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ISSUE 48 • February 2019

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WELCOME Hello, we hope you had a good break over the Christmas holidays and are ready and raring to go with this new year. It’s an exciting time of year, not only can you see the evenings get lighter, watch the trees changing and spot the new lambs in the fields, but this is also the first Family Matters of 2019! This issue has advice on choosing a nursery, some fun facts about pancake day, some words of wisdom from step parents and people with step parents on easing into a new family and of course, all of the usual news and reviews from your school! We’ve been amazed at how much you all managed to fit into last term and all the things you managed to achieve, we’re excited to see where 2019 will take you all! You’ll also find plenty of events and ideas to keep you busy during the upcoming half term holiday, so be sure to add them to your plans and have a good time!

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Broadlands Bears Nursery A nurturing and natural environment

A new nursery in Keynsham for children under five years

Broadlands Bears opened its doors in January 2018 and Children at Broadlands Bears has already gained popularity with families within the local Nursery have the opportunity to area. The nursery offers a small and cosy environment for engage in a specially designed forest children aged 0-5 years on the site of Broadlands Academy school programme which is delivered by in Keynsham, which offers a fantastic Open location all for commuters a qualifi ed andto experienced year round from 7.30am 6.00pmForest School to both Bath and Bristol. The nursery provides a home from Leader within the safety of Broadlands’ grounds. Small group 15 and 30 hours funding available for three to four year olds home experience for a maximum of 30 children per session, sessions allow children to experience nature and explore the 15 hours for eligible two year olds with funded places available for two, three and fourfunding year olds. available outdoors whilst developing an understanding of safety. Outdoor Broadlands Bears also offers a separate cosy baby unit with a learning doesn’t stop there - the development and ongoing Broadlands Bears Nursery offers aofcalming butcommunity stimulating maximum of only 6 children per session. Children and families maintenance the nursery’s allotment ensures are supported by highly experienced and qualifi ed early years young children have opportunities to experience growth and environment; a place where children can explore, learn, develop specialists to enable children to develop, explore, learn and learn to care for animals. and grow. The extensive wild garden offers a wide range of play grow. experiences. Our cosy and supportive setting provides a home Broadlands Bears delivers a warm and friendly environment from home experience. which supports children to gain confi dence and build skills Broadlands Bears warmly welcomes visitors. through play and exploration. The setting provides stimulating For further information please contact: spaces including a sensory room and small group learning area 0117 9161106 as well as a large bright central play space. In addition to the well-resourced rooms the nursery offers a vast outdoor area with a small woodland area for young children to explore.

For further information please contact us 0117 9161106 | Broadlands Academy, St Francis Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2DY

Broadlands Bears Nursery A nurturing and natural environment

A new nursery in Keynsham for children under five years Open all year round from 7.30am to 6.00pm 15 and 30 hours funding available for three to four year olds 15 hours funding available for eligible two year olds Broadlands Bears Nursery offers a calming but stimulating environment; a place where children can explore, learn, develop and grow. The extensive wild garden offers a wide range of play experiences. Our cosy and supportive setting provides a home from home experience.

For further information please contact us 0117 9161106 | Broadlands Academy, St Francis Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2DY

WHAT ARE YOU P LANNING FOR WORLD BOOK DAY 2019? This year on the 7th March 2019 marks the 22nd World Book Day! Children around the world come together to appreciate reading by taking part in bookish activities at school, dressing up as their favourite characters and picking up the limited edition £1 books released every year! To celebrate, the Family Matters Team have been thinking back to their favourite books when they were at school...

The Worst Witch – Jill Murphy

Anything with a princess!

Leah said: “Hermione Granger might get all the publicity but Mildred Hubble was the OG! I’m very accident prone so I related to Mildred even if she was a witch!”

Michelle said: “I just really wanted to be a princess when I was younger so anything with a princess in was my favourite!”

The Tiger that came to tea – Judith Kerr

The Roger Redhat books Sheila K. McCullagh

The Famous Five – Enid Blyton

Ruby the Red Fairy – Daisy Meadows

Beth said: “It was such a comforting and cute story to sit down to and as I loved animals it was my favourite book!”

