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The Faces of School on Wheels

Meet Mike & Sally

Dear Friends: 2006 marks our fifth year of providing academic tutoring and educational mentoring to Indianapolis’ most vulnerable population- homeless children. We have achieved remarkable and measurable results since our founding and it makes us proud. But the numbers only tell part of the story. It is a pleasure and privilege to introduce you to the faces of School on Wheels. As you read our annual report, you will meet some of the people behind the numbers- those who play an integral role in the delivery of our programs and the recipients of our services. As we look ahead to 2007, we are well equipped to enhance the academic experience for homeless children and their families. Our partnerships are solid, our leadership is engaged, and our volunteers are passionate. We are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting organization and to present our results to you. The volunteers, supporters, colleagues, friends, and partners that we encounter daily remind us of how dramatic this work truly is and what a real difference we make in the community. Thank you for your support in this endeavor and for sharing in our mission through your gifts of participation, encouragement and financial commitment. In appreciation,

Michael Ash President, Board of Directors

Sally Bindley Founder and Executive Director

Mission of School on Wheels The enhancement and enrichment of educational opportunities for homeless children, from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our goal is to shrink the gaps in education of these children and assist them with the highest quality education possible.

School on Wheels 2006 Annual Report


Meet Mamie, School on Wheels Site Coordinator Twelve years ago, Mamie and her three children found themselves homeless and living in an Indianapolis shelter. Now she is a Site Coordinator for School on Wheels. In this capacity, she facilitates the tutoring program on-site and ensures that the children, parents and tutors benefit from the program. Mamie brings valuable experience and insight to School on Wheels. Mamie believes that experiencing homelessness truly changed her outlook on life’s journey and she now understands that life is filled with many road blocks and unexpected avenues. Her favorite thing about working for School on Wheels is helping the families feel more at ease during their stay in the shelter and connecting with the children. Mamie said, “My personal experience with homelessness makes me better equipped to relate to the families’ struggles and I can encourage them to succeed and regain their lives.” Mamie graduated from college in 2005 and lives in her own apartment. She is also employed by the State of Indiana and is doing well. In her free time, Mamie likes to shop for shoes, read, dance, hike and help others.

Meet Bill, Shelter Director Bill has worked in the Indianapolis community with the homeless population since 1991 and is currently the Executive Director of Holy Family Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing. What he likes most about his job is seeing homeless families transform their lives; often times from hopelessness to self-sufficiency. He enjoys working with other service providers like School on Wheels who share his commitment to assisting our homeless neighbors. Sadly, throughout the past 15 years, Bill has seen an overwhelming need for emergency shelter that escalates every year. Bill welcomes School on Wheels’ services because it lets the families know that “there are many other people in the community who care about their well-being.” When not at work, Bill enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and daughter.

School on Wheels 2006 Annual Report


Meet The Donors

July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006 Mrs. Edmund Hourigan

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Skarbeck

Mr. & Mrs. Geff Hays

Mr. & Mrs. Michael House

Mr. David Snover

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Heidt

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Aletto

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hullett

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Steele

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hiatt

Anonymous Donor

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Steinhardt

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hopper

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Anthony

J. Shepard

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Hourigan

Mr. & Mrs. Don Aquilano

Ms. Frances Jacobs & Mr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Supple

