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Annual Report 2012-2013

Table of Contents Letter from the Board Chair and Founder/CEO. . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Our Programs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 School on Wheels Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Financial Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 How You Can Help . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Donors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Board of Directors, Advisory Board and School on Wheels Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28


Letter from the Board Chair and Founder/CEO Dear Friends of School on Wheels, Since 2001, School on Wheels has provided over 45,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring to Indianapolis youth experiencing homelessness. Through our academic intervention programs, we have impacted the lives of thousands of homeless youth by equipping them with the educational tools necessary to achieve success in life and break the cycle of homelessness. We could not have realized these successes without you. Your generous gifts and contribution of thousands of volunteer hours have made each of our programs thrive. The support you provide to School on Wheels year after year offers stability to our students and a brighter future made possible by education. This past year, we have watched our students’ grades improve, noted their increased confidence and witnessed homeless parents of students become more engaged in their child’s education. We are pleased to present to you - our volunteers, donors, partners and friends - our program and financial results. Each one of you played a role in our success and we are most grateful.

Thank you for your continued support, endorsement, friendship and commitment. For the kids,

Alice Morical Sally Bindley Board Chair Founder and CEO


The Mission

To provide one-on-one tutoring and educational advocacy for school-aged children impacted by homelessness.

The Vision

To equip children impacted by homelessness with the educational tools necessary to achieve success in life and break the cycle of homelessness.


Tutors in Action Tutors in Action is an academic intervention program that provides one-on-one after-school tutoring to children experiencing homelessness throughout Indianapolis. School on Wheels brings more than 400 volunteers to nine partner shelter locations and one Indianapolis Public School, and provides tutoring sessions to the youth at these facilities up to four times a week. Our trained tutors use multiple approaches in working with these students, including reading together, journaling and

homework help. All educational activities used in the program are developed in alignment with Indiana state standards and offer a hands-on approach to introducing multiple concepts to students in grades K – 12. In addition to these academic intervention and support services, School on Wheels ensures every student is prepared for the school year by providing school uniforms and a backpack filled with school supplies to each of the children it serves.

Ignite Learning Ignite Learning is a program dedicated to working with the parents of School on Wheels students to help them overcome challenges in facilitating their child’s education. The majority of the students who participate in School on Wheels programming come from single parent families. While some of our students’ parents have a high school education, only 3% have a college education. For these overburdened parents, finding the time or even confidence to help their children with their school work can be a struggle.


Through Ignite Learning, School on Wheels Program Coordinators hold weekly office hours with parents, connect students’ teachers to parents and conduct workshops to educate parents on how to navigate the education system. The primary goal of Ignite Learning is to actively engage parents in their child’s education, increasing the possibility that School on Wheels students break the cycle of homelessness and achieve academic success.

Research shows that homeless students have lower educational achievement among all grades than their housed peers. Our academic intervention programs are provided at absolutely no cost to those we serve or to our partner locations. Each program is designed to provide necessary educational support to homeless students and help them realize the value of their education in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

“This program empowers. School on Wheels’ employees and volunteers don’t see the homelessness; we see the child, the potential. These children are not defined by their conditions. They are incredibly smart, funny, loving children, and School on Wheels gives them a chance to believe.” - Wesley W., tutor 5

“This volunteer experience has impacted me well beyond my expectations. The unconditional love that these children bring me each week is immeasurable. I get so much more back than I give! The hour I spend each week volunteering is the one I look forward to the most. It is my favorite hour of the week, and it goes the fastest of any, as well. I see myself being a lifelong volunteer for School on Wheels.� - Melissa S., tutor


Meet Lily School on Wheels Student

Like many of her peers, Lily, a senior at Southport High School, is applying to colleges and making plans for the future. She has selected Indiana University as her school of choice, but has also applied to Butler and Ball State. Her love of working with children helped her narrow her decision to major in Elementary Education, with a focus in Special Education and Spanish. This choice was in part cultivated by the early childhood education classroom at Southport High School that gave Lily hands-on experience working with youth, resulting in her desire to teach preschool or kindergarten. While Lily was busy working hard towards her future, her family was experiencing homelessness. Lily, her brother and mom were without a home for 15 months, and during that time they lived in three separate School on Wheels’ partner sites. Lily attended tutoring at each location over the course of a school year, never wavering

from her goal of building a bright future for herself. She admits it wasn’t easy, but her advice to other students is to stay focused. Karen Routt, School on Wheels Program Manager says of Lily,

“It’s uplifting to see the optimism that Lily carried with her. While others might have let their circumstances defeat them, Lily worked through every obstacle, and was always focused on her goals and the possibilities that lay ahead. ” This year, Lily was one of a select group of students in the nation awarded a $2,000 LeTendre Scholarship at the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1998, this national award has been bestowed upon deserving students. We are so proud to see Lily being recognized for her hard work and dedication to continuing her education.


