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Cathedral Highlights SPRING/SUMMER 2017 • VOLUME 48 ISSUE 1

Class of 2017 earns


in college scholarships!

WE THE PEOPLE Third in the Nation

BRUNETTE PARK Cathedral’s New Field of Dreams




“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.”-Daniel 12:3

Incorporated 1972 OFFICERS Matthew Cohoat ‘78, Chair Dennis Casey, Vice Chair Robert V. Welch, Jr. ‘84, Treasurer Hon. Tanya Walton Pratt ‘77, Secretary Robert Bridges, President MEMBERS Kevin Alerding ‘88 Rev. Eric Augenstein, MDiv, ‘96 Very Rev. Patrick Beidelman, STL, ‘90 Michael R. Berghoff Christopher Bittinger ‘92 Mary Boelke Christian Browning ‘93 Jack Carr Denise Farrell, Hon ‘08 Gregg Gallant Rosemily Geyer Ryan Hasbrook ’92 Julie Malone ’03 Hum Jason Konesco ’90 Dan Mattingly ‘01 Dave McDowell ’75 Carmen Hansen Rivera, SAA ’66 Sharon Reed Brother Roy Smith, C.S.C., ’61 Greg Stephens Matthew W. Will, Ph.D. MEMBERS EMERITUS R. James Alerding, ’63 John L. Davis ’66 Joseph M. Dezelan ‘62 Daniel O’Malia ’65 Richard Pfleger ’73 Hon. Gerald Zore ’59

Spring/Summer 2017 Volume 48, Issue 1 The Cathedral Highlights is published two times annually by Cathedral High School for alumni, parents, and friends. The publication address is: Cathedral High School 5225 E. 56th St. Indianapolis, IN 46226 Phone number: (317) 542-1481

As we wrap up a tremendous year at Cathedral High School and prepare for our 100th year beginning this summer, I want to take this opportunity to catch you up on our progress in year one of our Strategic Plan, and share with you our vision for the next few years. Early in our school year, our work toward academic excellence was confirmed as we received our third National Blue Ribbon Award. Our staff has been working diligently to guide our students in all of our programs, both curricular and extracurricular. We strongly believe that our Holy Cross value of Divine Providence (what the secular world likes to call “luck”) had a hand in our acquisition of the stunningly beautiful property at the former Little League headquarters last fall. Now dubbed “Brunette Park”, these 35 acres are now a new home of the Irish, and will soon be a home base for our athletic teams in baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, track and cross country. Construction is already underway on the main baseball field, which will be the centerpiece of this second campus. There is also a conference center at the park that began hosting Cathedral events in May. We look forward to helping lift this part of our community through our programs and welcoming presence. If you have not had the opportunity to visit, I urge you to do so. Until you enter and walk the grounds you cannot appreciate the gift that has been bestowed on our school community. Much thanks to Dan ‘70 and Betsy Brunette for their generosity in making it possible for us to double our community footprint. The facilities at Brunette Park are just one part of our exciting new Strategic Plan. In the coming years, you will see many capital improvements to our beloved campus. We believe these changes will support our larger vision for STEM education, academic excellence, and interdisciplinary studies, propelling us into another century of success. With our 100th year getting closer each day, we also plan to celebrate the past. This blending of 100 years of being a beacon of hope and goodness for the Indianapolis community merges very well with our dynamic vision for the future. We are honored and blessed that you are joining us during this exciting time. Cathedral High School truly is the best at what we do, as our 2017 graduates exemplified so well. With our Catholic faith and Holy Cross values to guide us, I know that our future is indeed bright, and that our students and staff will continue to shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven. May God bless you and our school community, today and always.

Please send news to: Cathedral Highlights c/o Cathedral High School 5225 E. 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226

Peace to you and to your spirit,

Robert A. Bridges President



Cathedral Highlights SPRING/SUMMER 2017 • VOLUME 48 ISSUE 1




06 12 19

Brunette Park, Cathedral’s new Field of Dreams

We The People team finishes first in the state, third in the nation

22 30

The 40th annual ShamrAuction, “Shamrock the Slopes, An Après Ski Adventure” raises more than $600,000

A national title for Royal Irish Rugby, and state titles for girls volleyball, girls lacrosse, boys lacrosse, and hockey

Gary Spurgin delivers Class of 2017 commencement speech

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Highlights Magazine


OPENING PRAYER FROM COMMENCEMENT 2017 Let us pray, In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Lord, we join today in celebration. We celebrate our graduation, but, more, we celebrate our journeys and the achievements that have led us here. We celebrate the family we’ve become a part of, the times that lie ahead, and, above all, we celebrate your guidance. With so much in mind and in heart we give you thanks on this great day. You’ve overseen our class’s development throughout our four years here at Cathedral and have blessed us with the opportunity to learn, to flourish, and to look ahead. It’s not been easy, but without you and those angels you’ve placed in our lives-the ones in our homes, the ones in our classrooms, and the ones above us-none of this would be possible. We ask you today that we can be truly grateful and truly humble. We, as graduates of an amazing school, have so much to offer the world. Lord, please grant us the grace to make the changes that these four years have empowered us with the capability of creating. And grant us the humility to realize the blessings you’ve put in our lives that make our opportunities possible. Deuteronomy 2:7 “For the Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He knows of your going through this great wilderness.”

Lord, we thank you for all you do for us, with us, and through us. And we ask that you continue your work in all and in this, Cathedral’s Class of 2017. Amen In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Jack Kozyrski ‘17, Valedictorian

FOR CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please contact Lisa Farley at (317) 968-7373 or HAVE A STORY IDEA? Contact Grace Trahan- Rodecap at (317) 968-7352 or ON THE COVER: In the Fall of 2016, Cathedral High School acquired a stunningly beautiful piece of property at 42nd and Mitthoefer. Now known as Brunette Park, these 35 acres will serve as the home base for many of our athletic teams. Special thanks to Dan ‘70 and Betsy Brunette for their generosity in making this possible. 4


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Cathedral Alumni, Family, and Friends, As the curtain closes on another school year, I cannot help but to reflect on how successful the 2016-17 school year was. Our celebrations were plentiful, and I am so proud of Cathedral’s achievements and accomplishments. Our success would not be possible without the support and dedication of our faculty and staff who work tirelessly to provide the best possible education for our students to have the competence to see and the courage to act. I would like to give special recognition to some of our faculty and staff who have contributed greatly to Cathedral’s excellence, but are moving on to new endeavors in life’s journey. May the brightest blessings and best wishes be with: • Harold Spooner – Social Studies Teacher and IB Co-Coordinator • Litsi Plonski – English and Speech Teacher • CeCe Mallett ‘83 Kasberg – Theology Teacher • Lucy Robie – Latin Teacher • Ken Steeb – Spanish Teacher • Sherry Kaminskas – Assistant to Campus Minister • Fr. John Zahn – Chaplain • Mike Jaskoski – College Counselor • Shelbi Burnett – Biology • Eric Glanders – Social Studies • Eileen Egan – Assistant to the President • Jan Stanich – Marketing • Mary Myers – Events • Monica Pollom – Events


In planning for the 2017-18 school year, I am delighted to introduce and welcome the newest staff and faculty: • Ashley Hill – Campus Ministry • Terry Knaus – College Counselor • John Streiff ‘09 – World Language • Ria Pereira – Computer Science • Grace Trahan-Rodecap – Marketing • Caitlin Bain - Advancement • Abbe Ernstes - Advancement • Toni Polizzi - Events Much honor and appreciation goes to the following whom we celebrate 25 years of dedication and ministry to Cathedral High School: • Marcia Reynolds-Reyman • Paul Schroeder We also congratulate the Teacher of the Year, Melinda Bundy and Staff of the Year, Fr. John Zahn. We are grateful for their leadership and excellence and applaud them for receiving this much deserved honor! Lastly, we give special thanks to our parents, alumni and all Cathedral supporters who make up a big part of our family. We thank you for your continued support, faith, trust and commitment to Catholic education, and we look forward to sharing our continued growth, advancements and triumphs with you. Blessings,

David L. Worland Principal




Dan Brunette ’70 and his wife Betsy cut the ribbon on a brisk, beautiful day in February.





Those on hand for the ribbon cutting included the following dignitaries from Cathedral High School and the City of Indianapolis: Rob Bridges, President; Betsy Brunette; Dan Brunette ’70; Jim McLinn ’70, Vice President of Operations; Doug Seagrave, Athletic Director; Michelle Rhodes ’01 Taylor, Director of Lifelong Connections and Dr. David Hampton, Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis.

Cathedral High School has a long-standing tradition of excellence when it comes to athletics. Now, thanks to the generosity of Dan ’70 and Betsy Brunette, Cathedral has a beautiful athletic facility to call home. The 35-acre property, formerly the home of the Little League headquarters, is located at 42nd and Mitthoeffer Road. Acquired earlier this year, the property includes baseball and softball diamonds, as well as offices, parking, a community center, a covered pavilion and a press box. This Spring construction began on the renovation of the main baseball stadium to make sure it is in compliance with IHSAA baseball specifications. All of the rain we received in April and May slowed down construction. With that said, construction will move forward this summer.

