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Convert Knowledge Into Action Apr / May 2014 A Health & Wellness Publication Magazine Vol. 55 Southwest Ohio’s Leading Health Magazine

L etter from the editor Dear Readers,

Oh! Joyous Spring! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I love how the season of Spring awakens our senses and renews our spirit!

Welcome to Infinity Welcome readers to Infinity magazine’s April/May issue! This issue is packed full of innovative ways to improve one’s quality of life. Read valuable information and proven methods that will enrich, enhance and create a healthy lifestyle. Be inspired, with each article, let Infinity magazine guide you every step of the way to improve your well being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I love how the lilacs and many flowers in bloom leave a scent of sweet perfume that lingers in the air.

We are committed to bring to you the latest in health and wellness technology, and we will continue to keep you updated on exciting events throughout the year.

I love how the morning glories greet the sun with total devotion and the freshness of Spring awakens to the promise of rebirth.

The Infinity staff would like to thank all our readers, writers, and supporters that make each issue possible.

I love how the prism of color is vibrant and breathtaking. Breathe in the nature that surrounds you, envelop it into your being, let it begin to heal you on every level. I love the glorious butterflies as they dance through the air with splendid beauty and grace. I love the cool breezes and the warmth of the sun that shines on us nourishing our soul, it reminds us that some of the best things in life really are free. I love the towering flowering trees as they stand proud like designer works of art against the backdrop of blue sky. I love all the birds as they rejoice and celebrate the arrival of Spring with every melody as if they are singing my song. I love walking in the woods with the awareness of all living forms of nature. As I breathe in new life, the transformation is amazing! The light of the world can be captured in one fleeting glimpse, one given moment of time. As we ponder the ancient mysteries of the universe, let us be reminded that our ancestors celebrated the new season with exuberance and rejuvenation. Discover the gifts that await us with the essence of Spring! Yours in health,

Jane Phillips Editor in Chief Publisher

We wish everyone a Happy Season of Spring! Have a beautiful Easter, April 20th, and cherish our Mother Earth as we celebrate Earth Day, it is April 22. Remember Mom on Mother’s Day, May 11th and may we honor those who have served our country on Memorial Day, May 26th.

MISSION STATEMENT Infinity Magazine is dedicated to those individuals who are searching for a healthier, alternative way to enrich their lives while embracing the sacred healing heart within.

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On the cover: Swinging Into Spring! There is no better way to enjoy the new season than to be carefree like the money. Visit the Cincinnati Zoo, or attend the many events in the area. Take an adventure and discover the fun filled days of Spring!

Cover Photo Courtesy: Nina Covington Infinity is a bi-monthly publication designed to promote health, and natural well-being. The information in Infinity is not intended as medical advice, and should not replace the advice of your physician. Infinity is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, or misinformation.

Contents 4 Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Action by William Molitor 5 Angels in the Midst by Marcia Cantrell 6 Spring – Get Ready for a New Adventure! by Kathy Vaske 7 I Have an Ouchie! by Bill Schook 8 Warning! Red Wine is as Dangerous as Tanning by George A. Houser II 10 The Phone Rang by Brian Eastman 11 The Health Benefits of Powerful Living Water by Clemente Ullmer 12 A New Earth Rising by Charmian Redwood 14 Author’s Spotlight: Recommended Reads 14 Baker Chiropractic Testimonial 16 Does the Body Heal Itself? by Dr. Paul F. Fulk 18 Kiwi A Spring Delight! 19 Recipes 20 Core Exercises Lead to Better Mental Health by Lisa Gerard 20 Season of Spring, Wood Element by Dr. Tommy R. Thompson 22 Divine Insight and Guidance Beckons; Will You Heed the Call? by Michael McAdams 23 Surrender into Greater Possibilities by Rev. Eunice Chalfant 24 Ask Sage Woman: Spiritual Advice for the Real World by Sage Woman 25 Taking Back Ourselves by Cynthia M. Brown 26 Words and Pictures by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

Signature Profile The Gift to Self is the Present with Sage Woman

As we move into the age of the Divine Feminine, it is time to slow down and balance all the doing and simply learn to be. Being in the state of now ~ the present ~ the gift of all that is. We have free will and everything is a choice. Make the choice to take each twenty-four hours we are given and live each of those hours connecting to our Goddess source. You will begin to experience a balanced life. We each have the tools within us to co-create the life we truly desire on earth, no matter how buried or lost they seem. Reawakening our gifts hidden beneath the chaos of everyday life can seem impossible. We are torn between the responsibilities of raising a family, managing a career and finding time to care for ourselves at a deep and healing soul level. It really took time to realize that if I did not nourish and empower myself, how could I possibly do the same for others? We cannot not lose our identity while carrying the world on our shoulders. How is this done? We gift ourselves with time. Even if we start with a single one hour out of the week we can then ease it into a daily hour or two all for reenergizing our spirit. Take time to walk in nature, read a great book, take a bubble bath or sign up for an empowering workshop or class. My passion’s always been about finding ways to empower myself and stay connected to Creator - even while balancing the hats of motherhood, family and career. It was not hard to figure out that if I was unhappy and unfulfilled so too was everyone else in my life. It has been a joy to bring my needs into fruition. My friend and business partner, Patti Lightflower, and I created Soul Crafting, an array of soulful gatherings both fun and affordable, with many activities that are free or donation based. We both are free spirits and are so inspired to be offering ways to connect mind, body and soul through: art, music, dance, drumming circles and meditation. These are great ways to heal through selfdiscovery and empowerment.

26 Improving Memory From the Edgar Cayce Readings

When we take the time to nourish our souls, we gift ourselves with abundance, passion and peace.

28 Bi-monthly Horoscopes by Mary Bauer

Blessings, Sage Woman

30 Eternal Knowledge: Events & Classes

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Bridge the Gap Between

Knowledge and Action by William L. Molitor, BCH, CI

Have you ever heard yourself say “I can’t seem to do what I know that I want to?” Many people get excited thinking about doing something and then never do it. You may think about joining a gym, learning yoga, start walking or running, only to find that days or weeks later you have done nothing. You may have thought about starting a diet program, quitting smoking or nail biting, only to find that you never do. A common mistake is the belief that thinking about doing something is enough to create an outcome. Many of you may have researched how habits are formed and how to change them. Then, after all of this acquisition of knowledge you find that nothing in your life changes. Typically, this is due to the fact that most people don’t know how to convert knowledge into action. Having an excellent idea is not enough. An idea that is acted upon can produce results, an idea without action will not. The longer an idea sits in your head without being acted on, the weaker it becomes. After a few days, the details become blurred. After a week, it is forgotten completely. If you have an idea that you believe in, you must take action to get results. Here are nine points to consider as you begin to learn to bridge the gap between Knowledge and Action. 1. Talk the talk – If you talk like a person of action, you will begin to act like a person of action. Begin changing words such as “I think” into “I know”, and or “I might” into “I will!” Change “Never” into “Now!” And the most important word to change is “can’t” into “can”. Whenever you say or think the words “I Can’t” your mind hears CAN NOT, which means the task that you are thinking about doing is beyond your capabilities and therefore your mind stops looking for any further thoughts that would assist you in moving forward with a solution. The word “can’t” is a real show stopper. 2.  Waiting for motivation – Another misconception is that motivation comes to you. There are two types of motivation. One is intrinsic motivation or internal motivation. This motivation is based on receiving pleasure in doing an activity which is directly linked to your emotions. The other type is extrinsic motivation or external motivation. This refers to motivation that comes


from outside of you, such as putting on a coat because the outside temperature is cold or work harder because you will be paid more and so forth. Taking the time to explore what your underlying motivations are for doing what you choose, will make a big difference in your success. 3. The whole point of a decision is ACTION – When you take action it is because you made a decision. When you take action it sends a clear message that “this is important” to your subconscious mind. This signal activates the positive emotions that will help to give you the internal motivation to do the things that you have chosen to do. 4. Don’t wait for the right time – If you wait until conditions are perfect, that is all you will do: “wait”. Let’s face it, at any given moment in your life, something is not perfect. There is no perfect time to start. Successful people get started and make the necessary adjustments as they go. 5. Act Now - The only time you can have any effect on your life is right now. If you focus on the past or the future, you won’t take any action. Tomorrow or next week frequently turns into never. Right now is always the beginning of the rest of your life. Don’t look back and say “If only I had started last year!” or look forward and think “Next year, things should be better for me.” There is only one time that you can be in action and that time is now. 6.  Understand your distractions – A distraction is anything that changes your course of action away from your intended results. When your actions wander from your task, the signal or message that you are sending to your subconscious mind is that what you are doing is not important. As a result of this new signal your internal motivation begins to weaken and your mind begins to wander further from your goal. 7. Fear is Natural– For most people that old saying “The first step is always the hardest” implies physical difficulty in taking any action. The truth is that the difficulty that you experience is mostly the result of your feelings of fear. The natural feeling of fear that you experience when doing something new comes from the “uncertainty” that surrounds your new choice of action. When you move past the fear and take that first step your feeling of fear will transform into confidence. 8.  Take control of your decisions – Be your own boss. You can seek advice and reassurances from others but then be bold and make a decision and take action. Individuals who make decisions and act on them are

Apr / May 2014

called courageous.  Making a decision is critical to every successful change in your life.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

9. Stop thinking, Start doing – Every change begins with a thought and ends with an action. So stop thinking and start doing. If you don’t, you will quickly reach a point where thinking about doing something becomes a form of procrastination. The best way to overcome procrastination is by taking action. As long as you are thinking “I want to stop smoking”, “lose weight “or “stop biting my nails” without taking any action, you are procrastinating. 


