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Enlighten the world with innovation

Vol.1 | Special Edition | March 2020 | Rs. 299/-








Mr Rohit Makhija Founder







Title Code:DELENG19729

Vol.1 | Special Edition | March 2020 | Rs. 299/-

Enlighten the world with innovation









Mr Rohit Makhija Founder


Editor’s Note


“Innovation”, “Trust”, “Ethics”, “Integrity” and “Partnership”, these are some of the traits that help in establishing sustainable entrepreneurship. The corporate industry is a highly volatile sphere and has substantial competition, irrespective of its vertical. This volatility is further influenced by the emergence of the industrial revolution from the early 21st Century. The uprising of advancements has provoked every industrial segment to conceptualize cutting-edge solutions, to ensure the satisfaction of their clients. However, the time has not only brought a new length for industrial segments; it has brought a huge transition in the way people used to look at themselves; especially men. Beautification has always been an essential part of a woman’s life although the emergence of the 21st century made the men society highly sensitive of their physical looks (Dress, Facial tan, Hair & beard). Coming to the present era “Beard” has become a trending apparel for a man’s grooming. Comprehending to the aspect, the retail industry has devised a wide variety of merchandise, which is especially focused on giving men adesirable look. To recognize this creativity, Our Magazine “Innovative Zone” took the initiative of publishing one such brand in the edition “COMPANY IN FOCUS – 2020”, MR Gentleman Valise. The brand is conceived by a very innovative entrepreneur Mr Rohit Makhija. What separates this brand and its product from the rest is it’s a unique ability to combine nature with science. Each of its product passes numerous tests to ensure that they are safe for utilization. Apart from this, the products havebeen re-inforced with amarvellous design, complemented with appropriate colours, giving each product a classy and appealing look and an intoxicating feel.Beyond the ravishing look, MGV’s products are very cost-efficient making it accessible by all standards of people. Th brand has been working in the industry for the last 8 monthsand already hasgarnered 1000+ happy customers in its trove. Another USP of this brand is the curator himself is the sole designer of his merchandise, which makes him a notable stalwart of the domain. In addition to this, our magazine will be encompassing various entrepreneurial stories, whose ground breaking accomplishments willsurely make aspirers realize that innovation is the key to achieve new heights. Along with this, you’ll be reading in-house articles that are aimed to help you get over mediocrity and get in touch with what’s happening around the world. Our magazine never categorises people whether they are an entrepreneur or an aspirer; instead, it believes that innovation is the turnkey that can elevate a familiar concept to a whole new level. As the editor of this magazine, I can ensure that our articles are focused on giving you insight on innovative prospects of the era. Hope you find this magazine useful as the previous ones. Thank You!

Indranil Roy

Editor, Innovative Zone



Vol -1 |Issue-4| March 2020 Publisher & Editor : Abhishek Kumar Dubey

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Entertainment Sportz Pvt. Ltd.


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XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd.

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Cover Story

MR GENTLEMEN VALISE AN ELITE BRAND FOR THE MEN’S GROOMING RANGE ‘What do you think are the criteria for a nice man?’ We can all interpret the answer to this. Before judging the character or what he does, the world sees how he looks. Men with good knowledge of grooming habits, such as trimming the hair, keeping a clear look on the face, having a good dressing sense, etc. are some of the many factors that portray their personality. Among these many aesthetic points. Beard plays a very important role in elevating a man’s gravity. In India, almost 2/3rd of the population tends to grow a healthy beard. The market ensures a wide variety of products, which aids the men society towards growing and cultivating an attractive beard. Amongst these many brands, Mr Gentleman Valise brings a wide range of premium products, which is showing perpetual success in giving men their well-proportioned look. By combining natural and organic ingredients with modern science, MGV has brought stellar merchandise in the domain of men’s grooming range.


The brand is primarily focused on giving men’s face the most charming and polished look. The brand brings a wide variety of men’s grooming essentials to the market, which shows the superior quality and focuses on nourishing the beard, hair and face. The brand initiated its business with a single product “Wizard Box”. This box consists of all the essential contents for nourishing a man’s beard. The product proved to be a huge success as the contents of the “Wizard Box” are able to eradicate the factors, that were obstructing a proper fur growth and aid in nurturing it, further making it a trending gift for all kinds of men. 11


The humungous success of the product created the opportunity to mould many other essentials for facial care, beard care and hair care. The main focus of these products is, to bring out the gentleman that lies within a man. Within a few months of its initiation, the brand has crafted a wide variety of spectacular products, which has been highly recognized by customers as very promising. These feedbacks eventually make Mr Gentlemen Valise as a trending platform, in the grooming industry.

THE ARTIST BEHIND THE ART Mr Gentlemen Valise was established into a structure in April 2019, through the efforts of Mr Rohit Makhija (Founder). Being genetically blessed with entrepreneurial skills, Mr Makhija had the burning desire in his heart to create his own magnum opus. After completing his graduation from Delhi University, he did deep research on the needs of customers and found that the men society is in need of a product, which can aid in nurturing one of the ornamental trends of a man ‘Beard’. Focusing on this aspect, he conceived his brainchild ‘Mr Gentlemen Valise’,which by name meant ‘A Gentlemen’s Briefcase’. From the business perspective, his brand initially contrived all the essential contents required, to condition and nourish a man’s beard, which signifies the name.

“My vision is to take

the grooming industry to the premium level where it meets luxury but at affordable prices.”

However, the domain has a tremendous market competition. Henceforth, to prove the significance of his brand, Mr Makhija has been crafting, designing and naming his products himself. The curator’s father has a huge handloom business and Mr Makhija wanted to have similar



craftsmanship in his products. Through its impeccable products, MGV has built a strong base in the market and is in the process of becoming an ace of the deck.

MARKETING THE BRAND The 21-year-old young entrepreneur believes that along with the internal quality of a product, what really matters impresses the audience is the ‘Presentation’. Mr Makhija has ensured that his products are crafted with the right blend of luxurious ingredients, a magnificent look at an affordable price. Every part of the product, whether its name, design, colours or packaging is an example of the prowess, which contributes to making the users feel that they are using a premium range of products.


Since the business is processed online, the entire nation is able to get a grasp on the products.The brand’sonline venture is steadily forging a huge customer base, from all parts of the nation. Other than this, Mr Makhija has his own youtube channel ‘Mr Gentlemen Valise’, where he verbally talks about his products’ features, how it can give you the branded look that every man desire. With an amalgamation of hygiene and glamour, Mr Gentleman Valise is growing with the perspective of elevating the grooming standards, of the entire nation.

At the core, every product of MGV is client-centric. Every product is designed to give a compliment to men’s grooming and has the assurance of not harming the user in any way. To be specific, every product is Sulphate and Paraben free, which makes it a trademark of hygienic products. In addition to that, products are stored in an appropriate environment with proper preservatives to ensure their vitality. Other than this, the products are lightweight and less greasy, which eradicates the factors causing skin irritation and allergies. A few of these products are shown below:Wizard Box: This product was the initially manufactured unit of MGV. The box comes as an attache with all kinds of potions and moisturizers (Beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, beard serum and wooden comb), required to grow and maintain an attractive man fur. In brief, the product is an accessory that helps in giving a sleek and healthy beard. Facial Kit: This kit contains two products focused on giving the face a luminous and energetic look. One is the ‘Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash’ that cleanses the oil in the skin to bring out the underlying authentic look. Second, is the ‘Dead Sea Mud Scrub’ which is enriched with magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. These ingredients work on three major concerns cleansing, energizing and rejuvenating the skin with nutrients making it more softer and elastic than before. Other than these, the brand also has a very trendsetting Anti- Hairfall Shampoo which is created with the combination of Biotin, Keratin & Caffeine. It helps in reducing hair fall and helps in growing healthy and thick hair.



