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Berlin & Son

Classic, beautiful and affordable Swedish Luxury Brand

Christine Argillet

Brings Salvador Dali to Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

Exquisite Gloves By Paula Rowan Lake Austin Spa Resort The Distillery Fine Goods

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Patrice Bisiot Miki Howard A.J. Bingham Leah Davies Talia Bryce


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Berlin & Son Classic, Beautiful and Affordable Swedish Luxury Brand


Travaasa. . . Aaaahhh Austin’s Own Wilderness Getaway


Introducing 78704 Gallery on Austin’s Famous South Congress Avenue


Celebrating Our Favorite Things of the Season


Padgett Stratemann, Big Brothers Big Sisters Redefining Corporate Philanthropy 38 | The 2015 Austin Originals Tasting Grove Winners!


Returning from New York Fashion Week Emerging Designer Finds Success in NYC

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feATuRe 12 | BuenoS aireS CafÉ

Celebrating a Decade of Sweet Success

42 | the triPle threat who iS erik roSete 56 | ChriStine argillet BringS Salvador dali to Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery


51 | Clay Levit 61 | Coleen Ellis 63 | Nicholas Padlo

in socieTy 117 | Event Guides November 119 | Event Guides December 120 | Austin Originals Benefit Concert and 122 |

Live Taping An Extraordinary Success Concordia University Defines Excellence, Once Again!

Teen 100 | give it to Me... i’M worth it! 102 | feStival girlS 110 | winter wonderS teen SPot light: elizaBeth MCkinney 112 | SeaSon’S aCtivitieS 114 | winter wraPPingS 115 | winter hatS for your head

ContriBUtinG Writers


Allen Beuershausen

Mia Dedear

Victoria Garcia

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Allen Beuershausen is a serial entrepreneur who is a connector in the Austin’s business and social circles and he is Co-founder of Sanitis, an Austin-based distributor of “next generation” products for infection control in healthcare, food and educational institutions. Allen has been a part of the fabric of the entrepreneur, arts and charity scenes for most of the ten years he has lived in Austin and his work has included the launch of two magazines focused on health and the arts, where he wore many hats as editor, author and photographer.

Mia is studying Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a recent graduate from Round Rock High School in Round Rock, Texas, where she served on the staff of the school literary magazine. She is currently searching for a socially acceptable way to carry her camera everywhere to document the highlights of her life. Aside from film, her other interests include theatre, dance, violin and aspiring to someday become as popular in the field of entertainment as Neil Patrick Harris.

Victoria Garcia is a high school junior heavily involved in her academics and community. Honored with the title of Miss Teen Austin Latina 2014-2015, Victoria has been the cover girl for several Austin magazines and featured in editorials throughout Central Texas. A role model for the community, Victoria is the proud co-founder of Uniquely Me, a club that is a collaboration of college and high school girls who serve the community and advocate member career interest through networking. On the weekends, you can find Victoria working backstage or on the runways of Austin supporting non-profit charities and their platforms.

Renée Hanson Malone

Marques Harper

Lester Sprouse, CPA

Director of Development | Austin Child Guidance Center | Austin, Texas

Los Angeles, California

Austin, Texas

Marques Harper is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter and blogger who also works on campaigns for national and international clients as a content and social media strategist. A former fashion writer for the Austin AmericanStatesman, Harper’s work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Oregonian.

Lester Sprouse is the managing partner for the Austin Offices of Padgett Stratemann, one of Texas’ largest, locally-owned CPA and business advisory firms. An Austin native with a BBA in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin, Sprouse has over 30 years experience in auditing, accounting and financial reporting in the commercial, governmental and regulatory industries. Affiliated with multiple organizations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) and the Austin Chapter of TSCPA, Sprouse’s perspective and experience with the Austin business scene has helped him successfully advise countless Austin individuals and businesses.

Renée Hanson Malone serves as the Director of Development of the Austin Child Guidance Center, where she directs all fundraising and communication activities. Renée received her MA in Latin American Studies and is dedicated to expanding resources for the Hispanic community. She possesses an expertise in raising funds and awareness for mental health, disability services, education, health and the arts. An artist, Renée often shows her paintings within the Austin community and currently serves as a Board Member of the local non-profit Vela, formerly known as Growing Roots.


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letter FroM THe eDiToR


ear with me, dear readers. i was put down by a rather ghastly cold recently. it’s a common occurrence for those of us here in the Midwest, as the early fall temperatures can swing from freezing in the morning to the mid-70s in the afternoon. Getting into the season can be difficult for me, but it’s definitely worth the occasional sniffle once it gets going. this time of year is when we start to think about all the things that make the season great. if you’re like me, that list includes things like new warm clothing, comfort food and cozy drinks and of course, spending time with loved ones and friends. What images are conjured in your mind as you think of the best things about this most wonderful time of the year? Where are you going? Who are you going with? if you’re looking for something to add to that list, this issue has exactly what you need. for you, this issue of InFluential Magazine has assembled a bounty of the season’s best things to celebrate. from fashion to art, there’s something for everyone in our collection. personally, i’m wild about having a cool glass of something seasonal this time of year and the Mezcal flip (featured with a cool vintage Japanese bar tool set at the distillery) is something i can’t wait to try. till next time,

aaron G. powell, Jr.


in fluence

My Favorite Things

Patrice Bisiot

Hairstylist to the Stars Heralded by international magazines, artists and celebrities as an innovator in concept and design, Patrice Bisiot is an industry-leading hairstylist. Growing up in France, by age ten his vision was clear and his goal was set. Graduating two years early from school, he decided to pursue admission to the most prestigious Beauty Academy in all of France. As the youngest graduate in the history of the school, Bisiot set his sights on the finest salons in Paris. By the age of 18, he became the manager of three salons in Paris, eventually leading to an offer as Salon Manager and Team Leader in the prestigious Bal Harbour Shoppes located in Miami, Florida. Bisiot’s current project is the release of the muchanticipated book, Mind Your Hair, a thoughtprovoking book providing guidance through the journey of style and life transformation. With Bisiot’s busy schedule, what are amongst his favorite things? During his rare free time, Patrice relaxes by painting in his own unique style, with oil being his favorite medium. He also enjoys a wide variety of music and movies and can spend an entire afternoon engrossed in the big screen. Still a kid at heart, he loves Marvel superheroes and reads comic books whenever he can. He often donates his time with different charities, usually those that focus on helping children in some way. Currently, Patrice lives a bicoastal life, with residences in Beverly Hills and Manhattan. l Keep up with Patrice Bisiot at his official website at


Miki Howard Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Actress and Original ‘Femme Fatale’

What does this musical legend consider amongst her favorite things?

Miki Howard represents passionate vocal artistry wrapped in a diminutive package of beauty, sass and candor. Grammy-nominated Howard has a stunning catalog of music wide ranging in style – from the breezy “ Come Share My Love” and the steamy funk of “Ain’t Nobody Like You” to her soul-stirring signature “Love Under New Management”, the jazzy “Imagination” and the inferno “That’s What Love Is” (her duet with the late, great Gerald Levert). The proud musical veteran states, “I’m making music for the soundtrack of the times we are living in now.” Today, Miki Howard is the proud single mother of three: sons Nicholas (a Head Chef ) and Brandon (an entertainer) and daughter Kaitlen (also an entertainer). The grandmother of four, nicknamed “G-Ma”, has also been profiled on the popular Black Music documentary TV series Unsung. Miki confidently reports, “In this internet age, your phone is your radio. And I found my life with social networking. It’s like sitting at a round table with people from all over the world.”

Miki says, “I’m a very simple lady. I truly enjoy the little things in life, like cooking dinner for family and friends. I love grocery shopping, kissing my grand babies and stuffing their little tummies. There’s much to be said about family values. When one travels for a lively hood, home is indeed the big jewel on my crown of happiness. My favorite thing? ‘Family’”. l Learn more about Miki Howard by visiting



Buenos Aires Café Celebrating a Decade of Sweet Success


n a warm Sunday afternoon in October, friends, family, staff members and several food writers gathered for a relaxing, day-long asado at the Spicewood home of Chef Reina Morris, founder and coowner of Buenos Aires Café. November marks the 10th anniversary for Buenos Aires Café and the event was a chance to celebrate the longtime culinary dream comes true for Morris, who moved to Austin with her family in the late 1990s after years of living in South America. “I’ve wanted to do this event forever,” said Morris’ daughter and Buenos Aires Café co-owner Paola MG Smith, who spent her childhood years in Argentina. “It’s set up for what we do in Argentina.”

kWRITTEN BY Marques Harper Photography Courtesy of Courtney Pierce

Mixta Ensalada: refreshing mix of organic fresh field greens, tomatoes, grated carrots, red onions, Kalamata olives & hearts of palm, with housemade citrus vinaigrette

In Austin’s ever-changing dining scene, Buenos Aires Café has stayed fresh, going from a small eatery in South Austin to become a dining pioneer in the East Austin restaurant scene, opening a location in 2009 on vibrant East Sixth Street. After closing the original South First Street location, a new location in Bee Cave opened in the fall of 2010, bringing Argentine flavors to Austin’s suburbs. Morris and MG Smith said the secret to Buenos Aires Café’s success is their hardworking staff, creativity and of course, their cherished memories of Argentine food. This year, the mother-daughter duo has added new team members to Buenos Aires Café’s staff. General Manager Amy Stowers is looking forward to inspiring the staff and adding new food-and-drink pairings to the menu and Chef Brent Mills left a popular Argentine restaurant in Sydney, Australia, for a new life in Austin. For the recent gathering at Morris’ home, Mills, who oversees the East Austin kitchen, grilled the meat for the barbecue, while Morris taught guests how to make empanadas. The menu also included chorizo, sweetbread, angus beef tenderloin, ensalada rusa and ensalada mixta. “My mother takes on adventures and just goes for it,” said MG Smith, who lives with her husband, Ryan Smith. “I admire that about my mother. She started this alone. She had nothing but a dream and my father’s 100 percent love and support.”


i admire tHat aBout my motHer. sHe started tHis alone. sHe Had notHing But a dream and my fatHer’s 100 perCent love and support. mg smitH

Chef Reina Morris and Paola MG Smith



of home here in Austin. We had several phone conversations during the opening of our South First café. She wanted to open, but things kept happening like the oven breaking, refrigerator not cooling and the bathroom sink flooding.”

When Morris asked for help opening the Este location in 2009, MG Smith, who graduated from the University of Texas, said she immediately jumped in, leaving a blossoming career in architecture to become a vital part of her mother’s dream. What led Morris to open Buenos Aires Café started decades before, when she was a little girl helping her mother prepare food in Argentina. From her mother’s kitchen to her own, Morris continued her culinary studies, learning cooking techniques at Instituto Gastronómico Argentino. After the family left Argentina in 1997, Morris, who once studied engineering, continued to pursue her love of cooking. In the following ten years, she went from being a stay-at-home mother to becoming a successful restaurateur. “I remember how happy I was cooking with my mom,” Morris, 53, said recently about her inspiration for Buenos Aires. “I remember playing with the dough and making empanadas. For me, it’s important to be connected to the ingredients. And I remember Paola in the kitchen with me. Those were happy times. I remember those smells and the taste of the food.”