Carmen said: “I used to love the adventures they got up to! The Secret Seven were also firm favourites!”

Zoe said: “These were my favourite when I was at primary school! They were just so fun!”

Kerrera said: “I was really into fairies when I was little, there was a whole series and I collected them all!”

What are your favourite books to read? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! @ukfamilymatters

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being a step parent B

ecoming a step parent is a massive change, whether you have been with the child’s parent for a long time or this is a recent development, you’ll find that this role comes with a range of new challenges, but don’t fret, we’re here to help you!

Choosing to become a step parent is an amazing thing to do, you’ve entered into a role as an extra care giver, someone who can bestow as much love and respect into the family unit as possible. That’s a wonderful thing! We’ve spoken to a couple of people with step parents or who are step parents themselves to help dispel the myth of the evil step parent and to share their stories of loving and wonderful family experiences.

The first thing our contributors agree on is that being a step parent is no mean feat. Melanie: “Nothing can prepare you for being presented with a ready-made family and it is equally as strange for the kids in the family. Whether you’ve been in their lives for a while or not, the moment you become a permanent fixture it can create a lot of feelings of guilt and being disloyal to your biological parent. It’s important to remember that it is a strange situation for everyone and to just be patient and work through it.”

You know the ‘Expectations vs Reality’ scene in 500 Days of Summer? Well... Tom: “Relationships need time to grow, you might think that you can walk into the family and everything will be perfect immediately, but it won’t. You need to work together to get to know each other, to come up with a new family dynamic and that can take time. Don’t be put off though, the reality will become the perfect expectation eventually.”

Want to share your stories of being a step parent or having one? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter at UKFamilyMatters. 6 |

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Don’t forget to know your role... Becki: “You might be tempted to go straight in and establish yourself as a parent, but a lot of the time, children don’t need another parent, they need someone they can trust, someone who can bring stability to their lives and stepping into that role can bring some really beautiful moments.” Avoid competition. We know, when you’ve entered into a new relationship and there are kids and exes it can be difficult to navigate, you might feel like you’re in between the kids and their parent or that the ex assumes that you are competition. Just know that none of this is personal, it is all family politics and though it might be tough, just do as Elsa says and "Let it Go". Joining this family is an amazing thing and you should never forget that. Noah: “For me, I always felt like I was being disloyal by not hating my step dad, now though I know that it is ok to care about him and that it doesn’t take anything away from how I feel about my actual dad. It isn’t a popularity contest!”

How you establish yourself in the family is something everyone seems to agree on. Tom: “You might feel a pressure to become a parent straight away and to have authority, a need to discipline and you might feel guilty if you find it difficult to bond with the rest of the family, especially if the children are a little older. Take your time to find your feet and make sure that you act in a loving, respectful and sure way, even if you don’t feel that to start with.” Melanie: “As someone who had a step mum and is now a step mum, I think the best thing to do is to brace yourself for resistance, I was very against the idea of having a step mother when we were first introduced, but she was very patient with me and we ended up becoming great friends, I used the same approach when I found myself in the same situation and becoming my step son’s friend has been so rewarding.”

One thing to take away from joining a new family is that the relationship you have with your partner’s children is special and gives you the opportunity to create something beautiful and unique. By taking your time and being patient, you can become an important person in the children’s lives, it can be hard work, but working on the relationship and being true to yourself will pay off. You won’t be perfect and it won’t be easy, but it’s an adventure that you, your partner and your new family can take together. ukfamilymatters |

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February half term to Add some colour activities at Tyntesfield your weekend this 18 - 21 February 2019, 11am - 3pm

autumn at Gibside

Warm up this winter with a herbal tea making session at Tyntesfield and learn all about the amazing properties of herbs. You can even take a piece of Tyntesfield Go crunching through fallen leaves and discover home a forest teeming withby wildlife and autumn with walking with you creating yourcolours, own Victorian routes for all ages and abilities. pomander. £4.00 per child.