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ivcevich

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Teets

Mr. Bruce Jacobson

Crayon Sponsor: Up to $100

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew H. Auch

Kevin Rumpz

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Avagian

Mr. & Mrs. James James

That's My Bag

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Keen

Ms. Sabrina Thoesen

Mr. & Mrs. Max Kime

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bane

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kennedy

Dr. & Mrs. Spencer Trudgen

Dr. Jennifer & Mr. Jeff Kittle

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Barnhard

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Klinger

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tuttle

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kortepeter

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barry

Ms. Erica Knuth

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Vierk

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kroot

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blair

Ms. Catherine Lacrosse &

Ms. Megan Wade

Ms. Rosanne Ammirati & Mr. Kevin

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Blakley

Mr. Eric Wallentine

Ms. Catherine Forrest Weber


Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Boatwright

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Ley

Ms. Karen J. Weyrauch

Mrs. Roberta M. Lamberson

Mr. & Mrs. Bran Boyer

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Long

Ms. Rita Wicoff

Ms. Jean Lawler

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Browning

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lord

Ms. Sheri Williams

Mr. & Mrs. William Leppert

Ms. Karen Burch

Ms. Azin Lotfi

Ms. Mary Wilmes

Ms. Micca Leppert

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Burkman

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lowe

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wyrick

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Leyden

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Burns

Ms. Liliana Lozano-Hay

Mr. & Mrs. John Young

Mr. & Mrs. Ming Lowe

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Callahan

Senator Teresa &

Mr. & Mrs. John Youngblood

Ms. Joanne McAnlis & Mr. Ed Bielski

Mr. Jeremy Zucker

Mr. & Mrs. Buddy McAtee

Ms. Jeanne Carmody

Mr. Mark Lubbers

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Cavalier

Lucky Lou

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clancy

Ms. Janet McCabe &

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Countryman

Mr. Jon Laramore

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Cowan

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McCaw

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Craft

Mrs. Katherine McKinney

Dr. & Mrs. James Crossin

Mr. Jason McNiel

Dr. & Mrs. James Cumming


Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Dawson

Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Troy Evans

Ms. Tracy Mishkin

Ms. Martha Faul

Ms. Karen Mork

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Fink

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Murphy

Ms. Sharon Flaningham

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Flowers

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Foust

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Newberry

Mr. & Mrs. Troy Frank

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Noga

Dr. & Mrs. Richard French

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Offen

Mr. & Mrs. John Gallina

Mr. Richard Poinsatte

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gigerich

Dr. & Mrs. Eric Potts

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Good

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Pritchett

Ms. Gretchen Gottschalk

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Quinn

Governor Bob Orr

Ms. Brenda Rady

Entrepreneurial Fellowship

Mr. & Mrs. Bala Rangaswami

Ms. Falon Greer

Mr. Richard Rickert

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gregory

Mr. John Robbins

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Grein

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Grider

Ms. Kris Rollison &

Ms. Suzanne Hall

Mr. Dale Billman

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hamburger

Mr. Doug Rubenstein

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Samuelson

Ms. Wendy Hiatt

Sassy Silver

Mr. David Hirschle

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schnute

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell

Mr. William Schroeder


Ms. Judy Schulz Ms. Courtney Schwab

2006 Annual Report


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Semler Ms. Oni Sharp

Ruler Sponsor: $101 - $499 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ball Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bill Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bindley Mr. & Mrs. Bill Boncosky Ms. Julie Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Branson Mr. & Mrs. John Browner Mr. & Mrs. John Bruch Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Burris Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Caponi Mr. & Mrs. Ron Carmony Mr. & Mrs. Don Craft Mr. & Mrs. Harry Danz Ms. Jeanne Davis & Mr. Steve Sidebottom Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Decker Mr. & Mrs. Tim Deno Detail + Design/Ms. Anne Steinberg Mr. & Mrs. Jack Esselman Mr. & Mrs. John Farrar Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fennerty Mr. & Mrs. Mark Finch Ms. Statia Murphy & Mr. Michael Firsich Ms. Michelle Folz & Ms. Valita Fredland Ms. Ruthie Forbes Frick and Frack Enterprises

Mr. & Mrs. Garth McClain Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McGinley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGowan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Melvin Mr. & Mrs. Joe Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moore Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mootz Mr. & Mrs. Greg Muzzarelli Mr. & Mrs. Robert Myers Ms. Gloria Novotney Mr. & Mrs. Denny Oklak Ms. Marsha Petro Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Philpott Mr. & Mrs. Chad Pirowski Dr. & Mrs. George Rapp Ratio Architects Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sams Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schahet Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Semler Mr. Michael Shinn Mr. & Mrs. Sam Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Ritchie Tiller Drs. Elizabeth & Martin Wehlage Mr. & Mrs. J. Tyler Williams Mr. Mark Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wood Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Young

Notebook Sponsor: $500 - $999

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gramelspacher

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. William Greve

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. Perry Griffith, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Burks

Ms. Tracy Haddad

Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Cabello

The Cummins Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Dustin DeMilt Mr. & Mrs. Craig Dobbs Mr. Carl Doty Mr. Steven Erb Mr. Thomas Fagan Mr. & Mrs. William Froehlich Ms. Carolyn Gartland Mr. & Mrs. Brady Gibson Mr. Brian Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hunter Ice Miller Mr. & Mrs. Randall Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Lord Mr. & Mrs. James Risk Mr. & Mrs. Craig Royal Rush Foundation Simon Property Group Mr. & Mrs. James Sinclair Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Smith Mr. & Mrs. Clay Smith Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sterrett Ms. Mary Beth Tuohy &

The Sharrow Group

School Bus Sponsor: $5,000 - $10,000 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Anonymous Blakley Corporation The Clowes Fund JP Morgan Chase Junior League of Indianapolis The Make Sense Foundation Nicholas H. Noyes Jr. Memorial Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Smith * The Robert and Helen Haddad Foundation MET Foundation Women's Fund of Central Indiana, a CICF Fund

Diploma Sponsor: $10,000 and up

Mr. Andrew Lamberson

Backpack Sponsor: $1,000 - $2,499 The Ackerman Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ash Mr. William Barnhorst Mr. Greg Bednar Brightpoint Ms. Carole Casto Colliers Turley Martin Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Wayne DeVeydt Homeward Bound Participants Ms. Barbara Howard Mr. & Mrs. John Kite * Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCormick * Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Neal * Netherleigh Fund, a CICF fund PricewaterhouseCoopers Principal Financial Group Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Sr. * Target Stores That's Good HR

