increases endorphins, which are the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, and has also been found to improve mood and sleep. Dr. Suman Ahuja completed her education at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York and at Texas Tech. She has a a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition with an emphasis on obesity treatment and prevention.

Motorcycle Women who thrive on the ride

Romana Mack is Roaring Ahead


Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 weighs 591 pounds. Ramona Mack does not. Although she is in no way intimidated by her Harley, she takes a cautious, commonsense approach to riding. After all, she’s not one of those people who were born to be wild. It wasn’t until she was approaching the tail end of her 50s that she bought her bike. “My brother had a motorcycle, but I never had any desire to ride it,” she says. What she had wanted out of life, she was getting. She had been a nurse, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. She was going strong until five years ago when her husband died. Along with the sadness and distress that comes from losing a spouse, she became bogged down in the state’s probate process. After working through her grief and the courts, she realized that she needed to get back in control of her life. “I had been through some struggles after my husband passed away, and I didn’t want my story to be a sad story. I wanted to redirect my life. It just seemed like I needed something to focus on, something that could make me happy again,” she says. That something turned out to have two wheels, one set of handlebars and a full throttle roar. Mack’s decision to bike her way into a new life was gradual. When she felt it was time to get on with her life, she started dating someone who had also lost a partner. He owned a Harley and occasionally




would take her for a ride. “Although I liked to ride, I didn’t like being on the back,” she says. Coincidentally, a friend worked at the Harley dealership, and Mack started paying attention to the cycles he advertised on Facebook. “One thing led to another,” she says. “I was surprised to see how many women were buying bikes. A lot of them were first-time buyers, and it was kind of empowering to hear their stories.” Before long she was taking a class that taught her how to ride. When she was sure that she could handle a Harley, she made space in her garage, then filled it with a new Sportster 1200. No longer consigned to the backseat of her boyfriend’s Harley, she now enjoys riding alongside him and a group of friends. She still considers herself a novice and doesn’t feel comfortable on the interstate or riding after dark. But her limitations are no problem for her riding buddies. “They’re really good about letting me be part of the group by

taking backroads and getting home before it’s dark,” she says. Not every woman feels comfortable with the idea of riding a Harley. The stereotype of the tough, tattooed motorcycle mama stands in the way. But the rewards of seeing past this stereotype were well worth the effort for Mack. For her, the biking experience is all about the beauty she finds riding along quiet backroads. It’s about the feeling she gets when she twists her Harley’s throttle all the way open and its engine rumbles and roars. “It’s freedom,” she says. “You feel empowered and self-reliant. It sparks your happiness.” It makes her feel more alive. “There’s something about death - Romana Mack that makes you realize that you need to start living,” she says. On rainy days and on evenings when the weather is too cool to hit the road, Mack finds a way to get in touch with the energy and joy that her Harley inspires in her. “Sometimes I open the garage door and start it up, just to hear it. Boys have fun doing this, so a girl can too,” she says.

Sometimes I open the garage door and start it up, just to hear it. Boys have fun doing this, so a girl can too,”


There’s something about death that makes you realize that

you need to start living." - Romana Mack BOOM MAGAZINE 49

Greg while they were students at Hickman High School. After they married, it seemed natural for her to take a seat behind Greg while he drove them around town, throughout mid-Missouri and to the Lake. Now, 35 years later — their three daughters grown and on their own — she and Greg can be seen around town, Greg driving, Terri behind him. It didn’t take Terri long to figure out that she preferred daytrips to long cross-country touring. “It’s funny,” she says. “I have a two-and-a-half-hour time limit before the seat feels too hard.”

Riding is different than being in a car because you don’t have any barriers to nature," - Terri Eiffert

Terri Eiffert is a Daytripper


wo songs from two different eras describe Terri Eiffert’s adventures on the back of the blue Harley Road King that she rides on with her husband, Greg. There’s the quaint old song about a bicycle built for two, and there’s Steppenwolf’s rock anthem that calls for bikers to “Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway.” Terri lives somewhere in between those different styles. Actually, Terri lives in Columbia, having moved from Tipton when she was a teenager. She met her motorcycle-riding husband


She has no regrets about not qualifying as a member of the Iron Butt Association, reserved for bikers who endure 1,000-mile rides. Terri rides for the fun of it and the pleasure of being outdoors. Riding is different than being in a car because you don’t have any barriers to nature,” she says. “You get to feel the temperature changes. It’s really crazy how you can feel warm pockets and cool ones. You can smell the Jasmine, and when you get up higher, you can smell the evergreens.” She and Greg like to pull their Harley behind their RV, set up a base, then explore different parts of the country. Terri’s favorite places include the Smoky Mountains, the Black Hills and the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Sometimes, when traveling with friends, the men will ride their cycles to their destination where they’ll be met by their wives who have driven together in the comfort of their cars. Terri speaks enthusiastically about their trips together. She has a light, high voice that could belong to someone much younger. Her excitement about biking is genuine; her tone, animated. It’s a voice that might sound familiar to mid-Missourians. About three years ago, she took an adult education class on how to be a voice actress. She followed up the one-evening course with sessions with a voice-training coach in New York. She has since gone on to do voiceovers for a variety of companies. Her voice is also familiar to the other board members of the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. Despite decades of accident-free biking, Terri makes safety a priority. “You have to be super, super defensive. It’s almost like people don’t see motorcycles,” she says. “I would never get on the back of a cycle with just anyone driving. Greg has been riding since he’s a kid and has really good instincts. He knows how to avoid overreacting,” she says. One technique that motorcyclists must master is learning how to lean into corner turns. “It’s a bit counterintuitive,” she says. “Although I feel like I’m going to fall, I’ve learned to lean with Greg, to follow his body and hit the curves just right.” It’s not just on the Harley where she follows Greg’s lead. The couple has taken up ballroom dancing. When they aren’t leaning into curves at 50 miles per hour, they are just as likely to be leaning into each other on the dancefloor.