PROMINENCE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT “I aim to design those products that strive towards my vision and outlook of the brand”. The curator confirms that R&D is one of the chief practices that paves the road to progression. After a deep analysis of the market - through in-depth research and development, Mr Makhija has devised his products by emphasizing on a few concerns:

Find Your Product :- A manufacturer can achieve the optimal growth only after he can comprehend, what he is dispensing in the market. MGV has shown admirable dexterity through its products by consolidating quality and charisma. For The Right Audience :- A prospective producer needs to fathom his audience to make the right products. Interpretation of the right audience gives rise to growth and eventually result in enhancing the brand image. Relevance :- A product becomes preferable in the market only when it meets the client’s satisfaction. Grooming is an essential aspect that signifies a man’s personality. To adhere to that, MGV conceptualize client-centric products, which guarantees to condition and portray a man’s true personality that lies within. Designing & Naming :- Designing and brand naming highly impacts in the embellishment of a product. On a broader prospect, captivating design and name attracts customers towards your product and conveys your values with ease. Cost-Efficiency :- The sustainability of a product depends on how much efficiency can it give, with respect to its price. Customers tend to approach brands, which gives them more value at an affordable price and MGV has been propagating this fact through its products, from the very beginning. These five factors conjoin together and manufacture the perfect products, to suffice grooming needs. Venturing on these factors is one other reason their products has an admirable rating on many shopping websites.


In the span of eight months, the brand has spread its web over 1000 + satisfying customers. In the next three years, the curator aims to cover the entire nation and build a nationwide strong customer base. Furthermore, Mr Makhija is in a process of inaugurating an outlet for this brand in his home town. Through this approach, the brand is aiming to gain good customer loyalty and sustainability. Other than this, MGV is targeting to launch a wide range of products for its luxury collection, hair care and an exotic collection of perfumes. INDIA | WWW.INNOVATIVEZONEINDIA.COM | Vol.-1 | SPECIAL EDITION | MARCH 2020


WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT FROM THE FOUNDER “Give your dreams and imaginations a structure. Have a clear vision of what you want to do and put your 100% effort in achieving it. The world is moving rapidly towards digitization; this platform is quintessential to show your merchandise to the world. Don’t put your entire focus on the conclusion, concentrate on the journey because that’ ll always portray your endeavour.”

– Rohit Makhija 15


IZM Review



in business. Unlike big urban settlements and rural small town start-ups, they both react to start-ups differently. Every city has a certain character to it and hence different requirements were there in the investments and business ideas. We have compiled some low-investment business ideas that make a great entry point for beginners in business to let them know how to schedule low investment business plans.

Starting a new business plan seems like to climb a mountain of a difficult task. However, the amount of time, money, and risk involved in that business depends on the business idea you chase for yourself. Indian small towns are struggling with job opportunities as contrary to popular belief. There is always a high influx of big cities and metro cities for jobs in multinational companies or better business opportunities. However, with urban landscapes failing to provide relief in terms of living standards such as connectivity, transport or infrastructure. Many young working people are considering going back to the good old small town for starting something new in the marathon of business. Nevertheless, how do you deal with the lack of job opportunities? Do not worry much about them. You can easily create opportunities for yourself.

BUSINESS CONSULTANCY With so many entrepreneurs daily want to open their business and looking to launch their dream company they need advice from someone who has been there and done that. You can be their guide if you fit that bill and have experience with successfully starting and running a business. The consultancy business apart from inventing on a big business if much more profitable. One should definitely start their own business consultancy where they provide these aspiring business owners with knowledge and experience.

Though India features among the top three start-up hubs of the world if we talk about the rest of the world and Indian small towns are still reluctant towards new avenues INDIA | WWW.INNOVATIVEZONEINDIA.COM | Vol.-1 | SPECIAL EDITION | MARCH 2020


INVESTMENT FIRM There is no shortage of investing and trading opportunities in the Indian market and you can even find it at every corner out there. The investment firm is a better option as a start-up business for small-scale investment and you could invest in anything from commodities like oil, gold, and bitcoin, as well as stocks and bonds. It is risky, but when you used to it with hands-on experience then it can easily work your way up to millionaire status. CLEANING BUSINESS Opening a cleaning firm sounds weird in India but it does not cost much to start a cleaning business. Your monthly expenses for business are incredibly low, and there is always a need for cleaning homes or offices in the society. In fact, the cleaning industry pulled very much in India as a business. HEALTHCARE CONSULTANCY This was always a moneymaker with low investment. However, with so many questions surrounding the Affordable Care Act and its possible replacement, people will be clamoring for a healthcare consultant to help them locate the best plan possible. It only requires knowledge and low funds to start. EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT SERVICE The HR department in India is flourished throughout the years and employers realize that it costs them a lot of money to hire new employees by having a recruiter so they contact HR services. Hence, the recruiting services for other companies are the best small investment business and every company wants to retain top talent that fits their organization. TRAVEL AGENCY The travel industry is itself a big name in the business world and in India; it has witnessed a great boom in the past decade. Traveling preferences of people keep changing and their desire for the ultimate ‘wanderlust changed with time. The tour and travel agency is the time ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs to put their money on this business where the map is important. The most cost-effective way to open up a home-based travel agency business is by tying up with contacts and connections in this industry.

it eliminates any expenditure on rent and supplies. The only investment effort you need to put in as a tuition teacher with a wider knowledge. FOOD TRUCK Food Industry in India as a business is a very widely popular business and make one of India’s richest entrepreneurs. Anyone with the right taste and cooking skills can begin their business by selling idlis and dosas from their home or a small truck. In addition, the involvement of online food chains like Zomato and Swiggy in the business industries took the food industry to a different level. Food trucks offer the same kind of potential to those looking to get into low-cost-high-returns business and start their passion for cooking. TOUR GUIDE Most people are new to the places they travel so when it comes to exploring a new place then the Tour guide will be the best option for small businesses. Hereby, when people require a guide for traveling then it makes this business very wide. People can easily be scouting the internet for hours on finding a guide with their travel package but have faced difficulty in that. Therefore, it is advised to opening up a tourguide business, where groups of travelers such as schooltrips, college-trips, tourist-travels can ask you things related to their travel. The tour guide is a business that not only makes all the arrangements for the trip but also guides the travel through the trip. ONLINE FITNESS INSTRUCTORS The world is looking for a fitness guide to get fit. A busy life is always part of many people and not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym regularly or join any fitness classes. On that point, starting a business plan for an online fitness instructor is a great idea. Being a proper fitness enthusiast needs courage and a fitness instructor visiting houses and helping people to get in shape is definitely more appealing. Therefore, those who want to launch a business in online fitness should spend their money on maintaining a strong online presence.

TUITION CENTER This is possibly one of the most cost-effective businesses to launch in India, due to its nearly zero starting cost requirements for opening this business. Apart from opening any institute most of the tuition-teachers take classes in their own homes or at students’ homes, thus 17



IN F CUS 2020



A LOOK AT ENTERTAINMENT SPORTZ In this fast-growing scenario across all the industries, one thing is common that is becoming a game-changer to embellish all the industries, known as management to organize the unorganized or scattered happenings. There is a reputed name ‘Entertainment Sportz Private Limited’ (ES), established by visionary Karan Rughani in 2010, contributing its large INDIA | WWW.INNOVATIVEZONEINDIA.COM | Vol.-1 | SPECIAL EDITION | MARCH 2020


share to the event management industry with the motive of shaping all types of events in an organized way. It is a full-stop event management platform, rendering services from ideas & guidance to comprehensive event planning and management.