Summer Enrichment Arts & Technology Each summer, School on Wheels delivers programs to help combat summer learning loss. This summer, School on Wheels brought the Summer Enrichment Arts and Technology (S.E.A.T.) program to Salvation Army Barton Center. For four weeks, School on Wheels facilitated academic, technology and character development activities for youth ages 5-17. These youth were introduced to Voyager Learning

interactive education software on iPads, designed to strengthen aptitude in math or reading. Additionally, Amazon John of Silly Safaris and artists Dave and Holly Apeel helped youth learn more about respect through hands-on activities that focused on animals and art. This summer, we united arts and technology to combat summer learning loss and help prepare our students for the coming school year.

School on Wheels is honored to have been chosen by the United Way as the Nonprofit Volunteer Program of the Year in 2013. The United Way of Central Indiana Corporate Volunteer Council Awards recognize the achievements of our community’s many outstanding volunteers, nonprofit organizations and employee volunteer programs. The awards honor those who have gone above and beyond in their volunteering on behalf of the Central Indiana community.

Thank you. Our Volunteers Make a Difference.

Only 52% of homeless students test at or above the state standards for reading, and only 50% for math. That’s why we focus on integrating language arts and math activities into each tutoring session. 8

“The School on Wheels volunteering experience … teaches me how to be a better human being; to be patient, to be joyous, to be satisfied with even minor things. It brings me immense pleasure when I can even minimally influence a child’s future. Last semester, when I queried a very smart 6th grader what she wants to be when she grows up, she said that she wants to be a scientist. I still remember her pleasantly surprised face when I told her that I am a scientist and that she will make a great one.” - Narayanan P., PhD MSIS, tutor 9

“I have fun at tutoring playing math games. The tutors are nice and they help me with my reading.” – School on Wheels Student


Meet Shelly School on Wheels Parent

Each student we serve is dealing with a different set of circumstances. For some, it is their first time experiencing homelessness, but others have never known a home of their own. Some of our students not only have siblings, but also have cousins or other relatives who need care and attention. Some students have two parents, while many only have one. School on Wheels understands that by providing a network of support to the parents of our students, we can further impact the youth we serve by meeting their unique circumstances head-on. As we deepen our engagement with parents through Ignite Learning, our Program Coordinators at each partner location are reporting how this program is helping parents continually embrace the value of education and motivation for their children. Shelly, a mother of three boys, has one of the top attendance records at the parent workshops we offer, and is always looking to integrate new

methods into her parenting. After her two oldest boys attended our summer enrichment program at Salvation Army Barton Center in July, Shelly implemented the same ticketing system School on Wheels utilized to reward positive behavior at home. Her sons have been attending tutoring since 2012, and in that time she has attended 20 Ignite Learning sessions. Each week she makes contact with the School on Wheels Program Coordinator at her location. She looks for her sons’ orange progress sheets after each tutoring session so that she knows what homework still needs to be completed after tutoring is over. She says of the program,

“This has helped my kids with reading and doing their homework a lot. I love this program!� At School on Wheels, we celebrate parents like Shelly who are making education a priority.


School on Wheels Success During the 2012 – 2013 school year, School on Wheels provided:




5,511 onehour tutoring sessions

Services to 359 homeless children

Office hours and workshops to 103 parents of homeless children



278 backpacks filled with school supplies to the children we serve

402 volunteer tutors

560 560 complete school uniforms to the children we serve

In a survey that was distributed to all School on Wheels families, we learned that‌


98% of students believe their tutors help them learn


100% of parents believe that tutoring helps their child understand and complete homework

95% have seen an improvement in their child’s confidence

Based on academic data for our students in transitional housing...

95% of students increased or 77% of students received maintained grades in two or more subject areas during the school year

a grade of satisfactory or better in behavior in marking period four

76% of math grades 12

were a C- or better in marking period four

75% of language arts,

reading and spelling grades were a C- or better in marking period four

77% of individual class grades were a C- or better in marking period four

“I tutor for School on Wheels because it’s fun. After all the homework is done, getting a hug and a big drawing of a heart with ‘I love you’ scrawled across it from a little one is hard to beat.” - Peter C., tutor 13

“There are so many exciting and rewarding aspects to the work being done at School on Wheels. Their tutoring and advocacy programs enable the great children of our city to reach out and grab opportunities in their education paths that may not have been there before. To be even a small part of contributing to a program that empowers the youth of Indianapolis in such an impactful way is truly an honor.” –John and Carrie, School on Wheels donors


Financial Results

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2013 Expenses

Revenue Investment Income Goverment Grants/ VISTA Corporate Contributions


Special Events


Foundation Grants Individual Contributions


Special Events




Foundation Grants




Individual Contributions




Corporate Contributions




Goverment Grants/VISTA





Investment Income TOTAL






$181,143 $940,342*


* School on Wheels Corp benefited from generous donations of goods and services valued at $214,339, and volunteer service hours valued at $132,862. These impactful non-cash contributions are included in the revenue and expense charts. Financial results were reviewed by an independent CPA firm. 15

How You Can Help Volunteer


Volunteers are integral to School on Wheels’ service model. Committing just one hour each week to tutor a student at one of our ten partner locations helps break the cycle of homelessness through education. If you can’t commit one hour a week, tutoring teams, corporate service projects and office volunteers all help us make a difference.

