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Feb / Mar 2016 A Health & Wellness Publication Magazine Vol. 66 Southwest Ohio’s Leading Health Magazine

L etter from the editor Dear Readers, Beautiful mystical Love touch the depths of our souls and fill every void as our open hearts rejoice! Let us step forward and embrace the mysteries of Love. Acknowledge the inner child as it heals and mends the broken threads of our wounded hearts. Love unfolds in likeness of a delicate rose in full bloom. There is so much to be adored but still needs nurturing and tender loving care. The depth of each soul longs for Love, the imperfections of the strongest bonds are created by the purest forms of Love. Love can be all encompassing in thought and expression. Great writers and poets have defined and attempted to capture the meaning of Love in the written word. The page of life is quite complex when it comes to the chapter of Love. Profoundly, it is Love that can save humanity with random acts of kindness to the heartfelt embraces reaching out to all corners of the world. Forgiveness is key, acceptance will unlock any door to the vision of tomorrow. Let us experience and demonstrate unconditional and everlasting Love. May Unconditional Love be prevalent for peace and create the consciousness needed for healing our precious earth, today and always. Yours in health,

Jane Phillips Editor in Chief Publisher

On the cover: Quick Dip? Don’t Mind If I Do!

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Welcome to Infinity Welcome readers to Infinity magazine’s Feb./March issue! This issue is packed full of innovative ways to improve one’s quality of life. Read valuable information and proven methods that will enrich, enhance and create a healthy lifestyle. Be inspired, with each article, let Infinity magazine guide you every step of the way to improve your well being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are committed to bring to you the latest in health and wellness technology, and we will continue to keep you updated on exciting events throughout the year. Happy Valentine’s Day, Thursday, Feb.14th and don’t forget to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. We all will be looking forward to the Spring Equinox, it is Wed. March 20th. Relax and enjoy the upcoming season of Spring and have a blessed Easter, March 27th.

MISSION STATEMENT Infinity Magazine is dedicated to those individuals who are searching for a healthier, alternative way to enrich their lives while embracing the sacred healing heart within.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Nina Covington Infinity is a bi-monthly publication designed to promote health, and natural well-being. The information in Infinity is not intended as medical advice, and should not replace the advice of your physician. Infinity is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, or misinformation.


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4 Longevity Resources 4 Humility by Wayne Holmes 6 9 Principles for Building a Happier, Stronger Romantic Relationship by Brian Frederick Eastman 8 Ask Sage Woman: Spiritual Advice for the Real World by Sage Woman 10 Relationships: Improving “Your” World & “The” World at the Same Time by Dr. Michael F. Landwehr 12 The Countdown by Cynthia M. Brown 14 Author’s Spotlight: Recommended Reads 14 Baker Chiropractic Testimonial

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20 Spirit Speaks to the Hungry Soul by Michael McAdams

Upcoming Featured Event - Easter!

16 Seeking a Reading from a Psychic submitted by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. 18 Going Nutty Over Macadamias!

22 Essential Oils – How & Where to Use Them by Dr. Joeseph Mercola 24 Sacred Space by Jill Mattson 26 Stewardship – Making Plans by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger 27 It’s Your Future: Horoscopes by Matthew Currie 30 Eternal Knowledge: Events & Classes

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Longevity Resources

Discovering Optimal Health Naturally

Welcome to our newest feature, “Longevity Resources.” Each issue we will cover topics that will explore endless possibilities in achieving optimal health. We are honored to feature one of own past writers, Dr. Paul Fulk (19352014). The article written below is just one of many he had written over the years. He was a true pioneer in the field of alternative health and nutrition. The statements or content of the article in this feature is strictly to educate and inform. It is not intended to replace the care and advice of your regular physician.

Stress – Is It Killing Us? by Paul F. Fulk, D.C., F.A.S.A. In the thirty four years I have been in practice, I have seen a lot of what stress does to our bodies in more than one way. It causes structural misalignment of the lower back because of the weakness of some muscles that hold the hips in place. I had a patient tell me that he “only did one stressful thing today.” I asked him what it was. He stated, “that he had gotten out of bed” In other words if he had not gotten out of bed he would not have been stressed to the point that his back went out of place. This was funny, but it contained a lot of truth. Whether it is emotional, chemical, biochemical and environmental stressors, it all depends on how we are able to cope with these situations. The pineal gland in the center of your head has a direct connection to the adrenal glands that sit on the top of the kidneys. But, for all practical purposes, they control the majority of the organs from your chin down to your toes. The pineal gland is your environmental reactor, your body’s barometer center of your emotions and weather radar station. The “flight and fright” mechanism happens when you are scared or something drastic happens to you. So any of the STRESSORS can affect these glands, which will change your whole body’s chemistry. Subjecting your body to alterations that can produce diseases, weight gain, frustration, anxiety and depression. Remember I said that the pineal gland is the center of your emotions. Too many drug manufactures have capitalized on what is known as “depression.” Ironically enough, the long winter nights is when the frequency of depression among the American populous is most common. The pineal


gland is your sleep inducer, which is active at night time. A hormone called melatonin is produced by the pineal gland that takes you down to rem sleep level. Emotional hurt can put scar tissue around the pineal gland and makes it ineffective. I have found some research that was done in Canada that revealed that candida Albanians, a symbiotic bacteria in the blood stream, leaches the lithium and biotin out of our blood. A number of years ago lithium carbonate was used to treat depression. However, it had some bad side effects on the kidneys, so it is no longer used. It just so happens that lithium is essential to make the pineal work. When it does not function up to par, the computer center (hypothalamus) does not do it’s job and the pituitary does not get the proper signals to issue the proper hormones to make the adrenal glands, the spleen, the parathyroid, the thyroid and other organs that are hormone controlled to function properly. In other words a lot of our systems do not work in a normal capacity. We get depressed, we don’t feel good, we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, you can become suicidal and do irrational things that are not accepted by our society. Simply because the glands are not functioning the way they should. It is also known that people under stress have a greater tendency to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoking and making poor nutritional choices, for example, eating cookies and cake with milk before going to bed. Sugar, MSG, dyes, steroids, antibiotics, food additives, NutraSweet and other food products will produce a lot of stress in our body that we can eliminate simply by reading labels on products and not putting them in our mouth. Dr. McDaniels, a healthy 96 year old doctor friend says “if it is in a box don’t eat it. It must be in the original form before ingesting it.” These are his ideas for being very healthy even at his age. These unhealthy behaviors can further increase the severity of symptoms related to stress, such as nicotine addiction, alcoholism which leads to a fatty liver, obesity because of overeating when stressed. High blood pressure is many times a result of stress. I am sure many of you know and understand what stress is all about. The experience of stress is very individualized. What one person can handle, another cannot. Stress at work has to be paramount today, because of the shortage of help and fewer people, employees are required to do the same amount of work of two or three people. Believe it or not,

Feb / Mar 2016

instead to see a beautiful child of God, worthy of her time, her attention, and her loving care.

there was a vitamin that was developed for a professional football team that helped the players deal with the stress of getting banged and hurt while playing the game. It helps to stay off the stress factors in many situations. It worked so well for the team that they won the next eight games in a row after using Pro-Cortisol Balance.

Humble people see themselves as no greater or no worse than other people. They do not believe they are special. All people are seen, and treated by them, as perfect creations of The Divine, and as such, are worthy. This is what is meant when we say we seek humility outside of ourselves. Humility is characterized by the way we treat other people and by the extent to which we give love and acceptance to everyone.

Copyright 2011 Paul F. Fulk, D.C., F.A.S.A.


About the Author: Pastor Wayne Holmes is an ordained minister with Divinity Spiritual Church and also Revelation Spiritual Church.

by Wayne Holmes

Wayne is the author of seven books including his latest title, Every Path Leads Home: Opening to Your Spiritual Journey. Learn more about Wayne’s healing work at ReligiousRecovery.org.


