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SPRING 2017 22 21 Winter 2016ISSUE - Issue

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Westfield Parish Council

2 - The Westfield Warbler

Message from Contents the Chairman On behalf of Westfield Parish Council I would like to wish you all a belated happy New Year. Over the Christmas period the festive lights were switched on and the gathering around the Christmas Tree seems to be growing each year. We had Father Christmas, mulled wine and mince pies, the Somer Valley radio live, members from the Big Local and children from Westfield and Fosse Way schools to switch on the lights. This year’s Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on Monday April 24th at 7pm at the Methodist church hall, Wells Road, Westfield. This is an opportunity for residents of Westfield to find out what has been happening in their community, what is planned and for them to have their voice if there are any points they would like the Parish Council to consider. Preparations for the Fun Day on Sunday 4th June are underway and if anyone would like to help could they please contact Cllr Wilkinson on 01761 431355 or Cllr Cooper on 01761 415155. Any help would be very much appreciated. In the Warbler you will find a map of Westfield, outlining the boundary and footpaths and places of interest. This can be found in the centre pages. The grants for 2016 were handed out in November and I am pleased to say that everyone who applied was successful. We sincerely hope that the grants help and make a difference to the organisations that received them. Some of the applicants were given a bonus this year with an extra £100 each added to the grants awarded. This money came from my chairman’s allowance as I wanted the money to go back in to the community.

All the very best. Cllr Geoff Fuller Chair of Westfield Parish Council


Bumper Grant Giving


War Veterans


Recycle More


Annual Parish Meeting


Fun day

10 Councillor Profiles 13 Front Garden Competition 18 What’s On 20 Big Local 21 Youth Connect 23 Remembrance Plaque 27 Volunteer Driving 29 Trinity Friday Club 30 Parish Clerk The next edition of The Westfield Warbler will be in May 2017. If you would like your group to be included, please contact us on 01761 410141 before the deadline of the 1st May 2017. You can view The Westfield Warbler on the Council’s website at The Westfield Warbler is produced by Ignyte Media Ltd, G5 Second Ave, Westfield Industrial Estate, Westfield, Radstock, BA3 4BH. Tel 01761 410141. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the data contained in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher or it’s editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. Ignyte Media and Westfield Parish Council does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system in any form without the prior permission of the publisher. The Westfield Warbler - 3

Bumper grant-giving for 2016-17 This year, in addition to the usual allocation of grants by the Parish Council, local organisations were delighted when Chairman of the Parish Council, Geoff Fuller decided to donate his Chair’s Allowance in the form of grants as well. Cllr Fuller chose organisations doing fantastic work in and for the Parish of Westfield and presented their cheques in surprise visits during December. St Peter’s Church, Trinity Methodist, the Community Bus, Teddy Bear Nursery, PEOPLE and SWALLOW were the grateful recipients. Meanwhile the Parish Council was delighted to receive sixteen excellent applications to its grants programme in October and was able to make donations to each applicant. Grants have gone towards such diverse activities as the upkeep of St Nicholas Churchyard, much of which falls within the Parish of Westfield, support for Westfield residents accessing the West of England MS Therapy Centre, Youth Connect’s provision of a new youth night café for Westfield and performance fees for Westfield Ladies Choir. Norton Radstock Chess Club based at St Peter’s Church, Westfield was able to refresh their time-worn equipment, Radstock Museum received a donation towards the provision of a new research room and Musicians South West received funds to help provide a welcome return of the Music through Reminiscence sessions at Whitehaven Care Home.

Norton Radstock Chess Club

4 - The Westfield Warbler

The Community Bus


Radstock Museum

St Nicholas Church yard

St Peter’s Church


Swan Advice Network

Teddy Bear Nursery

Trinity Methodist, Westfield


Veterans Further to our article in the last Warbler where we investigated the most appropriate way to commemorate the Westfield residents who fell in the wars of the twentieth century, outlined below is some more information available regarding sources of support for War Veterans in the Westfield area. Veterans should always mention their military service if they are threatened with eviction because they are entitled to extra points in the Homesearch system. For mental health problems, they can ring 0300 555 0112 or navigate to selfrefer, though via their GP they can access a specialist GP commissioned by the GP Commissioning Group who will understand their needs. Other sources of support include: • The joint Combat Stress/Rethink 24 hour Helpline: 0800 1381619 (for veterans) • Big White Wall (available to serving personnel, veterans and military families, as well as the general public): The following article gives more information :

Westfield School plant trees

On Monday 28th November, Westfield School had some visitors. Treesa Green came from local company CFH and she gave us some trees to plant. The trees’ names were hazel, beech and dogwood. Treesa Green dressed up as a tree for assembly, when she told us why trees are important to CFH. We planted trees to make Westfield a better place. Some Year 4 children played in the forest and some of us planted trees. We got wood chippings to put around the tree. We watered the trees after we dug a hole and put the tree in. We found it fun when we got a bit muddy when we were watering the trees. By Chloe Porter and Chloe Cooper, Year 4

And finally, we would like to hear from anyone who lost a relative, whether in the world wars or in later conflicts. Cllr Eleanor Jackson is providing from her ward members’ initiative funding a memorial bench to be placed at right angles to the A367 by the Elm Tree Avenue bus stop, facing the garden area. This will commemorate all those whose military service consisted of being conscripted into the mines here (The Bevan Boys). Again, we would appreciate having the names of those whose health was so badly affected they perished. Please contact the Parish Council on council@ or phone 01761 410669. The Westfield Warbler - 5

Flower Displays in Westfield As you get this copy of the Warbler the spring bulbs should be showing their shoots and it won’t be long before we are awash with spring colour again. Last year the summer displays were put together by Cllr Diana Cooper and a very willing volunteer, Margaret Bridges. Diana and Margaret gave an enormous amount of time to planting and maintaining the flower beds as well as watering them three times a week. This wasn’t just a commitment in time, it was physically demanding work – for example, carrying watering cans to four flower beds and three coal planters was gruelling and took up to a couple of hours a time. Happily, this has been recognised as something that needed to be addressed and at the time of writing there are water cabinets being placed near each of the flower displays – each

6 - The Westfield Warbler

Cllrs Diana Cooper and Geoff Fuller presenting Margaret Bridges with flowers

one will have automatic watering facility, so the displays should be regularly kept watered. The flower beds will be planted and maintained by a contractor this year and we look forward to a vivid display of colour.