SPOKES is a committee of young professionals who care about education in Indianapolis, think creatively about how to address the needs of the youth we serve and are passionate about the School on Wheels mission. SPOKES members meet on a regular basis, and are responsible for planning awareness and fundraising events for School on Wheels each year.

Make an In-Kind Donation

Make a Financial Contribution

It takes more than tutoring to make sure our students are prepared to learn. To help meet other unmet needs of these homeless children, you can host a uniform drive, shop for healthy snacks or help us obtain program and office supplies. Contact the School on Wheels office for a list of needs.

We rely solely on financial donations to serve the homeless children of Indianapolis. You can make an individual contribution, corporate donation, host an event or even plan a fundraiser. There are countless ways to support our kids!

For more information on how to help support School on Wheels in any of the above areas...


Please call

Or visit our website at


Among homeless children, there are twice the number of students with learning disabilities and three times the number of students with emotional and behavioral problems. We tutor three to four nights a week and have access to Individualized Education Plans for our students, provided by each school, in order to meet each student’s unique needs.

I believe ALL students can be successful if they are given the right support. SPOKES helps level the educational playing field by organizing supply drives and hosting educational and social events focused on spreading the message of School on Wheels. I am honored to be a part of SPOKES and the School on Wheels family! – Alison P., SPOKES member 17

We gratefully acknowledge the donors who support School on Wheels.

Honor Roll of Donors July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 $25,000+

Lilly Endowment

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Lumina Foundation

Online Transport, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore

Dr. Steven Priddy

Nicholas H. Noyes Jr. Memorial Foundation

Reis-Nichols Jewelers

Opus Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sablosky

John Sherrill Presents Royal United Mortgage, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Jr.

The Samerian Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schmidt

City of Indianapolis/HUD

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schafer

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Smith

Junior League of Indianapolis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith

StreetLinks LLC

Pacers Basketball Corp. Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Brick Warren

The Anson Group, LLC

Anonymous (1) BMO Harris Bank Defender Direct The Glick Fund, a CICF Fund Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.

$15,000 - $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Royal

Indiana Achievement Awards

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. Gerald Richardson

UBS Employee Giving Programs University High School Parent Association

$5,000 - $14,999

The Brauer Family Foundation, Inc.

The Ackerman Foundation

Buckingham Companies

Anonymous (1)

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Caress

Bindley Capital Partners

Community Health Network

Ms. Sally Bindley and Mr. Clark Millman


$1,000 - $2,499

MET Foundation Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Anderson

Goelzer Investment Management Inc.

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Jean Blackwell and Ms. Kimberly Williams CarMax Foundation Cummins Inc. Mr. Tom Doll Mr. and Mrs. William Drew Glasscock Family Foundation Mr. Jeff Gould Hoover Hull LLP The Indianapolis Star Season for Sharing

Ms. Lori Gooding Mr. Jeffrey Hokanson

Ms. Marcia Barnes Mr. Greg Bednar Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bindley

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kramer

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Langham Logistics, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boncosky

McCaw & Associates Global Wealth ManagementMerrill Lynch

Bose McKinney & Evans

McCaw Family Foundation MET Foundation Inc.

Kite Realty Group

The National Bank of Indianapolis


Mr. Wayne Zink and Mr. Randy Deer

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hurst

Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lauth

Wilson Kehoe Winingham LLC

Ms. Emily Brown Burks Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cardimen Christ Church Cathedral Women

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Mike DeWeese

McGladrey LLP

Mr. Scott Durlacher

Mr. Paul Murans

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Eckerle

Mr. Patrick Murphy and Ms. Alice Steppe

Ms. Margaret Edwards Ms. Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Mr. Sergio Aguilera

Mr. and Mrs. Scot Overdorf

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Risk

Endangered Species Chocolate

Rook Consulting

Mr. Tony Felts and Ms. Kirsten Iverson Felts

Ms. Heather Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fennerty Mr. Joe Giordano Give with Liberty Liberty Mutual Foundation Match Giving Sum

Ms. Jennifer Reid ROI, LLC

rtv6 The INDY Channel and The Scripps Howard Foundation Rush Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Sr.

HCC Medical Insurance Services

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schubert

Ms. Janet Hiatt

Mr. Michael Shinn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman

Simon Property Group

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hourigan

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Skelton

Ice Miller LLP India Association of Indianapolis

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith Ms. Christy Soldatis Somerset CPAs

Indiana Society of Washington, D.C.

