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Apr / May 2016 A Health & Wellness Publication Magazine Vol. 67 Southwest Ohio’s Leading Health Magazine

L etter from the editor Dear Readers, In the twinkling of an eye, you can catch a glimpse of the sun from the horizon. Let the golden sun with its healing light energize you in its warm embrace. Breathe in, there is a light scent that fills the air, honeysuckle blossoms, lilies of the valley and many flowers of origin are everywhere. Look around you, there is magic beneath you and above you, the season of Spring is coming alive! Sprigs of green, seedlings of sprouted growth surrounding every inch of life representing the time of rebirth. The time is now to begin anew, shed your burdens and troubles, like a stone that tumbles down the stream of redemption, all is not lost, only polished now and more refined. Wisdom recognizes itself in the sounds of nature with an innate sense of awareness. Be aware of your surroundings, take delight as the butterflies fly in perfect harmony while the robin is building a nest. Nature sets its own pace, there is no hurry, only a scurry or two from the squirrels, but they are only partaking in day to day play. Be adventurous and daring! The beavers don’t give a dam about building everything in one day! Rest easy, time is precious, it cannot be measured in tiny capsules to be sealed and stored for another day. Let it go and flow into the river of the unknown. Knowledge is gained in each step of the journey, don’t turn back, move forward, leaving no stone unturned. Keep keen focus like the hawk, trust is the key in using one’s ability to complete each task with diligence and determination. Even the ladybug accomplishes much in one day with show stopping polka dot attire! Fashion with passion, nothing can stop the ladybug in a full season of Spring! Unfold each day as a gift waiting for you to open as it is meant for you to experience joy, love and beauty now and forever. Treasures await you, never give up, follow your dreams, hold them close to your heart with the energy of the sun in the day and the light of the moon at night. This is your awakening! You are the artist on the canvas of your life, it is a palette of many colors and shades. It is a masterpiece, it is your trademark, the thumbprint of your soul. Take flight, the vision quest is free, for you and all of humanity. Dreams really do come true, all it takes is a little magic and you! Serve joy to all and happiness will be knocking at your doorstep. Friendly passers by are welcome. Gnomes have an open invitation! Happy Spring! Yours in health, Jane Phillips Editor in Chief Publisher On the cover: Lavender Hue The orchids displayed on the cover are a quick reminder that Spring is here! The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times, they symbolize love, beauty, refinement and charm.

Welcome to Infinity Welcome readers to Infinity magazine’s April/May issue! This issue is packed full of innovative ways to improve your quality of life. Read valuable information and proven methods that will enrich and enhance your health and your lifestyle. Be inspired, with each article, let Infinity magazine guide you every step of the way to improve your well being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are committed to bring to you the latest in health and wellness technology, and we will continue to keep you updated on exciting events throughout the year. The season of Spring is finally here! Earth day is April 22nd, celebrate and help keep our planet clean, even in a small way, it can make a difference. Remember Mom on Mother’s Day, it is May 8th. Have a wonderful and happy Spring!

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Contents 4 Relief from Sinusitis by Elaine Hruska 6 Living for Today by Cynthia M. Brown 7 Loving Words by Wayne Holmes 8 Ask Sage Woman: Spiritual Advice for the Real World by Sage Woman 10 Be of Sound Health! by Jill Mattson 12 All in the Family by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger 14 Author’s Spotlight: Recommended Reads 14 Baker Chiropractic Testimonial 16 Longevity Resources 18 Go for Garlic! 19 Recipes 20 We Are Guided Each Day by Michael McAdams 22 Exercise Helps Combat Cancer by Dr. Joeseph Mercola 24 The Season of Rebirth & You! by Cynthia McNabb 26 What is a BFI? Try it for Free! by Brian Frederick Eastman 27 It’s Your Future: Horoscopes by Matthew Currie 30 Eternal Knowledge: Events & Classes

Signature Profile Meet Master Stephen Co Experience the Ancient Secrets of Healing & Rejuvenation with Pranic Healing Back when Stephen Co was a young 24 year old, his wife fell and broke her hip. The doctor told him that it was a compound hip fracture and it would take at least 4 months before his wife could learn to walk again. He immediately started searching for other ways to help his wife heal faster. Little did he know that this would start him on a life long path of transformation. He was introduced to Pranic Healing and began to apply the techniques on his wife who was running in less than 3 months! From there, Stephen continued his personal training with the developer of Pranic Healing, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. Given the title of Master by his teacher, for his expertise in the field of energy healing, Master Stephen Co has been sharing how everyone can use Pranic Healing to improve their health and their lives. Pranic Healing® is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself, and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground to address physical and emotional imbalances. In a series of simple yet progressive classes, participants are taught how to increase their supply of this abundant energy and then use it to heal themselves and others. For more information, or to register for classes, visit www.masterstephenco.com

Relief from Sinusitis by Elaine Hruska

If there is any one remedy from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce that is a must for the proverbial medicine cabinet, Glyco-Thymoline would rank near the top of the list. It was often recommended by the sleeping Cayce for a variety of uses: packs, ear and eye syringes, douches, colonics, as a mouthwash, nasal spray, internal alkalizer and antiseptic, and for personal hygiene (the word Glyco occurs over 1,200 times in the text of the readings). First manufactured in 1878, the product was on the market during the time Edgar Cayce was giving readings making its beneficial formula readily availability. A registered trademarked name, Glyco-Thymoline contains all natural ingredients and is manufactured by Kress and Owen Company, Inc. Its previous label stated “Treatment for Mucosity,” but its present label denotes it as a “Mouthwash and Gargle.” Packaged in a l6-fluid-ounce bottle, it lasts quite a while, even when taken on a regular basis, since most often it is used in small amounts or in diluted form (equal parts with water or one part Glyco-Thymoline to two parts water). Occasionally, for oral hygiene, for example, it can be used full strength. The manufacturer reports that, though the label was redesigned to conform to Food and Drug Administration regulations, the formula has not changed since Cayce’s day. A number of directions for its use as given in the Cayce readings closely coincides with the manufacturer’s recommendations. One of the recommendations was Glyco’s use as a pack for sinusitis, an inflammation of the air cavities (sinuses) in the skull that open into the nasal cavities. For frequent sufferers, this ailment is no fun to experience: congestion, headaches, pain when touching the forehead and cheeks—even toothaches, fever, or chills are often part of the uncomfortable symptoms. A person may also feel sick in general if the infection has spread beyond the sinuses. Sinusitis is caused either by an allergy or by a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. During a cold, the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity will swell,


blocking the sinus openings. Then air from the sinuses is absorbed into the bloodstream, decreasing the pressure inside the sinuses and resulting in a painful negative pressure. The vacuum created by this condition provides a breeding ground for bacteria. As white blood cells and more fluid enter the area to fight the bacteria, pressure increases, creating more pain. To help the recipient of the reading prepare a GlycoThymoline pack, these general suggestions were included along with a copy of the reading: “Use 2 to 3 thicknesses of cotton cloth well saturated with the commercial strength Glyco-Thymoline and apply over affected areas, or areas specified for your particular case. An electric [heating] pad may be used to keep the pack warm. A piece of oil cloth (or plastic) may be put over the pack, after it is placed on body, to prevent soiling linens, etc. Apply for 20 to 30 minutes, to an hour at the time. In cold weather, place the bottle of Glyco-Thymoline in a pan of hot water to take the chill off before using it for the pack.” (2794-2, Reports #4) Length of time for the packs and their frequency of use varied as people’s individual physical conditions warranted. Depending upon one’s health needs, Glyco packs could also be placed along the spine before osteopathic treatments were administered to “relax the area to be adjusted” (3157-1)—across the sacral area “to aid in eliminating the accumulations there, through assisting the system to absorb poisons” (3281-1), and over the abdomen for a variety of intestinal and bladder ailments. Except for a few instances in which the person specifically was told not to use heat; Glyco-Thymoline was to be applied as a warm compress across the face, covering the forehead, nose, and upper cheeks, under which the sinus cavities rest. According to one reading, “...the heat causes the certain oils in the elements to loosen themselves, so as to enter into the cavities of the nasal passages and into those areas so distressed at times.” (1770-8) This 54- year-old woman had a chronic sinus condition and was advised to use a spray as well as a pack two to three times a day. In

Apr / May 2016

several other cases osteopathic adjustments were to be undertaken in conjunction with the packs. What makes this formula so effective in relieving sinusitis? Eucalyptol, menthol, pine oil, thymol, and methyl salicylate (wintergreen) are some of the ingredients listed on the label. These are commonly used in preparations for liniments and vaporizers. There is also its distinctive red color, unfortunately mistaken for synthetic dye, the actual source of this color, carmine (also called carminic acid), is a pigment used to provide a deep red shade to candies, shampoos, fruit juices, and cosmetics. Carmine and its close relative cochineal come from a particular South and Central American beetle known as Dactylopius coccus. Aside from a few cases of allergic reactions, it is a safe food colorant; however, because of Jewish dietary laws, it is not found in kosher products. In conclusion, all the ingredients in GlycoThymoline—combined together— make an effective remedy for sinusitis, and this in itself provides a welcoming comfort and relief. You’ll find a comprehensive review of a number of physical conditions and suggested holistic therapies in the online Cayce Health Database at EdgarCayce. org/health. Baar.com is the exclusive supplier of Edgar Cayce Remedies. About the Author: Elaine Hruska is a therapist for the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Health Center & Spa in Houston, Texas. She holds her MA in transpersonal studies from Atlantic University and is considered an expert on the Edgar Cayce health readings. She trained under Harold J. Reilly, a pioneer in the field of massage therapy and a world-renowned physiotherapist who created the Cayce/Reilly Massage. She is the author of the best-selling books Edgar Cayce’s Quick & Easy Remedies and Your Key to Good Health: Unlocking the Power of Your Lymphatic System. Disclaimer: The content of this article is information only and should not be considered as a guide to self-diagnosis or self-treatment. See a physician for any medical problems.


