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Tiffany Flagship Store


ong before Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamonds

universal and are recognizable to everyone, whatever their

Are a Girl's Best Friend," Tiffany & Co. was

culture. Thus, Tiffany & Co. designs worldwide appeal.”

influencing American culture. In 1837 at the age of 25, Charles Lewis Tiffany borrowed

Tiffany is a place where a billionaire can shop in a private

$1,000 from his father, and, along with his

suite and examine a $1 million diamond necklace while

school friend John B. Young, opened Tiffany & Young

on the main floor a young couple can try out a $1,500

which sold upscale merchandise and jewelry in downtown

engagement ring.

Manhattan. The sales receipts for that first day of business,

without sacrificing quality, losing high-end customers, or

September 21, 1837, totaled a modest $4.98.

compromising the company’s proud heritage.

Certainly not a promising beginning for what would

Many people have discovered Tiffany offers high-quality

become the world’s premier jeweler and house of design.

products at affordable prices.

Nevertheless, more than 175 years since Tiffany opened

elegant gift items that represent a high value. For example,

the fancy goods store, it has become an American icon.

reasonably priced gifts costing under $150 look like those

The name Tiffany has become synonymous with beauty,

which are priced much higher. A baby gift of a Tiffany

celebrated design, and elegance.

Sailor three-piece baby set in porcelain that costs $135 -

This shopping experience is done

Clients can purchase

which includes the admired blue Tiffany box - is handed Today more than 290 Tiffany stores serve customers

over the counter with the same care, professionalism, and

around the world offering an extensive selection of jewelry,

attention to detail as a $1 million engagement ring.

timepieces, sterling silverware, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, and accessories.

Charles Lewis Tiffany chose the color of the box which is recognized as a symbol of elegance.

For over a

Why has the appeal of Tiffany continued to expand?

century, Tiffany has packaged every purchase in its now-

Perhaps it’s the commitment to quality and superior

famous trademark blue box. No matter the value of the


According to John Loring, design director

gift purchased, each is presented in the Tiffany blue box

emeritus of Tiffany & Co., “Clarity, simplicity, vitality, and

wrapped in a white satin ribbon. The rule implemented

sensuality are essentials. We avoid traditional and already

more than a century ago stipulates no box bearing the

sophisticated design vocabularies, and instead build on

Tiffany name was to leave the building without a Tiffany

basics such as the observation of nature on ideas that are

purchase inside. IN FLUENTIAL 13

September / October 2014 InFluential Magazine  
September / October 2014 InFluential Magazine