Terri Eiffert Is a Daytripper


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S e a s on S p on s or s


I realized that I love the food and culture down there but I’m pretty much over the hurricanes.” — MATT PRATT




Chef ’s Choice

Determining the Favorite Dishes of Local Chefs BY MELODY PARRY • PHOTOS BY L.G. PATTERSON

WHEN YOU GO OUT TO A RESTAURANT, there’s an assortment of delicious dishes to try. But what do the chefs consider their personal favorite creations? Chefs Mike Pratt with The Quarry and Chris McDonnell with Chris McD’s share their beloved dishes and the secrets to the success of the dish.

Mike Pratt CHEF/OWNER OF THE QUARRY Chef Pratt’s favorite dish is “old

hit the area. “I realized that I love

style comfort food,” he says.

the food and culture down there

The boudin and etouffee stuffed

but I’m pretty much over the

pepper brings together a lot of

hurricanes,” he says. On return-

the cooking Pratt loves. “It’s our

ing, he brought the tastes of The

house made boudin sausage with

Big Easy with him. The Quarry,

a layer of our blonde roux-based

which has been open for a little

étouffée baked inside a pepper

over a year, brings some classic

and served with basmati rice,”

New Orleans’ fare to the table.

Pratt says. After attending Rockbridge

The boudin and étouffée stuffed pepper, along with other

High School and MU, Pratt

New Orleans homestyle cuisine

moved to New Orleans. He

dishes, can be found on The

returned after Hurricane Katrina

Quarry’s menu. BOOM MAGAZINE 53



Chris McDonnell CHEF/OWNER OF CHRIS MCD’S RESTAURANT AND WINE BAR McDonnell’s mother (who is

was a kid at the dinner table,”

restaurant,” McDonnell says.

28 years in Columbia might

also a wonderful cook) gave

McDonnell says.

The secret to the dish? It’s the

have something to do with the

tender certified Angus sirloin,

reason the dish is so delicious.

him the recipe for his favorite

The dish has become

dish: beef stroganoff. It’s been

a favorite special at the

the demi glaze that’s made

“Just like anything else, the

a favorite in his family and at

restaurant. “We tend to

inhouse and the buttered egg

best ingredients make the best

his restaurant. “I’ve always

run this stroganoff special


finished product,” McDonnell

loved beef stroganoff when I

in the cooler months at the


The secret to Chris McD’s


Just like anything else, the best ingredients make the best finished product.” — CHRIS MCDONNELL





Sportscaster’s Companion Rod Smith’s Yorkie is His Biggest Fan BY MELODY PARRY • PHOTOS BY L.G. PATTERSON


od Smith has been covering sports in mid-Missouri for three de-

cades. It’s no wonder that his Yorkie, Rylee, is athletic. “She has a talent for playing with balloons,” Smith says. “And she used to be a very good jumper.” Rylee is nearly 14 years old and isn’t as athletic as she once was. “She joined our family when our three daughters were young ... now they are all in or through college,” Smith says. He loves her big personality. While she loves other humans, she’s not a big fan of other dogs. “Rylee is always happy to see me when I come home from work each night. While everyone is asleep, Rylee is happy to get up and play,” he says. As the sports director for KRCG-TV, Smith has been covering plays at his job for 33 years. Recently he was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. BOOM MAGAZINE 57





t could be said that Anna Marie Knipp is a horse-tradin’, horse-ridin’, cart-pullin’ pony driver. But among the upper echelons of American Saddlebred enthusiasts, Knipp is better known as a sophisticated equine breeder, businesswoman and competitor. As owner of High Spirits Farm, just

south of Columbia, she continues a longtime Boone County tradition of breeding and showing American Saddlebred horses. At an average weight of 1,000 or more pounds, American Saddlebreds are formidable animals known for their competitive spirit and natural ability to learn various gaits. “They have a great attitude, and they’re bred to show,” Knipp says. The professional staff at High Spirits Farm also train equally competitive Morgans and Hackney ponies. Most mid-Missourians know High Spirits Farm by sight. It’s that hilly pasture on the east side of Highway 63 (just past the Columbia airport exit). A steep driveway, lined with white fencing, leads to an immense metal barn at the top of the hill. Inside that barn are stalls for about 40 horses, a training arena and a lounge. The dark paneled walls of the lounge display photos of winning horses and riders as well as arrangements of championship blue ribbons. Another barn, not visible from the road, is home to the organization’s breeding program. High Spirits Farm has a reputation as a first-class training facility. That reputation draws horse enthusiasts to Boone County from as far away as California and North Carolina. As a breeding farm, it has a goal of producing some of the world’s most perfect horses; as a business venture, Knipp expects the operation to pull its own weight. At any given time, there are usually 55 horses at the farm in training, another 50 mares and colts in the breeding facility, and 10 retired horses, including one Clydesdale. “In addition to the riding lessons and breeding, there’s my own horse business,” Knipp explains, “buying, selling and showing my horses.” BOOM MAGAZINE 59

