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ISSUE 49 • September 2018






If the weather wasn’t enough of an indication, the return to early mornings and commuting to school are, the summer is definitely over and its time to get back into the routine of homework and early mornings. Hopefully you’ll be all sorted and won’t have any uniform woes as the new term begins and instead you can look forward to the new challenges ahead. Many of our readers will be new starters to school, we know this can be a scary time, but don’t forget, it is an exciting time too! You’ll be able to talk to your child about all the new things they’re learning and of course, watch as they make new friends and grow into their personalities! If your child is now entering their final year of school, be sure to take a look at our features about open evenings and choosing a secondary school. You’ll find plenty of ideas, hints and tips to help you and your child choose the right school for them! September is a great time to encourage your children to take up new activities, especially with the return of after school clubs, perhaps this term they can take up a musical instrument or a new sport? There are a huge variety of options open to you all and every single one of them will help them learn independence and socialise with other like-minded people. Plus, it means less of a rush for you to get home from work! We hope you enjoy the start of this new term and that the homework isn’t too overwhelming after all those weeks of rest and relaxation!

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Open Day

To book a tour during the day, please contact reception on 01373 462798

Open Evening 5 - 7pm Tuesday 18 September 2018

“Children are inspired to be creative, imaginative and curious, and within this inclusive environment achievement is enthusiastically celebrated… behaviour and relationships are outstanding” SIAMs Inspection report June 2014 “There is a real sense of fun at the school” “The range of opportunities provided by the school enhances the quality of pupils’ education” Ofsted 2017

Choosing the right secondary school for you As hard as it might be to accept that your little darling is no longer so little, you can’t put off your decision on which secondary school is most suited to them and can help shape them into an upstanding young member of the community. Selecting a secondary school is a big decision. There are many factors to take into consideration, some times more so than choosing a primary school, now you know a little more about your child’s interests, their strengths and weaknesses and their friendship groups. Plus there is the added issue of travel, is there a bus? Is it on route to work? Your child will also need a say in where they want to go to school and of course, the school has the choice of accepting or rejecting applications and for many of them, this is an equally tough criteria. There are postcodes, class spaces and more that can determine their decision, so we know how overwhelming the whole process can be.

time to start thinking seriously about your options. Because of the time line of the application process, we’d recommend considering secondary schools while your child is still in Year 5. Schools have open days at different points in the year and some even have open days in the summer term, so you can always make an early start and find out more about your prospective schools well ahead of time. It's important to note that if you’re considering a grammar or selective school you’ll definitely need to start preparing by Year 5 at the latest. These schools have entrance exams in the summer for Year 5 pupils or September for Year 6 pupils, so the more preparation you can have for these the better. We’d recommend doing some online reconnaissance beforehand and making a note of all the admission deadlines and criteria, that way you can save a huge amount of time and stress as the time nears.

Don’t panic though, we’re here with some advice to make the whole thing as stress free as possible. Firstly, know when the deadline for applications is and get yourself sorted in advance. The deadline will depend on your local authority, which can be a minefield for those living on borders with more than one local authority or academy trust running nearby schools. As a general rule, it tends to be around October time for those in their final year of primary school, so if your child is in Year 6, the start of the school year is a good

Before you even start looking at individual schools, take a moment to consider your child and what their strengths and weaknesses are. You can then use this to help narrow down what kind of education would best suit them and give them the best start in their future career. If they’re highly academic a school that focuses on academic subjects would be a better idea. If they’re sporty, a sports academy which focuses on training would be worth looking into. Perhaps they’re more into practical skills or creative arts? If so, there are schools that

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Our core purpose is to   inspire all pupils to   believe in their abili�es  and to achieve their   highest level.   

The John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge. A Community Academy

Open Evening

Open Evening

Thursday 27th September 2018 6pm - 8.30pm Headteacher’s address at 6pm & 7pm

School Tours

Open Day / Evening 2018  Thursday 13th September 2018  Day�me Tours: 9.15am & 11.20am (by appointment only)    Open Evening: 6.00pm—7.30pm     Head’s Presenta�on: 6.00pm    T: 01373 462539  E: oak 

We offer an open invitation to all prospective parents to come and see our school in action on a normal working day. For a personal tour please contact Mrs S Nichols on 01225 711156 or

“A positive ethos permeates throughout the school”. Ofsted 2014

are of the same denomination, it is worth confirming with the school what you will need to provide to them.

cater for these subjects. Does your child need strong pastoral care or more educational support? Would they be happy at a co-ed or an all boys or all girls school? It can help if you and your child get together, maybe with some input from their classroom teacher, to come up with a list of the key things you would like your first choice of secondary school to have. This can automatically cut down the list of schools for you to search through. You’ll probably already know a bit about the local secondary schools as your child progresses through primary, but it won’t hurt to check what options you have from your local authority, who will list all the state schools in the area and which ones are controlled by academy trusts. Schools run by an academy are free from local authority control and these generally consist of a selection of secondary and primary schools, so your child could stay within the same group of schools if you find that they are working well for you. You will need to check the routes and how it ties in with your morning routine, especially if you have other children you need to cater for.