Recycle more in Westfield Bath & North East Somerset Council Waste Campaigns Officers have been visiting residents in Westfield to remind them to place their recycling and rubbish out at the correct time and day and give advice about recycling. In all cases recycling boxes and rubbish bags need to be put out by 7am on the day of collection or at the earliest after 8pm the night before. To help improve recycling collections even further, please sort the different materials in your box. If you have space at home, you could use an extra box to help with separation. You could keep all your paper and glass together in one box and mix cans and plastic together in another. Order your free recycling containers now uk/orderacontainer. We already have a very comprehensive recycling collection where you can recycle 17 different types of household waste every week. We know that residents can recycle more than they are currently doing - about 75% of a household’s waste can be recycled using the current collections, but we still find that over half of an average rubbish bag consists of items that could have been recycled. Did you know that you can recycle small electrical items with your weekly recycling collection? Just put them in a carrier bag next to your green box and leave it open so that our crews can see that it is not rubbish.

Recycling one clothes iron can provide enough steel to make 13 new steel cans. To check what you can recycle please visit Like us on facebook recycleforbathnes

Busy times at the Church The new year is well underway at Trinity Methodist Church Westfield and as a Church we would be pleased to welcome anyone who would like to join us for Sunday Worship at 10.30am. The Church is regularly open for the opportunity to Pray. Coffee mornings,held on the first Friday of the month have resumed.  2016 saw us raised over £1200 for Macmillan, The British Heart Foundation, Children in need and the RUH Bath. Film and Supper evenings have been well supported.  A new venture has been the Friday club, who meet on the second Friday of the month from 2pm-4pm. It is a welcoming and safe place to meet, enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and homemade cake. Meet new people, chat with old friends. The hall is busy during the week with Brownies, Rainbow, Youth Club and Slimmers World. Our banners and boards will inform you of future breakfasts, lunches etc. Please feel free to pop in any time if you or your children are interested in any of the events.  The Westfield Warbler - 7

Monday April 24th at 7pm at Monday April the Trinity 24th at 7pm Methodist at the Trinity Church Hall, Methodist Wells Road, Church Hall, Westfield. Wells Road, Westfield. Please come

Annual Parish Meeting Annual Parish Meeting

along to raise Please come your views along to about theraise your views Parish. about the Parish. Refreshments provided. Refreshments provided.

For the people of Westfield For the people of Westfield Monday April 24th at 7pm Monday April 24thChurch at 7pmHall, Trinity Methodist Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Westfield Westfield

8 - The Westfield Warbler

Westfield Parish Council The Oval Office, Cobblers Way, Westfield Parish Council Westfield The Oval Office, Cobblers Way, BA3 3BX Westfield BA3 3BX

Help out at Westfield Fun Day Plans are already underway for the 4th annual Fun Day on Sunday 4th June. The event has grown each year and is now a well anticipated happening in Westfield. Stalls ranging from plants grown by local allotment holders to face painting took part last year and the display ring featured Punch and Judy and Jamie Woodland’s 8

Black Belt Tae Kwondo academy – among others. Wansdyke Play Association took part with games for the smaller children in the park and the Classic cars were in attendance. There are a small number of very dedicated volunteers that make the event so successful. They would absolutely love to have some help!! As the Fun Day grows in popularity it obviously needs more organisation. Cllr Phil Wilkinson said “We are a small, friendly team of volunteers that get the Fun Day up and running each year. The job is getting larger and would really benefit from some extra assistance. It’s a great way to meet new people in your local area and be part of the community.” The amount of time that you are prepared to give is entirely up to you – every hour of help is appreciated.

ESTABLISHED IN 1913 All Beef Pork and Lamb from local farms, prize winning sausages, pies and faggots. Gold awards for our home cured Bacon from Pigs reared sts on the Mendips Hog roa le b a il a v a Home produced OR cooked meats. ked Pigs coo serve Local deliveries to Freezer orders taken for you

. yourself

If you are at all interested and would like some more information about what would be asked of you, or would like to offer some help in any way at all, please contact Cllr Phil Wilkinson on 01761 431355 or Cllr Diana Cooper on 01761 415155. Thank you! The Westfield Warbler - 9

Councillor profiles In the last Warbler, we asked our two new Councillors a few questions to let us get to know them better. Our readers thought that was very useful, so we’ve asked some of the other prominent councillors if they would like to tell us about themselves. Councillor Bryan Wallbridge (Chairman of the Environment & Development Committe) Is it rewarding being a Westfield Parish Councillor? It is very rewarding - the chance to help your community is always a good thing and, as our Parish Council is deliberately non partisan, we can concentrate on what is best for the people rather than party politics. What do think are the best things about Westfield? The people. It is nice to live in an area where children are safe to play in the street, and take themselves to the park. People look out for each other and are very friendly. I would like to enhance the sense of community though, as I feel that it has been eroded over the last few decades. I still remember a time where you knew all your neighbours and we had things like street parties. What would you improve in Westfield? I would like to get more community facilities - BaNES seem determined to put all its resources in to Midsomer Norton. They created Westfield, now they need to support it in getting a community identity, and the facilities to go with it. I have a particular interest in making sure we have facilities and support for our young people, and ones that they will enjoy and want to use, rather than ideas that are imposed on them that they will not like or use. Outside being a Councillor what are your hobbies and interests? I work as the Technical Manager and Associate Lecturer at Bath Spa University for the performing arts facilities, so have a strong interest in education and theatre. Outside of work I am a keen Scuba Diver, instructing at Vobster Quay near Mells. We also have 2 young energetic dogs, so long walks and trips to keep them occupied are frequently on the cards. To keep myself fit enough for all of that, I run 10k three times a week (round the streets of Westfield, so that I can keep my eyes open for any issues!)

