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Editorial Dear Reader, Greetings from the Editorial Team of Crucibles. We take in the immense pleasure to introduce you to the 28 th edition of E-zine. This edition witnesses a whole lot of new writers in the blog. This time we made sure that our readers get an gist of different markets such as Advertising, Cosmetic and Aviation. In the midst of all the information and knowledge we have a beautiful poem written by G.P. Manisha, an Alumini of our Club on “Change”. When we walk on streets or have a cup of coffee in a cafeteria, we come across many advertisements, in our day to day life. When we roll our eyes over them, their purpose is full filled. The purpose is to create awareness among people. These days, its these advertisements that tell us pen to use, which soap to use, which education institute to opt for..etc. Keeping the market growth and trends in mind we have decided to “Advertising” as set the cover story. We have a few external contributors writing for us this time. We thank them for sparing a little time for us from their busy schedules. The few external contributors are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Koganti Venkat, Analyst, Kable. Valli Sree, PGP/SS/13-15, IIPM. Karthik Pabbathaneni, PGP/SS/13-15, IIPM. Bhanu Prakash, PGP/SS/13-15, IIPM. Hemendra Singh Parihar, PGP/SS/13-15, IIPM. Mitesh Borkar, UGP/SS/13-16, IIPM. Tehmina Ahmedi, UGP/SS/13-16, IIPM.

We would congratulate the entire team for taking up painstaking efforts and making it, a success. Lastly, would thank MUKHPREET KHURANA (UGP/SS/13-15, IIPM) for designing a tantalizing cover page. I would end on a note, “ Education makes a greater difference between man and man than nature made between man and brute – John Adams”. Happy Reading !!





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Advertising – reach out and touch someone



Fetch the Hero in you



A solution to gain market share



Cosmetic industry



Rights as a share holder



Indian Aviation



A battle without words



Discreet Diaries



Einstein’s Popcorn






“Advertising – Reach out and touch someone” Advertising, without an iota of doubt is the best way to communicate with the customers and more often than not advertisements have impact on lifestyles, cultures and most importantly the brands. Various forms of advertisements help create brand awareness (for consumers) and also increase demand (for corporations). The global marketing industry is worth around a whopping $495 billion and with a growth rate of around 3.5% annually, many marketers believe the golden age of advertising is far from over. Different types of advertising from persuasive to celebrity endorsements always try to do one thing i.e. win over the customers through the emotional connect. Consider James bond the secret agent in his new movie decided to sip a Heineken beer rather than his regular martini, did the trick as the sales grew globally for Heineken, brand recognition shot up and most importantly Heineken had successfully advertised the brand across the globe for just $45 million. Product placements are increasingly becoming popular for advertisers who want to reap benefits and have a short term impact on brands. Some brands often stand out with their approach and these are the ones which successfully manage to position as the leaders both in-terms of volume (market share) and value. Lay’s for example is one such carefully managed brand with years of guarded advertising makes it the best brand in the segment. Few years back it created a unique campaign “to showcase the ingredients used in making Lay’s potato chips”. When the entire market (competitors) have kept their ingredients secret, Lay’s decided to spread how farm potatoes coupled with oil and a pinch of salt make their potato chips the best. The effectcreated lakhs of consumers talking about the way how Lay’s make chips vis-à-vis how they make at home. So advertisements have a significant impact on brands in many ways but what organizations must also keep in mind is the fact that their products must get the functional, emotional and experiential values correct for it to be successful. It is important for businesses to advertise as it creates a notion among the target audience about the product and service that there is certain feel associated with it and they will lack it. It’s a platform where you convince others of the worth of their product. It not only reminds you of their older products or introduces their new product but it tells in which aspects their product should be considered over others. Moreover, financially it is a great source of income for a company of any size. Advertisements are also associated to Endorsements. Endorsements in turn are associated to celebrities. Why is that, the celebrities endorse the products and how are they helpful? There are a number of reasons for it to be common. It helps in building up trust within a group of potential customers, it leaves an impact in our minds and hence, results in being remembered for a period of


time and it also attracts a new type of audience. It primarily leaves a notion in an individual’s consciousness that the celebrity is successful, attractive at least partly because of the product, thereby increasing the consumer’s desire for a product. They are a tool among manufacturers of retail products as increases the amount of trust the consumer has. This may at times work against the brand if the celebrity receives negative feedback. In today’s world, where we are surrounded by many brands may it be for a single product, it is very important for a particular brand to stand out in the crowd and this is termed as brand recall. Brands target their customers through celebrities in order to serve their purpose of brand recalling. Advertisers make use of people thought process of idolizing celebrities for their appearances and sporting achievements. For example, cosmetic products are endorsed by attractive celebrities. A brand with a high profile celebrity’s endorsements, receive greater media coverage. Thereby, increasing the sales. It is essential to select a celebrity with a desired effect on the target audience as it may leave the brand having a negative impact.

