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Create a Healthy Balanced Life A Health & Wellness Publication Aug / Sept 2012 Southwest Ohio’s Leading Health Magazine Magazine Vol. 45

L etter from the editor Dear Readers, Summer’s end is likened to saying goodbye to a long lost friend. Along the water’s edge, memories ebb and flow into my consciousness of fun filled days gone by. The leaping frog upon a lily pad, the sleeping turtle on a hollowed log create imprints in my mind that will serve me well on a chilly Fall night. Fireflies glowing on a summer’s eve, a campfire burning can instantly take me to a place where the child in me would come out to play. There is a sense of tranquility and a calm after a warm summer rain. Enjoy rain, we so often overlook the peaceful feeling after the rains come down to nourish and cleanse the earth. As the rain heals the earth, every tear shed heals the soul. Nature will sustain us in such a harmonizing way, it is a precious gift. There is still time to dance under the stars before the harvest moon makes its grand appearance against a darkened mysterious sky. A shift in the wind will urge us to prepare for change some big and some small. Most importantly, stay ever present in the moment of time, there is no turning back. The timepiece of your life should be treasured, maintained and acknowledged. Carefully manage and capture the glorious moments of time in the framework of your destiny. Summer’s end is only the beginning of a new dawn. Yours in health,

Jane Phillips Editor in Chief

On the cover: The Mystic Seahorse One of the most unique creatures of the sea, the seahorse is indeed a rare species. The seahorse chooses one mate for life and the male gives birth to its offspring. To discover the magnificent wonders of nature visit the Newport Aquarium, 1 Aquarium Way, Newport. KY. For general info. call 859-261-7444 or visit their website,

Welcome to Infinity This issue is packed full of innovative ways to improve your quality of life. Read valuable information and proven methods that will enrich and enhance your health and your lifestyle. Be inspired, with each article, let Infinity magazine guide you every step of the way to improve your well being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are committed to bring to you the latest in health and wellness technology, and we will continue to keep you updated on exciting events throughout the year. Enjoy the last days of summer as we head into the season of Fall! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

MISSION STATEMENT Infinity Magazine is dedicated to those individuals who are searching for a healthier, alternative way to enrich their lives while embracing the sacred healing heart within.

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Editor in Chief Jane Phillips Marketing & Editorial Consultant Cynthia M Brown Director of Marketing & Design Nina Covington Associate Graphic Designer Debbie Limpach Infinity is under copyright by Sedna Marketing LLC. 2005 Cover Photo Courtesy: Nina Covington Infinity is a bi-monthly publication designed to promote health, and natural well-being. The information in Infinity is not intended as medical advice, and should not replace the advice of your physician. Infinity is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, or misinformation.


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4 Finding Our Own Inner Gold by Dr. Anne M. Miller 6 Mind Control and Bliss by William Molitor 8 Baker Chiropractic Testimonial

The Legend of the Seahorse

10 The Consciousness and Presence of Loving Kindness by Terrance Banner ‘Bullock 12 Finding Your Song by Jill Mattson 14 On Angels’ Wings 15 Where Angels Fear to Tread by Kathy Vaske 16 Wisdom and Grace by Michael McAdams 17 The Universal Prayer by Rev. Scott Wert 18 Raspberries A Powerful Antioxidant 19 Recipes 20 Are You a Bridge Builder? by John Boe 21 Peace and Harmony by Marcia Cantrell 22 Your Child is Not a Brat by Dr. Paul F. Fulk 24 The Silence in Balance by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger 24 The Art of Letting Go by Cynthia M. Brown 28 Bi-monthly Horoscopes by Mary Bauer 30 Eternal Knowledge: Events & Classes

One of the most amazing vertebrate fish of the sea, the seahorse has always been a very interesting specimen for scientists to research because of their special and unique characteristics. There are about 35 different species of seahorses that can be found all over the world. They can be many different colors and can change colors to blend in with their environment. Surprisingly, seahorses are not good swimmers they spend most of their day resting by anchoring themselves with their tail with any object they can find such as coral reefs and sea grass beds. When they do swim it is with an up and down fashion. Seahorses mate during the full moon and they actually perform a courtship dance that can last for days before the male is impregnated when the female seahorse deposits her tiny eggs inside the males pouch. Within 6 weeks, the male can give birth producing hundreds of baby seahorses. The seahorse is symbolized as a sacred animal; there has always been mystery and legends surrounding them and their very existence. Gifted with qualities of love and compassion, the seahorse bonds for life with their partner, and they display affection for each other daily. One partner will change colors to become the other and if one of them dies, the other will follow within 24 hours. There is much to learn about this magnificent creature, but perhaps we can learn simply by their example of the love and respect they display for each other everyday. They are free spirits and choose to live in peace, teaching us the true meaning of balance and harmony

Finding Our Own Inner Gold by Dr. Anne M. Miller We all find lots of reasons why things don’t materialize in our lives, generally citing issues of time, money, energy, lack of talent or past failures. It is also a human dilemma to wait to feel differently about something before we take action rather than live our way into a different way of being. The truth is that feeling states are transient & fleeting or can be all-encompassing/all-consuming and are driven by the emotional part of the brain. We become overidentified with the feelings we are having & think that is who we are. “I am depressed, ill, anxious, down on my luck etc., are all powerful statements in which we create an identity that is anything but positive. At the same time it is hard to envision anything different in the daily grind that we find ourselves in on a day to day basis. Luckily as humans, we have a higher functioning part of the brain that with practice, can balance the more primitive emotional one. So rather than allowing our emotional state to map out the course of our day, setting a clear intention or stating a positive I AM statement, can hold our vision/ purpose in a more cohesive way. The vision or image we hold of ourselves in relation to the world, influences the outcome of our thoughts/emotions & what opportunities show up on a concrete, physical level. So if what is showing up in your life isn’t what you want, we need to re-evaluate the vision we hold, determine what limiting beliefs, past wounds are getting in the way & find a way to transform them into sacred gifts. We as a culture are focused on looking for something outside of ourselves to fix or address what we perceive to be our problem at any given moment. It is a foreign concept to use what is happening on the outside as a mirror for where we may be doing something similar in our own lives but in a slightly


different way. What if everything we experience is a reflection of ourselves in some way? What if we alone have the power to transform the negative into the positive? What if our real power is hidden within – hidden among the wounds or what we consider to be our deficits? What if “lead” or the “heaviness” of our lives could be turned into our own personal “gold”? According to Henry David Thoreau, “What lies before us & what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” Come join us for an empowering introductory workshop called The Map of Personal Transformation held at Harmony Farm on Sunday September 16th, from 1-5pm. Cost is $95. To register call Harmony Farm at 937-667-8311 or Dr. Miller’s office at 937432-0766 Dr. Miller practices as a holistic, integrative physician. She is a board certified psychiatrist & has been in private practice for over 15 years in the Centerville area. She has studied various holistic practices for over 20 years. Her focus has been to teach people innovative, self management tools so that they become their own inner teacher. She provides people with a unique vision of what is possible in their lives.

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Aug / Sept 2012

Mind Control and Bliss

by William Molitor, BCH, CI

Imagine that you are having a great day and the phone rings. The voice on the other end informs you that a very old friend of yours has passed away. The familiar feeling of grief begins to swell inside of you and you can not seem to stop thinking about the tragic news all day. The thoughts make you feel bad and it seems as if your whole day maybe even a week or longer is ruined.

to decide what thoughts you are going to think it always creates a feeling of tranquility and harmony.