Ms. Nora Spitznogle

Indiana University Health

Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor

Mr. Nathan Iverson

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Taylor

Mr. Blake Jeffery

Mr. & Mrs. Rich Tewksbury

Ms. Beth Keck

Wagner Reese LLP

Ms. Kathleen Kelley


Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koenig

Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lacy

Mrs. Julie Wood

Lauth Property Group Foundation

Mr. Michael Stover

$500 - $999 Mr. Greg Achten Mr. Gary Denney & Ms. Louise Bakker Bank of America Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boesen Ms. Mellissa Boggs Mr. and Mrs. Justin Bolles BP Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Caponi Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Carter Ms. Carole Casto and Mr. William Barnhorst Mr. Kristopher Chaney David E. and Jacqueline S. Simon Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Douglas Mr. and Mrs. John Gause Gregory & Appel Ms. Sheila Guenin Ms. Carolyn Clay Hall Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hasselkus Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heidt Mr. and Mrs. Scott Horrall Mr. Tom Howe John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Mr. Blake Johnson Mr. Mike Keleher Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kennedy King of Glory Lutheran Church Drs. Stephanie and Matthew Martin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGinley


Honor Roll of Donors July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Morical

Ms. Sarah Barney

Ms. Elizabeth Casali

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Murphy

Barry Company Inc.

Mr. Jamie Case

Mr. Larry Palmer

Ms. Colleen Beeler

Mr. John Cate

Centerfield Capital Partners

Ms. Maryellen Bein

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Cavalier

Polly Panda Preschool & Child Development Center Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bell

Ms. Sabrina Champagne

Benefit Solutions US, LLC

Mr. Peter Chastain

Mr. Mike Pottratz

Chinquapin Oak Farm, Inc

Psi Iota Xi, Iota Tau Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett, III

Ms. Christine Shepard

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bergstrom

Ms. Angela Cierzniewski

Mr. and Mrs. James Sinclair

Beth-El Zedeck

Mr. James Smeltzer

Mr. and Mrs. James Bindley

City Consultants & Research, LLC

American Structurepoint Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bindley

Ms. Claudia Clark

Ms. Martha Ellen Talyor

Mr. and Mrs. William Bischoff

Mr. and Mrs. James Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Tadas Viskanta

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blair

Ms. Charlene Coburn

Indianapolis Washington Township Lions Clubs

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boldt Mrs. Nancy Bowers

Ms. Roberta Cohen & Mr. Jim Flaherty

Ms. Elizabeth Weaver

Mr. Wesley Bowers

Ms. Laurie Counsel

Ms. Karen Weyrauch

Boyle Buildings, LLC

Dr. Gayle Cox

Mr. and Mrs. James Winch

Ms. Mary Bradburn

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wood

Ms. Carolina Braga

Crackers Comedy ClubBroad Ripple

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Young

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Branham Mr. and Mrs. James Bremner

$101 - $499 Mr. David Adams AIG Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alvarado

Brides Revisited Inc Mr. and Mrs. George Broadbent Ms. Wendy Broughton Ms. Lorene Burkhart Mr. Ken Burrow

Ms. Stacy Alvarado

Mr. Kent Burrow

Anonymous (2)

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Caito

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Avagian

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Caito IV

AXA Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cardimen

Ms. Jennifer Baker Mrs. Bill Bane Banks-Root Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnette 20

Mr. Marc Chodock

Mr. John Crawford Dr. and Mrs. James Crossin Dr. and Mrs. James Cumming Mr. James Cunning Mr. and Mrs. William Curran Mr. Scott Davis Ms. Donna J. Dellen Del Demaree Mr. William Dennis Mr. and Mrs. David Draga Mr. and Mrs. Don Elliott Mr. Calvin Ellison

Teredata Cares

Mr. David Eskenazi

Ms. Mary Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Esselman

Ms. Rebecca Carr

Mr. Robert Evans

Ms. Joan Carter

Exchange Club of Indianapolis Foundation

Mr. Michael Fallahay and Ms. Ellen Hodge

Ms. Kalen Irsay

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Maniaci

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ivcevich

Mr. and Mrs. Don Marsh

Mr. Jeffery Feyen

Mr. and Mrs. James James

Mr. Kyle Martin

Beth and Donald Fischer

Mr. Aaron Jennings

Ms. Tammy Masuccio

Mr. Tom Flaten

Mr. Chris Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Maves

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Flynn

Mr. Chris Julka

Mr. Robert McCallum Jr.

Mr. David Ford

Ms. Melissa Kacena

Mr. Jason McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. John Gallina

Mr. Adam M. Kaminski

Mr. Patrick McDonald

Ms. Carolyn Gartland

Ms. Mary Jo Kennelly

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDonnell

Springmill Elementary Students

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kent

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Gilmore

Mr. and Mrs. Max Kime

Mr. and Mrs. William McGarvey

Ms. Sue Goebel

Mr. and Mrs. John Kite

Mr. Thomas McGowan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Good

Ms. Susan Knight

Mr. Thomas Grande

Ms. Mary Beth Kohart

Mr. and Mrs. William McGowan

Ms. Joanna Green

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Konesco

Mr. and Mrs. William Greve

Ms. Rosanne Ammirati and Mr. Kevin Krulewitch

Ms. Jennifer Gunnels Mr. Ken Hall Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hamburger

