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hat a wonderful time Fall is! We experienced Coaches Convention in person, the 3rd year in our new format for the State Debate Clinic, and the excitement for our activities starting up. Many of you attended the convention and came away with new and exciting ideas. Those ideas are in the handouts and powerpoints located on the front page of the web site if *Debate Update you wish to take a look. Now that the fall show is *Weapons Policy done, you are ready to take the next step with your *E-mail Addresses students’ debate, theatre, and speech education by *Special Request Deadlines working with IHSSA contest materials. Whether it be for debate, large group activities or individual * Contest site info events, much planning and effort will go into mak* Comment Sheets ing each of those students a success. One of the *On-line Registration best ways to make sure you have great success this year is to read over the Constitution. THIS YEAR is a RULE CHANGE YEAR so be sure to go to the And so much more! web site, copy the new rules, and insert them in your constitution. Every year we have students or Please be aware of contest groups receive a Division IV because someone deadlines that are posted in thought they knew a rule and did not look it up to this issue of SWIFT. properly check. Check those rules every year. Be sure to take time to read your Constitution. One strategy that many coaches use is to give specific category rules to students involved in a certain event on the first night of practice and they review them together. Many times when groups or individuals do this they have found they would be potentially in violation of a rule, or found out that what they were planning to do needed more clarification and they called the office to get a ruling. This year take time to go over those rules with your students and make sure you are not in violation of the rules. ach year the IHSSA sponsors judge certification. Many new and veteran judges went to training sessions this fall on their own dollar. Many drive over 2 hours to a session, some even drive from other states. Judges are brought up to date on all new rules and methods of better judging techniques. They break out into small discussion groups and work as experienced and novice judges together. It is a great training session for everyone there. Many have stated that every coach should go to Judge Certification to become a more informed coach.


N OVEMBER 22, 2021


uring the Judge Certification process attendees are asked to watch actual presentations, then critique those performances, and share their comments with the group as well as the judge certification committee member. After this full one and a half hour session they are asked to take a test on-line consisting of 180 questions dealing with each specific contest area of the IHSSA. These questions deal with Casebook situations as well as By-Laws. Each judge must pass every section with an 80% or higher score in order to be certified. pecial thanks goes to the Certification Committee of Vince Hrasky, Dirk Waller, Lisa Phyfe, Mark Morehead, and Stacy Hansen for their great work on this process. Our judging at IHSSA contests has improved because of the hard work of these individuals. In fact, the IHSSA is one of the nation’s leaders in Judge Certification for State Contest series. Pictured below is the Judge Certification before the virtual session this past week.



offer an encouragement for you this year to take time during the holidays to enjoy your family and long lasting friends. Take time to thank those who make a difference in your life. This week say thank you to the secretary, custodian, building Principal, and, most importantly, your family. Many times we pass over this Thanksgiving holiday and go directly into the way-too-fast moving December when we possibly don’t have time to breathe! So, in this week of Thanksgiving, give thanks to those who make your life brighter and better.