10 - The Westfield Warbler

Councillor Ron Hopkins (Vice Chairman of the Parish Council) What made you decide you would like to be a councillor in Westfield? I had been a councillor in Tewkesbury before moving to Westfield 10 years ago and very much enjoyed being deeply involved with the development of the community and helping to create new opportunities. I thought I could do that again in my new location so I stood for the council, and it’s been a great experience, with a mixture of frustration in dealing with our unitary authority B&NES and great pleasure in attending as a guest of local interest groups, pensioners groups, schools and clubs. What do you enjoy about being a Westfield Parish Councillor? As I indicated above I really enjoy working with local charities, clubs and especially schools. I think the process brings all these diverse groups together under the umbrella of Westfield as a caring, happy and successful community What do you think are the best things about Westfield? Wow that’s a tough question. I think we can’t forget the tradition of mining communities, which for many years saw families linking and working together and relying on each other for the safety the community, the development of their children, and care of older members of the community. Westfield has retained many of those qualities. I’m also proud of our schools and the college which are outstanding in every way, in the fullest sense of the word. These set the standards for our young folk and they are doing a great job… and although I haven’t specifically named the others please let’s not forget Fosse Way School and the truly breath-taking / professional job they do, not only for Westfield, but for the wider community . What would you improve for Westfield? I would very much like to develop a real centre for Westfield not only in the “community hall” sense but a genuine, thriving shop and (yes really) a fast food restaurant, and a national supermarket. I can see that this would generate comments from both sides but there is no doubt that a cohesive commercial centre would help to bind the community and vastly increase the viability and value of the housing stock Outside council matters what are your hobbies and interests? I love my dogs very much and my wife and I enjoy walking with them. I’m a keen Pétanque player and have been a member of the Bath club for many years playing overseas and at home. Also, Cllr Diana Cooper’s hard work in creating a Pétanque (Boule) piste and club in Westfield has added to this interest tremendously. My grandchildren Charlie and Phoebe are my pride and joy and I enjoy their company very much when they come to us after school. Their enthusiasm for life and their thirst for knowledge never ceases to delight me.


In January 2017, a limited Saturday bus service was restored to Tyning, Maple Drive, Waterford Park, Waterside Way, Elm Tree Avenue, Wesley Avenue and Longfellow Road. Frome Minibuses will operate alternate Saturday journeys on their Midsomer Norton to Frome bus service (414 & 424) via Tyning or via Waterford Park and Wesley Avenue. This will enable residents to get to and from local shops in Radstock, Westfield and Midsomer Norton on Saturdays.


82 . 82A


RADSTOCK, Tyning, Springfield Crest Radstock, Victoria Hall, stop A Westfield, Maple Drive Westfield, Wesley Avenue/Shelley Road Midsomer Norton, Town Hall Somervale School, Coach Park Midsomer Norton, Withies Park Midsomer Norton, Pinewood Road Old Mills, Tesco Paulton, Carter Road Paulton, Hallatrow Road PAULTON, Ham Lane, Central Garage Paulton, Hallatrow Road Paulton, Carter Road Old Mills, Tesco Midsomer Norton, Pinewood Road Midsomer Norton, Withies Park Somervale School, Coach Park Midsomer Norton, Town Hall Westfield, Wesley Avenue/Shelley Road Westfield, Maple Drive Radstock, Victoria Hall, stop B RADSTOCK, Tyning, Springfield Crest








…. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. 0805 0810 0812 …. …. …. 0830 …. …. …. …. ….

…. 0900 …. 0903 …. 0905 …. 0911* …. 0920 …. …. …. 0922* …. 0925 …. 0930 …. 0940 0912 0942 …. 0945 0914B …. 0916D …. 0924 0955 0927 1000 0930 1003* …. …. 0934 1005 …. 1009* …. 1015 0942 1017 TR 1023

1025 1028 1030 1036* 1045 …. 1047* 1050 1055 1105 1107 1110 …. …. 1120 1125 1128* …. 1130 1134* 1140 1142 1148

1150 …. 1153 …. 1155 …. 1200* …. 1205 …. …. …. 1207* …. 1210 …. 1215 …. 1225 …. 1227R …. 1230R 1300 …. 1303 …. 1305 …. 1315 …. 1320 …. 1323* …. …. …. 1325 …. 1329* …. 1335 …. 1337 …. 1343













…. 1345 1335 1348 …. 1350 …. 1354* 1345 1400 …. …. 1347 1402* 1351 1405 1355 1410 1402D 1420 1408 1422 CL 1425 …. …. …. …. …. 1435 …. 1440 …. 1443* …. …. …. 1445 …. 1449* …. 1455 …. 1457 …. 1503

1505 1505 1508 1508 1510 1510 1514* 1514* 1520 1520 …. 1530C 1522* 1532* 1525 1535 1530 1540 1540 1550 1542R 1552R 1545R 1555R …. …. …. …. ….. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Service number

Service number MIDSOMER NORTON, High Street, Library Westfield, Wesley Avenue/Shelley Road Westfield, Chapel Westfield, Maple Drive Radstock, Victoria Hall, stop B RADSTOCK, Tyning, Springfield Crest


0855 …. 1115 1305 0900A 1050 1120A 1310 …. 1052* FR …. …. 1058 …. …. …. 1059* …. …. 0905 1105 …. 1315 424


…. …. …. …. 0850 0855

0905 1105 …. 0910* …. …. 0912 …. …. 0916* …. …. 0920A 1110 1300 FR 1115 1305



- time at Radstock, Victoria Hall, stop A - time at Paulton, War Memorial - arrives 8 minutes earlier - continues to Clutton - time at Paulton, Specklemead - continues to Frome via Haydon


Services 82, 82A, 414 and 424 are operated by Frome Minibuses (telephone 01373 471474).


Prattens Bowls Club Prattens Bowls Club is situated behind the neatly trimmed hedge on the opposite side of the car park to Prattens Westfield Sports and Social Club.



…. 1515 1655 1450 1520A 1700 1452* FR …. 1458 …. …. 1459* …. …. 1505 …. 1705 414


Weather permitting we will open the Green, in preparation for the new season, on Saturday 15th April. Our pre-season meeting is Saturday 25th March at 10.30am in the Clubhouse and we would be delighted to see you then. In the meantime telephone Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761 412705 for more information.


1315 1505 …. 1320* …. …. 1322 …. …. 1326* …. …. 1330A 1510 1650 FR 1515 1655


Information on all local bus services is available from Traveline at or 0871 200 2233 (between 0700 and 2100 daily - calls cost 12p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge). For information on fares and lost property, please contact the relevant bus operator.

Services 82, 82A & 185 are provided with financial support from Bath & North East Somerset Council. Services 414 & 424 are provided with financial support from Somerset County Council.

Saturdays RADSTOCK, Tyning, Springfield Crest Radstock, Victoria Hall, stop B Westfield, Maple Drive Westfield, Chapel Westfield, Wesley Avenue/Shelley Road MIDSOMER NORTON, High Street, Library

This will be an experiment and continuation of the new facilities will depend on the use made of them.