THE TEAM WITH INDOMITABLE-WILL TO SERVE It is the team of ES which execute all the plans and strategies to convert them into a reality. Therefore, ES considers them as a family that is given care and motivation to come up with their best version to render the best services to the valued clients. The company also provides training programs and other facilities to keep them energetic and dedicated to the work. Certainly, the role of technology is pivotal in the industry which is considered a key factor to bring up-gradations and innovations. Now, there is no need of storing physical data, all have gone digital which is easy to share and keep.

THE ORIGIN OF ES BY VISIONARY Establishing ‘Entertainment Sportz’ was not a cakewalk, it required a lot of courage and indomitable will-power to sow the seed of the company. Mr. Karan, who did an ample amount of research during his internships with different companies and found great potential in event management in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The journey was started with corporate events in the city of Gujarat, where there was nothing as event management. Initially, it was a seasonal business but expanded the services in other verticals to work throughout the year such as managing conferences, seminars, training programs to private parties, booking properties, banquet halls, open party lawns and catering. On the strength of innovations and consistent motivation to embellish the industry to the next level, Mr. Karan made all possible and necessary efforts to take the name of ‘Entertainment Sportz’ on the top level in the event management industry. Today, it is a wellgrown and fruitful tree, spreading its fruits nationally.

THE FRUITS TO CELEBRATE In return to its services, a lot of fruits have been achieved as awards and recognitions during the course of serving clients. Such appreciations are inspirations to the team to deliver more with expertise. There are the following recognitions which have been in the name of the Entertainment Sportz such as • The Best Event Management Company in Gujrat India Leadership Award. • India 5000 MSME Award for Quality excellence. • The Top 10 Most Trusted Event Management Companies in India. • The Most Promising Integrated Event Company in Gujrat. • International Service Excellence Awards. • India Icon Leadership Awards. • International Product & Service Awards.

THE COMMENDABLE OFFERINGS OF ES Having been in the industry of event management for more than 8 years has resulted in an insight understanding and expertise in managing from bottom to the top level. Its offerings include designing, developing and managing all types of events with innovations and creativities. Now, ES is embellishing all the industries in organizing their events whether corporate events, seminars, training programs, social events, banquet services or any theme based programs such as weddings, private parties and much more that one can think of.

THE JOURNEY TO COVER The goals and targets are the signs of growth and development, ES also aims to achieve a lot like collaborating with a number of established brands which is a trend nowadays to build the business stronger, the visionary Karan aims to take ‘Entertainment Sportz’ at the international level with his expertise to build the global name in the industry. Mr. Karna says, “ building something needs an insight understanding and indomitable-will to make possible”. He is fond of photography, traveling and sports which also increase his enthusiasm.

BOOSTING OF ITS CLIENTELE For any organization, its clientele is one of the boosting factors which is considered the fruits and strength of the services. At ES, it has been made successfully throughout the country. surprisingly, ES has left nothing to connect its clients from all the possible industries such as small organizations, multinational companies, business houses, entrepreneurs, businessmen and individuals.

THE STRENGTHENING FACTOR AS R&D For the overall growth of the company, ES considers ‘Research and development’ a core part to bring services in a pleasing way to please the clients with surprises. A skilled team is working consistently to meet the upcoming challenges to fix them within time and offer contemporary services to esteemed clients.

BUILDING THE TRUST STRONGER Building trust needs extra efforts and care for the clients, especially in event management. At ES, it is assured that the clients are delivered more than they imagine, to make their celebrations priceless memories. The team of ES is not only professionally dedicated but also personally prepared to build the unshakable relationships with the clients and leave an ever-lasting iconic image of the company. Besides being one of the reputed event management platforms across the country, it feels hungry to enriched its services beyond the imagination of the clients and its competitors in the industry.

SHARING WITH SOCIETY (CSR) There is a wonderful saying ‘sharing is caring’. ES firmly believes in sharing with society as CSR, by working hand in hand with rotary international to assure that no food goes waste of the event. Even, handed out among the needy, also doing a number of events in government schools to reuse the sources that are used in the high-profile events across the country. 19



IN F CUS 2020

Falcon Fighter Force Services Pvt. Ltd

Outstanding and Professionally Expert Security Service Providers


Group) trained commandos. This personnel receives special training from the most civil and experienced commandos concerning crowd management, unarmed combat, VIP/VVIP security norms and more.

In our subconscious a thought resides that alarms us frequently when we are passing through a street, standing in a queue at the airport, working in an office, enjoying in a mall, etc. It says, “Are you safe here?” Because an increasing rate of crimes and other unscrupulous activities in this country has created a humongous fear. To counteract this, people are seeking for strong, efficient, and expert security providers, which can protect them from any unprecedented or known harm. Falcon Fighter Force Services Pvt. Ltd. offers unparalleled security services to the security-prone regions and individuals. Based out at Ahmedabad, Falcon Fighter Force is considered as one of the most outstanding and professionally managed security service providers working to protect assets, property, and life.Operating since 2011, today, it has gathered a strong workforce of over 1100 highly-trained and strictly supervised professionals.

To attain sustainability it is essential to deliver lasting economic, social, and environmental value to clients. While improving the services and exploring new opportunities, they have successfully expanded their network across 5 states. The clientele of Falcom extendsto diverse industry verticals such as IT industry, Multinationals, Hotel Industrial Units, Financial and Educational Institutions, Malls and Multiplexes, BPOs, Public Authorities, Small, Medium and Large Businesses, NGOs, and more. Their esteemed clients are Gujarat Cricket Associations, Hubtown (Geeta Mandir ), TV -18, Medicine Solution,ITC –WELCOME,Hilton, JLL, etc. They all appreciate Falcom for its stringent security setups and spirit of service.

The team of security professionals at Falcon consists of experienced and qualified ex-servicemen from NSG (National Security Guard), and ex-SPG (Special Protection

Moving towards the Research & Development section of Falcom that is regarded as the base of the Company. They believe in the philosophy of providing ‘Se-



curity beyond just guarding’ experience to clients. With every project in hand, they implement proper methodologies after analyzing the requirements, market competition and working culture of the client.

2011 to help in making the world a better place. Keeping our basic beliefs firm, we strive to help businesses achieve success. Emerging as the most advanced security companies, we aim to become the world’s leading security service provider.”

They need to stay updated to identify the roles and responsibilities of each guard and provide relevant training to enable them to perform their duties most efficiently. The aim is to make their client’s investment in security productive and worthwhile.Along with R&D, Technology is considered pivotal in designing more advanced security-related equipment.

Falcom has a multitude of accomplishments under its name, which ought to be described here. Achievements “Life keeps leading us to paths where we may or may not want to follow, but we should not be afraid in following the dream we see with open eyes. Let justkeep faith in ourselves and learn the lessons fromthe journey itself.”

Coping with the latest technology Security services have been evolving with the help of constant technological shifts. From mobile devices to cloud software to cameras to integrated biometric access control systems and whatnot, Falcom has incorporated all the latest technologies to offer world-class services to their clients. In today’s time, people need real-time solutions for their security needs, including seeing the status of their sites. Keeping pace with this advancing technological phase, they train their staff to become tech-savvy and comfortable with change. It helps in making their jobs easier and faster.

