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commentary + parenting 12 | MOMMY MAGIC The golden rule

18 | DAD SHOT MY LAPTOP Stay-at-home dad, Pete Gilbert

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The inspiring story of one local mother who survived breast cancer

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Fall Fun is in the Air


October is here, bringing with it mild days that are ideal for taking in the beauty of the changing leaves and crisp fall nights that are perfect for gathering with friends and family around the fire pit. It is also a month where activity abounds in the Cincinnati area. From fall festivals to football games, hayrides to haunted houses, there are so many family memories to be made this month. At Cincinnati Parent we pride ourselves in pulling together a comprehensive events calendar that is your go- to source for all of the fun happenings in the tri-state area. Visit our print calendar at the back of this issue to begin planning your fall adventures. Our online calendar at offers even more great ideas for getting your family out and about this fall. In this issue, we also bring you a reminder of The Importance of Preschool Enrichment. This feature discusses the variety of options available to expand your young child’s learning experience outside of the home. From preschool programs to enriching extracurricular activities geared toward the younger set, there are many options to choose from and we offer advice on selecting the right programs for your child.

OFFICE MANAGER Karen Ring | AD CREATION Heather Lipe | CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Mary Wynne Cox, Marge Eberts & Peggy Gisler, Katie Wynne, Sarah McCosham, Brooke Reynolds, Katrina R. Holtmeier, Pete Gilbert, Mary Susan Buhner, Dr. David Katkin

If your child has moved well beyond the preschool years and decisions about college are closer at hand, be sure to check out our article on making the most of the College Tour. From deciding when the time is right to begin visiting prospective schools to sorting through the school selection process, we bring you the information you need to make the most of this exciting time in your child’s life.


It is common knowledge that childhood obesity is an epidemic that is sweeping our nation and a parent’s best defense in keeping obesity at bay is knowledge. In Combating Childhood Obesity, we gather advice from pediatricians, nutritionists and fitness experts on lifestyle changes parents can implement in order to set their child up for a lifetime of making healthy choices.

9435 Waterstone Blvd., Suite 140 | Cincinnati, OH 45249 PHONE: 513.444.2015 | FAX: 513.444.2099 EMAIL:

Finally, we bring you, I Survived, the inspiring story of one local mother who fought the battle with breast cancer and won. For anyone who has watched a love one face this terrible disease or for those who have faced it first-hand, this story is an informative, inspirational piece that reminds us there is never a need to go it alone. We hope you enjoy this issue of Cincinnati Parent, and when you are done reading, be sure to get out and enjoy all of the fall fun that awaits you in the Cincinnati area!

Mary Wynne Cox Publisher 8 CINCINNATIPARENT.COM


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ADHD AND LEARNING ISSUES DON’T HAVE TO LIMIT THEIR POTENTIAL The new school year often brings anxiety and frustration especially for kids struggling with learning issues. But success both in and out of the classroom is achievable. The Brain Balance Program provides lasting results by addressing the root cause at the most fundamental level. Stop in or call to find out how we can help your child succeed.

CALL 513.257.0705 LEARN MORE VISIT 12084 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249

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[ community spotlight ]

community S POT L IGH T

cincinnati ballet presents alice (in wonderland) From October 26 – 28, experience the wonder and magic of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, performed by the one and only Cincinnati Ballet at Music Hall. Parents and children alike will revel in this bold, spectacular take on this classic story set to live music by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. From the handmade costumes to the original music, this show will transport audiences from Music Hall all the way to Wonderland.

Tickets to the show start at $31. For more information on dates and times and how to purchase tickets, visit

Last month, the Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC) unveiled their new Mashburn Discovery Trail. The new Discovery Trail consists of 12 interpretive exhibits along the one mile trail that will enhance the visitor’s knowledge of Cincinnati’s natural history, habitat, and natural environment. Exhibits will include subjects such as tree identification, amphibian life-cycles, and pond discovery. “The Mashburn Discovery Trail provides easy access for everyone to enjoy and the interpretive exhibits deliver educational messages by using your senses and the native habitats surrounding you,” said Bill Hopple, Executive Director at CNC. CNC Director of Education, Connie O’Connor added, “Along this new trail, you will observe plants and animals in native habitats. Each time you visit, two things are guaranteed to be different: nature itself and what you bring to the experience each time you visit. We encourage you to focus on both. If you leave with more questions and insights than when you came, nature has inspired you. Ask questions, seek answers and keep discovering!”

The Cincinnati Ballet is also offering Meet the Artists, a pre-performance discussion series where audiences can meet choreographers, dancers, and members of the creative team. This event, 7:00 p.m., October 26, is FREE to anyone with an ALICE (in wonderland) ticket.


cincinnati nature center opens new discovery trail


ohio renaissance festival This October, Queen Elizabeth and over 150 costumed characters invite you to the 30-acre re-created 16th Century English village in Warren County. Prepare thyself for a non-stop adventure filled with over 400 years of fun in a single day! Featuring nearly 100 shows daily on 11 stages, 135 unique arts and crafts shops, hearty food and drink fit for Kings, games of skill and human-powered rides to amuse all ages, the Ohio Renaissance festival has something for everyone! Every Saturday and Sunday in October from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., take in the sights and smells of the Renaissance period with your family. Tickets are $16.99 for adults and $8.99 for children when purchased online. For family discounts and more information about the Ohio Renaissance Festival, visit

family fun at the blue manatee children’s bookstore Are you looking for something fun to do with your toddler? Then look no further than the Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore, where special events and book readings will be held almost every day in October. Mondays: Make a Mess at the Manatee—Join Ms. Kelli every Monday morning to enjoy this wonderful outlet for a child’s creative side. Have fun listening to a good book and participating in an art-making activity. Wednesdays: Preschool Story Time—Every Wednesday, Ms. Gail leads this fantastic story time. Great books, easy laughs, and sweet songs are sure to entail. Thursdays (2nd and 4th): Music with Ms. Meghan—Ms. Meghan’s Music Time is one of their most popular activities. Join in the song and dance with your preschooler! Saturdays: ManaTots Story Time & Language Story Times— On Saturdays in October, visit Blue Manatee for a cup of coffee from the decafe’ while your early riser(s) get their blood pumping with special preschool story time! Afterwards, expose your child to different cultures at Language Story Time, where stories are presented in different languages every week! For more information on times, dates, and how to register, visit


on the cover candy: Cotton Candy color: Pink ice cream: Birthday Cake sport: Golf & Swimming tv show: Caliou subject: Piano Lessons toy: Bamboletta Dolls movie: Tangled restaurant: Abuelo’s Mexican food: White Spaghetti (alfredo!)


outfit: Kids Fly Too necklace: Lil Mar & Co (Etsy) headband: Julias Gemz (Etsy)

when I grow up...

I wanna be the driver of the Oscar Meijer Weiner Truck!


elle rey french

[ Photos by Hannah Hilliard Photography ]

OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 11

commentary and parenting

[ mommy magic ]

The Golden Rule Teaching your children the importance of kindness Mary Susan Buhner

As parents, there is a long list of things that we feel important to teach our kids while they are still young and under our influence. For instance, learning to tie shoes, learning to set the dinner table, and learning to care for themselves - get dressed, comb hair and brush teeth. It’s also very important to teach your children how to care for others. This, however, can be easier said than done in today’s hectic world. In the midst of parenting and juggling all the different roles we play (chauffeur, lunch maker, disciplinarian, the list goes on...) sometimes we actually forget to teach our kids the most important principle they need to know in life - how to be nice! Sometimes I wonder in today's fast-paced world of Instagram and Facebook if our children are forgetting the Golden Rule. This, in my opinion, should be the most important principle my children learn before they are grown-ups. I recently saw a quote by John Cassis that read: “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.” I loved this quote so much that I cut it out and put it on our family bulletin board as a daily reminder to me and my entire family to be kind to those who surround us. It is easy to forget the value of kindness, especially when much of our communication nowadays occurs electronically. It can be difficult to convey appreciation, gratitude, or sentiment through a text or email. Recently, I experienced this very thing with a friend. She texted me and I was confused by her text. She sounded angry and frustrated with me. I am not a fan of drama, so I answered her with a brief text back. I got no real response, but an "Ughh" texted back at me instead. An “Ughh” to what, I thought. To me? My text? All I felt was frustration toward my dear friend based on a few short words typed in a small bar on my phone. What I realized was that there was no real basis to the miscommunication that was happening, just emotion between us that had been misplaced due to lack of communication and actually taking the time to be NICE before or after the information was exchanged. A quick phone call resolved the silly miscommunication between us via text. This hiccup between us make me stop and realize that being kind and nice to those around us is vital no matter what method of communication we are using at the moment. A lot is conveyed these days in many different methods of information-sharing - texting, Twitter, Facebook, email. I hope, as parents, that we slow down enough to insert kindness, gratitude and appreciation when we communicate with others.


With that, I am extremely aware that my children are watching me and taking copious notes. Our children learn from our example. We must continue to teach them that the Golden Rule is, in fact, one of the most important life lessons they will ever learn. Join the Mommy Magic’s Fan Page on Facebook and visit to be a part of the mom community that supports and encourages moms in Indy with helpful tips for motherhood!

