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Summer Slide! How to keep the school year’ s academic momentum going


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25 Days of Summer Fun Top picks to make the most of the season!

All Aboard!

Plan a train trip and ride the rails

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Splash Pads and Spray Parks


31 places to get soaked this summer!


Stop That Summer Slide


Keeping your child's academic momentum going over break


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Welcome to Summer!


It’s official – June 21st marks the beginning of summer! If your house is like


mine, there was at least a month-long countdown to the last day of school. Finally summer break has arrived and we can all celebrate this muchanticipated season. Need some ideas on how to make the most of the 94 days of summer? Take a look at our article on 25 Days of Summer Fun for great suggestions, big and small, perfect for family fun. And for those really hot days when your crew needs some quick cooling off, check out our guide to Splash Pads and Spray Parks. All those fountains, buckets, pipes and nozzles releasing gallons of water are a sure-fire way to beat the heat.

Want to make sure your student starts off next school year with a bang? Have your child stay sharp by keeping him or her engaged academically over break. With so many fun reading programs, STEM offerings and other local activities available, exercising their brain can be fun instead of a chore. Read Stop That Summer Slide for descriptions of the many opportunities available in our area. There you have it – our effort to help you get your summer started in the best way possible. Here’s hoping the fun begins in June and goes straight through Labor Day!

Business Manager Roxanne Burns // INTERN Meg Wynne // CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Maggie Loiselle, Deb Krupowicz, Megan Bohrer, Jennifer Thompson, Gayla Grace, Leslie Olsen, Tracy Gale and Emmaleigh Badeaux CALENDAR OF EVENTS Contact Us

Summer is all about family vacations and if you’re looking for something a little different to do, why not try a train trip? We’ve got seven railways close to home listed in All Aboard! that offer all kinds of different excursions – from scenic vistas to mock train robberies to the ever-popular Day Out With Thomas. “Riding the rails” may just be your family’s favorite getaway this summer.




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our cover kid MEET ADDISON Age: 4 years


Purple and pink Chicken nuggets and ranch Gymnastics Strawberry with rainbow sprinkles Odd Squad Peanut butter cups Cinderella Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Super Woman Dinosaurs

[FUN FACT] Addison can beat anyone at Dino trivia!

When I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist.


Amy Garro of Indy Family Photo

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Need something fun to do with Dad? Father’s Day is June 18 – do you have plans yet? If he’s an automobile enthusiast, the Father’s Day Car Show in Noblesville is just the ticket. With 225 cars to peruse, he’s sure to find a few favorites. Prizes will be awarded in categories like Best Engine, Best Interior, Best Paint and others. Proceeds go to The Elysian Foundation to benefit the residents of Normal Life of Sheridan, a residential facility for the severely brain-injured. June 18, 9 am - 4 pm Forest Park, Noblesville

Touch A Truck 2017 If you have a kid that just loves anything with wheels, then mark your calendar for one of the many Touch A Truck events happening around town. With trucks, tractors, police cars, construction vehicles, ambulances, garbage trucks and more, your tot will be in heaven. While many events do offer free admission, don’t be surprised if some have a couple dollars due at the door. Fair warning for those who have never attended a touch a truck event – the horns are loud! If your child doesn’t like big noises, check out event locations that have a quiet time hour. Touch A Truck is available at multiple locations – get the scoop on an event near you on our website at

Take a Magic Carpet Ride with Summer Stock Stage! Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! All of your favorite characters are here, including Aladdin, Jasmine, and of course, the Genie. Filled with magic, mayhem and romance, audiences' spirits will soar with excitement. Most of all, the tuneful, Academy award-winning score with songs including "A Whole New World" and "Friend Like Me" will certainly make this musical a family favorite! June 21-25 Summer Stock Stage at Park Tudor School




Read It & Eat! Want to keep your little learners reading this summer? Sign up for the Indianapolis Public Library’s fun reading incentive program. Register at any library branch, the Central Library or bookmobile to receive a points card. Rack up points in exchange for free prizes donated by the generous sponsors of the Indianapolis Public Library. Prizes up for grabs include a Colts VIP 4-pack with pregame sideline passes to a Colts home game. Other prizes include a chance to win money to contribute to a 529 college savings account. Participants can give back to the community by helping Gleaners Food Bank and donating non-perishable food items to receive 20 summer reading points as well. So sign up today and get reading! Runs June 5 - July 29 Find library locations at

Festivals for all! Warm weather means festival season and Indy knows how to celebrate! Here are just a few of the fests, feasts and fairs coming up in June. Saturday, June 3 Return of the Mac at Federal Hill Commons in Noblesville Thursday, June 8 Strawberry Festival at Monument Circle

Happy 50th birthday to our Indiana Pacers! Are you a Pacers fan? Then you’ll want to head to the Indiana State Museum for their exhibit “Indiana Pacers 50th Anniversary, 1967-2017.” Learn the history behind how the franchise was started, its ups and downs over the years and our most favorite and famous players. Help celebrate 50 years of Pacers history and look forward to 50 more! The exhibit goes through June 18, so mark your calendar and make sure to see it before it’s gone! Indiana State Museum, 650 W Washington Street

Saturday, June 9-10 Italian Street Festival at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Saturday, June 10 Eagle Creek Folk Festival at Eagle Creek Park Sunday, June 11 Asian Fest at the Indiana State Museum Saturday, June 17 Taste of Broad Ripple in Broad Ripple Village Juneteenth at the Eilteljorg Museum Talbot Street Art Fair (occurring through June 18) Sunday, June 18 Familia Fest at Military Park

Music to your ears Don’t miss out on an upcoming performance by Indianapolis Early Music – for free! The Peabody Consort will host their 11th annual concert, suited for the entire family. The IEM is America’s oldest constant presenter of early music. On June 24 at 11:00 am, head to the Indiana History Center in the Basile Theater to see this free concert where kids can see, hear and possibly even touch some of the unique instruments used by the musicians.

Saturday, June 24 & Sunday, June 25 Eiteljorg Indian Market & Festival Fishers Freedom Festival at Roy Holland Park Interested in even more local festivities? Find our full guide at

Indiana History Center, 450 W Ohio Street

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FACEBOOK.COM/ INDYSCHILDMAGZINE Mint chocolate chip, rocky road, butter pecan, cookies and cream… who doesn’t love ice cream? Of course, everyone has their favorite place they like to go to, so we recently asked Indy’s Child Facebook readers: Where is your family’s favorite spot to get ice cream in Indy? Danny’s Mexican Ice Cream in Avon

– Kayla P.

Sundae’s! – Veronica B. Alexander’s – Sarah A.

Mrs. Curl! – Cindy S. BRICS while on a 10- mile bike ride on the Monon Trail. – Aimée R. Wylie’s in Brownsburg – Amy H.

Redline – Natalie L. Pinocchio's Italian Ice Cream/ Gelato in Greenwood! – Anita B.

Handle’s – Esha H.

stay tuned to our latest guides are packed withfamily-friendly fun. Here’s a peek at what is trending now: 50 Things to do Under $5 Need something fun to do that won't break the bank? Look no further! Where to Find U-pick Strawberries in Indy Strawberry short cake anyone? Locate the freshest strawberries to pick near you! 2017 Summer Festivals It wouldn’t be summer without festivals, feasts and fairs. Check out our guide for a listing of events not to miss!

be on the lookout for this month's online contests! Win a City Mini Travel System, Symphony on the Prairie Tickets and Indianapolis Indians Tickets!

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WORDS BY // Leslie Olsen, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Pop Culture A visit down memory lane – and into the present day! Grandparents and parents, time to put those thinking caps on. Do you remember who graced your favorite elementary school lunchbox? Maybe The Jetsons or The Archies in the 60’s? How about New Kids on the Block or Bart Simpson in the 90’s? In 2017 Moana and The Avengers seem to be everywhere.

Once you’re home, consider making a game out of identifying popular culture in your lives. Compare and contrast things your children have with what you grew up with. What is the same? What is different? How was it delivered to you? How are your children receiving pop culture? Pull out the scrap books and photo albums. Think music, food, toys and games, and above all, have fun!

Ever-changing lunchbox designs exemplify popular culture and its societal significance. Sociologists tell us that pop culture shapes our identities, helps us understand others and plays a role in determining how we behave in our daily lives. Popular culture can ignite imagination and creativity or let us dive momentarily into magical myths and fantasies. On June 17, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis debuts a permanent exhibit called The Galleries of American Art and Popular Culture. Here you can remember your own childhood and rites of passage into adulthood through the artifacts you’ll see. Enjoy present pop culture trends with your children then consider how it might shape their futures as you explore areas dedicated to comics, art, literature, fashion, textiles, music, film, TV, toys and games. As families and children share favorite memories, and create new ones, the exhibit will provide an opportunity for discussions about trends, family values and questions such as, “Can girls play with Hot Wheels and boys play with Barbie?” The exhibit will draw from the museum’s collection of more than 120,000 objects including the periodic rotation of pieces from its newly acquired Batman collection, its comic book collection, Star Wars toy collection and even a cowboy boot collection. “Human nature doesn’t change, but how it is delivered does,” says Chris Carron, the museum’s Director of Collections. “For centuries people have been influenced by what is popular, but now, with exploding technology, pop culture comes to us fast and furiously. New ideas spread around the globe by a hashtag.” PHOTO CREDIT: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis




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5 Things We Now Know About Menopause Your menopause experience won’t be like your mom’s—or even your friends’. Our understanding and treatment of menopause today is sharply different from just a few years ago, as is the advice of healthcare professionals.

incontinence, and other pelvic problems—can linger in post-menopausal women.

But before we dispel myths and misunderstandings, let’s clarify what menopause is.

Different symptoms affect different women at different degrees. Some women breeze through menopause without any discomfort and others feel incapacitated, says Schnieders. Similarly, a treatment that’s a godsend for one woman could harm another.

Menopause, defined. Menopause is the result of dropping estrogen levels—either because our ovaries are done working, or were removed during surgery. That sharp drop in estrogen can cause symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, poor sleep, pelvic dysfunction, and increased risk of heart attacks—all of which can worsen with stress. Those body changes often bring women to Julie Schnieders, a nurse practitioner and director of the St. Vincent Carmel Women’s Center. “While most women are savvy in watching for symptoms,” she says, “many are unaware treatment guidelines have changed.”

2. Symptoms and solutions vary per individual.

Perhaps that’s the biggest change from your mom’s menopause experience—the fact that each woman requires (and deserves) a personalized plan that accounts for her life circumstances, habits and risks. “This is not a 10-minute consultation,” Schnieders explains: “We’ll look at your family history, individual risks, habits, sex life, sleep, cholesterol, sugar levels, and so on.” Only then can a health professional point you to resources that will benefit you. “The important takeaway,” says Schnieders, “is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.”

What we know now. Much has changed in recent years. Below, we clarify five aspects of menopause that are commonly misunderstood, and that demand a different approach today. 1. You don’t have to be “menopause age” to experience menopause. While most women enter menopause between ages 45 and 55, younger women who’ve undergone chemotherapy or had their ovaries removed can experience early menopause. And some symptoms— like vaginal dryness, itching, burning, 16



3. Hormone therapy can harm some women. Years ago, hormones were prescribed as a cure-all for menopause symptoms, no questions asked. After studies in the early 2000s showed hormones can be harmful in some cases, treatment guidelines changed dramatically. Note that hormones remain a safe, effective treatment for many women. The general guidelines now are that hormones should be used for symptomatic relief at the lowest dose and for the shortest length of time when

women first enter menopause—never for long-term prevention or relief. But even among women who are good candidates for hormones, some decide against it, as it can be costly and require a lot of effort.

4. You’ve never had more options. Patients who are good candidates for hormones now enjoy more delivery options via pills, creams, and patches. Alternatively, a host of hormone-free options are also available, including over-the-counter medication you can grab at the grocery store. Likewise, technology has come a long way. A new, hormone-free resource that’s grown popular with patients is the MonaLisa Touch, a five-minute laser treatment that relieves vaginal discomfort by stimulating collagen growth. “There’s no pain, no downtime. Some women are on their phone the whole time,” shares Schnieders.

5. DIY = Delaying relief Surely, there’s a Pinterest recipe for that menopause symptom you’re experiencing, right? Or maybe you should give it time? Not so. Symptoms won’t go away without treatment, cautions Schnieders. Plus, when women choose to go it alone or wait it out, many return with serious health complications that could have been prevented. “The main thing: Women don’t have to put up with discomfort,” she concludes. Not just for their sake, but for their loved ones: “When mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” Call 317-583-4437 to schedule your pelvic health consultation with St. Vincent, or visit to learn more.

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SUMMER FUN [ sponsored by Another Broken Egg ]

WORDS BY // Jennifer Thompson

There are officially 94 days of summer – and there is so much to fit in! The Indianapolis area offers all kinds of ways to enjoy a summer day (or night). Here are a few “must do’s” to be sure to put on your bucket list this summer.

1. Fly through the sky on zip lines and

Tarzan swings through Eagle Creek State Park.

Have a treetop adventure with Go Ape! on this 2-3 hour exploration through the forest with kids ages 10 and older. 2. Hop on the saddle for a guided trail

ride through Fort Harrison State Park.