Cathedral High School has contracted with CSO Architects and Schneider Engineering to develop a facility master plan of Brunette Park. These initial plans are calling for future construction of athletic facilities to accommodate the following sports: baseball, softball, cross country, lacrosse and soccer, as well as locker rooms, rest rooms and additional parking. Our varsity baseball team has been practicing on the senior diamond and our lovely end of year faculty/staff meeting was held in the community center. As President Bridges said in his message to all of you, please take time to visit Brunette Park. Once you see it for yourself, you can appreciate all that it has to offer. As Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”



Dr. Danielle Richardson ‘06

HELPING PEOPLE’S EYES AND HEARTS When Danielle Richardson ’06 was a student at Cathedral High School, she was smart, spirited and full of energy. Fast-forward 11 years and little has changed. Danielle is still an energetic, intelligent young lady who is now an optometrist in Houston, Texas. As busy as she is with her practice, she still finds time to lead yoga classes and international yoga retreats with her company Fierce Clarity. According to her website, “Fierce Clarity is a global community and space empowering the modern millennial woman on her journey towards wellness + balance + clarity.” The company focuses on the mind, body and spirit, so it comes as no surprise that Danielle’s Cathedral experience heavily influenced her career path. “Senior Retreat was my first retreat experience and illustrated the transformative power retreats hold,” Danielle says. “I came back to lead a retreat while in college and knew it was something I’d like to continue doing at some point of my life. I’d say Senior Retreat and Director of Campus Ministry Charlene Witka helped inspire my career path.” Danielle has many fond memories of her time at Cathedral, most of them centered around spirit week traditions. “Toilet papering the hill, dressing up with my friends and being crowned Homecoming Queen were all highlights of my time at Cathedral. I also enjoyed the energy of the school assemblies and being part of the cheerleading team. I was lucky enough to cheer with some of my CHS teammates in college at Indiana University.” 8


Danielle’s feelings for Cathedral echo what so many Fighting Irish have known for a very long time— Cathedral is a family. “My best friends from CHS are still my best girlfriends today. Even 10 plus years later, I keep in touch with my old CHS teammates and friends. Additionally, my Cathedral family was there when my father passed away suddenly last year. Several CHS staff members, students and the Moms in Touch group supported me and my family (Allen Richardson ’09 and Diona Richardson ’16) and I’m so grateful.” Danielle recently returned to Texas after her latest yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Danielle is using her gifts to help other women find the key to unlocking physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness. She also helps her patients maintain their eye health. It’s an inspiring, amazing journey for this dynamic Cathedral alumna… a journey she embraces with humility, grace and a humble heart. “A patient described my unique path of optometrist and yoga retreat leader as helping people see clearly from their eyes and hearts. I agree and I’m lucky I’m able to do both.”

CATHEDRAL GRAD WHO’S CHANGING THE WORLD For some people, there’s an epiphany--that one experience that changes your life’s journey forever. For Joe Schmidt ’90, that epiphany happened his junior year at Cathedral High School. “I was with a group of Cathedral students traveling to Germany, when our beloved teacher and tour guide,


Joe Schmidt ‘90

Father Schmidt, passed away,” says Joe. “Though we shared last names, Father Schmidt was not related to me, and his passing, in the room right next to mine, was traumatic. However, rather than rushing home, with the support of our families a number of us carried on and toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland in honor of Father Schmidt. That trip shaped me into the man I am today. I knew then that God gave me the spirit, the courage, the tenacity and the ability to accomplish great things in His name.” And that’s exactly what Joe is doing today. Joe is the CEO and founder of Audacity Factory, a non-profit based in North Carolina that works with organizations around the world to eradicate modern slavery. “The question was posed to me, ‘Do you think what Christ did for us was pretty extravagant?’ My answer, of course, was yes! I was then asked, ‘When was the last time you did something extravagant for Christ? I then decided to do something audacious for God and create the Audacity Factory.” Joe brings a tremendous amount of expertise to his passion for abolishing slavery. He has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing as both an entrepreneur and investor. After selling his business to a public company, he made the decision to use his God-given gifts to help eradicate human trafficking and slavery.

for consumers all over the world. Whether it’s mining gold and precious metals, food, textiles or electronics, we’ve all purchased items that have been made by those trapped by slave labor.” So how is Joe tackling this deplorable and overwhelming problem? His company started Freedom United, an online community of nearly 8 million members that’s educating and motivating people around the world to help end modern slavery. “Our movement has been successful at doing everything from gathering petition signatures that led to the release of abolitionists from prison, to getting the United Nations Security Council to investigate the role ISIS is playing in modern slavery.” The scope of the problem and the battles he must face do not intimidate Joe. “Read the Bible and look at the history of slavery. God rescued His people from bondage literally and He gave us free will! Freedom of choice is a fundamental, God-given right. As Christians, abolishing slavery should be part of our DNA.” “I am doing this because we are all 100% equal in the eyes of God and those who are enslaved deserve to have somebody fighting for them.”

“People don’t realize it, but modern slavery is engraved in our everyday lives,” Joe says. “Slavery is a $150 billion a year industry. Of the 45.8 million people in slavery, nearly 70% are in forced labor. They are making goods WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 9


Steve McKeand ‘72

CATHEDRAL GRADUATE RECEIVES DISTINGUISHED AWARD Steve McKeand ‘72 is a world-renowned tree breeder whose roots started at Cathedral High School. “Brother George, who taught biology, was influential in my career decision,” says Steve. “He had us do a leaf collection for class, and I thought that was one of the coolest projects I had. He helped inspire an interest in the environment, one thing led to another, and (in December) I found myself sitting in Nanjing teaching students about forestry and tree improvement!” Steve is a professor of forestry and environmental resources in the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University and director of the university’s Cooperative Tree Improvement Program. Steve’s outstanding work and commitment to the environment earned him the distinguished Governor Holshouser Award in Public Service in 2016. “What makes Steve so special is his willingness to step beyond the classroom and beyond the lab, to travel far and wide, to educate landowners and forest managers and provide them with the knowledge to do their work more effectively,” says Margaret Spellings, President of the University of North Carolina. “Scientists from around the world have come to North Carolina to collaborate with him, and students who have trained under him are in forest management positions worldwide.”



After graduating from Cathedral in 1972, Steve went on to Purdue University where he earned his Bachelor’s and his Master’s Degree. He then went on to earn his Ph.D. at North Carolina State, one of the epicenters for forest genetics and tree improvement in the world. Steve says when he tells people he’s a tree breeder it sometimes makes them blush or giggle. With that said, you wouldn’t be going out on a limb to call Steve’s work incredibly impactful. Dr. JB Jett, Associate Dean Emeritus for the North Carolina State Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, says Steve’s work has forever changed forestry in the southeast United States. “Steve has made an impact on people’s lives that they’ll never be aware of.” Steve’s work gives loblolly and longleaf pine trees a genetic advantage over disease, pests and climate change, while also giving landowners a competitive advantage in the market. Cathedral graduates make their mark in careers ranging from doctors to designers. And now, we know of a graduate who really branched out to make a difference in our world for years to come. “What I find most exciting is that I never, ever do the same thing twice in one day,” says Steve. “I could be analyzing data in the morning, working with students in the afternoon and (later) giving talks to various landowner groups. It keeps me excited and invigorated and I thoroughly enjoy it.”



Recipients of the Blessed Father Basil Moreau Award: Sammy Kacius, Carson Kwiatkowski, Ashley Lay, Maddy Martin, Myra Miller, Anna Pohl, Stephen Vukovits, Ben Wagoner Recipients of the Saint Brother Andre Bessette Award: Carson Cox, Ethan Gogel, Brendan Jay, Lizzy Jensen, Jade Miller, Nick Mourouzis, Sarah Prazeau, Jonathon Villegas

WITKA HONORED FOR LEADING 100TH SENIOR RETREAT Our beloved Director of Campus Ministry, Charlene Witka, was honored during the 2017 Senior Mass for leading her 100th Senior Retreat at Cathedral. The presentation was a surprise for Charlene, which made the moment extra special. On hand for the occasion were her husband Mike, son Richard ’00 and daughter Kimberly Witka ’97 Tekippe.



CATHEDRAL ONLY INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL NAMED A 2016 NATIONAL BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL For the third time in her history, Cathedral High School has been named a National Blue Ribbon School. Cathedral High School is one of only 50 private schools across the country receiving this honor in 2016. Schools are nominated for the award by the U.S. Department of Education, and then complete a comprehensive application about school practices. Schools may apply for status as Exemplary High Performing—among the top schools in a state— or Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing—schools making the fastest progress in their state in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. Cathedral was named Exemplary High Performing.

WE THE PEOPLE PLACES THIRD IN THE NATION! Congratulations to our We The People team for placing third in the country! We The People is an AP Government and Politics college-level course. Students study the U.S. government and political theories, then participate in the We The People competition as an extra-curricular activity. We are so proud of the team and their coach, Jill Baisinger.



WORLAND NAMED PRINCIPAL OF THE YEAR Principal Worland has been a champion of high school public speaking for decades. While principal of Lafayette Central Catholic, he initiated their first Speech Team. After Principal Worland moved to Cathedral, beloved speech coach Sandy Scheetz was retiring. In an era when it would have been easy to help the Speech Team fade, he chose to move forward. Cathedral now has a nationally-ranked Speech and Debate Team. The rise of our team could not have happened without his support and guidance. Congratulations to Dave Worland, Principal of the Year/National Speech and Debate Association-Crossroads District!

SPEECH AND DEBATE HEADS TO NATIONALS! Congratulations to the 2017 qualifiers for the National Speech and Debate Finals! Blake Lowe will be competing in World School Debate; Laura Schultz in Original Oratory; Sydney Hutchinson in Humor; Jack Kozyrski in Congressional Debate, Anna Pohl in World School Debate, and Maddie Martin will compete in the International Extemporaneous Division. Good luck at Nationals!

IRISH AWARD WINNERS From left to right: Nia Robinson ‘17 and Luke Sanders ‘17, 2017 Dezelan Award recipients and Abby Heinzmann and Ben Stewart, Female and Male Athlete of the Year

DEZELAN AWARDS GIVEN TO ROBINSON ‘17 AND SANDERS ‘17 The Joseph F. Dezelan Award is named in honor of legendary Cathedral Coach Joseph F. “Papa Joe” Dezelan. In 26 years as head coach, he amassed a record of 182 wins, 60 losses, and eight ties which included 10 city championships and one AP State Championship. Coach Dezelan was inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame and Butler University’s Hall of Fame. Dezelan’s dedication to Cathedral as football coach, teacher, athletic director, alumni director, and Board Member lasted 56 years until his death in 2000.

HEINZMANN ‘17 AND STEWART ‘17 NAMED FEMALE AND MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR This year’s Female Athlete of the Year is Abby Heinzmann ’17. Abby has been a key contributor to team points and leadership on the swim team. She has been All-City the past three years. She has been City Champ for the 100 BR and 200 Medley Relay multiple years. She has been a Captain of the swim team for two years. Heinzmann played soccer all four years at Cathedral. She was a member of several City and Sectional Championship teams. She was selected as an Indiana Soccer Coaches Association Top Team Player for CHS in 2016. Heinzmann is an outstanding student, as well. She has a GPA of 4.51 and is a Valedictorian. She will attend Notre Dame in the Fall. Ben Stewart ’17 is our Male Athlete of the Year. Stewart was named a Top 50 player by the Indiana Football Coaches Association. He graduates as the all time leading tackler in Cathedral history. He was one of 22 players to earn the National Football Foundation Award for Indiana and was a four year starter! Stewart is also an outstanding wrestler. He was a fouryear letter winner, three time city champ, and finished with third and fourth places at the state finals. He has a 4.11 GPA and will attend Boston College on a football scholarship. The Athlete of the Year awards are presented annually to an outstanding senior female and male athlete. Each athlete must play two or more sports his/her senior year at Cathedral.