CONTEST NOTES SPECIAL REQUESTS By direction of the Executive Committee of the IHSSA, all special requests must be called in to the State Office by the dates listed below: District Large Group - January 6, 2022 State Large Group - January 26, 2022 District Individual Events - February 10, 2022 State Individual Events - March 2, 2022 Special requests after these deadlines will only be accepted on an emergency basis. Do not e-mail or FAX special requests in to the State Office, you must call for a special request. Do not call the contest manager for special requests in scheduling as they cannot accept any calls of this nature. ACT/SAT testing will not be accepted for a special request. This policy will be strictly enforced! GROUP IMPROVISATION Only situations will be drawn in this area. The procedure should be: * Five minutes before scheduled time go to warm-up room (if there is a room for this). You may choose not to do this. You may stay in the performance area and watch other groups if you wish. * At scheduled time, room chairperson will come to room to get group and bring them into performance room or call group at the performance center. * At this time the group will draw three different situations. After the third situation is drawn, the group will have up to two minutes to discuss which one they will perform and plan. * When two minutes have elapsed the chairperson will ask for the situation that the group will perform. The group will be given a very short time just to set up the room and then the situation will be announced and the performance begins. NOTICE: The two minute time allotment does not begin until all three situations have been drawn. The group will then begin their planning of their performance and which situation they will perform. The group is to draw the situations one after another and not discuss them until the two minute timing period. WEAPONS Many schools in the state have a Weapons Policy and it seems each school has a different policy. After conferring with our legal consul, the IHSSA has come up with a method of dealing with the weapons issue in IHSSA contest series. It will be the duty of an individual school to write their particular contest site manager if they have a look-alike weapon in their contest selection. Then the local contest site will make the decision if they will allow the look-alike on stage or in the classroom according to their own district rules. An example would be: School B is doing a Choral Reading of the Old West. They will be wearing toy sixshooters for each individual in the Choral Reading. School B must then write their local contest site manager and ask permission to use this look-alike weapon at that site. The contest site manager will then inform School B that it will be 1) allowed with no specifications, 2) allowed with specifications, or 3) will not be allowed. As of the 1996 contest season, each district in the State should have a Weapons Policy. If you have questions on this please call the State Office. CONTEST SCHEDULES FOR STATE AND DISTRICT Contest schedules for State LG and IE will again only be posted on the IHSSA web site. If you have a problem downloading your state schedule contact the State Office immediately. No district schedules will be sent by mail. All district schedules will be sent to each school in their district via e-mail by the local contest managers. When site assignments come out you must send your e-mail to the local district contest manager. You must also put your e-mail on your entry form this year. The e-mail address for the contest manager will be posted on the assignment sheet on the web site. If you do not send your email to your local district manager they will not be able to send you a schedule in a timely manner. Be sure to send your e-mail address or the address where you want the schedule and contest info sent to. This may be your home e-mail, school or business. Then, in turn, they will send you all info for your contest via the e-mail. This will save time and costs. If you don’t have an e-mail address please contact the State Office and we will find one in your community for you to use for the contest series. ON-LINE FORMS Be sure to take some time and read the on-line forms. Also, take time to read the notes on the web site about on-line forms. Remember to make a copy of your entry to be sent to the contest site and one to keep for your records. SHORT FILM & TV NEWS ELIGIBILTY By directive of the Executive Board of the IHSSA and suggested by all the state officers please remember that all students in your Short Films must be eligible when the short film is given at contest. If a student was ineligible when it was filmed and is not eligible on the date of the contest, that film cannot be shown at contest. YOU CANNOT USE AN INELIGIBLE CONTESTANT IN IHSSA ACTVITES. This rule applies to TV Newscasting and Radio Broadcasting, too. If you need more clarification call the State Office. CARD STOCK FOR ENTRY CARDS THERE ARE NO GREEN OR PINK CARDS THIS YEAR. PLEASE BE SURE TO REGISTER CONTEST CORRECTLY AFTER YOUR SITE IS POSTED IN DECEMBER. CHAIRS FOR GROUP MUSICAL THEATRE/ MIME Where the constitution states you can bring your own uniform chairs that means regular chairs... not lawn chairs, overstuffed livingroom chairs, or chairs with wheels on them. The rule to bring your own chairs was made for safety purposes so you could stand or dance on them. Use sturdy chairs.


