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Welcome to our Easter edition of Family Matters! How are you liking the magazine’s new layout and look? Spring is the right time to make changes and refresh as Winter starts fading into Spring. It’s time to look forward to lighter nights, warmer weather and the brighter colours of the garden as flowers begin blooming and the birds begin singing! The Easter Weekend is just around the corner, giving the whole family the opportunity to enjoy that nicer weather with some days out, do take a look at our What’s On section to see what events are taking place in the area, while trying to wear out those sugar energised children! In this edition you’ll find all the usual host of events and activities to keep the whole family entertained! Easter is a time for fresh starts, so start making use of the lighter evenings for family walks and make sure to keep active and healthy by not eating all those eggs in one go! Speaking of being healthy, Wear a Hat Day raising awareness for brain tumour research takes place in March, make sure to keep an eye on your and your children’s health, it’s a great opportunity to teach them about fundraising and being charitable, especially as part of lessons about the traditional meaning of Easter. This issue is full of achievements from your local schools, as well as ideas for those family members with food allergies so they can also enjoy Easter’s sweet treats. We hope you have a wonderful Easter break and that you get the chance to enjoy the lighter days and warmer weather!

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Hats off for Brain Tumour Research Schools and organisations are once again taking part in the Brain Tumour Research campaign – Wear a Hat Day where participants are invited to wear a hat to raise awareness for brain tumours. Businesswoman, model, actress and mum, Caprice, revealed she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in April last year. Following successful surgery to remove the tumour, Caprice continues to be monitored by her medical team. This year she is leading the charge for Wear a Hat Day, alongside Debbie McGee and Shelia Hancock. Debbie McGee lost her husband, Paul Daniels, to a brain tumour in 2016 and has teamed up with Brain Tumour Research to create a pin, available from the charity, in tribute to the magician. Shelia Hancock has also been a long-time supporter of the charity; her grandson survived a childhood brain tumour and will be appearing in the ad campaign for the second year running. Wear a Hat Day has raised over a million pounds since it was launched by the charity Brain Tumour Research nine years ago and the big day will see schools, workplaces, families and individuals across the UK fundraising and taking part in fun events to raise awareness of brain tumours and to fund life-saving research. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of forty than any other cancer, yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease. Funds raised through Wear A Hat

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Day 2018 will develop the charity’s network of worldclass brain tumour research centres in the UK. To get involved or donate, please visit: www.wearahatday. org or text HAT to 70660 to donate £5 – this excludes network charges, please check with bill payers before donating!

Brain Tumour Research is the leading voice in the UK for communicating the trends surrounding brain tumours • Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer • Just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease • Approximately 16,000 people each year are diagnosed with a brain tumour • Less than 20% of those diagnosed with a brain tumour survive beyond five years compared with an average of 50% across all cancers • Unlike most other cancers, incidences of and deaths from brain tumours are rising

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Statistics by Brain Tumour Research

Find Your Child's Passion And You Will Unleash Their Brilliance Julia Black

I’ve been involved in education wearing many different hats over the past ten years and been priviledged to learn alongside close to a 1000 children of all ages, shapes and sizes. I remember one mum coming to us, referred by her son’s school, and she said ‘I’ve got a trapezium shaped child who really struggles to fit inside the square box!” What I loved about our conversation was she acknowledged her son was who he was, and he needed a different environment in which to really thrive. But part of the problem we face as parents is that sometimes the environment that is right for our children is hard to come by, especially if we work full-time and so can’t get a flexi-schooling agreement in place or home educate. So if we can’t change the environment that our children learn in (at least not overnight) what can we do instead? I’ve looked closely at how we can unleash the brilliance in ALL our children and I’ve realised the thing that makes the difference, no matter who the child is, is less about looking for the right external environment and more about nurturing their internal learning environment. For all our learners our starting point is always the same; find out what is it that our children would jump out of bed every morning to get up and do and we can move them forward and their learning takes off exponentiallly. We call it Learning with their Lights On. Sir Ken Robinson talks about ‘being in your element’ and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (try saying that one during a webinar!) refers to ‘flow’. I absolutely know it to be true, because I’ve seen it in all our children, we all have something that we can become excellent at. We all have a genius zone that we can go deep into - it is just most of us (and I’m talking adults here too) never get to discover what that is. I didn’t truly understand my genius zone until I was 40 and I have been surprised by how many children we’ve had come to us who didn’t really know what their switch was. So I’d like to share with you some simple steps that you can implement at home to help you locate your child’s switch.