About the author: William L Molitor BCH, CI, is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor, Hypnotherapist, and the Director of the Tri-State Hypnosis Center an Ohio State Registered School for Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training located in Cincinnati Ohio. He is certified by and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). For information or to contact William Molitor, call (513) 943-1444 or email william@

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Marcia Cantrell, Certified Teacher The School of Remembering, Sedona, Arizona This Intensive Four-Day workshop is the accumulation of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s life-long work. You will be given the tools to begin your ascension process. You will learn: 

Angels in the Midst

 

by Marcia Cantrell

This is an exciting time that we are living in. We are moving out of duality and into oneness. We are remembering who we are and honoring Oneness, the connection to each other and to God. As a fair organizer, I meet wonderful spiritual people. I have been blessed and I am forever grateful for the many gifted readers, healers and vendors who have supported by efforts since I began offering fairs several years ago. Spirit has told me my events are to connect people and I am to assist them in their awakening. I see this happen at each event. Our annual March fair took place on the 15th and 16th in Dayton (Miamisburg). During these two days, I was shown how beautiful Oneness is . Our fair is small. Most participants know each other and are kind and respectful to each other. This time it was different, it was so much more. I observed Oneness. I saw the group merge, encourage and support each other’s calling, exchange words of love, express love in a physical gesture of hugs in a noncompetitive atmosphere of pure love. Pure love can only come from the heart. We are truly a Community and we are one.

About the brain and heart connection

How to enter the sacred space of the heart How to enter the tiny space of the heart 

How to activate your light beams 

How to activate your halo

How to activate your Mer Ka Ba ,which activates automatically and is immediately permanent

You will have all the tools you need to begin your ascension process! April 17th-21st Spirits of Light Holistic Centre 102 N. Spring St. Liberty, IN 47353 & May 8th-11th Wyndham Garden 31 Prestige Plaze Miamisburg, OH 45342 For registration information call Marcia at (765) 914-6741

Spring – Get Ready for a New Adventure! by Kathy Vaske As we put away the old ways, old attitudes and old grievances we have built up through out the winter, we find ourselves open to the idea of all the newness that Spring brings. A new attitude and a new dedication to our goals in life on our part allows Spring to bring in all the newness in life we crave. We can change our vibration and our energy level to match the magical level of Springs by looking forward to each new day with hope in our heart to the contrary of what the physical may be showing us. Never believe that the physical circumstances whatever they may be that are laid out in front of us at the present time are the only circumstances we have to choose from. Hope and faith creates miracles where there seemed to be none. Sometimes we have to hang on even when we feel there is no chance of resolution. We have to become our own cheerleader in life. When the Universe stands for us who can stand against us? I know everyone has heard the old saying fake it till you make it. It turns out that it’s true. Remember when you find yourself doing something that you thought you really couldn’t do before you tried it and you surprised even yourself that it’s possible, that is faking it till you make. It


changes the energetics of the whole situation. People around you start noticing you are capable of more than they thought you were. The way other people react to you at that point is different than it was before. It’s not anything that you can put your finger on but you know something has definitely changed in your life. That change my friend is usually spirit getting you ready for a new adventure in life. Grab on to it and squeeze all the happiness and success out of it that the universe has intended for you. You can help keep your own new adventure in life going by helping others along the way to achieve their next new adventure in life. Isn’t life wonderful when we learn to participate in our own spiritual progress? Got a few questions or maybe a lot? Need answers now? Let me check them out for you with your own angels and guides. Appointments for psychic readings available daily in person or by phone (513)218-8448, sometimes the same day you call. Don’t forget to stop and see me at the Victory of Light Expo Sat. & Sun. April 5th & 6th at Sharonville Convention Center Cinci, Ohio. For fastest service at the Expo let me know when you arrive & I will tell you how soon I will be ready for you.

Apr / May 2014

I Have an Ouchie!

that your pantry is full of potato chips, sugar snacks and soft drinks and your favorite place to go has the super-ultramega gulp for 99 cents.

by Bill Schook

After being around the herbal remedy scene for 7 years, I have had more and more folks, online and off come to me asking me questions… one of the most common (paraphrased) question is, “I have an ouch in my oomph, what do you have?” In this case, the ouch is a symptom, the oomph is where it is located.

This is an over-simplified example of an “ouch in my oomph” is. It’s easy to see that there is something wrong and they aren’t taking care of themselves. But, I hear you ask, do you (I) determine the cause of what’s going on. The answer is simple… I dowse. But, that’s another story…

While I do appreciate folks coming to me asking for suggestions and advice, it really isn’t what I am about. I attempt to deal with the causes and not deal with the symptoms. How do I do that? I dowse with a pendulum or use kinesiology or muscle testing. If you are interested how, I can go into that later…


Scientists go into a back room and they build a better tire, but they are more expensive, but out of the cars that passes through that rough patch of road, 1 out of 500 without the new tires gets a flat and 1 out of every 1000 cars gets a flat tire with the new tires. Now it’s a success because there is data of, “more, better and different!” Let’s go back to the back room, do more research, make a better tire and now one out of every 1500 cars gets a flat and we’ll charge 5 times as much for tires!

Bill Schook, RMT

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I am also not a big fan of taking pills to make a symptom go away. I give an example of a road needing repair: We will say there is a rough part in the road and the road needs some repairing in that area. Out of the cars that pass through this rough patch, 1 out of 500 gets a flat tire. Enough to notice and say there may be a problem.


all online, from local practitioners

Ear candles • Essences Far Infrared Bio-Mats Herbal Tinctures • Herbs Oils • Smudge Sticks • Soap Water Purification Systems

Bill Schook, RMT

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I am not blaming you for having 468 blood sugar, nor that you are nearly 375 pounds and on SSI because you can’t leave your house, never mind your couch. But, I will open your pantry and go through your fast-food receipts and see

Ear Candling • Far-Infrared Amethyst Bio-Mat Sessions Intuitive Herbology • Reiki Spectro-Chrome Therapy Twelve Strand DNA Activation

Bill Schook, RMT

My approach with herbs, herbal remedies, dowsing, for remedies, is to find that cause, to ask questions and how to deal with it.



It appears that those smart guys in the back room are not paying attention to the real cause of the flat tires, which is the road. In a way, this is how I see modern medicine. And, don’t you DARE fix the road, that would be a cure the problem and selling tires is too profitable.

Just remember that the thing-a-ma-bob is not interfacing with the what-cha-ma-caulit because it’s snickel-fritzed in the caddy-waumpus…


if you healyou enough leaves... youforest will soon cure the forest if you heal enough leaves... will soon cure the

I am of the belief that if one remedies the cause, the symptoms go away on their own. If you think about it in a tongue-in-cheek way; saying, “it hurts when I do this,” well, don’t do that. The symptom goes away. if you heal enough leaves... you will soon cure the forest

About the Author: Bill is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a member of the Dinshah Society, a part of the Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association, a Medicine Man of the Oklevueha Native American Church of Ohio and a certified medical intuitive. He has been studying holistic health and education since before 2001 and enjoys aiding in the healing process by inducing the body’s own natural restorative abilities. He is a believer that theEarth bodyCircle has the capacity to recover from any sickness, dis-ease, or ailment. Creations He has a desire to help heal the world, one person at a time. Please visit his web site at Earth Circle where he has many of his products available for sale. HEALING EXPERIENCES

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Located in Kenwood, OH

Call (513)218-8448 7

Warning! Red Wine is as

Dangerous as Tanning by George A. Houser II

Got your attention? Just like the pernicious headlines that declared, “Tanning is as dangerous as arsenic and mustard gas”, this past summer and again as we approach the coming of spring; it is truthful if one engages in yellow or tabloid journalism. Using the same misleading criteria provided by IRAC, International Research On Cancer, red wine along with beer, birth control pills, salted fish, arsenic, mustard gas, tobacco, sunlight and the list goes on and on, are all carcinogens. They all have been placed in a like category. But in what context? Most of the aforementioned could become potentially dangerous if not used properly. What wasn’t brought out was that only when excessive or abusive use or behavior was considered did they become carcinogenic. The misinformation campaigns waged by anti-sun profiteers have grown into a $35 billion cosmetician skin care industry. New York dermatopathologist Dr. Bernard Ackerman, the foremost pioneer in this field state “there is no compelling evidence that sun tan parlors have induced a single melanoma and the tanning industry has every right to accuse the American Academy of Dermatology, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Society of “scare tactics” when it comes to the issue of melanoma.” Your skin “naturally” makes more vitamin D in one tanning session than you would get from 100 glasses of fortified whole milk. According to Dr. John Cannell, founder of Vitamin D Council, humans make thousands of units of vitamin D within minutes of whole body exposure to sunlight. From what we know of nature, it is unlikely that such a system evolved by chance. As of today there are no studies whatsoever linking tanning in a “non-burning” fashion with a significant increase in risk of permanent skin damage. To the contrary, research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by researchers at the London School of Medicine, St. Thomas Hospital in London, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New


