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Property Magazine June 2015 Issue 13

WELCOME Creativity always flows in our team. The summer issue of Exclusive is here to accompany you throughout your summer vacations.

Editor Martha Nagkoloudi Design Natalie Demetriou Publisher Imperio Printing RPM Lithographica lTD Contributors Petros Rialas Director, Head of International Tax Planning Dept, Totalserve Management Ltd Cover Photography: Agisilaou and Spyrou, Clothes: Elina Leventi, Hair Stylist: Stratos Demetriou, Make-up: Elena Demetriou, Model: Elena Pieridou Location: Limassol Bay Residences ΙSSN 1986-2350 No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. All information contained in this magazine is for information only and is, as far as we are aware, correct at the time of going to press. Imperio cannot accept any responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in such information.

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With an unrivalled reputation for quality and service, Imperio has created some of Limassol’s leading residential and commercial destinations, and to ease your search, Imperio’s app, available to download from the App and Play stores, instantly provides you access to all of our latest properties. As well as inspiring new homes, we bring you the best things in life, from art to scented matches to the world’s most enthralling Indian safari. We hope you enjoy the latest issue of Exclusive magazine. Happy Reading!

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Stylianos Lambrou: An Entrepreneur at Heart

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Will an Apple Watch Replace the iPhone?

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Cyprus Continues to Attract High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs)

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Light an Aromatic Fire

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an urban oasis

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Elysia Residences is so much more than a top-ofthe-line collection of apartments; each functions as a private estate designed to exceed and then redefine your every desire. Located in one of Limassol’s most upcoming residential areas, Elysia Residences is the perfect representation of style, prestige and quality in today’s modern environment. The building was designed by Cyprus famous architecture firm Antoniades+Eleftheriou UDS. Featuring simple, yet refined symmetrical lines combined with subtle design elegance, Elysia Residences integrates environmental-friendly aspects with state-

of-the-art provisions to create sophisticated modern architecture with astute urban design awareness. The development was inspired by the Parisian Champs-Élysées with its tree lined avenue, justifiably known as the most beautiful avenue in the world. The long passageway at Elysia Residences that leads to the communal gardens & swimming pool is lined with trees and plants, creating an urban oasis. This imposing contemporary building offers a variety of brilliantly designed three- and four-bedroom residences, duplexes and sky-villas with modern conveniences. They all offer generous space, comfort and

7 exclusive 13 Duplex A101

exceedingly high level of specification and finish. The beautiful private balconies and gourmet kitchens are guaranteed to ignite your love for modern living. All living rooms have oversized double-glazed windows with doors onto private balconies. Features of the development include 24-hour gated access, and communal swimming pool & gardens. Occupying the most desirable and elevated positions, offering an excellent specification and with many opening onto unrivalled outside living space, the development unique penthouses offer the ultimate living experience in Limassol. Elysia

Residences’ two fantastic duplex apartments are arranged over two floors. The duplexes benefit from spacious interiors, bright with natural light from immense two-story-high windows. These properties are two of Limassol’s greatest residential jewels, conceived as the ultimate living spaces for today’s sophisticated property buyers. In addition to these, Elysia Residences offer two exquisite four bedroom villas set out in 330 square metres over two floors at 15m above ground level. These Sky Villas include impressive architectural features, and exist for the most discerning of guests who demand a unique, exclusive and unprecedented experience.