Wayne Holmes is an outstanding individual, a one-of-a-kind author who speaks to you from the heart through his writing. He has inspired thousands of readers and touched our spirits with his gentle teachings and humor, bringing us back to a safe haven of love and peace.� –Jane Phillips 3XEOLVKHU,QÀQLW\0DJD]LQH

–Liz Loring Educator, Life Coach & Group Facilitator

Humility is an outward measure of an open spirit. We see this clearly in the openness of Mother Teresa. She worked with the outcasts of society and treated each person she met with respect and love. She would not allow herself to see the dirt, filth, or shame, but chose


It wasn’t until I donned a clerical collar that I came to understand how people viewed religious leaders differently. Some were comforted by my presence while others seemed ill at ease. “Before long I realized that many had been damaged through judgment, guilt, rejection, and condemnation by a religion or by someone religious. I’m happy to report that these people do not have to languish in fear, depression, or resentment. “In Every Path Leads Home, Wayne Holmes has created a brilliant and very gentle way out of religious abuse and intolerance into peace, happiness, and personal freedom. “It is a way to heal us all.� –Rev. Gary Pennington &RQWLQXXP+HDOLQJ3UDFWLWLRQHU Founder of Spirit Hospital Alliance

R e l i g i o u s R e c ove r y P r e s s

Mr. Holmes’ words resonate way beyond the printed page—they vibrate within your heart as truth. I absolutely LOVE this book! It is the best bridge I have seen joining traditional religion, spirituality, and the spiritual nature of us all. “The integrity of the author in revealing his own story is authentic, reminding me of the humanness of all of our experiences. I felt wrapped in the arms of loving kindness throughout the whole book. I predict this book will enlighten all who read it.�


V By Wayne Holmes

The ego would have you brag that you are humble, even if only to yourself. But, if you believe what the ego says, “ then your humility will be overtaken and the subtle force of pride will slowly rise to the top. Humility is one of “ those qualities that is perhaps best left unsought. But, if we were to try to add it to our repertoire of positive characteristics, then the search belongs not within, but without. We do not look so much to ourselves to find humility, but rather we look for humility by considering the lives of those whose spiritual paths have blazoned the road for others to see clearly. When we consider the life of someone like Mother Teresa, we are humbled. I wonder if Mother Teresa ever saw herself as a humble person. Probably not. She probably understood that she was just as human and just as prone to mistakes as anyone else, and that she was only being true to what she knew to be right for her life and her journey.

O p e n i n g t o Yo u r S p i r i t u a l J o u r n e y

Wayne Holmes’ Every Path Leads Home is a beautiful book of acceptance. Our lives on this plane of existence are of short duration, and we are all “headed home.� Different faith experiences define “home� differently, and each suggests a path or paths. For anyone who has been abused by the supposed rules and strictures of a church or congregation or pastor, for anyone who has come to see religion not as a faith experience but rather as a set of ironclad rules, for anyone who has grown weary of the struggle to find God by whatever name: Every Path Leads Home is a must-read.

Every Path Leads Home:

A humble heart is also a grateful heart. Gratitude and humility are inseparable. To seek humility is a noble goal, but it is as elusive as the idea of enlightenment. Once you think you’ve achieved it, you realize it has slipped just beyond your grasp. Interestingly, the ego wants us to achieve enlightenment and humility, but both concepts are beyond the understanding of the ego. The ego also fails to understand that if enlightenment and humility are achieved, the ego will lose its power.

He is the co-founder of Religious Recovery, an organization dedicated to healing wounds inflicted by religion or the religious. He is not opposed to religion, but he sees the hurts and endeavors to help.

Wayne Holmes

Every Path Leads Home Opening to Your Spiritual Journey

Opening to your spiritual journey, healing for the past, peace for the present. Direction for

Wayne Holmes’ Every Path Leads Home is a beautiful book of acceptance. For anyone who has been abused by the supposed rules and strictures of a church or congregation or pastor, for anyone who has come to see religion not as a faith experience but rather as a set of ironclad rules, for anyone who has grown weary of the struggle to find God by whatever name: Every Path Leads Home is a must-read.


It can be purchased on Amazon.


The goal of Religious Recovery is to reach out to those in need of healing from religious organizations or religious individuals. Wayne Holmes Phone: 513.205.1057

Email: Wayne@ReligiousRecovery.org Web Site: www.ReligiousRecovery.org

the future,







nee Wayne Holmes Phone: 513.205.1057


Email: Wayne@ReligiousRecovery.org Web Site: www.ReligiousRecovery.org





9 Stronger Principles for Building a Happier, Romantic Relationship by Brian Frederick Eastman

I once received a call from a husband whose marriage I had officiated. He wanted to arrange a vow renewal and I was surprised to hear why. He told me, “I always thought that once you were married, the hard part was done. I didn’t know that you have to work to keep a marriage going! I almost lost the woman I love. We’ve both put in hard work to rebuild our relationship, and we’re ready to celebrate our marriage again.” Here are nine principles that my wife and I use. Some, we learned by watching how others’ relationships worked. Some, we learned together through counseling. Some, I learned because my wife had the patience to teach me! 1. Read this book out loud to each other: The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. You have only a 1-in-5 likelihood that you speak the love


language your partner needs to hear to feel fully loved. Together you can determine which language you each need to hear so you can effectively speak love to your partner. 2. Invest at least 30 minutes a day with your partner. You could talk while you walk or cook together. You could sit holding hands. Any activity where the two of you are connecting or communicating together. Watching television or playing computer games doesn’t count. 3. Show your partner both love and respect. These are two critical attributes of a successful marriage. 4. Dance together, often. Find a good teacher so you become really good at waltzes, polkas, salsas or czardas. Go to dances at least twice monthly. When you dance well together, you will experience

Feb / Mar 2016

a powerful form of romance and bonding. Another reason to dance: people who dance tend to live longer, healthier lives. 5. Your partner’s needs and wants should have equal weight with yours. One big exception: if you have a selfish or critical partner, an addicted or everdemanding-but-never-satisfied partner, jump to the next item. 6. Find and remove any weeds growing in your marriage: See a counselor on a regular basis. If your partner won’t come too, go anyway. Work to find and remove any behaviors, belief patterns or emotional damage which is interfering with your relationship with your partner. Both psychotherapy and LIIFT can be helpful. Sometimes both. Contact HealthNetworkCenter@gmail.com for assistance finding someone good to work with. 7. Have an active life of your own in addition to your activities with your partner. This brings fresh air to your relationship. 8. At least once a week: Engage in an activity for something bigger than you. Whether you share a spiritual walk or work together to achieve something beneficial to the world, you are also strengthening your shared life.

emotional distress connect with capable therapists and other healers. Contact Brian at 513.541.1257 or brian.eastman@LIIFT.info. For information about Health Network Center or for assistance finding appropriate therapists and mental health healers contact HealthNetworkCenter@gmail.com.

Kathy Vaske

Try something different for entertainment for the evening out with the girls. Try an all message circle. Each person in your group gets a mini psychic reading set up as a group Nationally known Psychic, demonstration. Angel Clairvoyant, & CHT

Contact Kathy for spiritual path guidance, psychic readings, or hypnosis for change. See Kathy at Victory of Light - April 9 & 10 Located in Kenwood, OH

Call (513)218-8448

Feel Better Fast!

9. At least once a week: Make time for romance and sex. A study indicates that couples tend to be happier with weekly love-making. Is that any surprise? Add it to your schedule!

About Brian Frederick Eastman: Brian Eastman invested 30 years’ research to create the LIIFT process for healing emotional damage. He books appointments to see people privately in person, via Skype, and in group sessions in Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis Indiana. He is available to lead LIIFT training seminars and LIIFT Prosperity Workshops anywhere in the world. He is also a founding member of Health Network Center, which helps people with


        Brian Eastman, LIIFT Practitioner 513 541 1257 - brian.eastman@LIIFT.info Offices in Cincinnati, West Chester, Dayton.


ASpiritual sk Sage Woman: Advice

for the Real World with Sage Woman

Dear Sage Woman, I enjoyed reading your book, “Connecting with the Goddess Within: Live a Magical, Mystical Life filled with Miracles. It was a game changer for me in shifting my perspectives. My question to you is, after I’ve finally “let go, let God/Goddess,” now what?

joy and above all, gratitude, we will see a shift in our external reality. What we focus on, we create.

With deep respect,

Now what?

S.T ________ Dear S.T., Thank you for reading my book. I am pleased you were open to its heart: living as a conscious individual. I read it daily in order to keep true to myself. Yours is a big question; one I’ve asked myself countless times. I appreciate you bringing it to the column so we may explore the mantra’s deeper meaning. Let go, let God/Goddess is not a magic wand that turns your life into utopia. For me, it is a daily, if not moment-tomoment, practice of complete surrender. Surrender is not a weakness, nor is it an excuse to kickback and do nothing while you wait for the magic to happen. It is trust, belief and faith in yourself and in your connection to a power greater than self. It is choosing to shift into a higher consciousness. Through such surrendering we actually call on the power of the universe. In surrendering, we give up our ego, along with the limitations and negativities it creates within our being. Our focus becomes choosing, in each moment, to consciously create our experience. How do we do this? Being present, being mindful and slowing down to truly listen to our mind, body and spirit when we are making choices or speaking. It is a co-creative process and a practice. It does not flow overnight. As we choose to trust in God/Goddess, we begin to take the pressure off of ourselves and are then able to focus on what we desire instead of what is lacking in our life. Removing lack, doubt and limitation and replacing those emotions with abundance, self-love,


* Choose to have gratitude for exactly where you are in life – in each moment. Even if you choose to be in a place of struggle, find the silver lining or the gift in the struggle. Begin to look at life not as good or bad, but as opportunities for spiritual growth and a deeper connection to oneself and her relationship to Creator. Each night before going to sleep, write in your gratitude journal as many things as you can be grateful for in the day. Gratitude is the elixir, the magic in life. As we focus on what we are grateful for instead of what we think we don’t have, the vibration of gratitude naturally draws even more to be grateful for. * Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. This is your private, personal time to simply be. It is as necessary as sleeping, eating and working. Meditation is an act of surrender because we use our free will to take time to withdraw our attention away from the hustle and bustle of physical reality. When we meditate choose to connect and commune with something larger than ourselves. When we go into this quiet space we can tap into the messages we don’t often hear through the noise of physical activity. * Get out in nature. Take a walk. Look up into the sky. Feel the vastness of our planet and universe. This can even be a form of a walking meditation. * Engage is some type of a mindful practice like yoga or tai chi, anything where you focus on breath and releasing resistance to meditating in the moment. Letting go, letting God/Goddess is a daily practice. It requires being present and acting from a place of love,

