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Cathedral’s Centennial

Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence

Coach Rick Streiff

Leaving a Legacy

Fred Evans ’61 Makes History WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 1

A Message from Our President

CATHEDRAL TRUSTEES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Incorporated 1972 OFFICERS Matthew Cohoat ’78, Chair Hon. Tanya Walton ’77 Pratt, Vice Chair Robert V. Welch, Jr. ’84, Treasurer Christian Browning ’93, Secretary Robert Bridges, President MEMBERS Kevin Alerding ’88 Rev. Eric Augenstein, MDiv, ’96 Very Rev. Patrick Beidelman, STL, ’90 Kimberly Blanchet ’90 J. Michael Cunningham Denise Farrell, Hon. ’08 Gregg Gallant Rosemily Geyer Ryan Hasbrook ’92 Julie Malone ’03 Hum Jason Konesco ’90 Dan Mattingly ’01 Dave McDowell ’75 Kyle McGrath ’01 Sharon Reed Carmen Hansen Rivera, SAA ’66 Brother Roy Smith, C.S.C., ’61 Greg Stephens Victoria Schneider ’88 Temple Matthew W. Will, Ph.D. MEMBERS EMERITUS R. James Alerding, ’63 John L. Davis ’66 Joseph M. Dezelan ’62 Daniel O’Malia ’65 Richard Pfleger ’73 Hon. Gerald Zore ’59 as of December 1, 2017

Fall/Winter 2017 Volume 48, Issue 2 The Cathedral Highlights is published two times annually by Cathedral High School for alumni, parents, and friends. The publication address is: Cathedral High School 5225 E. 56th St. Indianapolis, IN 46226 Phone number: 317.542.1481 Please send news to: Cathedral Highlights c/o Cathedral High School 5225 E. 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” - Isaiah 40:31 We are not a people who like to wait, whether it be for the bus, for Christmas, for the summer, or even fast food. But wait we must, and we know that patience is a virtue. As we wait for good things like warmer weather, our students are waiting to graduate, to move to the next grade, or to get their driver’s license. How are we able to wait? The answer, in my opinion, is Hope. Our faith provides us with the plan to work toward and to hope for. Our goals, both here on earth and for eternity in heaven, are all the essence of God’s plan for us. Our students selected Hope as our school theme for this year, and we are working each day to bring hope to others. For 100 years, Cathedral High School has done this for her students and the community, and we plan to continue to do this for another 100 years! This is what we work for each day and what we hope for, as well. Our school is looking over our shoulder as we set our eyes on the road ahead of us. In the coming months, we will gather with graduates from many of our first 100 years, and certainly the stories of the “good old days” will be shared, embellished, and enjoyed. At the same time, we are excited to share our plans for the future. We are currently in year two of our strategic plan, and strong and steady progress is being made to enhance our school from the inside out. We continue to improve our learning spaces to stay ahead of a constantly changing education landscape. Our focus on the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is our response to expose more students to these disciplines, and to ultimately provide qualified workers for these areas, which is currently in great demand. As we continue to increase our course offerings in these areas, we also continue to plan for new innovative spaces, which we will detail in the coming year. We have also dedicated large resources to following through on our commitment to establish a culture of continuous growth for our faculty, and a concurrent culture of continual reflection and evaluation. We are in year one of the implementation of a new Faculty Development Model, and I can attest to the fact that our teachers are being evaluated in this new model on a consistent basis and in a way that supports them and their growth. Our teachers are at the very core of our legacy. The value of an outstanding faculty is of the ultimate importance to a great school. We are already blessed by our faculty and will continue to be blessed by them. Our passionate and dedicated Board of Directors participated in an overnight retreat this fall, with a focus on our Holy Cross mission and how it will guide us forward. It was fascinating to rediscover the roots of our Holy Cross heritage, and how some of the unique characteristics of the school Basil Moreau founded in France following the French Revolution align with our school today. A few examples of this are as follows: the inclusion of music and athletics, unheard of prior to Moreau’s time; the inclusion of all parts of the social strata in the student population, also unheard of at that time, and most importantly, a focus on educating the hearts AND the minds of its students. This also (you guessed it) was unheard of until Moreau articulated these ideals and opened the first Holy Cross school. Here in Indiana, we see today the fantastic marching bands at our school and at the University of Notre Dame, both the first to do so here, and we hearken back to our roots in France. The athletic importance of our school as well as at that wonderful golden-domed university up the road also reflects our Holy Cross heritage. And of course, the emphasis on the education of the hearts and the minds of our students, which drives our decisions each day and is the central wording to our mission statement, also can be traced directly back to Moreau as he outlined in his timeless book, Christian Education. We firmly believe in the goodness of the Holy Cross educational model, and plan to wholeheartedly live its values with increased zeal every day. I want to thank our Board of Directors for their active participation in this retreat, and for their recommitment to our Holy Cross roots. Our hope is in the Lord, in whom we trust. The world is a wonderful place, and Indiana is especially wonderful, but we can remain hopeful knowing that there is an even better place, a perfect place, that awaits all good and faithful servants. No, I am not talking about Michigan, but close. I am talking about heaven, and that is what we ultimately hope for as Christians. May God bless you and your family, and may He also bless the Cathedral High School community for many years to come.


Robert A. Bridges President

Cathedral Highlights FALL/WINTER 2017 • VOLUME 48 ISSUE 2

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Our History on Display & 100 Year Celebration


Feature: Engineering the Best for Our Students


Fred Evans ’61 Becomes First African-American to Receive the Bishop Chartrand Award


Irish Athletics: Fall Sports Wraps


Streiff Calls His Final Play


Save the Date Calendar


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On the Cover: Photo by Ray Sup Cathedral engineering students are learning skills that are putting them ahead of their class once they get to college. For example, Cathedral students learn highly skilled techniques like soldering, a process that isn’t often taught at the high school level.

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A Message from Our Principal Each year, our Cathedral senior class chooses a theme that we carry throughout our school year. For the 2017/18 school year, our seniors chose Hope. As this school year continues to evolve, it is evident that the class of 2018 chose a perfect theme to carry us through successfully. To allow hope to overflow from our hearts during good times is effortless, but it is during difficulties that hope carries us through. Every member of our Cathedral family can benefit from remembering that with God, there is always hope. Connecting with teens on a spiritual level is not always easy, however with hope being one of our Holy Cross core values, our students are enabled to move forward in faith, strength, and love. As we experience triumphs and successes, it is inevitable that we will also face challenges. While our lives are infused with both happiness and sadness, our Cathedral family has the gift of being able to celebrate life’s triumphs and overcome hardships together. It is hope that provides us with the comfort and strength to do this with such grace. I admire how beautifully our Cathedral family unites to embrace and strengthen one another throughout life’s ups and downs. The Cathedral family is special and always rises to the top to be a beacon of hope to one another. For the past 99 years, the success of Cathedral has been well known and admired throughout our nation. When I came to Cathedral in 2002 as principal, I knew all about how strong this school was academically and athletically. What I did not know was how I was about to be embraced and transformed by the Cathedral family and how it would strengthen me. In the 16 years I have been here, Cathedral has shown me what being family means. I want to personally thank each of you for being a beacon of hope and light to not only me, but also to our students, faculty/staff, and each other!