This is what happens when thought patterns take over your life. A thought pattern is a thought that runs over and over seemingly consuming your life. The emotional charge associated with the thought or group of thoughts have real physical results. Every thought has an “emotional tag� that tells you exactly how you feel as you think that thought. When you realize that you do have a choice and the ability

When you are exposed to thoughts that are driven by outside forces such as bad news your mind begins to attempt to find a way to deal with the emotional charges that are connected to similar thoughts. Your subconscious mind is highly organized and uses a process of association to maintain that organization. The down side is that every time that you respond emotionally to a thought you begin to establish a


Each of you has that ability, that power to choose your thoughts. When you choose to exercise that power over your thoughts you find that you can create, almost instantly, that feeling of tranquility.

Aug / Sept 2012

pattern, or better yet, a habit of thought. This means that unless you exercise your natural ability to choose thoughts these patterns will begin to repeat themselves over and over strengthening the habit and making it seem as if you have no control over your thoughts or your emotions.

way that you act and feel will begin to change nearly instantly. As you develop your ability to maintain this control you will quickly find your life becoming more harmonious.

There are many techniques that have been taught throughout history to assist people in bring back tranquility and harmony to their lives. Self-hypnosis, Meditation and some forms of Visualization are just a few of the most popular methods used. I have studied hypnosis for many years as well as meditation and visualization techniques and have come to the conclusion that they are in fact one in the same.

I have seen hundreds of my clients take back this mental control and create some very impressive changes in their lives. My clients have stopped bad habits such as smoking, drinking and poor eating habits. They have overcome fears, anxieties, and panic attacks, Children have stopped stuttering, improved scholastic as well as sports performance.

In order to achieve the benefits of any of these methods you must first, at some level, control your thoughts. Even though it is commonly believed that a person’s thoughts while in the trance state of hypnosis are being controlled by their hypnotist, this of course could not be further from the truth. For anyone to reach a productive level of trance they have to be in control of their own thoughts. No one can think your thoughts nor can you think someone else’s thoughts. A hypnotist, simply put, enables their client to choose the thoughts that allows them to stop for the moment their non productive thought patterns. This gives your mind an opportunity to stop responding automatically to habitual patterns creating a feeling of tranquility and this is why for centuries people believed that the state of hypnosis was a form of sleep. Hence the name “hypnosis” that originated from the word “Hypnos”, the Greek god of sleep. In this calm state of focused attention your mind, rather than just responding to the patterns that you had developed throughout your life, will begin to reorganize your thoughts in a manner that will best support your desire for change. With these new organized thoughts, or new patterns of thought, the


The best news of all is that each of you has the capacity to achieve this level of control.

Seeking out a professionally trained Hypnotist that can assist you in the process of learning how to achieve these trance states, and who knows the language of the subconscious mind is of course critical. Many hypnotists are trained only on how to “hypnotize” another person but have little or no training in what to do or say while that individual is in a state of hypnosis. Being in a trance state alone will not create any change. So just don’t allow your mind to keep you stressed out or responding to situations in your life in an unhealthy or unsafe manner - learn to take back control. A life time of harmony and balance could be just a thought away.

About the author: William L Molitor BCH, CI, is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor, Hypnotherapist, and the Director of the Tri-State Hypnosis Center, an Ohio State Registered School for Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is certified by and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). For more information or to contact William Molitor call (513)943-1444 or email


Baker Chiropractic Testimonial

Dr. Baker & The Cortright Family

After much speculation and debate, I decided to succumb to the circumstances and pay Dr. Baker a visit. My newborn daughter, Kendall, had severe feeding issues in that she would spit up most of what she ate at every feeding. In the hospital she would gag and gasp for air it was so severe. I was told that she was having these issues because she was born in less than 40 minutes and it was too quick for fluids to leave her system naturally through the birthing process, and that it would soon cease. After nearly one month of this happening I took her to the pediatrician who diagnosed her with severe acid reflux and prescribed Zantac. Administering this medicine (for the short time in which I did) was the cruelest thing I have done to any of my children. Although it did seem as if it helped slightly with her gagging and the reflux, the medicine itself was so potent that it would burn my eyes upon smelling it. When I (attempted) to give it to her she would gag, hold her breath and spit it right back at me, and her eyes would water also. After only a few doses, I didn’t feel like the side effects of the medicine were worth the benefits, and that there had to be a better alternative. It was then that I was recommended to see Doc. The more I thought about Kendall’s upcoming chiropractic experience, I began to think of other concerns I had. She was always holding her head to one side, and never seemed to develop neck muscles and head control as my other children had at her age. I wasn’t quite sure if this was a cause for worry, but it was definitely something


that I wanted to address. Our initial meeting with Doc was comforting, informative, and assuring. He addressed all of my questions, and assured me that this was my first step toward living a happier, healthier life for Kendall, myself, and the rest of my family. I was informed that Kendall had a case of Torticollis, and that with adjustments I would see great improvement. So I entrusted Dr. Baker, a father of small children himself, with one of my precious gifts from God and put her health and her future in his hands. For her first adjustment my initial nervousness quickly subsided as I witnessed something amazing. He held her softly between his hands and did his work, and as he did so, she smiled at him and cooed softly putting me to ease. She thoroughly enjoyed what she was experiencing and there seemed to be a weight lifted off my shoulders. Later that night Kendall was in great spirits, and seemed to be less fussy that usual. She was also holding her head up slightly better than usual. I initially played this off as coincidence until our return visits with Doc. The next time we went, I decided to get adjusted – after all, I had chronic back problems from a wreck and my 50lb+ weight gain from all of my pregnancies had not helped! I walked out of his office feeling like a new person. Instead of walking around and living with a constant ache, I felt something that could not be expressed in words – I literally felt nothing. Kendall and I visited Doc on a regular basis and after just a few visits Kendall’s acid reflux had seen a tremendous improvement, and she was holding her head upright as if there had never been a problem. But, most importantly for the both of us, she began sleeping for more than three hours in a row! My other children have also begun reaping the benefits of chiropractic. My youngest son Kayden, who is two, saw Doc for the first time after an accident in which he received several staples in his head. Doc initially adjusted his neck, but after gaining Kayden’s comfort and confidence, he adjusted his back as well. On several occasions Kayden has asked for “Doc to fix neck”, and we went to see him!! He even knows the routine and sits patiently in his chair, hands in his lap, for his turn,

Aug / Sept 2012

and then runs to the table and positions himself accordingly for his back adjustments. My five-yearold daughter and son both have been adjusted and they too, have asked on several occasions to see Doc when they were not feeling well. My husband is a landscaper and does snow removal and is constantly on his feet, and constantly saying how badly his back feels. After just one visit he felt tremendously better, and will be returning especially with the grueling winter months ahead of him! There is no stereotypical chiropractic patient. We come from different backgrounds with different prior experiences, different symptoms, and different goals for relief. Everyone can truly benefit from chiropractic, as I have learned over the past few months, especially with my own family. We all have different symptoms and concerns ranging from acid reflux, constipation, head and neck trauma, ADHD, ear infections, and more! And

yet, we all unite under one common ground, the relief we seek from visiting with Dr. Baker. I have suggested to several family members and friends the benefits they too could achieve. I would never force or insist chiropractic care upon anyone. I would however, ask that anyone and everyone simply try it one time, and let it speak for itself. They too, would be a life-long patient of Baker Family Chiropractic! Thank you Doc, Jennifer, Danielle and Courtney for truly make a difference in all of our lives! We are eternally grateful! The Cortright Family, Angie, Kyle, Kylee, Will, Haley, Kayden and Kendall

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

Fairfield 858-6700

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Cincinnati 561-2273

Madeira 272-9200 Doctor Consultation and Spinal Exam For Only $25 Act Now To Get Your Appointment...

Call Now! 513-561-2273 Dr. Patrick Baker, D.C.

Dr. Paul Baker, D.C.

