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Highlights Fall/Winter


Volume 44 • Issue 2


Celebrating 95 years of tradition

Cathedral students take achievement to the next level—on the field and in the classroom. Mr. Football title and first 5A State Football Championship demonstrate commitment to hard work, dedication, and teamwork.

a message from the president Dear Friend of Cathedral, Cathedral High School continues her efforts to build “the great American Catholic high school” on our campus at 56th and Emerson. The faculty, staff, directors, and supporters of the school understand, and appreciate, the profound and life-changing impact that a Cathedral education has had on her students for the last 95 years. And there is growing confidence that, with thoughtful planning and successful implementation, the school can become even more effective in serving the young men and women who will enroll in the future.

“At the heart of the school plan is a strategy to create an individualized learning and growing experience for each student who enrolls.”

And so the comprehensive planning process begins and we hope to hear the voices of many friends and supporters of the school as we undertake this three-part planning process. The “school plan” will focus on the curricular and co-curricular experience at the school. The “master plan” will focus on our campus, our buildings, and our classrooms. And the “board plan” will address governance, policy, and financial planning. The three plans will be aligned to ensure that everyone understands very clearly what the school promises to do to serve students and how the school will deliver on those promises. At the heart of the school plan is a strategy to create an individualized learning and growing experience for each student who enrolls. Written primarily by trained counselors, a personal education experience will be developed for each student. Using data, interest inventories, input from parents, and more, the program will address four key areas that collectively create “the Cathedral Experience.” Each student plan will include detail on the student’s academic course of study, his or her co-curricular participation, development as a leader, and faith formation and involvement in service. This is an exciting time for this special school. We anticipate that the $10 million Faith in the Future campaign will come to a successful close in the next few weeks. The comprehensive planning process is underway and will paint a clear picture of the Cathedral of tomorrow. And it will soon be time to begin planning for our school’s 100th birthday in 2018. It is, indeed, great to be Irish! Respectfully,

Stephen J. Helmich President and CEO


Cathedral Highlights

Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Trustees Board of Directors Incorporated 1972 Officers Steven J. Schaefer, ’70, Chairman Matthew A. Cohoat, ’78, Vice Chairman Joseph Vande Bosche, ’80, Treasurer Colleen Spellacy Cline, ’83, Secretary Stephen J. Helmich, President Eileen Egan, Asst. Secretary Members Rev. Eric Augenstein, MA, MDiv, ‘96 Mark D. Batties III, ‘62 Rev. Patrick Beidelman, STL, ‘90 Michael R. Berghoff Christian T. Browning, ‘93 Dennis W. Casey Joseph M. Dezelan, ’62 Brian J. Elson, ‘84 Denise Farrell, Hon ‘08 John S. Flynn, ‘70 John G. Leicht James P. Lill, ‘66 Dave McDowell Glendys Moosbrugger, Hon. ‘12 Patrick J. O’Connor, ‘70 Daniel J. O’Malia, ‘65 Clark G. Rehme, ‘98 Carmen Hansen Rivera, SAA ‘66 Cathy Rooney Jeff Smith Brother Roy Smith, CSC, ‘61 Victoria Schneider Temple, ‘88 Hon. Tanya Walton-Pratt, ‘77 Robert V. Welch, Jr.,‘84 Matthew W. Will Members Emeritus R. James Alerding, ‘63 William T. Brady, ‘49 John L. Davis, ‘66 Paul P. Farrell, ‘51 Joseph E. Quill, ‘39 Hugh R. Sullivan, ‘44 Fall/Winter 2014 • Volume 44, Issue 2 The Cathedral Highlights is published two times annually by Cathedral High School for alumni, parents, and friends. The publication address is: Cathedral High School 5225 E. 56th St. Indianapolis., IN 46226 Phone number: (317) 542-1481



Highlights Magazine

Volume 44 • Issue 2

Celebrating Cathedral’s birthday by giving back Second annual Day of Service brings the whole Cathedral family together for the benefit of organizations throughout Indianapolis. Page 12

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Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


reflection & prayer Keep the Advent spirit in your heart


Highlights Magazine

A publication for alumni, parents and friends.

Reflection During last year’s Christmas season, a mother and her young son were caught up in a hectic day of holiday shopping. After frantically selecting gifts and ringing them up, the mother was alarmed to see that her son was no longer by her side. She began searching through the crowded store for her son. Finally, she spotted him, his face pressed up against a window staring at the store’s beautiful nativity scene. “Look Mommy, baby Jesus!” he said, and his mom grabbed his hand and said “Come on, we don’t have time for that.” This last December, when I saw “dear old Cathedral” covered in snow and Christmas decorations hung throughout, it was easy to see that the holiday season had arrived and to feel it in the air. However, these things; the decorations, snow, trees, and gifts, can often distract us from what Christmas is truly about, the birth of our Savior. As we go into the new year, let us keep the Advent spirit in our hearts and continue to invite Jesus into our lives.

President and CEO Stephen J. Helmich Executive Vice President/ Chief Financial Officer Jim Williams Vice President for Advancement Nicole Beasley ’98 Vice President for Enrollment Management R. Duane Emery Vice President for Constituent Relations Ken Barlow ’82 Vice President for Operations Jim McLinn ‘70 Vice President for Marketing & Communications Jan Stanich Chief Information Officer Rolly Landeros Vice President for Mission Integration Brother Ken Haders, C.S.C.

Prayer Dear Lord, Help us to recognize what this season of joy and new beginning is about. Let the decorations and beautiful snow be a reminder of you, and how we are to prepare, with the coming of the new year, for the coming of your one and only son. Be with us, be with our families, and be with those who are most in need of your mercy and grace. We thank you and we praise you, amen.

- Anna Gibbons ‘14


Cathedral Highlights

Fall/Winter 2014

For change of address: Please contact Liz Hoffman at (317) 968-7310 or via email at Have a story idea? Contact Jan Stanich at (317) 968-7352 or On the cover: Terry McLaurin, Indiana’s 2013 Mr. Football, is one example of how Cathedral students learn the value of effort, service, and faith. Learn more on page 24. Photo credit: Rolly Landeros.

a message from the principal Dear Cathedral Family, When I reflect on my 13 years as principal at Cathedral, I am in awe of the accomplishments and awards the school, staff, and students have received throughout the years. I tried to put into words what that means to me. I believe that Cathedral High School can be “the great American Catholic High School.” To that end, we recruit, hire, and retain mission-appropriate teachers. We stress the importance of quality work by providing the teachers with a unique schedule. Our nine class periods are each 45 minutes, and each teacher is required to teach five of those periods and one additional period consisting of another duty serving our students in some way at school. The teachers can use the remaining three periods to eat lunch and do whatever else they feel they need to do. At Cathedral, we understand that providing a holistic education is the foundation on which to build our school. Each student is educated in eight semesters of religion/theology, can attend daily mass and reconciliation during Lent and Advent, and starts and ends his or her day in prayer. We recognize the importance of spreading the Good News in the community. As a result Cathedral has created our annual Day to Service to help the community; Cathedral students completed 6,000 service hours on that day alone. Our students receive a personalized, well-rounded curriculum. We provide choices and opportunities for the students but they ultimately decide what their experience will entail. We understand that a “one size fits all” mentality is not the best way to educate young people in today’s world. We have decided to loosen the class requirements so that students can make more personalized choices. To aid in the decision-making, we offer a wide array of classes that allow the students,

with the help of their advisors, counselors, and parents, to tailor their educational experience. To support the students on their path, we will be providing writing and math labs where the students can get help during their free periods. Being a part of the Cathedral family is something that should make all of us proud. Cathedral strives to provide her students with a well-rounded holistic experience. We set the example for others around the country. What this means is that we expect to be leaders of the community in a spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical manner. One of the chief reasons why Cathedral is so special is because of the tight-knit family that has been formed over the years and continues to be formed each school year. We do our best to build and retain relationships, freshman through seniors. One way we do this is through our Irish County system. Each county comes together as a family and meets regularly throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for the upper classmen to lead the lower classmen and interact with each other on a personal and mentor level.

“…Cathedral is so special because of the tight-knit family that has been formed over the years and continues to be formed each school year.”