David L. Worland Principal

Highlights Magazine

A publication for alumni, parents and friends.

For change of address: Please contact Lisa Farley at 317.968.7373 or Have a story idea? Contact Grace Trahan-Rodecap at 317.968.7352 or

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


Our History on Display We invite you to take a stroll down memory lane in Kelly Hall! Our new history wall commemorates 100 years of tradition and excellence at our beloved Cathedral. We have several display cases that showcase memorabilia of Cathedral from the 1920s to the present day.

Save the Date 100th Anniversary Celebration of Activities

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 Day of Service Mass - SS. Peter & Paul Cathedral Harvest Hop - “Original Cathedral” 14th & Meridian

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 Current Student Birthday Celebration - Cathedral High School Golf Outing - Maple Creek Golf and Country Club Pep Rally - Cathedral High School Football Game - TBD

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 Family 5k Fun Run/Walk - Cathedral High School Grand Gala - JW Marriott Cathedral will also host gatherings during the anniversary year for specific affinity groups (sports, band, theatre, etc.). Please visit for more information on events planned or to volunteer. WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 5


Engineering the Best for Our Students Erin McDonnell ’17 stopped by Cathedral High School during her Fall Break. She couldn’t wait to see her former preengineering teacher, Michelle Vander Missen, and tell her how well she is doing in the engineering program at Purdue. “The design process that I’m using at Purdue is the same process that I learned at Cathedral,” says McDonnell. “I’ve been able to keep track of the steps that we’re on and what steps we need to complete in order to make a successful design. I’m able to contribute in so many ways to my engineering team as a freshman! I’m so thankful for Cathedral’s pre-engineering program.” McDonnell’s story is not unique. Countless alumni visit Cathedral to share the success they’re having at engineering schools across the country. Some alumni have even shared they felt over-prepared for college, especially when it comes to coding. “We are teaching students how to be consumers of technology information and learners of technology. These skills are crucial because technology is changing so rapidly,” says Vander Missen. Vander Missen, who has a degree in chemical engineering, joined Cathedral’s staff in 2015. At that time, Cathedral offered pre-engineering I and II, STEM I (science, technology, engineering and math), and a few other courses, including AP computer science and introduction to robotics. Now in her third 6


year, Vander Missen has seen the program thrive. Cathedral now offers pre-engineering III and IV, app development, webpage design, advanced robotics and a second AP computer science class. “We also offer a STEM II class that is very student driven,” says Vander Missen. “Our students play a huge role in selecting challenges for the class.” In addition to more courses, we have a second teacher in the department. Ria Pereira joined Cathedral in August of 2017 and teaches computer science. She is a former software engineer who has a degree in electrical engineering and a Master’s Degree in robotics engineering. “I have enjoyed the individual creativity that each student brings to the subject,” says Pereira. “In addition, I’ve enjoyed when students take question prompts as opportunities for them to think, form opinions, and contribute to the subject.” Pereira and Vander Missen are always thinking outside the box. They’ve collaborated with other departments, including theater and fine arts, in an effort to give our students real world experiences. In the process, students are learning engineering concepts, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. At Cathedral, interested students are introduced to different disciplines within engineering, knowing we may ignite a spark and encourage a student to pursue engineering in college.


“For those students who pursue engineering at the collegiate level, we want them to be leaders on their engineering teams, be able to write an engineering abstract for research, and be able to formulate an effective test plan. In addition, we want them to have all the tools they need to succeed in careers that haven’t even been created yet,” says Vander Missen. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at a rate of 17%, while other occupations are growing at 9.8%. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics workers play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the U.S. economy, and are a critical component to helping U.S. remain a global leader. Cathedral knows how essential pre-engineering and STEM classes are to our future, so we are answering the call through a new, one-of-a-kind premier facility that will expand our commitment to STEM education. Currently in the early planning phase, the Innovation Center will include best-in-class science, engineering, robotics, design, and programming facilities that will set Cathedral apart from any other school in the city. Additionally, it will serve as the hub of the school and be intentionally designed to promote interdisciplinary scholarship and inspire lifelong connections.

The future of our Innovation and STEM Learning Center

As successful as we’ve been in the past, we are focused on the future in order to make sure our students have the tools they need to think critically, solve problems, and make positive contributions to society. Pereira says, “My goal for my students would be for them to realize their own God-gifted uniqueness and talents, and discover how STEM can make a difference to each of their passions and interests.”

Did you know some of our high-level physics students are doing college-level physics? Cathedral teacher Adam Hibshman and his former professor Marshall Dixon have written a physics book that is in the process of being published. “Cathedral students are amazing,” says Dixon. “I doubt there are many students in Indianapolis who can do this level of work, but more than 60 Cathedral students are able to handle this level of work.” Dixon also speaks highly of Hibshman. “Cathedral students are lucky to have Adam as a teacher. He has a phenomenal mind.”



Cathedral High School Turns 99! Offers Hope Locally and Nationally Cathedral High School celebrated her 99th birthday on September 13! Special thanks to Father Eric Augenstein ’96 for leading our all-school birthday mass. The following day, Cathedral students, faculty, and staff volunteered at more than 30 agencies, schools, non-profits, and food pantries for our Day of Service. We sorted, cleaned, gardened, and brought hope to others. During our Day of Service Assembly, Grace Trahan-Rodecap, Cathedral’s Director of Marketing, shared how Hurricane Harvey impacted her father. Trahan-Rodecap’s dad had to be rescued by the Coast Guard, but thankfully, he is doing well. Cathedral “adopted” two schools in Southeast Texas, Monsignor Kelly High School in Beaumont and St. Agnes Academy in Houston. Students signed the giant wall in the marketing office with messages of hopes for the Texas students. In October, a group of our student leaders sent the Texas students a video of our message wall, along with our song of hope for the 2017/18 school year. In addition, the Cathedral community put their money where their mouth is. The Luck of the Leprechaun student raffle raised more than $6,000 for the Harvey Relief Fund. Rachel Overstreet ’18 sold 65 tickets, the most of any student. “The raffle really gives power to the student to support who or what they believe in,” said Overstreet. “I think in a way it helps the student form his/her own voice, and a chance to come together with other students to support a common goal.”

Students sold a total of 22,500 raffle tickets this year, raising a total of $228,000 to support the tuition assistance program and a variety of Cathedral teams/clubs and Hurricane Harvey relief. One of our Holy Cross values is Educating the Heart as well as the Mind. A Holy Cross Education combines information and formation to transform our students and empower them to make a difference. Our students have been making a difference since 1918, and with God’s grace we know our students will continue to make our world a better place for years to come.






72% $2.7



Hall of Fame Faculty! Congratulations to Linda Bamrick on being named to the 2018 women’s class of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame! Bamrick was a four-year varsity letter winner at Roncalli High School and a three-year varsity letter winner at Manchester College. Her overall varsity coaching record at Cathedral in 26 seasons is 393-198. She’s led our ladies to two state titles and numerous sectional, regional, and semi-state championships. In addition, Bamrick has coached seven Indiana AllStars. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is in April.

Social studies teacher Eric Bruns was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Hanover College this fall. Bruns played four seasons with the Hanover football team and was starting quarterback in 1999 and 2000. Congratulations, Eric!