Buenos Aires Este location GM Amy Stowers

Morris said she didn’t make money at the original Buenos Aires location for the first six months after opening but she persevered and then thrived.

Buenos Aires Este location Chef Brent Mills

Morris attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts (formerly Texas Culinary Academy) in Austin, where she graduated with honors and now serves on the school’s board of directors. Morris said she had considered opening a small café after getting attention for the desserts she made for parties and gatherings, but was told at the time that operating restaurants was a “man’s game”. Instead of surrendering her dream to outdated precepts, Morris became a maverick, bringing the food and tastes of Argentina to Austin. With support from her husband, she opened her first eatery in November 2005 with Chef Jesus Torres, who now oversees the kitchen at the Bee Cave restaurant. “I was abroad when my mom started the restaurant,” MG Smith said. “Her idea came from wanting to have a piece


A few days later, mother and daughter spoke again. MG Smith said: “I asked her, ‘When are you opening now?’ And she said, ‘Oh, I opened yesterday.’ I was surprised. She said, ‘Everything was working so I went outside and changed the sign from opening soon to now open.’ No grand opening. Nothing. She was ready to serve people and cook.”

Stuffed Ancho filled with braised pork shoulder on a bed of achiote vinaigrette and topped with scallions, scallion oil and house pickled onions

“When I came on board, I did everything from helping with dishes to making salads and desserts to purchasing and also serving tables,” MG Smith said.

Lamb Skewers: boneless cumin marinated lamb morsels, grilled and served with fresh mint and lemon

“My mom figured it out as she went along and so did I. I knew there was a lot to learn. We faced several challenges together as a team and as a family. Even when we don’t agree today, we agree to disagree, learn from each other and move forward.” Today the restaurants have become a bigger family affair: MG Smith’s husband and his family have become involved in Buenos Aires Café. New food and drink selections inspired by Argentina will continue to be introduced at the restaurants – for another decade to be celebrated. “The cuisine of my homeland goes beyond the juicy steaks and homemade pastas,” MG Smith said. “There is an incredible culture of seafood, fruits and fish preparations. Argentine cuisine is the melting pot for many European and Arabic traditions and I cannot wait to serve these dishes along with the classics of our restaurant. I am in charge of preserving our traditions, our cuisine and our legacy.” l 15

in fluence

Fashion & Style


Berlin Son Classic, beautiful and affordable Swedish luxury brand 18


ike, Tommy and Johan have always stuck together and lived in various places. Despite always being together, the three brothers have different stories, different adventures and each brings their own unique charisma to the mix.

appetite for watches to fuel the design of a series that embody chic simplicity at an affordable price. They chose the best materials to ensure reliable high quality and agreed that a classic, minimalist style inspired by high-end watchmakers was most desirable.

One thing they all share: They have always been style conscious. With a passion for watches and the dream of creating their own legacy, they moved back home to Sweden, decided to work together and created Berlin & Son watch brand.

Their timeless, round design for the watchcase comes with a selection of interchangeable, high-quality Italian leather straps to fit any occasion. With the highest quality Swiss movement, hardened mineral glass and stainless steel, it’s a timepiece users can rely on. These three brothers made their dream come true.

Berlin & Son was born from a desire to create a strong brand that reflects the brother’s desire for a connection and passion of quality and style. They created a brand that holds quality and class at the forefront. They used their

The Berlin & Son Heritage Collection is the beginning of a new dream. Heritage Havana is inspired from the Cuban spirit, the music and the authentic architecture. Havana will bring you style and soul.

Heritage Stockholm is a beautiful, clean design that doesn’t stick out too loud, but stands out enough to let you know you are wearing something special. Heritage Oxford is a sophisticated timepiece. The dark brown leather strap with crocodile pattern flows incredibly well with the gold case and gives the watch a fantastic depth and balance in its design. The Heritage St Andrews is just as sophisticated with its beautiful silver watchcase. Heritage Royal is a true classic. Heritage Master is the pinnacle of simple elegance. Its non-complicated, classic minimalistic design is what defines Swedish style - straightforward and simple. Learn more about Berlin & Son at l


in fluence

Health & Wellness



Austin’s Own Wilderness Getaway

hen thinking of a quiet getaway, most of the time you tend to look outside the city limits. After all, “getaway” implies getting away from your current surroundings and going to someplace that provides a semblance of escapism and relaxation. Sometimes though, planning a getaway can be more taxing than it’s worth. It’s equally challenging looking for that feeling of escapism closer to home. Lucky for Austinites, Travaasa Experiential Resort provides just that.


kWRITTEN BY Ingrid Garner, Staff Writer for InFluential Magazine Set amid the gorgeous forested hills of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, Travaasa delivers a refreshing spin on a luxury resort with large, countrystyle rooms with private balconies overlooking stunning views. The beautiful infinity-edge pool overlooking the forested canyons will take your breath

Aaahhh away. And what hotel do you know that has their own farm to provide organic fare for their restaurant? Travaasa seeks to enhance the stay of its guests with a daily program of “experiences” to engage visitors with their surroundings, from early morning hikes and Zen-like garden meditations and ropes courses to campfire stargazing and horseback riding. Do a little bit of everything, or simply disconnect at the organic spa which offers a wealth of options to achieve pampered nirvana, including a Watsu pool for specialized aquatic therapies. Travaasa also provides a variety of wellness classes. A new wellness activity being offered is the 45-minute ‘Herbal Tinctures Demonstrations’, hosted by Travaasa’s Farm Manager & Certified Herbalist Kim Grabosky.

Guests will see and taste medicinal tinctures made from Central Texas herbs grown at the farm and leave with information about the herbs they have been introduced to. There is also a 90-minute ‘Herbal Medicine and Tincture Introduction’ class that provides an interactive introduction to herbal medicine. The class starts with a serving of medicinal tea and Materia Medica and then provides an introduction to Central Texas herbs and their medicinal properties. Though the setting is assuredly rural, there’s no roughing it here. This hidden treasure, a mere 20 miles outside of the city, will surely satisfy your quest for peace and tranquility right here at home. Learn more about Travaasa by visiting their official website at l


in fluence

Living Well

Introducing 78704 Gallery 22


here’s a district in Austin that the locals refer to as ‘78704’ or ‘SoCo’ that is home to some of the most hip hotels, restaurants and boutiques in town. Joining the South Congress scene in early October was a new fine art gallery called 78704 Gallery. The new gallery sits on the third floor of the ‘04’ shopping complex that is also home to Kendra Scott, Perla’s Seafood and By George. The 78704 Gallery offers visitors and locals the chance to view and purchase artworks from some of Texas’ most well-known artists as well as regional, national and international luminaries. The gallery and its team bring a depth of knowledge and over twenty years of experience in the art community. The gallery will also serve as an art-consulting firm with exhibition space specializing in the acquisition and placement of contemporary and 20th Century works of art. Founder and Curator, Matt Wayne, says “Austin has long been known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. 78704 Gallery wants to do its part to continue to grow, cultivate and amplify the local art scene and help make Austin known as the ‘Visual Arts Capital of the World’ too.” The opening exhibit honors Texas legend and native Austin artist Bob ‘Daddy-O’ Wade. Presented is a collection of Bob’s works created during the past 40 plus years of his career. The last solo show of his “photoworks” in Austin was 1996 and now the new 78704 Gallery on South Congress is mounting an overdue survey of some of “Daddy-O’s Photoworks: 1971-2015.” For more information about 78704 Gallery, Bob ‘Daddy-O’ Wade and other artists to be featured, visit

on Austin’s Famous South Congress Avenue l


in fluence



Our Favorite

Things of

the Season



Our annual collection of unique gifts from our favorite establishments around the Austin area and select online stores is sure to have something for every special someone in your life. From gifts for the special man or woman in your life, to something special for “man’s best friend”, InFluential Magazine has got you covered.


e Gift  Exquisite Gloves  Paula Rowan

She’s been featured in many of the European fashion magazines and the First Lady of Ireland is an avid fan of Dublin-based designer Paula Rowan and her exquisite gloves. Her approach is simple – use only the finest materials and apply only traditional glove making techniques. Paula’s total commitment to quality and her painstaking attention to detail are evident for anyone with an eye for fine leather. Every choice of hide, lining and color has been carefully considered and every nuance of stitching and detail has been selected by a master of design. But, it is only by wearing the gloves that people will truly experience the art of quality glove making. Visit Paula Rowan online at


in fluence


e Gift  Lake Austin Spa Reso

A gift certificate from one of the top-rated destination spas in the world, Lake Austin Spa Resort, is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone this season. Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount and day or overnight stay packages are available as well. Experience healthy cuisine, lavish interiors, activities and classes with a focus on wellness and more than 100 unique and healing spa treatments in the 25,000 square foot location. For more details about the amenities offered at Lake Austin Spa Resort, visit online at


The Gift of Culture

Give the gift of culture with a Gift Certificate to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, celebrating 25 Years in 2016! The Spirit of Flight gift at $1,000 gives: • Unlimited admission for two adults and all children under 18 for one year • Ten complimentary guest passes • Gift membership at the ‘Family’ level • Private tour with Curator for you & five guests • One ticket to Garden Party • Recognition on the UMLAUF website • Commemorative Charles Umlauf print • North American Reciprocal Museum Association benefits, including free member admission to over 650 museums nationwide (visit for more info) • Other increments are available starting at $25 Let Umlauf Sculpture Garden amaze you. For more information about becoming a member of Umlauf Sculpture Garden, visit online at


in fluence


e Gift  Art m Rue Coection Fin Art Gaery

This season, a piece of art from the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery, one of Austin’s most exclusive galleries, might just be the perfect gift. With masters and contemporary artists represented, the Russell Collection currently has the colorful and bright work of Alberto Murillo. Murillo grew up in Spain and now resides in Florida. His work has influences of abstract expressionism with concentrated areas of vibrant colors that are poured onto the panel in a blocking effect. Inspired by the architecture and moods of Spain and Latin America, Murillo’s abstract fields of color evoke the memory of places, from calming seascapes to the vibrant maelstrom of cities. Visit Russell Collection online at and select pieces of art to complement your taste and lifestyle.


e Distiery Fin Gds

The Distillery is a collection of vintage, handmade and specialty goods, owned and curated by brother and sister, Clif Claycomb and Catelyn Silapachai. Based in Austin, Texas, the duo finds their products and inspiration from all over the world.

All products are hand-selected and meet The Distillery’s high standards for quality. For more information about The Distillery visit, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.





For a more intimate holiday dinner party, these Culver highball glasses and glass ice bucket are a must. The Culver glasses come in a set of four and the gold column details are a beautiful match for traditional holiday decor.

The Distillery’s first selection is a vintage Japanese bar tool set with four stainless steel utensils in a wooden “1907 International” traveling case. The Distillery recommends using the bar tools to create the Mezcal Flip cocktail and recipe featured below.

One old phrase states the best way to start a party is to welcome your guests with a warm shot of whiskey. Whether you believe that or not, these brass encased shot glasses are a beautiful additional to your bar style.