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Yes! My daughter and hubby (stepdad) fight over what to watch if not. It does have its limits though. – Crystal L. Nope. They don’t need it. – Nicole J. No. We try to limit TV to 1 hour/day. However, when they are older -- like high school-aged - we might consider it. I remember getting one when I was a junior and it was such a big deal. I hope it still is for our children, too. It should be a privelege, not an entitlement. – Malinda L. No, it is proven through studies that children with TVs in their room end up having a harder time falling asleep in the long run. – Brittany B. No, I do not. The only time my kids are aloud to watch anything in there room is when they are sick and are watching their DVD players. – Allison W.


Tickets to the Children’s Theatre’s Seussical Jr.

“Do you allow your kids to have a TV in their bedroom? Why or why not?

Kings Island Tickets

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Disney On Ice Tickets

Cincinnati Ballet’s Alice in Wonderland

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Piano Voice Guitar Drums Strings Brass Preschool Music

Call 829-2345 for a FREE sample WEST CHESTER lesson. ACADEMY


8374 Princeton Glendale Rd. West Chester, OH

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combating childhood OBESITY Sarah McCosham

It’s common knowledge that obesity is a serious problem in the U.S., affecting roughly one out of every three adults. However, what is perhaps most alarming about this trend is how it’s affecting children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly one in every six U.S. children is obese. In fact, since 1980, the rate of obesity among children and adolescents has almost tripled. As a result, these children are also being diagnosed with very serious – and, typically adult – problems, including sleep apnea, joint pain, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

These are scary statistics – enough to make any parent feel overwhelmed and powerless. However, experts agree that by making just a few lifestyle changes, parents can help get their children’s weight under control – and set them up for life-long success.

Defining the Problem When it comes to raising a healthy kid, modern society sets parents up for failure. Suburbs aren’t generally walking or biking friendly, video games are touted as “educational” options for young children, and many parents are afraid to let their kids venture too far from home for safety reasons. What’s more, with many schools cutting “extras” such as gym class and recess, “kids are suffering physically,” says Dr. Nancy DeBlasis, a Pediatrician at Group Health in Kenwood. Add it all up, DeBlasis explains, and today’s generation of kids is more sedentary than ever before. In addition, today’s unstable economy often requires that both parents work outside the home, which contributes to a rushed, too-few-hours-in-the-day tempo for the family. Furthermore, DeBlasis says that eating healthfully is “often overwhelming for parents – they don’t know where to start, and think that doing so requires more time, money, and planning.” It may seem like the odds are stacked against your family -- but as parents become more informed on how to live healthfully and set a positive example, this problem could be drastically lessened.

Get Moving Most experts advise that kids get at least an hour of physical activity every day. To remember this recommendation, DeBlasis cites the “5-2-1-0” program, which stands for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, no more than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of exercise, and 0 sugary drinks each day. To make exercise more appealing, DeBlasis suggests kids pick an activity – any physical activity – that they enjoy. “It’s one hour of daily movement, and that could be sports, dance classes – even vacuuming the house!” she says, concluding “Kids should pick something they enjoy.” Ian Arata, a personal trainer at Revolution Fitness, adds that parents should think about what they 16 CINCINNATIPARENT.COM

enjoyed as a kid, and do those activities with their kids: “Soccer, dog walks, hiking, bike rides, playing catch, trampoline, track and field races in the yard, ‘kick the can’ -- any game you can remember as a kid that keeps you active is great!” The most important thing, Arata says, is not only that kids are getting outside and moving – but that parents are involved, too.

The Family that Cooks Together… While no one can dispute the value of physical exercise, instilling nutritious eating habits is arguably the most important factor in raising a healthy child. Elizabeth Blessing, co-founder and chief nutritionist for Green BEAN Delivery, says she firmly believes that diet is the biggest culprit in the current obesity epidemic. “The majority of food consumed in the country doesn’t provide the proper nutrients that help the body to be healthy.”

“They learn bad eating habits. Parents must set a good example for their children. Eat the same foods as your kids -- if you’re eating greens at dinner, eventually, so will your kids.”

Proactive Parenting In addition to offering healthy foods at mealtime, it’s crucial to get kids involved in the cooking process. Blessing explains, “Involve your child in the food decisions. Bring them to the store and have them pick out produce. Take them to farmer’s markets. Have them help in the kitchen. It’s amazing how kids will try new things because they grew it or helped prepare it.” In fact, Blessing believes that parents should get their kids in the garden to grow their own produce. “When a child is able to see where their food comes from, and how it gets to the table, they’ll be more excited to try new things,” she says.

In addition, DeBlasis explains “there’s a lot of misinformation out there -- I see so many parents who think they’re being healthy by providing their kids Gatorade or Capri Suns as ‘fruit’ servings. Even though there is a lot of education, it’s still not completely clear for many people.”

Finally, parents should carve out time to incorporate exercise into their daily routine as well. Arata says that people often complain that their lives are too busy for exercise – but it’s simply too important not to do. “Everyone is busy; the best thing to do is make physical activity a priority. Put it in your calendar like you would any other appointment,” he suggests.

As a result, DeBlasis recommends that parents simply not buy junk foods, because “if it’s not there, you (and your kids) won’t eat it.” She adds that fruits always beat juices and “juice drinks,” and whole foods always trump processed.

There are only so many hours in the day, and no one is perfect. However, by making family time a priority and instilling healthy habits in your children, parents can set their kids up for success.

By having wholesome foods readily available, Blessing believes it’s easy for families to make healthy decisions. “Kids do not naturally have bad eating habits,” she explains.

What’s more, all of the fresh eating and regular exercise will also help keep Mom and Dad healthy, which is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give to your kids.

OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 17

commentary and parenting

[ pete gilbert...stay-at-home dad ]

Dad Shot My Laptop: Bullseye or Parenting Misfire? True confessions of stay-at-home dad Pete Gilbert

I just watched an episode of 20/20 called Extreme Parenting.

So what do you think? Is dad right to do this to his daughter's computer?

The segment I watched centered around one dad and daughter relationship in particular. The teenage daughter felt like her parents were bossing her around and making her do too many chores, so she wrote a Facebook post about how unfair she was being treated around her house.

To me, this seems like a pretty irresponsible solution to the problem. What lesson does this teach his daughter? Are breaking things, violence and shooting the answer? Isn't dad just as guilty of trying to "shock" the FB crowd by posting his video as his daughter was for posting her initial comments?

Here is a little bit of what she wrote, “I’m tired of picking up after you. You tell me at least once a day to get a job. I have no idea how I have a life. I’m gonna hate to see the day when you get too old to wipe your a**, and you call me asking for help. I won’t be there.”

I would love to hear your opinions on this topic. Please head over to my Facebook page at leave your comments there.

Dad saw the Facebook post. His response was a short You Tube video to his daughter that ended with him shooting her laptop eight times with a 45-caliber handgun. The video went viral, the last time I checked there were over 34,000,000 hits. Ten times the number of people that viewed the video liked it compared to those that disliked it.


By the way, 20/20 recorded how long it took the daughter to do a days worth of the chores she was complaining about, they took her 13 minutes. Happy Parenting! – Pete

OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 19


preschool enrichment Local learning programs

When Claudia Reilly’s oldest son was not yet two, she took him to interview at preschools in town. Little Ben held her hand tightly as they toured the schools and saw the other children. Claudia said he seemed very frightened, but when they arrived at The New School Montessori, they were enchanted. “The school looked like a big house in a fairy tale!” Claudia said. “My son and I peeked over the gate at the play yard of preschoolers running around and laughing. My son was so excited and happy while watching children climb trees, leap barefoot through sand, laugh and play and run.” Claudia enrolled Ben and her other two younger boys in a preschool program and enriching extracurricular classes because she knew it would promote healthy child development through social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth experiences. Preschool and enrichment classes provide a different environment then what kids see at home. The programs let them become explorers and discoverers of the world. “I believe that enrichment opens doors of interest for children and gives them a chance to experience things that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do,” Meg Thomas of Children’s Meeting House said. “Enrichment programs provide children with experiences that tell them what they are passionate about and really enjoy doing. It provides them with opportunities to be with other adults and peers, teaching them how to interact and follow the guided lead of other adults.” When choosing the enrichment programs that are right for your child, make sure the programs are age-appropriate and set in a socially accepting environment. Solicit



Brooke Reynolds

program referrals from other parents or child healthcare providers. Visit the programs firsthand and ask lots of questions. And once you’re involved, teachers may suggest a particular enrichment program to help build and reinforce a child’s knowledge. When choosing enrichment classes for your child, Thomas said it’s more about exposing them to different opportunities and moving from there. “It's more important to not over-schedule them than it is to necessarily find just the right fit,” Thomas said. “The important thing is giving a child the opportunity to experience new things without overwhelming them with too many options at once. The focus should be fun and not stressful.” Preschool enrichment programs present benefits for the parents, too. Not only do they give adults some time for themselves, and but the programs also offer interaction with other parents and the chance to see how other families interrelate with their children – a great way to pick up new parenting techniques. Preschool enrichment programs also allow the parents to view their child’s development through a different lens. Parents might become surprised at what their child can learn and express. It helps them realize their child is thinking about bigger things and piecing together bigger ideas than what they might guess. Take, for example, this experience of Michelle Follins, mother of a first-grader named Gardner and a preschooler named Dawson from The New School Montessori: “We live in a global society, and I really appreciate that my children are getting a global education. Last year, we were explaining to Gardner that her dad was going to be traveling to India for business. She listened and thought for a moment before requesting that he bring her back bindis – lots of bindis. We were both in awe that she not only knew what bindis were, but that she knew they came from India!” With enrichment classes, parents can set aside a specific time to be engaged and interactive with their children by either participating in the classroom or simply having a conversation with the children about what they learned. Through this, parents have the opportunity to learn more about their children’s skill levels, needs, successes and developments.

