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The Idaho Lottery has a passion for its mission of benefiting Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. Our players are passionate, too. Thanks to all of them there are new secure doors and energy efficient lighting in the Wendell School District. In the Payette School District

roof repairs were made at the middle school. And funds were used from the Permanent Building Fund to repair sidewalks campus wide at Lewis-Clark State College. Any time anyone plays the Lottery in Idaho, you, your community, the businesses in your area, your local schools; they all benefit.

Where the Money Goes Fiscal Year 2019 Overview The Idaho Lottery celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2019 and returned the largest dividend in its history - $60 million. These dividends provide meaningful contributions to the budgets for maintenance, repairs and capital improvement projects for Idaho’s public schools and the State of Idaho’s permanent facilities, places like our college campuses and operational infrastructure. Records were set for prizes paid to the players ($190 million), and commissions earned by Idaho Lottery retailers ($16.6 million). Since 1989, the first year of operations, the Idaho Lottery has returned $906 million for the benefit of schools from kindergarten through college. Dividends support three different public funds: the Department of Education’s Public School Building Fund, the Department of Education’s Bond Levy Equalization Fund, and the Department of Administration’s Permanent Building Fund. Rigorous fiscal management of Idaho Lottery’s operating costs is paramount to its overall success. Prizes 66% Dividend 21%

Retailer Commissions 6% Marketing/ Communications 1%

Program Operations/ Game Support 4% Administration 2%


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

ADA Anser Charter School

Curtain to divide gym, painting window glass replacement, install new doors, replace carpet



Boise Independent

Paint, HVAC, flooring, roofing

Compass Charter

Replacing gym floor, door repairs, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs and upgrades, miscellaneous projects



Falcon Ridge Charter

Extinguisher inspections, indoor $20,837 sprinklers, heating/cooling units, refinish flooring, carpet cleaning, air conditioner, floor cleaner repair, vacuum


$1,871,650 $36,586,659

Future Public School, Inc Did not receive FY18 funds



Gem Prep: Meridian



Did not receive FY18 funds

Garden City Community (closed)



Hidden Springs Charter (closed)



Idaho College & Career Not required to report*



Idaho Connects



Not required to report*

Idaho Virtual Academy Not required to report*

$139,566 $1,987,499

Inspire Virtual Charter

Not required to report*



iSucceed Virtual

Not required to report*



Kuna Joint

General maintenance, HVAC, carpet, $402,819 $5,798,786 door hardware, flooring, replace roofs, plumbing/fixtures, painting, boiler replacement

Meridian Charter HS

Not required to report*


Meridian Medical Arts

Not required to report*



North Star Charter

Repair elementary office, repair $73,845 bleachers, update wiring, HVAC, deep cleaning, strip and refinish floors, painting



Peace Valley Charter

Did not recieve FY18 funds



Project Impact STEM Academy, Inc.

Did not receive FY18 funds



Rolling Hills Charter

Flooring, electrical, lighting, repairs



Sage International School of Boise

General care/repair of building internal $75,068 surfaces, fixtures and systems


The Village Charter

Door and gate lock repairs, electrical work, brick repair, install gym floor


West Ada

Building maintenance, painting, $2,956,505 $42,538,836 flooring, roof, HVAC, plumbing, repairs



$5,954,455 $91,132,289

ADAMS Council

Maintenance, elementary bathroom



Meadows Valley

Electrical repairs, lighting, asbestos removal






BANNOCK Connor Academy

Security window film, minor repairs



Gem Prep: Pocatello

Not required to report*



Marsh Valley Joint

Roofing repairs, plumbing, floor repairs, $95,902 $2,087,539 elevator repair, carpet, paint, boiler


Carpet, tile, roofing, HVAC, technology $934,206 $17,886,275

Pocatello Community Charter School

New office, carpet, re-keyed school repair doors, maintenance and staff




$1,112,926 $20,576,252


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

BEAR LAKE Bear Lake County

Maintenance, personnel, repairs, $90,089 $2,011,112 asbestos removal, carpet, roof repairs, security cameras, HS locker refurbishment, HS furniture, MS bathroom remodel


$90,089 $2,011,112

BENEWAH Plummer/Worley Joint

Replace HS home economics class $25,170 countertops, carpet & linoleum, MS entry, repair brick on HS, replace compressor, miscellaneous repairs

St. Maries Joint

Paint HS shop, refinish floors, electrical $72,761 $1,697,712 upgrades, internal stairs repair, HVAC control system wiring, repair heating units, fire door inspections, HS shop door repair



