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J ANUARY 20, 2021



An outstanding IHSSA State Debate Tournament happened virtually on January 8th and 9th for the first time ever. We are thankful to the National Speech and Debate Association for their development of the NSDA Campus program that was used in this tournament. Two Person Champion: Iowa City West-Close Out (both teams are considered champions) Aman Reddy & Miles Clark (Iowa City West) Gautam Sharda & Matthew Bedel (Iowa City West) Lincoln Douglas Champion: Iowa City West-Close Out (all 4 are considered champions) Heidi Gu, Nathan Weimar, Hanae Matsumoto, and Jayden Shin Student Congress Champion: Advika Shah - Iowa City West 1st Runner-up: Elizabeth Clark - Ankeny 2nd Runner-up: Pakshal Jain - Iowa City West 3rd Runner-up: George Pierson - Dowling Catholic

Public Forum Riggleman Division Champion: Dowling Catholic Zachary Harnden & Christopher Pierson (Dowling Catholic) over Maddux Ryan Stout & Isabel Hanson (Norwalk) Public Forum Galligan Division Champion: Okoboji - Lexi Duffy & Haley Harms (Okoboji) over Iris Mackenzie & Barrett Edwards (Grinnell)

Sweepstakes Trophy The trophy is given to the top school at the IHSSA State Debate tournament. 5th place - Ames, 4th place - Okoboji, 3rd place - Grinnell, and 2nd place - Dowling Catholic. In 1st place and our Sweepstakes Champion for the 2021 IHSSA State Debate is Iowa City West. Congratulations to all schools! Thanks to Nick Nelson, Bob Galligan, Rick Hunsaker, Spencer Waugh, Kirk Johnson, Lauren Burdt, Lauren McCool, and Tim Sheaff for their tireless work in managing the tournament. Special cudos to all schools for their outstanding work participating in this new format. For more complete results of the 2021 State Debate Tournament please go to the IHSSA web site at www.ihssa.org


Let this serve as notice that if you wish to use a camera of any type in a performance center you must have permission from the State Office. This shall include any type of recording device. Please pass this important information on to your parents and spectators. Remember to remind parents and friends to be early at contest sites because centers may run ahead of time. time. ROYALTIES

It is the duty and the responsibility of the director to secure appropriate production rights for all material presented in IHSSA contest series. If you have any questions on this, please refer to page 13 of the Constitution, number 1, 2, and 4, or call the State Office. REPEATING IE AREAS

Anyone who received a Division “I” rating at the state contest may repeat in that same individual event. If an individual received an Outstanding performance award, they may return in the same area or event the next year. They must use a different selection, but they can return in that event in which they received an Outstanding in the previous year. Also, this year if a student did not get to perform thier selection for state last year they can use that very same selection this year for contest. However, if you ran a state contest and they performed their selection that selection cannot be used even though you used it at a mini state last year. CHAIRS FOR GROUP MUSICIAL THEATRE

Where the constitution states you can bring your own uniform chairs - that means regular chairs... not lawn chairs, overstuffed livingroom chairs, or chairs with wheels on them. The rule to bring your own chairs was made for safety purposes so you could stand or dance on them. Use sturdy chairs. YOU CANNOT BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS FOR ENSEMBLE ACTING!! CONTEST DECORUM

Please remember that we are guests in the schools that are hosting contest. It is incumbent on every coach to be aware of what their students are doing and how they are behaving at that particular contest. At no time is there any place for a student from your school to take it upon themselves to damage the contest school environment. SOLO MUSICAL THEATRE FOR IEs

You can take 3 of your Acting entries and have them become Solo Musical Theatre. When entering this event it is listed like all other events when you enter on-line. Be sure to read how an intro is being done! The roomchair will give the intro information and the performer will then start into their selection. The student will NEVER give an intro! Read your rules as there were some changes in this area. PERMISSION TO DO MATERIAL OR MUSIC AT IHSSA CONTEST EVENTS:

Please remember you must have permission to do ANY MATERIAL that you use for contest events. We now have agreements with many companies to use their materials for IHSSA contest. For example, if you use some recorded music for background in mime or one act play, unless it is ASCAP music, you have to receive permission to use it. If you are reading an interp selection from a book you must receive permission to read that selection or cutting at the contest. In Musical Theatre you cannot do cuttings unless you have permission to do so. You can NEVER cut or rearrange material without receiving permission or using material from the companies we have agreements with. Receiving permission to perform at contest is just that. It does not cover performing for other events. Also, NEVER allow contest selections to be placed on YouTube or the internet. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO THAT! It is the responsibility of the local school to secure all performance rights for contest selections. Be sure you have permission to do material before you start a selection for contest. The IHSSA will NOT support any school that does not secure performance rights for selections at contest. Do not put your school district in financial danger by not finding the rights to perform material. You as the coach must secure rights to perform materials for contest. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO PERFORM YOU CANNOT DO THAT MATERIAL!! JUDGING VIDEO’S

