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$78,566.77 the fair market value for 4,027

hours of tutoring if we paid all of our volunteer tutors for their time

School on Wheels By The Numbers...

By providing educational assistance, mentoring, school supplies and uniforms to homeless children, School on Wheels plays a significant role in breaking the cycle of homelessness. Tutors in Action Program * recruits and trains dedicated and consistent community volunteers. * provides academic tutoring and mentoring to homeless children. * operates in every Indianapolis family homeless shelter and one elementary school for a total of 12 locations. * provides one-on-one daily tutoring at no cost. * distributes backpacks, school supplies and school uniforms to the homeless children we tutor.

Tutors in Action for Homeless Children

Program Fundraising Administration Total

$308,338 74,526 53,749 $436,613

Year ended June 30, 2008

71% 17% 12% 100%

Foundations $218,997 Individuals 119,353 Corporate 55,825 Government 41,787 In-kind Contributions 35,693 Interest Income 9,491 Total $481,146 Expenses

Revenue and Support

45% 25% 12% 9% 7% 2% 100%

2007-2008 Financial Results (unaudited) * Barton Center * Dayspring Center * Coburn Place * Holy Family Shelter * Wellspring Cottage * * The Lilly House * Indianapolis Public School #14 * Interfaith Hospitality Network * * Wheeler Mission Care Center * Holy Family Transitional Housing * * Salvation Army Social Service Center * WINGS *

In addition to tutoring, School on Wheels offers a continuum of academic care for homeless children. Ignite Learning Program * works with homeless parents to equip them with the skills and resources needed to support their children’s academic careers. * facilitates the process of our students becoming college graduates. * enrolls eligible children in the 21st Century Scholars program to receive four years paid college tuition. * links homeless children to the Starfish Initiative for college preparation, tutoring, and mentoring.

Ignite Learning

School on Wheels Partners

*Distributed 1,153 articles of clothing for school uniforms to homeless children

*Distributed 201 backpacks loaded with school supplies to homeless children *Utilized 298 community volunteers as tutors for homeless children *Tutored 322 school-aged homeless children *Provided 4,027 hours of one-on-one tutoring for homeless children

2007-2008 Program Results Program and Financial Results

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School on Wheels Staff Sally Bindley, Founder and CEO Janet Youngblood Hiatt, Vice President of Development Melanie Priest, Program Director Jill Pierce, Program Manager Tiffany Silgalis, Office Manager Peggy Esselman, Education Advocate Leah Gillock, Volunteer Manager Carrie Murphy, Volunteer Services Coordinator Melissa Cosby, Development Coordinator Amy Shackelford, Program Coordinator Heather Nicodemus, Lead Site Coordinator Nikki Lee, Site Coordinator Debbie Porterfield, Site Coordinator Jessica Arnett, Site Coordinator Jessica Whitehead, Site Coordinator Susan Thoben, Site Coordinator Derek Weaver, Site Coordinator Kristina Weaver, Site Coordinator Megan Goelzer, Site Coordinator

Annual Report 2007-2008

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The Mission of School on Wheels is to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for school-aged homeless children. Our Vision is to break the cycle of homelessness through education.

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School on Wheels is Indianapolis’ answer to increasing educational opportunities for homeless children in order to create the economic opportunities necessary to break the cycle of homelessness.

We Moved!

Since our founding in 2001, School on Wheels has: * trained over 1,000 community volunteers * provided tutoring to nearly 2,500 school-aged homeless children * provided over 17,000 hours of tutoring * distributed 800 backpacks filled with supplies * distributed over 2,000 articles of clothing for school uniforms to homeless children

School on Wheels Corp. 2815 E. 62nd Street, Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46220 P: 317.202.9100 * F: 317.205.9615

School on Wheels By The Numbers...


the number of years School on Wheels has been tutoring homeless children

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School on Wheels Board of Directors Jennifer Rhodes, Ice Miller, Chair Harry Danz, That’s Good HR, Vice Chair Joanne McAnlis, Duke Realty, Secretary Cindy Taylor, National Bank of Indianapolis, Treasurer Carole Casto, Cummins, Inc. Pam Dechert, eTapestry Helen Lewis, Community Volunteer Megan Maurer, Community Volunteer Brian Schmidt, Katz Sapper & Miller Randy Zentz, Zentz Marketing Consulting Bob Zier, Former Nonprofit Executive

“I am often asked what motivates me to be in this line of work. We see kids every day in the most desperate circumstances. Is it sad? Yes. Is it depressing? Sure. What keeps me coming back day after day is simple: I can’t imagine what life would be like for these kids without School on Wheels. Now that is depressing.” ~ Sally Bindley, Founder and CEO

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School on Wheels By The Numbers...