Now you hopefully have a better idea of what schools are right for you and what you need to do to be considered for them. Now its time to get into the real nitty gritty of the selection process. Take a look at the school’s Ofsted reports and think about how it could have gotten the results it did. You can then weigh up whether you want to keep it on your shortlist. League tables will also give some idea of how well a school performs, but these can be skewed as schools that are highly selective will naturally have higher results than schools that offer more support to those with additional needs. The reputation of the school is also something to consider, especially if you know parents of older children you can talk to. Underperforming schools can be easily turned around with staff changes, and of course, what works for someone else, might not necessarily work for you. You do need to consider what school your child feels more comfortable at as well. They’re likely to choose the same school as their peers, but this might not necessarily be a bad thing. Just as long as you keep the bigger picture in mind about their future.

Once you’ve taken into account what schools are on offer and which ones are best for your child, you’ll need to look at the admission criteria. Each school has a different criteria and some are more particular than others, especially grammar and other select schools. Some nearby schools could have a catchment areas that excludes your area, others might be oversubscribed. If you have your mind set on a faith school, your place will depend on how well subscribed it is from members of its religion, even if you

Open Evening Thursday 20 September 2018 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Open Days are really useful for getting a feel for a school, their atmosphere and attitudes, as well as the subjects they focus on. You should also visit a school on an ordinary day, so you can see what your child would experience.

We are very proud of our unique offer at the Dragonfly Education Trust and would like to invite you to come and see what we do best. Join us for an access all areas Open Evening at Writhlington and Mendip Studio School.


Save the Date: Sixth Form Open Evening Thursday 7 November 2018


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Unlock your child’s potential

with our expertly led singing, dancing and acting classes for 2 -18 year olds.

Stagecoach Trowbridge and Frome Enrol now for Autumn Term

Stagecoach Trowbridge on 15th September Stagecoach Frome on 22nd September

Art For All Ages

Early Years, Saturday Art Club, Family Drop Ins Admission – Kids Go FREE Great Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB

Find out more today to book a Two Week Trial: 01249 714 333

Creative Courage For Life

Stagecoach Performing Arts is the trading name of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Limited. Stagecoach Theatre Arts schools are operated under franchise and are independently owned by their Principals. Stagecoach and Creative Courage For Life are registered trademarks of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Limited.

Summer Holiday Activities disney days healthy cooking camp Fashion Day



Quizzie Kids Camp

Spy Camp



FOOTBALL CAMP Art Day ARCHERY & FENCING Safari Day Wheels Day FAIRGROUND FRIDAY Fundays Pricing 9:00am-3:00pm £16.50 per day per child £15.50 each per day for 2 or more siblings on the same day £11.50 per day per child if under the age of 5yrs old.

Early drop off 8:00-9:00am/Late pick up 3:00-4:00pm

Selwood Academy, Berkley Rd, Frome, BA11 2EF

E: T: 07855 533141

£3.00 per child/ £5.00 for both early and late pick up £2.00 per sibling/ £4.00 for both early and late pick up

Book online through our website



Children who participate in a variety of activities are introduced to new skills and new ways of working, as well as the chance to develop new and existing skills. As children realise they are capable of doing new things, they become more confident and additional skills are always useful on future applications, should they want to go on to university or get a job.


By participating in a club, which may or may not be with their usual group of friends, children learn to thrive outside of their comfort zone and these skills are paramount to getting on in life.


If your child spends too much time in front of a TV or playing computer games, clubs can give children an opportunity to explore more varied activities, become more active and enable them to challenge themselves.


Joining a club will give children a comfortable place to meet new people and develop friendships with other young people with similar interests. If the club is specific to something that isn’t taught during the school day it can also widen their social groups.


If your kids are at a club, then you know exactly where they are! What could be better!


In addition to further education, employers and social groups also like to see well rounded applications, participating in a club will help enhance any application.


Leaning to play an instrument, taking part in a team sport, dancing, singing or just a youth club, these are all just enjoyable things to do and the more fun you have, the better! Obviously, this isn’t the end of the list, but it gives you an idea of how good clubs are for your child!

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Easy back to school meals! With the kids going back to school and the stress of getting back into a routine of home time, dinner time, homework time, bath time and bedtime, you’ll need some super speedy dinners to get you back into the swing of things. Here are five simple suppers to help you out!

Sausage and Sweet Potato Skillet Here’s a flavoursome, easy to make dinner which will leave everyone warm and full on those autumn evenings.

Tomato spaghetti It’s a simple, easy to prepare meal and everyone likes pasta! 480g of spaghetti (use a gluten free alternative if you like) 2x tins of quality chopped tomatoes 1 medium onion cheese of your choice. Put a saucepan on a medium heat and add olive oil and onion, cook until soft and golden. Season with a tiny pinch of salt and pepper and then add tinned tomatoes Fill a new pot with boiling water and add the spaghetti Once the pasta is done, drain and add to the tomatoes Stir together and add in your cheese. This is another recipe that can be adapted for children with allergies, plus you can use it as a base and add other ingredients if you’d like.

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1tbsp of oil or cooking spray 8 sausages – pork or vegetarian 1 onion 4 garlic cloves 1 sweet potato 1 red pepper In a large pan heat the oil or spray the cooking spray and brown the sausages for five minutes, take them out but keep the pan on the heat, turn it down and gently cook the onions and garlic until soft. Add the sausages back in with the sweet potato and pepper and gently cook for thirty minutes occasionally stirring and turning. Remove from the heat and serve straight from the pan. If you’re going to use vegetarian sausages – these cook in less time than meat sausages, so brown them off to start and then reheat them for 10 minutes or so at the end.

