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Spring 2017 - Issue 20

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Park Road Vets, 11 Park Rd, Keynsham, BS31 1BX TEL 0117 9339933


he New Year is well and truly here and already innovative initiatives are being identified. It was heartening to read of more than 30 volunteers of all ages, co-ordinated by our local Wombles who gave their time and effort to clear an area of Keynsham. Litter is an unpleasant addition to too many of our roads and green spaces. It can be destructive to the countryside and our wild life, and gives the impression of a lack of caring in our community. Let us all support the initiative to take pride in our environment by disposing of litter in public bins or home collected waste. The Town Council are developing plans to renovate our Cemetery Chapel and in doing so hope to use part of the building to promote the history and heritage of the site. After archaeological excavations last year revealed new clues as to the type of Roman remains which lie beneath the surface, there is a renewed impetus to shed more light on our historical past. Over 100 residents have become engaged with our Neighbourhood Development Plan groups, working together to help define the shape and nature of our town for future decades. This is involving significant energy, time commitment and dedication and for this, we, the Town Council applaud their efforts. We also recently received a letter from one of our younger residents which laid out some ideas for play/activity areas for the over six year olds. We intend to canvass opinion and suggestions from all sections of our community so that we can progress forward together. Enjoy seeing the end of winter and welcoming Spring! Best wishes,

Cllr Lisa O’Brien Chair, Keynsham Town Council









































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he Directors of Keynsham Music Festival are aiming to make the 20th Anniversary of the Festival a special celebratory occasion. A few specials can now be announced.

BREAD OVER BOMBS: The collective of session musicians from Los Angeles, will be playing at the 20th Anniversary Keynsham Music Festival this Summer! The band of well-known studio session musicians, who are also a USA registered charity, are devoted to supporting food banks all over the world. They have recently contributed £1500 to the Keynsham food bank. Brad Mitchell, leader of the collective says: We are thrilled to be able to participate and can’t wait to see you all in person! Thanks for the amazing opportunity to be able to play at the Festival! As if they should be thanking us! says Festival organiser Ric Davison. A taste of Bread over Bombs music can be seen on the Festival Facebook page, and their album can be listened to and purchased in Longwell Records, where owner Ian Aitcheson was fundamental in making their Keynsham link. https://www.facebook.com/breadoverbombs/

A FRENCH FLAVOUR: The 2017 Festival also features the 40th Anniversary of the town’s Twinning with Libourne in France, and guests from the French town will be in Keynsham for Festival week. The Twinning Association are hosting an anniversary ball/dance during the Festival on the Friday night (30th June) – Strictly Come Keynsham, with a full swing/ dance band and quick on-the-floor-tuition for the Waltzes, Paso Dobles and Tangos! Tickets will be available quite soon. So dig out the ballroom dresses and make sure you’re there! It will certainly be a ball in one sense, and another first for Keynsham.

MUSIC AND DANCE: Dance will be a big theme this year. We are again working with Bath Dance and there will be an extra Dance Stage and marquee in The Park devoted to a whole range of Dance performance over both days of the weekend – from folk to ballet and by children and professionals.


Two other big special events are in the pipe-line but currently subject to funding confirmation – look out for announcements! Meanwhile all the usual are falling into place, promising a whole range of music across the week, and all the fun of the fare in The Park on the Saturday and Sunday.

AT THE SPACE: The 29th of April is a date many will be looking forward to: The people who brought you the totally sold out An-Ting Chan concert last autumn and pulled off another coup, now present Bath’s Pump Room Trio in a concert. We are told they have only performed publicly outside the Pump Rooms seven times in 30 years! Here they will present a selection of their own music including Strauss, Schoenberg and Cole Porter. Tickets are already on sale, and are likely to go quickly, from Keynsham Tickets: keynshamtickets.cloudvenue.co.uk






NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN OVERVIEW The NDP project was launched by Keynsham Town Council in April 2016 and is an opportunity for all who live and work in Keynsham to have their say on the future development of Keynsham. This will include deciding where new homes, shops and offices will be built, having input into what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided. At the original Neighbourhood Development Plan Launch Event, hundreds of ideas and suggestions were made. Shortly after this event, and with the help of the NDP Scoping Group and advice from BATHNES, some broad topics for investigation were put together, and working groups were set up in the following areas:

Wellsway School – Chandag Road - Keynsham

Tel: 0117 916 1034 Group

Gym and


Personal Training

Sports and

Wellness &

After School Coaching


Gym & Classes membership from only £22.10pcm All our members receive gym programmes and support Our new and exclusive Wellness Upgrade also provides in-depth health & fitness assessments, monthly education workshops, and the option of weekly weigh ins. From £27.40pcm it can’t be beaten. Helping you understand what gets the right results

These groups started regularly meeting in September 2016 and are always open to anyone who lives or works in Keynsham. The next dates can be found on the Town Council website and a warm welcome awaits you.

Opening times 6.30-8.30am & 4-10pm Mon-Fri* 8am-6pm Sat & 8am-8pm Sun *Open 6.30am-10pm during school holidays Sport Wellsway



Wellsway Sports Centre


BUSINESS, EMPLOYMENT & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Business topic group is exploring ways to expand the economic development of Keynsham. We are examining ways that we can plan for future employment opportunities, expanding the base of business that we have in Keynsham and ensuring that we cater for the needs of young people as best we can in the coming years. To do that in accord with what the residents of Keynsham want, we need to have your views, we are looking for people to contribute. For example, do you have a retail business, how do you think the retail aspect of the town should be planned? Out of town? More local type shops or more nation-wide shops? How about employment opportunities? Would you rather travel to Bath or Bristol or further? Do you think we should expand not only the types of business on our industrial estates but also find and plan for more estates around Keynsham? Currently the Business topic group is looking at these issues, help us get it right.

HERITAGE, CULTURE AND TOURISM One of the key components of UK market town regeneration in the UK is a realignment of retail based town centres, to town centres featuring social and cultural opportunities, set in surroundings that celebrate a local heritage and a quality of independent experience. Town centres that are safe for pedestrians, cherish the best traditions, and which are good places to be at all times of the day. Keynsham has the capacity, and already some of the features in place, to be a dynamic market town encouraging new businesses , employment opportunities, and, importantly, economic growth – all of benefit to the town’s residents. The Heritage group is addressing these huge and vital issues. In partnership with Historic England (English Heritage) work has already commenced


on a professional survey of Keynsham town centre with a survey of the state of the buildings which will lead to a Design Guide of improvements to the state of shop frontages. When complete the Design Guide will form part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan policy statement to advise developers of the prerequisites of planning applications that must be conformed with to be successful. These will include regulations in respect of signage, window size and design, and compatibility with adjacent buildings. The group will move on to address issues specific to tourism, making Keynsham a better place to both visit and live in. A large part of this will be to embed policies in the Development plan that will encourage and nurture the further development of high-quality arts and cultural events, in the whole town, for all age groups – which in turn will aid the development of an evening economy - building on what is already happening. Policies will be established to encourage all individual and group planning applications that are sympathetic to these objectives.