Although Knipp lives on the 548 acres that constitute the farm, she spends most of her time working on her other business – investing in and managing commercial real estate. Owning High Spirits Farm is partly a business decision, partly a lifestyle choice. “It’s a commercial business, but it’s also a personal passion, a way of life,” she says. Knipp is one of a handful of mid-Missourians whose national profiles and impacts are as large as, or even larger than, their local ones. She is known throughout the United States for her leadership in the show horse industry and for the quality of her horses and the way they ride. Karen Cunningham, a client who lives in Oklahoma City, keeps one of her brood mares at High Spirits Farm, and her daughter, Katie, has a couple of show horses there in training. Katie makes the trip to Columbia at least once a month to train with her world champion horse, Are You Joeking. Asked why she chose High Spirits Farm to work with her horses and her daughter, Cunningham says, “Anna Marie is very well known and respected nationally, and she loves her clients and her barn.” Attorney Steve Gaw has known Knipp for years; as an American Saddlebred enthusiast, he appreciates what she’s done on a national and local scale. “Each year, I raise a colt or two, and I usually put them in training at High Spirits Farm,” he says. “It’s been really good to have access to great trainers and a facility like that.” In addition, Gaw has seen her impact on national show horse organizations. “Not only has she been extremely successful in the show circuit, but she’s been very involved in decisions and policies affecting the show horse industry at national organizations.” High Spirits Farm is by no means a one-woman operation; it’s run

“Anna Marie is very well known and respected nationally, and she loves her clients and her barn.” by a team of horse lovers. Taking care of 100 horses and instructing hundreds of riders each year require a staff of about 12. Knipp considers herself an amateur owner, one who has hired the right

to show ring competitions at the American Royal in Kansas City or

professionals to do the job. Several years ago, she hired Jim and Fay

the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show. And

Lawry to oversee the training operations. The couple have a national

the riders come in all ages – from young children just overcoming

following and are considered to be among the top trainers in the

their fear of horses to seasoned exhibitors striving to improve their

country. “All the training takes place under their supervision,” Knipp

performance in the ring.

says. “And the breeding is under the watchful eye of Allison Cantrell,

“A lot of new customers have been attracted by the lessons,”

an assistant trainer who is also one of the riding instructors.”

Knipp says. “We recently had two sisters in their 70s. Riding les-

The breeding program combines state-of-the-art veterinary

sons was on their bucket list. We have so many different levels –

science with a good bit of luck and perseverance. “Breeding is a

even a local academy show at Stephens College where lesson riders

heartbreaking task,” Knipp says. “You kiss a lot of frogs before you

compete in a tournament.”

find your prince, but it’s a big thrill to raise a horse that’s from your own family,” she says. The horses and riders at High Spirits Farm train at all levels – from the beginner who wants to trail-ride, to the professional headed 60 BOOM MAGAZINE

Knipp mentions competition a lot, stressing that the horses and riders are athletes who train to build their strength and endurance. Competitions can last anywhere from a day or two to as long as a week. And the competition can be intense with 300 to 1,800 horses

and their riders vying for blue ribbons in a variety of categories. Last

turns back to her real estate business. Approaching High Spirits

year, horses from High Spirits Farm trotted and pranced their way to

Farm, she takes S. Hardwicke Lane, a road named after the woman

the top of the nation’s show horse competition. “It was a dream year,”

who taught her to ride. Shirley Drew Hardwicke served as director

Knipp says. “Two of our horses – Katharine the Great and Madeira’s

of horsemanship for Stephens College, and she owned the house

Code Red – won world grand championships. They were rock stars.”

and 240 acres that are now home to Knipp. It’s the same farm where

Knipp competes as a Hackney pony driver in competitions, but

Tom Bass, Missouri’s most famous horse trainer, was born as a slave

a leg injury ended her days of competing as a rider. She still enjoys

in 1859. Growing up, Knipp admired the property, and when it went

riding horses, but strictly for sport. Even from the arena sidelines,

on the real estate market, she jumped at the chance to own it. Now

she’s an important team member, rooting along with the riders,

she has come full circle, carrying on Boone County’s centuries-old

other owners, trainers, families and friends. “What people don’t

tradition of training and raising American Saddlebreds.

realize is that it’s a team sport,” she says. “It’s like car collecting or

A comment Knipp made while describing her search for the right

NASCAR racing. When we roll, we roll pretty big – it’s nothing to

horses for her breeding program could just as well describe her life

have 20 or 30 people when we go to a show.”

as owner of High Spirits Farm: “It’s like a big puzzle, and when it all

When her entourage returns from competition, Knipp’s attention

comes together, it’s great,” she says. BOOM MAGAZINE 61






Fresh and Flavorful

Choose These Farmers Market Foods to Improve Your Health BY DR. SUMAN AHUJA • PHOTOS BY LG PATTERSON





he end of winter is a time we all look forward to, mainly

nutritious meals in comparison to other communities. In addition

for the pure pleasures of warmer temperatures, nature’s

to the fact that foods found at the farmers market are nutritiously

exhibition of diverse colors at the inception of the spring

superior, they also are frequently picked at the peak of freshness

season and an endless supply of a variety of fruits and

and flavor. Moreover, if you are in the mood to try foods you might

vegetables making their appearance at the local farmers

not traditionally find in the grocery store, visiting your local farmers

market. Columbia is no stranger to the benefits of enjoying a bounty

market might help diversify your palate. Don’t hesitate to ask for

of healthy foods at the local market. For the past several years we’ve

samples if you’re unfamiliar with an item.