The Dezelan Award is presented annually to a female and a male senior athlete who demonstrate the following attributes: 1. An outstanding leader, 2. A participant in at least one varsity sport their senior year 3. A positive role model, 4. Possess strong character, 5. And possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Our female Dezelan Award winner is Nia Robinson ‘17. She has won nearly every honor available to a high school volleyball player. She was part of back-to-back state championships and a national championship. Robinson is the Gatorade Player of the Year for Indiana. She won the prestigious IHSAA Mental Attitude Award at the State Championships. Robinson has been involved in many leadership and service roles. She has a 4.03 GPA and has committed to play volleyball at Northwestern. Our male Dezelan Award winner is Luke Sanders ‘17. Sanders was named a Top 50 player by the Indiana Football Coaches Association and graduates as the all time leading receiver in Cathedral history. He is also a competitor on the Irish Track Team, where he is a member of the top 25 4x400m team in the state. He is currently top 10 in the state for the 300m hurdles, a champion hurdler at the Midwest Prep Invitational and All-Catholic Championship, a member of the indoor school record 4x400 team, and an All-Catholic meet record holder in the 300m hurdles. He has the second fastest time ever in the 300m hurdles at Cathedral High School, and is the school record holder in the rarely run 400m hurdles. Sanders has a 4.01 GPA and will attend Western Michigan on a football scholarship. WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 13




w 14



CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR INCOMING NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Hayden Adams Sofia Alatorre Sophia Alexander Erin Arney Jacob Ball Chris Basile Kassidy Batt Molly Beatty Justin Berry Andrew Bessler Sarah Bielski Kerrington Bigsbee Anne Bingle Margaret Bittinger Seth Bolden Gretchen Bowers Ellie Browning Julia Buckingham Susannah Buhner Lauren Burgett Joseph Bustamante Tommy Callaghan Franchesca Cardenas Kelsey Carnes Nathan Carpenter Margaret Carter Craig Castellino Katherine Coleman Maggie Conway Anna Cooke Kienan Corcoran Holly Czachura Kelsey Deemer Nicole DeLise Elliott DeSanto Claire Deweese Maddie Dittoe Erin Dolan Sophia Downey Ryan Dubbink William Duffy Christian Dummer Nick Eaton Maximino Eslava Kennedy Evans Megan Evanseck Raven Farthing Anna Flood Isabelle Fox Annie Gallagher Erin Gleason Ethan Gogel Lauren Graves Marina Gray Collin Greene Lucia Grill Andrew Guhl Nick Guy

Gabriella Hanahan George Hanley Jackson Haug Danielle Hay Emma Hendricks Lauren Hine Alec Hobson Emily Howard Sydney Hruskoci Sydney Hutchinson Adama Jalloh Daniel Jamell Adam Jasiak Catherine Jasper Elizabeth Jensen Betsy Johns Alan Johnson Jared Kaiser Michael Kalu Lauren Kaplan Ryan Kelley Sarah Kennedy Morris Kimble Emily Kleck Audrey Kleiman Annie Klein Maeve Koscielski Sara Kress Grace Lakeman Emily Lansing Elizabeth Larch Kalysta Lee Margaret Lengerich Ashley Levingston Esther Louis Jordan Lyman Jiayi Ma Samantha Mackell Caroline Mages Olivia Makara Ann Mammen Megan Mattei Anna Mattingly Bridget McCarty Emma McCord Rachel McDonald Morgan McEntire Mary Ann McGinley Caitlin Meredith Kathleen Meyer Myra Miller Lillian Moffatt Liam Moore Drake Mossman Elle Musto Delaney Nidiffer Bridget Noble Ellie O’Connell

Tate O’Herren Annie O’Neil Isabella Page Danny Paris Marlana Pleak Sarah Pletcher Regan Poole Emily Quinn Katie wQuinn Drake Rand Gabriel Ratcliffe Jack Robinson Caroline Roth Chloe Russell Katie Sage Chase Santamaria Matthew Schepers Marissa Seguin Carissa Seying Catherine Seying Patrick Sheddy Lauren Smith Mary Margaret Smith Brock Snyder Elizabeth Spiech Mary Stempky Samuel Straley Audrey Teasley Caroline Temple Isabella Thomas Keshuann Tompkins-Barnes Ben Treece Clay Troyer Susanna Tsueda Greyson Turner Evan Uhland Andrew Umana Katherine Urasky C.J. Voigt Ben Vorisek Austin Vukovits Ben Wagoner Sara Wajda Lauren Walker Jake Welch Destiny White Grace White Daniel Willey Jenna Williams Saviona Williams Ben Wilson Riis Wilson Max Wirth Mary Wolfla Clayton Wright Camryn Wylam Emily Wysocki Alexander Yovanovich






WELCOMING THE CLASS OF 2021 CATHEDRAL SCHOLARS Presidential Scholars are students who have scored at the 96th or 97th percentile composite on the High School Placement Test. They have earned a merit scholarship in the amount of $1,500 per year, renewable for all four years as long as they maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and enroll in courses at the Honors level or higher when applicable.

Vice President for Enrollment Management Duane Emery presents the Holy Cross Values award to Becca Richey and the Principal’s Award Honoring the Legacy of Steve Weber to Isaac Behringer from St. Luke.

PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARS Presidential Scholars are students who have scored at the 98th or 99th percentile composite on the High School Placement Test. They have earned a merit scholarship in the amount of $3,000 per year, renewable for all four years as long as they maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and enroll in courses at the Honors level or higher when applicable. PJ Avery—Immaculate Heart of Mary School Tory Basile—St. Simon School Jackson Carlile—St. Simon School Abygail Dravis—St. Simon School Zoe Emery—Riverside Junior High Matthew Fiedeldey—St. Malachy School Nathan Fiedeldey—St. Malachy School Lauren Frank—St. Matthew School Eric George—Our Lady of Grace School Naomi Hood—The Oaks Academy Aris Inkrott—St. Louis de Montfort School Liam Kelly—St. Richard’s Episcopal School Jack Kleck—St. Louis de Montfort School Emma Kress—Christ the King School Tom Kress—Christ the King School Yinny Lim—St. Simon School Rhiannon Ludes Braeger—St. Pius X School Ethan Marasco—Fall Creek Valley Middle School Meg McCarthy—Mt. Vernon Middle School Kieran McCauley—St. Louis de Montfort School Isaac Michael—The Oaks Academy Ellie Schnur—Hinsdale Middle School Anna Shea—Holy Spirit School William Teasley—St. Malachy School Levi Wojtalik—Center For Inquiry 84 Dante Zawadzki—Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School

Sarah Casper—St. Pius X School Kevin Collins—Fall Creek Junior High Andrew Davey—Immaculate Heart of Mary School Lauren Dubbink—St. Louis de Montfort School Joe Egan—Homeschool Claire Griffin—Belzer Middle School Reece Koehler—St. Simon School Claudia Lowe—St. Simon School Collin Monesmith—Immaculate Heart of Mary School Allie Moretton—St. Simon School Alex Pohl—St. Simon School Avery Rowe—St. Louis de Montfort School Luke Russell—Immaculate Heart of Mary School Hays Teasley—St. Malachy School Ellie Thor—St. Louis de Montfort School Katie Timble—St. Matthew School Erika Weed—The Oaks Academy Owen Wright—Sycamore School

HOLY CROSS VALUES AWARDS Each year Cathedral asks each Principal to nominate one student who will attend Cathedral and who embodies the Holy Cross core values of Cathedral. Recipients of the Holy Cross Values Award receive a certificate and a onetime scholarship in the amount of $500. Christ the King School—Emma Kress Holy Cross Central School—Jada Brown Holy Spirit School—Eilyn Mayo Immaculate Heart of Mary School—Mick DeWeese Nativity School—Lilly Cadwell Our Lady of Grace School—Claire O’Neill Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School—Hayley Watson St. Barnabas School—Bailey Wyeth St. Bartholomew School—Cristina Arce-Ramirez St. Joan of Arc School—Princess Beecham St. Lawrence School—Miriam Santos-Leon St. Louis de Montfort School—Mia Finn St. Luke School—Becca Richey St. Malachy School—AnneMarie King St. Matthew School—Carson Haug St. Michael School (Greenfield)—Elle Kunkel St. Michael-St. Gabriel School—David Perry St. Philip Neri School—Jesus Contreras St. Pius X School—Jessie Quadrini St. Richard’s Episcopal School—Ian Stedham St. Roch School—Nathan McCahill St. Susanna School—Johnny Parker St. Thomas Aquinas School—Nicholas Foster



CLASS OF 2017 GRADUATION yourself returning to whenever you get the chance? What are the things that add color to your life, make your eyes sparkle, that you could contentedly do for days upon end? Because these things, they are your passions, and you should pursue them fiercely, unapologetically. After all, your energies and your very life are worthy of no less. Therefore, do not squander your precious time on anything that does not wake you up at sunrise, sustain you throughout the day, allow you to fall asleep at night fulfilled, and make you want to jump up and down with pure, utter joy every moment in between.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE COMMENCEMENT SPEECH BY RACHEL KENT, VALEDICTORIAN, CLASS OF 2017 I have a confession to make. You know those words you hear, and you’re never given a formal definition for them, so you contrive your own meaning for them based off context? And then, years later, you discover you had it completely wrong? Well, I had that experience with the word “commencement.” Because it comes at the conclusion of one’s high school career, I reasoned “commencement” meant “ending.” For the sake of my dignity, I’m going to lie to you and say that was a really long time ago. Now, I’m sure all of you are way smarter than I and know the actual definition of commencement is the exact opposite of what I once thought. But I think the fact “commencement” means “beginning” and not “ending” is beautiful and speaks strongly to what we are celebrating right now. Though today marks the end of our time as official Cathedral students, it is just the beginning of futures more promising than we can imagine. We are truly blessed with infinite possibilities, marvels, and opportunities–so much so that sometimes it can be overwhelming. We might wonder..”With countless paths to choose from, which is the right one for me? Just where do I fit in in all of this?” Well, I’m no life counselor, motivational speaker, wise sage, or anything of the sort–just another soon-to-be graduate itching to get out of this stuffy theatre and throw her cap triumphantly into the air like the rest of you. But, if someone were to ask me about their path in life, I’d counter with a few questions of my own: What is it that you catch yourself doing when you don’t have to do anything else? What activities do you find 18