Call 01275 461900 for details When youvisit, visit,donate, donate,volunteer volunteer join National Trust, When you or or join thethe National Trust, youryour support helpsus usto tolook lookafter after special places theregion> South<like West such support helps special places <ininthe as Tyntesfield, Dyrham Park and Lacock for ever, everyone. property X, property Y and Proeprty Z> in for ever, forfor everyone. © National Trust 2018. The National Trust is an © National Trust 2016. The National Trust is an independent independent registered charity, number 205846. registered charity, number 205846. Photography © National Trust Photography © National Trust Images\Arnhel de Images. Serra.

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Where does Pancake Day come from? We don’t know about you but Shrove Tuesday, better known as Pancake Day, is one of the Family Matters Team’s favourite holidays. It’s a day where we get to eat pancakes, both sweet and savoury with a whole host of fun toppings and when it comes to pancakes, anything goes! They are super simple to make and you can flavour them however you want, all you need is milk, eggs and flour, or if you’re dairy free, you can use egg substitutes and plant based milks. Supermarkets even sell free-from batter mixes now so everyone can join in with the celebrations.

But, where did Pancake Day come from? Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday). Traditionally, Christians would use Lent as a time of fasting, they would go to confession and be shriven (absolved from their sins), a bell would be rung to call people to come along to confession which is still known as the Pancake Bell. Shrove Tuesday became the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats before the fast, so pancakes are a good way of using up these ingredients. Pancake races also take place on this day, the most famous one takes place in Buckinghamshire, apparently in 1445, a woman ran to church with frying pan after hearing the bell which sparked the tradition!

Here are the top pancake toppings for you to choose from: Lemon and sugar


Maple syrup

Golden Syrup

Chocolate chips Fruit


TOP TIPS FOR TODDLER We’ve all been there. We’re in public, having a lovely time and suddenly your child spots something colourful or sugary, they ask the dreaded question, you tell them no and then the screaming starts. Maybe you’re in the supermarket, maybe you’re in a department store, maybe you’re just walking down the street. Perhaps you’re trying to drop them off at school/nursery/their best friends house. Wherever you are at that moment it is never easy. You feel like the entire world is staring at you and of course, your child is clearly distressed – so what do you do? Some people laugh it off, others find it hard to keep their cool, some roll their eyes and through gritted teeth try to be the voice of reason, whatever your reaction, we sought out some top tips with dealing with tantrums to help you out. Firstly, what is a tantrum and why do they happen? Well, according to the experts, young children particularly throw tantrums purely because they haven’t learned other coping skills yet and it’s the only way they know to express themselves. It all stems from trying to communicate that they want something, whether that’s more food, to take their shoes off, a new toy… All that red faced screaming just comes from wanting something, not having it and getting frustrated by not being able to express that in a way that gets them the thing. When older children throw a tantrum it’s usually more of a power struggle, they want something and they try to assert themselves. Only when their parents or supervisor says no they have an outburst as a way of getting you to comply. Basically, until they grow out of it, it’s something you’re going to have to deal with, so we took to the internet to find out what you guys think is the best way to deal with a tempermental child.

• PAY ATTENTION TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES of the tantrums, if they tend to happen because your child is hungry, make sure to keep snacks on your person at all times, if it’s because they get tired, make sure to prioritise having naps during the day. That way, when you spot that they’re getting grouchy you can prevent a tantrum before it really gets going. • ENFORCE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR. Make sure to praise them for even small good behaviours, they’ll learn that being calm and happy is more likely to gain your attention than screaming. • IF YOUR CHILD IS HAVING A TANTRUM at home, ignore them unless they’re actually in danger of hurting themselves or others, by taking away your attention you won’t reinforce this kind of behaviour. If you can, walk out of the room and stand the other side of the door where you can keep a check on them without them seeing you. When they realise they can’t get you to do what they want when they scream, it’ll happen less and less often. • THE LOUDER THEY YELL, the softer you should talk to them. Because kids are trying to engage with you when they’re having a tantrum they’ll try to make themselves as loud as possible, so the softer you speak to them they will lower their volume too. If you’re in public, take them aside and give them a space where they can quiet down, some kids throw tantrums because they feel a lack of control, so having a choice to go somewhere else will give them a chance to retake that control and calm down. Just make sure you don’t give in to the original demand once they’re calm and continue to only reward positive behaviour. • CREATE A DIVERSION. If your child starts throwing a tantrum because they’ve seen something they want, be sure to have a toy or snack that you can whip out and offer them as a distraction, some parents swear by this method saying it can even help stop a melt down before it even really begins.