We are blessed to be at Cathedral, but we are called to serve those who do not have the same opportunities. As Catholics, we are called to help one another, and in a challenging world, we all need to be there for one another and act in God’s image. Please know that we are always looking for ways to improve our school and make us relevant for the educational changes that are going to be taking place in the future so we can truly be the Great American Catholic High School. Blessings,

David L. Worland Principal

Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


about irish

Portrait of an Emerging Leader: Julie Malone Hum ‘03 I’ll never forget the quiet sense of accomplishment I felt as I sat down in my first semester English class at Saint Mary’s College realizing this was the first English class I had ever taken that wasn’t designated for students with learning disabilities. The Language Support Program taught me innovative strategies for learning new material, which I used throughout college to earn my degree in biology and eventually my PhD in cellular physiology. I now bring that creative spirit and innate curiosity to my current job as a postdoctoral research fellow in the medical and molecular genetics department at the IUSM, researching kidney disease. Julie Malone Hum entered Cathedral as part of our renowned Language Support Program. Today, she is a PhD in physiology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. In an excerpt from her speech at this year’s Cathedral Fund Dinner, Hum talks about the significance of Cathedral in her success.

By Julie Malone Hum ‘03 If you asked the 14-year-old Julie Malone from Saint Thomas Aquinas why she was going to Cathedral I would have had a simple answer for you. They have the best Language Support Program and girls basketball program in the state. I thought I had it all figured out… little did I know I’d walk away from Cathedral having gained much more than a world-class education and a 3A State Basketball title. A private lifelong battle of mine has been with the learning disability, 6

Cathedral Highlights

dyslexia. Diagnosed in the first grade, my parents and teachers diligently worked with me. Once at Cathedral High School, the Language Support Program propelled me further down the path to success over dyslexia. With the help over the years from my parents, grade school educators, summer tutors and the Language Support Program, I learned that I could conquer any academic challenge, I just needed to break down the material in a way my brain could absorb.

Fall/Winter 2014

As is the case for many Cathedral students, I was fortunate to have many victories during high school. I was a captain of the basketball team, served as a peer mentor, and was a group leader in the Promise to Keep program, but these opportunities wouldn’t have been sought out had it not been for a challenge issued to me at the end of my sophomore year. Two of my language support teachers asked to meet with me after class. They challenged me to run for junior class officer. I was elected, then ran again the next year to become senior class president. Through all these experiences the athletic, dyslexic, wallflower that entered these halls had somehow wound up a confident leader poised to take on my next stages of life.

about irish

Cathedral grad experiences life in China By Allison Jones ‘12

Emerging Leaders young alumni group Cathedral’s new Emerging Leaders young alumni group provides a connection for current students with professionals in various fields of interest. Students learn from Emerging Leaders through career nights, job shadowing, and networking opportunities. If you are a Cathedral graduate between the ages of 21 and 40 and are interested in learning more about our Emerging Leaders program, contact Michelle Rhodes ’01 at 318.968.7311 or mrhodes@

“...I embarked on a oncein-a-lifetime adventure, a six-month internship at the five-star Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou, China.” Ni hao! What kind of adventure involves a garden, volunteerism, and a luxury hotel in Guangzhou, China? On May 10, 2013, I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, a six-month internship at the five-star Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou, China. As a sophomore studying Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue University, this required internship for graduation provided first-hand hotel and cultural experience over 7,500 miles from

home. Besides working in four major rotations in the hotel, the internship included a project to improve the hotel and optional volunteer opportunities. I also worked on my chosen project to improve the hotel. My topic was developing the ShangriLa, Guangzhou to become more of a community center. Another wonderful opportunity that I experienced was volunteering with Chinese children with disabilities. The Shangri-La Hotel has a wonderful program called Embrace, which is the Shangri-La’s Care for People project. Each month hotel colleagues, the other interns from Purdue, and I volunteered at Little Sun Daycare Center.

Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


irish academics

Brain Game makes “Final Four;” supports Ruckelshaus foundation

Service Learning class creates “Cathedral Can” project Sophomores in Liz Copher Browning’s English classes experienced working on a servicelearning project that brings books to life while helping the hungry. During the summer, all Cathedral sophomores read Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Road. In this postapocalyptic novel, the father and son survive—years after a nuclear event—on canned food.

Brain Game team members present Jay Ruckelshaus’ mother, Mary Ruckelshaus, with a $2,500 donation to his foundation, The Ramp Less Traveled.

Last year’s Cathedral Brain Game team reached the “Final Four” in the weekly quiz bowl show for high school students that airs on NBC-affiliate WTHR-13. As a result, Westfield Insurance awarded Cathedral funds to donate to a charity of choice. “The company made a couple of suggestions for our donations,” says Brain Game Moderator Kathy Keyes, “but we were also allowed to write a grant, asking that the money be donated to a charity of our choice.” The team proposed that the donation be made to Jay Ruckelshaus’ charity—The Ramp Less Traveled. Ruckelshaus, a 2011 graduate of Cathedral and class valedictorian, started this charity last spring in an attempt to allow others like himself with spinal cord injuries to have the opportunity to attend college. The Brain Game team was able to donate $2,500 to their former teammate’s charity. Ruckelshaus was a member of the Brain Game team all four years he attended Cathedral and served as captain during his junior and senior years. He currently attends Duke University.


Cathedral Highlights

Fall/Winter 2014

“To highlight the need to fill local food pantries and support local canned food drives, my students built sculptures with used cans, glue, and paint,” English Department Co-chair and Service Learning Coordinator Browning says. “They wrote blurbs highlighting the need to support these organizations using text from the novel.” The artwork was displayed by several local businesses including in IPL’s window display downtown on the Circle. “It’s my hope that this pilot program might become an sustainable event that all sophomores can contribute to through the years at Cathedral,” says Browning. “I’m calling it ‘Cathedral Can.’”

irish academics

Cathedral hosts Indiana Court of Appeals Cathedral students were given a unique opportunity to host a real Court of Appeals case this November. All seniors plus speech and debate classes attended. Students heard oral arguments on Rasnick v. State and then participated in a debrief and question-and-answer session with the Court of Appeals judges and attorneys. The panel of judges included the Honorable James S. Kirsch (Marion County) and 1964 Cathedral alumnus, the Honorable Edward W. Najem, Jr. (Monroe County), and the Honorable Paul D. Mathias (Allen County). Judge Mathias is also a volunteer with Cathedral’s We The People program.

The Cathedran honored

Black Alumni Council provides tuition grants and scholarships

The 2012 Cathedral High School yearbook, the Cathedran, was one of five school yearbooks recognized with a Hoosier Star Award, and one of only two in its enrollment division, at the annual convention of the Indiana High School Press Association. The yearbook, which incorporated the theme “The Bigger Picture,” advised by John Hannan, who retired last May after 26 years at Cathedral, was recognized for “(providing) its readers with a colorful and thorough look at the school year,” according to the contest judges.

The Cathedral Black Alumni Council honored the following students with tuition grants and scholarship awards during its annual meeting in November: Nia Parker-Robinson ‘17, Trenice Smith ’17, Rollie Farthing ‘15, Dylan Allen ‘17, Alexandra Offutt ‘14, McKenzie Wiseman ’15. Not pictured Ronnie Hill ’15.

Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


irish arts

Theatre department presents: “The Sparrow”

Photo credits: Andy Bowman

The fall play, The Sparrow, combined elements of comedy, drama, mystery, and fantasy against the backdrop of a typical high school. “Can this strange girl with even stranger powers be the hero that her town is longing for, or will her dark secret destroy them all? The Sparrow taps into the fundamental aching of adolescence—fearing that we’re somehow different while hoping that we’re somehow special.”

irish arts

Cathedral band member presents recital at St. Paul Hermitage

According to band director Kathy McCullough, Maddi Shake ’14 is possibly one of the best high school percussionists in the country let alone the state. “We are so lucky to have her here at Cathedral,” McCullough says. “She gets rave reviews every time a professional percussionist hears her and she is going to have the pick of colleges.” According to The Criterion, on September 28, percussionist Maddi Shake, student of Dr. Paul Berns, presented a recital at St. Paul Hermitage Chapel in Beech Grove. Maddi, a senior at Cathedral High School, has been studying percussion since the fourth grade and her credits include New World Youth Orchestras since sixth grade, acceptance in the Indianapolis Symphony’s prestigious “Side by Side” program, All State Orchestra and All State Honor Band every year while in high school, plus numerous “Gold” rankings and several perfect scores at ISSMA State competitions.