9 the average age of a homeless person in Indianapolis *

School on Wheels Honor Roll of Donors

A portion of the printing costs for this annual report was generously donated by Harding Poorman Group. Please honor them with your patronage.

July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008 Crayon Sponsor: Up to $100 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aleshire, Jr. Ms. Linda Appel Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bane Dr. Amy R. Barker Mr. & Mrs. Don Barnes Mr. & Mrs. John Barth Mr. & Mrs. Gerritt Bates Ms. Billye Beasley Ms. Colleen Beeler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bennett, III Mr. & Mrs. Tag Birge Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Boatwright Ms. Alisa Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Bran Boyer Mr. & Mrs. James Bremner Ms. Karen Burch Ms. Amanda Burton Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Byerly Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Caito Mr. & Mrs. Ron Carmony Ms. Tess Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Cavalier Mrs. Bonnie Chaney First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church Mr. & Mrs. Don Collins Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Connell Ms. Emily Connors Mr. & Mrs. Robert Connors Mr. Mark Copeland Mr. & Mrs. Paul Copeland Mrs. Erin Corwin Mr. & Mrs. Yves Coulibaly Dr. & Mrs. James Cumming Ms. Amanda Dalton Ms. Murph Damron Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Tom DeVoe Mr. Brent Dechert Ms. Lynda Dechert Ms. Karen Dishong Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dorfman Mr. & Mrs. Scott Dorsey Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Damian Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Eisgruber Ms. Brooke Enochs Ms. Margaret Esselman Ms. Martha Faul Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fennerty Mr. Clayton Fleener Dr. & Mrs. Joe Forgey Ms. Susan Franklin Ms. Karen French Mr. & Mrs. David Frick Mr. & Mrs. Fred Frisch Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gadski Mr. & Mrs. John Gallina Mr. Shawn Galloway Mr. Haital Gao Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Genetos Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gigerich Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Good GoodSearch Mr. & Mrs. Perry Griffith, Jr. Ms. Ellen Gumiela Ms. Jennifer Gunnels Ms. Marilyn Halbrook Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hamburger Mr. & Mrs. Guy Hartwell Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hasselkus Ms. Kerry Hastings Mr. John He Mr. & Mrs. Edward Heath Mr. Larry Heid Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Hillis Mr. & Mrs. Phil Himelstein Mr. David Hirschle Mr. Travis Holler Mr. & Mrs. Scott Howard Mr. Edgar Huang Mr. Jianping Huang Mrs. Naijia Huang Mr. & Mrs. Dan Huffman Dr. Yuhua Hui Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hunter Mr. Marvin Hutcherson, Jr. Ms. Sylvia Hyde JPMorgan Chase Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James James Mr. Kaishun Ji Ms. Mari Kaiser Ms. Heather Killion Mr. & Mrs. Max Kime Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Knapp Mr. Paul Krasnovsky Mrs. Roberta M. Lamberson Mr. Andrew Lee Mrs. Guangjun Li Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lipps Mr. Colin Lobo Ms. Lynn Lorton Senator Teresa & Mr. Mark Lubbers Mr. Ethan Luo Ms. Roberta Main-Jackson Ms. Natalie Manges Mr. & Mrs. Terrel Marks Ms. Andrea Marsh Ms. Janet McCabe and Mr. Jon Laramore Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McGill Mr. & Mrs. Matt McLaughlin

