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Vol. 01, Issue No. 10 November 10, 2017.

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Vol. 01, Issue. 10, November 10, 2017.

Consulate News Consul General’s meeting with Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada

Consul General, Smt. Abhilasha Joshi had met with representatives of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. They briefed about activities and work done by Ekal Schools in India for the children living in remote villages. They also briefed about efforts to popularize and increase awareness about Ekal Vidyalaya Movement amongst the Indo-Canadian community and raise funds for this charity in Canada as well. Please visit and to know more about “Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada.”

Government of Madhya Pradesh is organizing ‘Friends of Madhya Pradesh Conclave’, at Hotel Marriott, Indore from 3rd to 4th January 2018. Details of the Conclave are attached. The aim of this conclave is to invite people of Indian origin, especially with roots from Madhya Pradesh and those who are interested in developing relationship with the State of Madhya Pradesh, to hold deliberations on the vision and the way forward for 'Friends of MP' and how this initiative can fuel socio-economic growth in the State. Details of the conclave can be seen from its website:

National Teachers’ Congress foundation MIT Campus S. No-124 Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune-411038 (January 10 – 12, 2018)

The MIT World Peace University, Pune is organising the second National Teachers Congress in Pune from January 10 – 12, 2018. The event has the support of Government of Maharashtra. 2. The National Teachers' Congress (NTC) has been conceptualized with an objective to inspire teachers of Higher Education (under-graduate and post-graduate colleges) from across the nation. Through extensive deliberations and dialogues of 3 days, NTC aim to ignite the spirit of over 8,000 teachers every year so that they continue to look beyond the commercial temptations for creating deeper and wider impact on the society through this noble profession. 3. Over a thousand teachers from India and teachers/professors of Indian origin teaching in foreign universities are expected to participate in the event. The event will provide an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas with their contemporaries in India. 4. Contact details are as below for registration and more information: Phone: +91 88888 15424/25 Email: info@nationalteacherscongress.comm & Website: 1|P a g e

Vol. 01, Issue. 10, November 10, 2017.

Organization of Consular Camps for Life Certificate The Consulate General of India will be conducting Consular Camps at the places and dates mentioned below for signing of Life Certificates, and other consular services [where there is no BLS centre]. The Consulate will not provide any attestation of ‘Life Certificate’ services at the Consulate during November and the general public may please approach the local contacts given below as regards the venue and timing of the camp. Sl.



Local organizer



Sunday 12.11.17

Sh Nish Prasad Ph: 306 533 0977 Email:



Sunday 12.11.17

Sh Amit Shukla, India Canada Cultural Association, Saskatoon Ph: 306 717 3880 Email:



Sunday 19.11.17

Col Rattan, President Indian Ex-servicemen Immigrant Association Ph: 403 835 2257 Email:



Sunday 19.11.17

Sh Chander Sheikhar, President, CISE Email:,


Prince George

Sunday 26.11.17

Sh Sardul Singh Toor, VP, Guru Gobind Singh Temple Association, 443 Kelly St. South, Prince George Ph: 250981 9872 Email:



Sunday 26.11.17

Sh Kulwinder Singh Kular, President, Sikh Cultural Society, Ph: 2503 768 285, Email:

Consular Camps held at the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Surrey and the Heritage Gurudwara, Abbotsford on November 5th, 2017.

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Vol. 01, Issue. 10, November 10, 2017.