Jersey, that with everything else being equal, a study of 2100 female twin pairs found that those with the highest vitamin D levels had longer leukocyte telomere length, a genetic marker, which would represent a five year aging difference. A few years ago, research indicated that when the skin is slightly pinkened the body produces a protein blocking agent that prevents cellular mutation and degeneration. Plainly put, prevents or reduces the possibilities for skin cancer and pre-mature aging. More good news from the American Journal of Epidemiology; research teams from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, the Northern California Cancer Center, and the University of Southern California have found that increased exposure to sunlight may decrease the risk of advanced breast cancer. According to Ester John, Ph.D.. Lead researcher of the study, “We believe that sunlight helps to reduce women’s risk of breast cancer because the body manufactures the active form of vitamin D from exposure to sunlight”. “Since many risk factors for breast cancer are not modifiable, our finding that a modifiable factor - Vitamin D - may reduce risk is important” said Sue Ingles, Ph.D., a co-researcher from USC’s Keck School of medicine. Interesting how Good News rarely makes the front page. Dr. Michael Holick, research scientist at Boston University Medical Center has spent more than 30 years studying the relationship between UV and humans. He states, “Vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of hip fractures among the elderly, and the body receives most of its vitamin D from exposure to sunlight.” Dr. Holick points out that vitamin D deficiency is an “unrecognized epidemic” being exasperated by sun avoided recommendation. He is a strong advocate of Non-Burning tanning. In Summation, when one looks at the real and compelling science that grows exponentially daily and compares it to the academic fraud derived from a money driven agenda, truth will eventually prevail. To say UV light causes skin cancer, and therefore, should be avoided is just like saying water causes drowning and therefore should be avoided. I implore those in the medical community to stand up and speak out against

Apr / May 2014

Tan Tanat atthe theL

COO COO Tan at the LOCALLY OWN Tan Tanat atthe the L CO COOL Tan Tan, C COO COO at th Tan at the LOCALLY OWNED Tannin Tan Tanat atthe the L CO Tan at the LOCALLY OWNED Tanning COOLPlace! Tan, Cool Pri COO COO Tan at th COOL Tan, Cool Prices Tan at the LOCALLY OWNED Tanning Place! Tan Tan at atthe the L CO COOL Tan, Cool Prices COO COO Tan at th Tan at the LOCALLY OWNED Tanning Place! 25 25 CO COOL Tan, Cool Prices this charade and adhere to the Hippocratic Oath “Do No Harm”. Yes, the threat of reprisal can be great when one speaks out against the diatribe being marketed by the profiteers. But, if you are of the mind set that I have engaged in deception, take my challenge, debate me in a public forum, and we can go line by line and determine the validity of what I have stated. If I’ve erred on any level I will literally eat my words at the corner of 48 and Franklin in Centerville. If you have the courage to debate me, I can assure that you will be going away red faced and not due to a sunburn. To quote Sir Winston Churchill; “With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity nothing else counts”. For more information go to UV, Vitamin D, Vitamin D, TanningTruth. com and For an unabridged copy of this article contact The Bronze Salon or go to

Tan at th

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The Phone Rang by Brian Eastman, Director, “I saw a mention of your LIIFT thing in the paper,” the voice said. “But I don’t understand exactly what it does and how it works. Can you tell me about it?” “Well, sorta yes and sorta no,” I responded. “LIIFT stands for Life Improving Internal Focus Technique. LIIFT is a process which enables a person to quickly and simply heal from emotional distress, physical or emotional trauma. It can also help someone rewrite their Life Script so they get more good results out of life. The way I think of it, LIIFT helps a person fit better inside their own skin. And once they are fitting better inside their own skin, then it helps them continue healing so they fit better in the world and their life goes more smoothly and happily.” My caller paused a moment, seeming to ponder. “So this is some kind of counseling, where you do a lot of talking?” “Um-m-m, well no. In fact, often the person heals without ever having to talk about anything in their past. And our certified LIIFT practitioners . . .” “Something more like hypnosis?” he persisted. “Um-m-m, well not that either. You don’t go to sleep.  And you don’t have a therapist deciding how to heal you.” I continued, “LIIFT healing is simple and fast precisely because you don’t have to talk and you don’t have to depend on lengthy sessions in order to heal. LIIFT heals in small bits, one piece of pain or damage at a time. Each discrete healing process mostly requires only 5 to 10 minutes of time. So we can get 5 or 6 healings in a typical session.” “Oh, I get it,” he  said with some excitement, “this is some form of laying on of hands, or Reiki or one of these forms of touch healing!” “Well . . .   no, not that either,” I said. “Mostly there is no touching between practitioner and client, except for sometimes testing muscle strength. See, that’s the problem with me trying to explain how LIIFT so quickly heals the lives of over 80% of its clients,” I continued, “It’s like me trying to explain butterscotch ice cream


with oreo cookie bits, to an aboriginal native of the deepest Amazonian rain forests. “The best way I can explain LIIFT’s healing power is by letting you experience it. That’s why I offer a free introductory session to anyone who is curious. You get at least one healing, and you get to see how we use numeric charting to identify where you are cheating yourself of all the good you deserve to have. And you get to see how your life has changed for the better.” This guy was curious and persistent. He came in. He experienced the changes just one session could bring. And he is now seeing me regularly and creating much new happiness for himself and his family. And, coincidentally, he has also started seeing a LIIFT in his income too. About the Author: For over 25 years, Brian Eastman collected information about methods for helping people heal from damaged emotions, trauma and abuse. Using the insights he gained, he created the LIIFT process for emotional healing. He welcomes clients seeking emotional healing. He trains healers weekly in Cincinnati. He also offers intensive training seminars in cities throughout North America and by video-skype. For additional information on training contact brian. or phone 513.708.0563. For information on healing sessions with any of nine local LIIFT practitioners contact him direct: brian.eastman@ or 513.541.1257. In emergency, text or call his cell: 513.703.8196

  

            

Apr / May 2014

The Health Benefits of

Powerful Living Water by Clemente Ullmer

Alkalized, Ionized, Antioxidant, Micro-clustered water has been used in Japan for over 40 years. Research has shown it to provide some incredible health benefits. Medical grade water ionizers are not only found in Japanese hospitals and clinics, but also in many residential homes. Currently, Japan is ranked #2 in the world for life expectancy in comparison to the United States at #35 (World Health Organization). Although, water ionizers have been used in Japan for many years, we are just starting to hear about this technology in the United States. Many publications (Alkalize or Die, The pH Miracle, The Enzyme Factor) have been written about the importance of alkalized ionized water. Well known medical professionals such as, Dr. Hiromi Shinya (Gastroenterologist, Colonoscopic Polypectomy Pioneer, Beth Israel Medical Center) and Dr. Horst S. Filtzer (General & Vascular Surgeon, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center) recommend alkalized ionized water to their patients. A few reasons to consider drinking Alkalized, Ionized, Antioxidant, Micro-clustered, Powerful Living Water: Balance pH When we are born, our bodies are alkaline by design. However, when we age, we become more acidic. Our body’s pH level should be slightly alkaline for optimal health, but almost all the water we have to choose from is very acidic including sports drinks. Alkalization helps fight our body’s overabundance of acidic waste and flush them out of our systems, thus leading to a healthy immune system whereby keeping us healthy and hydrated. A strict alkaline diet would require a person to give up coffee, tea, sodas, sugar, dairy, meat, alcohol, and more, which most people are not willing to do. One may decrease the risk of many degenerative diseases by becoming less acidic.

antioxidants in the alkalized ionized water can actually help our bodies heal themselves. Increase Hydration Another property of alkalized ionized water is the ability to better hydrate us and flush out toxins. The process of ionization reduces the size of the water molecule cluster by two-thirds, making it more able to penetrate the cellular membranes of the body. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj (Author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water), better hydration can improve many chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis, asthma, kidney stones, obesity, migraines, and many others. To stay hydrated, it is recommended that we try to drink anywhere between ½ to our full body weight of good water in ounces per day. Increase Blood Oxygenation The more acidic we become, the harder it is for oxygen to be present. Without adequate oxygenation, unfriendly bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi can live and prosper. Our cells cannot carry on their life giving functions in a very efficient manner because our biological chemical reactions need oxygen. The OH- rich alkalized water makes more oxygen readily available to enrich the blood. Increased oxygenation can speed healing and raise one’s energy level. If you would like more information about the health benefits of Alkalized, Ionized, Antioxidant, Micro-clustered water, please call me at 937-206-6679. Wishing you Health and Happiness, Clemente Ullmer

Neutralize Free-Radicals The most important advantage of alkalized ionized antioxidant water is its ability to neutralize free radicals. The health benefits of antioxidants, such as green tea, are due to the ability to neutralize free radicals, but alkalized ionized water can be anywhere from 2 to 8 times more powerful than green tea. The presence of a large amount of



A New Earth Rising

Off with the Old, on with the New by Charmian Redwood

This is a time of great transformation on the Earth. We are at the end of the cycle of darkness and separation that began with The Fall from Oneness into density in the time of Lemuria. Memories of ancient Lemuria are coming forward now because we have already lived on the Earth in Oneness and harmony and we will do so again. These memories are helping us to remember who we are as Divine Beings in human form. We have been living a third dimensional existence on this planet for thousands of years where we have focused on the material, physical plane believing that only things we can actually see with our eyes or experience with our senses are real. There are many planes above the physical one that have been invisible to us as we lived in density. Now that the frequency of the Earth is rising and the centers within the brain that allow us to perceive the more subtle planes of the fourth and fifth dimensions are being activated, the higher planes of these dimensions are becoming accessible to us. The fourth and fifth


dimensional planes are above and beyond separation or duality. There is no good and bad, there is only love, light and Oneness where we absolutely know that we are part of God, as is all of Creation. Quantum physics is now beginning to re-discover what mystics and tribal people have known for eons, that all life is made of the same substance, it all has consciousness and is interrelated. The Earth has been preparing for decades to make an unprecedented energy shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension where everything and everyone on her surface will be operating from their God Consciousness. This process is called the Ascension, the Resurrection or the Dimensional Shift. Living in the old way in the third dimension we have been living from greed, misuse of power, separation and “the few” controlling the lives of “the many” as well as most of the resources. In the New Way this will no longer be possible, as only systems that are heart- based will function on the Earth in her new frequency. Many of the old structures, which have supported the

