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ITI INDAYON NI LAGIP: NASASAEM TI SUGAT ITI KAUNGGAN BOTIKA LA CONCEPCION Aglakoda iti nalaka nga agas OWNED & MANAGED by Jaime Obispo G.H. del Pilar St., Vigan City

Ta wid (T he Heritage) (The










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Ilocos Sur, grand slam kas Best Poverty Reduction Program Implementer iti Region I Chiz warns of oil price tsunami Opposition Sen. Chiz Escudero yesterday warned of a possible oil price surge next year as economies worldwide begin to recover from the recession and called for urgent action by Congress to revise the oil deregulation law. “The latest round of fuel price increases reflect developments in the world market that we should prepare for, lest we all fall victim to an oil price tsunami,” the 40-year old lawmaker said. Last Monday, four oil companies jacked up diesel and gasoline prices by P2 and P1.25 respectively. According to representative of oil companies, the price increases were justified by the rise in the price of oil in the international

market. In a meeting with energy department officials, they said that the price of unleaded gasoline rose from $72.52 a barrel to $76.24 while diesel went up from $74.01 to $80.04 from Oct. 5 and 9. Petron and Shell compute their prices based on the price of Dubai crude while Chevron/ Caltex and other small players use the MOPS (Mean of Platts Singapore) as their benchmark. Escudero pointed out that crude oil only cost $10 per barrel in January 1999. Before the credit crisis struck the US last year, there were projections that fuel prices could even shoot past the $100 level because of increased demand PAGE 4

Pasalubong Center, naiyawat iti gunglo dagiti addaan rangkap CABUGAO, Ilocos Sur - Kas livelihood project ti lokal a gobierno ditoy para kadagiti addaan rangkap, pormal nga inyawat ni Mayor Dio Caesar S. Suero ti Pasalubong Center iti Municipal Organization of Persons with Disabilities (MOPD) idi Oktubre 20. Naiyawat ti Pasalubong Center kalpasan a napirmaan ti maysa a memorandum of agreement iti nagbaetan ti LGU nga imbagian ti mayor ken ti organisasion dagiti PWDs nga idauluan ni Joel Solis. Masarakan ti nasao a pasdek iti Cabugao Food Court. Iti pannakikammayet ti gunglo dagiti babbai a Cabugao Ladies Circle (CLC) ken ti Rural Improvement Club (RIC), mailako iti Pasalubong

Center dagiti produkto ti CLC ken RIC a mikilunggay ken canton noodles, bibingka a produkto ti Barangay Lipit, cassava cake nga aramid ti Barangay Salomague ken shellcraft ti Barangay Sabang. Karaman kadagiti dimmar-ay iti programa da SBM Carlito Pano, SBM Marilyn de los Santos, RIC Fededrated President Vicky Serna, dagiti kapitan ti barangay, dagiti miembro ti RIC, CLS, Barangay Nutrition Scholars ken Barangay Health Workers. Kabayatanna, kalpasan ti makatawen, naan-anay metten a naiyawat iti LGU ditoy ti pannakamanehar ti Stimulation and Therapeutic Action Center (STAC) para kadagiti ubbing PANID 6

FAMILY WEEK CELEBRATION. Iyur-uray da Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina (tengnga) ken ni Konsehal Lulu Baquiran ti pannakaiyawag dagiti nangabak iti pasalip ti city government iti sports idinto nga isagsagana ni Vice Mayor Franz Ranches ti medalia nga iyukkorna. Paset ti pannakapadayaw dagiti nangabak iti sportsfest ti pannakaselebrar ti Family Week iti Siudad ti Vigan. (Salvador A. Espejo)

Region I police activates Oplan “Kaluluwa” 2009 CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO - Police Chief Supt. Ramon V. Gatan, Police Regional Office 1 Director, placed on full alert the Region 1 police and ordered the augmentation of route security, traffic management and preventive patrol operations in the entire region in anticipation of the upcoming observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day on November 1 and 2, locally referred to as “undas.” “We expect heavy traffic jams in our thoroughfares and

congestion in commercial centers, public markets, cemeteries and other places of convergence and we need to double our efforts to ensure a peaceful and orderly observance of undas,” Gatan stressed. Gatan added that the Region 1 police, as in previous years, will be tapping the support of other government agencies, non-government organizations and volunteer groups in providing maximum security coverage and public safety

services to include motorist assistance along major highways and traffic management along routes leading to cemeteries. Moreover, Gatan designated senior Police Commissioned Officers as supervisors who shall closely monitor and oversee the overall conduct of the operations. “In every province, there is a designated member of the Regional Directorial Staff who will supervise the various PAGE 6

VIGAN CITY - Maisaad ti gobierno probinsial ti Ilocos Sur iti Hall of Fame gapu iti tallo a tawen a nagsasaganad a pannakapilina kas Best Poverty Alleviation Program Implementer iti sibubukel a Rehion I. Sakbayna, inawat ti gobierno probinsial ti Ilocos Sur babaen ken ni Gov. Deogracias Victor “DV” Savellano ti pammadayaw kas Best PRP Implementer bayat ti naangay a seremonia iti CAP building ditoy siudad ti Vigan itay Oktubre 30, 2009. Iti panagsarita ni Gov. Savellano, kinunana a naisangsangayan ti nadakamat a pammadayaw ta narekognisarda kabayatan ti panagserbida kadagiti napanglaw a kaprobinsiaan. “Daytoy ti mangipakita iti panagkaykaysa ti grupo ti probinsia ken dagiti kaprobinsiaan iti pannakapugipog ti kinapanglaw ditoy,” kinuna ti gobernador. Kangrunaan a programa ni Savellano kontra kinapanglaw ti Kakailian nga Agnaed iti Barangay Sangsangkamaysa nga Aagrang-ay Tayo (KABSAT) Outreach Program, SAlun-at ken RANg-ay AYuda ti panagkaykaysa (SARANAY), panagiwaras iti piek a Sasso kadagiti organisasion, ti pannakaiyestablisar ti libre a Home for the Aged a naawagan iti BALAY TARIPATO iti Magsingal, panagiwaras iti agduduma nga exotic fruit trees kas iti lansones, marang ken rambutan kadagiti upland municipalities, ti pannakaipasdek ti BaRang-ay Demofarm, ti TAGIBIKA a nakaipalaonan ti amin a programana iti pannakatagiben ti aglawlaw, panagited iti agduduma a makinaria para iti pannakaPANID 4

2 natay, 1 nasugatan iti pammaltog

KARAYAN ABRA. Nadaeg ti Karayan Abra iti nalinak a panawen ngem agbalin ti karayan a narungsot a kabusor iti tiempo ti bagyo agsipud ta iti panagdinakkel ti danumna, layusenna dagiti nababa a lugar a pakaigapuan ti panagbakuit dagiti agindeg. Itay nabiit, inrusat dagiti opisial ti Abra ken Ilocos Sur ti tignay a mangsalaknib iti Karayan Abra tapno malapdan ti pannakaungaw dagiti agpukpukawen a lames ditoy a kas iti ludong. (Photo by Dante Tacata)

CERVANTES, Ilocos Sur Naipupok ti maysa a barangay kagawad gapu iti mapapati nga aksidente a pannakapaltogna iti dua a menor de edad a nakatayan ti maysa iti Barangay San Juan ditoy nga ili iti alas siete y media ti rabii ti Oktubre 24. Iti report manipud iti polis ditoy nga ili, aksidente a napaltogan ni Nazareno Realin y Padiyeng, 39, naasawaan, kagawad ti barangay San Juan, da Amelito Echalas y Bistayen, 16, baro, high school student ken Manilyn Realina y Lizardo, 13, Grade V, agpada a residente iti nadakamat a barangay. Naitaray dagiti biktima iti PANID 4

BEST PRP IMPLEMENTER. Aw-awaten ni Gov. Deogracias Victor Savellano manipud ken ni National Anti Poverty Commission Asst. Sec. Catherine Mae Santos ti tropeo iti pannakapili ti probinsia ti Ilocos Sur kas Best Best Poverty Alleviation Program implementer iti programa a naangay iti CAP building Vigan City idi Oktubre 30. Nairaman iti ladawan da (agpakanawan) SPM Robert Tudayan, SPM Orlino Tesoro, SPM Azucena Purisima ken RKCG Chairman Enrie Mendoza. (Mancielito S. Tacadena/Dante Tacata)

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EDITORIAL STAFF: JAIME M. AGPALO, JR., Editor; ANDREW PESCADOR, News Editor; ROSE A. ESPEJO, Circulation Manager; DANNY ANTALAN, ROY ARAGON, MANCIELITO S. TACADENA, Contributing Writers; PRECY ULILA, Encoder; JULIE BETH BALITE, Lay-out Artist; JASPER. A. ESPEJO, Website Master. The Tawid News Magasin with Editorial and Business Office at Rivero St., Cuta, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, is published weekly in English and Iluko and circulated in Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, La Union, Pangasinan and the Cordillera Administrative Region and can also be accessed at Tawid News Magasin welcomes contributions for publication, including properly captioned photographs. Manuscripts submitted must be typewritten, double-spaced. The Editors reserve the right to reject or abridge articles submitted in keeping with editorial policy and space. Except the editorial, the opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. Send articles with stamped and self-addressed envelope to Editor: Tawid News Magasin, Rivero St., Vigan, Ilocos Sur. E-Mail Address: For your advertising needs, call: Tel. No. 722-2638 or Cellphone # 09163002969 or 09228109420. Member, Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. Member, Federation of Prov. Press Clubs of the Phil.