Mr. Mark and Dr. Jennifer Kugar

Mr. Mitch McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNeely Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McWilliams Mr. Kurt Melin

Ms. Tiffany Kiser


Mr. Dan Hampton

Mr. Jesse Laffan

Mr. Pete Molloy

Ms. Autumn Hansen and Mr. Nathan Hand

Ms. Catherine Ann Langham

Ms. Margaret Molter

Ms. Margaret Langham

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mootz

Ms. Jennifer Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lapekas

Mrs. Ruth Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Corey Harton

Mr. David Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hartzler

Mr. and Mrs. William Leppert

Ms. Elizabeth Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Helman

Ms. Kiersten Lewis

Mr. John Murphy

Mr. Patrick Herrell

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Leyden

Mr. and Mrs. John Mutz

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hillis

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lilly, II

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Myers

Mr. Gregory Holler

Ms. Jennifer Lilly

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neal

Mr. Travis Holler

Mr. Colin Lobo

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Noga

Mr. Jay Horn

Mr. and Mrs. James Lootens

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Novak

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunter

Ms. Linda Lovejoy

Mrs. Rita Novak

Mr. and Mrs. Needham Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lubbers

Mr. and Mrs. John Null

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hussey

Ms. Roberta Main-Jackson

Ms. Kathalyn O’Brian

Mr. Phil Hutchinson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Manges

Mr. Greg O’Connor



Honor Roll of Donors July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Denny Oklak

Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.

Ms. Jennifer Van Dame

Mr. Michael Overdorf and Ms. Amy Barragree

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Seger

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vicar

Ms. Faye Seibert

Mr. Gary Vigran

Mamata Patel

Ms. Melissa Seibert

Ms. Tanya Walzer

Ms. Nicole Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Semler

Mr. Michael Warren

Paul Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Semler

Ms. Wesley Warren

Phi Delta Phi at IUMcKinney Law

Mr. Nathan Sevier

Ms. Samantha Watson

Ms. Patricia Shaffner

Mr. Todd Phillips

Ms. Erin Webley

Mr. and Mrs. David Shane

Pie Wars

Ms. Elizabeth Weston

Mr. Greg Sheridan

Mr. Tim Ping

Mr. Michael Wilhelm

Mr. and Mrs. John Sherrill

Mr. Marc Plavin

Ms. Linda Shikany

Mr. Charles Willand and Ms. Susan DiMeo

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pluckebaum

Ms. Tiffany Silgalis

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilmes

Ms. Dianna Plummer

Ms. Rebecca Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Windmiller

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Poorman

Ms. Sara Lyn Smith

Mr. Paul Wissler

Ms. Kristen Porter

Dr. and Mrs. James Snapp III

Mr. Carter Wolf

Mr. Gregory Pottorff

Mr. David Snover

Mr. Neil Womack

Mr. Edward Prein

Mr. Michael Solari

Ms. Madeline Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Pruitt

Dr. and Mrs. James Spahn

Ms. Judith Wotring

Ms. Tracy Puiia

Mrs. Carmen Sporleder

Mr. and Mrs. John Young

Mr. Karthik Raghupathy

Ms. Antoinette D. Sprague

Mr. Matthew Zider

Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Reilly, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Steen

Ms. Alissa Zink

Ms. Katharyn Riley

Ms. Rosemary Steinmetz

Mrs. Fran Zore

Mr. Schaun Rising-Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sterrett

Mr. Richard Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Robinson

Ms. Shelley Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. James Osborn

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan

Mr. Curt Vander Meer

$1 - $100 Mr. Matthew Abbott Mr. Tyler Abbott

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Routt

Target-Take Charge of Education

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruppert

Mr. Dan Thompson

Mr. James Adams

Mr. and Mrs. William Salin

Mr. and Mrs. John Thornburgh

Ms. Melanie Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Salyers

Ms. Amy Tobias

Adinamis, Michael, & Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sausser

Mrs. Kelly Todd

Mr. Mark Alson

Ms. Carolyn Schaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tuttle

Mrs. Shilpa Amato

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schiffli

Mr. Michael Twyman

Ms. Andrea K. Anderson


Ms. Julie Abernathey

Ms. Lisa K. Angermerier

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Canning

Ms. Kara Egan

Anonymous (9)