Service 185 is operated by Somerbus (telephone 01761 490760 or email

Mondays to Fridays (not Public Holidays) Service number

Frome Minibuses will operate alternate Saturday journeys on their Midsomer Norton to Frome bus service (414 & 424) via Tyning or via Waterford Park and Wesley Avenue. This will enable residents to get to and from local shops in Radstock, Westfield and Midsomer Norton on Saturdays.

Please see overleaf for a summary of the Saturday buses to Tyning, Waterford Park and Wesley Avenue, together with the full timetable for services 82 and 82A on Mondays to Fridays.

This will be an experiment and continuation of the new facilities will depend on the use made of them.

RADSTOCK - PAULTON via Midsomer Norton

Starting 14 January 2017, a limited Saturday bus service will be restored to Tyning, Maple Drive, Waterford Park, Waterside Way, Elm Tree Avenue, Wesley Avenue and Longfellow Road.

- not school days - serves these places to set down on request to the driver - school days only - Thursdays only - continues to Trowbridge via Writhlington - approximate time AS221216

The Westfield Warbler - 11

Reduced pitch fees for struggling football teams In increasingly difficult financial times football teams are feeling the pinch along with everyone else as they face the mounting cost of subscriptions, insurance and membership, let alone the cost of hiring a home pitch. Norton Hill and Westhill Recreation Ground Trusts have taken the radical decision to reduce the fees for use of their pitches by adult teams in a bid to support and encourage dwindling teams in the area. Chair of the two Trusts, Cllr Philip Wilkinson said “we have been saddened to see a number of our local teams fall by the wayside in recent years and wanted to do something positive to support the teams that use our pitches as well as encourage new teams by easing the financial burden on them.”

Running club is a hit Westfield TT running club is now into its 9th month and proving to be really popular. We offer a variety of sessions starting from from beginners groups, 10k and marathon training right up to ultra distance running. Meeting outside St Benedicts school at 7pm we offer the following Wednesday evenings - Beginners introduction to running and  intermediate runners. Thursday evenings  - intermediate  and faster running groups. Friday evenings - Beginners and intermediate groups Popular for Saturday afternoon are Hill Reps and speed work sessions from Wansdyke sports centre / the old Pit path from 3pm. 12 - The Westfield Warbler

There are many benefits to playing team sports, not the least of which being the opportunity to improve fitness and increase the time spent outdoors. But benefits also come from the opportunity to take feedback and be coached to improve, to improve communication skills and to focus your sights on a common goal: the success of the team. Local teams Meadow Rangers and Westhill Sports FC were delighted with the reduction in their fees and hope that other teams will be encouraged to use the facilities. Anyone interested in joining the teams that already play on our pitches can contact the teams via the FA website: get-involved/player

Sunday morning trail runs (approximately 7-8 miles off road ) at 9am from outside St Benedicts school. People can message me on 07745351278  for further information. They are all really friendly groups with a great social atmosphere throughout.

Front Garden competition 2017 Last year’s front garden competition was won by Mr D Quick of 4 Inner Elm Terrace, proving that it’s not always ‘Big is Beautiful’!

to have further interest for weeks ahead, as well as being visually effective on the day of judging.

The judges from Bath College horticultural department were impressed with the way that the small space was filled with lots of colour and vibrant plants.

The winner of the container competition was our very own Mitchard’s the butchers, which was judged

As the days are getting longer and weather is, hopefully(!), improving there will be a lot of Westfield residents and businesses that start thinking about how their flower displays are going to work this year. While you are having those ideas why not think about entering the front garden competition as well? Judging is usually done around early July and we’ll remind you of the competition in the next Warbler!


sunday Brunch EVERY first & third sunday of the month from 9AM-2pm MON-FRI 8.30AM-4.30PM |SAT BRUNCH 9.00AM-2.00PM •



We are a smaller than average school and pride ourselves on our caring approach and our ability to meet every child’s needs, helping them develop and ensure they reach their full potential, whilst growing in the love of Christ. We welcome children of all faiths. We also offer wrap-around care as well as an independent on-site Nursery The Westfield Warbler - 13

It’s Your Neighbourhood award to an outstanding allotments group Westfield Allotments and Garden Society (WAGS) received their ‘outstanding’ Its Your Neighbourhood Award from Britain in Bloom at a Westfield Parish Council meeting. The allotments on Waterside Road this year have been bursting with colour and life and above that the group has worked hard to make it accessible to all. In particular young people have been encouraged to develop their horticultural skills at the site. The RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood campaign supports community groups in cleaning up and greening up their immediate local environment

At Westfield Allotments we have been working on our gardening for children project.


with th

is adve

& Cond


- whether that’s the street they live in, or a small patch of communal land needing a revamp. Would you like to take part next summer? If so, why not contact Westfield Parish Council to talk over your ideas – 01761 410669 or e mail


10% Terms

Councillor Geoff Fuller presenting the award to WAGS



2 The Island, Midsomer Norton, BA3 2HQ 01761 414136 eyetechopticiansmsn eyetechmidsomer

Our aim is to encourage the younger generation to grow their own vegetables whilst enjoying fresh air and therefore promoting healthy eating. We have six raised beds suitable for all ages from nursery to teenagers. They are varying heights and there is no charge for them. If you or your organisation would like the opportunity to ‘grow your own’ then please contact us at

14 - The Westfield Warbler

Another successful Christmas lights switch on in Westfield The end of November saw the 5th annual Christmas lights switch on in Westfield. The event was, once again, a great success, with some hundreds of people attending with their children, who queued patiently for ages for a free visit to Santa.

Westfield Lights Silver Band

clearly heard by all, thanks to the work of Shamus from Strode Sounds, and were seen clearly thanks to the work of the boys from AF Denning doing all the electrical work (and they also made sure the lights came on when the button was pressed!!) Councillor Geoff Fuller with children doing switch on

The Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver Band played Christmas songs, while volunteers Pat and Kirk Williams served mulled wine, soft drinks and mince pies. A song was written by the two local schools a few months previously, aided by a Westfield Parish Council grant to the Kilter Theatre Company. One of the songs was sung by the Westfield Ladies’ Choir on the night, which was the first time it had been sung in public. The choir also sang the carols on the evening, accompanied by the band. They were

Father Christmas meets local children

The lights were activated by children from Westfield Primary School and the Fosse Way School and at the touch of a button the trees and streets of Westfield were lit up. The lights on the lampposts went further this time than before and lit up a good stretch of the Fosseway and Wells Road, right through the centre of Westfield. Thanks to absolutely everyone who gave their time and expertise to help the evening go off so well.