Choose either a 1.5 or 2.5 mile trip for riders ages six and older, or bring younger cowboys and girls for a parent-assisted pony ride. 3. Rent a bike or surrey and pedal

around White River State Park with Wheel Fun Rentals.

After your two or four-wheel adventure, get on the water! Wheel Fun Rentals can hook you up with a kayak or pedal boat to float on the canal. 4. Grab a blanket and head to one of

the many places offering free movie screenings.

Some locations to check out are: Indianapolis Museum of Art, Garfield Parks Art Center, Fishers, Carmel Clay, Forest Park and Westfield Movies in the Park and Greenwood Library Starlight Movie Nights Series. 5. Take a family bike ride or leisurely

stroll along the Monon Trail.

Put on some comfortable shoes for this trail that stretches 18.1 miles from Westfield through Carmel, Broadripple and the Indiana State Fairgrounds and then intersects with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail on Massachusetts Avenue. 6. Go to a festival – or two or three. There are over 30 different festivals taking place around Indianapolis this summer – choose your favorites and mark your calendar! 7. Grab a fellow foodie and go to First

Friday Food Truck Festival.

Taking place the first Friday of the month at the Old National Centre parking lot, this event is not to be missed. Cost is $5 at the gate and free for children ages five and younger.

8. Spend the morning at a local farmer’s


Enjoy fresh fruits, veggies, pies, bread, honey and handmade items at your local market and check out what’s available at others around the city. 9. Take a hot air balloon ride for a whole new perspective. Go first thing in the morning and see the sunrise from the sky! 10. Try the 1859 Balloon Voyage at

Conner Prairie.

Prefer a tethered balloon ride? Sail 350 in the air and view Conner Prairie like you’ve never seen it before. 11. Catch an Indianapolis Indians game

– and maybe a fly ball too!

Bring your glove and a blanket and watch the game from the lawn where kids who need to wiggle a bit can have some space to do it.

For the complete list of 100 Things to Do this Summer in Indy, visit 100-things-to-do-this-summer-in-indy/




12. Get up close and personal with a

19. Sign up for a summer reading

Got a kid that just loves anything with wheels? Indulge their interest at one of the many Touch a Truck events happening around town.

Encourage kids to keep reading this summer with the prize incentives offered by many summer reading programs – even moms and dads can get involved!

truck at Touch a Truck.

13. Beat the heat at the Monon Center

Water Park.

Spend the day enjoying the lazy river, zero-depth activity pool, lap pool, kiddie pool, water slides and more. 14. Go old school and watch a movie at

a drive-in theater.

Visit Tibbs on the south side of Indy or The Skyline in Shelbyville and enjoy a film from the comfort of your own car. Your kids will think it’s the coolest. 15. Think Swiss Family Robinson and

climb a treehouse (or two).

With three treehouses at Flat Fork Creek Park in Fishers and one mighty four-story treehouse at The Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie, kids interested in climbing will love a day spent in the trees. 16. Hit the lanes – and do it for free! Register your child for the Kids Bowl Free program and head to one of the eight participating alleys in Indianapolis, Fishers, Greenwood, Franklin and Beech Grove. 17. Enjoy a day on the water at Geist,

Morse or Eagle Creek Reservoir.

Whether you’re interested in pontooning, paddle boating or kayaking, you can find your preferred mode of water transportation at one of these locations. 18. Make strawberry shortcake – with

berries you pick yourself!

Visit a local u-pick farm and gather berries fresh from the bush. A few places to try are Waterman’s Farm, Spencer Farm and Bell’s Strawberry Farm.


20. Shoot a bow and arrow at

Strawtown Koteewi Park

Have a kid interested in archery? Try their hand at this world class range in Noblesville. 21. Take advantage of the Summer

Movie Express Program at Regal Cinemas.

Admission is just $1! Take a whole clan for a fun and inexpensive day (especially when temperatures are too hot to be outside). 22. Spend the day at the Indianapolis

Zoo and White River Gardens.

Make sure to see the new macaw exhibit while you’re there and the butterflies in the Hilbert Conservatory. 23. Join the Franklin Skate Club’s Kids

Skate Free program

Sign up your kids and get free passes to roller skate every week. (Parents, show ‘em how it’s done!) 24. See a cow being milked at Trader’s

Point Creamery

And then have some award-winning ice cream before heading out! 25. Enjoy a free summer concert

near you.

With so many possibilities all around Indy and surrounding counties for free entertainment, all you need is a picnic and a warm summer night for some great family fun.


19 19

all aboard!

Plan a train trip and ride the rails this summer

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

French Lick Scenic Railway

Managed, operated and maintained completely by volunteers, the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is a tribute to history lovers. Trains run on the weekends and offer passengers both enclosed and open air cars to enjoy the scenery. Families wanting a little drama should be sure to check out “Ohio’s Friendliest Train Robbery” which will make passengers feel as if they have traveled back in time to the days of outlaws and bandits.

With “some of the best scenery in the Midwest” a family excursion to the French Lick Scenic Railway is fun for all ages. In addition to standard excursions, the railway offers themed rides throughout the summer. Want to feel like the star of an old Western movie? Hop aboard the “Wild West Hold-Up” and witness the River Renegades looting the train. Guests will enjoy travelling through the Hoosier National Forest and spending the day exploring French Lick as well.

Nelsonville, Ohio

Whitewater Valley Railroad

WORDS BY // Megan Bohrer

There is something just so fun and nostalgic about trains. They captivate our imaginations and remind us of simpler times. Why not plan a trip by rail this summer with your family? With these seven railways in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, you won’t have to go far to “get on the right track”!




LM & M Railroad

Historic Downtown Lebanon, Ohio The Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad carries passengers along scenic routes in southwestern Ohio. Operating since about 1881, some of the original tracks still exist. History buffs and train enthusiasts alike will enjoy this fourteen mile stretch of track. Children are in for a real treat over the summer when LM&M offers special rides with beloved characters Curious George, Whyatt from SuperWhy! and Daniel Tiger – and the fun continues with “Day Out With Thomas” and Friday night pizza trains. If this railroad looks familiar, you might have seen its cameo in the 1994 movie Milk Money.

Connersville, Indiana

This 19-mile scenic railroad is part of an operating railroad museum. Dating back to 1867, the Whitewater Valley Railroad is a true piece of Indiana history. The railroad offers regularly scheduled excursions throughout the year, but families are in for something special over the summer aboard the “American Limited” where passengers will be transported back to a Civil War battle and enjoy a layover in the historic town, Metamora. And the youngest locomotive buffs will be excited to know that “Day Out With Thomas” will be offered multiple dates as well.

French Lick, Indiana

Spirit of Jasper

Jasper, Indiana Looking for a little luxury on the rails? Then the Spirit of Jasper is perfect for you. Delivering on the promise of the Golden Age of Rails, the Spirit of Jasper transports passengers on a beautifully restored train. Take an excursion to French Lick or enjoy dinner and drinks during a “Ride and Dine” excursion. Be sure to check out the Parlour Car, which features leather couches and a flat screen television, a modern makeover for a classic train.

Big South Fork Scenic Railway

Kentucky Railway Museum

Situated in the heart of coal country, the Big South Fork Scenic Railway is steeped in history. During its heyday, the railway stretched for 25 miles through Kentucky and Tennessee. Today, the railway seeks to preserve the history of the coal mining and timber industries. Passengers can enjoy the “K&T Special” – a three-hour ride through the area’s beautiful countryside, including a 600-foot descent into the gorge and a visit to the Blue Heron Coal Mining Camp. In the summer, combine a canoe trip with your train ride on a special Rivers & Rails package excursion.

The Kentucky Railway Museum gives visitors a glimpse into the history of rail travel while providing them an opportunity to experience it firsthand. In addition to regularly scheduled excursions, summer passengers can look forward to a “Day Out With Thomas” as well as a “Sunday Train Robbery.” Interested in a little intrigue? Be sure to check out the “Mystery Theater and Train Ride” which caters to adults and older children. For the youngest train enthusiasts, the Kentucky Railway Museum offers a “Junior Engineer” program, which includes unlimited admission for a year as well as other perks such as a birthday message and a postcard.

Stearns, Kentucky

New Haven, Kentucky

The tracks are calling – so “move your caboose” and plan a train trip (or two) with your family this summer!

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 21

Splash Pads and Spray Parks 31 places to get soaked this summer!

Hot summer afternoon? Kids with energy to spare? Save the day and make everyone happy with a trip to the splash or spray park! With the variety of parks available in the Indianapolis area, there’s no shortage of saturated, soaked, sopping wet fun to be had!

Indy Parks & Recreation The Indy Parks listed below operate splash pads or spray parks during the summer months, beginning May 20 through Labor Day. With the exception of Willard Park, which charges a nominal fee, all are free and open dawn to dusk. • Andrew Ramsey Park: 310 West 42nd Street • Arsenal Park: 1400 E 46th St.

• Bowman Park: 3600 Auburn RD Indianapolis • Broadway & 61st Sprinkler Park (now Dan Wakefield Park!): 6051 N. Broadway Street

• Centennial & Groff Park: 2300 N Centennial Avenue

• Christian Park: 4200 English Avenue, Indianapolis • Clayton and LaSalle Park: 401 S. LaSalle Street, Indianapolis 22



• Grassy Creek Park: 10510 E 30th Street, Indianapolis • Haughville Park: 520 N. Belleview Place, Indianapolis

• Municipal Gardens: 1831 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis

• Riverwood Park: 7200 Crittendon Ave, Indianapolis • Stout Field Park: 3820 W. Bradbury Road, Indianapolis

• Washington Park: 3130 E. 30th Street, Indianapolis • Wes Montgomery Park: 3501 N Hawthorne Lane Wes Montgomery, Indianapolis

• Willard Park and Pool*: 1901 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis

• Windsor Village Park: 6510 E. 25th Street, Indianapolis

Fishers Parks & Recreation Both Billericay Park and Roy G. Holland Memorial parks offer splash pads that are open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day from 10 am to 8 pm daily. These splash pads conserve water by running in four-minute cycles when children press the activation bollards (also added fun for little ones!) • Billericay Park: 12690 Promise Road, Fishers • Roy G. Holland Memorial Park: 1 Park Dr, Fishers

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation In addition to all of the fun to be had at The Waterpark at the Monon Community Center, there are three parks in Carmel that offer splash pads beginning Memorial Day weekend until temperatures begin cooling in late September. Like their adjacent playgrounds, the splash pads are free and open daily from sunrise until sunset. • Lawrence W. Inlow Park: 6310 East Main Street, Carmel • West Park: 2700 West 116th Street, Carmel • West Commons Playground & Splash Pad at Central Park: 235 Central Park Dr E, Carmel

Other places to find splash pads • Conner Prairie River Crossing Area*: 13400 Allisonville Rd, Fishers

• Mulberry Fields: 9645 Whitestown Rd, Zionsville

Open daily the Friday following Memorial Day through Tuesday after Labor Day.

Kids can enjoy a traditional splash pad, plus a meandering man-made stream. • Indianapolis Zoo Kroger Splash Pad*: 1200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis

Cool off at the zoo, Memorial Day through Labor Day (may open earlier if weather permits). Visit www. for hours.

• Hummel Park: 1500 S Center St, Plainfield

Splash pad is open 10 am-7 pm daily from approximately Memorial Day through the end of September, weather permitting. Intended for use by children ages 14 and under. • Washington Township Park: 115 South Co Rd 575 East, Avon

Splash pad is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, Mon-Fri noon-8pm; Sat-Sun 10:30 am-6:30 pm.

• The Watermill at Williams Park: 940 S. Locust Lane, Brownsburg

Open daily May through Sept., 10 am-7pm. Kids will love this massive splash pad with 2,500 square feet of water play!

• City Center Park: 300 S Madison Ave, Greenwood

Open May 27-Sept. 5. Younger visitors will love the splash and play water area that includes safe, fun water cannons. Visit for hours.

Open daily sunrise to sunset, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

• Dillon Park: 6001 Edenshall Ln, Noblesville

• Freedom Springs Aquatic Park*: 750 W. Stop 18 Rd, Greenwood.

Open Memorial Day Weekend until end of September, weather permitting. • Forest Park*: 701 Cicero Rd, Noblesville

Splash pad included with paid admission to the aquatic center. Visit www. for hours.

Splash pad is located within the Aquatic Park. Open Memorial Day through Labor Day, Mon-Sat 11 am-8 pm; Sunday noon-6 pm.

*Access to these splash pads is included with paid admission. All others listed require no admission fees.


23 23

stop that summer slide Keeping your child’s academic momentum going over break

library staff can help you track down resources locally. Summer reading programs are also a great way to keep kids engaged over break. * The Indianapolis Public Library: Kids, teens and adults are invited to “Read It & Eat” books during the library’s 98th annual Summer Reading Program. Running June 5 through July 29, readers can earn points to redeem prizes of everything from toys to buy-one-get-one free Indianapolis Indians tickets. More info: * Carmel Clay Public Library: The Summer Challenge allows families to earn points by reading books and taking part in a list of activities, such as visiting area parks or going screen-free for 24 hours. Points can be tracked online, and prizes include toys and art supplies. The program runs May 22 through Aug. 14. More info: WORDS BY // Maggie Loiselle

Summer break means a vacation for kids and parents from nightly homework, required reading and rushed mornings getting ready for school. But extended time away from the classroom does have a downside.