Now those of you with young children you will probably find they are still fairly well connected with their switch. They have a hunger for learning, they know what they love to do and they spend time exploring, discovering and problem-solving their way through their learning landscape of choice. But if you are reading this thinking “I haven’t a clue what they like to do” don’t panic because here are 3 steps to help you find out. Step 1. This one is simple: ask your child what they love doing if they could spend their time doing ANYTHING what would it be? You are trying to determine here whether they know or not. If they don’t try thinking back to a time before school, how would they spend their time? Did they play endlessly with Lego®? Or were they always wanting to get their hands into something and create - whether it was flour, mud, paint? We don’t need to over complicate things here. Step 2. Set up a learning carousel to allow them to explore through a variety of different ways. Put out some paper and paint, or recycled bits and bobs for them to make something with. Have a tech station with a tablet set up to make an animation. Perhaps you’ve got an old bit of technology they can take apart. The key is have choice so you can see where they gravitate towards. Step 3. Give them free time during their week and this one can be difficult as we can tend, as parents, to over structure their time with after school clubs, activities on the weekend. But we absolutely have to give them time where they can explore without someone else telling them what to do. Do this and you’ll start to flush out really quickly whether they have a switch that they are still in tune with or if they clearly don’t know what to do with themselves when they do have time on their hands.

Julia Black hosts a closed free FB group, Lights On Online Community, where once a week she does a LIVE Q&A and gives away lots of free content about how you, as a parent, can unleash your child’s brilliance. ukfamilymatters |

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South Somerset A5 Spring events.qxp_Layout 1 13/02/2018 15:29 Page 1

Montacute House Easter escapades 26 Mar – 6 Apr, 10am-4pm Take the challenge of St Michael’s hill by climbing to the top for one of the best views of Somerset.

Sunday 25 March, 12-4pm

EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA FREE Family Drop-In No booking required.

HOLIDAY ART CAMPS for 5-11 year olds Monday 26 March - Thursday 29 March Tuesday 3 April - Friday 6 April Tuesday 29 May - Friday 1 June 9am-4pm £38 per day. £15 discount for booking 4 consecutive days

‘Elizabeth of Bohemia: the Winter Queen’ Every day after 5 Mar, 11am-4.30pm This special display exploring Elizabeth’s life and portraits has been developed by the National Trust and the National Portrait Gallery, in partnership with the University of Bristol, as part of the National Trust’s year of events on ‘Women and Power’. Farmers’ Markets 24 Mar, 28 Apr, 19 May & 30 Jun, 10am-2pm Free entrance to market. (please enter at reception)

Barrington Court Easter Holiday – family springtime trail 26 Mar – 6 Apr, 11am-4pm Take a stroll through the garden and grounds spotting the many sights and sounds of spring. Easter holiday den building 27 Mar & 5 Apr, 11am-3pm What shape will your den be? Will it be round and low to the ground or tall and pointing to the sky? See how inventive you can be with sticks, twigs and logs, in our woods. £2

To Book

01225 388568

Normal admission applies unless otherwise stated.


FOOD INTOLERANCE STOP THE EASTER FUN For chocolate lovers everywhere, Easter is a wonderful time of year. For those who are into the traditions of Easter, this time of year is perfect for getting together to celebrate the coming of spring, for those that love the outdoors, it’s great for feeling the change in the seasons, for spotting new life growing around you and the joy of knowing that winter is on its way out. And of course, Easter is a wonderful time of year for chocolate lovers, but, for those families who have food allergies, Easter can be stressful. Fear not though, as the future has arrived and those suffering with lactose or gluten intolerances can finally join in the chocolate and cake fest. Before parents would find themselves having to venture into expensive health food shops and searching packets for ingredients, now with the rise of veganism and gluten free diets, super markets are jumping on the bandwagon and there are whole aisles dedicated to treats this Easter. From dairy free chocolate eggs to gluten free cakes to suit a range of budgets, children need not feel left out again.

Parents and children alike can choose from a whole host of brand name treats, such as Lindt, whose dark chocolate bunnies and eggs are milk free, and the own brand options, as even the budget supermarkets are including free from Easter treats on their shelves. So, keep an eye out when doing your food shop over the Easter period and grab a few chocolate eggs or gluten free cakes to hand out to your children on the big day!

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Cricket, Football, Mini-Multis, Multi-Activity BOOK ONLINE NOW

World Horse Welfare

Glenda Spooner Farm


A free family fun day out to see the horses! Meet the Horses, Outdoor Trails, Fun Activities and much more!

Bistro and Second Hand Tack Shop – 10am-4pm Farm walks and see the horses – 11am-4pm Open Wednesdays – Sundays Behind the scenes tours run most days, a small fee applies Fun packed activities throughout the Easter holidays Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the activities and events taking place at the Farm


World Horse Welfare Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Brincil Hill, Kingsdon, TA11 7LA +44 (0) 1935 841442


30 MAY - 2 JUNE 2018

An egg-cellent Easter treat What you’ll need for this recipe:

For the outside - Egg shaped moulds Any kind of chocolate you like Food colouring (if you want to get creative) Or: ready made chocolate eggs. For the filling - 150g cream cheese 30g icing sugar 1 table spoon lemon juice 1 table spoon vanilla essence Optional: 100 ml cream. For the yolk – lemon curd or apricot jam, which ever your prefer. Firstly, you need to create or buy the eggs, either pick yourself up mini sized hollow chocolate eggs and cut off the tops, or using a mould, supervise the melting of chocolate – which can then be coloured however the children like, pour into moulds and freeze for a few hours.