To ensure that your child is getting the most out of their enrichment programs, try to join them every now and then so that you can also learn new ways to interact with your child and know their world. Jackie Wofford of Garden Montessori said if a parent can observe their child unseen, they can get a better idea how a child interacts with others, listens and follows directions, and what their abilities really are. And according to Thomas, having conversations about the enriching activity can be just as beneficial as being there. Experts recommend continuing a child’s learning processes at home, too. Learning is a swirl of life around them; it shouldn’t stop when they leave preschool. Many preschools give individualized handouts to provide a strong home-school connection. Families are encouraged to maintain an ongoing, open dialog about the children’s experience in the programs. “My kids still talk about The New School with passion and love,” Reilly said. “They— shockingly— remember kindergarten vividly. They talk about the food they cooked in kindergarten, the plays they performed in, the festivals that kids planned themselves. All of them get nostalgic when they talk about it. Maybe even best of all, each of my sons is still friends with ALL the kids they knew from the school, and my older kids have remained close to so many of the teachers.”

OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 21

commentary and parenting

[ dear teacher ]

Dear Teacher Kindergarten readiness & junior high adjustments

Should this Child Drop Out of Kindergarten?


My daughter started kindergarten in late August. She is the youngest child in her class. At first she seemed to love going to school and

bringing home the papers that she did in class to hang on the fridge, but everything seemed to change overnight. About three weeks ago, she started crying and not

He is a great golfer. Should we demand that he quit the sport until he pulls up his

wanting to go to school in the morning. It is definitely a struggle to get her to school now.

grades? We want to emphasize the importance of academics. – Lack of Success

I talked to the teacher and she says that my daughter even cries in school. I wish I had waited another year to send her. I feel she is intimidated because the other children can write their names and color within the lines. What should I do now? – Pushy Mom


Admittedly, moving from elementary school to junior high can be a very difficult transition for many students. It certainly appears to have been

difficult for your son. He may not have figured out yet how to cope with so many


School has only been in session for a little more than a month. Don’t panic. You need to talk more with the teacher before doing anything. Find out if your daughter is really significantly behind the other children

academically. In fact, you should visit the classroom to get a better picture of what is going on and whether your hunch about academics is really the problem. The year has only just begun so your daughter has plenty of time to learn new things. The big question is about her readiness for the academic challenge of this kindergarten. Did the crying start when the work became more difficult? Is she handling some of the work without difficulty? Ask the teacher if your child needs an additional year of preparation for the kindergarten experience, or if she can easily catch up with the other children. An additional year in a pre-kindergarten class could be right for your child. You don’t want your daughter to always feel under pressure to keep up with the other children.

teachers and all their assignments. Learning how to do so could turn things around for him. Your attitude needs to be one of helping the child cope rather than punishing him. Be aware that there is absolutely no guarantee that forcing your child to quit something he loves will improve his academic skills. Praise your son for doing well in some of his classes. Then ask him if he can pinpoint exactly why he is having trouble in the others. This will give you an idea of what special help he needs. The people who can help him turn things around are his teachers at the junior high. Ask the counselor to schedule a meeting of all of his teachers, yourself and your son to see what can be done to get him on track. At the meeting, the question should be raised about whether he is taking too many classes. Also, ask if the classes are appropriate for his ability level. Would dropping a class and taking a study period be the correct move? Does he need a tutor to get the hang of how to handle the classes in which he is receiving D’s and F’s? Can individual

School needs to be a happy experience for young children. Do remember that having

teachers provide the help he needs? Would being in a resource room make a

her go back to a pre-kindergarten class does not automatically guarantee that she will

difference? Could he possibly have a learning disability holding him back from

handle the academics of kindergarten better next year.

academic success? Your son is probably very frustrated and unhappy about his lack of success in junior

Handling a Poor Adjustment to Junior High

high. Hopefully the teachers will be able to help him succeed in all of his classes by


building on what he is doing right in the classes where he is receiving A’s, B’s and C’s. My son is having a difficult time adjusting to junior high. He just received a terrible interim report: 1 A, 1 B, 2 C’s, 2 D’s and 2 F’s. While he never

failed in elementary school, he did have to work very hard to get C or better grades.


Parents should send questions and comments to dearteacher@dearteacher. com or ask them on the columnists’ website at

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is my renewable day ohio resources

and nonrenewable

prepared book report and class presentation

3 recess “shipwreck�

activities basketball

Team building in The


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saNDbox to school with

jump rope friends taught recycleD

Rigorous pRepaRation.

Joyful environment.


about horseshows

Students who find SucceSS in any world.

and ponies

D i s c o v e r y D ay s November 7

(513) 979.0220 n 20120813LSCincyParent.indd 1

and n

14, 2012


for lower school

Cincinnati Country Day School, founded in 1926, is a co-educational, college preparatory school serving 18 month through grade 12 students. OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 23 8/14/2012 9:10:16 AM


[ school listings ]

education+childcare Child Care & Preschool Chai Tots Early Childhood Center Academic excellence via unique blend of Montessori method and traditional Jewish education. Chai Tots teaches children the culture and traditions of Judaism, while developing their creativity skills and promoting independence. Flexible schedule. Before and Aftercare. 7587 Central Parke Blvd., Mason, OH 45040, (513)234-0600,, Grades: 6 weeks - 6 years, Enrollment: 40

The Compass School Ages 6 weeks-6 years plus after school & summer camp up to age 12. Offering outstanding Reggio-Inspired full and part-time Infant, Toddler, Two’s, and Preschool programs, as well as Kindergarten, After School, and Summer Camp for school-age children. Degreed teachers, extensive parent communication, and welcoming family environment. Setting the standard in early care and education. Call today for your personal tour. 9370 Waterstone Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45249, Contact: Laura Carr, Phone: 513-683-8833, Email:,

Cornerstone Church Preschool A Step Up To Quality award winning preschool committed to nurturing the whole child socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and spiritually. CCP provides high quality early childhood education based on sound knowledge of child development and appropriate practices. Daily lessons include Bible concepts, language skills, emergent math, discovery opportunities, music, creative art and more! 7600 Princeton Glendale Road, Liberty Township, OH 45011. Contact: Denise Taylor, Director, Phone: (513) 874-7870. Email:

The Gardner School of Blue Ash This award-winning, academically focused preschool has recently opened in the Blue Ash Community. You want the best for your child, and so do we. With our nationallyrecognized curriculum taught by our degreed teaching faculty, we are committed to providing a nurturing environment for learning readiness where your child can 24 CINCINNATIPARENT.COM

prepare for academic achievement and lifelong success. 9920 Carver Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242, 513-985-9444,, Ages 6 weeks - Pre-K

Kinder Garden School Together with interaction of child, staff & family, we develop the complete child. We provide formative encouragement and knowledge with hands-on staff taking a personal interest in family and holistic education decisions for the child. Devoted to growing a child’s wish to flourish and learn by cultivating curiosity and problem-solving proficiency. Enlightenment Is Our Mission. Blue Ash& West Chester locations. BA: 513-791-4300, WC: 513-874-3100, www., Grades: 6 weeks – K

Little Bud Preschool Enrollment: Enroll your child today for Fall. Our 3’s class is Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Our 4’s class is Mon/Wed/Friday or Tues./Thurs. Our PreK class is Mon.- Thursday or Mon/Wed./ Thurs. Little Bud is a star rated program with highly qualified teachers and aides. Watch your child bloom in our spacious classrooms and wonderful facility. We believe that children need to explore, investigate, manipulate to learn their world. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 day AM sessions with affordable rates. Located in the Northgate area. 3301 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45251, Contact: Teresa Sedam, 513-385-8404, Email:,, Grades: Ages 3 - PreK

Montgomery Community Church Preschool MCCP is a quality, Christian based preschool where kids learn, grow and develop good social skills led by college degreed teachers. MCCP continues to be awarded the 3 star Step Up to Quality, the highest level of certification, for excellence in its program. Watch your child blossom in this nurturing environment. 11251 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249, Contact: Chris Conner, Phone: 513-4695333, Email:,, Grades: Ages 3-Pre Kindergarden, Enrollment: 165

Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Nursery School Professionally qualified teachers provide active, expressive, child-centered learning experiences at this 3-star award-winning program. Choose 2, 3, 4, or 5 day AM or PM sessions. Excellent ratios, degreed teachers and


spacious, sunny, classrooms await your preschooler. Parent and child classes also available for babies and toddlers. 5950 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45213, (513)631-0170,, Grades: 2 1/2 - 5 years, Parent/ Child classes birth to 32 months, Enrollment: 65

The Willow Tree House Daycare & Preschool The Willow Tree House is centrally located just 5 minutes from downtown and Good Sam Hospital. We are also within walking distance of U.C, and University Hospital. Our teachers goal is to have happy children and instill a life long love of learning. 2651 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Contact: Jean Walker. Phone: 513-281-8733. Email: Grades: Serving ages 6 wks–5 years in our Preschool Program.