Decades of research shows that all children, no matter how well they do in school, can lose some of their hard-earned knowledge over the summer, particularly when it comes to math, where most students lose about two months of skills if not engaged academically. The summer slide is especially detrimental for kids in low-resource areas, who often struggle to have basic needs met over break, and can slip an average of two months behind in reading as well.

“We’re not talking about overwhelming your family with more schoolwork,” he says. “Learning in the summer is about finding new and fun ways to engage your children while keeping up those good habits you’ve set during the school year, like reading together and limiting screen time.” Here are a few area programs and at-home ideas to keep kids sharp during summer vacation.

* Hamilton East Public Library: Families will help Build a Better World with this year’s Summer Reading Program. Kids 11 years old and younger are tasked with reading 800 pages, while kids 12 to 19 must read 1,600 pages to complete the program. Prizes include goody bags, T-shirts and books. The program runs June 1 through July 31. More info:

Matthew Boulay, founder and interim CEO of the National Summer Learning Association, encourages parents to talk to their child’s teacher before break for any suggestions they have on what to address over vacation, and to also ask their child about what they’d like to learn.


* Westfield Washington Public Library: Build a Better World is also the

Shake off the required reading lists of the school year by taking a deep dive into the topics your kids love. A Google search can help you find books and magazines to match even the most obscure interests, and

theme of this Summer Reading Program, which encourages kids, teens and adults to read throughout the summer and win prizes along the way. It runs June 1 through July 31. More info:

* Johnson County Public Library: Another Build a Better World-themed program encourages children to explore far-off places at story times, discover hidden talents and create through new STEAM, that’s STEM + art, activities. The program runs through July 31. More info: www.


* Greenwood Public Library: The newly revamped Summer Reading Program encourages readers of all ages to track what they read between May 15 through July 29. Points collected can be used to vote on a variety of community prizes. More info: both work with area summer camps to run math games with students. Also, consider day camps that focus on math, such as Junior Achievement’s BizTown Summer Camp (www.junior, where kids learn financial literacy and entrepreneurship in a real-life setting, or the University of

For struggling readers, consider IUPUI’s summer reading programs for 4-year-olds and older. More info: www.iupui. edu/~solctr/business-corporateresources/summer-reading-programs/

Practicing math problems over the summer is no one’s idea of fun. Fortunately, there are ways you can help keep your kids’ skills sharp without bringing out the worksheets. Marian University’s Summer Learning

Institute and the Indianapolis Algebra Project (www.indianapolisalgebra

Indianapolis’ Math Beyond Numbers camp, which offers coed and girls-only options ( academic-camps).

At home, cook together to figure out fractions and measurement conversions, or set up a family store where kids can buy and sell items to learn about currency. Give older kids the chance to tally the tip at

dinners out or budget a family vacation. Also consider apps that hone math skills, such as Operation Math, Mathmateer and Bedtime Math.

SCIENCE From weather and space, to nature and robotics, science covers so much ground that every kid can find something of interest. Give your children the chance to experiment more in the summer months, from melting ice cubes to playing with magnets or taking a hike, and supplement what you know with books, websites and educational apps. There is no shortage of day camps with STEM themes. Camp Invention (www. offers hands-on activities on topics such as circuitry, robotics and coding, while 1st Maker Space ( will host 3D Printing and Design Camp at schools across the city. Or get outside with Marian’s camp series on STEM in the natural and living world (http://marian. edu/about-marian/nina-mason-pulliamecolab/summer-science-camps).

PHYSICAL FITNESS Not only are kids at risk of losing academic knowledge over the summer, studies show that they tend to gain weight more rapidly when they are out of school. Experts urge parents to keep control of screen time and find opportunities for daily fitness, such as trips to the playground or biking around the neighborhood. Explore more structured programs at the YMCA (www.indymca. org) and your local parks department, and check out sport-specific camps, such as those through the Indiana Pacers (http:// pacers/?register=Camp) and the Indy Eleven ( The key to avoiding summer learning loss is getting kids engaged, active and thinking critically – and it doesn’t have to feel like school. With a few ideas in place that appeal to your child, you can keep those academic juices flowing and get next school year off to a great start.

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 25




May 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 27



Traveling with Kids on the Autism Spectrum Planning ahead for a successful trip There is nothing routine about traveling, especially when it involves kids. As summer vacation season looms, this poses a unique challenge for parents whose children crave predictability – like many on the autism spectrum. Flying on a plane, spending hours in the car, sleeping in unfamiliar beds, eating strange food and dealing with crowded attractions can be distressing for children who are most comfortable when they know exactly what to expect. “I know some families who don’t try vacations at all because the changes are too hard,” says Cathy Pratt, Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indiana University. “If you are going to travel, parents need to have a good sense of what demands a vacation will have on their child, sensory and otherwise, and prepare accordingly.”

Think ahead Begin talking about your vacation as early as you think will help prepare your child. Some kids benefit from having extra time to process the details, while others can get anxious if they have too much time to think beforehand. When you’re ready, find picture books about your destination, examine maps and watch videos on YouTube to help familiarize your child with the area, and create social stories to illustrate what you’ll do there. “When we went to Washington, D.C., we read all about the city, so Andrew was excited to see the sites and felt like he ‘knew’ where he was,” recalls Kathy Shreve, a Carmel mom of an 8-year-old on the spectrum.




If you can, practice going to the airport or sit in the car together like you will when you travel. You might also consider spending the night together as a family at a relative’s house before your trip to ease concerns that come with sleeping in an unfamiliar environment. When preparing, experts recommend paying special attention to the aspects of traveling that you know will be hardest for your child. “My daughter hates to be rushed and it can lead to epic meltdowns, so we map out the vacation and she knows what we are going to do each day and which days we might have to wake up early and move quickly,” says a Noblesville mom of two, including a 5-year-old daughter with sensory processing disorder and OCD. “I also let her help me pack her bags so she is mentally prepared for the clothes we are taking with us.”

Maintain some routine Keeping some of your regular daily schedule intact while you’re on vacation can be helpful for kids with autism. Consider eating meals and going to bed at the same time you would at home. Be sure to stay consistent with things that your child especially enjoys, such as watching a favorite show at a certain time of day or even working on homework in the evening. Some families stick with a single hotel chain over the course of the trip so the rooms stay mostly the same.

Do your own thing There is no one right way to take a vacation. Just because everyone is headed to the beach but your child hates sand and sun, don’t be afraid to go somewhere that better fits your family’s needs. “We started traveling small and worked our way up,” Shreve says. “Relaxing trips were much better than city-type trips for us.” Also, don’t hesitate to ask for special accommodations. From airline staff to the hotel concierge and workers at all the popular tourist destinations, people are there to help make your vacation as worry-free as possible. “Honestly, our favorite trips have been to LEGOLAND, Holiday World and Disney World. Their staff are all amazing when it comes to special needs kids,” says Cathy Willman, a Brownsburg mother of three, including an 11-year-old son with autism. “Each park has their own version of a special needs pass so that the kids don't have to wait in nasty lines; they can report and return. It's wonderful.”

For more traveling tips, check out the family travel website, along with Autism Speak’s collection of articles on the topic: www.autismspeaks. org/family-services/communityconnections/traveling-tips-individualsautism-and-their-families

packing suggestions ID bracelet Ear plugs/noise-cancelling headphones Favorite devices with headphones Stroller for sensory breaks Sun hat/sunglasses/beach tent Weighted blanket Favorite snacks/toys Familiar bedtime items (pillow, blanket, stuffed animal)

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 29



Animals, Kids and Therapy How the bond between children and animals promotes progress Petting a dog. Riding a horse. Playing fetch. These simple animal interactions have been shown to decrease stress, lower blood pressure and improve your mood. And for children with special needs, the connection can go much deeper. Pet therapy is a growing field that encompasses animal-assisted therapy and other therapeutic interactions to help individuals coping with physical, emotional and behavioral challenges. Dogs and horses are among the animals most commonly used because they are easily trained and can be a calm, quiet presence. Working with these animals can also be a powerful incentive to kids.

“The movement of a horse’s pelvis at a walk is almost exactly the same as the way a person walks, and the children can feel that throughout their bodies. No other therapy works like this. A treadmill can’t do that,” McCarley says.

BELOW: Roscoe delivering early Valentine’s gifts to Riley children and staff. Photo credit: Mike Dickbernd, IU Health photographer

The pet therapy team at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health has witnessed similar results among the children who interact with 15 therapy dogs, including Roscoe, a 3-year-old golden retriever who works full time in the hospital’s inpatient rehabilitation unit.

“In our case, it’s such a motivation to get on the horse, that you’re able to have a great clinic-based therapy session beforehand because the children know that the horse is next,” says Hillary McCarley, executive director of The Children’s TherAplay Foundation, a Carmel nonprofit that offers horse equine-assisted therapy. “Once they’re on the horse, they’re so engaged that they don’t realize that they’re doing more therapy.” TherAplay specializes in hippotherapy, which gets its name from the Greek word for horse, incorporating the movement of horses into pediatric physical and occupational therapy sessions. Therapists use different riding positions to help children develop balance, core strength, gross motor skills and body awareness.




ABOVE: TherAplay horse and rider during a therapy session. // Photo credit: The Children’s TherAplay Foundation

The children brush and play fetch with Roscoe during occupational therapy, read books to him during speech therapy and he is an enthusiastic cheerleader as they work on walking or riding a bike in physical therapy. “The huge advantage of having him here is that the kids love him, and they’re so excited to play with him and pet him, they’re doing therapy without even knowing it,” says Denise Shalkowski, a nurse practitioner on the rehab unit and Roscoe’s handler. “It might be painful for them to do certain things they need to do to get stronger, but they easily do those things when Roscoe is involved. It’s been quite an eye opener.” Of course, it’s not just the patients who benefit from the dogs’ work. Kim Ziegler, director of the pet therapy program, says handlers often take a dog to the pediatric ICU to provide some fur comfort for both parents and staff. “It can be a stressful, anxious place, but when a dog walks in dressed up in bow tie, that tension kind of melts for a minute,” she laughs. “The parents appreciate it, and the staff just light up.”

She’s seen the progress children can make with hippotherapy firsthand with her son, Michael, now 19. He was born two months early and suffered from oxygen deprivation, causing him to fall behind developmentally. That’s what first brought McCarley to TherAplay in 2001. “I remember that working with the horses would take so much out of Michael. He would sleep so much better, and he would be in such a good mood compared to when we had doctor appointments,” she recalls. “Michael army crawled into the clinic, and he walked out using forearm crutches, this after they told us he would never walk or talk. It’s amazing.”

To learn more about these area pet therapy programs, visit www. and www.rileychildrens. org/support-services/ pet-therapy-program.

Back at TherAplay, official barn greeter Rocky, a 24-year-old Quarter Horse, welcomes visitors with hugs and kisses, sweetly demanding that his neck be scratched. There is a wait list for therapy sessions at the facility, so McCarley encourages families to set up an evaluation early.

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 31


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Special Needs Guide ABA Autism Services by Damar ABA provides proven research-based treatments and interventions for children with Autism and their families, ensuring that children learn, gain confidence and purpose, and engage in meaningful interactions in their everyday lives. 9905 Fall Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256, Contact: Kristin Dovenmuehle, Director, Phone: 317-813-4690, Email: info@damar. org,

Applied Behavior Center for Autism The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is Indiana's longest running ABA provider. With over 20 years of service, ABC is building brighter futures every day. Each of our center offers unique attributes that allows us to provide high quality treatment to children and teens with autism spectrum disorder. With locations in Greenwood, Carmel, Castleton, Terre Haute, Richmond, and West Indianapolis we offer ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic testing, special needs swim lessons, and so much more! We are now enrolling for part-time and full-time schedules. Find us on social @ABCforAutism to learn more. 7901 E. 88th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46256, Contact: Jane Grimes, Phone: 317-849-5437 Ext. 104, Email: Jane@AppliedBehavior,

BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS CENTER FOR AUTISM BACA uses the principles and procedures of ABA to teach language, social, self-help, academic, daily living and life skills to individuals with autism and related disorders. BACA was established in 2009 by Carl Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D, and a group of highly trained BCBAs. Located in Fishers, Zionsville and Elkhart, IN. 9929 East 126th Street, Fishers, IN, United States, Phone: 317-436-8961, Contact: Colin Clayton, Email:,

BEHAVIORWORKS ABA We work with you! BehaviorWorks provides Early Intervention for Autism and Indiana Medicaid Waiver Behavior Support Services. BehaviorWorks is a team you can grow with. We use the evidence-based strategies of ABA to create effective behavioral solutions. Are you looking for a fresh perspective? Take action for positive change with BehaviorWorks. 618 N. High School Road Suite A, Indianapolis,




IN 46214-3684​, Contact: Ann Baloski, Executive Director, Phone: 317-731-7777, Email:,

Bierman ABA Autism Center We work with children with autism spectrum disorders up to the age of 13. We specialize in providing early intervention, personalized and intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Speech & OT programs. Our early intensive intervention programs (EIBI) are designed to help children learn skills across many different developmental domains in order to be happy and successful in any environment, whether that be in the home, community or the classroom. Whether your child was just recently diagnosed or has been in a traditional school setting but unable to make adequate progress, we deeply believe every child is capable of learning with the right programming in place. We are positive our dedicated and talented team can make a difference. Locations in Broad Ripple, Westfield and Avon. 1025 E 54th Street, Indianapolis, Phone: (317) 815-5501, Email:;