All the success and fame that Falcom has achieved today is the result of the hard work and matchless efforts of its incredible team. This can be seen from the list achievements they hold till date• Emerging Company Award, 2016 • India 5000 Best MSME Awards, 2018 • Certification and Recognition from the CEO Magazine (Brand of the Year 2018) • Won Indian Achiever Awards for Emerging Company Award 2016 • NSIC and MSME Certified • CAPSI Membership Holder • Honored Member of LEADING SKILLS DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATIVE FOUNDATION • The HEROS -2019 – 94.3 MY FM • Appreciation Certificate from 14th GIHED Property Show – Dec.2019 • Experienced in handling multiple events at the same time at different locations. • Providing 600+ bouncers for a single shift for the past 8 years. • Offered Successful services to the world-known Garba c ‘United Way of Baroda’ in 2018 and 2019. • Serving many corporates in Gujarat.

From Technology, let’s direct your focus on the workforce of the Company, which is considered to be the backbone. On the same notion, Mangal says,“Our employees are our most important entity. We also promote healthy relationships amongst employees and employers based on mutual respect and dignity. We ensure that our employees are treated with respect, given equal opportunity and offered the support expected. “ Let’s unravel the core values and ethics of Falcom in the next section. Values and Ethics Guiding the Company As an industry leader, Falcon Fighter Force always nourishes honesty, integrity, and fairness to promote the highest ethical business standards in all aspects of the business. They believe in fair trade and honest competition. The three main values: Integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness direct the organization towards financial success.

To enlighten the readers with inspiring words, Mangal Singh Rathore says, “We have always tirelessly delivered quality services to our valued clients. Officiating as a good corporate citizen, we endeavor to support local, regional, and global communities at our best. Whenever you decide to utilize services from Falcon Fighter Force for your security needs, we assure you that this will be one of the finest and wisest decisions made. Our professionals work hard to create and maintain a fearless environment in your workplace no matter what may come. We go all out to protect your world and make you feel safe.”

They take their business decisions based on valid reasons and working criteria to avoid any conflicts of interest. This is whyprivacy and data protection are other quintessential points of concern for their business. Consequently, they guarantee no violation of or damage to resources and information. Recalling the purpose of the Company, Mangal Singh states, “We are a purpose-driven company working since 21





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One can think like that, they will never get rich, unless they get a lottery full of cash or win a big mansion in Las Vegas. However, becoming a millionaire is within reach for those who start young and develop the right habits of hard work with passion. Besides, anyone at any age can develop the traits that increase wealth and decrease debt. “Millionaire”A tagline title that everyone wants and it is the title plenty of people would love to have with their names.



HOWEVER, IS THAT ACTUALLY FEASIBLE? Unbelievably, becoming a millionaire is an all-time goal for everyone that can be achieved with hard work this year. In your life, you have been a millionaire several times. Most of the time in the thinking web and dreams, however, you can become one in reality by following some tips and right track.

LET US LOOK AT THE INVESTMENT IN A DIFFERENT WAY In today’s economic environment you cannot save your way to millionaire status as it requires the proper hard work and investments. Nevertheless, there are several examples like people who went from being broke and in debt at the age of 21 to becoming a selfmade millionaire by 30. Risk-taking is very essential for increasing and expanding business wins. The first step taken by anybody is to focus on increasing his or her income in increments and repeating that. Hereby, you have several options to boost your revenue by speeding up your level in investing in high ROI businesses and side hustling.

Here is his quick guide for putting yourself on the right track toward a seven-figure net worth. By spending less than you make and living a modest lifestyle with do not let every raise push you up the lifestyle ladder. In order to plan this, one must obliterate their need for consistency. From a psychological and science perspective, people generally feel the need to take rest and get lazy in order to adapt something consistent. This need causes people to retain behavioral patterns, environments, and some relationships that are ultimately destructive and unsatisfying for far too long in the journey to becoming a millionaire.

UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE IN THE AREA OF BUSINESS Most of the CEO were good readers and reading at least for 30 minutes a day or listening to relevant podcasts while driving to the office can positively upgrade your area in business. In the personal time, you can use the social network for motivation purposes and seek out mentors vigorously. You do not just need to be a master in your field to achieve something; you just need to be a well-rounded genius in some areas of research and better planning. Make yourself capable of talking about any subject whether it is financial, political, and sports-related or your business is driven. Consume every possible knowledge like air and put your pursuit of learning above all else at work. Following the knowledge gateway of learning will help you become one step closer to being a Millionaire.

MAKE A WRITTEN FINANCIAL PLAN. Saying you want to be a millionaire is not good enough. The first step in achieving this goal is to come up with the best workable plan and put it on paper. “The written financial plan for starting any business will force you to do something on it.” The paper and thoughts have the power to spark with confidence and desire to achieve the goal. By engaging in the planmaking technique you can also calculate what you need to earn and how to invest in that business. The plan is not just the goal; it is the whole thing and your dream.

CONCLUSION To become a millionaire in any aspect of the business, you need to let time and compound growth work together. Hereby, you will often hear from everyone saying that investing in the business is a marathon to follow. For anyone who wishes to achieve their big financial goals by becoming a millionaire then they have to stay focused on small actions for decades and make a habit of calculating the overall expenses and revenue and make sure they are out of debt. For becoming something remarkable, then one has to keep investing. One has to always avoid the trap that says, “I deserve”, being out of track by overconfidence is also harmful in attaining your goal. Moreover, you have to continue working like a pro to be something that you dreamed of. Year after year, follow these steps and work effectively for your success. Apart from that, you are just halfway of becoming the person you always want to and you will keep doing those things even after you hit that million-dollar tag mark. This is how every money-smart people work.When you increase your working skills and work on expertise then only you can increase your salary.

The options you can add to your written plans are scenario planning and all the possible ways you can accomplish that goal. One of the main reasons why someone can never become a millionaire is that they have not written a financial plan or proper working idea of starting the business. Developing a financial by writing it on paper forces you to take action quickly, instead of just talk. It also guides you to make the right decisions in order to achieve all of your dreams and goals for becoming a Millionaire. FOCUS ON INCREASING YOUR INCOME AND INVEST For steering a clear debt, investing early for business growth can help you in becoming a millionaire. For example, if you start putting away the sum of $300 a month in the beginning at the age of 25 then you could reach millionaire status by the late age of 60. The investment is a very important part of the business and you will be counting a $2 million by sitting pretty on your retirement (age 67). That is just $300 a month! Formula and it can be varied according to every business. 25



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M76 Analytics

Making You A Data-Reliant Organization The information shrouded in the terabytes of your data needs YOU to interpret it. The evolution of technology and data deluge has made analytics all the more fun. The collective understanding of these data reams is now a vital tool for decision-makers. Interpretation of data should no longer be confined to coders and technological professionals. Organizations as diverse as travel and tour, life-insurance, manufacturing companies are using data to enhance their strategies. Businesses until now have only acquired an ability to look at Business. Reporting and eye candy visualization tools, instead of meeting Management requirements, brought into focusthe gaping holes in the IT infrastructure. Above everything else, these siloed tools succeeded in making organizations feel severely under-skilled when it comes to Big Data analytics. Business Management having already invested so much into data analysis and reporting tools, started to expect much more value out of Data journey(AI), while organizations couldn’t even evaluate themselves to know if they even matured from basic reporting to Business Intelligence. A quick way to self-evaluate if you have Business Intelligence is to honestly question yourself “Do my analytics reports and dashboards help me, at least, investigate my business for possible pitfalls and required mitigations.” Big data cannot unleash its full potential unless it directly supports the decision-maker. And the journey starts with adopting and experiencing business Investigation. If you don’t even have that, it is a red alert but fear not, M76 Analytics has everything required to make you a datareliant organization. THE INSIDE STORY: M76 Analytics is a niche business algorithm-based product company, which provides expert systems to assist senior business management in Decision making. M76 Analytics offers an entire portfolio of business strategy tools including optimizers, re-optimizer, and simulators.The tools are configured for your Business Context, unlike the run-offthe-mill one-size-fits-all solutions. The product is so well configured for your business context, that the interaction feels as if Mego(the software toolkit) is imitating your own thought process.