Sky Villa A402

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world news

The Indian safari star attraction Wildlife tourism in India may have grown by more than 25% in the past decade, but tigers number just over 1,700. In the sprawling tiger reserves of central India, you don’t find tigers. Other animals find them for you. The guide motioned for the driver to stop. As the jeep fell silent, a cathedral hush came over the forests of Pench. The wind murmured in the leaves of the teak trees and the liquid notes of an Indian roller poured out of further depths. The guide put his fingers to his lips. Then we heard the alarm call of a sambar – a low, grunting noise – alerting the other animals to danger. Nearby a group of spotted deer lifted their heads as one. They were not looking at us: they gazed into the forest, ears twitching. A moment later the langur monkeys, high in the canopy, began to bark. “Tiger,” the guide whispered. She did not appear; she materialised. One moment there was nothing, and the next a striped torso was gliding through the long grass between the trees. She moved in padded slow motion, her head perfectly still as her shoulders rolled with each step. The deer watched her intently. Then suddenly, in unison, they swung their heads round, looking in the other direction. A leopard had appeared behind us, crouching on a dead tree trunk, its spots dark in the dappled shadows. Still as a statue, only its tail flicking, it was sizing up the situation – the deer, the sambar, the restless langurs and the tiger – the hunted and the huntress. Over the past decade wildlife tourism in India, chiefly focused on the tiger, has grown by more than 25%. It’s an encouraging figure, because the survival of the tiger in the wild is as much linked to the economic benefits of

tourism as it is to good habitat management. But in some parks increasing visitor numbers have led to a cheapening of the experience. In the most popular of India’s reserves – Corbett, Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore – there are times when the chaos of an Indian city seems to invade the seclusion of the parks, as a scrum of jeeps and camera-wielding visitors descend on a sighting location. At the beginning of the 20th century, when Indian maharajahs and British officials were still busy gunning down tigers for sport, there were thought to be about 40,000 of the cats in India. By the time tiger hunting was banned in 1970, there were only around 1,800 left. Current estimates hover just above the 1,700 mark. With hunting no longer an issue, there are two pressures on tigers: shrinking habitat and poaching. The tiger reserves – and there are almost 50 in India – are meant to deal with the habitat issues; their underpaid and ill equipped park rangers are tasked with handling poaching, a problem largely fuelled by the Chinese traditional-medicine trade. For the Chinese, a tiger is a complete pharmacy; there is apparently

nothing it cannot cure. The bones are ground up as a preparation for rheumatism; the blood strengthens willpower; the whiskers are said to alleviate toothache; the eyeballs treat epilepsy; the skin mental illness; the teeth both rabies and asthma; and the testes tuberculosis; while tiger-penis soup is Chinese medicine’s Viagra. The mystique of the tiger is not confined to Chinese medical practitioners. In early western mythology, the animal belonged to the bestiaries of the imagination, the feline counterpart of the unicorn, the griffin and the dragon. As late as the Renaissance it was believed that all tigers were female and procreated by copulating with the wind. For William Blake they were a metaphor for the primitive forces lost to civilised societies. But no one should be fooled into complacency by the languorous cat stretching in the sunlight or drinking charmingly at a forest pool. Tigers are nature’s most efficient killers. Their paws are the size of dinner plates, their claws longer than a middle finger; they have been known to remove a human face with a single swipe. A large male over 3ft high at the shoulder is the length of a small family car, weighs up to 500lb and can do 0-60 faster than a Fiat Panda. Yet they slip through the forests like ghosts; you could pass within yards of one and not realise it was there. They have night vision six times sharper than our own and can eat 60lb of meat at a single sitting. Lions, smaller and a good deal less ferocious, are only kings of the jungle in jungles where you don’t find tigers. In India’s Tadoba National Park, we set off in the jeep in the pre-dawn with binoculars and thermoses of coffee, following a red track between stands of bamboo and copses of sal trees. In the grey light, a wild boar trotted across the road, tail aloft, feet stepping prissily. To our left, where the mists were still melting off the long grasses, a herd of deer watched us pass. Beyond them, I could see a large sambar, its ears turning through 180 degrees as it assessed the morning. And then a massive gaur loomed through a bank of bamboo, sporting pretty white stockings. Gaur are the political heavyweights of the animal kingdom: disputes – and there are many – are settled by bellowing at one another.