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Baked Sweet Potatoes A more exciting version of the traditional baked potato, quick, easy and healthy! A sweet potato for each person Olive Oil Preheat the oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4. Scrub the sweet potatoes, pat them dry and then rub with olive oil, sprinkle over salt and pepper and roast in a baking tray for about 40 minutes When they’re almost ready, grab some salad, coleslaw or whatever other toppings you would like, add and serve!

Sloppy Joe

Warning, this is messy, but the kids will love it! It’s an American staple which the whole family can get into! 1 tbsp vegetable oil 1 onion 2 small peppers 2 garlic cloves 400g minced beef/turkey/soya mince 2 cans of chopped tomatoes 1 tbsp of mustard/bbq sauce Burger buns Heat the oil in a deep frying pan, fry the onion, pepper and garlic for 10 mins or until soft. Add the mince, breaking it up as you go and stirring until it browns all over. Be aware that some mince will cook faster than others. Tip in the tomatoes and mustard or bbq sauce, add a little seasoning and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Pile into burger buns, add the cheese for those that want it and serve.

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Pizza Quesadillas Combine Italian with Mexican with this easy to make crowd pleaser! It might be simpler to grab a frozen pizza and bung it in the oven, but these are quick to make and much healthier! All you’ll need is a pack of large flour tortillas (grab a gluten free version to make this suitable for anyone with allergies) 150g grated cheese (substitute for dairy free cheese if you like) 2 tomatoes Tomato puree Your choice of veg or meat – pre cooked chicken, ham etc Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C or gas mark 6. Place half the tortillas on a baking tray and sprinkle over cheese, add a few veggies and then place the rest of the tortillas on top. Spread tomato puree over the top layer, add the remaining cheese, sliced tomatos and the rest of your veg and bake for 15-20 minutes. And that’s it, you’re done! This is a perfect alternative to a frozen pizza or creating one from scratch, it can be made vegetarian and adapted to be gluten and dairy free and is sure to be a big hit with the kids!

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WILTSHIRE MUSIC CONNECT IS THE MUSIC EDUCATION HUB FOR WILTSHIRE. We can help you access the right music opportunities for your child, both in and beyond school.



We have a directory of quality assured music tutors known as Associates. You can search the directory on our website and download our ‘top tips’ for choosing a tutor.

We work with a network of quality assured organisations delivering a range of music activities. These organisations provide first time opportunities or extended musical learning.

If you need help with the cost of lessons and instruments then we can provide you with information about the financial subsidies available to some families in Wiltshire.

Visit the Directory and the What’s On page of our website to find out about organisations in Wiltshire that provide:

To find out why music education is good for your child, download our Why Music? leaflets.

• Orchestras and jazz ensembles • Wind, string and brass groups • Support for rock/pop bands and songwriters • Music technology and recording

Please tell us about the fantastic music happening in your child’s school.


Email info@wiltshiremusicconnect. with the words ‘great music’ in the subject line. SIC

• Musical theatre and opera • Specialist support for children and young people with SEN/D


Find out more


MUSIC Parents and carers can register for our regular music bulletins at:



Dress up Day

The Dahlicious Dress Up Day is part of this year’s Roald Dahl Day celebrations taking place on 13th September! Schools and groups across the globe can dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters and donate money to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which helps fund specialist children’s nurses in communities across the UK. These nurses provide expert care and support to children with serious illnesses and their families, because every seriously ill child should have access to the best possible healthcare. Over the years the charity has provided grants to families in financial hardship, expert support and care and funded nurse-led research projects. Are you taking part in a Roald Dahl Day celebration? We’d love to feature your pictures in our next issue! Submit them to us on our website!

If you r sch ool is cele bra tin g Roa ld Dah l Day and hol din g a Dah lici ous Dre ss Up, her e are som e cha rac ter s to give you inspirat ion ! An Oom pa Loo mpa fro m Cha rlie and the Cho cola te Fac tor y Mat ilda fro m Mat ilda Mr Fox fro m Fan tas tic Mr Fox The Enormo us Cro cod ile Wil ly Wonka fro m Cha rlie and the Cho cola te Fac tor y Sop hie fro m the BFG The Gra nd Hig h Wit ch fro m The Wit che s

e v a H d l i h C Helping Your

E G A M I Y D O B P OS ITIV E like th them. They don’t something wrong wi eat is gr re w the ho e nk se thi y n’t ild tell you the little person ca ch s ur thi t yo tha ng le ari sib he n en of age rse tha ompreh There is nothing wo t them. Sadly, in the It seems almost inc y think they’re fat. s that you love abou the viours that ng , ha thi es be m, ey to ir the d the m se ir, po the ha ex their things that make ildren are being e ch lik y, n’t wa do in y rta the ce t a they are and tha d pressures to look shopped images an gativity towards social media, photo earlier. d able to dispel any ne an is r d an rlie e ea nc hia ara orp pe sm ive attitude to their ir natural ap encourage body dy child build this posit image accepts the ur dy yo bo ng ive lpi sit He po k. a s loo y t older. Someone who ha nce about how the manifest as they ge faction and confide d feelings that could an ughts they might hts tho e ug tiv tho them with their satis ga e ne tiv y to combat nega lp get rid of an nt he d rta an po ild im ch is e ur ag yo body im subject with to help broach the Here are a few tips dies. have about their bo

Model what it means to have a positive body image Ideas of body image are taught. If your child regularly sees and hears you moaning about how you look they are going to turn those feelings onto themselves. Make sure you are feeling positive about your body image, instead of complaining about looking fat or old or tired or any of the other things that are definitely not true, show your children that you are comfortable with your appearance and that you appreciate every part of your body.