Fall/Winter 2014

Triple/double drum major legacy

Pictured left to right: Mackenzie Tice ‘15, Logan Tice ‘13, Alana Tice ‘10, Nick Stapleton ‘10, and Stephanie Stapleton ‘14.

This year, the Pride of the Irish has both a triple and a double drum major legacy—a first. The Tice family has had three children taking on the role of drum major (Alana, Logan, and Mackenzie); the Stapletons have two (Nick and Stephanie).

Cathedral Highlights


irish updates

Cathedral students donate 6,000 hours of service in single day; welcome alumni Nobel Peace Prize winner

Principal Dave Worland and Dr. James Muller

Church, St. Matthew School, St. Vincent de Paul Distribution Center, and Volunteers of America, among many others.

Cathedral High School celebrated its 95th anniversary on Thursday, September 12. In honor of that milestone, every student, faculty member, staff member, and administrator, more than 1,300 individuals in all, went out into the Indianapolis community as part of the school’s second annual Day of Service. In addition, on Friday, September 13, students had the privilege of meeting one of Cathedral’s most distinguished graduates, James Muller, MD, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in promoting world peace and the abolishment of weapons of mass destruction. 12

Cathedral Highlights

During the second annual Day of Service, groups of Cathedral students went to more than 55 different locations throughout the city as part of the school’s service outreach program. Volunteer activities ranged from working in food pantries to assisting residents in memory-care facilities. Students helped churches, non-profits, and organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Big City Farms, Caring Place, the Children’s Museum, Gleaners Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity Restore, Holy Family Shelter, Humane Society of Hamilton County, Joy’s House, Miracle Place, St. Luke Catholic

Fall/Winter 2014

On Friday, September 13, James Muller, MD, Cathedral class of 1961 and recipient of the Noble Peace Prize, addressed the student body following a mass celebrating the school’s founding in 1918. Dr. Muller won the Nobel Peace Prize for co-founding the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Today, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War is a non-partisan federation of national medical groups in 63 countries, representing tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, other health workers, and concerned citizens who share the common goal of creating a more peaceful and secure world.

irish updates

Faith in the Future surpasses $9 million mark

in the


The Faith in the Future capital campaign has raised $9.3 million to date to support teachers, technology, tuition, and traditions here at Cathedral. Projects already completed include the renovated lower level of Loretto Hall with new football locker rooms and coaches’ office, the A.E. Hasbrook Wrestling Center, lighting on the activity fields, and new turf on the practice field, softball field, and track. Additional projects will include an update and renovation of Cunningham Fine Arts Center slated to be completed this summer.

A.E. Hasbrook Wrestling Center honors Amy Hasbrook ‘96

Front: Abby Hasbrook and Tyler Hasbrook. Back: Anne Hasbrook ‘96 Shelton, Ryan Hasbrook ’92, Alicia Hasbrook, Daniel Hasbrook ’63, Barbara Howard SAA ‘63 Hasbrook, Matt Hasbrook ’00, Cassie Hasbrook holding Hudson Hasbrook, Molly Hasbrook ’99 Corcoran holding Cameron Corcoran, Cash Corcoran. Not pictured: Jake Hasbrook, Seth Corcoran, and Jeremy Shelton.

The A.E. Hasbrook Wrestling Center was dedicated this fall in memory of the late Amy Hasbrook ‘96. Through a donation to the Faith in the Future capital campaign, the Hasbrook family memorialized the young woman who was “the epitome of the student-athlete.” She was a high honor roll student, National Honor Society member, and led the Lady Irish basketball and tennis teams. Through decades of support, the Hasbrook family has demonstrated a real passion not only for Cathedral, but also for the wrestling program with Amy Hasbrook’s father, brothers, uncles, and cousins being Cathedral wrestlers and coaches.

Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


CATHEDRAL CELEBRATES THE GREAT GATSBY JOIN US FOR SHAMRAUCTION—A ROARING GOOD TIME Now in its 37th year, this one-night event brings together generations of alumni, supporters, parents, donors and friends in an over-the-top evening of fun, food and festivities. Live and silent auctions, complementary valet parking, hors d’oeuvres, open bar, plated dinner, dancing and entertainment, and late night buffet included. This event supports the Cathedral Family of Funds for tuition assistance and excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. Last year’s event sold out; early ticket purchase is highly recommended.


February 22, 2014


Cathedral High School 5225 E. 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226


Mass begins at 4:45 pm (optional) Doors open at 5:30 pm


$150 per person $130 before January 31




irish updates

Student addresses Right to Life dinner The following is an excerpt from a speech by Rynelle Castellino ‘15 who was chosen to address this year’s Celebrate Life dinner put on by Right to Life of Indianapolis.

The argument of some proabortionists is that the child who is being aborted is not yet born and hence is not alive and it cannot be considered murder. That argument falls flat to anyone September 11, 2001. That day is with a discerning mind. Science burned into the memory of not defines living things as those just every American, but every capable of growth, metabolism, adult around the world. When the responsiveness, and reproduction. planes crashed into the twin towers, A baby, in his mother’s womb, 3,000 people were killed on one qualifies as a living being on every single day. The world froze, unable single count. Even someone as to comprehend the extent of that staunchly pro-choice as journalist tragedy. Three thousand innocent Karen Kissane admitted “Any lives lost in one single day. And yet, woman who has felt a baby stir a tragedy of that magnitude gets inside her [and] any man who repeated every single day. More has seen the tiny heart pulsing on than 3,000 American babies are an ultrasound screen, knows that being killed due to abortion every abortion is about ending a life.” single day. Again, that’s more than If then, there is no debate about 3,000 on every single day. abortion ending life, how can That is more than a million aborted abortion not qualify as murder and how can any murder be legal? babies a year. And that’s only in the United States of America, Mother Teresa once said, “If a the country whose constitution mother can kill her own child, declares, “We hold these truths what is left for me to kill you to be self-evident that all men and you to kill me.” There is a are created equal, that they are bond between a mother and her endowed by their Creator, with child. Yet if she can kill her own certain inalienable rights, that child, what will prevent her from among these are Life, Liberty and killing those with whom she has the pursuit of Happiness.” no bond? What then can be the Would it not then be self-evident that denying any one the right to life goes against the very grain of our Constitution? How can both right to life and abortion co-exist under the same constitution? As Ronald Reagan once said, ”We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life—the unborn—without diminishing the value of all human life.”

India is a strongly patriarchal society, and because of social issues like dowry and poverty, people just do not want girl babies. As a result, in the last two decades, it is estimated that 10 million female fetuses have been aborted in India just because the parents do not want girls. Isn’t it ironic that very law that is meant to protect woman’s rights has been used as a deathblow against women as a whole? Don’t the ten million unborn girls in India need a right to live before they can even think about a right to choose? Don’t people realize the Right to Choose is subject to a more basic, a more sacred right—the Right to Life! The irony in this debate is that everyone who is for abortion can raise their voices, only because their parents chose to honor the Right to Life rather than a Right to Choose.

Author Randy Alcorn once said, “The pro-choice position always overlooks the victim’s right to choose.” Babies don’t choose abortion just as the blacks did not choose slavery and the Jews did not choose the gas chambers. We as a nation, have fought for and protected the rights of victims of racism and genocide because justification for people supporting we believe that the right to life is this horror? Pro-choice advocates inalienable. So now, let us raise our state that making abortion voices for those innocent unborn, illegal is violating a woman’s who aren’t allowed to have a voice, fundamental right to choose who aren’t allowed to exercise their whether she wants to be a mother right to choose. Any way you look or not. “Protecting women’s rights” at it constitutionally, scientifically, – that’s the key issue, according to morally or rationally, abortion is not the pro-choice lobby. Let me take about a choice, it is about a child, a that argument out of the US to my child with the same inalienable right home country India. to life as you and me. Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


about irish

Lifelong Connections: The Bamricks Their daughter, Liz, agrees. “Cathedral is definitely a family. Everyone is loving and caring here. They care about your problems— teachers and students.” Michael says the Cathedral family means that, “We all watch out for each other and help each other out. This was especially true in freshman football, where we supported each other on and off the field.” “This school works hard at educating the whole child,” said Linda. “I love the mission. There are so many opportunities for students to find their niche and teachers can really connect with their students.” The Bamrick family—Linda, Greg, Michael, and Liz— enjoys knowing the same people, going to the same assemblies and activities, and being in the same place. “It gives us something to talk about,” said Greg. “Cathedral is our family’s primary residence. Our house is our secondary home.”