Feb / Mar 2016

not fear. It further requires choosing total responsibility for our own happiness, prosperity and joy. When we choose to metaphorically sit with life for a few moments, instead of being reactive we give ourselves time to choose our response. With more mindfulness, we will be present to observe all situations from a higher perspective. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of our human experience is experiencing all ranges of emotions. In surrendering, we do not ignore the lower vibrations of fear, doubt, lack, anger and so on. We choose to remember they are simply emotions attached to a feeling. We have the power to both witness our feelings and also choose how we incorporate them into our thoughts, words and actions. When I finally take my focus off of letting go, I am then free to focus on creating exactly what I desire in my life - unattached from the outcome. My focus is on creating joy, happiness, abundance and bliss from within. Knowing as within, so without. It is a wholly inside job. I wish you peace, joy, and prosperity in your life. Remember, you are aligned with the energy of God/ Goddess. Choose from your highest source of integrity. Act from love not fear. Be gentle with yourself as we are human. It really is an amazing opportunity to be human. We get to learn from our experience. Walk with trust for the inner wisdom guiding you each moment. Blessings and Gratitude, Sage

About the Author: Sage Woman is a spiritual life coach & intuitive reader. Sage is a Shamanic Priestess, an ordained minister and intuitive who facilitates Goddess Chakra workshops and individual coaching. She is also available for readings of the ancient Tarot. For more information, contact her at 513-490-4693, or email sagewomen61@gmail. com.


Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity Join Jane for a healing meditation in a warm, cozy environment, with hot tea and light refreshments - Sunday morning Feb 28th, 11 to 11:45 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation. Last Sunday Mediation will not be held in March, due to the Easter holiday.

Call 866-243-6900 for details, questions, or inclement weather

SAGE WOMAN Ordained Minister, Shamanic Priestess, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Readings Take a journey with Sage Woman and discover a path of healing and self empowerment. Receive healing messages from Sage; answers from the heart of truth.

Call for a Phone Session – 513-490-4693 sagewomen61@gmail.com www.connectingwiththegoddesswithin.com

Divinity Spiritual Gathering of Fairfield “A Place of Love, Light, Truth, & Freedom” 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014 One Mile North from Jungle Jims On Rt. 4, Left on Hicks Blvd., Right on Holiday Dr.

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Every Sunday - Service starts at 11:00 AM

Healing Prayers For All Every Monday from 4:00 PM- 7:00 PM 9

Relationships: Improving “Your” World & “The” World at the Same Time by Dr. Michael F. Landwehr How long can you survive without food? (Answer: weeks) How long can you survive without Water? (Answer: days) How long can you survive without relationships that affirm the value and importance of your life and existence? (Answer: an agonizingly long time) Surviving is not the same thing as thriving, however. Surviving without the hope of rescue soon turns into depression, and later, into dark despair and cynicism. Given the immense differences between surviving and thriving what would you choose? What are the personal and societal consequences of failing to nurture, encourage, and protect people through loving and affirming relationships? We all know people who have been in toxic families and relationships. We see the divorces, the domestic abuses, the treatment centers for drugs, emotional and mental health issues, the sexual abuses, the financial chaos, the suicides, the wide array of people in broken relationships seeking meaning and significance for their lives and purpose in being here. Is there a common thread, loss or woundedness in all these sad, mad, and sometimes bad people?

a sense of being someone valued, or in some cases maybe not so much. The things we do and say, our touches, hugs, our encouragements, sharing the good times, the sad times and the bad times convinces us that we are not alone and how much we matter to each other. YOU MATTER AND YOU HAVE A PURPOSE HERE! Tell and show the people you care for your intentional behaviors and words to underscore their importance and value to you. Do this everyday and you help make YOUR WORLD and THE WORLD a safer and better place. In our work and services at the Health Center Network with individual, couples, and families all of our energies and resources are directed toward assuring everyone we serve that their life matters, not only to us but to their families and loved ones. Our services, therapies, classes, workshops, etc. incorporate this cornerstone of core belief. Perhaps we can help you restore your sense of mattering. Perhaps we can assist someone you love in doing so. Consider calling us if our help is needed. How do your current relationships make you feel?

Yes. There is.


When a person believes that they do not matter, or that they are of little or no real importance to anyone why should we be surprised by their outof-balance behaviors, however bizarre, violent or crazy?

Some years ago a number of small town home owners were told they would have to leave their long loved, small but maintained, clapboard homes which were nestled comfortably in a valley between the surrounding hills. Why?

Many, if not all of these people, want our attention and they don’t care what they have to do to obtain it. They will destroy property, their lives and/or other’s, and say and do outrageous things just to make their voices heard through their actions. They want to shock and outrage society into taking them seriously. They don’t believe that there is any risk too big to take in order to make themselves significant, heard, remembered and important!

Some developers and the government saw the area’s potential as a great recreational boating and fishing area for people looking to develop home sites, docking areas and restaurants, grocery stores, camping areas, etc.

We all want to matter! Our relationships give us


All that was needed was to move out the long term residents (of no great political significance or clout), dam up both ends of the valley and a money-making recreational enterprise would be born. Of course it would take some time to urge

Feb / Mar 2016

the current residents out, but it was basically a done deal. Good for everybody! As the finality of the project became apparent to the home owners their property maintenance and repairs were neglected and little by little they took what monies were offered and moved out. But one unhappy and disgruntled mover found a large piece of cardboard; and he wrote a message on it to whomever might see it as they prepared to change this valley forever. He nailed it to the old picket fence on his now abandoned property. It said, “When there is no more hope for tomorrow there is no energy for today.”

loved ones is essential to their hopes for tomorrow and gives them the energy to cope with the challenges of today. About the Author: Dr. Michael F. Landwehr is a clinical psychologist and life coach with The Health Network Center in Northside. His web site is Dr. Michael Landwehr at www.thedoctorisin.org. He can be reached at 513-961-3344.

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The Countdown

by Cynthia M. Brown

I have been told several times by several people how many days until spring arrives. I have not been much of a countdown person in my life. Growing up, I loved school so I didn’t count the days to the weekend, holidays or summer break. I enjoyed summer and since I didn’t dread school, I didn’t reluctantly mark off the days until the first day of school as if marking off my final days of life before interment into prison. Don’t misunderstand me; I do make a great deal of the approach of a birthday, anniversary or a long-planned vacation. I mark them with great anticipation and celebrate them with much fanfare. Somehow, those kinds of countdowns seem festive and as if they enhance the enjoyment of the now. It just seems to me that we spend so much time waiting for the next thing, season or break to arrive that I often ask myself if we are so busy waiting for the future that we sacrifice the now. When my son was little, he used to complain a lot about all the rules he


had to obey. Oh, he couldn’t wait to grow up so he could drive a car, not have a bed time, etc. He told me when he was grown he would be so free. I used to tell him he was wishing away his life and his childhood. I used to tell him he would never be as free as an adult as he was as a child. I told him he would have to earn a living, pay for his home, utilities, food… He would have a supervisor at work making a whole lot of rules about his time, dress, and behavior…. I begged him to enjoy his freedom and childhood and not spend so much time wishing it away. Of course, now, at 22, he is wishing for all that time and freedom. Now he says he understands what I was trying to tell him. I tell him now not to waste his life and this moment wishing for a “do over.” I tell him to find happiness in this time and to savor his youth, his health and all the possibilities before him. I remember when my mother turned forty. I remember saying to her, “God, mom, you are FORTY! Forty

Feb / Mar 2016

years old!” I didn’t feel like my mother was old-forty just seemed like such a BIG number. I was born when my mother was twenty. As I expressed my feelings about her being 40, she just smiled and touched my cheek. With a twinkle in her eye, she said, ”That’s alright girlie. Time has a way of telescoping. When I am 70, you will be 50.” When my mother turned 70, yep, I did turn 50. And it’s so odd to think we had that conversation more than 30 years ago!

About the Author: Cynthia M. Brown is a Writer, Culinary Genius, and Midwife of the Local Food Revolution.

So, now, after an unusually warm and wet winter, everyone is counting down until spring. I am not. I really made myself slow down and savor the light snow that dusted the city a week ago. On a recent Sunday, I walked my dog in a park, appreciating the snowy hills, the red canes of service berry bushes, the green of the pines, that amazing and magical blue of a winter sky, the brilliant yet distant white of the January sun…. I made myself aware of the cold on my skin and the soothing warm blast of stepping indoors after a long walk. I know I will enjoy the beauty of spring when it arrives but for now, I want to really enjoy each day of this season, for all its gifts. I want to challenge myself to really be alive in this moment, living it fully, not holding my breath, peeling off another page of my desk calendar, hoping for some magical moment that will make life better. I want to really try to remember that each day, each moment is the best moment . None of us is promised more than now. Our lives and our relationships will be irrevocably changed in each instant and if we are counting down, if we are waiting for a better time, we will lose what we have.