Compliment your children regularly By this, we don’t mean just on their appearance, though regularly telling them that they’re handsome/pretty and that you like their clothes/ hair/whatever is important, make sure you don’t just focus on how they look. Compliment them on other achievements too, let them know if they do well at school, compliment them when they learn a new move in sports or dancing or something new on an instrument. Make sure that your compliments include things their body allows them to do.

Emphasise having a healthy relationship with food and exercise

This is something the entire family can do, if you teach your children the importance of eating healthily rather than calorie counting and getting obsessed about their meals, they will grow up with a healthy attitude towards food and nutrition. Kids who are not particularly into athletics still need to learn about the importance of movement, so find a physical activity that they like and that you can maybe do together, such as dancing, walking, running or going on cycle rides. These activities will keep them fit and active and provides confidence in how the body works, building a positive idea about body image.

Help them be realistic Make sure from an early age that your child understands the concept of photo editing. The sooner they learn that what they see on the internet, TV and in magazines isn’t always an accurate image the better. Explain that in the real world, people are much more diverse and there are a range of different shapes and sizes and that everyone’s ideal and healthy weight is different.


#21stCenturyDyslexia The British Dyslexia Association is once again bringing us Dyslexia Awareness Week, from the 1st – 7th October, with World Dyslexia Day taking place on October.

This year’s theme is 21st Century Dyslexia and is hoping to enable independence, empower people, raise self-esteem and how we can use technology for learning. Throughout the week, the association will be working on busting some of the big myths surrounding dyslexia, so we thought we’d bust a few of our own.

Dyslexia is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted learning difficulties that children face at school today. This year for Dyslexia Awareness Week, we’d like to clear up a few of these common misconceptions that blight dyslexia sufferers the world over.

1) The idea that dyslexia doesn’t exist and is down to laziness.

This is utter rubbish. There has been over thirty years of studies and documents looking at all aspects of dyslexia and how it affects people in their day to day life. It is one of the most common learning disabilities that affects children.

2) Dyslexia is rare.

Again, not true. Dyslexia is one of the most common causes of reading difficulties, only one in ten qualify for extra help. Most people with dyslexia have a mild form that may not even be picked up by schools or experts.

3) You can grow out of it.

Sadly not, dyslexia is a lifelong issue, however, yearly monitoring and correct administration of lessons can help and make life a lot easier for children and adults. Though they may still continue to read slowly and find it difficult, they can gain the skills needed to read and write accurately.

4) Smart people can’t have dyslexia or a learning disability.

Sorry to break it to you, but dyslexia and intelligence are not connected. Dyslexia can affect anyone and many people with dyslexia are incredibly bright. In fact, historians now believe that Albert Einstein was dyslexic, and he’s widely considered to be a genius!

DDDDD DDDDD DDDDD ... is for D D yslexia D 5) Dyslexia is a ‘catch-all’ term

Again, nope. Research has shown that it is a specific neurological learning disability with certain characteristics, but there are a number of other conditions and learning difficulties which need different levels of care to dyslexia.

6) Dyslexics see words backwards.

No, they don’t. Dyslexia isn’t a problem with the eyes and people with dyslexia will see a word in exactly the same way as someone who doesn’t have it. People with dyslexia find it challenging to break down words and this can sometimes including flipping letters around, but this isn’t a sign of dyslexia, in fact, many young children when learning their letters for the first time do this too.

7) Boys are more likely to have dyslexia than girls

Reading disabilities in boys have always been historically more identified than girls’ but the prevalence of dyslexia is nearly identical across both genders. One explanation for this might be that boys are sent for testing more than girls because of their classroom behaviour and societal pressures.

8) Dyslexia is passed on through your genes

There is some debate about this, but some studies have found that there is a gene that can make people more susceptible to dyslexia and that if you have the gene, it is likely that you share it with someone in your family. However, this hasn’t been agreed on by scientists and experts yet.

9) I’ll never be successful if I have dyslexia.

Perhaps the most untrue thing we’ve found so far. Having dyslexia doesn’t mean you’ll be forever unemployed or not able to excel at your chosen field. There are plenty of successful people who have dyslexia, television presenter, Holly Willoughby has talked openly about her struggles with dyslexia. Richard Branson is also said to have suffered with difficulties reading while at school and look where he is now!

10) Dyslexia is a new phenomenon.

While it might be more widely known about these days, dyslexia has been around for a very long time. It was identified in 1881 and the term dyslexia coined in 1887, so definitely not new!