Apr / May 2014

misuse of power, are crumbling. The banking system, big corporations with political influence and government by the few over the many are and will continue to destabilize. New systems of equal distribution of wealth and resources will take their place. Everything that has been happening with the economic, the financial systems and the many changes of government throughout the world are part of this process, which is absolutely necessary. We simply cannot continue to live upon the Earth under the present system of corruption, disregard for human rights, deprivation of basic necessities and pollution of our Mother Earth. So the old order is crumbling, being burned in the fires of transformation and out of the ashes a New Earth is rising, a return to an age of gold where peace shall reign in the hearts of men and women. Through our many lifetimes of experiencing suffering, martyrdom, enslavement, violence we have collected many wounds in our emotional body and many programs and beliefs which are stopping us from walking this Earth as our Golden God selves. These old beliefs and wounds are being triggered now so that we can release them and move on. We have been conditioned from our childhood and from past life memories to believe that we are powerless, we don’t deserve, we are not good enough. None of this is true of the “ Being” that we are. These beliefs are the residue of what we have seen, heard or experienced in the past. It is time to release these old self-limiting beliefs and to bring in our Divine Essence so that we can do what we came to do and to assist the Earth in this incredible transformation. We are all carrying guilt, shame, regret, anger, grief and resentment from the past. These emotions are toxic and unnecessary. Everthing that we do is a soul choice and contract, when you discover what the contract is then make amends and do forgiveness you can move on. At this time the deepest, oldest wounds are coming up to be healed. Wounds from our original separation from the Source when our DNA strands were reduced from 22 to 2. After this we were like robots, easy to control, some of us went into anger and some into despair and this is the root cause of many of our issues today. In my individual session work I use hypnosis as a tool both to access these hidden beliefs and to release them and to connect with the Soul or the I Am Presence to


experience yourself as God, to ask Why am I here? What is my soul purpose? “Charmian’s healing session is one of the most powerful and transformational healings that I ever experienced without a doubt. Overall after a couple of sessions I feel more balanced, centered and calm. Also I have more clarity, and deeper understanding. During the healing I was able to clear several blockages and let go of belief systems and behavioral patterns that don’t serve me anymore. It helped me to remember who I really am and what is my purpose in this lifetime. I also feel more supported and connected with my inner strength and power which gives me more self-confidence in my everyday life. So the best thing you can do is to book your appointment with Charmian asap.” – Julia Charmian Redwood

z On the Wings of Love å Charmian Redwood Charmian is an author, teacher, channel, healer and mystic. She uses a combination of hypnosis and channeling to guide clients to the heavenly realms to meet themselves as God Presence and to connect with their master guides and teachers. Be amazed with this life changing experience and find out who you really are, and why you are here.

To book a session by phone, or in person call 808-344-9932 or email Agape Journey of Awakening AgapeJourney Journey of Agape of Awakening Awakening Agape Journey of Awakening

“Charting Your Divine Course” Agape Spiritual Journey of Awakening Center “Charting Your Divine Course” “ChartingYour YourDivine Divine Course” “Charting Your Divine Course” Every Sunday “Charting Course” Every Sunday Get Inspirited by an Awakening Message Every Sunday Every Get Inspirited by an Sunday Awakening Message 11:00 to 12 Noon GetInspirited Inspirited by an Awakening Message 11:00by AM to 12AM Noon Get an Awakening Message 11:00AM AMQUALITY to12 12Noon Noon 11:00 to INN & SUITES QUALITY INN & SUITES rd rd floor conference QUALITY INN & SUITES 3 floor conference room room 3 QUALITY INN & SUITES rd floorByers conference room 250 Road, Miamisburg OH 45342 250 Byers Miamisburg OH 45342 floor conference room 33rd Road, 250Byers Byers Road, Miamisburg OH45342 45342 Road, Miamisburg OH Prayer250 Request or Additional Information – Call – Call Prayer Request or Additional Information Nancy 937.397.2668 Terrance 937.718.5164 Prayer Request or Additional Information – Call Nancy 937.397.2668 Terrance 937.718.5164 Prayer Request or Additional Information – Call Edith 937.262.8106 Nancy937.397.2668 937.397.2668 Terrance 937.718.5164 Edith 937.262.8106 Nancy - -Terrance 937.718.5164 Edith937.262.8106 937.262.8106 Edith


Author’s Spotlight Recommended Reads

BTestimonial aker Chiropractic Choosing Chiropractic Care was Life Changing for Me. I Wish I Would Have Known How Much It Would Help with Migraines Alone!

Every Path Leads Home by Wayne Holmes Quote from the book- “Religion is the means, Divine Love is the Goal.” At some point in time, most of us have been impacted by the positive and negative aspects of religion. Wayne Holmes, author of Every Path Leads Home, has made it his life’s mission to reveal the hidden mysteries of all religions and how it can affect our lives, families and careers. Through extensive research, each page guides you on his path and discovery of spiritual healing. His written words are comforting, with a dash of humor as he describes the harmful patterns that can exist in religious organizations and religious leaders. A quote from the book defines it all, “Healing comes in many forms, including spiritual healing, but how do we heal when religion inflicts the wounds?” He has designed a 13 step Religious Recovery program, ( to help people heal from abuse, disappointments, or judgments that religion has caused, he outlines this process in the book. It is important to note that Wayne is not opposed to religion, He clearly states that in the book, he wants the reader to know that there is a way to heal by sharing his own religious experiences, good and bad. This is a recommended read; Every Path Leads Home by Wayne Holmes can be purchased through

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Amanda Grow and Dr. Patrick Baker “I decided to give chiropractic care a try in August of 2012. When I initially made the appointment to see Dr. Patrick Baker at the Fairfield Clinic, I had no idea that I would still be going a year and a half later or that it would turn out to be such a life-changing decision. I originally made the appointment because I was having severe neck pain. I could not tilt my head from side to side and I would wake up from sleeping with constant headaches. After the spinal exam and x-ray results were in, I found out that I was suffering from a condition called Forward Head Posture. I have also suffered with migraines since I was thirteen, and Dr. Baker assured me that the chiropractic adjustments would help with those as well. I decided to proceed with Dr. Baker’s treatment plan, and it was one of the best choices I have ever made. After the first couple weeks of adjustments, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the level of neck pain I was experiencing. The constant headaches began to subside, and within a month, I was virtually pain free. And that was just the beginning. I also noticed that I was sleeping better and had more energy. And after just a couple months of care, the migraines became less frequent. I went from having migraines three to four times a month to just three to four times a year in the time I’ve been a patient. I wish I would have known years ago how much

Apr / May 2014

chiropractic care could help with the migraines alone. I would have started going sooner. And I urge anyone reading this that does get migraines to give it a shot. It will really improve your quality of life, much more so than those triptans we all get when we tell our doctors that we get migraines. As if the migraine itself isn’t bad enough, we’re prescribed pills that only work some of the time and leave us in a sleepy haze for three days afterwards. No thanks. I’ll take a massage and an adjustment instead. At least then I know I’m treating the problem and not the symptom – as evidenced by the fact that I no longer get the migraines with any real frequency. And when I do get them, they are much less severe. I no longer take triptans to treat them. Or any prescription medicine, for that matter. Since I had been feeling so much better, I asked Dr. Baker to help me with stepping down off the antidepressant I had been prescribed three years ago because I had no lingering symptoms of depression. I felt like the meds were keeping me in a constant fog. He referred me to Dr. Theodore Cole at the Cole Center for Healing, and with their help, I was able to successfully step down off the medicine two months ago without any side effects, except a little weight loss.

Which brings me to the bonus: since attending the Baker Chiropractic Total Food Makeover seminar in February of 2013 and slowly implementing the nutrition and fitness guidelines that were provided, I have lost 40 pounds. And I’m still losing! That’s what I have enjoyed so much about this whole experience. It has been nothing but positive, and the doctors and staff are truly invested in helping you achieve your health goals. They take the time to educate you and provide you with the tools that you need to succeed. I am grateful to all of them for their help and support. I don’t even want to think about what my quality of life would be like right now had I not decided to seek chiropractic care. So if you’re thinking about giving it a try, just go for it. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.” – Amanda Grow If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, neck pain, headaches or any other type of pain, please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or schedule an appointment on-line by visiting our website at http:// We will help!

