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Oct / Nov 2015 A Health & Wellness Publication Magazine Vol. Southwest Ohio’s Leading Health Magazine Vol. 64 64

L etter from the editor Dear Readers, The wispy branches of the trees blow softly as the cool breezes of Fall remind us that changes are ahead in the crossroads of our life. Autumn speaks in rich tones of golds, coppers and crimson reds. There is a time clock ticking as we stumble through the many steps of processing our tethered daily routines. Break free from all that detains you, let your spirit take flight as the hawk with its keen vision and observation remains steadfast to stay on course. Becoming one with nature, reflect upon the abundance in your life. As you admire the vibrant leaves and the moss covered stones that surround you, just be sure to recognize the forest from the trees.

Welcome to Infinity Welcome readers to Infinity magazine’s Oct./Nov. issue! This issue is packed full of innovative ways to improve one’s quality of life. Read valuable information and proven methods that will enrich, enhance and create a healthy lifestyle. Be inspired, with each article, let Infinity magazine guide you every step of the way to improve your well being physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are committed to bring to you the latest in health and wellness technology, and we will continue to keep you updated on exciting events throughout the year. The Infinity staff would like to thank all our readers, writers, and supporters that make each issue possible. Celebrate Fall, visit your local farm markets, enjoy the many festivals and events in the area. Have a safe Halloween, Oct.31 and a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nov.26th.


It is within nature that we can truly understand the power of the Divine. We can discover our souls purpose and contribution to all of humanity.

Infinity Magazine is dedicated to those individuals who are searching for a healthier, alternative way to enrich their lives while embracing the sacred healing heart within.

All of the brave souls who walked before us left a trail of proclamations to live with honor, dignity and love for mankind.

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Fearless leader of your own heart, be all that you can be and acknowledge those who shine light and bring warmth on the darkest and most dreary days. The foundation of nations and its people are being tested. Our strengths and weaknesses can bring forth profound wisdom to create a better world. A place of peace begins within a sacred heart of love for one another. Universal love is the fundamental principal in which we all will prevail in the face of diversity. May peace be with you always.

Yours in health,

Jane Phillips

866-243-6900 1710 Maplewood Dr. Lebanon, OH 45036 “Infinity Health Magazine” on Facebook Editor in Chief / Publisher Jane Phillips Creative Director & Design Nina Covington Editorial Consultant Cynthia M Brown Advice Columnist Sage Woman

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Nina Covington On the cover: Autumn’s Finest! Enjoy the brilliant colors of the season! Our cover is a display of Fall flowers that represent the essence and the beauty of nature that surrounds us at this time of year.

Infinity is a bi-monthly publication designed to promote health, and natural well-being. The information in Infinity is not intended as medical advice, and should not replace the advice of your physician. Infinity is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, or misinformation.


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The Power of Intent by Elaine Hruska Most well-known healers, including those who have a specialty or technique to impart to others, embrace the notion of intent as a guiding principle in their work. Probably, next to centering (a grounding, meditative practice that usually precedes the therapeutic, healing sessions), intent is an allimportant component of the process, focusing on the motivation of the practitioner. This component involves several aspects. Not only does the healer need to have a strong desire to help, but also an understanding of how to achieve the goal and how to facilitate the intervention and relinquishment of attachment to the outcome. Understanding one’s motives (why one wishes to help or to heal) is part of the healer’s responsibility in self-learning, making the healing act one of careful consideration and mindfulness. Before we present Edgar Cayce’s approach to intent, here are several explanations from the dictionary and from other healers that may help to clarify the meaning of intent. As a noun, intent signifies a purpose or aim that is firmly directed or fixed, with some degree of earnestness and intensity. It implies a meaning or significance to an act that may not be explicitly expressed. There’s also a spirit of determination in carrying out the act. “Early in the development of Therapeutic Touch” (a healing modality that has been taught to tens of thousands of health professionals), co-founder Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, stated, “Dora Kunz and I had realized that a foundational concept underlying its efficacy was that the therapist rebalanced vital energies with intentionality. The connotation of that term ‘intentionality’ is not only that the will was involved—for example, wanting the person to get well—but there was also the implication that there is a goal in mind for the object of the intention. Logic would then suggest that Therapeutic Touch is being done as a conscious, mindful act based on a person’s knowledge of the therapeutic functions


of the human vital-energy field.” (Therapeutic Touch: Inner Workbook, Bear & Company, Inc.). Dr. Krieger began to recognize that the mind directs the flow of energy, transferring it through the universal field. The therapist is helping the one being healed to relocate his or her own center; and the impetus for this transport of energy is the therapist’s intentionality. Osteopath Dr. John Upledger received his introduction to the power of intent in the late 1960s, when he and other physicians began using acupuncture to treat patients at several free clinics in Florida. Some of the doctors had great success, while others didn’t—even on the same patients. As described in his book Your Inner Physician and You, Dr. Upledger at first thought it was suggestion, so the doctors tried to control any negative or positive comments about the expectation. What they discovered is a seemingly strong correlation in the practitioners’ unspoken attitude: Those physicians who genuinely believed in the beneficial effects of acupuncture got better results than those who didn’t. It became apparent that it wasn’t where or how the needles were placed that counted, but who put them there. “The therapist’s attitude...has much to do with the success of the patient in his/her healing process.” Indeed, the success rate seemed in this instance to reach beyond technique. Cayce consistently emphasized the importance of attitudes for healing success. In several readings regarding massage, we have examples of intention on the part of the therapist. One 38-year-old man was given this advice, some of which was also aimed at the practitioner: A gentle massage to quiet the body would be well, with prayer—and not by those who do not live what they pray. Do not merely pray that he will be well, but well for what? Do not pray for the body to be well for what the body can do for self but for those whom he has aided and also hindered. (3439-1)

Oct / Nov 2015

For a five-year-old boy the time during the massage was to be a “period for meditation and prayer, and for the conversation about the spiritual life to the unfolding mind and body.” (5406-1) Good conversations during massages were also mentioned in other readings. The quality of the massage was addressed in this reading: Do not hurry through the massage. Take time to give same, and let it be done with the spirit of truth, of hope, of purpose, of the suggestive influence as will aid in establishing the coordinations needed for the rebuilding, the replenishing for this body of those conditions. (2642-1)

About the Author: Elaine Hruska is a therapist for the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Health Center & Spa located in Houston, Texas. She holds her MA in transpersonal studies from Atlantic University and is considered an expert on the Edgar Cayce health readings. She trained under Harold J. Reilly, a pioneer in the field of massage therapy and a world-renowned physiotherapist who created the Cayce/Reilly Massage.

Often in the readings the word intent is equated or linked with purpose, such as, “The intent, the purpose, is to serve...” (254-34) Mentioned in nearly 600 readings, intent denotes one’s “highest motives” (31-1) and, when used in healing, that certain conditions will be overcome.

She is the author of the best-selling books Edgar Cayce’s Quick & Easy Remedies and Your Key to Good Health: Unlocking the Power of Your Lymphatic System.

