Why You Should Be Using Facebook Stories

By IssuuAugust 20, 2019Content Marketing

Why you should be using Facebook Stories

With the launch of Facebook Stories, brands are figuring out how exactly to take advantage of the new Facebook Stories feature. We’ve put together a list of reason why you should be using Stories on Facebook. Here’s how to use Facebook Stories to elevate your social media marketing strategy.

Facebook Stories appear at the top of the Facebook app

Using Facebook Stories will put your brand at the top of the app. When people open their Facebook app, your brand is going to be one of the first things they see. Stories have prime real estate at the top of the Facebook app. Facebook is aware of the rise of Stories content. Keep your brand it top of mind for those who are following your Facebook page.

Stories usage on different platforms is on the rise
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Stories usage overall is on the rise. More and more people are viewing Stories over feed posts day-by-day. This seems to be ringing true for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more. Stories allow brands to have bite-sized, interactive content and get their content in front of their audience on a daily basis.

Beat the algorithms with Facebook Stories and give your fans daily content

On that same note, beat the algorithms and give your fans daily content. Use Stories to connect with your fanbase who may not be seeing your organic posts in their feed. With ever-changing social media algorithms, it’s harder for brands to get their name out there without paying for the engagement and views. With Stories, Facebook is pushing this product and getting your name to the top of the list will benefit your brand.

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Measure your Facebook Story engagement results

Measure the results with Facebook’s analytics for Stories. See who is viewing, who is interacting, what kind of Stories are getting more traction. This will show you how you can best serve your audience by measuring Story engagement results.

Share directly from Instagram Stories

If you’re looking to put a little less time into your social media strategy: save time by posting directly from Instagram Stories. For Instagram accounts connected to Facebook pages, you can easily publish your Instagram Story content directly to Facebook.

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