Companies also try to create brand equity by advertising their product in a way such that it is memorable, recognizable and reliable. Another way of creating brand equity is through Mass Marketing Campaigns. If people prefer generic products over the branded ones, it is said to have negative brand equity. Top best advertisements of 2013 that created Brand equity: 01. Maaza casted two of Indian actors Imran Khan and Parineeti Chopra to endorse the brand this year. They were successful in targeting the “aam” fans all over the country. The creative advertising team made use of the celebrity strength – the cute boy next door and a gal who is can act. 02. Idea bought in the idea to curb the differences between a couple and save their marriage giving it a desi touch. This spot was successful in setting itself apart. 03. Kuoni, came up with a pleasant commercial, empathizing on looking forward to holiday time with childlike enthusiasm. 04. Tanishq featured a young single mother getting married and also explored the sibling relationship with a story of brother’s gift to his sister on the eve of her wedding. 05. Dominos managed to capture the joy of the young girl’s first pay-cheque and the pizza meal bought to share with her family.


06. One of the eye-catching advertisements that left us drooling, was the Cadbury silk commercial with its signature tune. 07. The commercial of Asian paints of giant umbrellas protecting the walls, didn’t quite pay off as it wasn’t appreciated well. However, we were thrilled. 08. Tata Docomo, set their commercial apart with their tagline, “Open Up”. 09. Fiat focused on the idea of feeling like a big boss when seated in a ___ 10. In the midst of all rapes and murders and the violence against women, Bharat Matrimony set these issues as the central theme and portrayed a husband who supported his wife on having a career. Though it was termed as Bekaar but it did leave an impression in the minds of the audience. “An ad is a product of painstaking craftsman. Various elements, ranging from positioning of the product, clarity of the idea behind the product to visibility of the brand, its persona and the power of communication have to be intelligently woven together.”

KOGANTI VENKAT Analyst, KABLE Market Intelligence


“FETCH THE HERO IN YOU” INTERVIEW CRACKING MANTRAS We are fortunate that we are living in a new economy, which is empowered by technology, fueled by information and driven by knowledge. From the recent reports of 2013 it is known that 47% of the graduates are unemployed. It is found shocking to know the facts and figures relating to the competition existing in the present day scenario. In India we have 700 universities and more than 35000 affiliated colleges enrolling more than 20 million students every year.. It makes us feel good that India is making its move towards development. But on the other side of the coin we have to notice the fact that the competition is growing day by day among each and every student in all the fields.. You can be identified as a hero only when you beat the competition and stand front with finest job in your pocket. So it is the responsibility of every student in this extraordinary competitive employment market to make an extra effort to stand out in the crowd. Want to bring the hero out of you? So here are few suggestible steps that can help you out to crack the interviews to beat the competition and prove yourself.

1. Fine tune your resume: It is advisable to be consistent with your format of resume. The words in your resume speak a lot about you before you open up. Being clear and keeping it short is always an impressive way of approaching. Highlight your skills to make a good impression in interviewer site. Discussing your achievements along with the respective particulars is always preferable. It shows your passion and leadership qualities. Updating your resumes according to the company's requirement is the best method to impress the interviewer.

2. Nesting your network: The more people you know, the better your chances of landing the ideal position will grow. Broadening your audience would serve you as a great resource in networking your profile. Market yourself in the existing market. Networking always opens the doors for building up your career and to improve your knowledge. Observing teaches a lot rather than studying a book. “Strike when the iron is hot” –act quickly when the opportunity is still available. Join groups with similar ideas which make you to carry out the competitive spirit in attaining your goals.

