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Teacher give-backs help Preserve NASD jobs, programs


RYAN GLOSE and others celebrated his big catches, 22 and 20inch trout, out of the Petersville Rod & Gun Club lake. – Home News photos

Dream Come True Children go fishing


Twenty-seven children – all part of Dream Come True – enjoyed a morning of fishing on Saturday at the Petersville Rod & Gun Club lake in Moore Township. It was a real treat for the youngsters, all of whom have had or now have either terminal, chronic or other serious illnesses that have impacted their lives. The Petersville R&G fish committee stocked the lake with trout and arranged the big day for the youngsters after it was learned that they could no longer go to Ranger

Lake in Lehigh County. Chris Domyan, a member of the committee, said that with this event and two others that were fishing contests for youngsters and adults, some 1,700 trout were stocked in the waters. There were some big fish caught, too. Eight-year-old Ryan Glose of Upper Macungie was fortunate enough to land two “lunkers”, 22 and 20 inches, among others on his line. He proudly showed them off with his friends and family members, especially Mom and Dad, Andrea and Continued on page 16

TARA GERGAR fishing for trout as her mother looks on.

Thanks to teachers agreeing to give a portion of their salaries back in the coming school year, and other negotiations that will mean lesser increases for administrators, custodial and security staff, all programs that were to be reduced or eliminated will remain in place, Northampton Area School District Superintendent Joseph Kovalchik announced on Monday. The programs include Washington’s Crossings, extensions programs at the middle school for math and English, remedial instruction and intervention, and fullday kindergarten. Kovalchik said also that support and maintenance staff is being negotiated. The amount of money saved, some $800,000 also helps save teacher jobs. He thanked the teachers and the Northampton Area Educators Association union for the agreement that was

reached, and said that the number one goal in the school district is the education of the students, improving their achievement. In public comment later, an East Allen Township resident thanked the teachers and the administrators for their sacrifices. Gene Kratz, president of the NAEA, said the proposal for pay back was made by the teachers, who felt it was the moral right thing to do. Kratz said the union is satisfied that the teachers will keep their jobs and that the proposal was good for the district. He noted, “We take a lot of pride in our community and we are very proud of our students.” Later, Director Jane Erdo commended Kratz and the teachers for what they did. Director Corey Fenstermaker also thanked the teachers. Five Retirees Five teachers who are retiring were honored on Monday at the school board meeting.

They include John Wunderler, Connie Votta, Donna Longley, Nancy Biechy, and Lucille Loy. All of them shook hands with the school directors, who wished them well in their retirement. The resident also congratulated the retirees, who he said represented hundreds of years in teaching. Director and board vice president Jean Rundle acknowledged that her sister, Maryann Dech, has been a teacher for many years and is retiring. She said the teachers have kept things in place, and said it is good that the district will keep full-day kindergarten. After Irvin Kemp had said, “How do you justify putting money into a new middle school when money is a problem?” he asserted that the public has been misled on the cost of renovating the 40-yearold middle school. He said the Pa. Dept. of Education was Continued on page 13

Municipal Primary on Tuesday

The municipal primary election will be next Tuesday, May 17. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m . In addition to the candidates who will be nominated to run in the November general election, Northampton County voters will have a referendum on the ballot. The question is whether to retain Gracedale, the Northampton County home for the aged, under county or private ownership. Voters will answer yes or no to the following question: Shall the electorate of Northampton County approve the following: The county nursing home, known as Gracedale, shall not be sold and/or leased by the County of Northampton for a period of five years from the date of the approval of this initiative. There are many races that include new faces, people who are not satisfied with the way their municipality or school board is run. Bath Borough - Council: Jennifer George (R), Mark Saginario (D), Robert Fields (D). Tax Collector: Debra Mills (R) Chapman Borough: No candidate for Council

Nazareth Borough-Council: Frank Maurek (D), Michael Kopach (D), Larry Stoudt (R), Thomas Heckman (D), Daniel Chiavaroli (D), Tracy Keenhold (D) Northampton BoroughCouncil: Keith Piescienski (D), John Yurish (D), Joe Zeitge, Jr. (D), Anthony Loposonzski, Jr. (D)

Allen Township-Supervisor: Bruce Erack (R), Alfred Pierce (D) Bushkill Township-Supervisor: Clifford Bonney (R), Jacque Bender (R), David Brewer (D) East Allen Township-Supervisor: Madelyn Kemp (R), Continued on page 13

GEORGE MOLCHANY spoke about and showed Martin guitars at the Gov. Wolf Historical Society dinner. (Story on Page 5). – Home News photo

2 0 1 0 L e B E A M C o m m u n i t y S p i r i t Aw a rd R e c i p i e n t

2 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

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2010 LeBEAM Community Spirit Award Recipient

TV Content With television now in most homes in the country, thus influencing the behavior of American youth to an unprecedented degree, the content of TV programming is of major concern to those looking to the nation’s future. A serious look at the hundreds of channels available is disturbing. Much of the content is violence, of course, dating from the American cowboy heritage, but content without violence is also disturbing. Common behavior, dress and speech is very low grade. Young Americans who emulate what they assume is normal behavior as seen on American television are not seeking the status and character early Americans sought, the tradition of ladies and gentlemen, as in the mother country. One need not be of English heritage to favor America’s youth following in that tradition, which was the goal and hope of the majority in early America, may still be. But U.S. television is a dominate influence among those millions who know nothing better, who assume this low-grade behavior is normal and acceptable.

the Fence GabGab OverOver the Fence by Pete G. Ossip by Pete G. Ossip

It’s some pretty nice spring weather we’ve been having this

week, and it was beautiful for Mother’s Day. I hope all the mothers had a happy day with their kids and grandkids. They deserved it. . . .Next Tuesday is


the big primary election day. Lots of signs going up for local candidates, but the hot issue for our county is the question about Gracedale, our county home for the elderly. However the vote goes, I hope it’s for the better. It sure has stirred up a

lot of debate. . . . I hear there was a zoning meeting about the sun panels up by the Moore Township school, but people didn’t get much of a chance to speak. Maybe it’s not as much of a hot topic as it was over in Lehigh Township. . . . .Big crowd as usual at the Moorestown church’s ham supper on Saturday. Nothing like a good church supper with all that home cooking. . . . Grass is growing fast where folks put on fertilizer, so it calls for more mowing. Those who may have fertilized it lately are hoping just for one day of rain to get the stuff to work. I reckon it’ll come soon enough. . . . Let’s hope it doesn’t rain this Saturday, though, ‘cause that’s the day of the big Bath community yard sale. Can’t have rain when you put all the things out in the open for folks to look over and buy. I know Elmira was up in the attic the other day scrounging around for things to sell, all the things we’ve been collecting over the years, and just kept stored away. . . . Note from a reader: What is a 7 year old doing out hunting with a 20 gauge Ithaca along with her FIVE YEAR OLD SISTER??? And at that young age, shouldn’t they be taught to repsect all living things? Very scary that two little girls with their father and grandfather had guns to shoot turkeys for youth gobbler season. . . . Grapevine has it that the Turn-In Restaurant in town has been sold to some folks in Hellertown, with the present owners retiring. . . .Looks like the new tenants are moving into the former gas station / travel agency building down at the square. . . . I said it before and I’ll say it again. All that great pitching isn’t gonna hack it after a while if the Phillies don’t get more hitting. They hafta score runs, and put their hits together when they get ‘em. They got the hits and runs, and had great defense with four double plays to beat Florida. Anyhow, hockey and basketball are over in the City of Brotherly Love and they can concentrate on the Phillies, and put more games on TV, too. . . . Did I hear right? Are gas prices gonna plunge soon? It’s about time. People’s wallets are getting mighty thin having to put more than $50 into a fill up. They oughta be at the level that a former Pennsville station says, $2.97. . . . When the farmers’ market opens down at Keystone Park in a week or so, take a gander at the horse chestnut tree and the plaque down at the east end of the park. You know it came from Mount Vernon, Va., and was shipped as a sapling through the Bath Post Office years ago – before there was a UPS or FedEx. . . .Gotta tend to the yard. Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to vote next Tuesday!

ountry Restauran C & n t ow 350 S. Walnut St., Bath Phone 610-837-7220

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News Sermonette The Rev. Edward L. Bean Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church

A Godly Woman’s Influence It is surprising that the tradition of Mother’s Day in America began as part of a church service. In 1907, Anna Jarvis arranged a special mothers’ service in her church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1914, the United States Congress chose the second Sunday of May as an annual and national Mother’s Day commemoration. As a church and a nation, we naturally want to honor all women as God’s special gifts. Christian women and mothers are people of rare beauty of character and full of cherishing love. The Apostle Paul reflected the high role of godly women when spiritually challenging young Timothy with the words, “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your Grandmother, Lois, and in your Mother, Eunice, and I am persuaded now lives in you also” (2 Tim. 1:5). God’s holy record has persevered down through history with this remarkable testimony to the influence of holy women. Who can measure the presence of godly women and mothers? They give themselves in devotion to their husbands. Even before birth they bond with any children with whom they are blessed and that special loving bond continues to reach out to each family member throughout all of life. Patiently, Christian mothers provide the first education for their children and prepare them to face a world filled with opportunities and pitfalls. This godly influence and love provides the environment for self-acceptance and the basic learning skills needed to develop healthy relationships from birth to the grave. Tillman Hobson summarized godly women’s roles when he said: “Christianity begins at home. We build our character there, and what we become in after years is largely determined by our training and home environment.” This May 2011 is designated as Family Month and May 12 is Mother’s Day, let us heed the words in Proverbs 31: 31-32…”a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. Reward her for all she has done…”