Westfield Ladies Choir

The Westfield Warbler - 15

16 - The Westfield Warbler

The Westfield Warbler - 17

WHAT’S ON February 9th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years).

11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

10th Race Night for Carer’s Centre at Mardons Social Club

March 2nd Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3’s. 11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

4th Delta 88, Rockabilly plus DJ Rockin’ Ronnie at

Radstock Working Men’s Club, doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets in advance £5 / on the door £7. Call Marc on 01761 417890 for tickets.

6th Parish Council Meeting,

check website for venue information.

11th Informal Coffee Morning

for parishioners to meet our new Vicar Ian Rousell and wife Sarah. St Peter’sChurch Hall, Westfield 10am to 12noon.

11th The Crawlin Kingsnakes at Mardons Social Club

8th Blood Donor Session, Community Hall, Gullock Tyning, Midsomer Norton, 1pm – 3.30pm and 4.30pm – 7.30pm. Book your appointment at 9th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years).

11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

12th The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes at

Victoria Hall, Radstock. The greatest fictional sleuth of all time springs back to life in this high-energy one-man show featuring a plethora of dashing heroes, villainous rogues and vintage thrills. Advance tickets £10 / Standard tickets £12, 7.30pm to 10.00pm.

13th Environment and Development Meeting

10th Race Night for Carers Centre at Mardons Social Club

13th Environment and Development Meeting, check website for venue information.

in the downstairs meeting room, The Oval Office at 7.00pm.

16th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years).

14th A Dragon’s Tale at Victoria Hall, Radstock.

18th Honky Tonks

Tickets: £5 in advance, £6 standard. 11.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 3.00pm.

16th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years). 11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

17th The Big Scream NCT Baby Cinema

at Victoria Hall, Radstock. Fun for all the family this half term: spend some quality time with your little ones watching Winnie the Pooh in the cinema.

20th Skittles at Mardons Social Club from 7pm. All

welcome. For more information call Diana on 01761 415155.

22nd Finance and Personnel Meeting

11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

at Mardons Social Club - Free entry

20th Skittles at Mardons Social Club from 7pm. All

welcome. For more information call Diana on 01761 415155.

22nd Finance and Personnel Meeting, check website for venue information.

23rd Story and Rhyme (2-5 years). 11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

25th Cabaret (ticketed TBA) at Mardons Social Club. 26th Mothering Sunday St Peter’s Church Westfield.

in the downstairs meeting room, The Oval Office at 7.00pm.

8am Said Eucharist. 10am All Age Praise Service with our new Vicar, Ian Rousell.

23th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years).

29th Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3’s.

24th Quiz Night for St John Ambulance.


11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

at Mardons Social Club

25th Up Your Brass

at Mardons Social Club - Free entry

10.30 – 11 am at Midsomer Norton Library. Free.

1st Crack -Me-Up Comedy with Nick Page

at Victoria Hall, Radstock. Advance tickets £10 / Standard tickets £12, 8.00pm to 10pm.

1st No Mean Feat

Free entry at Mardons Social Club

18 - The Westfield Warbler

3rd Parish Council Meeting, check website for venue


6th Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3’s. 11 – 11.30am at Radstock Library. Free.

10th Table Top Sale at Pratten’s Social Club

Set up at 9.30, sale starts at 10.30. Come along for a coffee and bacon roll!

26th Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3’s. 10.30 – 11 am at Midsomer Norton Library. Free.

27th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years). 11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

30th Morgan & West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for kids (and childish grown ups)

10th Environment and Development Meeting, check website for venue information.

at Victoria Hall, Radstock. Advanced tickets: Adults £7 / child £5, standard tickets adults £8 / child £6. 4.00pm to 5pm.

12th Blood Donor Session,


Community Hall, Gullock Tyning, Midsomer Norton, 1pm – 3.30pm and 4.30pm – 7.30pm. Book your appointment at

13th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years). 11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

15th Hair of the Dog

Free entry at Mardons Social Club

19th Finance and Personnel Meeting, check website for venue information.

20th Story and Rhyme (2-5 years). 11 – 11.30 am at Radstock Library. Free.

21st Dragon’s Den at Victoria Hall

Radstock. Doors open at 5pm for applicants to dress their tables with the event starting at 6pm.

24th Annual Parish Meeting, Westfield Methodist Church, starting at 7.00pm - an opportunity to come along and see how things are progressing in Westfield, along with the chance to express any points of view.

25th Boules from 6pm til dusk,

at Norton Hill Recreation Ground. No need to book. For more information call Diana on 01761 415155.

1st Blood Donor Session, Community Hall, Gullock Tyning, Midsomer Norton, 1pm – 3.30pm and 4.30pm – 7.30pm. Book your appointment at 2nd Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, check website for venue information.

4th Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3’s. 11 – 11.30am at Radstock Library. Free.

6th Beetle Drive in

St Peter’s Westfield Church Hall at 7pm.

8th Environment and Development Meeting, check website for venue information.

13th Delta 88, Rockabilly plus DJ Rockin’ Ronnie

at Radstock Working Men’s Club, doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets in advance £5 / on the door £7. Call Marc on 01761 417890 for tickets.

17th Finance and Personnel Meeting, check website for venue information.

24th Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3’s. 10.30 – 11 am at Midsomer Norton Library. Free.

The Westfield Warbler - 19


The Radstock & Westfield Big Local Dragon’s Den fund raising event will take place again this year on 21st April at the Victoria Hall in Radstock. There is £5k to be allocated in awards of up to £500. In previous years some of the groups that have benefitted from Dragon’s Den are, SWALLOW, an organisation that supports people with learning disabilities; Battle of the Bands, who put on a show of local musical talent at the Victoria Hall; Hang It, a project that brought professional artists and local children together to create artwork and new song sheets for the Westfield Ladies Choir. So why not get involved? The doors will open at 5pm to allow the applicants time to dress their display tables using photographs and their original application form, for residents to view prior to the event starting at 6pm. Each applicant is allocated 90 seconds to pitch their idea. There will be four Dragons who will ask questions on behalf of the residents. Each Dragon in turn will be invited to comment, clarify or encourage the pitch to give the audience a greater understanding. The applicant has a total time of 5 minutes each.

THE RULES • Each applicant must start their pitch by stating their name, the title of the project and the amount of money they are requesting. They can then give their pitch for up to 90 seconds. • Once the pitch, question and answers have taken place the voting will begin to decide which of the projects will receive funding. The successful projects will be announced during the event. Terms and conditions 20 - The Westfield Warbler

will then be sent to each successful applicant and once they have been agreed and signed they will receive the funding amount that they have applied for.