THE ROADS, TRANSPORT & PARKING TOPIC GROUP One of the key components of UK market Keynsham’s a popular place but this popularity comes at a price. The town is finding itself increasingly used as a through route for traffic criss-crossing the Avon river courtesy of the ring road or, the less adequate link between Keynsham and Bitton. Vehicles also pour through the town to access the A4 instead of using the by-pass. The end result is a funnelling of traffic into town centre pinch points. Which is where our group comes in. We’re looking to lay down firm guidelines not for next year, or the one after that, but up to 30 years hence. However, this is not just a debate about traffic levels. It’s people who matter and our brief is to examine how we can all get out and about – on foot, by bike, by rail and public transport, or car – and still manage to get on with each other. A synergy is needed which caters for all aspects of



our community’s mobility needs. We have emerging ideas of our own. These include: internal eco-shuttle bus services, linking into the town centre, the rail station and external bus routes; improved pedestrian and social space; safe cycling; improved out of town centre car parking. These are some of OUR views but we know YOU must have some, too, which is why, soon, we will be reaching out into the community to seek your opinions to help us shape firm proposals for inclusion in the Keynsham Neighbourhood Plan.

SUSTAINABILITY, ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT TOPIC GROUP This is another very broad area to cover for the NDP. As Keynsham continues to grow at a fast rate, we should not lose sight of the importance of our green spaces, our natural environment, or the opportunity to engage with and encourage the use of clean green energy where we can. The local issues we are looking at are covered by the following sub-topics: • ECOLOGY – Identifying and looking after our green spaces and the natural environment and wildlife • ENERGY – Focus on clean, green energy for Keynsham • BUILT ENVIRONMENT – Encouraging green and sustainable building practice and suitable, affordable housing. Ensuring the housing being built is appropriate for the needs now and in the years ahead. Ensuring there are enough ‘affordable’ homes • WASTE MANAGEMENT – Recycling and general waste • FLOODING AND AIR QUALITY – Focusing on climatic and technological effects on our local flood areas, and the air quality of Keynsham. In terms of policies for the Neighbourhood Development Plan, it is likely that most of the policy output of this group will concentrate around a) The conservation of our green spaces and the maintaining of a ‘green buffer’ between Keynsham and surrounding towns/cities, and b) How we can affect the sustainability and relevance of new builds in our growing town, through planning policy.

We are engaging with Keynsham Community Energy, Resourceful Earth, BATHNES and many community organisations, and welcome more input from local people who may be particularly interested in any of the above areas. So if you are passionate about our green spaces, or are concerned about air quality, or think you can give time to this group, do please come along to one of our meetings and get involved!! Please contact the NDP Co-ordinator – NDP@keynshamtc.gov.uk for details of meeting times and venues.

RECREATION, SPORT, LEISURE, HEALTH AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION Keynsham is a growing, busy place, with many local sports activities happening for all ages, and some high-profile facilities for all in the centre of Keynsham. But just how well is our burgeoning population being catered for across the whole Keynsham area with regard to Recreation, Sport and Leisure? Our topic group is focusing on the provision of these various activities and resources, and how we need to shape provision for the future well-being of the community. This topic group covers wide-ranging issues on health and well-being, from gym provision for all ages, through to tackling the isolation suffered by people who may have mental health issues, through to provision of play areas for all ages, improved cycling routes around the Keynsham area, distribution of youth work activities, etc. We have a huge amount to cover, in a relatively short space of time, so could really do with your support. If you can, please come along to one of our meetings and get involved!! Remember - The policies we create for the NDP need you come from you , so whatever ‘flavour’ your sporting or leisure activity is, then there is definitely a place for you in this group. Please contact the NDP Co-ordinator – NDP@keynshamtc.gov.uk for details of meeting times and venues.

at our newly refurbished house, 6 Westbourne Avenue, Keynsham BS31 2JD

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OV E R 4 0 %


Spa with swimming pool | 50-seat cinema Restaurant and bistro | Arts and crafts studios Enquiries 0117 949 4004 www.TheChocolateQuarter.org.uk

Artist impression, images may be subject to change | Registered Charity 202151

A new St Monica Trust retirement community is coming soon to the former Cadbury’s factory in Keynsham





his year 2017 is a very special year in the calendar for Keynsham & District Twinning Association. It is the year our Association celebrates 40 years of Keynsham being twinned with Libourne, near Bordeaux, France. Something our members are proud of. Over the 40 years many changes have taken place, not only around our world, but locally. The Town of Keynsham has changed significantly. Keynsham has lost the chocolate factory, several of the local shops have disappeared to be replaced by others, road changes and a by-pass built, the cinema closing, local flooding causing much damage, a new Council building. However, through all these many changes, Keynsham & District Twinning is still in operation. Many reading this may have the idea that Association members travelling to Libourne, have their travel expenses met by our Town Council - nothing could be further from the truth - we are not a council run association, but we do have strong links to Keynsham Town Council. All our members wishing to travel to and from Libourne pay all their own expenses. Twinning, as you may have noticed fund raise with quizzes, dances, and the like, however we then share some of our profits. Over the past few years we have been pleased to donate to Mind, Dorothy House, Butterflies and Clic, to mention just a few. Our celebration of 40 years will, we hope, be something that not only our members will enjoy but friends both old and new visiting us from Libourne. This includes several from Libourne

Council including the Mayor and his Deputy, all visitors hosted by Keynsham Twinning members. As part of this special visit Keynsham Town Council have agreed to part fund the official naming of The Libourne Suite in the Civic Centre. The Twinning Association itself hope to have two special commemorative information boards on twin towns Keynsham and Libourne for everyone to view. Our 40th celebration commences with a quiz on 17th March to be held at The Royal British Legion, teams of up to 6 per table £5.00 per person which includes supper - for tickets see below for contact numbers. As our Libourne visitors will be here in Keynsham during the Keynsham Music Festival we shall be hosting a dance with Thornburg Swing Band who play swing jazz instrumental and vocal numbers from the 1930’s right up to modern times, tickets will be available very soon. If you would like to know more about our 40 year old Keynsham & District Twinning Association – contact Carole 0117 9865350 carole.duckett@caduce.plus.com Viv 01179 865577 vivseward@btinternet.com Anne annecmay@yahoo.co.uk We would love to welcome new members to Keynsham & District Twinning Association.

Carole Duckett



KEYNSHAM CLOCKTOWER BOOK The Keynsham Clocktower Book tells the story of the town’s history through a patchwork of pictures on each of the 3 panels. Each panel has an iconic image at its base and a myriad of smaller images that reflect the history of Keynsham to the current day. A very high quality colourful and informative book about the Clocktower has now been produced by the Keynsham Arts Advisory Group and published by B&NES, which shows the pictures in detail, together with associated explanations of the town’s history.

All makes and models of washing machines, cookers, cooker connections, dishwashers, tumble dryers, hobs and fridge freezers. Quotations for new equipment with installation and removal service included free of charge, please call for further information.

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This is a delightful publication for both Residents and Visitors alike and a great souvenir of Keynsham. The book is available to purchase for the price of £3.00 from Keynsham Town Council Offices at 15-17 Temple Street Keynsham BS31 1HF. For further information please visit the Town Council’s website www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk or contact: Dr Cheryl Scott, Town Clerk at Keynsham Town Council, 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1HF, telephone 0117 9868683 or e-mail: townclerk@ keynsham-tc.gov.uk


Grants are offered to help voluntary, charity or public sector groups

working for the benefit of Keynsham residents are

forms can be picked up from the Town Council office at 15-17 Temple St, Keynsham or downloaded from the website: www.keynshamtc.gov.uk Tel: 0117 9868683




This is how the weekly amount of ÂŁ1.64 is spent Administration

Office running costs, staffing, training, IT, heath & safety, audits, quarterly newsletters, publications.