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Living for Today

by Cynthia M. Brown

I have written a great deal about my parents in this publication. My mother’s cancer diagnosis; my father’s health struggles and death‌. It has been five years since my mother was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. She has done amazingly well in treatment, enjoying two extended remissions, almost unheard of medically speaking. She has lived long enough to have ovarian cancer of the brain and beat it. She has beaten ovarian cancer of the liver. She has endured hundreds of chemotherapy treatments and many unusual side effects including a very rare human version of Pars Syndrome, which has robbed her of her peripheral vision. Through it all, she has cared for and then buried her husband of 57 years, buried her younger sister, watched her daughter, my sister, go through a heart attack and recovery and watched her granddaughter go through a very painful divorce and her son-in-


law battle drug addiction. She has done all of this with amazing grace and humor. She had hoped to move my father to the ocean before his death. She packed up her photographs, cleaned out her storage unit, got rid of old clothes and went house hunting in Florida. When her second remission ended and my dad did not improve, she never said a word, she simply hung her pictures back on the wall and went to the garden center and bought flowers and vegetable starts and planted her gardens. This spring, she has planted her gardens again. She has also purchased new furniture for her home in Florida. She has three weeks of treatment and then two weeks off. During each break, she and my sister go house hunting or take a trip to see her friends and children and grandchildren in various parts of the country.

Apr / May 2016

I asked her why she plants flowers AND goes house hunting out of state at the same time. Her simple answer is that she is LIVING NOW where her gardens are and hoping for the future near the sea. My father said as long as there is life, there is hope and he fought for life until his final breath. My mother’s courage and fortitude bears witness to the power of hope and the gift of life, today. May the promise and beauty of spring inspire you each and every day.

across as nothing more than big bullies. Loving words can change individuals, couples, political leaders, and nations. But, most of all, loving words can change us. About the Author: Pastor Wayne Holmes is an ordained minister with Divinity Spiritual Church and also Revelation Spiritual Church. He is the co-founder of Religious Recovery, an organization dedicated to healing wounds inflicted by religion or the religious. He is not opposed to religion, but he sees the hurts and endeavors to help.

Loving Words

Wayne is the author of seven books including his latest title, Every Path Leads Home: Opening to Your Spiritual Journey. Learn more about Wayne’s healing work at ReligiousRecovery.org.

by Wayne Holmes



–Liz Loring Educator, Life Coach & Group Facilitator

It wasn’t until I donned a clerical collar that I came to understand how people viewed religious leaders differently. Some were comforted by my presence while others seemed ill at ease. “Before long I realized that many had been damaged through judgment, guilt, rejection, and condemnation by a religion or by someone religious. I’m happy to report that these people do not have to languish in fear, depression, or resentment. “In Every Path Leads Home, Wayne Holmes has created a brilliant and very gentle way out of religious abuse and intolerance into peace, happiness, and personal freedom. “It is a way to heal us all.� –Rev. Gary Pennington &RQWLQXXP+HDOLQJ3UDFWLWLRQHU Founder of Spirit Hospital Alliance

R e l i g i o u s R e c ove r y P r e s s

Mr. Holmes’ words resonate way beyond the printed page—they vibrate within your heart as truth. I absolutely LOVE this book! It is the best bridge I have seen joining traditional religion, spirituality, and the spiritual nature of us all. “The integrity of the author in revealing his own story is authentic, reminding me of the humanness of all of our experiences. I felt wrapped in the arms of loving kindness throughout the whole book. I predict this book will enlighten all who read it.�


V By Wayne Holmes

Wayne Holmes is an outstanding individual, a one-of-a-kind author who speaks to you from the heart through his writing. He has inspired thousands of readers and touched our spirits with his gentle teachings and humor, bringing us back to a safe haven of love and peace.�

O p e n i n g t o Yo u r S p i r i t u a l J o u r n e y

Wayne Holmes’ Every Path Leads Home is a beautiful book of acceptance. Our lives on this plane of existence are of short duration, and we are all “headed home.� Different faith experiences define “home� differently, and each suggests a path or paths. For anyone who has been abused by the supposed rules and strictures of a church or congregation or pastor, for anyone who has come to see religion not as a faith experience but rather as a set of ironclad rules, for anyone who has grown weary of the struggle to find God by whatever name: Every Path Leads Home is a must-read.

Every Path Leads Home:

I read about a statistic that indicated when a married couple expressed kindness, loving words and actions on a ratio of five to one—meaning that every negative encounter was balanced by five or more positive encounters—then that marriage had a strong chance for success. The interesting thing is how powerful that one negative encounter can be. But, if we build positive, affirming, loving words “ into our daily speech, the overall effect with be “ enriching and rewarding. Then when the occasional misstep comes along, if we have been careful in the past, the incident will be easier to overcome. It will not be the last straw, but the first, and can be forgiven and forgotten.

Wayne Holmes

Every Path Leads Home Opening to Your Spiritual Journey

Opening to your

Obviously this information extends beyond the bounds of marital relationships and affects all our interactions with people. Not only does it affect couples, but also group interactions. What if our employers were careful to give at least five positive comments to every negative one? And, what if even those negative comments were couched in loving, supportive words?

spiritual journey,

What if this use of loving words were carried on in the political world? Personally, I am sick of hearing politicians make accusations and judgments about their opponents. They fight and argue worse than children, and the most extreme scenarios come

the future,


healing for the past, peace for the present. Direction for

Wayne Holmes’ Every Path Leads Home is a beautiful book of acceptance. For anyone who has been abused by the supposed rules and strictures of a church or congregation or pastor, for anyone who has come to see religion not as a faith experience but rather as a set of ironclad rules, for anyone who has grown weary of the struggle to find God by whatever name: Every Path Leads Home is a must-read.


It can be purchased on Amazon.


The goal of Religious Recovery is to reach out to those in need of healing from religious organizations or religious individuals. Wayne Holmes Phone: 513.205.1057

Email: Wayne@ReligiousRecovery.org Web Site: www.ReligiousRecovery.org




is t



nee Wayne Holmes Phone: 513.205.1057


Email: Wayne@ReligiousRecovery.org Web Site: www.ReligiousRecovery.org





ASpiritual sk Sage Woman: Advice

for the Real World with Sage Woman

Dear Sage Woman, How do I/we as humans (in service to the healing of the planet) live and act from a place of interdependence, with loving permeable boundaries rather than rigid isolation on one end of the spectrum, and complete co-dependence and absence of boundaries on the other? Ananda Thunder Wolf ________ Dear Ananda Thunder Wolf, Balance ~ Balance ~ Balance! “The willingness to accept responsibility for ones own life is the source from which self respect springs.” -Joan Didion Everything in life requires our creativity, imagination, intuition and intellect to find balance on this planet of duality. Your question is one we humans deal with daily. So much is dependent on each individual and circumstance.  We have all been in situations where we sway too far on either side. At times, it’s just easier to be in either complete isolation or full blown co-dependency. Issues begin taking form when we stay in one of these places too long.  Complete isolation misses the reason we come into human form: to experience the range of emotions that arise from interaction with others.  Complete co-dependency gives away our true power, creating a false sense of security and an inevitably to face our own fears. Taking personal responsibility for oneself is key to creating balance. Learning how to set


personal boundaries sustains both loving of self and maintaining healthier relationships. It is vital to own our voice and our right to speak up for ourselves. There is of course a difference between healthy boundaries and rigid boundaries.  Becoming controlling or manipulative is never the goal. As we take responsibility for creating our own balance and boundaries, we become more confident, trusting when we may need to bend. Believe in your unique value, (worthy of love, respect, and instinctual trust). At the root of personal boundary issues is always fear. It is fear of not being loved exactly as we are. When we respond to life from such emotional weakness, we let go of our integrity.  Loving ourselves sustains the root from which both balanced personal boundaries, as well as respect for others, stem. Some signs of being out of one’s boundary balance are: * Saying “no” when we mean “yes” or “yes” when we mean “no.” * Feeling guilty when we say “no.” * Acting against one’s integrity or values in order to please another. * Adopting another person’s beliefs or ideas to be accepted.