May 12-18, 2011

Moore Township Residents I WANT TO SET THE FACTS STRAIGHT! I just finished reading the May 8, 2011 Morning Call Newspaper. Because of the unfair comments made by my opponents, I felt the need to respond. You Be the Judge! 1. Mr. Lack, who was a township supervisor from 2000-2005, stated that he was a part time township employee during his term. When Mr. Lack ran in 1999, he stated that he wasn’t going to be a working supervisor and that he would not accept the benefits offered by the auditors. In fact, every year that he served as supervisor, he averaged 30 hours per week. The township considered this to be full time. It didn’t take long before Mr. Lack went back on his promise. He received all sick and vacation days, all personal days, and the most expensive cost to taxpayers, full medical benefits, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield /Dental / Life insurance / Vision / and a Prescription Plan. The full package was about $1500.00 a month. When you multiply that by 72, that would equal around $108,000.00 of your tax dollars. This is what you paid, as he put it, for “a part time” supervisor. Wouldn’t you like a “parttime” job that paid that kind of benefits? (During my six years in office, except for life insurance, I have declined these costly benefits. This has saved the taxpayers well over $100,000. 2. In the Morning Call article, Mr. Lack states that there is too much money being spent by the road department and not enough of it on the roads. I’m not sure where he is going with that statement. Other then pay roll, which comes out of the general fund, road expenditures come out of the Liquid Fuels Account. The only things that can be paid for from that account are blacktop, salt and cinders, road equipment, the rental of equipment for the roads, and pipes and catch basins. That’s the nature of expenditures by the road department. As matter of fact, the state of Pennsylvania has a state auditor check over the state liquid fuels bills every year and everything has to be right. 3. Mr. Lack has attended very few Township Supervisors’ Meetings in the last six years. Could this be because he spends a great deal of time at his residence in Hammond, New York? 4. I hope voters don’t forget the can of worms that Lack opened when he was Supervisor and forced out a popular and well-respected police chief. This whole sorry episode was the result of Mr. Lack’s arrogance in believing he could do anything he wanted as Supervisor. 5. If you remember the last election, David Gogel actively sought the nomination for Supervisor on the Republican ballot. He won, but did not accept the nomination. Popular wisdom was that Mr. Gogel was not a serious candidate for the office. Gogel ran to open the way for a township employee to run unopposed. The tactic didn’t work, because the Republican Committee put Richard Gable on the ballot to replace Gogel. What is interesting in this election is that Gogel is running again for nomination on the Republican ticket, but he has a David Lack sign in his yard! Is this another one of the sneaky deals that Gogel has become known for? If Gogel and Lack both win their party’s nomination, will Gogel drop out again? By the way, Gogel is also running for Northampton Area School Board, so what is he up to? 6. Mr. Emery, my other opponent on the Democratic ticket, has only been to a couple of township meetings. In the Morning Call article, he has raised the issue of the need for openness and transparency in government, an ideal that I firmly believe in. However, Mr. Emery has not explained how and when he was denied any right to information by the Township. I notice that Mr. Emery has a great deal of political signs throughout the Township. However, when you drive down Kuter Road, where he resides, you won’t see one sign supporting him in his neighbors’ yards. There is much truth to the old saying that those closest to you, know you best. I believe that when you run for public office, you must be motivated by more than personal vendettas. Judging from the numerous messages and complaints he has made to the Township, Mr. Emery has an ax to grind with his neighbors, our police department and anyone else in the Township who does not agree with him. During the past six years, I have tried to be a Supervisor that you can trust and respect. There is much that we must do to move our Township forward, but I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish. Despite the fact that we have the second lowest township tax rate in Northampton County, we have a full time police force, excellent recreation facilities, a farm preservation and open space program, the first regional composting program which provides compost free of charge to residents and a quality road maintenance program.



Maynard S. Campbell, Jr. Democratic Candidate for Moore Township Supervisor Please remember to vote on May 17, 2011 Paid for By the Friends Maynard S. Campbell


4 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

Crib Set

Minnesota. Great-grandparents are Ed and Mary Tanczos of Point Phillips, Charles and Gert Trinkle of Bethlehem, Dorothy Ambrosino of Bath, and Melvin “Shorty” Kresgy of Whitehall. Great-great grandmother is Mary Hreczulewycz of Lehighton. Baby Girl Fry A daughter was born on April 5 in Lehigh Valley Hospital – Allentown to Nolan and Crystal Fry of Nazareth.

NHS Class of 1948 Planning 63rd reunion Dillan Kristopher Davis On January 21st Buck and Jessica Davis welcomed their second son into the world at St. Luke’s Hospital, Fountain Hill. Big brother Connor could not wait to hold his new baby brother that he has nick named “Pickle.” Dillan Kristopher weighed 9 lbs. 13 oz. Maternal grandparents are Bill and Krista Ambrosino of Pennsville and Charles and Anne Trinkle of Anita, PA. Paternal grandparents are Phyllis Davis of Walnutport and Starr and Akiko Davis of

The Northampton High School Class of 1948 is planning its 63rdyear reunion. It will be held on Friday, Oct. 7 at the BarnHouse Village in East Allen Township. The event will start at 12:00 Noon. Plans were announced on Friday as class members had their monthly breakfast at Paulie’s Restaurant in Coplay. Mrs. Verna Chandick will be taking reservations from the class at $20 per person, for the meal, which includes ham or turkey and accompanying vegetables and dessert. Checks can be sent to her address, 2107 Dewey Ave., Northampton, PA 18067. All classmates and spouses/ companions are invited to attend. Fliers with reservation forms will be sent out in the near future. PA003267

May Sale

WOMEN/SOCIAL Social Security Lists most Popular baby Names Jacob and Isabella are king and queen of the crib for another year. This is the twelfth year in a row on the list for Jacob and the second for Isabella, although 2010 has a new number two for girls, Sophia. The only new name to crawl into the top 10 on either list this year is Aiden, which replaces Joshua on the boys’ side. For all the top baby names of 2010, go to Social Security’s website Here are the top 10 boys and girls names for 2010: Boys: Girls: 1) Jacob 1) Isabella 2) Ethan 2) Sophia 3) Michael 3) Emma 4) Jayden 4) Olivia 5) William 5) Ava 6) Alexander 6) Emily 7) Noah 7) Abigail 8) Daniel 8) Madison 9) Aiden 9) Chloe 10) Anthony 10) Mia

Did not qualify: Doug Bell Late Model Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1.Austin Kochenash 2.Ed Bauer 3.Paul Skodacek 4.Paul Koehler, Jr. 5.Racen Schrantz 6.Rick Wallace 7.Dave Wallace 8.Tony Zatsko 9.Mike VanFossen Street Stock Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1.Jon Moser 2.Jeremy Miller 3.Kevin Smith 4.Josh Mooney 5,Steve Hoffman 6.TJ Gursky 7.Shawen Sitarchyk 8.Steve Steigerwalt 9.Austin Santee 10.Chip Wanamaker 11.Jason Frey 12.Adam Santee 13.Justin Mooney 14.Jillian Long 15.Randy Ahner, Jr. 16.Jamie Smith 17.Paul Effrig 18.Gene Bowers 19.Todd Ahner 20.Joe Stamm Dirt Modified Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1.Dave Thomas 2.Bill Briggs 3.Kris Graver 4.Scott Hulmes 5.Randy Thomas 6.DJ

May 14 @6:00 pm Pocono Raceway Night: Regular show all classes + TQ Midgets May 21 @6:00 pm Hand One Modified 100 Poker Series + all regular track classes + 4c Super Mods Sat. May 7 Results Modified Feature Finish, 35 Laps: 1.Earl Paules 2. Tyler Haydt 3.Matt Hirschman 4.John Markovic 5.Chip Santee 6.John Bennett 7.Lonnie Behler 8.Joe Mooney 9.Mike Carroll 10.Stacey Brown 11.Matt Higgins 12.Scott Adams 13.Frankie Althouse 14.Ed Heim 15.Troy Bollinger 16.Don Wagner 17.Terry Markovic 18.Brian Sones 19.Rick Kirkendall 20.Brian DeFebo

Pete Gigliotti, worshipful master of the lodge; George Makoul, junior warden, and Matthew Silfies, past master

Masons run child I.D. program Manoquesy Lodge F. & A.M. #413’s Child Identification Program (CHIP) at Lehigh Valley Children’s Center was a huge success with 51 children participating. Manoquesy Lodge and Le-


-Can ll-You



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Mahoning Valley Speedway is located on PA route 443, two miles west of Lehighton. For additional updates and information log onto or call the track office at 570-386-4900.

Mahoning Speedway Coming Events

– Open to the Public –

Zyrtec 24 Hour Allergy Relief 10 mg. Liquid Gels, 25 ct. For Indoor & Outdoor Allergies

Wagner 7.Billy Swartz 8.Bob Snyder 8. 9.Mark Levy 10.Bill Sitler 11.Mike Stofflet Pro4 Late Model Feature, 20 Laps: 1.Barry Christman, Jr. 2.Brian Ahner 3Aleia Geisler 4.Dustin Bair 5.Corey Hill 6.Jason Bair 7.Jake Kibler 8.Chad Keiser 4C Super Modified Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1.Mike Renn 2.Wes Gilbert 3.Steve Renn 4.Bob Renn Race fans coming out to Mahoning Valley Speedway on May 14 will not only get to see some great pavement short track action, they will also be treated to superspeedway racing as well at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond.