True, at times it won’t always be easy–in fact, at times it will be downright difficult. People might not understand you; your passions might not necessarily churn out copious towers of gold coins; you might have to make certain sacrifices. Yes, it won’t always be easy, but it will always, always be worth it. St. Catherine of Siena once said, “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” God infused our bodies and souls with these passions that constitute our true selves, and the pursuit and cultivation of our passions is nothing short of explosive. As I look out upon you all, my heart surges with gratitude and camaraderie. These past four years have been ones of joy, triumph, celebration, adventure, and growth through the good times and the tough times. Each one of us has been transformed unimaginably since the moment we first drove up our beloved hill, dodging a barrage of toilet paper from the class of 2014 and anxiously wondering how we would ever find our way through those intimidating hallways or survive welcome week. Since then, we’ve become remarkable men and women, prepared to be capable, active citizens of this world today and citizens of the world above one day to come. We owe it to the incredible gift we’ve received in our time here at Cathedral, and what an amazing gift it has been. Jesus tells us in the Gospels, “To those whom much has been given, much will be expected.” Yes my fellow classmates, we are indebted greatly to our families, our parents, our teachers and faculty, each other, Cathedral, and, most of all, to God–and I don’t think we’re really ever going to be able to repay such generosity. But, as Dr. Greer always says–don’t pay it back, pay it forward. We have been blessed with the most magnanimous, wonderful gifts, and we are now responsible for putting those gifts to good use, making sure the world isn’t quite the same once we are finished with it. We, Cathedral Class of 2017, have the difficult yet awesome responsibility of setting the world on fire. However, before we set out about all that world changing and whatnot, let’s not forget to pause. Pause, savor, relish, cherish this moment, and celebrate. What we’ve accomplished these past four years–it’s no small feat. And so, celebrate we shall. Class of 2017, congratulations.

In 2017, 14 seniors were recognized as valedictorians for their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom, their gradepoint averages, and the rigor of classes taken: Alex Christopher Cotton, Abigail Margaret Kendall Heinzmann, Hunter Hale Hopkins, Thomas Michael Kacius, Rachel Suzanne Kent, John Allen Kozyrski, Keegan Thomas MacDonell, Madeline Marie Martin, Christopher Joseph Moretton, Maria Nicole Schorr, Olivia Anne Spohn, Marissa Rose Vander Missen, Stephen Gregory Vukovits Matthew Ryan Witzerman

COMMENCEMENT SPEECH 2017: Gary Spurgin, Department Chair of World Languages, French Teacher and Senior Class Co-Moderator, was chosen by the seniors to address the Class of 2017 at this year’s commencement ceremonies on May 21. This is an excerpt from his remarks. Life is simple, embrace it. My father and mother have been farmers in Indiana for over 60 years. They have shared with me the very best gift an individual can give someone else, the gift of time. So, make time for others; spend time with those who have made a difference in your life. And finally, my all-time favorite, it is time for a CC, in other words, a courageous conversation. Never hesitate to have a courageous conversation when one is needed. At times they may be uncomfortable, but they just may be a lifeline to someone who needs it. Before we finish this last class, I need to do what any good teacher should, review what has been presented. So, your participation is needed. I will call out the letter for this last class, and I will ask that you say the word. We as world language teachers like to have you repeat and repeat some more. So here we go, C stands for (Character), L stands for (Loyalty), A stands for (Attitude), the first S stands for (Simplicity), and the second S stands for (Seniorisms). Well done! Seniors, here is what I know about you. You represent your families well. There are 38 of you who are legacies. There are those of you who are the first, the last, and perhaps, the only child to attend Cathedral.

You come from all areas of central Indiana. Some of you even come from a different country. No matter your background, you will always be members of the Cathedral family. You have become a chapter in Cathedral’s history. I know that you are thirsty to make a difference in our world. I know that you yearn for peace, prosperity, and respect. You continue to seek happiness, but you need to realize you don’t have to look far to find joy and contentment. If you are sitting there saying “I am not sure if I got what Mr. Spurgin said” or “Did I hear anything new, then ask yourself this question. What did I learn today and if your answer is, not much or not anything, then ask yourself, what did I re-learn?” Yes, we learn new things every day, but more importantly, we re-learn much more. As I said earlier, today is about you and we celebrate you, however, remember that life is not always about you. It is about all of us. Seniors, you will have other life classes after today from which you will learn many things, but before you leave, know that you are a very special class to myself and others for many reasons. Know that you are in my prayers and may God bless you always. Each of you will forever be etched on my heart. Now, I can say “Class is dismissed.”



ON YOUR RECORD-SETTING ACCOMPLISHMENTS! $45.4 million in awards and scholarships—the most in the school’s history!



30,000 HOURS




W H E R E T H E C AT H E D R A L J O U R N E Y I S TA K I N G T H E C L A S S O F 2017 Auburn University Ball State University Bellarmine University Belmont University Bradley University Boston College Butler University Case Western Reserve University Central State University Clemson University Colorado State University Dartmouth College DePauw University Franklin College of Indiana George Washington University Hanover College Holy Cross College Hope College Howard University Humboldt State University Indiana State University Indiana University at Bloomington Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Johns Hopkins University Lake Land College Louisiana State University Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University New Orleans Marian University Marquette University Miami University, Oxford Montana State University, Bozeman Northern Illinois University Northwestern University Pennsylvania State University Pepperdine University Purdue University Purdue University Northwest - Hammond Campus Regis University Returning to Italy Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Saddle Back College Saint Edward’s University Saint Louis University Saint Mary’s College St. Mary’s University of San Antonio Texas Christian University The Ohio State University United States Air Force Academy United States Naval Academy University of Alabama University of Arizona University of California, Los Angeles University of Cincinnati University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Dayton University of Denver University of Evansville University of Kentucky University of Indianapolis University of Louisville University of Michigan University of Mississippi University of North Dakota University of Notre Dame University of Saint Francis University of San Diego University of South Carolina University of Tennessee, Martin University of Virginia University of Wisconsin, Madison University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Vincennes University Wabash College Wake Forest University Washington University in St. Louis Western Michigan University Wittenberg University Wright State University Xavier University Yale University







The 40th annual ShamrAuction, “Shamrock the Slopes, An Après Ski Adventure” raised more than $600,000 at the February 25th event. The funds raised go directly to the Cathedral Family of Funds to support academic initiatives, arts programs, athletics, technology, professional development for faculty, and for tuition assistance. We continue to be blessed to have the support from the Cathedral family through our events which in turn helps us provide the finest high school education and experience. To fulfill Cathedral’s mission of diversity, the school relies on the ShamrAuction events to be a significant contributor to the $2.7 million we need to raise every year for tuition assistance and merit scholarships to some 44% of our student body.

Emcee Sherman Burdette, Fox 59 with co-chairs Mary Susan Buhner and JC Welch ‘79





Cathedral High School would like to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the businesses and individuals who helped make this year’s ShamrAuction a success.


BLUE & GOLD SPONSOR ANONYMOUS IRISH SPONSOR PRIME SMILE SHAMROCK SPONSORS • Andy and Anna Fagg • BROWNING • Christel DeHaan Family Foundation • Crown Technology and Peterson’s

• Ivy Tech Community College • Johnson Melloh Companies • Ketel One Vodka • Managepoint

• Dellen Automotive

• ONI Risk Partners, Inc

• Flik Independent School Dining

• Techlite Corporation

• Freije-RSC and InPower • High Alpha

• The Keller Family • TurfDogs Lawn and Landscape

• AHEPA Management Company • Anonymous (2) • Benz, Wright, Caldwell, Trummell, and Torres Families • Black Alumni Council • Blast Media and Dittoe PR • Bocchinfuso Family, Carrico Family, and Jason Murdock of UBS Financial • Bradshaw Family • Brooksource • Buhner, Oakes, Orr, Temple, and Sukur Families • C & T Design and Equipment Co • Cathedral Board of Directors • Class of 1985 • Cline Family • Cohoat & O’Neal Golf Management • CourtCall • Cox Zimmerman Public Relations • CSO Architects • Dan ‘70 and Betsy Brunette • Dave and Kristi Petruzzi

• Deloitte LLP • Dorsey Family • DryTek Exteriors • Free-Hunter Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors • Franciscan Health • Friends of Cathedral • Frost Brown Todd • Gallant Family • Gray Robinson Ryan & Fox • Gregory and Libby Quinn ‘78 Hahn • Harley Davidson of Indianapolis • IDI Composites International • IGT Indiana • Irish Supporters • Ivy Tech Foundation • Jeff and Ann Morrell • Joe ‘80 and Diane Turner ‘81 Vande Bosche • KBIC Insurance Management Solutions • Lafnitzegger and Wirth Families • LightBound • Marian University • Mary Beth and Chris Branson

• Matthew and Melanie Will • McClure Family • Mencer Family and Friends • Nameless Catering Company • National Construction Workforce • Nexsyis • Niemczura Family • Oaktree Financial • Open Pivot • Plainfield Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery • Sahm Family • Shiel Sexton, Inc. • Story Family • The EMS Group • The Law office of Mark K. Sullivan & Associates • Tom Williams Group & WhatNow.Help • Zupancic Family

For more information about ShamrAuction, and the upcoming announcement of the 41st annual Cathedral ShamrAuction theme, visit



EASTER EGG HUNT Roughly 350 people were on hand for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. All of the kids thought the day was very egg-citing! Among the alumni who enjoyed the day were Otis Shannon ’01, Emilee Cota ’00 Shannon and their children Nadia and Saffron.

More than 148 golfers participated in the annual Fr. Kelly Tradition on Friday, June 24, at Prairie View Golf Course in Carmel. Dry Tek Exteriors and alumnus Michael Huntington ‘02 hosted the winning team.


Former Miss Liberia, Ms. Mahja Zeon - Keynote Speaker



BREAKFAST WITH SANTA Christmas just wouldn’t be the same at Cathedral High School without Breakfast with Santa. Nearly 260 people stopped by to visit with Santa and share their wish list with him. Thankfully, all of Santa’s visitors were on the “nice” list. Some of the alumni who attended were Reed & Claire Schnellenberger ‘06 Bailey with daughters Josephine & Amelia (right), Rhodes Taylor son of Jon & Michelle Rhodes ‘01 Taylor (bottom left), Steve and Jill Corbett ‘01 Biddle with kids Adelyn, Beckham, Corbett, and Cooper, and Tommy ‘03 and Betsy Corbett with their daughter Caroline (bottom right).