Congratulations to our speech and debate coach, Jeanne Malone, on being inducted into the Indiana Speech Hall of Fame. Malone has coached and inspired hundreds of Cathedral students. Just last year, Cathedral’s Speech and Debate Team broke all their previous records in qualifying eight students for the National Speech and Debate tournament.

St. Philip Neri Hall of Fame Congratulations to the three Cathedral alumni recently inducted into the St. Philip Neri School Hall of Fame.

48 years. Many of his patients included people from the St. Philip neighborhood and Cathedral.

Jim Obergfell, Hon. ‘92, St. Philip Neri ’65, taught religion at Cathedral High School for almost 30 years. He was a beloved mentor to hundreds of students in his religion classes during his tenure at Cathedral.

Christine Swain ’87 Miles, St. Philip Neri ’83, has been a devoted youth volunteer in the St. Philip Neri parish for many years, starting while she was in eighth grade, tutoring and coaching younger children. Miles led St. Philip’s Christmas with Christ program for 10 years, growing the program to serve more than 300 children from the parish, school, and community while soliciting the help of eight suburban parishes in this endeavor.

Dr. Daniel F. McCarthy ’54, St. Phillip Neri ’50, was the first Marian College graduate accepted at the IU School of Medicine. McCarthy was a family practice physician on the eastside for 10



Cathedral Student Wins Miss Circle City Classic Congratulations, Destiny White ’18! Three outstanding young ladies from Cathedral participated in the Miss Circle City Classic Coronation. The winner was Destiny White ’18. Jasmine Cheairs ’18 was in the Top 10 and a Top Fundraiser. Also doing an excellent job representing Cathedral was Cherdalle Johnson ’18. The Miss Circle City Classic Coronation targets area high school females and works to promote academic achievement, community service, and leadership development. We are so proud of all of our representatives.

Congratulations to Cherdalle Johnson ‘18 (left), Destiny White ‘18, Miss Circle City Classic (center), and Jasmine Cheairs ‘18 (right).

Alumni present to support our young ladies included John Borel ’70, Kristi Graves ’81 Steppe, Ken Barlow ’82 (who also escorted our contestants), DeAnna Woodruff ’94, Jean Smith ’97, and Niah Fulford ’98. D. Lynn Smith ‘01 did hair and makeup for our Irish contestants and 2015 Miss Circle City Classic Kortney Steppe ’16 was also in the audience to support our impressive young ladies!

New Archbishop Visits Cathedral What a welcomed surprise! Our friends at Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House were looking for a beautiful place to take pictures of Archbishop Charles Thompson with seminarians, so we were honored when they asked if the pictures could be taken at Cathedral. While here, Archbishop Thompson was gracious enough to take a photo with a group of students. Not only did Archbishop Thompson pose for the photo, he engaged each student to learn more about his/her background, goals, and dreams. After the photo session, Archbishop Thompson stopped in the Student Life Center to address the August faculty/staff retreat. What a blessed way to kick off the 2017/18 school year!

Cathedral Journalists Receive Awards The Indiana High School Press Association honored several Cathedral student journalists for their work on the Cathedran yearbook and Megaphone newspaper staffs.

Miss Indiana Teen USA Second Runner-up Congratulations to Kendal Tidwell ’18, second runner-up in the Miss Indiana Teen USA Pageant. As part of her platform, Tidwell is spreading the message that beauty comes from within and it’s important to believe in yourself.

From the 2017 Cathedran yearbook, individual honors went to senior Destiny White ‘18, second place, yearbook copy writing. From issues of the Megaphone published during the second semester of the 2016/17 school year, Max Wirth ’18 won first place in the sports writing category. Other newspaper staff honors went to Samantha Mackell ’17, second, sports photography; Stephen Vukovits ’17, second, editorial cartoon; Anna Pohl ’19, third place in news writing and honorable mention in editorial writing; and Liam Keenan ’17, third, social media. Both the Megaphone newspaper and Cathedran yearbook were recognized as Hoosier Star finalists. Cathedral was one of five schools in Division II, those with enrollments between 1,001 and 2,000, to have both its yearbook and newspaper named finalists. WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 11


Fall Theatre Productions

“After the Rain King” Children’s Play

Forever Irish Ladies Luncheon

“The Rose and The Rime” Fall Production

Multicultural Assembly

Cathedral gave all of the Multi-Cultural Assembly presenters a special Irish Blessing. Special thanks to Ken Barlow ’82, Cathedral’s Vice President for Community Relations and Diversity, for organizing such an informative and entertaining event. Special thanks to Dawn Orr and Megan Martin for co-chairing a fabulous Forever Irish Ladies Luncheon!




Fred Evans ’61 Becomes First African-American to Receive the Bishop Chartrand Award The Welch Activity Center exploded with excitement when Fred Evans ’61 was named the recipient of the Bishop Chartrand Award! The announcement was made during this year’s Cathedral Fund Dinner. Evans is the 24th recipient and the first African American to win the Bishop Chartrand Award, which is the highest honor given by Cathedral High School. “This is a bit emotional,” said Evans after receiving the award. “I would like to thank my wife, my family, and my friends for this honor. I love Cathedral High School.” Knowing the importance his Cathedral experience had on him, Fred, along with other black alumni from the 1950s and 60s, formed the Black Alumni Council in 2000. Their mission was to help black families afford a Cathedral education, mentor black students, and be a resource to Cathedral

and the community. The Black Alumni Council has granted nearly $200,000 in tuition grants since its inception. “I am very gratified that we have always had so much support from the school,” Evans said. “Our first $5,000 grant was from Cathedral. And just in case you were wondering, Cathedral had a black graduate before the University of Notre Dame!” Friends refer to Evans as a quiet leader who impacts change, not because he wants attention, but because it’s the right thing to do. “Fred epitomizes the phrase be the change you want to see,” says Deanna Woodruff ’94, Black Alumni Council President. “He is always working to make the Cathedral experience better for black students and we are forever grateful for his dedication to our community.”

Cathedral Fund Dinner Success This year’s annual Cathedral Fund Dinner was a night to remember. The evening began with an incredible performance from the Irish Adrenaline Show Choir that left the audience in awe. Principal Dave Worland shared the highlights of the previous school year, followed by a presentation from President Rob Bridges about a future filled with HOPE for Cathedral High School. The show stopper of the evening was Keshuann TompkinsBarnes ‘18 who gave a moving personal testimony of the journey that brought him to Cathedral. There was not a dry eye in the house as he paid tribute to his mom in the audience and played a gorgeous saxophone duet of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with his former music teacher. You might think that was more than enough to make for a great evening, but it didn’t stop there. That night we honored Fred Evans ‘61, one of the founding members of the Black Alumni Council,

with Cathedral’s most prestigious award, the Bishop Chartrand Ring. Finally, the grand finale of the evening was the announcement of the night’s fundraising total, nearly $850,000 for the Cathedral Fund. Thank you to all who attended this year’s event. Thanks to our awesome cheerleaders, we were able to do everything by the numbers.

The Irish Adrenaline Show Choir hit all the right notes and helped set the tone for a lovely evening.

Keshuann Tompkins-Barnes ’18 displayed maturity and grace during a touching speech and a moving duet with his former music teacher.