The Judge Certificaiton Committee has been very busy working on videos for you and judges. Listed below are videos for judging when wearing a mask and the general info video judges will all see before they are to judge contest. Please take a look:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpYSjx-MPiU&feature=youtu.be (this is the road map video for contest this year)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VJmtFK6SQU&feature=youtu.be (this is the morning of contest video for judges)


Please remember you STILL must register online for contest for the site you are assigned to. Then you must contact that site and let them know how you are doing contest this year. You will still need to have your username and password. If you do not have that please contact Deb (deb@ihssa.org) in the State Office for those. STATE LARGE GROUP immediately after district contest - no later than Feb 1 DISTRICT IE

February 10, 2021 (forms sent to office via on-line) STATE IE immediately after district contest

Please remember these deadline dates. Also remember that contest will happen over a 10 day period this year at your own site, or a smaller site with others, or virtually. After your contest is finished you must send your results to the assigned site for the District/State division I reports.

Note on All-State nominations:

Please remember that just receiving straight I’s at State does NOT mean you are nominated for AllState. At the end of the day judges must nominate events they believe are worthy of All-State. Two judges must nominate you for the All-State honor. There are many groups with straight I ratings that are not performers at All-State. We suggest you explain this to your students and parents.


The following statement will be given to every judge that is judging IHSSA district contest. The judge will be asked to read this statement before they are to judge that day. The Executive Committee believes it is important for all coaches to read this statement before they head into district contest.

Speech Coaches, Judges, and the Executive Committee of the IHSSA advocate that judging (especially at the district level) needs to be discerning on the quality of student performances advancing into state level competition. If entire sections advance to state, even when there is an evident difference in performance-levels within the section, or a judge awards a proportionately higher number of “I” ratings over the “II” rating, then we need to exercise greater discernment as to what is worthy of advancing to State.

An over-inflated number of students from the District level advancing to State deflates each student's sense of the value of his/her accomplishment. If everybody advances, what has been won too easily means little. As a result, a belief could develop that students need not prepare for District, only State; and we, as judges, lower our expectations rather than expect contestants to refine their communication skills. Discernment means we must set levels of accomplishment suited for the District level, suited for high school participants, and encourage students to those levels of performance.

In Memoriam Our speech family lost a friend and colleague with the death of longtime Hall of Fame coach and member Jim Moody of Storm Lake in late December. Since 1952 Mr. Moody was involved in every aspect of the IHSSA as a District Officer many times, IE All-State Committe member, Contest Manager, Judge Certification Committee member, and many other ad hoc groups to make the IHSSA a better group. He was a masterful teacher and coach, and made such a lasting impact on the lives of many coaches and students from the NW District as well as statewide. Mr. Moody was inducted into the IHSSA Hall of Fame in 1987. In fact, up to the last in-person convention Jim had attended every one. No one else has that record. He would have been at the 2019 convention except we had to move the date which then landed at the same time as a planned trip. He made sure to let me know that it was my fault and I should not move dates around like that in the future! Mr. Moody was always trying to make our lives better with IHSSA activities. I remember his work at NW Spring meetings and how he inspired those at the meeting become productive and impactful. Jim was helpful to so many coaches over the years. One of my most favorite memories of Jim is early on Convention Saturday morning seeing Jim and Carmen walking down that long hallway to the breakfast with smiles on their faces that would light up an entire convention hall. Jim and Carmen certainly were enjoying the moments of the convention. Jim Moody gave all of us special moments of ‘light’ with his life. He made a life-long commitment to the IHSSA and what a wonderful gift that was! Certainly this is a life well lived. Rest in peace, Jim. Craig Ihnen


