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Property Magazine June 2017 Issue 16

WELCOME And who hasn’t wished to become a child again? But even if time did go back, would we finally become children again with the experience that we now all have as adults?

Editor Martha Nagkoloudi Design & Cover Natalie Demetriou Publisher Imperio Printing RPM Lithographica lTD Writers Natalie Demetriou, Elis Misirlis, Yiannis Misirlis, Martha Nagkoloudi Contributors Maria Stylianou Michaelides Limassol Tourism Board Michael Virardi www.michaelvirardi.com Costas Markides KPMG Petros Rialas Totalserve Translation & Proofreading Georgia Nicolaides ΙSSN 1986-2350 (print) ISSN 1986-2369 (online) No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. All information contained in this magazine is for information only and is, as far as we are aware, correct at the time of going to press. Imperio cannot accept any responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in such information.

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And yet, we can become children, without having to turn back time; as long as our heart fills with love and joy, excitement and desire for travelling and activities done for the first time. Children have the most dreams. Don’t shatter yours because you grow up, but dare to realise them so that new ones come along! Conquering something for the first time is like being born again. In this issue of Exclusive, you will read about the dreams of people who either realised or will realise them and will change the world! See the world through the eyes of a child. And you will see the magic in everything! Make great dreams too! And above all, make a lot!

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Limassol: Steps Towards Becoming a Smart City

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The Big Bend

International News 08 Supersonic Transportation

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The Ultimate Living

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Gin Fish: Seaview Sophistication

Travel Lifestyle 16

Inside Japan’s Ultra-luxurious Train

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Retrovi: A World of Creation Rediscovered

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Sumo-Sized “Visual Autobiography”

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The Most Anticipated Buildings of 2017

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Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase

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An Idea that Bloomed by PAT

Positive Thinking 32 The Price of Success… & the Success of Price!

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A New Definition of Home

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An Italian Story. A Global Icon.

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Handcycling Now Available to Enjoy in Limassol

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The Last Drop

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Furniture Design Inspired by Nature

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Lego Photo Booth Scans your Face so you Can Build it Yourself Out of Legos

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Stelios Votsis: A Radical and Creative Artist

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6 Books You Must Read

Top 5 Brunch Spots in Limassol

Nokia 3310 and Snake are Back... but There’s a Catch

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Acquisition of the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment

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Type 75™ Desk Lamp by Paul Smith

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A Bicycle that Weighs Just 5 KG

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How a City Shaped a Brand

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Artist Makes Smart Portraits Using Only Screws

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The Evolution of Skyscrapers

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3D-Printed Coffee Maker Uses Physics to Brew the Perfect Cup

Akamas Natural Trails

The Comeback of the Dressing Gown

Art Collectors Rejoice!

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Limassol Agenda

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Headphones Revisited

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The Fabulous Life of Fashion Icon Iris Apfel

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Beyond Appearance

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Cyprus Becomes Hotter than Ever Before!


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LIMASSOL: Steps towards becoming a smart City

Maria Stylianou Michaelidou Limassol Tourism Board

Over the past decade, Limassol has changed beyond recognition; it is becoming a popular destination for leisure, holidays and ideal for business and permanent residency. Limassol is indeed the city of the 21st century and is committed to build a sustainable future! Limassol is known for its vibrant spirit and offers a wide array of entertainment options, while undoubtedly remains one of the top destinations for both Cypriots and tourists looking for a getaway from their every-day routine. Recently, CNN referred to Limassol as one of the emerging and attractive destinations for the years to come, whilst Limassol has always been characterised the city with an “open heart”. This cosmopolitan and dynamic city is suited to everyone who wants to enjoy local or worldwide flavors, unique cooling cocktails

or just take in the Mediterranean Sea breeze. Limassol is a city of contrasts, perfectly combining modern alongside traditional elements. Gastronomical and entertainment options are many; from homemade local Cypriot dishes to fusion cuisines, satisfying all moods. The Limassol Tourism Board, aiming to further upgrade the quality of life of residents and the tourist experience, is planning on implementing several actions for the reduction of emissions, congestion and noise in the town centre. Among other five European destinations, Madeira in Portugal, Elba in Italy, Las Palmas in Spain, Valletta in Malta and Rethymno

in Greece, Limassol has successfully been awarded the European Union Civitas Destinations project focusing on upgrading the tourist product and enhancing visitors’ experience by offering more sustainable mobility options to both tourists and locals, increasing the number of cycling and walking tourism, promoting a healthier environment through actions that will lead to vehicle emission reduction, in addition to, upgrading infrastructure and improving mobility through technology and connectivity. Limassol’s vision is to become a smart green destination for leisure and business, with an upgraded and improved tourism product contributing to enhancing every visitor’s experience!


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The incredible U-shaped New York skyscraper, the longest building in the world!

The race to build the world’s most spectacular skyscraper has reached new heights - and taken a turn in direction.

Described as the ‘longest building in the world’, the project’s concept drawings reveal a skyscraper reaching an apex then curving back down.

changing system allows for the horizontal connection of two shafts on the top and bottom to create a continuous loop.

Stretching 1,220 metres long, the glass-lined tower would need to feature an elevator that defies all current designs, travelling in curves horizontally and in continuous loops. The track

In a bid to work around the challenges of New York’s zoning laws, design studio Oiio has imagined an innovative concept to straddle Billionaire’s Row on 57th Street.

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international News

Supersonic Transportation

805kmh Hyperloop train will travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes Dubai has agreed a deal with US startup Hyperloop One to evaluate the construction of a near-supersonic transport link that could slash travel times to Emirati capital Abu Dhabi to minutes. The California-based firm hailed the “historic” agreement. The deal will see both parties explore a route for a vacuum-sealed pod transportation system, which could potentially slash travel times between Dubai and Abu Dhabi - 150 kilometres apart - to around 12 minutes. Hyperloop is a futuristic passenger and freight transport system that promoters say offers the promise of near-supersonic speeds. Earlier this year, Hyperloop One held a first public test in the desert outside Las Vegas, trying out engine components designed to rocket pods through reducedpressure tubes at speeds of 1,200 kmh. The company says the system offers better safety than passenger jets, lower build and maintenance costs than high-speed trains, and energy usage, per person, that is similar to a bicycle.

Last month, port colossus DP World Group of Dubai announced it was investing in the concept, joining backers including French national rail company SNCF, US industrial conglomerate General Electric and Russian state fund RDIF.

Hyperloop One, which has so far raised more than $160 million (€145 million), was set on an idea laid out three years ago by billionaire Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind the electric car company Tesla and private space exploration endeavour SpaceX.

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the ultimate living

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Pantheon Hill Residences

Inspired by the breathtaking views of Limassol, Acrotiri Bay and beyond, The Pantheon Hill Residences brings an unmistakably contemporary edge to uptown living amidst the residential buildings on the hills of Panthea in Limassol. The building’s glazed façade is an architectural highlight. The interior design itself is paired with high-end finishes to offer residents every convenience along with a host of brilliantly contemporary luxuries.

The Residences

The residences at the Pantheon Hill include spacious, elegantly proportioned floor plans that have been designed with finishes and features that speak to modern tastes. In addition to wooden floors and Italian-designed kitchens, all residences offer the comfort of large doubleglazed doors and windows opening onto the oversized covered terraces. Select residences feature expansive terraces and roof-gardens

11 exclusive 16 Residence 502

Residence 302

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13 exclusive 16 Othello and Desdemona living their love

with extraordinary views of Limassol, the Acrotiri Bay, the salt lake and beyond.

Making a mark

It’s not easy to make your mark here – or to create buzz amongst some of the world’s most discerning urban homebuyers. Which is why renowned developer Imperio created The Pantheon Hill Residences.

Working with Cyprus’ famous architects Antoniades+Eleftheriou UDS, they created a new landmark on this famous hill— and a new benchmark in well-appointed living. Earning the nickname “vertical private estates” due to their sheer grandeur and elegance in design, each of the 19 residences sets a new standard in highend urban living.

The Sultan in his Penthouse Apartment

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gin Fish: Seaview sophistication Gin Fish has been designed to offer to its customers’ premium diversity on food, drinks and views. Modern, chic and bright, it will not leave you unimpressed. It is an overwhelmingly white space, where copper and marble are heavenly combined along with the Seaview sophistication. Sea and bar certainly complement each other. As its name declares Gin Fish is specialised in Gin and Seafood. There’s a multitude of gin cocktails, an option to custom made your own with a wide range of premium gin and tonics, herbs and seasonal fruits along with an extensive seafood list of tapas to share and a very helpful staff to guide you on your options. All in all, this place is your ideal for an early drink, or a late session. Enjoy the Gin Fish experience. The kitchen is open every day from 12:00-23:30. Telephone: 70000577

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Travel lifestyle

Inside Japan’s ultra-luxurious train Train Suite Shiki-Shima by notorious former Ferrari designer revealed

Home of the shinkansen, or better known as bullet train, Japan is renowned for the efficiency of its rail network but it was only in 2014 that Kyushu Seven Stars, the country’s first luxury sleeper train, commenced service. The exclusive Train Suite Shiki-Shima, launched last May, features two-storey suites, panoramic observation cars and was designed by an automobile expert behind various Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati models. East Japan Railway Company has unveiled new images showcasing the glamorous sleeper train, inside and out. Set to traverse north-eastern Japan and accommodating just 34 passengers in 10 car-

17 exclusive 16 A blend of modernist curves, wood panelling and artistic detail, the sleeper train’s aesthetic is the brainchild of Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama.

riages, including two futuristic looking observatory cars, the train is a showcase for Japanese design and craftsmanship and will include a collection of two-storey en-suite suites, two observation cars and a fine-dining restaurant.

with floor to ceiling windows ensuring travellers have ‘a comfortable vantage point’ in which to take in the ever-changing panorama.

The exclusive train will welcome just 34 passengers on each trip. Each suite features a bed, a storage space, a shower and a WC.

Designed by Ken Kyoyuki Okuyama (previously of General Motors and Porsche AG), Shiki-Shima is awash with impressive Japanese touches. Tatami mats are laid in bedrooms; a specially made cypress bath decorates a signature suite. The lounge is modelled on a tranquil Japanese forest and service will showcase “the very best of Japanese hospitality” with on-board concierges and butlers greeting visitors “like a member of their family”.

Guests staying in the Shiki-Shima Suite benefit from two-storeys. Here, guests have an area to unwind, as well as a bedroom and a bathroom. The suite is lined

Though images aren’t as yet available, also launching this summer is another Japanese luxury train: Twilight Express Mizukaze. Finished to a similar standard,

In the split-level dining car there are enough tables and chairs for sociable dining with all guests able to enjoy the scenic backdrop.

it will explore western Japan on routes that takes in the ancient cultural capital of Kyoto, Osaka, the Sea of Japan and Mt. Daison. With five different itineraries to choose from, guests will travel for either two days and one night or three days and two nights, with one sightseeing stop per day. That might entail a guided tour of the World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine led by a resident priest and complementary bugaku dance (a performance normally only given during festivals) or a cruise along the Seto Inland Sea followed by a spa visit. As for accommodation, rooms are stylish and cleverly appointed – twins feature retractable beds that can be compressed into seating during the day to create extra space – but it’s the train’s solitary suite that is the standout dwelling. Occupying an entire carriage,

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Travel lifestyle

it features a private balcony, a double bed and an expansive bathroom complete with freestanding rolltop bath. Likely to be one of the most extravagant abodes available on any of the world’s most luxurious trains, it adds significant credibility to rail operator JR West’s claim that the Twilight Express Mizukaze will be akin to “a rolling hotel”. Prices have yet to be confirmed but should be comparable to those listed by Shiki-Shima. Guests staying in the Shiki-Shima Suite benefit from two-storeys. Here, guests have an area to unwind, as well as a bedroom and bathroom. The suite is lined with floor to ceiling windows ensuring travellers have ‘a comfortable vantage point’ in which to take in the ever-changing panorama.

19 exclusive 16 Previously chief designer for General Motors, he was a senior designer for Porsche AG and responsible Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Quattroporte and many other popular car designs.