Are you bored of the traditional Easternest-rice-crispie-cake recipes that you trot out every year to keep the kids entertained in the run up to Easter? Are you looking to find something else sweet and edible to keep them entertained with? Well, how about mixing it up a little with cheesecake filled chocolate eggs? While Easter nests are a little easier, these will really allow your kids to get creative with colours or make their own versions of Crème Eggs and well, who doesn’t prefer cheesecake to chocolate covered cereal?

When your eggs are ready, pop them out of the moulds, cutting off the tip and joining the halves together or unwrap them from their packaging and arrange them in an empty egg carton. Now you can get cracking on the cheesecake mixture. In a bowl, mix together the cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon juice and vanilla until smooth. If you want it extra creamy, whip up some cream and then fold it into the mixture. Using a piping bag, or some very small spoons and nimble fingers, fill the eggs with the cheese cake mixture and pop back into the fridge for half an hour to let them set. While they’re chilling, get the yolks ready by either using lemon curd or apricot jam, which ever you would prefer. Give the curd/jam a mix to smooth it out and when the egg mixture is ready, use a tea spoon to scoop out a section and then fill with the yolk. Give them a few minutes to set and then it’s time to eat!

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Easter Family Fun at The Bishop’s Palace This Easter Holiday, head on down to The Bishop’s Palace in Wells to take part in a fortnight full of engaging Family Events. The Easter Fun begins on Saturday 24th March when our Easter Egg Trail begins. Children can follow the clues to find our coloured eggs all around the Gardens, and when they’ve found them all, they can return to claim their chocolate prize from the Shop! On Monday 26th March and Monday 2nd April (10:30am-3pm), there will be “Make-it Monday” sessions in the Undercroft of the Palace. Families can take part in an array of crafting activities including Easter-themed card-making, daffodil windmills, baby animal-themed masks and puppets and making use of spring flowers. On Friday 30th March and Friday 6th April (11am-3pm), our Garden team will be holding “Nature Ninjas” sessions in the Community Garden, aimed at getting little ones engaged with nature and gardening. The team will have lots of horticulturally-based fun activities for all ages. If you’re a fan of Falconry, then don’t miss the Palace’s

Medieval Falconry Day on Saturday 7th April 10am-4pm when The Raptor Foundation will return to the South Lawn for a day of fantastic flying displays, entertaining information and beautiful birds! Suitable for all ages, the displays will illustrate how these birds would have been used in Medieval times and why. Marvel at their skill and training as they show off their well-honed moves in front of the audience and in between displays, visitors can have the chance to handle some of the birds. The 14 acres of Gardens will be open daily throughout the Easter Holidays and the Dragon’s Lair Play Area is the perfect place to exercise little legs – climb the Dragon’s Wings, explore the Tree Pods, crawl through the Dragon’s belly or pump the water to spill the bucket and send the Dragon to sleep – the choice is yours! Don’t forget The Bishop’s Table Café on site which is open daily, serving child-friendly menus alongside lunches, cakes and hot drinks to refresh the grown ups too! All activities are included in standard admission.


Make-it Monday!

26th Mar & 2nd Apr 10:30-3

medieval falconry 7th april

nature ninjas

30th Mar & 6th apr 11-3

Join us this Easter Holiday for a new Easter Egg trail through the grounds, Monday craft activities, Friday gardening fun and Medieval Falconry! Make use of The Dragon's Lair Play Area and relax in our familyfriendly Cafe.

The Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset BAS 2 PD 01749 988111

Win Prizes

Enter now at


(2 adults/2 children)

Win over £100 worth of Tractor Ted goodies Children’s favourite little green tractor, Tractor Ted, has a wealth of new events, exciting downloads and activities, cinema screenings and more lined up for 2018. Get close to big farm machines at the Bowood Big Machines Weekend (Sat 26th to Mon 28th May), see Tractor Ted on the Big Screen across Picturehouse Cinemas Toddler Time from Friday 6th April, check out the free Spring and Easter activities online at and so much more! Full details including NEW Tractor Ted Rucksacks, Water Bottles and more can be found at

Visit Cheddar Gorge & Caves this Easter for an eggs-pedition like no other! The Easter Bunny must have made an unexpected visit to Cheddar Gorge & Caves because clusters of magical, glow in the dark eggs have appeared in all the nooks and crannies of the mysterious chambers of Gough’s Cave. Egg-splore Gough’s Cave between 24th March and 8th April to crack the mystery code and get your paws on a tasty treat. There’s also the chance to get creative in the Museum of Prehistory where younger ones can make their own Easter decoration to take home.