3. Speak two languages- Body and English: No one can describe you better than yourself. Yes, it is you who can create an impression in the interviewer's mind about your character and behavior. It may not be through the way you speak, but


instead it may depend upon the way you appear and behave. Posters and body language are considered as a part of non-verbal communication and, have a language of their own. The objective of paying attention to the non-verbal communication is to help you change the direction of the conversation. It is creditable to know that each and every move of ours is counted at the time of interview. Remember to accomplish a pretty simple task is to smile. Show your teeth and make it look as natural as possible.

4. Practice is the best master: As it goes, “practice makes man perfect” – the best method to perform well in an interview is only through a prior practice by framing out your own answers to the expected questions. Then you can feel calm from your frazzled nerves. Practicing a mock interview with a friend or family members will actually help you out in gaining confidence. Practicing yourself on looking into the mirror can also help you in rectifying your facial movements and expressions. It gives a scope in correcting yourself to make you presentable.

5. Work smart not hard: Rosemary Haefrer the VP of HR for career building says- “a successful interview is a presentation that marries job”. The impressive way of cracking an interview is to know about the company before you answer to certain questions posed by the interviewer. Always try to make a match between the expertise and company requirements. Listen to the question completely and pay attention before you answer because you may feel embarrassed if you forget the question. Maintain a proper eye contact with the interviewer to show your confidence level. Being on time could avoid all the inconveniences and make you pleasant.

6. Tailor your story: You should always think about the stories that you can tell the interviewer that reveals your skill set. It is important to maintain a smooth flow while disclosing about your strengths and weaknesses. Remember, never mention your weakness that would show impact on your professional life. Try to relate your weaknesses with the failures you faced in life, how you overcame them. Explain in a simple way about the time in your job where successful leadership and a sense of direction were your strengths.

7. Boost your EQ: It is known that the successful candidate is the one who has best ‘’person's skill.” emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, assess and control emotions in a positive way to communicate effectively and empathize with others. Engage with people in a such a way that you leave an impact on them. Try to find the commonalities between you and the interviewer to connect yourself with the same line of thinking. Feel free in the hot seat. Once you do this you feel the world to be a smaller and friendlier place, where your anxiety over interview will shrink.


8. Brush your knowledge: Make use of all the resources you have to improve your knowledge to sustain in the competitive world. The premier requirement of any recruiter about their employees is to be knowledgeable and skillful for the company’s flourishment. Reading journals, articles, newspaper, watching on TV news are few resources to enhance your knowledge levels. The powerful tool of the 21th century, “Google” could serve you as a teacher and guide you in refining your skills.

9. Do not commit the mistake: a) b) c) d) e) f)

Never admit your nervousness in an interview Do not ignore the job description. No bad mouthing on work environment. Do not dare to tell -“ my biggest weakness is..”. Strictly no profanity. Do not attend a call in between interview saying- “just a minute, I really need to get this call”. g) Do not ask about the vacations that you get in a job. h) Kindly don’t ask -“can I work from home”. i) Try not highlighting your family and friends in an interview.

10.Post interview ritual: Sending a customized thank you note to the interviewer is very critical for seeking the edge in the interviewer’s head. Post interview ritual is recommended to make interviewer go with a positive thought of you. Posting an email saying thank you is always advisable. Bring the hero out of you with all the above mentioned tips to crack the interviews to prove yourself in this competitive world.



Cutting down prices - a solution to gain market share In the wake of the recent spurt in computing operating system competition, cheaper computers and tablet sales will be getting a much-needed boost with Microsoft deciding to cut the price of the license fee of its Windows 8.1 operating system by almost 70%. With the recent emergence of Google operating system based Chromebooks as well as aggressive pricing by Apple for devices in the similar range, it does not come as a surprise that Microsoft has taken this crucial step, which could decide how much it can protect as well as increase its market share.

Such changes will keep occurring, especially with the change of guard at the helm of Microsoft, most notably with the resignation of Steve Ballmer, ex-CEO and the appointment of Satya Nadella to take his place recently. Nadella's strategy for the way forward is to focus more on research and development, besides foraying into introducing new devices regularly. These new devices will neither require a logo certification, something that filters, hardware compatibility, nor touch screen featured, thus implying that these devices will be more on the cheaper side of the catalog. Thus, Microsoft can contend with the price cut, which directly translates into $15 for a manufacturer to license Windows 8.1 OS instead of the usual $50, to pre-install it on devices which cost less that $250. Moreover, it gets even more interesting because this price cut is applicable to all devices that fall under this price ceiling, regardless of the size or the type of the device.