Ms. Dee Woodruff ‘94 (New Black Alumni Council President), Ms. Vivian Muhammad ‘83 (Distinguished Service to Community) Mr. Mark Batties ‘62 (Distinguished Professional Achievement)

Mrs. Ramona Powell & Mrs. Sara Koehler (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Legacy Award Recipient) WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 25



Each year, annual contributions support the school’s financial needs not covered by tuition alone. These funds are crucial as they help to pay our esteemed teacher’s salaries, support academics and athletic programs; classrooms, facilities and tuition assistance. Year-round fundraising includes the student raffle, the Cathedral Fund and events such as ShamrAuction—which this year raised $600,000! The impact of annual fundraising is far-reaching! More than $2.5 million was used for tuition assistance this school year alone--which made the Cathedral experience possible for many students. Flexible learning spaces are now available on campus to help foster creativity and a place for students to thrive. The Paul Farrell tennis courts have been resurfaced for our tennis teams. The We The People Team was able to travel to D.C. and bring home 3rd place in the nation. These and many more accomplishments were made possible through the generosity of donors like you.

JOE DEZELAN ‘62 HONORED WITH BISHOP CHARTRAND AWARD For those who have gone “above and beyond” for Cathedral, there is a special honor… an honor that’s only been given 17 times in the almost 100 years of our history. This year’s Bishop Chartrand Award was bestowed upon another deserving member of our Cathedral Family, Joe Dezelan ‘62. Congratulations Joe!

“We are overwhelmingly blessed by the Cathedral community of alumni, parents, students and friends who believe in the Holy Cross values taught here at Cathedral. Your gifts to Cathedral are part of a nearly 100-year legacy and your continued support will keep that legacy alive for the next 100 years.” -Nicole Beasley, Vice President for Advancement This is an important time of year as we close the fiscal year June 30, 2017. If you have not made a gift, you can do so by visiting www.gocathedral. com/give or by sending a contribution by mail. Your gift of any size directly impacts our deserving students. “We are grateful to all those who give to Cathedral both of their time and treasure. Please know that we pray for you each and every day. “ -Caitlin Bain, Director of the Cathedral Fund During this year’s Irish 500, Father John announced his retirement after six years of serving as Cathedral’s Chaplain. We’re going to miss you, Father John! Enjoy your retirement!





The winning team, “Money Bags” for this year’s Trivia Night included - Left to Right - Jon Hollis, Jennifer Hollis, Rachel Ludington (peaking out from the back row), Sarah Erotas ‘05 (is next to Hollis), Lashon Ludington, Jill Baisinger (front row holding check), Mike Miller, Maribeth Cloud ‘86, Tyler Lemen, and Larry Cloud

GLENDYS MOOSBRUGGER VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD WINNERS The fourth annual Glendys Moosbrugger Volunteer Service Award went to Lee Roseman and Gerianne Hap in recognition of their devotion and support of Cathedral High School. They, along with more than 300 volunteers, were celebrated at the 2017 Celebrate Service Lunch.


Contact Toni Polizzi, Events, at or visit

Glendys Moosbrugger Volunteer Service Award winner, Lee Roseman. (Not pictured, Volunteer Service Award winner, Gerianne Hap)



ATHLETIC SIGNINGS FALL SIGNINGS Cathedral Irish continuing their athletic careers at the collegiate level include: GIRLS SOCCER Nicolette Kapsalis, Indiana Ashley Levingston, University of Tennessee-Martin VOLLEYBALL Nia Robinson, Northwestern Maria Schorr, Dayton Payton White, Auburn Cassie Brooks, Evansville Shelby Mudd, St. Mary’s University (TX) BOYS LACROSSE Bryce Tuttle, University of Indianapolis Quinten Carlile, Air Force Academy Jack Mattei, Yale WRESTLING Breyden Bailey, Northern Illinois University

Fall Signings

GYMNASTICS Nick Guy, Michigan WRESTLING Jack Myers, St. Joseph College Jack Phillips, St. Joseph College WINTER SIGNINGS BOYS SOCCER Cesar Jones, Wittenberg Jake Gruber, Indiana FOOTBALL Pete Werner, Ohio State Ben Stewart, Boston College Luke Sanders, Western Michigan Kris Marshall, Rose Hulman Gaven Johnson, Butler Tony Johnson, St. Francis

Winter Signings

BASEBALL Nick Eaton, Indiana GIRLS BASKETBALL Brooklin Alexander, Hope College SPRING SIGNINGS TRACK AND FIELD James Smith, Vincennes Zavier Brown (Not Pictured), HanoverCollege FOOTBALL Daniel Scotto, DePauw Finn O’Hara, DePauw Zavier Brown (Not Pictured), Hanover College BASKETBALL Daniel Goggans, Franklin College CHEERLEADING Abby Bailey, Purdue 28


Spring Signings


COACH K RETIRES, BUT NOT BEFORE BUILDING A LEGACY The Irish volleyball program, under the 27-year leadership of Coach Jean Kesterson, has reached many milestones including 21 City titles, 14 State final appearances, 8 State championships, multiple AllAmericans, National Coach of the Year honors and a National championship. What other milestones could there be for such a storied program? Surprisingly, back to back championship titles have eluded the program – until now. The Irish returned to Ball State’s Worthen Arena for the third straight year this season and defeated the #1 ranked Crown Point Bulldogs. The 2016 Irish have cemented their legacy as the first volleyball team to win back to back state championships. “It has been a gift and a privilege to work with such a dedicated coaching staff, some wonderful parents and the wonderful network of volleyball coaches,” says Kesterson. There’s no doubt that Kesterson will be missed, but Cathedral is forever grateful for her dedication, perseverance and focus that has catapulted our girls volleyball program to one that is envied around the country. “I will truly miss the time with all of the players in the program,” she says. “I will miss watching them grow from skinny, scared freshmen to incredible young adults ready to take on the world.” While Kesterson is retiring from coaching, she will remain at Cathedral as a teacher and chair of the business department. “I have a number of projects I want to accomplish in the next few years. I especially want to enhance our business department with some offerings, starting with a new broadcast class next year. God has many more adventures for me.”


STARTS HERE. DO YOU KNOW A STUDENT WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM A CATHEDRAL EDUCATION? Refer prospective families to Duane Emery, vice president for enrollment management, at 317.968.7360, or More information available at Open House: Thursday, Nov. 9




WINTER/SPRING SPORTS WRAP-UPS: HOCKEY - STATE CHAMPS! There was adversity, and a lot of it. But Kevin Karlander said while that adversity helped define the Central Indiana Knights’ 2016-2017 hockey season, it did so in a positive way. That’s because the adversity resulted in a tough team at season’s end with the team not only finishing playing its best hockey of the season, but winning the Class 3A Indiana State High School Hockey Association state title. “We had our ups and downs,” Karlander, the Knights’ coach, said. “We had a couple of injuries during the season, but we got hot at the right time, and our guys came together at the right time. There were plenty of struggles we went through as the season went on.” The Knights (25-22-2 overall for the season), made up of players from Cathedral, Bishop Chatard, Guerin Catholic, Noblesville, Park Tudor and Pendleton Heights, finished the regular season as the 11thranked team in the state. That made them the third seed in the Class 3A state tournament. The Knights beat Westfield (5-3), Lake Central Blue (5-4) and Hamilton Southeast “A” (4-1) in pool play in the state tournament before beating South Bend St. Joe, 3-2, in the Class 3A state championship game at the Ice Box in South Bend on March 11. “We had a core of good seniors, and we had some good goal scorers up front,” Karlander said. “We had very sound goaltending. We got very hot at the end.”

ROYAL IRISH RUGBY - NATIONAL CHAMPS! The Royal Irish Rugby Society won the state title and the national title in 2017, beating Penn 19-15 for the state title at Fishers on Memorial Day – Monday, May 29. The Royal Irish, made up of students from Cathedral, Chatard and other area schools, beat Fishers 21-15 in a state semifinal on Saturday, May 27. They had won their fourth national title in six seasons in mid-May in Kansas City, beating top-seeded Fort Hunt 18-16 in the championship game. Please check in June for updated information on 2017 Cathedral rugby.






The 2016-2017 season felt like many previous seasons. And because Cathedral High School wrestling has experienced a lot of success in recent seasons, that means the Irish experienced a lot in the spring of 2017, too:

Jason Delaney wouldn’t call the 2016-2017 season a bad one. Not even close. At the same time, Delaney made this much clear following his first season as Cathedral High School’s boys basketball coach:

*An individual state champion. *Four state semifinalists. *Seven qualifiers for the state finals.

While the season was good by any measure, it wasn’t good enough.

That’s big-time success, and that’s what Irish wrestling accomplished in a season highlighted by a third-place team finish at the 2017 Indiana High School Athletic Association State finals at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis on February 17-18.

“This is not the standard we want to set for every year,” said Delaney, who replaced former coach Andy Fagan ‘97 in September after spending five seasons as the head coach at Cathedral’s rival, Indianapolis Arsenal Tech.

That third-place team finish also featured an individual state championship for senior Breyden Bailey at 132 pounds.

“We want to compete for sectional titles, and eventually win that state championship.”

“It’s never easy to win a state championship in wrestling,” McGinley said of Bailey, who will wrestle collegiately at Northern Illinois. “Wrestling at 132, you’re wrestling against full-time wrestlers, the cream of crop. Breyden’s one of those guys. For him, there are better things to come.”

The Irish in 2016-2017 finished Delaney’s first season with a 15-9 record against the 11th-toughest schedule in the state. Considering the team lost an estimated 60 percent of its scoring – as well as two Division I players – from a 17-victory team in 2015-2016, Delaney said that wasn’t bad. Delaney left no doubt, though:

Cathedral as a team in 2017 won the sectional, regional and semi state titles, then finished third at the state meet with 67.5 points – behind only Brownsburg (100 points) and Chesterson (80 points). That team finish was very much that – a team finish. “We had guys jump on board and win that we weren’t expecting to win,” McGinley said. “We always talk about if somebody falls down somebody has to pick us up as a team. That’s what these young guys did, and it really lifted the whole team.”