When it comes to putting your bar together, The Distillery recommends first purchasing a decanter. Typically large in size, a decanter can set the decor theme for your whole bar. This 1960’s decanter is 13.5 inches tall and comes with four matching shot glasses. The gold band and nautical theme make a strong statement and is sure to spark conversations at your holiday gathering.


or simple syrup, 1 egg white, Orange bitters and Fresh nutmeg

Directions 1. Combine Mezcal, lime, agave and egg white in a shaker and shake vigorously until egg white froths.

Ingredients 2 oz Mezcal, 1 oz lime and lemon juice, 1/2 oz agave syrup

2. Strain into a cocktail glass. 3. Add orange bitters to taste on top. 4. Grate fresh nutmeg on top and enjoy!


in fluence


catelyn silpachai, co-Founder of the distillery, has curated a gift guide with a mixture of new, one-of-a kind and vintage gifts for her, him, pup and your home. Visit The Distillery Fine Goods online at




Fr the an o has verything

Fr an’s est iend

Fr the lady in ou ife

Silpachai suggests this vintage poker chips set in a storage box with wooden trays. Made in 1940s by U.S.A. by LOWE, this poker set will give the man in your life bragging rights whether he wins or loses.


Silpachai recommends the Cacti Dog Collar. Designed exclusively for The Distillery, the collars are quirky with a southwestern flair. The collars feature needlepoint on soft brown leather with metal hardware and are available in sizes small, medium and large.

Silpachai recommends this vintage, full-length silk kimono with floral patterns. This unique piece was handmade in Japan in the 1940s and is perfect for a date night or snuggling in front of the fireplace.


FOUND is a destination for gorgeous contemporary and designer womenswear, handbags and statement jewelry. Discover fresh separates and dresses each season from labels you love.

Retreat into beautiful fashion and enjoy a personalized, boutique shopping experience. Try on selected pieces in a dressing room with a customizable playlist and a doorbell for bubbly.

Visit FOUND online at



Gigi Dift orn New Yrk St. Persbrg Tae Keychain Earrings


esley Mae Clutch with horsehair tael (Designed and Made in Austin).





Cove, a women’s boutique on South Congress Avenue in the heart of Austin, is a departure from the typical. Cove is a travel-inspired retreat, evoking a unique lifestyle from a selection of brands, textures and

rich colors hand-picked from the owner’s journeys and experiences. From swimwear to everyday-wear to accessories, allow your trip to COVE to inspire elegance and effortlessly escape the ordinary.

Visit Cove online at




Yosi Samra Studded Booties

Mara Hoffman Knit Fringe Cardigan

Doma Green Leather Jacket

No Fall outfit is complete without a killer pair of boots. Comfort is key when roasting a turkey or whipping up Grandma’s famous candied yams and these Yosi Samra Studded booties have it covered. The subtle heel will keep wearers moving all day but the soft leather and stud detail can easily take a look from day to night.


On everything from sandals to handbags to earrings, fringe is one of the coolest trends of 2015. One of Cove’s owners Rebecca Yanoff ’s must-have pieces is this Mara Hoffman Knit Fringe Cardigan. The warm tones and fringe detail ads a pop to any look. Whether wearing it loose with black tights or belting it over a maxi skirt, this cardigan is easy and on trend for Fall.

According to Pantone, the most popular colors of 2015 take a cue from nature’s warm and softer side. This Doma leather jacket is right on trend with a warm shade of green. For any of your celebrations this Fall, pair this structured jacket with a loose fitting dress and knee high boots.

in fluence


Padgett Stratemann, Big Brothers Big Sisters


ommunity engagement. Corporate philanthropy. Both terms are tossed around frequently without a lot of thought. Both boil down to companies donating volunteers and money to non-profit organizations and causes. Those are laudable endeavors, without a doubt. Many charitable groups simply could not fulfill their worthy missions without generous donations of time and money from the business community. But, one Austin company is working closely with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas (BBBS) to redefine corporate philanthropy. Padgett Stratemann & Co., a 70-year-old accounting and business advisory firm, is engaging with BBBS in a much deeper way than writing checks or providing volunteers. For the past four years, Padgett Stratemann has made BBBS its official “Charity of Choice”, with staff deeply involved with BBBS year-round, from the details of event logistics to the highest levels of strategic planning. The relationship has been so fruitful that BBBS and Padgett Stratemann recently received separate awards at the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s 15th Annual Greater Austin Business Awards. “We made a decision several years ago that we wanted to do more and to develop a much deeper relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters,” said Padgett Stratemann Partner Lester Sprouse. “It has become so close that we often feel we are part of the BBBS staff and that has been incredibly rewarding to so many


kFrom the Pen of Lester Sprouse of our people. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support the children and our great city in this way.” Sprouse marvels at the eagerness of Padgett Stratemann’s 65 Austin employees to donate their time and talents to BBBS. Many serve as mentors, or “Bigs,” to boys and girls who need adult guidance and role modes. “It has become much more than an obligation or a chore to us,” he says. “Our work with BBBS has taken over a special place in our hearts and we hope other corporate citizens will strive to find their own special causes and relationships. They will be glad they did.” Padgett Stratemann this year became the first platinum sponsor –at $25,000– of the annual BBBS Ice Ball. But that commitment was meant to be only a stepping stone to the real goal of securing the event’s first diamond sponsor, a $50,000 contribution. That’s exactly what happened when BB&T, who is known for its tradition of excellence in community banking, stepped up with a three-year commitment at $50,000 per year, a figure that not long ago had seemed as farfetched as winning the lottery. All told, the 2015 Ice Ball raised some $600,000 for BBBS. That’s enough to allow 1,000 children to become official “Littles,” or participants, in the BBBS program, a great step forward for the Austin community and its commitment to making the city one of the best places to live and raise children, Sprouse says. l

Redefining Corporate Philanthropy

Members of Padgett Stratemann: Kevin Moriarty, Trey Ross, Kimberly Blair, Brent Fields, Chief Executive Officer with BBBS, Maria Barrett, Maria Valdivia, Kayla Buchanan and Rose Velasquez


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The 2015 Austin Originals Tasting Grove Winners!


kWRITTEN BY RenÉe Hanson Malone Photography Courtesy of Jenny Trower Photography

Chef Michael Wards of SC3 Catering

n September 26, Austin Child Guidance Center hosted its 4th Annual Austin Originals Benefit Concert and Live Taping at the Austin Music Hall. During this event, The Austin Originals Tasting Grove, presented by Lexus of Austin-Lakeway, was held and was a huge success. For the first time, guests were able to vote for the evening’s Best Choice. Congratulations to SC3 Catering for winning Best Choice! First Runner Up goes to the Cornucopia for their delectable dessert selection. An Honorable Mention goes to III Forks, who was not officially in the judging as they were showcased at the VIP Reception to a limited number of guests. Best Choice - SC3 Catering SC3 Catering won Best Choice for their Pork Belly Street Taco. This culinary delight featured 6 Hours Braised Pork Belly with an Apple Fennel Slaw and a Korean Barbeque Sauce. When asking Chef Michael Wards of SC3 Catering why he chose this specific dish, he said, “Because of its simplicity, depth and its fusion of tradition and modern techniques.” It was indeed a spectacular hit with the attendees of the Austin Originals Benefit Concert. Wards, the Chef/Owner of SC3 Catering and Private Chef Services, has always held a passion for food. As the oldest of four kids he would help his working


parents each night by cooking dinner for the family. This experience fueled his love for the culinary arts. After a lucrative and rewarding 10-year stint in the corporate world, Michael found himself burned out and needing a change. It was then he rediscovered his passion for cooking, which drove him to change careers. Michael immediately enrolled into Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin. Since then he has built an impressive and diverse resume. His experience in upscale dining and fine catering with Austin greats, such as Chef David Bull’s Second Bar and Kitchen, The Driskill Hotel and 2Dine4 Catering were integral experiences to his artistry. Chef Wards’ interactive and dynamic approach to dining experiences are what make it more than just a meal, it makes it an experience. SC3 Catering has been in operation for two and half years, specializing in Boutique Catering and Personal Chef Services. Chef Wards explains his two

Chef Michael Wards and members of his team

types of services, “For our catering, we take dining to another level. It’s not just about the food, it’s about the experience. We offer only custom menus that are tailored to our client’s particular event, which helps to create a unique and truly memorable experience every time. With our personal chef services, we offer custom meals delivered directly to our client’s homes. Menus that are custom written, chef prepared and delivered directly to your fridge.” In his personal time, Chef Wards is a dedicated family man. “I have been married just over 3 years to the love of my life, Dr. Tenesha Wards,” he said. “We have a beautiful, spunky and smart six month old daughter named London.” On why he connected with Austin Child Guidance Center, Chef Wards’ was very candid.


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guests to the event, they featured sesame seared Ahi tuna with citrus ponzu and jalapeno avocado puree, lamb meatballs and fennel infused veal demi, tomato and mozzarella in basil classic Caprese salad in one bite and tar tar of beef tenderloin and sherry egg yolk vinaigrette. III Forks is a contemporary realization of the classic steakhouse, offering the finest USDA Prime steak and ocean-fresh seafood. With several distinctive dining rooms, III Forks accommodates intimate parties as well as private gatherings.

“My mother was killed when I was very young and at that time there were not any services available to me to help me understand and deal with that trauma,” he said. “Fortunately, I turned out ok and I am a contributing member of society. But when I heard about ACGC and what services they offer the community, I felt obligated to support their mission. Had I had access to these services as a young child, I believe I would have had a much easier time managing and dealing with my own trauma.” 1st Runner-Up - Cornucopia Cornucopia received 1st Runner-up with its Popcorn Bar, featuring original varieties of flavored popcorn. It was started in 2008 by two best friends looking to offer the Austin community a source for deliciously unique snacks. Owner-Nadia Elhaj, a creative popcorn lover, UT alumnus, entrepreneur and mother, enjoys yoga and outdoor adventures in Austin. Fall is one of their favorite times of year, with flavors like Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Peppermint Bark. Cornucopia provides Popcorn Bars for weddings and events of all sizes. They provide delivery in Austin and online nationwide shipping. Honorable Mention - III Forks Honorable Mention goes to III Forks, who hosted the VIP Reception for sponsors of the event. For VIP


Friends from Cornucopia

Selections from III Forks

Executive Chef Adrian W. Corkill was born in Denver and got his start the classic way as a dishwasher, working his way up to Executive Chef. When an opportunity to move to Austin presented itself, he didn’t give it a second thought. In 2006, Chef Corkill accepted the position as Executive Chef at Cool River Café. He is now the Executive Chef at III Forks Austin and loving every minute of it. “It was a great opportunity for us to support such a worthy cause,” Chef Corkill said. “We look forward to a longstanding partnership for many years to come.” l

My Favorite Things



Government Relations Consultant and board member of the Trail of Lights Foundation North Carolina “I consider it my second home state - after Texas, of course. Both sides of my family hail from there and the majority of my family resides there. As a child, I would visit the state for about a month out of the year and attended the university at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. It is a beautiful state, offering access to beaches and mountains, great food like pork BBQ and four beautiful seasons.� l



The Triple Threat


Who is Erik Rosete

nFluential Magazine: Who is Erik Rosete? Erik Rosete: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Erik Rosete is a creative artist and a philanthropist with a passion for the arts. InFluential: From where does your passion for art and fashion emanate? ER: My passion for art and fashion emanate from my desire to tell my story. I’ve combined several concepts in my fashion shows by combining art, fashion, music and symbolism to tell a cohesive story that plays in all of my shows. Through my design aesthetic and artistic vision, I’ve told my story through my fashion brand Mister Triple X. Every fashion show I produce is a continuation of my story and representative of my journey in life and in my creative process.