CEO & Founder “We have empowered business organisations with the true value of data. We are proud to say that we added great value to the time they spend everyday by providing Big Data based Decision support.” MEGO- THE GAME-CHANGER Mego is dynamically configurable at solution and business interface level. Its architecture lets it seamlessly adapt to any organizational structure. Mego runs on a bed of Predictive Algorithms. Senior management requires powerful tools like Mego, that can provide answers to their business questions rather than data questions, on-the-go. Megois equipped with everything needed for you to interact seamlessly with the Big Data. Mego lets user interact with powerful algorithms through tools and simulators, which are interactive chart interfaces where a Business leader can give his real world parameter values, exploratory assumptions and business intuition as inputs and resimulate for new results.

plete transportation management system and markovian decision support for optimal price point determination.

INCEPTION STORY: Mr. Jai Mrug, CEO and Founder of M76 Analytics, is an IIT Bombay alumnus. His passion for Data Analytics took him on a wild ride. He spent 2 decades working with Patni, SAP and other prestigious organizations while also delivering value to independent clients. In his endeavor to make a data powerful tool in the hands of decision-makers, he gained extensive experience and understood where the state-of-the-art is falling short in meeting these requirements.

Under the current leadership, M76 has achieved various milestones. Mr. Jai Mrug shares the story of smart work and vision. “When we made optimization implementable on the shop floor: We have brought down annual transportation cost by 10Cr by optimizing transportation network for a giant manufacturing company. Mego optimizes the network in less than 2 hours as compared to state-of-the-art linear optimizers that take about 48 hours. Mego’s interfaces for this transportation management system were so simple that, even a shop floor junior manager with no technical understanding uses the product. We envision that this will bring great ease in maintaining costs of heavy transportation networks.”

He returned to IIT Bombay after two decades. With the motivation and support of professors, he picked up one of the most enticing problems of the modern age and one that is closest to his heart. While he burned his night hours working with Data mature enterprises to build Big data-based decision support tools for their Business Management, IIT Bombay invested into M76 as a Business Artificial Intelligence company, which M76 eventually matured into. With this vision of delivering Expert systems to the fingertips of Decision Makers, the company was incubated by Sine IIT Bombay in 2015. Since then, the organization worked with incumbent giants across business verticals gathering the experience and productizing the value of analytics. M76 Analytics, since then, built a complete Business strategy toolkit called Mego.

“When we called out the BI masquerade and proved that Business Investigation is a necessary first step in building an organization’s Data Intelligence: For a giant mutual fund company, we provided an investigation template which singled out 20 brokers who are contributing to 80% of stress on business growth, out of a network of 20,000. Saving a modest 0.02% churns on each of these brokers showedearnings of 40 lakhs per month for the business. This was the first time we proved to the world how much more powerful a Business Investigation tool can be.”

THE NETWORK IS THE NET-WORTH M76 works with Business leaders whose analytics capabilities are falling short to plan and realize their vision. The team of professionals from M76 has worked with leaders from different business verticals, from BFSI to Manufacturing and Logistics in India. The esteemed clientele includes DSP Investment Managers, Times Now, Logicash, ICICI Lombard, Thomas Cook, HDFC and many more.

“When we succeeded in providing a complete decision support toolkit for pre-emptive inventory control and management: Implementation of full-fledged decision support templates where decision-makers can look at the optimal results and nuance his decisions to arrive at a practical decision. We did this for inventory control and modulation. This for the first time in history met all the requirements of decision-maker, whose vision moved beyond descriptive and predictive, and started playing in the realm of Big Data-based “Decision Support Analytics.”

CORE VALUES: A HEARTBEAT OF YOUR ‘WHY’ Everyone in M76 is a data scientist, a capable coder, and well trained in the advanced principles of statistics. Each of them reflects the values of the organization: • curiosity in understanding the business, • sympathy in exploring the pain points, • speed in execution, • perfection in delivery and • open-minded humility to accept mistakes.

If you are a data mature organization and yet your analytics is not meeting your decision requirements, don’t settle. It’s time for you to step up the game using decision support systems. The AI race is on. Decisions collected from decision support system, through interaction with business decision maker, are crucial to build and adopt artificial intelligence into your organization.

To date, the team has solved some of the most exciting problems in the business realm including building a com-




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Medical Writing is the science (art) of creating useful scientific and healthcare-related information for various stakeholders and key opinion leaders.1 Working in close collaboration with physicians, medical experts, and healthcare practitioners, medical writers describe the science of drugs, molecules, products, and their specifications in a scientific yet comprehensive manner.

The services of SciVoc Healthcare is classified into four broad categories as below: • Medical Writing and Medical Content Development • Graphics Designing (including animation) • Copy Editing and Proofreading • Marketing Strategies INCEPTION STORY Before incorporating the company, Najeeb had worked in the MedComm space for over 14 years both in India and abroad. He says, “The idea for the company was ingrained in my mind considering the lacunae that exist for MedComms as a service (especially in the Indian setting).” The term MedComms is often misunderstood, and most of the services companies seem not to have in-depth knowledge of this domain. Najeeb adds, “We realized the need to introduce a ‘value-based solution’ to fill the lacuna for existing MedComms services. Hence, I decided to lay the foundation for SciVoc Healthcare Consulting.”

MEDICAL WRITING IN INDIA The demand for medical writing in India has shown significant growth due to the increasing cost pressures on the pharmaceutical industry, which makes it the fourth most commonly outsourced clinical development activity.1 The two steady medical writing streams in India include ’regulatory writing‘ and ’safety writing.’ Medical communication (MedComms) services (including scientific publication writing), offered by specialized companies are still on a lower trajectory in India.1 The global market for medical writing was estimated to be around $1.3 billion in 2013.2 Established evidence does not exist on the annual volume of the medical writing business from India. However, compared to the global medical writing business, this figure could range between $50 to $70 million, and there is tremendous scope for the growth of this business in India.1

Furthermore, the ecosystem for freelance medical writers is not very sturdy in the Indian medical writing market. There is often an incorrect perception in the medical writing space that medical writers of the Indian origin (excluding some exceptions) do not offer a robust writing skillset. Hence, SciVoc envisioned creating an ecosystem where people are passionate about medical writing and welltrained to communicate science effectively.

SCIVOC™ HEALTHCARE CONSULTING SciVoc™ (Voice of Science) is a healthcare consulting company with a specialization in delivering customized, value-based “end-to-end” MedComms solutions. The team comprises doctors and life science professionals with over 40 years of combined experience and expertise in medical content and communication strategies. With a core focus on the quality of service and customer experience, their mission is to create value, trust, and growth for customers’ scientific or medical communication strategies through innovative solutions. INDIA | WWW.INNOVATIVEZONEINDIA.COM | Vol.-1 | SPECIAL EDITION | MARCH 2020

PROCESS ORIENTED SciVoc is a ‘process-oriented’ organization that works in a systematized manner. Yet, they are agile and flexible in their operations to adapt to the changing requirements of the clients and market, as applicable, while keeping their core expertise and value intact in the MedComms space. 28

THE WORKFORCE “People make the company, and they are an indispensable part of any organization. It is the responsibility of the organization to provide learning and development platform for the associates to prosper,” exclaims Najeeb. SciVoc is driven by high ethics to focus on respect for individuals and understanding each other by way of transparent communication. SciVoc places a great emphasis on ‘transparency, empathy, giving the benefit of doubt, accountability, reliability, encouraging feedback, and acknowledging differences’ amongst the peers. Work-life integration is the central theme, and there is a ‘zero-tolerance’ for negativity in the working group, which could disrupt the positive work ambience. The CEO states, “Learning is encouraged, and we celebrate mistakes but ensure we don’t repeat them.” The effort is to ‘find a solution’ to challenges rather than complaining about it.