The focus for the future is to get a program that more often than not over the past decade has been one of the best in Indianapolis and Indiana back to that level. That’s the goal and that’s the expectation. “It’s not like you’re coming in trying to rebuild a total program, but you’re trying to put your stamp on it and trying to change the culture,” Delaney said. “I’ve challenged these kids to be the first ones to win a [Class] 4A state title here.”

BOWLING Progress was made, and that’s a normal occurrence. That has been the story around Cathedral High School boys and girls bowling in recent seasons, and that trend of improvement continued during the 2016-2017 season. It was an enjoyable season. It was a competitive season. That made it a successful season. “Overall for the season when we came to bowl, we came to bowl,” said Irish bowling co-associate coach Mark Noe, who coached Irish bowling along with Josh

Payne for a third consecutive season in 2016-2017. Irish boys bowling in 2017 finished third in the Indianapolis North conference, a one-place improvement from 2016, and they finished fourth in the sectional. They did not advance an individual to the state round. The Irish girls finished third in Indianapolis North conference in 2017 and fourth in sectional. It was a solid season for Irish girls bowling led by senior captain Meghan Lee.





The direction remains solidly upward.

A lot went right for Cathedral High School boys swimming in 2016-2017.

That made the 2016-2017 Cathedral High School girls basketball season a successful one – and one with a slew of highlight moments and objectives achieved. And that made Ed Freije’s last season as the program’s coach one to remember.

Irish boys swimming coach Katie Doron said that could be seen throughout the season, as the boys teamturned in memorable performances and recordsetting times.

Freije, who took over the girls’ basketball program from longtime coach Linda Bamrick in 2012, will step away from the program to coach the Irish baseball team. Irish girls basketball went 17-9 in his final season, and finished with a fourth consecutive winning record.

The Irish boys didn’t have the numbers of the area’s top programs in 2016-2017, but they had desire, camaraderie and moments of achievement. They also had a successful season that ended with a seventhplace finish at the Lawrence North Sectional in midFebruary.

“The girls really grew up throughout the season,” said Freije, who went 70-50 in five seasons as the Irish’s girls’ basketball coach. “We had some good wins along the way, and put together a nice season.” Reggen Melson is the new head coach for the girls’ baskeball program. Melson was the head coach at Crispus Attucks and led the Tigers to a 20-6 record and regional runner-up finish. “I have watched from afar the success of Cathedral High School athletics, and knew this would be a good opportunity,” says Melson. “I look forward to working with the girls and moving toward continuing and building on the success already achieved by the girls’ basketball program.”

“We had a great season,” Doron said. The Irish in 2016-2017 finished the sectional meet with 162 points, well behind sectional champion North Central but ahead of five other teams. They also set two school records at the sectional meet after having broken three individual school records during the season. The Irish won the City Meet at the University of Indianapolis in mid-December with 290 points to runner-up Bishop Chatards’s 252.

GIRLS SWIMMING AND DIVING Katie Doron likes the future of Cathedral High School girls swimming. Doron, who recently finished her third season as the Irish’s swimming coach, said a couple of the biggest reasons are the youth of the team and how the team fared in 2017. The Irish were remarkably young in spots this past season, and that youth helped the team to some remarkable success. “We had quite a few freshmen who may or may not have swam before, but they’re building on their skills,” Doron said. “They’re already contributing on the varsity level in terms of team points, so that’s exciting.”



The Irish, led by senior Fiona Granados and a group of strong underclassmen, not only finished an impressive fourth at the North Central Sectional in 2016-2017, they also won three important in-season meets: the City Meet, the Schools Without Pools meet and the Warrior Invite. The Irish historically have dominated the city meet, and this season was their third consecutive city title in Doron’s three seasons as coach. The sectional performance was also a solid one, with the Irish finishing fourth with 267 points – 278 behind sectional champion North Central (535) and less than 70 points behind runner-up Franklin Central (332) and thirdplace Lawrence North (304.5).




Brenda Kelly won’t say the 2016-2017 season ended as Cathedral Cheerleading hoped. Not quite.

Boys volleyball followed its 2016 state title with a semifinal appearance in the 2017 Indiana Boys Volleyball Coaches Association state finals. The Irish went 24-14 in 2017 and entered the postseason ranked No. 4 in the final IBVCA state poll, losing to eventual state champion Carmel 25-20, 25-22, 25-16 in the state semifinal at Southport on May 20. J.A. Ahlers was named to the All-Tournament team while Ahlers, Michael Bamrick and Caleb Short were named All Stars. Please check in June for final, updated information on 2017 Cathedral boys volleyball.

But what Kelly will say is pretty much everything else about Cathedral Cheerleading during the 2016-2017 school year was as memorable and special as she could possibly imagine. A memorable team. Memorable seniors. And a memorable camaraderie. That’s how Kelly said she’ll remember a ’17 senior class that helped define the program for two seasons, and that’s how she hopes those seniors remember their time with Cathedral Cheerleading. “This was a special group of girls,” Kelly said. How special? Consider: The 12-person senior class helped Irish Cheerleading not only to a sixth-place national finish in 2016, but a third-place finish at the prestigious November 2016 Bluegrass Regional in Lexington, Ky. Cathedral in that event finished behind only Pikeville and Southwestern High Schools, the first- and second-place finishers at the 2017 UCA National Championship. It was a finish that to Kelly defined the talent level and potential of the class. “We were right there,” Kelly said, adding of the Bluegrass event. “It’s a huge regional tournament. That’s where you can compare yourself to the teams that are going to nationals. We placed third behind the two teams that were first and second, so we were an excellent team. We just didn’t do our jobs on the mat in nationals.” Cathedral made the semifinal round at the national tournament. “Competitively, we had a great group of kids,” Kelly said.





Boys lacrosse followed its 2016 state title by making yet another appearance in the Indiana High School Lacrosse Association state tournament. The Irish (19-4 entering the state tournament) beat Guerin Catholic, 17-5, on May 27 to advance to the state final four, where they were scheduled to play Hamilton Southeastern on June 2. The Irish entered the final four with just one loss to a team from Indiana: 17-11 to Carmel on May 19.

Girls lacrosse qualified for the 2017 Indiana Girls Lacrosse Association state tournament, with the state semifinal against Bishop Chatard to be held at Noblesville June 2. The Irish (15-1 entering the state semis) advanced to the semifinal with a 21-6 victory over Warren Central. The IGLA also as of late May had announced its South All-Region team, with five Cathedral athletes earning places on the team, the most representatives from one school: Kate Burnside, Emily Howard, Meredith Kutan, Gretchen Reeves and Taylor Trieloff. Just as we were going to press, we learned the girls won the 2017 Indiana Girls Lacrosse Association Championship. Congratulations!

At press time, we learned that boys lacrosse team won the state championship! Congratulations! For details about the victory, go to

BOYS GOLF Boys golf won the 2017 Indianapolis City Championship at Riverside Golf Course, beating runner-up Bishop Chatard, 287-302. Danny Paris and Austin Vukovits each shot 70 for the Irish. Luke Mattingly shot 80, with David Cooke shooting 75, and Jimmy Grund shooting 80. Further postseason results were not available when Highlights Magazine went to press. Please check in June for updated information on 2017 Cathedral boys golf.

GIRLS SOFTBALL Girls softball lost in the first round of the Class 4A, Section 10 tournament to Lawrence North at Mount Vernon. The Irish finished the season 14-15, with Brittany Ford leading the team with seven home runs and freshman Annika Garwood batting .407. Garwood also won 10 games as pitcher. Please check in June for final, updated information on 2017 Cathedral softball.

GIRLS TENNIS Girls tennis followed the 2016 state championship season by qualifying for the Indiana High School Athletic Association State Finals for a third consecutive year. The Irish beat Concord to win a third consecutive semistate and were scheduled to play Fort Wayne Carroll in a state quarterfinal at Center Grove High School on Friday, June 2. They entered the state finals ranked No. 2 in the Indiana High School Tennis Association poll with a 20-1 record and their lone loss of the season coming 3-2 to No. 1-ranked Carmel. Four of five matches in the Carmel regular-season match were decided in three sets. Further postseason results were not available when Highlights Magazine went to press. Please check in June for final, updated information on 2017 Cathedral tennis.

GIRLS TRACK AND FIELD Girls track qualified an individual and a relay team for the 2017 IHSAA state meet to be held at Indiana University on Saturday, June 3. Junior Annie Gallagher qualified for the state meet in the 800 meters, and the 4x800 relay team of sophomore Kennedy Miller, freshman Audrey McKinney, sophomore Sydney Manley and Gallagher also qualified for the state meet. State-meet results were not available when Highlights Magazine went to press. Please check in June for final, updated information on 2017 Cathedral girls track.




WINTER/SPRING SPORTS WRAP-UPS: BOYS BASEBALL Boys baseball qualified for the Class 4A regional playoffs at Decatur Central on June 3, winning the Class 4A Section 10 tournament at Warren Central over Memorial Day weekend. The Irish (25-0 after the sectional playoffs) rallied for a 4-1 victory over Lawrence North in the section title game after beating Lawrence Central, 9-2, in the semifinal that morning. The Irish, who beat Mount Vernon, 2-1, in the opening round of the sectional, finished the regular season No. 2 in the final Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association Class 4A poll in Ed Freije’s first season as coach. Further postseason results were not available when Highlights Magazine went to press. Please check in June for updated information on 2017 Cathedral baseball.

BOYS TRACK AND FIELD Boys track qualified four individuals and the 4x400meter relay team for the 2017 IHSAA state meet at Indiana University on Saturday, June 2. Lucian Anderson qualified in in the 400 meters, while sophomore Cole Hocker qualified in the 1,600, senior Luke Sanders qualified in the 300 hurdles and senior James Smith qualified in the discus. The Irish finished fifth as a team at the North Central Sectional, and the 4x400 relay of James Wayne, Sanders, Pete Werner and Anderson also qualified for the state meet. The Irish boys won the 2017 City Championship and also won their first outright All-Catholic track and field title since 2012, winning nine of 16 events. State-meet results were not available when Highlights Magazine went to press. Please check in June for final, updated information on 2017 Cathedral boys track and field.




John ‘86 and Robin Tosick announce the birth of their son Tanner Tosick. Proud grandparents are Michael and Janet Schnorr SAA ‘62 Tosick.

1990s The Indianapolis Rowing Center (IRC) Board of Directors has named Andrew Purdie ‘93 as its new Executive Director.