looked forward to the arrival of trucks laden with leafy greens, succulent fruit and fresh flowers to grace our community. If you are an advocate of leading a healthy lifestyle, then you must realize how blessed we are to enjoy the pleasures of a farmers market within the city limits. Studies show that the presence of farmers markets in communities encourages patrons to follow a healthier lifestyle and consume more

Bok choy

Be sure to indulge in this potent cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetable. Studies have shown that these vegetables can help prevent prostate, colon and lung cancers. Unlike many other vegetables, bok choy is a very rich source of the mineral selenium, which not only detoxifies the body of cancer cells but can also tame the growth of tumors in the body.


This vibrant, purple food, known across the globe by various names, is popular for its medicinal and nutritional attributes. Eggplant contains a flavonoid called anthocyanin, which is responsible for its beautiful purple exterior. Anthocyanin is known for its cancer-fighting and cardioprotective properties. Studies have shown a dramatic decrease in the incidence of heart diseases in those with diets rich in fruits and vegetables containing anthocyanin. 64 BOOM MAGAZINE

When you stop by the market in the coming months, try these local delicacies that are nutritional powerhouses and can treat diseases at their roots and eradicate them in the long term:



Shiitake mushrooms Unlike many other varieties of mushrooms, shiitakes boast a meaty flavor and texture, making them the most popular form of edible mushrooms. So, what makes these fungi so powerful? Shiitakes can fight chronic infections, prevent heart diseases, control blood sugars and reduce inflammation within the body.


Most people describe this root vegetable as that of a blend between an apple and a turnip. Originally found in Mexican cuisine, this bulbous root vegetable is rich in immune-boosting properties. Due to its low sugar content, it can be easily incorporated in the diets of those hoping to cut back on added sugars and processed carbs. Jicama is famous for its weight-loss and blood sugar management qualities. It is also a natural prebiotic, thus improving the health of the gastrointestinal tract.


If treating Type 2 diabetes is a health goal you aim to achieve, then look no further than this fibrous vegetable. Okra can not only help reduce blood sugars, it can also remove bad or LDL- cholesterol from the blood, thereby preventing heart diseases.

Shopping at the grocery store or big-box stores might seem easier

Dr. Suman Ahuja completed her education at Columbia University

and more convenient; however, if you are interested in eating for

College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York and at Texas Tech.

your health, incorporating freshly picked veggies and fruits from the

She has a a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition with an emphasis on obe-

farmers market can help you meet your health goals — and help your

sity treatment and prevention.

checkbook in the long term. BOOM MAGAZINE 65

May 30, 9:00-10:30 p.m. In the series finale, with guest star Sigourney Weaver, patients seek the doctor’s advice although he has stopped his practice. Doc Martin’s Portwenn In Port Isaac, England, producer Phillippa Braithwaite takes you behind the scenes to meet the cast, peek in on rehearsals and learn all about the village.

Watch Doc Martin from the beginning when it returns to KMOS on June 13! See ALL the episodes again - or for the first time! A service of the University of Central Missouri

Grand Victorian Manor

519 High Street Boonville, Missouri 65233 660-882-7107 |




Fulton Getaway

Churchhill Memorial Celebrates 25 Years BY DIANA LAMBDIN MEYER • PHOTOS BY BRUCE N. MEYER


ifty years ago, as most Baby Boomers were rocking to “Get Back,” the Beatles’

latest No. 1 hit, another British invasion was being celebrated in the central Missouri community of Fulton. That’s where the doors had just opened on the Winston Churchill Memorial at Westminster College, 23 years after one of the 20th century’s most memorable figures had come to town. Today, the memorial is known as America’s National Churchill Museum, and it continues to grow as a source of education and inspiration for Westminster students and a myriad of world leaders who have found their way to Fulton. So, the question is: Have you been to Fulton recently? If not, it’s time for a day trip, maybe even an overnight, to the community that has welcomed everyone from Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev to Margaret Thatcher and Bernie Sanders. As a refresher for those who might not be familiar with the National Churchill Museum

Churchill/Fulton connection, it started with an endowment by a




Westminster alumnus that regu-

Each of these world leaders used

larly brings speakers of “interna-

art as a form of relaxation and

tional significance” to campus.

expression. These three exhibits

And that’s why on March 5, 1946, not yet a year after the end

continue through September. You can see this all from the

of the war in Europe, Winston

front porch of The Loganberry

Churchill came to central

Inn, a lovely bed-and-breakfast

Missouri, delivering a speech

less than two blocks away. Choose

formally called the “Sinews of

the Margaret Thatcher room,

Peace.” Today, it is simply known

where the British prime minister

as the Iron Curtain Speech.

slept when she visited in 1996.