Does not include xrays. Exp. 9/30/12

The Consciousness and Presence of Loving Kindness

by Terrance Banner’Bullock, Spiritual Practitioner & Mystic Teacher We have heard it in so many ways. “We are more powerful then we could ever imagine”. One of the most powerful and sacred gifts that we are blessed with is the gift of Compassion. The thing about the authentic gift of Compassion is that it gracefully unfolds in the “being,” not the “doing.” Just as we cannot plant a seed and force the desired harvest to grow, we must first allow the eternal seed of Compassion to blossom and unfold within our own beings by first acknowledging that we show Compassion towards ourselves by spending time in the blessed silence whether it is in meditation, prayer or whatever centering form of non-conditional love that is our highest vibration of love and inner reflection. Self forgiveness is the key. Gently letting go of our “story,” and allowing ourselves to be that perfect reflection of infinite perfection that is our divine birthright. We are resonating with the spiritual illumination that is eternally and uniquely ours to express, and share beautifully, joyfully, and creatively. Some of the ways we can practice the presence of Compassion is: • By taking care of our precious body temples making sure we are nurturing ourselves. • Taking classes and being a part of a community that supports our spiritual unfoldment. • We can practice forgiveness so that we can show up being the love that we already are.


• Spend time enjoying and appreciating the beauty of nature, or music that inspires us. • Practicing the beauty of being inclusive, loving and seeing from the eyes of our Oneness with everyone and everything. • Recognizing the shared power of humble sacred service in our community. • We can walk in the Blessed Assurance knowing that everywhere we place our foot is sacred ground. We are the very presence of Compassion, illuminating the way with infinite light and love. Come and experience the love vibration, spiritual energy and wisdom of Spiritual Practitioner and Mystic Teacher - Terrance Banner Bullock at Agape Journey of Awakening on Sunday, August 19th and September 9th - from 11 am to 12 pm – Cost Free (Love offerings are welcome) Quality Inn Hotel - Miamisburg, Ohio – 250 Byers Road – For more information call 937-397-2668.

AgapeJourney Journey of of Awakening Awakening Agape Journey of Agape Awakening

“ChartingYour Your Divine Divine Course” Course” “Charting Your Divine “Charting Course” Every Sunday Every EverySunday Sunday Get Inspiritedby byan an Awakening Awakening Message Message Get Inspirited Message Get Inspirited by an Awakening 11:00 AM to 12 Noon 11:00 AM to 12 Noon 11:00 AM to 12 Noon QUALITYINN INN & & SUITES SUITES QUALITY QUALITY INN & SUITES rd floor conference room 3rd33rd floor conference room floor conference room 250 Byers OH45342 45342 250 ByersRoad, Road,Miamisburg Miamisburg OH OH 45342 250 Byers Road, Miamisburg

Prayer Request Information Call Prayer Requestoror orAdditional Additional Information Information –––Call Call Prayer Request Additional Nancy 937.397.2668 --Terrance 937.718.5164 Nancy 937.397.2668 Terrance 937.718.5164 Nancy 937.397.2668 - Terrance 937.718.5164 Edith Edith937.262.8106 937.262.8106

Edith 937.262.8106

Aug / Sept 2012



Light of Ascension OCTOBER 13 - 14, 2012 SATURDAY 9AM – 7PM SUNDAY 10AM – 6PM

Veterans Memorial 300 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio Admission $10 per day 130 LECTURES — 330 BOOTHS SAND MANDALA — LABYRINTH Dr. Norm Shealy — Rosemary Ellen Guiley Freddy Silva — Naisha Ahsian — Tricia McCannon Barbara Evans — Peter Canova — Tibetan Monks Ken Harsh — Karen Paolino Correia — John McMullin Linda Backman — Kimmie Rose — and many more

© 2011 dreams of stardolphin

MIDWEST‛S LARGEST METAPHYSICAL EVENT! OVER 130 LECTURES on Healing, Crystals/Stones, 2012, Animals, Love, Sacred Sites, Angels, Drumming, Past Lives, Light Body, Messages from the Other Side, Divine Feminine, Aliens & ETs, Psychic Development, Sound, Auras, Magick, Shamanism, Masters & Avatars and more! OVER 300 VENDORS with a fantastic array of products and services for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Plus books, CDs, art, music, hand crafted items, crystals, candles, herbs, food, psychic readers, energy work, innovative technology for health and much more!

Special Tibetan Monk Performance on Saturday at 7:30 PM $10 with Expo Wristband (or $20 for Performance alone) or call voice mail (614) 470-3649 or write: ULE, Box 14246, Columbus, OH 43214

Volunteers admitted FREE! To volunteer, call 614-470-3649 or!

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Finding Your Song by Jill Mattson

“When a woman in one African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness with a few friends and together they pray and meditate until they hear the song of the child. They recognize that every soul has its own vibration that expresses its unique flavor and purpose. When the women attune to the song, they sing it out loud. Then they return to the tribe and teach it to everyone else. And when children are born into the village, the community gathers and sings their song, one unique melody for each unique child. Later, when children begin their education, the village gathers and chants each child’s song. They sing again when each child passes into the initiation of adulthood, and at the time of marriage. Finally, when the soul is about to pass from this world, the family and friends gather at the bedside, as they did


at birth, and they sing the person to the next life. In the African tribe there is one other occasion upon which the Villagers sing to the child: If at any time during a person’s life, he or she commits a crime or aberrant social act, that individual is called to stand in the center of a circle formed by all members of the tribe. And once again the villagers chant the child’s song. The tribe recognizes that the proper correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment, but love and the remembrance of identity. When you recognize your own song, you have no desire or need to do anything that would hurt another. A friend is someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it. Those who love you are not fooled by the mistakes you have made or the dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel

Aug / Sept 2012

ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.

beneficial cell-to-cell vibrations within. We are one with the universe. Our song contributes a small part in the infinite chorus of all creation.

You may not have grown up in an African tribe that sings your song to you at crucial life transitions, but life is always reminding you when you are in tune with yourself and when you are not.

In a remote, but intimately connected tradition, I once visited a desolate Indian settlement in northeastern Canada. Their Wiseman gave me a tour of the humble, even impoverished village. Out of the way, along the route I saw a carefully tended field that held perhaps 100 colorful birdhouses supported on poles, well off the ground. I asked the Shaman what was the significance of the birdhouses? He replied that these houses were their Tribe’s burial markers; each birdhouse honored a grave. The remarkable part was that many wild birds made their homes in these small structures - singing their characteristic songs for the memory of departed souls - to the glory and beauty of nature and the nourishment of the living.

When you feel good, what you are doing matches your song, and when you feel awful, it doesn’t. In the end, we shall all recognize our song, and we shall sing it well. You may feel a little wobbly at that moment, but so have all the great singers. Just keep singing and you’ll find your way home.”1 This real-life African Tribal practice mirrors modern discoveries from half a world away by modern masters such as Royal Rife, Sharry Edwards and Donna Eden. These vibrational energy pioneers have independently detected that people have a fundamental color or frequency, which can be equated to their unique song. This signature sound persists throughout life. We may not have been formally given a song at birth as in African tribes, but we each radiate frequencies. Literally, we are a collection of vibrations, a song. The body radiates its song – sounds that are too tiny in volume for one to notice. Others subconsciously react to these “vibes” and they have a multitude of subtle energy effects, such as initial impressions and “gut” feelings. We are vibrational beings and our daily vibrational composition changes along with our health and emotional states, but our fundamental song is constant: Our body seeks to simply play its song in harmony! This releases endorphins – a sense of pleasure and wellbeing ensues. Humans innately seek out natural sounds that reinforce and strengthen their songs. Some prefer the sound of the pounding sea, others seek out bird songs or the wailing wind in remote locales. Even the stars and heavens offer songs to us that we can intuitively detect with our feelings. We sense the magic in the midnight sky, as stars radiate frequencies below our hearing range. These subtle vibrations create


 About the Author: JM has spent the past 20 years researching Vibratory Sound Energy for healing and a wide array of other remarkable uses (available in 3 books). She specializes in Sound Secrets of Ancient Civilizations. Mattson composes and produces her own CD’s employing numerous Sound Healing techniques & energies, plus her original musical score. Her latest CD, Deep Wave Beauty, recently won a silver C.O.V.R. award for best specialty CD of 2012. In addition to beautiful music it tones the face muscles and uplifts the skin. www.jillsWingsofLight. com, and

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On Angels’ Wings

Inspiring Stories of Divine Intervention

Back by popular demand! This feature has inspired many, and we ask you to send us a short story about something that happened in your life that inspired you. A situation in your life that changed you and that you believe happened with divine intervention. An angelic experience or simply a profound feeling you had that changed your path of direction. We will publish a story in each issue, as we receive them. Please type or print. You do not need to put your whole name and please give a phone number in case we need to reach you if we have a question. The phone number will not be published. Email to jphil@ or mail to: Infinity magazine, 1710 Maplewood Dr. Lebanon, Ohio 45036 The next issue is October/November; Infinity must receive your story by September 10th.