MILESTONES AND ACHIEVEMENTS SciVoc has been fortunate to collaborate on a variety of opportunities with customers in 2019. They have grown through their learnings of varying business platforms, customer understanding, and specificities, and developing and learning from their mistakes. They have had the chance to work outside their comfort zone and areas of expertise to gain a thorough knowledge of the requirements and nature of work. The milestone achieved in a short time till date include the following: • SciVoc being named ‘Consultant of the Year’ 2019 amongst healthcare startups has been a significant achievement for the company. • A collaborative agreement with a UK-based company to expand our scope of work and expertise in the digital space. • Customer feedback addressing SciVoc as their “Preferred partner” based on the value we offered through our expertise.


FUTURE PROSPECTS SciVoc wishes to be identified for its quality service and customer experience. They are looking at being a ‘lean organization,’ and are looking to onboard people who can identify with the culture, values, and passion of the company. SciVoc expects to get into the ‘Digital’ MedComms space and establish a Medical Learning Academy in 2020. 1. Suhasini Sharma. Development of medical writing in India: Past, present, and future. Perspect Clin Res. 2017 2. Beroe Inc., Outsourcing Medical Writing to India and other low-cost regions, White Paper. 2014 29


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In the fast-paced business environment in every industry and stressed workplaces, the employees are required to perform at their optimal levels of productivity. They always have to chase strict deadlines and accomplish stacks of regular duties every single day at their workplace.

WHY BUSINESS NEEDS TEAM-BUILDING GAMES OR EXERCISES FOR KEEPING EMPLOYEES MOTIVATED? Socializing with colleagues and managers in a casual way outside the working hours will effectively tighten your employee’s team cohesion and makes the bond strong. Such casual occasions like birthday celebrations of employees free up the employees to be just the way they are. With the time the employee spends with their co-workers, the benefits of investing time and money in team building cannot be overemphasized.

Executing all of these tasks in a timely manner need efforts and the brain is the central processing unit of employees at work, which need to work at lightning speeds. To maintain this mental health for employees the company outings are important and play a vital role in engaging the staff in a better way. Company outings like Lunch/Dinner plans for staff, night’s outs, coaching and gathering programs per month and co-working friend programs can prove to be sometimes expensive for companies but they are well worth like investment for good.

The most things that benefits of doing team-building initiatives at the workplace include: • Outings and occasional meetings will facilitate the collaborative and motivated work culture as these activities are seen most enjoyable for every worker. This initiative id important to motivate as a move towards bringing individuals together • Fosters responsive and meaningful communication as employees come to know personality, desires, strengths, and weaknesses of their co-workers • Use gaming aids for knowing the better creativity by employees and you will get out-of-the-box thinking

A positive company culture in any field of business that truly understands the employees both physically and mentally with their needs will result in a highly engaged workforce team to contribute to the company’s overall growth vision. INDIA | WWW.INNOVATIVEZONEINDIA.COM | Vol.-1 | SPECIAL EDITION | MARCH 2020


by moving employees away from the usual job set up that recharges and refreshes them mentally. Create an atmosphere that is friendly enough to put everyone’s point and it will further enhance productivity by identifying and eliminating obstacles or by improving existing ways of working. Boosts employee morale as a regular dose of motivation and planning is also important. It is always important because workers feel the company and colleagues are interested in knowing and developing the company. Simple games or brain teasers for fun can also keep everyone awake during morning laziness and team meetings. It helps in creative juices flow, which in turn makes your meetings more productive and happy. Lastly, the learning and insight employees get from team-building games and activity transferred their good interest to the actual work environment, which results in better work equations and organizational performance.

SUPER CASUAL FRIDAY OR FRIDAY FUN Take a casual Friday evening for weekending buzz and beyond getting to wear jeans to work plan something for fun at work. Incorporate new ideas and accept the ideas from others to add up sweetener like a company provided. Things like in-office lunch together, break for fun or a beverage hour in the late evening. This improvement will not only make employees productive but keeps then motivated for coming weekdays and create a more relaxing environment. However, it also encourages interaction between colleagues, which is proved to boost happiness at work. FRIENDLY COMPETITIONS AND PRIZES It is amazing how a little friendly competition lightens the mood and blow a spark of energy in employees. The organization that comes up with weekly or monthly competitions for employees proved to be a fun motivator. Sweeten the pot every time with an award for the winner and repeat the process to make people enjoy coming to work. CREATE YOUR OWN FUN-LOVING SOCIAL NETWORK Most of the big firms usually have interaction channels such as software but you can simply enjoy this thing by making what’s app group. They meant to help employees collaborate on projects and talk on things uninterrupted, but they can also provide a fun outlet for discussions and suggestions for the company.

EASY WAYS TO CREATE A FUN AT WORKPLACE We have discussed above that how the company outings are important to keep employees motivated and the management team has been a stick in the mud about having fun at the workplace. The fun activities at the workplace turn things around very positive and make the working environment very happening for business productivity. The few ideas below are just good jumping off for the point of creating a culture that incorporates fun at the workplace.

Every time an employee needs a little comedic relief out of work, they can hop on to see the latest posts and share it with colleagues. Just make sure to set parameters for the process and stress that any offensive material is unacceptable.




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Marketing as we all know is one of the chief practices for a company to build a strong foundation in the market. No matter how much the arena evolves and the channels of outreach change with the times, a strong foundation in marketing strategy, brand positioning and brand architecture will always be needed. When you extend that to communication, how you choose to communicate may change but the messaging remains all important and the key to a successful campaign. This is what ThinkTag Advertising plays a role in getting brands to have the right mix of strategy, innovation and communication.

SOMDATTA ACHARYYA Founder & Director

Industries have started to venture more and more on digital marketing which is one of the biggest evolutions in the industry. The segment enables users to advertise their products in national and international markets thus, replacing the old ways of reaching people. Venturing onto digital marketing without having a strong foundation in place may be a recipe for disaster. Therefore ThinkTag Advertising strikes the right balance of using contemporary and traditional methods of marketing to make robust brands that connect with the customers. ESTABLISHMENT OF STATURE IN THE MARKET Thinktag was initiated in 2009 by Ms. Somdatta Acharyya (Founder, Director) as a brand consulting firm in Worli, Mumbai. The initial aim of ThinkTag was to provide branding and marketing solutions as an outsourced team to SMEs and start-ups which lacked a proper marketing set-up. However, work came from larger corporates which was looking to pilot test innovation centers or new products or businesses. With time, on demands of its clients, ThinkTag evolved into a full-fledgedmarketing communications agency in 2012. Since then ThinkTag has been operating as a brand consulting and advertising agency working on print, outdoor, audio-visual and digital communication.