The Bamrick family’s presence on Cathedral’s campus began in 1986 when Linda Allen began teaching health and physical education and coaching girls basketball. Greg Bamrick joined the Cathedral family as a sophomore theology teacher in 1991 and later become a freshman/sophomore guidance counselor.

Greg’s face lights up when he talks about Cathedral. “What does the Cathedral family mean to me? Cathedral is my family. Some of my best friends work here. My wife and two of my kids are here in the building with me each day. My oldest daughter, Kailey, graduated from Cathedral in 2008. I love getting to know students and their families as a counselor. The entire Cathedral experience is a blessing.”

Greg and Linda met at Cathedral and quickly became friends. They taught in the same hallway, Linda feels the same way. coached girls basketball together, “Cathedral is a family to me. I enjoy and spent time in the same circle coming to work each day. It’s a safe of friends. Three years after they place to be and I’ve built lifelong met, they were married. Their two children, Liz, a junior, and Michael, connections here.” a freshman, both attend Cathedral. 16

Cathedral Highlights

Fall/Winter 2014

“The best thing about Cathedral is that it’s a great school overall,” said Liz. “It’s easy to get involved and make new friends. There’s always someone who likes what you like. You make new connections through clubs and activities.” “The best thing about Cathedral is that we are a family,” said Michael. “You always feel noticed. No one excludes anyone.” “Our children have grown up here at Cathedral,” said Linda. “Part of me wants to freeze this moment in time. Liz will graduate in a year and a half and it will change. We have a really close family anyway, but being here together makes us closer.

focus on the faculty

Kathy Darnell earns Foreign Language Teacher of the Year honors French and Spanish teacher Kathy Darnell was chosen as the 2013 World Language Teacher of the Year for the state of Indiana. Darnell competed with other world language teachers from throughout the state at the annual Indiana World Language Fall Conference this fall. She was chosen as the Indiana Secondary French Teacher of the Year, the Indiana Secondary World Language Teacher of the Year, and finally as the overall Indiana World Language Teacher of the Year. She will now go on to compete for the Central States (23 states) World Language Teacher of the year in 2015. Cathedral High School has also had three other language Teachers of the Year: Rose Egan, Spanish; Josh Payne, German; and Gary Spurgin, French.

Coach Low named to Hall of Fame Coach Rhonda Low was inducted into the Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association Hall of Fame on November 8. Low, assistant girls volleyball coach and head boys volleyball coach, was recognized for her more than 30 years of contribution to the sport of volleyball. Her involvement in the growth of boys volleyball in Indiana over the past 20 years was also recognized for providing an

opportunity for more than one thousand young male Hoosiers to have the opportunity to play volleyball representing their high schools. Coach Low is also a physical education teacher at Cathedral. Cathedral head girls volleyball coach Jean Kesterson was the keynote speaker for the evening.

Fall/Winter 2014

Cathedral Highlights


holy cross update

Knowledge itself does not bring about positive values, but positive values do influence knowledge and put it to a good use. - Blessed Basil Moreau

By Brother Ken Haders, C.S.C. Did you know Cathedral has a vice president for mission integration? It does, and I am the person who holds that title. Let me explain. About 25 years ago, the Brothers of Holy Cross realized our situation had changed. In the mid 1960s, as a student at St. Edward High School near Cleveland, at least half my teachers were Holy Cross Brothers. In the 1990s, when I was principal at Holy Trinity High School in Chicago, there were only seven brothers at the school, and many of them were approaching retirement. However, there was an emerging blessing at the center of that picture. The brothers realized there were many lay men and lay women who were fully committed to our mission. These dedicated teachers, administrators and staff wanted the brothers to teach them more about what it meant to be a Holy Cross school, and they wanted to help the brothers keep that tradition going.

would make a good Holy Cross school. In his treatise, Christian Education, Moreau wrote, “I have always been convinced that the first duty of any teacher is to produce Christians; society has a greater need for people of values than it has for scholars. Knowledge itself does not bring about positive values, but positive values do influence knowledge and put it to a good use.” It was Moreau’s belief that we could create a better future by providing a solid, comprehensive education that was tempered by strong Christian values. For many, this idea of preparing the world “for better times than ours” is Moreau’s special gift to the Church, the central charism of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

The more we read, the more we realized Moreau had provided a strong vocabulary to describe a Holy Cross education. For Moreau, this was an education of hearts as well as minds. In Christian Education he wrote: Toward that end, we started doing “We will place education side by some homework. We found that side with instruction. Instruction the founder of the Congregation of transmits particular knowledge Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau, and skills, while education (of the had written about how he thought heart) fosters the values, attitudes Holy Cross schools should be run. and behaviors that will use He had a very practical approach that knowledge and those skills with very specific advice about what appropriately and productively. The


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Fall/Winter 2014

quality that defines the students of a Holy Cross education heritage is the training of the hearts as well as the minds. True education is the formation of the hearts and transforming of values in people.” This is true every day at Cathedral. It is true in classes, on teams, in performances and in clubs. It is true in the everyday experience of relationship among students and between students and adults. It is core to who we are and how we do things. My job is to help articulate the words that describe that experience so central to Holy Cross and to develop opportunities to foster and enrich the values, attitudes and behaviors that will ensure Holy Cross tradition continues at Cathedral far into the future. I know I speak for all the brothers who once walked the halls on Meridian Street, as I acknowledge the good work of so many who kept the Holy Cross spirit alive for these past few decades. It is good to be at Cathedral, a school so obviously rich in Holy Cross values and traditions.

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Students send care packages to Afghanistan Doug Ausenbaugh ‘07 is currently on his second deployment as a platoon leader with Charlie company parachute infantry regiment in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Meet Brother Ken Before becoming Cathedral’s new vice president of mission integration, Brother Ken Haders, C.S.C. was president of Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, Ohio. He held the same position at Holy Trinity High School in Chicago. Brother Ken is a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Midwest Province of Brothers. He has been provincial counselor with the Congregation, chief financial officer, delegate to the general chapter in Rome, and moderator of the district chapter in Ghana. Brother Ken earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame in addition to a master’s in social administration from Case-Western Reserve University.

“Kabul is a dreary and dirty city, especially in the frigid winter months,” said Ausenbaugh. “Most of the men spend about 12 hours outside of the wire daily and the term ‘weekend’ is completely meaningless to a deployed paratrooper... Despite these harsh conditions, these paratroopers drive on without complaint or reservation. Their resiliency and motivation is truly remarkable, and I thank God everyday that I have been given the opportunity and privilege to lead these men in combat.”

Doug Ausenbaugh ‘07 proudly displays his Cathedral lacrosse jersey, which he brought with him to Afghanistan.

the ceiling. Each soldier received enough snacks, candy, and toiletries to last them the entire deployment. In addition, every package included handwritten letters from the students that were personally addressed to the paratroopers.”