Account Number

Address City, State, Zip Phone


Dear Licensing Agent: _____________________________ located in _____________________________, will perform in the Large Group (City, State)

(Organization Name)

category as part of the


STATE Competition to be held from ____/____/____ to ____/____/____ (Date)


in _____________________________. We are asking for written permission from you to use material represented by your (City, State)

company in the performance. The selection our gorup would like to perform is

a song

a scene


__________________________________________________________________________________________ (Name of Song) and/or (Scene #)

from ________________________________________ by __________________________________________ (Author(s))

(Name of Show)

By signing below, I agree to terms and rules of MTI as listed on the attached page. from ________________________________________ by __________________________________________ PRINT Name


from ________________________________________ by __________________________________________ Date


Our group will need materials to perform the music and/or scene. Enclosed is $75.00 for materials. If music is needed please enclose check or money order payable to Music Theatre International or fill out the enclosed Credit Card information. PURCHASE ORDERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. AMOUNT TO


75 00 CHARGED: $_____.___




CARD NUMBER:________________________________________ EXPIRATION DATE____/ ____ NAME (AS

IT APPEARS ON CARD): ___________________________________________________



CREDIT CARD:________________________________________________



CREDIT CARD:________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip)

I AGREE TO PAY THE ABOVE LISTED AMOUNT ________________________________________ (Signature of Card Holder and Date)



A countersigned copy of this document will serve as Music Theatre International’s permission for the above named organization to perform the selection listed above at the district and state level for one school calendar year from the date below. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Music Theatre International Representative Title Date

More info on MTI and TRW on the IHSSA web site. There are other groups that you can use for materials for musical theatre, too. Please see the note from the NFHS in lower corner. Be sure you are doing things the RIGHT way with copyrights for Musical Theatre and music in your LG  and IEevents.

Should your organization not have an account with TRW, you must submit the IHSSA form along with a letter of intent on your organization letterhead (exception: submission from a school email account will suffice to create an account). If your organization representative is not a member of school faculty, then a faculty rep or principal must make the initial contact to open the account. Each organization (school) may have only one account. Please do not attempt to open separate accounts for Theatre, Music, Choir, Speech, etc. TRW has the ability for multiple contacts within each organization. Generally, all TRW titles are available for competition. If you intend to produce a TRW title for both public performance AND competition: titles could be restricted and thus may not be available to license for public performance whereas you may use the title for competition. You must use the TRW License Application form (not available from IHSSA) in order to license public performances. Applications are accepted up to two years prior to your opening date. If a license is granted for public performance, the materials fee (discussed below) - if competing with the same title – will be waived.

Provisions for competition include, but are not limited to:  Videotaping is never permitted.  Audio recording is permitted within IHSSA guidelines. Audio recordings must be destroyed following final competition.  Audio recording is never permitted for public performances (non-competition).  Excerpts or cuts of scenes/songs in the material are permitted. Additions (new music, lyrics, dialogue, text, improvisations, etc.) to the material are not permitted.  Excerpts may not be given public performance, regardless of for-profit status or admission charges. ALL noncompetition public performance must first be licensed and include the title in its entirety.  The $25.00 materials fee is not negotiable. Payment (PO’s accepted) must be in advance.  The $25.00 materials fee covers all levels of competition to State.  All materials will be delivered digitally via email. Materials fee includes one digital perusal script and/or one song selection. Using a lesser quantity of materials will not alter the materials fee.  Photocopies of the cutting/excerpt may be duplicated for ensemble and adjudicators at organization expense. Said photocopies must be destroyed following final competition.  TRW additional resources (Show│Ready, Stage│Tracks, Logos, accompaniment CD’s, etc.) are not available for competition.  Once materials have been processed, the materials fee is non-refundable regardless of cancellation of competition or organization participation in competition.  Hard copy material will not be shipped.


Please retain this sheet for future reference. Fees subject to change without notice. TRW Address: 1180 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 640, New York, NY 10036 TF Phone: 866-378-9758 Fax: 212-643-1322 Email:

WEAPONS PROCEDURES The following is the weapons procedure that the Des Moines School system uses. Many of you have asked for an example of a policy. This was given to us by HOF Coach Denis Hildreth of Des Moines when he was a director at Hoover HS. No real weapons will ever be used in drama/speech class or on stage. Play weapons that are necessary for drama/speech projects or for play production should be provided by the school and secured in the drama/speech room. All such “weapons” will be facsimilies (toys) or non-functioning prop weapons. The school drama/speech personnel are responsible for storing the prop weapons in a locked room or secure, concealed storage area. Students will check out these props when needed and will be supervised at all times. Drama/speech students should be educated on the proper handling and safety techniques of all “weapons” use. Students should not be asked to bring a weapon-like prop to school. All drama/speech weapon-like props (a black plastic revolver, an orange pistol, a rubber knife, plastic swords) should be provided by the school and secured in the drama/speech room or drama prop room. The prop should be wrapped whenever it is moved from one area of the school to another. This moving should be done only by the teacher. Students should never carry these props through the halls. Starter pistols should be stored in the school vault. Students should not be allowed to check these out. Starter pistols used in productions should be done with the building principal’s knowledge and strict safety guidelines. If a weapon-like prop is used in a rehearsal and the sound can be heard, all administrators in the building should be notified of the time that the sound will occur. For IHSSA contest policy please check in this issue of SWIFT.

PERFORMANCE RIGHTS FOR MUSICAL THEATRE AND OTHER AREAS USING SHEET MUSIC AND NOT TRW OR MTI From Dr. James Weaver of the NFHS If you are wanting to perform a work of music for a contest you will need to follow the guide below: If you are using sheet music from.... ASCAP – With a national agreement for high schools you can perform any piece in the ASCAP catalog and not have to write for permission. BMI – Must request and receive permission to perform, a fee might be required. PLEASE SEE THE IHSSA FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL CONTRACT SESAC – Must request and receive permission to perform, a fee might be required. With all of these Performing Rights Organization permissions you cannot make an arrangement without the proper permission from the copyright owner. However, you may make cuts for timing purposes only, but the piece must remain in the same order and the cut must keep the integrity of the musical work.




ADM Albia Ankeny Centennial Ankeny Centennial Bedford CAM CAM CAM Cascade Cascade Cascade Central City Cherokee Washington Cherokee Washington Cherokee Washington Cherokee Washington Clarke Clear Lake Clear Lake Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln CR Kennedy Decoarah Decorah Denison-Schleswig Dension-Schleswig Earlham Forest City GMG Grinnell Grinnell Griswold Hampton-Dumont Hampton-Dumont Humboldt Humboldt Iowa City Liberty High School Kee High School Kuemper Kuemper Lawton-Bronson Manson NW Webster Maquoketa Valley Maquoketa Valley Marquette Catholic Marshalltown

Jacque Seidl * Katie Lawson Teresa Lawler * Jon Russell * Carl Rankin Manda Thomas * Kirk Kelloway Angela Larson Hailey Rausch * Kristin Reuter Angie Manternach * Don Hansen * Jaylene De Vos James De Vos Elizabeth Timmerman Angie Creel Donal May * Megan Young * Morgan Gallagher * Dirk Waller * Melissa Feilmeier-Marzen * Gabe Twedt * Molly Holkesvik * Cynthia Koster * Laurel Olson * Ashley Maiers * Josh Spargrove * Tiya Montaño Kevin Hosbond * Jennie Flinspach * Amy Smith Emileigh Eilderts * Wendy Buseman * Emily Wiebke Emmett Warr Kim Bell Sleezer Tammy Manning Deb Gute * Susan Glass * Emily Klaumann* Kim Keller * Debbie DeVore * Matt DeVore * Marcine Tracy Jocelyn Frohwein * * Denotes Contest Manager As a courtesy to you, we will only put your e-mail in the SWIFT if you send us your address. We will run another listing in the December issue of S W I F T . Please send us your e-mail before cember 13th if you missed this issue.