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Does not include xrays. Exp. 5/31/14

Does the Body Heal Itself? by Paul F. Fulk, D.C.,


From the day of birth, the body can take care of itself if there are no obstacles that can interfere with the body’s ability to do so. Do chemical injections change this ability. The MMR shot given to infants can change this ability. The idea that to protect the infant from mumps, measles and rubella is nothing but great if that is all that happens. The toxic residue that accompanies these shots is astronomical. The authorities will defend the need to get the immunizations, but for what reason since none of these viruses are in existence today. Too many systemic conditions have been related to the shots. My children have never had any of the shots and have been very healthy. The youngest is 36 years old and has never had any of the shots. All of them have had nothing but healthy days since they were born. Why is that? They have had constant evaluation and health care that involves chiropractic. The circuit breakers (spine) have been properly aligned so that provides nerve impulses to all their organs are allowed to function in a normal manner. If the vertebrae were out of place no energy would be allowed to flow to the organs. This results in a malfunction of the organs. We call this “disease,” or “dis-ease.” It is very simple to assume that if the organs cannot get the needed energy that they need they cannot do the job that they were designed to do. Is it fair to assume that this may be the cause of many symptoms that creates many disease syndromes? The signals that are supposed to be transmitted from the brain can’t be delivered to specific organs because of a vertebral interference. Do we take a drug to mask this failure? Or do we have the interference removed? The body sometimes tries to remove the “inflammation” which can cause many other problems. Which is nothing more than putting a bandaid on a problem. Many times fatigue, comes from interference to the adrenal glands. Stress, toxins, toxic metals, nutritional deficiencies, and inflammatory markers, are all influences that can cause fatigue and signals the mind that there is something not functioning the way it should. Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, ALS and all immune system


conditions can be resolved in many cases by making sure the vertebrae are in their proper position in the spine. Sometimes it is an inflammatory condition that needs to be resolved. In many cases it is diet that needs to be changed. Such as eliminating too much white refined sugar, which is nothing more than an alcohol in a different form. A yeast form called Candida Albicans causes the immune system to fail causing cancer to become a death threat. Because the immune system has no fight left. I have seen candida tear the red and white blood cells apart, which overloads the adrenal glands, spleen and thymus gland. The cause for all lymphomas and leukemias is candida in the blood stream where it does not belong. However, It is a good guy in the small intestine where it belongs. Where it’s job is the absorption of “B” vitamins. Just like E-coli bacteria which belongs in the large intestine where with acidophilus it makes vitamin B 12. But If you have E-coli bacteria in your throat it will kill you . In the large intestine it is a good guy. This I know, because for many years now Armours veterinary vitamin B 12 comes from the sewers of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and this was a project that I was a part of. Do you know that the bones in your head move? Every time you breath the bones in your head move in specific directions. This motion is what pumps the cerebral spinal fluid up and down your spine. It does not take much of an impact to the head or chin to disrupt this flow. Lack of flow is what causes migraine headaches. The need to take pain pills for headaches is unnecessary. What needs corrected is the movement of the cranial bones in your head so the cranial sacral fluid can move. There are a few professional people who are trained in the technique of adjusting cranial bones. If you have headaches, neck aches, back aches, and TMJ problems, a chiropractor or some osteopaths can make the proper correction to the vertebrae. There is a bone behind your eyes that when it tilts high on the left side it affects the thyroid and seven other hormones in your body. An impact to the head can cause this. So people with thyroid problems sometimes the only thing they need is for these bones to be adjusted to the proper position. When the thyroid does not produce thyroxine, the liver does not function, that breaks down your protein in the liver. This is what produces muscle sugar, blood sugar and triglycerides. If this does not happen weight gain is often the result.

Apr / May 2014

Celebrating Our 26th Yea Celebrating Celebrating

All together, when the organs and the brain function properly, it determines how you feel. When we say that we feel good, it is saying that all of our body organs and brain are functioning properly. In order for this to happen, our brain has to get the proper nerve impulses to all of our organs the same way our automobile has to have the spark plugs, which have to get the signal to the motor. If this does not happen, the motor does not take you anywhere. What do we do, we take it to the shop to have it fixed. Is this not what we do? What about this million dollar body you have that may have to be tuned up once in a while? Take it to a good chiropractor who knows how to fine tune your body. The head and spine may need some correction. If you would like a professional to perform this cranial technique for you, call our office at 937-434-8066. I have been performing this work for 35 years. Copyright 2014 Paul F. Fulk, D.C., F.A.S.A.



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A Spring Delight!

The bright green color and exotic taste of the Kiwi, makes it a perfect choice as a Spring delight for everyone to enjoy. Kiwi contains many benefits that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kiwi consists of important enzymes that help with digestion, they are full of fiber and low in calories which make them ideal to add to your diet for weight loss. High in potassium, kiwi supports heart health. This small fruit can help to lower blood pressure, keep our electrolytes in balance and reduce the risk of stroke. The vitamin C found in the kiwi fruit is more abundant than oranges, which is very nourishing to the body. It is not only important to keep kiwi’s on hand for a healthy snack, it is especially effective for the respiratory function with children who may be asthmatic. Kiwi’s can reduce symptoms of wheezing, shortness in breath and coughing. Kiwi is one of the most alkaline of all fruits, meaning it


consists of rich minerals and vitamin E which can produce more energy, reduce arthritic conditions and create younger looking skin. The serotonin found in kiwi is at a relatively high level which reduces stress and may produce a calming effect in individuals. Research studies have shown that kiwi’s can improve the quality of sleep for people who suffer with insomnia. The best way to know if kiwi’s are ripe, is if they are firm but give slightly under pressure, after they ripen at room temperature, they can be stored in the refrigerator up to two weeks. Serving kiwi in salads are a perfect way to enjoy them, they do not discolor when exposed to air, the brilliant green color adds a tropical flair and brightness to your favorite dish whatever it may be! Begin the season of Spring with a healthy regiment, add a kiwi or two to your daily diet and reap the benefits of this nutrient enriched fruit!

Apr / May 2014

Tropical Fruit in Spiced Syrup

Kiwi Sensation Smoothie


• 1 kiwi, peeled and sliced

• 3/4 cup water

• 1/2 cup pineapple chunks

• 1/4 cup honey

• 1/2 cup green grapes

• 5 whole cloves • 1 cinnamon stick • 1 whole cardamom pod


• 1/4 mango - peeled, seeded, and diced • 1/4 cup water

• 1 mango, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice

• 1/2 cup spinach

• 1 kiwi, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice

• 2 cubes ice cubes, or as needed

• 1 medium Asian pear, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice


• 1 lime, peeled and cut into segments

Blend kiwi, pineapple, grapes, mango, and water in a blender until smooth. Add spinach and blend again until spinach is completely integrated. Add ice and blend until ice is completely integrated.

• 1/4 cup dried cherries • 2 strips orange zest, (1/2-by-2-inch), cut into thin slivers • 1 tablespoon minced fresh mint leaves (optional)

Recipe selected from

DIRECTIONS: Combine water, honey, cloves, cinnamon stick and cardamom in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil; reduce heat to low and simmer until slightly reduced and syrupy, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes. Pour the syrup through a fine sieve into a bowl. Discard the spices. Add mango, kiwi, pear, lime segments, dried cherries and orange zest. Stir gently to combine. Just before serving, add mint, if desired. Serve the fruit warm, at room temperature or chilled. Recipe selected from

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S eason of Spring, CBetter ore Exercises Lead to Wood Element Mental Health by Lisa Gerard Core Exercises not only lead to stabilizing the skeleton, but also helps maintain mental health. Regardless of age or physical fitness. Exercise reduces stress by increasing Norepinephrine which moderates the brain’s response to stress as well as releases endorphins that create happiness and euphoria. Health professionals even recommend that people who suffer from depression or anxiety exercise a few times a week. Core exercises improve self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. As I have stated in past articles, there are easy ways to add core exercises to your daily routine. Keep in mind you are not just improving your muscles and blood flow throughout the body but that the benefits of exercise is important for your brain. Not convinced? Here is another fact. Cardiovascular exercises can create new brain cells and improve brain performance. Which in turn sharpens memory by increasing production of Hippocampus cells. Physical fitness is wonderful for the development of a child’s brain. I cannot stress enough the importance of physical fitness for all ages and fitness levels. Go for a walk, run or skip, and give your body and mind the gifts they deserve. Laugh often, Lisa Gerard About the Author: WAG Gymnastics Conditioning Instructor/Coach, 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Core Instructor/personal coach, Liift Practitioner. Email Lisa Gerard at: Or call 513-708-0563

             


by Tommy R. Thompson, DC, NMD, LaC The 5 element cycle in Chinese medicine is moving out of the water element in acupuncture and now is moving to the wood element. The Wood element is expansive and involves the tendon and muscle junctions. Even though the days are not seemingly getting longer, they are. As we begin the cycle anew, the body will reassess itself. The liver and Gall Bladder energy will begin to stir. This is a good time of the year to look toward purifying, cleansing and weight loss. Last couple of articles I have written talks about the kidney deficiency or hypo adrenal-ism, one can be run down, tired and depressed with anxiety and no energy. Which, by the way is running rampant in our society, 90% of people suffer from exhausted adrenals. If the adrenals are being treated with glandular, manipulation, and acupuncture with no benefit to the body, we should seriously look at the liver and Gallbladder function, as much as we try to isolate problems and sickness we can’t forget, there are multiple systems involved. There is a ricochet romance between the liver, pancreas and adrenals. As the cycles turn the relationship it is called in acupuncture as the “mother/son relationship” element. These are familial relationships of the organ systems. Again the winter or water element is prior to the wood element for the season of Spring. Water element sedates wood element, water is the mother to wood. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about metaphors, so mother and son relationship is sedation and notification. The son sedates the mother, the son notifies the mother. The name of this flow is called the “SHEN” cycle, it is normal and healthy. The destructive cycle (KO cycle) is called father son relationship, which is the strained relationship and destructive, an example is the wood element (liver, gallbladder) vs. earth element (stomach and spleen) the wood is expansive and can be very destructive to earth. Imagine the roots of a tree can grow down through the earth in search of water. If the liver is stagnant then the stomach and pancreases are affected. Here is the example of congested liver and gallbladder stones, then the patient is on acid blockers, medications and over processed foods; pills before and after meals because people are suffering from heart burn, bloating and all matter of bowel