If you’re concerned that your child might be dyslexic or that they aren’t receiving the right support, please speak to your classroom teacher or staff at the school, they’ll be happy to help you!

what’s on 15 - 16 September Teddy Bears Picnic FREE train travel for children who bring their Teddy Bear! Come and join us for this special day with lots of activities for children. Avon Valley Railway, Bitton.

22- 23 September Wiltshire Game & Country Fair An ideal day out for all the family with something for everyone. As well as the usual busy arenas, featuring traditional countryside pursuits, the thrills and spills of display teams, and a designated ‘World of Dogs’ arena.

15 September Free Open Day at Somerset Rural Life Museum Free entry to all as part of Heritage Open Days, an annual celebration of England’s heritage, community and history. There’s also plenty on offer for families and younger visitors, including Museum Trails; dressing up; and an orchard waiting to be explored.

29 - 30 September Hoot Farewell Weekend The Hoot Farewell Weekend will see all 82 owl and owlet sculptures from this summer’s Minerva’s Owls of Bath trail, gathered together in a giant ‘parliament’ for a fabulous feathery festiv’owl at the Bath Recreation Ground. Bath Recreation Ground, Pulteney Mews, Bath BA2 4DS.

16 September Bath Cup Family Fun Day An action-packed day of family fun, with fun fair rides and free family entertainment in the grandstand. Bath Racecourse, Bath.

1 - 31 October Autumn Leaves Trail Discover this magical story around the grounds of Stourhead alongside some of our most magnificent trees, in all their autumn splendour. Stourhead House and Gardens, Stourhead, Wilts.

20 - 23 September Circus Vegas Housed inside its huge Stars & Stripes big top Circus Vegas merge’s all the elements of circus with all the glitz, glamour & spectacle that you would imagine when you think Vegas. With jaw dropping acts, scintillating costumes & the funniest of Clowns this show brings performers from all over the world, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat when not falling off them with laughter. 22 September Cinema at Midsomer Norton Town Hall Teen Titans: Go to the Movies (2.30pm) Christopher Robin (7.30pm). MSN Town Hall, The Island, Midsomer Norton. 22 September Frome Carnival Afternoon procession 2.30pm, Commences from Victoria Park. Evening procession 7pm Commences from Marston Trading Estate.

6 October The Big Draw Join us for a full day of arty fun all across the property. This fundraising event is for all the family, with activities around the property to get hands-on with. Stourhead House and Gardens, Stourhead, Wilts. 8 - 13 October Madagascar at Bristol Hippodrome Join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and, of course, those hilarious, plotting penguins as they bound onto stage in the musical adventure of a lifetime. 8 October A Frog Called Woânda Told through live action, puppetry, music and shadows, this is a funny and touching story of love, loss and friendship. A French show suitable for 6-10 year olds. The Merlin Theatre, Frome

For further information about each event

13 - 14 October Apple Celebrations There will be information on the apple orchard at Avebury, gardeners will be on hand to give advice and fun family activities including making a bird feeder using apples and apple pressing. Avebury National Trust, Avebury. 14 October The Wells Food Festival This family-friendly, one day festival is free to enter. Graze your way round the Artisan Market, stretching from the Market Square, along the Bishop's Moat and into the Recreation Ground. For further information, visit our website 20 October HorseWorld Open Day Meet the horses, talks and demonstrations, tractor safari and much more. HorseWorld, Staunton Lane, Whitchurch. 20 October Trowbridge Carnival An illuminated Carnival Procession through the streets of Trowbridge - large floats, masqueraders, bands, dance groups. Starts at 7pm from Canal Road, finishing at Cradle Bridge - NO spectating in Bythesea Rd (dismissal area).

please visit

S upcoming seasonal events DON’T MIS at the Hawk Conservancy Trust E DETAILS VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MOR

friday wednesday 24 6and 26 October til 8pm

tick ets

Prepare yourself and your little ones for a wickedly spook-tacular family evening this Halloween.

Includes spooky crafts, flying display and refreshments PRICES FROM


at Feathers Restaurant for breakfast on 23 and 24 December, and tea on 23 December*

Each ch ild will rece ive an earl y Christm as present

Bring the little ones along for a bite to eat, see Father Christmas in his grotto and meet an owl. *check website for dates and times

Each Christmas event ticket comes with a half-price entrance voucher valid until Thursday 4 April 2019* * TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY – PLEASE SEE WEBSITE

We are located just off the A303 near Andover, Hampshire

01264 773 850 @HawkConservancy

HCT_OwlOWeen_Xmas_2018_ad_78x115_AW.indd 1

CHARITY NO: 1092349

2018-08-10 10:35 AM

Millions of kids end up with headlice each year and schools are a hotbed for lice transference. Don’t worry though, we asked some mums for their top tips to get rid of headlice just in case.

Baby Oil

Its messy, but mums swear by it. Sit your child in a bath tub or in the shower, pour baby oil over them and wait. Lice will slide right out – comb through to get rid of any stragglers, then shampoo without using water to wash the oil out of their hair. Rinse and repeat until the oil and lice are gone.


Bottle of coke

Yes. Again, messy but you can find bottles of coke anywhere. Pour a bottle of coke over their head, wrap their hair in a towel and leave for an hour, then have them wash their hair as normal.


Using the same method as baby oil but leaving a lot less mess. Conditioner will suffocate lice and will leave hair oily enough to comb through.