Outdoor Costs Staffing, council vans, workshop, maintenance of play areas, bin emptying, skateboard park, bus shelters, benches, noticeboards.

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) The NDP is a Town Council & Community Plan which will guide the future growth & development of Keynsham.

Capital Projects Play area resurfacing, play area replacement equipment in 8 play areas, Cemetery & Chapel

Youth Provision

Keynsham Youth Service including the running of the TimeOut youth facility, projects and detached youth work.

Sports Facilities

Five football pitches at Manor Road, tennis courts/5-a-side courts and netball courts at Keynsham Memorial Park.


Over 30 groups received grants in 2016/17. See our website if you wish to apply for 2017/18 www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk

Keynsham Cemetery

The Town Council is the Burial Authority for Keynsham Cemetery and maintains the Grade II listed Chapel. The Cemetery is a peaceful and attractive resting place to serve Keynsham residents.

New Cremated Remains Area, Keynsham Cemetery

Keynsham Music Festival

Sunday, 2nd July 2017 www.keynshammusicfestival.co.uk

Other Activities & Services

Bandstand Events (see our website for 2017 Bandstand dates) and Community Networking.

Keynsham Winter Festival/Christmas Lights Switch On Friday, 24th November 2017



2017/2018 BUDGET

2017/2018 BUDGET

n (NDP)

ommuure ham.





r s

























To be met from


Town Council Income




Precept Grant from B&NES TOTAL

501,100 18,100 661,090






eynsham in Bloom Committee members have organised a number of activities and are on the look out for budding young artists and gardeners.


Our first competition of the year, we will be inviting children from our local primary and junior schools to enter our annual children’s colouring competition. The combined entry form and colouring poster can be collected from The Town Council Office, 15-17 Temple Street. We will also be delivering entry forms to our local schools. Closing date for entries is Friday 28th April, children are being asked to colour in a seaside poster theme. Prizes will be awarded at the annual Scout Plant sale at their Headquarters on Saturday May 13th, where Keynsham in Bloom volunteers will have their display stand. This will be a great opportunity for anyone wishing to get involved with our activities to come along and chat with our volunteers.


Budding young Landscape Designers are being invited to take part in our ‘Garden in a Container’ Growing Competition. We are encouraging children to have a go at creating their own mini garden in a seed tray. Just take a photo of your finished garden and send it to Dawn Drury, Keynsham in Bloom Community Group, c/o 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham BS31 1HF.


This competition is co-ordinated by South West in Bloom and is open to young artists up to 16 years of age. The theme for this year’s competition is ‘My Favourite Season’. The closing date for entries is Friday 7th July. Keynsham in Bloom Committee will select a winner from each age category, which will then be sent off to South West in Bloom where a category winner will be selected from the whole of the South West Region and announced at the their regional awards in October. However, each Keynsham category winner and runner up will receive a prize from Keynsham in Bloom, which will be presented along with the winners and runners up from the Garden in a Container Competition at the September Keynsham Farmers’ Market event.


Local Residents, Business Premises, Community Groups, Places of Worship and Schools/Young Peoples Organisations are being invited to enter our 2017 Keynsham in Bloom Competition. Entries close on 23rd June and will be judged over 2 days on 27th and 28th July. Schools judging will take place on Thursday 13th July.


Don’t forget you can still get involved in our exciting new project for 2017. We are still looking out for sponsors and individuals who would like to display a floral bike along the Bike Trail. Further information and entry forms are available at Keynsham Town Council, 15 - 17 Temple Street, Keynsham, BS31 1HF.


Keynsham in Bloom volunteers were saddened to hear of the sudden loss of one of our longest serving Bloom volunteers. Our very dear friend Gill Hellier passed away in January and will be greatly missed by us all. Gill was an inspiration to us and a dedicated Bloom volunteer and involved in the initial conception of Keynsham in Bloom. One of Gill’s great pleasures was judging and presenting our children’s competition winners. We would like to think that Gill would have been particularly thrilled to see our entries in this year’s competition. We have approached Gill’s family and asked that we dedicate a new Bloom award in memory of Gill, which will be presented at our awards ceremony in October.

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www. graftonjones.co.uk


Specialist Bathroom Improvements You Can Trust

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8 - 9TH APRIL 2017 T

he ancient market town of Keynsham, situated between Bristol and Bath, is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and is sited at the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Chew. The Memorial Park, which is the start point of many of the walks, has won many awards, and is situated between the High Street and the River Chew. It is very popular with families, Band Concerts are held there during the Summer, and the famous Keynsham Music Festival during the first week of July.

Sponsored by


After our successful inaugural festival in 2016, we decided to continue with another this year on similar lines. The Keynsham Walkers are Welcome Group, who have been in existence for 3 years, organise the event, spread over 2 days with 9 walks and a family finale in the park on Sunday afternoon. There are an assortment of walks, some themed, to suit all tastes and abilities, some where children and dogs allowed. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time in our lovely town.

SOCIAL EVENT SAT 8TH APRIL 7.30PM IN THE SCOUT HALL Ruth Coleman will talk about The River Avon Cost £6 per ticket to include drink on arrival and finger buffet. Booking required! Tickets available from 1st March from Keynsham Town Council, 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham. www.e-voice.org.uk/keynshamwalkersarewelcome Email: wrwkeynsham@outlook.com

Part of the Keynsham Walking Festival

GENERAL INFORMATION • There are several car parks around the Memorial Park, and numerous eateries within a short distance • All walks will start on time and walking distances are approximate • All walkers must wear suitable walking attire, and where appropriate children and dogs must be capable of completing the walks SMALL PRINT Booking Arrangements Bookings open on March 1st Visit the Keynsham Town Council at 15-17 Temple Stree, Keynsham Bristol BS31 1 HF 01179 868683 wrwkeynsham@outlook.com www.e-voice.org.uk/keynshamwalkersarewelcome



THE SECOND WALKING FESTIVAL SATURDAY 8TH APRIL Walk No 1 9.30am start We start the festival with a 6 mile circular walk around Willsbridge, Bitton and Swineford, finishing back in Keynsham at 12.30pm. Difficulty 2. Adults only. Starting from Bath Hill East car park - fairly flat. WALK ORGANISED BY SALTFORD WALKERS Walk No 2 NORDIC WALK 10.30am start For the first time we feature a Nordic Walk of about 1.5 miles around the Memorial Park. Don’t forget your poles!. Finishing at 11.30am. Difficulty 1. Adults only. Starting at the Memorial Park Cafe - fairly flat. WALK LED BY ALISON JORDAN AN EXPERIENCED NORDIC WALKER. Walk No 3 NATURE WALK 11.00am start Once again we are privileged to have Dave Sage lead this walk of 4 miles. Dave, an expert naturalist, will point out all things nature on this amble around the countryside, which should finish at 1.30pm. Difficulty 2. Children and dogs welcome. Start at the Memorial Park Café. Hilly in places. WALK ORGANISED BY AVON WILDLIFE TRUST. Walk No 4 BEGINNERS TASTER WALK 11.30am start Free entry A new departure for us, with a walk for beginners or those that like a short leisurely stroll. About 1.5 miles long. We should finish at 1pm. Difficulty 1. Children and dogs welcome. Starting at the Memorial Park Café - one short hill otherwise very flat. Walk Lead by Dawn Drury. WALK ORGANISED BY KEYNSHAM WALKERS ARE WELCOME.

