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EXECUTIVE EDUCATION Learning Trips & Training Programs

LEARNING TRIP Discover France in a professional, enriching and memorable way with this triple experience: corporate, academic and cultural! A corporate experience V  isit companies in various sectors and activities: energy, production, logistics, banking… M  eet directors and managers who will present their activity, company, position and market. D  iscuss and debate with professionals on various topics such as strategy, economy, globalization, sustainable development, innovation…

An academic experience

A cultural experience T  he Paris campus  iscover Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the D world. Savor the French way of life: meet French people, visit world famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum…, eat the famous “baguette” and “croissant” for breakfast as well as tasting French wine and cheese…

P  articipate in executive modules led by prominent experts from the academic and professional environment.

T  he Lille campus  ome to Lille, the city in the heart of Europe: C 1 hour from Paris, 1.5 hours from London, 40 minutes from Brussels. D  iscover its dynamic economy (longstanding tradition in business and trade), its famous welcoming atmosphere and cultural diversity.

S  tudy topics in various fields: management, finance, marketing, commercial development, strategy, logistics... L earn by using various interactive pedagogical methods such as case studies, business games, role plays, e-learning…

Who is concerned? MBA students

What benefits will the Learning Trip have?


T  o get a full package and a customized solution. T  o have a better understanding of strategic and economic issues of the business world through authentic case studies, analytical tools and frameworks, discussions...

Example of a 6-day program in Paris for professionals in the energy sector: Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Executive course: Innovation

Executive course: Strategy and Technology

Executive course: Organizational Development

Executive course: Organizational Strategizing

Working group on Innovation

Company visit: Gas company

Company visit: Bank

Welcome breakfast and introduction AM


Conference – Debate : “Energy and Sustainable Development” Company visit: Petrol company


Welcome dinner in Paris Dinner

Corporate Cultural

Free time

Tourism Company visit: Sustainable energy

Guided tour: Louvre Pyramid and Museum, Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel tower

Free time

French Wine & Cheese tasting

Academic Follow up

Day 6

Free time

Special farewell event

IÉSEG EXECUTIVE EDUCATION, a team that constantly caters for your needs Learning is not limited to courses: it is also a matter of people. Members of the IÉSEG Executive team are readily available to listen, understand, advise and help you to create and develop your training projects and programs. For each project, our professors, consultants and experienced managers are selected on the basis of their expertise, experience, knowledge of the corporate world and ability to encourage debates and discussions. The pedagogical methods used are multiple and adapted to the trainees. The Center for Educational and Technological Innovation (CETI) at IÉSEG contributes its know-how in order to provide learning that is constantly improving and that will be adjusted to your needs.

Customized programs for companies IÉSEG Executive Education offers customized training to executives, managers and leaders. Our solutions are adapted to international companies, small and medium sized companies, associations, NGO’s, as well as public organisations that require coaching during their development and in this constantly changing environment.

We offer innovative customized development solutions that combine interactive training sessions, e-learning, simulations, coaching or learning expeditions abroad depending on your requirements and constraints. Whether your objective is to achieve immediate operational performance for your teams or to look ahead and have a vision, IÉSEG Executive creates and implements complete solutions to develop the skills you need. From a small group to a whole group of employees and members of staff, we are able to develop short courses and extensive or intensive courses. IÉSEG Executive also designs programs which will enable your managers to become fully involved in the organisation of the training sessions. Then, we coordinate the pedagogy and program management to suit your needs. Whatever the format, we consider training not only as a way of learning, but also as an opportunity for your teams as well as yourself to experience something unique and special, to discuss and to share corporate values. “Tomorrow’s performance depends on today’s training”!

IÉSEG Executive Education areas of expertise • Management, Personal Development, Human Resources • Commercial Development, Negotiation and Marketing • Finance and Management Accounting • Strategy and Performance Management

TESTIMONIES Christophe P., Human Resources Director “A rich, complete and interactive course.” Laurence F., Training Manager “I also wanted to particularly thank your contributor; he supported us to make this one-day session a success. Thank you for your support. Thank you for « stirring things up », thanks for turning our old habits upside down, for helping us to question our daily routine.”

Examples of customized programs High potential branch managers  bank asked IÉSEG to prepare a specific course for its high potential branch managers. For 2 to 3 A days a month over a 6-month period, participants met at IÉSEG to discuss all major issues relating to the management of a business unit. The objective was to encourage managers to become more autonomous, take on responsibilities and develop their decision-making capacity. IÉSEG Executive developed all modules for this course with bankers. Leadership was covered in all the modules. An e-learning platform combining videos, courses, articles and a forum not only enabled participants from various origins to refresh their skills but also to get support for several weeks upon completion of the course. A learning expedition to London and a business game marked the end of the course. Finance training for directors of affiliate companies in the mass retail industry IÉSEG Executive trained the directors of business units of a major distribution group in finance methods and tools. Specific case studies were created for the group.

Key figures 2012-2013 IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT  campuses : the main campus in Lille and the 2 campus of Paris-La Défense More than 2,500 company partners EQUIS accredited (part of the top 1% of the Business Schools worldwide) 400 teachers including 90 permanent professors (84% from many different countries, 93% hold a PhD/ doctorate) 200 university partners in over 50 countries 3,100 students

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