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EDITORIAL Isaganatayo ida para iti pagwadan a panagserbi Kas paset ti selebrasion ti Children’s Month iti Oktubre, kas naipakadawyanen, dagiti agbasbasa nga ubbing ti nangiggem iti turay ti Vigan City iti sumagmamano nga aldaw. Itay Oktubre 30, dagiti estudiante iti sekundaria ti nagsaad nga opisial ti gobierno ti siudad ti Vigan ket iti daytoy nga aldaw, isuda ti nangimaton iti operasion ti gobierno ti siudad. Iti sangguniang panlungsod, nagsession dagiti ubbing nga opisial tapno tratarenda dagiti gakat ken resolusion babaen ti panangtarabay kadakuada dagiti counterpartda nga opisial. Kinapudnona, saan nga orihinal daytoy a gannuat ti city government. Malagipmi nga idi agbasbasakami pay iti elementaria, iti scouting month, naikkankami iti gundaway a mangiggem iti pagrebbengan dagiti opisial ti munisipalidad ken dagiti polis. Napadasanmi idi ti nagtrapiko iti kalsada babaen ti tulong dagiti traffic police. Gapu iti daytoy a kapadasanmi, imetmi agingga ita ti respeto ken panagraem kadagiti traffic police, ken iti panangsurotmi kadagiti paglintegan ti trapiko. Nasayaat daytoy tinawen a gannuat ti gobierno ti siudad a panangipaiggem iti pagrebbengan dagiti opisial kadagiti ubbing. Babaen ti kastoy a wagas, mapadasan dagiti ubbing no kasano ti pannakapataray iti maysa a gobierno tapno naannayas ti operasionna ken maitedna ti napintas a serbisio kadagiti umili. Kas makunkuna a sadiri ken namnama ti masakbayan, dagitoy nga ubbing ti agbalinto a lider ken opisial iti siudad a mangiggemto iti rienda ti turay ken agserbi kadagiti nadumaduma nga opisina ti gobierno. Ita ta nasapa pay, rumbeng laeng nga isagana dagitoy nga ubbing nga agbalin a dadaulo wenno agtuturay ken mangmangged iti wagas nga agbalindanto a pagwadan, nasinaw ken awanan mulit ti panagserbidanton kadagiti umili. Bigat-kasangaldaw, ipasublattayo kadagitoy nga ubbing ti pannakaipataray ti gobierno ken dagiti opisina. Kayarigantayo a nataengan dagiti nagkauna a pioneer a mangraat iti nasamek a dalan tapno inton dumteng ti panawen, nasayaatto ti dalan a daliasaten dagiti ubbing para iti nadurduras a panagbiag. Iti naganus a panunot dagiti ubbing ita, kayarigan dagiti public servant ti maysa nga idolo a tangtangaden ken raemenda. Dakkel ti inpluensia dagiti nataengan nga agtuturay kadagiti ubbing. No ania ti mapaliiw ken makitada nga aramid dagiti nataengan, dagitoy ti aramiden ken ipakatda no addadan iti masnop a tawen. Kastay kunada, saan nga agbunga iti mabolo iti santol. No ania ti itukitmo iti panunot ti ubing, daytoyto ti agbukar kenkuana iti masakbayan. Ala, napintas daytoy a gannuat ti gobierno ti siudad a panangited iti gundaway kadagiti ubbing a mangpataray iti siudad uray iti apagkanito laeng. Ad-adu koma pay a lokal a gobierno ti mangsurot ken mangtulad iti daytoy ulidan a gannuat dagiti agtuturay ti Vigan City. Isaganatayo dagiti ubbing iti pagwadan a wagas tapno agbalinda a nasayaat nga umili ken pagwadan nga agtuturay iti masakbayan.#

1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 ITI DUYOG TI SINGASING 1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 JAIME M. AGPALO 1234567890123456789012345 Ti “Ti Sarukod ni Moises” ni Juan S. P. Hidalgo, Jr. (TULOYNA)

Nagsanay ngarud a naimbag ni Peter. Nagpabalakad kadagiti swimming instructor iti umno a panaglangoy. Nadumaduma ti mapanna pagsanayan agraman iti baybay. Orasanna met ti panaglangoyna. Nagbalin a managkararag. Naggayuno pay ket inggiddanna iti Ramadan dagiti Muslim a gagayyemna. Iti bakasion iti klase iti Marso 2009, nagawid sadiay Brgy. Salvacion. Kayatna a padasen ti pardasna nga aglangoy iti dan-aw. Inkuyogna ni adingna a Danny ket daytoy ti nangoras iti pardasna nga aglangoy. Idi agawidda, impudnona ti panggepna a mangala iti datdatlag a sarukod ni Propeta Moises iti tengnga ti rabii inton Biernes Santo. Iti Huebes Santo, nagparang manen iti tagainepna ti datdatlag a lakay. Imbilin ti lakay a di mangikuyog iti kaduana a mapan iti dan-aw ken uray ania ti mapasamak iti panaglangoyna, ituloyna latta. Iti rabii ti Biernes Santo, Abril 10, nagturong ni Peter iti dan-aw. Nagsagrap iti adu a lapped iti panangpadasna a mangala iti sarukod. Apaggammatna ti sarukod, timma-yaben daytoy. Naisurot ni

and Graphics Design

OFFSET, LETTERPRESS, RECEIPTS, RIZO TEL. NOS. 077-7425361 FAX: 742-5360 CELL . NOS. 0922-8452888/0927-5328888

(MAIKAPAT A PASET) Kas pagaammotayo, carbon dioxide ti iruar nga iyanges ti tao a sul-oyen met dagiti kayo tapno aramatenda iti panagpartuatda iti taraonda idinto a ruk-atanda met ti oksiheno nga angsen ti tao. Ngem agtultuloy ti pannakapugipog dagiti kayo ken iti yaadu ti tao iti lubong. Mainayon pay ditoy ti panagpuor iti kabakiran, ti panangpasged kadagiti makaykay a basura ken dadduma pay nga aktibidad ti tao ket gapu kadagitoy, natural nga ad-adu ti CO2 a maruk-atan iti tangatang a puon ti dumakdakkel a konsentrasion daytoy a gas iti atmospera.

Kadagiti estudiante iti siensia, saan a kabarbaro kadakuada ti methane. Agtaud daytoy a gas manipud kadagiti nagrupsa a mulmula.

For your printing needs, come visit us at: Candon City Mall (at the back of JOLLIBEE) Candon City, Ilocos Sur

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Ammotayo met nga iti pannangan dagiti animal a kas iti baka, nuang, kalding, kamelio ken dadduma pay, ti bacteria ti mangrunaw iti kanenna ket bayat iti daytoy a proseso, maparnuay ti methane. Maruk-atan daytoy a gas tunggal agtig-ab ti animal. Maruk-atan pay ti methane babaen kadagiti bacteria kadagiti kaalogan ken kadagiti lugar a malaylayus ken saan nga agarinebneb ti danum. Dayta ti gapuna a maibilang met ti panagmula ti pagay a dakkel a pagtaudan ti methane agsipud ta agbiag daytoy a mula iti mapalayasan a kataltalonan. Dayta ti gapuna a maaw-awagan pay ti methane a kas “swamp gas”. Tinoleda met a methane gas ti maparnuay kadagiti agrupsa a basura, ken uray iti panag-drill iti lana ken natural a gas. Kuna dagiti sientista a tunggal tawen, manayonan iti nasurok a 350 milion a tonelada a methane iti atmospera ti Daga babaen ti nadakamat iti ngato. Ti makadakes, nakarkaro ti

Brgy. Salvacion, Rosales, Pangasinan. Nupay nagduma iti panawen dagiti agbibiag, maymaysa a lugar ti nakapasamakanda. PACE wenno PACING: Nagtaray ti sarita a kas kidkiddawen ti akem ken panawen dagiti agbibiag. Diredirekta ti pasamak, ababa ken namsek. Saanen a kasapulan ti taldiap-napalabas ken dadduma pay a tekniko ken devices iti panagiparang kadagiti pasamak iti maysa a sarita. TEMA: 1. Ti relasion ti tao iti Mannakabalin. 2. Ti reincarnasion ANALYSIS: Nupay saan a nadakamat, ti relasion ti tao iti Mannakabalin ti maysa kadagiti tema a nadependeran itoy a sarita. Ta adda pay aya naim-imbag a pasamak iti biag ti tao no di ti naannayas a pannakirelasionna iti Namarsua? Daytoy laeng ti pakariknaan iti napudpudno a pannakapnek ken pagubbogan ti ragsak a di mabubos. Iti daytoy a nariribuk a lubong a nagpuniponan ti nagduduma a basol, umno la unay ti panagtalinaed a kankanayon iti salinong ti Mannakabalin tapno maiyadayo iti pakaisagmakan, pannakapukaw iti dana ti biag, ken pannakaiyaw-awan iti panggep no apay nga agbibiagka. Adda panggep ken rason no apay a dumalantayo iti daytoy a biag, ket dayta a rason ken panggep ket saan a rumbeng a baybay-an ken yalengaleng wenno isukat kadagiti agpukaw a gatad. (Adda tuloyna)

methane ta agukkon iti 20 a beses a nakarkaro a pudot ngem ti carbon dioxide! Nitrous Oxide Napateg daytoy a gas iti medisina ta maar-aramat a pang-anestesia iti pasiente tapno saanna a marikna ti sakit. Natural daytoy a marukrukatan manipud kadagiti kabaybayan ken dagiti bacteria iti daga. Maysa a dakkel a pakaruk-atan ti nitrous oxide ti panagaramat iti ganagan a nabaknang iti nitrogen, kadagiti ibel-a dagiti sasakayan a kas dagiti kotse, bus, taksi. Nupay kasta, basbassit nga amang ti maipugso a nitrous oxide kadagiti lugan agsipud ta ad-adu ti carbon ngem iti nitrogen iti gasolina. Ngem napeggad ti nitrous oxide ket kasapulan a mapabassit ti marukatan iti atmospera agsipud ta agpaut iti 100 a tawen ti panagtalinaedna iti atmospera. Ozone Masarakan ti ozone gas iti akimbaba a paset ti stratosphere wenno maaw-awagan iti ozone layer iti nagbaetan ti 10 agingga iti 50 kilometro iti ngato ti rabaw ti daga. Maar-aramat ti ozone a pangPANID 6

TUNGTONG-ARUBAYAN Komentario ni Melvin Bandonil Nakakaapal a Kinapudno

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LUGAR: Napasamak iti dan-aw iti

1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 PITIK 1234567890123456789012345 1234567890123456789012345 SALVADOR A. ESPEJO 1234567890123456789012345 Climate change: pakaungawan ti lubong?