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Cynthia M. Brown Culinary Genius & Midwife of the Local Food Revolution 740-285-7136 cmbrown203@yahoo.com See Raven at Victory of Light April 9 &10

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When I was growing up, on days that my father woke us for school, he would come into our bedroom, switch on the light and bellow, “Rise and shine, rise and shine. The gift is given and the day is what you make it.” I learned when I was older that the Cherokee believe when you awaken each day, you have been gifted with another day of life. You have no right to ask or expect anymore and that it is up to you to honor the creator by living fully in balance with all of life each day. I like to think of a world in which we all honor the gift of another day of life by fully living not a world in which we are waiting for a something better. Are you counting your life away or are you making your life count?



Author’s Spotlight Recommended Reads LOVING EACH OTHER The Challenge of Human Relationships by Leo E. Buscaglia, Ph.D. (1924 - 1998) Quotes from the Book: “Loving relationships, though necessary for life, health, and growth, are among the most complicated skills. Before we can be successful at achieving relationships, it is necessary that we broaden our understanding of how they work, what they mean and how what we do and believe can enhance or destroy them.” This wonderful book has been written by a man that was known fondly as Dr. Hug. Leo Buscaglia was fascinated by the human experience of life.

Leo Buscaglia stresses upon us that just a simple hug can brighten someone’s day. He believed if we hugged our loved ones more often and extended our affection to more people we meet, we can bring joy and happiness to humanity that can last a lifetime for the majority of people and change the world! Loving Each Other by Leo Buscaglia is a recommended read, it is available at amazon.com Give it as a gift for yourself or someone you love. About the Author: Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D., was a native of California and an acclaimed professor of education at the University of Southern California. Beloved by millions for his influential message of the limitless power of human love, Buscaglia was the author of fifteen books, including the million-copy bestseller “Love.”

BTestimonial aker Chiropractic My Pain Was So Bad I Needed a Walker to Get Around. When Pain Medications Didn’t Help and an Epidural Shot Was Recommended, I Came To Baker Chiropractic and Wellness!

With a determination of spirit he dedicated his own life to teach us how to love each other with tenderness and compassion. Leo Buscaglia’s books and lectures received international acclaim as he continued to educate people on how to build a solid foundation to enhance and improve their relationships. Loving Each Other guides the reader through real stories of people who have experienced heart break, loneliness and true love. He developed a study that he includes in the book about relationships in general. This study was sent to hundreds of people, he was elated when he received hundreds of answers back in return. He shares these valuable pearls of wisdom to help the reader get a clear understanding of how best to communicate with your partner.


Dr. Kelly Duffner, Merlanne and Dr. Patrick Baker “Chronic pain is what compelled me to come to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain level was a 10 without question. The pain and tingling started at my hips and radiated down my legs

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to my toes. It prevented me from being able to do everyday housework. It stopped me from participating in one of my favorite pastimes – golf. It got so bad that I couldn’t even walk and needed to depend on a walker for any mobility whatsoever.

come here, I am sure I would be still be laying down in bed suffering from pain while being treated with epidurals, shots and prescription pain medications that do nothing but provide a small window of relief. If you are battling pain, don’t waste any more time and money on medications and invasive procedures that provide no long-term solution. Instead, come to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. Find out what is causing the pain and then fix the problem. You’ll find health care professionals who genuinely want to help you with a level of enthusiasm and positivity that is truly refreshing and inspiring!”

All this started at the beginning of the year. I originally sought the help of my medical doctor who diagnosed me as having a condition called central canal stenosis. I was prescribed medications to treat the pain which only provided temporary relief. By September, an epidural shot was recommended and that’s when I felt like I needed to find a better solution. Although I was skeptical at first, I decided it was time to get help from Baker Chiropractic and Wellness.

– Merlanne L.

Today, I am delighted to say that I am completely pain free! What Dr. Baker, Dr. Duffner and their wonderful team have done for me is more than any words can say! I’m back to doing everyday chores around the house and golfing with friends. If I would not have

If you or someone you care about is struggling with any type of health condition or pain, please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or schedule an appointment on-line by visiting our website at http:// www.bakerchiropractic.org/. We will help!

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Sfrom eeking a Reading a Psychic Submitted by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. From the perspective of the Edgar Cayce readings, “psychic is of the Soul” and each of us can develop the ability to become our own best psychic. Whether the information comes from a hunch, an intuition, our dreams, or synchronicity, each of us possesses a wealth of internal guidance that can be drawn upon whenever we need it. In fact, the Cayce material suggests that our true natural state is psychic and that as we progress spiritually in our lives we will have more personal experiences with this psychic dimension of our beings. Still, there are times in life when we may feel the need to receive external guidance. Just as it is appropriate for individuals to seek out help from a doctor, a counselor, a minister, or a trusted friend, there may be occasions when we feel the need for intuitive information. Whenever A.R.E. features a professional psychic on one of our seminars, programs, or psychic fairs, it is because the individual has demonstrated some measurable ability. However, individuals on our programs are not being endorsed by the A.R.E. While we have worked with individuals who are sincere, ethical, and interested in being helpful to others, we have yet to find an individual who is 100% accurate – and that includes psychic Edgar Cayce, whose calculated 85% accuracy rate is still considered the highest known in contemporary times. The physical, mental, and emotional condition at the time of the reading of the person getting guidance, as well as that of the psychic, may affect the accuracy of the information and/or the ability to communicate/ understand this information clearly and coherently. To get the most from a psychic reading, whether it is external (from a psychic, a numerologist, an astrologer, a “guide,” etc.) or internal (one’s own dreams, inner guidance, visions, intuition, etc.), it is extremely helpful to do a little preparation in advance:


Understand the purpose of the reading: Edgar Cayce’s own readings indicated that the purposes of those requesting a reading, as well as the purposes of the psychic in giving a reading and the purposes of those most directly concerned or surrounding both people, played crucial roles in the clarity and depth of the reading obtained. Examine your own ideal, values, and soul purpose: Again, the ideals (motivation) and purposes of those directly concerned and surrounding the psychic and the person requesting the reading have an important impact on the quality of the reading. If there is a confusion of purposes, of ideals or if the request for the reading is prompted by greed, curiosity, or selfish desires, the quality, clarity, and wisdom of the reading may be considerably less. Formulate the questions you want answered: There are some examples below that may help you with the wording. You will want to ask the best questions to elicit the clearest answers. Seek guidance making decisions: Be clear in your own mind that you’re looking for help to make your own decisions rather than unconsciously trying to shift the responsibility to someone wiser and with a better view into the future. Getting others perspectives is most helpful when used for making your own informed decisions. Examine your own dreams (visit EdgarCayce.org/ dreams for more about working with your dreams). Sample Topics and Questions: 1. Soul’s Purpose: What is my mission for this lifetime? How can I best make use of my abilities in the context of my soul’s mission for this lifetime? 2. Your own past lifetimes: Describe those past-life experiences that most directly influence me in my current life. Describe those past lives that relate to my present relationship with (insert name).

Feb / Mar 2016

3. Understanding interpersonal relationships: In order to attain real forgiveness and peace, please give me that information I can now use constructively about past-life experiences with (insert name and birth date). Please give that information which will help me understand the source of my problem (provide example) with (insert name and birth date) and what I can do to experience love and healing in our relationship. 4. Transforming a particular attitude or emotion: I’ve always had trouble with (emotion for example: losing my temper); what is the source of this and what can I do about it? Lately I find myself plagued with irrational anxiety and insomnia. How can I understand the causes and what can I do about it? 5. The future: My ideal is to be of service to God; with this in mind, can I expect that my present employer, (Company Name) to be the place where I can fulfill that ideal in my work life, or should I be looking for another employer? A.R.E. regularly offers Conferences on Psychic Development and hosts world-renowned speakers and mediums from around the globe in Virginia Beach and across America. (EdgarCayce.org/Conferences) The Wisdom Workshop courses offered by the Bookstore & Gift Shop are individual classes focused on topics such as dowsing, tarot, mindfulness, creativity and more. (EdgarCayce.org/bookstore) A group of individuals asked Edgar Cayce how they might develop their own psychic abilities. So began a series of readings on spiritual laws and their application. Meeting locally and online, A Search for God Study Group programs provide the framework for safe psychic and spiritual development which was outlined by Edgar Cayce. (EdgarCayce.org/ StudyGroups) A.R.E. Members have access to Venture Inward magazine and newsletter, digital downloads, and hours of audio and video materials. (EdgarCayce.org/members)


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Going Nutty

Over Macadamia’s

Macadamia nuts are one of the most delicious nuts available, they have long been regarded as a nut with high fat content but as it turns out they are much more nutritious than expected. The high fat content is actually the heart healthy kind of fat. The monounsaturated fat found in macadamia nuts can help to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke. One very important fact about these particular nuts is that they do have a type of fatty acid that may help to speed up the metabolism and reduce the body’s ability to store fat. Rich in vitamins and minerals, macadamia nuts also are an excellent source of fiber, containing small amounts of vitamin A and E, these valuable antioxidants protect cell membranes and DNA damage from free radicals.