A summer three-night and four-day itinerary traversing 1,800km will see the train depart Tokyo and head to Yuzawa on the first day, enter Hachinohe and Naruko Onsen on the second and on the third day travellers voyage through Ichinoseki before returning to Tokyo. Tickets for two-day trips start at â‚Ź2,760 per person and for four-day trips will cost â‚Ź6,470.

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Retrovi: A World of Creation Rediscovered

exclusive 16


Discover Cyprus’ exquisite handicraft in its contemporary, revamped version. Authentic embroidery in wonderful colours and combinations is used to create elegant clutch bags, unique pieces of a collection which respects the tradition and history of Cyprus’ needlework while, at the same time, enhancing it with a never-ending passion for creation. Lefkaritiko lace, the finest of arts, draws inspiration from nature, flowers and the landscapes of the countryside, and skillfully combines them to create enchanting images of incredible elegance. With a history dating back 600 years and its inclusion in UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, this is one of the most prominent and internationally acclaimed handiworks.

The lace-makers of Lefkara village in Larnaca are proud to keep the tradition alive, each enriching her design work with her own personal creative stamp. Imaginative Fythkiotiko fabric is influenced by folklore and geometrical patterns dating back thousands of years – from pottery, mosaics and reliefs – its texture is also embossed and comes in a range of Mediterranean colours, playing with fascinating combinations.

Developed in the Paphos district and specifically around Fyti village, this type of textile is exclusively woven on the loom. The beauty and uniqueness of each creation could not be better represented than by royal names in Cyprus history. The renowned queens of Cyprus, retrovi bags are named after, are Berengaria of Navarre, Alice of Champagne, Isabella of Ibelin, Eleonora of Aragon, Charlotte, Elena Palaiologina and Caterina Cornaro.

The crochet collection developed, showcasing the island’s never-ending sunny mood, is naturally named after the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Retrovi invites us to relive Cyprus’ beauty: the clear blue waters, the golden sand, the plowed fields, the wildflowers, the cobblestone streets, the architecture, the arts and the handicraft of the island. Retrovi: rediscover in the Esperanto language

A whole world of inspiration, creation and optimism can be found at Anassa Resort, Almyra Hotel Paphos, Kult Boutique Limassol and Kult Boutique Nicosia.

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Sumo-Sized “Visual Autobiography”

Never before has Hockney’s oeuvre been published on such an astonishing and immersive scale. As each page unfurls in a blaze of blues, pinks, greens, and oranges, we are spellbound both by the artist’s vibrancy as a colourist and his extraordinary sense of the conditions of the world that surrounds us. These major paintings are joined by the artist’s drawings, photo-composites, multi-perspective collages, stage designs, multi-camera video works, and iPad drawings, each a panoply of looking and showing in different styles and media. Hockney himself is present in every aspect of the publication. He collaborated closely through all production stages and conceived of this book as a purely visual survey of more than 450 works prefaced by a handwritten programmatic statement.

A Bigger Book, TASCHEN’s SUMO-sized David Hockney monograph, is as spectacular in format as it is in scope. In it, the artist takes stock of more than 60 years of work, from his teenage days at the Bradford School of Art, through his breakthrough in the 1960s Swinging London, life by Los Angeles pools in the 1970s, up to his recent extensive series of portraits, iPad drawings, and Yorkshire landscapes.

The book’s sumptuous portfolio is supplemented by an illustrated chronology of more than 600 pages, contextualising Hockney’s art with drawings, graphic work, portrait photos, and text based on the artist’s own writings as well as contemporary reviews. A Bigger Book is presented on a Marc Newson bookstand. A sample of the book can be found at The Shopkeeper & Co. THE SHOPKEEPER & CO 5 Anexartisias Street, 3036 Limassol, Cyprus T: +357 99 652 932

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The Most Anticipated Buildings of 2017 It is a fact that a lot can happen in one year, especially in the evolving world of architecture and design. 2016 was a very impressive year, where we witnessed buildings transform skylines from the rise of Thailand’s tallest tower, MahaNakhon, to the opening of David Adjaye’s landmark National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington. 2017 is just as promising, with a complete lineup of the most anticipated schemes yet. Let’s take a small sneak peak at 5 of the designs that will shape 2017.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Napoli-Afragola High Speed Train Station aims to redefine rail travel, at least in terms of design, with its sculptural white facade that resembles a snake. Upon completion, the high-speed line will connect Naples to Rome.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi in the UAE is designed by the award-winning architects Atelier Jean Nouvel with a budget of 610 million Euros. The highly anticipated Louvre Abu Dhabi is a branch of the famous Parisian museum and features a perforated metal dome that allows soft and calming natural light in into the corridors of the museum.

25 exclusive 16

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town is one of the most ambitious museum designs anticipated in 2017. Designed by the famous architects Heatherwick Studio, the Zeitz MOCAA will stretch across 9,290 m2 becoming one of the largest museums to ever open in Africa.

The LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, is another architectural miracle by Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG). The design is inspired by the famous children’s blocks that create intersecting levels in a modular design. Upon completion, The LEGO House will be a community centre where visitors will enjoy a number of cafeterias, playgrounds, a public square and, of course, a LEGO store.

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in China will be the longest glass pedestrian bridge in the world. Designed by the Israeli architects Haim Dotan, the bridge is composed of glass panels holding up to 800 people at a time. As explained by the architects, the design is not meant to steal the show. On the contrary, it is meant to be an invisible design disappearing into the clouds.

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HUBLOT PAINTS THE MOON IN COLOURS Hublot’s love of colour infuses the Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase with four new models in shades of blue, purple, orange and pink. Matching strap, quartz dial, sand-blasted moon phase disc, hands, indices and stoneset bezel all set the tone of this vivid monochrome collection. Are you hoping for light and colour this summer? Hublot has brought the two together, taking the brilliant intensity of the moon and infusing it with the season’s on-trend colours - indigo blue for denim lovers, bold purple for an ultraviolet look, vibrant orange for an upbeat take on time and bubblegum pink for a rose-tinted outlook. Inside the iconic 42mm tonneau case, beneath its sapphire crys-

tal, the openworked architecture of the HUB1770 hand-wound skeleton movement is enhanced by a quartz dial made from silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminium oxide (AI2O3) melted at high temperature. The quartz is coloured by the addition of a mixture of “rare earth elements”. With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, the dial requires specific cutting technology and expert mastery of the materials to create a uniform whole.

duced in a large round window that completes one revolution every two lunar months. This two-hand model features a small second at 9 o’clock and a large date displayed on a double analogue disc between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Accentuating the piece’s impression of depth and geometry, the Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase alternates polished, satin-finished titanium or King Gold with col-

oured flat surfaces. Its bezel is set with 48 blue, orange or pink sapphires, or amethysts. The strap, in alligator stitched onto natural black rubber, perfectly matches the four colours of the watch. Water-resistant to 100 metres, the Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase has a power reserve of 50 hours. A truly indulgent horological mechanism and complication.

The monochrome setting extends to the minutest details, with the semi-transparent sandblasted disc revealing two alternating moons, also in matching shades. A play of contrasts and colours that focuses the eye on the arresting complication at 6 o’clock. A lunar cycle is reproInformation: VE Very Exclusive Nicosia – Limassol – Tel: 22897361

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An idea that bloomed BY PAT / PLANT A TREE

Two ambitious yound people, Nikolas Papayiannis and Andreas Gavriil, with great love and sensitisation for the environment, have prototyped with their innovative idea to combine the manufacture and sale of shoes with the environment. How did they do it? We will find out in this exclusive interview given for the Exclusive magazine.

29 exclusive 16

What is the source of your inspiration for this innovative idea of PAT?

environment, and the knowledge gained from our academic background, in action.

bags for women as well. Our products are for people of all backgrounds and ages.

The environmental devastation that has hit on our planet during the last decades and the global warming that is getting worse year by year, have led us to start searching for a way to raise awareness in regards to the environmental responsibility that each and every person should possess. We have always been responsible towards the environment; since our childhood, we remember organising recycling events around Limassol streets and caring for the community’s plantations and parks maintenance. As we grew up, we have graduated from reputable universities in the UK, and we have decided that we had to put our passion for nature and the

The creation of PAT, which means Plant A Tree, is inspired by our passion for and responsibility towards our planet. We strive for a greener planet and we aim to accomplish this by planting a tree for every item that is sold.

Where can people find your products?

Apart from shoes, what else do you manufacture? PAT’s first product is shoes of a vintage ‘espadrilles’ style made from 30% recycled materials. As time is passing by, we are creating more and more new products that are leaving a mark on the fashion industry of the island. Many of our new products include scarves, backpacks and

People can spot us on numerous stores in all cities throughout the island. Also, most consumers get in contact with us through our website and social media webpages on Facebook and Instagram. For full details, please refer to our Facebook or Instagram page: pat_shoes. How do you see people’s response to this new trend? The response from people and consumers has been huge since the beginning of the launch of PAT. People love our

exclusive 16



environmentally friendly concept, and once our motto was shared with people, the demand was extraordinary. During the last few months, more and more TV presenters and bloggers have become interested in our idea, raising awareness and promoting our products. Also, the organised plantings taking place every calendar semester are making people very excited and our brand is transforming the idea into action. Where and from which materials are these beautiful and smart creations of yours manufactured? PAT’s products are strictly manufactured in Cyprus by a local workshop. By doing this, we are also supporting the Cyprus economy as well as local stores and manufacturers who have been

through a lot with the latest financial crisis that has hit the island. All of our products are made from 30% recycled materials. At which locations does the tree planting take place? What kind of trees do you choose to plant? And is tree planting carried out in a planned manner? Our first two plantation events took place in two parks in Pelendri village and Ayios Athanasios in Limassol. Our target is to make the island greener, and we hope that one day we will run out of empty parks! We organise plantation events approximately every 3-4 months, and whenever the demand is big, we plan one-off events to respond to the demand. We choose indigenous trees that can survive the hot climate of Cyprus, such as

What are your future plans? Do you have any cooperation with abroad? What we are planning for the summer 2017, which will be announced in June 2017, is our PAT Campaign against Confla-


grations. The PAT campaign will be mostly carried out through social media but also TV and the radio to raise awareness. We already have commenced collaboration with numerous social media bloggers and TV presenters who will promote us. In the summer, PAT is planning to start an expansion to the Greek islands and other European destinations where our PAT shoes are more desirable, after a relevant research of our team.

exclusive 16

olive trees, ‘kounapies’ trees that is a very rare species and in danger for extinction, carob trees, and generally trees and plants that can easily survive in Cyprus’ climate.

exclusive 16


positive thiking

The Price of Success…& the Success of Price!… Michael Virardi Trainer | Speaker | Author www.michaelvirardi.com