If you would like a to make a gift to the Cathedral Fund, visit or contact Abbe Ernstes at 317.968.7348. WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 13


Holy Cross Update Right before the start of the school year, the Brothers of Holy Cross hosted a Holy Cross Retreat in South Bend for our new staff members. A few veteran staff members joined the retreat, as well. In addition, Cathedral staff members were treated to a tour of the Notre Dame campus. Special thanks to our awesome tour guides, Matt Gregory ‘14 and Brother Ken Haders.

Cathedral was proud to welcome our friends from St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio. Students and staff from St. Edward visited us on October 6. The next day, St. Edward faced Cathedral in the “Holy Cross Showdown” football game. Cathedral President Rob Bridges and St. Edward President James Kubacki shared messages of hope and unity with the crowd.

The theology hallway was transformed over the summer. In the center of one wall is a beautiful Holy Cross logo. On each wall in the hallway is a Holy Cross core value.

Two Cathedral alumni recently received the Spirit of Holy Cross award at St. Philip Neri Catholic School. Holy Cross Parish closed in 2016. Induction into the Hall of Fame is awarded to graduates of St. Philip Neri who have distinguished records and special achievements that reflect the traditions and values instilled at Holy Cross. Father Larry Voelker was a graduate of Holy Cross grade school and served as pastor from 1996 until his death in 2011. He was known for his warm embrace and acceptance of all, as well as a generous spirituality that grew from his awareness of brokenness and recovery. St. Edward parents enjoyed tailgating with Cathedral fans before the football game. All of our visitors spoke very highly of our warm community and the great Irish welcome they received.

Joseph F. Quill, ’39, Holy Cross ’35, credits the Sisters of Providence who taught at Holy Cross with keeping him out of trouble. In addition to numerous professional and civic achievements, Quill supported fundraising efforts at Holy Cross and Miracle Place. Quill received this award posthumously, passing away in January 2017. William E. Gigerich ’62, Holy Cross ’58, spent many years of service in the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, which culminated in the rank of Colonel in the Civil Division. He has received several law enforcement awards and is a tireless worker for his employees.

Holy Cross Commitment Ceremony

The awards were presented in November during the St. Philip Fest.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Holy Cross Blessed Father Basil Moreau Award and the Saint Brother André Bessette Award. These students were selected either because of their academic excellence and fusion of heart and mind or because of their service and dedication to others. Bottom Row, left to right: Toby Bradshaw, Bessette Award; Andi Manship, Bessette Award; Jenna Helmen, Bessette Award; Nora Boyle, Bessette Award; Lauren Helmen, Bessette Award; Alise Chavis, Moreau Award; Max Beatty, Bessette Award. Back Row, left to right: Ana “Yinny” Lim, Moreau Award; Ana Arce-Ramirez, Moreau Award; Katherine Urasky, Moreau Award; Kiernan McCormick, Moreau Award; Connor Helmen, Moreau Award; Nic Napier, Moreau Award; Ellie O’Connell, Bessette Award; Robert Wood, Bessette Award; Reid Brenton, Bessette Award; Jack Hutchens, Moreau Award, and Sam Witchger, Moreau Award. 14



Sculpting Success Cathedral Graduate Creates Peyton Manning Statue Ryan Feeney ’92 is truly blessed. He has not one, but two jobs he loves. He’s an Indianapolis firefighter and an accomplished sculptor. His most recent work, the art that has thrust him into the national spotlight, is the Peyton Manning statue that’s on display outside of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Cathedral to Miami University with me, where I was later able to preserve it with a bronze casting.”

“It’s going to be really hard to find another project that is this special to me,” says Feeney. Anytime they do anything at Lucas Oil Stadium, the statue is going to be photographed.”

“Barb helped me develop my portfolio and helped me realize I could pursue art as a career. I truly appreciate the way she taught the class. Cathedral as a whole helped shape my work ethic, and my theater experiences helped me develop my public speaking skills.” Those public speaking skills have definitely come in handy as Feeney has given countless interviews in the last several months.

Feeney has loved art since he was a child and credits his mother for inspiring and encouraging his creativity. He is also appreciative of his Cathedral art teacher, Barb Velonis, for playing a pivotal role in his art career. “It was in Barb’s class that I first starting doing 3-D work,”says Feeney. “As a matter of fact, I took the 3-D bust that I did at

Feeney says art could have easily been a “throw away” class, but thanks to Velonis, it was so much more.

“With art, you never know what job you’re going to get or what you’re going to be doing next. I am just using the talents that God gave me and I’m so happy to be doing two jobs that I love.”

Emil Ekiyor U.S. Army All-American Honors

Sink Seizures Our December 9 basketball game was dedicated to Epilepsy Awareness in honor of James Franklin ’19. Last season, James suffered a seizure during a basketball game. Earlier this school year, James made the brave decision to undergo a 16-hour brain surgery to try to rid his body of seizures. James had a stroke shortly after birth, which left scar tissue on his brain that caused seizures. Since his surgery, James has been seizure free!

This fall, Emil Ekiyor ’18 received his jersey to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl amid much excitement in Cathedral’s theatre. It was an extremely proud moment for Emil, his family, and the entire school.

“I am very happy,” says James. “I don’t have to worry about anything when I go out with friends. I can do anything I want.”

Army representatives also presented Emil’s parents, Emil (Sr.) and Andrea Ekiyor, with the Dream Champion Award.

During the December 9 game, fans wore purple t-shirts, that James designed himself, and players wore purple jerseys. Purple is the official color of epilepsy awareness.

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl features the best 100 high school players in the country in an annual East versus West matchup every January in San Antonio’s Alamodome. The game will be broadcast live on NBC on Saturday, January 6. Throughout its 18 years, the game has featured the nation’s most elite football players before they reach stardom.

James is thrilled to be back on the court and already has an in-state scholarship offer. His dream, however, is to play basketball for the University of Kentucky.



Fall Commitment Ceremony

Congratulations to the following students who have committed to play their chosen sport at the collegiate level: Seated left to right:

Standing left to right:

Rachel McDonald ’18, Volleyball - St. Mary’s University

Brittany Ford ’18, Softball - Indiana University

Addison Wright ’18, Jarron Coleman ’18, Volleyball - Franklin Pierce University Basketball - Ball State University Joey Landeros ’18, Volleyball - Fordham University

Jared Poland ’18, Baseball - Louisville University

Emily Kleck ’18, Volleyball - New York University

Austin Vukovits ’18, Golf - Mississippi State University

Mattie Norris ’18, Volleyball - DePaul University

Brittany Ford ’18, Softball - Indiana University

Morgan McEntire ’18, Gymnastics Wisconsin-Whitewater University

Danny Paris ’18, Golf - DePauw University

Sophia Alexander ’18, Golf - Denison University Maeve Koscielski ’18, Tennis - University of Notre Dame

Kate Burnside ’18, Lacrosse - Colorado University

Not Pictured: Zach Melloh ’18, Wrestling - Purdue University

Coach Kesterson Retirement Celebration While Jean Kesterson, aka Coach K, announced her retirement from coaching volleyball during the 2016/17 school year, friends and fans extended her celebration into the current school year! In September, former players, friends, and family gathered for a reception to celebrate Coach K’s amazing volleyball career. As a matter of fact, some of Coach K’s wisdom can be found in a new book titled, “Building a Successful High School Sports Program,” by DeAngelo Wiser. We guess you could say when it comes to being a successful and inspirational coach, Jean Kesterson wrote the book—or at the very least made a huge contribution! Building a Successful High School Sports Program by DeAngelo Wiser