For, while mind is the builder, it is the purpose, the intent with which an individual applies self mentally, that brings those physical results into materiality. (257-252)

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The power of intent, it may be said, awakens a response in the body for the healing to begin. Whether done with the laying on of hands, a massage, a pack, or a spinal adjustment, there is a force that will flow through us when we begin to apply what we know. The methods of healing we use—be they of the physical, the mental, or the spiritual—simply awaken within the cells and atoms of our bodies the willingness to allow this life force to flow through us. In achieving this awakening through intent, we, as practitioners, become, then, authentic channels of blessing to those for whom we care. Excerpt from the Spring, 2013 issue of Venture Inward newsletter, available to A.R.E. members at


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BCore e Fit for Fall – Exercises by Lisa Gerard

Three kinds of fat making your middle not so little: 1) Visceral fat hides around your organs, deep behind the ab muscles and can’t be grabbed. 2) Superficial subcutaneous fat bulges over your waistline and can be grabbed. 3) Deep subcutaneous fat is a combo of the two. Yes, you can melt it. 10 min of cardio with 10 min of plyometrics, 5 min of toning/stretching. YOUR CORE is made up of four muscles 1) rectus abdominis- which runs from your bra line to your pubic bone 2) transverse abdominis- the deepest layer that wraps around your waist 3) external obliques- close to the surface along your sides 4) internal obliques, underneath the external ones. Think Fiber and Protein respectively every day. As recommended by Nutritionists: Carb up, get half of your calories from carbs, unrefined “good” carbs provide a steady stream of energy that stabilizes insulin a major factor in burning fat. Tomatoes along with foods like yogurt and bananas, tomatoes are rich in potassium known to combat


bloat-inducing sodium. Talk with a nutritionist for your individual plan. Walking helps with not just physical benefits, but also with mental benefits. Hold your head up, shoulders back, breathe in the autumn air, soak up the scents, scenery, and feeling of fall. While walking smile, relax and just be. Unable to get out and walk? Then turn up your favorite tunes and move to the beat. Dancing is the next best thing, not only does it embarrass your children, it is a great way to get physically fit. Need more of a workout? For a cardio workout walk with quick steps, swinging arms. May also add ankle weights, walk further and/or dance longer. Walking is also a great warm up before a workout. Be sure to stretch everyday. Strengthening ankles, shins and calves.My favorite stretch is reaching, stretching with arms up then leaning side to side.

Oct / Nov 2015

My favorite calf stretch also helps strengthen ankles and shins: 1. Stand on an edge of a step and lower one heel at a time off the edge of the step till a stretch is felt, repeat with other foot, hold each for 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds then repeat. 2. Stand flat with feet together and heel raised, then lower the heel and lift toes, rocking from heel to toes lifting each direction back and forth. 20 seconds, rest then repeat. Here are a few more exercises to do in between: light everyday exercises Squats: begin with feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward or toes slightly facing out, arms to the side, squat by bending the knees slightly and raising your arms to chest level. For more of a workout, deepen the squat and either tighten your fists while raising your arms to chest level or hold weights in each hand while raising arms. Start with two sets of 10 reps. with a 30 second rest in between. After a few weeks add a number of reps. Up to 5 reps each. Adding a little each few weeks. Then add weights for those wanting more of a workout. If using weights only add a pound every two weeks. Forward lunge walks: begin with feet in a deep forward lunge, bending back knee toward floor as far as you can without touching floor, bending front knee as you lunge, hands on hips or raise arms to chest level. Continue moving forward 10 steps in forward lunge walks, add steps up to 5 every two weeks. For more of a workout hold weights while moving arms. If using weights only add a pound every two weeks. *exercises engage abdominal and butt/leg muscles. Here are a few of my favorite ab core workouts: Hollow Body holds: Beginners Begin on your back with knees bent, feet flat on surface (you can do this exercise on your bed), raise arms straight by ears, lift shoulders and head off surface while pushing lower back into the surface, tightening abs, hold for 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds then repeat. For Intermediates: start out as above except straighten one leg and raise that leg above surface a few inches. Keeping lower back pushed into surface, arms straight to ears lift shoulders and head. For Advanced: Begin as in first part, pushing lower back into surface, straighten both legs lifting a few inches above surface, lifting shoulders and head while arms are straight by ears. Tightening your abs. Hold for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds then repeat.


Tuck sit: Everyone Begin on an edge of a couch, bed, or chair, but you can also do this sitting on the floor. Sit up straight, shoulders back, head neutral with eyes forward, hands resting at side. Do not use hands to assist. Lift both feet up toward chest and hold, if sitting on floor knees are bent with feet flat on floor, then lift feet pulling knees to chest. Do not lean back‌yet. Hold this position for 20 seconds with a 20 second rest in between, then repeat. Next: Tuck sit with lean: Everyone. Begin as above. Now while sitting straight up slightly lean backward while holding the tuck (knees toward chest) again do not use your hands to assist. *Each exercise engages the four different muscles in the abdominal area. Want Plyometric exercises? Line jumps: with arms raised straight up to ears, think tall, bend knees and push through balls of feet pointing toes to the ground as you jump forward in a straight line, keeping legs and feet together performing a short jump, not hops or long jumps. *Side to side jumps: line jumps as above, jumping side to side. Begin with 10 jumps, rest, repeat. Increase number of jumps every few weeks. Long jumps: Begin standing with feet together, arms stretched in front of chest, swing arms down, squat (bend) knees, keep chest up, swing arms in forward upward motion while pushing through balls of feet, stretching upward with arms, stretch straight legs, pointing feet toward ground, moving hips forward as far as you can, landing with knees bent, arms swinging downward forward to side. Begin with 5 long jumps, rest, repeat. Increase number of jumps every few weeks You are off to a great start in your workout! Have fun! Laughter is a great mental and physical core exercise. Laugh Often, Lisa Gerard About the Author: WAG Gymnastics USAG coach, Inner Balance Core Coach, LIIFT Internal Focus Practitioner, Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Personal Instructor


ASpiritual sk Sage Woman: Advice

for the Real World with Sage Woman

Dear Sage Woman, How do we keep our faith in dark times? A.A. ________ Dear A.A. I am sending you deep heart felt love and gratitude. Dark times become medicine to fuel us in remembering our Divinity. I have spent most of my time on earth going through different phases of the Dark Night of the Soul. Going deep into places that are uncomfortable, scary and sometimes completely hopeless. During those times I find it most difficult to use the spiritual tools I’ve collected along the way: prayer, meditation, walking in nature, and yoga, to name a few. Sometimes our lesson is actually being able to “sit” in the dark place, not resist it, name it, claim it or bury it. Simply be. Be in the energy of what the darkness stirs, the anger, rage, sadness, loneliness, or grief. When we actually allow ourselves to experience what we perceive in our own reality as darkness, we can then begin to feel the emotions without the mind taking over. I don’t necessarily believe everything happens for a reason, but I do believe, on a Soul level, we create our own reality. How we choose to label an experience or emotion is our choice. I have found when I am experiencing a dark time in my life, if I allow it to be experienced without attaching myself to emotions, I begin merging the energies as part of who I am during that given moment. I do not believe we are here to strive for continual contentment. We are on this planet as spiritual beings having a human experience. We cannot deny that the dark times do exist and are “real,” even within our own illusion. Sometimes we can work through these times on our own by finally surrendering to what is observable, all while


allowing the mystery of Spirit to completely step in. Spirit intervenes through trust and faith. Having true faith is to have it in the darkest of dark times. When the darkness is just too much for us to bear on our own, we must find the courage to reach out for help. Ask and ye shall receive. Writing in to this column is a start, talking to a trusted friend or loved one, or seeking professional help may be the required next sequence. We are all unique in the ways we experience and master our time on earth. Personally, it seems I’ve always walked through fire in order to continue my quest for deeper faith. It’s been only after hitting the rock bottom of darkness I can actually feel the light. Following the many times when my faith was shaken, I could always find the gifts, the medicine, and the spiritual growth. Faith never leaves us. It is always there. It is a gift and a tool linking us directly to our higher-self and Creator. It is our choice when we use it or not. The deeper lesson is using it in our darkest time. Faith to me is stepping out of my own way and allowing God/Goddess to take over. Let go, Let God/Goddess. Sometimes it’s all easier said than done of course. Been there, done that! Through the pain of holding on to something or someone that no longer fits in our life, we extend the vital lesson. Once we have the faith to simply allow the dark times to be what they are: dark times, we lessen the energy and make room for the light to shine on all the dark. Then, in some ways, we begin realizing in what ways light and dark are one in the same. I often will write in my journal concerning everything in life that feels like darkness. I will then express gratitude on a soul level for the experience.