There was one thing that everyone had in common, don’t give in, no matter how tempting, sometimes kids just need to vent, but it is important to keep your cool, you can work on getting your own rage out later. For some kids, they snap out of a tantrum as quickly as they went into it, as they start to calm down don’t dwell on it, focussing on negative behaviour causes them to inadvertently reinforce them in their minds.


what’s on

7th February – 19th May Why Museums Matter at Holburne Museum Bath An exciting exhibition of over 1,000 ideas and comments about why museums matter 01225 388569

9th February Puxton Park is hosting a funky dance party! Free with park admission, or 01934 523500. 10th February Over the Moon at the Egg Theatre Bath Box office: 01225 448844

14th February Show your love one how special they really are this Valentine's Day. Treat them to an afternoon in our fully restored static carriage Rose and enjoy a High Tea. Menu includes: finger sandwiches, homemade scones, dainty cakes. All served with a glass Presecco. Avon Valley Railway. 14:30 to 16:30. 16th – 23rd February Here Be Dragons Follow the Dragon Trail. See one of the Sea Dragons, make a dragon shoe and find out more about Chinese Dragons. The Shoe Museum, Street. 16th - 24th February Family Skating Fun Visit Farrington’s this Half Term for a skating fun for all the

family! We will have a 140-square-metre synthetic skating rink, under the cover of our barn, open between 10am-6pm daily. Tickets cost £5.95 per person per session. Each session lasts for approximately 25 minutes. 16th - 24th February Half Term fun at Glenda Spooner Come and meet the ponies, enjoy a walk around the farm, follow the trails, join in activities and learn more about horses. 11am – 4pm Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset 16-24th February Children’s bird feed making at Whitehall Garden Centres in Lacock, Whitehall and Woodborough. Make your own suet balls & get a bird feeder for your garden, all equipment provided. 18th February For February half term love is in the air at Puxton Park! Join them for Valentine’s Crafts, magic, comedy and much more! 01934 523500. 18th – 20th February The Ladybird Detective Agency at the Egg Theatre As they flit and patter the paths and undergrowth of our gardens, many argue The Ladybird Detective Agency are style over substance... that’s actually a fair point. Join them as they go on the trail of their most daring detective duty ever! Box office: 01225 448844. 18th – 21st February February half term at Tyntesfield Try your hand at herbal tea and pomander making at Tyntesfield this February half term. 11am until 3pm. or phone 01275 461900 for more information.

For further information about each event

February half term at Bishop’s Palace, Wells The family activities will be based around an Outer Space theme with a children’s space themed trail running throughout the holiday week leading little ones on a journey around the Palace and Gardens. 01749 988111. 19th February Crafty Cats at Bishop’s Palace, Wells Making all things space related with alien masks, constellation lanterns and flying rockets amongst the activities on offer. 10.30-3pm. 01749 988111. 19th - 22nd February Making Tracks: Half Term Activities Have a go on our soldier led assault course. Plus extra tank themed fun family activities in the Museum. Drop in from 11am to 3pm. Our special soldier run kids assault course will be running plus we will have fun tank based kid's trails, activities and craft in the museum. REME Museum, Lyneham, SN15 4XX. 20th - 21st February Free Family Holiday Drop ins: Do not disturb! Holburne Museum, various times. Make your own unique sign for your bedroom inspired by the Georgian doors of Bath. 01225 388568. 20th - 23rd February Hansel and Gretal at the Egg Theatre Box office: 01225 448844. 21st February Children's Bushcraft Taster The camp paints will be out and you will learn to make your own bow and arrows, and how to build a survival shelter. Led by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Maximum of 15 children per event. Booking essential. £5 per child. 21st February Nature Ninjas at Bishop’s Palace, Wells Give children the chance to get up close with a range of nature experiences such as pond dipping. 11am – 3pm. 01749 988111. 21st February - Sing along to THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Join us as we sing along to this smash it musical! A perfect half term treat for all the family. 2pm at the Merlin Theatre, Frome.