Apr / May 2014

manifestations. Long term we see IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease. Traditionally the gut needs to be treated north to south. The spring time is expansive. If we are thinking about detoxing and purifying our system this is the time of year to start looking to clean up your diet and start an exercise program. Before long the days will quickly accelerate into the wood then to the fire element. I recommend that people receive a balancing acupuncture treatment as the cycles change. During the wood element we can revisit old problems and we just don’t feel as energetic, also if we keep waking up in the middle of the night having night sweats and irritability while staring up at the ceiling tossing and turning most the night. These organ systems are out of balance and need to be treated. If you are having these symptoms, or maybe considering a detox purification program call today and get started. The spring time is about growth and reawakening or it can be a time of re-hashing old health problems. At “THOMPSON CHIROPRACTIC AND ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC” 513-874-1222 we recommend acupuncture treatments

with the changes of the season. So call today, this allows the body to have a better chance for balances and longevity. It will prepare your body for the seasons and changes coming. Thompson Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic, call for an appointment, 513-874-1222

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Divine Insight and Guidance Beckons; Will You Heed the Call? by Michael McAdams Opportunities for advancement are enabled by our desires, the intentions of our heart, and divine guidance made available to all sincere seekers who with humbleness and sincerity of spirit proceed upon their journey with purpose, perseverance, and the blessings of One who will accompany you through trials that bend your being but do not break your spirit. Disregard at your own risk the still small voice that speaks within beckoning with insight and guidance directing your path. Insight brings understanding. Understanding brings options that offer new found avenues of progress, enlightenment, and truth that direct you upon your path as you make your way in this existence. Allow your mind to become aware of the guidance and direction made known from Spirit with love and always with your best interests at heart. From the collection of messages and teachings received directly from spirit teachers/angels that compose Wilma Jean Jones’ upcoming book “An Angel Told Me So” comes this message regarding divine guidance. Note the depth of this message and teaching being presented. Note also these spirit teachers’ references to themselves as “we” and “our”. This message was received by Wilma on May 15, 1994. “Recommendations will bring deliverance. Trying to unlock the secrets that lie within the heart of man has become a new discovery that allows the spirit to contemplate its fate. Beneath the facade of man’s being there lies the ability to commit his spirit and to bring forth within the confines of his being the truth of why he exists. Many who are in need of observations made in order to provide insight into the affairs of existence need guidance in order to perpetuate that which will provide him access into these corridors of learning. When one tries to locate the authority with which to bring success into being, one must consider all that allows this to be so. Perhaps considerations from other sources allows a certain amount of well being to exist, but only through devotion to the cause of Christ does one discover the truth of that authority. Whenever man has cause to invoke or investigate this authority and new found ability, he has located the key through which all who are called from God will need to apply in order to renew and strengthen this focus of power maintained only by constant devotion and perseverance in this direction. Located within this power will be the outcome of many circumstances that can only be directed because of its application.” “Forfeiture of things obvious bring the soul within


consolation of those whose guidance has been given in order to survive. Devotion maintains this relationship. Ever within the reach of our voices you will regain all that has been sacrificed. Worship is the key to salvation that is made available to every soul that adheres to this admonition, therefore within these times when we are given access into your thoughts, we are bringing forth together our voices of worship to our Creator and in doing so invite His spirit to direct our paths. Teach yourself and others to obey the voice that softly whispers in times of need in order to receive manifestations of His Spirit. There will be times of dismay, however, when time takes its toll and remembrances remain, only then will the hand of God be evident as having shaped and constructed within your being that which allowed victory over all and enticements given will have proven themselves to be a touch from the Master in order to provide that assurance of divine guidance that was granted in your search for redemption. Various circumstances are needed to insure this process, so although you are tempted many times to remark or to cry out at injustices, just quiet yourselves and request that the outcome be completed according to God’s best judgment and His wise direction will come to be the enactment of His mercy and while others are struggling in order to free themselves, you will realize that judgment is only the outcome of your actions, and wise considerations will be the manner in which you have been brought into submission to His will that has after all been the means for your deliverance.” “You will be able to withstand the storm that is now raging against you, and once again you will see the advantages of His admonitions that have brought you to this place. Escape takes many forms, and although we are prejudiced when choosing our escape, the most successful attempt will be the one that includes His plan of deliverance for all that tries to diffuse and cloudy our vision will be eliminated by the light intended for this purpose and shines ever more brightly as we focus our attention to its existence and leave behind the preparations of our own designs and allow this distinction to become evident in our lives, for although we have the intensity of His Spirit to rely upon, we must turn our faces toward the light of His mercy and grace, for in the shelter of this protection we are able to see more clearly that the path that lies ahead is only a way back to the Father, and all intentions laid aside except for those intended for this purpose will allow entrance into His glory and grace which is the mainstay of this existence, but without the power of His resurrection and the embracing of His spirit, none can be led or brought to dwell where He is now and forevermore.” – Copyright 2014

Apr / May 2014

About the author: Michael offers a set of his own writings called Spiritual Parchment Prints as a fundraising item for youth groups, churches, and to the public. He and his mother, Wilma Jean Jones, worked closely together as she received these messages and teachings dictated from spirit teachers over a 22-year period. This collection of messages and teachings is being published as the book “An Angel Told Me So.” Michael owns Starpath Satellite, performs satellite and digital off-air antenna service, and owns Aqua “Doc” Spa and Pools. Learn more about Michael’s work and view Wilma Jean Jones television interview at

Surrender into

Greater Possibilities by Rev. Eunice Chalfant

Spring, the time of renewal and rebirth, provides visible reminders that Life is infinite, abundant, and possibilities are everywhere present. Inside a single acorn lies the potential for a mighty oak tree producing hundreds of acorns within eachthe potential for another oak tree. Within the acorn there exists an invisible field of possibilities. This simple metaphor can be used to describe Consciousness the field of possibilities that exists within each of us. And like the mighty oak tree that surrenders to the impulse of Life to produce acorns, within each person there is a creative urge - an impulse to express and reveal greater possibilities. The urge of Life is towards growth and expression. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, says that Life is infinite and that we are always setting limits on that which is limitless. There are several ways we can stop or limit our potential for greater good. One way we stop ourselves is to harbor a mistaken belief and perception that it is just not possible. (I’m too old – not smart enough – economy is bad, etc.) As Emma Curtis Hopkins says, “the world will persist in exhibiting before you what you persist in affirming the world is.” How easy it is to focus on all the reasons why something will not work when there is a lot of agreement from friends and family. This is why it is important to keep our dreams and ideas within the safety of our heart during the incubation period. Another way we limit or inhibit our full potential is by comparing ourselves to others and then competing for what we believe to be limited resources. When we spend precious time and energy focused on judging and comparing ourselves, there is little left to open to our true potential. Being externally motivated obstructs the ability to perceive and receive


inner guidance and creative expression that lead us to greater possibilities. And finally, judgment, resentment, and lack of compassion constrict the heart and keep us stuck in the past. Just the willingness to forgive moves us forward and creates a vacuum or opening for new ideas and possibilities. Love is unleashed and love is the creative energy of the universe. The good news is that you can surrender to greater possibilities for your life by changing your habitual pattern of thought and behavior. This is not as easy as it sounds. Have you ever tried to go without complaining for just 30 days? It takes real commitment, discipline and practice. It all starts with the decision to change your thinking. “Anything you can dream of is not too great for you to undertake. Daily, we should open our consciousness to the Divine Influx, expecting greater wisdom and guidance, and complete selfexpression. As we turn our thoughts God ward and accept the wholeness, abundance and joy of the eternal Spirit, we daily experience Its perfect fulfillment.”(Ernest Holmes) Please join master teacher, Rev. Eunice Chalfant, highly enlighten “Surrendering to Your Greater Possibilities Workshop” at Agape Journey of Awakening on Sunday, May 25th from 1 pm to 3:00 pm – Cost Free (Love offerings are welcome) - Quality Inn Hotel 3rd Floor Conference Room - 250 Byers Road – Miamisburg, Ohio – To register and get more information, please call Nancy Caldwell 937-397-2668.


Afor sk Sage Woman: Spiritual Advice the Real World with Sage Woman With great enthusiasm and excitement we welcome our new feature “Ask Sage Woman.” We honor her as she joins our team. Sage is an Ordained Minister, Shamanic Priestess and Spiritual Life Coach. She is also a gifted writer and author. In a busy world, we all struggle at some point to find balance and to heal from old wounds.

I am in deep gratitude to have the opportunity to work with Jane and write for Infinity Magazine. It is my passion to combine creativity and spirituality to assist others in finding their own personal power, through intuitive readings, workshops, Goddess circles and individual spiritual life coaching.

Let Sage answer any question you might have to help guide you along your path of self discovery and healing.

I am a Spiritual being having a very human experience, walking my path as a Shamanic Priestess, an ordained minister and intuitive. My journey is about self-love, and my path is unconditional love and forgiveness for self and others.

Email your question to or send a letter to Infinity Magazine, 1710 Maplewood Dr. Lebanon, Ohio 45036. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Infinity will print Sage’s answers in the upcoming issues. Not all advice is applicable to all situations. Infinity has the right to refuse any information that would not be in accordance with our Mission Statement and the standards of our publication. Our next issue is June/July, the deadline to participate and ask your question is May 10th. Ask Sage Woman: Spiritual Advice for the Real World


Through experiencing a lack of self-love, addiction, depression and abuse, I chose to rise from victimhood into being victorious. Through the years of self -destruction, I gained my medicine. It is in that very medicine, I received gifts: compassion, authenticity, non-judgment and fearlessness. As an intuitive, I provide insight and tools to assist others in reclaiming their true personal power. Empowered choices bring positive change. The purpose of this column is to offer intuitive advice

Apr / May 2014

and spiritual guidance addressing life’s most important questions. It is our birthright to be joyful, abundant, healthy and blissful. Life is all about choices. The choices we make in the present, determine where we head and what will be experienced in the future. We create our future by our thoughts, actions and words. It is my joy to empower others by giving them conscious awareness of how we create our own reality and experiences in this lifetime.