This was in the program for a Parent’s Night at WDM Valley ... 9 great tips to help parents understand contest before they attend. Here are the tips for contest supplied by Coach at Large Stacy Hansen, WDM Valley. Some of these points cannot be followed this year due to Covid guidance by the local site. 1. Are performance times exact? No. Plan on arriving to your student's center at least 1/2 hour early. Most often, centers run ahead of time. This would include virtual performances if you are allowed to watch. 2. Is videotaping and photography allowed? NO videotaping or photography is permissible. In fact, it may disqualify the performing school. 3. Can the Valley High logo (ie. a sweatshirt with VHS) be worn? Refrain from all apparel that informs the judge of what school the participants are from. 4. Are students permitted to leave after they are finished performing? ALL students are expected to remain until the final performances. As a team, we need to support each and every member of our IHSSA family. However, follow the guidance of the local site for Covid restrictions. 5. What are the qualifications of the judges? All of the IHSSA judges have gone through training and certification. Please accept your student's ratings with pride and dignity. Adhere to proper sportsmanship at all times. 6. How are ratings given? At Districts, one judge critiques the performance with a I, II, III, or Disqualification IV rating. The judge also gives an oral critique. Only those receiving a I rating advance to State. At State, three judges critique the performance. No oral critique is given. Only those performances that receive at least two All-State nominations AND also are in the upper percentages of point ratings advance to All-State. 7. If I don't know where/when my student performs, what should I do? DO make sure you DO know ahead of time from your local drama department your student's times and locations. Please do not rely on the contest site head office, as the contest managers are extremely busy. Students WILL know the schedule the week of the contest. 8. Can anyone come to contest? Yes, all are invited. There is a $3 donation that is asked of all audience members at the main door for Districts and State. 9. May I watch any group perform? Yes, and you are encouraged to watch students from other schools as well as other categories. This could depend on Covid restrictions this year, be sure to follow the guidance of the local site for contest.

All of the above points were made in a non-COVID 19 year. Please follow all school, state and goverment CDC guidance in watching a contest at your local site. Also, know schools have the right not to allow spectators if they request that for contest this year. Let’s all do what we can to help stop the spread of the virus.

NEW RULING ON ACADEMIC ELIGIBILTY FOR 2021 The Department of Education provided today (1.12.21) this interpretation to the Scholarship Rule as updated in Governor Reynolds’ latest proclamation: "The Governor's Office and the Department believe the best public policy is to interpret the proclamation language to give every student athlete an academic fresh start. This is due to the difficulties some districts have faced in implementing remote learning and the large scale need of keeping student athletes connected to education.” Therefore, effective immediately, all students who failed a course during the last grading period and are serving a 30-day suspension under the Scholarship Rule are immediately eligible. Music and Speech have adopted this same eligibility accommodation for their students. This applies to students and grades posted up to February 6th at this time.

Musical Theatre

If you are using sheet music for this event please remember you can NEVER rearrange the music or change the score. The presentation must be what you purchased as the sheet music. You must always start at the beginning of the song. The IHSSA will not support any school that does not get permission to perform materials or cuttings in contest.

Invoice for contest entry fees

Please remember to make a copy of your on-line entry form and give to the office that pays your fees. This form is the invoice for your contest entry fees. Nothing will be sent from this office for payment of contest fees. Please do your part and get that form to the office that handles your finances. Many times we have schools that we have to contact to pay your fee. Please submit your fees in a timely manner.

Contest Information-Be sure to Read!! Donation Request at Contest

1. At all contests (IE and LG) a suggested donation will be asked of all spectators to help out the local contest site with other expenses. That suggested donation is $3 per person. All student contestants, coaches, and drivers will not be asked to pay this donation. Be sure to inform your parents and other spectators that this $3 donation will be anticipated at the door of each contest site this year. This is a great way to help off set the judges you are hiring this year .

Inclement Weather

2. Weather decisions for contest this year will be made by the individual hosts for the smaller contests. Please know you never have to participate if the weather conditions are bad. Also this year, due to how we are doing contest because of Covid-19, you have many options and dates to have contest. If you are collaborating with another school for contest and there are weather concerns, the decision will be made by the local host site not the state office. Please contact the local site for those decisions.

Contest Deadlines

3. Deadlines will be strictly enforced. Many times individuals start their entry the day it is due and then run into problems. You will still be charged a late fee if the cards and materials do not get to the contest site or the State Office in time.

All-State Festival Posting

4. All-State nominations will be posted in the week of February 17th. After the posting, All-State medals and certificates will be sent to the school for the groups that were selected to All- State. There will be no live or virtual All-State performances. Both All-State venues are not able to hold the numbers we would bring in for the Festivals. This was communicated November 11th in the information on the web site in guidance for contest during the Covid pandemic.

State and All-State Festival Apparel/Banners

5. Yes, there will be apparel for the students to buy this year for both State and All-State. There will be a link on line to purchase that offical apparel. Be sure to look for it - this will be the t-shirt you will want for sure!! There will be a link to buy All-State Banners on the IHSSA web site along with the link to buy apparel.

Coaches and Students - Read the Rules!!!