Apr / May 2016

When I need to reevaluate my own personal space, and what I will and will not accept, the first thing I do is go inside. Meaning, go within and sit with my core values and how I desire to be treated, making sure I am treating myself in this manner. We can never be responsible for another’s choice, only for our reaction. Sometimes if another is not respecting our boundaries, we have to make the choice to speak our truth, perhaps allowing time and distance to work its magic. Once again it becomes our opportunity to take even more responsibility for our life and live with passionate detachment to the outcome. We’ll always know, however deep within our soul, if we are coming from love. It is only then when we have nothing to fear. Establishing our own personal boundaries and sticking with them, in tandem with respect for others, attract people to us who are likewise emotionally healthy. These are the people who will respect your boundaries as you respect theirs. As within, so without. Blessings, Sage

Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity Join Jane for a healing meditation in a warm, cozy environment, with hot tea and light refreshments - Sunday morning Apr 24th, & May 29th, 11 to 11:45 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation.

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Kathy Vaske

Try something different for entertainment for the evening out with the girls. Try an all message circle. Each person in your group gets a mini psychic reading set up as a group Nationally known Psychic, demonstration. Angel Clairvoyant, & CHT

Contact Kathy for spiritual path guidance, psychic readings, or hypnosis for change. Located in Kenwood, OH

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SAGE WOMAN Ordained Minister, Shamanic Priestess, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Readings Take a journey with Sage Woman and discover a path of healing and self empowerment.

About the Author: Sage Woman is a spiritual life coach & intuitive reader. Sage is a Shamanic Priestess, an ordained minister and intuitive who facilitates Goddess Chakra workshops and individual coaching. She is also available for readings of the ancient Tarot. For more information, contact her at 513490-4693, or email sagewomen61@gmail.com.


Receive healing messages from Sage; answers from the heart of truth.

Call for a Phone Session – 513-490-4693 sagewomen61@gmail.com www.connectingwiththegoddesswithin.com

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Be of Sound Health! by Jill Mattson

Creation stories from many ancient religions believe sound played an important role in the creation of the universe. Many examples abound: •“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 (A spoken word is a sound.) •Hindu tradition states in the Vedas: “In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman.” •Thot, an Egyptian God, was believed to have created the world with his voice. •According to Mayan tradition, in the Popul Vuh (the book on creation), humans are given life by the power of the Word. •In the Hopi Indian tradition, “Spider Woman” sings songs of creation to produce animated life. •The Satapatha Brahmana of the Hindu tradition reads: “In the beginning was God with power through speech. God said, ‘May I be many... may I be propagated through subtle speech, he united himself with that speech and became pregnant.’” •In Chinese Buddhism, the Divine Voice calls forth the illusive form of the universe. Throughout the ages, the power of sound is linked with creation and the forming of the world! It is not just religions, but science also links sounds and forms. One branch of this science is called cymatics by Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor. Simply described, cymatics is the study of the patterns produced by vibrations, as one can observe in the picture below. This science was also described earlier by Galileo Galilei in 1632.1 Another researcher, Masuro Emoto, conducted water crystal experiments by exposing water in glasses to different words and music, and then freezing and examining the formation of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.  Emoto produced photos of different crystalline shapes, with the only variable being sound and music.2


In the 1920s Dayton C. Miller, professor at the Case School of Applied Sciences in Cleveland, Ohio, built a devise called the phonodeik. It had a diaphragm vibrating in unison with sound waves and connected to a mirror by a thread. Light from the mirror was captured by a lens and a movie camera caught images in the mirror. In this way (and with additional inventions) he translated sound to form and form into sound. His work correlated music and form by “exact analysis and mathematical equations that convert lines that are pleasing to the eye into sounds that are pleasing to the ear.”3 Miller “played” someone’s profile on a musical instrument. He translated the shapes of the profile to simple component curves… that is sounds. The sound of each person’s profile was unique. He made sounds from the profile and also converted a profile to sound. In summary Miller learned: Musical sounds are represented by component curves of composite waves. Sounds that are pleasing to the ear were delightful to the eye. Rich musical sounds produced smooth flowing lines. Harsh sounds produced kinks, points and zigzags. Miller’s work was done in the 1920s and could be refined with today’s technology. It has marvelous potential applications. Famous stars could tout their sonic signature stamps. Visualizations of music could accompany concerts – amplifying its impact. Patients could listen to (and ingest) the sounds of healthy organs, DNA, genes, nerve cells and nutrition. This could be amplified by pictures of the corresponding body part. What about reproducing the sounds from pictures of healthy organs? The tones of glands, organs and countless other body parts could be recorded and a healthy sounds library could be developed. One could capture the tones of his healthy body at a young age – to listen to as age creeps on… to retain the energy signature stamp of a youthful body. Manufactures could use this technique to measure how pleasing the shapes of cars, furniture and clothes are. The sounds of nature could create a soundscape to recreate the calming and grounding feeling one gets from nature.

Apr / May 2016

Edgar Cayce predicted that medicine of the future would consist of sound and music. And so it is beginning to unfold.

About the Author: Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a four - time author and widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! She has written four books and produced six CD’s that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (People’s Choice Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award). The CD’s consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques - with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Also available on the sites are additional free mp3’s of her Sound Healing compositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy,

Flower Frequencies, Fibonacci and nature tones. Gallery and music at www.jillswingsoflight.com, www.musicforbeauty.com, www.Ancient-Music.com jillimattson@yahoo.com. _________ 1 In Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems in1632 2 http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html 3 Sound Health News, Feb. 1998, Volume 3 Number 2.

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All in the Family by Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

Many of us are fortunate enough to be multianimal families. This can be fascinating, confusing, frustrating, and joyous for us. This month we’ll talk a little bit about some of the challenges we face as humans living with multiple animals. We will also talk about how much fun it can be, and how much we can learn! We’ll begin by talking about some of the common issues clients come to us with that involve multiple animals in their family. One of the most common problems clients with multiple cats face is introducing a new cat into a situation with one or more cats in the home already. One thing to understand about cats is that their energy field is very large – one cat’s energy field can fill up your whole house! When a cat feels threatened, or when they are trying to make it clear that a space or home is THEIR space, which is


what they actually do; they fill up that space with their energy and are very sensitive to another cat penetrating that boundary. Since we humans decide who will live in our home, we need to work with our cats to allow another cat in. One way to do that is to establish separate areas of the house at least initially that are for each cat, and to not allow the other cat(s) into that space for some time. Gradually introduce the cats through a baby gate, allowing them to see and sniff each other safely. Introducing cats to each other takes time – sometimes a long as six months – so be patient! Another issue we often are asked about are animals who have been together for a while, and begin to not get along. The first thing we talk to the humans and animals about is if anything has changed in the home; new job, new schedule, someone leaving,

Apr / May 2016

visitors, construction, illness of a human or another animal in the home. Sometimes it can be simply that another animal is aging or ill, so they “smell” different. It can be particularly difficult if the animal who is ill or aging is the pack/herd/pride leader. When that happens, then the whole group is unsettled and feels unsafe. Another reaction we see sometimes is that the group will begin to push the ill or aging animal away, sometimes forcefully. We humans have a hard time seeing this, and unfortunately it is often instinctive behavior. Animals will protect the group, and an ill or aging member can be a liability to the group. Fortunately we tend to see this more in horses, and less so in dogs and cats. Often separating the ill/aging animal is the best way to keep them safe and to allow the rest of the group to work out the new leadership. What happens when two pets never learn to get along? In that situation, you as the leader must learn to manage the situation in such a way that both animals are safe, and are able to have a reasonable quality of life. When this situation occurs with two house animals, which can be very difficult indeed. You must be able to keep them separated at all times. Animals, like people, can develop a strong dislike for one another. We can sometimes talk with them about why they dislike each other, and if the root cause is a misconception about each animals importance to their human, or each other, then sometimes we can help improve the situation. We still recommend practical management, though, to insure the safety of both animals. We do encourage clients to help each pet in their household figure out their individual job. Each animal needs to feel unique and important in the family. Think about the strongest quality of each animal, and then sit down and quietly tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Jobs can range from “watcher” to “companion” to “supporter” to “children’s homework partner”. By the way, cats can be watchers; our indoor cat shares the watching duties for our house with our sight hound. Notice we use the word “watcher” not “guard”. We strongly advise against using “guard” as a job, because that can imply aggressive behavior is wanted – which it is not!