Oct / Nov 2015

Lastly, I go deep within and find at least one thing about the experience I could begin looking at as a gift: the hidden rainbow in the grey sky. Remember we are human. Be compassionate, loving and forgiving of self. Remember your Divinity. Know that deep within you all the answers and Divine direction reside. So far, through all of the dark times in my life, I have risen out of the ashes like a phoenix – but always with faith, and many times with blind faith. I send you love, healing, peace, joy, appreciation, and gratitude. Blessings, Sage

Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity Join Jane for a healing meditation, Sunday morning Oct 25th, & Nov 29th. 10:45 to 11:30 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation.

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About the Author: Sage Woman is a spiritual life coach & intuitive reader. She is also the co-host of Inner Divinity: Empowering your True Self on WAIF Cincinnati, 88.3 fm, every Wednesday afternoon from 2-3 pm. Sage is a Shamanic Priestess, an ordained minister and intuitive who facilitates Goddess Chakra workshops and individual coaching. She is also available for readings of the ancient Tarot. For more information, contact her at 513-490-4693, or email

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Trusting the Senses by Wayne Holmes We rely heavily upon our five senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell—and for the most part we trust them without question. Some count intuition as a sixth sense. Others refer to internal senses including a mental sense and such things as sexual arousal as additional senses. There are also things that might be considered a sense such as humor, fear, or anxiety. Religious Recovery encourages us to feel. And the ability to feel in the emotional definition of the word could also be considered a sense. Eyes do not have emotional reactions. We see images, but the mental and sometimes spiritual makeup of our being interpret those images and make “sense” of them. The same can be said of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and physical touch. Emotions become a mental/spiritual process conditioned by past experiences. The spiritual nature of our being could also be considered an additional sense that is most compatible with intuition and our mental capabilities working in unison—or at times in opposition. Not all feelings have to be spiritual in nature, but most can be useful to us in developing our connection to a Higher Power. In trying to change our lives to be more at peace with ourselves and with our brothers and sisters, we find it helps to remember that our five core senses are neutral. What I touch, see, hear, smell, or taste is a neutral experience. How my mind working with my Spirit interprets those encounters determines my contentment—or lack of—at any given moment. Because our core senses are neutral, we can shape our lives according to the images we desire. We can choose to believe the world is round and not flat. We can choose to believe in a Divine Being and call that being by any name we choose, or by no name. We can choose to change our lives in spiritual, ethical, and emotional ways. Part of the process of change involves trusting our senses, not so much our core senses, but our sixth sense of intuition and our seventh sense of spirituality. Decisions made based on intuition and spirituality bring fulfillment and meaning to life. They help us


interpret our world in positive ways that nurture our connection with The Divine. Intuition and spirituality also enable us to break free from old, negative, and destructive thoughts which produce destructive behaviors. All of our senses are useful. It’s up to us to discern which ones work for a better world and which ones don’t. At times the same sense can bring opposite results, so we rely heavily on intuition and common sense, always coupled with the spiritual sense to be the overriding factor in all decisions.

About the Author: Pastor Wayne Holmes is an ordained minister with Divinity Spiritual Church and also Revelation Spiritual Church. He is the co-founder of Religious Recovery, an organization dedicated to healing wounds inflicted by religion or the religious. He is not opposed to religion, but he sees the hurts and endeavors to help. Wayne is the author of seven books including his latest title, Every Path Leads Home: Opening to Your Spiritual Journey. Learn more about Wayne’s healing work at See Raven at Victory of Light Nov 21 & 22

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Rescuing Hearts by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

It seems like September is dog rescue fundraising month. So far we have had the pleasure of doing readings for GAGC (Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati) at their fall picnic, and GABR’s (Guardian Angel Basset Rescue) annual Bash and Waddle. Next weekend we are going to have a delightful time at a fundraiser for Pugs call Pug Fair. All three are fantastic organizations who do a lot of good for dogs and people alike. Participating in these events, we hear the stories of dogs – many who have survived terrible illness, neglect, ignorance, and just downright abuse – who find their forever home with loving and compassionate humans. The focus is always on the love, from the dog and from the humans, almost never the past before they came together as a family. If we are requested to ask a dog about their past, it is almost always because the human is seeking to understand a behavior that they see in their dog, so that they might better support and help them.

– what it really means in the context of animals and people. Today was the Bash – an all-day event where people and their Bassets come to a very special place just for them in a small Illinois farming town. This special place is a fenced in area with grass, a small stage, a memorial garden, trees, and tents with vendors like us. And at noon, all the dogs are let off their leashes to wander, play, meet and greet, and perhaps even participate in games with their people. There are a lot of reasons why this wonderful experience happens, it is the essence of rescue. People love animals, and animals love people. It does not matter what has been in the past, what matters is the present moment. People come with their dogs to sit in the sun and simply enjoy the antics of a couple of hundred Bassets on the loose. They come to be with other people who, like them, have been lucky enough to share their lives with a dog that GABR has helped. They come together in celebration and joy.

I had a little time today to sit and think about rescue

Tomorrow, a thousand Basset Hounds will walk in the


Oct / Nov 2015

town’s Harvest Home parade. What happens during the short time the dogs are on the parade route (we are talking Basset Hounds here, so they only parade for about 10 blocks) is truly magical. You see, the dogs get dressed up for this parade, and then they walk down streets lined with a lots and lots of people, especially children. Many of the dogs will pull their humans to the children, so that they can see them. The looks on the faces of dogs and kids is sheer joy. The kids are learning that new beginnings are always possible. Many of the dogs just enjoy the love and squeals of delight. There is an institution on the parade route that houses many adults and children who are not able to care for themselves, who have many challenges. The dogs reach to them too, and sometimes you see a small smile or other subtle reaction from them. That is the heart connection of dog to human in love. It is healing. Since dogs most often do not live as long as their humans, we often talk of transition with humans and their dogs. As I mentioned earlier, this very special place where the Bash is held has a memorial garden. Each year, at the end of the Bash, the leaders of GABR read the names of dogs from the rescue who have transitioned in the last year. They read the name of the dog, and the name of the dog’s family, and then they toll a bell. What is incredible is that each year when this happens, the whole park becomes still and quiet, everyone joining in honoring those who have gone Home. This year two extraordinary things happened. Each person who had lost a dog was given a white helium balloon. When all the names had been read, the balloons were released into the sky. They flew so very high together in the blue sky, it almost seemed that they touched the clouds. After they were released, some of the dogs started to howl. It was amazing, touching experience. This is another aspect of rescue. Sometimes, all that can be given is a good ending to a dog’s life, an ending filled with love, respect, and comfort. Rescue is not about what has come before in an animal’s life. Animals, unlike a lot of we humans, are able to move forward in forgiveness. They may still experience things from what came before either physically or emotionally, but they still in the end open up their hearts in love to their new family.