6. Every year a group or a student is given a DQ because the school did not carefully read the rules for the event. It is best to review the rules for each category as students begin their rehearsals. If not already done, please take a moment before you travel to contest to go over all the rules together - it will be worth the time and you will be glad you did. Plus, many eyes looking at the rules makes for correct application of the rules for your events. Also be sure to read the rules and regulations in the front part of the Constitution. TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE RULES!!!


Contest sites for 2021 are posted as of December 12, 2020. Be sure to check your site assignment for this year. If you are not listed please contact the State Office ASAP! Please be sure to send an e-mail to your contest manager ON HOW YOU ARE GOING TO DO CONTEST THIS YEAR ! Please do this as soon as you know the format that you are using for contest this year. Please see the complete guidelines for the contest format selected. If an in-person contest is held at your local school or with a couple of other schools, no more than 8 additional schools are allowed. Please review the guidelines provided. If you are paying for judges, the entry fee is only 1/2 of the regular cost. If a virtual contest is held at your local school or with other schools, unlimited number of other schools may participate in the virtual contest format. Please review the guidelines provided. If you are paying for judges, the entry fee is only 1/2 of the regular cost If your school selects the virtual contest format set up by the IHSSA State Office, please review the guidelines provided. The entry fee is full price for this option. 1. Send an email to the contest manager informing them how you are going to do contest. They in turn will send you info for running your host site and also will send you drawing materials for contest.

2. You will still register for contest online at the IHSSA website like you have in the past. There will be no green or pink cards for you to print this year.

3. If you are hosting a contest and paying for a judge your entry fee is 1/2 price this year since you are paying for the judge. If you are going to another school and they are hiring the judges you must pay full price for entry fees unless you are hiring a judge, too.

4. If you choose the virtual option that is hosted by the IHSSA State Office will you need to inform the State Office and you will be assigned a virtual site. They in turn will contact you about performance times, where to connect for materials, and how to perform in that venue.

5. Following your contest you MUST then send your results into your local assigned contest for a Division I report. That report will be sent from that site to the State Office. CONTEST RESULTS FOR STATE AND DISTRICT AND OTHER POINTS FOR CONTEST

When site assignments came out in early December you were asked to send your e-mail to the local district contest manager. You were to put your e-mail on your entry form as well. The e-mail address for the contest manager will be posted on the assignment sheet on the web site. In that email you were to tell the contest manager how you are going to do contest this season. Please make sure you have sent them your e-mail address. This may be your home e-mail, school or business. They, in turn, will send you all info for your contest via the e-mail such as improv draws and other materials for running your contest. You also need to send the contest site the names of judges you are using for your contest. Materials for your local contest will be sent from the District and State Contest managers to you. You need to send your results from the contest to the District or State Contest manager and they will complete the division I report for the State Office. Please see the guidance for contest on the web site for more complete info on this.

Short Film, TV Newscasting and Radio Broadcasting Presentation at Contest You must provide your own media formatted presentation. The contest site will have a backup just in case something happens to your projector or computer, however, it is your resonsiblity to bring your own equipment. DO NOT PLAN ON USING THE CONTEST SITE EQUIPMENT IN SHORT FILM, TV NEWSCASTING, and RADIO BROADCASTING. Our suggestion is that you practice setting up your event on a cart at your home school and then bring it into the room and then start the presentation just like you would at contest. We suggest you not try this for the first time at contest. Credits in TV News and Short Film If you show credits they ARE a part of the timing of the event! You could receive a IV for being over time if the credits are past the time limit of the event. Check the time of your filmed events and make sure they are under the time limits!

Be sure to fill out the Judge Evaluation Form Your voice is important! After every contest the Judge Certification Committee asks for your insight and assistance in completing the “Judge Evaluation Forms”. Here’s why: Each August, the Judge Certification Committee thoroughly examines each and every individual evaluation form. Judges who have earned superior feedback receive positive affirmation from the State Office. Judges that are in need of support receive extra guidance and clarification. Your assessment makes the whole process circular -- our judges “judge” our students and we “judge” our judges. Also, this is your opportunity to model and exercise “justification”. Ultimately this system of giving and receiving constructive feedback is better for the whole community: judges, coaches, and most importantly -- our students. Additionally, your evaluation assists the Judge Certification Committee in collecting information for areas that are in need of training and/or areas that require more clarification. Your feedback aids in the thoughtfulness of continued education to judges on the rules as well as how to properly interpret and justify the IHSSA Consti#$%#&!'()*+,('1 tution. We kindly ask that you complete a judge evaluation form as close to the end of each contest day as possible. Your thoughts will be fresh in your mind before you encounter your next contest day and your next round of judges. Your Contest Manager will include a reminder and specific instructions for completing the “Judge Evaluation Forms” with your ballots. !