Walk No 5 HISTORY WALK 12.00pm start By far our most popular walk last year, we are pleased that local Historian Richard Dyson has offered to lead a walk again this year, which will be a circular one of 5 miles taking in Cleeve Woods and Willsbridge Mill. Pointing out points of historical interest. We should finish at 3pm. Difficulty 2. Children and dogs welcome. Starting at the Memorial Park Café - hilly in places. WALK ORGANISED BY SALTFORD AND KEYNSHAM LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY.

SUNDAY 9TH APRIL Walk No 6 9.30am start The Somerdale Ramblers are joining us again this year with a 6 mile circular walk via Stockwood Vale, Queen Charlton, Woollard Hill and Chewton Keynsham, with about a 1pm finish. Difficulty 3. Adults only. Starting at the Station Car Park on Park Road. Hilly in places. WALK ORGANISED BY THE SOMERDALE RAMBLERS. Walk No 7 10.00am start The toughest walk in this years’ festival, we shall be heading to Burnett Woods on a semicircular 5 mile walk, returning back to the park by approximately 1pm. Difficulty 4. Children and dogs welcome. Starting at the Memorial Park Café - very hilly in places, some rough paths. Walk lead by Dawn Drury. WALK ORGANISED BY KEYNSHAM WALKERS ARE WELCOME.



8 - 9TH APRIL 2017


Walk No 8 NORDIC WALK 10.30am start For those Nordic walkers who couldn’t make the Saturday walk, we are repeating the 1.5 mile level walk around the park. Don’t forget your poles! Difficulty 1. Adults only. Starting at the Memorial Park Café fairly flat. WALK LED BY ALISON JORDAN


Walk No 9 BEGINNERS TASTER WALK 11.00am start Free entry Giving our new walkers and strollers a chance to have another go, we are repeating the walk of yesterday, but in reverse order. About 1.5 mile stroll around the park and Albert Mill, finishing at 12.30pm. Difficulty 1. Children and dogs welcome. Starting at the Memorial Park Café - one short hill otherwise very flat. Walk lead by Jane Humphrys. WALK ORGANISED BY KEYNSHAM WALKERS ARE WELCOME.

Walks can be amended or cancelled without prior notice.

FESTIVAL FINALE FAMILY EVENT IN THE MEMORIAL PARK SUNDAY 9TH APRIL 1.30PM Family Nature Treasure Hunt PRIZES! (Entry fee 50p per child) ‘Frozen’ Princesses Face Painting Balloons Great fun for all the family

Part of the Keynsham Walking Festival

Entrance fee per person per walk - £3 in advance £4 on the day - children under 12 free ( except the Family Treasure Hunt - fee 50p per child for the treasure hunt) payable at the Town Council Offices. The Beginners Taster walks No 4 and No 9 on the Saturday and Sunday are free. Booking fees are non refundable.

Children and dogs where allowed must be kept under control at all times. The Walk Leader is in charge at all times, and their decision is final. Each walker must be capable of completing the walk, and they will be held responsible for their fitness to partake, and do so at their own risk. Every attempt is made to comply with all regulations, and the Organising Group and Sponsors accept no liability for any loss, accident or injury incurred by any persons during the Festival. All walkers agree to these conditions when making the booking.








2nd April

Keynsham Light Opera Group


30th April

Keynsham Brass Band


7th May

Dodington Parish Band


14th May

Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver Band


Wotton Silver Band


Phoenix Keynsham Youth Theatre


Church Community & Family Event


Festival of Nature - Park Event

11.00am - 5.00pm

City of Bristol Brass Band


Keynsham Brass Band


Music Festival


Music Festival


Marshfield Band


9th July

Paulton Parish Band


16th July

Salvation Army Hymns in the Park


23rd July

Bristol East & Kingswood Band


Clevedon Brass Band


30th July

Bath Spa Band


6th August

RAF Association Band


20th May 4th June 10th June 18th June 24th June 25th June 1st July 2nd July 8th July

29th July

13th August

Redland Wind Band


Bristol Fashion Chorus


20th August

Moody Will & The Roll and Stevie Nicole Brown


27th August

Oldland Brass


3rd Sept

Bath Vintage Brass


19th August

10th Sept 23rd Sept 1st Oct

Loud Word—Story Telling and Craft Making


The Summerhouse Band


Keynsham Light Opera Group


For further information contact Keynsham Town Council on 0117 9868683 or email deputytownclerk@keynsham-tc.gov.uk





For booking & further information

Telephone 0117 9868683

4 Week HEALTHY BODY Challenge From a size 18 to a size 8!

REGISTER NOW! Classes start May 1st 6:15pm

ÂŁ39 per person Mondays & Wednesdays

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Broadlands School, Keynsham

Hello my name is Cassy, I am a Health Coach and I’ve recently moved to Keynsham from Bath. I used to be overweight, had no energy and had many health challenges. I used to skip breakfast, then eat late at night, grab sugary snacks on the go, never understanding that my eating patterns were the cause of the way I felt. I blamed lack of time for not exercising either. In 2011 I joined a local Weight Loss Challenge, which taught me what my body needs daily and how to achieve it in the right balance. It started as weight loss but transpired into a whole lifestyle change. My coach gave me her full support and motivation, not only to lose 40lbs in weight and drop 4 dress sizes, but also to maintain my new healthy, active lifestyle, which is the biggest challenge for many. This has inspired me, so I trained to become a Health Coach and help my community get healthier through education, nutrition and exercise. I believe many people struggle with this balance and my 4 Week Healthy Body Challenge is a great place to get started! It is designed to inspire, motivate, educate and support those ready to make changes to their lifestyle. Contact me to get started! If you surround yourself with people on the same mission, you are more likely to get to your goals.



COMMUNITY NETWORKING Keynsham Town Council will be holding another Community Networking Event in June. This is an open event for members of the public to come along and find out about local clubs, sporting groups and voluntary organisations that are available to the community. For further information contact Dawn Drury, Deputy Town Clerk on 0117 9868683 or email deputytownclerk@keynsham-tc.gov.uk.



CHAIRMAN’S COMMUNITY AWARDS 2016/17 WINNERS ANNOUNCED The Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council, Councillor Alan Hale, announced the winners of his Community Awards at a celebration event on Thursday 9th February 2017 in the Banqueting Room at the Guildhall. 108 nominations for the awards were received, which recognised volunteers, community leaders, community organisations, carers and local businesses. The Awards were organised in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Bath and beyond; social housing provider Curo; the Student Community Partnership, involving the University of Bath and Bath Spa University students unions; and Sirona care & health.