Greyhounds learn that they are valued for who they are, not how fast they can run. They learn what it is to have a family, to connect with people in love. Once they figure it out, many of them bounce in excitement and joy, eyes bright and mouths grinning. We often remind our clients that then is then, now is now. Their dog is not a “rescue dog”, their dog came FROM a rescue and are now in their forever home. We come back to the dogs and the humans and the stories. Animals and people come together for mutual love and growth and happiness. There is a bumper sticker that sums it up quite well: “Who Rescued Who?” Elvis, Maggie Mae, Alistair, Annie, Obi, Lukas, Rohan and Rusty … thank you for sharing your lives with us. We honor and thank the wonderful organizations that made it possible for you to find us.

Animal Communication & Wellness Services Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

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Try something different for entertainment for the evening out with the girls. Try an all message circle. Each person in your group gets a mini psychic reading set up as a group Nationally known Psychic, demonstration. Angel Clairvoyant, & CHT

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BTestimonial aker Chiropractic I’d Been Having Groin and Thigh Pain for Over a Year, Seen 3 Doctors and Had 2 Steroid Injections. Then My Friend and Neighbor Suggested I Read Dr. Paul’s and Dr. Patrick’s Book

Dr. Patrick, Sherry and Roger “I’m Sherry, age 68 and overall my health has been very good. I count my blessings. Several years ago I started having an aching pain in my right groin, some days were worse than others especially on rainy days, I sometimes had to use my hands to lift my right leg into the car because of the pain, then other times it wasn’t even noticeable. My doctor told me it was arthritis and I was given an anti-inflammatory medication to help alleviate the pain. I took them for several weeks but all they did was upset my stomach so I just used over the counter medications. This went on over a period of years. In January of 2014, the aching pain became more prevalent, it was continuous throughout the day even waking me up through the night. Not only was the groin hurting but now the right hip as well. I tried all the overthe-counter medicines but nothing worked. I even began to limp as I walked, it was time to make an appointment with my primary care physician, the date was May 2014. During that visit I explained to the doctor about the right hip hurting, the pain in the groin area, as well as the pelvic bone being sore to the touch. When the X-ray revealed no broken bones in those areas the suggested treatment was to try another pill for several weeks. I did


take the prescribed pills but by July 2014 the pain in my groin hurt so bad I called the primary care physician for another appointment but this time it was suggested I’d be seen at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation office. It’s August 2014 now. This examination consisted of lifting my right leg up and down and to the left and right, coming back with a recommendation to get a steroid hip injection. This would take place in September 2014. The injection did seem to help but after only one month the aching pain returned to groin and to the hip area, it’s now November 2014. With the holiday season going into full swing I put my discomfort on the back burner. With just a week before Christmas, we went to New York City with family members, it was there while walking the crowded streets that I experienced sharp, excruciating pain in my inner right thigh (a 10+ on a scale of 1-10). I would be walking one moment and the next I had to grab my husband’s arm to stand as the pain in my inner right thigh took my breath away. The New Year begins it’s January 2015. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who then orders an MRI. The diagnosis was Tendonitis and my option was to try a second Hip Flexor Tendon Injection, which I did, along with physical therapy three times a week. After the second injection failed to stop the sharp pain, I continued going to physical therapy however it’s now the end of February 2015 and whenever I turn the wrong way or step in a certain direction the pain was still there. I was losing hope that I’d ever be well again. Now I must have a guardian angel because my neighbor Janice and I have lived next to each other for ten years. We’ve done yoga together, we went to various “Y” classes together and we’re involved in our neighborhood ladies group “The Chick Clique”. During a conversation one day, she mentions a book written by Dr. Patrick Baker, her chiropractor, and she said, “I really think he can help you Sherry”. After reading all the testimonials in the book, I began to hope that he could help me too. I thought to myself, what did I have to lose? I’d been to three doctors, had two steroid injections, taken six weeks of physical therapy and been in debilitating pain for over a year with no relief.

Oct / Nov 2015

My first visit to Dr. Baker was on Tuesday March 3, 2015 just two days after my initial phone call and I’ve been keeping a journal every day since then. On the second day of treatment, March 5, 2015 and only two days after reviewing my x-rays and beginning treatment on my leg, here’s what I wrote:

This will be an ongoing process and it’ll take time to completely heal but I can’t thank you enough Dr. Baker for giving me back my life so that I could once again dance to the music! PS: My husband Roger started seeing Dr. Baker at the same time I did back in March 2015 for sciatica pain which has affected him off and on for several years now, one time he even had to use crutches to walk around for six weeks due to the pain. Now he’s a happy golfer after his visits with Dr. Baker.

“My leg felt lighter today, pain in groin still hurts but something’s different, it feels better. I’m anxious to return for round three tomorrow”. Dr. Baker explained my problem in a way that I could understand, the adductor muscles in my right thigh were “frozen” to the pelvic bone and with certain chiropractic adjustments along with following the regiment of stretches prescribed, I would improve.

Our thanks also to everyone on his staff and in the office for being so nice! –Sherry Knight

Within one week (three visits) my pain went from a 10+ to a 3 and on April 25, 2015, just seven weeks and four days from my first visit with Dr. Baker, I was DANCING and I don’t mean slow dancing, I was doing The Twist, The Stroll and the Electric Slide at a 50th Wedding Anniversary with no repercussions the next day!

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The Magic of Rain Dances by Jill Mattson All over the globe for thousands of years, ancient people performed rain dances. With no successes this practice would die out. Apparently it worked. I was curious - what is it about the rain dance, the singing and dancing that helps it to rain? Music was a tool that was used in ancient times for many practical purposes, such as making rain for drinking and crops. We have long forgotten the practical value of sound and music. With my detective coat on and magnifying glasses in hand I went on a venture to discover how does a rain dance work? Traffic and industrial exhaust decreases on weekends, resulting in an increase of rain by 20% on weekends. Poor weather conditions have been blamed on the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). We definitely have the technology to understand how to make it rain. So this goal is obtainable! What do we know about the basics of rain? All air contains water, but near the ground it is usually an invisible gas called water vapor. When warm air rises, it expands and cools. Cool air can’t hold as much water vapor as warm air, so some of the vapor condenses onto tiny pieces of dust in the air and forms droplets around dust particles. When billions of these droplets accumulate they become a visible cloud. Hmmm, if one is fishing for rain, a cloud is like a fish in the ocean of the sky. As clouds and their water droplets accumulate, the droplets bind together and form even bigger drops. When the drops get too heavy, they fall because of gravity. Bigger and denser clouds allow the shaman to wring the precious water droplets out of the cloud. How did ancient shamans squeeze water droplets out of the cloud? One helpful thing would be to make the air rise. A fire in the middle of the rain dance might be instrumental – making hot air rise. Long ceremonies of dance and song would also create heat. The water droplet is sticking to a dust particle until it gets too heavy or it is shaken and falls free. Ancient people knew sound waves blended with all physical things – including


their environment. Water droplets were vibrated with singing, drumming and dancing. This helped the water droplet overcome cohesion and release from the cloud. Ancient stories suggest that there were better times for rain dances. They noticed how at different times it felt different. It feels different at dawn than at noon. It feels different in July than it does on a snowy Christmas morning. Ancient people noticed what it felt like right before it rained. They matched this feeling to create good conditions for rain. Ancient people noticed that it felt more like it might rain prior to a full moon when “watery” forces are strongest. This would be an excellent time for a rain dance. Different groups experimented with types of dances, rhythms, pitches and vowels sounds that were the most effective in creating rain the fastest. Which musical vibration shook the water droplets the most? Even the color of what they wore as clothes or on their faces would subtly add to the vibrational stew. Rain dances were certainly not a superstition activity of primitive people. Rain dancing was a practical art that was perfected over thousands of years by people who observed nature and used the energy of music to enhance their lives!