When Ausenbaugh found out that his platoon would be deployed to Afghanistan at the end of November, he contacted Anthony Ernst, social studies teacher, to see if Cathedral students would be interested in sending care “I hope that the entire Cathedral packages to some of his younger family and those at the Hillcrest paratroopers for Christmas. Guardian Angels understand the Mr. Ernst referred Ausenbaugh to campus ministry, and the Guardian magnitude of their actions. It is an absolute honor and privilege to Angels club took on the project. be able to call myself an alumnus of Cathedral. I have no doubt “I had only intended for three that Cathedral High School will or four paratroopers to receive continue to thrive and produce the a package... we literally received leaders of tomorrow for many over 300 packages! I was in utter years to come.” and complete shock to see hand decorated packages for every soldier in my company stacked to

Fall/Winter 2014

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Cathedral’s Irish coun Ten

This year, the Irish County system was kicked off in major fashion on the first day of school with fun, food, and prizes in the courtyard, special county activities, and an all-school rally featuring Irish dancers, music, and more. Every student at Cathedral is part of one of ten counties named after actual counties in Ireland. Each student is also part of a town within the county, giving the student body more opportunity to create friendships and relationships with students in other grade levels and with faculty, staff, and administration.

nty system— counties, one family

Fighting Irish earn first 5A State Championship and fourth consecutive title!

Photo by Rolly Landeros

Rick Streiff didn’t see this coming. Not this year.

in Class 5A, beat No. 1 Westfield, 42-18, at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 30 in the state title Throughout the season, in fact, the game. “We got a little better toward Cathedral High School football the end of the season,” Streiff said. coach said it was hard to know Streiff, who has coached the Irish what to expect come the postseason. to five state titles in the last six “It was kind of an up and down years and a state-record-tying nine year,” Streiff said. overall, said the Irish this season overcame not only a difficult As usual, the end was very much schedule, but significant seasonup for the Irish. The Irish (10-5), long adversity. after a 2-4 start to the 2013 season, rallied to win eight of their last The Irish’s five losses came to nine games, turning in a dominant perennial powers Ben Davis, 2013 postseason performance en route Class 6A state champion Warren to the Class 5A state title—their Central, Cincinnati St. Xavier, fourth consecutive state title and Louisville Trinity and Cincinnati their first in their new classification. Moeller, with Moeller—the Irish’s The Irish, who finished the regular season ranked No. 5 in Indiana 22

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only loss in the last nine games— playing for the Ohio Division I title Saturday, December 7.

Fall/Winter 2014

The Irish, after winning Class 4A state titles the past three seasons, moved up to Class 5A when Indiana moved to six classes and instituted the “tournament success factor,” which moves programs up in class based on state tournament performance during the most recent classification period. While the Irish have grown accustomed to postseason success, Streiff said this season will be remembered not only for adversity overcome but for significant improvement. The Irish began the season by losing defensive end Raja Burt to a torn anterior cruciate ligament in June. He was cleared to practice in Week 9 in preparation for Moeller,

irish athletics and after spending the first eight weeks serving as a de facto assistant coach for the freshman defensive line and varsity scout team, he re-tore the same ACL and was lost for the postseason. Streiff said the Irish played their best three games in succession at the end of the season, beating Whiteland in the regional final, 56-28; Terre Haute North in the semistate, 42-20; then Westfield for the state title. “You kept thinking, ‘Yeah, maybe,’’’ Streiff said when asked if there was a time in the state playoffs when he thought there was a good chance at the state title, “but then you looked at the next week and said, ‘That team’s really, really good.’ Terre Haute North had some athletes and some terrific team chemistry. They had done some things and bonded really, really well together. That can be tough to beat, so you just never know.” Terry McLaurin, who will play at Ohio State, turned in a standout postseason and produced 196 allpurpose yards in the title game, scoring three touchdowns while rushing for 79 yards on three carries and catching six passes for 91 yards. “We just had to find ways to get him the ball,” Streiff said.

linebacker Drew Bailey and senior inside linebacker Kyle Loechel excelled throughout the season, improving in the postseason and helping lead the late surge from that group. “I don’t know whether all the harping paid off or if the senior kids realized that if they didn’t get their act in gear that they were going to be done sooner than everyone before...” Streiff said. “Defensively, quite frankly was where we had great improvement. Our defense the last three weeks really took steady steps. I have no idea what clicked. But it did. The light bulb went on and we played pretty well.”

Streiff winningest coach in Cathedral history

The Irish seniors finished their high school careers never having lost in the postseason, and while this postseason wasn’t easy, the Irish made it appear that way at times. They had improved rapidly against the difficult schedule, and by the final three games of the postseason, their experience was showing. The final three games of the postseason were marked by quick starts that kept the Irish’s opponent having to play catchup. The state title game absolutely played out that way, with the Irish taking a 21-3 halftime lead and extending it to 28-3 with a 28-yard run by McLaurin midway through the third quarter. McLaurin later had a 47-yard touchdown run to secure the victory.

Colin Barthel also stood out at quarterback throughout the season, completing 13 of 17 passes for 177 yards and a touchdown in the title “I’m not sure we were all that much game. “He was the ringleader,” better than them,” Streiff said Streiff said. “In some ways, he was of Westfield, “but we had been a coach on the field.” there before, which I think made Streiff said while the Irish’s offense a difference. We jumped on them early and made some plays, and was steady throughout the season, didn’t look back.” the defense improved dramatically

Photo: Rolly Landeros

Cathedral High School has had 13 coaches in the school’s 94-year football history. Following the school’s October 4, 2013, victory over Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger, Rick Streiff had more wins than any other Irish coach. In his 19 seasons with Cathedral, Streiff has amassed a record of 183 wins and only 56 losses, surpassing legendary Irish coach Joe Dezelan who won 182 games in 26 seasons (1944-1969).

in the postseason. Senior inside Fall/Winter 2014

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irish athletics

Terry McLaurin ‘14: 2013 Mr. Football Terry McLaurin is proud of his team, his teammates, his hard work, and being named Mr. Football. He’s looking forward to playing football at Ohio State next year. But he is also proud of the person that he has become here at Cathedral.

“I’m more than football. I have more to offer than just athletic ability.” McLaurin says the lifelong connections that he’s made and the lessons that he’s learned at Cathedral are not just for high school. He has learned them for life. McLaurin is looking forward to taking the core values that he’s learned at Cathedral with him to the larger, public school setting of Ohio State University next fall. “Cathedral has strengthened me and my family and my faith have strengthened me to tackle whatever comes along head on.” He is quick to say, “I’m more than football. I have more to offer than just athletic ability. Having a strong faith, being a good friend, being a good brother, and being a good son are things that I definitely take more pride in than scoring two or three touchdowns or winning Mr. Football because it’s more than that at the end of the day.” Football hasn’t always been easy for McLaurin. He was small during his freshman year and he had to wait to grow. “Probably the biggest obstacle for me to overcome as a


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freshman was that I can only control my now. I can’t control what’s in the future. You have to take it day by day. ...What keeps me humble and how I stay level and even keeled is remembering those freshmen times. The struggle and strain. And getting back to those times is what makes me work even harder.” McLaurin’s junior year was also a challenge with increased studying, practices, waiting to be recruited, then being recruited later in the recruiting season by a number of top college football teams. McLaurin is quick to say that his speed is a God-given ability. But he is also a very disciplined person. “I feel like the higher I set my goals, the better off I’ll be. The better I’ll be. The stress and the strain and the hard times like my junior year when I was doing all those study hours and all those practices made me stronger for now. So when I go into college it won’t be a shock to me with football and academics and extracurriculars. I’ll kind of revert back to my junior year when it was tough and it was hard. But it also made me a better person, so I’m thankful for that.” McLaurin says that he has learned how to be a dynamic person at Cathedral. He’s learned to challenge himself on an academic level and on an extracurricular level, and makes himself open to helping others. When asked what he plans to do after college, McLaurin is not sure. “I’m interested in physical training and

Fall/Winter 2014

science. I feel like I’m a pretty good communicator. I’m good with young people. I’m good with people.” When he thinks about how his high school career has gone, McLaurin hopes he’s left a legacy of character as well as football. He remembers Coach Streiff asking the team how they wanted to leave their legacy. He knows he will be remembered for a long time as Mr. Football, but he also feels like he’s left a legacy of his own. “When you think of Terry McLaurin I hope you think of a caring person, a personable person, a person who’d do anything for somebody else, smart, intelligent, and who happens to play football.”

irish athletics

Fall Sports Wrap-up

Fall signings

By John Oehser

Oliva Kluger tops off stellar Cathedral career; signs with Navy. Olivia Kluger, a 5-feet-11 senior outside hitter, has done more than have her name associated with a school and a program that long has stood for volleyball excellence. She has been critical in its recent resurgence. Kluger, who will attend and play volleyball for the Naval Academy, said Cathedral has been a perfect fit for her, something she’ll always value.

