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Bring still moments to life with Issuu’s online photo album maker. Whether you're a professional photographer wanting to secure new clients or a family looking to preserve memories, Issuu transforms your photographs into a dynamic Flipbook – delivering an unforgettable viewing experience. Share your world in splendid detail and:

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What is a digital photo album?

A digital photo album is an organized online collection of photographs. Issuu allows you to create visually appealing digital photo books with interactive elements such as flipping pages, links, videos, and more. Ideal for both personal memories and professional portfolios, having a photo album book online makes for easy sharing and viewing across devices. Publish yours on Issuu to ensure your pictures are displayed in the best light and can be accessed anywhere.

collage of images put together for a photo album with a video

How to Make a Photo Album Online:

  1. Upload your photos as any file to Issuu to publish as a flippable digital photo album.

  2. Bring your digital photo album to life by adding links and embedding videos.

  3. Embed your digital photo album on your website to share memories with family and friends by copying and pasting the code.

  4. Create GIFs or Social Posts to make your online photo album social media ready! 

Enchant and connect with Links and Videos.

Turn your photo album from static collections into interactive experiences, drawing viewers deeper into the essence of your memories or professional collection. With Videos, bring each photo to life, telling stories beyond what meets the eye, while strategic Links invite exploration, connecting your audience to additional content, details, or even purchase opportunities.

Creating a photo album on Issuu's platform

Capture every gaze with immersive Fullscreen.

With Fullscreen Sharing, you can deliver an intimate, expansive view of your album that keeps your audience engaged for longer on any device. Let viewers dive into the heart of your story, rendered in breathtaking clarity and color. Elevate your work or art, ensuring each photo attracts the attention it deserves.

Fullscreen feature on photo albums created on Issuu

Embed your photographs across the web.

Expand the reach of your digital photo album by effortlessly embedding it into your website, making it simple for friends, family, and potential clients worldwide to explore your captured moments. Copy and paste the auto-generated embed code to make your album easily discoverable and viewable on your blog or website.

Embed flipbooks on your website with Issuu

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Photo Album: FAQs

  • Creating a free online photo album is straightforward using Issuu’s user-friendly platform. Start by logging in or signing up on Issuu. Once you're logged in, simply upload your album, then use our platform to add multimedia elements, customize the background to your liking, generate additional assets like GIFs and Social Posts to promote it, and share it across channels.

  • With Issuu's Unlisted feature, you can choose your photo album privacy settings, depending on your chosen plan. This feature ensures that your album can only be accessed by individuals with a direct link, allowing you to control who views your content. Whether you're sharing personal memories with family and friends or exclusive content with clients, the Unlisted feature provides the privacy you need. Simply select the Unlisted option when publishing your album, and share the unique URL with your chosen audience for a secure and private viewing experience.

  • That’s entirely up to you! By arranging and organizing your pictures with our online photo album maker you can organize your images in any order you want, to tell a story. But that’s not all, you can add text, and video in your album to create an immersive experience to enhance your pictures.

  • Our free online photo album works just like a hard copy photo book. Viewers “flip” through the pages of the album with each page displaying your images in stunning detail. The digital format lets you share your album easily with friends and family. And you can also continuously update your album, perfect for adding updates as your family grows!

  • Weddings are one of the marquee events in our lives. Create a photo book online to capture every moment from the engagement to the honeymoon. With our online photo album maker you can create one book that incorporates everything, or create smaller albums that showcase specific events throughout the nuptials. You can then quickly share it with family and friends or on social media.

  • Our online photo album maker is designed with versatility and ease of use. Embed a digital photo album on your business’ website to showcase your products complete with descriptions or make an album commemorating events like school plays and graduations that can be shared across all of your digital channels with the click of a button.

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