About the Author: Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a four - time author and widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! She has written four books and produced seven CD’s that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (Contacting Angels & Masters CD, Best CD of 2015 – INATs People’s Choice Award and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award). The CD’s consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques - with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Also available on the sites are additional free mp3’s of her Sound Healing compositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy, Flower Frequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones. Gallery and music at,,, jillimattson@

Oct / Nov 2015

Like Mother, Like Daughter by Brian Eastman How LIIFT helps heal today’s client by healing their ancestors Consider the old saying, “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children and their children unto the third and fourth generation.” Transactional Analysis therapists called it “family scripts,” where the belief patterns and behavior patterns could be traced down the lineage from parents, grandparents and farther back. Bert Hellinger developed Family Constellation Therapy, which helps a client heal by uncovering the original damaging experiences back in the bloodline. Recently I had a mother and daughter doing Family Healing Sessions. In Family Healing Sessions two or more related people do LIIFT together. I began this session working with the daughter. Her subconscious directed us to the statement, “It is my destiny to have to struggle through life.” The daughter tested “Yes,” to that statement. She tested, “No,” to the related positive statement “It is my destiny to live an easy life, and I welcome, embrace and enjoy every bit of it!” Acting on a hunch, I turned to the mother and requested she say the same negative and positive statements. Her responses mirrored her daughter’s responses. The daughter said it was OK for her mother to go first to heal for the positive Belief Statement. When her mother finished healing, she tested “Yes,” to the statement “It is my destiny to live an easy life, and I welcome, embrace and enjoy every bit of it!” We also confirmed that she now tested “No,” to “It is my destiny to have to struggle through life.” I then returned my focus to the daughter. She spoke the negative statement again, “It is my destiny to have to struggle through life.” Now she tested “No!” I asked the daughter to speak the positive statement


again. “It is my destiny to live an easy life, and I welcome, embrace and enjoy every bit of it!” Now she tested, “Yes!” So when the mother re-wrote her Belief Statement about whether it was appropriate to live an easy life, she passed that healing down to her daughter! This was an unusual instance of healing from mother to daughter because we had two generations physically in the room, each working on healing herself. But it gives a wonderful demonstration of how LIIFT healings can pass through generations. Sometimes we find we must heal grandparents and great-grandparents who live on only in memory and in the negative and positive beliefs that they have passed down to their descendants. LIIFT accomplishes this by surrogation . . . having someone stand in for the absent and heal on behalf of the past generations. Wherever the damage lies in the family tree, when we heal the ancestor who had the original damage, the family living today also receives the healing. This healing of one’s ancestors is one more element in the LIIFT healing program designed to help each client to feel welcomed and accepted in life and to experience a life filled with love, happiness, contentment, fulfillment and success.

About the author: Brian Eastman invested 30 years’ research to create the LIIFT process for healing emotional damage. He books appointments to see people privately in person, via Skype, and in group sessions in Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis Indiana. He is available to lead LIIFT training seminars and LIIFT Prosperity Workshops just about anywhere in the world. Contact him at 513.541.1257 or



One Nutritious Veggie!

Celery has so many health benefits packed in one little stalk it is difficult to even believe! Celery aids in digestion with high fiber and water content, it is a great choice for snacking when watching your weight. One large stalk contains 10 percent of your bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daily need of Vitamin A which can protect eyes and prevent age related degeneration of vision. Research shows that celery consists of a component called butylphthalide that actually reduces bad cholesterol. With only two stalks a day it is possible to reduce bad cholesterol by 7 points! Consuming raw, whole celery daily can also reduce blood pressure and boost circulatory health. Celery is a perfect veggie for reducing inflammation if you suffer from joint pains, asthma and lung infections. Celery can regulate the alkaline balance in your body protecting you from too much acid. The minerals in celery, especially magnesium can


soothe the nervous system, if you consume celery before bedtime, it can help you sleep better. Studies have shown that celery inhibits the growth of cancer cells as it contains a powerful flavonoid called luteolin. This flavonoid has also been known to delay formation of cancer cells with a daily diet of celery. Memory can improve with celery and age related brain inflammation can be reduced as well. Celery is a natural diuretic and is rich in electrolytes, it has a cooling effect on the body. Ayurvedic medicine has been using celery and celery seeds for centuries as remedies for the common cold, flu and arthritis. Disorders of the stomach, liver and spleen also benefit from eating celery. Celery is a versatile vegetable that can be used in soups, stews and dips, it can be chopped and added for extra crunch to salads. Celery is traditionally added to stuffing, and served with turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Oct / Nov 2015

Celery is often an overlooked veggie, but with it being so nutrient enriched, it is easy to include it in your everyday diet. So many hidden health benefits are packed in just a couple stalks, grab some celery and enjoy a healthier choice.

CStuffing lassic Thanksgiving INGREDIENTS:

32 ounces of bread cubed and dried in a 250 degree oven for 30 minutes • 4 stalks of celery diced • 1 small celery root, peeled and grated • 1 medium Spanish Onion diced • 2 Tbs. poultry seasoning • 1 tsp. onion powder • 1 Tbs. garlic powder

5. Whisk eggs together and add to bread. 6. Slowly add chicken stock to bread mixture. 7. Add until bread is saturated. 8. Stir in sautéed vegetables and mix well. 9. Pour mixture into an oiled casserole dish and cover. 10. Place, covered in a 350 degree oven and cook for 40 minutes. 11. Uncover and cook for 15 minutes or until top is brown and knife inserted comes out clean. Recipe submitted by Cynthia M. Brown

Ants on a Log A Healthy and Popular Fun Snack!

• 1 tsp. celery seed

This fun snack is a healthy and popular choice for children and parents.

• 2 Tsp. salt


• 1 tsp. black pepper • 2 eggs

• Stalk of organic celery, chopped in 3 or 4 inch pieces

• 3 -4 cups of chicken stock (or turkey stock)

• Almond Butter

• 2 Tbs. butter

• Organic Golden raisins or regular organic raisins

• 2 Tbs. olive oil



1. Prepare fresh crisp cleaned and dry organic celery, cut in 3 inch pieces or longer.

1. Sautee celery, celery root and onion in olive oil and butter 2. Mix spices together 3. Place bread in a large mixing bowl and crumble. 4. Add spices to bread crumbs.


2. Fill with almond butter 3. Top with organic golden raisins or regular organic raisins It is fun to have your children participate in making this healthy snack!