Montessori Central Montessori Academy We invite you to call and schedule a tour to come see our new Natural Playground and Outdoor Learning Environment, as well as our redesigned Elementary classrooms! For parents of Toddlers and Preschoolers, be sure to ask about our new “Montessori My Way” flexible early childhood programs designed for today’s familyfriendly work schedules. 1904 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231, Contact: Laura Saylor, Phone: 513-742-5800, Email:, www, Grades: Infancy-6th Grade, Enrollment: 110

Children’s Meeting House Montessori School An authentic Montessori school program resting on 6.5 acres. Extraordinary and rigorous hands-on learning inside and outside of the classrooms creating life long learners, critical thinkers and passionate leaders. 927 O’Bannonville Road, Loveland, OH 45140, Contact: Meg Thomas, Head of School, Phone: 513-683-4757, Email: thomas@ cmhschool,, Grades: Preschool through Sixth grade, Enrollment: 150

Country Hills Montessori Providing half day programs for 3 to K. Small, individualized classes with low student-teacher ratios, under the guidance of Montessori certified teachers, in an

inter-generational enviornment. Multiple Locations in Eastgate, Oakley, Harrison and West Chester Ohio and in Ft. Thomas and Erlanger KY. Visit our website for all location addresses & phones. 4400 Glen Este Withamsville, Cincinnati, OH 45236, Contact: Susan Schreiber, Owner, Phone: 513-752-1066,, Email:, Grades: 3 - K

Montessori Academy of Cincinnati Celebrating 25 years of offering Montessori education in the Greater Cincinnati area. Providing a supportive learning environment, the school focuses on individualized education, through which students are offered opportunities for self-paced acceleration. Experienced, degreed teachers are committed to the success of each student. Self-motivation and an excitement about learning are encouraged. 7.5 acre campus! State Chartered. AMS affiliated. Extended care available. 8293 Duke Boulevard, Mason, OH, 45040, Contact: Pat Elder, Head of School, Phone Number: 513-3987773, Fax Number: 513-398-1031,, Ages/Grades:: 18 months through grade 8, Enrollment: 250.

The New School Montessori Founded on Montessori principles in 1970, our wooded playgrounds, home-cooked meals and family-like setting in North Avondale’s Mitchell Mansion provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for learning. We

value diversity and create a caring and supportive community. Our graduates excel academically, but more importantly are empowered as citizens of our global community. 3 Burton Woods Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45229, (513)281-7999,, 3 years through 6th Grade, Enrollment: 150

St. Ursula Villa Academic excellence in the Ursuline tradition for boys and girls in preschool through 8th grade. Whole-child development, family atmosphere, dedicated faculty, Montessori or Traditional preschool options, small class size, individual attention, outstanding high school

Non-Public Bethany School

Bethany School is an independent preparatory school where students experience an appreciation for many cultures. Laptop computers, on-line grading, a dynamic music program, rigorous curriculum, and a variety of extracurricular programs provide a truly extraordinary educational environment. 555 Albion Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45246, Phone: (513)771-7462,, Grades: Grades: K – 8th grade, Enrollment: 250

Cincinnati Country Day School CCDS is an independent, co-educational school dedicated to educational excellence serving students 18 months through Grade 12. The School is nationally recognized for its innovative, integrated laptop computer program. Extended day and tuition assistance is available. 6905 Given Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45243, Phone: (513)979-0220,, Grades: 18 months– 12th grade, Enrollment: 800

preparation. 3660 Vineyard Place, Cincinnati, OH 45226, (513)871-7218,, Preschool – 8th grade, Enrollment: 496

SPECIAL NEEDS Springer School and Center For 40 years, Springer School and Center has empowered students with learning disabilities to become strategic learners. Springer offers a day school for students ages 6 - 14 and outreach programs and learning disability resources for students, parents and teachers in the Greater Cincinnati area. The Springer Experience. Success Changes Everything. 2121 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45208, Phone: (513)871-6080,, Grades: 1st - 8th grade, Enrollment: 200

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TUTORING Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers Langsford is a private educational organization dedicated to developing life-long, independent learners. Since 2001, we have been teaching reading, spelling, comprehension, and writing in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and encouragement. Our successful model identifies where the breakdown in the reading and writing process is occurring and then we apply targeted instruction using research-validated approaches. 9402 Towne Square Ave. Ste B, Cincinnati, OH 45242. Contact: Jeff Graham, Executive Director. Phone: 513-531-7400. All ages.

VIRTUAL Ohio Connections Academy Ohio Connections Academy (OCA) is an accredited, tuition-free online public school serving students in grades K–12 throughout Ohio. Discover an award-winning, personalized education from the comfort and safety of home. Learn more and enroll now at! Phone: 800-382-6010, www.

Ready for a career.

35 high school programs--from aviation to sports rehab, from dental assisting to pre-engineering-offer career certification leading to good jobs.

Set for college. Students can earn college credit while they’re still in high school.

Ohio Virtual Academy Ohio Virtual Academy helps your K-10 children obtain an excellent public school education, tuition free! Under the guidance of licensed teachers, parents help their children learn at home using K12’s comprehensive curriculum and educational materials. Best performing eSchool in Ohio, Phone: (866)339-9072,, Grades: Kindergarten - 10th grade, Enrollment: 3,300


Making the Most OF

College Tours A guide for parents

Katrina R. Holtmeier If you want to help your teen select the right college, it is important to ask the right questions, do your research, and make smart choices. But how can you do all these things on a budget, without losing your mind or starting an argument in the process? Here are some tips to make the most out of college visits.

Set a Budget You want college visits to leave more than just a couple bucks left in your wallet, so choose a couple colleges to visit during one weekend. If you have to stay in a hotel, choose one located in-between a couple schools. Nightly hotel rates tend to increase around college campuses and town epicenters. If you can, find a hotel with a kitchenette and bring a cooler stocked with food, so you don’t have to pay those extra dollars in a restaurant. Another option is a bed and breakfast, which can be less stressful because it is meant to feel a little more like home, and less like a hotel. According to Pam Lineback, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, prospective students will get a sense of whether or not the institution is a fit for them within a very short period of time on campus, say 15 minutes. At the Clifton Campus of UCBA, they are constantly undergoing renovations to ensure a good first impression for prospective students. What does this mean for parents? Well, it means that even though a college visit may be a little pricey, your child will only need a short time on campus to know if the college is right for them and you shouldn't have to pay for a second trip!

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Gaby Boeckermann. “One of the best things that comes from the college search is the sense of self and optimism about the future,” she said. “Allowing your student to take control of the search for the right college fit is the first step in letting them go and helping them develop into capable, confident adults.”

Stop a random student and ask them about their experience. What do they like or not like like about the college? What is their favorite thing about their school? Current faculty, staff, and students are the best resources for a perspective student so encourage your child to be bold and talk to someone.

Evaluate the Options

Seize the Opportunity to Communicate

Some students need help clarifying their priorities and finding out what aspects of college are most important, Elder High School Guidance Director Joe Driehaus said.

Parents should ask questions about what his or her child’s interests are and where he or she wants to be in five or 10 years, according to Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Xavier University, Lauren Cobble.

“Parents can help after the visit by helping their (child) complete a pros and cons list about the college visit,” he said. “This list should be the same for every school and include the contact information of the people you met.”

“Open and honest conversations between parents and students help both prepare for the visit,” observes Cobble. College reps will be giving lot of information all at once. Parents can act as a second set of ears, while the student leads the conversations and asks most of the questions. “Listening to counselors and current students is important,” Cobble said. “It’s beneficial for parents to know how their students will be supported if they choose to attend that university.”

The bottom line, Driehaus said, is that a college may look great on paper, but without visiting in person, you don’t have a realistic perspective. “By talking to students, sitting in on a college class, eating in the cafeteria, (and) walking through a dorm, (it) provides a student with a genuine feel for the college. You wouldn't buy a car or a house without checking it out first. The same is true of your future college.” In the end, be prepared and don’t stress out about college visits. Enjoy this important time in your child’s life and use this opportunity to make memories.