International Solar Alliance Founding Conference – 8th December 2017 The Founding Conference of International Solar Alliance (ISA) is going to be held on 8 th December 2017 in Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. It will be graced by the Prime Minister of India, the President of French Republic and Heads and Ministers from prospective ISA member countries. International Solar Alliance (ISA) was jointly launched on 30th November 2015 by the Prime Minister of India and the President of France in the presence of H.E. Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of United Nations at the Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris. The ISA has been conceived as a unique international platform for cooperation among 121 solar resource nations, with the aim to massively ramp up solar energy by aggregating markets, and taking solar power applications to scale to improve energy access. The ISA creates an economically conducive environment which would lead to job creation, investments resulting in profitability, competitiveness among various sectors, filling up the gaps in power supply, enhancement of manufacturing sector, all this whilst protecting the environment and ultimately making solar a buyers’ market. The ISA is considered a significant step in making solar resource rich countries self-reliant in energy. The ISA Event will witness a series of activities, not only conferences and exhibition, but actual projects and agreements signing, thereby walking the talk. ISA Pavilion is being put up to showcase new inventions and technologies; Models and statistics of irrigation pumps, drinking water pumps and mini grids. A dedicated space would be allocated in the Pavilion for B2B meetings. The detailed Agenda/Programme of the Foundation Ceremony is available at

RE-INVEST 2017 [7-9 December 2017] The 2nd Edition of the Global Renewable Energy Investors Meet and Expo (RE-INVEST 2017) will be held in India Expo Mart, Greater Noida from 7th to 9th December 2017. RE-INVEST 2017 aims at accelerating the global efforts towards Renewable Energy. The event will enable the global investment community to connect with Renewable Energy stakeholders. The activities in the event include series of seminars covering different themes of renewables, conferences and exhibition of manufacturers, project developers, investors and other players in the renewable energy space to showcase manufacturing capabilities, latest technologies, financing options and investment opportunities. The RE-INVEST 2017 is expected to be attended by Heads of the State or Ministers from various countries, more than 600 global leaders and investors and 10,000 delegates from world over. The detailed Agenda/Programme of RE-INVEST 2017 is available at

News from India 1. These Indians are the emperors in the world of technology We are surrounded by technology equipment and gadgets around us but do you have an idea of how many gadgets and technology present around us have been invented by the Indians. So, let's know who is the Indian who has raised the name of the country in the world of technology. Ajay Bhatt | Founder of USB cable: Ajay Bhatt, the founder of USB cable found in all the locations, including pen drives and USB drives, is an Indian. Ajay worked with Intel for many years after graduating from Baroda. In the year 1990, Ajay started with Intel, he is currently the Chief I / O Architect in Intel. There are about ten other inventions in the name of Ajay with USB. Arun Netravali | HDTV: Today, HD technology HDTV TV is a contribution of Arun Netravali. Arun studied electrical engineer from IIT Mumbai. Arun has been a major contributor to transforming TV from analog to digital technology and invention of HDTV. Arun has worked at several prestigious places like NASA, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. Narinder Singh Kapani | Fiber Optics: In 1960, Narendra Singh Kapani used the term "fiber optics" in an article written in Scientific America. Narendra is the renowned American physicist of Indian origin, who has made many major contributions in the field of fiber optics. Today, in the digital era, most fiber optics are used in the form of video, data, and technology of voice transmission. Krishna Bharat | Google News: Krishna has worked as a Principal Research Scientist at Google. Krishna has worked as a developer in Automated Google News. This technology is completely algorithmic based, in which news from the different portal is collected. In 2003, Krishna was awarded the World Technology Award in the field of Media and Journalism. Vinod Dham | Pentium Processors: Vinod Dham is considered to be the father of Pentium Micro Processor, Vinod has given a major contributor to the field of microprocessors. In this development, Vinod has worked as a co-inventor in the development of flash memory, which is today known as SD card in common language. Vinod has worked with Intel at prestigious places like AMD and NCR. (Newstrack Live, Sat, 04 Nov, 02:57pm)