Ms. Jessica Miller Mr. & Mrs. James Miller Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Miller Ms. Tracy Mishkin Mr. & Mrs. Bret Mohninger Ms. Kelly Moore Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moore Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Mora Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Moss Mr. & Mrs. Conor Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Brian Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Newberry Mr. Jeffrey Newman Mr. Chris Nordstrom Ms. Abigail Nunley Mr. & Mrs. Alexander O’Neill Mr. Gehan Omran Dr. Jude Onyia PaceButler Corporation Ms. Kimberly Packwood Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Paine Mr. & Mrs. Ted Pankiewicz Past Presidents of PTA Ms. Jana Pehler Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Pierce Mr. & Mrs. Chad Pirowski Ms. Karen Portish Mr. & Mrs. Wes Priest Ms. TerriAnn Rea-Gaustad Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Rettig Ms. Janet C. Riddle Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roark Ms. Kris Rollison & Mr. Dale Billman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosiello Mr. & Mrs. Schelli Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schiffli Ms. Katie Schnieders Mr. & Mrs. Ed Schowe Mr. Benjamin Schreiber Ms. Kelly Schweitzer Ms. Oni Sharp Mrs. Shearman Ms. Christine Simpson Ms. Laura Skinner Ms. Anne Smeltzer Mr. David Snover Ms. Linda Sommer Ms. Mary Jane Sorbera Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Steele Mr. & Mrs. Jim Strapulos Ms. Dorothy Sullender Mrs. Joy Sullender Ms. Jennifer Taylor Mr. & Mrs. William Trainor Ms. Jennifer Tromm Ms. Jessica Tubbs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tuttle Mr. & Mrs. Kelly VanDeWalker Ms. Ileana Vanegas & Mr. William Barnett Ms. Megan Veigel Wachovia Foundation Ms. Megan Wade Mr. & Mrs. Derek Weaver Mr. & Mrs. George Weimer Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Wright Mr. Xuejun Wu Ms. Ivy Yan Dr. Liangzeng Yan Mr. Jian Yang Mr. Nengyu Yang Mrs. Wendy Yang Ms. Tracy Yedinak Mr. & Mrs. John Youngblood

Ruler Sponsor: $101-$499 Mr. Todd Adams All People Yoga Center Mr. & Mrs. Earl Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Avagian Ms. Shelly Baker Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barnette Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barry Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bill Mr. & Mrs. James Bindley Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bindley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bindley Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blair Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Blom Mr. & Mrs. Bill Boncosky Mr. & Mrs. David Boncosky Mr. & Mrs. William Boncosky Mr. & Mrs. Jason Brauer Mr. Thomas Brown Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Browne Mr. & Mrs. John Bruch Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Burris Jeremiah Carter East 91st Street Christian Church Ms. Angel Cierzniewski Mr. & Mrs. James Clark Mr. & Mrs. Martin Cline Concerts for Kindness Charitable Foundation Conveyance Group, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Derek Dechert Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Decker Ms. Jodi Donner Ms. Donna Doty Duke Realty Corporation Ms. Amanda Ebbing Mr. & Mrs. John Farrar Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fasone First Friends Church Mr. & Mrs. Coley Gaynor Mr. & Mrs. Brady Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gramelspacher

Ms. Joanna Green Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Grein Mr. & Mrs. William Greve Mr. Lou Gutzwiller Ms. Mary-Elise Haug Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hiatt Mr. Bob Hiatt Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hopper Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Hourigan Mr. & Mrs. Allan Hubbard Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hullett Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kennedy Dr. Jennifer & Mr. Jeff Kittle Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kortepeter Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kroot Lafayette High School Ms. Jean Lawler Dr. Shawn Lee Mr. Gus Lemcke Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lord Mr. & Mrs. Ming Lowe Mr. Matt Luers Mr. & Mrs. Joe Marxer Dr. & Mrs. Robert McCallum Mr. & Mrs. Garth McClain Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGowan Mr. Gerald McKinney Ms. Katherine McKinney Melsernet Mr. & Mrs. Mark Melvin Mr. & Mrs. Mike Merkel Mr. & Mrs. Joe Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mootz Mr. & Mrs. Chris Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Myers Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Noga Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Penczek Ms. Alyssa Perry Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Philpott Post Road Christian Church Mr. & Mrs. Ron Reed Mr. Richard Rickert Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roark Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Phil Samuelson Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schahet Ms. Sarah Scharbrough Ms. Lisa Schubert Mr. Stefan Schurter Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Semler Ms. Terri Shackelford Mr. Michael Shinn Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Smith Dr. & Mrs. James Spahn Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sterrett Target Ms. Debbie Thompson Mr. & Mrs. George Weber Drs. Elizabeth & Martin Wehlage Ms. Karen Weyrauch Ms. Marianna Wilson Mr. Mark Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wyatt Mr. & Mrs. John Wynne Mr. & Mrs. Ace Yakey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Young