One Thursday afternoon I was relaxing in one of my favourite coffee shops when I suddenly found myself giving my undivided attention to the conversation that was taking place at the next table. Some kind of transaction was clearly taking place and I was curious to see and hear where it would lead. The person sitting with his back to me was saying, “No, it’s far too expensive. There’s no way I’m going to pay that much.” He then asked, “Is that your best price?” The other person, facing both the buyer (and, without knowing it, me as well), rather than defending his position (and his price) said, “Well, maybe not. I’m sure we can agree on a price.” It took milliseconds for the price to drop to the level which the buyer had in mind and the two had a deal. Both seemed happy but, in my estimation, the price wasn’t the only thing that fell sharply; with it sank the seller’s trustworthiness as well as his company’s profitability. My experience has shown me that average and unprepared salespeople tend to drop their prices without a second thought. Great salespeople, in contrast, are Trusted Advisors who aim to prove that the price they are quoting represents great value and the product/service will help the buyer solve problems. Their detailed knowledge of what they are selling gives them confidence which, in turns, manifests itself in their intonation and body language, elevating their performance into that of a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson. Dropping your price is the easy – and lazy – way to sell. It doesn’t have to be that way and it should not be that way. Stand by your price In the early days of my career as a speaker and a trainer, I was approached by a highly respected company and asked if I could address their team. When they asked me how much my services would cost – something that I avoided answering until the end of our meeting – I named a price which, I knew, was three times that of most of my competitors. Not surprisingly, they then asked me to provide them with some testimonials. At the time, many other less expensive speakers were quite high-profile and very experienced. I told them honestly and directly that this would actually be my first ever experience of addressing a crowd… but I had been practising for it non-stop over the previous 10 years! The Head of Sales clearly saw the spark in my eyes and the confidence in my overall stance and manner and he decided to give me the chance. Yes, he paid three times the amount that my experienced competitors were asking for but, thanks to that opportunity (and that well-rehearsed delivery that went magnificently well), he and his staff were delighted and my career as a speaker and a trainer in 16 countries began. If you want to be a Trusted Advisor, you should: 1.  Listen more than you talk Trusted Advisors know why they have two ears but only one mouth and they listen intently, gathering and extracting data and information that they can use – like great lawyers – to build their case. They are on a

mission: one that starts by identifying their customer’s needs and then discovers how those needs can be best served through their products and services. 2.  Reply with questions and statements Trusted Advisors understand that price is a battle fought in the customer’s mind and is probably going to be the first or second issue raised. When asked about prices early on in the selling process (before they have had the chance to prove the value of the product/service in question), they will never bluntly reply with a figure. In my seminars, I often advise that salespeople should respond by telling their customer, “It doesn’t cost anything if it doesn’t fit your needs.” With adequate time to explain the connection between the value and the price, Trusted Advisors will always make the price seem less significant. 3.  Prove value before you mention the price Price has a direct correlation to value: the higher the perceived value, the higher the acceptable price will be. Trusted Advisors do not feel a need to discount because they believe in what they are selling and so they know how to promote the value of their product or service and its particular usefulness to the customer. Most of us have a fixed budget, of course, but our resistance to paying melts away when we are convinced that we are buying something whose value is far greater than its price. 4.  Walk away if you must More than 20 years ago, my father gave me a priceless piece of advice that has withstood the test of time. He told me, “If you feel you have to make the sale, then the customer has the advantage. If you don’t feel that it’s necessary at all costs, then you have the advantage. Be willing to walk away from a deal. You might lose the sale but you will enhance your reputation and appear even more trustworthy.” Don’t discount It has been said that customers will walk away if they fail to see the value in the price they are being asked to pay. Trusted Advisors demonstrate that value. If a company were to reduce by 50% the discount that it allows its salespeople to offer customers, this would have two results: (a) Half of them would fail and (b) the other half would soon be on the way to becoming Trusted Advisors. They would stay up longer at night, studying not only their own company’s products and services but those of the competition too. So, if you are in sales, you need to work hard on becoming a Trusted Advisor by getting to know everything about what you are selling and finding the way to show your customers that you have a great value product or service that will make their lives better. If you are not in sales, I hope you will bear the above tips in mind when you next go shopping. If the salesperson has not yet graduated to becoming a Trusted Advisor, you may find yourself a bargain – but make sure that you have studied what you’re planning to buy so that you know it’s right for you.

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A New Definition of Home Photography: Agisilaou & Spyrou Photography

Completed in February 2017, Elysia Residences is an exclusive residential design featuring 15 unique apartments with spacious verandas and a stunning common swimming pool.

35 exclusive 16

The design aspects of the project’s exterior are carefully studied and detailed, while the colour palette given to the appearance of the building is in a serene balance with the surrounding environment.

The minimalistic style and natural tones given to the interior design of each apartment allows the user to enjoy the calmness and ease of each piece.

Elysia Residences features two Imperio Show Apartments that offer the luxurious experience of an Imperio apartment.

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An Italian story. A global icon. Elegance, style, sportiness and performance with a long and glorious heritage...

The flagship Maserati model is re-launched with an exterior restyling, further refinement for the interior and additional high-tech features. A new range strategy is launched with the introduction of the GranLusso and GranSport trims. After three and a half years of unprecedented success in the international markets, the Quattroporte has undergone a substantial restyling that accentuates its elegance without altering its signature Maserati personality. The restyled Quattroporte, representing the quintessence of Italian sport saloons, will be available from June 2016 and is destined to continue a success story that started in 2013. Since its

initial launch, the iconic Maserati flagship model has been delivered to over 24,000 customers in 72 countries. The exterior of the restyled Quattroporte is recognisable with a new bumper design with matte black profile at the front and the matte black extractor at the rear. The front grille is more pointed and imposing, and it introduces new vertical chrome elements that contrast with the deepness of the shark nose effect. Other distinguishing details of the new Quattroporte are the matte black side skirts and the exterior mirrors, which have been slightly restyled to incorporate new technical elements.

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An electrically adjustable Air Shutter has been fitted in the front grille between the air vents and the engine’s radiator. The Air Shutter provides optimal control of the engine’s fluid temperature and, together with the optimisation of the new front and rear bumpers, air conveyor and flat bottom, improves the aerodynamic drag of the car by 10%. The improvements to the interior were introduced to enhance the purity of the model by underlining only the functional parts. This takes place through the clean integration of the new interface ele-

ments with the infotainment area and tunnel console. Specifically, the redesigned central dashboard now accommodates a capacitive high resolution 8.4� screen with multi touch function. This area is now characterised by a continuous technical element that integrates the screen, new climate control and new drawer in a single seamless design, emphasising the pure volume composition typical of the Quattroporte.

The central, lower console has also been redesigned and now features a rotary knob for volume and function control, a new lid and phone storage compartment. The stylistic approach to these functional elements permits a minimalist design approach for the centre of the dashboard. The new infotainment system is compatible with both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring functions. A new package of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is available as an option in

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the new Quattroporte. It includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning with Advanced Brake Assist and Automated Emergency Braking. An additional new Surround View Camera is available as an option in combination with the Driver Assistance package. All Quattroporte cars are now equipped with an Air Quality Sensor, a feature that substantially improves comfort levels for the occupants on-board. This system combines an intelligent sensor and a signal

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analysis system that calculates the external pollution levels and prevents polluted air and toxic gases from entering the cabin.

its highly demanding clientele the additional choice of two unique trim options that emphasize the two key pillars of the brand’s DNA: GranLusso and GranSport.

GranLusso and GranSport, two distinct new worlds. Since its beginnings Maserati has represented the perfect blend of luxury and sportiness thanks to its race-bred engineering.

The two highly distinctive trims are available as an upgrade for all Quattroporte V6 powertrain versions (Quattroporte Diesel, Quattroporte, Quattroporte S, Quattroporte S Q4). Both trims will be priced at the same level across the range.

With the restyling of the flagship Quattroporte, Maserati launches a new range strategy to offer

The top of the range version, the Quattroporte GTS, which features the twin-turbo V8,

will be available exclusively with either the GranLusso or GranSport trims as part of the standard equipment. Each trim level was conceived to meet the needs of customers that seek a distinctive and unique product in the executive saloon segment. GranLusso and GranSport are immediately recognisable thanks to their distinct exterior design and unique interiors.

Limassol’s finest apartments

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Delivered Properties

Photography: Marios Ioannides Studios


It reflects the beauty of its environment in lines of contemporary refinement, and in materials of exceptional quality and style. Comprising only 5 extraordinary 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, Belvedere Residences features expansive windows with abundant natural light, Italian kitchens with granite worktops and stylish bathrooms.

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The new exclusively completed development, Belvedere Residences, is offering the most desirable apartments in Ayia Fyla combining modern architectural design and functionality with the amazing uninterrupted view of Limassol, the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

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Handcycling Now Available to Enjoy in Limassol Handcycling is a popular sport and for a good reason‌ A handcycle is an alternative form of cycling whereby it is powered with one’s arms rather than the legs, as on a bicycle. Handcycling provides a freedom akin to the feeling of gliding and allows one to carry out distant explorations, neighbourhood rides and also road trails.

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In addition, the combination of being outside, getting a cardiovascular workout and socialising with fellow cyclists, joggers and new friends that you meet on a ride is a natural mood enhancer. Hand-cycles are available to everyone who need to get around the neighbourhood, go on crosscountry trips or to race. For those who wish to be a little more adventurous, there are even the off-road hand-cycles for those who want to head off into rough terrain. No matter what your needs are, handcycles are a great way of increasing physical activity and cycling also spares weightbearing joints by being low-impact. Handcycling is ideal for people who have no or limited use of their legs, for people who have poor balance or anyone that

just wants to try a different sport. This type of exercise opens up new trails and a great way to explore the countryside, soak in the fresh air or just plainly explore a lot of places through travel. It’s a barrier breaker that allows a disabled rider to participate in cycling with friends and family who may be riding conventional bicycles. It’s a great piece of adaptive equipment that allows people to get outside, have fun, exercise and allows for inclusion for people with disabilities. Handcycling was developed in the 1980s by people working to create alternate types of human-powered vehicles. This was almost by accident that a new world of cycling was introduced to people with disabilities. Since its development, handcycling has continued to grow in popularity.


Handcycles have benefited from today’s lightweight racing technology like electronic shifting, lightweight materials and thin-wall tubing for decreased weight and increased strength. Current racing cycles weigh about 12 kg and, with the help of technology and new materials, are expected to get even lighter.

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It’s been part of the International Paralympic Committee cycling program since 1998, and the 2004 Athens Paralympics hosted and included handcycling racing for the first time. In approximately the last five years, handcycling has grown exponentially to become the most widely recognised and utilised type of adaptive cycling. Today, thousands of people, able-bodied and those with disabilities, have turned to handcycling as a means to improve their cardiovascular health, increase upper-body strength, compete, and ride with friends and family.

Demetris Lambrianides, President of Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation

The most common styles are the upright or the recumbent. The upright models are considered entry level designs that are perfect for learning, but cannot attain speeds that exceed 25 km/h. The recumbent versions come equipped with three to 27-gear drivetrains. These models also have fork-steer or lean-to-steer options.

There are also handcycles for the young people as well. In 2016, the Butterfly Foundation donated five handcycles to the Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation for the free use of all paracyclists, enhancing in this way the Limassol Seafront cycle route.

The last Drop

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the cask, at its natural strength of 44 per cent abv. Yet it tastes more intense than that – in fact, a drop of water is really essential to tease out this whisky’s complexity.

A rare grain whisky from a Highland distillery that fell silent in 1992 is set to be the next ultra-limited release from boutique bottling company The Last Drop Distillers – and it’s a beauty. Only 106 bottles (€ 2,860 each) – or what remains of a single cask – of Lochside Single Grain 1972 are being made available from the surviving stocks of the short-lived Lochside distillery, which closed its doors after just 35 years in production. This whisky spent more than 44 years in cask before it was discovered by The Last Drop team, and yet it remains remarkably lively and supple. On the nose vibrant, slightly green aromas of nectarine, celery seed and wet bracken lend freshness to more mature, oaky notes of custard creams and white truffle. On the palate a touch of characteristic grain silkiness is

Grain whisky is often written off as simple filler for blends, but this remarkable dram demonstrates how beautifully it can age if it’s given time in the right cask. In this instance, that cask was a second-fill exbourbon barrel, resulting in a much more nuanced vanilla/oak character than one usually finds in grain whiskies. contrasted with peppery yuzu and fragrant peach slices, softening to a long, mellow finish redolent of spice-dusted egg custard and smoky mocha. Like all Last Drop whiskies, Lochside Single Grain 1972 has been hand-bottled, direct from

Each bottle of Lochside Single Grain 1972 comes presented in its own chocolatebrown leather case with an accompanying 50ml miniature, as well as a certificate of authenticity, a tasting booklet and a custom-made stopper.

Drinklobby is a new modern and fashionable wine, beer and spirits store, located in a beautiful picturesque street in the heart of Limassol. At Drinklobby you will find exquisite wines, beers and spirtis from all over from all over the world that will suit all taste preferences. If we do not have the bottle you are after, we will try our very best to source it for you. Our goal is to create the best shopping experience for our customers, therefore should you wish your wine to be delivered to you or a friend, we will get it there as quickly and carefully as possible

9D Theklas Lysioti Street, 3030 Limassol | 25 014443, info@drinklobby.com.cy |

25 014556 drinklobby

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interior design Buzz

Furniture design inspired by nature In the last years, many furniture designers have been engaging natural terrain designs in their pieces creating in this way very unique inventions. Let’s take a look at 3 of these artistic wonders.