At the 20th anniversary of

Coordinate your weekend

that speech, the Westminster

getaway to Fulton with one

faculty, inspired by a magazine

of the many special events at

article that showed the devasta-

the Brick District Playhouse,

tion of historic churches in

a delightful venue that, 50

London, decided to honor the

years ago, served Fulton as a

Many central Missouri foodies will tell you Beks is the primary reason to visit Fulton in the first place. memory of that famous speech

one-screen movie theater. It’s

by purchasing one of those

been beautifully restored and

churches that government lead-

includes a wonderful café that

ers determined would not be

is open every day.

rebuilt in London. One of the special exhibits for the 50th anniversary de-

nothing spectacular until you

tails exactly how this historic

realize it’s the suit Ronald

church, where John Milton

Reagan wore in the 1942 movie

was married and William

“King’s Row,” set in Fulton.

Shakespeare worshipped, made its way to Missouri. The children of central

Check the playhouse schedule regularly for murder-mystery dinners, concerts and other

Missouri contributed to another

fun events that showcase this

exhibit for the golden anniversa-

beautiful old building.

ry. Four thousand K-12 students


Inside, you’ll see a display case with a 1940s-era suit —

At some point while you’re

were asked to create a painting

in Fulton, you must visit Beks.

on the subject of “A Special

Indeed, many central Missouri

Relationship,” a term Churchill

foodies will tell you Beks is the

used to describe the friendship

primary reason to visit in the

between the United States and

first place. It opened in 2005 as a

Great Britain. Alongside their de-

low-key wine and coffee bar but

signs are paintings by Churchill,

was welcomed with such passion

Dwight Eisenhower, John F.

that Beks occupies two large

Kennedy and George W. Bush.

buildings in the historic district.




Beks opened in 2005 in downtown Fulton. (Below) Carrot cake is one of Beks’ best sellers.


Lunch and dinner six days a week (closed on Sundays) feature a flavorful collection of salads, homemade soups and entrees that compete with anything you’ll find in communities of greater restaurant reputations. The Waldorf Chicken Croissant for lunch ($8) or the Beks Burger featuring angus beef from Show Me Missouri Farms and topped with gouda ($11.25) fill you up for the rest of the day. But come back at another time for the pork chops. Sure, just pork chops, but they also come from Show Me Missouri Farms and are prepared differently every day. So come often to find your favorite. And, always the dessert. Carrot cake is the best seller among many at Beks, and it alone is worth the trip to Fulton.

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Music City



t’s called “Music City” for a reason. Nashville is all about music and history, and music and food, and music and drink, and music and, well, you get the idea. And, while modern and traditional country music are big here, you can also find every other sound – from classical to classic rock, from blues to bluegrass, contemporary Christian to gospel and anything and everything else you might want to hear. Even if you don’t want to hear music, you’re going to hear it anyway in this modern, bustling, diverse, eclectic and charming destination. In Music City, they believe that music should be shared by all.




Nightlife in downtown Nashville



and genteel aristocracy. Later

Music Row is at the heart of

that night you can again take

Nashville’s country, gospel

Consider an all-day escape to the

advantage of one of Nashville’s

and contemporary Christian

ville from Missouri, you can

Opryland area. In addition to

many live music venues, such

music industry and serves as

fly nonstop from St. Louis or

seeing where the famous Grand

as the cozy and casual Third

a benchmark for songwriters

Kansas City in about an hour or

Ole Opry operates, you can also

and Lindsley Bar & Grill in the

and performers – past, present

so, or with a one-stop/change-

experience world-class lodging,

Gulch, featuring live entertain-

and future. It is home to record

of-plane routing from Columbia

dining, recreation and shopping

ment and dancing.

label offices, radio stations and

Regional Airport. You could take

in an incredible 9-acre indoor

the almost 12-hour Greyhound

complex of gardens, waterscapes,

with its distinct industrial histo-

and recording studios. In one

bus from Columbia, but having

paths and wonderment for the

ry, originally housed the down-

such studio, the legendary

done this once, I wouldn’t rec-

entire family. The Opryland

town railroad terminal. From

RCA Studio B, country and pop

ommend it. You can also depart

complex is definitely a must-see

the turn of the century until the

legends such as Elvis Presley,

mid-Missouri via automobile on

while in Nashville – particularly

1950s, more than 100 trains

Dolly Parton and many others

Wednesday morning and arrive

for holiday celebrations and/or if

arrived and departed from the

recorded mega-hits.

that night, after about a seven-

you’re traveling with youngsters.

Gulch on a daily basis. Today,

If you’re traveling to Nash-

to eight-hour leisurely drive

Nearby you can board the

The historic Gulch District,

other music-related businesses

Buddy Killen Circle (the

the area is an upscale neighbor-

Demonbreun roundabout)

with several worthwhile stops

historical and iconic General

hood known for chic hotels,

with the Musica Sculpture

along the way, check into one of

Jackson showboat for a relax-

high-end fashion boutiques,

positioned at its center, serves

the thousands of upscale hotel

ing entertainment-filled dinner

trendsetting restaurants, bars,

an as impressive front door

rooms scattered throughout the

or lunch cruise on the scenic

craft breweries and eateries.

to Music Row. The sculpture

area and still have time to par-

Cumberland River, where you’ll

Not far from downtown

features nine nude figures.

take in the effervescent nightlife

figuratively escape to a bygone

and the Gulch you will find

On St. Patrick’s Day 2010, a

of Nashville.

era of extravagant riverboats

the iconic Music Row area.

local music group, the Willis


Clan, and friends clothed the statues in oversized Celtic kilts and blouses they had made for the event, in what one local news source described as an epic prank. In 2011, the ritual was undertaken again. The sculpture is still occasionally adorned with other trinkets, such as T-shirts supporting the Nashville Predators during playoff runs, as well as runners’ bibs during the Country Music Marathon.