InFluential: What are your greatest inspirations as an individual and as a designer? ER: My greatest inspirations as an individual come from the people with whom I surround myself; they are all creative and extremely talented. I’m able to grow by surrounding myself with great minds. I’m inspired as a designer by film, television and the stories and hidden messages that are prevalent throughout music and films with substance. InFluential: What are the greatest obstacles you’ve overcome which have made you stronger and more resilient? ER: As a creative mind, it can be easy to forget about the business side of things. Finding balance between my


kInterview Conducted and Written By Leonardo D’Almagro

creative self and my logical self is the key to my success. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. InFluential: What is the greatest highlight of your career to date? ER: Having the opportunity to headline MercedesBenz Fashion Week NYC and having the honor of showcasing and producing the final fashion week show to ever happen at the Lincoln Center. InFluential: Describe the highlights of being a part of ‘America’s Next Top Model’? What did you learn from working with Tyra Banks? ER: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ has been such a blessing. Not only are the models wonderful to work with, but so is everyone who works behind the scenes and the wonderful production. Tyra is a positive role model who has been able to break many barriers in the modeling industry. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did they feature me and my clothes for an entire episode, but they have mentioned my brand on several episodes and my bunny shirts and logo could be seen being worn by the models all season long. InFluential: What is the inspiration behind the label Mister Triple X? ER: I started working in fashion as a manager, then as an event producer and finally as a designer. People started

calling me a Triple Threat. I was born in Generation X, I’m a X Factor and X always marks the spot. The name and brand created itself through the situations I was experiencing in my life. It was a very organic process. InFluential: How did the fashion industry respond to your collection previewed recently during New York Fashion Week? Where is the line available currently? ER: My Collection was extremely well received and was featured in over 20 publications. I also had a feature on FashionTV, which aired internationally and was the featured designer on WWD, Apparel News, Huffington Post and tons of relevant press. My collection is currently available at various boutiques and showrooms in Los Angeles, at the Hollywood & Highland Mall and through my Etsy store where people can buy my runway pieces. I have recently started working with a distributor to expand my online and retail sales. InFluential: What is Rosete Management Group? What are the key services provided by Rosete Management Group? ER: Rosete Management Group started off as a talent and public relations agency for musicians and actors, but our focus now is fashion, event production and public relations. InFluential: What types of talent are you most interested in representing? ER: Our main focus is on the development of fashion brands and development of events and fashion platforms throughout the U.S. and internationally. InFluential: What is on the immediate horizon for Mister Triple X and Rosete Management Group? ER: Mister Triple X has his eyes set on world domination and will be expanding to the Middle East and Europe for our upcoming seasons, with Rosete Management supporting Mister Triple X and other brands along the way as we all grow together. l Photographer Ken Alcazar 43

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Fashion & Style

Returning from New York Fashion Week

Emerging Designer Finds Success in NYC


kWRITTEN BY William T. Jackson

ive years ago, facing an unexpected heartbreak, Jamie Batiste found herself at a crossroad, as many do when dealing with disappointment in life. After diving into distractions, Batiste found interest in designing jewelry pieces that commanded attention and exuded the desired confidence she was slowly regaining. But if you asked Batiste five years ago if her vested interest in creating women’s jewelry pieces would lead into developing the Rejected Hearts Club brand and a showcase at New York Fashion Week Batiste would affirm she didn’t even know she would be selling, let alone building a business. “I turned a breakup to a business and regained my independence. We have all had plenty of struggles - its how you come out of it that matters the most. I create jewelry for men and women that transform into standout pieces that command attention and exude confidence. Always remember to love yourself no matter what or who hurts you.”

Jamie Batiste


Talented and committed to success, the designer’s most recent invitation to New York Fashion Week has been the talk amongst her home base in Austin, Texas. Although the jewelry line had seen

negativity into a positive outcome and grow the brand to inspire both men and women alike.” The RHC Spring & Summer 2016 collection featured a streamlined look into both the Women’s & Men’s collection. Batiste’s use of bold colors and sleek designs makes the lines compelling to varying individuals styles. The designer’s vision has become more apparent in the past months and she has utilized her digital platforms to communicate the

movement and success to other regions in the country, her NYFW showcase holds the most weight thus far. The emerging young designer’s return to TechStyleNYC at New York Fashion Week was well received with a refined brand, look and product line. Her collection was praised by the media for innovation and artful design, inspired by recent international travels and exploration of varying materials and practices. “It’s been a roller coaster ride seeing the line’s progression and learning the ways of the industry as well as entrepreneurship,” explains Batiste. “I want to continue to communicate a story through my journey of turning

intent for the ‘sophistication’ of the Rejected Hearts Club brand. Her new collection is currently available at and more information about the designer and RHC brand are accessible on social media platforms. l


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My Favorite Things

Leah Davies, board member at the Trail of Lights Foundation

leah davies


Life in Austin “I really enjoy exploring our beautiful Central Texas parks, particularly Reimer’s Ranch - it’s an excellent hiking and swimming spot - and of course, Austin’s own Town Lake. I also really enjoy Austin’s food scene. I am a big fan of Ramen Tatsuya, Jack Allen’s, and the classic-but-oh-so-yummy Thundercloud Subs. Of course, I can’t forget that ACL is a blast and this year I particularly enjoyed The Weeknd’s show. It’s so good to be alive in Austin!” l

Talia Bryce President of Farmgrass Wheatsville Co-op “I recently started shopping at Wheatsville and unexpectedly fell in love with every aspect of the store. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere and awesome healthy prepared foods section, I have always found what I needed, when I needed it while shopping. It’s almost as if they’ve filled my shopping cart for me ahead of time! They also have the best organic grapes – a must have for our family.” l


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People you should know

Clay lEViT

Owner of Fiddler’s Green Music Shop, Austin, Texas Who He Is: clay’s love for music is rooted in his passion for instruments. even after leaving austin to help run an organic vegetable farm in Memphis, clay would spend spare time diving into guitar magazines. after a moment of clarity, the levits returned to austin, where clay now serves as the owner of the spectacularly unique fiddler’s Green Music shop. How Music Enriches Our Lives: What clay didn’t expect about opening fiddler’s Green was the instant sense of community that comes with musicians bonding over similar taste. clay revels in music’s universal nature, a language that has no borders and can be spoken by anyone. from intimate concerts held in the shop’s backyard venue to weekly irish jam sessions, fiddler’s Green caters to many facets of musical lingo. Benefits of Following One’s Passions: at the shop, clay spends his days educating musicians on different types of specialty acoustic instruments, inspiring customers to try out new instruments like the mandolin and even catering to some well-known austin musicians. at the end of the workday, his passion for music doesn’t stay at the shop; his fiddle waits for him at home, a reflection of how music is embedded in the entirety of clay’s life. Importance of Living His Best Life: for clay, fiddler’s Green is not meant to be a shop that shatters the earth with its specialties or flashy storefront. instead, it hopes to serve as a breeding ground for talented musicians wishing to enrich their own lives. a firm believer in the positive effects of musicianship, clay provides the tools and a comfortable environment for customers, young and old, experienced and amateur, to start their own musical journey. 51

Fashion Editorial

Mister Triple X


[ ] Photographer Jeffrey Moustache Designer Erik Rosete Brand Mister Triple X Make Up Artist Erik Torppe Models Brad Murphy Alexsei Zimnitca


Fashion Editorial




Christine Argillet Brings Salvador Dali to Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

Photographer Yves Provencher / MĂŠtro 56

kInterview Conducted and Written


BY Allen Beuershausen

alvador Dali was one of the most creative, influential and prolific artists of the 20th century. The work of Dali is coming back to Austin, as scores of his etchings, paintings and even four littleknown tapestries will be on display at the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery’s presentation of “The Salvador Dali Argillet Collection” from November 3 through November 28, 2015. Many of the pieces have never been shown before. InFluential Magazine had the great pleasure of speaking with Christine Argillet about the collection and what it means to her and how it represents Dali. Perhaps best known for his painting, “The Persistence of Memory”, a dreamlike image that depicts melting clocks draped over various objects, Dali was an extremely creative visionary who strove to connect and juxtapose cultures and time in his art. Dali’s etchings, while not as well-known as his paintings, represent some of his best and most spontaneous work which was captured on copper plates as inspiration struck. Much of the time, that inspiration came courtesy of Pierre Argillet, Dali’s close friend, collaborator and publisher, whose daughter, Christine, is now sharing Dali’s etchings with Austin and the world. When asked about what made Dali’s etchings so special, Mme. Argillet was quick to respond, “This collection is a reflection, if you wish, of the strong relationship between Dali and my father and what made this relationship very special is that Dali was someone who was very creative, very imaginative, very broad in his work and his ideas and my father had great passion for what Dali was doing. Each time that Dali had an idea, my father would jump on it immediately and in a few days the ideas were coming to fruition.”

InFluential Magazine: I read that your father carried copper plates with him. Was that how he was able to capture those ideas? Christine Argillet: Yes! My mother was furious because all my father’s suits had holes in the pockets because he was always carrying plates for Dali to etch and they were very sharp. He was always carrying them because he was always with Dali and Dali would jump from one idea to another. You had to be extremely prompt so that Dali wouldn’t forget the main idea. My father really had to catch the momentum. InFluential: So your father would capture the ideas in etchings as they happened? CA: Yes. My father was always running behind him so Dali wouldn’t get interested by another topic and forget his idea. Just to follow up on this idea, Dali would get inspired and work very rapidly and do 20 copper plates in a row. Copper etchings do not allow cancellation of any lines which have been etched, so whatever has been done



is there. You cannot cancel it. So you would get Dali’s inspiration, movement, spontaneity and that’s another part that’s not well known. InFluential: I’ve seen etchings and prints by Dali that were highlighted with color and even finely shredded gold leaf. That’s not typical for etchings, so I’m wondering what the inspiration for that was. CA: My father asked Dali to add color to some etchings because he and some collectors weren’t fans of the black and white, so many etchings in the show have been hand colored. Sometimes Dali would create multiple plates to add colors as with wood block prints. For example, he did this in the Bullfight series. But, Dali was not somebody who would stay with one technique forever. He would experiment with scissors, or nails, or something different. Another day he would try something with acid or sugar or something different (including an octopus on one occasion!)


Christine Argillet and Salvador Dali at the lake

InFluential: Now, Dali also did paintings and etchings of Christ on the Cross. Some of them were very powerful and raw, just pure emotion. Was Dali a spiritual person? CA: Dali had a very strong spirituality. Just before the Second World War he had a sort of religious moment. He had another one in the early 60’s. In the 30’s, he had sort of divine visions of the Christ on the cross that had never been done before. My father published some religious pieces that were mostly inspired by Leonardo and the Renaissance. But, when people would ask if he was religious, Dali would invariably say, “I’m Catholic, Apostolic and Mormon.” He didn’t belong to any religion but had a very mystical approach. When he and his wife Gala got married, they went to eight different places of worship: Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and so on. He had this kind of universal vision but he was never part of any religion.