A BRIEF OF THE CURATOR Ms. Somdatta Acharya, the curator of this establishment holds an MBA in Marketing from SCMHRD (Symbiosis) and has industry experience of 7 years in brand management & marketing, before starting ThinkTag a decade ago. During her time in the industry, as a Brand Manager, she observed that there was often a gap in understanding of the audience or the need for the communication by the ad agencies she dealt with. There was



often a disconnect in the language or the imagery, especially for non ATL communication. That was the core thought when she ventured into Advertising. The objective was to deliver creatives, campaigns and solutions that work and produce business results and not focus on campaigns for awards.

consists of a bunch of youngsters who are very enthusiastic, motivated and responsible. An extremely vibrant environment with flexible timing and punctuality at work is instilled where work gets maximum priority. The founder herself is very agnostic to negativity and believes Professionalism and enthusiasm should go hand in hand. Sticking to one’s word, delivering on promised timelines and doing the best every single time but it is also very important to enjoy the work so that it doesn’t seem like a burden.

ADAPTING TO CHANGING MARKET TRENDS “What sometimes makes me sad is that when I look at campaigns around me, I see tactical campaigns and no real brand positioning.” Says Ms. Somdatta Acharyya. With the flow time, marketing and advertising has seen radical transformation. Every day gives birth to new trends, new ideas and evolving channels. Marketing strategies have shifted to delivering ‘brand stories’ instead of focusing on building a strong structure and a robust brand ladder. While keeping up with the dynamic nature of the market, ThinkTag team bears in mind the basics of ‘Kotler’, while working on brand positioning or brand communication.

ACCOLADES AND ACHIEVEMENTS TO BE PRAISED FOR The company has shown steady growth over the years. From initiation to present, it has delivered marvellous performances in their projects even as a small team of 6 members. The initial years served as a learning phase which further gave them the platform to build a larger team of young talents that clocked 100% Y-o-Y growth, 3 years in a row. Furthermore, ThinkTag proudly speaks how its campaigns have delivered success to their clients. They are always traveling a rewarding journey where they have successfully launched brands or projects that have helped companies undergo intended image change and evolve their communication and strategies to keep pace with the evolving marketplace.

Communication channels like social and digital media are already in motion to bring turbulence in the industry; ThinkTag works tirelessly to research about consumers and what makes them engage with brands to deliver best online and off-line solutions to clients, in a cost-efficient way. IMPACT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT R & D is one of the major practices for a positive progression in any organization. But the ability to learn and gather knowledge from the research is what makes one better than the rest. Therefore at ThinkTag the emphasis is on Learning and Development.

GLORIOUS FUTURE PROSPECTIVES Ms. Acharyya carries the thought “It’s not the future, it’s a new present every day.” There’s an explosion of social media and digital platforms and while there have never been more ways to reach the consumer, it’s never been harder to connect with the consumers. ThinkTag is gearing up to do exponentially complex and creative work at this exciting time. The focus is more on precise, hard-hitting creatives. What is also of importance is that one cannot prioritise quality or quantity any more, the requirement is of both, so from a creative perspective it is all about quantity with quality. So keeping pace with the times is really an on-going process.

Employees are being engaged in refresher courses, digital marketing or web design courses for a continuous learning process. In addition to that, they organize presentations about the latest trends, learnings from innovations done by multinationals, experimental campaigns, use of technology, etc which translates into eventual client benefits. A WIDE RANGE OF CLIENTS The company has served numerous MNCs, start-ups across sectors like Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Fintech, Insurance, Banking, Quick service restaurant, Agri-tech, etc. Some of their notable brands are GSK, The Wadhwa Group, Tata AIG, Tech Mahindra Business Services, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Go Biryan, Star Sports and StarAgri Group.

A HAND OF HELP TOWARDS THE SOCIETY During its initiation, Ms. Acharya was enlighted by a lesson from her mentor and B-school professor - ‘You will be really an entrepreneur when you provide employment to at least 10 people’. The company started out as a one-man army, quickly moved to a strength of six but now has a squad of 17 members. So in this market of high unemployment, Ms. Acharya is contributing with employment for the young and aspiring. What is of great significance is also the focus on women empowerment, who make up for more than 60% of the workforce.

VENTURED TO MODERN TECHNOLOGIES With the evolution of technology, mankind is slowly moving towards a paperless world. So is ThinkTag! The company has incorporated digital as well as physical platforms in their project. An example of such is their brochure which is now a 2 d video or a leaflet that was in print format now as a GIF.

The company is also mindful of the environment and encourages a very low tolerance towards single-use plastics. They tend to recycle, reuse waste material and during festivals turn them into creative decorations.

A WELL-BALANCED WORK CULTURE “Our work culture is all about enjoying your work, completing it and leaving on time.” - Ms. Somdatta Acharyya. ThinkTag 33


Turtledove Technologies


IN F CUS 2020

One Stop For All Digital Solutions Digital Solutions are services provided by digital marketing agencies or consultants so as to establish a successful business and help it thrive online as well as offline. Some of these agencies along with marketing solutions also provide software solutions that aid in the growth and prosperity of enterprises. One such organization is ‘Turtledove Technologies’ which amalgamates all kinds of digital and software services to be a multilingual solution provider for its customers. Recently, Business Connect India Magazine organized an interview with the curator of this company Mr.Felix Thattil and has covered the following details.

Q1. As we enter into a new decade, the technology around us is constantly changing and getting better. Give a succinct idea of how Turtledove Technologies embarked its journey as a start-up player in the technology domain. Turtledove was incorporated to suffice efficient interactions, authentic computing and innovative functionality among its customers. The company serves multiple cuisines on a single plate which involves Software Development, Database Management, e-Commerce Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, Online Marketing, Hybrid Cloud Deployments, and Cyber Security. Turtledove is focussed on adopting new technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Big Data to add value to our customers and be a part of their success stories.

Q2. Companies that don’t keep up with the upcoming innovations run the risk of being left behind. How does Turtledove Technologies serve businesses with an edge to stay competitive? What particular services do you offer? Innovation is the key to success in today’s dynamic and competitive markets. TurtleDove focuses on collaboratively moving ahead as a technology partner to solve customer problem statements.



Transparency in their activities helps them earn reliability and trust factors from their customers, which is the most important factor to run a successful start-up. They provide customers with a 360° solution to their business and technological challenges whilst excelling in customer expectations with reduced operation costs, increased productivity, thus creating a win-win situation for customers in particular and the economy at large.

Q3. In the tech industry, start-ups face their own unique obstacles as well as opportunities. Share with us some of the hurdles that you confronted in the initial stage of the road to innovation and how you dealt with it?

Felix Thattil

Founder Director & CIO

The companywelcome changes and take it up as a new challenge; the only constant is their focus on providing high-quality products and services. At TurtleDove, they aim to stay motivated and productive to maintain business continuity while they work in rapidly changing environments.

placing orders by customers, offline quoting & online bidding by transporters, assigning of load and acceptance by transporters, vehicle hire challan, goods consignment note, start trip, end to end monitoring of the trip on maps, proof of delivery, returns, reject, driver incentives, transporter incentives, and much more.

During initiation, their focus was entirely on work which took them on a wild ride. But with time and experience, theyunderstood the value of enjoying work along with personal life and that is where their core values were conceived. They believe –

Further, they have introduced API Integrations that include KYC – Aadhar, PAN, GST, Maps – Google and Map Box, Cashless Economy - Prepaid Cards, Fuel Cards, Payment Gateways, Notifications – SMS, Email and WhatsApp, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Financial Accounting, HRMS, Call Routing, Fastag for Toll, etc.

• • • • • • •

What future have you conceived for Turtledove Technologies?

Hard work will always outweigh talent. Be confident enough to accept your faults if any. Education can be the best investment you can make. Never decide, based solely on financial gain. Nothing is important more than your health. Take risks, but always calculate that risk first. Be humble and kind to this world. Keep sharing and giving.