Observing our pets’ interactions, especially when we live with a mix of types of animals, is fascinating. If you sit back and watch your pets interact with each other, you can learn so much about how they communicate with each other. For example, each of our three dogs has a different way of inviting the others to play. Our oldest dog used to walk up and begin gnawing on another dog’s leg to get them to play. Our middle dog will go get a toy, twirl and growl, and then either approach another dog with the toy, or retreat to his bed with it and continue to vocalize his play invitation. Our little guy has learned to walk up to another dog sideways and rub on them. What gets really fascinating is to watch our little dog and the indoor cat figure out how to play with each other – the play body language is totally different. Watching horses play is fascinating too. Sometimes they will rear up at each other, sometimes they will run and buck at each other. Take a few minutes to watch how your animals play together. If nothing else, enjoy their antics and bring a smile to your day. Happy Spring to All from Terri, Cindy, and our animal family!

Animal Communication & Wellness Services Cindy Huff & Terri Noftsger

(513) 310-3997 (513) 309-0957

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BTestimonial aker Chiropractic “At 36 Weeks Pregnant, My Baby Was Breach. After Dr. Baker’s Special Pregnancy Adjustments The Baby Flipped Head Down into Position!”

Connecting With The Goddess Within: Live A Magical Mystical Life Filled With Miracles by Sage Woman Quote From The Book- “When we let go and surrender to our higher power, we open ourselves to our life’s work, our purpose and our passion.” Take a personal journey of healing and discovery with Sage Woman, as she guides us to connect with the sacred heart of the Goddess within. This enchanting and wonderful book is filled with extraordinary measures of divine teachings, it is designed with infinite wisdom and tools to help create or enhance your life through self acceptance and love. With self empowerment and graceful leadership, Sage woman shares her world with us. She reveals a touching story of truth and forgiveness; the keys to living a balanced and fulfilled life. This book is a joy and inspiration to read, a true gift of love. This is a recommended read; Connecting With The Goddess Within: Live A Magical Mystical Life Filled With Miracles by Sage Woman can be purchased through Amazon.com.

Dr. Patrick Baker & Maggie O. I came to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for severe back pain two weeks before I was supposed to head to Germany. I was in an accident when I was 18 and had back pain for years. I tried medications and epidurals but they didn’t get rid of the pain. I couldn’t walk and had pain so bad it made me cry. After receiving treatment at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I was able to go on my trip to Germany and even ended up walking 30 miles while there!

About the Author: Sage Woman is a spiritual life coach & intuitive reader. Sage is a Shamanic Priestess, an ordained minister and intuitive who facilitates Goddess Chakra workshops and individual coaching.

When I became pregnant, the added weight shifted and again caused the pain to become severe. It interfered with my daily life and everyday functions. I couldn’t even walk.

She is also available for readings of the ancient Tarot. For more information, contact her at 513-490-4693, or email sagewomen61@gmail.com.

At approximately week 34-35 of my pregnancy, I found out that my baby was upside down (breach). His head was under my ribs.


Apr / May 2016

with any type of health condition or pain, please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or schedule an appointment on-line by visiting our website at http://www.bakerchiropractic.org/.

I heard that the procedure by my OB to flip him was very painful and I didn’t want to have that done. I came to see Dr. Baker instead. The chiropractic adjustment was very light and wasn’t painful at all. I had some Braxton-Hicks contractions and after just one treatment, I returned to my OB. The baby had already started to move. After the second treatment, he was in the right position, head down.

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Longevity Resources

Discovering Optimal Health Naturally

Welcome to our newest feature, “Longevity Resources.” Each issue we will cover topics that will explore endless possibilities in achieving optimal health. We are honored to feature one of own past writers, Dr. Paul Fulk (1935-2014). The article written below is just one of many he had written over the years. He was a true pioneer in the field of alternative health and nutrition.

people with this condition crave chocolate which is the highest source of potassium. Unfortunately, it gives you the potassium and also takes it away, because of the caffeine in it. So it satisfies the craving, but inhibits the normal function of the posterior pituitary. This could alter the acid-alkaline balance that may allow the pH to go down causing the blood to become very acid or what we call diabetes.

The statements or content of the article in this feature is strictly to educate and inform. It is not intended to replace the care and advice of your regular physician.

My experience with reading laboratory reports is that when the blood glucose is high, what it is saying is, the carbonic acid levels are too high due to the fact that the lungs and kidneys have not been able to get the excess out of your system. When exercising, your extra perspiration is getting rid of the carbonic acid in the lungs. Likewise, the kidneys step up their activity to also get rid of the excess carbonic acid, thus balancing the blood pH and raising the pH. Then when you take your blood sample to check it, the glucose will be lower because of getting rid of the excess acids.

Diabetes or HyperAcidosis – Which is it? by Paul F. Fulk, D.C., F.A.S.A. What is diabetes, type II or childhood diabetes? What are the symptoms that accompany “diabetes”? Chronic kidney failure, thirsty, weight gain, craving sweets, feet swelling, gum disease, frequent urination, fatigue, blurred vision and other related symptoms. All of these symptoms are under the control of the posterior pituitary which is up in the front part of your brain. The ADH or antidiuretic hormone is the one that controls the acid-alkaline balance in your body. It has been said that you inherit diabetes. I say that it is not an inherited condition, but rather an inherited malfunctioning posterior pituitary gland. The reason being that all what we call diabetes is nothing more than hyper-acidosis. In other words your blood is too acidic. In looking at the symptoms that are generated because of the condition, they all involve water functions. This is why it is known that exercise will lower the blood glucose. It is also known that the kidneys are affected by the acid-alkaline balance that is controlled by the posterior pituitary gland. Ironically enough, the posterior pituitary gland needs potassium in order to function. This is why many


Guess what? Drinking carbonated beverages adds to the carbonic acid levels in your system. I have heard dieticians tell diabetic patients that they can have all the diet pop that they want. They could not put a worse substance than “diet pop” in their system. In years past I was involved with the production of insulin at Armour Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory in Illinois. Every twenty-four hours we produced 10 pounds of crystalline insulin that was sent to another pharmaceutical company to be put in injectable bottles. The profit that was made from this production back in 1955 was pretty astronomical. Today there are many other forms of synthetic insulin products. So Diabetes has become a very large revenue generator. Almost as big as chemotherapy, which is a 200 billion dollar year business. All type II diabetics have been told that they will take insulin in one form or another for the rest of

Apr / May 2016

their lives. This means that you would be injecting yourself every day of your life. This is just because the whole concept is that the “diabetic” is insulin dependent. This is because their pancreas is not working properly by not producing enough insulin. However, my concept, which I have proven is true, can be changed by eating certain foods that balance the acids in your body. With dietary changes and exercise you will not become a slave to the insulin money maker. I’m sure there are people who would disagree with this concept, but I have proven that it works with my patients. The scariest thing about high blood sugar is the effect it has on muscles particularly the heart muscle. It is saying that your system is too acidic which causes your organs to swell and malfunction. High blood sugar (Glucose) is very inflammatory in your arteries. So is insulin. Together they’re a deadly combination. For 75% of all the diabetics, heart attack will be the cause of death. This also includes those on diabetic drugs who are following the doctor’s orders to the “T”. Elevated levels of insulin and high glucose are like a wildfire in your arteries burning the delicate walls of the blood vessels until they are raw and diseased. This extreme inflammatory response then triggers the formation of plaque to cover the burns in the arteries. We know that the more plaque in the arteries, the greater the risk of a heart attack.

Copyright 2012 Paul F. Fulk, D.C., F.A.S.A.

cmb Consulting •Building Local Food Systems •Writing and Editing Services •Workshop Design and Planning Teaching in writing, food preparation and sustainable home/business food planning

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Eating the proper foods and keeping the pH in balance is very important to your body functions. Think about this. Every time you put any food that has white refined sugar in it, you are adding to your acid level. Even fruit, which has sucrose in it, is also adding to those levels of acid. However, the majority of vegetables are very alkaline that would help to balance the acids. So it is a matter of eating a variety of both that helps keep your blood at a normal pH level. If you have been diagnosed as being a diabetic, consider eating more vegetables and cutting out the sodas and sugars and certainly not diet sodas.



Go for Garlic!

The Spice for Optimal Health

Say yes to garlic every time and enjoy the many benefits of this wonderful and amazing healthy spice! Garlic’s active ingredients, sulfide compounds- are produced when a clove is chopped or crushed. This causes a chemical reaction and that’s when the strong smell of garlic comes through. One important fact to know is that one should let the garlic rest for about 15 mins. after chopping, this will ensure that the compounds will be given a chance to form. The compounds deliver cancer fighting benefits as well as other health benefits and can withstand the heat of cooking. Garlic already chopped and stored in jars are just as healthy because the compounds still remain active. Garlic is low in calories and is very rich in manganese, Vitamin C, and B6. It can shorten the length of the common cold and flu. It is a great immune booster and can prevent many diseases.