I have also watched men, victims of sexual assault come together here to try and piece their lives back together. I have watched them timidly get out of their cars and shyly sign in and wait nervously for the weekend to begin. I have seen these men, in 48 hours; learn to trust themselves and other men, maybe just a little, but to trust all the same. I have watched the nervous smiles and handshakes turn to wide grins and warm bear hugs as they learn about the healing power of community.

As a conduit of Spirit, I am in deep communication with my Creator and am honored to be in service. I look forward to the opportunity of expressing the Divine from questions that come my way through this magazine.

This June, some of the same amazing therapists who have brought Male Survivors to Hope Springs for the past 13 years will bring a anew program, the first of its kind, here. Taking Back Ourselves is a program for women survivors of sexual assault. This kind of ground breaking experiential weekend of recovery has never been available for women. There are countless rape recovery centers and dedicated individual therapists treating women, but there are few, if any opportunities for women to access both the expertise and the kinds of experiences this kind of weekend can provide. This weekend will be another moment in which the power of community to heal those who are victims of trauma. I have seen it over and over again.

In Universal Love, Sage Woman

Taking Back Ourselves by Cynthia M. Brown I work at a place where I have the honor and privilege of witnessing so many people doing amazing work helping others heal themselves. I have watched women survivors of cancer begin to learn to take control of their lives and bodies during the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I have watched women couples learn to communicate again and find joy in things as simple as creating a collage that tells their story as a couple; the very act of remembering what drew them together becomes the healing. I have seen women come together in silence and learn how to create community without uttering a word and the profound affect of being alone and together in silence has on their understanding of themselves in relation to the world. I have learned how much women need to reclaim feminine community by witnessing how 36 total strangers can land here to relax and recharge their batteries just before the final mad push toward the holidays, and become a family of sisters connected just by being together and sharing time, space and stories and how that connection can really heal them; how they relearn to be at home in their skin as women with no relational identity other than themselves. In that space they are not someone’s mother, sister, wife or daughter. They are women with names, faces, dreams, joys and sorrows, learning the language of self once more.


I am so very proud to work in this place where the power of community IS the power to heal. I love the name, Taking Back Ourselves. For me, it is not the story of this one program; it is the story of all of us who crave connection and who seek and find the space and the strength to create community. If you would like more information about this first ever weekend of recovery for women, please visit the website, For information on any of the programs at Hope Springs Institute, please visit, www.

SAGE WOMAN Ordained Minister, Shamanic Priestess, Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Take a journey with Sage Woman and discover a path of healing and self empowerment. To schedule an appointment, call 513-490-4693


Words and Pictures

by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

First, let me share with you all a news flash from the country. We have been hearing the peeper frogs chirping for the last few days, and our horses have begun seriously shedding their winter coats. Why should you care about this, you may ask? Well, it means that SPRING IS COMING SOON! We just thought you’d like to know. We are all – even the animals – weary of cold and ice and snow; I’m sure you are as well if you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area. Words and pictures are two very powerful things. On the surface, I am sure I heard a chorus of “of course!” from all of you. Let me explain what I mean in the context of animal communication. As human beings, especially in our Western culture, we tend to think in pictures – consciously and subconsciously. For example, if I am driving home from work, I tend to begin to think about what order I am going to do things in when I get home – greet and let the dogs out, say hello to the cats, prepare to go do barn work, etc. The animals, who are tuned in to me at around the time I am getting close to home, pick up these pictures from me. The dogs know if they are getting fed first, or if they are getting fed after I come back in from the barn. The animals’ behavior is a response to those pictures, as well as their desires at that time. Consider your normal daily thoughts around your pets, what you think about them. Our expectations and projections also play into what we picture in our heads. For example, if one of our dogs urinates in the house, and it is a large spot, I find myself immediately assuming that it was Lukas, as this usually occurs when he is not fed on what he thinks is the correct schedule. Technically, I don’t KNOW that it was Lukas. It could just as easily be our older Basset Obi. Lukas sees me picturing him urinating in the house, and feels how angry and disappointed that makes me feel. That is not very fair to him. Another example is a person who shows their dog in obedience; the dog begins to not come all the way in on the recall. After this occurs a couple of times, the human begins to worry about the dog doing this as they are waiting to go into the ring. What picture does that dog see? You’ve got it, the dog sees a picture of themselves not coming all the way in on the recall, and can mistakenly assume that is what the human WANTS them to do. It can be very confusing for the dog, especially when the human gets upset when they don’t come in correctly. Words are also very powerful. Think about what you have named your pets. We had a client who called us about a dog named Chaos many years ago. Can you guess why they were calling us? Yep, the dog was tearing up the house and generally


not focusing or learning proper house dog behavior. What kind of pictures and feelings do you think that dog was getting from the humans every time they called her name? Think about the word chaos, and see what comes to mind and how you feel. I think you get the idea. We need to also be very mindful of what names we give our pets, and what words we use to communicate with them. I am not saying that they understand every word we say, but they are certainly very good at picking up our emotions and pictures around words we say to them frequently. If you are around horses, you also need to be mindful of what you are communicating with your body language and your emotions. It’s a lot to keep track of, but it is part of consciously and respectfully living with animals. The point of all this is that we need to be mindful of what we are communicating to our pets through our thought visualizations, our words, and our emotions. We are the center of their universe, and often they wait all day for us to interact with them. The good news is that you are all communicating with your animals already, without even knowing it. Congratulations! Enjoy the longer days, the beginning of sunshine, and the promise of warmer days to come.

Improving Memory

from the Edgar Cayce Readings

Extracts from the Circulating File Thought, Concentration, and Memory Throughout the Edgar Cayce readings, there is a concept which provides a key to understanding such diverse topics as reincarnation, meditation, and physical illness. Simply stated, this concept is “Mind is the Builder.” Rather than seeing mind as a dimension of our being divorced from conditions in the physical body and the material world, the readings regard it as the fundamental shaper of our reality. Given this perspective, the nature of our thoughts, the objects of our concentration, and the elements within our memories exert a determining influence on the quality and appearance of what eventually manifests in our lives: “For though the entity little understands as yet, if there is the intense study of how mind is indeed the builder, it will see that what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience.” (Reading 906-3) In expressing such a dynamic view of the mind, the readings accurately anticipated the emergence of psychosomatic medicine, biofeedback training, and other developments which point to the mind as a surprisingly creative agent exerting measurable effects on the body and the physical universe.

Apr / May 2014

The principle expressed in “Mind is the Builder” suggests that consciously or unconsciously, we play a much more active role than we normally perceive in determining our physical health and the events in the world around us. Or, in the words of the readings, our thoughts become “crimes or miracles.” Because of this, the readings understandably take a qualified stance toward any practice which intensifies the power of our thoughts. Two of the mental activities that the readings approach in this way are visualization and daydreaming. Generally speaking, the readings encourage such activities whenever the ideals and purposes of the individual are constructive and clearly stated. Otherwise, the sleeping prophet warned that such practices could actively precipitate unpleasant results. The psychic readings of the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce have a great deal to say about mindfulness and different ways to improve our memory. First of all, however, it should be noted that the readings say that memory is never really lost: “The memory is not lost. There isn’t such a thing as loss of memory—there is only the need for making the individual aware…” (Reading 1711-2) Interestingly, this is a position that has gained substantial support from open brain surgery during which it has been found that long-forgotten memories can be awakened by stimulating the outer cortex of the brain. According to the readings, we lose the ability to retrieve memory when there is a lack of coordination between the cerebrospinal nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. To improve this condition, Cayce often recommended massage or spinal adjustments: “The massage will keep the centers and ganglia along the spinal system in better coordination; and we will find the vision corrected, the taste and hearing and odors quite different, and the memory much bettered.” (Reading 3098-1) In addition to such physical advice, Cayce also recommended several practical exercises for storing and retrieving memory. Two practices which have been confirmed in their effectiveness by research are: sleeping between learning sessions and distributing our efforts over several short periods rather than cramming it into a single, lengthy session: “Do not study or ponder—what may be termed—“hard,” or too long. Rather study, ponder same, and let the physical body immediately rest.” (Reading 416-10) Meditation is also recommended by the readings as an effective aid to improving memory consolidation. That which you would attain in the studies as to that which is a text, a thesis or a theory—mull same as it were in your mind, in your consciousness. Then lay it aside, and meditate rather upon its application in every way and manner. Do this especially just before you would rest in physical consciousness, or from physical consciousness—or in sleep.