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IHSSA Coach at Large




Continue to work on setting up your contests for IE’s and State LG. Please know you have 10 days to do contest and you can put your contests on many different days, too. They do not have to be all on the same day. Also, you can have some adjudicators judging in-person and others judging virtually. State contest must have 3 judges due to All-State nominations. There is an option to use less judges but you will need to contact the State Office. You will not have AllState nominations without 3 judges. Events can all be in-person or even a combination of in-person and recorded virtually. There are many options in how to manage contest this year.


These 10 areas will produce the questions for the 2021 Spontaneous Speaking category for both District and State contest. Please note these are not the questions, just areas for your students to do their research in.

1. National government issues and how they will affect the average person in America. 2. Homeland security issues. 3. The economy in America and the world. 4. Laws and rules that relate to students. 5. Current/Past national level sporting events. 6. Social unrest in America. 7. The President, Congress and the state of government in the United States. 8. The effects of media in our lives. 9. Business issues... local, state, national, international. 10. Educational issues that face our youth.

Possible questions could be: How has social media changed the way we react to experiences in our lives? Do sporting events in America control our lives? What can be done about gun violence in America?

IHSSA Entry Forms

Be sure to take your time in correctly filling out your school’s entry forms. Please read all of the directions for on-line registration before you start. If you have a 9th grade team entry, take the time to fill out both a Sr. eligibility, Jr. eligibility, and separate fee payment forms. You may, however, send the entire payment in one check. Also remember that you cannot mix students between the Jr. and Sr. memberships. All 9th graders must be in the Jr. membership and only 10-12 graders can be in the Sr. membership if your school has two memberships.

Comment Sheets for Contest

All comment sheets for contest are on the forms page. Go to the forms page to download the comment sheets for the contest. The Radio Broadcasting comment sheet was updated for the 2019 season. Please be sure you are using the revised form. You should provide comment sheets for your judges at your contests ... this year this could also be done electronically. For more info on that please contact the State Office.

POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Please remember that the royalty agreement you have for contest does NOT cover posting on any Social Media. If you have students or parents who are posting events or performances on YouTube or social media, be aware that you are not covered under the IHSSA royalty deals. It is strongly advised that these postings be avoided or taken down if already posted. Policy on the use of ‘Look alike’ alcohol, vapor products or tobacco for IHSSA Contest

No real tobacco, vapor products or alcohol will ever be used in IHSSA contest entries. This includes live productions at contest as well as Short Film/TV Newscasting productions that are filmed offsite. Look alike alcohol, vapor products, or tobacco that are necessary for IHSSA productions at contest or in filmed events should be provided by the participating school and secured by the IHSSA Coach. All such “look alikes” will be facsimiles or nonfunctioning props. The IHSSA Coach is responsible for storing the prop “look alike” in a locked room or secure, concealed storage area. Students will check out these props when needed and will be supervised at all times. Real alcohol, vapor products or tobacco should never be used in an IHSSA production. Use of real products is a violation of State Law for the student(s) and the school. Students should not be asked to bring a ‘look alike’ alcohol, vapor product, or tobacco prop to school or an IHSSA Contest. All props (empty cans, bottles, fake tobacco products, vapor products) should be provided by the participating school and secured by the IHSSA Coach. The prop should be wrapped whenever it is moved from one area of the school/contest site to another. This moving should be done only by the teacher/coach. Students should never carry these props through the halls of a school/contest site. If the look alike prop is used in a rehearsal, at a filming, or at contest all administrators of participating schools should be notified of the use of that item. All contest managers should be alerted if a “look alike” tobacco, vapor product, or alcohol prop is being used in the IHSSA contest series.


Web site e-mail


craig@ihssa.org deb@ihssa.org

phone # 515-288-9741(main) Toll Free (new) 888-985-6547 Direct Craig 515-401-1834 Direct Deb 515-401-1833 IHSSA Address 5000 Westown Parkway Suite 150 West Des Moines, Ia. 50266 Office hours 8 - 4:30 M-F

Deb will take lunch from 12:00 -1:00 and Craig will take lunch from 1:00 - 2:00.

Be sure to look for the link on the web site for State and All-State tshirts and apparel starting on Febraury 1st, 2021. There will also be a link to purchase an All-State banner for your school .


If your group or groups advance after District contest you must go into the online registration and register the advancing groups for State contest. NO cards are made this year for contest. All you have to do is register the groups that advance and then send that via electronic registration. Be sure to let the state site know how you are doing contest for state and on what date. They will send you very important info. PLEASE REGISTER FOR STATE CONTEST NO LATER THAN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1st

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