With just four cloves of garlic a day, a person can lower their blood pressure, studies have shown that in some cases, garlic can be just as effective as regular medications. To improve cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, garlic is a perfect choice for a keeping a healthy heart in check. This is a spice that has been used thousands of years for medicinal purposes. There are so many versatile uses with garlic, some may seem very unusual for some people. Garlic, for instance has been used for applying to skin to ward off insect bites, especially mosquitoes. It can be used as a natural pesticide, go online to find a mixture of garlic spray, the remedies can be helpful. Simply mist plants to keep away unwanted pests. Bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast and worm infections can actually be kept at bay with consuming garlic. It also plays a part in treating skin infections, and

Apr / May 2016

can help to heal psoriasis by applying topically and athletes foot by bathing your feet in garlic water. There are so many ways to heal from garlic it is unbelievable! It is fun to grow your own as well, the taste of fresh garlic from the garden is delectable. Properly stored garlic can last for months. Young or immature garlic is harvested in early summer, this needs to be stored in the refrigerator and used in a week or so. It has a fresh, mild flavor. When harvesting garlic, it will need to be washed carefully and let dry in a well ventilated area from moisture for a week or so. To avoid mold, it is better to store garlic in a paper bag. Freezing garlic is not recommended because it effects the taste and texture. A Chef’s favorite, garlic is one of the main spices included in delicious cuisines all around the world. The most simple way to prevent illness and disease is to add garlic to your daily diet, enjoy the benefits that will create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family!

Roasted Garlic INGREDIENTS: • 2 heads organic garlic • Olive Oil DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. 2. Slice off the top each head of garlic to expose some of the cloves inside. 3. Place the heads on a piece of foil. 4. Drizzle with olive oil and wrap in the foil. 5. Roast until cloves are lightly browned and tender, about 30 minutes.


Garlic Chicken & Potatoes INGREDIENTS: • 2 pounds small organic red-skinned potatoes, quartered • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds (optional) • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper • 4 cloves organic garlic, finely chopped • 2 tablespoons packed organic light brown sugar • 1 organic lemon (1/2 juiced, 1/2 cut into wedges) • Pinch of red pepper flakes • 4 organic skinless, boneless chicken breasts (1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounds) • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh organic cilantro or organic parsley DIRECTIONS: 1. Position a rack in the lower third of the oven and preheat to 425 degrees F. Toss the potatoes with 1 tablespoon olive oil, the cumin seeds, 3/4 teaspoon salt, and pepper to taste. Spread in a large baking dish and roast until the potatoes begin to brown, 25 to 30 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring frequently, until lightly golden, about 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the brown sugar, lemon juice and red pepper flakes. 3. Remove the baking dish from the oven, push the potatoes to the sides and arrange the chicken breasts in the middle. Season the chicken with salt and drizzle with the garlic mixture. Return to the oven and bake until the chicken is cooked through and the potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven; transfer the chicken to a cutting board and slice. Add the cilantro to the baking dish and toss with the potatoes. Serve the chicken with the potatoes and lemon wedges. Drizzle with the pan juices.


We Are Guided Each Day by Michael McAdams We are presented each day with a series of choices for our consideration. The evaluation of these choices leads us to decisions made using our best judgment considering all circumstances as we continue our journey of discovery and enlightenment. We progress upon our journey as beings blessed with the gift of free will. From the Urantia Book: “Will is the deliberate choice of a spirit conscious being which leads to decision conduct based upon intelligent reflection.” Show yourself to be worthy of the guidance and direction given by your spirit teachers/angels by incorporating their guidance into your thought system. They show us the way when so many have lost theirs. The relevance of these teachings in our daily lives can be life changing if we choose to accept and act upon the information received. We are also blessed as we share these teachings with others whose paths we are permitted to cross as they too seek guidance and direction for all they are dealing with upon their journey. Share with a gracious heart the teachings presented in these messages from spirit teachers through Wilma Jean Jones. You are blessed for your efforts in the encouragement of others as you make your way in this existence. From the collection of messages and teachings received directly from spirit teachers/angels that compose Wilma Jean Jones’ upcoming book “An Angel Told Me So” comes this high teaching. The depth and quality of these teachings received and the personal nature of this material engages and allows readers to feel they are being spoken to on a level that reflects what they personally are experiencing and speaks to the heart of those willing to accept the divine nature of these dictated messages. This message was presented for Wilma; yet again teachings in this message are woven with a universal thread that speaks directly to all sincere seekers of truth on a personal level as each reader feels they are being addressed as they deal with what is transpiring in their lives. Note the references by these spirit teachers’ to themselves as “we” and “our.” This message was received by Wilma on Sunday, July 2, 2000.


“Preparation requires diligence in pursuing His word that speaks of time well spent developing that which has been given so that all that pours forth cannot be denied becoming as His Spirit implies. We are caught up many times in a world of delusion, captivated by remorse sanctioned and committed in order to restore by our very own actions some measure of activity involving a reliance once again on that protection supplied by His Spirit to reinforce our confession. Bringing into subjection those things that intimidate the soul and convict the heart should be the focus of one entitled to receive. Gathered together we set into motion a unique combination of events designed for not only accomplishment in this area of spiritual development, but a heightened awareness of a need to seek attainment that will supply that position necessary to reveal our purpose and secure our destiny. “Rely on your own instincts to reveal the part that you are to play to fulfill this obligation that your soul has designed with His guidance to bring you full circle by devotion to His will and not your own. Many times we wait for direction only to be disappointed that trials delay our response, when in reality it is by trial and suppression we develop the fortitude that gives birth to singlemindedness. Our reliance therefore does not depend on the nature of man to succeed, nor the ways in which he contrives to bring it about. Our nature is to be “present” when events take place, however, the balance hangs in the “unseen” world that compiles the progress on the basis of intention and productivity is simply the evidence of that portrayal. “Countless times we have presented opportunities that would have granted permission along these lines, but when interferences capture the moment, the opportunity is lost. Therefore reckon with each day on the basis of opportunities offered and take to heart the messages that have given you the advantage. Maintaining an objective stance enables one to see a clearer picture and avoids the confusion that characterizes the mind that permits

Apr / May 2016

influences to guide it’s better judgment. Ofttimes we are “dislodged” from our position of control and allow others to offer distractions that “preempt” the moment and despair takes its place. We are not objects to be formed by what is “around us” but what is inside us. Therefore take care to furnish yourself with what nourishes the soul and all else will fall into place. “Without knowledge My people perish” was written to encourage those who have a desire for a higher calling and are not satisfied with mediocre accomplishments. “The world consists of energies developed to sustain it’s position. Likewise one must strive to develop those energies supplied to consciously pursue that which will sustain one’s position as well. We offer suggestions only, and God intends that by choices made His Blessings will bring forward that part of His Spirit that hovers over each soul and is lodged within each heart to support and uplift and uphold His promises given. We are guided each day by the evidence of His presence and acknowledging His Spirit propels the soul forward into His care. We ought not take lightly this privilege, for to do so, we forfeit the very means by which life is granted in the first place and by which our eternal life is guaranteed. “Needless thoughts project for us defeat. Our manner of confession will bring to fruition that which God has decreed for us. Only through desire and obedience can one expect the fullness of His Spirit to abide and reveal His plan for our lives if we but diligently seek to obtain it. God has set aside a special place for each soul to occupy. Struggles will not become entrapments as long as the heart realizes that the mind that stays steadfast on the goal that lies ahead determines the outcome of this existence. When the heart and the mind are in one accord, and not divided in purpose, God will shift all circumstances to afford the soul every opportunity to develop fully the gifts that have been given for this purpose. With each gift there is the substance supplied to bring it into reality. All things are directed by His Spirit and all are for our good.”


Copyright 2016 About the author: Michael McAdams offers a set of his own writings called Spiritual Parchment Prints as a fundraising item for youth groups, churches, and to the public. He and his mother, Wilma Jean Jones, worked closely together as she received these messages and teachings dictated from spirit teachers over a 22-year period. This collection of messages and teachings is being published as the book “An Angel Told Me So.” Michael writes for Infinity magazine available at www.issuu.com/ infinitymagazine. Learn more about Michael’s work and view Wilma Jean Jones television interview at spiritspeaks.com.

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Exercise Helps Combat Cancer by Dr. Joeseph Mercola Compelling evidence suggests exercise is an important component of cancer prevention and care; slashing your risk of developing cancer, improving your chances of successful recuperation, and diminishing your risk of cancer recurrence.