Win a family ticket to Haynes International Motor Museum The Haynes International Motor Museum is the UK’s largest exhibition of great cars from around the world. A living and working museum, with over 400 amazing cars and bikes from nostalgic classics of the 50’s and 60’s, glorious Bentleys and Rolls Royces to exciting super cars of today, like the Jaguar XJ220. The Museum will give you unrivalled access to explore, discover and experience the history, designs and technologies of motoring from around the world. Complete your day out in Café 750, serving a variety of meals, drinks and snacks; visit our gift shop whilst the children play in our outdoor motor themed play area.

Win a family day out at the award-winning Hawk Conservancy Trust, near Andover A day at the Trust is like no other, with three daily world-class flying displays, opportunities to meet birds of prey, keeper talks and additional activities at weekends and during school holidays. New for 2018 is an exciting bird of prey adventure playground, ‘Matt Sewell Owl Prowl’ activity trail and, from summer 2018, the Trust invite you to discover the exciting world of Burrowing Owls in all-new immersive exhibit. View full daily timetable of activities, and plan your day at

TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING THESE FANTASTIC PRIZES, simply visit, click on the Competitions button and complete the form. It couldn’t be easier! Closing date for entries: 23rd April 2018

what’s on 23rd March Easter Family Bingo Come along for a great fun evening with lots of Easter treats to be won. Elmhurst Junior School, eyes down 7.00pm. 24th March Easter Trail Pilton Pre-school is holding its annual Easter Trail 10:30am -2:30pm. Entry fee for the trail will include a prize for all participants. There will be crafts, activities and refreshments. Pilton Tithe Barn, Pilton. 24th - 31st March Grow Wild at Farrington Farm Join us for spring time fun during the Easter Holidays! Make a clay flower pot to take away or Hop along our Easter Trail Open 10am – 3pm daily Farrington Farm, Farrington 24th March Puxton Park High Ropes Course - Grand Opening! Puxton Park is opening their newest attraction, the Puxton High Ropes Course. This course will be one of the most exciting and challenging courses in the West of England! 24 March – 6 April Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Lacock As the abbey grounds burst back into life, can you find some eggs of a different nature? A yummy Cadbury treat waits for you when you're done. £2 per trail, normal admission applies.

25th March Easter EGGstravagansa Whatever the weather, be transported to sunnier climes with fun and creative activities. Decorate an eggstraordinary Easter egg inspired by traditional Indian patterns. 26th & 28th March Woodland Adventures with EcoWild Tracking and code cracking, tree climbing, woodland theatre and much more. Check online for full dates and times. 26th March - 6th April Easter Escapades at Montacute Avoid the hustle and bustle of Easter trails and chocolate eggs for a day. Explore St Michael's Hill, steeped in wildlife and history. 10am - 4pm, Montacute House 26th - 29th March Easter Art Camp Due to popular demand we are now offering four Art Camp weeks packed full of fun, creative activities. 5-11 year old’s 9am-4pm. £38 per day; £15 discount for booking 4 consecutive 27th March Easter holiday den building days at Barrington Court A full day of outdoor fun, down in the woods with Ranger George and his team. Learn how to construct a clever den from what you can find around you, then play in it.

For further information about each event

29th March Family Fun - Easter Frolics Come along for crafts and activities for all the family. Somerset Rural Life Museum

29th March Spring Play with BAPP Inflatables, Sports and Games, Egg Hunt, Den building and much more. Paulton Memorial Park, Paulton, 1pm - 4pm

30th March Easter at Bowood House From naming the newly born chicks to finding the hidden golden eggs. Bowood House & Gardens will make the perfect family day out!

30th March - 2nd April Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Barrington Court Barrington Court is the best place for a great Easter egg hunt. Lots of running around, lots of fresh air and a Cadbury's chocolate prize. 30th March Feel Good Friday - Raceday & Family Fun Day at Bath Racecourse The perfect way to start your Easter weekend with a family fun day packed with free entertainment. 31st March Easter Lambing Weekend at Puxton There will be a chance to hold and bottle feed the lambs, and if you are lucky enough you may even see one being born! Along with lambing, the Park will have lots of fun Easter activities that the whole family will enjoy!

3rd April Go Wild at Carymoor! Look at the local birdlife with a whole range of different activities, including making a bird feeder, dissecting owl pellets and watching our nestbox camera for signs of life! The day ends with a campfire, songs and something delicious to eat! 8-12 year-olds, 10am to 3pm. 4th-6th April Woodland Adventures with EcoWild Tracking and code cracking, tree climbing, woodland theatre and much more Check online for full dates and times.