Greg Klassen’s River Collection

Designer Greg Klassen has created the amazing River Collection table reusing discarded wood that was considered defective for any other standard use. The designer accurately aligns all the planks together and then connects them along with strips of blue green glass. As you can see in the result, the gorgeous table resembles a dazzling river stream flowing flawlessly through the valley.

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Duffy London’s Abyss

Duffy London’s Abyss creation is inspired by the everlasting depths and wonders of the ocean. The design features a table with many layers of glass sheets placed one over the other creating in this way the effect of the ocean depths. Using wood, Perspex and sculpted glass, this 3D design successfully shows the steady transition from the Earth’s sandy shores to the deep blue ocean.

Richard Hutten’s Layers Cloud

Inspired by the fossils coloured desert in Arizona, Richard Hutten has designed this innovative and colourful chair made out of fabric cut from a CNC machine. What is really intriguing in the design are the countless colours used and the fascinating pattern followed. Over the years, furniture designs have progressed dramatically as they have started incorporating more and more attractive features that turn them into centrepieces. These three natural terrain designs are true indications to this movement.

Spin Chairs

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This beautiful go-without-packing Spin chair by Damien Hirst is part of a series specially commissioned from Jasper Morrison and also comes in other colours.

Hirst first became interested in the spin technique when he was a child, after seeing it used at a school fair. Then in 1992 he experimented at his studio in Brixton, London, producing ‘Beautiful Ray of Sunshine on a Rainy Day Painting and Beautiful Where Did All The Colour Go Painting’. The following year, he set up a spin art stall with fellow artist Angus Fairhurst at Joshua Compston’s artist led street fair, ‘A Féte Worse than Death’. Made up as clowns by performance artist Leigh Bowery, Fairhurst and Hirst invited visitors to pay £1 (€1.18) to create their own spin paintings to be signed by the pair.

While their chance spontaneity stands in contrast to the mechanistic character of the spot paintings, both series use the idea of an imaginary mechanical painter ‘who is always happy’. Each time this kind of work is made, the results rely simply on the choice and position of the colours as decided by the artist, and the motion created by the machine that controls the spin. For Hirst, that spinning movement ‘implies life’, producing paintings he describes as ‘childish… in the positive sense of the word’.

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Namaste AERIAL YOGA by Natalie Tsingis

Aerial Yoga is a new type of yoga, which combines the traditional yoga poses, pilates, fitness and dance with the use of a hammock. Aerial Yoga helps in the development of upper body strength and the reinforcement of a proper body alignment which can positively impact your everyday life. Aerial Yoga also improves balance and deep stretching through the use of the hammock fabric that can move anywhere in space and support part of the body weight. Aerial Yoga also enables multiple parts of the body at once and it allows you to experience the empowerment of being able to lift your own body weight in new poses. Exposing oneself to new perspectives within 3D space is one of the most challenging benefits of Aerial Yoga. This type of yoga allows you to increase your spatial intelligence and develop a stronger core by expanding the possibilities of positions in 3D space. Natalie’s Energy Flow Studio 20 Nicos Evagoras, 3091 Limassol | T: 99912444

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butterfly foundation

butterfly foundation society and as part of its corporate social responsibility, Imperio has set up the charity wanting to contribute back to the society. In 2015, the Butterfly Foundation has dedicated its contribution to the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) providing in the educational and research program while offering opportunities to 10 young students. Further on, in 2016 the Foundation has contributed to the Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation (Ο.ΠΑ.Κ) with the aim to make Limassol more accessible and receptive for all its citizens. At the beginning of 2017, the Butterfly Foundation has announced its cause supporting the Sirius Dog Sanctuary and the Friends of the Earth Cyprus. The resolution and intension of this year’s cause is to contribute to the welfare of stray dogs and protect the nature of Cyprus. Established by Imperio in early 2015, the Butterfly Foundation is a charitable organisation that supports initiatives in education, health, nature, wildlife and community giving in Cyprus. Acknowledging the needs of today’s

The first action of the year was the participation of the Butterfly Foundation at the 2017 Limassol Marathon on March 18th, with over 130 participations. More events will be announced within the year! For more information, please visit our website www.imperio-group.com/butterflyfoundation, or like our Facebook page.

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Economic Ideas You Should Forget, Bruno S. Frey (Editor), David Iselin (Editor) Publisher: Springer

Glass Houses: A Novel (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel), Louise Penny Publisher: Minotaur Books

Reporting on cutting-edge advances in economics, this book presents a selection of commentaries that reveal the weaknesses of several core economics concepts. Economics is a vigorous and progressive science, which does not lose its force when particular parts of its theory are empirically invalidated; instead, they contribute to the accumulation of knowledge.

When a mysterious figure appears in Three Pines one cold November day, Armand Gamache and the rest of the villagers are at first curious. Then wary. Through rain and sleet, the figure stands unmoving, staring ahead.

Hit Makers: How Things Become Popular, Derek Thompson Publisher: Allen Lane

Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, David Garrow Publisher: Dey Street Books

What makes a hit a hit? In Hit Makers, Atlantic Senior Editor Derek Thompson puts pop culture under the lens of science to answer the question that every business, every producer, every person looking to promote themselves and their work has asked.

Rising Star is the definitive account of Barack Obama’s formative years that made him the man who became the forty-fourth president of the United States—from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Bearing the Cross

Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few, Robert B. Reich Publisher: Icon Books Ltd

Spoils, Brian Van Reet Publisher: Jonathan Cape

America was once celebrated for and defined by its large and prosperous middle class. Now, this middle class is shrinking, a new oligarchy is rising, and the country faces its greatest wealth disparity in eighty years. Why is the economic system that made America strong suddenly failing us, and how can it be fixed?

It is April 2003. American forces have taken Baghdad and are now charged with winning hearts and minds. But this vital tipping point is barely recognised for what it is, as a series of miscalculations and blunders fuels an already-smoldering insurgency intent on making Iraq the next graveyard of empires.

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top 5 brunch spots in limassol Nothing beats waking up with the whole weekend ahead of you.

Breakfast in bed might be the preference for some, but brunching with friends might be the ideal setup for others. The intoxicating aroma of ‘third wave’ coffee blended with that of strawberries and maple syrup pancakes or quiche is one of the reasons to embrace the weekend ahead of you. From brunch classics to healthy veggie options, Exclusive has gathered the top 5 brunch spots in Limassol.

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Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio is a hip place, near Panos Solomonides Centre, just off Gladstonos street. Old bakery machinery is at display, as this place used to be an old bakery, giving an urban-industrial atmosphere. It is a wonderful space that offers alternative, healthy dishes for the health-conscious and serves breakfast, lunch and fine coffee. Fresh products, gluten-free food and deserts are widely available; one could say that it is generally a vegetarian oriented restaurant with meat friendly dishes. You should try the vast selection of healthy smoothies that include ingredients that you have never heard of (make sure you have Internet available to google them if you are too shy to ask). Apart from the pancakes and the usual breakfast items, you should also try the energy balls – lucuma brownie is a personal favourite. Suitable for the health-conscious and ideal for vegetarians. Mon-Sat 9:00-16:00 Sachtouri, Limassol | T: +357 25106881 | www.facebook.com/bakerykafeneio


Open daily for breakfast and brunch (then followed by lunch), there are plenty of delicious choices in the mix. From proper hangover food, to really healthy options, you can also indulge in all the classics like eggs Benedict, eggs Royale, omelettes and many other options. The health-conscious will love their ‘smashed’ avocado on rye bread, while those with a sweet tooth will no doubt dive right into the American blueberry pancakes with mascarpone and lashings of maple syrup. Mon-Fri 7:30-16:30, Sat-Sun 09:30 112 Gladstonos, Limassol 3032 | T: +357 25353434

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Dino Bistro Café Open daily for breakfast or brunch, lunch and dinner, Dino is ideally and centrally located in Gladstonos street. A rich brunch unveils at Dino’s with butter croissants, toasted brioche with mouth-watering jams, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, baked bacon and honey-muesli. If you are savouring something more substantial to fill you up you can always order one of the bistro’s main dishes as a brunch option or make your own combinations. Mon-Sun 7:30-23:45 137 Gladstonos, Limassol | T: +357 25762030 | www.facebook.com/DinoBistroCafe

Epsilon Resto Bar

Epsilon Resto Bar at Limassol Marina presents the ultimate brunching experience every weekend. Although it is open daily as a restaurant, every weekend it is transformed to one of our favourite brunch places. Where else can you enjoy the magnificent view of the sea whilst taking your coffee and eggs Benedict? The brunch menu offered by its chefs couldn’t be just another brunch place since every effort and sophistication is put into making their menu. A truly Mediterranean fusion restaurant and this is embodied in their brunch. To name a few of our favourite dishes, Eggs at the Spa, a different take on poached eggs, their signature dish Epsilon, an alternative version of English breakfast. Bruch: Weekend 10:00-16:00 | Daily: 12:00-02:00 Limassol Marina | T: +357 25051393 | www.facebook.com/pages/Epsilon-Resto-Bar

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Estrella World Street Food

Estrella, well known for its hybrid desert bougatsán – inspired by the invention of cronut – a cross between a croissant and the traditional Thesalloniki bougatsa. It goes without saying that bougatsán is one of the must-try pastries even if it is just to share, and the sweet tooths will be in heaven with the red velvet pancakes. Several excellent breakfast options are on offer, including omelette with avocado and feta cheese, cheese salad with cherry tomatoes, bacon with eggs and halva cream with chocolate and brioche. Their latest innovation is French éclairs made with Greek ingredients such as tahini, mountain tea and mastic.

The choices and combinations are endless, with new dishes appearing every season along with daily specials that include grilled halloumi with homemade wild fig jam. Estrella puts a modern twist on the traditional Greek, Slavic and Ottoman flavours. 213 Leoforos Makariou III, Maximus Plaza, Limassol | www.facebook.com/EstrellaLimassol

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Nokia 3310 and Snake are back... but there’s a catch

The new Nokia 3310 is smaller and lighter than the original and has some more up-to-date features The Nokia 3310 is back. The iconic, indestructible phone has been redesigned 17 years after it first launched. The new Nokia 3310 is smaller, sleeker and reportedly has 22 hours of talk time with a onemonth battery life on standby. And, of course, it comes with Snake. There is a catch, though. While many of the phone’s internals have been updated, the 2017 version of the 3310 will use 900 MHz and 1800 MHz – the frequencies typically used for 2G communications before mobile data and 3G became popular.

These are the bands used in most parts of the world such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia but they have been switched off in other regions – North, Central and South America typically use 850 MHz and 1900 MHz – and are gradually being phased out in other countries, too. This means the new Nokia 3310 won’t work in regions where the frequencies have been disabled and could face problems in the future if they are turned off in regions where the phone previously worked. Available in gloss red and yellow and matte blue and grey, the Nokia 3310 has a 2.4-inch colour

screen, Bluetooth 3.0, an FM radio, LED torch, microSD card support up to 32GB and a twomegapixel camera. The 2.5G connection even lets you go online – albeit very slowly – to access Twitter, Facebook and other services through the Opera Mini browser. The Nokia 3310 re-launch took place ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The handset is noticeably slimmer than the original Nokia 3310, which sold around 126 million units before it was discontinued in 2005. It’s also almost half the weight – the original was 133g, the new one is 79g.

Prisma Prisma harnesses deep neural networks to reinterpret your smartphone photos as works of art. Current graphical starting points include Roy Lichtenstein, Edvard Munch and Katsushika Hokusai, with new artists added regularly. Results can be hit-and-miss, but are always surprising. [iOS and Android, free] Nine This is a visual to-do list for people who want to use their cameras to create reminders. Attached to each snap is a tag such as “Buy”, “Watch” and “Go”, giving you a distinct list of actions to take. The app also geotags the pictures, allowing you to remember where you were when you captured the photo. [iOS, free]

The phone has been developed by HMD, which acquired a ten-year license to use Nokia’s brand name in May 2016. The company continues to sell a broad range of simple phones in developing markets, but the Nokia 3310 will be sold worldwide as a “digital detox” phone. Priced at €49 the phone has a release date set for the second quarter of 2017. You can sign up to receive updates on when the phone is being released on at nokia.com/phones.