This might be a good day to visit President Andrew Jackson’s stately and picturesque home, The Hermitage. This early 19th-century restored farm and horse ranch reveals the former president’s love of the outdoors and horses. It is

and prestigious 330-acre urban

also the final resting place for

campus that is also a national

Jackson and his beloved wife,

arboretum featuring more than

Rachel. One of the best ways to

300 species of trees and shrubs

fully experience The Hermitage

and a myriad of urban wildlife.

is to take a horse-drawn wagon

nial Park, home of the 1897

enjoy American history, The

Tennessee Centennial Exposition

Hermitage is a must.

and the location of the impres-

A visit to the historic Belle

sive Parthenon – a full-scale

Meade Plantation will take you

replica of the original Parthenon

back to pre-Civil War Tennes-

in Athens, Greece. Centen-

see. Once a 5,400-acre working

nial Park’s Parthenon serves

plantation, the current grounds

as Nashville’s art museum and

and buildings, including an im-

features a bold re-creation of

pressive main house and work-

the 42-foot statue of Athena, the

ers’ quarters, are impeccably

focal point of the structure, just

cared for and harken back to a

as it was in ancient Greece. This

different and Southern patrician

luxurious park features extraor-

time in our nation’s history.

dinary monuments, historical

Not far from Belle Meade,


Close to Vanderbilt is Centen-

tour of the plantation. If you

and cultural exhibits and a lush,

in the West End area of town,

fauna-filled “living” pond with

is world-renowned Vanderbilt

scenic shoreside walkways and

University, one of Mizzou’s

secluded hideaways plus grassy

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

areas for recreation or relaxation.

foes. Over the years, a number

Bring a picnic lunch or purchase

of outstanding college students

food from one of the many local

from mid-Missouri have matric-

food trucks, some featuring au-

ulated at this picturesque, private

thentic Southern-style treats.



Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

memorabilia in the world.

regularly take to the stage at

Hockey League’s Nashville

about 30 minutes southwest of

One can spend hours brows-

the Tennessee Performing

Predators and the Nashville

downtown you’ll find the unique

ing through the exhibits while

Arts Center (T-PAC) Andrew

Sounds, a Triple-A Pacific

and famous Loveless Café. The

listening to various performers

Jackson Hall, not far from the

Coast League baseball affiliate

Loveless is billed as a retro 1950s

of country music.

Tennessee state Capitol with its

of MLB’s Texas Rangers. Next

Speaking of Southern Cuisine,

impressive, Greek revival archi-

year the Nashville Soccer Club

for biscuits with homemade

good day to visit the fa-

tecture. Finally, don’t overlook

is expected to begin Major

preserves (they say they bake

mous Bluebird Café, where

the art deco-styled Frist Art

League Soccer play.

more than 10,000 biscuits each

reservations are strongly

Museum, home to world-class

day) while also featuring smoked

recommended. This small but

rotating visual exhibitions and

country ham and ample portions

celebrated location, consid-

educational programs.

of Southern-fried chicken and

ered to be a “listening room,”

unforgettable chicken-fried

is where many up-and-coming

you’ll find the lively, bustling,

at my favorite breakfast place —

steaks – all served with lots of

and established singer-

daily and year-round Nashville

the legendary Pancake Pantry,

biscuits and other traditional

songwriters try out their latest

Farmers’ Market, showcasing

in Hillsboro Village, near

Southern “trimmin’s.”

work. It is not uncommon

restaurants, artisanal food,

Vanderbilt — you’ll be com-

for recognized stars such as

shops, crafts, classes, chef dem-

pletely sated and ready to plan

Garth Brooks, LeAnn Rimes

onstrations and colorful vendors

your next venture to Nashville.

or Taylor Swift to drop in

selling fresh, local/regional and

And, as you return to Mis-

If you like country music — or

for an open-mike session or

sometimes exotic fruits, produce

souri, don’t be surprised if you

even if you don’t — the down-

just to meet the clientele and

and other items. Even if you

continue to hear country music

town Country Music Hall of

perform or observe.

don’t buy anything, the Nashville

in your head. After all, it’s called

Farmers’ Market is a fun and

“Music City” for a reason.

Southern Roadhouse, famous


Fame and Museum is certainly

Saturday would also be a

The world-famous Nash-

Not far from the state Capitol


After a filling stack of pancakes

educational place to visit.

worth visiting. Dedicated to

ville Symphony performs on

the preservation and inter-

numerous Friday and Saturday

pretation of various types of

nights throughout the year at

professional sports, know that

lin, a freelance writer with

American music, it features

the remarkable Schermerhorn

Nashville is home to the Ten-

two journalism degrees from

one of the most extensive col-

Symphony Center. Broadway

nessee Titans of the National

MU, divides his time between

lections of music and music

musicals, plays and ballets

Football League, the National

Columbia and Nashville.

