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Adar II/Nisan~Nisan/Iyar/Sivan 5782


A Magazine That Highlights "All of Us"

In this issue: So Eat Already! Passover Edition: pages 3 & 4 Introducing IHC Music: page 7 The State of Our Cemeteries: page 10

At a Glance: April & May Highlighted Calendar of Events View our most up-to-date calendar on the IHC website. Scheduled events are subject to change.

IHC Brotherhood Dinner Monday, April 4 at 6:30pm Monday, May 2 at 6:30pm

All the men of IHC are invited to join Brotherhood at The Rusty Bucket. There's no agenda, just come out and enjoy a meal with friends, both new and old.

Adult Education Introduction to Mussar Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00pm, April 12, 19, 26, May 3 & 10

Come and explore the mystical Jewish texts that are designed to inspire personal development and growth. Rabbi Krichiver will guide you through the concept of Mussar and the texts.

Jewish Holidays Through Women's Stories Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00pm, April 20 & 27, May 4 &11

Tot Shabbat- Passover Friday, April 8 at 5:30pm Tot Shabbat- Summer Fun Friday, May 2 at 5:30pm

Join this class to discuss the role women have played in the creation of the Jewish holidays and how their stories shape our holiday celebrations today. Rabbi Chernow-Reader helps us explore Biblical texts, food, cultural traditions, and more. This class is cosponsored by IHC Sisterhood.

IHC Annual Meeting Sunday, May 15 at 2:00pm

To register for all non-weekly classes, contact our assistant to the Office of Lifelong Learning Beth Meade-Hession at 317-255-6647. Classes are included with IHC membership.

A family-friendly service for our youngest friends that is interactive with themed activities to take home.

Join us on Zoom for our Annual Meeting. Watch your email for an agenda and the Zoom meeting link.

Gift Shop Hours Tuesday-Friday, 10:00am-2:00pm Wednesday evening, by appointment Friday, 5:15-6:15pm Sunday, 9:30am-12:00pm* *When the Jewish Learning Program is in session. To make an appointment, please email ihcsisterhoodgiftshop1@gmail.com

IHC Family News

The best efforts were taken to create the following lists since the last issue of the Kulanu. Please reach out to us if you believe there was an omission or error.

We Celebrate the B'nai Mitzvah of: Molly Jacobson will be called to the Torah on April 23, 2022. Molly is a seventh grade and high honor roll student at Creekside Middle School. She enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her family and friends. Molly also likes attending camp at GUCI in the summers. Her parents are Clair and Brian Jacobson. Molly has two older sisters, Cate and Rachel. Her grandparents are Lenard and Barbara Wolfson, Bruce and Ann Jacobson, Karen Jacobson and Jimmy Stewart. Elon Yuckman will be called to the Torah on April 30, 2022. Elon is a seventh grade student at Creekside Middle School. He enjoys playing baseball and tennis. Elon also plays the clarinet. His parents are Sheila and Timothy Yuckman. He has a young brother, Ari. Asher Galan will be called to the Torah on May 7, 2022. Asher is a seventh grade student at Westfield Middle School. He enjoys wrestling and gaming. Asher also likes to spend his free time reading and fostering animals. His parents are Holly and Alan Galan. He has an older sister Isa and two younger siblings, Isaac and Finley. Maliya Shapiro will be called to the Torah on May 14, 2022. Maliya is a seventh grade student at Creekside Middle School. She is a high honor roll student and plays the oboe. She serves as the Membership/Publicity Vice-President of JIFTY at IHC and spends her summers (since the age of 3) at GUCI. She has a passion for art and creativity (from digital media to glass fusing), thus choosing her mitzvah project to be the collection and donation of art supplies to shelters, schools, and programs helping students who might not otherwise have access to a range of art supplies. Maliya's parents are Rabbi Roxanne and Ben Shapiro. She has an older sister, Sienna. Mya Zwick will be called to the Torah on May 21, 2022. Mya is a seventh grade student at Carmel Middle School. She enjoys singing and gymnastics. She is a proud Level 6 gymnast at Interactive Academy. Mya’s parents are Shana and Brian Zwick. She has an older sister, Zoe.

We Celebrate with the Following: Tammy and Bob Falender (grandparents) and Paula Falender (great-grandmother) on the birth of Jack McGowan on January 18. Marsha and David Burman, who celebrated 55 years of marriage on February 5.

We want to celebrate the big life achievements of our members. We also want to recognize the significant accomplishments that members are making in their careers and educational journeys. You can share a mazel tov to be included in the next issue of the Kulanu by emailing communications@ihcindy.org.

We Note with Sorrow the Deaths of: Harrison Ball

Edward Cohen

Ellen Goldberg

Dolores Hanna

Donald Fisher

David Jones

Gloria Dorson

Donald Parker

Gail Cooper McCashland

Daniel Joseph Lyons Jr.



What is it? And why do we observe it? Mah Nishtanah?

By Stefanie Shapiro, Learning Experience Coordinator

Why is this night different from all other nights? Passover is seven (or eight) days and nights of different and special traditions to celebrate the Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt. In the biblical account of the Exodus, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt under a Pharaoh who refused to set them free. Moses, who grew up in Pharaoh’s palace but was, secretly, an Israelite, fled after an incident with a slave driver to become a shepherd. While tending his flock, Moses encountered a bush that was on fire but had no damage to it. God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, choosing him to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Moses went back to Egypt and told Pharaoh to “let my people go!” Pharaoh refused so God brought about ten plagues to help him change his mind. Eventually Pharaoh relented and allowed the Israelites to be free. The Israelites did not want to give Pharaoh a chance to change his mind, and they left as quickly as possible. They did not even give their bread a chance to rise, instead letting it bake in the sun on their backs, creating the matzah that has become a staple of Passover food. Soon after, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army after the Israelites. While escaping, the Israelites came up to the Sea of Reeds. With seas in front of them and Pharaoh’s army behind them, Moses asked God for help. God split the Sea of Reeds in two so that the Israelites could cross on dry land. Once the Israelites were safe, God closed the sea, washing away the Egyptian army. The Israelites were finally free! We celebrate this freedom during the holiday of Passover with a seder, a special dinner with a specific order (the word seder means order). We retell the story, eat different foods to symbolize the Israelites experience, and remember that while we were freed from slavery, there are still so many people around the world today who are enslaved in a variety of ways. We commemorate the hasty exodus by eating matzah and refraining from eating foods that contain leavening agents, as the Israelites did not have a chance to wait for their bread to rise. Every family has their own religious and cultural traditions for Passover but one thing remains the same around the world: we remember and continue to pass the story down from generation to generation.