22nd – 24th February The Singing Mermaid at Bristol Old Vic. Through beautiful puppetry and performance, Little Angel Theatre bring Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monk’s enormously popular story to life. Box office on 0117 9877877.

27th – 28th February Tyntetots: Thumbelina Story telling, crafts and games for 2-5 year olds and their families inspired by the classic story of Thumbelina at Tyntesfield House., 01275 461961. 28th February Muckers at the Egg Theatre, Bath An audio performance will take place on Saturday 2nd March. Box office: 01225 448844. 1st March Frome Window Wanderland 2019 We are delighted to be bringing this fantastic event back to Frome for a second year and with your help we will transform the streets into a magical outdoor gallery again for all to enjoy! Taking part as a Windowmaker is FREE and everyone is welcome. You can make a display in the windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, campervan, shop – or in your front garden! for more information. 7th March Family Felting Make a wet felt bookmark for World Book Day – £5 per person; Minimum age 7 years old. 4:30pm to 6:00pm, Trowbridge Museum. Until 1st April Arty Babies at Holburne Museum, Bath A relaxed, creative space for mums to meet and chat while their babies enjoy safe and sensory play. Mondays 1-2.30pm, call 01225 388568.

please visit

y pp a H National PI Day! Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March all over the world as a way to help students remember the mathematical phenomenom known as Pi. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which is approximately 3.14159. It’s an opportunity for maths and pie enthusiasts to encourage learning about maths and also to eat pie. So, in the name of puns, we’ve put together some of our favourite pie recipes to make on our website

You can try the delicious Korma pie below to start with and then cut it up using your knowledge of fractions to help celebrate March 14th! One of the beautiful things about pie is that it is a dish that can be sweet or savoury, so whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or you’re looking for something to have for dinner, we’ve got you covered.

Korma Pie

This warm pie is full of Indian flavours and can be made vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or adapted any other way you fancy!

Ingredients: ∞ 1 tbsp olive oil or cooking spray ∞ 1 chopped onion ∞ 2 garlic cloves ∞ Grated ginger ∞ Korma curry powder (or the equivelant if you want something spicier, milder or in between!) ∞ Chopped tomatos ∞ 2 diced carrots ∞ 250g cubed butternut squash ∞ 300ml stock ∞ 250ml coconut milk ∞ 250g cauliflower and broccoli florets ∞ 320g rolled puff pastry (many ready made pastries offer dairy and gluten free options) ∞ Optional: diced chicken, 1 egg for glazing the pastry.

Method: Coat a frying pan with oil or spray and add the onion, garlic and ginger, cook until browned and then add the curry powder and chopped tomatoes. If you want to add meat to your pies, you can do so here. After a few minutes add the rest of the veg and the stock and simmer for 10 mins before adding the coconut milk. You will need to cook a little longer for meat pies and check that your meat is cooked all the way through before taking it off the heat. For vegetarian pies, cook for a further 10 minutes to reduce the sauce and then remove from the heat to let it cool. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and roll your pastry out. You can either make one large pie and serve slices or create individual pies. For a golden brown pastry, brush the top of the pie with the egg and cook for 10-12 minutes.

Helping children believe they can do anything Singing, dancing and acting classes for 4 - 18 year-olds




ldren’s TV s’ from 1980s chi Join the ‘Star Tug ry lane! Enjoy mo me n dow and take a trip boat stol’s historic fire a trip onboard Bri joining us with be l wil ich wh ’ ‘Pyronaut River Avon* short trips on the


16 – 24 FEBRUARY 2019

applies *small extra charge

19 – 22 APRIL

Join us this Easter weekend as we celebrate the return to steam of the old Fry’s chocolate factory steam locomotive from Keynsham. FREE Fry’s chocolate for every child!