The flip side of Microsoft's recent resurgence is that it has still seen its annual revenue decline significantly, primarily because of fierce competition from arch rivals Apple and Google, whose strategies seem to be working in their favor. Hence, Microsoft seems to now have taken on the classic theory of 'Taking one step backward leading to many steps forward' by incentivising PC manufacturers to sell cheaper models, thus enabling it to increase its market share of the $80 billion tablet market, dominated by tablet giants Apple and Google who have a combined 95% market share.


Microsoft stated that it had sold 200 million licenses of Windows 8 since October 2012, since the operating system was launched, which is a slower rate of sales than the sales of Windows 7 in the same duration. Worldwide, computer shipments fell by 10 percent as consumers are moving towards purchasing alternative computing systems like Smartphones and tablets. The positive side of the operating system device segment is that the tablet market is increasing by a vigorous 16%, expected to be on a similar growth trajectory every year till 2017, thus providing the impetus for Microsoft to play big in this segment and use its economies of scope in its favor.


“Change – another name of life” Change is another name of life that I have lived, Every next day to do better is what I have thrived, Deep in my mind, I felt if time can be tamed, All this time to my heart, I have lied, By the time my feelings could be gauged, The time would have already changed. As change is another name of life that I have lived……


10 | P a g e

“Cosmetics Industry a huge revenue segment” The Cosmetic industry globally is valued at $330 billion. There are 6 global players who hold a market share of 70% where products like Lakme, L’Oreal and Maybelline top the list. The Indian Cosmetic and retail beauty industry is presently estimated to be Rs.29,000 crore or $4.5 billion. The Indian Market has always been welcoming the international brands in this segment ever since Revlon ventured in 1995. This business is expected to grow at a pace of 15- 20 percent in the forthcoming years annually, which is two times faster than the US and the European markets. With such captivating numbers the Cosmetic industry is indeed a huge revenue generating segment of the economy of this great nation. The leader in the Indian Beauty Market is Hindustan Unilever Ltd., as it is the parent company for both Ponds and Fair and Lovely as well. The growth in this segment is impressive. The proliferating Branding exercise, increase in departmental stores and consumer awareness are the key drivers for the growth witnessed in this wedge of the economy. The major chunks of their target market are mostly working women in the metropolitan’s with surging dispensable incomes falling in the age bracket of 20 - 28 years, newly married women in the smaller towns and off-late it has been the men’s grooming vertical. The following are some facts given by Ms. Masooma, The Editor of New Age Salon about this huge industry at the International Beauty Mart 2014 which was held this January in New Delhi:  The beauty and hair care industry is projected to grow to $6.2 by 2015 from the present $1.2 of per capita annual spending.  Salons have seen a growth of 35%, cosmetic products witnessed a growth of 60% and the cosmetic treatments an increasing growth rate of 5% during the preceding 5 years.  The body treatment and spa vertical likely to flourish in $772 billion over the consequent 5 to 8 years. The haircare market is worth around Rs. 80 billion, while the cosmetics and skin care market contribute around Rs. 18.5 billion. Skin care product growth is lethargic when compared to the color cosmetics market.

Color Cosmetics: Also known as the Make-up market segment, the color cosmetics is that one sector which is growing swiftly. It covers face, eye, nail color and lip cosmetics. It doesn’t include false nails and eyelashes, nail varnish remover and medicated products. The chief revenue generators in this particular

11 | P a g e

segment are nail enamel’s and lip-colors verticals which generate about 65% in the market segment. Most companies introduce a new range of vibrant products frequently to leverage the growing trend.

Herbal Cosmetics: India has always been known for its rich knowledge from the ancient times. Most Indians were and are mostly inclined more towards herbal products. The Herbal cosmetics segment picked up its growth in the last decade as one of the cutting edge segment in the beauty fragment. Various brands in this sector are Lotus, Dabur, Himalaya, Forest Essentials, Biotique, and the list go on. As per a report presented by Kuick Research, i.e., “India Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market Outlook 2018”, the consumers are becoming more conscious about the components that are involved in manufacturing the products more than ever before. This has become a challenge for the companies both who manufacture herbal and synthetic beauty products as well, as they feel the pinch of concentrating on sustainability and downsizing the environmental footprints simultaneously. All in all, India is a wonderful market for the cosmetic firms to venture into as most of the population is to be reached out to. It’s a great opportunity for the firms take advantage of the untapped segment.