It is part of a growing trend of ‘retro’ products making a comeback though. In recent years, sales of Polaroid cameras have increased (linked to the iCloud hacks and similar), flip phones have seen a resurgence and vinyl and record players are growing in popularity again. The new Nokia 3310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and reimagines it for 2017. The custom designed user interface brings a fresh look to a classic, whilst the 2.4” polarised and curved screen window makes for better readability in sunlight.

WeTransfer If you’re already familiar with WeTransfer, then you’ll know how useful this file-sending service is. This smartphone version is perfect for those who operate across multiple devices. [iOS, Android, free] Khan Academy Online education organisation Khan Academy already had an app, but this iPad version bundles all of its 150,000-plus lessons and videos together for the first time. The series is just as accessible in interactive app form as it is on the web. [iOS, free]

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Brickshots Ever wondered what your favourite portraits would look like as Warhol-esque works of LEGO art? Brickshots imports your pics and a brick-bybrick instructions. You’ll have to provide your own LEGO, but you can tweak the colour scheme and number of pieces. [iOS and Android, free]


Best Apps of 2017

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propery & tax

Acquisition of the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment On the 13th of September 2016 the Ministry of Interior proceeded with the third update in the last three years of the Cyprus Citizenship by investment scheme. The scheme for the acquisition of the Cyprus citizenship by investment is in line with the main economic objectives of Cyprus, encouraging further foreign direct investments with the aim to attract high net worth individuals for their family’s relocation to Cyprus and the establishment of their business activities in Cyprus. It is a fact that in the last few years alone, the sector of land development has attracted more than four billion euros of fresh money in Cyprus with positive repercussions on various other sectors of the Cyprus economy. Even though the scheme for the naturalization of investors is not a Cypriot invention, as other European countries have offered such schemes long before Cyprus, the success of the Cypriot program is on the one hand due to the unique combination of advantages offered and on the other hand the simple and transparent procedure that is currently being followed. Based on the revised conditions, investments can be made in Governmental bonds (maximum 500.000 euros), Cypriot businesses and organizations, financial assets of Cypriot businesses and organisations, immovable property and infrastructure projects in Cyprus or a combination of the above. Further analysis of the approved investments is not the purpose of the current article since the investments are listed on the website of the Ministry of Interior (www.moi.gov.cy). The new incentives which are introduced in the revised citizenship scheme includes firstly,

Elysia Residences by Imperio the reduction of the amount of the investment from 2,5 million euros to 2 million euros and secondly the fact that the parents of the investor can obtain the Cyprus citizenship by investment under the main investor’s application, through the acquisition of a permanent residence in Cyprus valued of at least 500,000 euros excluding VAT. We present below the most important elements which in our opinion, must exist in an attractive naturalization plan and we compare it with the Cypriot naturalization scheme: The investment that is required must not have a high risk for the investor: The Cypriot scheme offers the possibility to the investor to choose from a wide range of investments. The majority (if not all) of the available choices

are considered to be of a reduced risk and if carefully and diligently chosen, there is a high possibility that in the future, the investor can receive a fair return on the initial capital invested. There must be a reasonably limited period of time during which the investor has to keep the investment: The minimum time that the investor has to keep the investment is set at three years in comparison with other European schemes, where the time period is anywhere from five to eight years (with the exception of the permanent residence in Cyprus which must be acquired and should remain in the possession of the investor or if sold must be replaced with another of an equal or bigger value). The cost of investment should be reasonable:

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Elysia Residences by Imperio The Cypriot program begins from 2 million euros for investment in residential properties and reaches 2,5 million euros in case the investor chooses to invest in other eligible category as outlined above. The investment amount is deemed at par with other European schemes. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Cypriot scheme does not provide for any amount that the investor has to give as a mandatory donation to the State.

The program must be simple, transparent and lead to the acquisition of citizenship: The Cypriot citizenship program is fully transparent and fairly simple. Citizenship is granted after 3 months once the application is approved (from the Council of Ministers) in comparison with competitive programs where the citizenship is awarded after a specific period of time has elapsed, that can take six to eight years.

It is also worth noting that the Cypriot citizenship is awarded directly following the approval of the application and without the requirement for any language proficiency test.

Costas Markides KPMG Limited, Board Member T: +357 22209246 For more information, please contact KPMG | www.kpmg.com.cy | T: 25869000

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Type 75™ Desk Lamp by Paul Smith

After two successful collaborations, Anglepoise and the famous British designer Paul Smith have collaborated once more to create the Third Edition of the Type 75™ Desk Lamp. With its forceful primary colour palette and angular Anglepoise form, Edition Three evokes the visual vocabulary of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s style of art. Back in 2014, Anglepoise + Paul Smith made their first ever collaboration to create a spectacular interpretation of the characteristic Anglepoise Type 75™ table lamp, by combining the distinctive form of an Anglepoise with the representative style of Britain’s leading designer. Edition One was a bright combination of cornflower, fuchsia and lime becoming evocative of summer. In 2015, Edition Two was the exact alter ego of the first edition. Combining with deep slate and cool grey, Edition Two was evocative of the deep, rich tones of autumn.

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A bicycle that weighs just 5 KG Bugatti X PG Craft Carbon Fiber

Bugatti have teamed up with German luxury bicycle manufacturer PG to create a bike that at just 5 KG, takes the title of the lightest special urban bike in the world. The creation, dubbed simply as the PG Bugatti bike, embodies Bugatti’s distinctive design reputation with all frame cross sections having been optimised for the aerodynamic demands of high speed riding. The streamlined creation was first debuted on the Bugatti stand at Geneva motor show 2017. The Bugatti X PG bike is made of 95 percent carbon fibre, with the frame, fork, rims, handlebars, seat, crank and brake all made

by Italian carbon experts Merelli. Such parts have been handcrafted using pre-preg materials and methods unique to the automobile and aeronautic industries. Only 667 models of the exclusive bike will be produced, and upon request, existing Bugatti owners will be able to have their bicycles hand-customised in the PG Bugatti showroom in Weinstadt to perfectly match their cars. ‘We had the vision of building the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car; ultimate in design, workmanship and performance’ explains PG CEO Manuel Ostner. The bike pays homage to Bugatti company founder Ettore Bugatti, who also designed a bike. Stylistic inspiration has been

drawn from Ettore’s original design, whilst the choice of materials such as carbon and aluminum are deep rooted into Bugatti’s existing supercars. The limited edition ride is set to retail with a huge $35,814 (€32,000) price tag, bringing the possibility of owning a Bugatti to those who can’t fork out €2,48 million for the Chiron.

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Once a playful idea, blissfully spread in the early 1950s by the carioca de gema, has swiftly turned into the symbol of Brazil and the second most favoured game in the country. The iconic knock-knock sound of Frescobol is now heard on beaches all over the world, with tanned bodies bouncing around sharing that one and only goal of keeping the ball up in the air. There is no doubt that an authentic game as such requires no less ordinary attributes. The very first production of Frescobol Carioca were the exclusive Beach Bats made for the legendary beach game. Frescobol, a word now as synonymous to the Carioca as the idolised futebol, was originally played in the ‘frescor do final de tarde’ – in the freshness of the end of the afternoon – and

together with the original rubber bola, the term frescobol was born. Although best enjoyed as the sun sets over the Morro Dois Irmãos, frescobol is now practiced on beaches all over the world as the infectious Carioca beach lifestyle spreads outside of Rio. When one thinks of Rio, both then and now, the city exudes an inimitable charm that comes from the combination of inborn sexiness and a happy and ever positive take on life. Rio’s fun, cheekiness, and easygoing lifestyle is what keeps inspiring us, and draws us to Cidade Maravilhosa again and again, like a magnet. Frescobol perfectly embodies Rio’s way of life: cool, active and friendly. The players work together to keep the ball in the air, the game is

never a competition! They get their heart rates up and enjoy the adrenaline rush, kicking up the sand as they go flying after the ball. Frescobol Carioca was born with the aim of spreading this rich and contagiously happy Rio culture to the rest of the world.

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Artist makes smart portraits using only screws

What one can do with a screw? Screw a table perhaps or a chair leg. But when you are of an artistic nature, screws can become a terrific tool for a great visual effect. Andrew Myers creates distinctively unique and realistic pieces using thousands of a very lifeless object, a screw. Looking at his works from a certain point, one may think they are paintings designed using the technique of pointillism (distinct dots of colour placed very close to one another). But once you approach enough and look

at it from the side, you understand that it is something three-dimensional and definitely stunning. Each of these thousands of steel screws has been positioned accurately both in distance in between them and from the wall. In this way, David Myer manages to give an organic formation to these cold, hard and sharp building tools. Myers paints over the head of each screw, leaving some of them at their natural metallic colour, to enhance the 3D effect.

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Despite the difficulty of this material and the technique Myers uses, his works give the impression of movement and fascinate.

The Evolution of Skyscrapers

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New York skyline, 1912

It is needless to say that the history of skyscrapers is linked directly to technology. Back in 1864, construction techniques and ideas used in Liverpool’s Oriel Chambers, designed by architect Peter Ellis, were some of the several innovations that made tall buildings possible in North America, and Europe later on. Ellis was able to substitute thick masonry walls for glass curtain walls, which maximised the dispersion of natural light in the building. These ideas were essential to what happened after in America.

Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

Woolworth Building, New York


The Woolworth building was just one of many towers in New York, where each new skyscraper tried to be taller than the ones before it. This competition gave the city an exceptional vertical skyline. At the same time in Europe, there were only a few skyscrapers in the early 20th century while in many cities the cathedral was still the tallest building.

21st century Skyscrapers Not only did skyscrapers continue to grow taller, but technology served by computers was able to calculate and create precision parts; skyscrapers were able to take on new forms and nicknames after the millennium. In London, this trend really began in 2004 with Foster + Partners’ scheme at 30 St Mary Axe, often referred to as the ‘Gherkin’. It has been joined by 20 Fenchurch Street also known as the ‘Walkie Talkie’, The Leadenhall Building also known as the “Cheese Grater” and the Shard. In other cities too, large office buildings were taking new forms, such as the CCTV Headquarters, a 44-storey scheme in Beijing that opened in 2012. The evolution of this distinct building type continues to be driven forward by technology and commercial competitiveness.

“Walkie Talkie”, “Gkerkin”, London

Empire State Building, New York

Empire State Building, New York (1931) After World War I, America was still leading in skyscraper design with the completion of the 102-storey Empire State Building designed by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon in 1931. From 1931 until 1972, it was the world’s tallest building.

“Cheese Grater”, Shard London

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The Woolworth Building, New York (1913) Appointed in 1910 to design the headquarters of Woolworth Company, Cass Gilbert’s design was aimed to become the world’s tallest building in 1912 .The skyscraper became a new building form using the latest technology, such as elevators and faster construction methods.

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3D-printed coffee maker uses physics to brew the perfect cup

PERK automates the precise science used to make ‘third wave coffee’

The parts of PERK have been manufactured using 3D printing

PERK is sleeker and simpler than other coffee machines

Making the perfect cup of coffee has become a fine art, and PERK sets out to make precision brewing accessible to the masses. Today, brewing the perfect cup of coffee has become a fine art, and a start-up from New Mexico are setting out to make delicious ‘third wave coffee’ accessible to the masses with PERK - a 3D printed coffeemachine that uses science to deliver perfect taste at the push of a button. For those of us who might not quite know yet what ‘third wave coffee’ is,

here is an insight. The third wave coffee is a movement, aiming to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity. PERK can brew at any desired temperature

The movement began in the early 2000s and focuses on delivering coffee so bright, sweet and fruity that it no longer needs cream or sugar. PERK was originally designed to brew coffee in low-gravity environments, but has since evolved into a table top machine for household use. Retailing at €280, the smart-looking machine aims to make the precise science of brewing third

wave coffee accessible to everyone. PERK takes advantage of the physics principle of “mechanical suspension” to guarantee a perfect ‘uniformity of saturation’ for every coffee particle. In plain words—the machine gently pumps water through the coffee grains, lifting, tumbling and separating the particles to ensure that the water reaches each grain evenly.