Hair Dryer

Use a hair dryer on freshly washed hair to kill lice, but make sure not to use hot air after applying a chemical lice treatment as some contain flammable ingredients.

Petroleum Jelly

It sounds fiddly, but many mums think it is the Holy Grail of head lice treatments. Coat the hair and scalp with petroleum jelly, or hair styling gel, cover it over night with a shower cap or towel and then wash out in the morning. Comb for nits and repeat the treatment every few weeks to make sure they’re all gone.


Make sure to use real, full fat mayonnaise, if you can stand the smell. Slather it on liberally and then cover in a shower cap. Shampoo and comb in the morning and then repeat a week later to get rid of any stragglers.

Pro tip – if you choose to put mayonnaise, coke, petroleum jelly

or something similar, use washing up liquid to help clean these things out of the hair when you’re done – it’ll make it easier to wash and shampoo!

Do you have any home remedies for getting rid of headlice? Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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Look for our P out art-T prospec ime tus


We’ve got hundreds of courses on offer from cake decorating and bricklaying, to first aid and floristry. VISIT WILTSHIRE.AC.UK TODAY TO APPLY








An amazing prison experience was enjoyed by some lucky pupils from Oakfield Academy at Shepton Mallet Prison recently, they had all applied to go on the popular trip. Pupils experienced an arrest in role play and were taken to the prison in a police van. Pupils had a thorough tour of the prison and were able to chat with prison staff. Later a de-brief was held with parents in the Support & Guidance Department.

Last year Tiegan, a pupil at Westbury Leigh School decided to have her hair cut off and donated it to the Little Princess Trust. When she found out that it cost over ÂŁ400 to make a wig to help those children with hair loss, she decided that she would like to try and raise the funds for this too and raised over ÂŁ600! When leaving school at the end of term, she said she would quite like to do it again! We agree with the school when they say that you look fab with short hair, Tiegan!

OAKFIELD PUPIL WINS CITIZENSHIP AWARD All pupils and staff at Oakfield Academy were recently given the opportunity to nominate a recipient for the annual Citizenship Award. Ten year old Zac was selected by Oakfield's Headteacher Emma Wilkes and PCSO Gary Maule. Zac was selected as the winner from all the entries for the kindness and support he has given a fellow pupil throughout the year. Everybody at Oakfield is extremely proud of his achievement, well done Zac!

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The school was awarded the Artsmark Silver Award. “The panel was impressed by the way that WL used Artsmark to support their school’s development, reflecting carefully their approach and willingness to be self-critical and to invite the pupils’ views. The theme of pupil engagement runs admirably through their work and it is clear that, in pupil arts ambassadors and throughout the school, pupil voice has driven improvement in the arts and beyond. As a Silver Artsmark school, Arts Council England celebrates a school's commitment to arts and cultural education and the opportunities emerging across their provision. It shows that children and young people are offered equal opportunity to participate in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences and that the school recognises the importance of development opportunities for staff in these areas. Westbury Leigh understands the value of working with arts and cultural organisations and can see the school is developing partnerships to enhance provision. Children and young people at Westbury Leigh have an opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture through a range of opportunities. The school is delighted to receive this accolade which reflects the hard work of staff and pupils in developing a hub of creativity and expression.

At the end of term, House Captains presented their top 3 acts for WLGT. Children across the school auditioned, showing off their many talents and skills. Only the top 3 made it to the final show which parents were invited to attend. Head Boy, James and Head Girl, Alyssa led the proceedings and formed part of the judging panel with their deputies and 2 nominated staff. It was a tough decision but the final outcome was first place for Noah and Seren who did a polished version of “I’d do anything.” Second place went to Ruby-Rose for a poem she had composed about the school and read beautifully, third place went to Amelia who sang “Lost Boys”. WLGT is a popular annual event and thanks go to all the children who took part and helped make the final show such a success. Headteacher, Debbie Grimsey said “We have a very talented school and the children love signing up and taking part in the auditions. House Captains have done a great job in selecting and presenting their top 3 acts and each one performed to a high standard. The competition was high and a great reflection on the skills many children have but don’t always have the opportunity to show and share-it was a momentous afternoon!”

BIRTHDAYS AT BOWOOD Celebrate your birthday in the spectacular surroundings of the Bowood House & Gardens with a Pirate, Animal, Fairy or Bowood Classic Party.

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There's spooky fun to be had Add some colour to at Avebury

your weekend this autumn at Gibside You'll have goose bumps and tremors when you

Sat 27 Oct – Sun 4 Nov, 11am-4pm, trail £2, crafts have a small charge visit Avebury this October half term. You can follow the children's trail in the Old Farmyard to win a spooky prize. There are creepy crafts and you can Go crunching through fallen leaves and discover a forest visit the Manor to discover how beliefs and teeming with wildlife and autumn colours, with walking superstitions influenced the people who once lived routes for all ages and abilities. here.

Call 01672 538036 for details When you visit, donate, volunteer join the When you visit, donate, volunteer or join the or National Trust,National your support your helps us to look after special <in after the region> <like Trust, support helps us places to look special property X, property Y and Proeprty Z> in for ever, for everyone. places such as Avebury for ever, for everyone. © National Trust 2018. The National Trust is an © National Trust 2016. The National Trust is an independent independent registered charity, number 205846. registered charity, number 205846. Photography © National Trust Photography © National Trust Images\Abby Images. George.