Infant thru Kindergarten Care • Small

Groups to Enhance Learning Trained Staff • Child Centered Environment • 29 Years Experience • 1 Acre Playground • References Available • Hot Meals Served • Professional


Title XX Accepted Licensed by Dept. of Public Welfare Star 3 Center


Hours: 6 A.M.– 6 P.M.

high Valley Children’s Center decided to team up to do this CHIP program during the week of the young child. The program addresses the alarming fact that over 1,000,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. CHIP provides parents and guardians the means to quickly get vital information to emergency responders. The digital video and digital still photo on the mini CD is compatible with the Pennsylvania Amber Alert System. The CHIP program is provided free of charge to any child in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Digital video is recorded in which children are asked a series of questions while standing in front of a height chart backdrop given to the parents. The CHIP interview captures the appearance, speech, mannerisms, and other important personal characteristics of the child. It can be quickly distributed via the media to reach a huge audience and assist in the quick recovery of the missing child. A DNA kit is provided to the parent or guardian as well. The kit includes plastic zipper bags for hair samples, nail clippings, and oral swab for saliva sample. The mini CD, fingerprints, and DNA kit are all given to the parents. No identification information is kept by the CHIP program. The Lodge is still collecting for Animals in Distress and donations can be droped off at the lodge in Bath on Penn Street.

Historical society hears about Martin guitars and fund drive By BILL HALBFOERSTER The Home News

Members and guests of the Governor Wolf Historical Society were treated to a night of guitar music as well as learning about the history and craft of the famed Martin guitars at the annual dinner on Saturday night. It was held in the historic Wolf Academy with an attendance of 34 persons. They were welcomed by society president Jan Semmel. She introduced officers and committee people with the society, and announced that a capital campaign has started to raise $375,000 for land purchase and further restoration work of the Ralston-McKeen House, and possibly add a blacksmith shop. She told the group, “This is your heritage – our ancestors gave us this gift. It’s our responsibility to carry on.” Pledge forms are available from the members. Mrs. Semmel credited the GWHS newsletter edited by Darrin and Carol Bear-Heckman with keeping people informed, as well as The Home News. She also announced that a plant auction would be held. Guest speaker was George Molchany of Martin Guitar. He said the business started in 1833 when people made their own music. While there were only three people in the beginning, now there are 485

employed at the Nazareth plant. Molchany said Martin has experienced great economic growth, especially after World War II.. The company is now headed by the sixth generation of the family in the person of Christian Martin, who Molchany credited with leading the firm to record-breaking profits since he took over. With three guitars on display, Molchany explained how they are constructed from such woods as poplar, mahogany and rosewood, as well as Sitka spruce. Rosewood goes into the sides, backs, fingerboard, headplates and bridges of the instrument. With hand craftsmanship, Martin guitars are known around the world, and many star celebrities in the music industry have played them. They range in price from $300 to $1,400 or $1,500, he said. Molchany then demonstrated the various sounds of each guitar, and played tunes of blues, bluegrass and country western. “Back Home in Tennessee” seemed to be a favorite of his audience. The music inspired a young girl to get up and sing a song, accompanied by Molchany on the guitar. She went through the words a-copella at first and then he strummed the chords of the guitar as Madeline Swan sang with perfection the song made famous

Soft Ice Cream

Tim, Still Nifty At


Wife – JoAnne


May 12-18, 2011


by Johnny Cash, “I’ve Been Everywhere.” They received resounding applause.

Farmers Market Opens May 20 Bath Farmers' Market will mark its third season when it opens on Friday May 20, at 3 p.m. at Keystone Park in Bath. 

The season will run from May 20 until September 25, every Friday from 3 -7 p.m. The market will host new and veteran vendors offering fresh, locally grown produce and handmade items. Bath Farmers’ Market is a project launched under the umbrella of the Bath Business and Community Partnership (BBCP). The aim is to help breathe new life into downtown Bath, strengthen the local economy, give local farmers a venue to sell their produce and provide

MADELINE SWAN sang a Johnny Cash song, accompanied by Molchany on the guitar. – Home News photo consumers with the opportunity to ‘buy fresh, buy local’. 
Parking is adjacent to the American Legion on Rte 329 and two disabled parking spaces are available, next to the vendor entrance on Green Street. The market is currently accepting applications for

vendors for the 2011 season.

 If you are interested, details for applying can be found at

 If you have any questions, please contact the acting market manager Fiona Adamsky at or call 610-618-9437.

6 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

By Pete Fritchie

BASEBALL✷ ✷ ✷ Not everyone will admit it, but it seems beyond contradiction that Major League Baseball is experiencing an attendance problem. Fans throughout the country watching Major League

games on television are seeing stands only about a tenth filled and many sections entirely empty. Admittedly, this is not the crucial days at the end of the season. But April was the first full month of play and often most stands in many cities were mostly empty. Many players are earning huge salaries and as long as teams have high payrolls, which require high ticket prices, stands are likely to remain partially empty. The answer is lower salaries. But teams have long-term salary contracts with many of their players. A difficult problem.

are XS-XXL. the address to secure a form or mail your registration form is KCBA Race, Allen Township Municipal Building, 4714 Indian Trail Road, Northampton, PA 18067.

Nice Bird

Pen Argyl H.S. wins County’s envirothon Despite the strong winds and rain, the Northampton County Conservation District held its annual Envirothon competition at Louise Moore Park on Thursday, April 28. An environmental competition for students in grades 9 through 12, it consisted of teams tested on five areas: wildlife, forestry, soils and land use, aquatic ecology, and salt and fresh water estuaries. The teams rotated through five stations taking written tests with some hands-on application. Competing were the high schools of Nazareth Area, Pen Argyl Area, Freedom, Easton Area, Northampton Area, and Wilson Area. Pen Argyl Team #1 – Stephen Kloiber, Jess Nodine, Brandi Van Patten, Sara Vough, and Lauren Post – captured first place. Runners-up were Freedom High School and Northampton Area High

School. Plaques and medallions were awarded to the top three scoring teams. In memory of the services of long-time district board member and chairman, Bob Jones of Moore Township, the district presented the “Robert H. Jones Memorial Soils & Land Use Award” to the Freedom team for having the second highest score at that station. The team received a framed certificate and a $35 bookstore gift certificate to be used to purchase educational materials for the school’s Envirothon library. The Pen Argyl team will advance to the State Envirothon on May 24-25 at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Snyder County. The winner of the state Envirothon will move on to the annual Canon Envirothon at Mt. Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada, this July.

PRESTON ‘PEP’ ERVIN shot this turkey on May 2 on the Flory farm in the Belfast-Edelman area of Northampton County. The gobbler weighed 23-1/2 lbs., had a 10-1/4 inch beard, and 1-1/8 inch spurs. Behind Ervin are some Montana decoys.

Covered Bridge 10K run and 5K walk/run June 4 The Kreidersville Covered Bridge Association has issued a challenge for the summer running season. They will have a 10K run and a 5K run/walk starting and ending at the covered bridge in Allen township. The date is Saturday, June 4, starting at 9 a.m., rain or shine. While the early bird registration of $15 ended on May 2, you can still

pre-register on the day of the race. Entry is $20 on or before May 23 and $25 after May 23. Children under 10 are free with a paying adult (5K only). Visit the KCBA online registration site for race details and a map: The registration form lists the choice of race, name, address, email, phone #, gender and date of birth. Shirt sizes

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BATH AREA BATH BORO – EAST ALLEN TWSP. –  MOORE TWSP. –  CHAPMAN BORO Pipe needed, Campbell Says at Moore meeting


Former Moore Township Supervisors chairman David Lack questioned the present supervisors chairman, Maynard Campbell, about purchase of pipe at the Tuesday, May 3 meeting. Lack said the purchase amounted to just under $10,000, and questioned why it was done when money at this time is tight, and there is no project in mind. Campbell responded that, indeed, the pipes were purchased after getting three quotes. No pipes were bought last year, but they are needed whenever there are drainage issues to be solved or pipes need replacement. Lack called it a “bad move”

plan were noted by engineer Al Kortze. • The Luther Beil minor subdivision plans were denied when time ran out. Nothing was done since last year on the minor project. • The supervisors approved buying two new basketball backboards at $299.99 each. The recreation committee also needs a load of stone for the walking trail. Mutt mix was discussed by the commission, Sterling Laubach said, for dog clean-up. It was reported that the Blue Mountain Youth Soccer League sent in $3,000 for a tournament. • The Environmental Advisory Council was scheduled to meet this Tuesday. The public was reminded about electronic waste disposal that will take place next month. It will be held at the Moore Township Municipal Building on Saturday, June 11 from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon, with various rates to be charged for the computers, fax machines, or many other types of electronic items that will be brought in. • A deferral was granted for the William Jones lot line adjustment, because there will be no building. Road widening and obstruction were noted by John Becker of the MTPC. • The board approved solicitor David Backenstoe’s presence at a zoning hearing board meeting that concerns the proposals of MetroTek and the solar array at Moore Elementary School. • A resolution approved calls for a delegate to the county tax collection committee. Northampton County will be collecting all earned income taxes beginning in Janu-

on Campbell’s part. Campbell commented outside of the meeting that the decision to purchase the pipe is could save the township money down the road if the pipe is needed in a crunch. Both Campbell and Lack are candidates for Supervisor in the May 17 election. Other Matters • A tree planting contract for Rt. 512 Industrial Park was awarded to J. Marter & Sons of Collegeville at a price of $19,800. It was the lowest of 14 bids received. • Conditional approval was given to the plans of Blue Star Quik Stop, after the planning commission had already given its approval and issues were settled with the zoning hearing board. Conditions to the

PC BEVERAGE Samuel Adams

Summer Styles Variety Pack Open: Mon.-Thurs. 9am-8pm. • Fri 9am-9pm. Sat. 8am-9pm • Sun. 12 Noon to 5pm. 5 9 6 6 N o r- B a t h B l v d . , I m p e r i a l P l a z a • 6 1 0 - 8 3 7 - 8800

ary 2012. When the audience was asked for any comments, one resident said that pipe put in at his property was “fantastic” in alleviating a drainage problem. He also questioned how to position the number for his property since he has a quarter mile driveway at Wayne Road. . . .The township was also complimented by another resident for work done on drainage.