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Lego Photo Booth Scans Your Face So You Can Build It Yourself Out of Legos Personalisation comes to the little toy bricks

If you’ve always dreamed of creating a self-portrait out of Lego bricks, rejoice! Mosaic Maker, a photo booth now available at the toy maker’s London store can finally set you on that path.

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Just head over to Leicester Square and climb into the “Mosaic Maker,” a cross between an instant photo booth and a Lego vending machine. After sitting for a portrait, you’ll need to pay £99 (€120) to have that photo turned into a boxed brick mosaic kit containing 4,502 1×1 pieces (you’ll use 2,304 of them to assemble your Lego portrait). Just like in most photo booths, you get three shots at the perfect picture or to nail that perfect pretty smile, so be aware! You’ll also get a photo print showing what your resulting LEGO portrait will look like once complete. The photo print serves as a roadmap to recreating your photo, and the booth is made out of Legos, which heightens the sense of play. That puts it right at home in the giant, spectacle-laden store, Lego’s largest, which opened last fall and also features outsized Lego replicas of Big Ben and a train car from the London Underground.

The Romance of Travel

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Travel lifestyle

Whether you’re travelling the world for business or pleasure, having the right luggage is essential. Owning a good suitcase or travel bag opposed to the cheap one can be the difference between enjoying your holiday and regretting it. After all, you don’t want to get stuck lugging a heavy bag through foreign streets when the zip bursts open. Rimowa is a worldwide leader when it comes to luxury travel luggage. A favourite of both business travellers and jet-setters alike, the German

brand has been at the forefront of luggage innovation for the past 100 years. In 1937, Rimowa launched the first-ever aluminium trunk, revolutionising durable and lightweight luggage. The brand’s unmistakable grooves were then added in the 1950s and quickly became a style signature for this fashionable brand. Since then, the brand has also introduced polycarbonate cases to the travel market, which countless brands now use for hard-shell luggage.

Stelios Votsis, who died in 2012 at the age of 83, was representative of the first generation of Cypriot artists who appeared on the national and international art scene soon after Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960. Born in Larnaca in 1929, his artistic talent was spotted early by the art teacher Victor Ioannides. Votsis began to stage exhibitions while at school, and in 1950 left Cyprus to study in London at Saint Martins School of Art, the Sir John Cass College and the Slade School of Art. At the Slade, he was taught by William Coldstream. Although Votsis’s paintings from this time were beautifully coloured and richly atmospheric, he destroyed almost all of them. This unwillingness to compromise over what he saw as the quality of his work was a defining feature of his approach to art. In the second year of his studies at the Slade he won first prize in a university drawing competition, but he refused to accept the prize because he did not believe his work merited it.

Graduating in 1955, Votsis returns to Cyprus to mark his own creative journey, participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions, many of which took place at Gallery Morfi in Limassol. Votsis helped to form an artists group, the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts. Votsis representing Cyprus at the Sao Paolo Beinnale in 1968 and the Venice Biennale in 1972 are worth noting. From his early works with portraits, landscapes, interiors and still lifes, Votsis leaves his mid-60s to devote himself to geometric constructivist elements with integrating his work in contemporary artistic trends, gradually abstracting from colour and consecrating on white. The result is that the viewer needs to use own senses, feelings and imagination in order to decrypt and fully appreciate Votsis’s magical images. Until the end of his life, Stelios Votsis remained a radical and creative artist, considered by many as one of the leading and most progressive Cyprus artists.

Paintings of Stelios Votsis are currently being exhibited and available at Gallery Morfi in Limassol | www.morfi.org

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stelios votsis: A Radical and Creative Artist



Akamas Natural Trails

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Photography: Marios Ioannides Studios

Discover the Aphrodite and Adonis trails, two of the most beautiful Cyprus walks on the Akamas Peninsula with stunning views over the blue lagoons. Interwoven with rocky hiking trails, these nature trails offer people walking through them stunning views of various sized gorges and valleys, amazing rock formations, the curved coastline, cliffs, and intriguingly shaped boulders. Akamas is famed for its breathtaking beauty and precious ecology.

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APHRODITE TRAIL (CIRCULAR) Length: 7.5 km Duration: 3 hours Degree of difficulty: 2 Starting point: Baths of Aphrodite. It starts from just above the Baths of Aphrodite and follows the mythical route taken by Aphrodite and her lover Adonis. You will ascend the boulder strewn spine of the Akamas to Aphrodite’s sanctuary at Pyrgos Tis Rigainas (the Castle of Regina – Queen’s Tower), now dominated by a magnificent 860-yearold oak tree. The section between the Baths and Pyrgos Tis Rigainas is shared with the Adonis trail. The trail follows a rising path to the hill known as Moutti Tis Sotiras (370m) and this can be quite tiring, especially in summer. Your hard effort is rewarded with what is surely one of the most breathtaking views on the island, across the blue lagoons to Cape Arnaoutis at the end of the peninsula. There are springs with drinking water at two points, one at Pyrgos Tis Rigainas and the other at Kefalovrysia.

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Points of interest: The baths of Aphrodite where, according to tradition, the Goddess of Love used to bathe. Ruins of the Pyrgos Tis Rigainas which are believed to have belonged to a medieval monastery. It is worth mentioning the huge centuries-old oak tree which can be seen at the picnic site, where drinking water is also available. Along the trail there are several points which give a view of Polis Chrysochous and the Paphos Forest. The trail links with Adonis trail. Map Coordinates: 35.062195,32.334258

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ADONIS TRAIL (CIRCULAR) Length: 7.5 km Duration: 3 hours Degree of difficulty: 3 Starting point: Baths of Aphrodite. Like Aphrodite’s Trail, the walk can be quite tiring. Two springs of drinking water can be found at Pyrgos Tis Rigainas and Kefalovrysia. Points of interest: From the western part there is a view of various beaches of Akamas, such as Lara Bay, Tzioni, Karavopetres, etc. The path goes past Pyrgos Tis Rigainas. At Kefalovrysia, it links up with Smiges trail, an additional trail available at Akamas. In order to complete its circular path the trail follows the main road connecting the Baths of Aphrodite and Polis, for about 400m. Map Coordinates: 35.052294,32.336714

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The Comeback of the Dressing Gown

Oscar Wilde once famously stated: “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” Since most of us are not quite a work of art, the best one can do is follow Wilde’s second piece of advice, usually when out and about. However, only very few dress up while at home. Instead of wearing pajamas or (heaven forbid) sweat pants, you should think about converting to a lounge robe–also known as a dressing gown. In the following article, we discuss the almostforgotten dressing gown and encourage you to invest in such a piece yourself.

Short History of the Dressing Gown / Robe Men’s gowns can easily be dated back to the 17th century. These robes were only worn inside and, sometimes called Indian or Persian gowns due to their Eastern origin and Oriental cut, were similar to a kimono. First, they were made out of cotton and later of jacquard silk–also known as brocade, velvet or damask. Just like today, many dressing gowns did not have buttons and were instead worn with a sash. In the 19th century, dressing gowns proved to be particularly suited to the gentleman for his

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Despite the myriad changes, many men felt still attracted to simple flannel robes. Often, they had an emblem or monogram sewn on the outer breast pocket. Dressing Gowns today Nowadays, only a very small number of men still wear a dressing gown, which is rather sad. Due to the lack of demand for the last few decades, there are only a handful of manufacturers left that produce top-notch dressing gowns. They are still available for purchase in cotton, wool, silk or cashmere, but the designs and details are not as elaborate as they once were. By far the most gowns today come with a shawl collar in the wrap-around style. Only the most expensive offthe-rack gowns come with velvet lapels and cuffs or other luxurious trimmings. Most frequently, robes are made of cotton flannel and rarely made out of silk. Of course, there is always the option to go bespoke, and every good shirt maker should be able to tailor a beautiful gown but it is rather costly.

morning toilette as well as in the evening. By the 1860s the dressing gown had mostly evolved into its current shape, cut with a broad rolling shawl collar, which reached almost to the waist and a string or a sash. In the beginning of the twentieth century, central heating was still an uncommon luxury and consequently, most robes were primarily functional and necessary to stay warm while at home. Unsurprisingly, long robes were made of thicker wool and cotton–sometimes quilted–and most often worn in solid colours and unspectacular plaids. According to Watson’s description, Sherlock Holmes wore one of these robes quite frequently. Only upperclass gentleman would wear more decorative dressing gowns, such as those seen on the newly released TV drama Downton Abbey. After World War I, fashion started to become more significant, even for the average gent. This trend continued, and by the mid-twenties, a fashion-conscious man was almost as thoughtful in choosing his dressing gown as in choosing his topcoat.

During the 1920s and 1930s, dressing gowns were rather long, generally reaching almost down to the ankle. The New York City based firm of A. Sulka & Company offered a number of robes, such as a lightweight French flannel with broad horizontal striping and a heavily fringed belt (also called a tie sash). Similarly popular were dressing gowns made out of heavy silk brocade or jacquard fabric with abstract or representational designs. In the US, these motifs were often remarkably similar to traditional Japanese or Persian motifs. These depicted everything from Spanish bullfights, dancers, and paisley to Asian dragon and Oriental scenes in shades of gold, green, burgundy, purple, or blue. Sometimes, dressing gowns were offered together with slippers. There was a robe choice for every man, ranging from €2 for a simple model to €80 for luxurious vicuna gowns. Most dressing gowns featured large notched lapels with cord trimmings on the edges, the pockets, and on the cuffs. All nice dressing gowns were referred to as lounging robes, while those in heavier cottons were identified as a bathrobe. In the mid 30s, beach robes gained quite a bit of popularity, especially in Palm Beach. At that time, buttoned dressing gowns were still the norm. However, slowly but surely, the wrap-around style gained momentum since it was very easy to adjust the robe to one’s individual figure.

Most dressing gown manufacturers today are located in the UK. Dressing gowns can be found at Daniel A. Hanson, Brooks Brothers, Derek Rose, Drakes, New & Lingwood, Sean O’Flynn, Turnbull & Asser and Budd Shirtmakers in London, Charvet in Paris, and at Knize and the Zum Jockey Club in Vienna. One last word: keep an eye out for dressing gowns in vintage clothing shops, where they can often be had for a steal.

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Imperio in the media

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Art Collectors rejoice! An affordable version of Jeff Koons balloon dog is now available.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to own a Jeff Koons balloon dog. You don’t even need a massive estate or your own museum to display it. A version of the €54,4 million record-setting sculpture is available in a smaller, more affordable size … on a plate. The American contemporary artist teamed up with French porcelain maker Bernardaud to produce a plate adorned with a 3D version of his beloved balloon dog. The dish is 1/10th the size of the original statue. Its production is limited to 2,300, and each dish will sell for €8,500. All net proceeds benefit the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, which is responsible for selling the collectable. It took five years for Bernardaud to develop the techniques to create a highly reflective transparent coating that was up to Koons’s standards. The first balloon dog

dish was launched in yellow last year, and the magenta version was just made available. “We have been extremely pleased with the results”, said fifth-generation porcelain maker Michel Bernardaud. “The biggest challenge for us was, in terms of production, to follow the demand”. Plenty of collectors have been pulled in by the allure of owning the miniature pooch. Bernardaud says it has sold two-thirds of the yellow plates and demand for the magenta version is extremely high. Before Koons joined forces with Bernardaud, he produced a red balloon dog plate in 1995 and a blue edition in 2002. Both have changed hands on

the secondary market. Last year, one of the blue plates sold at Phillips Auction House for €17,000, and a red plate went for €16,500. “Balloon Dog is a very optimistic piece; it’s a balloon that a clown would have maybe twist for you at a birthday party. But at the same time there’s the profoundness of an archaic sculpture. The piece has an interior life while the reflective exterior surface affirms the viewer through their reflection. According to the artist, “It is about celebration and childhood and colour and simplicity – but it’s also a Trojan horse. It’s a Trojan horse to the whole body of art work.”


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Limassol as a modern city offers many activities, performances and events all year round. Here are some of the options offered by the city.

June current trends and creations of contemporary dance. The festival is organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rialto Theatre in cooperation with the embassies and cultural centres of the participating countries.

3 on 3 Basketball (9-11/06/2017) The largest outdoor streetball tournament in Cyprus is coming for the third consecutive year at the quay of the multifunctional park of Molos in Limassol from 9 to 11 June 2017.

