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Bring Your Real Estate Brochures to Life with Digital Publishing

Apr 10th, 2020 by Issuu

Now more than ever is it crucial to have a digital presence. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, digital real estate brochures are a strong way to connect with clients virtually. Not only do digital brochures allow realtors to reach clients when physically unable, but they also broaden one’s audience and potential sales. Ready to bring your real estate brochures to life with digital publishing? Keep reading below for more.

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Step One: Create a Digital PDF Flipbook

Bring your real estate brochures to life by creating a Digital PDF Flipbook. A Digital PDF Flipbook is a simple and sleek way to show off your listings. Additionally, your clientele can view your offerings online, on mobile, and more! Thanks to Issuu, publish your digital real estate brochure to Issuu and easily reformat your content for social.

New to digital design? We’ve created an easy-to-use template to help you modernize your real estate business. Learn more about the Free Real Estate Listing Template here.

Step Two: Leverage Issuu’s Digital Publishing Tools

With Issuu’s interactive publishing tools, your real estate marketing will go beyond simple listings on a page. Instead, leverage video content, direct links to external sites, and reformatted content for social sharing.

Embedded Video Content will create an engaging experience for your potential buyers. Within your brochure, simply insert a video from Youtube or Vimeo and it will play directly on the page. By adding video to your digital real estate brochure, it will enhance the listings and provide viewers with more detail. Thus, creating a more enticing brochure to generate interest and sales.

Articles allow for real estate marketing pros to create the best mobile experience for their content. Optimized for mobile-first and readability, reformat your digital real estate brochure into short-form stories to each specific listing. Now, simply share certain listings with specific clients to personalize your marketing promotions.

Social Posts are the ultimate tool to enhance your real estate marketing game. With Issuu’s visual story creator tool, in a few simple steps, you can reformat your content and share it to Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories and more. Now more than ever, people are looking for homes on social. So, let your listings do all the talking with image-first social content.

Interested in learning more? Check out all that Issuu has to offer for real estate professionals on Additionally, check out these helpful resources for more:

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