Unit 16, The Pavilion, Brookleaze, Stockwood Vale, Keynsham Bristol BS31 2AL

Exclusive Beautiful New Memorials. Traditional and Modern Styles, Renovations, Vases and Keynsham Cremation plaques • Interest free easy payment plans available • Tel: 0117 9864531 Email: classicmemorials@yahoo.co.uk


A full list of the winners can be found at www.bathnes.gov.uk. Find out more about Mandy’s Kitchen https://www.facebook.com/ Community67


Mandy’s Kitchen, a volunteer team from Community@67 in Keynsham received a Highly

Commended Award for their Friday lunch club. They were nominated by Martin Burton, who said “The idea has grown into a full blow lunch club catering for up to 30 people every Friday. The outcomes have been far more widespread than simply putting on a meal. It has created a warm, welcoming, fun, environment for the community to participate in. There is the core team, preparing and cooking the food but then an army of “cleaning angels”, step in to clean up after. The place has an amazing buzz and people who had been isolated now help out and volunteer”.




WHAT’S ON MARCH 21st - Town Council meeting at the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham, commencing at 7.30pm.

APRIL 2nd - Mammal Walk with Avon Wildlife Trust. Mammal expert Gill Brown will show us the habitats and signs of these elusive little mammals around Towerhouse Wood, and hopefully signs of otters along the River Yeo. For further information and booking, please call Liz on 0117 9099667. 2nd - Cheeki Monkeys BIG Baby & Children’s Market 10:00–12:00. Pop-up Baby & Children’s Market Event. www.cheekimonkeys.co.uk Keynsham Masonic Hall, Bath Road. 2nd - Keynsham Light Opera Group at The Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park 2.30 - 4pm. 3rd - Planning and Development Committee meeting at the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham, commencing at 7.30pm. 6th - Mustang - Cert 15. Keynsham Film Works. Doors open at 7.15 for a 7.45 start. We can get quite busy and (so far) seats are on a first come first served basis, there’s no booking in advance it’s simply pay on the door (£5). 7th - Horse Stingers and Darning Needles with Ray Barnett. A talk about the biology and folklore of dragonflies and a summary of the species, which can be found in the region around Bristol and Bath. Wellsway School, Keynsham 7pm.

8th - Keynsham Farmers Market held in Market Walk, Keynsham from 9am. 8th to 9th - Walkers are Welcome Second Festival. See centre pages for more details. 8th - Family Nerf Gun Fun & Dodgeball coming back to Keynsham Leisure Centre, Bristol. 2-4pm. Keynsham Leisure Centre. 22nd - Ladies Pamper Evening. Come and be pampered whilst knowing you’re helping poor children in Romania - it’s a win win situation! Entrance fee £5 (including free drink, free canapé, free goodie bag, etc). Lots on offer in our craft fair too! 5.30 -9.30pm, Keynsham Elim Church, Balmoral Road, Keynsham. 23rd - Black Sheep Harmony at The Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park 2.30pm - 3.30pm. 24th - Planning and Development Committee meeting at the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham, commencing at 7.30pm. 25th - Town Council meeting at the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham, commencing at 7.30pm. 25th to 29th - “9 to 5 The Musical” Keynsham Light Opera Group at Broadlands Academy at 7.30pm (Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm). Contact Tracey on 07580 259757 or email klogs@hotmail.co.uk for tickets. www.klogs.co.uk for more information and online booking. 27th - ANNUAL TOWN MEETING at 7.30pm in The Space, Market Walk, ALL KEYNSHAM RESIDENTS WELCOME. Guest speakers: Deb Cooper, Keynsham Neighbourhood Development Plan. Nick Birt, Keynsham Youth Service. Plus the presentation of the Keynsham Good Citizen Awards 2016. An agenda for the meeting will be available from the Town Council office or on the website www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk and from Keynsham Library. 29th - The Bath Pump Room Trio in Concert at The Space Theatre.Just their seventh performance outside the Pump Room in 30 years! The Space,



Keynsham. Tickets £14 and £12. Keynshamtickets. cloudvenue.co.uk

7th - Dodington Parish Band at The Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park 3pm - 5pm.

30th - Keynsham Brass Band at The Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park 3pm - 4.50pm.

12th - Frys Rock and Roll Club. Fifties Rock N roll Jive night with DJ. 8 -11.30pm British Legion, Castle Street, Keynsham.

30th - Summerhouse Band. Keynsham and Saltford Liberal Democrats present: The Summerhouse Band featuring Helen James and Paul Barclay. 7.30pm. Tickets: £5 and £3. The Avon Room, Saltford Hall, BS31 3BY.

MAY 4th - Bridge of Spies - Cert 12A. Keynsham Film Works. Doors open at 7.15 for a 7.45 start. We can get quite busy and (so far) seats are on a first come first served basis, there’s no booking in advance it’s simply pay on the door (£5).

13th - Keynsham Farmers Market held in Market Walk, Keynsham from 9am. 14th - Midsomer Norton & Silver Brass Band at The Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park 3pm -5pm. 16th - Town Council meeting at the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham, commencing at 7.30pm. 20th - Wooton Silver Band at The Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park. 3pm -5pm. 20th - Grand Spring Plant Fair 10am - 4pm. The annual spring plant fair will be held at the Fear Institute, Keynsham. In aid of Rotary charities. 22nd - Planning and Development Committee meeting at the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham, commencing at 7.30pm.

• Denture repairs while you wait • Free consultation • New dentures direct to the public • New flexible dentures Jaime Brain Dip CDT RCS (Eng)

01179 679 202


341 Two Mile Hill Road Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1AN

26th - Brothers MRC are once again hosting a 2017 rally, a weekend of beer music and fun, with stalls and camping. Join us for a weekend of chilling and fun. Keynsham Rugby Football Club, Crown Field, Bristol Road.

INTERESTED IN ADVERTISING? Please contact Theresa on: 01761 410141




FARMERS MARKET A very popular and well supported market with a huge variety of traders ranging from traditional to artisan. The market runs on the second Saturday of each month. Located in the large town of Keynsham between Bristol and Bath, the market contains about 20 regular traders offering a wide range of local products. The market also offers space for local community groups and welcomes musicians, bands and performing arts group to entertain you as you browse and shop. Location: Market Walk, the pedestrianised centre of the new town centre development next to the High Street, BS31 1FS.


DATES FOR 2017: 8th April 2017

13th May 2017

10th June 2017

8th July 2017

12th August 2017

9th September 2017

14th October 2017

11th November 2017

9th December 2017

Times: 9am-1pm

Parking/transport: there is a selection of signposted car parks close to the market. Local buses stop close by.



Unit 1a, Old Coach House, Bath Rd, Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 6DL

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MEET THE TEAM JASON SWEET Position: Senior Grounds Maintenance Q. Do you live in Keynsham? A. No, I live in Kingswood. Q. What is your experience as a Grounds Maintenance Worker? A. I have worked in the grounds maintenance industry for over twenty two years, working for South Gloucestershire Council. Q: What do you think you will enjoy working for the Council? A: I enjoy the fact that the grounds team work closely together and have a broad knowledge between them.