5th April Family Fun - Nature Day A Somerset Festival of Nature event with Sharandy's Bird of Prey. 10am - 5pm 14th April - Early Man (PG) Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of how plucky caveman Dug. Midsomer Norton Town Hall, 2.30pm. midsomernortoncommunitytrust. 28th April Farmers' Market at Montacute House All your local food and crafts at one quality market. 10am - 2pm. Free entrance to market. (Please enter at reception) 5th & 6th May The Sheep Show NEW this spring comes an entertaining and educational show which has touched the hearts of many. Learn about different breeds, watch shearing demonstrations, dancing sheep and more!

please visit

AN INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE GAMING Online gaming is hugely popular with children and young people. Annual research conducted by OFCOM shows that gaming is still one of the top activities enjoyed by 5-16 year olds online, with many of them gaming via mobile devices and going online using their games console. We know that parents and carers do have questions and concerns about games, often about the type of games their child plays, who they may be speaking to and for how much time their child is playing.

Online gaming; how and where to play

There are many ways for users to play games online. This includes free games found on the internet, games on smartphones, tablets and handheld consoles, as well as downloadable and boxed games on PCs and consoles such as the PlayStation, Nintendo Wii or Xbox.

Online gaming, the risks

Internet safety advice is directly applicable to the games environment because risks of Content, Contact, Conduct and Commercialism also apply to games.


CONTENT: inappropriate material is available to children online.

The quality of graphics in many games is very sophisticated and realistic. Some games might not be suitable for your child’s age as they might contain violent or sexually-explicit content or scenes intended to invoke horror or fear.


CONTACT: potential contact from someone online who may wish to bully or abuse them.

If your child takes part in multiplayer games on the internet they might be at risk of hearing offensive language from other players, being bullied, or making themselves vulnerable to contact by those with a sexual interest. Bullying on games is known as ‘griefing’. This is when players single out others specifically to make their gaming experience less enjoyable by sending hurtful messages or destroying parts of their gaming world.


CONDUCT: children may be at risk because of their own and others’ online behaviour, such as the personal information they make public.

Specific conduct risks for gamers include excessive gaming use to the detriment of other aspects of their lives. This is sometimes referred to as ‘addiction’. Some websites might not have the game owner’s permission to offer a game as a download i.e. copyright infringement, the same as for music and film.


COMMERCIALISM: young people’s privacy can be invaded by aggressive advertising and marketing schemes.

Children and young people can get themselves into difficulty by inadvertently running up bills when playing games online. Some online games offer enticing ‘in app’ purchases, eg buying more lives or gems to complete a level.

Online gaming, FAQs 1. How can I keep my child safe whilst they chat in games? What tools are available to help? Parental control tools are available on PCs and consoles. Make sure your children know how to protect their privacy by locking down privacy features. These could include using a voice mask to disguise their voice in a multiplayer game, as well as how to block and report other players. Advise them never to give out any personal information (including pictures of themselves) or agree to meet someone in person when using online chats or sharing information in their user profile. Encourage your child to use an appropriate screen or character name (sometimes called gamertags) that follow the rules of the game service.

2. How do I know which games are appropriate or suitable for my child? PEGI age rating system exists to help parents make informed decisions when buying or downloading games. The rating on a

game confirms that it is suitable for players over a certain age, but is not indicative of the level of difficulty. Encourage your child to only access online games that are appropriate and always check the age rating on any game before buying it for your child, as well as considering whether it has an online component.

3. Do games have parental controls? Games and services will approach privacy and safety in a variety of ways so it is worth getting to know the features on the games your child plays. However, these controls aren’t a substitute for parental involvement. You can find out more information about how to set up the parental controls on each device by visiting

4. How can I report inappropriate behaviour by other users? Sadly cyberbullying can occur in online games. If your child is being harassed by another player on a game, follow the game’s reporting guide to report this behaviour or visit www.childnet. com/resources/how-to-make-a-report. Inappropriate behaviour can also be reported to the moderator on a moderated game and in many instances you can contact the customer support team for further assistance. If your child does encounter inappropriate behaviour in an online game, encourage them to block that user. If you are suspicious that another player is wishing to meet up with your child, or asking them to share personal information or images and videos of themselves, then you can report them to the police at


SMART rules

» It may seem daunting, but one of the best things you can do is to engage with the gaming environment and begin to understand what makes it is so attractive to young people as well as the types of activities that they enjoy!

Safe: Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information when playing online. This includes your e-mail address, phone number and password, as well as images and videos of yourself, friends and family.

» Read game reviews to understand more about potential risks or difficulties other players have experienced and content they have seen. App stores and Google Play offer reviews but you can also find app reviews on or game reviews on www.

