Reach Real Estate Clients Faster with Issuu

By IssuuJuly 19, 2019Business, Content Marketing

Today’s Real Estate Industry is heating up. And the competition amongst realtors is at an all-time high. Therefore, whether in person or online, it is crucial for real estate professionals to create a top-notch marketing strategy. Now with the Issuu Story Cloud they can. The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of digital publishing products. Available for businesses, brands and creators of all types, they can create Issuu Stories, magazines, marketing collateral and more. With Issuu’s streamlined tools, realtors will find themselves promoting properties, closing more deals and reaching real estate clients faster in no time.

Promote Properties with Ease

Whether it be a brochure, magazine, market report or newsletter, Issuu has become the Real Estate marketing tool of choice. Most importantly with Issuu’s latest tools, Real Estate professionals can expand their reach and marketing capacity. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the Issuu tools Real Estate professionals are using to reach real estate clients faster.

Create and share real estate marketing materials with our shareable fullscreen reader. 

The Issuu Embed Shareable Full-Screen Reader allows realtors to showcase their listings in a sleek and interactive format. Now prospective buyers can get an in-depth look at properties from the comfort of their home. High-quality imagery, full-screen spreads, and mobile-optimized formats will take any realtors marketing game to the next level.

Add Embedded Video

With the embedded video feature, now realtors can add personality to their promotional materials. Whether it be a welcome message from the realtor, for instance, or a full-length video of the property, a simple embed will add an engaging touch to your content.

Social Story Sharing

Create once, share everywhere with the Issuu Story Cloud’s social sharing abilities. Now with Issuu, the process to convert static stories is streamlined into a mobile and visual story sharing experience. Above all, Issuu Stories makes it simple to convert your content into new formats for sharing on your website, or as mobile Stories on social.

With Visual Stories realtors can now create unique and immersive Visual Stories to share to their social networks. With the Free Instagram Story Templates, Inspire or Voice Template, audiences will be able to view social content that combines slick imagery, focused text and even video. To make things even easier, Issuu has introduced the Adobe InDesign plug-in. A free-to-use extension that takes story sharing to new heights.

Add Web Links

With the Issuu Story Cloud web links feature, potential clients can easily be directed from the digital brochures on Issuu to web listings. Therefore making it quick and simple to connect agents and clients for viewings and to receive real estate offers.

Issuu Analytics

The secret to reaching a specific audience, both within real estate and in general, is utilizing in-depth analytics. With the Issuu Analytics feature, powerful page-level statistics are provided. Most importantly, realtors can easily see when their audience is most engaged, which pages perform best, and how their ads are driving performance. In real-time, real estate agents can see what listing is being looked at most, and which their listing strategies are the best performing.

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