Macadamia nuts are a good source of protein and can be considered a high energy food. There are many ways they can be consumed, most commonly they are eaten dry roasted or prepared in salads, cookies, and cakes. They can be used in most recipes that include nuts as an ingredient. Chefs worldwide are choosing macadamia oil for cooking because of the healthy benefits, the exquisite and wonderful taste they exhibit, but more importantly this particular nut oil has a high heat tolerance. The best way to store these precious gems is to refrigerate them for the longest shelf life. Be careful not to keep them at room temperature for long as they could go rancid. Try to use them quickly so they will taste better fresh. Toasting them also highlights their flavor. People who are allergic to nuts, may want to try

Feb / Mar 2016

macadamia nuts, because in general it is rare to have an allergy with macadamia’s. These nuts can be pricey so it is better to buy them in bulk at health food stores and they are available online as well. Share the experience with someone you love, grab some macadamia nuts and go nutty! They are packed with nutrition and are simply delectable!

M&acadamia Goat Cheese Crusted Chicken INGREDIENTS:

BSalad eet, Fennel, & Jicama with Macadamia Nut Dressing INGREDIENTS: • ½ cup diced fennel • ½ cup peeled and diced jicama • ½ cup raw, peeled beets diced • 8 cherry tomatoes quartered • ½ cup Escarole chopped • Salt and pepper to taste

• 2 Tbs. olive oil


• ¼ cup prepared honey mustard marinade

1. Prepare all ingredients and toss together

• 1 cup of macadamia nuts crushed

2. Divide equally on four plates

• 2 cups of fresh goat cheese • ¼ cup chives

3. Salt and pepper to taste 4. Drizzle with dressing

• 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs


• Salt and pepper to taste

• ¼ cup macadamia nuts

DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

• 1 Tbs. water • ¼ tsp. lime zest

2. Heat olive oil in a skillet

• 1 Tbs. fresh lime juice

3. Season chicken thighs with salt and pepper

• ¼ tsp. cumin powder

4. Lightly sear on both sides 5. Brush show sides with honey mustard

• Pinch of salt

6. In a small bowl mix goat cheese and chives

• Pinch of cayenne

7. Divide goat cheese mixture evening and make a thin layer on chicken thighs


8. Sprinkle nuts over the cheese

1. Place ingredients in blender and puree

9. Cover the pan with foil and bake 15-18 minutes

2. Add a little water if needed to loosen

10. Remove foil and bake an additional 3-5 minutes until cheese and nuts are lightly browned

3. Adjust salt

11. Serve with a seasoned couscous or rice dish of your choosing


Recipes submitted by Cynthia M. Brown


Spirit Speaks to the Hungry Soul by Michael McAdams At a gathering over the holidays I was discussing the dictated messages and teachings received from spirit teachers/angels that Wilma Jean Jones recorded and that I have shared in my articles for Infinity magazine. One of the women in the discussion marveled at what a special gift this must be and wished that she too could receive. Each of us as our birthright has the innate ability to communicate with our spirit teachers/angels for guidance and support. It is a gift denied to no one if the intent be of a positive and nurturing nature. Relax your mind and allow yourself to settle into a receptive state. Visualize a white light of protection around your being. Make this affirmation: Let no thoughts, ideas, or information be made known to my mind that does not come from God or His direct representatives. Prepare to receive. You may ask for friends or loved ones. You may ask questions regarding issues and concerns you are dealing with. You may simply ask for a message or teaching that will be most beneficial to you at this point in time. Whether you take down what is given in writing or record what is given is up to you. The more often you dedicate time to these sessions the easier the information will come. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Luke 11:9 – KJV) From the collection of messages and teachings received directly from spirit teachers/angels that compose Wilma Jean Jones’ upcoming book “An Angel Told Me So” comes this high teaching. The depth and quality of these teachings received and the personal nature of this material engages and allows readers to feel they are being spoken to on a level that reflects what they personally are experiencing and speaks to the heart of those willing to accept the divine nature of these dictated messages. This message was presented for Wilma, yet again teachings given in this message reverberate with a universal thread that speaks directly to all sincere seekers of truth on a personal level as each reader feels they are being


addressed as they deal with what is transpiring in their lives. Note the references by these spirit teachers’ to themselves as “we”, “our”, and “us.” And on this rare occasion an “I” made himself known. This message was received by Wilma on Monday, September 19, 1983 “Release the burden that rests upon your shoulders and your heart at this time. There is always a sustaining force that is present when you are uneasy. Take into consideration your true reality and stand firm upon your convictions. Time will erase and compensate you for your realm of endeavor that is needed at this time for your soul’s growth. Remain in a state of calm amid the storm. We assess your abilities and in recognition of your desires will be on hand to present you with those who will be needed in your pursuit of fulfillment. We need your efforts in order to support our cause. Therefore take your needs and place them before our feet and we will sway the winds that blow to clear the path that lies before you. “Record your activities at this time in memory of your past incarnations, for we have witnessed the coming together of your abilities and with that which you have needed in order to fill that place in which you stand consecrated at this time. Reliance upon this source of material will allow you more freedom of thought than ever before. Ought we not to be ever faithful in our freedom of choice to connect with those who have been forewarned before us and can enable us therefore to receive information of a nature that will give us an edge over other circumstances. Contact has been made for you to such an extent that you will never have to pretend that you are a chosen vessel, but know that in the grace that has been presented before, you will stand as a reminder to those who look upon your countenance that truly there is a spirit of truth that radiates from your place of habitation. “Change your manner of speech to include other relationships. Ours will be in connection with your spiritual growth. Reliable sources will

Feb / Mar 2016

counteract activities that consume your energy without reimbursement. Verily I say unto you, fix your eyes upon the MASTER for He walks in a manner that can be detected by the mortal mind and there is an ever present light that will outshine and dispel the darkness in all quarters. Take this message as an introduction into other areas of thought. Resurrect your self image to include one who has taken many steps before in this direction. Renounce those who would enter into your life without record of achievement, for you are entitled to stand among those who have willed themselves into this environment with a determination to achieve and accomplish. “Therefore I touch your heart this dawn with a burning ambition to continue your achievements without discord or remorse. I am chosen as master of your life in order to rearrange your energies when necessary in order to present and inspire all that would tend to allow your achievements to be recorded. I am chosen also to command a higher teacher who will enforce your commitment by allowing your intelligence to receive other works to be presented to others. In order to remain intact, I now command your spirit to receive another advancement; a token of our love and devotion to your supreme efforts along these areas of investigation. Remain calm and relaxed in every way for entanglements with all mankind will be eliminated from your needs of self. Rely upon your instincts now to wave a banner of victory over others who stand committed but do not persuade us at this time. Information of a nature that will entice you to seek this resource of knowledge that lies waiting for you will be presented in order that you realize your worth and your ambitions will be inspired with literature you receive from outside sources as well as our own. “We take our leave of absence at this time in order that we might remain in your good favor by enacting upon the suggestions we have given in order to substantiate once again the meaning of spiritual companionship. We praise and value your time spent with us. Renew yourself with this thought: I am in the Divine Presence.


I, through the spirit that abides within me, am a child who walks steadfast and sure of my calling. I enable others to renew the spirit that rests within their beings in order to enliven and put into their charge the hopes and dreams that will secure for them the abundance of His spirit. In HIS likeness I will shine as the morning sun to bring new life to this humanity now before me.” Copyright 2016

About the author: Michael McAdams offers a set of his own writings called Spiritual Parchment Prints as a fundraising item for youth groups, churches, and to the public. He and his mother, Wilma Jean Jones, worked closely together as she received these messages and teachings dictated from spirit teachers over a 22-year period. This collection of messages and teachings is being published as the book “An Angel Told Me So.” Michael writes for Infinity magazine available at www.issuu.com/infinitymagazine. Learn more about Michael’s work and view Wilma Jean Jones television interview at spiritspeaks.com.