Jamtara Wilderness Camp


It was at Pench, however, that I had the aforedescribed sighting of a tiger and a leopard at the same time. At Jamtara Wilderness Camp, which only opened last October, the primary joy is its isolation from other lodges – our game drives began at Karmajhiri or Jamtara Gate, where we were often the only jeeps entering the park – but the camp has also brought new standards of luxury to Pench. Furnished with a mix of colonial charm and eastern languor, its 12 spacious tents count as serious safari chic, with bathrooms that wouldn’t look out of place in a (rustic) five-star. There is an infinity pool to banish the heat and the dust, while meals are a fascinating journey around the delicate promises of Indian cuisine. An elegant open-sided sitting area – a place of deep leather chairs, piled books and evening cocktails overlooking the park’s buffer zone – and the evening fire beneath the canopy of a sprawling banyan tree soon became the focal points for guest gatherings. With its open teak woods, Pench may be an even prettier landscape than Tadoba and we were happy that first morning to have it to ourselves. A family of wild dogs appeared, re-establishing relations after a night’s sleep by licking one another. A jackal trotted into view, oblivious to us as it passed within feet of the jeep. A rare scops owl gazed at us from the hollow of a tree. Barking deer barked, a mongoose disappeared into the long grass and a vast nilgai bull scratched its behind on a tree trunk. In the event, the amazing sighting of a tiger and leopard in proximity, eyeing up the same prey, ended with a whimper, not a bang: after a good deal of crouching and peering, both predators slipped into the forest in search of a less complicated morning hunt, to the massed relief of the grazing chital. For the leopard, it was a question of caution. For the tiger, top of any food chain, it was simply a matter of convenience: a clumsy leopard was likely to spoil her chances. On our last morning, we climbed to the flat-topped summit of Shillim Peak from which the estate takes its name. The 360-degree views stretched from idyllic farmsteads to the furthest mountains. The winds carried the sounds of the forest below. We could hear the alarm call of deer. Somewhere down there, beneath the canopy, a feline predator was padding through the green shadows, eyes glinting, stalking its prey. Somewhere down there, a wild India improbably persisted – startling and exquisite in this most populous of lands.

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We emerged on the shores of Tadoba Lake, where I spotted an enormous marsh crocodile, its long, ridged back just breaking the surface of the water. A troop of langur monkeys appeared, their cute faces and silky hair masking a domestic life of considerable violence. Above us a honey buzzard sailed on vast wings. But the morning’s highlight was the tiger strolling through a meadow, barely 100m from the road. She looked unhurried in her stately progress – utterly majestic.

letting off steam

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Alberto Alessi has paid tribute to Postmodernist architect and designer Michael Graves, who died recently, and revealed plans for a special edition of his best-selling 9093 kettle. In a letter sent to the American architect’s studio in Princeton, the head of Italian kitchenware brand Alessi revealed plans for a 30th anniversary edition of the kettle, adding that the news of Graves’ death was “difficult to believe”.

Michael Graves 9093 kettle was first produced in 1985

“The last time we met in Philadelphia, even in a wheelchair, Michael was so energetic,” said Alessi. “Michael, as you well know, has been for our company one of the leading authors and design heroes, and for me, personally, one of my most important maestros. I’ll never forget his contribution to our history.” Graves, who died suddenly aged 80, had a long-standing relationship with Alessi’s Italian homeware brand. His 9093 kettle, first produced in 1985, was the brand’s bestseller for 15 years and remains in its top 10. In September, Alessi will release a new edition of the kettle to mark its 30th year of production. Graves had been working on the design, which will be produced in limited numbers, before he died.

The Portland Public Services Building in Portland, Oregon

“We were thinking to organise something special for the events we are preparing around the Mi-

Limited edition silver tea and coffee set by Michael Graves for Alessi

chael-Alessi collaboration for 2015 and the new project with Michael that we will unveil shortly: the Tea Rex Kettle!” said Alessi. The original design featured a conical stainlesssteel body with a plastic bird-shaped whistle at the end of the spout. The new version will have an unspecified adaptation, but the name suggests that it may be dinosaur-related. “In Italian tradition, design is a son of architecture,” said Alessi. “All good designers, almost without exception, are first architects in Italy.” Graves was born in 1934 in Indianapolis, and set up his architectural practice in Princeton in 1964. He was a member of the New York Five, a group of five prominent, Modernism-inspired architects working in the city in the late 1960s. His best known projects include his kitchenware for Alessi, and the Portland Public Services Building in Portland, Oregon – a seminal piece of Postmodern architecture that was recently saved from demolition.