Chalk Board Sponsor: $2,500 - $4,999 Bindley Capital Partners

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School Bridgewater Club

The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic

Secret Ingredient

Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Ms. Lisa Deno, SeneGence

Brugge Brasserie

Sign Craft Industries

Ms. Char Bumol

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Capri Ristorante

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Smith

The Children's Museum

Some Guys Pizza and Pasta

of Indianapolis

Stars Sandwich Market

Conner Prairie

Stroke’s Striped Socks

Corner Wine Bar

Taste Cafe & Marketplace

Cynde’s Shoes

G. Thrapp Jewelers

Ms. Murph Damron

SaraBeth Vaughan

David & Mary Salon

WRTV Channel 6

Day Furs

Yaprak Yorulamaz

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Detail + Design/Ms. Anne Steinberg Drake Interiors

* Guardian Angel and charter

Earthly Designs

member of the Hope for

Endangered Species Chocolate Strategies LLC Excel Rehabilitation Fitness Concepts

Nina Mason Pulliam

Governor Bob Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship

each year for three consecutive years become Hope for Homeless Children Guardian Angels


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2006 Annual Report


Meet Mike, School on Wheels Tutor Mike has been a volunteer tutor for School on Wheels for three years. He chose School on Wheels as a place to volunteer because he is a strong proponent of the power of education and when he heard about the opportunity, he thought it seemed like a good fit. He wasn’t mistaken! Mike enjoys working with the dedicated and caring School on Wheels staff and feels appreciated for his volunteer efforts. His favorite thing about tutoring is “knowing that I get the opportunity to make a small positive influence in a disadvantaged child’s life.” When he is not tutoring, Mike works as a manager at Safeco Insurance and has been there for 23 years. In his free time, Mike enjoys backpacking, cooking, gardening, traveling to new destinations and running the trails at Eagle Creek Park. He is also an avid Pacers and Colts fan.

Meet Gina, School on Wheels Student Gina (not her real name) moved to Indianapolis two years ago with her parents from Western Africa. She has three sisters who live in Europe. Gina is 13 years old and is a seventh grader at a township school in Indianapolis. Her family has been homeless since their move to the United States. In Africa, her parents worked in the field of medicine but have been unable to find comparable jobs in the United States. Gina is like any other middle school student in that she loves to read, play tennis and watch her favorite shows including “That’s So Raven.” Gina is fluent in three languages; French, English and Togolese. Gina said she really likes spending time with School on Wheels tutors because they help her with homework and studying. When asked what she wishes for, she replied,”I want my parents to find good jobs.”

School on Wheels 2006 Annual Report


2005 - 2006 Financial Results Statement of Activities (unaudited) Year ended June 30, 2006 Revenue and Support Foundations Individuals Government Corporations Interest Income Total

Expenses Tutoring Program Administration PR & Fundraising Total

$184,870 72,343 59,931 33,825 3,407 $354,376


$151,766 56,684 43,233 $251,683


10% 1%


17% 52%



20% Foundations Individuals Government Corporations Interest Income

Tutoring Program Administration PR & Fundraising

2005-2006 School on Wheels Program Highlights ~ 540 new homeless children were tutored at Indianapolis area homeless shelters and schools.

~ 234 dedicated community volunteers served as School on Wheels tutors. ~ 105 backpacks fully loaded with school supplies were distributed to homeless children in need. ~ 3,385 hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions were provided by School on Wheels tutors. ~ 73% of the students tutored reported an improvement in grades and homework completion. School on Wheels 2006 Annual Report


Meet the School on Wheels Staff Sally Bindley, Founder & Executive Director Janet Youngblood Hiatt, Director of Operations Melanie Priest, Community Relations Director Carrie Murphy, Volunteer Manager Jill Schroeder, Program Manager Peggy Esselman, Program Coordinator Mamie Morris, Site Coordinator (see profile on page 3) Kyle Gumiela, Site Coordinator


Amy Shackelford, Lead Site Coordinator

Stan Amy &

Alaine Sommer, Site Coordinator Adrienne Anderson, Site Coordinator Julie Pitman, Site Coordinator Stan Schermerhorn, Special Events Assistant

Jill, Pe ggy & C arrie

Meet the School on Wheels Partners School on Wheels provides tutoring for ten locations: Coburn Place Safe Haven Dayspring Center Holy Cross Catholic School


Holy Family Shelter Interfaith Hospitality Network The Lilly House Salvation Army Social Service Center Washington Irving IPS # 14 Wellspring Cottage



Wheeler Mission Care Center

Meet the School on Wheels Board of Directors Michael Ash, President Mary Beth Tuohy, Vice President

Melanie Sally & , t e n a J

Pam Dechert, Secretary Michael Shinn, Treasurer Anne Steinberg, Immediate Past President Harry Danz Donna Doty Jackie Groth Howard J. Lacy


School on Wheels

Helen Lewis

5420 N. College Avenue, Suite 101

Marty Lord

Indianapolis, IN 46220

Jennifer Rhodes

Phone: (317) 202-9100 Fax: (317) 205-9615 E-mail: Web:

School on Wheels 2005-2006 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2005-2006 Annual Report

School on Wheels 2005-2006 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2005-2006 Annual Report