This is also one of the reasons why a high-fat diet tends to discourage cancer. A key point to remember is that while normal cells can use either glucose or ketones derived from fat as fuel, cancerous cells lack this metabolic flexibility and need glucose to survive and multiply. Cut off their supply of fuel, and you effectively starve the cancer cells to death.

A pattern revealed in these studies is that the longer you exercise, the more pronounced the benefits. Studies show that both men and women who exercise during their early years have a lower risk of cancer later in life.

Exercise, by lowering your blood sugar levels and normalizing your insulin sensitivity, has a similar effect — it essentially creates an environment that is less conducive to cancer growth.

But like most things in life, exercise must also be done in moderation and be balanced. There is a sweet spot and excessive exercise can cause its own set of issues, but most in the U.S. are far from being at risk for this problem.

Exercise also helps you shed excess fat and maintain a healthy weight (this is particularly true for high-intensity interval training). Excess weight is a significant risk factor, and obesity is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases worldwide each year.25 The link between obesity and cancer is primarily hormone-driven, as fat cells produce excess estrogen.

According to a 2003 paper1 published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,”more than 100 epidemiologic studies on the role of physical activity and cancer prevention have been published.” The authors note that: “The data are clear in showing that physically active men and women have about a 30 to 40 percent reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer, compared with inactive persons … With regard to breast cancer, there is reasonably clear evidence that physically active women have about a 20 to 30 percent reduction in risk, compared with inactive women. It also appears that 30 to 60 min.· of moderate- to vigorousintensity physical activity is needed to decrease the risk of breast cancer, and that there is likely a dose-response relation.”

Exercise Combats Cancer in Many Ways Exploring the relationship between exercise and cancer, a study24 in the British Medical Journal found that exercise affects several biological functions that may directly influence your cancer risk, including changes in energy balance, immune function, antioxidant defense, DNA repair, and hormone levels. Indeed, there’s not just one mechanism responsible for its cancer-fighting effects. There are many, starting with the fact that exercise decreases your insulin resistance, which is a profoundly effective strategy to reduce your cancer risk. By creating a low sugar environment, you strongly discourage the growth and spread of cancer cells.


This also helps explain why exercise during childhood reduces your lifetime cancer risk, and why obese children are at a significantly heightened risk of cancer in their adult years. Physical activity also improves circulation, driving more oxygen into your tissues, and circulating immune cells in your blood. By improving blood flow to your liver, it also helps your body detoxify potentially harmful substances, including excess estrogen that may spur estrogen-sensitive cancers.

The Metabolic Theory of Cancer Perhaps most importantly, exercise promotes mitochondrial health. Mitochondrial damage can trigger genetic mutations that can contribute to cancer, so optimizing the health of your mitochondria is a key component of cancer prevention. In fact, mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of virtually all diseases. By forcing your mitochondria — those little power stations that produce ATP in your cells — to work harder, your mitochondria start making reactive oxygen species (ROS), which act as signaling molecules. One of the functions they signal is to make more mitochondria. So, when you exercise, your body will respond by creating more mitochondria to keep up with the heightened energy requirement. Travis Christofferson’s book, “Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Illuminates a New and Hopeful Path to a Cure” goes into

Apr / May 2016

all of this in great detail, and is a must-read for anyone interested in preventing or recovering from cancer. Exercise stimulates AMPK and SIRT1, which secondarily inhibits mTOR, which then stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis and mitophagy, both of which are deadly to cancer. In essence, cancer can be viewed as a metabolic disorder, and the key to prevention and recovery lies in restoring mitochondrial function and increasing mitochondrial numbers. Exercise helps you do both. Also, besides creating an environment that discourages cancer growth, another reason why nutritional ketosis works so well for cancer is because it too boosts mitochondrial function and drives down inflammation.

Exercise Improves Your Odds of a Long and Healthy Life If you want to prevent disease, exercise! Cancer is just one of a very long list of health problems that can arise as a result of chronic inactivity. Your metabolic and cardiovascular health is also largely dependent on exercise. In fact, one of the primary benefits of exercise is that it improves your insulin and leptin sensitivity and boosts your mitochondrial health, both of which play decisive roles in cancer and other chronic diseases. Ideally you’ll want to establish a comprehensive exercise program that includes high-intensity exercises and strength training — both of which have been shown to be of particular benefit for cancer prevention. I also urge you to consider walking more, in addition to your regular workout regimen. Aim for about 7,000 to 10,000 steps (or about an hour-long walk) per day. Also, avoid sitting as much as possible. If you can, limit your sitting to three hours a day or less, as the mere act of standing triggers beneficial changes in your biology.

But, remember that exercise will ultimately help to boost your immune system, so it’s very important to continue with your program even if you suffer from chronic illness or cancer. About the Author: Dr. Mercola finished his family practice residency in 1985 but was trained by the conventional model. In his first years of private practice, he treated many symptoms with prescription drugs and was actually a paid speaker for the drug companies. But as he began to experience the failures of this model in his practice, he embraced natural medicine and has had an opportunity over the last thirty years to apply these time tested approaches successfully with thousands of patients in his clinic. Over 15 years ago he founded Mercola.com to share his experiences with others. The site is the most visited natural health site in the world for the last seven years with nearly two million subscribers. He’s also written two NY Times bestselling books, and has had frequent appearances on national media including the Dr. Oz show and major news channels.

Mercola, J. “Exercise Helps Shrink Tumors and Combats Cancer in Many Ways” Retrieved Mar. 10, 2016, from http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/ archive/2016/03/04/exercise-cancer-prevention.aspx ________ 1 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise November 2003 Volume 35 - Issue 11 - pp 1823-1827 24

BMJ 2000;321:1424

Lancet Oncology November 26, 2014 [Epub ahead of print] 25

Naturally, if you have cancer or any other chronic disease, you will need to tailor your exercise routine to your individual circumstances, taking into account your fitness level and current health. If at times you find you need to exercise at a lower intensity, or for shorter durations, don’t be discouraged. Always listen to your body and if you feel you need a break, take time to rest. Just know that exercising for even just a few minutes a day is better than not exercising at all, and you’ll likely find that your stamina increases over time, allowing you to complete more challenging workouts. If your immune system is severely compromised, you may want to exercise at home instead of visiting a public gym.



The Season of Rebirth & You! by Cynthia McNabb, aka Cynthia White Flower

Feel the warmth of the sun embracing your face, filling your home, enhancing your life! The aroma of sweetness takes over the air, as beauty emerges from blank patches of soil to reveal the breath taking faces of flowering glory. Welcoming green branches reach out to touch your heart with the promise of more to come. Exuberant birds yield songs of joy that they simply cannot help but share. Squirrels romp, rabbits hop, deer leap, bees buzz, as their contagious happiness spreads throughout the land. Life is bursting forth, singing its songs of gladness and performing its dances of praise. Rebirth is everywhere. Glorious, beautiful Spring is here! Rejoice! Spring brings you clues of what to focus on for your own personal growth. It celebrates your private resurrection from the dormant winter into your personal budding spring. The season mirrors the miracle of rebirth within you, and outside in your world. You have only to reach out to embrace it. Mother Nature supports


your requirement for rejuvenation, regeneration, renewal. She brings food that begins its journey from The Source to you. The Universe supports your need to be born again by suppling the examples of new life all around you. You are given another chance to be new again. Explore this glowing opportunity to envision your new life, to plant your seeds, to nurture yourself and your dreams, to feed and grow your new life. Sometimes it is as simple as a season providing that mirror for you to guide you in your next steps on your journey. Spring is the gift of infinite possibilities. Feel it inspire! A good place to begin is with the planting of your personal seeds. To do this you must define your goals. What is most important to you now? To lose weight, to become healthier, more agile, more positive in your approach to life? The list is infinite, but the most vital part of your plan begins with a positive attitude. Remember that thoughts create form.

Apr / May 2016

State your goals with passion and conviction, as positive affirmations. Make them a core part of your conscious Being. Live them. Be them. Energize them as they become your energy in motion. If you accept that you are made “in the image and likeness of the Creator” (Bible, Genesis 1:27,) recognize that you are that creator. As a conscious creator, you are assisting Spring in her creative process, as you create for you! As the days grow brighter, you can too. Light is necessary for growth. Did you know that light lends itself to you to learn to requalify it, to incorporate it into your life? You are a Being of Light, and Earth is the schoolroom of Light. As you are here to learn to choose the light, to become the light, to shine the light and to leave a legacy of light, each moment lends itself to the possibility of an initiation of Light. Take this time to become lighter and thereby, more enlightened. Embrace who you really are, a person of Light! Debilitating guilt holds up your spiritual progress. Forgive yourself and know that you were where you were - then, and now you are in another place. You are in a better place- a place of understanding and compassion for self and life. Nature creates mirrors of compassion for us. Do you see the compassion as you watch the birds nurture they’re hatchlings? Use that compassion to move on with your life. Release guilt, and fill yourself with the compassion of the season! Lend yourself to ‘acts of kindness’ beginning with yourself. You deserve it. Spring provides this example. Temperatures become kinder, less harsh. The sun becomes kinder, providing more warmth at a gentle intensity. Being kind to yourself allows that door to open for others to also be kind to you. Sharing that feeling brings joy to others. It can be as simple as sharing a smile or as complicated as pitching in when you see help is needed. Sharing kind words when someone is down could be the perfect antidote to pull that person out of the doldrums and provide a whole new outlook. Feel the kindness of the season! Spring is our inspiration. Feel the giggles bubble up within, as you drink in the beauty with your eyes. Embrace this glorious day, this season, your life… for truly, you are blessed!