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Essential Oils – How & Where to Use Them by Dr. Joeseph Mercola Essential oils are concentrated, aromatic plant extracts that have been used for thousands of years for emotional, cosmetic, medical and even spiritual purposes. The term “essential oil” actually comes from the idea of “quintessential oil.” Aristotle believed that in addition to the four physical elements (fire, air, earth and water) there was a fifth element, quintessence. This was considered to be the “spirit” or life force of the plant.1 Today, essential oils are extracted from plants via two primary methods, distillation, which has been used since ancient times, and expression or cold pressing, which is used to extract citrus essential oils. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, physicians including Hippocrates, Galen, and Crito, promoted the therapeutic use of scents. Even the plague was treated with fragrances!2 Pharmaceuticals edged out the use of essential oils in the 19th century, but now, however, they’re making a strong comeback. What Are the Benefits of Using Essential Oils? There are probably as many uses for essential oils as there are varieties, but research shows particular promise in relieving stress, pain and nausea, stabilizing your mood, and improving sleep, memory and energy levels. As noted by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA):3 “It [Aromatherapy] seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.” Anxiety is one health condition for which essential oils may be particularly beneficial. A systematic review of 16 randomized controlled trials examining the anxiolytic (anxiety-inhibiting) effects of aromatherapy among people with anxiety symptoms showed that most of the studies indicated positive effects to quell anxiety (and no adverse events were reported).4

database, one way essential oils work is via your brain’s limbic system:9 “The effects of aromatherapy are theorized to result from the binding of chemical components in the essential oil to receptors in the olfactory bulb, impacting the brain’s emotional center, the limbic system. Topical application of aromatic oils may exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Studies in animals show sedative and stimulant effects of specific essential oils as well as positive effects on behavior and the immune system. Functional imaging studies in humans support the influence of odors on the limbic system and its emotional pathways.” Essential oils also contain three different types of medicinal organic compounds called terpenes, each with its own set of benefits: Phenylpropanoids have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral activity. As noted by Healthy Holistic Living, “phenylpropanoids clean the receptor sites on the cells. Without clean receptor sites, cells cannot communicate, and the body malfunctions, resulting in disease.”10 Oils that contain this type of terpene include: clove, cassia, basil, cinnamon, oregano, anise, and peppermint. Monoterpenes, which are found in most essential oils, help “reprogram miswritten information in the cellular memory.”11 Sesquiterpenes help deliver oxygen to your tissues, which makes it more difficult for viruses, bacteria, and potentially even cancer cells, to survive. Essential oils that contain sesquiterpenes include cedarwood, vetiver, spikenard, sandalwood, black pepper, patchouli, myrrh, ginger, and frankincense. Essential Oils May Help Relieve Autism Symptoms Many parents report success in using essential oils to ease symptoms associated with autism, especially at bedtime or while transitioning from one activity to another (which is often difficult for autistic children).

Essential Oils May Impact Your Brain’s Emotional Center

It may not work for everyone, but it’s natural, non-invasive and easy to apply, so there are far more advantages to trying it than not. Among the success stories is one mother who diffuses Roman chamomile into her son’s room at night, which has helped him to sleep. She also uses frankincense, orange, or vetiver (a type of Indian grass). She told The Epoch Times:12 “Vetiver really seems to calm him. When I get vetiver oil on him, it can pretty quickly end the meltdown. I always have it handy so I can get him to breathe it in. I do see a shortened time period of rage when he is having a meltdown. It has been a definite help.”

According to the National Cancer Institute’s PDQ online

Ohio State University (OSU) researchers are even planning

Sweet orange oil, specifically, has been found to have anxietyinhibiting effects in humans, supporting its common use as a tranquilizer by aromatherapists.5 Further, a blend of peppermint, ginger, spearmint and lavender essential oils has been found to help relieve post-operative nausea,6 while lavender aromatherapy has been shown to lessen pain following needle insertion.7 Essential oils have even been suggested as a replacement for antibiotics.8


Feb / Mar 2016

a study to determine if essential oils may help with emotional and behavioral challenges faced by children with autism. It’s likely they could help with other conditions as well. How to Use Essential Oils If you’re using essential oils simply because you like their scent, they should be diluted in a carrier oil or water (for misting) first before you apply them to your skin. Contrary to popular belief, to get the most scent out of an essential oil fragrance on your body, you needn’t apply it to your pulse points. It’s commonly thought that increased heat in these areas helps to diffuse the scent, but in reality the temperature of your skin doesn’t vary much from place to place. To get the most lasting scent, spray a mixture of essential oil and water onto your shirt collar or hair, where the oils will take longer to evaporate.17 NAHA has compiled instructions for additional ways to use essential oils, including via massage, inhalation, bath or facial lotion, as follows.18 For more information on which essential oils to use for different purposes, check out the Ultimate Guide to Herbal Oils. •Massage Oil: For infants and young children: .5 to 1% dilution = 3 to 6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier For adults: 2.5% dilution = 15 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier 3% dilution = 20 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier 5% dilution = 30 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier 10% dilution = 60 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier Essential oils used in massage blends are often used for: Stress/anxiety, Headaches/migraines, Insomnia, Chronic or acute pain relief, Arthritis & rheumatism (sub-acute phase), Chronic muscular/joint aches and pain, Pregnancy and childbirth massage, Reducing inflammation, Enhancing immunity, Relieving muscle spasms, Relax and soothe the nervous system, Aid in the treatment of sprains, strains, and repetitive movement injuries

pain and stiffness, Increase local circulation, Improve tone and health of skin, Aid detoxification About the Author: Dr. Mercola finished his family practice residency in 1985 but was trained by the conventional model. In his first years of private practice, he treated many symptoms with prescription drugs and was actually a paid speaker for the drug companies. But as he began to experience the failures of this model in his practice, he embraced natural medicine and has had an opportunity over the last thirty years to apply these time tested approaches successfully with thousands of patients in his clinic. Over 15 years ago he founded Mercola.com to share his experiences with others. The site is the most visited natural health site in the world for the last seven years with nearly two million subscribers. He’s also written two NY Times bestselling books, and has had frequent appearances on national media including the Dr. Oz show and major news channels. ––––––––– The Epoch Times January 3, 2016 Greatist December 21, 2015 Epoch Times November 17, 2015 1, 3 National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, Exploring Aromatherapy 2 CDC : Plague 4 J Altern Complement Med. 2011 Feb;17(2):101-8. 5 J Altern Complement Med. 2012 Aug;18(8):798-804. 6 J Perianesth Nurs. 2014 Feb;29(1):5-11. 7 Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2014 Feb;20(1):1-4. 8 The Atlantic January 16, 2015 9 PDQ Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 10, 11 Healthy Holistic Living, Essential Oils 12 Epoch Times November 17, 2015 16 Holland & Barrett, Your Aromatherapy Guide to Managing Emotions 17 Greatist December 21, 2015 18 National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, Methods of Application

Mercola, J. “Essential Oils –How and Where to Use Them” Retrieved Jan. 21, 2016, from http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2016/01/21/benefits-essential-oils.aspx

•Steam Inhalation: Place 3 to 7 drops of essential oil into boiling water. Some essential oils to consider include eucalyptus, thyme, lemon and tea tree. Cover head with towel and breathe through the nose. Keep eyes closed! Steam inhalation of essential oils may be used for: Congestion in upper respiratory tract (cold or flu), Sinus infection or sinusitis, Enhancing respiratory function •Bath: Add 2 to 12 drops (depending on essential oil) into a teaspoon of honey, whole milk, vegetable oil or other dispersing agent then add to bath once you are in the bath. This is often used to: Reduce stress/anxiety, Alleviate muscular aches, pains, and tension, Soothe mental or physical fatigue, Stimulate circulation, Enhance lymph circulation, Reduce



Sacred Space by Jill Mattson

Creating Sacred Space was a titillating ancient secret. Observe how far people travel to a sacred site - without knowing that they can create such spaces themselves. Everything is vibration and every vibration has a frequency… such as the rocks in the ground, mineral content of the soil, the presence of water in the air (or not). These things contribute to the “frequency potpourri” of a location. For example, reflect on the feeling of being in a desert and then near the ocean. The amount of water in the air makes a difference in the feel of a location. Perhaps the crystal content in the soil, the type of rocks beneath the soil or the magnetic flow deep under the surface contribute to the positive feelings emanating from special spots. Locations on ley line intersections (energy currents from the Earth’s molten iron core) were desired because the sacred energy that masters created - combined with the energy of the ley


lines and impacted a broader area. Likewise, it was important to locate spots on underground water ways so the good vibes practiced at the site, would travel in the water to upgrade the geographical area that the stream nourished. Special places uplift people, increase their strength and healing. Yet we can notice how any space feels. For example, it feels better to visit Machu Picchu, a sacred site, than Auschwitz (the former concentration camp). The history of events at a certain location contribute to its “feel.” People’s feelings and consciousness subtly floats in the air around them. This energy is like snowflakes floating to the ground. Highly evolved people’s “energy-droplets” soak into the ground. For example, places where people pray – become peaceful. Each direction was associated with precise subtle feelings. Try it! Face North, South East and West,

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while paying attention to the tiniest feelings that you can detect. There are subtle differences in feelings, although you must be quite intuitive to notice the sure-but-tiny variations. These “directional” energies feel different in a variety of locations. Applying this technique, helped ancient people select a balanced location to become a sacred spot. When the perfect site was not found, secret techniques were used to uplift the energy of an area. Ancient spiritual leaders faced each direction and spent many hours singing vowels sounds to balance the feeling of each direction. The sounds varied a bit with each culture, but they experimented to find a tone to bring harmony into the feeling they got from each direction. Below is one Native American Indian set of associations. The East, Vowel sound: eeeee, felt like air and uplifted the spiritual body The South, Vowel sound: aye, felt like fire, and raised the energy of the emotional body The West, Vowel sound: uuu, felt like water, enhanced the physical body The North, Vowel sound: ooo, felt like earth and brightened the mental body. Ancient people were well versed in tiny subtleties. A method was needed to describe the gamut of tiny amounts of energies that ancient people felt. People divided all types of subtle energy into categories and compared each category to feelings of nature – they then called this “elemental energy.” When this “elemental” energy was in balance, it benefitted an individual in this location - as he also became balanced on body, mind and spirit levels. Each culture used different elements to compare to the same feeling. For example, one culture might compare a feeling to Earth and the next group compared the same energy to wood. The energy did not vary, but the associations that were used to describe it varied. Another secret was to observe your feelings while on each square foot of a property. Perhaps one area felt better than another. Crystals were dug into the ground to lift any pockets of negative energy. Beautiful songs were sung on the low energy spots.