All events subject to change or cancellation without prior notice



ONLY. VALID 16 – 24 FEB 2019 with any Not valid in conjunction ly, fami other offer or with our prices group or season ticket Santa or against our Dining or e. trains. No cash alternativ



One child FREE when adult accompanied by a full paying (up to a maximum of two per & Fri). voucher) (Daily Except Mon

Tel: 0117 932 5538

13 & 14 APRIL






IN 2 D 019

2 JUNE Jump onboard the Brick Express and ® try your hand at building with Lego Bricks as you travel the line. What will you be inspired to build?

Tickets on sale at Bitton Railway Station, Bath Road, Bitton, Bristol BS30 6HD

* Lego, the LEGO logo, the brick and knob configuration and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this event.

Stagecoach Performing Arts is the trading name of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Limited. Stagecoach Theatre Arts schools are operated under franchise and are independently owned by their Principals. Stagecoach and Creative Courage For Life are registered trademarks of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Limited.





News and Reviews CHATTERBOOKS ARE GO! Cadbury Heath Primary School has set up a new initiative to instil an appreciation and love of books in their pupils. A ‘Chatterbooks’ club has been launched to enable the children to share their love of books and their favourite authors. The school is now seeking to link up with the local community to arrange reading sessions with pre-schools and elderly residential homes with the aim of pupils gaining a more holistic appreciation of the community in which they live.


CHANDAG’S CHRISTMAS PRODUCTION The Chandag Junior School annual Christmas Production took place on Tuesday, 11th December in the St John the Baptist Church, Keynsham. Everyone at the school is enormously proud of the children in Y4 who acted so well and learned their lines. They were supported by children in Y3 who performed choreographed dances in between the scenes and the children across the school who sang so beautifully. Despite some technical difficulties on the night with the microphones, the event was a resounding success. Well done to you all! Thank yous were said for the incredible effort and commitment from the entire staff team in helping the children on the night. The retiring collection at the end of the production raised £126.74 for Young Minds, thank you all for supporting this charity.

Year 6 pupils, along with Mrs Bohin and Ms Gentle went on a remarkable school trip to the Lifeskills Centre last term. The centre gave the children the opportunity to experience real life scenarios and how to deal with them. This included calling emergency services when they were faced with a fire or similar emergency events. The opportunities and learning experiences for these children were invaluable and the school hopes to repeat this visit for Year 6 children in the future.

WRITING SCIENCE FICTION Six children from the Meadows Primary School were lucky enough to attend the Writer’s Abroad workshop at Barrs Court Primary School during last term. Isla, Mia, Max, Todd, Jess and Daisy met published author, Colin R. Parsons and wrote their own science fiction short story. What a great opportunity to showcase the school’s amazing writers! 18 |

ukfamilymatters |

@UkFamilyMatters |

SCIENCE DOME RETURNS! Children at Chandag Junior School had the excitement of the science dome coming back to the school. To spur some conversation, the following themes were explored in the dome for the different pods: Pod 3 - light, Pod 4 - water, Pod 5 - Space and Pod 6 - Body. An enormous thank you to the PTA for funding this for all the pupils.

AMAZING NATIVITY FROM ST KEYNA St Keyna were very proud of their two sensational Nativity productions that took place at the end of last term. Quartz Class and Little Gems performed Donkey for Sale and the 3-5 year olds sang, acted and danced extremely well. The same can be said for the Y1 and Y2 classes who performed Humph the Camel, managing to incorporate the Greatest Showman, Cotton Eye Joe and Carwash into a truly memorable performance. Well done to all the children and staff involved.

FORMER KINGSWOOD SCHOOL PUPIL AWARDED CBE The New Year’s Honours List featured one of Kingswood School’s (now King’s Oak Academy) former head boys, Richard Scudamore. Mr Scudamore recently stepped down as Executive Chairman of the Premier League after leading the organisation for almost 20 years. He received the CBE for services to football.