12 | P a g e

“Rights as a Share holder” What is an investment? What are the rights that a share holder possesses? What are the important aspects that a share holder should keep in mind? A share holder must just not be confided to the task of buying shares and estimating profits and losses of the company. But one must know what is going on in the company and should take an active participation in the company’s decision. One of the important right you possess when u invest your money is the right to vote.

When you buy a company’s share, you become the share holder of that company. They are involved in all financial and economical decisions that the company takes and hence, the companies will seek permission from the shareholders. The share holders cast their vote according to their opinion. This process is called ‘E-Voting’. According to Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the first 500 companies which are listed under BSE and NSE should seek permission from the shareholders for the decision taken by the board of directors. Up till now 190 companies that are listed in the stock exchange, make an agreement with Central Depository Services (India) limited (CDSL). Among these 81% of the companies are presently offering this facility to their investors. According to companies’ act 1956, section 192(A). Every company should seek permission from shareholders. For example, scenarios such as changes in the memorandum, buyback of the shares, moving the registered office from one place to another, changing the voting rights, taking decision on the remuneration paid to executive directors, etc. In such types of decisions companies should seek permission from investors or shareholders. There are two ways of casting your vote: 1. Postal ballet: Companies inform the shareholders about the decision taken by the directors and seek the permission from shareholders for the same by a postal ballet. In this process, shareholders are asked to send respective decisions to the company’s registered office address stating whether they agree or disagree. During this, shareholders are not charged with any postal charges.

13 | P a g e

2. E-voting: Shareholders can also cast their vote by e-voting. This enables the shareholders to cast their vote online from anywhere, at anytime. Investors are allowed to use any type of voting procedure based on their convenience.Electronic voting helps the investors and companies in many ways. Some of them are: In regard to companies:

In regard to investors:

This method reduces the cost and also eliminates the need of shareholders signature. It is even easy to count the votes. It also useful in:

E-voting helps investors in many ways, such as:

   

The number of votes counted would be precise Immediate results Voting will be fast and would cost less The number of days assigned to gather all votes would be less

 Possibility of voting from any place  We can keep our vote at any point of time(last minute also)  There will be no mal practicing of votes  No scope for invalid votes

When the company decides to vote, it enters into an agreement with the CDNL and issues a list of voters till date. CDNL then assigns their respective user id, password and conveys the same information to the registrar concerned. The voting schedule and any further changes that take place are updated on the following website Then the company/registrar communicates the password, electronic voting sequence no., voting procedure to the voters. Based on the above given information voters can use their right to franchise, but did we ever think how would the passwords for e-Voting be sent to the security holders? The passwords are dispatched to the security holders by the company through notices or mails. The time period for e-Voting is no different from that, through Postal Ballot. Currently, the time is defined in the Postal Ballot Rules,2001, framed under section 192A of the Companies Act,1956. Hence, the time period is same. The e-Voting system also facilitates voting in electronic mode for all holders in physical and demat mode as on the record date. The votes casted by the investor through internet will be considered as the final votes for the resolution. However the company/scrutinizer will have the right to decide which should be considered. The scrutinizer will download a consolidated report, which includes votes casted by the investors electronically and votes received by the scrutinizer through postal ballot which have been entered in the system. The voting report download page contains the instructions for downloading, saving and viewing the report.