Passover 5782 Friday, April 15 Erev Pesach First Night of Passover

Saturday, April 16 Pesach 2nd Night

Monday, April 18 at 7:00pm Megillat Shir HaShirim

Join Cantor Roger to explore the megillot (the scrolls) from the Book of Writings. Our sages assigned these different scrolls to particular holidays. Contact the assistant to the Office of Lifelong Learning Beth Meade-Hession at 317-255-6647 to register for this class.

Friday, April 22 at 10:30am Festival & Yizkor Service

A morning remembrance service held on the final day of Passover.


If we refrain from eating foods like leavened foods during Passover, what sort of things can we eat to satisfy carb cravings that may pop up? Between the internet and our creative congregants, there isn't a shortage when it comes to Passover recipes. If you head to the Announcement section of the IHC website, you can view the Passover Possibilities cookbook that Sisterhood created last year. On the next two pages, we included a savory and sweet recipe for you and your family to enjoy.



A Message from...

Your Outgoing Board President Eloise Paul As spring approaches and my term as your president nears completion, I’ve been reflecting on all we’ve been through together in the last, almost, two years. It has been a tremendous honor to serve as your president and I have tried my best to live up to your expectations. It has been quite a ride and not at all what I expected, and yet we have accomplished much and have moved forward in the face of ongoing unexpected obstacles. We would not be in the position we are today without the help and support of all of you---our congregants, our board, our clergy, and our staff. Back in the summer of 2019 (ages ago, right?) I began planning what I’d like to accomplish. Some of these things we HAVE completed: A new strategic plan has been created based on hearing your thoughts in a 20+ hour listening campaign. It is posted on our website and progress reviewed at board meetings. An updated commitment policy, again, based on your feedback. An ethics policy has been in the works for months now. My hope is that we present it at the annual meeting for approval. And then, there were ever so many things that were NOT part of my plans... Pandemic-related We closed our ECC which, luckily, is now reopened, and we are starting the build-back process to pre-pandemic levels. We started a weekly Cash Flow Group (and I do mean weekly) to guide our financial decisions We moved EVERYTHING to Zoom for a time, including our High Holy Day services. We started a Back to the Building Task Force with volunteers to guide us in implementing proper safety procedures. We received a Safety and Security Grant to improve safety in our building. People Through two all-Zoom searches, we hired an amazing, and responsive Executive Director, Pete Smithhisler. This lifted about 1,000 pounds off my shoulders, and I hope has improved your interactions with our congregation as well.

We also hired our new, energetic ECC Director, Jodi Kaseff. She has many creative ideas and is working to implement them and hire more teachers. Technology We are all Zoom pros! We installed livestream cameras to improve the quality of online offerings. We updated our phone system. We updated our CRM system to ShulCloud, with an online directory and tools to enhance communications and finances—Please use it! And of course, all the “UNEXPECTED” ISSUES that seemed to “pop up” weekly—all I can say to each one is DAYENU! Had we only gotten a new roof for our entire building, dayenu. Had we received not one, but two PPP Loans, dayenu. Had we only had to replace the sewer line pipes and water heater, dayenu. Had we only gotten the southside cemetery gates repaired, dayenu. Had we only had repair work done on our precious Torahs, dayenu. Had we only updated our entire HVAC system, dayenu. Had we only replaced our boiler, dayenu. Had we only updated the locks on all our classroom doors, dayenu. It has been quite a ride and I could never have gotten through it without all of you. You gave tirelessly to IHC and supported me as we faced each new set of circumstances. The financial gifts so many of you made allowed us to keep moving forward through dark times. My gratitude is beyond words. To my IHC Board of Directors, thank you for the endless unplanned meetings to deal with each new issue as they arose and for giving me wise counsel; To our clergy, thank you for staying strong and innovating as we faced unknown waters; To our staff, thank you for calmly (mostly) dealing with each new issue and finding solutions. And to all our congregants, our stakeholders, thank you for giving me this very meaningful opportunity. Thank you for joining and supporting me and our congregation on my two-year voyage, steering the ship as your president. To my successor, I can only say—expect the unexpected, but relish the strength of our community!


A Message from...

Your Senior Rabbi Brett Krichiver Our Torah speaks of time in a peculiar way. While the cycle of the moon and the sun dictate the passing weeks and months, the Torah speaks to years based solely on “toldot” or the generations of people whose lives fill those years. “And these are the generations of Isaac, the son of Abraham, Abraham being father to Isaac.” (Gen 25:19). This passage fills in the gap between the story of the death of Abraham and Sarah and the story of Jacob and Esau fighting in their mother’s womb. This is the way the Torah tells us “time has passed." This Jewish concept of looking at the span of time through the generations of our families has persisted. We learn about our past so that we might build our future. We are commanded to teach our children and to continue to learn for our entire lives. This is also why we dedicate so much of our time to working with future congregational leaders. Our committees, Circles, and groups are busy, every day, strengthening the bonds of our community; creating opportunities for us to teach and to learn; to socialize and to pursue social justice together; working in sacred partnership with our talented staff to fulfill every part of our mission. IHC has always been a proud lay-led congregation. We honor the hard work and significant legacy of our outgoing temple president Eloise Paul. As is often the case, Eloise had no idea what she was getting into when she volunteered and was voted in, especially during COVID-19. But Eloise, leading our board and guiding our many committees, has worked so very hard, for the past two years, to ensure the future (and the present) of our congregation. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (z”l) taught that we should each see our lives as a page, right in the center of the book of our families. The pages before ours contain our past. The pages ahead have yet to be written. Eloise, you have added a beautiful page in the ongoing story of our community, and we thank you so very much. Mazel Tov!