Salvador Dali and Christine Argillet. Original artwork on view in “Salvador Dali: The Argillet Collection,”

InFluential: So this goes back to his vision of connecting cultures and time with universality? CA: Yes. It was very important to him. Dali was open to all ideas and cultures and was always very positive and I think we need models like that for growing up! (Mme. Argillet spent much time with Dali when she was a teenager.) I think it’s fabulous when we have people who have this large vision. I think it helps show the world in a different manner. He was excellent at breaking frames, but you know what, I think it’s about the beauty of art. If not for artists, who will do it?

Christine Argillet and Salvador Dali

Learn more about the collection and Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery by visiting online at l

Mme. Argillet now has the opportunity to show the world in a different manner through the eyes of Salvador Dali and she’s excited to share Dali’s genius with Austin at the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery. Dali’s work has inspired, astounded, and bewildered generations of artists and fans and now is your chance to see it for yourself. Don’t miss it!


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People you should know

Coleen ElliS

Co-Founder and Pet Loss Expert, The Pet Loss Center, Austin, Texas

Who She Is: compassionate, fierce and experienced, coleen ellis sits at the helm of the pet loss center as an educator and companion to those experiencing pet loss and grief. her past credentials from the human funeral world and keen sense of caregiving has fueled her evolution as a true pet loss pioneer. The Importance of Compassion: coleen’s approach is rooted in compassion. in her business, she has watched pet ownership rise and more people treat their pets like family, both in life and in death. By supporting those emotional journeys, coleen empowers and educates her customers- and the vets that serve them- so that they can grieve fully and wholeheartedly for their pets while also celebrating the time they had together. Why There is Value in Being the “Pet Loss Pioneer”: coleen is proud of her voice in the end-of-life profession and of the opportunity to speak for pet parents who have continued to ask for more for their pets. coleen believes that pets deserve true dignity and respect in death, a cause that shines through her work with the pet loss center. Greatest Career Highlights: While coleen and the pet loss center are now sitting on the forefront of changes within their profession, she cherishes her entire pet loss professional journey. since the inception of her business 13 years ago, coleen has continued to give veterinary partners and pet parents the permission and support to do more for their pets, a life-long career that she describes as noble and heartwarming. Proven Business Advice: in order to be a successful leader, coleen believes you must truly believe in the “why” of what you do. in a world where most people don’t understand the importance of a “pet loss center,” coleen is content as a trailblazer who authentically believes in providing a respectful grieving process for pet parents. 61

in Network

People you should know

Nicholas Padlo

Co-Founder and CEO, The Pet Loss Center, Austin, Texas Who He Is: While Nick does hold the title of CEO of The Pet Loss Center, he is first and foremost a pet parent. A true steward to the pet community, Nick uses his Silicon Valley business acumen and discipline as an Army veteran to provide the best end-of-life care to pets in the Austin area and across the country through his work at The Pet Loss Center. Why Being a Pet Parent is Enriching: As an avid pug lover, Nick takes his customers’ experiences very personally. Drawing from his own desires to treat his pets with dignity and respect, Nick channels that energy into a business that provides the quality care that pets and pet families deserve. Encouraging Others to Be Effective Leaders: With a topic as sensitive as “pet loss,” Nick values the importance of forming the right team and culture. This includes making sure that team members truly understand pet owners. Nick encourages his employees to pay close attention to detail, because in their business “there is no room for error.” He has taken the path of many venturebacked, millennial-owned businesses by making customer service the cornerstone of everything they do. Positive Influence on the Community: Austin is a bustling pet town and Nick and his team work to serve not only pet owners, but all of the partners who contribute to the pet community. By building a strong network of rescue groups, veterinary partners and K-9 service dog groups, Nick establishes deep connections with every step of the pet parenting process, even in times of grief. His Vision for the Pet Loss Center: Padlo’s goal is to ensure that everyone in Austin (and in Texas) has the opportunity to provide quality end-of-life care to their pets. Nick’s vision doesn’t stop there; his goal is to provide this service to pet parents across the country.











Gaby Natale


Argentina un paraíso

turístico kPor


a República Argentina, conocida como Argentina, es un país de América del Sur ubicado en el extremo sur y sudeste de dicho subcontinente. Por sus 2.780.400 km², es el país hispanohablante más extenso del planeta, el segundo más grande de América Latina, cuarto en el continente y octavo en el mundo, si se considera solo la superficie continental sujeta a soberanía efectiva. Si se cuentan las islas Malvinas, Georgias del Sur y Aurora (administradas por el Reino Unido pero de soberanía en litigio), más el área antártica reclamada al sur del paralelo 60° S, denominada Antártida Argentina (que incluye a las islas Orcadas del Sur y Shetland del Sur) sobre la cual Argentina reclama soberanía, prolongando su límite meridional hasta el Polo Sur, la superficie se elevaría a 3.761.274 km², convirtiéndose en el séptimo país más extenso del mundo. Esta reclamación está afectada por lo establecido por el Tratado Antártico, sin que su firma constituya una renuncia.




El Perito Moreno es uno de los tantos glaciares que forman el Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Todos forman el Hielo Continental Patagónico (17.000 kilómetros de extensión) que es una de las reservas de agua potable más importante del mundo. El 90 % del agua dulce del planeta se encuentra en las zonas glaciarias y después de la Antártida y Groenlandia, sigue esta región argentina


Parque Provincial Ischigualasto, Valle de la Luna SanJuan, destacado y reconocido por su valor paleontológico y paisajístico. Conocido por sus hallazgos de fósiles de dinosaurios y sus impactantes paisajes. En Noviembre del año 2000, es declarado por la UNESCO “Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad”

Su territorio continental abarca gran parte del Cono Sur, limita al norte con Bolivia y Paraguay, al nordeste con Brasil, al este con Uruguay y el océano Atlántico, al oeste con Chile y, siempre en su sector americano, al sur con Chile y las aguas atlánticas del pasaje de Drake. Norte Argentino El Norte argentino comprende las provincias de Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca, Tucumán y Santiago del Estero, el oeste de Chaco y Formosa. En sus fronteras predominan selvas, junglas, valles, quebradas y el místico altiplano argentino. Litoral Argentino De clima cálido, abarca las provincias de Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Ríos y parte de las provincias del Chaco y de Santa Fe. Protegida por los caudalosos ríos Iguazú, Paraná y Uruguay, esta región destaca por sus interminables atractivos naturales.

Consagradas entre las 7 Maravillas Naturales del Mundo, las Cataratas del Iguazú son el atractivo natural más visitado de la provincia de Misiones y uno de los más imponentes de la Argentina y el mundo



Cuyo Conocida por sus vinos, el corredor de Cuyo abarca las provincias de Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan y La Rioja. De variados suelos, es una de las regiones más visitadas por turistas. Sierras En el centro del país se ubica el corredor de Las Sierras, que abarca las provincias de Córdoba y San Luis, donde predominan formaciones serranas y microclimas característicos de estas ciudades. Buenos Aires El corredor de Buenos Aires incluye paisajes de campo, lagunas, sierras, el famoso delta de Tigre y su inagotable ciudad. Cualquiera sea el destino elegido, las diversidad de atractivos es una constante en esta región argentina.


Ciudad Rosario, en Santa Fe, es un respiro para todos aquellos agotados de la rutina y de tanta urbanidad. Atrae a gente de pueblos pequeños porque ofrece shoppings, restaurantes, museos, parques y diversión asegurada para los más chicos

Costa Atlántica Argentina El corredor de la Costa Atlántica de la provincia de Buenos Aires es el destino más elegido del país durante la temporada veraniega. De amplias playas, grandes y pequeñas ciudades. Gran Valle de la Patagonia El corredor del Gran Valle es sinónimo de oasis en medio de la aridez patagónica. Abarca parte de La Pampa, Neuquén y Río Negro. Su oferta turística se ha incrementado notablemente en los últimos años. Los Lagos de la Patagonia Por su belleza y naturaleza virgen, el corredor de los Lagos es una de las áreas más hermosas de Argentina. Es un destino que puede disfrutarse tanto en invierno, cuando el esquí es protagonista, como en verano.

La Boca es uno de los barrios más populares de la capital argentina. Un barrio obrero con gran tradición y con lugares irrepetibles como Caminito. El barrio está lleno de contrastes, podemos estar en una zona de suburbio y, al torcer la esquina, en un lugar lleno de color En la Plaza de las Naciones Unidas de Buenos Aires se encuentra una enorme estructura metálica obra del arquitecto Eduardo Catalano, realizada en acero inoxidable con un esqueleto de aluminio y hormigón sobre un espejo de agua que representa una impresionante flor de seis pétalos con un peso de 18 toneladas y una altura de 23 metros

Costa Patagónica El corredor Costa Sur comprende las playas que conforman la costa patagónica argentina, ofreciendo una excelente opción turística con una inusitada variedad de paisajes casi vírgenes.

Patagonia Austral Cercano al “fin del mundo”, el corredor Austral abarca el sur de Chubut y las provincias de Santa Cruz y Tierra del Fuego. En la región deslumbran los glaciares, las estancias, las montañas y el mar. l






in embargo, haremos mención aparte del establecimiento número uno que engalana la comida vasca. No digamos más. Abre el apetito, busca tu pasaporte y viaja con nosotros para conocer los mejores platos latinos del 2015.


CEllER 1 El dE CaN RoCa


girona, españa

lima, Perú

Los hermanos Roca –Joan, Josep y Jordi– lideran la lista de los mejores restaurantes del mundo, un reconocimiento que también obtuvieron en 2013. La revista Restaurant los cataloga como “la santísima trinidad de la cocina”, donde exploran sus raíces y la calidez familiar. El local, que goza de tres estrellas Michelin, destaca por la imaginación de sus platos y las iniciativas gastronómicas que han llevado a otras latitudes. Han publicado siete libros y en 2014, las puertas del Celler se cerraron temporalmente, porque todo el equipo emprendió la gira Rocambulante por las cocinas de América Latina y Estados Unidos para generar menús inspirados en la cultura de cada país. El 20 de octubre de este año, recibieron la prestigiosa Seta de Oro, entregado por la asociación Asohtur, que reconoce el apoyo y estudio de la micología.

La biodiversidad del Perú es celebrada en los fogones del restaurante Central. Su chef, Virgilio Martínez, combina los frutos del mar, montañas, desierto y selva a través de una propuesta vertical de pisos ecológicos. Respeta la complejidad de los productos locales e investiga ingredientes desconocidos para conjugarlos en su menú, con la intención de expandir los conocimientos nutricionales, biológicos y antropológicos.

latinos del mundo 9 RESTaURaNTE d.o.M.

14 aSTRid Y gaSTóN

Sao Paulo, brasil

lima, Perú

Alex Atala, chef de D.O.M., recrea en cada plato, por medio de técnicas culinarias francesas e italianas, la transcendencia de los productos locales de su país, respetando el medio ambiente y las comunidades aborígenes. En marzo de 2015, la guía Michelin de Brasil otorgó dos estrellas a D.O.M. y una a Dalva e Dito, otro restaurante de Atala, pero con una visión popular e informal.