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Femme fatale At Heros’ Square in Limassol, opposite Rialto Theatre, “Madame” had its opening recently. The idea for this bar came from friends and partners, who wanted to create an easygoing place to relax any day of the week. This philosophy is carefully integrated with all features at Madame. The decoration is modern and warm, combined with warm colours of wood. The ambiance lighting reveals the unique custom-made furniture, the central table and the impressive bar, all of which make you want to get comfortable there for hours and enjoy your drink. This idea was implemented with support from Hub Design & Engineering Platform. Drinks are served starting from 6 o’clock in the evening. You can go there for a nice spritz, wine by the bottle or glass, and other alcoholic beverages. The cocktails are Madame’s forte though, and the list has about 30. About half of them are the creation of bartender Stephanos Athanasiou, who is one of the owners. The other half, all classic cocktails but some of them with an interesting twist. You can try for instance an interesting version of the classic Gibson, while drinking a Tequila Cobbler will make you feel like you are taking a walk in the woods. As for the food, you can have four different kinds of hot dog,

fresh potato fries, and a platter of cheese and cold cuts.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 6 pm onwards. 24 Andrea Drousioti, Heroes Square, Limassol, 25 364218.

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A rising tide for standup paddleboarding

Costas Symeonides

SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is a rapidly-growing water sport with so many different styles and types of SUP boards. Yet, one thing remains the same: Paddlers stand on a long surfboard and use a long single bladed paddle as a propeller to move forward. We have met with the instructor of the «Windsurfers on Tour» academy and champion of the 4km 12,6” board category of the Cyprus SUP Cup 2014, Costas Symeonides, who talked about the fastest growing sport in Cyprus and his most bold and amazing experience: crossing a distance of 400 kilometres in six days from Kastellorizo to Limassol. When did you get into SUP? I started getting involved with SUP in 2010. Before that, I used to do windsurfing and sailing for 8 years, until some friends in Greece introduced me to SUP and encouraged me to bring this sport to Cyprus. This modern stand up paddle boarding has its roots in Hawaii, and was brought to California in 2004 by the stand-up paddle surfer, Rick Thomas.

it gained popularity and has been growing day by day ever since. We currently have more than 1,000 SUP athletes in Cyprus.

When did SUP become a mainstream in Cyprus? During the first two years, there were only a few people interested in the sport, when suddenly

What about the age? How old is your oldest student? I have students of all ages. I have an athlete who is over 70 years old and has three boards of his

Are there more men or women involved with the sport? There are both men and women who are interested in this sport. It is equally popular to both genders.

What about your experience from Kastellorizo to Cyprus? We needed five days to cover the distance. It is an amazing experience. I definitely exceeded my limits! I lost 13 pounds in six days. I woke up at 5:30 – 6:00 every day, and paddled for 10 to 12 hours per day, with one or two breaks for food. The first two days were very difficult because of the strong opposing waves. I remember paddling for 13 hours per day only to discover that I have covered a distance of 64 kilometres. In contrast to the third day, when the sea was calmer, I paddled for 12 hours and covered 77 kilometres, while on the fourth day I covered 81 kilometres within 11 hours.  It was more of a psychological pressure, since we needed to cover the distance in six days, and this is what I was trained and prepared for. Of course, it would not be possible if I didn’t have the support of my team, both on and off the boat, and I would like to thank them for that.