Alkinoos Ioannides (17/06/2017) Alkinoos Ioannidis and his great music companions will offer us magical moments at the Kourion Theatre in Limassol on 17 June 2017.

Agamoi Thytai (17/06/2017) Agamoi Thytai (Unmarried Sacrificers) will be with us again this summer in Cyprus, with a whole new anniversary performance with crazy laughter and fun. On 17/6 at the Municipal Theatre of Limassol

Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival Accommodating renowned dance companies from Europe, Cyprus and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival presents to the public of Cyprus the

Russian – Cypriot Festival Every year thousands of people gather to celebrate the unique relationship between Russia and Cyprus in the Limassol Municipal Gardens. Shakespearean Nights Every June, people get the opportunity to enjoy Shakespearean performances organised at the ancient theatre of Kourion. The theatre is situated at the top of a hill on the beach, creating an excquisite ambience for the works of the great English dramaturg.

The 12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival The ethnic festival welcomes every year groups and musicians who share a rich cultural past and develop a contemporary


musical present, with common origins and influences. The festival presents a series of events, mostly music, which draw their inspiration from the tradition of each country around the Mediterranean. In this framework emerge proximity and differences, and of course Cyprus serves as a bridge between them.

Summer Dance Festival (20-30/7/2017) The Summer Dance Festival organised by Cyprus New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers will take place in Limassol and Nicosia this July. For ten consecutive days, the audience and dance fans will have the chance to

wander around the town centres of Limassol and Nicosia, rediscover some old and forgotten pathways, historical landmarks and buildings, as these revive through the choreographies presented by the participating artists.

Marinella – Zacharatos (28/07/2017) The ultimate sold out performance in Athens is coming to Cyprus. This July the audience of Cyprus will have the opportunity to attend the ultimate sold out performance of Athenian Theatres “Marinella-Zacharatos” in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol.


Fengaros 2017 (3-5/8/2017) The much-anticipated Fengaros Festival, οne of the leading summer festivals of the island, returns for another year! The festival’s three stages will host more than thirty acts, while parallel events will enrich this musical weekend in the village of Kato Drys, in the Larnaca District.

Commandaria Festival To celebrate the great Commandaria wine, there is an annual week-long festival which draws many crowds each year, both locals and tourists alike, to Lania Village. The festival programme includes traditional Greek and Cypriot music and dances, and traditional Cypriot delicacies.

Wine Festival Limassol has a history of wine making in Cyprus dating back to thousands of years. The famous festival takes place every year in September in the Municipal Garden of Limassol on the coastal road. Today’s wine festival is the equivalent of the celebrations which took place in ancient times, dedicated to the god of wine, Dionysus, and to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase Musicians present their original works to the public of Cyprus and international festival organisers, producers, reporters and many others from the jazz and world music scene. The aim of the Showcase is to increase the international exposure and visibility of Cypriot musicians and their work. Aside from this, an archive of audiovisual records will be created.

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Amathusia Festival Amathusia festival takes place in July every year. The Community Board of Ayios Tychonas organises the annual Amathusia Festival, whichis funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It includes performances by Cypriot contemporary dance groups, top string quartets and Greek and Cypriot singers of both traditional and modern styles.







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The “Rainbow” Festival The aim of this anti-racist multicultural festival is to bring together people of all tribes. It is organised by KISA (Movement for Equality, Support and Anti-Racism) and takes place on the Molos waterfront in Limassol where various organisations, such as immigrant organisations of asylum-seekers and refugees together with Cypriot organisations gather to defend human rights.

Cyprus Rally The last 45 years Cyprus Rally is an event that takes place over a three day period on the streets of Limassol and the mountain roads of Troodos. The Cyprus Rally is one of the deciding races for the Gravel Master of Europe trophy.

Lemesia With innovations and new sports being at the centre of attention, the Limassol Municipality organisses “Lemesia”, one of the major international sporting events in Cyprus, for the 16th consecutive year. During the 10 days of “Lemesia”, athletes from several countries compete in a number of disciplines such as boxing, karate, triathlon, marathon, shooting, rhythmic gymnastics, and cycling.


The exterminating Angel (18/11/2017) Rialto Theatre: Broadcast from Met Opera Following the rapturous response to his last opera, The Tempest, the Met presents the American premiere of Thomas Adès’s The Exterminating Angel, inspired by the classic Luis Buñuel film of the same name. Hailed by the New York Times at its 2016 Salzburg Festival premiere as “inventive and audacious … a major event,” The Exterminating Angel is a surreal fantasy about a dinner party from which the guests can’t escape.


Christmas Limassol enters the festive mood of Christmas and New Year in December with the illumination of the large Christmas tree in the square of Grigori Afxentiou outside the District Administration building. Events take place in many parts of the city, including Santa Claus handing out gifts to children and the Christmas train of Limassol Municipality travelling on various routess.

Tosca - Giacomo Puccini (27/1/2018) Rialto Theatre: Broadcast from Metropolitan Opera Puccini’s musical thriller of lust, murder, and politics is one of the most dramatically riveting operas in the repertoire.

February Limassol Carnival (8-18/2/2018) The Carnival is a great popular festival which has been celebrated in Limassol and all over Cyprus for more than a hundred years. The most exciting period of the year comprises of several Carnival celebrations that last for 10 days.

L’Elisir d ‘Amore - Donizetti (10/2/2018) Rialto Theatre: Broadcast from Met Opera Pretty Yende debuts a new role at the Met with her first Adina opposite Matthew Polenzani. Bartlett Sher’s production is charming, with deft comedic timing, but also emotionally revealing. Domingo Hindoyan conducts.

La Boheme - Puccini (24/2/2018) Rialto Theatre: Broadcast from Met Opera The Met presents its spectacular production, with multiple excellent casts: Ailyn Pérez and Kristine Opolais are paired with Dmytro Popov, Piotr Beczała, and Michael Fabiano, as the young Parisian lovers at the centre of the story.

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Limassol Marathon (17-18/3/2018) The Limassol International Marathon GSO, the biggest athletic event in Cyprus, will take place along our coastal road, and athletes from around the world will participate. The marathon includes Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km Health Race, 5km City Race, 1km Student Race.

Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform The contemporary dance platform is an event organised by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Rialto theatre. After a selection process, modern dance groups based in Cyprus present their new pieces by Cypriot choreographers.



Cyprus Film Days International 2018 Cyprus Film Day is the official competition feature fiction film festival and it proudly holds the EFFE Festival label. It is co-organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rialto Theatre. It consists of two main programmes: the International Competition section -Glocal Images- and the non-competitive section -Viewfinder-, which presents films that have been screened and awarded at major festivals over the past year. The festival also includes a National Competition Section, exclusively showcasing Cypriot productions. Special tributes, parallel screenings, master classes, workshops and musical events complete the program of the official International Film Festival of Cyprus.

Street Festival The Street Festival is the biggest event taking place in the streets of the city centre of Limassol and has been organised for 11 years now by Gifts and Gadgets and The Copy Shop. In the streets of Saripolou, designated walls will become the canvas and the inspiration for many street artists from all around the world. Impressive and colourful graffiti art make the streets stand out in the crowd.

Anthestiria Cypriots celebrate the spring return and the beauty of nature with Anthestiria, a festival inspired by the ancient celebration that was held in Athens in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. The event features exhibitions, flower markets and shows. The main focus of Anthestiria is the flower parade with beautifully decorated floats and pedestrians carrying flowers.

fresh & natural look

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interior design

Make your living space more dominant, elegant and cozy by choosing natural materials. From marble to wood and from glass to leather. These natural materials can be combined in an easy way to make your home more classy and impressive.

1. Marble

Here are 4 stylish ideas to get you started.

Metamorphic rock Use big or small surfaces of marble to highlight your living space

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3. Leather

2. Wood

Organic material – wooden – woodland – heart wood As the more ancient natural material, it can be used all over your home in furniture and accessories to enhance a “back to nature” living.

4. Glass

Durable and flexible Give a “splash” in your home with leather details to give a luxury feeling of living.

Transparent and amorphous Any form you can imagine! From clear to coloured! By adding glass in your home you give a more ethereal appearance.

For more information please visit Living Plus, Maximos Plaza, 6 Maximou Michaelide, Limassol, T: 22 505 350

headphones revisited

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Ora Ito Gïotto headphones, €102 These headphones feature a foldable headband, ergonomic ear-cushions and a built-in microphone for phone calls

Kreafunk headphones, €72 These aHead wireless headphones with Bluetooth and a built-in microphone allow users to answer calls while wearing them.

KEF headphones, €103 These M400 headphones feature an invisible hinged folding frame with memory-foam ear pads.

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Moshi Avanti headphones, €147 Made from stainless steel and soft leatherette, the curved headband of these headphones is engineered to position the soft, adjustable ear cups to form a perfect, noise-isolating seal while exerting minimal pressure on your ears.

Beats x Fendi headphones, €1,007 These premium-sound headphones feature rotating ear cups, a cushioned headband and dual audio ports with daisy-chain connection to allow for an elevated in-studio experience. The headphones are made from lightweight steel and aluminium, offering a solid interior sound.

Audeze LCD-4 headphones, €3,666 These headphones are handcrafted in California and feature 30-year-old Macassar Ebony wood rings.

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THE FABULOUS LIFE OF FASHION ICON IRIS APFEL “Mamma mia,” Iris Apfel exclaims as she settles into a chair at Le Cirque in New York. She’s running late from a doctor’s appointment to fix a neck problem that has been bothering her. “It’s made me like a zombie. I’ve been walking around like ‘ahh’” she puts her arms out and makes a face, turning herself into perhaps the most stylish zombie ever to theoretically roam the earth.

The 93-year-old is everywhere these days. Her shock of white hair, iconic oversized round black glasses, and “more is more” approach to layering big, bold, statement jewellery make her instantly—and internationally—recognisable. Among her countless ongoing projects are an HSN jewellery line, a modelling gig as the face of Kate Spade’s spring campaign

103 exclusive 16

(alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss), and a book of “musings” she recently started writing. She’s also the subject of a new documentary, Iris, by the late, great director Albert Maysles. While the “geriatric starlet,” as she calls herself, may be advanced in years, her fame is quite young. In 2005, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art had a sudden and unexpected hole to fill for its fall show. Curator Harold Koda asked the relatively unknown fashion maven if she would contribute pieces from her incredible collection of jewellery and clothing acquired throughout her life. The resulting show, Rara Avis: Selections from the Iris Apfel Collection, was a spectacular success. “Life is grey and dull. You may as well have a little fun when you dress and amuse people,” Iris is seen telling an enthralled crowd of museum goers who stand surrounded by her outrageous and enchanting stylings.

Previously, Apfel had enjoyed a modest amount of renown in the design world. She was a longtime interior designer, and, with her beloved husband Carl, had founded a textile company, Old World Weavers. They even collaborated on White House restorations. Her favourite administration to work with: the Nixons. “Mrs. Nixon, strangely enough, was the most interested of all the ladies. She was passionately interested. Most of them didn’t give a damn.” But the Met show changed everything, shooting her into the super-star stratosphere. “Oh it’s very surprising to me. I can’t get over it, I still don’t believe it,” Apfel tells The Daily Beast of her new-found fame. “I went to Brazil last year, and all these kids were jumping all over me at the airport. I couldn’t believe it. And they photographed me for Vogue and all kinds of stuff. I mean they carry on with me like I invented Penicillin.” Apfel may not have invented a life-saving drug, but her playful, fun, and wholly original attitude towards life, not to mention her sense of style, is

a breath of fresh air sorely needed in the world of all-pervasive yoga pants and plastic surgery. “You have to work at [developing style], find out who you are and what you can handle, whether you get upset if people look at you, whether you like a lot of stuff, whether you’re comfortable being a minimalist,” Apfel says. “Copying someone else’s style is not being stylish. Style implies attitude, mostly, and originality. And if you don’t have those two, well, you’re done.” Her early style inspiration was her mother, who “worshipped at the altar of accessory” and dressed more like “the Duchess of Windsor. She was very proper. Everything was just so.” Apfel took this inspiration in a more innovative, even rebellious direction, a move her mother supported. She has an eye for assembling outfits that would be unimaginable to most of us, and is often decked out in layers upon layers of necklaces and armfuls of bangles and bracelets.