En 1994 Gastón Acurio y Astrid Gutsche abren las puertas de este restaurante que ovaciona el sabor de la comida peruana y la promueven alrededor del mundo. Desde 2014, Diego Muñoz dirige los fogones del local. El menú resalta los detalles culinarios de la materia prima del país, complementada con otros productos internacionales. Gastón es considerado “el rey de la cocina peruana”, ha escrito ocho libros y, en 2009, 500 años de fusión es elegido por la Gourmand World Cookbook Awards como el mejor texto del mundo en materia gastronómica.

David Venegas

Caracas, Venezuela @Venegas_D david es comunicador social, mención impreso, graduado de la universidad católica santa rosa en caracas. además de la fotografía y el arte de la literatura narrativa, se ha desempeñado en el área de periodismo gastronómico. también ha realizado trabajos especiales para revistas de economía, negocios, publicidad y mercadeo. desea, algún día, convertirse en novelista.




35 RESTAURANTE Quintonil

México D.F., México

México D.F., México

México D.F., México

En este restaurante se rinde tributo a la cocina aborigen de México. Enrique Olvera, chef y promotor de Mesamérica, se esmera en aplicar técnicas modernas y ancestrales sobre ingredientes nativos (cómo el cuitlacoche y las hormigas) para crear platos con sabores únicos que son distribuidos en las trece mesas del local. La carta de Pujol se renueva constantemente y su propuesta cuida hasta el último detalle. Una mezcla de tradición y vanguardia.

Con una visión contemporánea de la gastronomía mexicana, Jorge Vallejo enfoca su cocina en ingredientes frescos de temporada, como hierbas, granos, hortalizas, tallos y productos locales. Este joven chef, junto a su esposa Alejandra Flores, obtiene la mayoría de los ingredientes de su propio huerto. El nombre del restaurante está inspirado en los quelites, unas verduras típicas de México. Entre sus reconocimientos, destaca el Mejor Menú de Degustación 2013, según la revista Travel + Leisure México.

Gerard Bellver, Bruno Oteiza y Mikel Alonso representan la magia que nace en Biko. Este trío se encarga de recrear platos contemporáneos con ingredientes vascos y mexicanos, exponiendo un menú creativo centrado en la diversión. Además, crearon el “Manifiesto de la Cocina Gachupa”, donde describen su propia identidad culinaria que contribuye al desarrollo de la cocina mexicana y Latinoamericana.






Sao Paulo, Brasil

Santiago, Chile

Lima, Perú

Helena Rizzo y Daniel Redondo presentan una cocina relajada y sin pretensiones, bajo la premisa “cocinar con los recuerdos y la vida cotidiana”. Utilizan ingredientes locales -como la jabuticaba, cachaça, yuca, nueces y tucupi- en un ambiente hogareño. En 2014, Rizzo fue reconocida con el premio Chef Femenina del Mundo Veuve Clicquot. Como dato curioso, el restaurante tiene el mismo nombre que la diosa hindú de la mandioca, que según la leyenda brasilera, dio origen a esa raíz.

Basado en la biodiversidad, estacionalidad y en las tradiciones gastronómicas de los pueblos originarios de Chile, Rodolfo Guzmán emplea técnicas sofisticadas para exponer platos refrescantes y que generan el futuro de la cocina de su país. Los ingredientes de Boragó son los más frescos de Chile: el agua viene de la lluvia de la Patagonia, poseen su huerto, además trabajan directamente con los pescadores y con diversas comunidades recolectoras y productoras.

Mitsuharu Tsumura da vida a la verdadera esencia de la comida Nikkei, la mezcla culinaria entre la comida japonesa y peruana. El restaurante ofrece ingredientes aborígenes del Perú, servidos con la elegancia japonesa, para crear platos con texturas y sabores inigualables. De hecho, Maido es la forma más especial y acogedora de decir “bienvenidos” en Japón.




Celebrando y retando

con estilo n

FOTOGRAFÍA: Jeffrey Moustache n DISEÑADOR: Erik Rosete n MARCA: Mister Triple X n MAQUILLAJE: Erik Torppe n ModelOs: Jimmy Q Janine Tugonon Brad Murphy Alexsei Zimnitca Melissa Kimbro Brandon Bailey



D efinitivamente cada día hay más diseñadores que comprenden nuestra necesidad de ser únicos y desafiantes, pero sin perder el estilo. Erik Rosete, quien figuró en el Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week de Nueva York, nos muestra sus looks de la temporada, inspirados en el cine, la televisión y en las historias que lo rodean. Además, fue el preferido de Tyra Banks en su show “America’s Next Top Model”. l








Gaby Natale kPor Leonardo D’Amalgro


veces los momentos de mayor frustración son los que te llevan a tomar las decisiones que más te hacen avanzar en la vida. No hay que desanimarse. Es cierto eso de que hasta una patada en el trasero te impulsa hacia adelante”, dice entre risas Gaby Natale, periodista y empresaria de medios, siete veces nominada al EMMY y el 7 de noviembre de 2015 fue ganadora de un EMMY por Mejor Presentador y Productor Ejecutivo. Con su propia empresa de marketing multicultural, un estudio de televisión y SuperLatina –su show de televisión sindicado nacionalmente en Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y Canadá– Gaby tiene su agenda completa. Es difícil imaginarse el gran vuelco que tuvo que dar su vida para vivir este feliz presente. Es que para esta empresaria de medios de origen argentino, el primer “gran patadón que la impulsaría hacia adelante” ocurrió en su país de origen en diciembre del 2001, tras la mayor crisis económica y política de los últimos tiempos. “Justo cuando me gradué con mi maestría en periodismo, Argentina pasaba por su peor momento. Había un desempleo del 24 %. Pasé casi dos años desempleada y sin oportunidades”. Fue por ello que cuando recibió una oferta para trabajar en Washington DC no lo pensó dos veces. Armó sus maletas y se fue.


n FotografÍa: Nicollette Mollet n CABELLO y MAQUILLAJE: Wafu Artistry ESTILISTA: Leonardo D’Almagro n GUARDARROPA: Guess by Marciano, Lily Pulitzer



“Una de las cosas más duras fue despedirme de quien hoy es mi marido. Pasamos trece meses viviendo en diferentes países”, suspira Natale. A llegar a Estados Unidos, trabajó en Washington DC, cubrió visitas presidenciales en la Casa Blanca, pero su primera oportunidad frente a las cámaras fue en Texas. El destino la llevó a instalarse en Midland-Odessa, donde consiguió un trabajo como conductora de noticias. “Pensaba que se me habían abierto las puertas del paraíso, pero pronto llegó la frustración. Mis ideas eran ignoradas y las oportunidades no se otorgaban en función del mérito. Tuve que plantearme seriamente qué camino quería seguir. No había venido desde tan lejos para quedarme con


las ganas de cumplir mis sueños”, explica Natale. En 2007, decidió renunciar a su puesto de conductora de noticias para crear su propia empresa y show de televisión. Así nació SuperLatina. “Me dijeron que estaba loca, pero no hice caso. Con un préstamo bancario de 20 mil dólares, compramos equipo y comenzamos a grabar y producir mi show SuperLatina en una bodega de Midland”. Han pasado ocho años desde la primera transmisión del programa. Hoy, es transmitido a nivel nacional a través del canal Vme TV, acaba de entrar en el mercado de Canadá y ha sido nominado por séptima vez al premio Emmy. Cuenta con más de 40 millones de reproducciones en YouTube.

“Es literalmente un sueño hecho realidad. Hoy tenemos nuestro propio estudio de televisión y somos dueños de los derechos del show. Una de las cosas que más me entusiasman es seguir subiendo la calidad en cada emisión. La nueva temporada está espectacular e incluye entrevistas con figuras de primera línea como Deepak Chopra, Thalía y Carlos Santana”, comparte Gaby. A la par de SuperLatina, también fue creciendo AGANARmedia, la compañía de marketing multicultural de Natale que en su nombre captura el espíritu optimista que caracteriza a la comunidad hispana. “Nos da mucho orgullo que empresas globales como Ford, AT&T, Procter & Gamble e Ebay confíen en nosotros”, comenta Andrés Suárez, el marido y socio comercial de Natale. “Nos encanta la idea de crear algo desde cero, teniendo muchas cosas en contra y poner en alto el nombre de los Latinos, sobre todo ahora que hemos sido atacados de una manera tan vil”, explica la pareja. Para Natale, el momento que atraviesa el país es la oportunidad perfecta para que la población hispana destaque y triunfe todavía más. “Estamos en todas partes, somos la minoría más grande, ¿Qué estamos esperando? Si hay algo que nos caracteriza es nuestra capacidad de lucha y sobrevivir. Es nuestro momento”, dice antes de despedirse esta verdadera super latina. l

CONÉCTATE CON GABY NATALE @superlatinashow @gabynatale SUPERLATINA SHOW eu y puerto rico: Sábados, 4 p.m. ET, VmeTV canadá: Jueves, 7 p.m. ET, Nuevo Mundo TV 85

Joyeria para celebrar


recientemente se ha lanzado en los estados Unidos, la nueva línea de joyería bAhZ, de la diseñadora britt harless


as creaciones de Britt Harless son prueba de que es posible convertir las circunstancias más devastadoras en algo verdaderamente hermoso. Hace dos años, el mejor amigo de Harless falleció repentinamente, dejando su dos hijas adolescentes, las cuales son ahijadas de Harless. Estaba muy triste, se sentía impotente por todo lo que sus ahijadas estaban pasando. Cuando Harless estaba en su momento más bajo, salió a la calle y observó los robles.


FOTOGRAFÍA: provistas por Bahz/Britt harless & BoB MaNzaNo



La naturaleza era un bálsamo para su alma mientras estudiaba las curvas de los árboles desnudos en el más profundo invierno de Dallas. En ese momento, al ver las formas de las ramas, notó que aunque estaban sin hojas, la vida continua internamente y ese era el mensaje que ella podía brindarle a su ahijadas, que ahora viven con ella. Esa fue la inspiración para diseñar piezas hermosas y celebrar la vida. La colección debut Bahz se llama “Ramas de invierno en la Bastilla”, un nombre que surge de las raíces francesas de Harless, su familia fue una de los cien primeros colonos europeos en Texas. Bastille es una prisión y el sitio de la revolución, y Harless quería un nombre de colección que reflejara la forma en que la naturaleza la liberó de la depresión y le permitió continuar con su vida. Cada pieza artesanal es el nombre de una calle alrededor del monumento de la prisión de la Bastilla. La joyería está elaborada con plata, bronce o bañada en oro de 14 quilates. Bahz está ya disponible en visite