It was for a good cause; to support Preventive Paediatrics. Exactly! We have managed to raise 24,000 euros. The year before, I was together with another SUP surfer from Paphos, and we managed to raise 13,000 euros for the Red Cross. Are you preparing something similar for this year too? This year I got involved with other things too. I have opened a shop for sports gear, mainly for surfing and skateboarding, and I believe I should not pressure myself for so many days. I would like my next target to be something bigger, perhaps a journey covering double the distance. To sum up, SUP is a great workout; one can do several types of SUP, including surfing against or in the direction of the wind, the so-called downwind, and certainly in a calm sea. You can even do several yoga or other types of exercises on the board.


It does require balance though. Balance is something that you acquire through practising. There is no one who cannot do it.

At which point of the journey you could see Cyprus? As soon as I saw Cyprus on the fourth day, I told myself that I would not stop. I don’t know where I got the strength from. But I did! I stopped paddling at around 8:30 to 9:00 in the evening; that is when I saw dolphins.

exclusive 13

own. SUP is not age prohibitive; on the contrary, it provides you with a very good overall workout without fear of injury.

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movie moments The real world of Imperio is blended with the imaginary world of fairy tales and films as a tribute to them.

Advertisements are always based on intertextuality, whether this has to do with a saying, images or the meaning of small parts of our everyday life. The first series of our campaign ads was based on “Alice in Wonderland”. We used the mythical characters of the story to bring Imperio’s house to life.

show apartment at Elite Residences, in Potamos Yermasoyeias, Limassol. Kalia - known as the selfie queen – was enjoying the house taking selfies while the mythical characters were trying to interact with her.

The characters were acting in parallel with the real world because at Imperio’s houses, in contrast to the world of Alice, a moment lasts forever.

Yiannis and Antonis Misirlis, directors of Imperio, were relaxing, playing playstation and getting informed about international news while having their breakfast with Alice and Mad Hatter.

Kalia Eleftheriou, Yiannis and Antonis Misirlis were there for the shooting of this campaign, which took place in Imperio’s

The mythical costumes of Alice and Mad Hatter were created by the designer Elina Leventi.

Then, it was Audrey Heyburn’s turn from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The ad takes place in Imperio’s show apartment at Limassol Bay Residences in Potamos Yermasoyeias. Audrey symbolises the woman of today, and while being a legendary and pioneering figure of her time, remains the epitome of timeless elegance even to this day. Modern Audrey is found in Imperio’s house reviving the scenes of the film. “Drawing inspiration from favourite fairy tales and films, like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, we brought elements of these two into our ads. Intertextuality is apparent since the characters of the films play a leading role in the ads”, said Natalie Demetriou, Marketing Manager at Imperio. In both series of the ad campaigns, the slogan is intertextual, taken from each film, respectively, yet adapted to the modern characteristics of Imperio. In both cases, slogans have to do with

timelessness and are reflected through image. In Alice’s case, the slogan has to do with a dialogue between the White Rabbit and Alice. Alice asks “How long does “forever” last?”, and the White Rabbit replies “Sometimes, only for a few seconds”. In the case of Imperio’s apartments, the forever lasts for a lifetime! As for the other ad campaign, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is transformed into Breakfast at Imperio. The wording borrows a saying by Audrey Heyburn about elegance and style. “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”, something that is illustrated through the apartment of modern Audrey.

15 exclusive 13

Contributors to the series of these ad campaigns were: Photography: Agisilaou and Spyrou, Clothes/Costumes: Elina Leventi, Hair Stylist: Stratos Demetriou, Make-up: Dora (Alice in Wonderland) and Elena Demetriou (Breakfast at Imperio), Models: Costas (Mad Hatter), Andrea Chrysohou (Alice), Elena Pieridou (Audrey Heyburn). Location: Elite Residences and Limassol Bay Residences.