Jon and Jenny Tarbox ‘98 Boodro announce the birth of daughter Emery Jane Boodro.

Jesse and Amber Laibe ‘98 Jett welcomed son Theodore Isaac “Theo” Jett on July 18, 2016. Theo joins big brothers James and Jordan! Robert and Whitney Brake ‘98 Kruse announce the birth of daughter Addy Kruse.


Ben and Sarah Tassone ‘00 Androvich and big sister Sofia announce the birth of daughter Emilia Rose Androvich. Justin and Suzanne Thompson ‘00 Baker announce the birth of their son Austin Joseph Baker. Austin joins brothers Donnie, Aiden and Chase.

Andy and Erin McGinnis ‘98 Lynch welcomed son Noah Liam Lynch. Wes and Carrie Dahm ‘98 Antrobus welcomed son Graham Wesley Antrobus who joins big brother Henry!

Michael and Erin Collins ‘95 Soroosh and big brother Jacob announce the birth of Colin Patrick Soroosh.

Chris Beaty ‘00 and Super Bowl champion, Ted Karras ‘11, catch up before a game.

Andy ‘95 and Jenny Weaver announce the birth of son Emmit Harmon Weaver.

Nick ‘99 & Lindsay Young ‘99 Dezelan welcomed son Connor Ryan Dezelan on 3/31/2017.

Kevin and Meghan Hixson ‘97 Grimley accounce the birth of daughter Teagan Grace Grimley.

Chuck and Rachel Finley ‘99 Doyel announce the birth of son William Warren Doyel.

Lauren Kaelin ‘97 Kriner appointed IndyCREW president in 2017.

Michael and Lynn Taylor ‘99 Glass announce the birth of son Robert James “RJ” Glass. Ryan and Christine Shaffner ‘99 Johnson announce the birth of son Nolan Stark Johnson. Charlie ‘99 and Micki Solhan announce the birth of son John Charles Solhan.

Kimberly Witka ‘97 was married on New Year’s Eve to John Tekippe. Both reside now in Greenfield. 36


Chris and Emily Bethuram ‘00 Becher announce the birth of daughter Margaret Mae “Maggie” Becher. Drew ‘00 and Maribeth Brennan announce the birth of Annette Louise “Annie” Brennan. Brittany Bussell ‘00 married Miles Kirkpatrick on August 20, 2016 in Chicago, IL. Brittany works as a Real Estate Broker for @properties. Nate ‘00 and Ellie Garvey announce the birth of daughter Odetta Wren Garvey. Matt ‘00 and Cassie Hasbrook announce the birth of son Henry Thomas “Hank” Hasbrook who joins big brothers Hudson and Holden.

CLASS NOTES Steven and Katie Lawrence ‘00 Hogg announce the birth of their son Maddux Lawrence Hogg.

Richie ‘00 and Andi Witka and big brother Lucas announce the birth of their son Thomas Richard Witka. Bob ‘00 and Alyssa Kelly announce the birth of their daughter Lillyanna Nicole Kelly.

Brandon and Lindsey Lauck ‘00 Wolf announce the birth of their son Barrett Jack Wolf.

Mike ‘01 and Colleen Matthews ‘01 Lauck announce the birth of their daughter Addison Julia Lauck. Addison joins sisters Lauren and Kate.

Peter ‘00 and Jasmine Roberts ‘00 Kirkpatrick announce the birth of their son Ryan. Timothy and Katie Wales ‘00 Knapp announce the birth of their daughter Mary Kate Knapp. David and Katie Miller ‘00 Kuhnz announce the birth of their son Edward Thomas Kuhnz. Matt ‘00 and Nancy Meyer ‘02 Myers announce the birth of their daughter Molly Lynn Myers.

Blake ‘01 and Chelsea Morris announce the birth of their daughter Brynn Taylor Morris. Kevin Casey ‘01 married Anne Cudahy on October 22, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

Ryan and Julie Wise ‘01 Morton announce the birth of daughter Molly Katherine Morton.

Steve and Jill Corbett ‘01 Biddle announce the birth of their daughter Hazel Grace Biddle. Hazel joins sister Adelyn and brothers Beckham, Cooper and Corbett.

Antone ‘01 and Emily Graham ‘05 Najem announce the birth of their son Hayden Anthony Najem.

John ‘01 and Shelley Feeney announce the birth of their daughter Emerson Grace Feeney.

Zach ‘00 & Lee Pruitt announce the birth of their daughter Elynn Joy Pruitt.

Kevin Leicht ‘01 married Lisa Nicholson on July 9, 2016 in Chicago, IL. Kevin is a Director at Protiviti.

Kevin ‘01 and Abbey George announce the birth of their son Finnley Morrow George. Shane ‘01 and Sara Hiatt announce the birth of their daughter Charlotte Grace Hiatt.

Christian and Teresa Woller ‘01 Pallas announce the birth of their son Christopher. Jeff and Stephanie Issacs ‘01 Schroeder announce the birth of their daughter Molly Claire Issacs. Ben and Allison Black ‘01 Spain announce the birth of their daughter Elin Maria Spain.

Pat Kelly ‘01 married Jennifer Martin on July 9, 2016 in Nashville, IN. Pat owns and operates Kelly Landscaping in Indianapolis.

Francis Joseph Sakon born on July 14th 2014 to Colleen and Cameron Sakon ‘01. Jason ‘00 and Meghan O’Connor ‘04 Schnellenberger announce the birth of their son Jackson Thomas Schnellenberger.

Dave ‘01 and Catherine Taylor announce the birth of their son John Philip Taylor. WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 37

CLASS NOTES Michael and Lauren Berg ‘02 Henning announce the birth of their daughter Leah Callard Henning.

Greg and Laura Cheesman ‘02 Snow announce the birth of their son Ethan Gregory Snow.

Michael and Elesia Dixon ‘02 Hines announce the birth of their daughter Lillian.

Paul ‘03 and Sara Ackermann announce the birth of their son Cole Robert Ackermann.

Mike ‘02 and Gretchen Huntington announce the birth of their son Robert Cooper Huntington. Cooper joins brothers Noah and Waylon.

Erik ‘03 and Jen Autajay announce the birth of their daughter Isla Poppy Autajay. Jordan ‘03 and Kelcie Clinkenbeard announce the birth of their daughter Sydney Quinn Clinkenbeard.

John Mortell ‘04 married Laura Carter on November 19, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

William and Emma Preuschl ‘03 Crayner announce the birth of their son Chip Crayner.

Joe ‘04 and Annie O’Connor ‘04 Rumer announce the birth of their daughter Mary Colleen Rumer.

Nick and Ally Moran ‘03 Cummings announce the birth of their son Jack Gerard Cummings. Michael Grana ‘02 married Yuri Tanaka. The couple live in Boca Raton, FL and Michael is the President/CEO for Global 360 Aviation. Cory Herdrich ‘02 married Crystal Legarda. The couple reside in Sarasota, FL.

Jacob ‘03 and Jessica Jordan announce the birth of their daughter Leighton Eleanor Jordan. Greg ‘03 and Erika Sylvester announce the birth of their son Robert Dominic Sylvester. Jeff and Kara Murphy ‘05 Greco announce the birth of their son Duncan James Greco.

Scott and Colleen Ryan ‘02 Lotz announce the birth of their son Samuel Ryan Lotz.

Drew ‘05 and Bridget Hunt announce the birth of their son Ronan Joseph Hunt.

Kevin ‘02 and Lindsay McAteer announce the birth of their daughter Piper Marie McAteer. Joe ‘02 and Maria McSoley announce the birth of their son Theo McSoley. Eric and Laura Farley ‘02 Redman announce the birth of their son Patrick Alexander Redman.

Colin ‘03 and Tara Thornburg announce the birth of son Luke Andrew Thornburg. Nick ‘04 and Stephanie Dascoli announce the birth of son Caleb Thomas Dascoli. Dan and Caitlin Kopf ‘04 Ford announce the birth of daughter Mae Elizabeth Ford. Grant Heger ‘04 and Melody Eotvos announce the birth of their son Jacob Stephen Heger.

Mark Seiler ‘02 married Lisa Bates on August 20, 2016 in Three Oaks, MI. Mark works as a Director in Development at Notre Dame. 38


Joe Peoni ‘05 conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro. Lance ‘05 and Kelsey Young ‘05 Worland announce the birth of their daughter Lillian Marie Worland. Emily MacGill ‘06 married Joe Glass. Reed and Claire Schnellenberger ‘06 Bailey announce the birth of their daughter Josephine Ann Bailey.

Andrew ‘06 and Emily Casey ‘05 McClure announce the birth of their daughter Nora Ann McClure.

Josh Smith ‘07 doctoral student in kinesiology, has been recognized with the Charles M. Tipton Student Research Award from the American College of Sports Medicine. Michael Tirman ‘07 married Anna Havalasp on April 2, 2017 at the IMA in Indianapolis, IN. Nick ‘08 and Katie Birk announce the birth of their son Ryan Otis Birk.

Matt and Emily O’Connor ‘07 Dodson announce the birth of their daughter Harper Eileen Dodson. Joe ‘07 and Kelly Hughes announce the birth of their daughter Hallie Elizabeth Hughes.

CLASS OF ’46 3rd Tuesday/Month, 11:30 am McQ’s Pub CLASS OF ’47 3rd Wednesday/Month Pat Flynn’s Restaurant (March, June, Sept., Dec.) CLASS OF ’48 1st Wednesday/Month K of C #3433 (March, June, Sept., Dec )

Alex and Meredith Hughes ‘06 Torgerson announce the birth of their daughter Beatrice Burns Torgerson.

Megan Darragh, DVM ‘07 is now a practicing equine veterinarian in Salem, WI.


CLASS OF ’50 1st Thursday/Month, 11:30 am Napoli in Beech Grove (March, June, Sept., Dec.) On September 24, 2016, Katie Dapper ‘08 married Michael Dressing in St. Petersburg, Florida. The sacramental mass ended with the Irish blessing that traditionally concludes assemblies led by Dr. Greer. The Cathedral spirit was present through many friends from the class of 2008 and coaches who traveled to celebrate. Bridal party and family include Kathy ‘83 and Sarah Dapper ‘11, Carol ‘79, Eddie ‘11, Jack ‘13, and Joanie Stephens ‘17, and Chris ‘93 and Maria Ugo ‘19; a true representation of the lifelong connections.