The Children's TherAplay Foundation One of the few clinics in the country providing physical and occupational therapies on horseback (hippotherapy) for children with special needs. Serving kiddos, ages 18 months to 13 years, with diagnoses including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and developmental delay. In-network with most major health insurance carriers and Indiana Medicaid. 9919 Towne Road, Carmel, Indiana. Phone: (317) 872-4166; Email:; www.childrens

Children's Therapy Connection Children’s Therapy Connection’s Preschool Prep Summer Camp is a day camp program for children of all ability levels ages 2-5. Our summer camp provides a creative and enriching setting for your child to connect with their potential this summer! Our focus is geared towards preparing children for preschool across all domains of development (fine/gross motor, cognitive, social, self-help, and communication). Staffed with the same high quality therapists who work with our First Steps program, our camp will allow your child to be immersed in a nurturing, educational, and therapeutic environment. Ratios are kept low to allow each child individual attention and instruction, so space is limited. Enroll your child today! Camp runs June 19-July14, Monday-Friday 9AM-

Noon. Part-time schedule options and need-based scholarships available. 7478 Shadeland Station Way, Indianapolis, IN 46256, Phone: 317-288-7606, Email: info@,

Disability & Autism Services of Indiana Disability and Autism Services of Indiana (DASI) has proudly supported Indiana families since 2008. Our mission is to provide the highest quality ABA therapy and supporting speech therapy to children on the Autism spectrum. DASI understands the importance of learning in the natural setting, and we come to you to meet your needs. With over 75 years of combined experience, our families choose DASI because of the care and customized services we provide. Our passionate and professional team will tailor fit your child's ABA therapy to target individual learning and behavior change. We utilize the most effective research-based 1:1 behavioral interventions and specialize in maximizing learning opportunities and outcomes. With Fishers & Greensburg, Indiana locations; we offer in home, school, clinic and community based ABA therapy. 732 N Broadway St, Greensburg, IN, Phone: (812) 663-2273; Email:;

Easter Seals Crossroads Offering comprehensive disability services for people of all ages. Early Intervention, Autism Services, PT, OT, Speech Therapy, Feeding/ Swallowing issues, Augmentative Communication, Assistive Technology, Multisensory Therapy Rooms, Summer Camps, Life/Social Skills Groups, Deaf Community Services, Autism Family Resource Center. 4740 Kingsway Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46205, Phone: 317-466-1000, Email: info@ easterseals, http://www.

Hands in Autism HANDS in Autism® works to provide unique learning opportunities designed to improve understanding of the process and ability to work with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a range of other developmental and behavioral challenges through hands-on and coaching experiences and building bridges of information, resources and collaboration across family, educational, medical and community systems. The Center provides innovative, research-based, and practical training and technical support to school staff, medical and service providers,

primary caregivers, and individuals with ASD within Indiana and globally based on the HANDS training model.The HANDS in Autism® Center also focuses on identifying and meeting specific community needs as well as fostering: collaboration and networking across medical, school, family, and community settings; reciprocal sharing of information within and across communities; increased dissemination and awareness of resources and information; and increased training opportunities within, relevant to, and informed by the specific community. 1130 W Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 (Fesler Hall 302l), Phone: 317-2742675, Email:, www.HANDS

LITTLE STAR CENTER Little Star Center is Indiana’s first centerbased, therapeutic applied behavior analysis (ABA) service provider serving children, teens and young adults with autism. Since 2002, this professional team has impacted the lives of hundreds of learners affected by autism by building skills and helping them achieve milestones once believed impossible. Little Star's statewide centers are located in Carmel, Lafayette and Bloomington, with the newest center now open in West Lafayette. Little Star Center also provide in-home ABA services. 12650 Hamilton Crossing Blvd, Carmel, IN, 46032, Phone: 317-249-2242, info@,

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (SJI) is Indiana's only full-time school dedicated to helping young children (birth to age 8) who are deaf or hard of hearing develop spoken language and literacy skills with the focus of transitioning into their local, community school. Dramatic advances in technology, including sophisticated hearing aids and cochlear implants, give children with significant hearing loss access to sound. With appropriate speech therapy, auditory rehabilitation and language training, children are able to develop spoken language skills. St. Joseph Institute offers a variety of Listening and Spoken Language programs including: early intervention services, internet therapy, full-time preschool program, mainstream support, ongoing consultation, and comprehensive educational training opportunities for families and professionals. With over 175 years of experience, we are professional leaders in the field of Listening and Spoken Language education. Visit our website for more information. 9192 Waldemar Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268, Phone: 317-471-8560,


June Special Needs Events SAT 03

SAT 10

FRI 16

MON 19

Lights Up, Sound Down: "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie"

Cruisin’ for FUSE Charity Motorcycle Ride

The Arc of Indiana Annual Golf Tournament & Golf Ball Bounce

Disability Support Services Bridge Workshop

Lights Up, Sound Down is a monthly program that gives families and children with autism and sensory issues the opportunity to enjoy their favorite movies in a comfortable, sensory-friendly setting with the lights turned up and volume turned down. RSVP for free tickets through sponsor WestPoint Financial: www. Location: Hamilton 16+ IMAX, Time: 10:00 am, Phone: 317-370-9007

Special Needs Screenings: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Special Needs Screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered, and children are free to move around, talk or even dance in the aisles during the movie. More info: Movie/Film-Series/Special-NeedsScreenings Location: Studio Movie Grill, Time: 11:00 am, Phone: 317-370-9007

WED 07 The Summer LEAP Program for Students Who Learn Differently

Join Fortune Academy for individual and small group programs focused on reading, math, written expression, study skills, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social skills, movement, music and art. Seven sessions are scheduled for June and seven for July. Price varies per format and program, between $350 and $420 for sessions. Call Fortune Academy for more information. Location: Fortune Academy, Time: All-day, Phone: 317-377-0544

Come ride your motorcycle to support FUSE, a nonprofit that helps children with special needs and their families find the resources they need for everyday life. The ride will begin at the Sugar Creek Township Park in New Palestine and end at Wagner’s Village Inn in Oldenburg. The rider entry fee is $35 and passenger fee is $10. Don’t ride a motorcycle? A veteran’s memorial ceremony will be held at the new Southern Hancock Veterans Memorial at 10 a.m. Kick stands will go up at 10:30 a.m. More info: Location: Sugar Creek Township Park, Time: 9:00 am, Phone: 317-370-9007

Special Needs Screenings: "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie"

Special Needs Screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered, and children are free to move around, talk or even dance in the aisles during the movie. More info: Movie/Film-Series/Special-NeedsScreenings Location: Studio Movie Grill, Time: 11:00 am, Phone: 317-370-9007

TUES 13 Sensory Friendly Films: "Wonder Woman"

Special Needs Screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered, and children are free to move around, talk or even dance in the aisles during the movie. More info: Movie/Film-Series/Special-NeedsScreenings

Up to 1,000 numbered golf balls will be dropped from approximately 100 feet onto Eagle Creek Golf Club’s front green at the start of The Arc of Indiana's golf tournament. The lucky participant whose golf ball lands closest to the marked hole wins $1,000. Golf balls are $10 or $100 for lucky 13. Participants do not need to be present to win. The golf tournament is presented by former Indiana Pacer Eddie Gill. Check-ins begin at 10 a.m. with lunch at 11 a.m., the golf ball bounce at 11:45 a.m. and the modified scramble and shotgun start at noon. Awards will follow at 5 p.m. More information: www. Location: Eagle Creek Golf Club, Time: 10:00 am, Phone: 317-370-9007

Ivy Tech Central Indiana Office of Disability Support Services invites high school students with disabilities to a workshop designed to help them successfully move into a higher education environment. Learn about collegiate disability support services, different degree programs, and campus resources. The workshop runs June 19-23, 8 a.m. – noon. Lunch will be included Friday at noon for each student and one guest. Space is limited to 20 students per session. For more information or to enroll, email Location: Ivy Tech Community College, Downtown Campus, Time 8:00- 12:00 pm, Phone: 317-370-9007

SAT 24 SAT 17 Timmy Trivia Night

You’re invited to join us for one of Timmy’s most important fundraising event of the year. We are excited to celebrate 20 years of providing quality healthcare to patients around the world. Trivia Night allows us to share about the great work that is being done, and have some fun at the same time! All of the money raised will go directly to support to fund global health programs and hands-on volunteer experiences. Tickets are $40 per person or $200 per table of six. Students are $35 per person or $180 per table of six. Register here: Location: The Basile Theater at Historic Athenaeum, Time: 6:00 pm, Phone: 317-3709007

Head Start Open Enrollment

Head Start and Early Head Start are the country’s largest early childhood education programs, providing nearly 1 million children each year with school readiness and socialization skills. For more information, please call or visit Location: Family Development Services, Time: 10:00 am- 2:00 pm, Phone: 317-803-3803

Sensory Friendly Films: "Cars 3"

Special Needs Screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered, and children are free to move around, talk or even dance in the aisles during the movie. More info: Movie/Film-Series/Special-NeedsScreenings Location: AMC 17, Time: 10:00, Phone: 317-370-9007

Location: Studio Movie Grill, Time: 7:00 pm, Phone: 317-370-9007

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 33


WORDS BY // Tracy Gale, PsyD, HSPP, and Emmaleigh Badeaux, BS, Easterseals Crossroads

Build Your Parenting Toolkit Children’s tantrums can be challenging for parents. Tantrums can be triggered by the desire to obtain access to a favorite item, to escape a situation, to get attention or to meet a sensory need. Luckily, there are strategies for making such outbursts less frequent while also teaching our children better ways to communicate their needs. Here are some time-tested techniques. Tell your child what to do, instead of what not to do. When directions are stated in a positive manner, they quickly inform a child of your expectations. Instead of telling your child to “stop running,” say “please walk” to clearly and positively state your expectation for behavior.

Provide choices. When you give a command, try to phrase it as a choice. That way, the decision is not whether to complete the task, but instead how to complete it. Aim to provide two choices within the command, such as, “Would you like to sit in the red or blue chair at the table?” Identify your goal, as well as possible choices.

Be specific when praising your child. When praising your child, be specific about what they did to earn your praise. Instead of saying, “Good job” try “Good job walking down the hall!” Again, this is an effort to identify expectations plainly. When a child knows how to earn praise, they are more likely to engage in appropriate behaviors.




Keep in mind that as children attempt to balance their desire for independence with their current skills, tantrums are bound to occur. Children often become frustrated with the discrepancies between what they want to do and what they can do. If we increase their skills by clearly stating expectations, acknowledging their strengths and providing opportunities for decision-making, their frustration and tantrums will decrease, and everyone will feel better-equipped.


Sleep Away Camps Sleep-away camp was just what Ally needed in order to gain independence and confidence, marveled her mom, Sharon. “She found a whole new group of girls and had a ball; she’s had a hard time with girls beginning in grade 4,” Sharon says, “so it was great for her to bond with girls in a different setting.” Starting at age 9, Ally went away to camp for a week. The following summer she begged for it to be four. Her parents were delighted. Time away from parents helps kids learn how to make their own decisions without checking with Mom or Dad first, and residential camp provides the perfect training ground, says Michael Thompson in his book, Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow. Week- or month-long adventures gives kids opportunities to experience unique adventures they’d never find at home. Asking other parents what camps their kids attend can be helpful also; having a friend go with your child is a beautiful thing for parents leery of separation.

3) Camp teaches good sportsmanship by encouraging each child to be fair and kind. Team activities teach kids how to cooperate with each other and the value of getting along with others through working together and supporting one another. 4) Camp fosters new friendships with kids who come from varying backgrounds – helping kids gain an understanding of how others live outside their community. In a relaxed atmosphere, kids easily make friends while they play, sing, work, eat and bunk together. 5) Camps creates life-long memories of new adventures in places kids have never experienced before. Camp offers carefree time where kids can learn how to thrive outside the structure of over-scheduled days. When it comes to sending a child to sleep-away camp, plenty of parents say, “Well, she’s ready for camp, but I’m not ready for her to leave!” Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association, says, “The partnerships between parents and camp directors have increased.

Parents should share their concerns with camp directors who are prepared to respond with responsible, informed answers.” Happy camping!

Need a few tips for letting go? Try these: • Let your child have a few trial runs being away from you with sleepovers at friends’ or relatives’ homes. • Try not to show any anxiety you’re having about your child being gone since this just makes the separation harder for them. • Have a plan for yourself while your child is away. Get a project done you’ve been wanting to do, go on a trip with your spouse, etc. • Remember that two of the greatest gifts you can give your child are confidence and independence.

To find a camp that fits your child’s needs, seek out opinions from friends and neighbors, ask teachers and church counselors, attend camp fairs and explore options on your own. Residential camps of all kinds and sizes are located all across the country, so there’s sure to be one your child can love and from which he can gain valuable skills. Need more convincing about the benefits of sleep away camp? Here are a few thoughts to consider: 1) Camp builds maturity and allows children the chance to make their own decisions in a safe, caring environment. Kids benefit from new relationships with camp counselors who care about them and want to help them with everyday struggles. 2) Camp forces kids to unplug from technology and enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. Through outside activities, kids find new hobbies without academic pressure or expectations. Kids gain self-confidence by trying new things and discovering talents they didn’t know they had. June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 35


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DAY CAMPS A Children's Habitat Summer Camp 801 West 73rd Street, Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 726-5584, Email:, Dates: June 12-15, 19-22, 26-29 and July 10-13, 17-20, 24-27 Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9:00am–noon (ages 18 mos–age 3) and 9:00am–1:00 pm (ages 3+) Ages: 18 mos. through age 12 Activities Included: Themes vary by week.