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Co-produced by the egg and Pins & Needles Productions

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL Based on the book by Baroness Orczy Adapted by Christopher William Hill


Co-directed by Emma Earle & Joe Hufton

Designed by Zoë Squire

Music Composed by Jack Drewry

Sound Design by John Everett

Box Office: 01225 823409


Sponsored by

SELWOOD SCHOOL’S SPORTING SUCCESSES Greenpower F24; Goodwood Race Circuit On Sunday 10 June Selwood pupils took the Frome Flying Waggon to the historic Goodwood race circuit in West Sussex. There were 82 F24 competitors from schools and universities across the country from Brighton to Bromsgrove. Overall after the two races, Selwood finished 28th in the F24 category out of 300 cars and 5th in the Kit Category out of 80 cars. Well done to the team for getting such a good result driving ‘Frome Flying Waggon’. Next race: Castle Combe on Sunday 16 September.

OAKFIELD SCHOOL MUSICIANS PUT ON A SHOW On a beautiful sunny day, Oakfield's talented musicians performed at the Jackdaws annual 'Summer Picnic'. They were supported by their Chinese guests along with their host pupils who came along to enjoy a feast of local musical talent performed in an idyllic Somerset setting down at Great Elm, Frome. The gorgeous weather, perfect location and stunning performances made the whole occasion a day to remember for all who took part. Many congratulations to musicians Willow Pincombe, Malachi Rusbridge, Amelie Steel, Jessie Angeloro and Alex Jeffries who represented Oakfield Academy's Music Department. They were amazing!

Netball Charity Match at Frome Netball Club On Sunday 24 June the Year 8 & 7 Netball team sacrificed watching the England Football team and attended a charity Netball match at Frome Netball Club. Everyone is extremely proud of all students that attended and played in the heat of the sun against club teams. The day included a team picnic, team face painting, BBQ and lots of jumping on the bouncy castle. This wonderful event raised over £1000 for WHY Charity based in Frome which provides free cancer counselling for the community and Selwood Students. Mrs Hopegood would particularly like to thank the staff who also gave up their weekend to support the children.

OAKFIELD PUPILS ON THE AIRWAVES Number 1 in the County Rounder’s Tournament This Year 8 team have been incredible throughout the whole of the summer term. Training every week, committing to every practice and having lots of fun in the last term together playing sports. The Year 8 team had some phenomenal batting from Jamiah S and fielding from the whole team winning 4 games and drawing 1 game, putting them in first place. Congratulations girls on making the Summer Games on Thursday 5 July at Millfield and representing Selwood Academy in style. What a talented bunch!

Three very lucky Oakfield Academy Year 8 pupils Aaron Bowring, Leo McJanet and Alex Wilkes (all radio broadcasting enthusiasts) made their broadcasting debut on 3TRFM recently! The boys talked their Maths journey, Pizza and the World Cup! Next stop Radio One - well done lads, great ambassadors for the school.

BERKLEY SCHOOL RAISES FUNDS TO HELP CHURCH Pupils at Berkley School and their families have been thanked by Berkley Church’s fundraising committee for their hard work during Gift Day. They have raised in excess of £1,400 which will be put towards the increasing costs of the upkeep of the church.

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OAKFIELD RETIREMENT After almost 40 years service at Oakfield, pupils and staff say a fond farewell to Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Michelle O’Shea. “When I first arrived at Oakfield for my interview, 39 years ago, I felt that the school was special. I did not, however, realise at the time just how significant a part of my life it would become! During my time at Oakfield I have seen the school go from strength to strength with strong teams of talented teachers and supporting staff. I will miss the vibrancy of Oakfield - our lively, talented, resourceful children and also the daily banter with my colleagues. Thank you to all the staff, who, over the years, have been so friendly and supportive”. Also retiring at the end of last term was Mrs Christine Perrett, Librarian since September 1993. “I appreciate I have held a very privileged position in the library and have enjoyed my role immensely. There has hardly been a day pass by when the students haven’t either made me smile or laugh out loud. I will miss the daily interaction with the students very much, however, I am looking forward to a quieter pace of life. Keep up the fantastic reading culture Oakfield Academy!” Everybody at Oakfield wishes them both of them a fantastic retirement, they will be greatly missed.

WESTBURY LEIGH STUDENTS TAKE PART IN WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY The whole school joined in World Environmental Day, this year’s focus was plastic – Reuse it or Refuse it. Eco club started the day off sharing facts in a whole school assembly, the children looked at how we all depend on plastic in their daily lives and how it can have such a devastating effect on the environment and wildlife if it isn’t disposed of properly. Wherever possible, they hope to reduce the amount of single use plastics, reducing the amount of water bottles, straws, plastic cups and plastic bags and move to alternatives. If pupils do use, they always recycle. As part of World Environmental Day, children went out into the local community to collect litter and were surprised at all the rubbish and plastic they found.

