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Ramona Bryson| FOT 66 | Atlanta, Georgia tentothesixth.com

Levers of Influence

Focus Lecture: July 28 4pm Pacific

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By Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels From The Mechanics and Practice Program

A problem well put is half solved. John Dewey suggests that "Without a problem there is blind groping in the dark … [we must be]…capable of enjoying the doubtful and indefinite process of inquiry." The successful process of defining the problem is thus based on our ability to suspend judgment until we can develop a sense of the problem, which is grounded in the current situation. Our individual lives, aims, social environments, and circumstances are unique. Solutions that work for others may, or may not, work for us. Solutions to previous problems that we solved may or may not be relevant. We must stop and do some accurate thinking, so we discern what the problem is. We feel confident that the only reason anyone purchases, trades, or sacrifices one thing for another, is because they think they have a problem they must tend to, and the solution at hand will help take care of it. Most people react too quickly rather than take a moment or two and consider a proper assessment of the problem. It turns out, too often, that people buy what they think is a solution to a problem only to find that it is a temporary relief to a symptom, a quick fix, or the like. Acting too quickly produces more significant long-term problems. It is natural to want to 'fix' the problematic situation quickly and 'not waste time' in inquiry in favor of immediate relief. However, the almost inevitable outcome is that the future breakdown, emergency, or problem we will soon face is caused by today's temporary solutions. We won't recognize this as we hurry in our panic to fix that most immediate breakdown. What is the process? Plainly said (and what our 2022 Mid-Year Member Conference is all about), you begin with an assessment to discover your stage of professional influence. What stage are you? Is your thinking accurate? What must we validate? What must we modify?

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5 Introducing: The Five Stages of Professional Influence We have entered a new era. The pandemic has revealed the true promise of the internet: to work when, where, and how we want. The metaphor of climbing the corporate ladder is a relic, replaced with a career that is ours to define. During this Mid-Year Conference, Influential U will introduce a new cornerstone concept we call The Stages of Professional Influence. Professional Influence is our ability to design the rewarding career we desire. At our Mid-Year Conferences, we will explore the five stages of professional influence and identify the key problems that keep us stuck at any stage. We’ll refocus our careers and redefine what winning looks like. What stage are you? Is your thinking accurate? How do you validate and modify your approach? We’ll explore all this and more together at the conference. Our big notes - don't move too swiftly to action, slow down to speed up, and don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Welcome to the 2022 Mid-Year Member Conference!

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The Institute of Transactional Philosophy is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to the continual development and education of applied transactional philosophy. Our aim is to promote the philosophy of transactionalism through an applied inquiry that equips people to think and act together in facing the most pressing and significant issues confronting humanity today. Our vision is to support the development, awareness, and application of the philosophy of transactionalism through a broad body of educational works and programs to inspire a worldview of cooperation, participation, and help. The Institute of Transactional Philosophy offers resources that enhance the efforts of those who see a world where mutual concerns can be addressed through cooperation, participation, and the giving and receiving of help. When people and groups engage with one another, in ethical and respectful discourse, in an effort toward a satisfying human existence, the Institute fulfills its aim and mission. We see a unique opportunity in the 21st Century to advance a broad global discourse through an applied inquiry that includes academia, government affairs, social and environmental institutions, the business professional community, as well as those in the general public, who seek to live good and satisfactory lives and inspire our global family toward a thriving and healthy planet.

Board of Directors Trisha Tyler | Board Chair Sue Rhomberg | Vice Chair Ana Athanasiu | Treasurer Sarah Shepherd | Secretary & Programs Co-Chair Lauren Cato Robertson | Programs Co-Chair Andrew Crellin Dallas Hinsley | External Affairs Committee Chair Jenn Oliver Bernadette O'Shea Suzanne Pool | Internal Affairs Chair Daphne Thompson Kirkland Tibbels | Resident Philosopher Dr Gary Ward Committee Members Andrew Crellin Dallas Hinsley John Severson

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, the Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship was created. The fund grants college students a $5,000 stipend to pursue Transactional Philosophy in their academic studies. A rigorous application and interview process are required. Join us this year in making a donation to advance the mission of The Institute and support our aim of funding two Fellows in 2022? Your gift is fully deductible as recognized by law.

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This panel discussion is both live in Ventura and virtual globally. $150 USD suggested minimum donation. All dates and times listed are Pacific Time.