Buildings or stones were aligned with magnetic energies of north and sound – again to improve the “balanced” feeling of a location. Star positions were copied in building placement – to resonate with a star system and subtly download the energies of those stars. Nature shapes (sacred geometry) were also copied in building design – to add the deep comforting feelings of Mother Earth. Masters converted sacred geometry to sounds. Some musicians have done this today, such as in Mattson’s Paint Your Soul and Star Dust CDs. Music and sound are most powerful tools in the creation of sacred space! Ancient people sang their most uplifting songs to create sacred space. With prayerful intent and sound vibrations, strong doses of divine energy entered the air and settled in the soil. Musical repetitions are necessary as sound is subtle energy (tiny amounts of energy); each time a song is sung - one drop of positive energy is added to the location. Singing continued until the area was overflowing with uplifting energy. Rocks also slowly absorbed the singing and intent, adding to the permanent healing capacities of the location – an ancient version of a free health care center. Sacred Space is uplifting and transformative. You can create it in your location – uplifting not only yourself, but many others and the Earth herself.

About the Author: Jill Mattson - widely recognized expert & composer in Sound Healing - with four books and eight CD’s, combining intricate ancient & modern Sound Healing Techniques with original Award Winning Music (Angels & Masters – Best New Age CD of 2015 – People’s Choice, Deep Wave Beauty – Best 2012 (Silver). Free mp3’s - www. jillswingsoflight.com. Her new book, The Lost Waves of Time reveals many ancient secrets. See www. ancient-music.com

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Stewardship – Making Plans by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

Stewardship – “the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something” (definition from the online Merriam-Webster dictionary). We have all heard someone at some point call themselves the “owner” of a pet or a livestock animal. I disagree with the use of that term in relationship to an animal. Rather, I see humans as stewards of the animals who live with us, or for whom we are responsible. In the context of viewing ourselves as stewards for our animals, that implies a lot more than just dayto-day care. It involves looking into the future, and thinking about “what if” scenarios. For example, what if you were faced with an extreme weather situation at home – tornado, flood, hurricane (yes, we had one in Ohio a few years ago). What would you do with your pets? Situations like this get really complex when you have horses, goats, or other larger animals. Part of being a good steward to your animals is to think about this type of situation, and know what you will do should the situation arise (setting intention that it will NOT of course). This is not worrying, this is pro-active planning. Another very practical thing that should ALWAYS be done is to microchip your pets – yes, horses too! In the event of a natural disaster, if you become separated from your pets, at least they can be identified and returned to you eventually. Another situation that requires you to be a good steward for your animals is planning what will happen to them in the event that you transition/pass away. I know that sounds very morbid, but rescues and shelters are filled with animals whose human died suddenly, or who did not put something in their will concerning what should be done with their animals in the event of their death. Even if their human did make arrangements for a family member to take them, many times there are complications. The family members for example decide they do not want the animals after the person passes, or the animal simply does not fit in with their family situation. The human did the right thing by making arrangements, but those arrangements did not work out as planned.


We learned a very valuable lesson from a friend of ours that passed away several years ago. She had 3 dogs, a cat, and some rabbits. She went to various friends and asked if each would care for, or be responsible for, a given pet if she were to transition. In her will, she left a certain amount of money for the care of each animal to the person who volunteered to be responsible for or adopt the animal. It made it so much easier for all of us who adopted one of her pets to care for them properly, and our friend did not have to worry about her pets not having the kind of care she provided. Some people have even set up trusts for their animals in the event of their death. The bottom line is that if at all possible, make these arrangements ahead of time, and update your will to include money for the care and upkeep of each animal. The key is to plan ahead, and to talk to each person about how you want your pet cared for if you are no longer here. Be specific, and make sure the person is truly able to provide the kind of care your animal deserves. For those who jointly live with animals, don’t assume that your partner will be here if something happens to you – plan for the “what if” something happens to you both (again setting intention that it will NOT). We all love our pets, and we all want to feel comfortable that they will be cared for if something such as bad weather, a natural disaster, or our own transition no longer allows us to care for them. Remember the definition of “steward” above, and strive to be the very best steward you can be for each of your pets – now and into the future.

Animal Communication & Wellness Services Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

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www.acwservices.net •Animal Communication •Healing Touch for Animals •Flower Essence Consultations •Canine & Equine Massage •& Other Healing Modalities

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IT’S YOUR FUTURE: Your February-March Opportunities To Panic One of the things I love most about astrology is its ability to provide answers for so many of life’s questions. Why do I do the things I do? Why don’t I get along with my mate? When am I going to get a better job? This month’s astrology will be helping many of us to face one of life’s biggest and most important questions: why does my life stink? February and March will see Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto all around the midpoint of the Signs they are in. If you don’t know the specific details of your birth chart, just take my word for it: odds are very good this applies to you personally, somehow. Just remember that if it all gets too perplexing, consult an astrologer. I’m here for you! Jupiter in Virgo will be square Saturn in Sagittarius. Ancient astrologers used to get all worked up about Jupiter square Saturn and start making dire pronouncements about the death of Kings and the overthrow of Empires. That sort of panic isn’t usually called for: ancient astrologers really tended to oversell things sometimes. Besides, we’ve already lost David Bowie, so how much worse can it get? But it’s fair to say that when Jupiter square Saturn is happening, life often tends to not run very smoothly. Your philosophical outlook on how life should be is often in direct contradiction to the icy winds blowing from actual reality. The seeds you have planted for yourself will have a hard time taking root but you might get a bumper crop of weeds.


Meanwhile, Uranus square Pluto, which has been in effect for a couple of years now, is still messing with things. Uranus in Aries wants to blow everything up and rearrange them in creative new ways. Pluto loves a good explosion but tend to prefer that everyone and everything just stayed dead afterwards. If you’ve spent the last couple of years looking at the world and wondering why everything seems to have turned crazy and dangerous, blame your in a square Pluto. How will all of this affect you? Well, if there are any major placements in your birth chart around 12 18 degrees of the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), Jupiter and Pluto are in a position to do you some great favors. You will be able to face things down in a bold and clear minded manner, and you just may find that for once luck is on your side. If you have any major placements around 12 to 18 degrees of the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), Jupiter and Uranus team up to give you the innovative thinking you need to get out of any of the traps that life has laid for you. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well here’s where things get funky. Your placements in those degrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will be getting a helpful push from Jupiter but a painful kick from Saturn. Your placements in those degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will be getting brilliant help from Uranus but a potentially painful dropkick from Pluto. There is also a generational element to all this. Those of you born in the first half of the sixties have the Uranus


Pluto conjunction in your birth chart in Virgo. Jupiter will be on your side and Saturn will be frustrating in the next two months. Many of the struggles of Freedom vs Authority that marked the years you were first born into will be coming to a head. If you were born in the mid 1980s, Jupiter and Saturn offer similar promise and peril to your natal Uranus... your sense of individuality and uniqueness. Finally, if you were born in the late 1980s or early 1990s, Uranus and Pluto will be putting your dreams of a more profound, spiritual life in a sack and beating them with a stick until you come up with something more practical.

those changes involve something your parents just wouldn’t understand or approve of.

If you weren’t born in any of those time frames, odds are still very good that the opportunity for deep change will be presented to you somehow, and let’s be honest: life doesn’t usually hand people profound change in the form of a winning lottery ticket. Opportunities for profound change are usually written on a piece of your own heart, then wrapped around a brick and thrown through your living room window.

February 26: Mercury sextile Uranus. Fresh and creative thinking will help you find your way through the darkness. Of course so would a flashlight, but what would be “fresh and creative” about that?