Meeting: Meeting someone you have only known online can be dangerous. Remember that no matter how long you have spoken to someone for, or how nice they are, if you have never met this person before then they are still a stranger. If anyone asks to meet up then tell an adult immediately.

» Some games may offer children the chance to chat with other players by voice and text. Ask them who they are playing with and find out if they are talking to other players. If chat is available, look at the type of language that is used by other players. » Remember that the same safety rules for going online apply to playing games on the internet. Familiarise yourself with the SMART rules, and encourage your children to do so as well.

Accepting: Accepting gaming requests, direct messages or clicking on links from people you don’t know can lead to problems – they may contain viruses, inappropriate content or nasty messages! Reliable: People we speak to online might not always be who they say they are as it is very easy to give away false information online. Try to only speak to your friends and family. Tell: Tell your parent, carer or a trusted adult if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, or if you or someone you know is being bullied online.

Childnet: Childnet International is a non-profit organisation working in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. The Childnet website hosts all the online resources detailed below, as well as a number of recommended resources for young people, parents, carers and teachers.


Join us for spring time fun during the Easter Holidays! Saturday 24th March till Saturday 31st March Open 10am – 3pm daily (Closed Easter Sunday) Make a clay flower pot to take away (includes clay, soil and sunflower seeds) Hop along our Easter Trail (Chocolate Easter prize)

Cost: ÂŁ3 per child. For full details of all these events visit:


April 23rd marks World Shakespeare Day and with so many children preparing for their exams having to read and analyse Shakespeare plays, it is the right time of year to talk to your family about the Bard himself.

Shakespeare Day

Many students find themselves overwhelmed when presented with Shakespeare for the first time and parents also find themselves out of their depths when asked for help, but Shakespeare needn’t be scary and there are many easy ways to engage your children’s interest without having to splash out on text books. One of the simplest ways to introduce Shakespeare to the family and engage in it with them is through adaptations, of which there are many, most of which you’ll have either heard of before or will have already experienced.

The Lion King

Yes, Disney’s The Lion King is based on the story of Hamlet, a play about a Danish Prince who’s uncle murders his father, something he’s trying to prove. While Simba doesn’t have quite the same amount of existential turmoil as Hamlet, it’s a good starting point and from here, you can move onto other adaptations that follow the original script.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Another children’s classic where fiction’s greatest love story is portrayed by gnomes to the music of Elton John. The animated film follows the story of Romeo and Juliet, including the introduction of love rival, Paris. Start off with this to give you a taste for the story before delving into the Leonardo DiCaprio retelling. If imagining gnomes reciting the words of Shakespeare isn’t enough to get your head around it, I don’t know what is.

10 Things I hate about You

A staple in teen dramas and perhaps Heath Ledger’s greatest performance, 10 Things I Hate About You is based on the Taming of the Shew and is pretty true to the source material in terms of story line. Thinking of these characters as spoiled high schoolers who just want to go to prom will definitely help make it more relatable.

She’s the Man

This Amanda Bynes film is the story of Twelfth Night. The story of gender swapping and hilarity ensuing through cases of mistaken identity. Again, the school setting makes it easier for the story and characters to be understood.

The best thing? These aren’t the only available adaptations that make Shakespeare more accessible. From novel retellings to movies and TV shows, there are a whole host of options to allow students to get their heads around the plays and for parents to get involved in their education and be able to discuss the assignments without having to panic.

THE BENEFITS OF PETS Growing up with a pet can be a tremendous thing for a child and the experience can create lifelong memories. Having a pet is engaging and gives kids a warm glowing feeling, but did you know it can also positively affect your child in more ways than one?



The saying goes, "Dog is man's best friend" which can be true but pets can also help people make new human friends too. For children especially, pets can be a wonderful motivation for socializing. Children are more drawn to other children who are playing with an animal, so a pet can be the bridge between a less socially outgoing child and potential playmates.

One study showed that kids who had a dog exercised on average 11 minutes more a day than other children who didn't have a dog. Doesn't sound like a lot, but a little bit of exercise every day can be beneficial to most children. Having a pet helps kids improve their motor skills and also just increases overall activity.



A pet is a source of unconditional love who provides support but never judges. Children with low-self esteem may talk to, or confide in, an animal in ways they would not with people. They are often more confident in performing tasks they find difficult with an animal simply because the animal does not care if mistakes are made. Children with pets also tend to show empathy to others easier because they learn how to care for their own animal.

A study done showed that children who read aloud to an animal actually made bigger strides in their reading ability than their peers who read out loud to an adult. This is possibly due to reduced stress in the children and the fact that an animal provides nonjudgmental support.

Although the experience of owning a pet gives kids a children a sense of responsibility, only us adults can be truly responsible for our pets. Selecting the right pet is a serious decision that family members should always make together.