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Peter iti law-ang. Nagparang kenkuana ti datdatlag a lakay a nabalkot iti lawag. Kinuna ti lakay a maited kenkuana ti pagreb-bengan nga agaywan iti Daga ken iti Sangkataoan ket agingga nga adda kenkuana ti sarukod, awanto ti puersa iti rabaw ti daga a makabael a mang-parmek kenkuana. Bilinenna laeng ti sarukod ket agtungpal daytoy kenkuana. KARAKTER: Nadayaw ken napakumbaba nga agtutubo ni Pedro Malong. Dina impasindayag ti abilidad ken ti kinataona, uray no naynay a mangabak iti salip ti linnangoy. Ammona nga isagana ti bagi, isip ken kararuana. Nadayaw ken managpakumbaba ni Peter Santiago. Masirib. Napintek ti pannakirelasionna iti Mannakabalin. Mamati iti pasintawi ket dayta ti insaganaanna. Ti datdatlag a lakay ti nangibunannag a maymaysa a tao da Pedro Malong ken Peter Santiago babaen kadaytoy nga imbalikasna: “Saganam a naimbag ti bagi, isip, ken kararuam tapno saankan a mapaay manen a mangala iti sarukod ni Propeta Moises.” Napasamak ti proseso ti reincarnasion uray no saan nga imbaga ti author dayta a banag.

NOV. 2-8, 2009

Nakakaapal ti kinapudno dagiti dagiti agtuturay ken umili kadagiti kaarrubatayo a nasion iti bagida, iti padada a tao, iti gimong a pagnanaedanda ken iti pulida. Gapu iti kinapudnoda, isuda met laeng ti nangimula iti bukel ti panagraem kadakuada. Nakakaapal dayta a nagapuananda a nangibayog iti kinaasinoda. Nakakaapal dayta a kinapudnoda, kunatayo, ta saan a maikankano daytoy iti gimongtayo. Pagarigan laengen dagiti mangidadaulo kadagiti kabangibangtayo a pagilian, no nagbasolda iti graft and corruption, awan ti sawsawir ti pannakausig ken pannakadusada. Kas ti dati a pangulo ti Taiwan a ni

President Chen Shui-bian ken ti asawana a ni Wu Shu-chen. Naidarumda iti korapsion ket nasentensiaanda iti pannakabalud tungpal biag. Iti Japan, aglusolos dagiti opisial iti puestoda no maakusaranda iti panagkusit wenno graft and corruption. Dagiti saan a makabael a mangatipa iti kuddot ti konsensiada ket gibusanda ti bukodda a biag. Iti agdama, dagiti agtuturay iti Singapore ti kangrunaan a ladawan ti kinapudno a panagserbi. Nakangatngato ken maraem la unay ti kinapudnoda nga agserbi iti gobiernoda. Rimmangpaya met ti Vietnam manipud iti “dapo” ti gubat gapu iti kinapudno dagiti opisialda. Ngem ti Pinas, ti dati a tigre ti Asia

ket nagbalin a gusgusin a kuting. Apay a napasamak ti kastoy? Apay a kasla limmakay a pasanud ti pannagnana? Ti saan a kinapudno dagiti agserbi - dagiti “naawagan” ken nangipresentar iti bagbagida nga agserbi ti makita a rason. Ta imbes a ti nasion ti rumang-ay, isuda a mismo ti rimmang-ay ket mabati ti ilida a mangmulmulagat iti natuktukkol a siit ti ikan iti latok kabayatan ti panagrebulosion ti buksit dagiti umili. Masaludsodtayo: yanna kadi ti anag ken kaipapanan ti napudno a panagserbi? Yanna kadi ti umalingawngaw nga ikkis dagiti agtuturay (idi kampania) nga isuda ti “napili” a mangidaulo kadagiti umili iti altar ti PANID 6

Tawid News-Magasin

NOV. 2-8, 2009



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 08, 2009 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Ps 146:7, 8-9, 9-10 Praise the Lord, my soul!

TAWID NEWS TEAM Mestizo. Ninamnama ti Pag-asa nga iti iruruar ni Bagyo Pepeng iti Cagayan, pumanawen nga agturong iti Japan, ngem nagintek daytoy iti asideg ti Ano probinsia idinto a nagtuloy nga imbuangna ti napigsa nga angin ken tudo a nanglayus iti Aurora, Cagayan ken iti Kailokuan a pakairamanan ti Ilocos Norte ken Ilocos Sur. Immagibas ti bagyo iti asideg ti Laoag City idi Oktubre 5, idinto a nagtuloy a sinanotanna latta ti Ilokos, Cordillera ken ti Cagayan.



1 Reading: 1 K 17:10-16

Elijay went to Zarephath. On reaching the gate of the town, he saw a widow gathering sticks. He called to her and said, “Bring me a little water in a vessel that I may drink.” As she was going to bring it, he called after her and said, “Bring me also a piece of bread.” But she answered, “As Yahweh your God lives, I have no bread left but only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. I am just now gathering some sticks so that I may go in and prepare something for myself and my son to eat and die.” Elijah then said to her, “Do not be afraid. Go and do as you have said, but first make a little cake of it and bring it to me; then make some for yourself and your son. For this is the word of Yahweh, the God of Israel, “The jar of meal shall not be emptied nor shall the jug of oil fail, until the day when Yahweh sends rain to the earth.” So she went and did as Elijah told her; and she had food for herself, Elijah and her son from that day on. The jar of flour was not emptied nor did the jug of oil fail, in accordance with what Yahweh had said through Elijah. 2nd Reading: Heb 9:24-28 Christ did not enter some sanctuary made by hands, a copy of the true one, but heaven itself. He is now in the presence of God on our behalf. He had not to offer himself many times, as the High Priest does: he who may return every year, because the blood is not his own. Otherwise he would have suffered many times from the creation of the world. But no; he manifested himself only now at the end of the ages, to take away sin by sacrifice, and, as humans die only once and afterwards are judged, in the same way Christ sacrificed himself once to take away the sins of the multitude. There will be no further question of sin when he comes again to save those waiting for him. Gospel: Mk 12:38-44 As Jesus was teaching, he also said to the people, “Beware of those teachers of the Law who enjoy walking around in long robes and being greeted in the marketplace, and who like to occupy reserved seats in the synagogues and the first places at feasts. They even devour the widow’s and the orphan’s goods while making a show of long prayers. How severe a sentence they will receive!” Jesus sat down opposite the Temple treasury and watched the people dropping money into the treasury box; and many rich people put in large offerings. But a poor widow also came and dropped in two small coins. Then Jesus called his disciples and said to them, “Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all those who gave offerings. For all of them gave from their plenty, but she gave from her poverty and put in everything she had, her very living.” Reflections Can we ever forget the image of the poor widow putting into the treasury box all that she had? Even in her poverty she did not neglect to make a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God for blessings received. And we can surmise that this widow, like the widow at Zarephath, would know that the Lord’s tender mercies, for God will not be outdone in generosity. The generosity of the poor widow is both an inspiration and a challenge to us as we strive to be good stewards of the blessings we have received from the Lord. As the Lord has been good to us, so too must we be good to others, sharing generously and lovingly with our family, our Church, and the poor. Our model for generosity, of course, is the Lord Jesus. He became poor so that we might become infinitely wealthy. Our Lord gave everything He had to give by stretching out His arms upon the cross so that we might know the joys of heaven. May our generosity be nothing less than wholehearted, following the example of our Lord and the example of the poor widow. (Daily Gospel 2009,

123456789012345678901 123456789012345678901 123456789012345678901 ITI INDAYON NI LAGIP 123456789012345678901 123456789012345678901 IMATONAN NI DANNY ANTALAN Nasasaem ti sakit iti kaunggan (Tuloyna)

Kas inkari ni Uncle Ladio, pinagbasanak iti kolehio, Manong Danny. Nangalaak iti computer technology. Dua a tawen a kurso. Inggaedko ti nagadal ta diak kayat nga adda pamilawan da angkel ken anti kaniak. Kayatko a saanda a mapaay iti dakkel nga ekpektasionda kaniak. Babaen ti naanep a panagadalko, nangato ti gradok iti umuna a semestre. Impaspasindayagnak ni Uncle Ladio kadagiti kalugaranmi. Ngem kaskasdi nga uray ni maysa a balikas a pangdayaw, awan ti naawatko manipud iti amak ken ni manong. Napia ti maysa a kabsatko ta no adda wayana iti bakasionna iti Sabado wenno Domingo, umaynak pasiaren. No kasdiay, saankon a palusposan nga aggawid iti aldaw. Mangaldawen iti balaymi. Maay-ayatan met da angkel ken anti ta nasinged ti kabsatko kaniak. “Agsingsingpetka, ading, tapno matun-oyam ti arapaapmo,” nakunana kaniak. “Wen, Manang,” insungbatko. “No adda la koma mabalinko, diak intulok a kasdiay ti panangtratar ni Amang kenka.” “Maawatak ni Amang no apay a kasdiay. Siak ti nakagapu ti ipupusay daydi Inang,” nakunak. “Saan a rumbeng a sika ti pabasolenna. Nakem ti Dios ti napasamak,” kinuna ti kabsatko. Nagtuloy ti ilalabas ti panawen. Nangato latta ti promediok. Naam-ammok ni Lito, agad-adal iti Engineering iti siudad. Masansan a sumarungkar iti balaymi. Nagdaton kaniak. “Inaklonmo kadin ni Lito?” inamad ni Anti kaniak iti maysa a malem. “Saan pay, Anti. Ipamaysak pay ti panagbasak. Makauray ni ayat. No napudno ni Lito, masapul nga urayenna a makaturposak pay.” “Makitak ket nasayaat nga ubing ni Lito. Nadayaw. Nasayaat ti pamilia a naggapuanna. Saandaka a pengdan nga agayat. Siwawayaka a mangsungbat ken ni Lito. Dinakami pampanunoten. Naglasatkami met iti dayta. No kapkapnekam ti riknam kenkuana, apay a dimo aklonen ti ayatna? Ammomi met a kabaelam a kontrolen ti sulisog ken adda panagtalekmo iti PANID 6