Highlights from the 2017 fall athletic season

IRISH ATHLETICS Fall Sports Wrap-ups boys tennis Mark Noe hardly could have been prouder. Cathedral High School’s boys tennis team in 2017 again played one of Indiana’s toughest schedules, and the Irish had tough going through part of that schedule for a second consecutive season. But the Irish improved throughout ’17. They fought throughout the season as well. The result was a team playing better at the end of the season than it was at the beginning, and a team that once again finished among the top 15 boys tennis programs in Indiana. “The year was good,” Mark Noe, the Irish’s tennis coach, says. The Irish finished 8-9 for a second consecutive season, and for a second consecutive season they did not lose to a lower-ranked team in the state of Indiana. Read more at:

girls soccer This is one Marc Behringer says he long will remember. The Cathedral High School girls soccer coach says he hopes that’s true of the seniors on the 2017 team, too – because he says it absolutely was a season worth remembering. “The season was really one of the best ones in my 22 years,” Behringer says. The Irish – who finished number two in the Indiana Soccer Coaches Association Class 2A regular-season rankings – won the City Championship, then lost in the Class 2A, Section 26 tournament. They lost the sectional final, 2-1, to tournament host Bishop Chatard in a game decided by penalty kicks. The sectional final came shortly after the Irish beat Chatard in the city final, 4-3. That game also was decided by penalty kicks. “There’s no tougher way to end a season,” Behringer says of a sectional final in which the Irish rallied from a 1-0 deficit before losing on the sixth round of penalty kicks. “Obviously, it didn’t end the way we hoped it would on the field. Teams go where the seniors take them, and in this case, the letdown of how the season ended should not overshadow the most important success they had. This group of young ladies will do very well in life.” Read more at: WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 17


Fall Sports Wrap-ups: girls golf


They couldn’t be too disappointed.

No, the members of Cathedral High School’s girls golf team – particularly a tight-knit senior class – didn’t quite meet their season-ending goal during the 2017 season.

But Irish girls golf coach Mike Miller said that didn’t detract from a season that included a lot of winning – and ended with a lot of solid play throughout another successful postseason. “It really was a good year,” Miller said after his second season as the Irish’s coach. “We were disappointed again, unfortunately, in the regional. We played pretty well – just not good enough.”

The Irish, after winning the City and All-Catholic meets, won the Lawrence North Sectional at South Grove with a team score of 297 – well ahead of runner-up North Central (338). Senior Maddie Dittoe won the sectional by a stroke with an 18-hole score of 69.

The Irish’s team season ended the following week with a fourth-place finish at the Lapel Regional at Edgewood. The Irish shot 317, finishing behind Fishers (305), Columbus North (306) and Hamilton Southeastern (306). The top three teams from each regional advance to state. Read more at:

boys cross country

The Irish were very good, and they could have been better.

That was the story of the 2017 Cathedral High School boys cross-country season – and according to coach Jim Nohl, that says a lot of good things about the Irish program. Yes, the Irish finished fifth in the state – their highest finish in more than 50 seasons and the program’s best finish in the modern era. But the potential was there for more, and Nohl says that says much about the state of the program. “I was angry, to be truthful,” Nohl says with a laugh shortly after the Irish’s fifth-place finish at the 2017 Indiana High School Athletic Association state meet in Terre Haute on October 28.

“Don’t get me wrong: it was better than we’ve done in ages and ages, but for how we had run all season, it wasn’t anywhere close to where we were.”

The Irish, led by junior standout Cole Hocker, finished the state meet with 213 points – behind Carmel (94), Fishers (152), Westview (171) and Valpraiso (200). That was the Irish’s best finish since Indiana cross-country moved to its current 3.1-mile format. Read more at: 18



Fall Sports Wrap-ups: girls volleyball


Dee Dee Galligher couldn’t have been prouder. The Cathedral High School volleyball coach said the 2017 Lady Irish accomplished significant, memorable achievements during what she called a “find-your-footing” year for the program. The Irish seniors led all season, and helped a young team grow. They left a legacy. And for that, the group will be remembered. “It was really a good year,” Galligher says. The Irish, after back-to-back Class 4A state titles in legendary coach Jean Kesterson’s final two seasons – and after losing a slew of Division I players from the 2015 and 2016 title teams – went 24-11 in 2017 in Galligher’s first season as head coach. Their season ended with a 25-18, 25-22, 27-25 loss to

Lawrence North in the Section 10, Class 4A final at Lawrence North on Saturday, September 14. Cathedral, which won the City Tournament with a over Bishop Chatard (22-25, 25-15, 25-16, 27-25) the week before the sectional, advanced to the sectional title game with victories over Arsenal Tech (25-6, 25-4, 25-8) and Lawrence Central (259, 25-17, 25-13). The Irish won in straight sets over Lawrence North early in the season, but LN recorded 17 blocks in its three-set victory in the sectional final. “Lawrence North was the best blocking team I’ve seen in many, many years,” Galligher says. “We couldn’t overcome that.” Read more at:



Fall Sports Wrap-ups: boys soccer

girls cross country

The Irish made memories – and they made a serious postseason run, too.

They peaked at the right time, and their performances proved it.

That made the 2017 season successful for the Cathedral High School boys soccer program, and it made it one head coach Whitey Kapsalis says everyone involved will remember.

That’s a successful season by any measure – and Cathedral High School girls cross-country coach Mark Doctor says that was the case for a young, ascending Irish team in 2017.

“We just came together, and I was so proud of how we finished,” Kapsalis says. “I certainly thought we could have gone further, but we were so satisfied with the way the boys put it all together and got after it in that final stretch.”

“I couldn’t ask for any more from this crew,” Doctor says. The 2017 Irish girls cross country team featured five underclassmen – including standout sophomore Gillian Cridge – among the top seven runners, and had a strong postseason that nearly featured a team semi-state appearance.

The Irish, long one of the more successful programs in Central Indiana, won sectional and city titles in 2017. Those were two highlight moments in Kapsalis’ first season as the Irish’s coach. “They embraced it from day one,” Kapsalis says of the players in his first season. “The way they worked together to reach a common goal really exceeded expectations. They went above and beyond what would have been expected. They exceeded expectations on and off the field. Just an incredible group of guys.” The Irish, after opening with a 5-5-2 record, finished the season 13-7-2 after a 2-1 season-ending loss to Greenfield Central in the October 14 regional round. Read more at:




The Irish not only had strong finishes as a team during the regular season, they also won a sixth consecutive city title. They then finished second in the Brebeuf Sectional before a strong sixth-place finish in the Noblesville Regional. Read more at:


Fall Sports Wrap-ups: football Rick Streiff saw the story of 2017 simply:

A The Cathedral High School football team had a lot of talent in the legendary coach’s final season, and – as was the case throughout both of his ultra-successful tenures with the Irish – good memories outweighed all else. “We had a darned good run at it,” Streiff said.

Streiff, who announced his retirement as the Irish’s head coach shortly after the 2017 season, says he will remember his final season as he remembered many of his seasons – not as much for yet another run deep into the state playoffs – but for the players and coaches who made the run possible.