Volleyball wrap-up

Kluger was named 2013 AAU All American, and also was named to the exclusive 2013 Prep Volleyball. com Club Volleyball All-American team, a list that includes 29 of the nation’s top 17-year-olds. She also was named a 2012 AVCA Phenom, was a 2012 Junior Indiana All Star Nominee, and made second-team All-State as a sophomore.

Freshman outside hitter Nia ParkerRobinson finished 89th among freshman in the nation in kills, with junior middle hitter Tarah While finishing seventh in the state in Class 4A with 105 total blocks. Sophomore middle hitter Audrey Adams had 70 blocks. Sophomore opposite Megan Sloan played every position on the front row through the course of the season, finishing second on the team with 200 kills. Sophomore libero Kendall White, considered the nation’s top freshman libero last season, had 381 digs in 2013, with freshman setter Maria Schorr finishing the season 12th among freshman setters nationally.

“She brings an intensity and a passion for the game,” Coach Jean Kesterson said. “She takes pride in putting Irish on the back of her uniform and in representing her country. We’ve had some kids who might have been more athletic, but the leadership, the commitment, the love the game, the love for her school—she’s the total package.”

The Lady Irish, who finished 26-7 and No. 3 in the Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association rankings, reemerged as a state power in 2013, beating some of the state’s top programs before a loss in the sectional final to rival Bishop Chatard in a tight five-set match. The Irish were led by seniors Sarah McClure and Olivia Kluger. Kluger led the Irish with 228 kills, the 10th most in the state among Indiana seniors this season.

Fall/Winter 2014

Front: Karli LaGrotte, golf (University of Indianapolis); Olivia Kluger, volleyball (Naval Academy); Laura Bem, swimming (University of Indianapolis). Back: Nick Hanahan, fencing (University of Notre Dame); Josh Jacobs, ice hockey (Michigan State University); Alex Boos, baseball (Yale); Harry Shipley, baseball (Purdue); Wesley Bernard, wrestling (Rutgers); Vinnie Corsaro, wrestling (Rutgers).

Athletes recognized as “All City” by Marion County Coaches of Girls Sports Association Golf Anna Kleck Karli LaGrotte Ally Mattingly Gabi Sharp Betsy Werner Cross country Ellen Flood Mary Ellen Kempf Julia Niemezura Lauren Roy Volleyball Olivia Kluger Tara Wylie

Kendall White

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irish athletics


Girls Golf

Karli LaGrotte ‘14 is one of the best golfers in Cathedral girls golf program history.

Thanks cheerleaders, for cheering our Fighting Irish football team to victory!

Cross Country Injuries were a factor for the Irish throughout the 2013 season. Not only did the Irish’s No. 1 runner—sophomore Katherine Free—miss much of the season with a stress fracture, senior and No. 3 runner Hayley Ferguson, and sophomore and No. 4 runner Ashley Yuska also missed time with injuries. Coach Mark Doctor said how the Irish responded defined the season, with the healthy runners running well in the place of injured runners and helping the team through difficult circumstances. Doctor said that was particularly true of No. 2 runner Ellen Flood, a sophomore who moved into the No. 1 slot in Free’s absence. Flood took over as top runner and team leader with Free injured, leading the team to a City Championship. Ferguson returned shortly before the City Meet. “She was one of the key reasons we managed to win City,” Doctor said of Ferguson.


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Fall/Winter 2014

Senior Karli LaGrotte, whose 15th-place finish at the Indiana Girls High School Golf State Finals at the Legends of Indiana capped a senior season that included numerous individual titles, sectional and city individual titles and team titles in the sectional and city tournaments. Sophomore Elizabeth Werner finished as the Irish’s secondlowest scoring golfer at the regional with an 88, with sophomore Anna Kleck shooting 95, freshman Gabi Sharp shooting 99 and sophomore Ally Mattingly shooting 105. The Irish dominated the Lawrence Central Sectional at South Grove, with LaGrotte winning the individual title with a 69 and Werner finishing second overall with an 82. Kleck shot an 89 at the sectional, with Mattingly shooting 94 and Sharp shooting a 96.

For the full versions of our athletic stories, go to

irish athletics

Girls Soccer The Irish (10-4-5), ranked No. 13 in the final Indiana Soccer Coaches poll, lost to No. 10 Brebeuf Jesuit in the Zionsville regional on October 16, losing 4-3 on penalty kicks with Brebeuf winning the penalty kick segment, 5-3. The loss to Brebeuf ended a season that was about defense— and competitive games against highly ranked teams. The Irish beat two ranked teams, played three more to draws and all four of their losses were to ranked teams. They did not lose a match by more than one goal, and for the season, they allowed just 10 goals, setting a program record for fewest goals allowed in a season. Marc Behringer, girls soccer coach, said that made the Irish one of the best defensive teams in program history. They entered the postseason with a real chance to advance.

Boys Soccer

Boys Tennis

Cross Country

The Irish won six consecutive postseason games to qualify for the regional title game. They lost 5-0 to Avon and finished 15th in the final Indiana Soccer Coaches Association poll. They finished

the regular season with a 2-0 victory over No. 7-ranked Carmel, then beat Covenant Christian 2-1 in overtime to win the City Championship. The Irish beat Lawrence Central, 6-1, in the Sectional tournament at North Central before beating North Central, 1-0, for the sectional title. The Irish beat Carmel for a second time, 1-0, in the regional semifinal, winning 3-2 on penalty kicks.

The Irish finished 12-6 for the season, winning the City Championship for a 10th consecutive season and finishing in the state’s Top 10 for the first time since 2010. Senior Luke Wojtalik, who played No. 1 singles from 2011-2013, was named AllDistrict 6, as well as second-team All-State. The Irish’s No. 1 doubles team of junior Gary Schorr and senior Ashton Degyansky also was named to the All-District team, and was named first-team All-State after losing just three matches the entire season. The No. 2 doubles team of Marcus Noe and Joe Calandro finished 18-3.

The Irish finished seventh at the regional with 157 points. Senior Adam George finished 22nd with a time of 16:27.16, with junior Tristan Wilbrandt (16:43.84) finishing 30th, senior Aidan DeSanto (16:45.78) finishing 32nd, junior Robert Mathioudakis (16:54.68) finishing 39th and junior Patrick O’Neil (19:56.89) finishing 43rd. George advanced to the Carmel semistate as an individual, finishing 32nd in 16:21.8. The Irish were ranked No. 10 in the Oct. 14 Indiana Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches poll.

Fall/Winter 2014

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alumni updates

Creating Lifelong Connections Cathedral gives all its graduates a great start in life and preparation for college and career. Some students also leave with a literal lifelong connection, having met their future spouse in the halls of Cathedral. This year, we were blessed with several alumni weddings, including:

Davis-Peabody excellent education and graduate being enriched intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. It was evident that Cathedral was a school with tremendous spirit and pride. We are grateful for all of the blessings that Cathedral has given to our three children, but the greatest gift that Cathedral has now given us is our terrific new son-in-law, Ryan. This blessing was not one that we could foresee oh-so-many years ago on our initial tour through the halls of Cathedral. Ryan Davis ’06 married Laura Peabody ’06 this summer in Indianapolis. The wedding party included 14 Cathedral graduates: Ashley Casavant 06, Todd Peabody ‘04, Andrew McClure ‘06, Molly (Davis) Hahn ‘92. Back row from left: Caitlin (Scheller) Vanderklok ‘06, Emily MacGill ‘06, Kevin Davis ‘95, Pat Coffey ‘06; Sean Dewey ‘06, Sarah Peabody ‘12, Bobby Allen ‘99, Mike Davis ‘98.

The following is an excerpt from a heartfelt letter that Chuck and Diane Peabody wrote to Cathedral regarding their daughter’s wedding to a fellow alumnus this summer. Our daughter, Laura, and Ryan Davis, both 2006 Cathedral graduates, were married this past summer in Indianapolis. Laura and Ryan met in the halls of dear Cathedral and began dating in their junior year of high school.