A Children's Habitat Montessori School offers 6 weeks of themed camp fun for children 18 months through age 12. These Montessoribased experiences offer multi-age environments filled with child-led activities in our indoor and outdoor classrooms and play spaces. Cooking to science, art to gardening, children let curiosity guide every discovery! All camps are just $135 per week.

Bricks 4 Kidz Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Downtown Indy; Phone: (317) 572-7357; Email:; Dates: May-August 2017 Hours: Half or Full Day, extended hours available Ages: 5-13 Activities: LEGO building (Full day optional with sports, swimming, & crafts)

We learn, we build, we play…with LEGO® bricks! Using both motorized and traditional bricks, campers will be working together to construct a variety of moving models using our exclusive Bricks 4 Kidz designs, as well as their own imagination. Weekly themes inspired by Star Wars, Minecraft, Pokemon, Super Heroes, & more!

Butler Community Arts School Ben Davis Christian Church Camp Cross Training

4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208; Phone: (317) 940-5500; Email:;

701 S. High School Rd.​, I​ ndianapolis,​​Phone: (317) 241-3944, Email:​; Dates: June 5 - July 21 Hours: Mon - Fri 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Ages: Finished Kindergarten - 5th grade

Dates: Camps begin mid-June through end of July. See website for details. Hours: Varies by camp. See website for start times. Ages: 7-21

Activities included: crafts, organized games, group activities, weekly field trips (such as swimming, bowling, hiking trails, Mini Golf, skating, movies, etc.), special guests, free time, & educational activities. A fun, entertaining, and safe opportunity for your child this summer. This is a spectacular summer daycare with a camp atmosphere. Camp provides breakfast and snacks. Our counselors are college students, majoring in education, ministry or just having a heart for kids!

Beth-El Zedeck Early Childhood Summer Camp 2017 – “Barnyard Blast” 600 W 70th St., Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 259-6854, Email:, Dates: Session 1: June 5 – June 30 / Sesson 2: July 3 – July 28 Hours: Flexible hours. Half Days/Full Days. Other Options available: Early drop off as early as 7:30am and late pickup anytime up until 6:00pm/5:30pm on Fridays Ages: 12 months+ through 5 years+ Activities: Weekly creative themes, arts and crafts, water fun at the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Aquatic Complex for 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Water play for 12 months through 2’s. Music/Creative Movement, Entertainment, Field Trip Fridays for 4’s and 5’s

Our Summer Program “Barnyard Blast” is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Our Program recognizes that children learn through play. Play fosters total development and should be interwoven in everything children do. During camp, the children will experiment and explore by using all five senses. Our campers will thrive on creativity, exploration, discovery, spontaneity and lots of love!




Take advantage of multiple camps offered at the Butler Community Arts School: Arts, Piano, Theatre, Percussion, Jazz, Bass, Strings, Snare & Tenor, and more! Most camps serve ages 7-12 and 12-18, offering commuter and residential options. With many camps to choose from, students are bound to find a great match!

Camp AYS Various Locations. Phone: (317) 283-3817; Email:; Dates: varies depending on school district Hours: 6:30/7:00am to 6pm (varies depending on school district) Ages: 5 through 13

Camp AYS offers fun adventures focused on science, art, health and the environment. Lots of active games, new friends and new experiences make Camp AYS the place to be this summer. Marion, Hamilton & Hendricks Co., grades K-7.

Camp Invention Multiple locations throughout the greater Indianapolis metro area, Phone: (800) 968-4332, Email:, Dates: Vary based on location Ages: Children entering K-6th grade Activities Included: Hands-on STEM activities

Imaginations get their rocket fuel at Camp Invention! This summer’s all-new curriculum allows children in kindergarten through 6th grade to experience real-world problem solving and creative thinking as they transform a distant exoplanet, take risks as future entrepreneurs, blast rockets and rubber chickens, and wire a circuit to create their own Spy Gadget Alarm Box! Local educators lead a week of hands-on activities that will launch your child’s imagination. Visit or call 800.968.4332. Discounts available!

Confucius Institute Chinese Culture Camp Phone: (317) 278-7900, Email:, www.iupui. edu/~china/courses/summer-camp/ Dates: June 5 – July 28, 2017 Hours: 7:30am – 6pm Ages: Children in grades K-8 (must be at least 5yrs old to enroll) Activities Included: Crafts, Sports, Calligraphy, Singing, Dancing, Chinese Language and Academic classes

For language learning, the younger the better. To better prepare our children to learn Chinese language, the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis offers a Chinese Culture summer day-camp for K-8 students. The camp is held on the IUPUI campus, and last for one to eight weeks. Students will have a full curriculum of Chinese language, calligraphy, crafts and sports, singing and dancing and academic classes.

Dana Mannix Gymnastics 9325 Uptown Dr., Suite 1000, Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 863-0491, Email:, www.danamannix Dates: June 5-July 27 Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm/9:00am-3:00pm Ages: 2 and up Activities Included: gymnastics, cheer, ninja, tumbling, American Girl

Dana Mannix gymnastics offers camps all summer long! Traditional day camps and Preschool Power camps where campers will participate in structured gymnastics each day along with many other fun activities. Tumbling, cheer, American Girl and Ninja Camps! Please visit our website for more details!

Freetown Village 5950 E. 46th St., Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 631-1870, Email:, Dates: June 12 - July 21, 2017 Hours: 8:00am - 5:30pm Ages: 5 -14 (K-8th)

Activities Included: Academic enrichment (math/ language arts/social studies), arts and crafts, theater, hands-on activities, manners and etiquette lessons, team building, games, weekly field trips.

Six weekly sessions of learning and fun! Our camp fosters discovery, appreciation of the arts, and personal growth. Highlighting Indiana and African American history and culture, campers will develop a stronger sense of purpose, while learning about themselves and their community. Each week ends with a performance showcase of the activities.

Activities Included: Art, Creativity, Painting, Ceramics, Film, Animation, Glassblowing, Woodworking, Jewelrymaking and more!

Join us for a summer of art making, fun and new friendships! In the Indianapolis Art Center’s Summer Art Camp, campers work with professional artists to explore new media, improve their artistic skills, express themselves creatively and gain a deeper appreciation for the visual arts.

Indianapolis Children’s Choir Heritage Day Camps 6401 E 71st St., Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 849-3441, Email: carol.williamson@, Dates: Begins May 30 Hours: 9:00am-3:30pm Camp Programming Activities Included: Hands on experiences, student created inventions, art projects, daily worship and Bible lessons, Field Trips off campus, Science experiments, iPad/computer coding, LEGO robotics, physics of simple machines

Heritage Day Camps is open for all K-5th grade campers. Each week Heritage Day Camps offers a different experience. Experiences include May 30-June 2: Arts and Crafts Extravaganza; June 5-9 Coding for Kids; June 12-16 To the Depths and Beyond; June 19-23 Hot Wheels Physics; June 26-30 LEGO WeDo Robotics; July 10-14 Spring Hill; July 17-21 Camp Invention; July 24-28 Kingdoms and Castles.

Indiana Ballet Conservatory Storybook Summer Camps 849 W. Carmel Drive Carmel, IN 46032; Phone: (317) 202-1617; Email: jonna@indianaballet conservatory. org; www.indiana Dates: June 5-16, 2017 Hours: 9am- 12pm Ages: 3-5 Activities Included: Weekly themes (Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Angelina Ballerina) classes, crafts, games and activities

IBC Summer Camps are designed for boys and girls ages 3-5 and continues the solid foundational dance training taught throughout the school year. Within a warm and friendly environment, children also have the opportunity to make new friends and learn about weekly themes such as “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake,” “Angelina Ballerina,” and more. Classes, crafts, games, and activities are all implemented with the age of the student in mind. All parents and visitors will enjoy a casual demonstration on the last day of camp.

Indianapolis Art Center 820 E 67th St., Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 255-2464, Email:,

4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 940-9640, Email:, https:// Special Needs Offered: Offering a special learners camp Dates: June 12-15 and July 17-21 Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm Ages: 1st grade – 8th grade Activities Included: Singing, playing instruments, movement, games

ICC’s Summer Choral Fest! A summer camp for kids who love music. The highest quality choral music experience woven in between fun musical activities and camp friendships! Includes a performance at the conclusion of camps. Financial Assistance is Available.

International School of Indiana Summer Camp 4330 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46208, Phone: (317) 923.1951, Email:, Dates: June 12-16 & 19-23, 2017 Hours: 9:00am-noon & 1:00-4:00pm, before and aftercare available Ages: 3-year-old through Grade 11 Activities Included: French, Mandarin, Spanish, cooking, art, technology, martial arts, gymnastics, dance

Your child can explore the world this summer from the safety of the International School of Indiana. From immersive art and cooking classes to sports and cultural experience, as well as SAT preparation for older students, summer camps at ISI provide the chance to play hard, keep learning and make lifelong friends.

IUPUI Day Camp 901 W. New York St., Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 274-3518, Dates: May 30-August 11 Hours: M-F, 9:00am-3:30pm Ages: 5-12

The camp will have daily activities, enrichment options, special guests, field trips, and a swim lesson each day.

Dates: 6/12/2017-7/28/2017 Hours: 8:30am-6pm Ages: 4-18

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Park Tudor School 7200 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 415-2700 , Email:, www. Dates: June 5 – August 4, 2017 Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm Ages: 3 – 18

Park Tudor offers a variety of summer classes and camps for children ages 3 – 18. Choices include academic options, arts and crafts, sports and more. Class lengths vary from one to three weeks; campers can register for multiple sessions.

Summer U at University High School 2825 W. 116th St., Carmel, IN, Phone: (317) 733-4475 , Email: mbeckman@universityhighschool. org, Dates: Session I Jun 12-30, Session II Jul 10-28 Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm Ages: 6-18 Activities Included: 3D printing, art, computer programming, creating writing, film, languages, Minecraft, sports, study skills, robotics, yoga, and more.

University High School offers several enrichment summer camps and courses for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Our camps cover everything from study skills to computer science and programming, from theatre to creative writing. New in 2017! We are offering film camps which study movies, and the process by which movies are made, a course involving personal finance, and varying yoga camps and classes through the two summer sessions.

The Children’s House Summer Camp and Montessori Preschool 2404 W. 62nd. St. Indianapolis, IN, Phone: (317) 253-3033, Email:, Dates: June 12 to August 18, 2017 Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm (with extended day 7:00am-5:45pm) Ages: 3-12 Activities Included: Field trips, swimming, hiking, arts, theater, reading program, games

Through ten uniquely themed weeks, campers will be engaged in thoughtful and challenging activities that include field trips, outdoor activities, environmental endeavors, and creative work. From ranking city playgrounds to visiting art galleries, each day at camp is a new adventure.




White Pine Wilderness Academy 841 West 53rd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208; Phone: (317) 774-6360; Email: contact@whitepinewilderness. com; Dates: June 17 – August 17 Hours: 9am – 4pm Ages: 6-17 Activities Included: Wilderness skills like fire by friction, archery, carving, tracking.

Our mentoring model incorporates the ‘invisible school’, with nature as our classroom, hiding knowledge in games and ancient skills, our summer camps engage students in carving, fire building, foraging, archery, the arts of tracking and survival and indigenous approaches to land stewardship.White Pine Summer Camps are life changing.

DAY + RESIDENTIAL CAMPS Hoosier Sports Camps Bloomington, IN, Phone: (812) 345-7759, Email:, www.hoosier Dates: June-August Hours: All Day Ages: Varies is your one-stop shop for sports camps owned and operated by Indiana University's head coaches. Whether you're searching for a day camp, an overnight camp, an individual camp or a team camp, you'll find information and registration links for all sports year-round!

RESIDENTIAL CAMPS YMCA Camp Piomingo 1950 Otter Creek Park Rd. Brandenburg, KY 40108, Contact: Molly Staley / Senior Program Director, Phone: (502) 942-2616, Email:, Gender of Campers: Coed Basic Category: Adventure/Tripping, Traditional, Winter/Spring Break Programs Dates: June 11 – August 5, 2017

YMCA Camp Piomingo is a resident overnight camp for children ages 6-16 years old. We are nestled on 160 acres within Otter Creek Recreational Park located 45 minutes south of Louisville, Kentucky. We offer achievement based programming, camper choice activities, and instill our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in all that we do. Our well trained staff focus on the fun environment while maintaining safety as a number one priority with all our campers. Come join the fun today!

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Ask the Teacher Educational summer travel, retaining math skills and storing favorite school projects


We are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer and I’d like my fifth-grade daughter to get the most out of this experience she can. What can I do to make this vacation fun, but educational too?