(z”l) of blessed memory


Your Executive Director Pete Smithhisler We often step into our leadership roles with great expectations about what we think the experience will entail. Usually the picture is full of sunshine and rainbows, great change, and lasting legacy. When we take a moment to reflect, we see that path we walked was full of challenges, left turns, unexpected needs, and opportunities to stretch our skills and abilities. So often in my conversations with IHC President Eloise Paul, she reflects that her presidency is not anything she expected. For the two years that she’s been president, she’s faced issues, crises, challenges, and needs far greater than she envisioned, and she’s stepped forward into those challenges with courage, grace, and positivity. And she has succeeded each time. Here are the things that I’ve learned from Eloise in the past year: Always believe there is a path forward, and we will get through this challenge. Use your resources and support network fully. People first. Communicate, communicate, communicate. And do so in your own voice. In your own time. Listen. And listen again. Never lose your sense of humor. Never lose your sense of purpose. Never doubt your own abilities. When faced with a challenge, engage those with skills, knowledge, and experience to help you build a plan of action. Move with speed and purpose when needed. Be measured and deliberate sometimes. Acknowledge limitations, but don’t let your vision get clouded. Always keep family first. I admire many of Eloise’s leadership traits. Perhaps it is her tenacity and faith that stand out most for me. The phrase “Right place; right time” seems to be an accurate description of Eloise’s leadership journey. Eloise has been the leader that IHC needed these past two years. Her commitment to IHC has never wavered. I have witnessed her love of IHC and its congregants through her actions. I have treasured the opportunity to work alongside her, learn from her, and become her friend. Thank you, Eloise Paul...For all you have done to ensure the future of IHC.

Introducing IHC Music Shiru l’Adonai, shir chadash! Sing a new song unto God! Each week when we gather to celebrate Shabbat, we chant these words from Psalm 96. The Kabbalat Shabbat portion of our Friday evening service intentionally calls on each of us to bring all of ourselves into our prayer experience. We join together in our sacred spaces and raise our voices in song. We chant the ancient psalms, alongside members of our congregational family, and the music brings us together. Since IHC’s inception in 1856, the community has always understood the critical role that music plays in our worship services. But nearly 166 years later, what does it mean to "sing a new song unto God"? I am thrilled to be launching our new musical brand called IHC Music. Under this umbrella, I will be presenting multiple musical experiences, some participatory while others will focus on performance. The goal is to offer a wide array of musical genres to the entire community, both inside and outside the walls of our beautiful building. My hope is to rebuild our wonderful program and turn it into something that appeals to everyone. This year, we began our Spring Series. On March 1, I teamed up with revered conductor Dr. Eric Stark and presented a talk at Clowes Memorial Hall in partnership with the Butler performance of Verdi’s Requiem. This infamous masterwork became known as the Defiant Requiem after prisoners in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp (Terezin) performed it sixteen times while experiencing the depths of human degradation. At the time, ​conductor Rafael Schächter told the choir, “We will sing to the Nazis what we cannot say to them.” It was an honor to be able to share this part of Jewish history with the entire Indianapolis community at large, and I look forward to continuing IHC’s relationship with the Butler Performing Arts department. Our Spring Series will continue on Sunday, April 24 at 5:00pm with a performance at Trinity Episcopal Church. My friend and colleague Cantor Janice Roger and I will perform Jewish Classical Reform pieces with Dr. Michael Messina. Having recently had their magnificent organ re-voiced and restored, Dr. Messina will undoubtedly feature solo Jewish works on this beautiful instrument as well. All are welcome at this free performance.

Cantor Aviva Marer On May 8 at 4:00pm, IHC Music is proud to present our first-ever partnership with the IU Jacobs School of Music’s Opera department. We are excited to bring Opera: Unstuffed! to our IHC community, which will feature a hilarious take on some of the greatest opera classics. Five graduate students from the opera department will be joining us for this performance, which is generously sponsored by the Marks Fund in memory of Sophia Marks. All are welcome to join us for a Mother’s Day musical treat! Finally the Spring Series of IHC Music will conclude on Friday, June 3 with guest performer Elana Arian. Elana will join us on the bima at 6:15pm for our Shabbat evening service, and will then present a concert for all to enjoy. A composer, multiinstrumentalist, prayer leader, and recording artist, Elana inspires communities across the country with her soulful songwriting and spirit. She brings a sense of joy and passion to her performance that is unmatched, so you will not want to miss this wonderful event! There is so much more in store for IHC Music, and I cannot wait to share my vision with each and every member of our congregation. In the meantime, mark your calendars for our upcoming spring series so that we can truly sing a new song unto God, together.

IHC Music's Spring Series Organ and Voice Recital Sunday, April 24 at 5:00pm Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis Opera: Unstuffed! with IU Jacobs School of Music Sunday, May 8 at 4:00pm The IHC Sanctuary Shabbat Service and Concert with Elana Arian Friday, June 3 at 6:15pm The IHC Sanctuary


Inside Our Early Childhood Center

The Sharks love celebrating Shabbat each week with Rabbi Jordana and the other wonderful IHC clergy.

Students stay active with Soccer Shots enrichment. We think pink tutus & soccer are a perfect match! Don't you?

V is for Volcano! The Penguins were so excited to see their volcano erupt! Don’t worry, they were wearing their protective eyewear.


Inspired by the Olympic ski jumpers, students used pool noodles and marbles to make their jumps. This was a part of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum.

The Hedgehogs spent time learning about the five senses. On this day, students were focused on the sense of Touch.

The IHC Early Childhood Center (ECC) is committed to giving toddlers through kindergartners varied and rich opportunities for growth and development. We believe in providing an atmosphere of love, learning and play, which is greatly enhanced by our Jewish values. We also have a dedicated commitment to diversity among our ECC families and our staff.