Our Wellbeing: A Transactional Approach to Health and Healing Panel Discussion


Dinner and Social (Ventura, in-person only) Featured Guest: Matt Segall, PhD $250 USD per plate

Influential U is the commercial application of an entire body of work that is solidly grounded in the philosophy of transactionalism. The relationship between Influential U and the Institute is an important one. While many philosophies shape how societies think, the intersection of philosophy and commerce is rare, if not altogether frowned upon by academia. As such, the Institute is working to explore the philosophy unfettered by a concern for commerce, while Influential U devotes itself to teaching the world how to transact, together, with competence. The research done through the Institute will continue to contribute to us all. © Influence Ecology, LLC

Photo by Johnny Ortez-Tibbels


THE LEGENDS INITIATIVE Held in our highest regard, Legends are those who have completed a fouryear Influential U study and are working together to support a wide range of aims.

Daphne Thompson FOT 33 Bridport, Tasmania

Karina Christensen Ron Sprengeler FOT 44 Denver, Colorado

LEGENDS Brandon Hollembeak FOT 4 Chicago, Illinois

Watch for published articles, presentations, and talks from our legendary graduates.

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FOR LEGENDARY GRADUATES January 2022 Cohort Andrew Crellin Angela Meharg Bo Hendgen Brandon Hollembeak Daphne Thompson Drew Knowles Gary Ward John Baigent John James John Patterson Josh Damigo Karina Christensen Kim Corbett Lauren Robertson Lisa Baptista Marne Power Matthew Jackson Miranda McCroskey Pam Millist Andrew Crellin Ron Sprengler FOT 54 Ross Clennett Fremantle, Western Australia Sue Rhomberg


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Kim Corbett FOT 20 Denver, Colorado


The interviews have returned. Weekly conversations with ambitious peers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to help you take charge of your professional influence. Streaming live on all the social channels. Weekly, Wednesdays at 2pm Pacific.

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Welcome Keynote




The Five Stages of Professional Influence


Influential U Thrive

You are welcome to include special guests, spouses, or colleagues for the following: Sunday evening (first day) from 6pm to 9pm Tuesday afternoon (final day) from 3pm to 5pm All social events (where fees apply, these are to be paid by participants/guests) Guests not permitted otherwise

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12 2022 THE YEAR OF


The simple objective of the Condition of Transaction Invent/Reinvent is to concentrate resources and focus possibilities. The Mechanics and Practice Program Kirkland Tibbels, MA

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13 2022 THE YEAR OF


The process of innovation

The greatest historical innovations share one common ingredient: they convert scarce resources into abundant ones. Studying innovation:

Innovation: An evolved or modified transaction reifying or redistributing value, resources, and activity. Innovation is an evolved or modified transaction (which includes exchanges, environments, systems, inventions, objects, narratives, etc.) ... that reifies (makes something abstract more concrete and real) ... and redistributes (reallocates in a new or different way) ... value (relative utility and scarcity), ... resources (tangible, intangible, human), ... and activity (labor, work, and action).

Any resource is a transaction away.

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The Five Stages of Professional Influence What Professional Influence?

What is your stage of influence?

What is your key problem?

What should you focus on?

What does winning look like at this stage?

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The Five Stages of Professional Influence Stage 1: Unknown

What This Means All people go through the five Stages of Professional Influence. You’re Unknown for your true value, which means you’re probably experiencing feelings of frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm. You are thwarted in many areas and goals. It seems unfair—why does it seem so easy for others? Sound familiar? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Your Key Problem Too much of your focus is spent trading time for compensation. What to Focus On In this stage, we’ll help you focus on “amplifying the value of your help” (remember this bit, it’s important) so you can start getting noticed for your value, not just your time. That means understanding the value of your general and specialized knowledge while amping the value (and lowering the cost) of your Personality and Transactional Behavior. What Winning Looks Like You are getting more noticed for the value of your specialized help.

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The Five Stages of Professional Influence Stage 2: Somewhat Known

What This Means All people go through the five Stages of Professional Influence. You’re Somewhat Known, which means, you’re probably getting some traction, you’ve worked well with others, and you’re starting to get noticed for the value of your specialized help. But your results aren’t predictable, you’re still putting out fires everywhere, and you’re never quite sure if your actions are leading you where you want to go. Sound familiar? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Let’s take a look at how to change your direction. Your Key Problem You haven’t accessed the amplifying power of an ambitious peer group. What to Focus On In this stage, we’ll help you understand the 15 Conditions of Life and their role in expanding your value and influence. You’ll learn how to define your aims in these conditions—and, more importantly, how to immerse yourself in the right group to encourage and support your well-defined aims. Without these things in place, it’s nearly impossible to move forward effectively. What Winning Looks Like You’re part of an ambitious peer group that reinforces your well-defined aims.