$97,931 $2,411,905

BINGHAM Aberdeen

Repairs and maintenance as needed, HS renovation to existing classrooms

Bingham Academy Charter

Repairs and maintenance


Controlled entry doors, replaced $284,743 $6,175,095 flooring in three schools, light upgrades

Blackfoot Charter Electrical, flooring, fire doors Community Learning Ctr. Chief Tahgee

Not required to report*


Furnaces. carpet, paint, roof repair floor refinishing

Idaho Leadership Acad. (closed)

$55,460 $1,247,219 $8,871






$65,364 $1,300,798 -


Idaho Science & Technology Charter

Maintenance including HVAC, flooring, $21,261 plumbing and electrical repairs

Shelley Joint

Fire inspections/maintenance, $175,667 $3,175,764 upgrade locks, remodel locker rooms and bathrooms, HVAC controls, refinish gym floors, salaries and benefits

Snake River

Paint, correction of safety issues, $134,789 $2,905,479 electrical and mechanical repairs, heating systems, extinguisher and alarm inspections, replace carpet, wages and benefits for maintenance



$800,969 $15,312,042

BLAINE Blaine County Repair locker room, carpet, lockers interior paint, replace science lab, remodel STEAM classrooms for MS Syringa Mountain

Remodeling of school building


$250,231 $4,410,793 $8,620


$258,851 $4,452,952


Refinished gym floor, furnace filters, $25,028 sprinkler system, updated classrooms, flooring


Garden Valley

Water/wastewater upkeep, inspections, $19,034 fire suppression system, heating maintenance, cameras and monitors, maintenance


Horseshoe Bend

New HVAC units, painted doors, $17,385 remodeled teachers lounge, painted bathrooms and classrooms, tiled art counters



$61,447 $1,465,534


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

BONNER Bonner County (former) (closed) Forrest M. Bird Charter Maintenance, HVAC replacement

- $24,132

$1,891,107 $245,598

Lake Pend Oreille

Roof repairs, interior pipe repairs, $275,621 $4,261,150 sewer repairs, hallway tile and carpet, painting, windows and doors, maintenance

West Bonner County

Major boiler upgrades and repairs, exterior doors, windows at elementary and new heat system controls


$71,194 $1,526,806 $370,947 $7,924,662

BONNEVILLE Alturas International Academy

Not required to report*



American Heritage Charter School

Door access and security camera $27,423 upgrades, refinish and repair floor, boiler copper line repairs, ballroom repairs A/C repairs, multi-purpose room configuration


Bonneville Joint

Maintenance and repairs to buildings, $959,390 $13,604,153 locker room and stairwell renovations, roof repairs

Idaho Falls

Maintenance and repairs, roofing

Monticello Montessori

Not reported

Odyssey Charter School (closed)

$758,655 $14,916,328 $17,260 -

$117,187 $19,062

Swan Valley Elementary Repair kitchen, doors and heating system $3,481


Taylor’s Crossing Charter School

Refinish gym floor, paint hallways $28,100 HVAC service, repair A/C unit, electrical, roof repairs/inspection, retrofitted lights to LED


White Pine Charter

Kitchen renovation, controlled access and additions to security system




$1,869,139 $29,654,195

BOUNDARY Boundary County

Maintenance, salaries and benefits $104,142 $2,335,915 for maintenance new windows at BCMS, enclosed hallway, new gym floor, re-roofing


$104,142 $2,335,915

BUTTE Butte County

Annual inspections, alarm monitoring, $32,044 refinish gym floors, paint, replace carpet, repair lighting, bathroom repairs, air handler repairs, electrical, heaters, salaries/benefits





CAMAS Camas County

Gym floor repairs, boiler repairs, roof $12,924 heat tape replacement, k-12 alarm upgrade







CANYON Another Choice Virtual Not required to report* Charter School Caldwell

Replace/repair roofs, HVAC repairs


Maintenance items including, HVAC $8,736 repairs, salaries/benefits, materials/supplies

$467,357 $8,578,580 $88,956

Gem Prep - Nampa

Not required to report*



Heritage Community Charter

Not required to report*




FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

CANYON Continued... Idaho Arts Charter

Ongoing repairs and maintenance



Legacy Charter

Regular repairs and maintenance



Liberty Charter

HVAC repair, building maintenance/ $31,688 inspection, alarm systems repair, paint/floor repairs, salaries for maintenance


Melba Joint

Flooring upgrades, HVAC repairs, $65,809 $1,107,270 replace water heater, refinish floor, water-line repair, repair modular building


General maintenance, painting, new $307,035 $4,187,699 windows, floors and mechanical repairs


Roof repairs, other internal repairs $1,029,799 $18,063,394 and maintenance, HVAC conversion