And you will find your memory, your ability to analyze, your ability to maintain and retain greater principles will be your experience. (Reading 1581-2) Why do we forget? The readings offer two novel explanations. The first was given in answer to the question, “Why do I…after a lapse of but a few months have such a vague recollection of the details which were once so familiar?” Cayce responded, “The abilities to live today! And you possess it, but it is the way to live.” (Reading 3343-1) This suggests that forgetting may not be such a bad thing after all. But on the other hand, Cayce also said: “To acknowledge that the memory is poor is to say you don’t think very much! The forgetting is to say that the thought has become self-centered…” (Reading 69-2) While these two comments represent very different positions toward poor memory; they were given to different people under different circumstances. Finally, the Edgar Cayce readings encourage us to apply as soon as possible whatever we are trying to remember. Following is the answer to the question posed by a 40 year-old attorney: “How can I improve my mental powers—especially those of analysis, concentration, etc.?” And in thy reading or study of same do not attempt to force self to memorize words or tenets by others, but as ye read—then lay aside and make these, as ye sleep, as ye meditate, become as practical applications. For knowledge or understanding or wisdom or what not, if it be not applicable in thy daily experience with thy fellow man is as naught. (Reading 1285-1) To learn more about Edgar Cayce and for more detailed information from the Cayce Health database, visit This information should not be regarded as a guide to self-diagnosis or self-treatment. The cooperation of a qualified health care professional is essential if one wishes to apply any and all of the principles and techniques from the Edgar Cayce readings. Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 19932007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation

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`abcde _ f i ^ g

Astrology by Mary

Aries March 20 – April 19


Cancer June 22-July 22

Well, Aries, there is a lot on your plate, as they say, in this time frame. You may be dealing with issues that arise from career situations, family matters, and naturally the area of partnerships. This last one is full of tension, and you could be putting up a bit of a struggle here. There could be a health issue with someone you love, but you are powerless to help. A lunar eclipse in mid-April will register the issues coming at you, and then a full moon highlights the area of expense patterns. Just hang in a bit longer and the new moon at the end of May will bring a bit of relief. We are rooting for you, and we know that no matter what happens, you take it all in stride.

Well, moon child, you are still under the happy rays of Jupiter, and in truth, are moving through this rather difficult time with more ease than some other signs. Interaction with significant others may include plans for finding a pattern that will benefit both parties, and yet there is a bit of tension coming out of home base, A lunar eclipse in mid April will focus on this area and show what needs to be done here. Some of you still find good news in the area of fun and romance, with the full moon mid May bringing this potential to a head. Some of you are truly opening up to your intuitive and psychic skills. Good show!



Taurus April 19 – May 20

In this time frame, Taurus, there is quite a bit of planetary energy “making noises” in the house of hidden activity, which may include health issues of loved ones, or even actions relating to your employment. It could get a bit overwhelming in April, but you always manage to stay the course. A significant pattern continues to concern you probably about money with the concern over who owes what. Middle May could bring this to a head, and promise that conclusion will not be too far away.


Gemini May 20 – June 21

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is very busy, (as usual) this period as it is busy making plans for new activity, and sudden new friends. What ever the excitement is all about, it will lead to some serious planning about money matters, or possibly some concerns over relatives. As the period comes to a close you are feeling like your old self again, and you have a plan! There are obligations in the working arena, but what is interesting is that you seem to bring things together in a way that is complimentary for all concerned!


Leo July 22 – August 22

Your career house is highlighted now and the late April eclipse will underscore this, with positive energies bringing improvement in how you work and what you work at, as well as larger plans beginning to germinate behind the scenes. There may be surprising new information, or a chance to travel and/or learn new techniques. Some issues may arise with siblings and/or other relatives, but the overall sense is positive. There is still a rather heavy planetary emphasis on the home and/or parent placement, which will be high-lighted by the full moon at the end of May.


Virgo August 22 – September 22

You start this period with a major focus on the areas of finance, with possibly a surprise or two coming in about a fun way to spend your tax return! The lunar eclipse in mid April will focus on this, and then the solar eclipse end of April will highlight a rather pleasant activity that you may be counting on. The area of relationships will register as possibly bringing some hoped-for activity, and may result in a sense of making some long-term plans for

Apr / May 2014

learning or travel. You, of all the signs, deserve to have some fun for a change! You are so used to finishing work that others start, that you need to find time to enjoy life as well as work at it.


Libra September 22 – October 23

A major part of this period for you talks about you versus significant others. You may be getting more aggressive about what you need from those others, and the full moon eclipse at the middle of April will accentuate this position.Another area of life, the positions of career vs. family, appears to be caught up in this struggle, and in truth, there have been easier periods for you. However, the good energy does revolve around favorable aspects to the pocket book. Other planets are looking favorably on this area. Health could be a bit uneasy in April but a sense of cooperation could show up in May.

e Scorpio

October 23 – November 21

While Saturn in any sign sounds like a warning, you are actually being rewarded with help from some of the other planets to provide more of a basis for all your planning efforts. An eclipse in mid April brings the long time of work behind the scenes to a head and now the full moon in mid May will accentuate a new attitude for you. Venus in your employment/health area could bring some surprises early on, but resolves in bringing you some admiration plus support from others who like your style.


Sagittarius November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, remains for a little while longer in a major money house, with lots of aspects from other planets meaning there could be issues about who gets what, and a need to find a new pattern (future) for some of your needs and desires. You’ve really be hitting the books so to speak when it comes to financial figuring, and the full moon in mid May will bring this to a head. The solar eclipse end of April will signal the beginning of whole new financial picture soon.


Capricorn December 21 – January 19

Your ruling planet, Saturn, has been taking a long time in the area of future plans, and there have been monetary issues to deal with. The good news is that other planets are supportive, and the Pluto in your sign says that you are aware of and working with the system to bring the issues to a positive outcome. Several other planets keep


pulling you in various directions, and you could be feeling stressed, but the overriding theme is that you are learning to differentiate between friends and enemies and an old karmic lesson from many lifetimes ago will be ending in success. The lunar eclipse in mid April will climax some of the issues, and the full moon in mid May will highlight and clarify the remaining piece of this puzzle.


Aquarius January 19 – February 18

A major struggle for you, Aquarius, is coming from the area relating to career, and/or family and parent situations. Saturn is taking its time here to complete the process, and no doubt there are monetary issues that must be resolved. The full moon in the middle of May will bring this to a head, and signal the beginning of the end. In the meantime, your lively mind is realizing that your intuitive skills and possible dream life are growing, so relax a bit from your endless need-to-know. Some surprising news may come from relatives, and/or a quick journey or a new class looks very promising.


Pisces February 18 – March 20

Your sensitive energy is expanding now, and you can begin to feel more rewards and even more strength in what you psyche tells you. Keep this in mind, for as the years pile up, you won’t always have the support of the other water planets, as you do now, so dig in and accept what you are becoming, so that the natural sense of Pisces (to doubt oneself) will be only a remembrance of the past, and no longer let you hesitate to accept your gifts. Money issues are still on the plate, with a full moon bringing this all to a head by mid April. And then hopefully you will see light at the end of the tunnel. Let your light shine!

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Asha Mahambrey, Spiritual Teacher - Cultivating the Soil

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April 27th and May25th Last Sunday guided meditation (Freedonations welcome) 1045-1115 am Elemental Om Lebanon Studio Every Tuesday Noon-1 Goddess Manifestation Circle Elemental Om Lebanon Studio

Goddess Chakra Playshops Goddess Persophone April 12th 1-3 pm, Goddess Kwan Yin April 26th 1-3 pm, Goddess Athena May 10th 1-3pm, Goddess Isis May 17th 1-3 pm Practical Magic Workshop April 13th 1-4pm Healing with The Tarot May 22 7-9 pm All workshops are held at Elemental Om Lebanon Studio 46 E Mulberry Street Lebanon Ohio 45036 For more classes and event info, contact Website : My email address: phone @ 513-490-4693

•Spirits of Light Holistic Expo & Psychic Fair AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART Intensive four-day workshop. April 17th-20th at Spirits of Light Holistic Centre, Liberty, Indiana and May 8th-11th at Wyndham Garden Hotel, Miamisburg, Ohio. You will learn how to enter the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of your heart, Activate your light beams and halo and ACTIVATE your LIGHT BODY which is permanent once activated. AND MUCH MORE! For information and to register call Marcia at 765-914-6741.

•Universal Life Expo May 17th & 18th, 2014 Saturday & Sunday (10 am-6 pm both days) Veterans Memorial ~ North Hall ~ 300 W. Broad St ~ Columbus, OH Admission: $11 One Day or $20 Two Day

•Whatever Works Whatever Works Center and Gift shop 7433 Montgomery Rd. Cincin. Oh. 45236 Ph. #(513)791-9428 At Whatever Works Wellness : Mondays 6:30 to 8:00 pm Manifestation Class: Hands on training from the material of Abraham - Hicks. Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette & others. Understand the universal law of attraction, the art of allowing & power of emotions that can help you create the life you desire. $10.00 per class - call (513)7919428 for info or to reserve a seat. Wednesdays - starting in Sept. - 6:30 to 7:30 pm Wellness Wednesdays. Ongoing support group dedicated to sharing natural holistic ways to maximize your health & well being. Call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Other fun studies and services offered for your daily life: Crystal & Stone readings, Numerology readings & chart printouts, Dream & symbol interpretation & Energy Cleansing. For Center’s future events, check out or www.


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Stop Smoking Public Speaking Weight Loss Stress/Anxiety Personal Growth Sports Enhancement Memory Confidence

Become a Certified Hypnotist at our Ohio State Registered School for Hypnosis & Advanced Hypnotherapy  NGH Approved Hypnosis Training and Certification  Become a Nationally Recognized Hypnotherapist  Create Financial Freedom Reg No. 08-07-1875T

William L. Molitor, BCH, CI

Board Certified Hypnotist Certified Hypnosis Instructor Inspirational Speaker Director of Tri-State Hypnosis Center

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Infinity April / May 2014  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Tri-State...

Infinity April / May 2014  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Tri-State...