The Path Upon Which We Walk by Michael McAdams Our choice to walk a higher path, to take the road less traveled is an indication of a maturing soul. Physical age has no bearing on these higher choices although those of younger years tend to be distracted by life and not aware of the consequences of their choices as those who have journeyed longer in this existence. Introspective choices are required to ascend to the level of openness and receptive willingness that enables direction and guidance from our spirit teachers, angels, God’s direct representatives. These choices allow us to make the necessary adjustments to our thought system that opens the door to all that is possible and rewarding in this existence. Many are the times we are led by forces, inclinations not of our own making but always of our own choosing. The gift of free will, the ability to choose grants to us all the responsibility to choose wisely. From the collection of messages and teachings received directly from spirit teachers/angels that compose Wilma Jean Jones’ upcoming book “An Angel Told Me So” comes this high teaching. The depth and quality of these teachings received and the personal nature of this material engages and allows readers to feel they are being spoken to on a level that reflects what they personally are experiencing and speaks to the heart of those willing to accept the divine nature of these dictated messages. This message was presented for Wilma, yet again teachings given in this message reverberate with a universal thread that speaks directly to all sincere seekers of truth on a personal level as each reader feels they are being addressed as they deal with what is transpiring in their lives. Wilma was advised by spirit to read Luke 15 before starting this message. Note the references by these spirit teachers’ to themselves as “we”, “our”, and “us.” This message was received by Wilma on Saturday, June 15, 1996. “Fortune smiles on those whom His Spirit has endorsed. Take aside this memento in appreciation of your companionship. We are taking care of issues that are of concern to you in order that you may be free to concentrate your efforts in the direction for which you were intended to follow. Cooperation is necessary before we can divulge the information needed to perform your duties here. Gather together those whom you wish to evaluate these lessons given, as the spoken word is necessary for those to whom messages are given who perhaps have divided


their attention in areas not connected with their soul’s growth. Many times we have expected a reply to our “urgings”; however, time has not cooperated with the incentive to investigate this realm. Taken in stride, these lessons emerge victorious in their ability to pull together the spiritual forces necessary for the advancement of the soul involved in pronouncements given, and in order for these opportunities to register within the framework of the mind, certain obligations must be met. “Always we try to clear the way for those dedicated to our cause, which is to bring forth the glorious revelation that God has indeed reckoned with forces that would prohibit man’s ability to seek refuge with the Father instead of denying His existence and sentencing themselves unnecessarily to a life void of His presence and the blessings that accompany those who follow after His teachings. In view of all that has transpired, we have made note of those things closest to your heart, and in spite of hesitations and interruptions, time will bring to pass all that has been formed within your desires and prophecy will guide you to the place where you will best fulfill your mission here. Promises are not given lightly nor without future references by which we proceed to set into motion that which would bring them to pass. “Always we encounter those who will not take seriously the leading of His Spirit, and this leaves us in a position that varies from the path allocated for their best interests, and searching for new opportunities brings about conditions that could have been avoided in the first place. Put your knowledge to work now as we continue on our journey in order to provide you with the essential ingredients necessary for the completion of your chosen goals. There will be a “resurrection of sorts” that will cause those who have been at a distance from you to seek your opinions that will be granted in order that they might realize the futility of harboring ill will, and will come with a willing ear to listen to advice that will be given, and in the process remake opportunities that were lost to them because of their inability to understand the motive behind what was given to them before. “Therefore take heart that all situations are coming together in evidence of His Spirit that abides and welcomes all who will heed His call and not question His judgment. For after all, He does not harshly judge but moves within the heart of man, summoning him to come and partake of His goodness and mercy offered in an attempt to raise

Oct / Nov 2015

him above the afflictions and turmoil that life enlists as a result of man’s need to surpass his basic requirements and serve His cause that offers accomplishment in peace and tranquility as well as bringing about a lasting and eternal hope that begins and ends only when we have offered ourselves as freely and completely without reservation, to the One who holds the key to life everlasting. Our ability to choose presents on a daily basis, the opportunity to choose Him first so that He may supply to every one that which will grant freedom and bring about and instill deep within his consciousness a love that surpasses observation, yet carries with it an invitation to enjoy His companionship as we walk in the light of His revelations that will enforce our determination to complete this course as He intended, lovingly prodding us along to carry forth the truth He proclaimed through His Son Jesus, that all who will persevere and cling to His Word, will find answers to life’s questions and find his way home.”

About the author: Michael McAdams offers a set of his own writings called Spiritual Parchment Prints as a fundraising item for youth groups, churches, and to the public. He and his mother, Wilma Jean Jones, worked closely together as she received these messages and teachings dictated from spirit teachers over a 22-year period. This collection of messages and teachings is being published as the book “An Angel Told Me So.” Michael writes for Infinity magazine available at Learn more about Michael’s work and view Wilma Jean Jones television interview at

Copyright 2015

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Tfor he Perfect “Recipe” Avoiding Colds by Dr. Joeseph Mercola Cold viruses can live on pens, computer keyboards, coffee mugs and other objects for hours, so it’s easy to come into contact with such viruses during daily life. However, the key to remember is that just being exposed to a cold virus does not have to mean that you’ll catch a cold. If your immune system is operating at its peak, it should actually be quite easy for you to fend off the virus without ever getting sick.

resistance to this hormone, which may wreak havoc in your body. My nutrition plan, based on natural whole foods, is your first step toward optimizing your insulin and leptin levels and increasing your chances of living a longer, healthier life. The heart of my program is the elimination, or at the very least, drastic reduction of fructose, grains and sugar in your diet – a change that can dramatically improve your immune function.

Chronic stress and vitamin D deficiency could be described as the perfect “storm” for developing colds, as if you’re facing these two scenarios and you’re exposed to a cold virus, there’s a good chance you’re going to get sick.


If you want to join the ranks of “those people” who rarely get sick, start with the strategies listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does give you a general idea of how to live healthy and avoid getting frequent colds and other infections. Other factors, like getting high-quality sleep and avoiding exposure to environmental toxins, are important too, but if you’re looking for a few simple “secrets” to get started on today... start with these... •Reduce and Eliminate Stress in Your Life, Especially Chronic Stress, as discussed above •Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels, as discussed above •Optimize Your Insulin and Leptin Levels by Avoiding Sugar, Fructose Eating sugar, fructose and grains will increase your insulin level, which is one of the fastest ways to get sick and also experience premature aging. Leptin is another key hormone associated with disease and the aging process. Like your insulin levels, if your leptin levels become consistently elevated, your body will develop


If you are exercising regularly the likelihood of your acquiring a cold or other viral illness is significantly reduced, and studies have clearly shown this. In one such study, staying active cut the risk of contracting a cold by 50 percent, and cut the severity of symptoms by 31 percent among those who did catch a cold. The researchers noted that each round of exercise may lead to a boost in circulating immune system cells that could help ward off a virus. It is actually a well-known fact that exercise improves the circulation of immune cells in your blood. The job of these cells is to neutralize pathogens throughout your body. The better these cells circulate, the more efficient your immune system is at locating and defending against viruses and other pathogens that may opportunistically overrun the body. Due to the key role that exercise plays in supporting your immune system, it’s crucial to treat exercise like a medicine that must be properly prescribed, monitored and maintained for you to enjoy the most benefits. Essentially, you need to have a varied, routine that includes high-intensity interval exercises like Peak Fitness. •Eat Plenty of Raw Food One of the most important aspects of a healthy diet that is frequently overlooked is the issue of eating uncooked, natural raw food.

Oct / Nov 2015

Unfortunately, as you may be aware, over 90 percent of the food purchased by Americans is processed. And when you’re consuming these kinds of denatured and chemically altered foods, it’s no surprise we have an epidemic of chronic and degenerative diseases, not to mention way too many cases of colds and flu. Ideally you’ll want to eat as many foods as possible in their unprocessed state; typically organic, biodynamic foods that have been grown locally, and are therefore in season. But even when you choose the best foods available you can destroy much of the nutrition if you cook them.

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I believe it’s really wise to strive to get as much raw food in your diet as possible. I personally try to eat about the majority of my food raw, including raw eggs and organic, naturally raised meats.

About the Author: Dr. Mercola finished his family practice residency in 1985 but was trained by the conventional model. In his first years of private practice, he treated many symptoms with prescription drugs and was actually a paid speaker for the drug companies. But as he began to experience the failures of this model in his practice, he embraced natural medicine and has had an opportunity over the last thirty years to apply these time tested approaches successfully with thousands of patients in his clinic. Over 15 years ago he founded to share his experiences with others. The site is the most visited natural health site in the world for the last seven years with nearly two million subscribers. He’s also written two NY Times bestselling books, and has had frequent appearances on national media including the Dr. Oz show and major news channels. ––––––––– Mercola, J. “Why Stress Makes It Harder to Kick the Common Cold?” Retrieved Sept. 20, 2015, from articles/archive/2012/04/25/stress-and-vitamin-ddeficiency-cause-cold.aspx


Feel Better Fast!

