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The Digital Arts Technology Academy’s

Digital Imaging Program Photography I & II, Digital Imaging, Contemporary Media, Media Literacy, Animation Matt Cauthron, | 770-0100 Digital Arts Instructor | Apple Distinguished Educator | Adobe Education Leader

Visit w w w. D ATA - D I . u s to learn all the exciting things happening in the DATA DI program! * Please take the time to read the full syllabus on the the DATA DI blog (or request a paper copy) * Sign & return the Parent Signature Form before Friday, Sept. 6th for credit! Topics covered in class and online • • • • • •

Course Descriptions Course Objectives Course Requirements Classroom Rules Publication Permission Acceptable Use Agreement

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DATA-SkillsUSA DATA Code of Conduct DATA Graduation Requirement Equipment Release Lab Fees Parent Signature Form


Exciting things happening this school year...  Continued use of dynamic web tools which support creativity & collaboration  Continued local & global creative collaborations  College, museum, and studio field trips for all DATA students  Even more opportunities w/ DATA-SkillsUSA, our career technical student organization  New and repeating contests, challenges, and $cholarships  Continued work-based learning opportunities in arts, media, and design areas  A change in the DATA graduation requirements  3D Printing, screen printing, and professional web portfolios!  Continued interactive iBooks downloadable world-wide in the iBook Store!!  An all new junior mentoring program with professional community partners!!! RECOMMENDED: students have a flash drive, ear buds, Google & Drop Box accounts. DIGITAL CAMERAS are not required and are provided to use in class. Having one to use outside of school is an excellent way to enhance the student’s creative possibilities.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (Non-DATA) Students will be given opportunities to explore the many uses of digital photography and image making. The class will focus on creating original imagery through the elements of photography and still camera work, exercising iPhoto and Photoshop CS5 Extended. Students will be encouraged to shoot assignments outside of school and submit digital prints for competition. Grade: 10 and 11 Prerequisite: none CONTEMPORARY MEDIA (Pre-DATA) Students will explore the 2 strands of DATA: Digital Imaging and Digital Storytelling. Particular attention will be given to the student’s recognition & application of tech-based communication in the visual arts and digital storytelling. Students will alternate between the two classrooms each semester gaining exposure to digital storytelling, digital photography, Photoshop, animation, and video editing through the use of iLife and Photoshop CS5 Extended. Grade: 9 Prerequisite: none MEDIA LITERACY (Year 1 DATA) Students will build upon their previous learning experiences in the two DATA strands. The DI section of the class will focus student creativity and communication in the areas of photography, graphic design, and animation with special opportunities to compete in SkillsUSA. Grade: 10 Prerequisite: Contemporary Media, Digital Photography, Art I, or Art II PHOTOGRAPHY II (Year 2 DATA) Students will further develop skills learned in previous courses with emphasis on manipulating and displaying digital imagery in an advanced manner. Professional digital portfolios will be created and refined as students submit work for competition, take advantage of community opportunities, and consider college / career goals. Particular attention will be given to the use of software tools such as Aperture and Photoshop CS5 Extended. Grade: 11 Prerequisite: Digital Photography or Media Literacy ANIMATION (Year 2 DATA) Students will refine techniques of drawing, Flash and/or 3d digital manipulation, compositing, and interactivity as a means of experiencing story, motion art, and design. In addition to exercising Photoshop as a tool for animation, students will gain exposure to other software items such as After Effects, Cinema 4d, Flash, and iLife. Grade: 11 or 12 Prerequisite: Digital Photography or Media Literacy DIGITAL IMAGING (Year 3 DATA) This course is designed for the fourth year DATA Digital Imaging student who is interested in finalizing a body of digital work and strengthening career goals which emphasize animation, graphics, or photography. Students will continue to take advantage of community mentors and submit work to competitions while finalizing digital portfolios. Grade: 12 Prerequisite: Photo II or Animation

COURSE OBJECTIVES Students will apply and exercise the following standards adopted by the State of California Arts, Media, Entertainment Industry Anchor / Design, Visual, Media Arts Pathway Standards Aligned to the Common Core California Visual Arts Standards International Educational Technology Standards for Students

COURSE REQUIREMENTS A. Completion of assignments that demonstrate techniques of composition, use of technology, artistry, elements of design, and ORIGINALITY. B. Accurately turn in working files via the Digital Imaging server and/or DAE Ning. C. Completion of all written assignments, projects, group discussions, critiques and/or use of collaboration tools. D. Show clear evidence of thought and responsibility for created imagery. E. Utilize the Internet as a means of accessibility and communication.


Possess and practice a high level of responsibility and maturity Safely use all studio / lab equipment at all the times. No Eating or drinking near computers or around any equipment. Exercise appropriate use of cell phones and mobile devices while on campus. Maintain a positive, cooperative, and flexible attitude at all times. Always respect each other, teachers, equipment, guests and facility.

*** STUDENTS WHO FAIL TO BEHAVE PROPERLY, not working, or who exhibit negative behaviors will receive a verbal warning. If there is no resolution, students will lose classroom privileges for a period of time that may negatively affect their grade. If the problem persists, referrals will be issued.