Ms. Allison Carter

Ms. Debra Elder

Ms. Lisa Arnold

Mr. Michael Cassidy

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Averitt

Ms. Katrina Chaney

Ms. Susan Evans

Ms. Sarah Awe

Ms. Kendra Chaney

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fine

Ms. Maggie Bailey

Ms. Shannan Chapman

Mr. Stuart Finucane

Alison Baldwin’s Sophomore English Class- Warren Central High School

Carmel Lutheran Church

Ms. Allison Flickinger

Ms. Jennifer Gilles and Mr. Kendall Coad

Ms. Stefanie Flora

Ms. Debra Balos

Ms. Dara Cobb

Mr. Eli Baratz

Ms. Sarah Ford

Ms. Kimberly Cohen

Ms. Susan S Barrett

Ms. Rachel Forde

Mr. and Mrs. John Coker II

Ms. Shayna Barry

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Barth

Ms. Laurie Bronicki Freeman

Ms. Sara Compton

Mr. Mark Barton

Ms. Lisa Freeman

Mr. Andrew Connor

Mr. Morgan Battrell

Mr. Michael Gadus

Mr. Carl Conway

Mr. Jeremy Baugh

Ms. Angela Gannon

Ms. Carole Copeland

Ms. Vonda Bayer

Mr. Andrew Gatza

Ms. Cheryl Copeland

Ms. Carol Beeman

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Genetos

Mr. Matthew Corley

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Belton

Ms. Shalyn Getz

Ms. Veronica Cosby

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Boatwright

Ms. Dana Gillie

Mr. and Mrs. James Cosgrove

Ms. Sheila Borden

Mr. John Gilligan

Ms. Ann Sptiznogle Cothron

Ms. Virginia Boshears

Ms. Nan E. Girk

Mr. and Mrs. John Countryman

Mr. and Mrs. John Bowen

Ms. Christy Glesing

Ms. Magdalen Criss

Ashlee and Kathleen Boyd

Mr. Charles Goad

Ms. Christina Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Branstetter

Ms. Lynda Goeke

Ms. Marjorie Dawe

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Breeling

Ms. Marilyn Goeke

Mr. Geoff DePriest

Ms. Kathryn Brillhart

Mr. and Mrs. Asaf Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Deremiah

Ms. Deborah Brittain

Mr. Chris Golightly

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Desserich

Ms. Erin Brown


Ms. Karen Dickerson

Ms. Helen Brown

Mr. Tom Gorup

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown

Mr. Greg Gotwald

Ms. Kristen Dorler

Ms. Shari Bruce

Mr. John Gregg

Ms. Leah Downer

Ms. Brandi Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dryden

Ms. Cindie Harp and Mr. Max Harp

Ms. Tracy Butler

DTM Capital Ltd.

Ms. Stacey Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Byers

Ms. Tamara Edmon-Kimbrough

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hartwell

Ms. Nicole Fonner


Honor Roll of Donors July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 Mrs. Stephanie Harwood

Mrs. Sherri Kehoe

Macduff Realty Group

Mrs. Melissa Hathaway

Ms. Lori Jeane Kellum

Ms. Aliza Malouf

Ms. Jewelie Hathaway-Vires

Ms. Vicki Kenyon

Mr. David Mann

Dr. Amy Hayes

Ms. Barbara Kern

Mr. Mark Manuszak

Ms. Autumn Hays

Ms. Renee Keys

Ms. Cortnee Martin

Ms. Julia Heitz Cassidy

Mr. Kraig S. Kinchen and Ms. Tina M. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Mattingly