Purchase a Grand Canyon travel guide, maps of the canyon and surrounding areas, a journal and a novel or two set in the Grand Canyon a few months prior to your trip. Fodor’s, Lonely Planet and Eric Henze have user-friendly travel guides that showcase the wonders of this amazing place to help pique your daughter’s interest. As she pours through a guide, encourage her to note places or experiences that interest her. Allow her to help develop the itinerary for your trip. Referring to a map as you are working through what you want to include on your visit will help make the trip more tangible for your daughter. Have your daughter use a journal prior to your vacation to record her impressions of what she has read and what she is anticipating. While on the trip, have her record what the actual experience is like for her and your family. Compare the two for some fun conversations! Take turns reading very short excerpts from The Grand Canyon Answer Book! by Boyé Lafayette DeMente with your family one or two evenings each week to help build excitement. As the time for the trip gets closer, select some YouTube videos about the canyon to share with your daughter. This preview will not spoil her impression, but instead can greatly enhance her experience of it.





My son has made great progress during third grade in math. I am really worried that he is going to lose ground over the summer though. What can I do other than flash cards to help him retain what he has learned?


Change the focus of math review to fun and games over the summer. For example, work on measurement outside with squirt guns and water balloons. How far to the nearest half inch will one squirt gun reach? Compare different sizes of water guns, estimate their volume and test their projection distances. Conduct experiments with water balloons to determine how the fullness of a balloon impacts its effectiveness. Use weighing, measuring and record keeping to develop a strategy for filling the balloons that are most likely to win a water balloon toss. Make graphs for the data you gather. Host a neighborhood event to test the theory! Many great math games are available to keep math skills honed. A simple game of Yahtzee provides an opportunity to practice addition and multiplication. Allow your son to do the work on his own. On each of his turns, have him figure out his points in his head. Challenge him to use multiplication when possible. Other games that help students practice math skills are Equate, Sequence Numbers and Multiply, Divide and Conquer. Your involvement in this active type of review and practice will help to create an enjoyable atmosphere for learning with your son that won’t seem like schoolwork.


I have saved all of my kindergartener’s work from the school year and have accumulated a huge box. I know it’s not practical to save everything, but I can’t seem to pare down! How can I make this project manageable?


Prepare a digital photo album of your child’s kindergarten year. First, organize your child’s work by month and then sort by type of work: handwriting, math, art, reading, etc. After this sorting, leave the project for a few days. For the next step of this undertaking, consider your goal. You know that you cannot encapsulate every minute of every day of the school year. Instead, you want to be able to create a way to remember the highlights of the year and to show your child’s progress. Only go through one month’s stack per sitting. Begin by selecting your favorite piece. Then choose two or three pieces from each of the categories you have created. Finally,

spread out all the pieces you have chosen on the floor. Which ones are truly important to tell the story of your child’s school life for that month? Try to limit your selections to 10-12. Take a digital picture of each one. Set your favorite aside and discard the rest. Continue until you have gone through the entire collection. When you get to this point, you should have around 100 pictures and 10 hard copies of your most favorite pieces. You can stop there, with easy access to a great deal of your child’s kindergarten work. Another option is to use an online image publishing service to create a book with the photographs that you took. This can be done for a very reasonable fee, and it creates a way for you and your child to relive the highlights of the year easily without storing piles and piles of paper. Ask the Teacher is written by Deb Krupowicz, a mother of four who holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Deb has over twenty years of experience teaching preschool, elementary and middle school students. Please send your questions to her at

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EDUCATION RESOURCES [sponsored listings]


Children’s Day In Nursery School and Traditional Preschool


indianapolis – north

Carmel Montessori Schools, Inc.

Apogee School for Gifted Children

Carmel Montessori School is located on the NE corner of Main St. and Meridian in Carmel. Our directress is American Montessori Certified with 18 years head-teaching experience and we a a full member of the American Montessori Society. We offer a beautiful, peaceful and positive Montessori learning environment. Extended days available.

The Apogee School for Gifted Children is an affordable private school for students in grades K-12 where every detail was designed to be an ideal learning environment for gifted children. The focus is to serve the social, emotional, academic, and physical needs of gifted students and be exceptional at it.​

1402 W. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032, Contact: Emily & Scott Rudicel, Phone: 317-580-0699, Email:,

Contact: David Bonner,,

Clay Montessori A Montessori school offering morning, afternoon, and full-day programs. Available for ages 3-6 years old. Call for more information. (Affiliated with Fisher’s Montessori) 463 East Main St., Carmel, IN 46032, Contact: Peggy White, 317-849-9519 or 317-580-1850

Starting Line Preschool The Right Start for A Lifelong Love of Learning! Our strong academicbased curriculum prepares and encourages your child to succeed in school while discovering learning is fun! All of our classes focus on an introduction to colors, number and letters with exciting art and science projects. Math, social studies and sight words are taught in the older classes.Develop Social Awareness & Friendships, Build Confidence and Master Academic Skills for Kindergarten. 110 Third Ave NE, Carmel, IN 46032, Contact: Diane Atkins, Phone: 317-753-9397, Email:, http://www.starting

DOWNTOWN Paramount School of Excellence Paramount School of Excellence is a tuition-free K-8 charter school that educates students in an innovative environment that instills high expectations for success. Paramount accomplishes its mission and teaches the mastery of Indiana State Standards through an emphasis on rigorous academics, technology and the environment. Integral to the school’s approach to education is school-wide use of computer technology, a green initiative, project-based investigations, community partnerships and three on-site Discovery Centers – an indoor Eco Center, Time and Space Center with a planetarium and an urban farm. 3020 Nowland Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46201 Contact: Peggy Purvis, 317.775.6660,,

fishers Fishers Montessori A quality learning environment offering preschool, kindergarten and elementary. Certification through American Montessori Society. 12806 Ford Rd and 131st and Allisonville Rd., Fishers, IN 46038, Contact: Peggy White, 317-849-9519 or 317-580-1850




Beth-El Zedeck Early Childhood Center OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Full Academic Curriculum and Innovative ArtsEnrichment. Our Program recognizes that intellectual, social, emotional and physical development are interwoven. Our children will thrive on exploration, creativity, curiosity, discovery, spontaneity and more important, lots of love! Type of School: Early Childhood Cost/ Tuition: Please call or email for full brochure Hours/Dates: Flexible Hours. Full Time/Part-Time available. Ages/Grades: 12 months old+, 18 months old+, 2s+, 3s+, 4s+, Pre-Kindergarten (Kindergarten Readiness Class)(3 day or 5 day option) Before/After School Care: Before and After School Care always available as needed. Early drop off as early as 7:30 am and late pick up anytime up until 6:00pm/5:30 pm on Fridays. 600 W. 70th St., Indianapolis, IN 46260, Contact: Joanie Waldman, Phone: 317-259-6854, Fax: 317-259-6849, Email:,

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Children's Day In Nursery School and Traditional Preschool is a fully inclusive early childhood program with an emphasis on Christian values and learning through play. It is designed to offer children ages 9 months to 5 years a positive and developmentally appropriate first school experience in the care of experienced and loving caregivers. We play and learn! Classes are offered weekdays from 9 am to 2:30 pm. For the older kids, our program includes weekly Christian Life Skills, Music class taught by Indianapolis Children’s Choir instructors and Book Club. Please call, E-mail or visit for further information and registration forms. Tours are individually set up at your convenience! 5500 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208, Contact: Christy Whaley, Phone: 317-253-0472,,

Early Childhood Center, The Church at the Crossing Our Parents Day Out (16-35 mos) and Part Day Preschool (3 yrs-PreK5) provide relaxed, secure, playful environments that nurture creativity and the exploration of God’s world. A variety of learning materials & readiness skills are woven into each unit. Various days, 9am-2pm. Some extended days. Need longer hours? Try our Neighborhood Child Care ministry designed for 16 mos – Pre K5 with class times 6:30am-6pm. 9111 N. Haverstick Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46240, Contact: John Drake, Phone: 317-575-6508, Email: or

Fall Creek Montessori Offering the highest quality of early-childhood education based on the Montessori method. Our traditional Montessori academic program is offered in multiple formats to fit your families needs. 7770 E. 88th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46256; info@fallcreekmontessori. com;

Heritage Christian School

You are invited to visit the only Catholic Jesuit school in the state of Indiana that has been educating students in the Jesuit tradition for more than 50 years. Brebeuf Jesuit’s Mission Statement: Brebeuf Jesuit, a Catholic and Jesuit school, provides an excellent college preparatory education for a lifetime of service by forming leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious and committed to promoting justice. Fostering a culture of understanding and dialogue, Brebeuf Jesuit seeks and welcomes students from diverse religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Students at Brebeuf Jesuit are called to discover and cultivate the fullness of their God-given talents as a responsibility and as an act of worship. CORE VALUES: Education of the Whole Person, A Caring and Diverse Community, The Greater Glory of God. 2801 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Contact:

Established in 1965, accredited through ACSI and NCA, HCS is the choice in college preparatory discipleship Christian education for 1,400 students each year grades Preschool-12. Advanced, Honors and AP classes. Full Fine Arts and 2A IHSAA ATHLETICS. HCS is training up the next generation of Christian leaders through challenging, Biblically taught curriculum including internships and service to others. Bus transportation available. Schedule a tour today!

Liz Otteson, Director of Admissions. Phone: 317-524-7090. Email:,

The Orchard School, an independent, non-sectarian, progressive school, emphasizing experiential learning. Orchard teachers engage the natural curiosity of children, develop academic excellence, and provide leadership experience through well-rounded education. Orchard’s diverse community and commitment to multicultural education inspires responsible, global citizenship. Founded in 1922. NAIS, ISACS, NAEYS accredited.

Children’s Circle Preschool at Second Presbyterian Church Children’s Circle Preschool is a developmentally appropriate, activity based, Christian preschool. We offer classes for children ages 9 months to 5 years old. We meet the needs of the whole child in a creative and loving environment. Our experienced staff embraces excellence in education by nurturing the whole child- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Please call for more information or to set up a tour. 7700 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260, Contact: Cara Paul, Director, 317-252-5517,,

6401 E. 75th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250. Contact: Admissions Department, 317-849-3441,,

The Orchard School

615 W. 64th St., Indianapolis, IN 46260, Contact: Kristen Hein, Director of Admissions, Phone: 317-713-5705, Fax: 317-254-8454, Email:,

St. Mary’s Child Center at the IMA Through a partnership with St. Mary’s Child Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art offers a preschool for children ages 3-5. Anchored in Reggio Emilia inspired teaching, every day the children experience original works of art at the IMA, explore the gardens and grounds, and work on projects inspired by their environment. St. Mary’s Child Center at IMA is a half-day preschool running five days a week from 9 – 11:30 am for the IPS school year. With a low child to adult ratio (6:1), St. Mary’s Child Center at IMA provides personal attention to ensure optimal social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the child. - See more at: 4000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208, Phone: 317-9231331 ext. 283,

Sycamore School At Sycamore, teachers trained in gifted education deliver a curriculum designed to challenge and engage gifted learners. Art, music, Spanish, PE and technology are taught at all levels. Extensive field trips, athletics, child care, financial aid, and a wide variety of after school activities are offered. 1750 W. 64th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260, Contact: Dr. Susan Karpicke, Director of Admissions. 317-202-2500, Fax: 317-202-2501,,

indianapolis – northeast


Polly Panda Preschool

Montessori School of Westfield, Inc.

Polly Panda provides a safe and healthy environment which enhances each child’s total growth. Our theme-based hands-on preschool program provides a wide-range of experiences that foster learning, creativity and problem solving in all areas. A child’s sense of self-worth, independence and growth in social skills are developed through positive interaction with peers and our well-qualified and loving staff. Now enrolling for summer.

Located on 3 wooded acres in Central Indiana, the Montessori School of Westfield adheres to the academic traditions of Montessori while serving the present day child. The Montessori School of Westfield serves children from Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Sheridan, Noblesville, Cicero and Tipton. We serve children ages 18 months to 15 years.

2944 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220, Contact: Gail Hacker and Tammy Clark, Phone: 317-257-9127, Email:,

indianapolis – SOUTH Center Grove Montessori and Indiana Montessori Community School Center Grove Montessori Program offers: Hands-on learning, multi-aged students learning together, a key element to the Montessori philosophy, a focus on the intrinsic motivation of children, carefully prepared classrooms balancing children's choice with structure, large blocks of uninterrupted time for learning and building concentration, peace education through global awareness, structured, self-directed learning. 1674 West Smith Valley Rd., Greenwood, IN 46142 and 531 US 31 S, White land, IN 46184, Contact: Brenda Enderle, Phone: 317-833-0335, Email:;info@centergrove montessori. com,

800 E. Sycamore Street, Westfield, IN 46074, Contact: Mary Lyman, Directress, Phone: 317-867-0158, Fax: 317-896-5945, Email: montessori, www.