“This is a group of really talented individuals who came together and played pretty well all things considered,” Streiff said. How talented were the Irish in 2017?

As talented as any team in Indiana, featuring at least three Division I signees, a group that included offensive tackle Emil Ekiyor (Alabama), outside linebacker Hugh Davis (Boston College), and inside linebacker Jackson Barrow (Toledo). As the magazine was going to print, running back Markese Stepp was planning to sign with USC.

Streiff says how that group played together in often difficult circumstances defined the Irish in 2017. “A lot of times when you have a lot of guys who are really talented they don’t mold into a team,” Streiff said. “I think our kids did that. They molded into a pretty good team by the end of the year – and a break or two here or there … who knows?” Read more at:

Streiff Calls His Final Play Winning was great, but other things were greater.

Rick Streiff learned that early in his career, and the legendary Cathedral High School football coach remembered it well following his recent retirement from the job he held for the past decade. Streiff, 55, won 10 state titles – a record for Indiana high school football coaches – and 227 games in two tenures at Cathedral. He built the Irish into one of the top high school football programs in the state and nation. All of that mattered. But there were more important things.

“The relationship with coaches and the relationship with players,” Streiff said recently when asked what he would remember most from his tenures as the Irish’s coach. “As you age as a coach, if you’re fortunate to win a little bit, you realize the whole reason you’re doing this is to help young people become better people. The reality is that’s what we’re here for.” Streiff, who will be succeeded by Bill Peebles ‘88 as head coach, first coached Cathedral from 1989-2001. He coached the Irish again from 2008-2017. He began his career as a graduate assistant at Butler. He coached as an assistant at Bishop Chatard for a season, then as head coach at Brebeuf Jesuit for a season before taking the Cathedral head coaching job. Streiff’s first Irish teams won four state titles – a Class 3A title in 1992 and Class 4A titles in 1996, 1998, and 1999. He coached North Central from 2002-2005, returning to Cathedral three years later for a second stint that was even more successful than his first. “We were very fortunate to hit a time span to have a coaching staff that for the most part stayed together,” Streiff said. “The kids bought into what we wanted to get done. It became a year after year thing where kids said, ‘Oh, my gosh, last year’s group did it. Now, as a senior, I’ve got to do the same thing.’ It became a challenge to match the group before. That became motivation for the kids.”

Read more at:



Class Notes

Lifelong connections with alumni and friends


Members of the Class of ‘65 gathered for golf and dinner in Ft. Meyers at the first annual Jack Ross Memorial Open. Front (l to r): Danny O’Malia, Rick Mates, John Schmidt, John Quinn, Mike Curry, Jim Maguire, Jack Watson Back (l to r): Frank Dolence, Tim Wade, Bill Lafata, Bill Russell, Wayne Vuolo (Latin School), Dave Albright, Danny Sheehan and Lante Earnest (Rushville).


Cathedral High School is proud to announce Bill Peebles ‘88 has been hired as our new head varsity football coach. Look for an article about Peebles’ return to Cathedral in the next issue of Highlights.

Tom Barnhorst ‘84 and his wife Laura are proud to announce that their daughter Emmy has committed to Army West Point (Class of ‘22) to serve our country, continue her education and play volleyball for the Black Knights. Emmy is finishing her senior year at Wheaton North High School in Wheaton, IL.

1990s Ryan Feeney ’92 built the statue of Peyton Manning that was unveiled outside of Lucas Oil Stadium in October.

1970s Frank Sergi ‘73 was awarded with the St. John Bosco Medal, which is the highest award bestowed on a volunteer by the CYO.

John Clamme ’93 is now Director, Corporate Partnerships at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley.

Cathedral graduates gathered in LA for the wedding of Ellen O’Brien and Sam Kahn (of Los Angeles). Pictured are graduates Kathleen Short (OLG ‘74), John O’Brien ‘72, John Short ‘70, and Anne Leonard ‘80. Guests not pictured are Peg Short Duncan (OLG ‘72) and Cathedral English teacher Laurie O’Brien.


Kevin Flynn ‘82 was named the Honorary Co-Chair of the 22nd Annual Indy Irish Fest. Rich Andriole ‘88 has been named to the 2018 Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Class. Andriole coached 20 seasons at Cathedral and had a career record of 504-97.


Bonny Sullivan ‘95 Rouleau accepted a position in Alzheimer’s research at Eli Lilly and Company as a Consultant in Pharmaceutical Project Management/ Neuroscience. Marie Luken ‘96 Mackintosh was honored as one of the finalists for Indy’s Best & Brightest awards. Heidi Wiese Granner and Ryan Granner ‘97 welcomed daughter Gwen Lee Granner on October 25, 2017.

CLASS NOTES Kimberly Witka ’97 Tekippe welcomed daughter, Cecelia Rose. Brad Lauck ‘99 and wife Bianca Lauck welcomed Annabelle Grace to their family.

2000s Brittany Hizer ’00 and husband Amit Tripathi welcomed son Ketan Ram Tripathi on September 3, 2017. Brian and Katie McLaughlin ’00 Price had daughter Abigail Grace Price on September 10, 2017.

Janel Bunch Kelly and Brandon Kelly ’01 welcomed son Rowan Joseph Kelly on August 19, 2017. Kevin ’01 and Laura ‘01 Koke announced the arrival of twin baby girls Madelyn Ann and Eleanor Claire Koke. The girls joined their two big brothers. Julie Wise ‘01 Morton and Ryan Morton welcome son Theodore “Teddy” Michael Morton on September 20. Nick Szymanski ’01 and Kelli Manley Szymanski welcomed another son, Jacob “Jake” David Szymanski.

Aaron O’Connell ‘04 starred in the Hallmark movie “With Love, Christmas” in November. O’Connell also has a recurring role as Wyatt Cryer in the Oprah network series “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

Kevin Murphy ’00 and his wife Amanda welcomed daughter Elena Sue Murphy.

Michelle Rhodes ‘01 Taylor and Jon Taylor welcomed Archer Ryan Taylor on July 29, 2017. Archer joins big brother Rhodes. Jack ‘00 and Emily Reid ‘01 Meyer announce the birth of their daughter, Mae Therese Meyer. Mae joins siblings John, Thomas, and Rose. Patrick Graham Myers was born to Matt ‘00 and Nancy Meyer ‘02 Myers. Matt Braun ’01 and wife Cassie welcomed Landon Matthew Braun on June 22.

Brian Bego ‘02 and wife Jacquelyn welcomed a son, Noah Edwin Bego. Mark Milam ’02 married his wife Kristen Marie Milam. David and Brittany Ryan ‘02 Williamson welcomed son John Alan Williamson on November 11, 2017.

Michael J. Perron ‘04 received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Ohio University in April 2017. He is currently teaching at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA.

Mike Woods ’02 married Dayna Lohrberg. Brian ‘04 and Sarah McClamroch ‘04 Sullivan welcomed daughter Margot on Brian’s birthday - August 25.

Scott Sanders ‘01 and Allison Sanders welcomed son Caleb Gregory Sanders. Sarah Schaefer ‘01 married Rob Collinson. Julian Estiva ’01 celebrated his marriage to wife Lauren Estiva.