Bath yard sale This Saturday The Bath Borough community yard sale will be this Saturday, May 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will take place at yards throughout the borough, at Firefighters Park, and many


THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011 other places as people sell with the idea that ”one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The Bath 275th Anniversary Committee, which is hosting the sale, has been accepting applications for permits at $10.00 each on several days. The final time is tonight (Thursday), from 6 to 8 p.m., at the anniversary store located at 147 E. Main St. (the corner of Main & Washington Sts.). Souvenir items for the anniversary are on sale at that store. The anniversary committee is also having a used clothing drive this Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All profits are going toward the anniversary events, which will be celebrated in the year 2012.

Watch For Upcoming Events!!

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8 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

SENIOR CITIZENS Visit and Participate in Senior Center Activities Visit a senior center and check out all the fun things going on there. Local centers include: MidCounty Senior Center, 234 S. Walnut St., Bath; Nazareth Senior Center, 15 S. Wood St.; Northampton Senior Center, in Grace UCC Church, 9th St & Lincoln Ave., and Cherryville Senior Center at Hope Lutheran Church, Rt. 248, Lehigh Township. MID COUNTY SENIOR CENTER For meal reservations call: 610-837-1931 Thurs. 5/12: 9:00 Pool/ Games/Puzzles/Cards 10:15 Sing-a-long 11:30 Lunch 12:30 Penny Bingo Fri. 5/13: 9:00 Pool/Games/ Puzzles/Cards 9:45 Exercise 11:30 Lunch 12:15 Pinochle Mon. 5/16: 9:00 Pool/

Games/Puzzles/Cards 11:30 Lunch Tues. 5/17: 9:00 Pool/Games/ Puzzles/Cards/Stained Glass 9:45 Exercise 11:30 Lunch 12:30 Bingo Wed. 5/18: 9:00 Pool/ Games/Puzzles/Cards/Sewing for Gracedale 10:00 Shopping Spree11:30 Lunch 12:30 Crafts/Ceramics CHERRYVILLE For meal reservations call: 610-767-2977 Thurs. 5/12: 9:00 Cards/ Puzzles/Crafts/Quilts 12:15 SPEAKER-SAFETY in the Home Fri. 5/13: 10:00 Puzzles Mon. 5/16: 10:00 Cards/Puzzles Tues. 5/17: 9:00 Crafts/ Cards 10:00 Quilts/Puzzles 12:15 Special Music Wed. 5/18: BUS TRIP 10:00 Puzzles/Cards 12:45 Bingo Regular

NAZARETH For meal reservations call: 610-759-8255 Thurs. 5/12: 9:00 Exercise Group 10:30 Bean Bags Fri. 5/13: 9:30 Misc Games 10:15 Penny Bingo Mon. 5/16: 9:00 Exercise Group 10:00 Bob Heffelfinger Story Teller Tues. 5/17: 10:00 Exercise with Marion 10:15 Bonus Bingo Wed. 5/18: 9:30 Craft 11:15 Sing w/Anita NORTHAMPTON For meal reservations call: 610-262-4977 Thurs. 5/12: 9:00 Cards Puzzles 12:00 Lunch Fri. 5/13: 9:00 Cards Puzzles 11:30 Lunch 12:15 Bingo Mon. 5/16: 9:00 Cards, Puzzles 12:00 Lunch Tues. 5/17: 9:00 Cards, Puzzles 12:00 Lunch Wed. 5/18: 9:00 Cards, Puzzles 12:00 Lunch LUNCHES: Thurs. 5/12: Apricot Nectar Turkey Burger w/lett & tom Broccoli Salad Lemon Bar Fri. 5/13: Lasagne Vegetables Salad French Dressing Bread Sugar Cookie Mon. 5/16: Veal w/gravy

Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Bread Angel Food Cake w/Strawberry Topping Tues. 5/17: Ham Swt Potatoes Pineapple Casserole Bread Birthday Cake Ice Cream Wed. 5/18: BBQ Chicken Breast Spanish Rice Roasted Corn Bread Pineapple Tidbits

About Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen

Opening its doors at Christ Church of Bath on Novem-

ber 13, 2010, the Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen serves lunch to residents of the Bath and Nazareth community on the second Saturday of each month. Founded with a grant from local Chick-fil-A owners, Luke and Mandy Cook, and contributions from local churches and businesses, Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Individuals or organizaContinued on page 13

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Tuesday, May 17

ADULT TOY BINGO SATUrDAY MAY 14Th The Civil War 150th year anniversary Patricia McAndrew publisher/author Moon Trail Books Kortz Hall Moravian Hall Square 175 W. North St., Nazareth Reservations required 610.746.1000 or online at


$ 2 packag 0

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Must Be 21 To Be Admitted

peTerSVILLe rOD & GUN CLUB 550 CLUB rOAD, BATh (Moore Twp.) Regular BINGO Every Thursday Doors Open at 5:30 Bingo Starts at 7:00. The more that play the More we Pay!


Home energy program to be Drafted for possible grant

By BILL HALBFOERSTER The Home News Consultant Victor Rodite on Thursday discussed with Northampton Borough Council a home energy program that could obtain Community Development Block Grant funds from Northampton County, primarily for low income, but also medium income families. It involves an energy audit and energy saving improvements, with incentives. There is $1.3-million total money available in the county, and Rodite said not only would he like to write a program that would include Northampton, but Allen Township and North Catasauqua as well. As a rule, all safety items in the home have to be up to code. Rodite was given permission to draft the program for Council’s approval at their May 19 meeting. Other Matters • Mayor Tom Reenock said the war memorial project at Dewey & Lincoln Aves. will be completed by Memorial Day.

A flagpole was donated recently by the Schisler Funeral Home, and installed by Mayor Reenock and Reynold Morey. Lantern lights will be paid by the Reichel Funeral Home. Reenock said volunteers are welcome to help work on the project in the evening. Wet weather has caused some delays. In a related matter, it was reported later that skateboarders have been on the memorial plot. This is objected to because the plot is considered sacred grounds. • Kenneth Hall saw a problem with curbing at the townhouse development of Louis Tepes that is partially in Allen Township and the borough. He said a private alley or driveway was put in by Tepes, but it is not in the developer’s plans. • Council approved the lone bid of Eastern Industries for cold patch, stone, washed sand, anti-skid, and super pave and binder. In some cases the road materials are picked up, and in other cases delivered. • Approval was given to hir-

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June 7-12 Weaversville Restaurant Week

“Dinner Specials, Drink Specials and Live Music” June 17- Four Course Wine Dinner

featuring Wine Specialist Terry Balent Great Gift for Fathers Day June 19- Fathers Day Breakfast Buffet 9-1pm

tea Parties.

ters should be sent to the state (PennDOT) and federal governments objecting to the requirement that only approved colors can be used for traffic signs. It doesn’t include black and orange that the borough has now, and Council said it will cost a great deal of money to change the color. • Councilman Robert McHale for code and police reported receipt of $2,425 in permit fees last month. . . .There will be a D.A.R.E. graduation at Siegfried School on June 2. . . .Slatington and Whitehall police thanked Northampton for use of the borough’s police K-9 unit. . .Though not in his report, Officer York has been terminated by Council at the recommendation of the police committee. Applications are being accepted for the police departContinued on page 15

Northampton Yard sale June 4

A community yard sale will be held in Northampton on Saturday, June 4 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine. It will take place at two locations with these sponsors: the Northampton Area Historical Society, at the Siegfried Train Station along 21st Street, and the Northampton Area Food Bank at the Northampton Fire Department. In both cases, registration for an outdoor sale space is $10, and bring your own table. For information from the historical society, call Harold Smith at 610-262-4748, and at the fire department, call Barbara Budnik of the food bank at 610-252-6156. Vendors and sellers are wanted.


Now Open on Mondays

5364 Nor-Bath Blvd., Northampton 4.5 miles East of MacArthur Rd. on Rt. 329

(No pizza available on Mondays)

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Stefano’S Sicilian Grille 5364 Nor-Bath Blvd, Northampton One Coupon every 4 people 610-262-8760 HN

Fri & Sat 11—11pm Sun 12—9


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Stefano’S Sicilian Grille 5364 Nor-Bath Blvd., Northampton



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May 15 Our SUNDAY SUMMER SERIES begins with Live Music from 2-5pm outdoors. A New Lite Fare Menu will be available.

the Perfect setting Voted “Best Tea Room” in 2010 By for your next Event Baby & Bridal showers, Lehigh Valley Magazine and Morning Call’s Wedding Luncheons, & Children’s Birthday Reader’s Choice Award.

ing summer employees for the road crew, sewer plant, and community swimming pool. There are 35 persons on the list, and all but six were hired the previous summer, Boro Manager Gene Zarayko said. • Council also okayed a garage sale to be held by the Northampton Area Food Bank at the fire station on Lerchenmiller Drive. It will be held on June 4. (See related story). • Councilman Robert Coleman, reporting for administration and finance, said that Red Hat ladies recently visited the Atlas Cement Memorial Museum, hosted by curator Ed Pany. The museum is now open from 1-3 p.m. on the second and fourth Sundays of the month until Sept. 25. Pany expects 400 students to visit there this spring. • An audit of the community center is yielding an extra $6,652 for the borough’s recreational programs. • Also noted in Coleman’s report: the Northampton Historical Society will have an open house on May 18 from 1-4 p.m. at the Siegfried train station . . . .Estimated cost for a chain link fence for the proposed dog park is $4,900. . . .The Quota Club will have a yard sale along the Heritage Trail walkway this Saturday, May 14. • Councilman Mike Bernini for building, land and recreation reported that a public works crew removed debris and fixed planter boxes that were damaged in recent flooding at Canal Street Park. . . .The department also found graffiti in the municipal band shell, with people who did it caught on video tape. . . .The first public concert will be on June 1 at 7:30 p.m. by the Allentown Pioneer Band at 18th St. & Lincoln Ave. Bernini said later that let-


THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

Class of 2011 Keep us in mind for your Graduation Party

Hours Of Operation: Tuesday 11 A.M. - 4 P.M. Wednesday - Saturday 11 A.M. - 9 P.M. Sunday Breakfast: 9A.M. - 12P.M. Tea Room: 12 P.M. - 5 P.M.