Pimmanaw met laengen ni Bagyo Pepeng idi Oktubre 10 kalpasan ti makalawas a panagtalinaedna iti Ilokos a nangisangbayanna iti nakaro a didigra ken naibuis a biag. Iti uneg ti makalawas, nagbaliwbaliw ti direksion ni Bagyo Pepeng. Idi simrek ditoy pagilian, saan a ti Aurora ken Isabela ti tinuparna kas imballaag dagiti weather forecasters no di ti Cagayan. Nangrugi idi Oktubre 4, nagsublisubli ni Bagyo Pepeng iti Amianan a Luzon ket awan sarday ti panangbasnot iti napigsa nga angin ken tudo dagiti probinsia Cagayan, Isabela, Abra, Benguet, Cordillera ken ti Ilocos. Ditoy Ilocos Sur, gapu iti napigsa a tudo, nalayus dagiti nababa a lugar dagiti nadumaduma nga ili. Iti inisial a report ti namsaakan ti bagyo, naireport nga agdagup iti 57 a barangay ti nalayus a pakairamanan ti Magsingal (3), Narvacan (1), San Juan (3), Bantay (4), Vigan (1), Caoayan (1) ken Sinait (44) ti nalayus. Iti San Juan, nalayus ti Barangay Lapting ken Bacsil

RELIEF OPERATIONS. Madama ti pannakabunag dagiti sinako a bagas nga iwaras ti gobierno probinsial kadagiti umili a dinidigra ti Bagyo Pepeng. Naala ti retrato iti sanguanan ti provincial capitol ti I. Sur. (Salvador A. Espejo)

ket 5 a pamilia ti nagpakni iti munisipio ti ili. Nagbakuit met dagiti agindeg iti Barangay Bucalag, Calungboyan ken Rancho iti Santa, Ilocos Sur gapu iti panagdinakkel ti danum. Uray ti Barangay Uribi ken Dammay ditoy nga ili, saan a dagus a naarayat dagiti agindeg gapu iti kapegges ti lasaten a danum. Pagatsiket ti danum iti sanguanan ti Sinait National

High School idinto a maysa a traysikel ti naiyanud iti Barangay Gongogong, San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur gapu iti napegges a danum a limmasat iti kalsada nasional. Nayanud pay ti kassibbo a barge a nairanta a pagluganan dagiti turista nga agpallailang iti karayan ti San Ildefonso. Naibakuit met ti sumagmamano a pamilia iti Vigan City nga agindeg iti asideg ti karayan

Gapu iti napigsa a tudo ken angin, nalayus ti aganay 45 a barangay iti Dingras, Nueva Era, Paoay, Pinili ken Bangui iti Ilocos Norte.

Rinibribu a pasahero ti nataktak iti panagbiaheda idi Oktubre 5 gapu iti panagkaruskos dagiti pitak ken bato manipud iti bantay iti Banaoang, Bantay, Ilocos Sur a nanggabor iti kalsada nasional. Naluktan met laeng iti kabigatanna ti kalsada ngem gapu iti panagkaruskos latta dagiti bato ken pitak, naul-ulit a naserraan iti trapiko tapno maiwalinda iti igid ti dalan. (Maituloyto)

OFWs IN LOW-SKILLED JOBS REMAIN RP’S TOP REMITTERS, GOV’T SURVEY BARES by JEREMAIAH M. OPINIANO www .ofwjour www.ofwjour (Reprinted from OFW Journalism Consortium)

MANILA—LABORERS and unskilled workers, mostly women, have been the country’s top remitters in the last two years. Results from the 2008 Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF), done by the National Statistics Office (NSO), show that laborers and unskilled workers sent home P19.491 billion ($397.8 million at US$1=P49) last year compared to the P17.574 billion ($358.7 million) sent in 2007. In both years, laborers and unskilled workers were the top remitters in terms of remittance volumes. The SOF, a rider to the fourth quarter round of the NSO’s Labor Force Survey, captures overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were in

the country from April to September. The survey culls demographic information and basic details about their remittances (including amounts and transmission channels). The biggest gainers from the year-on-year remittance volumes are trades and related workers (mostly men). From P13.220 billion in 2007, Filipinos abroad who are in these jobs sent home P18.065 billion in 2008, for a gain of P4.845 billion. Professionals also sent home bigger money in 2008 (P13.237 billion) than in 2007 (P9.422 billion) —the difference being P3.815 billion. However, pro-fessionals are only the fifth biggest occupational group in terms of remittance volumes. By total remittance volumes,

laborers and unskilled workers and trades and related workers ranked first and second, with plant and machine operators and assemblers third (P15.55 billion) and service workers and shop and market sales workers fourth (P14.014 billion). OFWs surveyed by the SOF in 2008 sent home P103.928 billion in cash remitted through formal and informal remittance channels, P30.53 billion in cash brought home, and P7.446 billion worth of in-kind remittances (such as items sent through the balikbayan box). Of the P103.928 billion remitted, those sending through banks remitted P79.097 billion, while those sending through door-to-door channels remitted P12.212 billion. Monthly data issuances of

the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for the year 2008 did not explicitly credit laborers and unskilled workers, such as domestic helpers and caregivers, and trades and related workers such as those in construction, for the rise of Philippine remittance volumes. The BSP press releases on 2008 remittances, issued March 2008 –covering January 2008 figures —and up to February 2009— covering December 2008 and the yearlong total volumes–show rising monthly remittances from abroad are due to four major elements. These are the increasing labor demand in identified countries and the skilled labor and professionals such as PAGE 4

IPAPAN ITI TINEG, ABRA: TALLO NGA ALDAW A “WALK WITH FAITH” SALAYSAY NI JANE BALLAD (UMUNA ITI DUA A PASET) NO agawidak iti ilimi a Danglas, masansan nga agdengngegak iti estasion ti radio sadiay ket adda dagiti mangegak a serbisio publiko wenno panawagan: “Sika, Isko Suen dita Agsimaw, Tineg, sumabatka ket mangitugotka iti dua a kabalio ta nadagsen ti kargak nga aggapu iti Bangued.” Kastoy ti naynay a mangeg a panawagan dagiti taga-Tineg no aggapuda iti Bangued. Ti Tineg ti makuna a kabaknangan iti mineral resources iti intero nga Abra malaksid a kadakkelan ti maaw-awat iti Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). Agarup P4 milion ti awatenna nga IRA iti kada bulan, wenno aguppat a pulo ket walo a milion iti kada tawen. Naibasar daytoy iti land area

ta isu ti kadakkelan iti probinsia - 82,893 nga ektaria. Addaan iti kadagupan a 6,000 a populasion a buklen ti sangapulo a barangay. Maysa a gayyemko sadiay siudad ti Baguio ti nagdamag no kasano ti mapan iti ili a Tineg. Agtrabtrabaho daytoy iti maysa a mining company ket kasapulanna ti posting ti maysa a proyekto ti kompaniada.Ti Tineg ti puntiriada a papanan. Imbagak nga awan ti pangpasahero a lugan a makadanon sadiay. Ta idi nagkasar ti maysa a gayyemko a taga-Bangued, kinunana a nangrugida a nagdaliasat kadagiti kakabagianna a taga-Tineg iti Nobiembre 29 ket nakadanonda iti kabesera iti rabii ti December 1. December 2 ti petsa ti kasar. Saanko unay idi nga intaltalek dayta nga istoria, ti ammok,

nalaokan laeng ta kasla saan a nakakappapati a kastoy ti kabayag ti panagdaliasatda idinto nga addatayon iti moderno a panawen nga adun dagiti klase ti transportasion. Tapno makumpirmak, tinawagak ti kinaklaseak iti kolehio a taga-sadiay ngem agtrabtrabaho kas DJ iti Spirit FM iti Bangued. Kinumpirma ti kinaklaseak nga awan ti passenger jeep a makadanon sadiay. Kinunana a tallo nga aldaw ti pagnaen sakbay a madanon daytoy nga ili. Agpaut met iti tallo nga aldawno sumalogka nga agawid. Kasapulan a kumpleto ti balonmo no mapanka sadiay, taraon, danum, pagpellesan ken tured ti pakinakem, kinuna pay ti gayyemko. Naawatak insigida ti naudi a kinunana. Kabambantayan ti ili

a Tineg ket maysa daytoy kadagiti identified area a pagdakdakiwasan dagiti “kadua iti ruar” a kunkunada. Dimo ammo no dagiti masabatmo ket miembro ti gerilia a rebelde ngem saan kano met a mangdangran dagitoy iti sibilian. Segun iti gayyemko, nailet, bako-bako, nasang-at-nasalog, ken napitak ti dalan nangruna no agtudtudo. Makasugat kan iti saka dagiti dadduma a paset ti dalan a pagnaan no nagbalinen a bingkol ti dati a pitak. No mapanka iti Tineg, agluganka nga agturong iti ili a San Juan, Abra. Nasurok maysa nga oras ti biahe sakbay a madanon ti barangay a maudi a madanon ti lugan. (Maigibusto)

Tawid News-Magasin

4 “APAY a ditoy ti nagdiretsuanta, sir?” agpigpigerger ti timek ni Ma. Christine a nakatugaw iti iking ti pangdua a kama a naarpawan iti derosas a lupot. “Kunak man no umayak ageksamen?” “’Ton bigat pay laeng ti eksam. Aginanata pay ditoy tapno maipokusmo met laeng ti eksammo no bigat. Narigat no inton bigatta nga agbiahe nga umay ditoy siudad ta nabambannogkanton.” “Ngem apay a ditoynak nga indiretso, sir… otel daytoy…” “Wen, ammok. Apay, madika kadi?” “Madadael ti masakbayak, sir…” “Kayatmo ti ageksam?” Nagtung-ed ni Ma. Christine. “Ngem, sir…” “Siak ti makaammo kenka.” “Baka adda nakakita kadata, sir…” Naduayya ti puso ni Sir Braulio kadayta a nangngegna. Saan a nengneng tapno dina ammo ti ipaawat dagita a balikas! “Dika agdanag, bukodta ti kanito…” “Dinakto baybay-an, sir, a? Kayatko a talaga ti makalpas iti panagadalko. Naundayen a panawen a diak simrek iti