STUDENTS RAISE MONEY FOR ST JOHN’S AMBULANCE Oakfield pupils, Manny, Eddie and Edie met with St John’s Ambulance representative Ann Taylor to present a cheque for £500, which was raised by the pupils at a recent MUFTI day. Ann said the money will be used to purchase radio-control equipment and to help train cadets in how to use it correctly. Also pictured is Ella Hill, who is a St John's Ambulance cadet. Ann Taylor and St John's Ambulance would like to pass on a huge thank you to all the pupils and staff at Oakfield Academy for their fundraising efforts.

FROME YOUTH CHOIR CELEBRATE SUMMER WITH SUNSHINY SONGS! Frome Youth Choir recently celebrated the summer sun with a free concert of sunshiny songs in Christ Church on Christchurch Street West. The 30-strong choir, who range in age from seven to 13, spread rays of joy with a programme that included, 'California Dreamin', 'Freedom', 'Here Comes the Sun', 'A Million Dreams', 'Queen Medley', 'The Seagulls Song' and 'We Do Jazz!'. The choir's director, Steph Collishaw said: 'The children worked really hard all term to learn these sparkling songs off by heart and they loved spreading lots of sunshine when they performed them on Saturday 30 June. They particularly liked it when we taught the audience how to sing "Freedom", so everyone could join in! It was great to see the church so full of supportive families and friends.' After the concert, the choir bid a fond farewell to joint choir director Jo Richards who has stepped down. The children presented her with a beautiful necklace and a card which each of them had signed.


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SPORTS DAY AT WESTBURY LEIGH On 21 June, 2018, Westbury Leigh held their sports day with great success. KS2 took place in the morning with KS1 and EYFS in the afternoon. Across the school, the children were placed in house teams and completed a range of activities in their year groups from the fancy dress race to the standing long jump. Lots of families came and took part in the family picnic over lunchtime and there was a great atmosphere. Even Cinnamon and Nutmeg, the school goats got involved! The event was well attended by parents who said they were delighted to see children so engaged and motivated in the activities and commented on all the smiling faces. Jemima Richardson, who organised the event said, ”The children competed extremely well and enjoyed taking part in sports day. It had a wonderful community feel and the family picnic was a great success.” It was a pleasure to see children, parents and staff enjoying the day so much. Luckily the good weather prevailed, bringing an extra bit of sunshine to the day. The winning house, Wiltshire were thrilled to see all their hard work culminate in a positive result!

Selwood Academy will be celebrating our 60th year from September 2018 – July 2019. To mark this occasion the school will be hosting a number of events throughout the year for pupils, staff and the community and we want as many of you to join us is these celebrations. Our children have already chosen a ‘Decade’ as a focus for their curriculum during the year and they are very excited to get started. An important part of our ‘Year of Celebrations’ will be our Alumni Coffee Mornings. They will be hosting several of them to reminisce about Selwood over tea and cake. All ex staff/pupils and friends are very welcome to attend to share their memories; they would love to see any photographs and memorabilia you may have too. From these, pupils will create a Memory Magazine which will be available to all our Alumni contributors. If you’d like to attend the first Coffee Morning it will be on Monday 10 September, 10.45 - 11.30am in the School Library. Subsequent coffee mornings will be held on Monday 12 November, Monday 7 January, Monday 25 February, Monday 13 May. The school will be taking donations for refreshments which will go to Alzheimer's UK. If you are unable to attend one of our coffee mornings please see or their Facebook page where you can find a form to send the school your memories. Selwood has recently had one very special guest visit them at the school, Clive Lewis. He was a pupil at Selwood Grammar School in 1958! He clearly remembers his first day at the brand new school and enthusiastically chatted about his memories. He is pictured here with Current Headteacher, Jean Hopegood and our youngest pupil Max and eldest pupil Jamiah.

BebeTots Nursery & Pre-School

Care to foster in Somerset?

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Do you have a spare bedroom, patience, sense of humour and a real desire to help children and young people? We offer a generous allowance, professional training and great local support.

 Open 7.30am ‐ 6.00pm for 50 weeks of the year.   Call to book an appointment, meet the team and  discuss your childcare requirements.     2, 3 and 4 year old funding and government  childcare vouchers accepted. 

Capstone Foster Care needs carers for children of all ages but are particularly interested in hearing from people able to look after sibling groups.

Call 01454 423 820 or visit

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WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT Name: Aaron Age: 7 Achievement: Completed his All Stars Cricket course. Well done Aaron!

Name: Bethany Age: 10 Achievement: Passed her level 7 learn to swim award. Well done Bethany!

Name: Chloe Age: 6 Achievement: Level 2 learn to swim, level 5 beam apparatus proficiency and British Gymnastics proficiency award level 7.

Name: Mae and Dexter Achievement: Took part in a cat cuddleathon and raised nearly £300 for Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Great initiative!

Name: Lily Age: 6 Achievement: Passing gymnastics levels 8, 7 & 6 and now in a higher level gymnastics group!

Name: Jessica Age: 8 Achievement: Completed Swim England 'Learn to Swim' : Stages 1 and 2.

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Create memories this Christmas at Stourhead Meet Father Christmas There's a a magical story to enjoy from the jolly man in red, with presents for all the children in his grotto at weekends in December. 'Santa's Grand Tour' trail is available throughout the festive season and sees Father Christmas writing back to Sir Richard Colt Hoare about his travels. Father Christmas must be booked in advance, £8 per child, plus normal admission.

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