About the author: Cynthia McNabb, B.S., M.S., (aka, Cynthia, White Flower) is a Vibrational Therapist and Counselor and works with her husband, James McNabb, (aka, James, Little Eagle Standing Strong) as a counseling team, specializing in Shamanism, Mediumship, Karmic Counseling and Exorcism. You can visit them at the Victory of Light Psychic Festival in Sharonville, OH on April 9 and 10 listed in the program under Readers: James and Cynthia, 21 Century Apostles. James will be at the Intuitive Interactive Holistic Psychic Expo in Ypsilanti, Michigan on June 4 and 5. To contact Cynthia, email: cynthialynnmcnabb@ yahoo.com or phone/text 734-904-2322. To contact James, email james@jamesshaman.com or phone/text 586-773-1861. Websites: www.jamesshaman.com, www.pimsuccess1. com

Feel Better Fast!

        Brian Eastman, LIIFT Practitioner 513 541 1257 - brian.eastman@LIIFT.info Offices in Cincinnati, West Chester, Dayton.


What is a BFI?

Try it for Free! by Brian Frederick Eastman

The story begins in Indianapolis. I was giving free LIIFT healing sessions at a holistic fair. As usual, LIIFT was generating big life changes. One client did some “money-healings”, later told us she was now receiving a flow of unexpected income. Another reports she now feels happy most of the time. During a slow time, the woman at a nearby booth invited me, “Come lie down on this European BFI device, and see how it helps your health!” I did. I felt tingling all through the inside of my body. I felt re-energized, even though this was toward the end of a long event. Four months later the lady was passing through Cincinnati and offered to do a presentation for anyone who had health issues. Ten people attended. They learned about the 17-year development cycle. They learned that 4,000 medical institutes in Europe use this device. They learned about the medical research which demonstrates that blood flow increases in the micro-capillaries by up to 30%. The presenter emphasized that, while they know what benefits the device brings to the physical function of the human body, they never know what perceivable physical benefit someone will experience. Some receive relief from pain. Some experience improved energy. Some see positive changes in their muscle function. Many people report that they are sleeping better. Blood pressure issues diminish. Diabetics halt nerve degeneration and wound healing improves. One coach uses the device to get even better performance from his team. Broken bones heal faster. Everyone at the presentation received the recommended 8-minute session on the BFI device. One came in with extreme pain. “I felt as if every bone in my body was aching. The lady gave me a double session. By the time I left, all I felt was mild discomfort.” Another said she was beginning a


migraine. It went away. A friend with neuropathy said his pain was much-reduced. Two attendees reported having much more energy than usual. Another person with circulation problems told us that his hands and feet felt warm for the first time “since forever.” An M.D. said she was going to ask her clinic to get one. Now You Can Enjoy These Health-Improving BFI Sessions Too – Free My wife and I were so impressed by our health improvements that we purchased this BFI device. We decided to allow others to use it for free. You are welcome to come to our office and use it up to two times a day. (This is the recommended frequency to achieve all-day improvements since the effects last for 12 to 16 hours.) There is no charge, though we do have a donation box, in case you want to help with the cost and upkeep. Our office is located at 4251 Hamilton Avenue, in Northside Cincinnati. It is available whenever we are open and the room is not occupied. Always call to confirm a time. 513.541.1257. About the Author: Brian Frederick Eastman invested 30 years’ research to create the LIIFT process for healing emotional damage. He books appointments to see people privately in person, via Skype, and in group sessions in Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis Indiana. He is available to lead LIIFT training seminars and LIIFT Prosperity Workshops anywhere in the world. He is also a founding member of Health Network Center, which helps people with emotional distress connect with capable therapists and other healers. Contact Brian at 513.541.1257 or brian.eastman@LIIFT.info. For information about Health Network Center or for assistance finding appropriate therapists and mental health healers contact HealthNetworkCenter@gmail.com.

Apr / May 2016

IT’S YOUR FUTURE: Mercury Retrograde: Nobody Moves, and Nobody Gets Hurt Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus towards the end of this month-specifically, on the 28th, and stays that way until May 22nd. Here’s how you can best cope with it! There is a certain large metaphysical website -no names, please -- that recently sent out a mass e-mail regarding Mercury retrograde. Specifically, it warns (in big, pretty Art Department lettering) “Beware Mercury Retrograde In Taurus.” It then continues to note that “The experts predict this Mercury Retrograde could be especially rough.” By “experts,” I presume they mean “astrologers.” (In my experience, a lot of astrologers fall into two broad groups: one will insist that being attacked by a knife-wielding spouse is “a wonderful opportunity to work out relationship karma,” and the other will tell you that “winning the lottery will just attract phonies to you, and eventually you’ll die anyway.”) To continue: the large metaphysical website implies that your best approach to coping with Mercury Retrograde is to throw money at it... or rather, to throw money at the website in question. Although I’ve never met a Taurus who was allergic to being pelted with cash, I can’t say the actual planet in question will care, at all. In astrology, Mercury rules such things as thought processes, communications, Signing contracts,


your nervous system, respiration, and many other important functions of daily life. Being retrograde, any or all of these things could be disrupted or go astray between now and May 11th when Mercury turns direct. Assuming you can spend the next three weeks not talking to anyone, not doing any business, not engaging in any voluntary physical movements, and not breathing, you should be okay. On the other hand, these processes are so much a part of everything you do, one way or another, that’s it’s easy to blame anything that goes wrong on Mercury Retrograde. Another Tiger Woods mistress shows up? Mercury retrograde. Car breaks down? Mercury retrograde. Your team loses in the playoffs? Mercury retrograde. Bad hair day? More like “bad Mercury day.” Most astrologers will tell you that Mercury retrograde periods are a time when you are best off turning your thoughts inwards rather than venting them in a hostile e-mail. It’s a time to contemplate your options rather than commit to Signing an agreement, and so on. And generally, that’s sound advice. But some people... astrologers and otherwise... have a tendency to cower in fear at times like this. That just strikes me as being unnecessary, and counter-productive. All one really needs is to be aware of the situation and to act appropriately, not fearfully. So: Mercury Retrograde may be a hassle... but I am convinced that everything will work out just fine.


Theoretically, an astrologer shouldn’t necessarily TELL you what to do, any more than any other counselor is supposed to. So here’s a general description of what Mercury Retrograde is doing to people (by Sign), and I’ll leave it to you as to how you handle it. Or, you can just carry on and keep spinning your mental wheels until the 11th. Keep in mind that I’m describing the psychological effects of this transit, but they apply equally well to practical actions as well. In other words, if you are an Aries you may be unnecessarily worried about your money... and/or you may be contemplating a bad investment. (Although this is written from the perspective of your Sun Sign, knowing your Ascendant and reading for that placement also applies.) ARIES: Mercury is in your Second House: money, material resources, and self-worth. And all the staring at your bank balance and fretting isn’t making the actual total any bigger, is it? Relax: another payday always comes along.

well not be living up to your full potential. A change is as good as a rest, but don’t make any sudden leaps and don’t over-react, or you might end up flipping burgers somewhere. VIRGO: Your Ninth House (where Mercury is right now) rules the Higher Mind and your philosophy. Mulling these things over might be a nice change of pace from sweating the details, or you might just feel lost. Either way, taking bold action right now may not be the best idea. LIBRA: The Eighth House: Sex, and other peoples money. Are you not getting enough or either, or don’t know what to do when you get them? Less effort and more acceptance will get you through until things improve. SCORPIO: Trying to decode your partner, and those closest to you? Of course you are. That’s what you do. Unfortunately your radar is off, and you either aren’t seeing the real problem, or you’re seeing a problem that isn’t there.

TAURUS: Mercury is stalled out in your Sign, so you’re probably spending too much time spinning your wheels worrying about how you come across to people, and your hair, and stuff like that. Cut it out. You look great.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury is in your Sixth House, which rules daily work and health habits and organizational skills. Your Sign doesn’t have the reputation for being a champ at either. Don’t expect hugely improved results with any of these things until the second half of May.