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THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011


in Washington DC last summer, he was nominated for Robert Evans strives to be CSI NSHSS. Robert has received many “Future of Litigation” awards and recognitions, all of By ALICE WANAMAKER The Home News

Robert Evans of Nazareth, a sophomore at Lehigh Valley Academy in Bethlehem, recently became honored with membership in the National Society of High School Scholars for his academic achievements. Robert started his own organization at school called Aspiring Litigators of America, created a website for the organization and has achieved academic and personal successes

abound. Robert is pursuing a career in law while studying business and plans to attend Yale, Harvard or Temple University. Becoming a member of NSHSS has been a goal of Robert for quite some time. He said in an interview, “It has been a goal of mine because it is a prestigious honor that is attained by only the top scholars by invitation only” After attending the National Youth Leadership on Law and

5 aNNIVERSa y p R p Ha FORDable pet Cente y tH


Family Owned & Operated


which are listed on the website he designed for his organization The Aspiring Litigators of America including; 4.0 GPA in 7th through 9th grades, High Honors, Personal Success Award of High Honors, National Youth Leadership Forum Certificate of Achievement and the Outstanding Achievement Award in Music among many others. He is passionate about having more students interested and involved in our legal system. There are many people, professionals and students, locally and nationally involved in his organization online. Robert says he has had many inspirations throughout the years, “When I see someone who is succeeding and achiev-

Robert Evans with Attorney Jonathan Acklen at the first meeting of the Aspiring Litigators of America. ing success in what they do, I become inspired to also attain success”. He said he takes inspiration from everyone, from the President to his fellow classmates. In addition to his academic commitments, Rob-

Full Line Pet Store for your Cats, Dogs, Birds, Tropical Fish & Small Animals. Natural Food Section, Major Brand Food, Pet Toys, Gifts, Treats

Come Celebrate with us all day on May 14th with Refreshments & Special Discounts Everything you need to keep your pets Happy & Healthy! 610-440-0245 • Hrs. Mon.-Sat. 9-8 2022 Main St., Northampton (lower level - rear) parking in Municipal Lot

“Cowboy Chris” 10/28/64 – 05/05/2010


Wellness Expo 11am-3pm, Thursday, May 19 & 10-11am Dr. Francis Salerno speaking on Preventative Care

ert has a great interest in old Chevrolet cars and trucks and owns a 1959 Chevrolet Apache pick-up truck that he is working on restoring. He volunteers at America on Wheels in Allentown and also is involved at his church, Christ UCC (Little Moore) in Danielsville, where he and his brother operate the sound system and help out at the annual picnics. Robert said, “It has been very rewarding to work and meet with professionals in the legal field.”

Moravian Hall Square activities The Civil War and its 150th anniversary will be the topic 10:30 am, Tuesday, May 17 in Kortz Hall, Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth. The participation of – and impact on – people from Nazareth and Bethlehem will be the focus when Patricia McAndrew of Moon Trail Books discusses this important anniversary. The program is part of the Senior Pathways series and is free and open to the public. Registration required by calling 610.746.1000 or online at A Wellness Expo and lecture by a renowned doctor and author will be held Thursday, May 19 in Kortz Hall of Moravian Hall Square. Dr. Francis Salerno will speak 10-11 am. He developed ‘Basic Prevention, a Guide to Aging Successfully’ and is the Associate Chief of Geriatrics at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network in Allentown. The Expo will run from 11 am to 3 pm. Reservations are required for Dr. Salerno’s lecture by calling 610.746.1000 or online at

Ralph’s Appliance, For All Your Major Appliance Needs!

Kortz Hall Moravian Hall Square 175 W. North St., Nazareth 610.746.1000 or online at to register for lecture

Ralph’s Appliance

150 South Main Street, Nazareth Sales 610-759-5495 Service 610-759-8605 Mon-Thurs. 8:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m. Fri. 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Ralph’s: Your Best, Local, Full Service Appliance Discounter

Monitor 2200 New Monitor 2400

Church Directory ADVENT MORAVIAN, (610) 8680477 Jacksonville Rd., Bethlehem. Sun 8:30am Worship; 9:30am Sun School; 10:45am Worship ASSUMPTION BVM PARISH, 2174 Lincoln Ave., Northampton. 610-2622559. Sun 8/10:30am Mass; Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri – 8am Mass; Wed– 7pm Worship; Sat – 2:45-3:45pm – Confession; 4pm Mass BANGOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 150 Bunny Trail, Bangor. Sun 9:30am Sun School for all ages; 10:40am Worship: Children’s Church BETHANY WESLEYAN, 675 Blue Mountain Drive, Cherryville. 610-7671239. Sun - 9/10:30am Worship BUSHKILL UNITED METHODIST, Church Rd., Clearfield, Bushkill Twp.

Sun 9:15am Worship 10:30am SS CARPENTER’S COMMUNITY CHURCH, 4609 Newburg Rd, Nazareth, 484-285-0040 Sun 10am Worship & SS CHAPMAN QUARRIES UNITED METHODIST, 1433 Main St., Chapman Borough, Bath. Sun Worship 11am, SS 10am, CHRIST U.C.C., S. Chestnut St., Bath. Sun Worship-10:15am, SS 9am, 11:30 a.m. Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen CHRIST U.C.C., 5050 Airport Rd., Allentown. Schoenersville. SS/Adult Bible Study 9am, Worship 10:15am Contemporary Service 3rd Sat. of the month at 6:30 PM CHRIST U.C.C. – LITTLE MOORE, 913 S. Mink Rd. Danielsville.

Sun 9am Worship, 10:15am SS 3 p.m. Youth Group CONCORDIA LUTHERAN CHURCH 3285 Pheasant Dr. (Pool Rd.) Northampton Sun 9am Worship, 10:30am SS & Bible Class COVENANT UNITED METHODIST, 2715 Mt. View Dr., Bath. 610837-7517. Sun. 8 & 10:30 a.m. Worship, 9:15 a.m. SS, HA DRYLAND U.C.C., Newburg Rd., Nazareth. 610-759-4444 Sun - 8am/10:15am Worship 9am SS EGYPT COMMUNITY CHURCH, 4129 S Church St. Whitehall (Egypt) 610-262-4961 Sun. – Worship - 10:30 a.m. SS 9:00 a.m., H/C accessible. EMMANUEL'S LUTH Valley View Drive, Bath. Sun – 8/10:45am Worship; 9:3.0am Contemp. Worship; 9:20am SS FAITH REFORMED, 4394 Mountain View Drive, Rt. 946, Lehigh Twsp. Sun - Worship 10 am. GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN, 1335 Old Carriage Rd., Northampton Sun – 8/10:45am Holy Communion,

THE HOME NEWS 9:30am Alt.Worship & SS GOD'S MISSIONARY CHURCH, 4965 Nor-Bath Blvd., Northampton. Sun – 9:30am SS; 10:30am & 7pm Service; Wed – 7:30pm Service GOSPEL CHAPEL, 2022 Main Street, Northampton Worship 9am & 10:45am GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 404 E. Mountain Rd, Pen Argyl Sun –Service, 8:30am & 9:45am GREAT SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, Star Grange, Rte 512, Moorestown. Sun, Fellowship, 9:45am; Worship, 10:15am HOLY CROSS EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN, 696 Johnson Rd., Nazareth. Sun Worship 8am/10:30am, 9:15 SS HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Forest Drive and W. Center St, Nazareth Sun – 7am/9am/11am Mass HOLY TRINITY SLOVAK LUTHERAN, 1370 Washington Ave., Northampton

May 12-18, 2011


Sun Worship - 9am; SS, 9am HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH 4131 Lehigh dr., Cherryville Sun Worship – 8am, 10:30am SS 9:15am NAZARETH MORAVIAN CHURCH, P.O. Box 315 Nazareth PA 610-7593163 Sun- Worship 8:30am/10:45am, NORTHAMPTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 3449 Cherryville Road Northampton Sun – 10:45am & 6pm Worship; 9:30am SS; Wed – 7:30pm Worship SACRED HEART CATHOLIC, Washington St., Bath. Sat Vigil– 4:30pm/6pm Mass, Sun Masses: 6:45/8/9:30/11am; child care during 9:30am Mass; Mon– Thurs 8am Mass; Fri – 8:30am Mass Morning Prayer Mon-Thurs 7:30am Fri. 8:00am. SALEM U.C.C., 2218 Community Dr., Bath. Sun – Worship 8am/10:15am SS9am

Continued on page 15

12 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

Obituaries Ronald B. Gold

Melva L. Laudenbach

July 1, 1918 – April 30, 2011 Melva L. Laudenbach, 92, of Moore Township died Saturday, April 30 at home. She worked as a machine operator for various garment mills in the area for 40 years before retiring from Valerie Fashions in 1990. Born July 1, 1918 in Moore Township, she was a daughter of the late Victor and Beulah (Beers) Andrews. She was a member of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and Clearfield Bible Holiness Church, Wind Gap. Surviving are two sons, Larry, with whom she resided, and Randy of Slatington; two daughters, Frances Nonnemaker of Whitehall and Jane Shaffer of Gratz, Pa.; three grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren; a sister, Isabelle Shook, of Wind Gap; and nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by a great-grandson, Brian Haffling. Funeral services were held on Saturday morning in Clearfield Bible Holiness Church, followed by burial in Holy Cross Cemetery, Bushkill Center. Arrangements were by the Geo. G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown. Memorial donations may be made to the church at 1502 Bushkill Center Rd., Wind Gap, PA 18091.