This helpful turtorial (see link below) on how to register for contest was provided by CR Washington coach Carrie Tinkham. Please take a look and review. You will find this quite helpful this year. Please remember you do not have to mail green or pink cards this year





Jerry Woods


Andrew Rei


Ashely Briggs


Liesl Roorda *


Kim Carlson *


Rebecca DeWitte *


Jen Tovar *

North Scott

Emily Hintze *

North Scott

Stacie Kintigh *


Spencer Sones *


Janice Davis


Brooke Grett


Suzi Jones *


Ashlee Whittington *

SC East

Nate Irwin *

SC East

Kindall Todd *


Amy Toye *


Zach Dotzler *


BJ Schuller *


Christina Moyer *

South Central Calhoun

Marleta Smith

Southeast Valley

Britney Geisler

Southeast Valley

Deb Snyder

Southeast Valley

Ruth Nellis


Becky Koenig *

Storm Lake St. Mary's

Deb Peters

Storm Lake St. Mary's

Matthew Maroquin


Vince Hrasky *


Dean Bostian*


Shaun Knapp *


Lee Gallegos *

Wapsie Valley

Amy Nosbisch

Waterloo West

Bill Dawson *

Waterloo West

J'Klein Madison *

WDM Valley

Stacy Hansen *

Woodbury Central

Denise Heiman *

* Denotes Contest Manager

IHSSA E-MAIL ADDRESS BOOK The following e-mail addresses have been compiled by the State Office from the electronic questionnaire form sent out in the October issue of SWIFT by the IHSSA. If an address is wrong please send us a correct one. We appreciate all who took the time and effort to help us with this address book. EVERY CONTEST MANAGER IS INCLUDED IN THIS LIST!! BE SURE TO CONTACT THEM WHEN YOU FIND OUT WHERE YOU ARE GOING FOR CONTEST IN THE 2ND WEEK OF DECEMBER!

IHSSA CALENDER OF EVENTS I. SEPTEMBER A. Informational meeting. 1. Audition process. 2. Rehearsal process. 3. Contest trips. 4. Contracts. B. Mail registration card and pay IHSSA dues. C. Read, read, read. D. Attend State Debate Clinic. II. OCTOBER A. Attend Coaches Convention. B. Read, read, read. C. Look for Student Congress Intent Form. III. NOVEMBER A. Check on-line for registration area. B. Keep looking for those scripts. C. Secure performance permission. D. Send in Student Congress Intent Form. IV. DECEMBER A. Hold Large Group auditions or sign-up. B. Hold IE auditions or sign-up. C. Establish Large Group rehearsal schedule. D. Contact LG contest manager via e-mail. E. Fill out Large Group/Debate entry forms (on-line) and green cards; send by deadline. For Debate use web site listed on the IHSSA home page. Use password. F. Remember --green cards & a copy of on-line registration form to District host, fees and forms to state office on-line. G. Decide on set pieces, costumes, etc. --check your constitution! H. Encourage IE students to look for selections. I. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. J. Make transportation arrangements. K. Fill out and send in State Debate Forms. L. Contact Judges for State Debate Tournament. V. JANUARY (District Large Group / State Debate) A. Check on transportation for district contest/State Debate. B. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. C. Secure proper travel permission and health form docu ments for State Debate /District. D. Call State office by deadline if you have a special time request for District LG . E. Go to State Debate Tournament. Bring judges bond! F. Go to District contest-don't forget to take your ballot/critique sheets & substitution cards. G. Read critiques -- judges are human! H. Encourage students. I. Work on IE entries. J. Keep rehearsing for State Large Group. K. Send in state fees - Call State office by deadline if you have a special time request. Send letter if substitute was used at District. L. Send a thank you note to district contest host. M. Check on state transportation. N. Evaluate judges and send forms to state office. VI. FEBRUARY (State Large Group and District IE) A. Finish state preparations. B. Secure proper travel permission and health form docu ments.