; PGP/SS/13-15

14 | P a g e

“INDIAN AVIATION 2014” The Indian Aviation Industry has been going through a turbulent phase over the past several years facing multiple headwinds – high oil prices and limited pricing power contributed by industry wide over capacity and periods of subdued demand growth. Over the near term the challenges facing the airline operators are related to high debt burden and liquidity constraints, while in the beginning of 2008-09, the sector was impacted by sharp rise in crude oil prices, there was a decline in passenger traffic growth which led to severe underperformance. The impact of such difficult days in the industry was clearly stated and emphasized in the 4th Indian Aviation Show, 2014. The conference started with the bright future of the aviation sector in India specifying how can the large middle class Income population in India can inject new life in the Indian aviation sector and how the future of large volume of travel will need bigger planes, larger terminal airports and new technology for operating the airports. But the current reality is completely opposite than what we expect to see in the future. The present scenario has forced the speakers to talk about their losses and not their profits. There were many companies from different sectors of the aviation industry in the conference namely BOEING, big airline engine producer ROLLS ROYCE, airport operator GMR, talking about the technology was SAAB, these were some of the big names which were present in the conference. Recently, BOEING had conducted an analysis on the large growth in the volume of travelling in south Asia and India was one among them. Due to the increase in the middle class population in this region, it showcased its new aircraft with large seating capacity and new wing design to increase fuel efficiency. Where BOEING was emphasizing on the fuel efficiency, ROLLS ROYCE were no less and presented an abstract on the new aircraft engine with the new technology and design. They mainly focused on the engine fans and also added that an increase in the number of fans would ultimately lead to increase in fuel efficiency. All speakers present there focused on one primary goal of reducing the expenditure on fuel and increase in the efficiency of the airline companies which is 50% of their operating cost in India. The CFO of GMR GROUP pointed that the importance of new larger airports with better infrastructure as one of the aspects in the growth of airline industry which would result in more aircrafts, more terminals, more number of runways and larger hangers. He also pointed out that the growth in this sector is difficult unless there is a control on the red tape BUROCRATE and on the “Licence Raj”, and ended pointing, how the new land acquisition bill might create a bottle neck in this sector. The Delegate from Honeywell present pointed that in 2 tiers and 3 tier cities larger airports are not necessary but smaller efficient airports are the good way to go. The marketing head of SAAB India emphasised on innovative technology to reduce the cost of operating airport. It show cased its new remote air traffic controller which enables humans not to have an eye on the aircraft from the control tower and guide it to land but instead placed a new High-Tec all weather

15 | P a g e

cameras with 360 degree view of runways which do the same job with a single traffic controller this reduces the man power and increases efficiency. Another delegate stressed on the importance of Indian based maintenance repair and overhaul company also known as MRO Company. He emphasized on the cost of overseas maintenance of the aircrafts are very high, therefore leading to higher operating cost of airlines. He also pointed out the negligence in this sector by the Indian Government and hence, leading to an unhealthy environment in the industry. Another delegate from the ministry of aviation said that the ministry is aware of the problems the industry is facing and will provide some sort of help to the industry by giving tax holidays or by easing out brocade struggle. It ended on a note, “The industry is waiting for a new desirable person to be in charge of aviation ministry and all are expecting a clear cut policy in order to bring back the animal spirit in the Indian aviation industry�.


16 | P a g e

“Martial Arts – The battle without words!” Martial Art, a warrior’s art that’s what it has been called since ages. Martial Art was used for training warriors and it is still use to train them. Basically, warriors were trained in martial arts so that they could battle in style that means with greatest effectiveness and precision. Nowadays this art is used as a passion as the trend and time change, name of the art also changes. There is only one motto of any martial arts, “No pain and only gain “. Martial Arts have many forms as many of us think that martial art, taekwondo, kung fu etc. all are different but no. Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Boran (predecessor of Muay Thai), boxing etc. are some of its forms. There are large number of distinct styles and schools of martial arts. They are developed based on attacking and defending techniques of some animals or by modifying some of the existing martial art or by mixing two or more than two martial arts keeping in mind by what proportion there should be flexibility, strength, stamina and endurance . Some forms use weapons, while some use more kicks and less punches, some use only punches, some use only body power.

Learning and practicing any of these forms of martial arts takes a lot of time and to implement it takes another a lot of time. It takes years and years to have a mastery on any of the form but believe me once you have the mastery on any of the one form , you can master any other form of martial arts very easily andvery quickly . There is no such thing such as “I can’t do this”, it’s only “Let’s try and you can do”. After doing all these, what’s the result? Not only mastery but also the best control on your body , a good control on your emotions , lets say you faced a major loss like a breakup so rather for going in a lonely place , shitting alone and listening to heartbreaking songs , you can come back to your routine life . Its only possible when u practice martial arts. Apart from all these, it also gives other fruitful results too as you all know i.e., a good fitness, nice body, better stamina, heart throbbing fans and many more. One can find a better sync between one’s body and mind. When I started training in kickboxing, I saw others doing exercise with different voices coming out of their mouth like “ Ooh, aah, AAaaaahhh “, I thought what’s there in that which make them shouting like that . Then I realized, “OOH! There’s lot to be won”. Believe me after my first day got over, for the next two days I was walking like Putta Parthi Sai Baba (no offence), I couldn’t bent my knees while walking