“Surprise Benefactor” It was the summer of 1982 when there was a deep recession in Ohio. The unemployment rate had reached 9.2%!

I decided to pray about it - but it seemed improbable someone would just give me $100. I continued to pray, though, everyday. One morning, in mid-August, I was sitting outside in the hot sun when I felt a gentle nudge to go to the mailbox. I was puzzled because I wasn’t expecting mail from anyone. But, I responded to the nudge. Inside the mailbox was a letter from a relative who lived 600 miles away. As I slid open the envelope, a $10 bill fell out. “How kind,” I thought. Then another $10 bill slipped out!. In the letter, this person said she heard I was out of work and wanted to help. Recently, a gentleman she had known asked her to do some typing for him. When she finished the job, he wanted to pay her. She told him: “I won’t accept it for myself, but I’ll give it to someone in need.” The number of bills in the envelope totaled exactly $100!! It was then that I believed an angel had nudged me to go to the mailbox earlier.

Due to a lengthy illness, I had been out of work for over a year. My savings were used up to the point that I couldn’t even afford a phone!

When I promptly wrote to thank her for her generosity and tell her I would use the money to obtain a phone, her response was: “I didn’t know you were without a phone:” And she didn’t know I was praying for one.

I desperately wanted to re-enter the work force now that I had recovered. However, my efforts were thwarted when a temporary agency explicitly stated: “We can’t even consider you for a job if you don’t have a phone.” Trying to assure them the next door neighbor would let me receive messages on her phone met with no consideration.

The incredible part of this true story is that this relative (now deceased) was a Catholic nun living in Long Island, New York. She was the last person I thought would have been chosen to be the answer to my prayers.

The telephone company informed me the total cost of a phone (including installation) would be $100!! Where would I ever get $100?


An angel must have whispered in her ear. It was indeed a miracle!

Aug / Sept 2012

Where Angels Fear to Tread by Kathy Vaske Is there someone in your life that is on a downhill spiral? Does that person seem to be making all the decisions that will cause them to be worse not better? That is the first sign that something has happened in their life that they just can’t cope with. They might not even be able to remember just what it was that happened or when it happened. They only know they seem to have lost a piece of themselves somewhere along the way. No one wants to be the one to have to talk to the person about making better decisions for themselves. No one wants to be the one that tells them they are on a self destruct course in life. If there is insurance for a doctor’s visit, it’s time to get them motivated to go see one. Tell them to look into a product called 5-HTP. Tell them to always check out things and products suggested to them with their own doctor first. This is just a suggestion from a non medical person that knows this product works. It is an all natural product sold at any of the health food stores in your area. It helps the brain produce more of the seratonin that it needs. It helps the person to focus and levels out the mood swings. It gives them more energy and cuts down on the headaches. This is not a medicine. It takes about twenty four hrs. to seven days for the body to process the product through the system. It takes about three weeks for the person to really notice a difference for the better. Let the person know there are all kinds of information about the product on the internet. Suggest they get into a meditation class and work with someone to help them improve their mental state. Sometimes it’s about getting to know oneself and getting a better perspective on life. It can help, just to learn to let the past go and start fresh from the point they find themselves at in the present.

vibration around the person, to give them a chance to help themselves see the situation for what it is and to start moving forward again in life. Sometimes that is not just the only thing we can do for someone, it is the very best thing we can do for them. Prayer is always first. To learn more about how to raise your own energy and vibration and to gain a better perspective on life, drop in and see any of the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Whatever Works Wellness. Come in and try an introductory session on the sound system. Get a psychic reading to see how best to approach the problem. Visit with your own angels and guides in a session. Have your numerology chart done.

Kathy Vaske

Nationally known Psychic, Angel Clairvoyant, & CHT

Contact Kathy for spiritual path guidance, psychic readings, or hypnosis for change. Appointments available daily with Kathy at Whatever Works

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It is so sad when a person does not value themselves and creates such hardship in their own lives. It leaves the loved ones around them always dealing with the fallout of the situation. Sometimes the very best thing that a loved one can do for that person, is to pray for them regularly until that situation turns around. If the situation is not karmic in nature, prayer will be the one thing that can raise the energy and the



Wisdom and Grace by Michael McAdams Wisdom can be an elusive commodity upon this Earthly plain. Many seek far and wide searching for what is within their grasp all along. Wisdom is attained by the presence of purpose applied to everyday living. It is said that we obtain knowledge, gain experience, and create wisdom. We are not born with wisdom but must through experience engage our existence to process all we must learn living life which enables us the opportunity to create wisdom. Many throughout life make the same mistakes over and over again. Many will continually choose friends and companions whom do not have their best interests at heart and then ask why they have been disappointed and taken advantage of. Many individuals run the risk of being unduly influenced by those whom they choose to surround themselves with. Should this influence not be of a positive nature our progress and advancement will be held back. The gift of free will, our ability to choose, grants us the responsibility to choose wisely when it comes to those whom we associate and become involved with as we walk our chosen pathway. Experience of purpose is the pillar in creating wisdom. Develop within yourself a sense of purpose; a reason for being here. As we learn, grow, and become our sense of purpose changes as our responsibilities and obligations to family and career pull us in many different directions. Blessed is he who remains always in understanding of his calling. It is our responsibility to stay focused, purposeful, and dedicated to achieving our highest potential in this existence as we are setting the stage for the next phase of our eternal being. Those who are unreceptive to guidance and direction from their spirit teachers, angels, and other direct representatives of our Heavenly Father do themselves a great injustice as these spiritual beings do indeed have our best interest at heart and will do everything within their power to advise and prepare us for what we must deal with based upon the thoughts, desires, and motivations


created by ourselves as we endeavor to make our way in this existence. The grace of God’s hand upon our being is the assurance we are provided that our Heavenly Father’s promise of comfort and support is fulfilled by the manner of our acceptance and by our faith in the divine hand that so touches and completes our lives. His divine guidance and direction propels us forward as we walk our chosen pathway. No matter what trials and tribulations we encounter we can depend always upon our Heavenly Father’s grace and protection to guide us upon this journey of learning and discovery. We are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body existing in a physical world. As we find ourselves in this realm we must deal with all the physical temptations and distractions of a physical existence striving always to be beloved sons and daughters in whom our Heavenly Father is well pleased. We are a product of our choices and bear great responsibility in the choices that we make. Yet even though many times we tend to veer off on tangents, pulled away from that which we know is right and true, we should hold our banner high unfurled as we endeavor to keep our Heavenly Father’s commandments within our hearts preparing to graduate from this existence fully confident that we have completed a race well run and with our best effort have presented our beings with faith in the assurance of our Heavenly Father’s compassion and love. From Wilma Jean Jones upcoming book “An Angel Told Me So” comes this discourse on our Heavenly Father: “Recognition will be given to all who take hold of His promises given, without contention or rebuke, and with a willingness to contend with obstacles