After the Official Tour

There are many helpful resources online to help your

When to Go and How to Let Go

A college education is an investment in time and money. or

The best time to visit colleges is during the second half of the junior year of high school or the first semester of a senior year, according to Director of Admissions at

After the formal visit is over, sit on campus and observe how the students are interacting with one another. How are the faculty members interacting with students?

child make the most of their college visits. Check out for information on everything from hotels and traveling, to loans, finding the right college, maps, and discovering the college experience. OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 27

Advice for parents Dr. David Katkin Dr. David Katkin is a Clinical Counselor based in Milford, Ohio. He has been in practice for 16 years and works with families, adolescents and adults. More information about his practice can be found at

The Do's and Don'ts of Divorce Going through a divorce is never easy, especially when kids are involved. A divorce can be as difficult for a child as it is for the parent, so learning to cope with divorce as a family is incredibly important. Dr. David Katkin, a Clinical Counselor based in Milford, Ohio, works with families to help make the divorce and the transition from parenting to co-parenting as smooth as possible. Here, Katkin will share some words of wisdom for parents struggling through this challenging time. As a marital, family and child therapist, I set out one cardinal rule for divorced or divorcing parents: don’t speak ill of your ex in front of your child. There are many reasons why this is my number one rule for parents. First and foremost, you don’t want to involve your child in oftentimes messy business between you and your partner. The anger, resentment, or sadness you may feel towards your ex should not be displaced to your child. Remember, your child should be your number one priority. No matter what issues you have with your ex, it is important for your child to always feel loved by both parents, not torn between them. Through the years, I’ve seen many spouses spread so much hatred intended towards their ex, however, like friendly fire, the intended target is never hit. More often than not, it’s the kids who get hurt in the battle of the exes. I’ve seen it take place many times. In my waiting room, I once saw two exes fight over a $6 co-payment. Both parents ended up calling their $200/hour attorneys to resolve this minor payment issue. This may sound ridiculous to some people, but this kind of thing happens more often than you may expect. Logic and common sense often take a backseat to emotion, and that’s when the cardinal rule gets broken.

So What Should a Parent Do? Dr. Chris Kaepner, a marital, family and child therapist based in the Beechmont area, offered these words of advice: “Open yourself to outside resources (friends, family, counseling, mediation). Divorce seems to promise a relief to struggles but requires a lot of resources to make the adjustment to new living and financial circumstances.” Kaepner urged divorcing parents to “Realize that your relationship with your ex is not over. It’s just a new kind of one that requires communication, collaboration, and trust.” In both of our practices we hear about the conflict of divorced parents, sometimes decades past the divorce. Divorced and divorcing parents might forget that they’re going to have to compromise and plan holidays, vacations and even what part they will play in their children’s wedding. Rachel Valentine, a Milfrod resident, divorced her husband when their son Ben was just two years old. She made every effort to put her son first. “I moved closer to my parents because it is important to have a strong support network. Also, a boy needs a positive male role model and living close to my parents meant that Ben and my father were able to form a strong bond,” said Valentine. 28 CINCINNATIPARENT.COM

Do: – Open-up to outside support, such as friends, family, counseling, or mediation. – Realize that this is not the end of a relationship with your ex, but rather the start of a new and different one that requires communication, collaboration, and trust. – Take some personal responsibility for the divorce and express regret that it didn’t work out. – Allow your child to express feelings in comfortable circumstances. – Alert other trusted adults about the change in you child’s life to encourage supportive reactions. – Be flexible with your ex, it’ll set the tone for your future work together. – Trust that your example of living goes with the child when they are with the other parent. If that parent is making poor choices, the child will see that eventually. – Stay healthy and happy yourself. Happy balanced parents have happy balanced children.

Don't: – Speak negatively about your ex in front of your child. – Don’t alienate the other parent from your child’s life. – Don’t play the martyr or victim. – Don’t seek vengeance, especially with the child as a middleman. – Don’t make your child feel guilty for having a good time with your ex. – Don’t blame the other parent. – Don’t put your child in a situation(s) where they have to choose one parent over the other.

Valentine also tried her best to always follow the cardinal rule. “I never spoke ill of his father in front of him. Many times, I wanted to just say: “Your dad’s a jerk. That’s why he didn’t call you on your birthday,” or other things like that, but I never did. Ben knew his dad wasn’t a very good dad, I didn’t need to say anything more. I always told him that his dad loved him, even when I had my doubts. When Ben’s birthday would come around, I’d call or email his father and ask him to call Ben. Ben actually thanked me for that a few years ago,” said Valentine.

Getting Professional Help Oftentimes lawyers are the first expert opinion sought by a parent seeking a divorce. Mark Eckerson, an attorney based in Milford, noted that along with providing sound legal advice, attorneys can also provide referral sources for parents to get other forms of help, such as counselors.


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“In the Cincinnati area, mediation is the preferred method to help spouses get to a win-win situation,” said Eckerson. There are times, however, when the issues or emotions can get so intense between divorcing parents that mediation cannot provide the ideal resolution. “When the contested issues are child support, health insurance, or custody—it’s at this point we can represent our client’s best interests,” said Eckerson. Parents should seek out an attorney when the parenting is contested. The goal in any situation is a win-win for both parties. Parents must realize that comprises will be required from both ends to reach this goal. When children are involved, a divorce is never easy or painless. It is a difficult time for families, and parents must keep the best interests of their children in mind at all times. Seek help from friends, family, law professionals, counselors, and therapists. The transition won’t be an easy one, so having a strong support network is important.

SETTING THE STANDARD IN EARLY CARE & EDUCATION NAEYC Accreditation: The highest benchmark of quality in early childhood education. Meet our talented & degreed faculty! Family Friendly Programming: Offering flexible full and parttime programs for children 6 weeks - 12 years in a warm and welcoming environment. Hours 6:30AM-6:30PM Mon-Fri. Extensive Parent Communication: Progressive Reggio inspired curriculum supported by amazing documentation, including portfolios for every child, & daily e-mail highlights!

9370 Waterstone Blvd. ● Cincinnati, Ohio ● 513.683.8833

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I Survived.

Katie Wynne

The inspiring story of one local mother who beat breast cancer

At age 41, local Cincinnati mother Ann Hernick found out that she had cancer. She

“I did get progressively weaker as the treatments progressed. It was a very hard time

was diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast with lymph node

for all of us. [My family] was extremely supportive and helpful and I was blessed to

involvement – a type of cancer that is treatable but requires a very aggressive

have them help me through this very tough time,” said Hernick. She sends a special

treatment plan.

thanks out to her friend Lis, who stood by her every step of the way.

The first step in Hernick’s long road to recovery was telling her family the news. At the

Through it all, Hernick tried her best to stay positive for her kids. Children learn from

time of her diagnosis, Hernick and her husband Mike had two children, Steve, age 14,

their parent’s example, and Hernick hoped that her positive attitude towards her

and Sara, age 11.

cancer would help teach her children how to deal with challenges in life.

“I told my children the truth and what the treatment plan was. I was positive and

“As human beings we will all be faced with challenges at some point in our life. We

upbeat with them. My children were frightened and confused about the future. The word cancer is so scary for children to hear,” said Hernick.

can’t change what happens, but we can control how we react to these challenges. I hope that I showed my children how to deal with a difficult situation,” said Hernick. Statistically, Hernick had a 70% survival after treatments. While this number had the

Despite their fears, Hernick’s family stepped up to the plate and supported her

odds in her favor, Hernick reminded us that statistics can be deceiving.

throughout her breast cancer journey. After surgery, 12 rounds of chemotherapy, and a month of radiation, Hernick had to rely on the support and help of her family and

“That statistic is based on five years. So it means that you have a 70% chance of

friends even more.

being alive in five years. Well, at the age of 41, I most certainly wanted to live past 46 years old. I wanted to be a part of my family’s lives and witness the milestones that

Meet Ann Hernick

were ahead of us such as graduations, weddings etc,” she said. Today, Hernick is happy to say that she has been cancer free for 14 years. The fear that her cancer will return is always in the back of her mind, however. “Even today, 14 years later, if I have physical symptoms that may be related to a recurrence, I worry. The burden of being a cancer survivor is that you do worry about every doctor visit and every test,” said Hernick. Like everything in life, there is always a silver lining. Hernick’s experience with breast cancer brought her closer with her family and friends and gave her a greater appreciation for life. “I do try to live more in the present and really appreciate how very blessed I am to be sharing moments with my friends and family,” said Hernick. Through her experience, she also found a new passion for breast cancer advocacy – yet another silver lining. After her treatments were complete, Hernick joined the


Breast Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (BCA). Today, Hernick serves as the President of BCA and works tirelessly to raise breast cancer awareness and spread the word about the deadline to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020 . To reach this goal, the National Breast Cancer Coalition is working to prevent breast cancer and prevent the disease from spreading within the body. To learn more about this deadline and how you can help, visit www If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, find inspiration in Hernick’s story of survival and seek support from friends, family, and local support groups. The battle against breast cancer does not need to fought alone – there is always help out there if you need it. Hernick found support from her family, friends, a local support group, and her doctors and nurses at Christ Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital. At Mercy Health Hospital, they treat their patients to a free, stylish wig as their show of support. For mothers in particular, the Mommy Has Breast Cancer Program offers support for women and their families who need babysitters, extra meals, or anything else you can think of during a difficult time. There are helping hands all around, all you have to do is ask.

