Host and share content privately with Unlisted

Maintain privacy and control over your digital documents when you publish on Issuu using our Unlisted feature. Keep your content accessible only to intended audiences whom you provide the link to, like specific colleagues or clients. 

  • Keep your work confidential to select audiences

  • Host internal documents and marketing collateral in a single space

  • Maintain control over who sees your digital content

  • Share your work, publicly or privately, with a simple link

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What is secure file sharing?

Secure file sharing involves the private distribution of digital assets, ensuring only authorized users can view them. With Issuu’s Unlisted feature, your files stay out of public searches and community feeds, enhancing security and confidentiality to provide peace of mind.

Maintain control over digital documents

Listing your content privately allows you to create a secure library of documents for your company, team, or personal use and preview how specific content will look before a wider release. Everything stays organized and protected, and when you're ready, you can share your work securely with a link or choose to make it public.

Benefits of Listing Your Document Privately

  • Full protection of confidential information

  • Enhanced security through restricted access

  • Effortless sharing only with selected users

  • Easy content management without public visibility

  • Unified hosting of internal collateral in a single, convenient space

How to share your file internally:

  1. When you upload content to Issuu, find the Availability section and select Unlisted.

  2. Click Publish

  3. Once the content is published, it will appear in your Publication List with a black Unlisted mark.

  4. To make your Unlisted content public, go to Publications and click the publication you want to make public. Scroll down to Availability, select Public, and click Publish.

Unlisted FAQs

  • Secure filing and sharing for business purposes can be easily accessed using Issuu’s Unlisted feature. You can control who views your files, making it ideal for sharing sensitive information such as internal reports, marketing collateral, and confidential communications.

  • Designed for private file sharing, our Unlisted feature allows you to keep your content hidden and secure, ensuring your documents are only accessible to individuals with a direct link.

  • You can make your flipbook private using our Unlisted feature. This option allows for secure private file sharing, ensuring that your private flipbook is only accessible to selected audiences. This way, you can share your content confidently, knowing it remains protected and viewable only by chosen parties.

Keep your content private and secure on Issuu!

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