Temple Library

By Evelyn Pockrass, Librarian

A middle grader book received during the pandemic merits wide recognition. Turtle Boy, by M. Evan Wolkenstein, is the story of Will Levine, a seventh grader who is bullied by some peers because of his receding chin. At home, Will mostly spends time in his room taking care of his turtles (he’s a turtle expert) , but a science teacher tells him to let them go.

What makes this book special? Other Library News The writing is clear and believable. The main character The IHC Caring Community has many obstacles to overcome Committee has partnered with and matures as the story the library to offer a book loan progresses. service to homebound congregants, which you can The physical conditions Will read more about in the section encounters in himself and others below. are true to life. The author is a We encourage you to look for teacher at a Jewish high school Temple Library books with in the Bay area and captures the labels on the spine: Children way youngsters think and (yellow), Youth (red), As Will unenthusiastically express themselves. Of course, Teens/Adults (white, some prepares for his bar mitzvah, he the story is dramatic but it is with dots). We appreciate your learns his community project will done in a finely crafted, warm returning IHC’s library books. be to visit Ralph (RJ), a way so that both youth and Happy Passover to all and, as seriously ill boy in the hospital. adults will find this to be a always…There’s a Jewish Will dreads this assignment worthwhile, inspiring read. book waiting for you at the because when Will was young Families can discuss issues that Temple Library! his father died in a hospital. Will are raised, among them bullying, and RJ get off to a rocky start, loneliness, grief, anxiety, gradually become friends and memory and hope. Turtle Boy Jewish Book he helps with much of RJ’s was the 2021 Sydney Taylor Club Selections “bucket list” before RJ’s illness Middle Grade Book Award takes a dire turn. winner. In our opinion, rightly so. Tuesday, April 12 How to Find Your Way in the Dark Will also worries about his own by Derek B. Miller corrective surgery to fix Tuesday, May 10 micrognathia-an undersized Eternal lower jaw. Will is operated upon by Lisa Scottoline and slowly continues to come out of his “shell.” IHC’s Jewish Book Club continues to meet eleven times a year at At his bar mitzvah service, Will 12:00pm on the second Tuesday speaks of his challenges, and of the month. Since the beginning thanks all who helped him of the pandemic, we have been including his mother, the rabbi, meeting virtually. Contact Evelyn and some classmates. In the Pockrass for further details. end, Will finishes RJ's bucket list.

Volunteers with the Caring Community are ready to deliver books to homebound congregants as part of a new partnership with the IHC library. Here's how the program works: homebound congregants can choose up to 3 books to borrow. The form to request books can be found on the Announcement section of the ihcindy.org. Then, an IHC Caring Community volunteer will pick up books, deliver them to the congregant’s home, and will retrieve them 3 weeks later.

Book requests can also be submitted by emailing IHC librarian Evelyn Pockrass at evelynp@ihcindy.org or the Caring Community at ihc.caringcommunity@gmail.com. You may also call the IHC Library at 317-255-6647 ext. 2203. The Caring Community is a team of caring and compassionate individuals who fulfill the Jewish responsibility to perform deeds of loving kindness by serving our IHC families. If you or someone you know needs assistance or wants to volunteer, please email the Caring Community.


The State of our Cemeteries

Hello Everyone – my name is Carolyn Hiser and I have the distinct pleasure of chairing the IHC Cemetery Committee. This committee has the responsibility of caring for the two cemeteries owned by our congregation. According to Jewish law the first responsibility that a congregation has is to provide for a place for burial. Consequently, one of the very first things our founders did – over 150 years ago – was to purchase land at Meridian and Kelly Streets for our first cemetery. That cemetery was sufficient for our needs until the 1950s when the congregation decided to purchase land on North Meridian at 161st Street to provide for our needs far into the future. A separate fund was established specifically for our cemeteries. The IHC operating budget does not fund the cemeteries and the sale of graves and donations specified for the cemetery fund do not fund IHC operations. At this moment in IHC’s long history, we have a beautiful and sacred opportunity to develop our northside cemetery, to beautify and make much needed repairs to our southside cemetery, and to ensure the sanctity of both those spaces. Selling plots in our cemeteries has generated enough income for basic maintenance (e.g. mowing, fertilizing, weed control, repairs) but the work ahead will require a special effort from all of us.

By Carolyn Hiser

Please consider joining with the many other families whose loved ones are interred in our cemeteries, by making a tax-deductible gift to the IHC Cemetery Fund to help us make necessary improvements and major maintenance. We anticipate these projects will require a minimum of $75,000. Participants in this special fund will be listed in a special issue of the IHC newsletter, as well as being acknowledged at our annual congregational meeting and on our website. We are offering these four giving levels: - Up to $1,000 - $1,000 - $4,999 - $5,000 - $9,999 - $10,000+ To contribute, please either send a check to the temple with ‘Cemetery Fund’ in the memo line, or go to the IHC website, click the 'donate' button and choose the Cemetery Fund. For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Pete Smithhisler at petes@ihcindy.org. Thank you for your kind consideration of contributing to the IHC Cemetery Fund. Caring for our cemeteries is an important mitzvah, an obligation as well as a blessing. If you are interested in joining the Cemetery Committee and helping with this work please reach out to me at carolyn.hiser@gmail.com.

FUNDamentals There several ways to direct your generosity toward a fund that is most meaningful and important to you. In conjunction with the introduction of IHC Music, we would like to highlight funds that help grow and establish music, art, and cultural initiatives at IHC. If you cannot decide, a donation to the Operating Fund is always appreciated.


Cantor Janice L. Roger Cultural Arts Fund supports IHC cultural arts programs. Most recently, this fund provided a much-needed update to the piano in our sanctuary. The fund also paid for Bluetooth speakers in the ECC. Mantel Family Theater, Cultural Arts & Education Fund fosters cultural arts and theater outreach. Robert H. and Sophia G. Marks Memorial Fund provides support for musical programs, and now includes an annual partnership with the IU School of Music's Opera department. Maurel Rothbaum Memorial Fund supports special spiritual and cultural events. The fund supported the broadcast of High Holy Day services in 2020. Cantor’s Discretionary Fund accepts donations to benefit IHC music and community activities, such as scholarship and supporting those in need. You can learn more about giving at ihcindy.org/give.