Cathedral Highlights

We moved to Indianapolis from Ohio several years ago, due to a job opportunity. We explored the various school options and toured several Indianapolis area schools before making the final decision to move to the Hoosier state. When we visited and toured Cathedral, our family was impressed with all that Cathedral had to offer. We knew that if we decided to move to Indianapolis and our children were accepted into Cathedral, they would receive an

Fall/Winter 2014

More than 50 Cathedral graduates attended Laura and Ryan’s wedding. The oldest graduate in attendance was Ryan’s great uncle, Jim Ramsey ‘45. Fourteen members of the wedding party were Cathedral grads. Laura and Ryan were blessed to be married by the admirable Father Pat Beidelman ‘90. When the DJ announced at the reception that a picture of all Cathedral grads was being taken, the Cathedral crowd erupted twice with the fight song. There was such enthusiasm exploding on the dance for at that time! It was wonderful to see so many

alumni updates Bissmeyer-Pheffer


Andrew Bissmeyer ’05 and Katie Pheffer Bissmeyer ’08 were married on April 27 at St. John’s Cathedral in Indianapolis. The wedding party included: Michelle McAloon ’08, Abby Stanley ’08, Matt Pheffer ’06, Billy Bissmeyer ‘96, Tommy Bissmeyer ‘00, Joe Bissmeyer ‘98, Bryan Stuart ’05, Danny Fisher ’05, Aaron Noblet ’05, Mason Crossland ’05, and Joe Shipley ’05.

Lance Worland ‘05 and Kelsey Young ‘05 were married on October 19 at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Indianapolis. Cathedral alumni in the wedding party were Kara Leek Schlimgen ’05, Bridget Westerfield Wheeler ’05, Laura Litke McAloon ’05, Joe Peoni ’05, Nick Blanchette ’05, Sean Worland ’09, Chelsea Troiano ’05, Maggie Spenia ’05, March Walsh ’05, Courtney Worland ’06, Susan Hartman ’05, Michael Pettygrove ’05, Matt Corsaro ’05, Lindsay Young ’99, and Alex Nightingale ’05.

outstanding Cathedral graduates that evening. It was especially refreshing to see so many of the young men and women who graduated with Laura and Ryan doing great things and making a difference in the world today. We have often discussed the importance of one’s high school years. Those high school years are not only a time for great academic growth and opportunity, but also a time for making lifelong

friendships and connections. It is meaningful relationships that enrich our lives so much. We are very grateful, Cathedral, for giving our three children and our new son-in-law such a wonderful opportunity to enhance their lives with these Cathedral relationships. It seems that wherever you go, whether it’s in your own neighborhood or across the country, you find Cathedral connections and a

corresponding bond and sense of pride. So, thank you Cathedral administration, faculty, and staff for your impact on the students and supporting the Cathedral bond and connections that make it so unique. Thank you for enriching all of the lives of those who are part of what is called the Cathedral family.

Fall/Winter 2014

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class notes

1950s William R. Feezle ’50 retired after 46 years at the White House. President Obama gave Feezle a “big thanks” for his service to the government. Feezle, 81 years of age, still races cars at Summit Point Trace Track in Virginia. Leonard E. Lawrence, MD ’55 professor emeritus (psychiatry), school of medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center, is a member of the executive committee of the United Way of San Antonio. Dr. Lawrence was honored by the United Communities of San Antonio at the 60th Anniversary Brotherhood/Sister Awards Dinner for his 40-plus years as a leader in the fight against racism, bigotry, and bullying in San Antonio.

1980s Kevin M. Houk ’88 was named the 2014 Outstanding Technology Alumni Award recipient by faculty from the department of electrical and computer engineering technology of Purdue University.

Amber Laibe Jett ‘98 and her husband, Jesse, announced the birth of their son, Jordan Jett, on February 26, 2013.

Molly Hasbrook Corcoran ’99 and her husband, Seth, announced the birth of their son, Cameron Joseph Corcoran, on May 21, 2013, joining big brother, Cash Thomas.


1990s José Evans ’91 city-county councilor for Indianapolis, was invited to present at the London International Conference on Education in November 2013. Evans, recognized internationally as an education reformer, has keynoted educational conferences in the U.S., Israel, and Puerto Rico. 30

Cathedral Highlights

Ashlie Stallion, MD ’02 has joined the Community Health Network in Indianapolis as a pediatrician. Dr. Stallion pursued her undergraduate studies at Indiana State University where she was a Presidential Scholar. While at ISU, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Life Sciences and graduated summa cum laude. Dr. Stallion earned her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine in 2010. She recently completed her pediatric residency training at Riley Hospital for Children and was awarded the Phillip F. Merk General Academic Pediatrics Award.

Matt Hasbrook ‘00 and his wife, Cassie, announced the birth of their son, Hudson William Hasbrook, on May 27, 2013.

Fall/Winter 2014

Kurt Weiper ‘03 and Katie Roe Weiper ’04 announced the birth of their daughter, Norah McConnell Weiper, on January 27, 2013. Korey Ketterman Edwards ’04 has been named senior communication consulting analyst at Mercer in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was married August 10, 2013, to Mickey Edwards at Holy CrossImmaculata Church. The bridal party included Cathedral alumna Caitlin Murray ’04, and the reception was held August 17, 2013, in Carmel, Indiana, at Cathedral faculty member Liz Browning’s house.

class notes Sarah Snyder ’04 and Dean Steadman were married on October 27, 2013. Sarah works at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in database and analytics operations. Dean recently moved from London, England, and works as an engineer. They live in Chicago.

Laura McAloon ’05 and Sean Litke were married November 4, 2011. Members of the wedding party included: Michelle McAloon ’08, Kelsey Young ’05, Chelsea Troiano ’05, Maggie Spenia ’05, Susan Hartman ’05, Kara Schlimgen Leek ’05. Laura is a graduate of IU School of Nursing and is a Nurse Liaison for American Senior Communities. Sean is a graduate of Ball State University and is the owner of Canine Cloud Nine on Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.

Peter ‘05 and Sarah Morone Erotas ‘05 announced the birth of their first child, Vincent Alexander, on July 12, 2013.

Luke Bielawski ’07 currently a student at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, gained national attention as he hit a golf ball across the country, teeing off from California to South Carolina, as a fundraiser for Providence Cristo Rey High School in Indianapolis.

Morgan Mulbarger ‘07 married Josh Hannoy on September 1, 2012. The wedding party included Kalyn Altherr ‘10, sister of the bride, and Meghan Walters ‘07. Morgan and Josh welcomed their first child, daughter Sawyer Rose Hannoy, on April 23, 2013. They reside in Worthington, Ohio.

and national scholarship pageant program provides a vehicle for young African-American women to serve as ambassadors of positive change in their communities. Rascoe is majoring in visual communications design and experience design at UIndy. She also competes in track and field and serves as an officer for the Black Student Association. Connor Barthel ’11 with the University of Indianapolis Greyhounds football team, was named the Great Lakes Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Week. In a 56-3 victory, the sophomore completed 9-of-20 passes for 284 yards and four touchdowns, three of which went to former Cathedral teammate Reece Horn ’11. Barthel’s performance set a school record for completion percentage in a game (.950).


Lauren Nicole Rascoe ’10 a senior at the University of Indianapolis, has been named Miss Black Indiana US Ambassador. The state

Brian Harvey ‘12 was awarded the Wally Crum Memorial Award at the United States Military Academy (West Point) wrestling sports awards program. The Wally Crum award honors the most courageous member of the freshman wrestling class.

Fall/Winter 2014

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irish updates

Goodbye, Cathedral family members Cathedral loses two of her longest-lived alumni John Keller ‘31 passed away on April 27, 2012, at his home. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Alice Hope Deaton Keller; one son, Gregory Mark Keller; two grandchildren; two great grandchildren and one brother, Charles Keller of Indianapolis. He was preceded in death by one son, John Andrew Keller. Keller graduated from Cathedral High School and attended Butler University. He served in the US Army in WWII. He was an accountant for 33 years at Stark & Wetzel and retired from Midwest Food Center in 1984. Patrick James Fisher ‘31 passed away this summer at the age of 99. He was an attorney for 65 years and a member of the Indianapolis, Indiana and American Bar Associations. He served as a Marion County deputy prosecutor. Later, he became the attorney for three savings and loan associations. Fisher graduated from the University of Notre Dame with both undergraduate and law degrees. He was an officer and member of the Boards of Directors of the Notre Dame National Alumni Board and the Notre Dame Law School Association. During WWII, he served in the South Pacific as Adjutant General and Judge Advocate. After the war, Fisher was appointed Chairman of the Indiana War Memorials Commission by Governor Welsh.