Ahead on the road, the company aims to add value for its customers in various domains by providing them with innovative software solutions and be a one-stop solution to all their digital transformation needs. Also, Turtledove ismajorly focusing on providing digital solutions to start-ups and enterprises, handhold new start-ups, create employment for the younger generation and help develop a cashless economy.

These core values gave them the enjoyment of creating something from scratch and watching it grow.

Ahead in the future, they are focused on creating revolutionary concepts and expansion into other technological services with a primary focus on overall organizational and economic development. Theyaim to contribute to the people of India and be a part of the vision of the new India – USD 5 Trillion economy.

Q4. What are some of your successful implementations? Please explain in brief.

The company has developed an online logistics and transportation platform for one of itscustomers which performs stakeholder registration, customer contracts,



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World’s Most Expensive Cities For

Luxurious Lifestyle

Wealthy people mostly desire a destination wedding in New York, a big mansion in Hong Kong or buying fine wines in Rio de Janeiro as their luxury lifestyle. This is the normal dream of every rich and successful person. However, in today’s scenario, Asia is now home to the most expensive cities in the world, which is driven by a rising number of wealthy residents who are reshaping the global luxury market. The idea of a luxury lifestyle in the most expensive country stands for fancy goods, such as expensive handbags, Luxury Villas, watches, Hotels, and sports cars. The countries that are rich in supply of any of the luxury comedies, said to be the best place to live for a rich person. However, when it comes to overall lifestyle then it has morphed into a broad category that includes services and experiences, from fine dining to new lifestyle trends such as wellness. Everything is considered from a wide-angle to choose the most expensive cities for the luxury lifestyle.



Asia came out from all the parts of the world as the most expensive region overall. This is because it is home to five of the costliest luxury cities in the world such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Taipei. Asia Is The Most Expensive Region of The World For the rich people who are not wanting to spend more than they have on these things, then there are other cities in the world for exploring. Here is a regional overview of the world’s most expensive, and inexpensive cities: Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive cities with a former proper British colony cited. It is frequently in the top 10 luxury municipalities for the categories such as dining, hotel suites, and luxury car business. It is the most expensive place to hire a lawyer, due to being a financial center, with a simple will consultation setting someone back $1,050 on average. If we talk about land in Hong Kong then it has the highest price tags for property and other luxuries such as cars, a business class flight for travel, fine dining in the city area, a wedding banquet for marriages and beauty services. However, Hong Kong as the best luxury city puts no duties on items like jewelry, it can be somehow the least expensive or relatively cheap city to buy this high-end product but living standards are high. For example, if we talk about a simple Cartier Love bracelet then it will cost approximately $42,228 in Hong Kong. This bracelet simply costs more in Brazil’s capital, Rio de Janeiro, at around $54,852. The variation of the price is the effect of the taxes on jewelry and they can be double the lifestyle changed in North America and Europe. Although New York is notorious for its sky-high cost of living in terms of land. Its property and lands part is in the fourth spot on a price-weighted basis. Although it is considered to be less expensive and relatively better for high-ticket items, such as cars, dining, hotels, etc. Most of the European cities tend to offer reasonably priced luxury lifestyle but some of them are on the top list of being expensive. Out of the 28 states in Europe, Milan is in 19th place, Barcelona (Spain) is on 24th, and Frankfurt is on the 26th. Although London is the most expensive city to live in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, it also ranked the seventh most expensive city.




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XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd.

AN ACE IMMIGRATION FIRM THAT OFFERS SERVICES TO HNIs,COPORATES AND SKILLED PROFESSIONALS XIPHIAS Immigration story began in the year 2008 when it started providing immigration services to corporates and the focus was more on the Intra-company transfers. In 2009, XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Limited had its birth, and since then it has been providing both B2C and B2B services.

XIPHIAS Immigration is a techno-savvy company and has in-built CRM to help their clients put in all the information required. It is also a way for them to communicate with their clients to provide any kind of information. This is user friendly and can be handled by anybody.

Back then, XIPHIAS Immigration lacked the support of any field experts, knowledge immigrant or expert counsellors. That was a period of learning, unlearning and re-learning. The team constituted of basic graduates. However, through all these learnings, XIPHIAS Immigration flourished and become what you see today.

TEAM AT XIPHIAS “Our team is our organ system.” says Varun. The sales, processing, and HR are all the limbs of XIPHIAS. Although the iterations are prevalent in the company, the core members have stuck together and have been with XIPHIAS for quite a long time now. They encourage a friendly atmosphere in the company albeit with the existence of stress to deliver. It’s all there. Merrily Varun Singh states, “But what works in my favor mostly is that we have ensured to maintain a balanced friendly cozy relationships within the company where we communicate our personal problems which we try to solve with the help of each other.”

XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is a top immigration firm located in Bangalore, offering immigration services to skilled professionals, both individuals and corporates. It also provides cross border investment and expat services aiding in the investors obtaining either that country’s Permanent Residence or Citizenship. They help skilled professionals, traders and high net worth individuals who are looking for cross border investments. These professionals include engineers, doctors, teachers, nurses, etc. Investors – they help both real estate investors and business investors. They have enough connections and strong team across the world to help their clients.

VALUES AND ETHOS “Being honest, giving respect, being ethical in our practices and ensuring we know what we can deliver are our core values. We try and practice them both within the team and in our personal lives too.” ~Varun Singh

KEEPING PACE WITH THE CHANGING MARKET TRENDS XIPHIAS believes in revisiting and reinventing the self. This market is fluctuating and only those who adapt to such volatility can survive here.

FEATHERS IN THE CAP During the 2011-2015 Quebec expedition,of the 6000 successful profiles that got accepted, 2000 of them were submitted by XIPHIAS Immigration.

Today, there area number of HNIs across the globe who are looking to invest in multiple countries. These investments are mostly to grow their business and spread wings. They currently have a team of international immigration experts who can address these needs and are constantly acquiring knowledge as regulations change whilst keeping pace with the changing client requirements.

They have helped 1000s of skilled professionals to relocate to Canada, Australia and other countries across the globe while having worked with 100s of HNIs for cross border investments. ABOUT THE FUTURE XIPHIAS Immigration will be pioneers in the field of Citizenship by Immigration services by 2020. XIPHIAS plans to capture this area at the earliest. There is a huge demand for cross-border investments by HNIs and business houses which hasn’t been explored much. XIPHIAS would like to help them as much as possible.

Varun says, “R&D is the backbone of any company to succeed. Without R&D, there is no way we can survive. As told earlier, it’s a volatile market out there. Highly competitive in nature. If we do not do our research on the changes implemented by the countries and on the needs of the clients currently trending, there is no way one can survive here.” INDIA | WWW.INNOVATIVEZONEINDIA.COM | Vol.-1 | SPECIAL EDITION | MARCH 2020


Currently, the market for skilled professional migrants is highly diluted. There are many fake players in the market. Recently,they saw 100s of people who went to the USA from Hyderabad with fake papers, were sent back. Due to such practices the person who invested losses money, reputation and his future chances of moving to any other country. It’s also a black mark for our Country. XIPHIAS Immigration is trying its level best to educate general public to use ethical practices to relocate or travel across the world. Talking about the CSR work, XIPHIAS Immigration provides timely education on the best immigration practices and they support natural farming in a farm near Chikkaballpur helping a group of farmers implement these practices while also help them market their produce better.

Dream and set goals. Achieve them. The process could be long, but the destination is a sure shot. Hard work is the only answer.

Varun Singh

Managing Director



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