VI. FEBRUARY (State Large Group and District IE cont.) C. Go to state contest--don't forget to take your ballot/critique sheets! D. Read critique sheets. E. Figure out how to explain three different judges’ opinions. F. Check the internet for All-State information. Send in All-State fees. G. Volunteer to be a room chair for All-State LG ! H. Go to All-State to perform or observe. I. Send IE entry forms (on-line) and fees to state officedon't miss the deadline! J. Call State office by deadline if you have a special time request. K. Send forms and pink cards to district IE contest manager & forms plus fees to State Office. L. Prepare travel information sheet/substitution cards M. Rehearse IE events. N. Send thank you to State Contest site. VII. MARCH (District and State IE) A. Go to District contest--don't forget to take your ballot/critique sheets & sub. cards. B. Watch performers from other schools/listen. C. Read critique sheets. D. Send in state fees and substitution letter if sub has been used. E. Call State office by deadline if you have a special time request. F. Send a thank you note to District contest manager. G. Fill out judge evaluation forms and send to state office. H. Arrange for students to perform for speech or English classes or community groups. I. Secure travel information. J. Go to state--don't forget to take your ballot/critique sheets! K. Read critiques (see G under January). L. Check the Internet for All-State information. M. Go to All-State IE with performers or to observe. N. Send thank you to State Contest manager VIII. APRIL A. Send a thank-you note to UNI and your adminsitrators / bus drivers. B. Order awards/certificates from state office. C. Plan awards night. 1. Large Group, Debate, IE performances. 2. Recognize seniors. 3. IHSSA certificates. 4. School debate, speech and theatre awards. D. Evaluate your year and decide what you will do differently next year. Send thank you notes to other staff/parents/etc. E. File copies of scripts or programs for use five or ten years in the future. IX. MAY A. Attend District Meeting. B. Congratulate yourself for giving students the opportunity to learn skills they will use the rest of their lives.

DEBATE INFO: The State Debate Tournament is set for January 7 & 8, 2022 at DMACC in Ankeny. An exciting tournament is anticipated in all four disciplines of the Debate area. ALL DEBATE WILL BE HELD AT THE DMACC CAMPUS. PLEASE EXIT I-35 AT EXIT 90 AND HEAD WEST ON ORALABOR ROAD. PARK IN THE NORTH LOT. THE STUDENT CENTER WILL BE THE HEADQUATERS FOR THE CONTEST THIS YEAR.

DEADLINES: Student Congress intent form November 15th (it is past due, but you can still enter) IHSSA Eligibility / Fee form December 17th Entry / Judge form December 17th Please remember we will debate the January topic for both Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas Topics are on

State Debate Materials Registration materials for the State Tournament will be online this year. That link for registration

WILL BE POSTED ON THE WEB SITE DECEMBER 1ST Please see this site for all the information on location and registration for the State Debate tournament. If you have not been to the tournament before and wish to be part of the State Tournament just call the State Office and we can make that happen! Registration for Policy, Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum debate will be in the Student Center at 12:00 noon on Friday the 7th. Student Congress registration will be from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Student Center on Friday the 7th. Debating in Public Forum, L-D, and Policy will begin at 12:30 p.m. on Friday and 4 rounds will be debated that afternoon and night. Student Congress will begin with a General Meeting at 1:30 p.m. that afternoon. All Saturday events will begin at 8:00 a.m.

IHSSA Committee Appointments 2021 LG All-State - Jaylene and James DeVos Coaches Convention - Jacque Seidle All Committee positions were asked to serve another year due to Covid issues.

Calendar created by HOF Coach Fran Hedeman; adapted by Liz Hanson, HOF Coach; Tim Sheaff, Director of State Debate Tournament; and Coach at Large Stacy Hansen.

IHSSA CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINES FOR 2022 CONTEST SEASON IN PERSON!!! STATE DEBATE December 17, 2021 all forms due DISTRICT LARGE GROUP January 5, 2022 STATE LARGE GROUP immediately after district contest ALL-STATE FESTIVAL immediately after notification of performance DISTRICT IE February 9, 2022 STATE IE immediately after district contest Be sure to send this in. Last year we had several schools that did not send in their monies until we called. Just getting the PO does not send the money in. You must work with your business office on this issue. Please remember these deadline dates. Late entry penalties will be enforced per constitutional rules. All late entries will be placed at the end of the day! That will be the only time a late entry will be allowed to perform per directive of the Executive Committee. Do not be late!!!