Sarita ni Jobert M. Pacnis (MAIKATLO A PASET) pagadalan.” Narikna laengen ni Sir Braulio ti panagbangon dagiti dalluyon. Kitaem laeng, nakunana. Manon ti padasna kadagiti kakastoy a banag? Mamati itan a dua laeng ti mamagtinnag kadagiti babbai: kuarta ken taer! Ket dina kayat a madadael wenno mapukaw dagita nga igamna! Sakbay a maminpinsan nga agdappuor ti dalluyon, innala ni Sir Braulio ti selpon iti pantalonna ket imparabawna daytoy iti lamiseta. Naimbagto la a pakalaglagipanna! Nupay nabartek iti aginakbay a banglo ni Ma. Christine, ammona, saan nga isu ti immuna a nagdakiwas iti nasarakanna nga ubbog! “NGANGANIKAN, Bro,” dayta ti immuna a nangngeg ni Sir Braulio idi agmulagat. Puraw ti aglawlaw. Naut-ot ti sibubukel a bagina idi gamdenna ti agkuti. Atiwna ti na-

OFWs IN LOW-SKILLED JOBS... (From page 3) doctors, nurses, engineers and those in food and hotel services. The increase is also credited to the efforts of Philippine government agencies to forge deals with host countries to recruit Filipino labor, notably skilled workers, and to market Filipino workers for overseas jobs. The BSP also acknowledged the work of the private sector, in particular commercial banks, to service Filipino remitters. The most recent BSP issuance, covering remittances in the first six months of 2009 which reached P8.479 billion, announced that some 4,000 medical workers might be recruited to Libya. It also cited government’s expansion of employment opportunities for Filipinos to work for the hotel, oil and gas, and technical services sectors in Algeria, Chad, Malta, and

Morocco. As well, BSP’s release noted the prospective hiring of production workers to Taiwan, a country whose manufacturing and electronics sectors were hit by the global economic crisis, through a special hiring program for Taiwan. Data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on deployed new-hire overseas workers from 1992 to 2007 (see Table 1) show that female domestic helpers are the most in number with 931,289. Female choreographers and dancers (366,359) and female composers, musicians and singers (235,348) are the next two biggest groups of new-hire OFWs. New-hire professional nurses deployed during the 16-year period total to 107,192.#

CHIZ WARNS... (From page 1) amid the dwindling supply of oil worldwide. While the country has reduced its dependence on imported oil from 92 percent in 1973 to less than half today, he said that the poor is hardest hit by any increase in fuel prices. “Our country’s poor and dwindling middle class bear the burden most and they constitute a far greater portion

of the population. If an oil price tsunami happens, its effects will be far worse than the devastation wrought by Ondoy and Pepeng,” Escudero said. The senator from Sorsogon called on his colleagues in the Senate to prioritize the action on proposal to amend or repeal the oil deregulation law when it resumes session after the current recess.#

EXTRAJUDICIAL ADJUDICATION WITH DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE OF A PORTION OF REGISTERED LAND NOTICE is hereby given that the late HILDEGARDA FESTEJO, JOSE FESTEJO, ADELAIDA FESTEJO, EDDIE FESTEJO, LEONARD FESTEJO, LEONOR FESTEJO, CORAZON FESTEJO, ELISEO FESTEJO, and ASTERIO FESTEJO consisting of a parcel of land (Lot No. 9164) situated in the Barrios of Pias and Dinaratan, Sta. Lucia, Ilocos Sur covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-17405 and declared under TD No.16-0011-0012 has been the subject of Extrajudicial Adjudication with Deed of Absolute Sale of a Portion of Registered Land executed by their surviving legal heir before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 236; Page No. 49; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Nov. 2, 9, 16, 2009 DEED OF ADJUDICATION WITH DONATION INTERVIVOS NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late ALEJANDRA REYNON consisting a parcel of land (Lot 1620, Psc-48) situated at Maynganay Norte, Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur covered by Original Certificate of Title Number P-4870 has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication with Donation Intervivos executed by her only and the nearest legal forced heir before Notary Public Atty. Edwin A. Concepcion, Jr. as per Doc. No. 212, Page No. 44, Book No.V, Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Nov. 2, 9, 16, 2009

malmalo — ti ut-ot, sumuknor iti isipna, ramaramenna ti sibubukel a kinataona. Naipasabat kenkuana ti suero iti makanigid a sikiganna. “Yanko?” nasaludsodna nupay addan pamalpalatpatanna idinto a laslasinenna ti nagtaudan ti timek. Lima a lallaki ti kasangsangona. “Addaka ditoy pagtaengan dagiti adda sagubanitna, Bro,” naisungbat. Malasinnan ti nagtimek: ni Mario Sabado— prinsipal ti Baliang Elementary School . In-inuten a maikkat ti kasla naikullaap kadagiti matana. “Naaksidenteka, Kumpad!” ni Sir Condrado Pagao ti Ammupay. “Ngannganinaka rinumek ti mangsarsaruno kenka a bus. Naimbag ta nakapagpreno ta dinaka koma inarado idi madungparmo ti nagballasiw a nuang.” Wen, malagipnan. Sumrek iti pagadalan ket mayat ti

panangpaspasurotna iti My Heart Will Go On ni Celine Dion iti inselselna nga iPod iti lapayagna idi dina napakadaan ti ibaballasiw ti nuang. Naladawen idi agbalaw. Ti anit-it ken kanablaag ti lugan ti naudi a napuotanna. Nakayaman. Ngannganin! “Addan iti talier ti luganmo, Bro,” inyisem kenkuana ti pamandeken ngem napudaw a prinsipal ti Gakka Elementary School — ni Sir Dexter Cenal. Pinadasna a kauten ti bulsa ti pagan-anayna. Ngem kimmaro ti ut-ot a marikriknana. “Apay, ania ti sapulem?” inamad ni Sir Fabian Limasu, prinsipal ti Palali Elementary School a masarakan iti asideg ti baybay iti lauden ti ili. Arig paraangan daytoy ti kadaratan. “”Tay selponko?” “Ne, ket awan met nga inted ti management ti hospital. Dagita met laeng bolpen, wallet ken relom ti intedda.” “Napananna ngaruden?” kasla kinarayaman ti rinibu a boltahe ti koriente a namagkintayeg iti riknana. “Naala la ketdi dagiti immuna a nangarayat kenka. Mamin-ano met laengen nga inlemmengda!” (Maigibusto)

NOV. 2-8, 2009


Madama ti panagpallailang ti maysa a lokal a turista iti malem a nalamiisen ti puyupoy iti igid ti baybay ti Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

Chiz : Settle root cause of Mindanao conflict Opposition Sen. Chiz Escudero yesterday said that while he welcomed the participation of officials from the US embassy in the Mindanao peace talks, a settlement to the conflict will remain unlikely until injustice and poverty on the island are resolved. “The Americans, or any other foreign participant for that matter, can only achieve so much by taking part in dialogues. In the end, it is really up to all stakeholders involved to resolve these two problems,” he added. Figures from the National Statistical Coordination Board indicated that the poverty incidence rate in the country was highest in Mindanao at 38.8 percent compared to 33 percent for the Visayas and 20 percent for Luzon The 40-year-old lawmaker also reiterated the need to include in the peace talks all clans and representatives of indigenous peoples from conflict areas as well as local government units He noted the vast amount

wasted by government as after nearly 30 years of confrontation as well as the continued internal displacement of people. Based on data from the Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process, annual economic losses from the Mindanao conflict from 1975-2002 has ranged from P5-10B, which would equate to a staggering P135-170B for 27 years. “These costs could have been used to alleviate poverty through the construction of infrastructure,” Escudero stressed The Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Center has estimated the number of refugees in Mindanao at 600,000, calling it the “biggest displacement in the world.” “The stalemate in Mindanao has gone on for far too long and it is obvious that previous maneuvers by all sides have only underlined the deep feelings of suspicion and hostility between government and Muslim rebels,” he added.#

Malaksid a nalamiis ken nadalus ti angin nga angsen, magustuan dagiti turista a pagpasiaran ditoy tapno tan-awanda ti nadaeg a bulkan iti tengnga ti Taal Lake iti Tagaytay City.

Makapautoy siguro ti agdengngeg kadagiti bitla dagiti sangaili isu nga indumog pay laeng daytoy partisipante iti lamisaan idinto a nakituttot dagiti dadduma iti naangay a seminar iti salun-at itay nabiit.

GRAND SLAM... (Manipud iti panid 1) padakkel dagiti Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), ti agtultuloy a pannakaited iti allowances kadagiti provincial scholars, agtultuloy a pannakapasayaat dagiti pasilidade iti Ilocos Sur Community College, pannakaipasdek ti School of Living Traditions ken Special High School for Culture and the Arts ken dadduma pay. Dinawat pay ni Savellano iti anti-poverty team ti probinsia a saan koma nga agpatingga ti panagtrabahoda kalpasan ti pannakapadayaw ti probinsia no di ket agbalin koma daytoy nga inspirasion tapno lalo pay nga igaedda ti mangpasayaat iti kasasaad dagiti awanan. Kabayatanna, kiniddaw ni National Anti Poverty Commission (NAPC) Asst. Sec.

Catherine Mae Santos nga agtultuloy koma latta dagiti proyekto dagiti LGUs para kadagiti napanglaw a pampamilia kagiddan ti panangdakamatna iti tema ti programa a “Stand United, Fight Poverty”. “Masapul a tuladentayo dagiti best practices ti tunggal LGU tapno ipadastayo met iti luglugartayo,” kinuna ni Santos. Napili kas 1st runner up ti Pangasinan, 2nd runner up ti Ilocos Norte ken 3rd runner up ti La Union iti provincial level. Iti benneg ti municipal level inyalat ti Pinili, Ilocos Norte ti pammadayaw iti maikaduan a daras, 1st runner up ti Suyo, Ilocos Sur ken 2nd runner up ti San Gabriel, La Union. (Mancielito S. Tacadena/NBN Vigan) 2 NATAY.... (Manipud iti panid 1) Bessang Pass Memorial Segun iti report, nagsubang Hospital ngem naideklara nga da Macmac Realin ken Eddie awanen ti biag ni Echalas gapu Tutates bayat ti panaginomda iti sugatna iti ulo ken baru- iti balay ti kagawad ket idi saan kongna. Nasugatan ni Realin a makaanawa ti suspetsa, innaiti makannawan a luppona. PANID 6

Uray ordinario nga aldaw, pusek latta kadagiti sumuknal a deboto ken sangsangaili iti simbaan ni Lady of Piat idiay Cagayan.