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Edouard Sacaillan Edouard Sacaillan is one of the most important representatives of contemporary Greek fine art. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1957, he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) under professors Mytaras and Moralis. He continued his studies through a scholarship at École Nationale SupÊrieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris under professor Leonardo Cremonini. Since the beginning of his career, Sacaillan has had a very personal instinct and own style. Each of his representations takes a different direction expressing emotions and aesthetics of the everyday life and issues that concern every modern person. The artist states that he is a person who cannot stand modern reality, which he

considers traumatic, because it is frightening. To endure or to usurp or to change or to apprehend, he paints. The various persons in his paintings are depressed, without them knowing nor realising it, and having the same depression and sorrow as the artist. He paints them not because they like it but because they are witnesses of a hostile

environment without knowing that they are the victims. Paintings of Sacaillan are currently being exhibited at Galleri Morfi in Limassol (www.morfi.org), where there is a scheduled solo exhibition in June of 2015.

Morfi Gallery, 84 Agkiras, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus, Τel: 25378733 | morfi@morfi.org | www.morfi.org

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STYLIANOS LAMBROU: An Entrepreneur At Heart

Stylianos Lambrou the CEO of Social Airways and co founder of Heart Cyprus, is a young entrepreneur who innovatively combines intelligence and passion in whatever he’s doing. His vision is to make a positive impact to the world and works painstakingly to attain it while enjoying every challenge he encounters in the process. You are one of the founders of Heart Cyprus. What is it and why did you launch it? Heart Cyprus is the biggest and most influential destination marketing brand of Cyprus. Launched in March 2013, at the peak of the 2012–13 Cypriot financial crisis, Heart Cyprus strives for a complete rebranding of the island of Cyprus. Heart Cyprus is the leading online project promoting Cyprus. In partner-

ship with key public and private organizations, Heart Cyprus brings to front all the best the island has to offer, by promoting Cyprus locally and abroad. With more than 2000 virtual tours and thousands of professional pictures of all hidden treasures of the island, along with professional material from healthcare, education, religion and HeartCyprus.com include an enormous database of information regard-

page gave the idea for a bigger, bolder brand to market Cyprus to the global traveller.

With a facebook page of over 200,000 followers, would you say that you have reached a worldwide spread? / Did you feel that you managed to promote Cyprus worldwide?

ing cities, villages, beaches, monuments, nature paths, history of the island, cuisine and products, weddings, educational and healthcare services, job opportunities, all major events being held on the island and many more. Consisting of a team of 12 young, passionate professionals, Heart Cyprus is here to ensure that Cyprus has multiple key assets that make the country a top destination around the world. Heart Cyprus was the product of frustration with regards to the way Cyprus was being promoted. At the height of the financial crisis, a photo sharing

Our community is made up of over 210,000 followers and a total reach of more than 2.000.000 per month to over 30 countries. This 95% of this reach is organic. We showcase Cyprus to the world through social media and other new age communication mediums. What is your favourite place in Cyprus? Cyprus is a like a mini-continent. There are amazing places to visit. My favourite place in Cyprus is my hometown, Limassol.

Social Airways is your new project. Can you tell us a bit more about Social Airways? Social Airways mission is make air travel more social, transparent, and economical. Social

Airways provides a set of tools for air travel that connects people who are on the same flight & airports, facilitates collaboration and provides travellers with social networking tools and features to make arrangements with other travellers.

Both of your start-ups are travel oriented. What made you so drawn to the travel industry? Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. I love traveling and meeting new cultures and people. My travel startups is a good “excuse” to travel more and have more stories to share.

What is your favourite holiday destination? My favourite destination is a place I have never visited before. You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself. I love going to places I have never been before. The adventure is always worthwhile.

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Will an Apple watch replace the iPhone? The Apple Watch isn’t designed to replace your iPhone just yet. In fact, it depends on it. For example, the Watch doesn’t have a GPS receiver, so if your phone isn’t around you can’t track the distance you’ve travelled beyond measuring steps. Also it doesn’t have its own camera, so while you can use it as a viewfinder for your phone it doesn’t have the ability to snap anything by itself. That doesn’t mean the Apple Watch is a dumb terminal, though. It has its own processor, sensors and on-board storage. Here are the key things you are able to do with an Apple Watch even when there’s no iPhone for it to talk to - after the initial setup on the handset is complete that is – just in case you forget your phone at the office or at home!