March 16, 1943 – April 30, 2011 Ronald B. Gold, 68, of Nazareth died Saturday, April 30 in Moravian Village, Bethlehem. He was the husband of Diane C. (Schlegel) Gold. A graduate of Nazareth High School and Churchman’s Business College, he served in the Army from 1964 to 1966. Later he worked at Nazareth National Bank & Trust Co., retiring in 2004 after 35 years of service Born March 16, 1943 in Nazareth, he was a son of the late George G. and Alma M. (Becker) Gold. In addition to his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Marci D. Booth of Nazareth and Stacy L. Gagne of Virginia; a brother, Glenn G., of Northampton; and thre grandchildren. Services were held on Thursday morning in the Schmidt Funeral Home, Nazareth, with The Rev. Curtis Kemmerer officiating. Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery, Nazareth. Memorial contributions may be made to St. John’s U.C.C. Church, 183 S. Broad St., Nazareth, PA 18064, or to the Nazareth Area Food Bank, 529 S. Main St., Nazareth.

John L. Weber, Jr. John L. Weber, Jr., 79, of Walnutport, died Monday, May 2 in Blue Mountain

Health System-Palmerton Campus. He was the husband of Dorothy E. (Welliver) Weber. He was a truck driver/jockey for the former MTS Trucking Co., Northampton, for 35 years before retiring in 1987. Prior to MTS, he worked in the same capacity for the former Matlack Trucking Co., Northampton.. Born in Lehigh Township, he was a son of the late John C., Sr. and Marie (Klotz) Weber. He was of the Reformed faith. In addition to his wife, he is survive by three daughters, Sandra A. Kroboth of Walnutport, Linda Konek of Walnutport, and Donna E. Ruppert of Kunkletown; two sons, John L. III of Northampton and Randy L. of Slatington; two sisters, Mrs. Mildred Pagotta of Slatington and Mrs. Dorothy Werkheiser of Danielsville; 14 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren. Preceding him in death were two daughters, Candy and Rosemarie, and a brother, Edward. Services were held on Thursday in the Schisler Funeral Home, Northampton, with The Rev. Henry A. Distler officiating. Interment was private.

Sharon E. Frey

Sept. 20, 1943 – May 6, 2011 Sharon E. (Kessler) Frey, 67, of Moore Township died Friday, May 6 in the VNA Hospice House of St. Luke’s in Lower Saucon Township. She was the wife of the late Kenneth H. Frey, who died in 1992. She was employed as a waitress and bartender at various establishments in the Lehigh Valley. Born Sept. 20, 1043 in Bushkill Township, she was a daughter of the late Geraldine (Bender) Kessler. She was raised by her grandparents, the late Eva and Roy Bender. She attended Schoeneck Moravian Church, and was a member of the Nazareth VFW, Jacksonian Club and East Lawn Volunteer Fire Co., all in Nazareth; Heights Athletic Association, Grover

was a member of the Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Association. He attended Salem U.C.C. Church, Moorestown. In addition to his wife and mother, he is survived by a son, Michael, of Bushkill Township; a step-daughter, Tracy L. Wagner, of Danielsville; three grandchildren; a brother, Dale Brubaker, of Plainfield Township; nieces and nephews. A memorial service in celebration of his life was held on Tuesday evening in the Geo. G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown. Interment was private.

Cleveland Democratic Association, and Fraternal Order of Eagles, all of Bethlehem, and the Bath Fire Co. Social Hall, Bath. Surviving are five step-children, three step-sons, John, Charles, Sr., and Timmy Frey; two step-daughters, Dr. Sharon Frey and Linda Jones; a brother, Ronald Kessler; a sister, Linda (Berger) MacDonough; aunt and uncle, Catherine Costenbader and Stanley Bender; five stepgrandchildren; nieces, nephews and cousins. Preceding her in death were Dale Bender, Jennie Berger, Jean Samus, and Marilyn Pettis. A service to celebrate her life was held today (Thursday) in the Geo. G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown, followed by burial in Hope Cemetery, Hecktown. Memorial donations may be made to one of the following: Salvation Army, 214 Spring Garden St., Easton, PA 18-042; Masonic Charities, One Masonic Place, Elizabethtown, PA 17022; or St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105.

Barbara Ianovale

Dec. 15, 1955 – May 5, 2011 Barbara A. Ianovale, 55, of East Allen Township died Thursday, May 5 at home. A 1974 graduate of Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, she later attended college, earning a degree in nursing. She worked as a licensed practical nurse in the local area for more than 20 years. Currently, she served as an L.P.N. for LifePath of Bethlehem since 2000. Born Dec. 15, 1955 in Philadelphia, she was a daughter of Rita (Russell) McKenna of Warminster and the late Joseph McKenna. She was of the Catholic faith. In addition to her mother, she is survived by two sons, Joseph Ianovale, Jr. of Nazareth and Nicholas Ianovale of Bath; a grandson; a brother, Joseph McKenna; five sisters, Debbie Mahaffey, Susan Beres, Christine Fineman, Maureen Schaffner, and Rita Sipes; and many nieces and nephews. Services were held on Wednesday in the Geo. G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown. Interment will be private.

Richard L. Brubaker

Dec. 12, 1950 – May 6, 2011 Richard L. Brubaker, 60, of Nazareth died Friday, May 6 in St. Luke’s Hospital – Allentown Campus. He was the husband of Cynthia “Cindy” (Williamson) Brubaker. A graduate of Penn Manor High School, Lancaster County, he later attended Millersville University. He worked in the parts department of Brown-Daub Dodge, Bath, for several years prior to his illness. Prior to that, he worked in the parts department of Rhinehart Dodge, Stroudsburg. Born Dec. 12, 1950 in Lancaster, he was a son of Jean (Reed) Brubaker of Plainfield Township and the late Richard E. Brubaker. An accomplished musician, he played banjo and guitar for the Silver Hawks Band, and

So They Say They say that love is blind. That explains all the groping in the dark.

St. Peter’s UCC

8142 Valley View Road • Seemsville, Northampton


St. Peter’s U.C.C. 8142 Valley View Rd. Seemsville, Northampton

Church School 9610-837-7426 a.m. Worship 10:15 p.m.


Reichel Funeral Home Pre-Need & Cremation Services 220 Washington Park Nazareth PA (610) 759-0160

326 East 21st Street Northampton PA (610) 261-0440

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St. Peter’s U.C.C. 8142 ValleyOnly View Rd. Friends We Haven’t Met!”



Seemsville, Northampton 610-837-7426

“There A re No Strangers Here, Only Friends We Haven’t Met!”

Worship 10:15 9:00 a.m. p.m.

Zee R. K. Bartholomew

Supervisor Burials • Cremations • Pre-planning Six Generations of Quality Compassionate Service Since 1853

610-837-6451 243 S. Walnut St., Bath, Pa. 18014

Frances Bensing Funeral Director

John h. simons supervisor

School Board Continued from page 1

told a lower figure than what was given the public. Kemp also said enrollment is down, and asked why the present middle school was allowed to deteriorate. Mrs. Rundle said her late husband, Walter, asked years ago why the former junior high school was made into round pods, saying it was a bad move. She said she thinks there is a definite need for a new middle school now. Director Robert Kocher said in a democratic society the majority rules, and he bemoaned spending a “fortune” to launch an appeal against the East Allen Township Supervisors over a zoning decision. The appeal is now costing $18,794 and growing as the appeal to the ZHB goes on. The next hearing is May 29. Meghan Starr will attend a seminar on behavior in high schools at Harrisburg in place of William Hume. Kovalchik had other announcements: A strategic plan will be formulated for the next six years; Meet Your Legislators Night will be on May 19 at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium; and the band will give a concert on Friday night.

On a positive note, Mrs. Erdo wished Fenstermaker a happy birthday and said he has been inspiration to her in his youth and appreciates his diligence in performing his duties as a school board member.

Primary Continued from page 1

Christopher Colitas (R), Donald Heiney (R) Lehigh Township-Supervios: Cindy Miller (R), Dell Grove (R), Richard Rehrig (D) Lower Nazareth TownshipSupervisor: Eric Nagle (R), Gerald Green (D) Moore Township-Supervios: David Tashner, Sr. (R), David Gogel (R), David Lack (D), Randolph Emery (D), Maynard Campbell, Jr. (D) Upper Nazareth TownshipSupervisor: Scott Sylvainus (R), Willard Mohn, Sr., (D), James Augustine (R) Northampton School Director: Jean Rundle (D), David Gogel (R/D), Roy Maranski (D), Joy Hemming (D/R), Michael Baird (D), Darin Arthofer (R) The electorate will also vote for District Attorney, County Controller, County Council and Judges of the Supreme and Commonwealth Courts.