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FALL FUN GUIDE Adventure Acres

Howl-O-Fest at King’s Island

Thursday through Sunday, October 1 – November 3

Weekends in October, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Price: $9.75 for adults, $7.75 for seniors, $6.75 for kids ages 5-12, & FREE for kids under 5

Adventure Acres: 784 S. Alpha Bellbrook Road, Bellbrook, OH 45305 | (937) 427-3276

Price: FREE with park admission. Weekend day tickets are just $29.99 when purchased in advance online

Are you ready to get lost in some fall-time fun? Then check out Adventure Acres this October, where they have the largest corn maze in the state of Ohio (11.5 miles of trails!). You’ll also find a pumpkin patch, hayrides, a petting zoo, and more this Fall at Adventure Acres.

King’s Island: 6300 King’s Island Drive, Mason, OH 45034 Little ghouls and goblins absolutely love Howl-O-Fest! There are all kinds of things for kids to do that are fun-scary, not scary-scary. Activities include a costume contest, a Twisted Tales maze, a gigantic hay bale maze, dance party, foam pit, Tractor Town, mask making, petting zoo, pony rides, games, food and so much more.

Fall-O-Ween Festival at Coney Island

Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park

Sept. 29-30, Oct. 6-7 & 13-14: 12-6pm Price: $9.00/person

Coney Island: 6201 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230 | 513-232-8230 All your fall favorites plus some Halloween fun make for one great family event! Enjoy decorative displays, Trick or Treat Trail, Coney’s Classic Rides, musical entertainment, farmyard friends and more! New this year is ‘FallScapes’ fall landscape displays!

Fitton Center for Creative Arts Fall Shows Sept. 28th, The Sword in the Stone, Oct. 26th, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Nov. 9th, Glenn Singer: The Horse Guy Price: Adults: $10/members, $12/non-members, Children (16 & under): FREE with the purchase of an adult ticket Fitton Center for Creative Arts: 101 S. Monument Ave., Hamilton, OH 45011 | 513-863-8873 The show starts at 7:30 p.m., with a reception at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy kid-friendly drinks and appetizers before the performance.

Heritage Village Museum Haunted Village October 12-13, 19-20, 26-27, 6:00pm – 10:00pm Price: Admission is $8 for adults and children and FREE for kids under 2 Heritage Village Museum: Sharon Woods Park, Sharonville, OH 45241 | (513) 563-9484

Fri., Sat., & Sun. in October, Fri. & Sat.: 8:00pm – 2:00am, Sun: 8:00pm – 11:30pm Price: General admission is $34.99. On Sundays, enter for only $24.99 Land of Illusion: 8762 Thomas Road, Middletown, OH 45042 | (513) 423-9960 For a truly terrifying time, visit the Land of Illusion this October. Brave their five spook-tacular attractions all for one low price with the whole family, they will give you chills!

Monster Mini Golf Tuesday – Sunday Throughout October, Times vary: see website for details Price: Tickets are $8 for adults and $7 for children

Monster Mini Golf: 7058 Ridgetop Drive, West Chester, OH 45069 | (513) 769-5400 Experience 18 holes of scare-free Halloween fun at Monster Mini Golf this Fall. Encourage your little monsters to play in costume for a chance to win some great prizes!

Neltner’s Farm Fall Festival Weekends in October, 10:00am – 6:00pm Price: Admission is $5/person, children under 3 are FREE Neltner’s Farm: 6922 Four Mile Road, Melbourne, KY 41059 | (859) 635-3636

Cincinnati’s spookiest family-friendly Halloween event is back! Explore the Haunted Village with your kids for some festive fun this October.

Every weekend in October on the Neltner’s Farm, families can enjoy wagon rides, a corn maze, a petting zoo, face painting, home cooked food and more! Most weekends also feature live music by local bands – be sure to check their website for details!

Hidden Valley Farm

Turpin Farms Corn ‘Maize’ and Field of Fright

Throughout October: Mon. & Sun. 11:00am – 6:00pm, Tues. – Sat. 9:00am – 7:00pm

Fri., Sat. & Sun. in October, Times vary, see website for details

Price: Admission is FREE. Cost of produce and attractions may vary, see website for details

Price: Tickets to the Corn Maize are $9 for adults, $7 for children, and FREE for kids under 2. Tickets to the Field of Fright are $11 for adults, $9 for children, and FREE for kids under 2

Hidden Valley Farm: 5474 North State Rt. 48, Lebanon, OH 45036 | (513) 932-1869

Turpin Farms: 3295 Tuprin Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45244 | (513) 561-2621

Hidden Valley is haunted! Starting in October, Hidden Valley will be featuring a variety of spooky activities for people of all ages, including a haunted barn, haunted hayrides, and corn mazes!

Join Turpin Farms for fields full of fun this October! But remember, don’t get lost in the maize! Group rates are available, see website for details.

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mon | 01

Super Sprouts: Environmental Art Times: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Price: FREE with Museum Admission Phone: (513) 287-7021 Location: Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Use natural materials to create a beautiful work of art inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. For children 5 and under.

tues | 02

I Can Play en Francais Times: 10:30 AM Phone: 513-731-2665 Location: Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore, Cincinnati Come join us for a French celebration of every toddler�s favorite book: Brown Bear Brown Bear, by Eric Carle! We�ll have all kinds of fun learning to read it together, and then stay to create an easy French language game to take home.

weds | 03 Little Tyke Hike

Times: 11:00 AM Price: Free Phone: (513) 521-7275 Location: Winton Woods, Cincinnati Pumpkins, bats and black cats! Oh my! What do all these things have in common? Bring your three to six year old to find out.

fri | 05 Nauti Nite

Times: 7:30 PM Price: $70 Phone: 859-815-1404 Location: Newport Aquarium, Newport Nauti Nite benefits the WAVE Foundation’s conservation efforts and youth education programs. So please join us and have a great time for a great cause. You�ll enjoy fabulous cuisine, specialty cocktails, delicious desserts and wines, exotic animal encounters, dive shows and a silent auction featuring incredible items.

Halloween Party! Phone: 513-561-1888 Location: Mad Potter., Madeira Make a Halloween Themed Pottery piece just in time for the Ghoulish-Great Day!

sat | 06 Family First Saturday Times: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Price: FREE Phone: 513-721-2787 Location: Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati There�s nothing scary about our art! Join us for a day of fun for the whole family including a spooky scavenger hunt through our galleries including local artists to talk to along the way.

thurs | 04 Zoo Brew Times: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Price: $40 Phone: 513.281.4700 Location: Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Returning for its sixth year, Zoo Brew is one of our most popular adult after-hours events which attracted over 1,000 guests last year. Held in the Safari Camp area of the park, the event features a wide range of beers along with a few seasonally attractive flavors. 34 CINCINNATIPARENT.COM

Sunflower Festival Occurring Daily Beginning Saturday, October 6 Through Sunday, October 7 Price: $8/adults $6/kids & Seniors - Members Free Phone: (513) 563-6663 Location: Gorman Heritage Farm, Evendale Come out to a harvest celebration at Gorman Heritage Farm! Bring yourself or the whole family out for: Hay rides, a sunflower field, pumpkins, music, food and crafts/games.


sun | 07

weds | 10

Times: 1:00 PM Phone: (513) 455-4999 Location: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Cheer on the Bengals as they take on the Dolphins!

Times: 11:00 AM Price: Free Phone: (513) 521-7275 Location: Sharon Woods, Sharonville Share a story and meet a special guest as we learn all about these nighttime flyers.

mon | 08

thurs | 11

Cincinnati Bengals VS Miami Dolphins

Leaves for Little Naturalists Times: 10:00 AM Price: The cost is $5.00, payable at the door. Phone: (513) 923-3665 Location: Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve, Cincinnati Let’s learn all about leaves! Bring your little naturalist to have some fun with leaves. A craft, hike and more will be included.

mon | 09 Gold Rush (grades K-5) Times: 6:30 PM Price: Free Phone: 8593422665 Location: Boone County Public LIbrary, Hebron Strike it rich, pan for “gold”, and discover what you earn. Register.

Nature Stories: Owls

Super Sprouts: Pop Art Patterns! Times: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Price: FREE with Museum Admission Phone: (513) 287-7021 Location: Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Join us and we create pop art sensations inspired by Roy Lichtenstein�s primary colored prints! For children 5 and under.