        Brian Eastman, LIIFT Practitioner 513 541 1257 - Offices in Cincinnati, West Chester, Dayton.


A Homecoming

by Cynthia M. Brown

I returned to Cincinnati after living in rural Adams County on Peach Mountain for over four years. Many things in my neighborhood of Northside has changed; others had remained the same. I was not happy to return to the city. I learned a great deal about my resilience as a human being while living in the relative isolation of that mountain. I learned a great deal about human dignity in the face of unbelievable poverty and desperation. I learned a lot about the bigness of the human heart; about compassion; the meaning of community and of family both family of origin and chosen family. I loved the beauty, solitude, and wildness of that place. I loved that the rain would come down in torrents and suddenly the dry creek beds became rivers of rushing water, plunging down the deep ravines of the Appalachian foothills. I loved the night sky so brilliant with stars; the sounds of the


night; the mist in the morning; the call of the crows. I loved the quiet blanket of snow that seemed so magical in the hills; the heat by wood stoveâ&#x20AC;Ś. For me, those foothills were a homecoming. I was born in the rolling pine hills of northeastern Georgia. I lived in cattle, hay and timber country until I was 12 years old. Peach Mountain was a return to that climate, that countryside and that culture. Now, I am coming back to my home-the house and property I own in a city that I have lived in for two thirds of my life. It is a city that has never felt like home to me, for all the years I have spent there. I learned some very painful lessons while in Adams County. I learned mostly that home must be where one finds oneself. Home must be about the people one loves; the family one has. Home must be about

Oct / Nov 2015

finding peace in the landscape of the here and now. The holidays are almost upon us. We are told it is a time of thanksgiving followed by a season of giving followed by a season of introspection and resolutionâ&#x20AC;Ś I am thankful for my family, for having a house, a good job. I am trying, every day to gift myself with gratitude and to gift myself with compassion for self and others; I am resolved to live fully now, where I find myself each day. Perhaps this is a recipe for coming home to self, finally; for finding that home is the respite within.

Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity Join Jane for a healing meditation, Sunday morning Oct 25th, & Nov 29th. 10:45 to 11:30 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation.

Call 866-243-6900 for details or questions.

Have a safe, peace and joy-filled holiday. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cythia M. Brown

About the Author: Cynthia M. Brown is the Culinary Director at the Glendalia Boutique Hotel and Culinary Studio, located at 11 Village Square Glendale, OH 45246 513-276-9645 www. Please take a look at the Classes & Events section, starting on page 30, for a listing of upcoming cooking classes and dining experiences at the Glendalia Boutique Hotel and Culinary Studio.

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Author’s Spotlight Recommended Reads Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle

Quote from the book- “Much suffering, much unhappiness arises when you take each thought that comes into your head for the truth. Situations don’t make you unhappy, they may cause you physical pain, but they don’t make you unhappy. Your interpretations, the stories you tell yourself make you unhappy.” Eckhart Tolle is well known for his New York Times best selling books, The Power of Now, which has been translated into thirty three languages and his very popular follow up book, A New Earth. Stillness Speaks provides the reader with a unique opportunity to recognize the conflict within ourselves when we don’t realize that we can feed our ego full of negative thoughts every day. This thought process will lead to suffering and unhappiness. Eckhart describes how unconscious mind patterns actually can create bad habits of labeling or complaining about situations in our life that can make us miserable and those around us as well. The key is to live in the now, completely accept the situation as it is without labeling it and you will be empowered. Eckhart reminds us that you cannot be conscious and create suffering for yourself.


It is important to take your time and read this book slowly to enjoy the simplicity and profound teachings of learning how to accept and surrender to the now. Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle is a recommended read for a peaceful journey and spiritual awakening. Eckhart guides you gently to discover how to be still, allow life to unfold, become one with yourself and the gift of nature. This book can be purchased at allow life to unfold. About the Author: Spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada. Eckhart Tolle is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Power of Now (translated into 33 languages) and A New Earth, which are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time. In 2008, A New Earth became the first spiritual book to be selected for Oprah’s Book Club as well as the subject of a ten-week online workshop co-taught by Eckhart and Oprah. Eckhart’s profound yet simple teachings have helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet.

Oct / Nov 2015

This is always an interesting time of year of relationships, astrologically, as the Sun moves from Libra (“how can I relate to these people?”) through Scorpio (“what do these people want from me?”) and finally into Sagittarius (“that was fun, now how do I get away from these people?”). In more technical terms, this is the transition from the Interpersonal Signs to the Transpersonal Signs. In my experience, this often means a shift in emphasis within currently existing relationships -- sometimes an improvement and sometimes a meltdown. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ll need all the help you can get navigating the treacherous waters of human relationships, and thankfully the positions of the planets will give you some clue as to what The Other Guy (or you yourself) might really be thinking or feeling. Mercury is retrograde until October 9th. This means that schedules and communications and short trips are more likely to go haywire than usual. If you can put off signing any important agreements, writing any particularly angry Letters To The Editor, or sending any important Love Letters to someone who doesn’t know you exist, you’re probably better off waiting until later in the month. You may be more tempted by the latter than usual: Venus is in Leo until that same day, and Venus in Leo loves a dramatic gesture like that. Venus is ending a long run in Leo, and moves into the more sensible environment of Virgo From October 9th until November 8th. Theoretically, Venus in Virgo is considered to be a “debilitated” placement since it is opposite Pisces, where Venus is considered to be “exalted.”


Just think about that for a second: Venus, the “love planet” is supposed to be at its “worst” in the logical and detail-oriented Sign of Virgo but at its “best” in the highly emotional (but rarely held back by mere logic) Sign of Pisces. What does this tell us about the nature of Love... or what does it tell us about the inherently cynical bent of many astrologers? Hey, I can defend that cynicism: if you were an epidemiologist, you’d notice people not washing their hands all the time, and if you were a nutritionist you’d notice how many people eat junk food. But at the same time, I want you to know that Venus in Virgo can actually be quite good for love and romance in general. Love consists of a lot of things besides just Venus Energy, and applying a little sense and caring and nurturing -- all of which Virgo excels at -- to your love life is usually a good idea. Now whatever you do, don’t confuse “love” with “sex.” If what you’re interested in is more to the sexual side of the equation, for that we need to look to Mars. Mars is in Virgo now, which is all about bringing a sense to thought and precision to your bedroom and to your bed-mates. That may not necessarily sound like the sexiest of placements but consider this: Virgo may be the Sign of “The Virgin,” but some virgins read a whole lot of sex manuals before they actually get down to it. This is a good time to try something new in the boudoir. This remains the case until November 12th when Mars enters Libra. Like Venus in Virgo, this can be considered a debilitated placement -- Mars wants action and Libra wants to make sure everyone gets along peacefully -- but also like Venus in Virgo, it’s


easy to overlook its charms if that’s all you go by. If there’s something new and exciting you’d like to try with your partner, after November 12th could be an excellent time for him or her to agree to it...

obstacles... or it could just be a good time for running around and breaking things. Use that energy wisely!

(PRO ASTROLOGY TIP: If you want to really spice things up, that’s what Venus in Scorpio is for. That happens next month, so make a note of it.)