Clarkson’s Independent Funeral Directors Ltd 01225 873535

489b Bath Road, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3BA

Whether your need is immediate, or you wish to plan for the future, for a truly personal and caring service, call us day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year... Perfect Choice pre-paid plans available.

www.clarksonsfuneraldirectors.co.uk contact@clarksonsfuneralďŹ rectors.com

Q: Away from work what are your hobbies/ interests? A: I enjoy gardening and love the countryside, attending as many country fairs as possible. I also enjoy carving walking sticks that I harvest from the wild. Q: What do you think are the best things about Keynsham? A: There is a real community spirit among the residents of Keynsham. Everyone I have met are really friendly including residents and the rest of the staff. The lack of litter has also impressed me.





eynsham Town Council became the Burial Authority for Keynsham Cemetery in 1996 taking it over from the former Wansdyke District Council. The Cemetery is situated in Bristol Road, Durley Hill, Keynsham and is a peaceful and attractive resting place to serve the residents of Keynsham. The Town Council aim to offer a sympathetic service to the bereaved and deal with enquiries from the public, funeral directors and monumental masons. The layout is designed to offer a range of interment choices such as lawn plots, traditional (kerb) plots, coffin burials, caskets of ashes and scattering of ashes in the Garden of Remembrance. A new Memorial Garden was established in Spring 2015 which provides approximately 80 casket plots (2 caskets per plot) which is proving to be very popular with bereaved familes. A polished black or dark grey desk tablet which can include one flower holder can be purchased from a Memorial Mason and placed on the plot. There is a listed building Chapel available to hire for services. The Cemetery is open to the public weekdays and weekends. An attendant is usually on duty Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm and 4.00pm on Fridays. Registers of grave spaces and burials and a plan of

the Cemetery are available to view at the office of the Town Council 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1HF. For further information contact the Town Council office on 0117-9868683 or visit the Town Council website: www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk

SAFETY TESTING OF HEADSTONES Annual safety testing of headstones takes place at the Cemetery during March/April and testing conforms to nationally agreed standards and is in line with the Faculty issued by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Newly erected memorials and existing headstones will be tested. The testing involves a visual inspection, followed by a trained member of staff standing at one side of the headstone and placing a hand on top of the stone, applying a firm (not severe) pressure to ensure the headstone is safe. Anyone who has any queries or concerns regarding the procedure or wish to be present when their memorial is tested please contact the Town Council office – 0117 9868683.



imeOut is now open 4 evenings per week and offers a variety of activities for young people, from Open Access to specific sessions. In addition to the centre sessions we have just started a pilot Outreach/Detached project in the Keynsham South Ward. We will be engaging with young people, who do not use facilities in Keynsham to identify their needs and to gather evidence for our application to run an Outreach/ Detached project in Keynsham. The project night has been successful, focusing until March 31st, on young people’s sexual health and has been very popular and informative for the young people who have attended. TimeOut is a registered C Card centre and staff have been trained to offer information and advice on sexual health.


CURRENT OPENING TIMES: Monday 18.30 – 21.00 ‘ Cookability’ 13 – 19 yrs ASDAN accredited short course ‘Foodwise’ developed to give young people practical experience of cooking, but also looks at Budgeting, Food Industry, Presentation/ Preparation/ Practical Skills. All completed through a 60 hour ASDAN short course and then accredited. Limited to 12 young people and would need to commit to gain the award. Tuesday 19.00 – 21.30 Open Access to 13 – 19 yrs. Usual facilities of the Youth Centre, when Wi Fi is connected will have IT access via 4 PC’s to include animation facilities, Music Studio, Arts and Crafts, Movie Nights, Gaming area, Cookery. Wednesday 19.00 - 21.00 Project Night 13 – 19 yrs. Topics decided by young people, currently Young People’s Sexual Health until 31.03.17. Limited to 14 young people.

Cooking has always been popular at TimeOut, so we have a dedicated session on Monday’s which is focused on food, cooking, food industry, healthy eating, etc and is accredited through ASDAN. This has also been popular, in particular each weeks mystery cook.

Thursday 19.00 – 21.30 Open Access to 13 – 19 yrs. Usual facilities of the Youth Centre, when Wi Fi is connected will have IT access via 4 PC’s to include animation facilities, Music Studio, Arts and Crafts, Movie Nights, Gaming area, Cookery.

The Music Studio is nearly completed and will then be integrated into our open access sessions and over time developed into another dedicated project as well as community based resource.

Friday 18.00 – 20.30 Detached/Outreach pilot project in Keynsham South Ward until 31 March.

AGL DRIVEWAYS TARMAC & BLOCK PAVING SPECIALISTS Family run business for over 50 years All work guaranteed Free estimates

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THINGS TO DO MONDAY Keynsham Duke of Edinburgh’s open award centre meet at Fry’s Club every Monday during term time from 7.30pm to 9pm for 14 to 25 year olds to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award. For more information email Cathryn_bartrum@ blueyonder.co.uk. Keynsham’s community singing group meet every Monday between 7.15pm to 9.30pm at St Dunstan’s Church Hall, Bristol Road. Contact Roy on 0117 949 8587 for more information. Free community play sessions are being held on Mondays in Downfield Park, Cleeve Grove, Keynsham between 3.30pm and 6pm. The sessions are arranged by Wansdyke Play Association. For more information, contact admin@wpg-play.com.

Keynsham Elim Church Toddler group at 9.30am. Youth Group meets on a Monday night and is open to all young people in school year 8 and above. From 7pm to 9pm at St John’s Youth and Community Centre. Beginners Pilates 6.05 - 6.50pm at Broadlands Academy, St Francis Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2DY (term time only). Car park available. Beginners Hatha Yoga 6.55 - 7.55pm at Broadlands Academy, St Francis Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2DY (term time only). Car park available. Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 6.30am to 12pm and 1pm to 7pm. Pilates and Integral Health Yoga at Broadlands Academy, Keynsham. Pilates 6 - 6.45pm and Yoga 6.55 to 7.55pm. For information call 07789 880415. TimeOut Monday 18.30 – 21.00 ‘Cookability’ 13 – 19yrs ASDAN accredited short course ‘Foodwise’ developed to give YP practical experience of cooking, but also looks at Budgeting, Food Industry, Presentation/Preparation/ Practical Skills. All completed through a 60 hour ASDAN short course and then accredited. Limited to 12 YP and would need to commit to gain the award.

ChoirJam pop choir meets on Mondays 7.30 – 9pm at Somerdale Pavilion, Cross Rd, Keynsham BS31 2FW. Singing everything from Fleetwood Mac to Adele and having a lot of fun doing it! Adults of all ages are welcome to join. A friendly bunch and there’s no audition or experience necessary – you just need to be enthusiastic and to love singing. To book a free taster session contact Emma Hutchinson 07793 983040, emma@choirjam.co.uk or visit www.choirjam.co.uk.


Baby Massage at Keynsham Children’s centre. For more information please contact 01225 395400.

St Keyna Townswomens Guild meet every second Tuesday of the month between 9.45 am and 11.45 am in the Fear Hall, High Street, Keynsham. There are always lots of interesting speakers covering wide ranging subjects. Sub groups meet on other days and these include Art, Books, Outings,

Babies Group from 11.00am-12.30pm. For mums and dads with babies up to 18 months. Pregnant women and partners welcome at Keynsham Children’s Centre.

Open Access at TimeOut for 13 – 19 yrs from 7pm to 9.30pm. Usual facilities of a Youth Centre, when Wi Fi is connected will have IT access via 4 PC’s to include animation facilities, Music Studio, Arts and Crafts, Movie Nights, Gaming area, Cooking. TimeOut building 16 Bath Hill. Contact 0117 9868 683 for more information.