Nupay naudin dagitoy nga agtutubo kadagiti kakaduada a nakipartisipar iti fun run nga inangay ti Vigan City government, naragsakda ketdi a limmabas iti batog ti opisina ti Tawid News.

Tawid News-Magasin

NOV. 2-8, 2009 Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT First Judicial Region Branch 20 Vigan City, Ilocos Sur SAINT AUGUSTINE MULTI- PURPOSE COOPERATIVE, Mortgagee, -versus-

EJF No. 010-09

EVANGELNE P. OSALVO, Mortgagor, x---------------------x NOTICE OF EXTRA- JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra- judicial petition for sale under Act 3135 filed by SAINT AUGUSTINE MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE with postal address at Zone 5, Bantay, Ilocos Sur against EVANGELINE P. OSALVO, with postal address at Bulag East, Bantay, Ilocos Sur, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of September 17, 2009, amounts to THREE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE PESOS AND 52/100 pesos (Php 350,151.52) excluding penalties, charges, attorney’s fees and expenses of foreclosure, the undersigned or his duly authorized deputy will sell at public auction on December 14, 2009 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon at the main entrance of Regional Trial Court, Branch 20, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur to the highest bidder, for cash or manager’s check and in Philippine currency, the property describe below with all the improvements thereon, to wit: TAX DECLARATION NO. 12-006075-A A parcel of Riceland located at Bulag, Bantay, Ilocos Sur, declared under the names of Andres and Evangeline Osalvo. Bounded on the North by Maximina Obrero; on the East by Tomas Pagal; on the South by Luis Pilotin and on the West by Maximina Obrero, containing an area of Two Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Two (2, 332) square meters, more or less. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned and the above stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date, it shall be held on December 21, 2009 without further notice. Prospective buyers may investigate for themselves the title of herein above described and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, October 21, 2009. (SGD.) MARIUS L. PURISIMA Sheriff IV TNM: Nov. 2, 9, & 16, 2009 REPUBLIC OFTHE PHILIPPINES FIRST JUDICIAL REGION REGIONAL TRIAL COURT BRANCH 24 CABUGAO, ILOCOS SUR FRANCES T. SALVADOR, Petitioner, - versusTHE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF MAGSINGAL, ILOCOS SUR & NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE, Respondents. x---------------------------x

SPL. PROC. 1255-KS For: Correction of Entry In the Certificate of Live Birth

NOTICE OF HEARING In her verified petition dated October 12, 2009, filed thru counsel, petitioner prays that after due notice, publication and hearing, judgment be rendered directing respondents to correct herCertificate of Live Birth, particularly her sex from MALE to FEMALE, for reasons stated therein. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, notice is hereby given that the initial hearing of the above-captioned case is set on December 3, 2009, at 8:30 A. M., on which date and time, any interested may appear and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let the notice of hearing be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the province of Ilocos Sur, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. Furnished the Office of the Solicitor General with copies of the petition and the notice of hearing. WITNESS THE HON. NIDA B. ALEJANDRO, Judge of this Court, this 19th day of October, 2009, at Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. (SGD.) LEAH AGRIPINA G. RAMIREZ- FLORENDO Clerk of Court VI TNM: Nov. 2, 9, & 16, 2009



NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION In compliance with Section 5 of R.A.No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that BENJAMIN RAQUEPO RAPUEThas filed with this Office a petition for change of first name from BEN to BENJAMIN in the birth certificate of BEN RAPUET who was born on May 14, 1966 at Santa Catalina, Ilocos Sur and whose parents are ALEJANDRO RAPUET and MODESTA RAQUEPO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than Nov. 9, 2009. (SGD.) ENGR. JOHN PILOT Municipal Civil Registrar TNM: Nov. 2, & 9, 2009


Spl. Proc. No. 3081-N

THE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF SAN ESTEBAN, ILOCOS SUR AND THE NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE, MANILA, Respondents. x-------------------------x NOTICE OF HEARING A verified petition has been filed with this Court by petitioner, through counsel, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an Order be issued directing the Local Civil Registrar of San Esteban, Ilocos Sur and the Civil Registrar General, National Statistics Office, Manila, to correct the entry on the gender in the ANT O from MALE to Certificate of Live Birth of AUDREY CELLE E. ESP ESPANT ANTO FEMALE. Finding the Petition to be sufficient in form and substance, notice is hereby given that the hearing of the above- entitled petition is set on November 09, 2009, at 1:30 o’clock in the afternoon, in the session hall of this Court, at which time, date and place, all persons interested may appear and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Let this Notice of Hearing be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at the expense of the petitioner in a newapaper of general circulation in the Province of Ilocos Sur. Let likewise a copy of this Notice of Hearing and the Petition, and its annexes, if any, be furnished the Honorable Solicitor General, Makati City, the Public Prosecutor, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, the Local Civil Registrar of San Esteban, Ilocos Sur, and the Civil Registrar General, National Statistics Office (NSO) Manila.

(SGD.) MARILYN D. CORRALES OIC- Branch Clerk of Court TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009 DEED OF EXTRA JUDICIAL ADJUDICA TION WITH SALE ADJUDICATION NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late BERNARDINA C. ALCID consisting of a parcel of agricultural/residential land situated at Beddeng Daya, Vigan City, under TD No. 00-013-00106 has been the subject of Deed of Extra Judicial Adjudication With Sale executed by TERESITA ALCID before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 135; Page No. 28; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

Spl. Proc. Case No. 7027-V

THE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF VIGAN CITY, ILOCOS SUR AND THE CIVIL REGISTRAR GENERAL, NSO, QUEZON CITY, Respondents. x-------------------------x ORDER Filed with this Court is a verified petition for change of name in the record of birth of Romeo A. Valoroso, more particularly his name from Honorato Baloroso to Romeo Valoroso and correction of his father’s name from Emiliano A. Baloroso to Julian A. Valoroso with the Local Civil Registrar of Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and Civil Registrar General, National Statistics Office, Quezon City. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, notice is hereby given that this petition is set for hearing on February 17, 2010 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning before the Honorable Perla B. Querubin, Acting Presiding Judge of this Court, at the second floor of the Bulwagan ng Katarungan, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, at which time, date and place, any interested person adversely affected may appear and show cause why said petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in any newspaper of general circulation in the province of Ilocos Sur and Vigan City at the expense of the petitioner, the last date of publication being at least one week prior to the date of the scheduled hearing. Let likewise a copy of this Order and the petition, be furnished the Solicitor General, Makati City; the City Prosecutor of Ilocos Sur and the Local Civil Registrar of Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. SO ORDERED. Done in the City of Vigan, this 26th day of October, 2009. (SGD.) PERLA B. QUERUBIN Acting Presiding Judge

WITNESS THE HONORABLE ISIDORO T. POBRE, Presiding Judge of this Court this 25th day of September, 2009 at Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. TNM: Nov. 2, 9, & 16, 2009

DEED OF ADJUDICA TION WITH P AR TITION ADJUDICATION PAR ARTITION AND SALE OVER A PORTION OF LAND NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late SPS. DIONICIO AGBISIT and JUSTA DE AGBISIT consisting of a parcel of land (Lot 4304) situated in Barangay Poblacion, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication With Partition and Sale Over a Portion of Land executed by their nearest and legal heirs before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 72; Page No. 16; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009

TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009

DEED OF ADJUDICA TION WITH DON ATION ADJUDICATION DONA DEED OF EXTRA JUDICIAL ADJUDICA TION WITH SALE ADJUDICATION NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late SPOUSES JUNE COLLADO and RUBICENCIA GALACE consisting of a parcel of land situated in Magsingal, Ilocos Sur under TD No. 572-E has been the subject of Extrajudicial Adjudication of Estate With Deed of Absolute Over a Portion of Land executed by the heirs before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 141; Page No. 30; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009

NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late DIONISIO ROSARIO, JULIANA ROSARIO and BALDOMERA ROSARIO consisting of a parcel of land (Lot 8813) situated in Pagsanaan, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, declared under TD/ ARP No. 12-00010-00216 has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication With Donation executed by their nearest and legal heirs before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 233; Page No. 48; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009



NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late FLORENCIA GOROSPE BERMUDEZ and JOSE BERMUDEZ consisting of a parcel of land (residential), embraced by OCT No. P-736 and declared under TD No. 00-021-00371 has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication With Sale executed by their nearest and only heir before Notary Public Atty. AMIBELL B. CORPUZ as per Doc. No. 2; Page No. 1; Book No. VIII; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late MARIA F. TOLENTINO consisting of a parcel of land situated in Sta. Monica, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur covered by OCT No. 5698 has been the subject of Extrajudicial Settlement and Adjudication of Estate with Deed of Absolute Sale executed by her only lawful and legal heir before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 160; Page No. 33; Book No. IX; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

TNM: Oct. 19, 26, & Nov. 2, 2009


Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province of Ilocos Sur Municipality of Santa Catalina


Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT OF ILOCOS SUR First Judicial Region Branch 22- Narvacan

NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late CECILIO RITURIA consisting of a parcel of residential lot situated at Barangay Lubong, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur under TD No. 21-0005-00689 and OCT No. P-67825 has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication With Sale executed by his surviving compulsory legal heir before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 380; Page No. 77; Book No. XIII; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Oct. 19, 26, & Nov. 2, 2009

DEED OF EXTRA JUDICIAL ADJUDICA TION WITH SALE ADJUDICATION NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late SPS. CONSTANCIO RECOMIO and SINFROSA RECOMIO consisting of a parcel of land (Lot 1963) situated at Pudoc, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur covered by Original Certificate of Title No. E.O. 8233 has been the subject of Deed of Extra Judicial Adjudication With Sale executed by their children and only heirs before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 59; Page No. 13; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009

DEED OF ADJUDICA TION ADJUDICATION NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late ABRAHAM F. GOROSPE consisting of a parcel of land situated at Nagsantaan,Cabugao, Ilocos Sur covered by TD No. (19).018061-A has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication executed by his only legal heir before Notary Public Atty. Jaime L. Mario, Jr. as per Doc. No. 360; Page No. 073; Book No. XII; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Oct. 19, 26, & Nov. 2, 2009


NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late FILOMENA SANDI consisting of a parcel of land situated at Sider Pila, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur covered by TD No. 802001 has been the subject of Deed of Adjudication executed by her only legal heir before Notary Public Atty. Ramiro S. Osorio as per Doc. No. 228; Page No. 46; Book No. 33; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice. TNM: Oct. 19, 26, & Nov. 2, 2009

TNM: Oct. 19, 26, & Nov. 2, 2009




Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late SIMPLICIO G. NAVARRO, consisting a parcel of Agricultural Land situated at Brgy. Quimmarayan, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur under Tax Declaration No. 30-11731-AR has been the subject of Deed of Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate With Absolute Sale of a Parcel of Land executed by his surviving legal heirs before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 364;’ Page No. 74; Book No. XVIII; Series of 2009. Any adverse calim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late ELOGIA RODILLAS LAURENTE consisting of a parcel of land situated at Barangay Pudoc, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur covered by Original Certificate of Title No. E.O. 3789 declared under TD No. 21-0006-01634 has been the subject of Deed of Extra Judicial Adjudication With Sale executed by her only heir before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 58; Page No. 13; Book No. XIV; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late NOEMI C. DE PERALTA consisting of a house and lot and orchard all situated in Limmansangan, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur under TD Nos. 92-018-00655 and 92-018-00656 and 92-018-00654; a parcel of rice land situated in Lungog, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur under TD No. 92017-01209; and rice mill in Boquig, Bantay under TD No. 21938-P have been the subject of Deed of Extra Judicial Adjudication of Real Properties executed by her forced surviving legal heir before Notary Public Atty. Roman Mario V. Panem as per Doc. No. 189; Page No. 39; Book No. XIII; Series of 2009. Any adverse claim may be filed during the publication of this notice.

TNM: Nov. 2, 9, 16, 2009

TNM: Oct. 19, 26, & Nov. 2, 2009

TNM: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, & 9, 2009

Tawid News-Magasin

POLICE REPORTS 2 bus, nabtak ti sarmingda STA. LUCIA, Ilocos Sur - Nabuong ti sarming ti dua a bus gapu iti nagsina nga insidente ditoy nga ili. Nabuong ti sarming ti tawa ti CBL bus, addaan plaka AVE-444 ken minaneho ni Democrilo Alegre, 47, residente iti Barangay Catayagan ditoy nga ili a binansag ti di nabigbig a suspetsa. Iti sabali a report, nabuong met ti windshield ti Partas Bus a minaneho ni Ronaldo Laqueta, 38, addaan plaka TVU-194, gapu iti natnag a bato manipud iti maysa a truck. Segun iti drayber, nagkallatik ti bato manipud 10-wheeler truck a sarsarunuenna ket naitama iti windshield ti luganna. (Danny Antalan)

Naipuslit a British national, naaresto CURRIMAO, Ilocos Norte - Maysa a British national ti inaresto dagiti polis gapu iti mapapati nga illegal nga iseserrekna iti daytoy nga ili itay nabiit. Tiniliw dagiti otoridad ni Fraizer Robert Neill, 43, maysa a British national, gapu iti mapapati a pannakaipuslitna ditoy nga ili babaen ti maysa a yate. Pinadas ti coast guard a kamaten ti yate ngem saanda a nakamatan. Di pay ammo no asino ti akinkukua iti nasao a yate. Segun iti report, maideportar ti nasao a ganggannaet iti naggapuanna a pagilian.#

Baro, natiliwan nga agikut iti marihuana CANDON CITY - Maysa a baro ti natiliwan nga agikut iti marihuana idiay Barangay San Isidro ditoy a siudad. Iti report ti polis, bayat ti panagpatroliada iti nadakamat a barangay, nakitada ti grupo dagiti lallaki ket sinardenganda. Nasiputan ti maysa a polis a mapapati nga adda inselsel ni Ronald Galato, 18, residente iti Barangay Patac, Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur a banag iti tambutso ti motorsiklo. Idi sukimaten dagiti polis, nakitada ti maysa a plastic jacket a naglaon iti student permit ken maiparparit a droga. Naipan ti suspetsa iti police station para iti pannakainbestigana. (Danny Antalan)

Menor de edad, natagbat bayat ti rambol NARVACAN, Ilocos Sur. Maysa a barito ti nangtagbat iti padana met laeng a menor de edad iti maysa a rambol iti Barangay Lungog ditoy nga ili itay nabiit. Segun iti report, madama nga aggiinom ti grupo ni Aries (parbo a nagan ta menor de edad) idi simmangpet ti grupo ni Benny (parbo a nagan) ket naparnuay ti dida panagkikinnaawatan a nagtungpal iti panagrarambolda. Idi agnadnad ti rambol, maysa kadagiti menor de edad ti natagbat. Madama ti inbestigasion mainaig iti nasao a rambol. (Danny Antalan)

Lotto outlet, natakawan BAGUIO CITY - Maysa a Lotto outlet ditoy ti sinerrek dagiti mannanakaw ket kinasakasda ti koleksion a kuarta, tiktiket ken makina. Segun iti report, natakaw iti nasao a Lotto outlet ti P28,020 a kuarta, tiktiket ken lotto machine. Naammuan iti inisial nga inbestigasion dagiti polis a nakastrek dagiti mannanakaw iti nasao a pasdek babaen ti panangdadaelda iti kandado ti ridaw. Naduktalan ti panagtakaw idi mapan aglukat ti kahera iti kabigatanna.#

2 nasugatan iti aksidente STA. MARIA, Ilocos Sur - Dua ti nasugatan iti aksidente iti nagbaetan ti chopchop ken kotse idiay barangay Suso itoy nga ili. Nabigbig dagiti biktima a da Warren, 16, ken ti kaduana a ni Violeta Doña, agkalugaran iti barangay Suso, itoy nga ili. Iti inisial nga inbestigasion, agsikko koma iti kannigid ti chopchop a motorsiklo a minaneho ni Warren ngem sumarsaruno gayam ti Toyota Alties, addaan plaka XFM-431, a minaneho ni James Saing, 29 anios, residente iti Guimod, San Juan, Ilocos Sur ket napasamak ti aksidente. Naitaray dagiti biktima iti ospital. (Danny Antalan) PASALUBONG CENTER.... (Manipud iti panid 1) nga addaan rangkap a masaMainaig itoy, nangilatang ni rakan iti Barangay Rizal Idi Mayor Suero iti P500,000 para Oktubre 10. Naipatakder ti iti pannakaipataray ti pasdek a pasdek idi 2008, tinarawidwidan mangtaming kadagiti pagkadaytoy ti Katipunan ng May sapulan dagiti ubbing nga Kapansanan sa Pilipinas Inc. addaan rangkap iti ili a Cabugao. (KAMPI) agingga iti panna- (Mancielito S. Tacadena/NBN kaiyawat daytoy iti LGU. Vigan) OPLAN KALULUWA.... (From page 1) public safety activities in coordination with the Provincial Directors of Police Provincial Offices starting October 30, 2009,” Gatan said even as he added that the designated supervisor in Ilocos Norte is PSupt. Reynante G. Partible, PSSupt. Teodorico M. Danao in Ilocos Sur, PSSupt. Ramon O. Purugganan in La Union, PSSupt. Amando S. Lagiwid in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Districts of Pangasinan, and PSSupt. Eduardo A. Dopale in Pangasinan’s 4th, 5th and 6th Districts. Meanwhile, the Pangasinan police announced the implementation of a traffic rerouting scheme as part of its preparations for undas. Maximum police visibility will be provided

along three (3) options for the route from Manila going to La Union-Baguio and vice-versa. The first option is RosalesVillasis-Sta BarbaraMangaldan-San Fabian; the second, Rosales-VillasisUrdaneta City-Manaoag-San Jacinto-Mangaldan-San Fabian; and the third option is Binalonan-Laoac-ManaoagSan Jacinto-Mangaldan-San Fabian. Gatan gave the assurance that continuous coordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways, local government units and other stakeholders is being conducted to ensure the successful implementation of “Oplan Kaluluwa 2009”. #

Pondo ti RA 7171, awanen sawirna a maaprobaran SINAIT, Ilocos Sur- Kinuna ti bise mayor ditoy nga awanen ti lapped iti pannakaaprobar ti pondo ti R.A 7171 a maited para kadagiti prioridad a proyekto dagiti amin a barangay ditoy. Iti naudi a session dagiti kameng ti sangguniang bayan ditoy, impasada ti nasao a pondo iti maikadua a pannakaibasana kalpasan a naidatag amin dagiti kasapulan a kiniddaw ni Konsehal Glen Guzman, pangulo ti committee in finance and appropriation. Manamnama a maipasa daytoy iti third and final reading iti sumaruno a panagsessionda, segun kenni Vice Mayor Edgar Yabes. Nagbalin nga napudot nga isyo ti pondo ti R.A 7171 ditoy gapu iti saan a panagkatunosan ti ehekutibo ken ti lehislatibo mainaig iti pannakabingayna. Sakbayna, imprioridad ni Mayor Marlon Ines ti umuna a

release ti RA 7171 nga agdagup iti P5.8 milion kadagiti 30 a barangay ngen saan nga inanamongan ti sanguniang bayan agsipud ta saan a nairaman a mabingayan dagiti 14 a barangay a kangrunaan pay met nga agmulmula iti tabako. Insingasing ti mayor a pagbibingayan dagiti 14 a barangay ti maikadua a release ti R.A 7171 nga agdagup itip1.5 milion ngem napagtitinongan dagiti barangay captains iti panagmimitingda a maipakat ti equal sharing iti nasao a pondo. Kinuna ni Yabes nga agdagup iti P7,456,000 ti nasao a pondo manipud iti bingay ti munisipio iti excise tax ti tabako kas intuding ti R.A 7171 a pagbibingayan dagiti 44 a barangay babaen iti equal sharing.#