Notebook Sponsor: $500 - $999 Mr. & Mrs. Harold Apple Blackbaud, Inc. Ms. Emily Brown Mr. & Mrs. Michael Browning Mr. & Mrs. Keith Burks Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Cabello Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Caponi Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Chambers Mr. Kristopher Chaney Mr. & Mrs. Don Craft Mr. & Mrs. Carl Doty Ms. Margaret Edwards Mr. & Mrs. John F. Esselman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Fusile Ms. Carolyn Gartland Mr. & Mrs. Anton George Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Jones, III Ms. Rosanne Ammirati & Mr. Kevin Krulewitch Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McGinley The Mothershead Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John L. Murphy Neff Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Denny Oklak Mr. & Mrs. James Risk Rush Foundation Safeco Mr. & Mrs. Brian Schmidt Ms. Patricia Shaffner Mr. & Mrs. Larry Shelton University of Indianapolis School of Music Ms. Marie Commiskey Winch Mr. & Mrs. Randy Zentz

Backpack Sponsor: $1,000-2,499 The Ackerman Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Gary Aletto Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ash Ms. Sally Bindley & Mr. Clark Millman Blue & Co., LLC Blue River Foundation, Inc. Brightpoint Ms. Carole Casto & Mr. William Barnhorst Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Crose

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Danz Ms. Jeanne Davis & Mr. Steve Sidebottom Deloitte & Touche LLP Dorfman Design Builders The Drew Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven Erb Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Groth Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hoyt IndyCar Series Mr. & Mrs. Henry Junkersfeld Kite Realty Group Mr. & Mrs. John Kite Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kite Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis Ms. Erica Knuth Lacy Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Eli Lilly, II London Witte and Company Long and Associates, PC Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Lord Mr. & Mrs. Greg Maurer Ms. Joanne McAnlis & Mr. Ed Bielski National City Bank Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Neal Netherleigh Fund, a CICF fund The Orchard School Mr. & Mrs. Tom Price PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Dr. Steven Priddy Ratio Architects Ms. Jennifer Rhodes & Mr. Greg Butts Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schubert Simon Property Group Mr. & Mrs. James Sinclair Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Steinberg The National Bank of Indianapolis The Sharrow Group WellPoint Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Barry Wood Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wood Mr. & Mrs. John Young Mr. Wayne Zink & Mr. Randy Deer

Chalk Board Sponsor: $2,500-$4,999 Bindley Capital Partners Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bindley Ms. Jean Blackwell & Ms. Kimberly Williams Blakley Corporation Ernst & Young LLP Fifth Third Bank Ice Miller LLP Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lacy Mr. & Mrs. Randall Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCormick Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Moore Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Schamp St. Vincent Hospital and HCC

School Bus Sponsor: $5,000-$10,000 AT&T Foundation Mr. Greg Bednar Gannett Foundation Junior League of Indianapolis Kris Patton Fund, a fund of the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, a CICF Fund McCaw Family Foundation Nicholas H. Noyes Jr. Memorial Foundation PeyBack Foundation The Sallie Mae Fund Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Schafer William & Jane Schloss Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Simon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith That’s Good HR MET Foundation Inc. WellPoint, Inc.

Diploma Sponsor: $10,001 and up Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club City of Indianapolis/HUD The Clowes Fund The Cummins Foundation Department of Health & Human Services Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc. Pacers Basketball Corp. Foundation The Robert and Helen Haddad Foundation

Gifts In Memory of Mr. Maxwell Boncosky Mr. Marvin Carmony Mr. Gerald Franklin Cohen Ms. Mary Louise Moynahan Mr. Tim Roark

Gifts In Honor of Mr. Bill Bindley Ms. Sally Bindley Ms. Pat Cupp Ms. Peggy Decker Mr. Howard J. Lacy Ms. Martha Moore Ms. Melanie Priest Dr. Elizabeth Weber