CHILDCARE Peanut Butter and Jelly 24/7 Childcar​e ​ B&J is a childcare that is safe, nurturing environment where your P child will get the attention and care that he or she eeds. We are licensed and always working to meet anexceed all health and safety guidelines. You can rest assured that your child will be cared for with the utmost kindness, love and respect . Open late for lots of flexiblity. Stop in for more info. Follow us on twitter @pbj247childcare. 5501 E. 71st Street, Suite 4, Indianapolis, IN 46220, Contact: Anita Beck, Phone: 317-205-9211, Email:,


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SAT 17


FRI 02

calendar JUNE 2017


SAT 11


FRI 02

Naturally Inspired Art Show

Camp out at Park West

Each spring, guests can experience the Zoo through the eyes of artists — both human and animal — at Naturally Inspired Paint Out Day! During this annual event, artists transform a blank canvas or a hunk of clay into a truly extraordinary work of art inspired by the natural world, right here at the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens. Who knows — you may see a penguin Picasso, a walrus Warhol, an elephant Escher and many others! Location: Indianapolis Zoo, Time: 9:005:00 pm, Phone: 317-630-2046

Making Music Together

It's time to make some music and engage our minds and bodies! Have a ball exploring tune, beat, rhythm and more. Activities vary, but may include singing, playing real musical instruments, or even a fun game of freeze dance. Now it's time for music. Come play!


SAT 24 – SUN 25

Location: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Time: 3:00 pm, Phone: 317-334-4000

Join us for a night full of scavenger hunts, tie-dying shirts, hot dogs, games, and of course s’mores! Tents will be provided and there will be separate tents for females and males. If you want to camp out with your family and good friends and have inclusion staff present, then register for this wonderful evening! *This is an Adaptive event, designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. Location: West Park, Time: 5:00- 9:00 am (June 3rd), Phone: 317-571-4144

SAT 03 Breyer Fun Day

Enjoy the Breyer horses in our permanent collection, enhanced with manes and tails made from real horsehair, handmade bridles and saddles, and costumed riders suiting each type of horse. Paint your own Breyer 4-inch “Stablemate” horse with materials provided. Take home your hand painted horse and goodies from Breyer as souvenirs. Admission charged.

Location: Museum of Miniature Houses, Time: 11:00 am- 4:00 pm, Phone: 317-575-0240

Family Learn to Fish

Have you been looking for a new outdoor activity to do as a family? You'll learn a little fish biology, gain some basic fishing skills, and finally, apply what you've learned along the Central Park Lagoon. No fishing license required as the day of the class is a Free Fishing Day! All supplies provided. Each family member needs to register, and each child must be accompanied by an adult. Please meet in the Party Rooms in the West Building of the Monon Community Center. FREE. Location: Monon Community Center, Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Phone: 317-8487275

March for Babies

We're getting ready to walk in March for Babies! It promises to be a fun day out with people who share our passion for improving the health of babies. There'll be family teams, company teams and people walking with friends - it's a great feeling

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 45

knowing we're all helping real families. Join the event and walk with us to raise money for babies right here in our community! Location: White River State Park, Time: 10:00 am 12:00 pm, Phone: 317-233-2434

Return of the Mac Fest

Return of the Mac is a food fest dedicated to the golden goodness we all love, mac & cheese. Attendees sample cheesy creations from local & regional restaurants while chefs put their own spin on everyone’s favorite comfort food. Ages 6 & Under are free. Location: Federal Hill Commons in Noblesville, Time: 2:00 pm, http://returnofthemacfest. com/noblesville/

Canal Nights (This Week Theme: Game Night!)

Free activities and family fun are on the menu for Wednesday nights at the Indiana State Museum. Join us from 6 to 8 p.m. on the canal side of the museum for games, art, science and fun! Express your artistic side by painting on our community mural, exercise your competitive side on game night or discover the science of bubbles through wacky water experiments. Each Wednesday offers a different kind of hands-on experience! Location: Indiana Museum of Art, Canal Side, Time: 6:00- 8:00 pm, Phone: 317-323-1637

THURS 08 MON 05 Tot Tunes - *New Summer Location

This will take place in the Main Level Meeting Rooms for June and July only. For toddlers and preschoolers and their caregiver. Start your morning with music and movement! This program incorporates songs, rhymes, and dance that will help get you ready for your busy day. Encourages the development of gross motor skills and language skills. Rhythm instruments for 25 children will be available. The program may be enjoyed without instruments. Location: Noblesville Library, Time: 9:3010:00 am, Phone: 317-773-1384

WED 07 Indianapolis Summer Nights Film Series - The Jungle Book

A summer in Indianapolis isn’t complete without friends, family, and a picnic under the stars watching your favorite films at the IMA Amphitheater. Patrons are invited to bring their own picnics (non-alcoholic beverages only), blankets, and lawn chairs. Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art, Time: 7:00 pm, Phone: 317-923-1331

Christ Church Cathedral Women's Strawberry Festival

The popular Strawberry Festival takes place in front of Christ Church Cathedral on Monument Circle. The “Works” includes shortcake, strawberries, ice cream and whipped topping and sells for $7. Orders can also be made a la carte, with or without any of the toppings for $2 each. Location: Monument Circle, Time: 9:00- 4:00 pm,

Touch a Truck at Westfield High School

Our Touch-A-Truck event provides your little one the opportunity to climb up into the driver’s seat, honk the horn, and experience all the exciting things transportation vehicles can do! At touch a truck, you might see a semi, dump truck, fire engine, horse and buggy, a canoe and MORE! The first 250 children will receive a FREE hard hat that can be decorated at an on-site decorating station! Location: Westfield High School, Time: 10:00 am- 12:00 pm

THURS 08 & FRI 09 Time for Tools

See what tools the carpenter, potter and blacksmith use. Then, make a surprise for dad! Prairie Tykes is custom made for preschoolers (ages 3-6) and parents or grandparents! Connect one-on-one while you make crafts, dance, sing and take part in the special activity of the day. Location: Conner Prairie, Time: 9:30- 11:00 am, Phone: 317-776-6000

FRI 09 Zoobilation

Elegance will take flight during Zoobilation 2017 presented by Indianapolis Power & Light Company as they celebrate the arrival of Macaws! Flutter your feathery, colorful frocks during Tropical Adventure, and enjoy an evening of live music, indulgent cuisine, sensational specialty drinks and more, all to support the Zoo and its mission of animal conservation! Location: Indianapolis Zoo, Time: 7:00 pm- Midnight, Phone: 317-630-2001

Indiana Fever vs. Seattle Storm

Join the Indianapolis Fever as they take on the Seattle Storm! Location: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Time: 7:00 pm, Phone: 317-917-2727

Italian Street Festival

The Holy Rosary Catholic Church Italian Street Festival is a fun event in the historic Fletcher Place neighborhood. Enjoy delicious Italian food, wine & beer, live music, and amusement rides during this two night event. FREE.

Location: Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Time: 5:00 pm- 11:00 pm

Foam Party

Bring your kids out for this fun, fluffy, foam party! Kids will play in the mountains of bubbles, dance to music, and pose for pictures at the photo tent! FREE. Location: Federal Hill Commons, Time: 3:00- 5:00 pm, Phone: 317-770-5750




Looking for some Plane Fun...bring the whole family! Don't forget your lawn chairs and blankets. Movie starts at 7pm. FREE. Location: Greenwood Airport, Time: 7:00 pm

SAT 10 & SUN 11 Curiosity Fair

Enjoy 150,000 square feet of outdoor interactive exhibits, activities, presentations and hands-on demonstrations. New this year, America’s Got Talent semifinalist Tony Hoard and his K9 Crew Trick Show will put on a highenergy thrill show.The new Sports Zone will include activities with the Indianapolis Colts and mascot Blue, Indiana Pacers and mascot Boomer, Indy Eleven, Indiana Fuel and Indianapolis Indians. Location: Conner Prairie, Time: 10:00 am5:00 pm, Phone: 317-776-6000

Tarzan the Stage Musical

Based on Disney's epic animated musical adventure and Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan features heart-pumping music by rock legend, Phil Collins, and a book by Tony Award-winning playwright, David Henry Hwang. High-flying excitement and hits, like the Academy Award winning "You'll Be in My Heart," as well as "Son of Man" and "Two Worlds," make Tarzan an unforgettable theatrical experience. Location: Westfield High School, Time: 7:00-9:00 pm, Phone: 317-721-2497,

FRI 09 & SAT 10

SAT 10


Movie Night at Greenwood Airport

SUN 11 Asian Fest

Asian American Alliance, proud to present the Eighth Annual Asian Fest to highlight the rich cultural heritage of Asia that can be found in Central Indiana. This free, family-friendly event brings the sights, sounds, and tastes of all the different cultures of Asia in one festival marketplace. It is truly a showcase of what makes Central Indiana an ethnically vibrant and interesting place to live. Location: Indiana State Museum, Time: 12:00 pm, Phone: 765-730-2335

TUES 13 Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group

Immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies as these wonderful winged insects are back in The Hilbert Conservatory. They have transformed the indoor gardens into a tropical paradise to bring you butterflies in a way that you’ve never experienced them before! *Ongoing Location: Indianapolis Zoo, Time: See website for conservatory times, http://www.

WED 14 Nature Play Day! Get Outside!

Summer is here! Time to get out and play! Hamilton County Parks is supporting the Indiana Children and Nature Network’s efforts to get kids outside. Bring your kids to explore the parks, play on the playgrounds, and watch for wildlife. Bring a lunch if you like. Our staff will bring bubbles and other easy outdoor activities. Come and join in the fun. Look for more Nature Plays Days around the state at Free! Location: River Road Park, Time: 10:00 am

THURS 15 Make It/Take It: Thanks Dad!

Come to the library to make a free Father's Day gift for your favorite dad: your dad, uncle, brother, son, best friend or even you! You will sand an 18" by 6" unfinished wooden plaque, paint and glue on wooden letters that spell out "DAD," then add a red wooden heart and a photo that you will bring from home. The photo (of the recipient) that you bring from home must be able to fit into a 5 7/8" by 3 3/4" clear PVC photo holder, or be able to be trimmed to fit into this size holder. Register now! Location: Noblesville Library, Time: 6:30- 8:00 pm

FRI 16, 23, 30 Zoolapalooza Concert Series presented by Central Indiana Honda Dealers

Zoolapalooza concerts presented by Central Indiana Honda Dealers are a great way to kick off summer weekends with a wild lineup of live music on Friday evenings. This series features hit songs the whole family will love by some of Indy's top bands. Zoolapalooza days are the perfect time to enjoy the Zoo. Concerts are included with Zoo admission, so you can come play all day and dance all night! The after-hours ambience feels like a Zoo trip like no other. Location: Indianapolis Zoo, Time: 5:30- 8:30 pm, Phone: 317-630-2001

FRI 16 Touch a Truck at Broad Ripple Park

Join the park for their annual event! Cost is $5, group discounts are available upon request. Location: Broad Ripple Park, Time: 9:30- 11:00 am, Phone: 317-327-7348

dance styles through the ages and around the world. Families who feel daring may want to put on their dancing shoes and take the stage to showcase their best dance moves. Location: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Time: See Museum Hours, Phone: 317-3343322

Bubble RUN

Clad in white t-shirts, Participants run, walk, dance and play across 5 Kilometers (3.1 miles) of absolute fun! Waves start every 3-5 minutes, then at each kilometer participants will run through the Bubble Bogs where there is enough colored foam to cover you from head to toe! Each of the four Bubble Bogs along the course are represented by different colored foam for you to frolic through. Location: Indiana State Fairgrounds, Time: 8:00 am, Phone: 317-927-7500

Taste of Broad Ripple

An all-ages event with several thousand expected to attend, the Taste of Broad Ripple will feature several interactive areas, including a Chef’s Night Off Tent with a Kid’s Pizza Making Contest from 3-5 pm, and Chef Cook Off from 5-7 pm, a Kids-Only Area open from 3-6:30 pm with a Colts Interactive Museum, face painting and bounce house, a Monarch Beverage and Yuengling Beer Garden open from 3-9:30 pm. Location: Broad Ripple Village, Time: All Day,


Celebrate Juneteenth at the Eiteljorg with music, performances, demonstrations, food and fun for the entire family. Juneteenth, or Freedom Day, is a holiday commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in June 1865.FREE. Location: Eiteljorg Museum, Time: 11:00 – 4:00 pm

SAT 17 & SUN 18 53rd Annual Talbot Street Art Fair

With over 270 artists from across the nation, this juried art fair continues to be ranked as one of the finest fairs in the country. Talbot Street Art Fair is located between 16th & 20th / Delaware & Pennsylvania - Indianapolis in the historic Herron Morton Neighborhood. This is a family friendly event with a wide range of artist styles and mediums for all to enjoy. FREE.


Location: 1600-2000 Talbott Street (Downtown Indy), Time: 10:00 am, https://www.

DANCE! is the first temporary exhibit to be featured in The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture. Visitors to this exhibit should be ready to move their feet to the beat and join the fun. This multigenerational exhibit looks at

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 47

SUN 18

WED 21 – SUN 25

Familia Fest

Summer Stock Stage at Park Tudor School presents Aladdin Jr.