GRADING & EVALUATION Letter grades are based on points earned throughout the semester. Assignment values will be given per assignment. A standard percentile scale will coincide with the student’s letter grade. A+ 100-98% A 97-93% A- 92-90%

B+ 89-88% B 87-83% B- 82-80%

C+ 79-78% C 77-73% C- 72-70%

D+ 69-68% D 67-63% D- 62-60%

Less then 60 % = Fail without credit for the course Remember: You can access grades via the Synergy Web Portal at!


As this is a LAB / STUDIO CLASS, most of the work needs to be completed during class time. Homework will be assigned as needed. A free trial of Photoshop and other Adobe software is at to utilize at home. (WA) WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: Written work is a mandatory part of the course work and may occur as blog responses, artists statements, reflections, and/or essays. (DA) DIGITAL ASSIGNMENTS: Original lab work will be a major part of the course. This will occur as camera assignments, computer manipulation, animation, etc. (T) TESTS: Tests will be used periodically to measure how well students retain or can apply knowledge from both written and digital assignments. (EC) EXTRA CREDIT: Extra credit will be available for students who are concerned about their grade in the class. Extra credit will not be accepted or considered as a substitute for missing or late assignments and will be applied at the end of each semester.

PUBLICATION PERMISSION DATA and Mr. Cauthron maintain a variety web and print media that feature students and student work. It is important that parents give consent for DATA and Mr. Cauthron to display digital images, student web portfolios, artwork, writing samples, video imagery, and / or audio recordings of its students for education-based purposes. Please know that this a celebration of student achievement See *** on Parent Signature Form

ACCEPTABLE USE AGREEMENT Students and parents/guardians need to be aware of the responsibilities that come along with these opportunities. The equipment is expensive, so students / guardians are responsible for any damaged equipment including but not limited to computers, cameras, and audio recording devices. When using school computers, students may not access any web sites or materials that are not class related. All students are subject to the PSUSD Acceptable Use Policy. Student use of technology as prescribed in the PSUSD Educational Technology Plan must be exercised by students at all times. Unacceptable use of technology will result in strict disciplinary action. If not already, please make sure to read the Policy online here!

DATA-SkillsUSA SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations. At Cathedral City High School, CTE students can participate in a variety of different skill and leadership opportunities, mentor middle school students in digital arts, practice job skills, and compete against other students in California and the U.S.. The experiences gained in this program builds student success for college and scholarship applications! Student dues is $20 per school year and includes a club shirt and due BEFORE Oct. 31st. Fundraising opportunities are available to cover the cost of travel for State and National competitions.

Visit for more information!

DATA CODE OF CONDUCT All DATA students, must abide by the following or risk permanent dismissal from the Academy

• • • • • •

Respect the classroom rules and procedures of DATA teachers, their counselor and all other instructors, tutors, coaches, etc. Behave in an appropriate manor while at school as well as out in the community. Dress appropriately in the classroom, out in the field, and on all field trips. Meet academic, arts, media, and community project deadlines. NO LATE WORK! Be honest and accountable for their behavior. Produce original work, avoiding plagiarism and cheating at all times.

DATA GRADUATION REQUIREMENT The following changes have been made to the DATA graduation requirements " " " " " " " "

2014 Seniors: Complete 3 DATA classes " " 20 Senior Intern hours " " Submit a Senior Portfolio 2015 Seniors: Same as above + " " 30 Junior Community Service Hours " " Junior Mentoring Program 2016 and beyond: Same as above + " " 30 Sophomore Community Service Hours

" "

*With this, DATA Seniors will earn special graduation privilege and the right to buy and wear the official DATA Graduation Sash.

" "

**Students who are SkillsUSA members as a Senior also earn the opportunity to buy and wear the official SkillsUSA Graduation Honor cords.

EQUIPMENT RELEASE Checking out equipment is a privilege and reserved for responsible DATA students. It is imperative that students take care of all items while using them at school and out in the community. If an item is not returned in the same working condition then when it was checked out, it must be repaired or replaced with in 3 weeks so it can continue to be used by other students in the program. Please sign and return a separate Equipment Release Form.

LAB FEES Students enrolled in all arts courses are asked to pay a lab fee. This fee is used to cover the cost per student for items not provided by PSUSD. This could include cameras, card readers, recordable media, printing, computer / studio equipment, etc. All projects created by students are theirs to keep and may be taken home or donated to the DI permanent collection.

if you are currently taking

CONTEMPORARY MEDIA, MEDIA LITERACY, or ANIMATION the fee is $20.00 per Year ______________________________________________________________________

if you are currently taking

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY I, II, or DIGITAL IMAGING the fee is $40.00 per Year


PARENT SIGNATURE FORM Please sign & return this page only by Friday, September 6th for credit!

“We have read the course syllabus provided by Mr. Cauthron at Cathedral City High School online (or requested a printed version) and understand the following items” • • • • • •

Course Descriptions Course Objectives Course Requirements Classroom Rules Publication Permission Acceptable Use Agreement

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DATA-SkillsUSA DATA Code of Conduct DATA Graduation Requirement Equipment Release Lab Fees Parent Signature Form

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2013-14 DATA Digital Imaging Syllabus  

The course syllabus for the Digital Arts Technology Academy's Digital Imaging program.

2013-14 DATA Digital Imaging Syllabus  

The course syllabus for the Digital Arts Technology Academy's Digital Imaging program.