Aug / Sept 2012

U niversal Prayer

End of Summer Meditation

because of His relentless pursuit to acquire that portion of our being that has mastered this life in accordance with His provisions and there within has acquired a status rendered possible by His boundless love and devotion to that which holds the key to His heart and by His very own lifting up delivers us into that abode where every soul has an opportunity to bear witness to His ever enduring nature, as we too have been enabled to endure and overcome the process of evolvement because we have chosen to accept His gracious and generous offer to become His witness and disciples both in word and deed, and no longer bear resemblance to those who uncovered, are partakers of iniquity, without the promises of His confession, seduced by their own impeachable will, unwilling to face the charges brought before them while there is still time to repair the damage and gain control over enticements not intended for victory, but despair and the loss of one’s soul.” Dictated from a spirit teacher

by Rev.Scott Wert As the summer sun is at its’ highest point we realize that we too are stronger than we were at the beginning of our journey on the wheel of the year. We feel stronger and ready to complete our journey of summer. We fill our being with light, love, joy, hope, and gratitude, we feel rejuvenated and fulfilled. In this place of love, personal power, and reverence for our path we join together as one in the common goal of co-creation and partnership for a new reality for humanity and our mother earth. Share your light and vibration with all of creation, together we will create a world that will sustain us in love and grace. Be Blessed!!! By: Rev. Scott Wert Owner of Transformations Center of the Universal Light

Message received November 5, 1995 About the author: Michael offers a set of his own writings called Spiritual Parchment Prints as a fundraising item for youth groups for churches and to the public. Michael has signed a contract to publish Wilma Jean Jones book “An Angel Told Me So” with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. Wilma and Michael worked closely together as she received these dictated messages and teachings from spirit teachers over this twenty two year period. Wilma is Michael’s mother. Michael owns Starpath Satellite, sells satellite systems, and owns Aqua “Doc” Spa and Pools. Michael can be reached via his web site


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A Powerful Antioxidant

The red raspberry is a small and delicate fruit, they are sweet with a subtly tart overtone. This remarkable fruit has many healing benefits and is so easy to add to salads, smoothies and delectable sweet treats. One of the amazing health benefits of raspberries is derived from their source of ellagic acid, this substance prevents unwanted damage to cell membranes and other structures of the body.

source of fiber, manganese, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, potassium and copper. Raspberries perish easily, so it is important to purchase them one or two days prior to using. Choose berries that are firm, plump and deep in color. Raspberries will keep fresh in the refrigerator a couple of days, they also freeze well.

Research suggest that raspberries may prevent cancer, these special little berries have the potential to inhibit cancer cell growth in various parts of the body, including the colon.

It is best to avoid cooking raspberries too long. Raspberry muffins are an excellent way to enjoy the flavor of this fruit. If you decide to eat raspberry preserves of some kind, be careful not to consume any added artificial or processed sugars which of course would limit the nutrients you would normally benefit from.

Raspberries are filled with nutrients, mainly in the antioxidant and B vitamin content. They are an excellent

This powerful fruit is so versatile it can be enjoyed in several ways, beginning with the first meal of the day, if you haven’t already, start your own raspberry health craze!


Aug / Sept 2012

Easy Raspberry Crisp INGREDIENTS: • 3 cups of fresh raspberries (Frozen will work -thawed and drained) • 1 cup organic flour or gluten free flour • 1/2 cup organic brown sugar or turbinado sugar (more if preferred) • 1 tsp cinnamon • 1/3 cup butter DIRECTIONS: 1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 2 Grease 8 x 8 inch baking dish.

Raspberry Vinagrette INGREDIENTS: • 1 cup raspberries • 3 Tbs. honey • ½ cup vinegar • 1 cup olive oil DIRECTIONS: 1. Puree berries and honey in a food processor 2. Add vinegar

3 Pour cleaned raspberries into baking dish.

3. Slowly add olive oil until smooth and potable.

4 In a bowl, combine flour or gluten free flour with brown sugar and cinnamon. Add butter and rub between fingers until crumbly.

Note: This is an excellent salad dressing for spinach salad and salad made with bitter greens such and Endive, Escarole and Radicchio.

5 Layer flour mixture over raspberries in dish. 6 Bake about 30-35 minutes. This dessert should be served warm. It can be topped with frozen yogurt. It makes 4-5 servings. This dish can also be converted to be gluten free

Raspberry Sorbet

Using frozen raspberries makes this sorbet easy to prepare. INGREDIENTS: • 1/4 cup water • 1/4 cup organic sugar or natural sugar substitute • 1 bag (12 ounces) frozen raspberries or 3 cups fresh raspberries, frozen DIRECTIONS: Stir together water and 1/4 cup sugar until sugar dissolves. Pulse raspberries in a food processor until coarsely chopped. With machine running, pour in sugar-water; pulse until mixture is smooth. Transfer to an airtight container, and freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. Scoop sorbet into 4 serving dishes or glasses.


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Are You a Bridge Builder? by John Boe, International Trainer & Motivational Speaker There are really only two kinds of people in this world, those that build bridges and those that don’t. Bridge builders are considerate people who do their very best to encourage and support others. They understand the power of a kind word and the importance of sincere praise. Bridge builders make outstanding mentors because they are eager to share their talent and experience. They are team players all the way and lead by example. They unselfishly invest their time and energy helping others reach their full potential. Bridge builders help people without concern for personal gain or credit. They don’t build bridges for the sake of mere recognition or tribute; they build because it is in their very nature to build bridges. Biography is one of my favorite TV shows because it pays tribute to the achievements of well-known, successful men and women. I gain insight and inspiration from these stories of triumph and success. I find it interesting to note that the vast majority of these successful people understand the value of role models and the impact of a mentor’s guidance. Each in their own way, express gratitude and praise for their mentors. They are grateful for their success and thankful that someone recognized their talent and helped them develop their potential. Growing up, I recall reading a poem in my father’s office entitled The Bridge Builder. This poem and its message of mentorship has served me well over the years and is a great example for all of us to emulate. If you are a bridge builder congratulations, the world is a much better place because of the difference you make in the lives of others. How many bridges have you built lately? 20

The Bridge Builder An old man, going a lone highway, Came, at the evening, cold and gray, To a chasm, vast, and deep, and wide, Through which was flowing a sullen tide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned, when safe on the other side, And built a bridge to span the tide. “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim, near, “You are wasting strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day; You never again will pass this way; You’ve crossed the chasm, deep and wideWhy build you this bridge at the evening tide?” The builder lifted his old gray head: “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said, “There followeth after me today, A youth, whose feet must pass this way. This chasm, that has been naught to me, To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.”   - Will Allen Dromgoole Come witness the motivational wisdom and energy of John Boe at Agape Journey of Awakening on Sunday, August 12th and September 16th - from 11 am to 12 pm – Cost Free (Love offerings are welcome) Quality Inn Hotel - Miamisburg, Ohio – 250 Byers Road – For more information call 937-397-2668. Aug / Sept 2012

Peace and Harmony

Myth or Possibility? by Marcia Cantrell

Peace has long left your world. The thoughts of peace and harmony are truly within many hearts these days. Light Workers around your world are working together and with their spiritual realm to reestablish the peace and harmony that once was a part of your world in its beginning. Peace and harmony did not last for an extended period as mankind evolved with their egotistical part and chose another path. Mother Earth is crying out for her children to come together and realize the only way peace and harmony can return again to this magnificent and wonderful creation of the Divine is for us to recognize our true essence of love for ourselves and each and everyone of Creator’s creations, realize you don’t solve war with war, you don’t pretend not to notice someone in need and to practice being connected, not separate. We are to let our lights shine and when enough Light Workers unite and shine together, the darkness will vanish along with the illusions that cause discord and unhappiness. The light will illuminate the world and bring forth the greatest gifts of peace and harmony, that which can only follow Love and the guidance of God.