So congratulations! It turns out that your life isn’t really going to hell in a handbasket at all. It’s more like a scenic guided tour of purgatory on a reasonably comfortable lawn chair. You can get through it successfully if you want without taking any action. But honestly: wouldn’t it be better if you did something about your life? Either way it’s your call. Aren’t you glad you have free will? Now, here are the highlights. Add a couple of days on each side of the exact date: February 3: Mars sextile Pluto. You and those around you will have the energy, boldness, and ambition to make breakthroughs on long-standing personal issues. Here’s hoping you and those around you aren’t too heavily armed, or are terrible shots. February 5 and 6: Venus conjunct Pluto, and Venus square Uranus. Your emotional needs and impulses will be particularly strong. If you’re on a strict diet, go ahead and reserve a seat at the local all-you-can-eat buffet now. It would be a shame if anyone got hurt by you shoving them out of the lineup. February 8th: New Moon in Aquarius. This is an excellent time to set your intentions for the next month and make the changes you want, especially if


February 13th: Mars sextile Jupiter. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to speak up, express yourself, and unleash a bit of your ambition.... but watch where you’re pointing that thing: it’s loaded. Oh boy, just in time for Valentine’s Day... February 22: Full Moon in Virgo. Never have so many people been so agitated over so many fiddly little details.

February 29: Venus sextile Saturn. This is Leap Day, also known as “Sadie Hawkins Day,” where it is alleged that proper ladies may propose marriage to men and they must accept. Is that any crazier than the other ways we usually hook up? Probably not, so give it a try. March 3: Venus sextile Neptune. Dive in and experience the profound light-headedness and exhilaration that comes when falling in love... or sipping a glass of wine. Truth is: it’s a good day for either, depending on your preferences. March 9: Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces. Go back and read the stuff I wrote earlier about the Mutable Signs and people born in the mid 1960s and add a whole bunch of exclamation points. March 11: Mercury conjunct Neptune. An excellent day for creative thinking but not necessarily for practical action. For best results at work: write the words THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK on your forehead and stare out the window all day. March 14: Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars. Sex drives will be high at the same time your actual ability to ask for a date will be impaired... so you’d better make plans with someone a week early. Just sayin’. March 20: Venus conjunct Neptune. Remember when

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you were young and Love was easy? It feels like that again. For best and sanest results, try to also remember how stupid you were about Love back then. March 23: Lunar Eclipse in Libra. This could make for profound changes in the state of your partnerships and your love life. Make the change you want... don’t let the other guy make his/her move first! Love is great... but Victory is kind of awesome too. March 25: Venus opposite Jupiter. Yeah, if you didn’t take my advice on the 29th about being sane with your love life, you’re not likely to listen to the same advice now. But if you did take my advice and play it safe, here’s another chance to be a fool for love! About Matthew the Astrologer: Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. He is the author of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology,” (available on Amazon) and is available for private consultations at http://matthewtheastrologer.com/ or send him an e-mail. Matthew likes hearing from you.

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•Divinity Spiritual Divinity Spiritual Service starts at 11:00 AM EST at the 4800 Holiday Drive Fairfield Ohio. All are welcome. Call Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm for more information at 513.289.2914. Divinity Spiritual Online Service Sundays Ongoing at 7:00 PM EST at your online location. To access the DSC service for you,, your friends, and family, call Rev. Mary Margaret at 513.289.2914. Healing Prayers for All” Mondays Ongoing 4:00 PM 7:00 PM 4800 Holiday Drive Fairfield Ohio Everyone is welcome to receive clearing and healing facilitation for disease, addictions, depression, etc. Call Rev. Mary Margaret at 513.289.2914. “Healing Prayers for All” Online Tuesdays Ongoing Everyone is welcome to receive clearing and healing facilitation for disease, addictions, depression, etc. 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM. EST. Donations welcomed. Call Rev. Mary Margaret at 513.289.2914.

•Dr. Jim’s Center for Advanced Medicine Shots for Health - B-12 Shots given by Dr. Jim Smith at Health Foods Unlimited Dayton, Oh. every Monday Evening 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Susan’s Natural World every Saturday, 10:30-11:30am. Walk- ins welcome For more info, call 513-942-3226 visit our website, www.drjimsmith.com

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•Krohn Conservatory 2016 Butterfly Show Butterflies of the Caribbean Presented by Macy’s March 26 – June 19 Monday through Sunday 10a.m. – 5p.m.


Adults $7.00 Children $4.00 (5-12 years) (4 and under free) Dozens of countries and scores of cultures, all with one thing in common- a beautiful blue sea… Krohn Conservatory invites you to “dive in” to the 2016 Butterfly Show, “Butterflies of the Caribbean”. Whimsical ocean creatures and colorful butterflies float together in the showroom for a seaside adventure. The white sand, “coral” reef, and towering palm trees will lend a beachside feel, while the coral and yellow hues of hundreds of flowers reflect the colors of a spectacular Caribbean sunset. Many exciting events have been planned throughout the 12-week show to allow visitors to discover even more about the vibrant, engaging and gracious Caribbean culture.

•LIIFT Discover New Healing Methods & Network with Other Healers. Cincinnati Healers’ Gathering offers you free opportunities to create a Community of Healers while learning about the latest developments in healing modalities. Occurring monthly, these gatherings enable healers to discover and experience new healing processes. Healers will network, too, and give healings to one another. Introducing Health Network Center – a Healers’ hub connecting healers to new clients and clients to healers. On February 2: Angel Healing Technique. Gatherings occur Tuesdays from 7-9 PM. Email brian. eastman@LIIFT.info to receive updates and location information. The first LIIFT Training Seminar of the year occurs on 6-7 February in Cincinnati. For information, call 513 541 1257. 1 March: Virginia Biasizzo: Using Swiss NanoTechnology in your Practice. 7PM. 4251 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati 45223. For more information: 513 541 1257. 5 April: Brian Eastman and other LIIFT practitioners will explain and demonstrate how the LIIFT process for healing emotional damage works. Usually everyone in attendance has the opportunity to experience a LIIFT healing. 7PM. 4251 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati 45223. For more information: 513 541 1257.

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•LM&M Railroad Easter Bunny Express Hop aboard the LM&M Railroad’s Easter Bunny Express! Enjoy a train ride to the LM&M Junction for a special visit with the Easter Bunny. All children will receive a special gift and have the opportunity to take part in an Easter Egg Hunt! Can’t find your Easter Baskets? No worries, LM&M will provide each child with a bag to use during the Easter Egg Hunt! Event Dates: March 19-20, March 25-26 Departure Times: 10:00am, 12:15pm, 2:30pm, 4:45pm For more info. visit www.lebanonrr.com

Soul Crafting with Patti, All Soul Crafting activities take place at the Lebanon Elemental Om studio at 46 E. Mulberry St., Lebanon, OH 45036, See our website for details, directions and contact information. www. soulcraftings.com

•Victory of Light Cincinnati’s Premier Body, Mind & Spirit Event! Victory of Light April 9 & 10, 2016 Sharonville Convention Center 11355 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246

•Religious Recovery Religious Recovery: Healing for those Hurt, Disappointed, or Abused by Religion. Religious Recovery is a free mutual-support, nonprofessional 13-step program loosely based on the concept of traditional 12-step meetings. The meeting is open to all religions but is not affiliated with any church or religious organization. Atheists and agnostics are also welcome. For meeting times and locations, or to contact an individual to speak about Religious Recovery, visit our web site: ReligiousRecovery.org. For information contact Wayne: Wayne@ReligiousRecovery.org or call/text: (513) 205-1057. We also have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ReligiousRecovery/598915013454248.

•Soul Crafting Classes at the Elemental Om Wyld Womyn & Brave Men Drumming Circle Newly forming co-ed drumming circle. See website for calendar details. Donations welcome. Come and join the fun! Wild women and brave men welcome. Don’t have a drum? Come anyway, one can be provided for you. Contact Patti Lightflower for more info. 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, Oh 45036 Visit www. soulcraftings.com for details. Last Sunday Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity – Join Jane for a healing meditation, Sunday morning Feb 28th, 11 to 11:45 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation, call 866-243-6900 for details or questions. Last Sunday Meditation for March will not be held due to the Easter holiday.


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•Whatever Works Whatever Works Center and Gift shop 7433 Montgomery Rd. Cincin. Oh. 45236 Ph. #(513)7919428 At Whatever Works Wellness : Mondays 6:30 to 8:00 pm Manifestation Class: Hands on training from the material of Abraham - Hicks. Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette & others. Understand the universal law of attraction, the art of allowing & power of emotions that can help you create the life you desire. $10.00 per class - call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Wednesdays - 6:30 to 7:30 pm Wellness Wednesdays. Ongoing support group dedicated to sharing natural holistic ways to maximize your health & well being. Call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Other fun studies and services offered for your daily life: Crystal & Stone readings, Numerology readings & chart printouts, Dream & symbol interpretation & Energy Cleansing. For Center’s future events, check out www.whitewillowtaichi.com or www. accessingangels.com


Victory of Light

Psychic Festival April 9 & 10, 2016 Sharonville Convention Center

Tibetan Monks Healings

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Rosemary George Noory Ellen Guiley Star of Psychic Powers Coast to Coast AM

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250 Readers, Healers & Vendors. 75 Free Seminars. Fantastic Shopping. This Expo is Huge! Hours: 10am-7pm. Admission only $15. (2-day pass $25.) Seniors, Students & Military $2 off. Children 12 & under FREE! Parking FREE!


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Infinity February / March 2016  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, an...

Infinity February / March 2016  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, an...