If you’re interested in

Editor’s note: Mike Hoefer-




Summer Fun With Grandkids Recreation and Activities You’ll All Enjoy



t’s the season your

animal presentations, and don’t

grandkids have been

miss the petting zoo where

waiting for, so how will

youngsters can walk and talk

you maximize the long

with the animals and feed them

lazy days of summer with

from their palms.

them? Celebrate the carefree

Water, Water Everywhere

season to its fullest with these


outdoor activities and adventures you’ll all enjoy.


Back to Nature

Spend a smoldering summer day cooling off at one of the


many water wonderlands. You

Perk up those taste buds

can swoosh down waterslides,

because strawberries are now

catch the man-made waves,

in season. Round up your



and tube around narrow canals.

grandkids and head to the

You don’t have to be a horse

Summer wouldn’t be summer

Before you go, ask about age

strawberry patch for a day of

owner to enjoy the pleasure

without a trip to the zoo. Visit

and height requirements and

fruit filled fun. When you get

of riding one of these majestic

the wild at one of the many

what activities are available for

the strawberries home, work

beings. Visit your nearby horse

zoos that have created natural,

the younger set.

together rinsing them, remov-

rental stables and catch the

spacious settings for their

ing stems, and preparing them

sunset on horseback. Make sure

animals, and teach your chil-

for shortcake, smoothies, and

your grandchild is provided a

dren the importance of these

Canoeing is a fun-filled family

fresh strawberry pie.

helmet for safety before you ride.

habitats. Check the schedule for

adventure for all ages. Look for



canoe rentals on a clear river in

peaceful summer nights and

southern Missouri, and take a

camp out in your backyard.

cool dip when the day heats up.

Kick off the evening by watch-

Carry belongings such as your

ing the sunset. Then build a

wallet, keys, and snacks in a

bonfire (if it’s permitted in your

waterproof bag that floats since

area), roast marshmallows, and

tips are not only common, but

gaze at the stars. Bring along

can be half of the fun. Be sure

your guide to the stars, and see

to give the kids plenty of oppor-

what you can spot: the Little

tunities to paddle and steer.

Dipper, Hercules or Sagittarius. CROQUET CHAMPS Set up this outdoor game everyone can play. Then hold a summer’s end croquet match. Give handicaps to the kids based on their most recent scores so it’s fair to everyone. UP, UP AND AWAY Is the wind hampering your

track, bump another boat or

the highlight of the season. If

have some wacky golfing fun.

your grandkids are at different ride levels, invite another fam-

RECYCLED TREASURES Join the craze, and spend the day

in age to your own. Then divide

the most of that breeze, and get

rummaging for treasures. This

up so everyone can get the most

your kite up in the air.

is a great way for kids to get the

out of the day. Meet up for

most out of their limited earn-

lunch and dinner to swap kids,

ings, teach them the importance

so all grandparents get time

Organize a backyard carnival.

of recycling and how to get the

with each age group.

(You can even raise funds for

best value for their money.


your favorite charity.) The whole family will have a ball putting on this event. Set up RIDE THE WAVES

ily or two with children similar

fun? It won’t be for long. Make

games such as a bean bag toss


PARK PLAY Take your grandkids for a picnic


and an afternoon at the park.

Unwind listening to a summer

Scout your area for an updated

So, you don’t have an ocean

or number wheel, a baked

concert in the park or taking in a

park with a large, enclosed fort-

nearby? Don’t despair. You can

goods stand, fortune telling,

movie under the stars.

style playground. Bring along a

likely find plenty of wave action

face painting and refreshments.

at a wave pool in your own community or nearby. These


pools often supply tubes and

Make summer gardening a fam-

rafts for riding the waves.

ily affair. Ask your grandkids

playmate for your grandchild, COASTERS, CARS AND


A trip to a theme park can be

and they’ll be content for some time. Don’t forget to bring your reading to catch up on.

to choose a favorite vegetable BACKYARD WATER BLAST

to plant. If you’re getting a late

Plenty of cool fun can be had

start, look for starter plants that

right in your own backyard.

have already sprouted. Work

Make it a tradition to have an

together to get the garden ready

annual water spree. Fill water

and plant it, then give everyone

balloons, and play a game of

a responsibility for keeping it

catch. Or hook up the sprinklers

up: watering, pulling weeds,

for a refreshing game of tag.

picking ripe produce, cleaning it

Don’t forget to fill up the squirt

and preparing it to eat or store.

guns and super soakers to ensure

Out and About

everyone stays drenched. Then take a refreshing break in a wad-


ing pool.

Family fun centers offer a vari-

Your Own Backyard

ety of recreation for the whole


Take full advantage of the

family. Get ready to practice your batting swing, holler “fore,” speed around the race BOOM MAGAZINE 75



Relationship Reveal Four “Not-so-Secret” Secrets to a Lasting Marriage




here, we challenge you to make

that most people can’t tell the

this happen. You can if it’s

difference. Listening is loving.