17 | P a g e

such was the intensity of the training . And after two days with same pain, my second day of training all my pain was gone as it is said, “Diamond cuts diamond”. Similarly, my first day’s pain cut my second day’s pain and by following this policy for years my body has now a better control over the pain. In my two years of training, I had many fractures and I still have that fractures as I didn’t go to any of the orthopaedist and trust me these fractured parts are much stronger than it was before I started training in kickboxing. So in this way I can have a goodcontrol over my emotions and feelings. When someone ask me, “Why do you like to train and fight so hard even when you are bleeding?” I reply to them, “It’s better to fight with your body rather than fighting or abusing someone with words.”


18 | P a g e

“Discreet Diaries” 1. Rossignol is a French manufacturer of alpine, snowboard, and Nordic equipment, as well as related outerwear and accessories, located in Isere, France. The company also owns the brand Dynastar as well as LOOK. 2. Baidu offers many services, including a Chinese language search engine for websites, audio files, and images. This company released its low-cost smartphone, Changhong H5018. 3. Orange is a multinational telecommunications corporation and represents the flagship brand of the France telecom group for mobile, landline and Internet businesses, with 226 million customers. The brand was created in the UK which became a subsidiary in Mannesmann in 1999 and was acquired by France Telecom in 2000. 4. Dr. Pepper is a soft drink, marketed as having a unique flavor. The drink was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas and first served around 1885. 5. Yelp is a social networking, user review and local search web site. It was one of the three projects including Adzaar and Slide, to come out of the San Francisco incubator, MRL Ventures. 6. As per the Economist, in the mobile phone market, tyranny of the flagship means iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy walking away with profits. 7. In competition to Mackintosh Jack Tramiel launched a low priced home computer, Commodore 64, which is considered as one of the best selling PC of all time. 8. Marriott, an international hotel chain’s properties in the UK are likely to be taken over by an Indian property company. 9. Many analysts in US have decided to exclude Apple’s results from corporate earnings because it skews the results. 10. Most logos carry one icon, but Unilever has as many as 25 icons with symbols such as sun, DNA, bee, flower and heart. 11. Dow chemicals has decided to withdraw its logo from London Olympics after protests from many including India.

19 | P a g e

“Einstein’s Popcorn” 1. What watch maker sells an environment friendly brand of watches called "eco drive"? A) Citizen B) Titan C) Rolex D) HMT Ans: (a) Citizen 2. Which is the largest unlisted company in India in terms of turnover? A) Hero B) Bajaj auto ltd C) Maruti Udyog D) Ashok Leyland

Ans: (c) Maruti udyog

3. The useful thumb rule in Economics "Bad money drives out the good" goes by what name? A) Bowley's law B) Gresham's law C) Gibrat's law D) Hotelling law Ans: (b) Gresham’s Law 4. Who is the only Asian to be included in sunday times list of "the wealthiest 200 in Britian since 1066"? A) L.n mittal B) S.n mittal C) Anil Ambani D) none Ans: (a) L.N. Mittal 5. Ashok H. Advani is the publisher of which business magazine? A) Business India B) Outlook money C) Business today D) none 6. What does BSA stand for? A) Birmingham smart arbour B) Birmingham small arms C) British small arbour D) British small arms

Ans. (a) Business India

Ans. (b) Birmingham small arms

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7. Lord Raj Kumar Bagri is the first non-British chairman of what mercantile organisation? A) London metal exchange B) London metal organisation C) British metal organisation D) none Ans. (a) London metal exchange 8. FFC stands for? A) Foreign Finance Corporation B) Film Finance Corporation C) Federation of Football Council D) none of the above

Ans: (b) Film Finance Corporation

9. What programming language is GOOGLE developed in? A) HTML B) JAVA C) AJAX (Asynchronous java-script and XML) D) C++

Ans: (c) AJAX

10. Most valuable company in India which has the highest market capitalization? A) TCS B) HDFC C) BHEL D) HUL 11. CEO of Yahoo? A) Daniel L. Doctoroff B) Meressa Mayor C) Dick Costolo D) Micheal Jones

Ans: (a) TCS

Ans: (b) Meressa Mayor

12. Inflation is a measure of whole sale price index with how many commodities? A) 576 B) 756 C) 767 D) 676

Ans: (d) 676

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