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Stagecoach Trowbridge and Frome


Our fun and engaging weekly classes are for 4 - 18 year olds. Children are given both structure and freedom as they learn how to sing, dance and act. Age: 4 - 6 year olds Age: 6 - 18 year olds

Time: Saturdays 9.15am - 10.45pm Time: Saturdays 9.45am - 12.45pm

Venue: The Selwood Academy, Berkley Road, Frome BA11 2EF trowbridgeandfrome

01249 714333

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The Wessex Hotel

St Thomas Street, Wells Tue 10:00am

High Street, Street Tue 12:15pm Thu 6:00pm

Glastonbury Leisure Centre St Dunstans School BA6 9BY

Street United Reformed Church BA16 0ER

Wells Road, Glastonbury Sat 9:30am

BA16 0EF

High Street, Street Wed 9:30am

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Stagecoach Performing Arts Schools are operated under franchise and are independently owned by their Principals. Stagecoach is a registered trademark of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd.

is delighted to be opening a new school in Frome on the 28th of April 2018

Tales of a Ho-Hum Mum Okay, so we all have a most hated time of the day, for some it’s the morning battle, others the bed time traumas, but for me, it’s the car journey. argumentative My darling little cherubs, Lily aged 10 and Thomas who’s 7, turn into device for me) terrors once placed into the car (or some kind of Chinese torture huge chore list the plating I’m generally hangry, fed up from work and contem have no I have at home, when I have to endure 2 little people who seem to know they swear I fact, In volume control or sense of my growing irritation. push me to when they’re not annoying me enough and just keep ramping it up to the limit. So today, it started with the school run where I hear about how Lily’s ever teacher is the most evil and unfair person in the whole wide world (worse than Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter apparently), anger) and how Thomas is obviously cleverer than Lils, (to her despair and pulling hair because he got top marks at spelling. This rolls into a full blown, spirals into barney, to which treats when they get home are banned. This then of history the being the worst Mum in the world and the most unfair thing in everything. Is it wine time yet? are So we get home for tea along with a little telly and just as the kids Judo relaxing and chilling out (along with me), it’s car time again for the class run. Here we go again……. h time, when So deja vu kicks in again and we listen to Dimelo for the 10 milliont song love g all I want is the dulcet tones of George Michael singing a relaxin is to me. Thomas is shouting out some form of Judo chant to Lily who pick constantly correcting him in a much louder voice. At this point, we up Mac, Thomas’s friend, and the noisy twosome turn it the terrible on Lily, threesome. One minute into the journey and the boys turn the tables what I like annoying her (this now annoys me even more). The conversation, or farts of is to call the ‘shoutathon’, then turns into an in depth analys and and poos, to which an outbreak of giggling ensues when Mac swears child a off telling says the ‘sh’ word. This leaves me the uneasy task of who’s not my own and nearly losing my own ‘sh’. God, I need wine. Ahhh, how I look forward to the morning run tomorrow!

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The children from Mulberry Class at Evercreech Church of England Primary School have been very busy producing some fabulous models. Their theme for this term is ‘Once Upon a Time, Long, Long Ago’. The children have worked very hard and have been very enthusiastic. As you can see they are very proud of their amazing creations.

Coxley Primary School are looking at ‘Disasters’ as their topic this term, and Yarley Class had the challenge of creating a Titanic model or picture at home. The children used a variety of materials, such as wood, papier-Mache and Lego. Some children worked independently, whilst others enjoyed the challenge working with the help from ‘grown ups’. Some models were completed, and others were broken in two. There were also models which included the iceberg and others had lifeboats complete with passengers and oars.

GREAT HOMEWORK FROM ELMHURST Staff and pupils alike had a great time seeing so many family members coming together to celebrate the hard work which the children (and adults!) have put into their homework creations. There are many different opinions about the value of homework and whether it helps towards progress or not. For the pupils at Elmhurst, homework is not always about progress, but is about spending time with love ones undertaking a shared task. The staff are aware that not everyone has the time to dedicate to it and not everyone has the same skills base, but they also know that any support/time spent together working towards a shared goal is time well spent! Tracy Edwards, headteacher, said: “Thank you for getting involved, it is appreciated!”

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SUCCESSFUL FAMILY ART AFTERNOON A big thank you went to everyone who supported the Family Art afternoon at Elmhurst School; it was a very busy but surprisingly calm and peaceful afternoon. The art afternoon is always one of the school's most popular sessions and it was lovely to see so many families joining in with the creative activities on offer; the clay was incredibly popular and, apparently, great for your hands! The school's next Family Learning afternoon is on Friday 4th May. Mr Lawrence and Ms Prichard will be investigating STEM activities: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

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AQUARIUM CREATIONS The children from Cherry Class at Evercreech Church of England Primary School have produced their very own aquariums as part of this terms topic of ‘Under and Over the Sea’. As you can see they were very proud of their creations.