May their memory be for blessing... April Yahrzeits Harry Cooler, Jr 4/1/2016 Gladys Garelick 4/1/1995 Sid Izsak 4/1/1987 Frances Julian 4/1/2012 Betty Lockman 4/1/1997 Leonard Lucas 4/1/1979 Rebecca Rosenthal 4/1/1996 Bertl Selig 4/1/1970 Sylene Smith 4/1/2001 Anita Smith 4/1/2018 Marie Superfine 4/1/1975 Alfred Berman 4/2/1976 Joseph Dansker 4/2/1961 Al Duquenne 4/2/2005 Mildred Feuerlicht 4/2/1977 Julius Goldsmith 4/2/1948 Sanford Marcus 4/2/2000 Cora Michael 4/2/1937 Francine Rosenberg 4/2/2018 Bessie Rothbard 4/2/1962 Sonny Schultz 4/2/2000 Beverly Wolfram 4/2/2014 Joyce Koehler 4/3/2005 Ray Lawson 4/3/1997 Hannah Selig 4/3/1938 Rose Shankman 4/3/1956 Max Snellenberg 4/3/1951 Maura Tauber 4/3/2013 Harry Weiner 4/3/1971 Ruth Chernin 4/4/2016 Louis Cohen 4/4/1980 Richard Fine 4/4/2019 Steven Grossman 4/4/2017 Dorothy Heiman 4/4/1971 Philip Stiefler 4/4/2001 Louis Tobin 4/4/1999 Aaron Wilkes 4/4/1999 Robert Edmands 4/5/2006 Irving Fink 4/5/2015 Rose Fuhrman 4/5/1984 Helen Lefkowitz 4/5/2020 Marjorie Pearson 4/5/2006 Albert Pollock 4/5/1961 Eva Apter 4/6/1997 Tzuriel Billingham 4/6/2017 Wendy Galan 4/6/2018 Chester Solomon 4/6/2009 Bella Stein 4/6/1964 Roslyn Stern 4/6/2020 Rose Vigran 4/6/1968 William Wentico 4/6/1981 Benjamin Edenberg 4/7/1995 William Epstein 4/7/1965 Helen Fichman 4/7/2015 Bertha Gold 4/7/1962 Fred Layton 4/7/1975 Peggy Lipton 4/7/2000 Marijane Popp 4/7/2000 Dora Shapiro 4/7/1999 Corinne Bernstein 4/8/2014 Arvel Cox 4/8/2010 Thomas Dakich, Sr. 4/8/2014 Louis Fuldauer 4/8/1982 Robin Fuldauer 4/8/1992 Jack Goldberg 4/8/1980 Harvey Greenberger 4/8/2008 Mary Hertz 4/8/1996 John Lion 4/8/2001 Richard Reed 4/8/2019 Lillian Leventhal 4/9/1977 John Vokits 4/9/2005 Julia Apter 4/10/2004 Gertrude Fallon 4/10/1987 William Feldman 4/10/1965 Victor Goldberg 4/10/1976 Joyce Isaacs 4/10/2013 Ester Lask 4/10/2012 Joseph Levin 4/10/1961

Roslyn Mandel 4/10/2013 Ida Nickbarg 4/10/1995 Leonard Reiter 4/10/1984 Harry Barrett 4/11/1960 Emy Bildstein 4/11/1939 Leo Brodsky 4/11/1994 Harry Barrett 4/11/1960 Emy Bildstein 4/11/1939 Leo Brodsky 4/11/1994 Whitney Greenberg 4/11/2008 Michael Haskell 4/11/2015 Walter Heller 4/11/1969 Abraham Koffman 4/11/1933 Helene Lutz 4/11/2005 Samuel Mantel, Jr. 4/11/2014 Judith Schwartz 4/11/1989 Lev Weinstock 4/11/2002 Colman Blach 4/12/1943 Gerald Block 4/12/2001 Norman Feuer 4/12/1996 Sylvia Gorfain 4/12/2010 Walter Morse 4/12/1984 Maurice Stine 4/12/1964 Jack Tauf 4/12/2012 Julius Velzen 4/12/1919 Helen Fihn 4/13/1980 Bertha Goldberg 4/13/1957 Arthur Perlstein 4/13/1991 Herbert Sim 4/13/2011 Doris Cooperman 4/14/2016 Gertrude Danenberg 4/14/2003 A. Robert Dunbar 4/14/2020 Jack Efroymson, Jr. 4/14/1987 Abe Epstein 4/14/1964 Steve Fritschle 4/14/2019 Rose Mollin 4/14/1974 Dolores Newman 4/14/2006 Grace Raunick 4/14/2016 Samuel Sax 4/14/2002 Helen Spridgeon 4/14/1993 Rabbi Jack Stern 4/14/2011 Helen Stevens 4/14/1991 Mary Zimmerman 4/14/2016 Alexander Baerncopf 4/151915 Pauline Calderon 4/15/1987 Ilse Chorin 4/15/2013 Isaac Cohen 4/15/1947 Leo Netzorg 4/15/1930 Irving Opie 4/15/1976 Robert Richardson 4/15/2007 Harry Stoner 4/15/1983 Lynn Sussman 4/15/1997 Martha Tilton 4/15/2015 Leo Traugott 4/15/1958 William Barrett 4/16/1996 Emil Dreifuss 4/16/1942 Maxine Druker 4/16/2003 Joseph Engelberg 4/16/1994 William Gellman 4/16/2005 Nikhama Goldburt 4/16/2011 Hank Halberstadt 4/16/2003 Harriet Hilton 4/16/1998 Rose Kort 4/16/1957 Milard Lucas 4/16/2008 Yetta Mantel 4/16/1963 Sherrie Norris 4/16/2015 Ken Ossip 4/16/2006 Theodore Singer 4/16/2007 William Skavroneck 4/16/1982 Margaret Sugarman 4/16/1981 Harry Traugott 4/16/2015 Louis Bale 4/17/2001 Ada Friedman 4/17/1990 Robert Gale 4/17/2013 Clara Goldbach 4/17/1942 Abraham Goldbach 4/17/1942 William Halpern 4/17/1995 Harold Hatfield 4/17/2017