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tions wanting to volunteer to work at the soup kitchen, should contact Jim Snyder at 484-894-9476 or 610-746-5060 for available opportunities. Monetary donations may be made to Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen, c/o Christ Church of Bath, UCC, 109 S. Chestnut St., Bath, PA 18014.

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May 12-18, 2011



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Dotta Auction Company auctioneer, Mr. Tom Abruzzese was with the Moorestown Garden Club meeting on May 3, for their annual plant auction. Too many to count, the many outdoor and indoor plants were auctioned at a fast clip. Everyone had fun and went home with some new plants for inside and outside their homes.

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14 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

The Classifieds Where the Deals are!

Deadline: Monday at 12 Noon Phone: 610-923-0382 E-mail:

The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability. It is illegal to deny housing to families with children under 18 years of age unless the housing qualifies as "housing for older persons."

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Roast Chicken Dinner With filing and mashed potatoes. Sat. June 4 3-6pm Christ UCC Little Moore Rt. 946 between Klecknersville & Danielsville 610 837-0680 for tickets Deadline for tickets is May 22. NO TICKETS AT DOOR. Adults $9 Children 5-12 $4.50 Children 4 and under FREE. (5/12-5/19)


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Old sports cards (baseball, football, basketball, boxing, golfing etc.) From gum, tobacco, ice cream, bread etc. Older programs, yearbooks - anything old in the world of sports. Northampton Coin & Jewelry. 610-262-0759 (4/7-4/28)

Help Wanted Helper position FT/PT assisting in kitchen and bath instillation must be able to lift 75 lbs. pre employment physical required. $9.50/ hr. to start 610-837-4900. 4/28-5/19


Full Time, M-F, 8-5. Sales of signage and custom printing for company. Experience with Design, Print or Signage helpful. Send resume and salary requirements to: (5/26) Local Country Club seeking Banquet Servers, Bartenders, Ala Carte Servers, Bussers and Set Up Staff. Please send resume to banquetmanager@woodstonegolf. com or you may fill out application at Woodstone COuntry Club & Lodge in Danielsville. (5/26)

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YARD SALE Neighborhood Garage Sale May 27 & 28, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Tools, clothes, furniture, toys & many more items. 489 Walnut Dr. Pennsville (248 behind Pennsville Hotel). (5/12) Moving Sale 5/15-5/22 9am-5pm 3233 Vista Dr. Danielsville All Furniture, shelving, Household items, Lumber, Wood Shop tools, Bob Cat, Baby items and much more! (5/12)

PUblic notice-Legal ESTATE NOTICE Gladys K. Parr The Estate of Gladys K. Parr, deceased, of the City of Easton, County of Northampton, PA. Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary for the above Estate were granted to Sharron K. Parr, Administratrix, on April 5, 2011. All persons indebted to the Estate are required to make immediate payment, and those having claim or demand are to present the same without delay to Sharron K. Parr, in care of GREGORY R. REED, Attorneyat-Law, 141 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 299, Nazareth, PA 18064-0299. (4/28 – 5/12) ESTATE NOTICE Fay E. Kuntz Estate of FAY E. KUNTZ, deceased, late of Walnutport, County of Northampton and Pennsylvania, Letters Testamentary have been granted to the undersigned, who requests all persons having claims or demands against the Estate of the Decedent to make the same, and all persons indebted to the Decedent to make payments without delay to: Executor: RONALD KUNTZ Address: 824 Williams Avenue Walnutport, PA 18088 Or hisAttorney: David B. Shulman, Esquire SHULMAN & SHABBICK 1935 Center Street Northampton, PA 18067 4/28-5/12 ESTATE NOTICE Helen M. Fava Estate of Helen M. Fava, a/k/a Helen Fava, late of the Township of East Allen, County of Northampton and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters Testamentary have been granted on the above Estate to the undersigned. All persons having claims against the estate are requested to present

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REVENUES General Fund Special Revenue Funds Capitol Projects Funds Fiduciary Funds Total Revenues

2,467,013 145,955 372,407 93,894 3,079,269

EXPENDITURES General Fund Special Revenue Funds Capitol Projects Funds Fiduciary Funds Total Expenditures

2,212,986 165,479 247,193 648 2,626,306

FUND EQUITY, DECEMBER 31, 2010 $7,305,768 STATEMENT OF RESOURCES, LIABILITIES AND FUND EQUITY ASSETS Cash and Investments $2,486,437 Other Assets 385,374 General Fixed Assets 5,199,297 $ 8,071,108 LIABILITIES AND FUND EQUITY Current Liabilities $ 379,966 General Obligation Debt 385,374 Fund Equity 7,305,768 $ 8,071,108 ASSESSED VALUATION OF THE BOROUGH Taxable $ 165,402,300 GENERAL OBLIGATION DEBT Capitol Leases - Equipment $ 385,374 Copies of the complete audit report are available for examination at the Township Office. 5/12

PUBLIC NOTICE OF ORDINANCE Borough of Northampton The Council of the Borough of Northampton will be considering the approval of the following Ordinance at a Regular Public Meeting to be held on Thursday, May 19, 2011. BOROUGH OF NORTHAMPTON NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA ORDINANCE NO. 1179 AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING AND APPROVING AN AMENDMENT TOTHE BOROUGH OF NORTHAMPTON CIVIL SERVICE RULES AND REGULATIONS, AS ADOPTED BY THE NORTHAMPTON CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION, SETTING FORTH THE DEFINITIONS OF TERMS CONTAINED THEREIN; SETTING FORTH THEORGANIZATION OF THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION; SETTING FORTH THE APPLICATIONS AND QUALIFICATIONS OF APPLICANT’S FOR POSITIONS WITH THE POLICE DEPARTMENT; SETTING FORTH THE EXAMINATION AND GRADING PROCEDURES FOR POSITIONS WITHIN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, ESTABLISHING CERTIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY LIST AND APPOINTMENT; PROVIDING FOR SUSPENSIONS, REMOVALS, AND REDUCTIONS IN RANK; SETTING FORTH MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS; REPEALING PRIOR ORDINANCE NO. 941, 945 1039 AND 1090, AS WELL AS. ALL ORDINANCES INCONSISTENT WITH THIS ORDINANCE AND ESTABLISHING THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF SAID ORDINANCE. WHEREAS, Section 1171 et seq., of the Borough Code, 53 PA. STAT. ANN. §46171 et seq., establishes civil service requirements for certain police officers in Boroughs which have three or more regular police officers who devote their normal working hours to police duty; and WHEREAS, the Borough of Northampton employs more than three regular police officers who devote their normal working hours to police duty. and Borough Council has established a Civil service Commission under Section 1172 of the Borough Code, 53 PA. STAT. ANN. §46172 and WHEREAS, Section 1176 of the Borough Code, 53 PA. STAT. ANN. §46176. authorizes the Civil Service Commission to prescribe, amend, and enforce civil service rules and regulations, provided they are approved by Borough Council; and WHEREAS, the Borough has previously adopted and amended civil service rules and regulations; and WHEREAS, by Resolution 2011-1 on April 18, 2011, the Civil Service Commission adopted an amendment and restatement of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations in their entirety, including numerous substantive changes .and additional revisions to conform to state legislative changes made by Act 91 of 2010, subject to the approval of Borough Council by ordinance; and WHEREAS, Borough Council approves of the amendment and restatement of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations adopted by the Civil Service Commission; WHEREAS. Ordinance No. 941, 945, 1039 and l090, as well as all other Ordinances and parts of Ordinances inconsistent with this Ordinance are hereby Specifically repealed. WHEREAS, this Ordinance shall be effective as of the _____ day of ____ , 2011. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY Ordained AND ENACTED, by the Borough Council of the Borough of Northampton. Northampton County, Pennsylvania, that the amendment and restatement of the Borough of Northampton Civil Service Rules and Regulations as recently adopted by the Civil Service Commission is hereby approved, and the Borough of Northampton Civil Service Rules and Regulations shall hereafter read in their entirety in the form attached to this Ordinance. DULY ORDAINED and ENACT’ED by the Borough Council of the Borough of Northampton, this ____ day of _____2011, in lawful session duly assembled. BOROUGH COUNCIL BOROUGH OF NORTHAMPTON ____________________________ John Yurish, President Attest: ________________________ Gene Zarayko, Manager-Secretary AND NOW, this ______ day of ____________________, 2011, the above Ordinance is hereby APPROVED. ____________________________ Thomas D. Reenock, Mayor A copy of this ordinance is available for public inspection at the office of the Borough Manager, 1401 Laubach Avenue, Northampton, Pennsylvania, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Gene Zarayko Borough Manager 5/12

PUblic notice-Legal Continued from page 14 them in writing and all persons indebted to the estate to make payment to us in care of the Attorney noted below. DONNA SCHOENEBERGER 5496 Nor-Bath Blvd. Northampton, PA 18067 EXECUTRIX DANIEL G. SPENGLER, ESQUIRE 110 East Main Street Bath, PA 18014 Attorney for the Estate 5/12-5/26 ESTATE NOTICE Josephine B. Rush RUSH, JOSEPHINE B. dec’d., Late of Easton, Northampton County, PA Executrix: Barbara R. Renkert c/o Dennis P. Ortwein, 5201 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045 Attorney: Dennis P. Ortwein, Esquire, 5201 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045 5/12-5/26 Request for Proposals Borough of Bath

The Borough of Bath reserves the right to reject any of all proposals. Richard O. Klotz, Borough Manager, Secretary Borough of Bath 5/12

SALEM UNITED METHODIST, 1067 Blue Mt. Dr., Danielsville. Sun – Worship 9:30am ST. BRIGID’S EPISCOPAL 310 Madison Ave. Nazareth

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ment from qualified individuals until May 27. They will be turned over to the civil service commission for review and recommendation. • Councilman Joseph Leit-

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Newburg Rd.