Have you ever accomplished

important, and it is. We bet

This does not allow any room


or achieved anything that

if someone offered you a free

for trying to fix one another or


did not require a specific and

vacation for two in Hawaii next

thoughts of, “I can’t wait until

about making marital love last.

significant investment of time?

week, you could make some

it’s my turn to talk.” A great

Countless books and articles

With six children younger than

adjustments. Consider this an

suggestion to this communicat-

are the result of decades of

15, we committed early on to a

equal, if not more important,

ing principle is found in Gary

frustration as the celebrated and

date night. That Thursday night

investment. By the way, our

Chapman’s “The Five Love

over-romanticized institution

became a regular, inviolable

grown kids who complained

Languages” when he advises us

of marriage exhibits a dismally

part of our lives. Looking back,

and made fun of us for years as

to include words of affirmation

declining success rate. No one

it might have been one of the

we prioritized this “us time” tell

as part of our regular con-

goes into marriage wanting the

smartest things we did. We

us now that it was one of the

versations with one another.

relationship to fail. We’ve all

have since begun working with

coolest things we did for them.

Consider using at least five

seen the devastating results of

the marriage ministry at our

marriage gone bad, yet most

church and have expanded this

people have a deep desire for

into teaching couples to make

that special oneness that only

regular investments of time

marriage can bring about.

in their marriages. We use the

practiced. Develop communica-

phrase “Divert daily, withdraw

tion skills including dealing with

weekly, abandon annually.”

conflict. Yes, we had and have

uch has been written in secular and

So, how do you write your very own “Happily Ever After”? This was our dream almost 23 years

If you’re a guy reading this,


This is again obvious, but seldom

conflict. It’s a normal and, in

positive comments for every negative one. What were those words that came so easily when we first started dating?


Like it or not, we are spiritual

ago. Wildly in love, each of us

we know what you’re think-

many ways, necessary part of a

beings. When the Bible ascribes

was entering our second mar-

ing: “How much time?” Relax!

healthy marriage relationship. A

married couples to be “evenly

riage, one from death and one

We don’t know what that is

key component of marriage dia-

yoked,” it speaks to the core

from divorce. With the shared

for you, but just try it for a

loging is learning to be an active

need for couples to be pulling

pain of different types of broken

few weeks. (Actually, 18 days

listener. Today’s world celebrates

together, especially spiritually.

relationships in common, we

to two months are considered

the smooth talker with little

The only way this can occur is to

were intent on learning every-

necessary to create a habit.) We

credit given to the active listener.

have a commonly shared vision

thing there was to learn about

suggest carving out 15 minutes

In the Bible, James tells us: “Be

of what marriage should be like.

making marriage fun, fulfilling

a day. That’s 15 uninterrupted

quick to listen, slow to speak and

This vision becomes a couple’s

and forever – selfishly for our

minutes with just the two of

slow to become angry.” What

“True North.” Just like a com-

broken selves and more nobly as

you without cellphones or kids

great advice when it comes to a

pass is a reliable source for clear

an example for our six kids. Here

or grandkids around. Then a

husband-and-wife interaction.

and consistent direction, the

are some of the things we learned

date night or morning each

along the way. We hope they can

week and the amazing annual

marriage class participants that

marriage journey. I once met a

be reminders of how to make

getaway for just the two of you.

when someone is truly listening

wise marriage counselor who

marriage great again at any age.

Before you stop reading right

to you, it feels so much like love

would interview couples who


We always share with our

Bible provides direction for the

Feeling overwhelmed caring for yourself and your aging parents?

came to him for help and would pose three simple questions to determine whether he could help them. 1. “Do you believe in the God of the Bible?

A personal concierge makes life easier for everyone.

2. “Are you willing to apply His principles for your relationship? 3. “Are you willing to pray that He will change you? If the couple both said “yes” to the first two questions, there was hope. They had the same “boss.” They were evenly yoked. The

Services include: • Healthy-Living Plan Creation & Coaching (90-Day Program)

third established that much-needed humility

• Short-Term Coordination for Vacation Coverage

was present and allowed for the work of the

• Phone Coaching and Consulting

greatest counselor. Tapping into the power of prayer is a wise consideration for marrieds.


We know you’re going to encounter the same relational challenges and frustrations that marrieds have bumped up against since the first marriage. Your life together isn’t a romantic 90-minute movie. It’s real life, and we are talking about an imperfect person plus an

She has provided peace of mind for when I can’t be there myself. I live out of state, and knowing Janie was responsive and there for mom during an urgent matter was invaluable.”

Janie Shelburn BS, CMC Geriatric Consultant & Concierge Start with a consult. Call today! | 573-220-8336 Guiding independent aging with dignity.

imperfect person in an imperfect world here. If both the husband and the wife can answer the three earlier questions with a “yes,” there is hope, great hope. Remember, God can use the wise counsel of professionals and godly friends to be His voice of direction, encouragement and admonition. No offense to them, but talking to friends who cannot answer those questions in the affirmative are probably not going to mirror the “True North” that you need.

John & Nicole Dean Local Franchise Owners

We spend lots of time, effort and money on maintaining our cars and homes, and on indulging our kids and grandkids. Don’t hesitate to make the same investment in the most important “horizontal” relationship you will ever have in this world, or those other investments might end up on a sheet of paper as you decide which home they will go to. A simple summary statement that we try to live out daily after our near 23 years: Do the things that lovers do, and you feel the things that lovers feel. It is so true! We’re not that complicated. You still have the same heart that fell in love with your marriage partner all those years ago. Lead it to your “True North.” Kent and Regina Johnson of Columbia have been involved in marriage ministry for 17 years. BOOM MAGAZINE 77


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