riginalmente se necesitan entre trece y veinte horas para realizar, de manera artesanal, el popular panettone. Aunque algunos historiadores coinciden en que se desarrolló en la Edad Media, el verdadero origen de este plato está en una ciudad muy importante de Italia: Milán. Literalmente panettone significa «pan de Toni» y vale la pena conocer las leyendas que derivaron este nombre. La primera indica que en 1490 un joven acaudalado, llamado Ughetto Atellani de Futi, se enamoró de Adalgisa, la hija de un panadero de Milán. Como no podían verse, el chico se hizo pasar por aprendiz y entró a trabajar en la panadería, bajo el nombre de Toni. Las ventas iban en caída libre y Ughetto decidió elaborar un pan con fruta confitada, limón, naranja y más cantidad de huevos, mantequilla y azúcar. Fue todo un éxito y todos los clientes comenzaron a pedir el pan de Toni. La otra historia, y quizá la más conocida, se ubica en 1500, durante un fastuoso banquete navideño en el hogar del duque Ludovico El Moro. Cuando llegó el turno del postre, el chef se fijó que se había quemado y se armó un gran lío en la cocina. Entre tanto alboroto se acercó un niño lavandero llamado Toni y le ofreció al chef un pan que había hecho utilizando las sobras y estaba colmado de fruta confitada. El cocinero no tuvo otra opción y aceptó la sugerencia. El pan fue recibido con elogios y


kpor DAVID VENEGAS cuando Ludovico quiso felicitar al chef, éste le otorgó el crédito al niño. Por eso fue llamado pan de Toni. Aunque en Europa suele encontrarse con regularidad en todo el año, su mayor demanda es durante la época navideña. Es el postre que acompaña la cena de Nochebuena y nunca falta en las fiestas familiares, junto a los villancicos y un buen vino dulce. El panettone es un símbolo de la cultura italiana y por eso trabajan para obtener una Denominación de Origen Controlada. Esta esponjosa joya navideña, que incluye pasas, uvas, trozos de almendras y frutillas confitadas, se ha extendido a otros países y en Latinoamérica ya se convirtió en un clásico. Si vamos al Perú, el segundo país con mayor consumo de este producto, lo comeremos con una taza de chocolate caliente o acompañado con mermelada, al igual que en Bolivia y Colombia. Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay lo llaman «pan dulce»; Chile y Ecuador lo conocen como «pan de pascua», mientras que en Venezuela se sirve con ponche crema. l



Un hombre con distinción kPor M. Antunes - España


or qué no decirlo, a los hombres nos encanta vestir bien, tener un look actual y moderno. Amigas mías y muchas mujeres me han preguntado cuáles son los secretos de estilo más importantes, con el objetivo de buscar una ayuda para sus novios, hermanos, hijos, amigos e incluso maridos. El buen aspecto vale más que mil palabras. Cuanto mejor te sientas con la ropa que llevas más confianza tendrás en ti mismo y, por consiguiente, más oportunidades tendrás tanto en tu vida personal como en tu vida profesional. A la hora de vestir, debes tomar en cuenta el estilo de vida que tienes. Si ejecutas un puesto con responsabilidad, liderazgo y autoridad, la imagen debe reflejar capacidad, conocimientos y experiencia. Y te preguntarás: ¿Sólo con la ropa consigues esto? Rotundamente sí, de nada te van a servir los largos años de estudio y preparación si al final no lo proyectas en tu imagen. Esta te puede ayudar a hacer este camino mucho más fácil y no convertirse en un obstáculo.


guardarropa: Capra & Cavelli ESTILISTA Fashion: Mona Lisa Hart The Campbell Agency n PEINADO Y MAQUILLAJE: Cher Hukill The Campbell Agency n ModelO: Michael Vestal The Campbell Agency n FOTOGRAFĂ?A: Alfie Coy n n



Si quieres saber cómo te estás vistiendo, lo verás en la ropa que eliges. Cada ocasión requiere un tipo de prenda diferente: si estás en una cena formal, necesitarás prendas formales. Lo ideal es realizar una consulta con tus allegados, averiguando qué tan sobrio es el evento al que asistirás, y así poder elegir la ropa adecuada. Verse formal o informal todo el día queda mal. Recuerda que los extremos nunca son buenos y un estilo intermedio nunca queda falto de elegancia. l



Decoremos para celebrar 96

la Navidad!

kpor y. SANZ -PERÚ

La entrada Da la bienvenida a tus amigos y familiares desde la puerta de tu casa. Elige una corona bonita y personalízala con algún adorno. Otra idea es colocar unas bolsas de papel, con piedras para que no se vuelen, y con una vela dentro. De esta manera crearás una sutil iluminación, muy agradable por la noche. Eso sí, es muy importante que la vela esté protegida por un fanal, para que la bolsa no se queme.

La ventana Decora las ventanas con una guirnalda donde podrás colgar las tarjetas que recibas.

La chimenea Si tienes la suerte de tener una chimenea en casa, ilumínala con velas. Así crearás un maravilloso rincón donde colocar los regalos. Y si no se te da bien envolverlos, preséntalos dentro de unas bolsas bonitas. Así evitarás complicaciones y los más pequeños tardarán menos en abrirlos.

Para los regalos Evita las confusiones entre los más pequeños y envuelve con papeles diferentes los regalos de cada uno o coloca su nombre en cada paquete. También puedes dejarlos en la puerta de sus dormitorios.

El árbol Si apuestas por un abeto natural, comprueba que tiene la raíz necesaria para replantarlo una vez pasadas las fiestas. También puedes adquirir un modelo artificial, y plegable, cada vez son más bonitos y son muy prácticos. Te comparto algunas ideas y celebra con tu creatividad. l


Teen Y Inne K c M eth b rs A Z elI nde

W r e t WIn


. Me.. O t It ! GIVe th It

Or W I’M ter WIn

winter WraPPinGs

Ies t I V I Act




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Lunch Bunch Bag by Vera Bradley

Keeping it fresh for fall and so much prettier than the old school brown paper bag! Durable and stylish, this lunch bag comes in a variety of patterned colors and prints with enough room for a water bottle, ice pack and snacks for the Teen on the Go!

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Because all little girls dream of being a Princess! No matter how old you are you will just Love, Love, Love this Princess ring!! This ring won’t over power because it’s classic and dainty and will melt the heart of any girly girl. Made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia this budget friendly ring is the perfect gift for the Princess in your life! products/rings/190880cz

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wanderlust of the modern 70’s.

experience the golden

From modern flares, velvet jackets and sexy sequin tops to feather and turquoise

–the festival girls– take us to the wild side of the moon through this seasons most coveted trends.


Festival 102










PHOTOGRAPHER: vaNessa Gavalya- those 3 reps ASST. PHOTOGRAPHER: BeNJaMiN BoWMaN STyLIST: JeaNette chivvis - seaMiNX artist MaNaGeMeNt ASST. STyLIST: aNGie McGoWaN - seaMiNX artist MaNaGeMeNt MAKEUP AND HAIR: paiGe aNdersoN - WWW.PAIGEANDERSON.COM PRODUCER: heather WarBoG MODELS: roXaNNa redfoot aNd aXie aNdreWs - the caMpBell aGeNcy



Winter Wonders teen spot ligHt: eliZaBetH mCkinney



illed with adventure, romance, suspense, plot twists and strong character development, young author Elizabeth McKinney (age 19), a new member of the Texas Authors’ Association, is working to change the cliché view of young adult literature. She was 16 when her first book, Young Falcon, was published and 19 when the sequel, Fallen Rose, was published. Take a look as Elizabeth shares with us some insights to her adventures of writing her thrilling series. InFluential Magazine: What is the series about? Elizabeth McKinney: The series chronicles the misadventures of a young elven girl named Elysia who discovers that the human race –supposedly extinct after an ancient war– has returned and seeks vengeance for past wrongs. It’s her struggle to play her part in an impending war between two very different worlds and Elysia must ultimately decide who is in the right. InFluential: What inspired you to write this series? EM: I read Lord of the Rings as a third-grader and fell in love with fantasy. This series is my attempt to contribute something to the genre I love.


InFluential: How long have you been working on the series and how long do you think it will take to finish? EM: I’ve been working on this series since I was twelve. I wish I could give an estimate as to when it might be finished, but that’s really impossible. InFluential: When you started writing the series, did you expect it to carry on as far as it has? EM: I wasn’t sure how far the series would go initially; it’s difficult to tell how successful a series will be until it’s actually out in the market. You try your best to set up a good platform beforehand, but ultimately you work with what you get and try to continually improve with each successive book. InFluential: How have you been able to stay focused and interested in one series? EM: Odd as it may seem, I have to constantly switch between stories in order to maintain my interest. If I get bored of one story, I work on another until I tire of it and continually switch back and forth. Working solely on one story / series ALL the time would be dull. InFluential: Has the publishing process been especially difficult due to your young age? EM: I think the publishing process would have been difficult if I’d gone the traditional route, but I’ve been told by many authors that my young age is an advantage because it makes people curious and entices them to pick up a copy. InFluential: What do you want the audience to discover after reading your books? EM: I want the audience to discover (or re-discover) that war is rarely a black and white matter -- each side can produce justifications for their actions. Yet despite the tragedies and hardships, there can still bloom life, love and justice.

InFluential: How has writing influenced your life? EM: I’ve been writing since I was about four. Therefore writing has shaped pretty much my entire life and I think the longest I’ve ever gone without writing anything was six days in Honduras. Writing IS my life; it’s how I discover who I am and how I understand the world. InFluential: What has been one of the most important lessons you have learned through being an author? EM: One of the most important things I’ve learned is that becoming another person (via your characters) truly helps you see the world through others’ eyes. If you’re struggling to sympathize or empathize with someone, try writing a short scene or response to a question from their perspective and you’ll learn pretty quickly to step outside yourself. It’s like acting. InFluential: What do you do in your free time away from writing? EM: I’m studying to be a screenwriter for television, so I watch various types of television shows in my spare time and try to learn what distinguishes a great script from a terrible one. Nerdy, I know. l



season’s aCtivities

Amusing activities make for impressive winter parties! Keep your guests entertained with these winterthemed party plans.




Candy Cane Guessing: For an easy beginning activity, set out different sized mason jars filled with (mini) candy canes (or candy of your choice). As the guests enter, have them write down how many candy canes they think are in the jar. Whoever ends up having the closest guess takes the candy home!

Tacky Sweater Decorating: Set up a station where your friends can decorate their sweaters with tacky ribbons, bells and bows! Be sure to include sheets of felt that can be cut out into presents, snowmen and Christmas trees that can be sewn or glued on. At the end of the night, name a winner for the tackiest sweater!




Caroling Charades: Play a game of charades with a twist. Take turns acting out the titles of popular Christmas carols and see who can guess the most songs correctly. To make it a little bit harder, team up‌ the partners must both work together to act out the charade!

Winter Photo Booth: Set up a backdrop along with a table of fun wearable props, such as Santa beards, antlers and giant top hats. During the party, your friends will be sure to snap lots of silly photos to remember! To hipster it up a notch, take the photos with a polaroid camera and provide stickers and metallic sharpies to decorate the prints with.

Two Truths and a Lie, Gift Edition: This is a holidaythemed rendition of a popular game, Two Truths and a Lie. For this game, have each friend tell of two Christmas gifts they have received, along with one that is a lie (is not something they have received). The other guests will try to guess which gift was not actually given. â—?



Step up your gift wrapping game with this nature-based aesthetic. Start off by wrapping the gift with wood patterned paper. Then take a brown paper bag and cut out several leaves. Tie these onto a good length of twine and wrap the twine around the gift to seal the package.

Make use of holiday-themed foliage and try this easy new take on wrapping. First, start with a green and brown based gift wrap paper. Then select your piece of nature - it could be a sprig of holly or a cluster of wild berries. Now find a photo of a bird to match and attach this, along with the branch, to the package.