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The Five Stages of Professional Influence Stage 3: Known

What This Means All people go through the five Stages of Professional Influence. You’re Known, which means you’ve probably started to get some significant traction, and you’re feeling pretty great. Many have heard of your value, help, and authority. But you realize things need to change if you want to make it to the next level. You’re getting some big wins, but you can’t get beyond a familiar level of accomplishment. You know there’s more, but you’re unsure how to get there. Don’t worry—this is one of the most exciting times in your profession, and this stage can be the one that takes you to heights you never even imagined. But first, let’s address the problem. Your Key Problem You don’t have a long-term strategy beyond the familiar tactics that got you known. What to Focus On In this stage, we’ll help you mature your professional influence. You’re shifting your tactical work to strategic work, which means long-term planning will become crucial to your growth, rewards, and gains. You’ll learn how to get recurrent transactions in place and develop teammates who can manage key roles and outcomes. What Winning Looks Like You’ve planned a long-term strategy and an effective team to enact it.

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The Five Stages of Professional Influence Stage 4: Well-Known

What This Means All people go through the five Stages of Professional Influence. You’re WellKnown and in the zone! You’ve never been more U. This is a unique stage because so much is established and working. Your influence is expanding, and you are reaping the rewards. Whether you’re on vacation or not, you have teammates on the same page, and your influence and authority have built a culture where others naturally align. Sometimes it feels like you could just sit back and let it run. But you still want more, and you have a little fear that things could go sideways from unknown obstacles. Now what? Hang in there. We’ve got some answers. Your Key Problem Your environment may dilute your influence, authority, and accomplishments. What to Focus On In this stage, it’s time to reconnect with your mission and reignite your teammates. We’re going to get you excited about your long-term aspirations again and help you build an environment to do the heavy lifting. What got you here won’t get you beyond it. An ambitious professional in this stage needs both incremental change and total proactive reinvention—and we’re going to help you get on that path. What Winning Looks Like You and your team have built the environment to do the heavy lifting.

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The Five Stages of Professional Influence Stage 5: Celebrated

What This Means All people go through the five Stages of Professional Influence. The fifth and final stage is Celebrated—when your influence, authority, and identity are embodied and represented in the culture—others seek to immortalize your legacy. If you’re in this stage, you’ve likely decided you want to move on (or out), whether that’s a year from now or ten years down the road. You might already have someone or a group you’re considering will take over when you’re done. But make no mistake—while this is the final stage of the five, there’s still a ton of work to do. And don’t worry if you haven’t started this process yet. We’re going to guide you through all the steps. Does this sound like you? Let’s get to it. Your Key Problem You haven’t preserved your influence and authority. What to Focus On You may fumble with “having” success (old patterns are too familiar to set aside), but we want to make sure you’re legacy is immortalized in your absence. We want to set you up to maintain and preserve everything you’ve built. That means you’ll focus on long-term maintenance and the transfer of all aspects of your legacy—including any business, legal, leadership and cultural transfer. The work isn’t done yet, but when it is, you’ll know. How? What Winning Looks Like Your legacy is maintained and immortalized in your absence.

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Amplify your Professional Influence Influential U teaches proven steps for making work, work for you. Be more influential, more rewarded, and more U. Take charge of getting buy-in from customers, teams, and coworkers. Redefine your professional influence with online training—that actually works. There are no limits, no right way; it's yours to define. There are three ways to get started: Self-Guided Training Peer-Group Consulting One-on-One Coaching

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Self-Guided Training


Peer Group Consulting


One-on-One Coaching



How Do We Validate?

10:30-11:00am Break


Group Work Don't Change Your Aims




Group Work The Thirteen Steps




Group Work Rearticulated Tactics


Welcome Mixer © Influence Ecology, LLC



Validate & Modify

First, identify a transaction (business, situation, condition) that does not satisfy your aims. You could reference the result of your Stages of Professional Influence Quiz and go to work on "Your Key Problem" or "What to Focus On." What must we validate? What must we modify?

What is being satisfied?

What measure indicates satisfaction?

What is not being satisfied?

What measure indicates dissatisfaction?

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Don't wreck yourself First, check yourself

What designed tactics are not being implemented as designed?

What difficult work or measurement are you avoiding?

What hubris or bias are you not guarding against?

How do you justify tolerating the dissatisfaction or breakdown?

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Validate & Modify The pattern of inquiry Is there a problem? Truly ask yourself. Dig a bit. What is the problem? How do you know?

© Influence Ecology, LLC


Identify the problem The pattern of inquiry Step One: Identify the problem or breakdown as an ‘inquiry’

© Influence Ecology, LLC


Clear articulation The pattern of inquiry

Step Two: Clear articulation of the problem

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A Problem/Solution The pattern of inquiry

Step Three: The determination of a Problem/Solution

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The pattern of inquiry Step Four: Reasoning

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The pattern of inquiry Step Five: Testing

Any resource is a transaction away.