Church Dir.

geb reported work done by the public works department on a macadam blow-out at Kingston Drive, and clearing and repairing a small sludge tank. . .Cinder spreaders have been removed from the trucks. • Council President John Yurish congratulated Junior Councilman William McGee, who was featured in a municipal magazine. A senior, he is in the high school band and will be graduating next month and going on to studies at Temple University.

May 12-18, 2011


• Definition of services to be provided by the selected firm. • Experience and qualifications of personnel to be assigned for these services, their functions and levels of responsibility. Indicate clearly the name and qualifications of the person who will be the lead and daily point of contact for this assignment.

Richard O. Klotz Borough Manager Borough of Bath 215 E. Main Street Bath PA 18014


Georgetown Rd.

The Borough of Bath, 215 E. Main Street, Bath PA 18014 (610-837-6525) is interested in securing sealed proposals for the following services: • BOROUGH ENGINEER • ZONING OFFICER, CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, AND COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICES As part of the professional selection process, the Borough desires to select one of more firms that can provide the above listed services. Proposals should contain at least the following:

Sun –SS 9:45am, Holy Eucharist 10am ST. JOHN’S EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH, E. Main St., Bath. Sun 8am Service, 9am SS, 10:15am Communion ST. JOHN’S U.C.C., 22 Atlas Rd., Northampton. Sun – 8/10:15am Worship, 9am SS ST. JOHN’S U.C.C., 183 S. Broad St., Nazareth. 610-759-0893 Sun – 8/10:45am Worship; 9:30am Christian ED ST. NICHOLAS CATHOLIC CHURCH, Route 946 and Oak Rd, (Berlinsville) Walnutport. 610-7673107 Sun Masses at 8/9:30/11am and Sat evening at 4:30pm Daily Mass at 8:30am St. Paul’s UCC 19th & Lincoln Ave., Northampton, 610-261-2910. Maundy Thurs. 7:30 Service. Easter Worship 8 am w/ Communion, 10:15 am Nursery, S.S. 9:00 am. ST. PAUL’S U.C.C., of Indian land, 787 Almond Rd., Cherryville. Sun - Adult & youth SS, 9am; Worship, 10:15am ST. PETER’S U.C.C., 8142 Valley View Rd, Northampton (Seemsville). Sun –Worship 10:15am SS 9am VALLEY VIEW BAPTIST, 2870 Pheasant Dr., Northampton (Rt. 248). Sun - Bible study, 9:30am; Morning worship, 10:45am WALNUTPORT SEVENTH-day ADVENTIST, 227 Willow Rd. (and Route 145) Sat – 9:30am Worship, - 10:45am Sabbath School ZION'S STONE U.C.C., 51 Church Rd., Kreidersville. Sun- SS 9:00 am and Worship at 10:15 am. ZION WESLEYAN, 2459 E. Scenic Dr., Pt. Phillip. SS 9am; Worship 10:15am


• References and brief summaries of similar services provided. • Current work load of the selected firm and staff capability of meeting the limitation of the Request for Proposals. • Hourly compensation schedule for services. Out of pocket expenses for normal every day costs such as travel, typing, prints, postage, etc. shall be defined and cost for services shall be listed. Identify which, if any, out of pocket expenses are included in the hourly rates quoted. • A list of current clients with projects in the Borough. The firms appointed by the Borough Council will not be permitted to represent any private entities in the Borough, unless plans are currently in process of being prepared. A list of projects or contracts in which the film is currently involved shall be submitted with the proposal. It is requested that nine (9) copies of your proposal for the above listed services and your qualifications along with your rate structure be summited by Thursday, May 26, 2011 by 4:00 PM. Envelopes shall be closed, sealed and marked - PROPOSALS FOR BOROUGH ENGINEER AND OR, ZONING OFFICER, CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICES. Envelopes shall be delivered to the attention of:

OUR POOL SERVICES INCLUDE: pools • Decorative concrete • Safety covers • Sliding boards

• Diving boards • Filters • Pumps • Sales & service • Spillover spas

• Floating liners • Salt systems • Seasonal openings and closings • Major repairs

Call 610-262-0314 for a free estimate

Dream Come True

16 THE HOME NEWS May 12-18, 2011

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Police Blotter Colonial Regional

a house and fell while inside. The resident reported that the woman was intoxicated and Drug Delivery that he didn’t know who she Jordan Brugger-Shuster, 21, was. of 735 Seventh Ave., BethleShe left the scene prior to pohem, met with an undercover lice arrival, but was located at police officer in the parking lot the end of an alley in a green of Wegmans in Hanover Town- Dodge Neon. The woman was ship at 3:30 p.m. March 29. She identified as 32-year-old Chrissold two packets of heroin in tine Tutko of S. 10th St., Easton. exchange for $20. While talking to her, police The young woman was ar- detected an odor of alcohol. rested by Colonial Regional Ms. Tutko was evaluated by Police on May 2 for possession Hecktown ambulance personof heroin and remanded to nel and after refusing treatNorthampton County Prison. ment or transport submitted On May 6 she was arraigned to field sobriety testing. Ms. on these charges by District Tutko was unable to do it and Judge James Narlesky, who set was taken into custody by pobail at $20,000. Ms. Brugger- lice for suspicion of D.U.I. She Shuster was remanded back to was taken to the Easton DUI prison. Center for further testing and Easton Woman D.U.I. a blood draw. Charges will be Colonial Regional Police filed through District Judge were called to the 500 block of Joseph Barner after the results Nazareth Pike for the report are returned. of a female who walked into

Matthew Glose. Ryan had leukemia for 3-1/2 years and it is in remission. Tara Gergar, who uses a wheelchair to get around, caught a trout 21-1/2 inches. Her father, a Game Commission officer, and her mother and other family members were happy for Tara. Domyan said the lake is drawn from an inlet of the Hokendauqua Creek, and overflow goes back into the creek. It makes for plenty of cool water that trout thrive in. Petersville Rod & Gun Club had plenty of volunteers on hand Saturday to help, giving them lessons if needed, and assisting with putting worms or other bait on the hooks. The rod and reels were donated by Banko Beverage. Arrangements to have the Dream Come True event were made possible with the help of Sue Moser and Pete Druckenmiller. It may have been May, a day before Mother’s Day, but there was a touch of Christmas, too, as Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on the scene to give the children a

LIONS help the blind go fishing for the day. – Home News photo stuffed animal, as well as a medal and certificate. The club members, all in black T-shirts with the day’s event imprinted on them, had a great time seeing how the children enjoyed their day in the sun. Their wish was granted and it made everyone feel good.

MOORE TOWNSHIP ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Fall Football/Cheerleading/Soccer Sign-ups

Bath and Moore Twsp. Lions have Fishing for blind

A day of fishing by clients of the Center for Vision Loss was hosted on Saturday morning by members of the Bath and Moore Township Lions clubs. It was held in the pond at the home of Moore Twsp. Lion Charles Schmalzer. The day began with breakfast for all, and then the blind and visually impaired men and women cast their lines into the pond, pulling out trout that were stocked in the waters. The Lions have hosted this fishing event for several years, beginning when the Center for Vision Loss was a part of VIABL in Bethlehem.

Northampton Voters Know Your Candidate

FOOTBALL COMMISSIONER: Ed Ritter (610) 759-9422 CHEERLEADING COMMISSIONER: Michelle Schoeneberger (610) 767-9499 SOCCER COMMISSIONER: Rick Hanley (610) 760-2927

Please contact commissioners with questions on age groups, football weights, etc.

Sign Up Fees: $45.00 each for the first 2 children $10.00 each for additional children

Sign up for Summer Football Camp! Runs for 2 weeks July 18-21, 25-28 Ages 6-14 $25

PLEASE NOTE: A $50.00 work bond is required at time of sign-up. Please bring a check payable to Parents Auxillary for each child. The check will ONLY be cashed if you do not show up for your scheduled snack stand duty requirement. Otherwise, the check will be returned to you at the end of the season. Thank you for your understanding.

*** For first time sign-ups: Please bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate***

Fundraiser Fees: Lottery Calendars- You will receive 8 lottery calendars for $40.00. Sell each calendar for $5.00 which reimburses you at 100% cost OR

We have a candidate running for Northampton School Board that resigned from Bangor School Board on 10/25/10 (Express Times 11/17/10). Mr Baird lists his address at East Allen Township. However, East Allen does not have him listed as a resident. What that means is that Mr. Michael Baird does not pay per capita tax to East Allen, nor did he pay Northampton School taxes. School board policy #004,section 2 A lists a person must have a year residency to be elected to School Board. Does he? Mr. Baird owns property in Bangor, not Northampton School district. Do you want to vote for someone to serve on the Northampton School Board that does not have a vested interest in our children? Our taxes? Maggie Muller Moore Township

Pay a $20.00 buyout. You only have to do the fundraiser for 2 children. NOTE: This is our main fundraiser for the year. Money collected goes directly back to the program and to your children. Please support us by purchasing the lottery calendars!!

ALL FEES (SIGN-UP, WORK BOND AND FUNDRAISER) ARE DUE AT TIME OF SIGN-UP! The Northampton Area School District does not sponsor or sanction this program / event/ activity

Major Appliance Service Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Ranges, Icemakers – We Do It All!

30 YEARS EXPERIENCE 610-746-9888 • 610-837-8899

Serving the Entire Lehigh Valley

Home News May 12  

Home News May 12