Lions Club-Candon City, San Vicente LGU, nangisayangkat iti medical mission CANDON CITY - Nangisayangkat ti Lions Club-Candon City iti medical mission ken relief operation idiay Tuguegarao, Cagayan itay laeng Oktubre 30, segun ken ni Jane Fontanilla. Mismo nga indauluan ni Lions Governor Modesto Pacquing ti nasao a medical mission ken relief operation kas tulong ti nasao a gunglo kadagiti umili a nadidigra iti Bagyo Pepeng ken Ramil itay nabiit. Kinuna ni Fontanilla a 300 a pamilia ti nawarasan iti relief goods ken naipaayan iti medical check-up ken agas. Sakbayna, nangisayangkat ti

gunglo iti First Sight Mission ditoy siudad, konsultasion iti mata ken panangited iti libre a reading eyeglasses. Sabali pay a medical ken dental mission ti naisayangkat itay Oktubre 29 kas paset ti programa ti lokal a gobierno ti San Vicente, Ilocos Sur nga idadauluan da Mayor Jose Tabanda III ken ti asawana a ni Vice Mayor Nancy Tabanda a pannakaipaay ti umno a salunat dagiti kailianda. Iti mismo a Rural Health Unit ti munisipio ti nakaisayangkatan ti nasao a medical ken dental mission. (Danny Antalan/Joe Andrew Pescador)

PITIK... (Manipud iti panid 2) disinfect iti labada kadagiti ospital, paktoria dagiti makan ken pakataraknan dagiti babbaket ken lallakay, pangdisinfect iti danum imbes a chlorine, pangdalus kadagiti swimming pools ken spas ken dadduma pay. Ngem napateg unay ti ozone agsipud ta daytoy ti agkunnot (absorb) iti ultraviolet rays manipud iti init a no sobra a maitangkarang iti tao ket makapadakes kas iti sunburn, skin cancer ken dadduma pay a sakit ti kudil. Natakuatan a maysa a

pakawaraan iti ozone ti chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) ken ti nitrous oxide a puon metten ti pannakaibbus ken pakaabutan ti ozone layer. Gapu iti pannakadadael ti ozone, saannan a magudilan nga absorbaren ti ultraviolet a radiation manipud iti init ket makadanon dagitoy iti rabaw ti daga nga agresulta iti pannakadadael dagiti mula, kanser ken sakit ti kudil. Idi arinunos ti 1980, naduktalan ti maysa nga abut ti ozone iti ngatuen ti Antartika. (Maituloyto)

ITI INDAYON... (Manipud iti panid 2) bagim a saan nga agaramid iti sionmo a manggun-od iti arapagbabawyamto iti masakba- paapmo iti masakbayan. Agbalin laeng a lapped ti ayat yan.” Naarakupko ni Anti. Naka- iti arapaap no daytoy ti panaluaak manen, Manong Danny, ngipaayam amin nga atensionmo. Ngem ammok met ti gapu iti kinamannakaawatna. Inaklonko ni Lito. No ba- reggetmo a makatun-oy iti kasion, ditoyen balay ti pangal- adalmo,” nakuna ni Angkel. Agpayso ti kinuna ni dawanna. Adda kuyogna no kua a maluto uray kasano a Angkel. Ad-adda a nagbalin a namaris ti aldawko iti pananglappedko kenkuana. Magustuan met ni Angkel idadateng ni Lito iti biagko. Ladio ta saan la a nadayaw, Isu ti nagbalin nga inspiammona ti makisinninged rasion, kibin ken salaknibko iti panagbasak. kadakuada. Idi agturposak, siak ti “Agbalinto a nasayaat nga asawa ni Lito. Saanmon a maysa kadagiti napadayawan. Tallo a tao ti nangisapalusposan,” insutilna pay. “Kayatmo kadin a mangasa- gutak iti balligik: ni Angkel, ni waak, Uncle? Naumakan sa Anti ken ni Lito. Isuda ti metten kaniak a kaludludon- nangted kaniak iti ad-adu a pigsa ken kired tapno mo,” inyangawko. “Saan met a sawir ni ayat ti mapurosko ti arapaapko iti panagadalmo. Daytoy pay masakbayan! (Adda tuloyna) ketdi ti mangted iti inspira2 NATAY.... (Manipud iti panid 4) lana ti 12-gauge backshotna Kabayatanna, maysa a lalaki ngem mapapati nga aksidente ti pinapatay ti dua a lalaki a a nakalbitna ket napuntaan nakasakay iti motorsiklo iti dagiti dua a menor de edad. Barangay Balaleng Laudenia,

N0V. 2-8, 2009

TALDIAP-DAMAG CSC exam, maangay iti Vigan VIGAN CITY - Kalpasan ti nabayag a tiempo, maangay ditoy siudad ti eksamen para iti professional ken sub-professional inton Nobiembre 15. Segun ken ni Civil Service Commission provincial director Hedy Jose Lardizabal, agdagup iti 1,677 ti bilang dagiti ageksamen iti professional ken 662 met iti sub-professional. Maangay ti eksamen iti Ilocos Sur National High School. Dagiti mangisursuro ti agpaay a kas examiners ken proctors iti eksaminasion.#

Regional English Olympics, naangay CANDON CITY - Naisayangkat ditoy a siudad ti 2009 Regional English Olympics ti Department of Education ti Region 1 babaen iti panag-host ti Candon City Division ditoy idi Oktubre 26-27, 2009. Nakipartisipar iti pasalip ti division ti Laoag City, Batac City, Ilocos Norte, San Fernando City, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Candon City, Vigan City, Pangasinan 2, Alaminos City, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 1, San Carlos City ken Dagupan City. Iti elementaria, nagsasalip dagiti ubing iti poem recitation iti Grade 1 ken 2, spelling bee iti Grade 3, declamation iti grade 4, essay writing ti grade 5. Iti high school napagsasalipan ti spelling bee iti 1st year, declamation ket 2nd year, essay writing iti 3rd year, ken oration iti 4th year. (Danny Antalan)

Nagawan ti koriente iti Baguio City, La Trinidad gapu iti bao BAGUIO CITY - Nagawan ti koriente iti adu a paset ditoy siudad idinto a sibubukel a nalapunos iti sipnget ti La Trinidad iti rabii ti Oktubre 29 gapu iti maysa a bao. Segun iti maysa nga opisial ti Benguet Electric Cooperative (BENECO), maysa a bao ti simrek iti switch gear a puon ti panagpukaw ti koriente iti 60 porsiento ditoy siudad ken iti intero a La Trinidad. Nagpukaw ti koriente iti alas nuebe ti rabii ti Oktubre 29 ket sala naisubli iti alas siete iti kabigatanna.#

Libre a purga, Vitamin A, naited pasiente nga ubbing VIGAN CITY- Kas paset ti panangselebrar iti Children’s Month iti bulan ti Oktubre, naipangruna ti Garantisadong Pambata Program ti Department of Health kadagiti district hospitals ditoy probinsia a pakaibilangan iti Gabriela Silang General Hospital. Naikkan dagiti ubbing iti libre a purga ken Vitamin A nangruna dagiti pasiente a naiserrek kadagiti ospital. Segun iti maysa a docktor ditoy, agtultuloy daytoy a programa uray malpaston ti Children’s Month Celebration.#

Korte, maibalay iti daan a munisipio SAN JUAN, Ilocos Sur- Iti daan a munisipio ditoy iti pakaibalayan ti municipal court apaman a malpas ti baro a pasdek ti ili, segun iti mayor ditoy. Kinuna ni Mayor Benjamin Sarmiento a maiyalis amin nga opisina ti gobierno munisipal ken uray dagiti national offices iti baro a munisipio. Manamnama a malpas ti baro a munisipio inton umay a tawen.#

750 nadidigra a mannalon, natulongan CAOAYAN, Ilocos Sur- Kagudua’t kaban a ganagan ti libre a maited kadagiti mannalon ditoy kas tulong ti gobierno munisipal kadakuada a dinidigra ti Bagyo Pepeng. Kinuna ni Municipal Agriculture Officer Marilou Factor nga agdagup iti 750 a mannalon ti tulongan ti gobierno munisipal ditoy gapu ti pannakadadael ti mulada maigapu ken ni Bagyo Pepeng. Naggapu ti pondo iti annual development fund nga agdagup iti P130,000. Makalawas a dinidigra ti Bagyo Pepeng ti Amianan a Luzon a pakairamanan ti Ilocos Sur.# KINAPUDNO... (Manipud iti panid 2) panagdur-as? Kadagiti kaarruba a nasion, no asinoman a matakuatan a nagbasol, pangulo man ti nasion, nangato nga opisial, ordinario nga umili ket nawaya ken saan a mapagduaduaan a madusa. Ngem iti Pilipinas, no makombiktar man ti maysa a pangulo, awan pay ti makalawas, maidurduronen ti nabileg la unay a presidential pardon, ket saan man la a pulos a nagsagaba ti nakabasol iti kas iti sinagaba dagiti nakedngan nga ordinario a kailian. Nababa kadi unayen aya ti kinapudno iti panagserbi?

Maiduma ti gimong a nariingantayo a pinalidem ti nalabes unay a pinnolitika nga agibunga iti saan a nasayaat nga aspeto ti biag. Nagbalin a kanser ti nalabes unay a graft and corruption iti gimong a paggargarawantayo ngem saan a maikaskaso a maagasan agsipud iti kinaawan iti kinapudno dagiti agtuturaytayo nga agserbi. Saan a daydiay maaramid para iti pagsayaatan ti gobierno ti importante no di ketdi ania ti maala iti gobierno para iti bukod a pagsayaatan. (Adda tuloyna)

Bantay, Ilocos Sur iti alas nuebe beinte ti bigat ti Oktubre 28. Maibasar iti inisial a report dagiti polis-Bantay, pampanurnoren ni Alfredo Pablo y Ragucera, 59, naasawaan, residente iti nadakamat a barangay, ti barangay road nga agpaamianan idi sarunuen dagiti suspetsa a nakalugan iti maris-nangisit a motorsiklo a Honda Wave nga awanan iti plaka ket pinaltopaltoganda ti biktima. Nagsagrap ti biktima iti uppat

a sugat iti likudna, dua iti bakrangna ken maysa iti abagana ket pimmusay bayat ti pannakatamingna iti Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital a nakaitarayanna. Nakarekobre dagiti polis iti walo a kapsula ken maysa a buli a nagtaud iti cal. 45 iti nakapasamakan ti krimen. Awan pay ti maitudo a suspetsa ken no ania ti motibo iti pammapatay. (Joe Andrew Pescador)

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