GEMINI: Taurus is your 12th House, which is often associated with paranoia, hidden enemies, and all kinds of spooky stuff. If you’re usually prone to vague but seemingly big worries, it’s twice as bad lately. Relax.

CAPRICORN: A: Romance! Fun! Well-behaved children! Q: Name three things you can’t really plan for, and should just deal with as they are until conditions improve. Lay the mental groundwork now, reap the reward later.

CANCER: The 11th House represents friendships and received love. You probably aren’t fully appreciating what you’ve got (or you’re misreading it) in that department, so your insecurity levels are probably turned up to 11. Don’t panic.

AQUARIUS: The Fourth House: Home, security and grounding issues, and suchlike. Don’t like your living room (figuratively or practically)? Try rearranging the furniture first, rather than moving and buying all new stuff, which you may end up hating even more.

LEO: Mercury is in your Career and DirectionIn-Life House. Yes, work is a hassle, and you may


PISCES: Mercury’s in your Third House...your

Apr / May 2016

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siblings, your communications, and how your mind works in general. It’s like a room full of dogs chasing each other’s tails. Go with your gut on things... because logic is overrated, right...?

About Matthew the Astrologer: Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. He is the author of “Conquer The Universe With Astrology,” (available on Amazon) and is available for private consultations at http://matthewtheastrologer.com/ or send him an e-mail. Matthew likes hearing from you. He also predicted that yes, you WOULD end up here reading this. Like everyone else, he is on Twitter: @ matthewcurrie and on Facebook at www. facebook.com/theastrologer Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/ ohmystars/author/Matthew%20Currie#kMsKwU 6bYP17UXMS.99

A reading (astrological consultation) can give you direction, clarity, insight… and just maybe, it can change your life! Learn more about yourself and the people around you. Contact me for details! astrologyshow@gmail.com


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•Divinity Spiritual Divinity Spiritual Service starts at 11:00 AM EST at the 4800 Holiday Drive Fairfield Ohio. All are welcome. Call Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm for more information at 513.289.2914. Divinity Spiritual Online Service Sundays Ongoing at 7:00 PM EST at your online location. To access the DSC service for you,, your friends, and family, call Rev. Mary Margaret at 513.289.2914. Healing Prayers for All” Mondays Ongoing 4:00 PM 7:00PM 4800 Holiday Drive Fairfield Ohio Everyone is welcome to receive clearing and healing facilitation for disease, addictions, depression, etc. Call Rev. Mary Margaret at 513.289.2914. “Healing Prayers for All” Online Tuesdays Ongoing Everyone is welcome to receive clearing and healing facilitation for disease, addictions, depression, etc. 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM. EST. Donations welcomed. Call Rev. Mary Margaret at 513.289.2914. Spiritual Intuitive Classes Wednesday evenings starting May 18 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM comprehensive course of guides, guardians, animal totems, vanishing twin, automatic writing, protection, meditations, and so much more. Divinity Spiritual Church 4800 Holiday Drive Fairfield OH 45014 $15.00 per class Call Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm for more info at 513.289.2914.

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•Krohn Conservatory 2016 Butterfly Show Butterflies of the Caribbean Presented by Macy’s March 26 – June 19 Monday through Sunday 10a.m. – 5p.m. Adults $7.00 Children $4.00 (5-12 years) (4 and under free) Dozens of countries and scores of cultures, all with one thing in common- a beautiful blue sea… Krohn Conservatory invites you to “dive in” to the 2016 Butterfly Show, “Butterflies of the Caribbean”. Whimsical ocean creatures and colorful butterflies float together in the showroom for a seaside adventure. The white sand, “coral” reef, and towering palm trees will lend a beachside feel, while the coral and yellow hues of hundreds of flowers reflect the colors of a spectacular Caribbean sunset. Many exciting events have been planned throughout the 12-week show to allow visitors to discover even more about the vibrant, engaging and gracious Caribbean culture.

•LIIFT Discover New Healing Methods & Network with Other Healers. Cincinnati Healers’ Gathering offers you free opportunities to create a Community of Healers while learning about the latest developments in healing modalities. Occurring monthly, these gatherings enable healers to discover and experience new healing processes. Healers will network, too, and give healings to one another. Introducing Health Network Center – a Healers’ hub connecting healers to new clients and clients to healers. Gatherings occur Tuesdays from 7-9 PM. Email brian. eastman@LIIFT.info to receive updates and location information.

•Master Stephen Co Basic & Advanced Pranic Healing May 14 2016 - May 16 2016 West Chester, OH

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MCKS Pranic Healing® Level 1 Course Saturday, May 14, 2016 - 9:00am - Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 5:30pm The Pranic Healing® Course is experiential, which means you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class - on yourself and those around you. Advanced Pranic Healing® Course Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 7:00pm - Monday, May 16, 2016 - 11:00pm In Advanced Pranic Healing®, you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results. For more information on Pranic Healing TM Classes visit www.masterstephenco.com

•Mill’s Pharmacy Pranic Healing TM - Meditation and Healing Nights1st and 4th Mondays of the Month 6:30pm-8pm at Mills Pharmacy 640 Wessel Dr Fairfield OH. Donations welcome. Contact Tina Weisenberger for more information at 513-207-0875

•Religious Recovery Religious Recovery: Healing for those Hurt, Disappointed, or Abused by Religion. Religious Recovery is a free mutual-support, nonprofessional 13-step program loosely based on the concept of traditional 12-step meetings. The meeting is open to all religions but is not affiliated with any church or religious organization. Atheists and agnostics are also welcome. For meeting times and locations, or to contact an individual to speak about Religious Recovery, visit our web site: ReligiousRecovery.org. For information contact Wayne: Wayne@ReligiousRecovery.org or call/text: (513) 205-1057. We also have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ReligiousRecovery/598915013454248.

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Wyld Womyn & Brave Men Drumming Circle Newly forming co-ed drumming circle. See website for calendar details. Donations welcome. Come and join the fun! Wild women and brave men welcome. Don’t have a drum? Come anyway, one can be provided for you. Contact Patti Lightflower for more info. 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, Oh 45036 Visit www. soulcraftings.com for details. Guided Meditation with the Editor of Infinity – Join Jane for a healing meditation in a warm, cozy environment, with hot tea and light refreshments Sunday morning Apr 24th, & May 29th, 11 to 11:45 am, with Patti Lightflower facilitating with beautiful drumming and music at Elemental Om 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, OH 45036. $5 donation. Call 866-2436900 for details or questions Soul Crafting with Patti, All Soul Crafting activities take place at the Lebanon Elemental Om studio at 46 E. Mulberry St., Lebanon, OH 45036, See our website for details, directions and contact information. www. soulcraftings.com

•Whatever Works Whatever Works Center and Gift shop 7433 Montgomery Rd. Cincin. Oh. 45236 Ph. #(513)7919428 At Whatever Works Wellness : Mondays 6:30 to 8:00 pm Manifestation Class: Hands on training from the material of Abraham - Hicks. Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette & others. Understand the universal law of attraction, the art of allowing & power of emotions that can help you create the life you desire. $10.00 per class - call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Wednesdays - 6:30 to 7:30 pm Wellness Wednesdays. Ongoing support group dedicated to sharing natural holistic ways to maximize your health & well being. Call (513)791-9428 for info or to reserve a seat. Other fun studies and services offered for your daily life: Crystal & Stone readings, Numerology readings & chart printouts, Dream & symbol interpretation & Energy Cleansing. For Center’s future events, check out www.whitewillowtaichi.com or www. accessingangels.com


Pranic Healing

with Master Stephen Co Master Stephen Co is a senior disciple and personal student of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the founder of PRANIC HEALING®. He and his wife, Daphne, started the first PRANIC HEALING® center outside of the Philippines, the U.S. Pranic Healing Center/American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC, in Chino, California, to promote and teach PRANIC HEALING® in the United States.

"If you are serious about taking your healing prowess to the next level and start producing healing miracles on a regular basis, I will be honored to personally take your hand and show you the advanced techniques that GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui has taught me!" Master Stephen Co Basic & Advanced Pranic Healing May 14 2016 - May 16 2016 West Chester, OH MCKS Pranic Healing® Level 1 Course Saturday, May 14, 2016 - 9:00am - Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 5:30pm The Pranic Healing® Course is experiential, which means you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class - on yourself and those around you. Advanced Pranic Healing® Course Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 7:00pm - Monday, May 16, 2016 - 11:00pm In Advanced Pranic Healing,® you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results.

For more information, or to register for classes, visit www.masterstephenco.com

Bestselling Book by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robbins. A seminal work that gives step-by-step instructions on using Prana for self healing. Available through Amazon.

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Infinity April / May 2016  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, an...

Infinity April / May 2016  

Infinity is a local bi-monthly magazine designed to promote optimal health & well being to our readers throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, an...