Short Film and TV Newscasting Presentation at contest Please read your constitution - you must provide your own media formatted presentation. The contest site will have a backup just in case something happens to your projector or computer, however, it is your responsiblity to bring your own equipment. DO NOT PLAN ON USING THE CONTEST SITE EQUIPMENT IN SHORT FILM and TV NEWSCASTING. Each school should bring their own projector to show the Short Film and TV Newscasting. If you bring your own equipment you will have no problems showing those events. We had some issues in these last several years and a rule change to the constitution was made that you bring your own equipment to show those events. That way you will know how to run it and you will have it set up ready to go when you enter the room. Each contest site will also let you know about this procedure in presentation. NOTE on timing of the Short Film... credits ARE A PART OF THE TIME. If you show credits they count as part of the time!!


IHSSA State Debate Tournament DMACC, Ankeny Campus January 7 & 8, 2022 (Policy, L-D, Public Forum & Student Congress). IN PERSON

CONTEST CARDS There are NO green or pink cards this year. Please do not worry about sending the cards to the contest site you are assigned to. We are doing everything via the scheduling program and we do not need green or pink contest cards this year. If you have questions regarding this please contact the State Office ASAP.

CONTEST SITE ASSIGNMENTS Contest sites for 2022 will be posted after the first week of December, near the 10th. Membership closes on December 1st. Be sure to check the membership listing on the web site to make sure you are registered for this year.

COMMENT SHEET(S) The only place you will be able to receive the official IHSSA comment sheet (student comments) will be on the IHSSA web site. All comment sheets are on the forms page of the web site. Please do not wait until the last moment in January to download those comment sheets. Print a copy of them today when you have some extra time and put them in a folder so you will be ready to copy when you need them for contest. To find those forms go to the forms page of the IHSSA web site, scroll down and you will find the comment sheets. If you need more help call the IHSSA.

DO NOT REGISTER FOR Mentors A CONTEST SITE UNTIL It is not too late to request a YOUR SITE IS POSTED IN mentor if you would like one. EARLY DECEMBER. Contact Craig at the State Office Some individuals have tried to register using last year’s assignments. You are not able to register for this year’s contest until the sites for 2022 are posted.

via e-mail and you will be connected with a mentor for the contest season. IHSSA QR patch


e-mail phone # 515-288-9741(main) Toll Free (new) 888-985-6547 Direct Craig 515-401-1834 Direct Deb 515-401-1833 Address IHSSA 5000 Westown Parkway Suite 150 West Des Moines, Ia. 50266 Office hours 8 - 4:30 M-F Deb will take lunch from 12:00 -1:00 and Craig will take lunch from 1:00 - 2:00.

Invoice for contest entry fees Please remember to make a copy of your on-line entry form and give to the office that pays your fees. This form is the invoice for your contest entry fees. Nothing will be sent from this office for payment of contest fees. Please do your part and get that form to the office that handles your finances.

Permission to do Material or Music in all IHSSA events Please remember you must have permission to do ANY MATERIAL that you use for contest events. We now have agreements with many companies to use their materials for IHSSA contest. For example, if you use some recorded music for background in mime or one act play, unless it is ASCAP music, you have to receive permission to use it. BMI has a contract for high schools now and it covers that. If you are reading an interp selection from a book you must receive permission to read that selection or cutting at the contest. In Musical Theatre you cannot do cuttings unless you have permission to do so. You can NEVER cut or rearrange material without receiving permission or using material from the companies we have agreements with. Receiving permission to perform at contest is just that. It does not cover performing for other events. Also, NEVER allow contest selections to be placed on YouTube or the internet. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO THAT! It is the responsibility of the local school to secure all performance rights for contest selections. Be sure you have permission to do material before you start a selection for contest. The IHSSA will NOT support any school that does not secure performance rights for selections at contest. Do not put your school district in financial danger by not finding the rights to perform material. You, as the coach, must secure rights to perform materials for contest.


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