This festival is the city's largest recurring Hispanic-cultural event. Enjoy a day full of Latin foods, music, a beer garden and family fun. The festival features a kid's area with games, arts and crafts, bounce houses and pony rides. FREE. Location: Military Park, Time: 1:00 pm- 11:00 pm, Phone: 317-233-2434

Summer Stock Stage provides students throughout central Indiana with a premier musical theater experience focusing on vocal, dramatic, and dance performance. Students share their creative talents in an inspiring, disciplined, and positive environment that builds confidence, promotes teamwork, reinforces listening and focus skills, and enhances self-esteem Location: Ayres Auditorium at Park Tudor School, summer-stock-stage-academy

MON 19 Design an Exhibit

Become a designer at The Children’s Museum! Step behind the scenes to discover how professional curators, artists, and designers work together to build an exhibit. Create your own mini-exhibit with hands-on materials you can use in the classroom to help students develop literacy and inquiry skills. Register by June 7, 2017. Location: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Time: 9:30 am- 3:30 am, Phone: 317-3344000

Summer Solstice Celebration

Join Taylor Center staff for an evening of sidewalk chalk art, a naturalist-led night hike, summer inspired games and crafts, and a lemonade bar! We will top the night off with a bonfire (and marshmallows), so don’t forget your drum and a chair! Hike begins at 8 pm at Taylor Center of Natural History. Sunset is at 9:16 pm. Pre-registration is not required. FREE.

Location: Strawtown Koteewi Park, Time: 7:00- 10:00 pm, Phone: 317-774-2574

Little Virtuosos

This is a unique combination of music and movement, sensory stimulation and socialization. We provide structured and unstructured time for preschoolers to improve fine motor skills and coordination and work on newly-acquired gross motor skills. Activities include a variety of manipulative such as scarves, egg shakers, jingle bells, rhythm sticks, bubbles, parachute play and so much more. In addition to all the musical fun, children will travel into "storybook" land by reading a children's book. Ages 2-3. Location: My Little Gym Fishers, Time: 10:30 -11:15 am,

Location: Indianapolis Zoo, Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm, Phone: 317-630-2001

Fishers Pre-K Stars

Calling all pre-K stars! Preschoolers between the ages of 4-6 and their caregivers are welcome to attend this fun and engaging program! We'll have stories, songs, group activities/games, play time, and learning stations emphasizing skills helpful in kindergarten.

Patriotic Party

Play patriotic games, make a festive Fourth of July hat, dance and have a red, white and blue snack. Prairie Tykes is custom made for preschoolers (ages 3-6) and parents or grandparents! Connect one-on-one while you make crafts, dance, sing and take part in the special activity of the day. Location: Conner Prairie, Time: 9:30- 11:00 am, Phone: 317-776-6000

Take a tour of the Children’s Garden at Coxhall Gardens and discover the inspiration behind this magical little spot. All sorts of ideas went into designing this children’s area, and our naturalist will let you in on the story as we walk around and play. This program will meet at the entrance of the Children’s Garden. FREE. Location: Coxhall Gardens, Time: 11- 12:00 pm

SAT 24 Greenwood Freedom Festival Festival draws more than 50,000 people to Craig Park every summer to celebrate the American Spirit. Held on the last Saturday in June, the festivities include a parade, local food, beer and craft vendors, and a kids zone. Indiana's best fireworks show concludes the evening.

Paw Patrol Academy

No job is too big, no pup is too small... to have fun at the library! Join us for a PAW-tastic time as we celebrate our favorite neighborhood rescue dogs! Come and play rescue games and earn your own PAW Patrol badge! Have a meet and greet with a special guest! Stay after to see our dog friends from Love on a Leash. Location: Noblesville Library, Time: 11:00 am12:00 pm, Phone: 317-773-1384

24 Indianapolis

24 Foundation is back for a sixth year in Indiana to host 24 Indianapolis! Our event HQ will be held at Butler University and the 3-mile Loop runs through Butler Tarkington Neighborhood. The event hosts over 400 riders and 200 walkers, who will raise funds for the IU Health Simon Cancer Center. Location: Butler University, Time: All Day, Phone: 317-602-7137

FRI 23

FREE Family Concert presented by Indianapolis Early Music

Indianapolis Early Music continues its tradition of a FREE family concert. This year the Peabody Consort will provide a morning of fun for the entire family. Not familiar with Early Music? You will see, hear, and (possibly) touch some of the unique instruments used by the musicians. Location: Indiana History Center, Time: 11:00 am, Phone: 317 232-1882

Magnificent Macaws

You will have an uplifting experience as magnificent macaws create a cascade of color overhead. Zoo guests will witness multiple daily flights as the macaw flock creates an aerial ballet across the Zoo and then lands in the new Bicentennial Pavilion. In the Pavilion, visitors will experience Macaws up close to see these beautiful birds and learn about them. The Macaws will then take flight again




Location: Eiteljorg Museum, Time: 10:00 am- 5:00 pm

SUN 25 Meet a Raptor

Discover the world of raptors! Meet one or more of our special birds of prey and learn about what makes them “raptors.” Location: Eagle Creek Park: Time; 2:30- 3:30 pm, Phone: 317-327-7110

MON 26

Location: Craig Park, Time: All-day

Children's Garden Tour at Coxhall Gardens

Market and Festival is a one-of-a kind cultural experience right here in the Midwest. FREE for members and 17 and under; $11 in advance; $13 day of.

THURS 22 & FRI 23


Location: Fishers Library, Time: 2:00- 2:30 pm

WED 21

and return to other areas of the Zoo and an outdoor aviary. *Ongoing

SAT 24 & SUN 25 Indian Market & Festival

Join them for a weekend celebration of Native American cultures through art, music, dance, demonstrations, food and more. Featuring Native performers and more than 150 artists from more than 60 tribes, Indian

Warrior Cats Fan Club

Are you a fan of the wildly popular Warrior book series by Erin Hunter? Are you crazy about cats? Join us for a fun hour of talking about the books, cat crafts, games and a kitty snack! For those going into Grades 4 - 8. Location: Noblesville Library, Teen Program Room Time: 2:00- 3:00 pm

TUES 27 American POP: The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture

Reminisce about fads or pop culture events that affected your life and learn what shaped those things into becoming hot or hip. American POP: The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture will showcase American TV shows, movies, music, and fashion that can bring us together across generations. American POP is a new permanent exhibit that will explore how popular culture has influenced our daily lives in the past and the present, and imagine how it may shape the future. *Ongoing Location: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Time: See museum hours, Phone: 317 317-334-3322

"Leggo! My Magic Show"

Magician Daniel is "Building Character, Friendships and Better Readers" in his brand new show for the summer. He uses everyone's favorite colored building blocks in this highly interactive show that's fun for all ages. Location: Noblesville Library North & South Meeting Rooms, Time: 6:00-7:00 pm

WED 28 Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship

Sue Payne, textile artist, demonstrates how she works on a loom.She is a juried 3-D artist member of the Hamilton County Art Association and co-vice president of the HCAA and in charge of the Indiana State Fair "Sheep to Shawl" contest. Location: Museum of Miniature Houses, Time: Noon, Phone: 317-575-0240

Touch a Truck at Raymond Park

This year will be better than ever! Your child could see fire trucks, police cars, tractors, rescue vehicles, and much more. Children need to be accompanied by an adult. Remember to bring a camera! Fees for all ages up to 14 years of age. Adults are free. Registration started May 5th. Location: Raymond Park Outdoor Education Area, Time: 10:00- Noon

Pacer Summer Reading Tour

Children of all ages are invited to listen to stories read by community volunteers and spin the prize wheel to win great Indiana Pacer items! Location: InfoZone Branch Library, Time: 10:30 am, Phone: 317-275-4430

FRI 30 Indianapolis Indians vs. Louisville Bats

Join the Indians as they host the Louisville Bats. Check their website for tickets! Location: Victory Field, Time: 7:15 pm, http://

ongoing events Shrek the Musical

May 18- July 2 This Tony Award-winning fairy tale is based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film and brings all the great characters to life! An unlikely green hero finds himself on a life-changing journey alongside a wisecracking Donkey and a feisty princess who resists her rescue. Rated G Location: Beef & Boards, Time: varies: 317-872-9664

Concerts on the Canal

Thursdays, beginning June 1 through July 17 Enjoy concerts on the canal courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society. Free seating is available on the grassy area on the Canal Walk. Tables for 8 are $50, $40 for members. Tables for 4 are $40, $30 for members. Single seats at a community table are $10, $8 for members. Half- and full-season packages are available. Visitors can also enjoy FREE admission to the History Center until 8 p.m. on Thursday evenings during the concert season. See website for concert line-up. Location: Indiana Historical Society,


June 16, 23, 30; July 7, 14 5:30-8:30 pm ​Zoolapalooza concerts are getting bigger and better this summer! Eat, drink, dance and be merry for an additional night under the all-new Bicentennial Pavilion. This incredibly fun night out is a great way to kick off summer weekends on Friday evenings. Zoolapalooza days are also the perfect time to enjoy the zoo, including the newest exhibit, Magnificent Macaws Just Look Up! Concerts are included with Zoo admission, so you can play all day and dance all night! The after-hours ambience feels like a Zoo trip like no other. See website for concert line-up. Location: Indianapolis Zoo,

87th Annual Marion County Fair

Occurring through June 25 Fairgoers are invited to enjoy a variety of attractions including demolition derbies, motorcycle races, pageants, a bear show, concerts, car show, talent shows, contests, 4-H horse competition, Elephant Experience, Dock Dogs, the midway, fabulous fair food, and much more for the entire family! Hundreds of Marion County youth showcase their talents through 4-H to celebrate Marion County’s agricultural heritage in categories including fashion, photography, crafts, and animals leading to the Indiana State Fair in August. Location: Marion County Fairgrounds, Time: All day, Phone: 317-353-2444

Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group

Now through September 10th Immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies as these wonderful winged insects are back in The Hilbert Conservatory. We’ve transformed the indoor gardens into a tropical paradise to bring you butterflies in a way that you’ve never experienced them before! Location: Indianapolis Zoo, Time: See website for conservatory times. http://www.inwhiteriver. com/events/butterfly-kaleidoscope/

June 2017 // INDYSCHILD.COM 49

Summertime Cabaret

Occurring through June 14 Bring your campers, grandkids, neighbor kids or your silly aunt to this unique puppet show! Location: Peewinkle's Puppet Studio @ Indiana State Museum, Time: May 13- June 14/ 10:30 am, July 4/ 3:00 pm, July 7/ 10:30am, Phone: 317.232.1637

Museum INvasion

Every Saturday Don’t just visit the museum, invade it. Wear practical shoes – they’re the only practical thing on the tour. From the odd to the shocking to the just plain eye-opening, a Museum INvasion tour turns the traditional museum experience on its head. Museum INvasion tours are intended for adults, but suitable for children ages 10 and up. Admission: $10 for members; $20 for non-members (price includes museum admission.) To reserve your spot on this INvasion tour, please call 317.232.1637. Walk-ins are welcome when space is available. Scheduled group tours are also available. Tours are $150 with a maximum of 10 people per group. To book a group tour, contact 317.232.1637. Time: 1:30 pm, or by appointment (Saturdays), Location: Indiana State Museum, Phone: 317-232-1637, group-visits




Dogs: Faithful and True

Occurring through August 6 The Eiteljorg Museum's newest exhibit, Dogs Faithful and True, opens March 4 and explores the enduring presence and contributions of dogs as companions, workers and heroes in Native American and Western cultures. Visitors can explore art, photographs, artifacts and interactive experiences that celebrate man's best friend. Visit dogs-faithful-and-true for a complete programming line-up. Location: Eiteljorg Museum, Time: Monday - Saturday: 10 am-5 pm; Sunday: noon-5 pm, Phone: 317-636-9378,

Symphony on the Prairie

Circus: Starring YOU!

Through November 26th Enter the Big Top! As you come inside, you’ll hear the calliope and meet circus performers. Inside, the artifacts and surroundings will capture your imagination as you visualize the spectacular stunts and awe-inspiring acrobatics. Now is your chance to step through time, learn the history of the circus and be awed by skilled performers. Then “get into the act” and become a performer yourself - try juggling, walking a virtual tightrope and more. FREE with general


Location: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Time: 10:00 am -5:00 pm, Phone: 317-334-4000, https://www.

Occurring through September 3 Experience the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and many other musical guests each weekend at the Conner Prairie Amphitheatre. It’s the perfect place to meet friends, family, and even large groups for a fun night out. Bring your own food and drinks or purchase concessions on site. Buy a table by the stage or bring your blanket for the lawn. Symphony on the Prairie allows you to enjoy the music the way you want.

Ice Age Graveyards

Location: Conner Prairie, Time: 8:00 pm, Phone: 317-776-6000

FREE with general admission.

Occurring Daily through September 4 During the last Ice Age, ancient elephants roamed Indiana. Come discover the mastodons and mammoths that were Indiana’s last native giants. See how the remains of these pre-historic beasts are uncovered, and visit Fred, the museum’s iconic mastodon skeleton. Ice Age Graveyards is an exciting look at Indiana’s chilly past, presented in a cool new way. Perfect for children of all ages.

Location: Indiana State Museum, Time: Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am-5:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am-4:00 pm, Phone: 317-2321637,

Chemistry of Color

Now through December 31 Through the ages, discoveries in chemistry have expanded the artist’s palette with new colorants, while the demands of fashion and the arts have pushed scientists to search for new ways to create color. Chemistry of Color charts the relationship between chemistry and art over a period of more than 4,500 years by exploring a selection of natural and synthetic colorants used to create pigments and dyes that color our world. Location: Indianapolis Museum Art, Time: see museum hours, Phone: 317-923-1331 P L E A S E N OT E At Indy's Child, we work hard to ensure our calendar and guide information is accurate. Occasionally, event specifics change after we go to press. Therefore, we encourage our readers to call locations or visit them on the web to verify information.







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