Charles Hurwitz 4/17/1932 Arthur Kline 4/17/2010 Samuel Levy 4/17/2010 Sidney Epstein 4/18/1983 Alfred Fischer 4/18/2002 Adam Goodman 4/18/2017 Nathan Gotthelf 4/18/2012 Rabbi Milton Greenwald 4/18/1969 Norman Lencheck 4/18/2002 Manuel Leve 4/18/1990 Emil Mantel 4/18/1940 Gary Seleman 4/18/2011 Jerome Slutzky 4/18/1987 Morris Stavitsky 4/18/1963 Jozef Vorsovsky 4/18/2002 Ida Arffa 4/19/1973 Herbert Aronson 4/19/1997 Robert Aronson 4/19/2021 Beatrice Black 4/19/1974 Gabriel Cohen 4/19/2007 William Foster 4/19/2003 Clara Joseph 4/19/1991 Nathan Levinson 4/19/1959 Dora Litt 4/19/1982 Joe Star 4/19/2017 Rabbi Vicki Tuckman 4/19/2015 Samuel Weiner 4/19/1972 Rae Franco 4/20/1995 Leonard Goldstein 4/20/2018 Christopher Hargis 4/20/2020 Harold Kort 4/20/1997 Chester Leiser 4/20/2009 Edward Micon 4/20/1983 Hattie Miller 4/20/1966 Eva Pauker 4/20/1996 Jack Rockmore 4/20/1985 Sadie Russell 4/20/1996 Sanford Sirkus 4/20/2021 Thomas Smith 4/20/2019 Pauline Bash 4/21/1986 Joseph Careskey 4/21/1999 Franklin Giles II 4/21/2019 Bert Goldberg 4/21/1978 Richard Honig 4/21/1994 Max Lemberger 4/21/1966 Albert Miller 4/21/2020 Eli Schloss 4/21/1936 Seymour Schwartz 4/21/2019 Henry Shapiro 4/21/2018 Leo Wagman 4/21/1967 Arnold Waxman 4/21/1969 Verne Weinbaum 4/21/2013 Gladys Weiss 4/21/2013 Rosella Medias 4/22/1962 Philip Miceli 4/22/2016 Elsie Segal 4/22/2020 Maurice Blonder 4/23/1988 Dennis Escol 4/23/2010 Ann Glasser 4/23/2021 Irene Stein 4/23/2010 Perl Stern 4/23/1942 Gerald Arffa 4/24/2020 Elizabeth Burke 4/24/2006 Julie Chinsky 4/24/1985 Harriet Greenwald 4/24/2019 Arthur Klein 4/24/2004

Jennifer Moss 4/24/2002 Hilda Samuel 4/24/1997 Simon Winograd 4/24/1938 Carol Zhiss 4/24/2000 Caryl Berman 4/25/1972 Betty Blum 4/25/1995 Jack Glick 4/25/2018 Maurice Gould 4/25/1972 Kalman Haber 4/25/1994 Ella Hartman 4/25/1994 Jennie Kahn 4/25/1984 Rose Kahn 4/25/1992 Judith Karzen 4/25/2019 Adolphe Pockrass 4/25/1991 Monty Ruekberg 4/25/2003 Steven Simons 4/25/2015 Samuel Yolles 4/25/1963 Paul Anderson 4/26/2014 Abe Berman 4/26/1997 Jack Falk 4/26/1953 Maurice Gordon 4/26/1975 Pauline Meyers 4/26/1976 Marilyn Peachin 4/26/2019 Jerome Abrams 4/27/2020 Edward Baker 4/27/1988 Jacqueline Butterman 4/27/2012 Phyllis Heller 4/27/1998 Charlotta Katona 4/27/1988 David Lebin 4/27/1961 Betti Lurie 4/27/2012 Morris Oscherwitz 4/27/2012 Ruth Shott 4/27/1994 Freda Winski 4/27/2015 Sam Abels 4/28/1985 Meyer Bronicki 4/28/2016 Joseph Burstyn 4/28/1994 Ruben Glick 4/28/1980 Frank Honig 4/28/1989 Ginger Lewis 4/28/2008 Robert Lutz 4/28/1992 George Mendlovitz 4/28/1944 Cecilia Nahmias 4/28/2021 Rose Nickbarg 4/28/1992 Benjamin Nisenshal 4/28/1994 Sarah Pomeranz 4/28/2008 Isaak Silver 4/28/1989 Jeanette Taylor 4/28/2012 Fannie Winer 4/28/1999 Hyman Bank 4/29/1982 Sheldon Breskow 4/29/1992 Eric Freed 4/29/2015 Evelyn Heisler 4/29/2021 Edith Holowitz 4/29/1980 Libby Hurwitz 4/29/1981 William Kelley 4/29/1978 Gerald LaBounty 4/29/2011 Sue Price 4/29/2016 Issac Wolf 4/29/1958 Bertha Anderson 4/30/2017 Joshua Batt 4/30/1986 Sharon Broock 4/30/1983 Stanley Freedman 4/30/2012 Nancy Greenspoon 4/30/2017 Florence Sosin 4/30/2008 Harry Speyer 4/30/1952

Reading the name of a loved one on a yahrzeit is a way to honor them, their lives and their memory. Jewish tradition teaches that the memory of one who has lived righteously lives on for blessing. We hope the memories of your loved one will bring you consolation and lighten your grief on their yahrzeit. When a yahrzeit is observed, there is a Jewish custom to give tzedakah. This can be a donation to your favorite charity. If IHC is the charity of your choice, there is a full list of our tzedakah funds on the IHC website.