21 exclusive 13

Pay for stuff Once you’ve set up Apple Pay via the Apple Watch app, you’ll be able to use the Watch to pay for things in shops. To pay, simply wave your watch at the Apple Pay-compatible terminal and let the built-in NFC do its thing. Get on planes or go to the movies Apple’s Passbook is on the Apple Watch, so anything already stored in it - airplane boarding passes or electronic tickets should work just fine without your iPhone.

Listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts The Watch has its own storage space, of which 2GB is reportedly available for music - so you can use the Watch’s built-in Bluetooth to pair with a pair of wireless headphones and get music on the move. Open doors SPG Keyless is a feature that enables Apple Watch users to unlock Starwood hotel rooms without a key. The same idea could of course work with any other kind of Bluetooth-enabled smart lock, so it’s possible to see Apple

Watch-compatible locks for your home or gym locker. Track your fitness The Apple Watch doesn’t need to be paired with your phone to monitor your heart rate or workout: it can store that data and sync it to the Health app when you get back from your run, cycle or trip to the gym. Do watch things Hardly a surprise, this, but time-related functions such as the alarm, stopwatch and timer don’t need a phone to function.

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Cyprus continues to attract High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) By Petros Rialas

Petros Rialas, BA, MSc, FCCA, TEP Director, Head of International Tax Planning Dept Totalserve Management Ltd petros.rialas@totalserve.eu www.totalserve.eu Nissi Beach, is one of the 57 beaches in Cyprus, awarded with the Blue Flag

Attracting HNWIs was once the prerogative of just a handful of jurisdictions. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available. Still though, not many jurisdictions can claim to offer a well-rounded package as is the case with Cyprus. The use of Cyprus by HNWIs, as a place to live, invest and as a base from which to conduct their international business, continues unabated. In some cases, these are EU residents but the majority are non-EU (Russian, CIS countries, South African, Middle Eastern and

Chinese nationals) seeking to acquire an EU passport or permanent residency permit - both of which are offered in Cyprus through attractive programs by way of investment. At the doorstep of the Suez Canal, Cyprus is in close proximity to the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, offering access to a number of destinations, hence the historical significance of the island as an important trade route and shipping centre. The Cyprus tax and legal frameworks are amongst the most competitive in the EU while at the same

time being simple and tested, thus constituting Cyprus a prime jurisdiction in today’s international tax structuring for Companies and Trusts. These frameworks remain unscathed despite the recent banking crisis. This is just half the story though. The quality of life and the facilities offered are just as important. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, an abundance of Blue Flag beaches, low crime rate, modern infrastructure, high-end

23 exclusive 13

beachfront or mountain properties, top quality golf courses and a brand new marina offering a unique ‘Living on the Sea’ concept, international schools and advanced medical care facilities as well as fine wining and dining - all combined with the local hospitality, make quite a strong case for Cyprus as a supreme place to live and raise a family. Physical presence or substance is now a main concern for many international companies. When compared to other EU jurisdictions, Cyprus is ideal for physical presence (offices) due to the comparative advantages in operating costs as well as certain tax incentives for foreign individuals and employees relocating to Cyprus. Last but not least, another element that differentiates the attractiveness of Cyprus is the high level of all-round professional services. The professional services industry and specifically the actual persons comprising this, are the main driving force of the economy that continuously

provides the necessary service, guidance, trust and reassurance to foreigners. Indicatively, many foreign persons who used to do business in Cyprus or use local banks prior to the 2013 banking crisis and who then decided to move these operations elsewhere, are now returning back. The main reason is the unparalleled personal professional support that they have been accustomed to over the years in Cyprus. The international regulatory environment and continuously increasing demand for global fiscal transparency is changing at a fast pace. Relevant pressure for compliance is placed on all countries. Cyprus is not just required to comply but also aims to remain ahead of these developments. While never losing focus and confidence for what Cyprus really has to offer, all necessary actions are being taken so that Cyprus remains a compli-