Marcia Cantrell as given by Angela Angel

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Your Child is Not a Brat by Paul F. Fulk,

D.C., F.A.S.A. From day one of conception your child has your blood. Your blood happens to have candida albicans in it. When you feed it sugars and vinegars, candida multiplies and begins it’s journey to deplete your child’s immunity. Unless you have prepared before conception, your blood by getting candida to go back where it belongs, your child is inevitable going to have emotional and health problems. Being the culprit that it is in the blood stream, candida has been seen to tear the red and white blood cells apart. By doing so it will deplete the immune system. As a result the spleen and the thymus cannot keep up reproducing WBCs and RBCs. With the destruction of white and red blood cells that candida is causing the immune system to fail. Candida is a good guy when in the right place. It’s job is the absorption of “B” vitamins out of the small intestine into the blood stream. “B” vitamins are needed by many if not all organs in your body. By the lack of “B” vitamins, because candida is not in the small intestine as it should be, this may account for what we call ”chronic fatigue syndrome”. So candida does serve a good purpose when in the right place. It does not belong in the blood stream. Just as E Coli bacteria belongs in the large intestine. Combined with acidophilus it forms vitamin B 12 which the body utilizes to form hemoglobulin. Dr. Simoncini of Rome, Italy states that candida is the cause of cancer especially forms its malignant tumors. Your child does not deserve to have candida in the blood stream. Dr. Simoncini treats it very successfully with baking soda. Where as, Dr. Nieper of Germany used enzymes to starve it out of the blood stream to stop the leukemias and lymphomas. Two different methods, but very successful in treating various conditions of cancer. Both can be treated here in the United States. Within a few months after your child is born, a MMR


shot is given to your baby. What is this designed to do? The purpose of such is to shut down some gland functions. One being the parotid gland. When it swells up in your jaw it is called the mumps. If this does not happen, your child will always have a allergic reaction to wheat, rye, oats and barely. In other words, when your child eats a piece of wheat bread, the adrenal has to react in a shock fashion. Asthmatic reactions could occur, skin could breakout in a rash and other symptoms of the reaction. All this happens because the MMR shot was given to your child when young. Booster shots are given at a later time which does nothing more than make money for the drug industry. The mercury laced with the shot has been associated with children that are autistic and hyperactive. Shots have eliminated the mumps and have caused many people to have a allergic reactions to the glutens, because the adrenal glands are not functioning up to their ability. Combine the allergic reaction to glutens, the depletion of the immune system by candida, and you have many biochemical situations that occur that now makes your child have many emotional and biochemical behavioral problems called hyperactivity. One of the functions of biotin is to carry the cholesterol to the spleen and to the testicles in a male. This provides hormone production, WBC and RBC production. Candida leaches the biotin out of your system. Why, I don’t know? But some research done in Canada discovered that this happens. Candida also leaches the lithium out of your system that causes depression. It causes the malfunction of the pineal gland that controls depression. So why are we wondering why so many children are committing suicide because they are depressed? There may be a big blood chemistry change. Why do we see so many children with cancer? It was not heard of back in the 40s and 50s. What has happened?

Aug / Sept 2012

I have seen children very young acting like holy terrors. A few years ago I had a mother bring to my office a son who was eight years old. Children’s hospital had said that her son was out of control. That he should be given thorasine and incarcerated until he dies. He was only eight years old and had been thrown out of every school he had be admitted to. There was no way I could have gotten any blood out of this child’s arm, save having him be unconscious. But I thought that we could do a finger stick by having his father hold him while we managed to get a drop of blood out of his finger to examine under the microscope . I thought this would be a simple task. It was not. because the boy bent over and bit a piece out of his father’s arm. After taking care of the father’s arm, we managed to get a drop of blood out of his finger. It was saturated with candida albicans. He had be on

antibiotics since he was three months old. The antibiotics had dumped the candida into the blood stream. Fortunately for the boy, his mother followed his vitamin regimen and his diet for the next month. To make a long story short, in six months he was in school and at the end of the first year, he won the best behavior award. His candida remained in his small intestine and he became a very well adjusted person. If your child is like this, there is hope for you and the child. Copyright 2012 Paul F. Fulk, D.C.,F.A.S.A.

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The Silence in Balance

by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

What does the word “balance” really mean? It is used in many different contexts. Images of a gymnast on a balance beam and the Scales of Justice are just two things that spring to mind immediately. I think balance, in the context of this publication, probably has to do with a state of mind and being that we all strive to attain in our daily lives. Webster’s Online dictionary defines balance in this context as “mental and emotional steadfastness” (steadiness). I have met a very few people that seem to achieve balance in this way for most of the time, and they are delightful to be with. Animals, on the other hand, seem to move to a balanced state very easily, and if moved off balance, will work very hard to get back there. If you spend time watching your dog, cat, or horse over the course of a day, you may see what I mean. For example, cats have perfected the art of brief, rapid motion


immediately followed by self – grooming (soothing) and eventually a nap. We see this over and over with our cats Diana and Simba. They will chase and hiss and play frantically for a few minutes, stop and groom, then lay down on the bed together and sleep. The dogs play and play and play, then go outside to pee, come in, and take a nap. The horses will startle, take off running madly around the pasture, and then return to eating hay. They do take a bit longer to totally relax, as they are prey animals that must watch to survive, but eventually they do. Wild animals that we have observed show very similar behavior unless extremely stressed. Based on what we have observed, I think the return to a calm, relaxed state indicates the animal has returned to a balanced state within their environment. Unless an animal is in a stressful environment, in a highly competitive sport, or is in an unhealthy or abusive situation, they will normally return to balance easily.

Aug / Sept 2012

Contrast that to the daily lives most of us lead. We go from home and family into our cars, where we interact with the environment and other drivers. Most of us end up at work, where we are again in a totally different environment with another different set of people. Probably most of us feel some degree of stress at work, especially those who work in corporate offices, fast food restaurants, stores, transportation, etc. Then we climb back in our cars and the end of the day, drive to the gym or to dinner or school, then home we go again. During the course of the day we have been bombarded with so much information in electronic form that our brains go on overload. Where in this description do the words “balance, “play”, or “rest” occur? They don’t. How can we achieve balance and peace in such an existence? Some do, and they seem serene and in control of themselves and their life most of the time. Most of us can only achieve this for a part of each day through yoga, meditation, exercise, and other good self-care practices. Our point here is simply that balance, as shown us by Nature, is the norm rather than the exception. As humans, the very act of stopping to be with our animals for a short time moves us much closer to our own sense of balance and harmony with Nature and with who we are. It is a brief, profound experience that the animals choose to share with us out of Love. When it happens, all things around us seem to pause, suspended and silent, as we share a moment of perfect balance and union with Oneness. What a wonderful gift they give us when we allow it.

Terri and I will be conducting a 2 day retreat in Cincinnati on October 6th and 7th, 2012. The retreat is called “Relax and Connect with Your Companion Animals”. This retreat will be held in a natural, peaceful setting. On the first day you will become more relaxed through experiencing healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Alexander Technique, meditation, and massage. The second day we will connect with a beloved animal in your life – in body or transitioned – and discover why they are/were your life – as Teacher, Guide, Companion,


Healer, or something else. We will do this through enhancing your animal communication skills so that you may talk with each other more clearly. Please see the Event listing in the back of the magazine for more information.