• The deal agreed on the day is a verbal, nonbinding agreement that will be subject to due diligence checks. The grants will be paid to bank accounts or, in some cases, will fund direct purchase of goods or services. Grant recipients must be fully committed to completing their project as described in the application and presented at the event. To find out more go to;


Youth Connect have been working with the young people of Westfield since September 2016 and have been running youth sessions out of the Methodist church hall since November. These sessions have been well attended with between 20-30 young people coming each week taking part in all sorts of things from pumpkin carving and lantern making to D.J lessons, BBQ’s and cooking healthy meals for each other and learning about health and nutrition. Upcoming projects are to include more cookery and healthy eating, junk sculptures, painting and sessions around bullying, resilience and life skills.

Wednesday evenings from 8pm-9pm are for small project work, to include C.V writing & careers advice to run for 4 weeks then hopefully followed by a First aid course. For more information and to request a place on our project night please contact Katy Roberts on: 07966 880422.

The timetable for the next few months is as follows: The Youth Project Group will be held at Westfield’s Methodist church hall, Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm, open to everyone aged 13-19 hosting a range of activities from D.J lessons, arts and crafts, cooking and drugs and alcohol information. NEED A NEW BOILER?





Come & visit!

Non-members welcome

FREE hire for Friday night party bookings (sorry no 18th/21st) Bands every Saturday Watch Sky & BT Sport Great value bar

For a free quotation

... find out more learn more: The Westfield Warbler - 21

History of Westfield exhibition at Radstock Museum

Members of Westfield Neighbourhood Plan Working Group are working together with Radstock museum to create an exhibition of the history of Westfield to be displayed at the museum from September 12th to November 27th.

They are very keen to collect memories, especially from former miners and workers at the large factories, such as Purnells and Clarks. We would like information about the smaller companies too. Some pictures of weddings and confirmation ceremonies are already available, but far more is needed. We are also looking for artefacts. There will be full insurance cover for these if they are loaned to the museum.

Do you know anyone who was a member of Westfield Temperance Society? How large was the group? What about the Silver Bands and the Choirs? Do please get in touch. Contact Westfield Parish Council on 01761 410669,



We are a family run company dedicated to offering you a first class service.

- Complete Design Service - New range of low price kitchens to suit all tastes and budgets

13A Old Mills Industrial Estate, Paulton, BS39 7SU | Tel 01761 411499 22 - The Westfield Warbler

A Remembrance plaque in Westfield In response to a request from local residents, Westfield Parish Council has installed a remembrance plaque on the time capsule stone at the top of Elm Tree Avenue, to commemorate all who gave their lives in service for their country. For those in Westfield who wish to stop for a moment of quiet reflection or place a poppy or cross in remembrance, we hope that this will be a place where they may do so.

Chair of the Council, Geoff Fuller said, “this is a poignant reminder to show Westfield’s respects”.

Councillor Geoff Fuller at the remembrance plaque







PART TIME LEISURE COURSES ENROL NOW ON OUR EASTER AND SUMMER 4 DAY WORKSHOPS For more details, a full list of courses and to enrol visit:

Fosseway Press email:

7 Frome Road Radstock BA3 3PT

Tel: 01761 431919

Telephone: 01225 328 720 Email: @bathcollege


The Westfield Warbler - 23

Things to do



Boules starts again from Tues 25th April, 6pm to dusk. No equipment needed, just a pair of flat shoes. Norton Hill Recreation Ground. For more information, ring Diana on 01761 415155

Storytime at Radstock and Midsomer Norton Libraries 11:00am-11:00am. Stories followed by craft activity. For 0-5 year olds. Free Little Centurions Stay and Play Group 9 – 11am. Weekly drop in sessions. Best Western Centurion Hotel, Charlton Lane Weight Watchers – St Peters Church Hall, Longfellow Road, Westfield. 10 am, 12:00pm and 6:30pm Prattens Bowls - If you would like to try bowls why not come along to our Club night – from 6pm. Coaching can be arranged by our Club Coaches – bowls can be borrowed so you just need to wear a pair of flat shoes. Prattens Bowls Club Quiz Night at Westhill Social Club - Don’t do anything on a Monday evening? Why not come and try out are quiz night, from 8pm Careers Coffee Morning with The Carers’ Centre. 2nd Monday of the month. A local charity that supports people who are looking after someone. This might be because they are disabled, ill, frail or have any number of challenges. Free Coffee Mornings where people can get together and chat over a cuppa.” Mardons Social Club.

24 - The Westfield Warbler

Community Bus at Westhill Club car park 9:30am – 11:30am. Sessions for anyone with babies and young children. Contact 01761 419557 or

The Youth Project Group will be held at Westfields Methodist church hall, from 7pm9pm, open to everyone aged 13-19 hosting a range of activities from D.J lessons, arts and crafts, cooking and drugs and alcohol information. Please contact Katy Roberts on: 07966 880422.

Wednesday Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3s at Midsomer Norton Library. Sing along nursery rhymes 10:00am-11:00am. Every fourth Wednesday Westfield Ladies Choir - from 7.15 until 9.00 at St Peter’s Church Westfield. No auditions are required, just come along and sing. Contact Lesley Schofield on 01761 419540 Westfield TT Running Club - beginner’s introduction to running and intermediate runners. (Meeting outside St Benedicts School at 7pm)

Thursday The Baby Feeding Hub 9.30 -11am, The hub is supported by Health Visitors, an NCT breast feeding councillor and centre staff. Radstock Childrens Centre - Church Street, Radstock Stop Smoking Service 9.30 – 11am, Radstock Childrens Centre, Church Street, Radstock Communion Service - 10am St Peters Church, Longfellow Rd Baby Bounce and Rhyme for under 3s at Radstock Library. Sing along nursery rhymes 10:00am-11:00am. FIRST Thursday of every month. Chess Club at 7.30pm, Anyone who enjoys the game of chess is welcome to join them. So if you know the moves of chess and would like to play a game you will be very welcome. Westfield church hall, part of St. Peter’s Church Westfield TT running Club - intermediate runners. Meeting outside St Benedicts School at 7pm

Radstock Folk Dance Club. English and American styled country dances at St Peters Church Hall. Beginners are more than welcome and you do not need a partner. £2 per evening inc tea and biscuits. 8:00pm-10:00pm. Call 01458 841400 for more details. Westfield TT Running Club - beginners and intermediate runners. Meeting outside St Benedicts School at 7pm Trinity Methodist Friday Club. Every 2nd Friday of the month 2 – 4 pm. Trinity Westfield Methodist Church, Wells Road, transport can be provided if necessary. We enjoy a cup of tea and cake and usually some quizzes

Saturday Messy Church Art Group at Radstock Baptist Church 10:30am – 12:00pm Not just for kids! Children should be accompanied by an adult. Call to confirm attendance in case of holiday Frederik: 07811652372

Friday Coffee Morning at Trinity Methodist Church, Westfield. 9:00am – 11:00am. Come along for a chat and a cuppa. Catch up with friends and meet new ones. It is held the first Friday of the month from 10am onwards – all welcome. Golden Oldies sing and smile session, third Friday of each month. From 2:30pm – 3:00pm, St Peters Church Hall, Longfellow Rd.