May their memory be for blessing... May Yahrzeits Eric Bulloff 5/1/1991 Herman Gilbert 5/1/1961 Dorothy Gitlin 5/1/2016 Esther Richman 5/1/2013 Louis Jaffe 5/1/2014 Thomas McCormack 5/1/1985 James Moody 5/1/2004 Rosalie Moskowitz 5/1/1988 Milton Tavel 5/1/1992 Leyb Voldman 5/1/2004 Walter Cardwell 5/2/2007 Ruth Efroymson 5/2/1973 Albert Eichenberg 5/2/1922 Ralph Kaplan 5/2/1981 Charles Kaufman 5/2/2017 Marilyn Millman 5/2/1998 Harry Redish 5/2/1991 Rae Resnick 5/2/1982 Irene Schwartz 5/2/1975 Ruell Wattam 5/2/1973 Ralph Wohlmuth 5/2/1999 Maxwell Abramson 5/3/1991 Fan Blickman 5/3/1983 Louis Borinstein 5/3/1972 Alyce DeCosta 5/3/2004 Stacy Harris 5/3/1998 Anna Kaplan 5/3/1994 Werner Loeb 5/3/2009 Majid Rastegar 5/3/2016 Bertha Asher 5/4/1947 Carole Barkan 5/4/2013 Louis Bassler 5/4/1953 Florence Bulloff 5/4/1996 Mark Cohen 5/4/1978 Louis Goldsmith 5/4/1952 Theodore Grossman 5/4/2014 James Leeds 5/4/1995 Abe Miller 5/4/1984 Lloyd Reed 5/4/1977 Mollie Reiter 5/4/1976 Robert Scott 5/4/2006 Clare Stevens 5/4/1967 Alan Yosha 5/4/2016 Robert Berg 5/5/2012 Joe Cohen 5/5/1984 Peter Dluz 5/5/1998 Ethel Greenberger 5/5/1971 Jack Guttman 5/5/1989 Robert Johnson 5/5/1985 Ruth Kammen 5/5/1986 Nicholas Katona 5/5/1983 Emanuel Millman 5/5/1993 Arthur Sachs 5/5/1981 Ruth Satz 5/5/1974 Helen Siegel 5/5/2013 Ida Stillerman 5/5/1952 Julia Weisz-Varga 5/5/1965 Michelle Dwosken 5/6/2018 William Graff 5/6/2011 Madelyn Lillianfeld 5/6/2011 Imogene Mitchell 5/6/1991 Sophye Pintchuck-Cohen 5/6/1995 Helen Rome 5/6/1979 Esther Tanner 5/6/1971 Mary Widner 5/6/2010 Ron Corn 5/7/1998 Esther Kaufman 5/7/1992 Barbara Kushick 5/7/2000 Nina Lobb 5/7/1990 Sadie Miller 5/7/1958 Steven Rudoff 5/7/2016 Sofie Strauss 5/7/1969 Melvin Weisman 5/7/2004 Bessie Drescher 5/8/1981 Jill Dumes 5/8/2010


Ferdinand Kahn 5/8/1941 Dorothy Krauss 5/8/1993 Herman Leightman 5/8/1951 Max Nelson 5/8/2019 Henry Abraham 5/9/2017 Estelle Burnstein 5/9/1982 Robert Mages 5/9/2017 James Mitchell 5/9/2020 Sally Soshnick 5/9/2009 Miriam Ackerman 5/10/1993 Gertrude Cohen 5/10/1979 Rose Cohen 5/10/1985 Jennie Diamond 5/10/1980 Sol Gold 5/10/1977 Rose Goldberg 5/10/1979 Leonard Koplow 5/10/2005 Harry Loganofsky 5/10/1977 David Mintz 5/10/1970 Fanny Norris 5/10/2006 Melvin Stern 5/10/2001 Abe Vilensky 5/10/2017 Lena Cohen 5/11/2016 Gertrude Goldstein 5/11/1999 Rudy Grumbacher 5/11/2011 Sadie VerVeer 5/11/1941 Eva Greenburg 5/12/1913 Abe Hantman 5/12/1915 Harry Langman 5/12/1999 Charles Logan 5/12/1970 Gerald Maholowitz 5/12/1983 Joseph Schahet 5/12/1953 Steven Schreibman 5/12/2018 Amely Silver 5/12/2014 Adele Stein 5/12/2002 Hugo Cahn 5/13/1984 Hannah Cohen 5/13/1983 Edna Cohen 5/13/1988 Renae Firestone 5/13/2021 Hilda First 5/13/1991 Milton Gellman 5/13/1937 Julius Goldberg 5/13/1945 Simon Goldsmith 5/13/1928 Michael Goldstein 5/13/1976 Jacqueline Heilbrunn 5/13/2012 Eleanor Lane 5/13/2009 Hilda Rockmore 5/13/ 2000 Robert Cantor 5/14/1976 Morris Gold 5/14/1985 Sarah Gumbiner 5/14/2008 Florence Hymson 5/14/1993 Irving Kaminsky 5/14/1992 Stephen Leader 5/14/1987 Earle Peachin 5/14/2003 Harold Stadler 5/14/1997 Priscilla Stern 5/14/2000 Elinor Tasch 5/14/1994 Ida Druker 5/15/1948 Ben Gittelsohn 5/15/1966 Hortense Goodman 5/15/1994 Rose Katz 5/15/1989 Geraldine Mansbach 5/15/1993 James McKown 5/15/2002 Betty Rothbard 5/15/1999 Frances Simon 5/15/1971 Ida Spector 5/15/1998 Harry Ancel 5/16/1986 Jacob Cassell 5/16/1963 Bernard Feuer 5/16/2015 Rosalyn Helford 5/16/2012 Harry Jacobs 5/16/2010 Philip Schiff 5/16/2007 Jon Tisius 5/16/2009 Sam VerVeer 5/16/1948 Leo Cassell 5/17/1982 Nathan Engelberg 5/17/1968