Ms. Kimberly Helton Ms. Brittany Hendrix

Ms. Courtney King

Mrs. Michael Maurer

Herron School of Art and Design

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kinnett

Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Maurer

Ms. Laura Klaum

Ms. Kari McCann

Ms. Valerie Hilgert

Mr. Benjamin Knoop

Ms. Margaret McGaughey

Ms. Christine Himsel

Mr. Robert T. Krieger

Ms. Pamela McIntyre

Ms. Deborah Hirt

Ms. Leslie Kutsenkow

Ms. Sharon McKinley

Mr. Mike Hofferman

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Labin

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McLaughlin

Ms. Sally Federman Hogan

Mrs. Rebecca Lake

Ms. Barbara McNeely

Mr. Ryan Hollander

Mr. Rick Laman

Ms. Erin McShea

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hopper

Ms. Jane A. Lane

Ms. Tabitha Meier

Mr. Ryan Horner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Langdon

Mr. Jeffrey Miller

Mrs. Edmund Hourigan

Ms. Jane Langendorff

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Milton

Mr. and Mrs. John House

Mr. Andrew Langferman

Ms. Ann Mitchell

Ms. Sue Carol Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Langley

Mr. and Mrs. John Mondary

Ms. Heidi Huff

Mr. Al Larsen

Ms. Kelly Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hullett

Mr. Brett Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morrison

Ms. Shelley Hunter

Ms. Jean Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Hisham Mozaffar

Ms. Amanda Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. David Leazenby

Ms. Amanda Mulroony

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School

Mr. Andrew Lee

Ms. Sithy Rafeela Nalim

Mr. Robert Lewis

Mr. Jeremy Howard Inlow

Mr. Anthony New

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lindauer

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Isaacs

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nobbe

Ms. Shannon Linker

Ms. Rose M. Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Odar

Mr. Jayme T. Little

Ms. Karen Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Odle

Ms. Sofia Livorsi

Ms. Tammy Jones

Ms. Jennifer O’Guinn

Ms. Laura Long

Mr. Tanner Jones

Ms. Jill Olecki

Ms. Susan Long

Ms. Lynn Jongleux

Ms. Nicole Osbun

Ms. Jennifer Longman

Ms. Sonja Kantor

Outside The Box

Ms. Liliana Lozano-Hay

Ms. Marcia A. Owens

Mr. Graham Lukens

Ms. Yvonne Owens


Mrs. Jill Mattingly

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pallman

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schulte

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tollini

Ms. Melinda Patrick

Ms. Nancy Tolson

Mr. Mike Patterson

Scotty’s Brewhouse Downtown Indianapolis

Ms. Mary Paul

Mrs. Ashley Sieb

Ms. Jean-Daniel Traenkle

Mr. David Pentico

Mr. Dennis Siebert

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Trusler

Mr. Narayanan Perumal

Ms. Herberta Fay Seibert

Mrs. Tiffany Trusty

Ms. Betsy Phillips

Mr. Steve Seibert

Ms. Monica Ann Tunks

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Pirowski

Ms. Meagan Senesac

Ms. Kate Vanneman

Ms. Jane Pittman

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Shikany

Ms. Lisa Sirkin Vielee

Purdue University - Department of Agricultural Economics

Ms. Terri Seigrist

Ms. Judy Voegel

Ms. Heidi Silgalis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quinn

Ms. Rachel Sipes

Mr. and Mrs. David Vonnegut-Gabovitch

Ms. Jennifer Ramage

Ms. Alexis Lee Sisko

Ms. Megan Wade

Dr. John Rapp

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skinner

Mr. William Wade

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reed

Ms. Heather Smelko

Ms. Lisa Wagoner

Ms. Joanne Regan

Mr. Brandon Smith

Homa Wahab-Draper

Ms. Georgiana Reynal

Ms. Doris Smith

Ms. Bonnie Warrick

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Reynolds

Ms. Shauna Smith

Ms. Erica Wassel

Mr. Paul Riccio

Ms. Emily Snapp

Ms. Cheryl Weatherholt

Ms. Lisa Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Weber

Mr. Richard Rickert

Ms. Michalin Sowers

Ms. Katie Wefler

Mr. Bryan Roesler

Ms. Dawnyele Weldon

Ms. Patricia Rooney

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Stankiewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosio

Ms. Judy Statom

Ms. Lisa White

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ross

Ms. Irene Stevens

Ms. Victoria L. Whitehead

Ms. Barbara Roth

Ms. Christine J. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wietlisbach

Mr. Dan Royal

Ms. Lisa Syverson

Mr. John Wirtz

Ms. Staci Ruffino

Mr. Todd Taulman

Ms. Barbara Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rutledge

Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Taylor

Ms. Kelly Young

Mr. Henry Ryder

Ms. Frances Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. David Zider

Ms. Leanne Sampson

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Taylor

Ms. Debbie Zipes

Ms. Sarah Sanborn

Ms. Shelly Thomas

Ms. Sara Sanderson

Ms. Heather Thompson

Mr. Andrew Sargent

Ms. Nancy Tiller

In-Kind Donors

Ms. Sharon Schmidt

Ms. Elizabeth Timme

21st Amendment

Mr. Benjamin Schreiber

Ms. Rose Timpe


Ms. Tamara Tolson

Mr. Jonathan White


Honor Roll of Donors July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 AAA Hoosier Motor Club

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Davey

Alison Baldwin’s Sophomore English Class-Warren Central High School

David and Mary Salon DaVita Inc.

and Design Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

Delaney Educational Enterprises

Hollyhock Hill

Anonymous (1) Mr. Will Armstead

Detour - An American Grille

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hussey

Bier Brewery

Mr. and Mrs. Mike DeWeese

Hyatt Place

Ms. Sally Bindley and Mr. Clark Millman

Mr. M. Travis DiNicola

I.d.entity Hair Design

Eiteljorg Museum

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boesen Bonge’s Tavern Brewstone Beer Company Ms. Nancy Brown Bruno’s Buckingham Companies

Mr. and Mrs. Don Elliott em Studio Salon Endangered Species Chocolate Epoxy Flooring Specialists ExactTarget Flat 12 Bierwerks Ganassi Racing Teams, Inc.

Mr. Tom Howe

Indiana Organ Procurement Organization Indiana Repertory Theatre Indiana Student Affairs Association Indianapolis Art Center

Mr. David Gelhausen

Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Derech Torah

Girl Scout Troop 12

Indianapolis Indians

Girl Scout Troop 872

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis Museum of Art


Glendale Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Adventurer Club)

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Chambers

Ms. Lynda Goeke

Ms. Erin Chaniga

Ms. Diane Goldberg

Indy Brew Bus

Chateau Thomas Winery

Mr. and Mrs. John Goldenberg

Chicago Cubs

Ms. Jeanine Goldner

Cincinnati Reds

Granite City Food & Brewery

Live Nation/Old National Center

Colts Grille

Greenwalt CPAs, Inc.