In Kind Gifts Arni’s Aronstam Fine Jewelers Arthur Murray Dance Studio Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ash Ms. Erin Baker Ms. Jaqueline & Miss Lauren Bates Ms. Ann Beale Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bear Creek La Clothiere Ms. Susie Beck Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lacy Ms. JoAnn Beckley Ms. Helen Laseke Ben & Ari’s Mr. & Mrs. Randall Lewis Ms. Chris Bennett Little Women Beth-El Zedeck Ms. Lynn Lorton Bindley Capital Partners Ms. Linda Lovejoy Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club Lucky Lou Broad Ripple Brew Pub Ms. Melody MacDuffee Brugge Brasserie Mr. & Mrs. William Mandara Ms. Lorene Burkhart W. Marks Photography William Henry Burkhart Elementary School Ms. Michelle Mattice Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Byerly Mr. & Mrs. Greg Maurer California Closets Moondance Massage Capri Ristorante Mr. & Mrs. Matt McLaughlin Ms. Ellie Carter Ms. Karen Melbert Cater Me Cafe Ms. Kris Meller Cheeky Couture Mr. & Mrs. Scot Mellor Christ the King Catholic Church Ms. Sally Bindley & Mr. Clark Millman Ms. Laura Christenberry Ms. Amber Mizimakoski East 91st Street Christian Church Monarch Beverage Company First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Moore Climb Time Indy The Mower Shop Ms. Pat Cloud My Pillow Ms. Amanda Coddens Ms. Judy Myers Collection 94 Ms. Clarice Nance Conner Prairie National Wine and Spirits Ms. Emily Connors Nickel Plate Bar and Grill Conrad Indianapolis Northside News Ms. Andrea Cowan Ms. Stacy Noss Dana Mannix Gymnastics Ms. Karin Ogden David and Mary Salon Dr. Robert L. Osgood Ms. Jeanne Davis & Mr. Steve Sidebottom Outdoor Escapes Day Furs Parkside Animal Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Derek Dechert Ms. Maria Pavlovszky-Fowler Ms. Tenisha Dickinson Penzy’s Spices Ms. Katie Doane Mr. & Mrs. Joel Perry Drake Interiors Pieces of You, LLC Earthly Designs Pizzeria Uno Eiteljorg Museum Ms. Kim Poland Eli Lilly and Company Post Road Christian Church eTapestry Inc. Prairie Trace Elementary Mr. & Mrs. Chris Fink Dr. Steven Priddy First Friends Church Ms. Theresa Pritchard Ms. Kim Fisher Puccini’s Smiling Teeth The Flying Cupcake Ms. Cindy Reis Gingko Rhema Photography Ms. Cindy Girardin River Glen Country Club Mr. & Mrs. Matt Gothard Riviera Club Ms. Jan Gould Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roark Grapevine Cottage Ms. Judy Ronk Ms. Leah Haak Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rosio Ms. Mona Hanna Sahm’s Bar & Grill Mr. Anthony Hanslits Sai Center of Indianapolis Harding Poorman Group Mr. & Mrs. David Schnieders Ms. Jodee Harley Secret Ingredient Harry Gaunt Jewelers Ms. Terri Shackelford Ms. Jennifer Hart Sign Craft Industries Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hasselkus Ms. Tiffany Silgalis Ms. Kerry Hastings Silpada Designs Haus Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smith Heal Thyself Ms. Angela Southern Mr. & Mrs. Edward Heath St. Luke Catholic Church Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hiatt Starbucks Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Steinhardt Hollyhock Hill Ms. Susie Tatum Hoosier Glass Company, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Sam Taylor Ms. Barbara Howard That’s Good HR Ice Miller LLP The National Bank of Indianapolis Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis In Vogue Two Cookin’ Sisters Indiana Elite All Star Cheer & Dance WHMB 40 Indiana Organ Procurement Organization Ms. Megan Wade Indiana Repertory Theatre Ms. Barbara Waymire Indiana School for the Deaf Mr. John Wechsler Indiana State Fairgrounds Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wesseler Indiana Pacers Sports & Entertainment Mr. R. David Williams Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Derech Torah Ms. Kathy Wood Indianapolis Indians Yanni’s Furs Indianapolis Monthly Yats Indianapolis Art Center Mr. & Mrs. Henry Yee Indianapolis Colts, Inc. The Yoga Center Indianapolis Zoo Names in blue honor our Hope for International Furniture Imports Ms. Paula Ison Homeless Children Guardian Angels. J Shepard These special individuals sustain our program. JamaBakes Jazz Kitchen Ms. Barbara Kane We appreciate you! If your name has been Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP listed incorrectly or you believe your name Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keating has been omitted, please accept our apologies Ms. Connie Keller Kirles Jewelers and notify our office at (317) 202-9100.

School on Wheels By The Numbers...

1 the number of organizations in Indianapolis providing academic services exclusively to homeless children

0 the number of homeless children we would like to exist

19 the number of dedicated and talented staff members at School on Wheels

School on Wheels 2007-2008 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2007-2008 Annual Report

School on Wheels 2007-2008 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2007-2008 Annual Report