Thursday Art Play: Lovely Lines Times: 10:30 AM Phone: (513) 345-8400 Location: Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati Learn how little lines can have a big effect! Stop by for some giant string painting and create a bendy line collage or sculpture.

fri | 12

Snoozapalooza Times: 5:00 PM Phone: 513-731-2665 Location: Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore, Cincinnati Join us for this pajama party in honor of Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book! Wear your pjs and bring a pillow to hear stories, have a bedtime snack, and play some games!

sat | 13

“Got Milk” Day at Country Pumpkins Times: 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM Price: Free Phone: 859-905-9656 Location: Country Pumpkins, Dry Ridge

Our first 100 guests will receive FREE chocolate milk. In addition, we will be giving several cow milking demonstrations throughout the day for your family. This will be a fun and educational presentation about cows, milk, and our life on the dairy farm Cow milking times TBA.

CIncinnati Cyclones First Faceoff Times: 7:30 PM Phone: (513) 421-4111 Location: US Bank Arena, Cincinnati Come cheer on the Cyclones! The first 7.500 fans receive a Cyclones 2012-13 Magnetic Schedule! Plus, fans can enjoy soda and John Morrell hot dogs for only $1!!

sun | 14

Sensory Sunday: Stories, Songs and Fun for You and Your Little One Times: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Price: FREE, RSVP online! Phone: 513-703-3343 Location: Gymboree, Mason Now Shalom Family has a great new way for parents and babies to get connected to one another and the Jewish community. Presenting private interactive playgroups that feature the popular Miss Meliss, who keeps babies and their parents engaged and entertained. A program of Shalom Family, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation. Open to families in the Jewish community with children two years & younger in which at least one parent is Jewish. Plus, two families will each win a $50 Target Gift Card at every event!

Sunday Family Showtime: Accidental Friends Times: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Price: $5.00 for adults; free for children Phone: 513-497-2860 Location: Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati second-sunday.htm Kicking off our SSFS series this year is a funny, yet moving play about Jonathan, a boy temporarily blinded by a head injury. The characters are rich, the story is honest, and the play respects its audience.

mon | 15

Sprouts Institute: Joy of Art Price: Fee: $5 for members; $7 for nonmembers, plus Museum Admission Phone: (513) 287-7021 Location: Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Celebrate the joy of art while letting us clean up the mess! Join us for creative, hands-on activities while learning how to encourage and understand your child’s artistic point of view! Designed for children 2 to 5 years old.

tues | 16

Growing Up a Farm Kid: Spooky Farm Times: 9:30 AM Price: The cost is $10.00/child, adult complimentary, registration ends 10/15 Phone: (513) 521-7275 Location: Parky’s Farm, Cincinnati Explore the �spooky� woods at Parky�s Farm while we ride the wagon, take a hike and meet some wild animals. Recommended for ages two to five with an adult. The cost is $10.00/child, adult complimentary, registration ends 10/15

weds | 17

For more events, visit!

thurs | 18

Spooky Campfire Stories Times: 6:30 PM Price: FREE Phone: (513) 923-3665 Location: Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve, Cincinnati Join us as the Greater Cincinnati Storytelling Guild conjures up some ghoulish Halloween entertainment. We will meet in the amphitheater by the fire. Come early and bring your own hotdogs and roasting sticks.

fri | 19

Magic Forest Halloween Hikes Occurring Daily Beginning Friday, October 19 Through Saturday, October 20 Times: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Price: $5.00 per person 3 and up Phone: 513-321-6070 Location: Caldwell Nature Preserve, Cincinnati A non-scary hike on a pumpkin-lit trail geared toward ages 3-8 years of age. Along the way, you�ll meet characters such as a grumpy old troll, the Four Seasons, a chatty bat and a helpful spider.

sat | 20

Halloween Walk in the Woods Times: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Phone: (513) 745-8550 Location: Blue Ash Nature Park, Cincinnati Meet in the Nature Park for a fabulous Trick or Treat walk! Mother Goose�s friends will be there to greet you with spe-cial treats, along with a Halloween Magic Show and crafts. Event is geared to children ages 10 and under.

Latin American Culture Fest Occurring Daily Beginning Saturday, October 20 Through Sunday, October 21 Price: Museum Admission Phone: (513) 287-7021 Location: Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Surround yourself with Hispanic music, dancers, arts, crafts and food at the 10th annual Latin Culture Fest. Performances range from traditional to contemporary. A number of countries are represented, including Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, and Panama.

sun | 21 Brain Quest Challenge Times: 12:30 PM Phone: 513-731-2665 Location: Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore, Cincinnati Brain Quest will bring its fast-paced, curriculumbased question and answer game to life at blue manatee! During the challenge, kids will have the chance to flaunt their smarts by answering questions in a quiz-show type-setting.

SOG Kids: Impressionist Portrait Times: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Phone: 513-321-0206 Location: Brazee Street Studios, Cincinnati Learn about the Post-Impressionist Movement of the late 19th century, which is most known for paintings with short brushstrokes and the use of pointillism. View the work of Georges Seaurat and Vincent Van Gogh, then create your own portrait in glass, using a variety of Bullseye Glass frits.

tues | 23

Brain Balance Parent Lecture Times: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Price: FREE Phone: 513 257-0705 Location: Brain Balance, Cincinnati At the lecture you will learn about our exciting program and how it can help your child succeed academically, socially and behaviorally.

weds | 24

Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove Occurring Daily Beginning Wednesday, October 24 Through Sunday, October 28 Price: TIcket prices vary. Phone: 1-800-745-3000 Location: US Bank Arena, Cincinnati Discover endless riches when Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove comes to your hometown! Disney On Ice sets the gold standard with its newest skating spectacular, including ALL of your favorite characters! Be sure to see this show full of memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Bengals VS Steelers Times: 8:00 PM Phone: (513) 455-4999 Location: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Cheer on the Bengals as they take on the Steelers!

mon | 22 Monster in the Sky Times: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Price: $5/person Phone: 513-751-3679 Location: Trailside Nature Center, Cincinnati Join us at the Wolff Planetarium for an introduction to the constellations and some of the legends connected to them. Adults and children ages 5+, accompanied by an adult. Reservations required. Seating is limited. Call 513-751-3679 to register.

Halloween Fun For Youth with Autism Times: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Phone: 859-344-9322, ext. 15 Location: New Perceptions, Edgewood This event is part of Rising Star�s Arts & Socialization Series, which addresses two symptoms that distinguish autism: difficulties in social interaction and communication. Each event encourages social interaction and understanding through an arts activity.

thurs | 25

Thursday Art Play: Monster Mash Times: 10:30 AM Phone: (513) 345-8400 Location: Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati Join us for some spooky, slimy art that glows. We’ll make a monster lantern and create some hairy monster feet to wear. OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 35

sat | 27

Trick or Trot 5K/10K and Kid’s Spooky Sprint

Paint Your Own Pottery Studio Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Price: $2 studio fee for nonresidents, price by the piece Phone: (513) 474-6364 Location: Synder House, Mason Join Star Glazers for some great Fall fun! Make cool pottery pieces for yourself or get a jump on holiday shopping and make special handmade gifts for everyone on your list.

fri | 26

Alice (in Wonderland) Occurring Daily Beginning Friday, October 26 Through Sunday, October 28 Phone: 513.621.5282 Location: Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati Wonderland awaits. Down the rabbit hole lies a world of fantastic curiosities and only the adventurous find it. Curiouser and curiouser is the girl that takes us there. Are you mad enough to join her?

Wildlife Watch Times: 6:30 PM Price: FREE Phone: (513) 521-7275 Location: Miami Whitewater Forest, Harrison This quiet wildlife watch takes place in a special place during a very active time in nature.


Times: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Phone: 720-985-9047 Location: Corwin Nixon Park, Mason Come have fun with the whole family at this spooktacular race to benefit children with cancer through the nonprofit organization Cancer Free Kids. Then celebrate your monster of a victory with food, drinks, and music. Stick around for the costume contest, the free Kids Spooky Sprint, and trick or treating.

BatFest Times: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Price: FREE with Museum Admission Phone: (513) 287-7021 Location: Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati October brings cooler weather, beautiful fall colors and...BatFest! Did you know that there are 13 bat species recorded in Ohio? Join us and learn the importance of bats in our ecosystem from experts. You’ll discover that they’re not so scary after all!

Rumpelstiltzkin Phone: (513) 936-1576 Location: UC Blue Ash College, Blue Ash artrageous.html The Frisch Marionette Company, an audience favorite, is returning to the UC Blue Ash Stage with the classic tale of Rumpelstiltzkin.� Adapted from the Brothers Grimm’s version, this story teaches the importance of making promises that one can keep and the perils of exaggerating the truth.

sun | 28

Sensory Sunday: Stories, Songs and Fun for You and Your Little One Times: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Price: FREE, RSVP online! Phone: 513-703-3343 Location: Gymboree, Mason Now Shalom Family has a great new way for parents and babies to get connected to one another and the Jewish community. Presenting private interactive playgroups that feature the popular Miss Meliss, who keeps babies and their parents engaged and entertained. A program of Shalom Family, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation. Open to families in the Jewish community with children two years & younger in which at least one parent is Jewish. Plus, two families will each win a $50 Target Gift Card at every event!

wonderful outlet for your child’s creative side. Have fun listening to a good book and participating in an art-making activity! ages 2-4

tues | 30

Special “Stand up to Cancer” Session Times: 7:00 PM Price: $35 Phone: 513.271.2793 Location: Cheers to Art, Madeira $10 of every painter will be donated to “Stand up to Cancer”. Come paint your HOPE VASE any color for breast cancer, blue for colon cancer, white for lung cancer...your choice!

weds | 31

mon | 29

SENSORY NIGHT Times: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Price: $8/child. Parents are Free Phone: Call 513.829.7867 Location: Pump It Up, West Chester A night for Special Needs kids, and their siblings and families! Kids with autism and those on the autism spectrum love the active movement of jumping and climbing on our safe, giant inflatables.