Families required to accommodate short stay Dutch, Belgian, French & German students. Students stay 2/3/4 days - 2/3/4 students per family. Students depart daily 8.20am - returning 6.30/7pm. 3 students x 4 nights £171.00 From 1st April 2017 4 students x 4 nights £228.00 A great fun way to increase your family income! For further details please contact Carol: 01749 840821 mob: 07877717408 Or Hannah: 01761 436576 mob: 07720 572047

The Westfield Warbler - 25

Mardons Club

There’s a lot more going on at Mardons behind the scenes than it appears to most visitors. A number of community groups are now enjoying the hospitality of the club and are making great use of the available space during the day. For some time the Mardons Pensioners Group have been based at the club, meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. This year, they have organised a ticketed Cabaret evening and will be donating money raised from the night to charity, in memory of a popular member, Sid Body, who sadly passed away last year. Recently joining Mardons for new regular coffee mornings are the Carers Centre. Organiser, Lorraine Frapwell commented: “The Carers’ Centre is a local charity that supports people who are looking after someone. This might be because they are disabled, ill, frail or have any number of challenges. Very often, looking after someone can lead to isolation. To try and prevent this from happening, and to help Carers fully access their local communities, we are holding a number of free Coffee Mornings at Mardons, where people can get together and chat over a cuppa.” The Coffee mornings are held monthly (10 a.m.– noon, 6th February, 13th March and 10th April). Following a similar format, a new autism support group has been founded by local woman, Sophie Tucker. Her coffee mornings and social gatherings are now being held regularly for parents, carers and families of children with autism or those going through the diagnosis process. Mardons have often enjoyed visits from the wonderful staff and service users at the Swallow Charity, for their discos, meetings and skittles evenings and are pleased to work with any community group or local charity whenever possible. 26 - The Westfield Warbler

The club is now preparing for a number of charitable events in the next few months, firstly a race night on Friday, 10th February. Money raised on the night will, on this occasion, go to the Carers’ Centre. The club’s popular quiz night returns on Friday, 24th February and the this time the night will benefit St Johns Ambulance. The format remains the same with teams of 4-6 people and entry fee of £2.50 per person. One of the most eagerly anticipated fundraisers to be planned planned is the 80s Fancy Dress Party, which is on Friday, 24th March. The evening is a ticketed event, at £5 per person, and will raise funds for Kilmersdon School PTA to help with a number of planned projects. Anyone wanting more information about any of the community groups, events and fundraisers or for bookings, should contact Mardons by email at: socialclubinfo@ Keep up to date with everything at www. or at Mardonsclub

If you look after someone, who looks after you? The Carers’ Centre provides free advice, support and breaks for people who care for family or friends. If you’re looking after someone who is ill, disabled or frail, we’re here for you. Call weekdays 10am —1pm on 0800 0388 885 for advice, or visit

Volunteer Driving & The feel good factor Have you ever thought of becoming a volunteer driver? As the New Year starts Sarah Oughton & Ann Mead at SWAN Transport based in Radstock would like to hear from drivers with a few hours spare each week or a few hours every month, whatever time you have we can find a journey for you. If you want to make a difference and enjoy meeting people then we have the opportunity for you. The benefits of staying active if you are getting older are well documented. Younger people may be looking to change career or to increase their employment prospects. Those people on a limited budget may find this volunteering opportunity a good way of justifying and helping with costs of running a car. As a volunteer driver you will need your own vehicle.

Swan provides full training and support. Mileage expenses are paid at the Inland Revenue rate. Drivers can choose how much or little they do and can have regular journeys or drive as and when they are available. SWAN Transport has a great team of drivers already but we are always looking to expand. This year we have seen growth and higher demand for our transport project and are keen to take on new drivers to help our existing ones. “Our drivers make a massive difference within their communities and are committed to helping older and disabled people to have independent and fulfilled lives. Whether it’s taking an older person to the shops, hairdressers or hospital appointment or taking a younger disabled person to a day care facility or support service, you can help to make a big difference to the quality of their life.” Chris who has driven with SWAN for 13 years says: “I love driving for SWAN and meeting interesting people, driving makes me feel lucky to be healthy and helping others. Also the ladies in the office make a wonderful cup of tea!”

At Avon Trailer Centre you’ll find a wide range of trailers, trailer parts and towbars to suit your needs. We have built an excellent reputation upon customer guidance and expertise, helping you to find the correct towbar or trailers for your vehicle. By developing relations with a large number of suppliers, we can supply products and services of the highest standard. All trailers we supply are manufactured to ECWVTA (European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval).