Skittles, Walkers, Scrabble and many more. It is most enjoyable way to make new friends or embark on a new hobby so do come along to our next meeting - enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and you will be made most welcome. Keynsham Old Time Dance Club meet at The Fear Hall High Street, Keynsham (Sept – May). 7.30pm to 10pm. Professional Teachers; easy friendly social atmosphere. Visitors and New Members welcome. Further details on 0117 986 4014. The Fry Club joggers meet every Tuesday at 7pm in the entrance foyer to the club. For more information contact 0117 986 4785.


from Fleetwood Mac to Adele and having a lot of fun doing it! Adults of all ages are welcome to join. A friendly bunch and there’s no audition or experience necessary – you just need to be enthusiastic and to love singing. To book a free taster session contact Emma Hutchinson 07793 983040, emma@choirjam.co.uk or visit www.choirjam.co.uk. Holy Communion at Keynsham Baptist Church every third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 6.30am to 8pm.

Early Support Stay & Play Sessions from 9.30am11.15am on 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month. Contact Keynsham Children’s Centre 01225 395400.

Keynsham Walking Football Club 10 - 11am at Keynsham FC on 3G pitch for over 65’s. Just turn up and play. For more details contact Martin on 07754 543719 or martincoles@blueyonder.co.uk.

ChoirJam pop choir meets on Tuesdays 7.30 – 9pm at the Fear Hall in the High St. Singing everything


Friendly and Highly Knowledgeable Staff

*subject to availability






Project Night at TimeOut, project based session aimed at developing young people’s life skills. 7pm to 9pm every week for 13 – 19yrs. Topics decided by young people, currently Young People’s Sexual Health until 31.03.17. Limited to 14 young people. TimeOut building 16 Bath Hill.

Open Access at TimeOut for 13 – 19 yrs from 7pm to 9.30pm. Usual facilities of a Youth Centre, when Wi Fi is connected will have IT access via 4 PC’s to include animation facilities, Music Studio, Arts and Crafts, Movie Nights, Gaming area, Cooking. TimeOut building 16 Bath Hill. Contact 0117 9868 683 for more information.

Keynsham Photographic Society meets weekly between September and April, upstairs in The Fear Hall, 7.30pm. For more information visit www.keynshamphotograhicsociety.co.uk Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 6.30am to 4pm. ChoirJam pop choir meets on Wednesday mornings 11am – 12.30pm at the Fear Hall in the High St. Singing everything from Fleetwood Mac to Adele and having a lot of fun doing it! Adults of all ages are welcome to join. A friendly bunch and there’s no audition or experience necessary – you just need to be enthusiastic and to love singing. To book a free taster session contact Emma Hutchinson 07793 983040, emma@choirjam.co.uk or visit www.choirjam.co.uk. Speech & Language Toddler Time 10am-12noon (referrals only). Telephone 01225 831752 or speak to your health visitor. Maths@67 runs every Wednesday in term time from 4pm to 5pm for children in years 5 and 6. For more information contact community@67 on 0117 9863961. Keynsham Elim Church Toddler group at 9.30am. Circuits at Keynsham Sports Centre from 6.35pm to 7.30pm. The Keynsham Good Afternoon Choir meets every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm - 4pm at Keynsham Methodist Church. There is NO charge for attending your first rehearsal and there are no auditions. Everyone is welcome. Bath musicman Grenville Jones is the conductor and Sandie Middleton is the accompanist.

ASP Poetry Circle meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at Meeting Room 1 or reception, Broadlands School, Keynsham from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. For more info go to www.totallymaracas. btck.co.uk/ASPPoets. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT MEET IN AUGUST. Stay and Play (for 0-5 years) from 9.30am to 11.00am at Keynsham Children’s Centre. Play and development opportunities for parents and children to meet and have fun. Keynsham Film Works meet on the first Thursday of every month (except in July and August) at The Community Space, Civic Centre, Market Walk, Keynsham at 7.45pm. Keynsham Elim Church Toddler group at 9.30am. Yoga class at Saltford Hall, Wedmore Road (some experience is beneficial) 6.15pm to 7.45pm call 01761 472616. Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 6.30am TO 11.15am and 12.15pm TO 7pm Aqua Aerobics at Keynsham Sports centre from 10.30am TO 11.15am and 7pm TO 7.45pm. Slimming World Classes at Keynsham Baptist Church, High street at 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Call Kelly for more information on 07795 951137. Integral Hatha Yoga suitable for beginners at Saint Francis Hall, Warwick road, Keynsham from 6-6.45pm and 7-8.30pm. Call 07789 880415 for more details.


Childminding Group from 9.30am - 11.30am at Keynsham Children’s Centre. Contact Sarah Allum on 01225 396071 or 07530 233002. Beginners Hatha Yoga 6 - 6.45pm at Saint Francis Hall, Warwick Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2PW. Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness 7 - 8.30pm at Saint Francis Hall, Warwick Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2PW. Wellsway Short Mat Bowling Club meet at the Scout Hut, Ashton Way, Keynsham from 1.15pm to 4.15pm. New members are welcome. For more information contact Dave Sawyer on 01225 872780.

FRIDAY Parent Support Group from 9.30am-11.30am, Term Time Only Drop in group for parents/carers, get support, meet other parents and learn practical tips. A creche is available for 0-5 year olds. Places must be booked in advance, at Keynsham Children’s Centre.


Mass at St Dunstan’s Catholic Church at 6pm. Keynsham Town’s under 13’s football team train every Saturday between 10am and 12noon. Contact Darren on 07904 036483 for more information. Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 8.00am to 2.45pm. Zumba exercise class at The River Suite from 8.55am to 9.45am. Pay and Play badminton at Keynsham Sports Centre from 5pm to 7pm. Yoga Hatha at the River Suite from 11am for 60 mins. Yoga at The River Suite from 11am to 12pm.

SUNDAY Inflatable play in the Swimming pool at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 3.45pm to 4.45pm.

Keynsham Elim Church Toddler group at 9.30am.

Mass at St Dunstan’s Catholic Church at 10.30am.

Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 6.30am to 7pm.

Holy communion/morning prayer at St John the Baptist Church at 9.30am.

Zumba at the River Suite from 6.40pm every week for 50 minutes.

Open door service at St John the Baptist Church at 11.15am.

Keynsham Walking Football Club 10 - 11am at Keynsham FC on 3G pitch. Just turn up and play. For more details contact Martin on 07754 543719 or martincoles@blueyonder.co.uk.

Holy Communion at Keynsham Baptist Church at 10.30am on the first Sunday of each month.

SATURDAY Anyone who would like to grow vegetables and wants to meet other like-minded people, come along to the community plot from 10.30 a.m. the first Saturday of the month. You will find us behind the care in the Memorial Park. The plot is for anyone in the community with an interest in ‘Grow your Own to Share”. For details call Aileen 0785 414 9008.

Sunday morning service at Keynsham Methodist Church at 10am. Keynsham Parish Players are looking for new members to join their happy band, both on and backstage. Rehearsals take place in the Parish Hall every Sunday afternoon and often during the week, to join call 0117 986 3354. Public swimming at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 8.00am to 11.30am and 12.30pm to 6pm.. Aqua aerobics at Keynsham Leisure Centre from 7pm TO 7.45pm.