Winter Wrappings During this season, everyone enjoys giving and receiving presents. When there are so many gifts, it’s hard to make certain ones stand out. Here are ways to ensure that the presents you prepare are an eye-catching and stylish break from run-of-the-mill wrapping paper! It is a commonly known fact that ribbon is a must-have in gift wrapping. If you’re looking for a simple twist on the average wrap, consider replacing ribbon with yarn. You can combine various colors of yarn, or you could keep one color and use different textures and thicknesses. Replacing the ribbon with yarn will give the package a more vibrant and unique aesthetic and your gifts will be sure to stand out!


For a package that looks like it was delivered straight out of a wintery forest, start by wrapping the box in brown paper. Then gather a small bunch of tips from a pine tree –these could be either real or artificial– and lightly streak them with white spray paint for a snowy touch. Glue these together with a couple of pinecones into a beautiful bouquet that will fit on your box. To finish it off, tie it onto your package with a length of brown twine. -wrapping-ideas/

Winter Hats for Your Head Not only is it totally stylish and makes a statement in a crowd, it also keeps your head warm in the winter. The necessity every young woman needs in her closet this winter is a stylish hat. Although you might be thinking that hats just aren’t your cup of tea, or they

don’t look good on you, think again. There are a ton of different styles of hats for every type of person. It’s just about finding which one is right for you!

Fedoras are a beautiful match for rounded faces. The asymmetrical brim makes the face appear slimmer and the tall, indented crown lengthens and thins the appearance of the face.

This classic Newsboy style knit is the perfect fit for someone with a round face. Angled to the side, the angle creates a longer looking face. The brim also creates an illusion of length. brooklyn-blonde-3881041/ wednesday-3741955957

www.hopefulhoney. com/2014/07/niftynewsboy-hat-crochetpattern.html

For women with long, oval shaped faces: If your worried that wearing a hat with make your face look too long, a floppy, circular hat with a low crown is the look for you. The floppy brim can be pulled down and lowered to help the forehead appear shorter.

Heart shaped faces (wider forehead, narrower chin) look good in many styles of hats, but you can never go wrong with the classic, trendy beanie. This style is great for warmth, comfort and style. winter-hats-for-your-faceshape/


in socieTy

event guide

noveMBer s




Urban Assault Ride:

Halloween Candy Buyback Program

9 aM – 1 pM Camp Mabry 2200 W 35th St Austin, TX 78703

7:30am – 6pm 951 W Parmer Ln Ste 200 Austin, TX 78727

t 3


Congressman Michael McCaul to Speak to Texas Search and Rescue

Shatterproof Challenge Rappel Austin

16 3rd Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Golf Classic

7 pM Long Center


8 aM – 5 pM Omni Austin Hotel

11:30 aM – 1:30 pM The Austin Club 110 E. 9th Street Austin, Texas 78701


Huston-Tillotson University’s Inauguration Step Afrika Performance 5th Quarter Cocktail Kickoff at Dine Radisson Austin



2nd Annual Harry Potter Fest


Fun Fun Fun Fest Auditorium Shores




14th Annual Bridging the Gap Gala

“Foreign Worlds” Exhibit - Art Premiere & Cocktail Party

Girls Empowerment Network’s 8th Annual We Are Girls Conference 2015 theme is “Tell Your Story”

5:30 – 9 pM Four Seasons Hotel Austin

7 – 11:55 pM Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio 777 Shady Lane #8 Austin, Texas 78702

9 aM – 3 pM Austin High School



Capital Area Dental Society/Capital Area Dental Foundation Golf Classic

Hotel San Jose Fall Jazz Brunch


Receive a 50 percent discount on ticket pricing by including the code

1404 West Ave. Austin, TX 78701


24 12 – 1 pM The Blanton Museum of Art

Christmas at the Caswell House


Creek Show 2015


Music at the Blanton




Party for Good

6 – 9 pM Hyatt Regency Austin 208 Barton Springs Road


Keep Austin Beautiful Beautiful Bash 6 – 8:30 pM 1102 E Cesar Chavez St Austin, Texas 7802

JW Marriott Austin

7 – 8:30 pM King-Seabrook Chapel 900 Chicon Street Austin, Texas

7 pM – 10 pM Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In

8 aM – 3 pM Spanish Oaks Golf Course


t 5

Kung Fu Saloon


Austin Opera presents Verdi’s “Aida”


Drink for a CauseRelay for Life FUNraiser

AIDS Walk Austin

11:30 aM – 4 pM Republic Square Park , 422 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX 78701


6 pM – 11 pM Waller Creek 5th-8th StreetsAustin, TX, 78702

7 aM – 3 pM Avery Ranch Golf Club



10 aM – 1 pM Hotel San Jose 1316 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78704

28 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

7 pM Long Center 701 W. Riverside Drive Austin, TX 78704

upon checkout.



More information and other events:


in socieTy

event guide

deCeMBer s


t 1

W 2

t 3

Galaxy Highland 10 Theater


6 Girlstart DeSTEMber Fest

Austin Trail of Lights: Night Lights, the 2nd Annual Preview Party

12 – 3 pM The Bullock Museum

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

13 Lake Travis: Christmas in the Village & Marketplace 3 – 8 pM 555 Venture Blvd South Point Venture TX


Austin Trail of Lights: Grand Opening



Trans-Siberian Orchestra “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve”

Austin Trail of Lights 2015

7 – 11 pM Frank Erwin Center

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704





Cedar Park,: Holiday Tree Lighting & Santas Workshop

STARGAZING SIMS 20th Anniversary Star Party

6:30 – 9 PM 875 Quest Parkway Cedar Park, Texas 78613


5th Annual Day of Tango Festival 12 pM Ben Hur Shrine Hall






Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Cedar Park: Little Elves

Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

3 – 5:30 pM 1435 Main Street Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

KLRU Studio 6A

12 5th Annual Day of Tango Festival 12 pM Ben Hur Shrine Hall


Frank Erwin Center




Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Austin Trail of Lights 2015

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704







26 The Blue Man Group 12 pM The Long Center 701 W. Riverside Dr. Austin TX 78704



The Blue Man Group 12 pM The Long Center 701 W. Riverside Dr. Austin TX 78704

More information and other events:


in society

Austin Originals Benefit Concert and Live Taping an Extraordinary Success Annual Event held for Austin Child Guidance Center and Children’s Mental Health kWritten By Renée Hanson Malone photography Courtesy of Imiko Images and Jenny Trower Photography

O 1

n Saturday, September 26 the Austin Child Guidance Center (ACGC) hosted the 4th Annual Austin Originals Benefit Concert and Live Taping presented by H-E-B Tournament of Champions with performances by Tameca Jones and NuJazzSwing. Emcee Robert Hadlock of KXAN News welcomed the over 500 attendees to the Austin Music Hall and the benefit featured a successful live auction by Victoria Pineda. The agency presented Mary Wilbur and Robin Rosell with the 4th Annual Phyllis Richards Austin Icon for Children Award for their amazing work in the community. Honorary Co-Chairs BA Snyder and Danae Falvo did an extraordinary job in growing the event with a substantial increase in sponsorships and donations. The evening raised $332,631 to be directed toward the agency’s



mental health services for low-income families. ACGC is a local non-profit working within the community for almost 65 years. Their purpose is to improve the mental health of children and families, regardless of their ability to pay. For years ACGC went overlooked by the public, as it did not have a signature event to connect with local residents. With the 4th year in production, the benefit truly evolved into a recognized, well-attended affair and its live stream by TourGigs Productions had over 100 views this year. Influential community members, like Mark Hamlin, Sean and Liliana Jones, William Jackson, Veronica Segura of Seton Healthcare Family, Vicki Roberts of Lexus of Austin-Lakeway and Brad Robb of the Anderson Charitable Foundation were all in attendance.







Intelligent Lighting Design transformed the Austin Music Hall with glowing, colorful orbs and the “Austin Originals” showcased a Tasting Grove presented by Lexus of Austin-Lakeway that featured a best choice judging for guests. There were rave reviews of the culinary spread, featuring III Forks at the VIP reception and signature dishes from Winflo Osteria, Blackfinn Ameripub, Urban an American Grill, Snap Kitchen, Cantina Laredo, NO Va Kitchen and Bar, SC3 Catering, and the Popcorn Bar.


10 1) Renee Hanson Malone, Mary Wilbur - Award Winner and BA Snyder, Co-Chair 2) Russell Smith, Robin Rosell - Award Winner and Danae Falvo, Co-Chair 3) Cassie LaMere of Lexus of Austin-Lakeway and Nici Huff, ACGC Board President 4) Next year’s Co-Chairs-BA Snyder and Colin Pope 5) Casey McPherson 6) Adriana Vega, Jose Vega, Joanna Vega and Marlene Jorge 7) NuJazzSwinglights 8) Photography Courtesy of Imiko Images - William Jackson, Valeria Montealvo and Mark Hamlin 9) Tameca Jones, Entertainment Headliner 10) Maxine Roberts, Mary Wilbur and Vicki Roberts

The happy faces of attendees enjoying music, food and a sense of community, all in support of the Austin Child Guidance Center, made it a night to remember. To learn more about the ACGC, please visit l


in society

Concordia University

Defines Excellence, Once Again!


kWritten By William T. Jackson and

Photography Courtesy of Robert Godwin

he Excellence in Leadership Gala benefitting Concordia University Texas’ general scholarship fund is a must-attend gala of the fall season. The Ninth Annual Gala, which honors outstanding Christian leaders in the community, was held Friday, September 11 at the JW Marriott and was a most influential start to the season. Concordia University Texas was pleased to recognize The Hon. Bruce Todd, former mayor of Austin and former Travis County Precinct Two Commissioner and his wife, Elizabeth Christian. Christian, the founder, president and CEO of Elizabeth Christian Public Relations, was presented with the “Excellence in Leadership” award. The acceptance speeches from Mr. Todd and Ms. Christian were eloquent and gracious as they paid tribute to their family, friends and the communities which have supported them during their journey as community leaders and philanthropists.



The evening commenced with a hearty greeting from the wonderful staff responsible for welcoming guests. The lively cocktail hour offered opportunities to








1) Elizabeth Christian and Bruce Todd 2) Deb and Dr. Don Christian 3) Hon. Matt and Heather Powell 4) Keri Bellacosa Walling, Diane Kennedy, Lady and David Huffstutler, Emily Moreland 5) Marlene Jorge and William Jackson 6) Charlie and Sylvia Betts 7) Earl and Anita Maxwell 8) Janet and Don Wilkerson

greet old friends and make new one, as well as enjoy the lovely musical quartet who filled the air with jazzflavored standards. After a delectable dinner service and delightful program, the ballroom was transformed into a chic lounge where The Reunion Band rocked the crowd with a set list of popular hits complemented by a

Bourbon Lounge which provided an array of custom beverages. The energy was electric! Congratulations to Bruce Todd and Elizabeth Christian for being such influential community leaders and giving many a grand reason to celebrate in style. Continued success to Concordia University Texas as they endeavor to develop leaders throughout our community. l


November / December 2015 InFluential Magazine  

The art of living well

November / December 2015 InFluential Magazine  

The art of living well