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The Art of Letting Go by Cynthia M. Brown My son did not graduate from high school. It has been a rough year. He turned 18 in September of last fall. In December, he decided he was grown and didn’t need his moms telling him what to do, so he moved out. We could not stop him; he was, after all, an adult.

was nothing I could do except wait to pick up the pieces. There have been so many moments when I have wanted to say, “just come home. You don’t have to be a grown up yet.” I have kept my silence because I know he wants to be a grown up and in this moment he sees returning home as failure.

Some days, he is very grown up. Some days, he is so very unprepared for being an adult. Some days, he wants to be rescued; other days he wants to be left alone. The hard part is that these shifts are always on his timetable, not ours.

What I want to say to him and have just realized, is that letting go is a two way street. Just as I have had to step aside and watch him make mistakes and poor choices; just as I have spent sleepless nights worrying about whether or not he is doing his schoolwork; paying his bills; taking his medication; eating some food with nutritional value, and not intervened, he must also let go. I want to tell him that he needs to stop having the expectation that I am here to save him from and protect him from himself. His expectation of me must change. He has to let go of both his moms, as safety nets, heroes in an action movie, ready to intervene every time things get tough. Adulthood is tough. It doesn’t get easier; the mission just changes. For my partner and I, the mission has changed; he is grown; for better or worse; he is an adult. We made mistakes and we did our best to give him guidance and teach him to be selfreliant. The mission now is to step aside. For him, the mission is to step out and step up. Sure, if life gets really hard; if there is a real need for refuge, I hope he knows he can always come home. Coming home, as an adult is not the same as not being ready to grow up. While, in my heart, I feel he left home too soon, I cannot undo the past and we, as a family cannot go back. I have to look in the mirror each morning and tell myself, we all make our own choices. He will always be my son, child of my heart. He will always be my family and now, he is being reborn to himself. Birth is never easy. It is painful and messy. So is life; so is letting go.

My son is very honest about most things. He has no trouble telling me or my partner exactly what he thinks or feels about how we did as parents. He is still in that adolescent place of placing blame. Nothing that happens in his life is ever the result of his poor choices, irresponsibility, impulsiveness, lack of planning, poor judgment, or simple immaturity. It is always our lack of preparing him; our lack of information; or it is just “not fair!” This past Mother’s Day, I lay awake thinking about things. We had a lovely day; took my partner’s mother to brunch and a movie. My son and his girlfriend came over to make dinner for us. They brought presents. Then, my son began to talk about some of his struggles as a young adult in the big world without the moms to bail him out. Somehow, we are supposed to help him, give him guidance, and be there for him but not tell him what to do…He doesn’t need to know what we think. It was a frustrating end to a good day. So, I lay in my bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking. I have had to spend the last five months, watching him make so many poor choices, knowing there 26

Aug / Sept 2012

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`abcde _ f i ^ g

Astrology by Mary

Leo July 22 – August 22

August begins with Sun and Mercury Direct in Leo, so this is a great time for a review and self analysis. Part of the review relates to information which can be of benefit to you, and points to the fact that you are aware of being more diplomatic.  There is much going on in your think tank, and you connect beautifully with friends and companions.  Early Leo’s are on the brink of some great new ideas. Some of you may be remodeling the home, and again,  for early Leo’s there may have been losses of money, or even loved ones.


Virgo August 22 – September 22

August finds you re-assessing your intrinsic worth, and realizing that you may be preparing for the lime light, a situation which you naturally would shrink from, but nevertheless, you may as well prepare to be noticed!  The new moon in mid-August will make you very aware of this , and by September, you are stepping out.  August finds you possibly spending more money, but it does not appear to be frivolous.  Jupiter in your career house will bring more visibility and activity.  Don’t let it make you anxious, and come September some “earth angels” will be there to support you.


Libra September 22 – October 23

You are truly at the tail end of Saturn in Libra, (lessons about equality), and you have seen yourself growing in many respects. What you know now is that you can deal with whatever life throws at you with increased self confidence and acceptance. Illness areas could have plagued you or loved ones, but that is soon over. Early Librans have experienced erratic changes in partnerships, plus overhaul in areas of family, home, and/or parenting.  It’s all part of growing up.  Friends will bring much fun into the picture.  If you don’t feel good,  please see the doctor.


e Scorpio

October 23 – November 21

This period starts for you by paying attention to your career and public image, making it extra important right now, with the help of Mercury (speaking), and Venus (attracting). For some time now you have been  busy behind the scenes dealing perhaps with legal matters, but now you are on stage.  Friends with helping hands will show up to help you with finding the proper paper work to satisfy government agencies.  The full moon at end of September will highlight some exciting changes in the labor department, and you are like the snake, shedding a skin!!


Sagittarius November 22–December 21

Your solar 9th house is loaded with goodies right now. There appear to be fun trips, romantic excursions, and great learning experiences. Full moon in mid August will highlight this and is supported by your ruling planet, Jupiter, bringing in partners and friends. It could get a bit overdone, but if it doesn’t go on too long, you are fine.  The career still demands its piece of the pie, and matters at home or around parents could be a bit unsteady, but you have no control over those situations.  You could be rethinking the financial picture, with more attention to family, children, or home.  Future plans look good.


Capricorn December 21 – January 19

Early Capricorns are in process of remolding their self image, and this is accompanied by surprising changes around the home and family. The full moon at end of Sept. will register this. In August and September both there is much activity regarding finances, accompanied by a sense that you deserve some good news here.   In September there will be much attention given to higher learning, which is good news for your particular  personality traits.   Your solar house of labor plus health is extra busy, so don’t allow it to overwhelm you.  Siblings or other relatives may need your assistance, and you always show up.

Aug / Sept 2012


Aquarius January 19 – February 18

The full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 3 brings a refreshing sense of independence to you, and some interesting companions and discussions are showing up mid month. Change is definitely in the wind, in teaching, learning, new ideas, and this will be very obvious by late September.  You may be embarking on a whole new learning phase, or capping one out with some kind of a degree. Your financial picture seems to be a bit rocky, but you are truly making an heroic effort to keep track of all expenses.  And September brings with it a drive to restructure your career image.


Pisces February 18 – March 20

Your ruling planet, Neptune , still has you riding a roller coaster of emotions, from depression to exaltation and back again. Just hang in, and after awhile it will stabilize and much will be revealed to you.  There are significant partners and friends who gratefully can keep you on a steady keel.  August finds you working very happily on projects that appeal to you.  Look for the new moon mid August to highlight this effort. Especially early Pisceans have sudden changes in the financial area, and you are working diligently to keep abreast.  Home feels like grand central station!


Aries March 20 – April 19

Especially early Aries are chomping at the bit for change, and for some time now have had to cool their jets, because of obligations in many areas. But soon some of the responsibilities will be fading, and they can apply their efforts to reworking the financial picture. Ideas are flowing, and this period they are working on some projects that they find to be very rewarding.  Their career area is in need of restructuring, which may include some family members that need help.  The thing to remember here is that the changes being experienced will reshape their lives significantly, not just briefly.


Taurus April 19 – May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, is spending much of this period in pleasant activities with siblings, family, friends, By September, the mood shifts to the area of children – their jobs, and/or their health. The full moon late August and the new moon mid September high-light this activity. A voice whispering in your ear wants you to embrace more change, and you are considering it, but still will only accept


it on your own terms. Looks as though money is flying out the door, but an individual may soon show up with some helpful ideas on getting some return on your investment.


Gemini May 20 – June 21

Now you are the lucky ones, Gemini, with transiting Jupiter bringing good fortune and opportunities. Mercury, your ruling planet, brings opportunities to learn and/or travel in August, then some balancing of home and career in September, and again some recreation showing up in Sept.  Right now you could be looking to bring about new plans for your future, and the full moon in early August will show this. You could be revamping your financial picture as well as your labor area.  That could be requiring some serious attention. Jupiter sometimes results in a bit of over-kill, so double check the fine print.