ELMHURST SCHOOL WEEK OF BOOKISH ACTIVITIES It was lovely to see so many children (and adults) taking part in World Book Day! The variety of book characters was super. Thank you to everyone who got involved. The school actually launched World Book Day on the Monday, with visits from two local authors, Rachel Delahaye and Jenny Leggot, both came along to help inspire and motivate the children to read and write stories. Rachel thought she had a few aliens in her assembly as there was a couple of children who said they didn’t like reading books, sharing stories, going to the cinema or watching a theatre show, she soon proved them wrong though! There are very few people who don’t like making up stories, it is human nature to tell a story, even when we don’t think we’re doing it!

STICK MAN AT EVERCREECH The children from Holly Class at Evercreech Church of England Primary School used the story of Stick Man to inspire their outdoor learning. They made stick families, created large pictures from sticks and used bark rubbings and leaf prints to create tree pictures. They had some very imaginative ideas for what else their stick could be, including lightning and a Harry Potter wand!




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Children from Pine Class at Evercreech Church of England Primary School enjoyed a day of outdoor learning and working together as a team when they visited Carymoor Environmental Trust. The children had the opportunity to take part in orienteering, fire lighting, shelter building and team challenges.

On 26th January, the children at St Cuthbert’s Academy Infants and Preschool had fun that was out of this world. As part of their space day, the children dressed up in all manner of cosmic outfits. They also had the chance to take part in virtual reality workshops. Using the headset, the children and teachers were transported into space to travel the solar system. The children are studying space as this term’s topic, so it certainly brought it to life.

team effort and some stellar solo performances meant the school and audience enjoyed fabulous performances for the children of Years 4, 5 and 6. The children’s interaction with the audience, the singing was fantastic and the acting, amazing. Thank you went to everyone for their effort and engagement. Thanks to kind donations at the door, the children raised a further £294 for the schools arts projects. Thank you also went to the team from the Friends of St Aldhelm’s (PTA) who served refreshments.

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The children at Ashcott School have been keeping active this week with a day of skipping workshops. The school had a return visit from a coach known as ‘Skippy John’ who delivered skipping workshops to each class. ‘Skippy John’ (the name Richard Hammond gave him when he appeared on ‘Total Wipeout’) has over 10 years of experience teaching & demonstrating skipping skills in primary schools across the UK. His aim is to encourage children and adults to skip for health, fun and fitness, whilst promoting modern and traditional skipping games, including Individual Skills, Partner Skipping, Double Dutch & Long Rope Team Games. The day ended with an assembly for parents where the children had the chance to show off what they had learned in front of the parents and the rest of the school. The school is looking forward to seeing the children’s skipping develop over the coming weeks as they practise their skills and tricks at break times.

This Spring at St John’s Infant School, we are launching our ’50 things to do before you are 8’. The list contains ideas of experiences that we think all children should have had the opportunity to do before they leave the school. These include: explore in rock pools, make a den, plant a seed and eat what grows to name a few. All the activities promote well-being and positive early childhood experiences. The children will also benefit from doing some of the activities during school time. We hope the children will share their experiences with their class and the rest of the school.



WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT Name: Amirah Pickaver-Sword Age: 7 Achievement: Amirah had her hair cut off for the Little Princess Trust and raised £70 for the charity.

Take a photo on your mobile and upload to our website.


Name: Kayleigh Age: 6 Achievement: 7th in Freestyle Pairs Excellent work Kayleigh!

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Name: Maya Age: 10 Achievement: Cutting off 12 inches of her hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust. This is so good of you Maya!

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The Beast From The East meant the majority of school closed across the country for World Book Day, but it didn't stopped some of our little readers from sporting their costumes.

To see more photos from World Book Day, head to

Bella Walker, 9. Dressed as Katniss Everdeen. Great costume Bella!

Owain Bevan, 5. Dressed as Bilbo Baggins winner of extreme reading. Congratulations on winning and having a great costume, Owain!

Florence, Eartha and Jack. You look great guys!

Mia-Rose Skelton 6 Dressed as Mary Poppins. You look great!

Samuel White's Infants School got to dress up but all had to go home at lunch to avoid the snow!

Pupils and staff at St John’s Primary School, celebrated World Book Day on 1st March with many imaginative costumes of favourite book characters.

Ceyda Kaya 6 Dressed as Rapunzel. Cute dress Ceyda!

Jumping John’s Nursery Glastonbury’s World Book Day efforts Glad the snow didn’t keep you guys from enjoying the day!

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Freddie, 6. Looking very mischievous as Dennis the Menace!

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Family Matters - Mid Somerset edition  

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