Last year Swan drivers carried out 4,358 journeys across the county. Come and join our team of drivers doing extraordinary things in their community and get the feel good factor back in your life. We very much look forward to hearing from you please ring Sarah or Annto discuss or request an application form on 01761 439548 or email If you are not able to drive but would like to support our transport scheme you can donate at Local giving under SWAN Transport go to and press the donate button. The Westfield Warbler - 27

Fosseway Bowls Club Fosseway Bowls Club members are already starting to prepare for the forthcoming outdoor Bowls season by discussing the maintenance programme and plans for 2017. During the winter months the club has still been extremely active and will continue to do so with many social events being held at the club house. Even at this time of year the green is looking brilliant thanks to Matthew Phillips and his team who have been treating it regularly to ensure there will be another good playing surface this year. February 14th will see the annual celebration of Valentines Day where the men pamper the ladies with drinks, a red rose and a superb three course meal. As new members will agree, Fosseway is a friendly club and would welcome anyone who may be thinking of taking up the sport. Membership will be free for the first year to all new applicants and on club nights, Mondays, bowls and shoes etc. will provided to anyone wishing to have lessons. Qualified Bowls coaches are available. For more information please contact club secretary Ray Soby telephone 01761 453218

Ian Macdonald Insurance Services Limited

The local choice for ALL your insurance needs 113 High Street, Midsomer Norton Tel: 01761 416937 Fax: 01761 416266

Your Local Broker Since 1981

28 - The Westfield Warbler

Radstock Folk Dance Club Radstock Folk Dance Club resumed meetings on the 13th January at St Peters Church Hall, Longfellow Road, Westfield. We meet every Friday from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm for Country Dancing with a caller to guide you through. Beginners are welcome. For further information contact Dick and Jean Shilton 01458 841400

Boules or Skittles? Boules every time! But here we are, having a wonderful time at our Christmas skittle special, doesn’t it all seem a long time ago now? We have enjoyed our monthly meetings, the chat over a few drinks and some nibbles, even actually playing skittles! Having said that, we are all itching to get back “on the Piste”, out in the open, and enjoying the Great British summer! Westfield Petanque Club will once again be in attendance at Norton Hill Recreation Ground, every Tuesday throughout the summer, at 6pm starting on Tuesday the 25th of April. Unbelievably, this is our third season, so if you want to see what we are all about, do please come along, there is no need to book, just turn up, you would be most welcome. Diana 01761 415155


General Motor Repairs & Servicing FOUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIALISTS BE PREPARED THIS WINTER, BOOK YOUR SERVICE NOW. 19a Fourth Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 4XE

01761 418562

Midsomer Norton & Radstock Community Service Vehicle Trust Hello Readers, No doubt you have seen the Minibus running around the Midsomer Norton and Radstock area, taking members of the public to their Lunch clubs, Church Services, outings etc. If you would like to use the Minibus, please contact our Co-ordinator Mrs Debbie Gunfield on 01761 416910 for information, or our Transport Manager Mr Nick Rogers on 01761 413872. 2017 is a special year, as the Community Bus will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in April! This is an amazing feat for something that was set up by public subscription in 1967, for the disabled,

handicapped and for anyone who had difficulty in getting about unaided. There will be many stories relating to past and present days no doubt. Do you have any memories of the bus running back in its first years? Perhaps your parents or friends used the bus at that time? If so, we would love to hear from you with your stories of the journeys made over the 50 years. Please email either David Shearn at diadave@ or Carol Price at Registered Charity No. 276166.

Trinity Westfield Friday Club The Friday Club started last July with the aim of providing a comfortable and welcoming space for people who are looking for some company and an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy some fun. We meet on the second Friday of the month from 2.00-4.00pm at Trinity Westfield Methodist Church, Wells Road and transport can be provided if necessary. We enjoy a cup of tea and cake and usually some quizzes, often done as a group, which are not too difficult. In November we concentrated on ‘Memories’ thinking of wartime songs and memories of schooldays in the war. December had a Christmas


Come & visit!

Non-members welcome

FREE hire for Friday night party bookings (sorry no 18th/21st) Bands every Saturday Watch Sky & BT Sport Great value bar

... find out more learn more:

theme with carols, mince pies, crackers and Christmas quizzes. In January, as we met on the 13th, we thought about the many superstitions we all still remember but try not to let them influence us too much!! Our numbers were small at first but are gradually increasing; we have both ladies and men in the group so we would be pleased to welcome any new members. If you come along you can be sure of a warm welcome, some fun and laughter and a chance to chat together and make new friends. So do accept this invitation to join us, we would be happy to see you. June Battle, Jill Earley - January 2017

Would you like to

promote your business

to every home in Westfield? Call us now. 01761 410141 The Westfield Warbler - 29


Parish Clerk It was great to get such good feedback for the Christmas Lights Switch On event and congratulations to the three local residents who won a Christmas Tree each in the free prize draw. The Trussell Trust thanks local people for the money raised by donations that day, which will help the local food bank be there for people when they need it the most. A warm welcome to two new voluntary Snow Wardens in Westfield. Ross Thayer and James Honess have joined the existing four Snow Wardens and the Parish Council has purchased a fourth pavement gritter so that a greater area may be covered when the weather is icy. If anyone would like to join this small but vital team, please do contact the Parish Council. The amount of time you give is entirely up to you.

As the evenings very slowly start to get lighter it is good to be thinking about the Westfield flower display this summer. We are delighted to have a new contractor on board, with a host of new planting ideas and we are looking forward to seeing the hanging baskets, flower beds and planters looking just as vibrant and eye catching as they did last year. Work has been commissioned for the re-fencing of the tennis court at Norton Hill Recreation Ground – an area which has needed regular patching up for many years now – so it will be good to see it with a smart new look, and also a cranked top to help stop tennis balls going astray. The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group continues to put together options for the future of the Parish. It will go out to consultation and we hope that as many people as possible will take part.

Lesley Welch Parish Clerk

Do you hold a regular event in Westfield and would like to let the local community know? 01761 410141

Send your details by email to or call Julie on 30 - The Westfield Warbler

Your Parish


Cllr Andrew Butcher 07814 530 723

Cllr Diana Cooper 01761 415155

Cllr Kevin Docherty 07826 170147 kevindocherty1966

Cllr Lesley Mansell 07980 695117

Cllr Ron Hopkins 01761 435852

Cllr Geoff Fuller 01761 439198 / 07540 998603

Cllr Eleanor Jackson 01761 438968

Cllr James Honess

Cllr Bryan Wallbridge Vice Chair 07974 939776

Cllr Phil Wilkinson 01761 431355 / 07803 927626

Cllr Pat Williams 01761 432630

The Oval Office, Cobblers Way St Peters Business Park, Westfield BA3 3BX Telephone: 01761 410669 Email: @westfield_pc Wesfield Parish Council The Parish Council is open from Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4.30pm. Due to the small number of part time staff it is advisable to telephone before visiting. The Parish Council is accessible for the public, with a lift to the first floor office. The Westfield Warbler - 31


L I K E R E A L F A C T O RY O U T L E T S A R E S U P P O S E D T O B E - O F F E R I N G G R E AT P R I C E S . We are right here - on the town's own Trading Estate.



Tel: 01761 408028 Open 9.30 to 5.00 (4pm Saturdays)

Charltons Furniture Factory Outlet First Ave, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Somerset BA3 4BS

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