Cancer June 22-July 22

This period begins for you with a number of planets all clustered in your solar money house, with the implication of good times, or favorable money outlook at least. The mid August new moon will bring this energy to light.  There may be news from relatives at a distance, or the possibility of new learning procedures which could be beneficial.  You’ve had lots of obligations on the home front recently, but this will be moving on, and you could  be decorating, painting, etc.  Any efforts on your part to learn something new will be rewarded.  Give the ideas a chance to simmer!.

✩ Astrology by Mary ✩ Providing Personal Natal Chart Interpretation, and several other Astrological Charts. Mary R. Bauer, Mountaintop Center, 6967 Salem Pike, Clayton, OH 45315

(937) 837-6807 Email – 29

Eternal Knowledge: Classes & Events

•Agape Journey of Awakening “Charting Your Divine Course” Every Sunday A One Hour Life Changing Event 11:00 AM to 12 Noon Speakers Line-Up Aug 5 Nancy Caldwell, Spiritual Practitioner Topic: Reflecting the Journey” Aug 12 John Boe, “International Trainer & Motivational Speaker Topic: The Battle between Good and Evil” Aug 19 Terrance Bullock, Spiritual Practitioner Topic: Thanks Living: Celebrating & Supporting The Success Expressing In Each Other! Aug 26 Topic:

Asha Mahambrey, Spiritual Teacher Destine for Success

Sept 2 Topic:

Nancy Caldwell, Spiritual Practitioner Treasure Map Your Life for Success Workshop-Part I

Sept 9 Topic:

Nancy Caldwell, Spiritual Practitioner Treasure Map Your Life for Success Workshop-Part II

Sept 16

John Boe, “International Trainer & Motivational Speaker The Battle Between Good and Evil

Topic: Sept 23 Topic:

Lynn McCown, Karmic Astrologer from Yellow Springs, OH Changing Views of Power and the Orbit of Pluto

Sept 30 Topic:

Asha Mahambrey, Spiritual Teacher Expanding Our Intuitive Self

Aug 12 & Sept 16 - John Boe is an internationally known Trainer & Motivational Speaker and a recognized author and trainer. He’s a speaker with a powerful Metaphysical message and a passion to help people reach their full potential.” Aug 19 & Sept 9 - Terrance Bullock has been a Spiritual Practitioner for over 14 years and is described as a Mystic Teacher who lives and breathes the word of God in every action and thought, he is a volunteer and Ambassador for Hospice.


Sept 23 - Lynn McCown is a professional Astrologist practicing as a Karmic Astrologer in Yellow Springs, Ohio. People schedule yearly appointments with her from all over the United States. She’s an excellent speaker who can advise you on the “Changing Views of Power and the Orbit of Pluto.” If you have a question, she’s the person with an answer that can turn your life around. Treasure Map Your Life for Success Workshop When: Sunday, September 2 & 9, 2012 Time: 11 AM to 1 PM Cost: Love Offering Accepted Learn how to jump start your life with tools that will help you: Have more than enough money to play, travel, and invest! Improve your relationships, health and overall quality of life Orchestrate the creation of prosperity in your life using purely scientific principles  Overcome the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back What you need to bring: Photo Album can be purchased a Wal-Mart Stores for $10.00 or Ollie’s Outlet for $5.00 Your favorite Pictures or magazines We will set our intention by creating Treasure Maps using magazines, clippings and pictures that reflect our heart desires. If you can see it, you can be it. Please contact Nancy Caldwell to reserve your space at 937-397-2668 or email at QUALITY INN & SUITES 3rd floor conference room 250 Byers Road, Miamisburg OH 45342

•Animal Communication Animal Communications Retreat Terri and I will be conducting a 2 day retreat in Cincinnati on October 6th and 7th, 2012. The retreat is called “Relax and Connect with Your Companion Animals”. This retreat will be held in a natural, peaceful setting. On the first day you will become more relaxed through experiencing healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Alexander Technique, meditation, and massage. The second day we will connect with a beloved animal in your life – in body or transitioned – and discover

Aug / Sept 2012

why they are/were your life – as Teacher, Guide, Companion, Healer, or something else. We will do this through enhancing your animal communication skills so that you may talk with each other more clearly.

•Divinity Spiritual Fall Equinox Celebration Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 7:00PM Message and Healing Service 2nd Wednesday every month from 6:30 PM til 8:00 PM. Services held every Sunday Morning 11:30am, each month At 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield Call Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm for more info. 513-892-0623

•Dr. Jim’s Center for Advanced Medicine Shots for Health - B-12 Shots given by Dr. Jim Smith at Health Foods Unlimited Dayton, Oh. every Monday Evening 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Susan’s Natural World every Saturday, 10:3011:30am. Walk- ins welcome For more info, call 513-942-3226 visit our website,

•Enchanted Moments Enchanted Moments Gift Shop & Metaphysical Center 127 Main Street Milford, OH 45150 Call 513-831-5508 for more information on any of our class offerings Shop on-line and get “real time” class up-dates at •Laughter


Joyful Healing Laughter Yoga Club - 2nd Wednesday of each month - 7:00pm at the Sharonville Library, 10980 Thornview Dr., Sharonville, OH 45241. Free! :) For more information contact 513-899-3115 or •The

Map of Personal Transformation

Presented by Dr.Anne Miller Sunday September 16th 1-5 pm Using interactive exercises, movement & guided imagery, this workshop will help you create a transformative map for your life on physical, mental/emotional & spiritual/soul levels


of Light Holistic

The Emporeum of Mystics Gift shop is now open at the Spirits of Light Holistic Centre, 102 North Main Street, Liberty, In 47353. The centre has a monthly psychic fair, usually the first Saturday of the month from 10-5. For more information call Marcia at 765-914-6741. •Tri-State

Hypnosis Center

4030 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road, Suite 219, Cincinnati, OH 45255, (513) 943-1444 One day Hypnosis Seminar August 25th, Hypnosis 101, Discovering the secrets of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Join this action packed seminar that begins at 10AM Saturday August 25th and will end no later than 5 PM. Total cost $175.00 but it could be free to you!! For more details go to , pre registration is required call (513) 943-1444 Hypnosis Certification Training begins on September 8th at our Ohio State Registered school for hypnosis and advanced hypnotherapy. For more details or to register call (513) 9431444 or go to •Whatever


Whatever Works Center and Gift shop 7433 Montgomery Rd. Cincin. Oh. 45236 Ph. #(513)791-9428 Mondays Weekly - Beginning Art and Painting class. 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. Already in progress. Each class complete within itself. Get creative and have fun and relax. This class starts you where ever you are in your ability level. Taught by our own local artist and Tai Chi instructor. Mike $15.00 per class. Please pre register. Pay at the door. Thursdays weekly - 6:30 - 7:00 Beginners 7:00 - 8:00 pm Advanced student’s class. Beginners welcome to stay & join in. Spirit Communication class $10.00 per person per class With Kathy Vaske psychic medium CHt. Delve into spirit art - tarot reading - medium ship - past lives - absentee healing and more. Call before you come, to be sure class is being held. Must have 6 students or more to hold.

For more info. Or to register visit

Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly - 3:00 - 6:00 pm with Kathy Vaske Drop in - 1st come 1st served. As available.

Call Harmony Farm 937-667-8311 Or Dr.Anne Miller 937-432-0766

For Center’s future events, check out www.whitewillowtaichi. com or



Tri-State Hypnosis Center Presents

“Mastering Mind Control” August 25th 2012

Learn to How Hypnotize Anyone

Learn What All Hypnotists Know

Discover the Secrets of Hypnosis

Learn Self Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Lose Weight Overcome Fears and Phobias

Don’t Miss This Mind Blowing Experience

Call Today to Register (513) 943-1444

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