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She dresses for herself, and it’s obvious how much fun she has doing it. In Iris, she chuckles at the camera as she displays “another mad outfit.” Growing up in Astoria, Apfel says she used to cut class every Thursday afternoon when she was 11. “In those days for a nickel, five cents, you could go all over Manhattan, and I was a very curious child. So I used to each week go to another area.” She particularly fell in love with Greenwich Village, where she found a little shop in the basement of an “old rat-trap building” that was run by “a little old man who was very elegant, very down on his luck. He had frayed cuffs, but he always wore spats and a boutonniere, and he had a monocle. He was very elegant.”

There, she set her sights on a brooch that had a high gallery with filigree and rose-cut diamonds. “I lusted after this pin but I didn’t have a penny to my name. So I saved and I scrimped and sometime later I went back. It was the first time in my life I ever haggled. And finally—he was going to give it to me anyway—he gave it to me for the huge sum of 65 cents. I still have it. I don’t wear it, but I still have it.”

a snob about what she likes. She is just as happy buying a €3.5 cuff she’s fallen in love with as a designer piece with a wallet-breaking price tag. She claims to “mostly” know where and what everything is, and her instant, detailed recall of pieces fished off packed clothing racks seemingly at random in Iris is truly astounding. But the filming process also helped her discover—and wear—gems she had forgotten she had.

Her unparalleled haggling skills (seriously, viewers will be overwhelmed with admiration and a little fear watching her work her magic in shops and markets around New York City) and her collection of baubles and clothing grew from there. Today, “the obsession,” as she calls it, fills entire rooms and two-story closets in her Park Avenue and Palm Beach apartments.

“When they came to do the show and they were going through everything, there were things in the closet seriously for 30 years with a ticket on it that I’d never put on my back.”

While her collection may consume a lot of space, Apfel never takes fashion too seriously and isn’t

Despite its museum-quality breadth (she’s in the process of donating part

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of her collection to the Peabody Essex Museum), Apfel claims, “I’m not a fashionista. I don’t live to get dressed. I think it’s fun and I like it. I like to see other people do it. But I’m very busy with a lot of other things.” This is all-too-evident in Iris, which shows just how crazy Apfel’s life has become (“the telephone calls are enough to kill you” she tells me). The nonagenarian star has embraced new projects and opportunities—like sitting for an “insane” Dazed & Confused cover shoot—that have followed on the heels of fame with an enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment that shows just how young at heart she really is. And if you had any doubts, one look inside her Palm Beach apartment will leave your jaw on the floor. Apfel and her 101-year-old husband Carl (who calls their relationship “one trip, beautiful trip”) have created a tchotchke and stuffed animal-filled wonderland of an apartment that photographer Bruce Weber observes is “the perfect house for two children.” “That’s Gussy. Gussy is a bore. Her wing goes up and her belly is full of booze,” Apfel says of a life-size ostrich-cum-bar as she shows the Iris camera crew around. “And Kermit decided he’d like to live here and he’s become a terrible lush. See how tipsy he is?”

A green Kermit the Frog stuffed animal is perched on Gussy, arms lolling around the ostrich’s neck. Even her inanimate friends aren’t immune to her love of accessorising. “He loves jewellery and I couldn’t get anything to fit him, he has such a fat neck,” Apfel says petting a large dog figurine with bedazzled collars around his neck. “I told him if he went on a diet… Finally I was in the hat shop and these are hat bands. So, I said, ‘Gee, that’ll fit that fatso.’” Apfel’s playfulness and endless curiosity are infectious when you’re in her presence. Her eyes still light up when talking about flea markets she wants to check out and exciting new projects that she just “fall[s] into.” Fame doesn’t seem to have changed her. “What do you do with chewing gum if you want to be elegant?” she asks at one point during lunch. “Years ago in school they used to put them under the desk.” (“Not at Le Cirque, Iris!” the film’s PR representative, exclaimed in response, helping her out of the bind with a sugar packet.) Apfel is a true original when it comes to her sense of style, and that extends to her emphatic championship of aging gracefully. She is opposed to the “insane obsession with youth in this country” and is solidly—and hilariously—against plastic surgery. Unless “you have a nose like Pinocchio or, God forbid, you’re in an accident or fire or something,” she thinks the aesthetic risks are just not worth it. “You pay all this money, you go through all this pain and you

don’t know what you’re going to look like when you get finished. You could come out looking like a Picasso painting.” “We used to go to parties in Palm Beach and my husband would look around and say, ‘Baby, you’re the only one here with your own face,’” Apfel says. Iris will only make that face more recognisable. One of Albert Maysles’ last projects before his death this past March, the documentary almost didn’t happen. Apfel originally turned down Maysles request, but luckily Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President at Bergdorf Goodman, convinced her to change her mind. “Linda said, ‘You must be insane. People would drop dead to just have Albert take a still photograph, and he wants to do a documentary and you have the nerve to tell him no? What’s wrong with you?’ Fortunately he called again, and I went up to Harlem, and we all fell in love.” And, boy, should we be grateful that she did. Apfel is a hilarious and brilliant reminder that being true to oneself is the only way to live, and that it’s never too late to say “yes” to new opportunities, as long as you’re having fun. As she so succinctly puts it to the camera, “If you’re going to sit there and do the same damn thing all the time, you might as well jump into the box yourself.”

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BEYOND APPEARANCE An emotional way of life: going beyond the whims of the season so you can create your wardrobe with consistency and imagination, staying true to yourself and your own style. Corneliani’s choice is a radical one based on a few fundamental principles:

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Chromatic Rhythm: a continuous game of tones and nuances, as original as they are sophisticated, which encapsulate a distinctly Italian sensibility stemming from our familiarity with the beautiful. From deep blue mixed with shades of brown through to burgundy combined with navy blue: the colour palette perfectly blends earthy tones with natural semi-tones going right up to teal. Black and grey with vibrant touches of violet are essential. Hybridisation: this is the keyword for the autumn-winter 2017 collection, the most modern contamination of tailored garment and sportswear. Timeless Design: a stylish answer to the most contemporary requirements with full respect for the classic rules, as seen in the Light Living project which is further developed in the autumn-winter season. In fact, the iconic jackets with chest piece now offer different customisation possibilities: available in a wide array of materials and colours, the chest pieces are interchangeable and everyone can create their own combination according to their mood and the occasion. Design with Purpose: details, materials and craftsmanship contribute to the creation of items that are functional as well as aesthetically exemplary. The entire collection, both the tailored garment and sportswear, is distinctive for its use of Woolsphere wool: thanks to technological treatments and special coatings, this noble yarn guarantees very high levels of comfort, versatility and incredible lightness. Corneliani stands out as an international player thanks to its values of tradition and quality: combined with the brand’s modernity, they make it the reference point for elegant high-end menswear worldwide.



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Pantheon Hill Residences

Pantheon Hill Residences With immediate access to the central Avenues and the centre of Limassol, Imperio’s new project, Pantheon Hill Residences, will be developed in the key location of Panthea; an area with newly developed projects next to a green area. The exterior of the project will be impressive offering a breath of fresh air.

Amalfi Residences Amalfi Residences extends the Limassol Skyline with iconic architecture by UDS Architects. The signature interiors by Imperio bring an ultimate knowledge of hospitality to the clean modern lines of these eight light-filled residences at Amalfi, with a palette of rich materials and a host of thoughtfully designed details.

Elysia Residences

Residential Developments Commercial Developments Past Developments

Elysia Residences is designed to reflect the prestige of a high quality development boasting 15 marvelous apartments. The two buildings will bear an impressive long green garden that will lead to the communal swimming pool.

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Elysia Residences

Ivy Residences

Amalfi Residences

Ivy Residences Perched in the heart of Limassol, Ivy Residences stands at the intersection of design and sophistication, and at the peak of the signature Imperio service. Ivy Residences sets the standard for Limassol luxury apartments. This stylish residential creation is set to offer sweeping city views at high levels – from the generous amenity spaces on the second and third floors to the impressive penthouse. Residents will enjoy floor-to-ceiling vistas framed by Limassol’s coastline.

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Location: Panthea Project Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 2,3,4,5 Delivery: December 2018

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Location: Potamos Yermasoyias Project Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 3, 4 Delivery: June 2018

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Location: Ayios Athanasios, Limassol Project Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 3 Delivery: Immediately

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Location: Ayios Nectarios, Limassol Project Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 1, 3 & 4 Delivery: October 2017

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Cyprus becomes hotter than ever before! By Petros Rialas

The summer is already upon us reaching 30+ degrees Celsius. Whilst we cool ourselves with chilled watermelon and grilled halloumi cheese, the beaches are already packed with locals, tourists, ex-pats and … non-doms. Non-doms is the newest fruit offered by Cyprus. In fact, foreign persons becoming Cyprus tax residents are automatically nondoms and enjoy an array of tax benefits – including a total tax exemption on dividends, interest and profit from sale of shares. The Cyprus non-dom is undoubtedly the hottest program of its kind in the EU, attracting a dynamic interest from all around the world. Below are three relevant cases with different circumstances and needs.

Case 1: Alexei from Russia Alexei has been a regular visitor and friend of Cyprus for many years, also using Cyprus companies and other local professional services for his international affairs. After all, Cyprus companies have and continue to work in a tax efficient and practical manner in international structuring. In the past, Alexei took advantage of the Cyprus Citizenship by investment program, obtaining for himself, his wife and three children the Cyprus passport that offers all advantages of an EU passport. For various reasons Alexei had considered to move his business base and his family somewhere in the EU. The Cyprus non-dom regime was the ideal opportunity. They have now completely moved out of Russia. Living in a villa by the beach, they became Cyprus tax residents (and automatically non-doms), the children enrolled in one of the international schools, his wife socialising along with the thousands of permanent Russian

residents, and Alexei is now working from Cyprus with regular travels in the EU and Russia. Alexei, who is a high net worth individual, has also arranged a significant portion of his private international property (such as real estate, a yacht and deposits) in an underlying structure owned by a Cyprus International Trust. By doing so, he secured asset protection, estate and succession planning as well as a significant tax optimization. Alexei is most happy, so are his children and wife … each one for their own reasons! Case 2: Frank from Germany Frank, who is in his early 40’s, originally comes from Germany but had been a UK non-dom for many years. He has accumulated a good fortune from international real estate investments as well as trading in shares. He has considered for some time now to move his personal tax residency in some other country. Monaco was one obvious choice – but he quickly abandoned the idea when he was presented

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with the Cyprus non-dom alternative. Furthermore, Frank recognised the potential of investing in prime properties in Cyprus.

Frank has by the way started dating a local girl and could not be happier.

Frank has now effectively moved out of the UK, became a Cyprus tax resident (and automatically a nondom), working and doing his transactions from his laptop and smartphone whilst enjoying the mediterranean weather and sipping down cocktails and prime single malts – but most importantly enjoying an almost zero tax in Cyprus.

Amir is a family man from a troubled area in the Gulf Area who owns a successful company operating in the Middle East. Worried about the future security of his family, he obtained the Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit by investment. This way, he has now provided a ‘Plan B’ should they decide or are forced to move in a rush to some other nearby country without any delay on immigration issues. They can travel and stay or

Case 3: Amir from the Gulf Area

even permanently reside in Cyprus at any time. At the moment, they enjoy the house they bought for short break holidays. Should he ever decide to permanently live in Cyprus, Amir, as a non-dom, will not be subject to any Cyprus tax on dividends received from his company.

Petros Rialas, BA, MSc, FCCA, TEP Director Head of International Tax Planning Dept Totalserve Management Ltd petros.rialas@totalserve.eu www.totalserve.eu

Totalserve is an international service provider with a global presence of 11 offices in 10 countries. The Group offers international tax planning, corporate, trusts, shipping, property & immigration, financial, legal as well as accounting & audit services. Totalserve specialises in the areas of immigration and property and have successfully assisted applicants to acquire either the PRP or Cyprus Naturalisation. For further inquiries please contact services@totalserve.eu

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