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Vol. 01, Issue. 10, November 10, 2017. 2. India makes Guiness Record in the largest portion of khichdi serving The attempt headed by Sanjeev Kapoor at World Food India 2017 has just set a new record. A giant utensil with a capacity of 1143 litres, a customized electric boiler to produce up to 7kg of steam and over 250 kgs of solid ingredients, India has just made a new Guiness World Record--the largest portion of khichdi. This attempt was headed up master chef Sanjeev Kapoor, and he partnered with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries "The preparation for this has been going on for months now. We needed a customized kadhai and steam pipeline put in place and also a crane to move the utensil around", Kapoor said. The ************ ingredients of this khichdi included 125 kgs Rice, 50 kgs moong dal, 20 kgs of vegetables and around 700 litres of water, along with various pulses and lentils--including beans, ragi, jawar, millets, curry leaves, mustard and ghee. This record comes under the category of the largest serving of rice and beans. The making of this dish was a tedious process where all the chefs, and even Food Processing Industries Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal herself, held the utensil and were tactfully placing it on the weighing scale. The entire weight was around 1264 kgs. After subtracting the weight of the utensils, the weight of the khichdi is around 900 kgs. Around 50 chefs came together to be part of this project, including senior chefs like Imtiaz Quireshi and Satish Arora. The chopping of vegetables began on Friday night and the first bit of ghee was dropped in the pan at 6:00am on Saturday morning. Political faces like Harsimrat Badal and Niranjan Jyoti took places on the stage. Baba Ramdev was also there to add the seasoning or tadka to the khichdi after it was cooked. Harsimrat Kaur Badal also added to how the World Food India is a historic step taken by the Modi government, and how it is apt and adequate in promoting India. She also spoke on how the khichdi made at the WFI is one of a kind. (Shalini Lobo, India Today, Sun, 05 Nov, 04:27pm)

3. Scientists develop a new sensor-based technique to identify bacteria that causes throat infections Indian scientists have developed a new sensor-based technique for detecting the presence of S. pyogenes bacteria, the most common cause of throat infections. It is claimed to be a quick and cost-effective. The device, a DNA chip-based sensor, consists of a carbon electrode embedded with gold nanoparticles to improve electronic properties. Many small-sized DNA probes are located on the modified chip. They attach themselves to the target DNA samples of bacteria taken from throat swabs of the patient. The new sensor has been found to be better than earlier reported sensors due to its ability to pick up bacterial DNA even if present in small numbers, within 30 minutes. It correctly distinguishes S. pyogenes from other bacteria, according to the study published in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. Based on this technique, he said, several other infectioncausing microbes can be identified to prevent the disease by taking medical treatment at early stage of infection. The most common cause of throat infections in humans is S. pyogenes bacteria. If left untreated it may damage human heart valves resulting in a severe form of rheumatic heart disease. Early diagnosis can prevent damage of human heart valves by taking timely and correct medical care. The team of researchers included Swati Singh and Ankur Kaushal from the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi, and Dr. Shashi Khare from the National Centre for Disease Control, Delhi. (Monika Kundu Srivastava, First Post, Wed, 08 Nov, 05:00pm)

4. Women safety: ‘Abhayam’ app identifies call for help, contacts emergency numbers, informs cops The scientists from the city-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) come up with the a next-generation safety application. The app, which includes a voice-enabled alarm system, is called ‘Abhayam’ and it aims to provide emergency help to those in distress. Now, the team behind Abhayam is trying to come up with an app that will incorporate facial recognition as one of the safety features. As the number of crimes against women continues to rise, numerous mobile-based applications have been developed, but many of them need an activation button to start working. With the availability of an in-house language expert team, the app development team has incorporated voice-enabled codes. When a person says ‘bachao’ (help), the app tracks down him/her and also sends SMSes to multiple mobile numbers, registered as emergency contacts on that phone. The app also has a provision to make automatic calls to the ’emergency contacts’, and it is enabled to auto-videography and auto-photograph the scenes at the site from where the distress signal was sent. Though the application is ready for use, a final decision by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) is pending. As part the other project, technology experts at C-DAC are “studying” videos to understand crowd behavior, particularly during violent incidents or crimes. It is often noticed that social media sites are flooded with videos depicting attacks, mob rampages, or accidents, captured either by CCTVs or mobile phones of onlookers. But it is often difficult for investigating agencies to extract clues from the moving images. This team is also working on studying facial expressions and the behavior of the crowd from these live videos. (Anjali Marar, Indian Express, Wed, 08 Nov, 04:15pm)

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Weekly News Volume 01 Isuue 10  
Weekly News Volume 01 Isuue 10