Leo Braun ’58: “Love Each Other” Leo L. Braun Jr. passed away on September 19, 2013. Braun graduated from Cathedral High School, where he played four sports and was co-captain of the football team. He attended Butler University on a basketball scholarship where he majored in math. He had the privilege to play on Butler’s 1961-62 basketball team that went to the “Sweet 16” in the NCAA tournament. He is the author of a book, Love Each Other.

Patriarch of the O’Brien family passes away J. Thomas O’Brien ‘49 passed away peacefully on December 18, 2013. Born in Indianapolis on Irish Hill, O’Brien was a graduate of St. Joan of Arc Grade School, Cathedral High School class of 1949, and Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame class of 1953. O’Brien was a charter member of St. Luke Catholic Church, active in the Indianapolis Irish Catholic


Cathedral Highlights

Community and received several honors. He was past president of the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Indianapolis, Notre Dame “Man of the Year,” Indianapolis Irishman of the Year, Honorary Chairman of the Indy Irishfest, received the Knight of the Holy Sepulcher Papal Award, and the “Faith, Family, Football Award for the Indiana Catholic Layman of the Year.” He was a member of

Fall/Winter 2014

Knights of Columbus #437. He cherished the Little Sisters of the Poor and their mission, and served as both Director and Chairman for the organization. He is survived Joan, his wife of 61 years; their 14 children; 11 sons-and-daughters-in-law; 57 grandchildren; 9 grandchildren spouses; and 11 greatgrandchildren.

irish updates

In memoriam

‘30s Patrick James Fisher ‘31 John Keller ’31 John H. “Jack” Morrison ‘39 Donald Albert Potter ‘39

‘40s John W. Keller ‘41 Robert E. Cronin ‘43 Patrick Francis Moriarty ‘43 Raymond S. Ursiny, Sr. ‘44 Francis “Frank” M. Maley ‘45 James E. Hines ‘46 William C. Farrell ’47 Adolph Lambert ‘47 Michael J. Hayes ‘48 Harold E. Miller, ‘48 Herman A. “Leo” Leonard, 49 J. Thomas O’Brien ‘49 Albert Kolbet Schrichte ‘49

Irish here & there

Mike Mangin ‘67 along with wife Becky Mangin, enjoyed visiting the Acropolis in their Irish spirit wear this summer. The Mangins reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

‘50s Barbara Ellen McNulty Gritt SJA ‘50 John C. Navarra ‘50 William Patrick Colglazier ‘51 John J. Hoffman, Jr. ‘55 Frederick J. Schoettle ‘57 Leo L. Braun ‘58

‘60s David Joseph Murphy, Jr. ‘60 Philip Richart ‘60 Donald V. Stewart ‘67 Karen Anne Tolbert-Land SAA ‘68


Past, present, and future Cathedral grads Evan Schoettle ‘17, Jessie Schoettle ‘13, and Jerry Schoettle ‘74, show their Irish pride in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Donald V. Traub ‘72 Michael S. Leahy ‘74

‘80s Donald Wright ‘89

‘90s Robert Konrad Heisserer ‘94

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alumni updates Alumni Class Luncheon Schedule Class of ’32 Last Wednesday/month K of C #437 Class of ’34 Last Tuesday/month — Noon Robert Kennington Post Class of ’36 3rd Wednesday/month K of C #437 Class of ’39 4th Friday/month K of C #437 Class of ’40 2nd Friday/month — 11:30 a.m. K of C #437 Class of ’41 Last Friday/month — 11:30 a.m. K of C #437 Class of ’42 1st Friday/month Contact Jim O’Brien Class of ’43 2nd Wednesday/Every other month — Noon K of C #437 (June, August, October, etc.) Class of ’44 1st Wednesday/month — 11:30 a.m. K of C #437 Class of ’45 4th Thursday/Every other month — 10 a.m. K of C #3433 (February, April, June, etc.)

Save the date: Grand Reunion Weekend June 20-21, 2014 On June 21, 2013, the first annual great reunion weekend was held at Cathedral High School. Representatives from classes ending in “3” and “8” joined with classmates in a tour of the 56th Street campus, a group photo, and class dinners. This year, classes ending in “4” and “9” will be part of the Grand Reunion Weekend. Starting with the Father Kelly Tradition golf outing on Friday afternoon through mass, photos, and class dinner on Saturday, make plans now to join your Cathedral classmates at this special event. Check for information as it becomes available.

First “Luck of the Leprechaun” student raffle raises more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Class of ’46 3rd Tuesday/month — 11:30 a.m. McQ’s Pub Class of ’47 3rd Wednesday/Every third month Pat Flynn’s (March, June, Sept., Dec.) Class of ’48 1st Wednesday/Quarterly K of C #3433 (March, June, Sept., Dec.) Class of ’51 2nd Wednesday/month — 11 a.m. Golden Ace Class of ’53 1st Tuesday/month — 11:30 a.m. Milano Inn Class of ’54 2nd Tuesday/month — 10 a.m. Perkins, 82nd Street Class of ’55 3rd Friday/month — 1 p.m. Pat Flynn’s Class of ’56 1st Monday/month —11:30 a.m. Marriott, 21st & Shadeland Class of ’60 Last Thursday/month — Noon Golden Ace Class of ’64 1st Friday/month — noon Robert Kennington American Legion Post


Cathedral Highlights

Students at Cathedral raised more than $262,800 for tuition assistance and to underwrite fundraisers for clubs and sports through the new student fundraiser, the “Luck of the Leprechaun” raffle. In addition, the program created a new philanthropy fund that allows top sellers and randomly drawn participants to donate funds to groups or organizations of their choice. We believe learning to give back is an important part of a young person’s education, which helps establish a lifelong connection with philanthropy. Fall/Winter 2014

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Do you have memories or memorabilia of “Dear Old Cathedral?” We are starting to collect stories, artifacts, and photos for possible inclusion in the Cathedral 100-year anniversary materials. If you have items or memories you think would be of interest, please contact Jan Stanich, VP for Marketing and Communications, at or 317.968.7352. Items or photos may be mailed in care of Cathedral High School, attn.: Jan Stanich, 5225 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226. Please indicate if you would like the item returned or would like to donate it to the school’s archive.

News from you Have you changed jobs, gotten married, had a baby, received an award or recognition, or moved? Let us know. Complete and mail the form below or email the information to: Jan Stanich, Cathedral High School, 5225 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226, Name

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5225 E. 56th St. Indianapolis, Ind. 46226 (317) 542-1481 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Leave a legacy at Cathedral with a planned gift Richard Bugher ‘52, was a longtime supporter of Cathedral High School and especially loved attending Cathedral football games. In 2000, Dick made a gift to the school through a Charitable Remainder Trust and subsequently made a provision in his will naming Cathedral as a partial beneficiary of his estate. He passed away in September 2011. The proceeds from the Richard Bugher Charitable Remainder Trust and his estate have now established The Bugher Family Endowment at Cathedral High School, which will provide in perpetuity for part of the tuition costs for students from the West Deanery of Indianapolis. Family members of Richard Bugher ‘52, students receiving tuition assistance from his endowment, and Cathedral staff members gather for a photo. FRONT: Alec Pipkin ‘17 and Jasmine Miller ‘16. BACK: Mike Feeney, director of planned and major gifts, Robert Bugher ‘78, William Bugher ‘49, Nicole (Farrell) Beasley ‘98, vice president for advancement.

Want to find out more about making a planned gift? Contact Mike Feeney, director of planned and major gifts, for details at Or visit the “Giving” section of our website,

Cathedral Highlights Magazine - Fall / Winter 2013-14  
Cathedral Highlights Magazine - Fall / Winter 2013-14