You could be reading YOUR advert 01761 410141

Children’s Character Entertainment for Birthday Parties, Events & Occasions! CONTACT US TODAY! CALL US ON 07498295839 Little Gem Princess Events littlegemprincess

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JOHN CABOT ACADEMY RATED GOOD! John Cabot Academy in Kingswood is celebrating after being rated Good in all categories by Ofsted. Some 18 months ago the secondary school was told they would need to make improvements and in a report published just before Christmas, inspectors praised the school for their determination to improve the quality of education on offer. The report said: “Pupils are increasingly proud of their school. They recognise the school is improving and believe it is helping them.” Inspectors have said that the pupils have good attitudes to learning and said behaviour is good. The report also said that GCSE standards have risen significantly, the standards of literacy is high and maths is a strength. All pupils, including those with SEND, are progressing well and the report says that teachers have high expectations for all students and are ambitious for them as well as providing an impressive pastoral support system. John Cabot Academy is part of the Cabot Learning Federation.

CAMPAIGNING CONTINUES FOR SEND FUNDING South Gloucestershire Council has welcomed the announcement of more than £1.2m in additional government funding for children with high needs, but the campaign for more money continues. Funding over two years, which is split into equal instalments of £616,630 has been allocated to schools in the region to help with the financial pressures in supplying services for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. South Gloucestershire was recently revealed to be the lowest funded authority per pupil, 150th out of 150 in the country. The council faces increasing cost pressures around expanding existing SEND provision, particularly when children need to be transported to more distant, out of area special school provision away from their homes, at an average cost of £20,000 per annum.

2 for 1 tickets* Buy 2 tickets for the price of 1 for any upcoming performance at the egg theatre. To redeem this offer call us on 01225 823409 and present this voucher when collecting your tickets from the theatre. *Tickets subject to availability. Voucher must be redeemed between February and April 2019.

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MORE SCHOOLS JOIN MULTI-ACADEMY TRUST Secondary school Bedminster Down and Wansdyke Primary School in Whitchurch have now officially joined the Wellsway MultiAcademy Trust. The expansion will create a South Bristol hub, with Cheddar Grove Primary School in Bedminster expected to join in the next few months.

SUPPORT AVAILABLE FOR YOUNG ATHLETES GLL, the charitable social enterprise that runs Keynsham Leisure Centre, has £1.5 million via the GLL Sport Foundation to help support young athletes in the region. Eligible young athletes can benefit from financial support, physiotherapy, gym memberships and more, applications are open until 20th February. Apply online at:

The trust already runs secondary schools Wellsway and IKB in Keynsham and Sir Bernard Lovell in Oldland Common, the Bath Studio School, Chandag Infant and Junior Schools, St John’s CofE Primary School in Keynsham, Meadows Primary at Bitton, Saltford CofE Primary and Aspire Academy in Bath.

WELL DONE TO THE CHOIR! St John’s C of E Primary School’s Choir, along with some extra support from Years 5 and 6, sang at the Keynsham Winter Festival during last term. Mr Thomas, the Choir Master was very pleased with all the children’s singing. The choir is open to all KS2 aged children and is great fun!


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WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT Name: Edward Age: 7 Achievement: Cricket award.

Name: Samuel Tiley Age: 11 Achievement: Medals for swimming gala.

Name: Milo Bailey Age: 9 Achievement: Gained a Distinction in ABRSM Piano Grade 1 exam.

Name: Bethany Wall Age: 10 Achievement: Passed her 800m badge in swimming and competed in a swimming gala for her school.

Would you like to be a CHARITY WORK!

Sports awards!




Name: William Lake Age: 8 Achievement: Stage 3 Swimming.

We want to know all about it! Take a photo on your mobile and upload to our website.


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THE SINGING MERMAID “Utterly entrancing”

5555 The Times

AGES 3–8

Based on the bestselling book by Julia Donaldson A Little Angel Theatre and Royal & Derngate, Northampton co-production

22 – 24 Feb Theatre

Tickets from £12.50

0117 987 7877

  @LittleATheatre #SingingMermaid Illustration Lydia Monks Charity No. 228235

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Family Matters - South Bristol edition  

Family Matters - South Bristol edition

Family Matters - South Bristol edition  

Family Matters - South Bristol edition

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