Make a Mess at the Manatee Occurring Each Monday Times: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Price: $5 per child, Pre-Registration Required Phone: 513-731-2665 Location: Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore, Cincinnati Join Ms. Kelli every Monday to enjoy this

Wee Wednesday: Halloween Bash! Times: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Price: FREE Phone: 513-721-2787 Location: Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Put on your costume and come to the Art Museum for some trick-or-treating. Travel through our galleries to find treats while enjoying four interactive storytelling stops with our specially trained docents. For a small fee, join us for a kidfriendly, healthy lunch buffet. Don’t forget that for this special Halloween edition of Wee Wednesday, you can stop by Artworld for some hands-on art.

ongoing events



Find Your Botanical Bliss

Jack O’Lantern Junction

Occurring Daily Beginning Friday, October 19 Through Saturday, October 27

Occurring Daily Through Sunday, October 28

Occurring Daily Through Wednesday, October 31

Price: $3.00 adult, $2.00 seniors, and $1.00 child

Phone: 513.569.8080 x10

Price: Best Value! Our Do-It-All! ticket

Phone: (513) 421-4086

Location: Taft Theatre, Cincinnati

Phone: 513-898-8000

Location: Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati

Location: EnterTRAINment Junction, West Chester

This fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza features favorite Dr. Seuss characters, including: Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Lazy Mayzie, and all of the Whos of Whoville! As each story unfolds, audiences will marvel at how relevant and profound Seuss’s subtle themes are, making this musical appealing to all ages.

Immerse your imagination in the colors of fall and experience firsthand the unique design and award winning plants showcased in this year�s fall show. Spiraling flower beds of hundreds of chrysanthemums and coleus are displayed in mountains of color. A valley of handmade tulle flowers in hues of blue, gold and red, are highlighted by a large harvest moon.

Halloween fun for the whole family! First walk-thru our trick or treat maze and see kid friendly ghosts, skeletons and more. Plus come and enjoy the area’s only indoor Pumpkin Patch. Also open this year are our two outdoor kid’s train rides themed for the Halloween season. And as always you can experience the world’s largest indoor train display or enjoy hours of fun in our kid’s play area.

Blue Man Group Occurring Daily (except Mon) Beginning Tuesday, October 16 Through Sunday, October 28

Howl-O-Fest Occurring Every Sun & Sat Beginning Saturday, September 29 Through Sunday, October 28 Price: FREE with Park Admission

Phone: (513) 721-3344

Phone: (513) 398-0115

Location: Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati

Location: Kings Island, Mason

People of all ages agree that Blue Man Group is an intensely exciting and wildly outrageous show that leaves the entire audience in a blissful, euphoric state. Experience the Phenomenon.

Little Ghouls and Goblins absolutely love Howl-O-Fest! There are all kinds of things to see and do that are fun-scary, not scaryscary. Howl-O-Fest activities include a Costume Contest, Gigantic Hay Bale Maze, Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Dance Party, Foam Pit, Tractor Town, Mask-Painting, Games, Food, and so much more! The most fun-filled, family-friendly Halloween event around. Plus, your favorite rides and attractions are open during this event.

HallZOOween Occurring Every Sat & Sun Beginning Saturday, October 6 Through Sunday, October 28 Times: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM Price: FREE with Zoo Admission Phone: 513.281.4700 Location: Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Little ghouls and boys can enjoy FOUR spooktacular weekends of fun! Always hairy, never scary! You and your family can enjoy: Trick-or-Treat Stations, Special Animal Encounters, Beauty Shop of Horrors, Phil Dalton’s Theater of Illusion Show at 1pm & 3pm, Pumpkin Patch, Hogwarts Express Train Ride, Scareousel and more! Plus, wear your favorite costume!

Halloween Nights Occurring Every Thu, Fri & Sat Beginning Thursday, October 4 Through Sunday, October 28 Times: 11:00 AM Price: Free Phone: (513) 521-7275 Location: Parky’s Farm., Cincinnati Come join us for the 15th Anniversary of this one-of-akind, non-scary, family-friendly Halloween event! See tens of thousands of lights, displays, visit the Hardly Haunted House, take a wagon ride through Spooky Hollow Ghost Town, enjoy Creepy Campfires and other live Halloween entertainment.

TRICK OR TREAT WITH THE DINOSAURS! Occurring Every Sun & Sat Beginning Saturday, September 29 Through Sunday, October 28 Price: Separate Ticket Required Phone: (513) 398-0115 Location: Kings Island, Mason Trick-or-Treat from dinosaur to dinosaur in the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur park! This is not your average trick-or-treat. There are candy stops, pumpkins, prizes and crafts along the 12.5acre path. Plus, more than 60 life-sized, moving dinosaurs. Families will remember this fun and unique experience for years to come!

Fall Festival Occurring Daily Through Saturday, November 3 Price: Free admission. Hayrides, barrel train rides, gift items and food available for purchase Phone: 859-905-9656 Location: Country Pumpkins, Dry Ridge Wide variety of pumpkins and gourds for sale. Free: corn maze, petting zoo, corn box, straw bale maze, play area and picnic shelter.

Pumpkin Patch Tours Occurring Every Sat & Sun Beginning Saturday, October 6 Through Sunday, October 28 Phone: (859) 781-5502 Location: Sunrock Farms, Wilder Experience a two hour hands-on guided tour. As part of your farm tour, climb aboard the hay wagon for a hayride out to the pumpkin field to choose that special pumpkin. Families have the opportunity to: Milk a goat, Gather eggs, Hold chicks & bunnies, Hands-on time with cows, horses, sheep and goats, Visit alpaca and emu, Enjoy a hayride to the pumpkin patch, free apple cider and cookies on weekends at the farm store.

Pumpkin Patch Occurring Each Friday Beginning Friday, October 5 Through Friday, October 26 Times: 10:00 AM Price: Adult admission does not include a pumpkin, but pumpkins may be purchased separately. The cost is $7.00/child, $3.00/adult at the door or preregister online in advance: $6.00/child, $2.50/adult. Phone: (513) 521-7275 Location: Parky’s Farm, Cincinnati Hop on a hayride to pick out the perfect pumpkin from our Pumpkin Patch! Try squashy experiments and corny games, or play in the Playbarn. Activities are geared for children ages 2-8 years.

Pumpkin Days on Farm Occurring Every Sat & Sun Beginning Saturday, October 6 Through Sunday, October 28 Phone: 859-485-7000 Location: Benton Family Farm, Walton In October make it a tradition, take the family on a hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick, from a variety of shapes and sizes. The barns will be open for you to come in and visit/feed/brush/feel the animals. We have awesome farm grown KY pumpkins,(not placed in a grass field!) gourds, straw, corn stalks for sale to help your family to decorate for fall! OCTOBER 2012 [ cincinnati parent] 37

marketplace MUSIC






MusicTime Studio


(Mt. Washington/Anderson) FREE Introductory Session Break through Australian PIANO Method Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors Play Pop, Blues & Classical (From Your Very First Lessons)


(513) 652-6267 /







homemade cookie day


how to celebrate: head out to your favorite local petting farm


i love lucy day

how to celebrate: we opt for chocolate covered gummy bears instead!

how to celebrate: watch re-runs of the show after dinner



how to celebrate: look up two new words and use them in a sentence throughout the day!


statue of liberty day

cat day how to celebrate: volunteer at an animal shelter this week!




bologna day how to celebrate: have a bologna sandwich for lunch!








day eleanor egg how to celebrate: eat eggs for breakfast, roosevelt's lunch, or dinner (or all three) birthday

chocolate cupcake day

ipod day

how to celebrate: pack some almonds or a peanut butter sandwich for a snack



card making day how to celebrate: hand-make a card for someone special!

how to celebrate: give your teacher a special note or an apple to say thank you!


bring your teddy bear to school day


world teachers day

cinnamon roll day

look at the leaves day


national nut day reptile awareness day


dictionary day



chocolate covered insects day






denim day how to celebrate: wear your favorite pair of jeans to school!

sweetest day how to celebrate: send some flowers to a family member or secret admirer

the Star Spangled Banner was first sung in 1814


how to celebrate: carve your pumpkins for halloween today!



on this day

pumpkin day



how to celebrate: change all your light bulbs to make your home more energy efficient!



columbus day



change a light bulb day



2 farm animals day

how to celebrate: make a batch of cookies and have storytime with your kids before bed!








national forgiveness day

candy corn day how to celebrate: have some for dessert!

Sources:,,, &

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