Board Member Julia Malone ‘03 Hum and husband Houston Hum welcomed Hazel Maeve Hum. Kate Huffman ‘01 finished an incredible run of her solo show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival where she won an Encore Producer’s Award and was one of five out of more than 100 solo shows to be nominated for a Soaring Solo award.

Ali Murray ‘03 Quick and husband Justin Quick welcomed a son, Charles “Charlie” John Quick. Kenzie Handley married John Cross ‘04.

Casey Hebenstreit ’06 received the 2016-2017 Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) Athletic Trainer of the Year award. After three years as the Assistant Trainer at Our Lady of the Lake University, Casey has returned to Indianapolis as an athletic trainer at Community Health Network.

Rob Peoni ’04 married Carrie Kehoe. WWW.GOCATHEDRAL.COM 23


Anna Kolodzej ‘06 married Zach Symes on June 24, 2017.


Justus Coleman ‘13 married Tyler Kelley at the Community Life Center in Indianapolis. Justus pursues a Master’s in Public Health Administration at IU, while also being employed as an IU Graduate Supervisor for Residential Programs and Services. Several Cathedral Alumni were present: Jeffrey Coleman ‘92, Ryane Clay ‘12, Anyah Clarke ‘13, Chase Rollins ‘13, Phoenix Chavez ‘13, and Shakara Williams ‘13.

Alumni Class Luncheon Schedule Keenan Barlow ‘07 and Miranda JoAnne Huddleston welcomed a son, Kye Barlow. Classmates Casey Hunzicker ‘07 and Matt Dellen ‘07 married in Chicago, IL on October 16, 2017.

Erin Wissler ’10 married Harrison Gerdes on November 4, 2017. Pictured are her parents Paul and Beth Wissler, Erin ’10, husband Harrison, Maura ’16, and Kevin ’12.

Class of ’46 3rd Tuesday/Month, 11:30 am McQ’s Pub

Class of ’47 3rd Wednesday/Month Pat Flynn’s Restaurant (March, June, Sept., Dec.)

Kate Ruhmkorff ‘07 married Chris Sullivan ‘04 in Ireland.

Class of ’48 1st Wednesday/Month K of C #3433 (March, June, Sept., Dec )

Class of ’50 1st Thursday/Month, 11:30 am Napoli in Beech Grove (March, June, Sept., Dec.) Joe Schroeder ‘12 made the national team for the USA Rugby 7 team and played in Dubai and Capetown in December. In addition, he was one of 12 players who represented the National USA Rugby team in the international tournament held in Silicon Valley, California in November.

Class of ’51 2nd Wednesday/Month, 11 am Golden Ace

Class of ’54 2nd Tuesday/Month, 10 am Denny’s, Castleton

Class of ’55 3rd Friday/Month, 1 pm Pat Flynn’s

Megan Usab ‘07 Piechocki and husband Ross welcomed their daughter Adeline “Addie” Piechocki.

Class of ’56 1st Monday/Month, 11:30 am Marriott, 21st & Shadeland

Kerry Sylvester ‘07 Weedfall married Austin Weedfall on June 2.

Class of ‘60 Last Thursday/Month, Noon Golden Ace

Stephanie Cook ‘08 and husband Nick Pavilonis welcomed baby girl Lillian Jean Pavilonis in the summer of 2017. Billy Powers ‘08 and Jenna Queally ‘08 Powers welcomed daughter Madison Marie Powers on June 26, 2017. Brynn Thompson ‘09 Swaim married Owen Swaim in June of 2017.

Class of ’62 1st Friday/Month, Noon George’s Neighborhood Grill Second Lieutenant Caroline Bechtel ‘13 is an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army and a 2017 Hertog War Studies fellow. Her article “Social Media Field Manual: The Iraqi Ministry of Defense Learned to Take the War to Facebook” was published in the Small Wars Journal.

Class of ’63 1st Wednesday/Month, Noon Golden Ace

Class of ’64 First Friday/Month, Noon George’s Neighborhood Grill For the full list of alumni class luncheons, please visit




In Memoriam 1930s

John Stephen Johantges ‘38 Joseph Quill ‘39



Carolyn Terry LSA ‘72 Robert Stirling ‘77 Michael A. Webb ‘77

Mary Jane Bruno Brink ‘40 Joanne Breindl SJA ‘42 Kern Mildred C. Zahn SMA ‘43 Thomas F. Jordan ‘44 Richard A. Miller ‘45 Joseph T. Sergi ‘46 William J. Wood ‘46 Theresa Anderson SJA ‘46 Spiegl Robert Gates ‘47 Mary Kidwell SJA ‘48 Lannan Richard G. Brady ‘48 Evelyn Crossen Riley SAA ‘48 Anne Skelley SAA ’48 Riedy Joseph S. Desautels ‘49 John A. Miller Jr. ‘49 Roger V. Pluckebaum ‘49 Charles E. Wagner ‘49



Donna Jean Conner Springman SMA

Basil T. Bauch ‘50 Donald J. Murphy ‘50 Sharon Egener SAA ’50 Cornelius Frank Warren Luzar ‘50 Delores McElfresh SAA ’51 Irwin Rose Ann Litzelman SMA ’51 Weisenbach Mary Jane Stitch ’52 McConahay Charles E. McConahay ‘53 Charles Duvelius ‘54 Thomas J. Fallon ‘54 Robert W. Hertz ‘54 John F. Hittle ‘55 Barbara Rush SMA ’55 Kelley Gary L. Kieffer ‘57 Robert L. Bayt ‘58


Kathleen Kiley LS ’60 Money Douglas S. Lawrie ‘61 Mark D. Batties III ‘62 Mary Beth Miller SMA ‘62 George Allen Johantges ‘64 John Michael Ross ‘65 Timothy R. Keenan ‘66 Michael S. Wagner ‘67 Earl Michael Enslin’67 Ann Marie Simpson SAA ‘68 Veronica Ernstes SMA ‘68 Andrew “Andy” Chrapla ‘69

Arnold U. Dumaual ‘80 Glenn F. Martin ‘83 Lisa M. Buzzelli ’86 Hofmeister


Michael A. Thibault ‘90 Matthew Veneri Petrilli ‘92


Benjamin Dakin Clendening III ‘00 Christopher Beard ‘05 Gregory Joseph Cohoat ‘05


Kassandra Arielle “Kassie” Braun ‘15

Graduation Year Unknown Former Board James “Jim” Butler

James (Jim) C. Butler

Former Board Member

James (Jim) C. Butler passed away September 6, 2017, one day before his 92nd birthday. As a convert, Catholicism was woven throughout his entire life. Jim received his metallurgical engineering degree from Notre Dame in 1945 and enlisted in the Navy upon graduation. When World War II ended, he began his career at U.S. Steel, and he eventually began his own sales and engineering firm. He was actively involved in the community including his position as President of the Indianapolis Speech and Hearing Center Board, his membership on the board of The Cornea Research Foundation, and his involvement as a parishioner at St. Matthew Church for more than 50 years. Jim was also a founding member of Crooked Stick Golf Club. He was highly committed to Catholic education. Jim served on the boards of both Ladywood-St. Agnes and Cathedral. Jim and his wife, Charlotte, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cathedral Theatre Expansion Club. Char and Jim were married 61 years. Jim’s children (Lori Scaglione, Kelly Smith, Kasey Kauffman) and grandchildren (Kim Kauffman ’05, Jim Kauffman ’07, Hillary Smith ’08, Chris Kauffman ’10, and Nick Smith ’11) all attended high school on the Cathedral campus.