CLASS OF ’51 2nd Wednesday/Month, 11 am Golden Ace

Vincent ‘09 and Ariel Culpepper were married on August 12, 2016.

CLASS OF ‘60 Last Thursday/Month, Noon Golden Ace

Grant ‘07 and Bridget Lindley announce the birth of their daughter McKenna Grace Lindley.

CLASS OF ’54 2nd Tuesday/Month, 10 am Denny’s, Castleton CLASS OF ’55 3rd Friday/Month, 1 pm Pat Flynn’s CLASS OF ’56 1st Monday/Month, 11:30 am Marriott, 21st & Shadeland

CLASS OF ’62 1st Friday/Month, Noon George’s Neighborhood Grill CLASS OF ’63 1st Wednesday/Month, Noon Golden Ace CLASS OF ’64 First Friday/Month, Noon George’s Neighborhood Grill Jack ‘08 and Casie Doyle announce the birth of their son John Ronan Doyle.

Warner and Julia Stanich ‘07 Roberts announced the birth of their daughter Rae Ann Roberts.

Christopher ‘09 and Emily Kopf announce the birth of their son Oliver Michael Kopf.




IN MEMORIUM 1930s Edward L. Spitzer ‘33 Brother Camillus “William” Kirsch, C.S.C. ‘34 Joseph H. Schaub ‘37 Mary Jane Louise Duffin Arbuckle SAA ‘38

1940s Margaret A. Lauer SAA ‘40 McMahon Carl W. Holzer ‘42 Joanne Breindl SJA ‘42 Kern James R. Lenahan ‘42 Joseph P. Morone Jr. ‘42 John C. Wlash ‘42 Jerold “Jerry” Joseph Cranny ‘43 Thomas Earl Lenahan ‘43 George M. Binder ‘44 Marion J. Craney ‘44 Patricia “Aunt Pat” Cronin SAA ‘44 Elbert “Al” Grannan ‘44 Rosemary Hannigan SMA ‘44 Hudson Peggy Brisnik SAA ‘44 Murray Shirley Burke SAA ‘44 Nelson Paul A. Schmidlin ‘44 Helen M. Clancy SJA ‘45 Richard A. Miller, ‘45 James Edwin Ramsey ‘45 Dr. Richard Clayton “Dick” Boling Sr. ‘46 William “Bill” Dwight Freeman ‘46 Patricia M. Horan SMA ‘46 Gandolph Eugene R. “Gene” Guenin ‘46 Mary Virginia Koschnick LS ‘46 Tuohy James Edward Lonberger ‘47 Patricia Berry LS ‘48 Crossland John Patrick Moran ‘48 Joan Blaes SMA ‘48 Clark Fredrick Joseph Hartman Jr. ‘48 Frank A. Klinkose Jr. ‘48 James F. Lyons ‘48 Donald E. Johnson ‘49 Sharon Kremp LS ‘49 Deneen Mary. L. Method SMA ‘49 McNamara Charles Phillip Rogers ‘49 Charles E. Stimming ‘49 Eugene J. “Gene” Wessling ‘49

1950s Basil T. Bauch ‘50 Bernard C. Kleber ‘50 Leona Ruth Ernstes SMA ‘50 Marlett Donna J. King SAA ‘50 Schmidlin Allan A. Zeyen ‘50 Donald E. Cesnik ‘51 Dolores “Dee” Gibson Bear SMA ‘51 Osborne Charmaine Hoffman SAA ‘51 Field Anthony J. Grannan ‘51 Mary Agnes Klee SAA ‘51 McNamara Strayer John G. “Jack” Muthert ‘51 Joseph Patrick McConahay ‘51 Margaret “Maggy” Komlance SMA ‘52 Cesnik Ella Blanford SMA ‘52 Fitzgerald



1950s Eileen Frances Reis SAA ‘52 Laughner James A. Wenzlick ‘52 Rosemary Dwyer SAA ‘52 Haas Patrick J. Sheehan Jr. ‘52 Mary “Carol” Ohleyer LS ‘53 Phillips Ronald J. Roesch ‘53 Charles I. Duvelius ‘54 Edward F. Eck ‘54 Joseph A. Higgins ‘54 James Francis Kahl ‘54 Rosemary M. “Rosie” McCotter SMA ‘55 Dooley R. Bruce Christen ‘55 Timothy Hayes ‘55 Elizabeth A. “Betty” Lauber SAA ‘55 Fentz Donald Edgar Schmaltz ‘55 Barbara J. Hesselgrave SAA ‘56 Dugan Bernard J. “Bud” Gohmann, Jr. ‘55 Patricia E. Gaffey SJA ‘56 Beaupre David A. McGlinchey ‘56 Kenneth Clay Smith ‘56 Mary Roselyn “Rosie” Gerlach SJA ‘56 Murphy Joseph L. Andrews ‘57 Lawrence P. Wynne ‘57 A. Thomas Kurker ‘58 Robert L. “Bob” Bayt ‘58 Richard “Rocky” Leo Kunz ‘58 John E. Obergfell ‘58 John E. Claypool ‘59 Frank Corsaro ‘59 Robert Dennis Jones ‘59 Daniel M. Osburn ‘59


1960s John F. Kaiser ‘61 Kathleen Kiley LS ‘60 Money Garry Donna ‘61 Pompeii L. “Butch” Hawkins ‘61 Michael J. O’Connor ‘61 Judith L. Maha SAA ‘62 Byfield Kathleen Dugan SMA ‘64 Fierek Dianna Mann SMA ‘64 Sweany Gary Paul Michaelis ‘65 Edward A. Daeger ‘69 David C. Worrell ‘69

1970s David Huse ‘71 Michael D. Batic ‘73 Kathy Sue Hoffmann LSA ‘74 Christopher D. Neal ‘75 Norman V. Reynolds ‘75 Monica Wieland LSA ‘76 Baldwin Michael Russell ‘78

1980s Dan Horan ‘83 Glenn Martin ‘83 John Anthony Maio ‘84 Leslie Ann Myer ‘85 Catherine Deane ‘85 Silcox

1990s Kevin Patrick McCarthy ‘90 John T. McCormick ‘90 Scott M. Paris ‘90

2000s Jessica Whitehouse ‘04 Christopher Beard ‘05 Steven Dowd ‘07 Vincent Allan Hofmeister ‘09

JEN’S WAY In December of 2016, Cathedral dedicated the Jen’s Way Sidewalk on campus. Jennifer Maginot ‘18, was a kind, friendly, intelligent young lady who passed way suddenly in December of 2015. “Jen was a beautiful person, inside and out, and she is missed every day by her fellow classmates,” said Victoria Schneider ‘88 Temple. “Jen’s Way is one of the first things you notice as you travel up the hill and each time you walk on it or drive by it conjures up a range of emotions. But mostly, it’s a place to safely traverse the hill with friends and a place to sit and quietly remember our beautiful Jen who impacted so many people with her simple, yet powerful, message of the importance of being kind to others.”

No Grad Year Barbara J. Schreiner Bowers SMA Concetta Corsaro Hughes SMA Marjory “Margie” Anne Kasper SAA Rose M. Cardis O’Brien McGraw SJA Beth Marie King SAA Jane Noreen Watson Bitter SAA Suzanne Simmons Halloran SAA Mary K. Cline, SAA Santa Constantino Bayt SMA Margaret McMahon Lauer SAA Lois Powers Schoening SAA Rose McGraw Cardis SJA Morna Patrick Shackleford SAA Elinor “Ellie” Kirby Mahaffey, Jr., SAA

Former Staff Brother Roland “John” Driscoll, C.S.C. Martha Ann “Marty” Hoaglin WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 41


SHAMROCK SCHOLARS DONORS RECOGNIZED AT ANNUAL LUNCHEON This year, 90 students and donors gathered at the annual Shamrock Scholars luncheon. The program, which matches donors with motivated students, provides tuition assistance, and in some cases, lifelong relationships. To learn more about Shamrock Scholars, visit

CATHEDRAL ALUMNI RECOGNIZED AS PIVITOL LEADERS The Indy’s Most Pivotal Leaders event is designed to recognize, recharge and empower the best in Indianapolis. These leaders must excel in three areas: Business Results, Exceptional Relationships and Community Impact. Of the 16 leaders who were honored, five were Cathedral graduates! Chris Bittinger ‘92 (and Cathedral board member) helped start this event! Congratulations to the following Cathedral alumni who have been recognized as pivotal leaders:

CATHEDRAL’S LIBRARIAN SPENDS TIME WITH HER UNCLE, A CLASS OF ‘39 GRADUATE Cathedral’s librarian, Jennifer Herron, spent the day with her uncle and class of 1939 graduate, Cyril Desjean. The two enjoyed looking through an old yearbook, and even made copies of his senior photo to hand out to his family members.



• Lauren Kaelin ‘97 Kriner - Director of Business Development, Capitol Construction Services, Inc. • Matthew Cohoat ‘78 - CFO, Becknell Industrial/ Chairman of Cathedral’s Board of Trustees • Bakari Posey ‘02 - Principal - Indianapolis Public Schools, School 43 • Nick Klein ‘02 - Managing Director - Oxford Financial • Rachael Levin ‘00 Heger-Founder, Support the Girls



Congratulations to Carmen Hansen-Rivera SAA ‘66 for receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College at their commencement on May 5th.


JACK DOYLE ‘08 VISITS CATHEDRAL Colts tight end Jack Doyle ‘08 stopped by Cathedral High School in April to catch up with some of the teachers and administrators who helped guide him through his early days in Indianapolis. Doyle is coming off a breakout year with the Colts, catching 59 passes for 584 yards and five touchdowns. In March, he reached a three-year deal with the Colts with a base of $19 million, plus $2 million in incentives. Congratulations, Jack! You are an exemplary model of our Holy Cross value of “Excellence.”


NEWS FROM YOU Have you changed jobs, gotten married, had a baby, received an award or recognition, or moved? Let us know. Complete and mail the form below or email the information to: Stacia Pea, Cathedral High School, 5225 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226, Name

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Cathedral Alumni and All-Girls School/Academy Alumnae in the classes of 2013, 2008, 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983, 1978, 1973, 1968, 1963, 1958, 1953, 1948, 1943


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Cathedral Highlights -- Spring/Summer 2017  

As the oldest Catholic high school in Indianapolis, Cathedral High School boasts a rich tradition of excellence in academics, athletics and...