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By Angela RuthJuly 23, 2021Customer Stories

Closing Deals and Accelerating Success with Dazzling Proposals

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, the stakes are very high - requiring businesses to develop an inside edge to win multi-million- and billion-dollar opportunities. 

A global powerhouse, Colliers International is one of the fastest growing commercial real estate companies known in the industry for their strategic acquisitions, diversified service lines, and smart technology strategies.    

The company’s impressive revenue growth over the past decade combined with its investment in local talent and high-productivity technology tools continue to pay off in the United States and abroad.

Regional Strategies, Winning Results

In the US, Collier’s Southwestern regional office manages a broad spectrum of for sale and for lease opportunities under the management of the Phoenix-based team.  

From multi-unit residential buildings and shopping mega-complexes to large-scale office parks, golf courses and medical centers, the Southwestern team works at a high velocity identifying, researching and responding to commercial real estate deals across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.  

Cory Gernant, Senior Client Services Specialist, is responsible for content marketing, email marketing, web, SEO/SEM, and proposal creation and distribution for a team of five highly-successful commercial real estate brokers.  

The Collier team under Cory’s coordination collates all necessary real estate documents, photos and materials from various sources, which Cory then transforms into client proposals.  Virtual tours, interactive maps, property specifications, photos and images come in as print or digital files of varying sizes, formats and specifications.   

Prior to Issuu, Cory would pull together proposals into folders of printed materials for the client - or have the team deliver the client presentation switching from printed materials, to videos, and then back to PowerPoint.  While it worked, the experience felt disjointed.  And in the era of ‘real-time’ response, clients expect immediate information online or via email, requiring Cory to scan, digitize and post files that were not already in a digital format.  

With a long history in content marketing and creative services, Cory has deep experience with content creation and digital publishing software.  A veteran user of Adobe InDesign and Flash Professional, Cory cleverly programmed integration between the two software apps in years past to generate the same results Issuu provides today. “What used to take me 15 or more hours with InDesign and Flash now takes me just a few minutes in Issuu.”

Once completed, Cory and his team of realtors then share the digital proposals or presentations as elegant flipbooks accessed via an embedded link in email. “Our strategy is to be first and be fast, but we can’t sacrifice quality during the process”.   

Issuu generates the proposals as digital flipbooks with subtle transitions, embedded video and animations, overlay text and full-screen viewing that distinguish the Colliers experience from their competitors.   The client has everything in one cohesive, high-quality digital proposal.  “Our Colliers team is representing millions and millions of dollars of commercial real estate, so everything we prepare, propose and present to clients must reflect quality, success, and trust.” 

Cost-to-Benefit a Breeze

According to Cory, Issuu has more than achieved its return on investment across many metrics.  His math proved Issuu more than covered the price of its subscription costs based on Cory’s time saved from tediously formatting and converting content. His ability to quickly repurpose and customize templates also saves him time, but more importantly increases the team’s responsiveness to opportunities without sacrificing quality.   

Given the cost analysis, Cory committed to a two-year subscription of Issuu.  “Some things are just worth it, especially when the clients are wowed, and we can see and measure the results from our growing portfolio of clients.”

“Our proposals and presentations must look bespoke and first-class. Issuu makes this happen - and is our inside advantage.”

A Winning Combination

Cory uses Issuu to help support Collier’s ambitious plan to improve productivity, innovate in marketing, and accelerate success in the commercial real estate industry.   Without doubt the market will remain competitive, but Cory and his team will continue to use Issuu as their content creation and distribution platform of choice to deliver memorable, high-quality presentations and proposals that give Colliers a competitive edge for winning results.

Colliers International Chooses Issuu for:

  • Professional, high quality - embed links to flipbooks sent via email for first-rate, full screen viewing experience

  • Ease of use - straightforward UI and easy-to-use tools make for instant project success

  • Time-to-market - gives the team greater responsiveness to client proposals, changes, requests

  • ROI - pays for itself in time saved from formatting, converting content or from repurposing templates for bespoke proposals

Turn real estate proposals into high-quality flipbooks with the click of a button. Market your properties more effectively with Issuu today!

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