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Group Work

Don't change your aims

Does your problem/solution modify your tactics without changing the aims?

“Rather than study, practice, and learn the habits, behaviors, and ethics that must be embodied in order to reach their chief aims in Life, most people adjust their aims to fit their current habits, behaviors, and ethics.” Kirkland Tibbels Co-founder & Chairman

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The Thirteen Steps Step One:

Articulate Your Aims for Each Condition of Life

Step Two:

Evidence the State of Mind of an Ambitious Adult and Prove Fitness

Step Three:

Demonstrate Accurate Thinking in General Knowledge

Step Four:

Demonstrate Accurate Thinking in Specialized Knowledge

Step Five:

Identify Personality and Transactional Behavior™

Step Six:

Articulate Solutions to a Substantial Breakdown in a Specific Ecology

Step Seven:

Specify Your Customer

Step Eight:

Invent the Transaction

Step Nine:

Apply Levers of Influence

Step Ten:

Apply Concentration and Focus

Step Eleven:

Build and Expand Influence Ecologies and Cooperation

Step Twelve:

Study the Environment and The Current

Step Thirteen:

Plan for Inquiry and Reinvention

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Validate & Modify

What requires modification? What step(s) needs modification?

How does this modification reshape other steps?

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The Influential U Store New Programs Thrive / Mastermind / Coach Workshop Tickets Focus Lectures Special Webinars Merchandise

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Group Work Around the Cycle

10:30-11:00am Break


New Narratives The Best Story Wins?




Practices Early Warning Signals




Ending Keynote

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Validate & Modify Around the Cycle

Most fail to take another trip around the transaction cycle when modifying.

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The Seven Levers of Influence How do we apply these levers? Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion By Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.

Reciprocity People are obliged to give back to others the form of a behavior, gift, or service that they have received first.

Scarcity People want more of those things they can have less of.

Authority People follow the lead of credible, knowledgeable experts.

Commitment and Consistency People like to be consistent with the things they have previously said or done.

Liking People prefer to say yes to those that they like.

Social Proof/Consensus Especially when they are uncertain, people will look to the actions and behaviors of others to determine their own.

Unity The feeling that people or entities involved share an identity, a perceived ‘we’ or ‘us.’

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The Best Story Wins?

How might you modify the narrative?

© Influence Ecology, LLC


What is story acceptance?


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Group Work

Early Warning Signals What measure(s) might you track to send an early alert that you are about to go off track?

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JULY 2022 GRADUATES Mechanics and Practice program

MAP2 : PSTI program

Ayan Dasvarma Eric Karuiki Paul Harris Stuart Lowe Amy Davis Jaroslaw Hryniewicki Hari Simaguen

Olga Kipnis Simon Chesney Mark Kammerer Paul Halvorson Ph.D David Somerville

© Influence Ecology, LLC

MAP2 : PSTI VALEDICTORIAN Karina Christensen achieved the highest score for her cohort and is the highest scoring MAP2 graduate in our history.

Karina Christensen FOT 44 Denver, Colorado

Dr. Khush Cooper FOT 31 Karina Christensen was part of the personal flight Los Angeles team for American business guru Jack Welch and California media proprietor Oprah Winfrey (pictured). She had the opportunity to travel with them for many years worldwide and cultivate what it takes to partner with high-profile clientele successfully. © Influence Ecology, LLC


Karina Christensen Ron Sprengeler Joni Rocco John James Angela Meharg

97.54% 96.31% 94.67% 93.85% 92.62%




Secondary Level

Apprentice Level

Mentor Level

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Our Influence Accelerator Workshops mark the beginning of a mission to bring transactionalism to the world, one city at a time. They are an extraordinary opportunity to top up your skills, like experiencing a full day at an Influential U conference for a fraction of the cost. It is not a lecture, presentation, or how-to session. It is immersive and interactive. So if you, or someone you know, have mastered mad skills and still feel stalled or are simply in search of an X factor to achieve more faster, our workshop is for you. Active members and their guests are invited to top up your training for 50% off all live workshops.

Adelaide Atlanta Auckland Chicago Christchurch Dallas

Denver London Los Angeles Melbourne Perth Philadelphia

Seattle Singapore Sydney Toronto Washington DC Wellington

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Influence Accelerator Immersive. Interactive. Intensive.

Asia Pacific | Europe | North America

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Weekly Live eCoaching Your Thrive Member Subscription includes weekly live eCoaching from the Influential U Faculty, ambitious peers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Streaming Live Weekly, Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific.

Make work, work for you. In your dashboard now.

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