Lucas Oil Raceway

Conner Prairie

Ms. Linda Gritzer

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDonnel

Conrad Indianapolis

Greg Wilson

Ms. Michelle McNally

Conveyance Group, Inc.

Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Mellow Mushroom

Handi-Capable Hands, Inc.

My Toy Garden

Burks Family Foundation Byron Moore California Pizza Kitchen Carey Digital Carmel Symphony Orchestra

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Jazz Kitchen JW Marriott Indianapolis

Mr. and Mrs. Conor Murphy

Crackers Comedy ClubBroad Ripple

HardingPoorman Group

Dr. Gayle Cox

Heartland Film Festival

Partnership for Philanthropic Planning


Herron School of Art

Mr. and Mrs. Tod Perry

He Does Hair

Officeworks Services LLC

In Honor of

Pie Wars

Sun King

Planning Plus


Ms. Kim Poland


Ms. Sally Bindley

Primrose School at Bridgewater

The Alexander

Robbie Blackwell’s 4th Birthday

PRP Wine International

The Anson Group, LLC

Samantha Breeling

Purdue University, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

The Ball & Biscuit

Ms. Peggy Bruges

The Capital Grille

RCI Global Vacations Network

The Center for the Performing Arts

Associates and Clients of Conveyance Group, Inc.

Renaissance Indianapolis North Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Ripley Ms. Stephanie Roberts Mr. Owen Royal Mr. Cynthia Ruby Mrs. Mary Ann Ruegger Sai Center of Indianapolis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Sr. Scotty’s Brewhouse Downtown Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis The National Bank of Indianapolis The Rathskeller Ms. Lisa Thomas Mr. and Mrs. JJ Thompson

Mr. Bill Bindley

Ms. Toby Davis Ms. Hannah Littman Ms. Dawn McGrath Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore Alice & Greg Morical & Family Ms. Elizabeth Murphy Pete the Planner Ms. Alison Plavin Ms. Melissa Seibert

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company

Ms. Christine Shaffner

Triton Brewing Company

John Sherrill Presents

Ms. Ida Shelton

Ms. Melissa Seibert

Mr. Anthony Troxell

Ms. Kim Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Semler

Ms. Sue Uhl

Ms. Kim Tweetey

Ms. Patricia Severns

University High School

Ms. Teresa Unseld

Silly Safaris

Mr. Daniel Viaches

Mr. Owen Vicars

Spring Mill Elementary

Voyager Learning

St. Elmo Steak House

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wagner

St. Louis Cardinals

Ms. Katie Wefler

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Steinberg

Wiley Publishing

In Memory of

Ms. Cheryl Strode-Gregory

Mr. Greg Wilson

Ms. Elsa M. Iverson

Studio 01

Woodhouse Day Spa

Mr. Joe Novak


Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wyrick

Ms. Phyllis Miller

Mr. James Suber

Zionsville West Middle School

We appreciate you! If your name has been listed incorrectly, or you believe your name has been omitted, please accept our apologies and notify the office at (317) 202-9100.

Jacob Vigran’s Bar Mitzvah Audra and Jonas Viskanta

Mr. Robert Lee Hoffman


Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and School on Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Alice Morical, Chair Partner, Hoover Hull LLP

William E. Bindley Chairman Bindley Capital Partners

Lori Gooding, Vice Chair VP Human Resources, Buckingham Companies Brooke Smith, Treasurer Community Volunteer Nora Spitznogle, Secretary Director of Programs, Second Helpings Kathy Ackerman Community Volunteer Thomas Boesen Financial Services Advisor Andrew Cardimen Managing Director, BMO Harris Bank

Bruce McCaw Managing Director Merrill Lynch Financial Services Bob Poorman Vice President HardingPoorman Group Cindy Simon Skjodt Community Volunteer Michael L. Smith Former Executive Vice President & CFO Anthem, Inc.

School on Wheels Staff

Carol Chambers Community Volunteer

Sally Bindley Founder & CEO

Jeff Hokanson Member, Frost Brown Todd LLC

Kate Hussey Chief Operating Officer

Pat McDonald Corporate Tax Manager, Defender Direct

Laura Alvarado Director of Programs and Partnerships

Jason Patch Audit Director, Katz, Sapper & Miller 28

Harry Danz President That’s Good HR

Elizabeth Murphy Individual and Corporate Giving Officer Claire Brosman Grants and Communications Manager

Wheels Staff Karen Routt Program Manager Amy Stankiewicz Operations Manager Samantha Breeling Volunteer Coordinator Shalyn Getz Program and Communications Specialist Kris Hurst Program Assistant & Program Coordinator Sarah Matlock Project Manager Joy Araujo Program Coordinator Erin Brown Program Coordinator Latrice Brown Program Coordinator Ieva Grundy Program Coordinator Autumn Hays Program Coordinator Asia Reynolds Program Coordinator Cindy Ruby Program Coordinator Teresa Unseld Program Coordinator 29


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School on Wheels 2012-2013 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2012-2013 Annual Report

School on Wheels 2012-2013 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2012-2013 Annual Report