Keynsham & District Mencap Society

Keynsham & District Mencap Society

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR MEMBERS HOLIDAYS nshamProviding & District Mencap Society Keynsham Districtand Mencap social and leisure opportunities for& children adults Society We are currently looking for volunteers that can help on the annual holidays for

g social and leisure opportunities for children and adults Providing social and leisure opportunities for children and adults with18+ learning 18+disabilities. Club Members. Club is adisabilities. social club for adults with learning disabilities. withour learning with learning disabilities.

During the you will be supporting the Members to join in with day trips to We are looking forholiday more volunteers to join our local attractions and to socialise with peer group, whilst providing support and fun and friendly team, to help us provide weekly social clubs, sports and fitness sessions,general special supervision. events,During day trips, trips holidays. theresidential day we are alland/or together in a big group and you will be working in a team with Have otheravolunteers, with guidance and support from the group leader. look at th www.keynshammencap.org.uk We have a away 9 – 16th July and a week away 3rd – 10th September. follow us on Facebook or The holidays are much anticipated and loved by our Members, and the volunteer on Twitter @keynsham_mencap team has a great time too! The holidays are great fun and a really rewarding For more information contact experience.

Laura Jefferies 0117 986 5659 All the volunteer costs and expenses are covered. laura@keynshammencap.org.uk

If you cannot commit to a full week July or but could a week let us ooking for more volunteers to join our fun and friendly team, We areinlooking for Sept more volunteers to do joinhalf our fun and friendly team know; able to with someone else midweek. us provide weekly social clubs, sportswe andmight fitness be sessions, to swap help us you provide weekly social clubs, sports and fitness sessions, cial events, day trips, residential trips and/or holidays. special events, day trips, residential trips and/or holidays. Get in touch for more information or to arrange a visit to the 18+ Club to meet

Have aeveryone. look at www.keynshammencap.org.uk, follow us on Facebook ok at www.keynshammencap.org.uk, follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @keynsham_mencap. or on Twitter @keynsham_mencap.

Contact 0117 9865659 / 07792 722471 / laura@keynshammencap.org.uk /

For more information contact Laura Jefferies 0117 986 5659 more information contact Laura Jefferies 0117 986 www.keynshammencap.org.uk 5659 We are looking for more volunteers to join ourlaura@keynshammencap.org.uk fun and friendly team, laura@keynshammencap.org.uk


to help us provide weekly social clubs, sports and fitness sessions, Providing home care services to adults in South Gloucestershire special events, day trips, residential trips and/or holidays.

(Hanham, Kingswood etc.)

Have a look at www.keynshammencap.org.uk, follow us on Facebook Stepping Stones or To on Independence is one of the largest, locally based Twitter @keynsham_mencap. organisations, providing all aspects of home care services in South Glos. Forare more information contact Laura Jefferies 0117 986 5659 We a CQC GOOD provider.

We have a team oflaura@keynshammencap.org.uk workers, whose role is to provide all aspects of care and support work in the South Glos area. We are looking for a bubbly, energetic individual to join our friendly, committed team... doing the best we can to care for our service users. £9.00 - 9.50 per hour. Guaranteed and flexible hours to suit everyone. Car driver/electric bike essential.

Call 0117 947 4620 to express an interest!





ur office at 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1HF is open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and staff are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. You can contact us by: Telephone: 0117 986 8683 Email: townclerk@keynsham-tc.gov.uk www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk Keynsham Town Council website, facebook page and twitter feed provides information and updates regarding activities and opportunities within the Town Council and can promote helpful thoughts and comments through sharing opinions.

EVENTS All events subject to change or cancellation without prior notice

14 – 17 APRIL

Trail and Join our Easter Egg d them all! see if you can fin






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KEYNSHAM TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS KEYNSHAM RESIDENTS are welcome to attend Town Council meetings in the Community Space, Civic Centre, Keynsham on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS 2017 - 21 March, 25 April, 16 May, 13 June, 18 July, 15 August, 19 September, 17 October, 14 November, 12 December. PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE MEETINGS held in the Town Council office 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham on Mondays at 7.30pm. 2017 - 13 March, 3 & 24 April, 22 May, 19 June, 10 & 31 July, 21 August, 18 September, 16 October, 13 November, 11 December.


Private and Denplan Care Long-established Practice - privately owned, not a corporate chain. Ground floor surgery. Friendly and caring staff. Unhurried, personal approach to dental care. Family dentistry • Emergency appointments • Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry • Teeth Whitening • Ultra-modern facilities • Gentle Hygienist Dr Mark Brown BDS Dental Surgeon and associates

Nervous/Anxious patients very welcome

Tel: 0117 932 5538 Bitton Railway Station, Bath Road, Bitton, Bristol BS30 6HD


01225 873 809 | info@saltforddental.co.uk www.saltforddental.co.uk

Saltford Dental Practice, 478 Bath Road, Saltford, Bristol, BS31 3DJ



YOUR TOWN COUNCILLORS Keynsham Town Councillors are elected to help you. If you have any problems or want action taken on a local issue which concerns you contact one of your local Councillors below.

Keith Baker Conservative (North) Tel: 0117 9071090

Mathew Blankley Conservative (East) Tel: 07912 145900

Dave Biddleston Labour (South) Tel: 0117 9870081

Judith Cron Conservative (East) Tel: 07751 657370

Tony Crouch Labour (South) Tel: 0117 9864648






Robert Elcombe Conservative (East) Tel: 0117 9860305

Carole Duckett Conservative (North) Tel: 0117 9865350

Siri Edwards Conservative (South) Tel: 0117 9869686

Clive Fricker (Vice Chair) Lisa O’Brien (Chair) Conservative (East) Conservative (North) Tel: 0117 986 9250 Tel: 07867 906163






Brian Simmons Conservative (North) Tel: 0117 9096596

Kate Simmons Conservative (South) Tel: 07798 831020

Allan Sinclair Conservative (South) Tel: 07707 013746

Sam Waite Conservative (East)






Keynsham Town Council, 15-17 Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1HF, Tel: 0117 9868683 Email: townclerk@keynsham-tc.gov.uk | www.keynsham-tc.gov.uk

Individual care for individual people

Do you care? • Are you looking for a new and rewarding challenge? • Able to work alternate weekends? • Do you have motorised transport? • Earn an hourly rate starting at £9.15 per hr? If you can answer “YES” to all of the above then we would love to hear from you! Come join our team of dedicated staff making a difference to those that need it. No experience is necessary as we provide a full and comprehensive training programme, along with continued support and guidance in the role. We are looking for friendly and caring individuals who have a strong work ethic to provide a quality service to those with the most need. You will be required to hold a full UK driving licence and access to motorised transport

Pay rates starting at £9.15, travel time paid at £9 per hr and mileage at 40p per mile.

For more information please call 01225 789161 or apply online www.wayaheadcare.co.uk All positions are subject to an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check. Way Ahead Care is an equal opportunities employer

interest free

0% apr representative

Available Over 2 Years

Make a home with Sandison Windows

Call 0117 971 6067 or visit Showroom: Flowers Hill, Bristol BS4 5LF www.sandisonwindows.co.uk

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Keynsham News Spring 2017  

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