Kassie Braun ’15 Kassie Braun was a member of the Cathedral High School class of 2015. She embodied Holy Cross core values during her time at Cathedral and continued to do so at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. On November 7, 2017 Kassie passed away during a tragic accident while visiting the country of Myanmar as a participant in the Semester at Sea Program. Kassie was known by her family, friends and throughout the Cathedral community as a person who had great zeal for life. Cathedral has defined zeal as the desire to make God known, loved and served and Kassie did that by the way she interacted and treated people around her. She was truly a joy to be around and was willing to be transformed and to transform the world through God’s love. Kassie leaves behind two brothers, Skylar and Kavan ‘17, her sister Kyleigh ‘21, and her parents, David and Chalene Braun.



Remembering Father John Zahn Our beloved friend and mentor, Father John Zahn, passed away on August 27. He had just retired as chaplain of Cathedral High School in May. Father John was born February 12, 1942 in Lafayette, Indiana. He attended Frankfort High School, Indiana University-Bloomington, and Oakland City College before entering Saint Meinrad Seminary. Father John was ordained May 27, 1972 by Bishop Gallagher at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Lafayette. He served in several Indiana parishes, including St. Patrick in Kokomo, St. Ambrose in Anderson, and Our Lady of Grace in Noblesville. In 2011, Father John became chaplain at Cathedral, with residence at Holy Spirit Parish in Noblesville. So many words come to mind when describing Father John: funny, caring, witty, “real,” inspiring, and downto-earth are just a few. Father John loved Cathedral football and prayed with the team before each game. He loved Cathedral teachers. He motivated our English/journalism teacher and yearbook/newspaper moderator, Tony Willis, to convert to Catholicism. “Father John was my sponsor, spiritual mentor, confidant, and friend,” says Willis. Father John loved Cathedral students. As one student said, “Father John was not afraid to talk about his imperfections. He would remind people that Jesus loves us, we’re called to love others, and we need to love ourselves.” Father John loved Cathedral so much, he left a planned gift to our beloved school to assure the future of our Holy Cross education for future generations. There is no doubt that Father John loved Cathedral High School, and there is no doubt Cathedral High School loved Father John.

Dr. Kevin Rodgers

A Tribute To Joseph “Joe” Quill ’39

It is with great sadness that the family of Doctor Kevin Rodgers announces his tragic passing on Monday, November 20, 2017, at the age of 61. Kevin was born December 21, 1955, in Baltimore, Maryland to the late Anne and Frank Rodgers.

Joe Quill, one of Cathedral’s most beloved family members, passed away peacefully on January 13, 2017, at the age of 95, joining his wife, Dolores (“Doe”), who died in 2014. Joe’s funeral Mass was held at St. Matthew Catholic Church, and he is buried next to Doe in the Garden of the Holy Family at Calvary Cemetery.

Assistant Lacrosse Coach

Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in 1977, his physician’s associate degree from Emory University in 1981, and his M.D. from the Medical College of Virginia in 1986. He served in the United States Army beginning in 1982 at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. Kevin was honorably discharged at the rank of Lt. Colonel in 1998. Upon leaving the military, he served as the Co-Residency Director for Indiana University Emergency Medicine (IUEM). At the time of his passing, he was the Residency Director Emeritus for IUEM as well as the President of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM). His legacy in the emergency medicine field will live on through the thousands of physicians that he trained and mentored throughout his career. The aim of Kevin’s professional career was to allow each individual to become the best physician possible. He often said that “you have to have a center. Center begins with family and friends. When you have a true center, you will become the best physician possible.” Outside of his professional accomplishments, Kevin focused on his faith and family. He was a parishioner at St. Malachy Catholic Church in Brownsburg for more than twenty years and served as a volunteer doctor on medical missions to Haiti. Additionally, Kevin volunteered as the assistant coach and team doctor for the Cathedral High School lacrosse team for more than fifteen years. He was also a medical consultant with the FBI. Kevin is survived by his wife of 35 years, and best friend of 44, Ruth; his four sons, Patrick ‘06 (Sara), Sean ‘08, Ryan ‘13, and Danny ‘18; and his sister Barbara (Cabell) Lloyd. Kevin will also be remembered forever by his nieces, nephews, extended family, and friends, including the Cathedral High School family, the St. Malachy Parish, and the IUEM community. Kevin was an inspiration to many and will be dearly missed.

May 9, 1921 - January 13, 2017

Joe came to Cathedral from Holy Cross Parish on the city’s near east side, graduating from CHS in 1939. His commute to school involved taking a cable car downtown and hitchhiking his way up Meridian. Joe greatly enjoyed his time at Cathedral where he made many lasting friendships and played on the varsity basketball team. Joe started his college education at Butler University where he played basketball. He later transferred to the University of Notre Dame. He left college in 1943 to serve with the U.S. 7th Army in France and Germany and then returned to Notre Dame to finish his undergraduate degree in 1947 and his law degree in 1948. Joe and Doe were later married in the first building on the University of Notre Dame campus, the Log Chapel. In 1976, Joe and Doe moved into a house adjacent to Cathedral’s current campus, and both of their daughters, Adrienne and Annette, graduated from Cathedral in 1985 and 1986, respectively.

Joe was a highly successful attorney in private practice for 60 years. He was humble about his many professional accomplishments and felt honored to be in a position to help people through his legal work. Joe provided a great deal of pro bono assistance to educational institutions, including Cathedral, as well as Catholic charities such as Miracle Place here in Indianapolis. Joe truly cherished the lifelong friendships with both clients and colleagues that he gained throughout his career. Joe was also active throughout the years in many organizations, including the American Legion, the Indiana Veterans’ Affairs Commission, the Indianapolis and Indiana Bar Associations, and the Notre Dame Club. Joe also loved to travel. He took several trips to Europe with Doe and his daughters throughout the years, and he had a special affinity for Ireland where he enjoyed visiting his extended family. He took his last trip with Annette to his beloved Ireland in 2015 at the age of 94. Joe also enjoyed playing golf and attending Notre Dame football games where he and Doe hosted many memorable tailgaters. Most of all, Joe loved spending time with friends and family, including his five grandchildren: Cecelia, Charlotte, Josephine, Murphy and Roland.

Joe had a lifelong admiration and gratitude towards Cathedral High School. Many of his most treasured friendships were established through the CHS Family. He maintained a strong connection to the school throughout his entire life and took great pride in contributing to Cathedral’s growth and prosperity. Joe played an integral role in the school’s move from Meridian Street to its current location by providing legal assistance in the acquisition of the property. Joe and Doe also enjoyed assisting for many years on various aspects of the ShamrAuction. Joe was a member of the CHS Board of Trustees, and in 1996 was honored with the Board’s Professional Achievement Award. Joe was a huge fan of Cathedral’s sports teams and often took the short walk through the woods behind his house to observe team practices. He also frequently attended football and basketball games to cheer on the Irish and visit with friends. Joe loved being able to hear the CHS band practicing while relaxing on the back porch of his home of 40 years. May he continue to enjoy those melodies, including “Dear Old Cathedral…,” as he rests in peace with God and his loved ones in Heaven.



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