The two planets most welcome at any gathering get together, and the mood could be excessive... whether we’re talking about breaking speed records, breaking hearts, or breaking your diet. “Enjoy responsibly,” as they say in the alcohol ads.

Further out in the Solar System: Jupiter is still in Virgo and still trying to make sense of the concept of “wellorganized and sensible fun,” and Saturn has re-entered Sagittarius, bringing one of Sag’s worst enemies with it: a sense of limitation and self-discipline. Those of you with prominent placements in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are likely to be a little happier and feel a little more blessed overall, and those of you with major placements in the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) will likely find it easier to “get your act together” in one way or another. Neptune comes off its retrograde on November 18th. This isn’t likely to be terribly noticeable to most, but if you have any important placements around 8 degrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) it means that some of the confusion you’ve felt in your life since early in the year is likely coming to a head and then clearing up between now and early 2016. Here’s the rundown of important astrological events in the next two months. As always, the exact date is listed but add a day or two on either side during which the maximum effects will be felt. October 12th: New Moon in Libra I always recommend setting your intentions for the following month on the day of the New Moon, and since this one is in Libra and is opposite Uranus, it is particularly well-suited to intentions that involve making radical changes to your love life and close relationships... particularly if your intention(s) could use a little of that Uranian inventiveness.

October 25th: Venus conjunct Jupiter

October 27th: Full Moon in Taurus The usual warnings about people going a bit crazy during the Full Moon apply here, but with a Full Moon in Taurus there may be a special emphasis on people being... stubbornly crazy? Is that a thing, even? Pray you don’t find out. November 1: Daylight Savings Ends There’s absolutely nothing astrological about this, but nonetheless I confidently predict you’ll enjoy the extra hour of sleep. November 11th: New Moon in Scorpio Once again it’s time to set your intentions about what you want to change in your life. Since we’re talking Scorpio... and Veteran’s Day... maybe you should focus on what battles in your life you can end, and what casualties you can avoid in future. November 20th: Mercury enters Sagittarius The planet of communications enters a Sign where it loves to talk but isn’t always terribly discerning abut the subject matter. But enough about that: let me tell you about this rash I’ve got that won’t go away. I’ve tried everything, and the smell is hard to describe but it’s terrible. This all started last week when I was helping a neighbor bathe -- now THERE’S a story... November 25th: Full Moon in Gemini

October 15th: Mars conjunct Jupiter Energies are amplified, and this can be an excellent time for making breakthroughs against long-standing


The usual Full Moon tomfoolery, with the added way with words that comes with Gemini, is in effect. Combine this with the traditional Thanksgiving

Oct / Nov 2015

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family gathering that happens the day after, and... well, just watch your tongue when Uncle Floyd starts spouting his usual yahoo opinions. November 29: Sun conjunct Saturn Low energy and foul moods are in the air more than usual. Try to avoid adding your share to the bad times going around -- there’s already plenty enough of that for everyone, thank you very much. Then again, you may find your sense of self-discipline is strong today, so muddle through as best you can.

About Matthew the Astrologer: Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. He is the author of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology,” (available on Amazon) and is available for private consultations at http:// or send him an e-mail. Matthew likes hearing from you. He also predicted that yes, you WOULD end up here reading this. Like everyone else, he is on Twitter: @matthewcurrie and on Facebook at Read more at ohmystars/author/Matthew%20Currie#kMsKwU 6bYP17UXMS.99

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Wednesday, October 28, Mulling 101 with Col. De Stewart of Col. De’s Gourmet Herbs and Spices, an Everyday Gourmet cooking class Sat. October 31, Spooky Afternoon- A family cooking event-Make spooky foods with your little hobgoblins. November: Wed. Nov. 4 Steamed and baked custards and puddings Everyday Gourmet cooking class Sat. Nov. 7 A French Fall Supper Wine Dinner Wed. Nov. 11 Turkey Redux - What to do with the Leftovers? Everyday Gourmet cooking class Fri. Nov. 13 Easy Italian Supper Culinary Journey Dinner Wed. Nov. 18 Everything but the Turkey-Holiday Sides, Everyday Gourmet cooking class Fri. Nov. 27 Holiday Brunch (two seatings) Sat. Nov. 28 Holiday Cookies Everyday Gourmet cooking class

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•LIIFT Every Tuesday, 7P-9P - Class - Learn to Heal with LIIFT. Students become Certified LIIFT Practitioners, able to help folks heal their emotions and their lives. Northside

Oct / Nov 2015

area of Cincinnati. Soon in Dayton too. For information or to enroll: Or 513 708 0563. 17 October - You will hear from Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP, who will tell you about the Bio Phylics of Cyclic Cells. She reports that her use of specific physical adjustment and replenishment techniques creates major impact in helping the body eliminate cancer cells 17901 River Av. #F Noblesville 46062 When: 2nd Thursday of each month except Winter - 7PM to 9PMish (last time, many hung around talking til well after that.) Phone, if you need help finding the place: 317 750 7392 -yourself -any materials you might want to use during the Healing FreeFor-All at last part of evening. -any materials you want to share about your own healing work. -any friends who you think would enjoy this. Note: we normally host some munchable foods for people who haven’t had the opportunity to dine yet. (like those of us from Cincinnati.) If you care to join the munching, please bring a food contribution for the potluck/fellowship which starts about 6.45. It’s a great opportunity to make new connections and catch up with friends. Otherwise, we usually begin the session about 7.05, so you will want to arrive before then if possible. -eat and fellowship -presentation by speaker -short “psychic” readings for each attendee -healing free-for-all: a time for healers to get some healing from other healers.

•Religious Recovery Religious Recovery: Healing for those Hurt, Disappointed, or Abused by Religion. Religious Recovery is a free mutualsupport, nonprofessional 13-step program loosely based on the concept of traditional 12-step meetings. The meeting is open to all religions but is not affiliated with any church or religious organization. Atheists and agnostics are also welcome. For meeting times and locations, or to contact an individual to speak about Religious Recovery, visit our web site: For information contact Wayne: or call/text: (513) 205-1057. We also have a Facebook page at pages/Religious-Recovery/598915013454248.

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info. 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, Oh 45036 Visit www. for details. Last Sunday Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity – Join Jane for a healing meditation, Sunday morning Oct 25th, and Nov 29th. 10:45 to 11:30 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation, call 866-243-6900 for details or questions. Soul Crafting with Patti, All Soul Crafting activities take place at the Lebanon Elemental Om studio at 46 E. Mulberry St., Lebanon, OH 45036, See our website for details, directions and contact information. www.

•Theresa Caputo Live – The Experience! Live Audience Readings with Theresa Caputo, from TLC’s Long Island Medium. Friday October 30th, 7:30pm – Aronoff Center, Cincinnati,

•Whatever Works Whatever Works Center and Gift shop 7433 Montgomery Rd. Cincin. Oh. 45236 Ph. #(513)791-9428 At Whatever Works Wellness : Mondays 6:30 to 8:00 pm Manifestation Class: Hands on training from the material of Abraham - Hicks. Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette & others. Understand the universal law of attraction, the art of allowing & power of emotions that can help you create the life you desire. $10.00 per class - call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Wednesdays - 6:30 to 7:30 pm Wellness Wednesdays. Ongoing support group dedicated to sharing natural holistic ways to maximize your health & well being. Call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Other fun studies and services offered for your daily life: Crystal & Stone readings, Numerology readings & chart printouts, Dream & symbol interpretation & Energy Cleansing. For Center’s future events, check out www.whitewillowtaichi. com or

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Infinity October / November 2015  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, an...

Infinity October / November 2015  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, an...