ant jurisdiction of a high standard. At the same time, Cyprus manages to retain its competitive edge through various new legislative updates and other new incentives that are very relevant and attractive to foreign investors. The financial crisis affected certain depositors that held funds in two Cypriot banks. Following the bail in, restrictions on banking transactions were introduced by the Central Bank of Cyprus - all of which have now been lifted and business continues as usual. Regaining the trust in the banking system is a challenge that shall be overcome. The recovery rate of Cyprus is being hailed as a small miracle and by 2016 it is expected that Cyprus will have recovered entirely. For as long as Cyprus remains competitive and continues to improve in certain areas, the outlook is positive.

Totalserve is an international service provider with a global presence of 13 offices in 11 countries. The Group offers international tax planning, corporate, trusts, shipping, property & immigration, financial, legal as well as accounting & audit services. Totalserve specialises in the areas of immigration and property and have successfully assisted applicants to acquire either the PRP or Cyprus Naturalisation. For further inquiries please contact info@totalserve.eu

Light an aromatic fire

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When it comes to scented products of the illuminable variety, Cire Trudon are one of the finest. Despite a lineage that dates back to 1643, the venerable French company still has many surprises up its sleeves. Recently, the label unveiled a range of giant scented matches in five of its most iconic scents. Although oversized matchboxes have figured in Cire Trudon’s catalogue before, the new

iterations are infused with the captivating scents of Abd El Kader (spearmint, clove and jasmine), Bartolome (saffron, nutmeg, cypress and amber), Ernesto (rum, patchouli and leather), Madeleine (lavender, iris, rose and moss) and Odalisque (lemon, orange blossom and vanilla). Completed with new illustrations by designer Lawrence Mynott, they are a seductive addition to any mantelpiece.

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Belvedere Residences

Noble Elite Residences The uniqueness of Elite Residences is reflected through the distinctive design of each residence, based on judicious use of light and space, surrounded by calming greenery. Elite Residences offers unmatched convenience by being only 500m away from the Limassolian coastline in one of the most desired neighbourhoods.

Maddox House

Limassol Bay Residences The Limassol Bay Residences is an exclusive development that sets the standard for luxury living - and then adds a little bit more. Ideally located in Potamos Yermasogias, just 2 mins walk from the sea and surrounded by amenities. A comfortable range of 13 iconic lateral apartments and penthouses jut boldly over the swimming pool in an effortless statement of style and sophistication.

Residential Developments Commercial Developments Past Developments

Belvedere Residences Uninterrupted views in one of the best areas of Limassol. Apart from a unique panoramic view of Limassol, Belvedere Residences offers highly functional and contemporary apartments that will be enjoyed to the fullest.

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Elite Residences Elysia Residences Limassol Bay Residences


Noble Centre Elysia Residences Elysia Residences is designed to reflect the prestige of a high quality development boasting 15 marvelous apartments. The two buildings will bear an impressive long green garden that will lead to the communal swimming pool.

The impressive business tower combines superior architectural design and state-of-the-art technology. It is brilliantly designed with innovative facilities, providing unique spaces with contemporary glass facades. These uninterrupted sound-insulting surfaces of glass give the impression that you are located far from hustle and bustle of Limassol, while being right in the middle of it.

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Area: Pot. Yermasoyias, Limassol Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 2 & 3 Delivery Date: Immediately Title Deeds Available

Limassol Bay *Residences* Area: Pot. Yermasoyias, Limassol Type: Apartments & Penthouses Bedrooms: 1, 2 & 3 Delivery Date: Immediately

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Location: Ayia Phyla, Limassol Project Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 2 & 3 Delivery: October 2016

Location: Limassol Project Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 2 & 3 Delivery: December 2016

noble centre

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BEST OFFICE DEVELOPMENT EUROPE Noble Centre Imperio Properties

Noble Centre received a major international award in October 2010, when it was awarded as the Best Office Development in Europe by the International Property Awards, in London. Area: Town Centre, Limassol Type: Showrooms & Offices Delivery Date: July 2015

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