Joe Galbo 5/17/2007 Rose Gould 5/17/1998 Harry Greenwald 5/17/1975 M. Bernie Herman 5/17/2013 Carrie Hyman 5/17/1978 Molly Karsh 5/17/1940 Marsha Keenan 5/17/2021 James Klineman 5/17/2004 Freda Lippman 5/17/1988 Meyer Maierson 5/17/2012 Sam Mishelow 5/17/1949 Leon Nefouse 5/17/1949 Clara Tanenbaum 5/17/1965 William Deckelbaum 5/18/1991 Elza Freiberg 5/18/1986 Marilyn Jacobson 5/18/2009 Lillian Koby 5/18/1945 Jeanne Koplow 5/18/2014 John Kouts 5/18/2005 Richard McKown 5/18/2011 Della Reeder 5/18/1988 Sydney Romer 5/18/1983 Edward Rose 5/18/1992 Samuel Rosenblatt 5/18/1979 Morris Satz 5/18/1959 Molly Smalline 5/18/1981 Carole Stark 5/18/2016 Patrick Steen 5/18/2013 Meriam Cohen 5/19/1988 Ben Deremiah 5/19/2013 Irving Goodman 5/19/1960 Jules Heisler 5/19/2007 Frank Longo 5/19/ 2011 Luna Mishelow 5/19/2008 Jean Modiano 5/19/1990 Ruth Rivlin 5/19/1991 Hans Rosenstock 5/19/1996 Bruce Gerstein 5/20/2005 Jane Goldsmith 5/20/2010 Betty Hardie 5/20/2018 Pauline Koppel 5/20/1965 Helaine Plaut 5/20/2021 Sam Slivka 5/20/1984 Jack Speyer 5/20/1981 William Sulkin 5/20/2001 Harry Vaprin 5/20/1976 Carol Cohen 5/21/2021 Miles Fishman 5/21/1982 Nelly Kagan 5/21/ 2015 Joseph Mallitz 5/21/1996 Harry Morgan 5/21/2011 Clifford Rubenstein 5/21/2019 Raymond Tauber 5/21/1975 Isaac Berman 5/22/1952 Ellen Eichler 5/22/2018 Mary Lou Hargis 5/22/2010 Dave Henry 5/22/1963 Bette Jacobs 5/22/2011 Frances Levin 5/22/1988 Germaine Mandelbaum 5/22/2017 Miya Medalie 5/22/1960 Gerhard Oakley 5/22/1999 Leonard Pryweller 5/22/2006 Robert Rubin 5/22/2020 Beatrice Shander 5/22/2005 Helen Steinert 5/22/1918 Gerald Arenson 5/23/2011 Saul Herman 5/23/1995 Shirley Jacobs 5/23/1962 Max Kaplan 5/23/1969 Peggy Miller 5/23/1998 Henrietta Ruekberg 5/23/1983 Roger Abelson 5/24/2015 Seymour Fox 5/24/1964 Mary Garman 5/24/2019 Robert Goldberg 5/24/2006

Sadye Katz 5/24/1986 Miriam Marx 5/24/1973 Moe Rosen 5/24/1958 Sanford Rosenberg 5/24/2014 Martin Rosenthal 5/24/1979 Frank Shepard 5/24/1996 Irvin Talesnick 5/24/2006 Adolph Blickman 5/25/1950 Leanore Block 5/25/2017 Hulda Cassell 5/25/1956 Carl Centman 5/25/1993 Isadore Krieger 5/25/1994 Wolf Rosenblum 5/25/2000 Benjamin Schuff 5/25/2010 Sarah Braunstein 5/26/1978 Ben Goldberg 5/26/ 2020 H. Maurice Kantor 5/26/2006 Paul Levine 5/26/1999 Doris Nesler 5/26/2007 Dorothy Newman 5/26/2015 Joseph Parker 5/26/1980 Caroline Rice 5/26/1986 Lilyan Sax 5/26/2005 Norman Wormser 5/26/1996 Ruth Feinberg 5/27/2021 Paul Feltman 5/27/2005 Ervin Fuchs 5/27/1985 Lillian Goldstein 5/27/ 2007 Sarah Simon 5/27/1975 Jean Weiner 5/27/1981 Alys Caplan 5/28/2009 Celia Freedland 5/28/2012 Heinrich Grumbacher 5/28/1968 Jerome Hurwitz 5/28/2013 Simon Koppelson 5/28/1992 Florence Kushnarov 5/28/2002 Bertha Lutz 5/28/2012 Samuel Marcus 5/28/1966 Richard Perk 5/28/2014 Jack Ridge 5/28/2009 Rosa Schmalgrund 5/28/1968 Marshall Seidman 5/28/2004 Emma Yegge 5/28/2012 Dorothy Buchwalter 5/29/2015 Julia Cooperman 5/29/1986 Jules Gradison 5/29/1988 Roger Jones 5/29/2013 Theodore Medias 5/29/1987 Byrdie Roven 5/29/1985 Larisa Braslavskaya 5/30/2011 Max Cohen 5/30/2014 Richard Cook 5/30/2010 Luverne Gillock 5/30/2018 Dave Goldstein 5/30/1994 Lester Hart 5/30/1985 Rebecca Klapper 5/30/1969 Rose Klein 5/30/2008 LydiaLowenstein 5/30/1979 Sylvia Margolis 5/30/1966 Morris Nahmias 5/30/2003 Leonard Newman 5/30/2019 Nathan Regenstreif 5/30/1971 Alexander Rheins 5/30/2004 Robert Scher 5/30/2013 Henrietta Schneider 5/30/2006 Anne Shapiro 5/30/1946 Esmin Weinberg 5/30/1971 Helen Barrett 5/31/2005 Lawerence Blum 5/31/1952 Bruce Glazer 5/31/1961 Frederick Linkon 5/31/1959 Julius Lurie 5/31/1954 Barney Segal 5/31/1966 Laura Sirota 5/31/2018 Louis Stricker 5/31/1993 Evelyn Waldman 5/31/2015 Lilo Wolff 5/31/1995



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