Nampa Classical (closed) Academy Charter School Notus


Replace gym roof, repair HVAC, $32,619 fire/security alarms; greenhouse covering, ceiling tiles and bleacher seats

OWL Charter Academy (closed) Parma


$22,337 $570,391 $14,946

Refinish gym floors, replace gutters, $80,687 $1,545,566 repair classrooms, carpet, cooling tower, paint, restrooms, camera system, repair roof, furnace

Pathways in Education Not required to report*



Thomas Jefferson Charter School

Repairs and maintenance as needed




Carpet/tile repairs, restroom upgrades, $680,259 $8,292,394 electrical/mechanic repairs, HVAC repairs, upgrades to fire/security systems, salary/benefits

Victory Charter School Regular repair/maintenance, gym HVAC system, admin office cabinets



Vision Charter School

HVAC repairs, carpet, floor repair, $54,565 electrical and lighting repair, salary/benefits



Roofing and carpet




$3,094,664 $46,095,459

CARIBOU Grace Joint

Security cameras, electrical repairs, $40,875 restroom upgrades, fire/security system, HVAC repairs, salaries/benefits for maintenance


North Gem

Maintenance salaries/benefits $12,636 painting, floor refinishing, building repairs


Soda Springs Joint

Boiler enhancements, replace/repair $68,368 $1,464,598 sprinkler system, carpet, general upkeep


$121,879 $2,617,219

CASSIA Cassia County Joint

Boiler, repair/replace HVAC units, flooring, access control/security, resurface gym floor, painting


$407,230 $7,648,119 $407,230 $7,648,119

CLARK Clark County Joint

Repaired boilers, new blinds, furnace repairs, replace power unit in fire panel






CLEARWATER Orofino Joint

New roof, repair foundation at OJSHS, $96,071 $2,087,656 boiler maintenance, roof replace/repairs at OES


$96,071 $2,087,656


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

CUSTER Challis Joint

Maintenance staff salary and benefits, $26,345 replace windows, bleacher and drinking fountain maintenance, supplies/materials, repairs


Mackay Joint

Annual inspections, refinish the gym $16,292 and state floors, boiler repair and upgrades, replace toilets/urinals, repair lighting, heating fan



$42,637 $1,163,452

ELMORE Glenns Ferry Joint

Replace vo-agriculture roof

Mountain Home

Electronic door locks and cameras, $290,003 $5,808,233 electrical upgrades, painting, re-keying locks, install flooring

Prairie Elementary

UV lamps for water system, new locks, normal maintenance

Richard McKenna Charter High School

Cleaned carpets, painting, repairs, electrical work, fire system repairs, fire alarm, general maintenance








$355,114 $6,949,141

FRANKLIN Preston Joint

Remodel classrooms, remodel $172,100 $3,461,009 Pioneer Elementary cafeteria, replace carpets, salaries/benefits for maintenance staff


Not required to report*



West Side Joint

Maintenance salaries and benefits, carpet, paint, cabinets, replace HVAC




$243,302 $4,472,155

FREMONT Fremont County Joint

Replace boiler, continue repairs, $165,426 $3,560,144 carpet, security panel upgrade, flashing for roof, replace gym floors


$165,426 $3,560,144

GEM Emmett Independent

Elevator at MS, new doors and locks, $182,314 $3,939,709 repairs to modular classroom, paint rain gutters, security cameras, paint and carpet

Payette River Technical Academy

Not required to report*




$197,719 $4,066,236

GOODING Bliss Joint

Roof repairs, electrical repairs

Gooding Joint

HVAC/electrical repair, fire alarm $101,871 $1,848,796 upgrade/repairs, plumbing, safety repairs



Hagerman Joint

Classroom and building maintenance

Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind

Not required to report*





North Valley Academy

Doors, floor maintenance, paint, AC, $16,713 roof repairs, plumbing upgrades, electrical



Thermostat, secure doors, LED lighting $79,962 $1,606,683


$238,261 $4,561,622

IDAHO Cottonwood Joint

Cabinets, phase 2 of heating project, $29,156 fob entrance system, completion of art room, conversion of lab to classroom, maintenance



FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

IDAHO Continued... Grangeville Joint (former) (closed)


Mountain View

Maintenance staff costs and materials

Salmon River Joint

Floor covering, upgraded HVAC, paint, $9,263 refinished gym and multi-purpose floors



$90,926 $1,053,905 $142,250

$129,345 $3,046,780

JEFFERSON Jefferson County Joint

Carpet, boiler and routine maintenance $454,313 $6,688,911

Ririe Joint

LED lighting, paint, motion sensors, air $52,272 $1,059,332 filters, re-keying doors, HVAC upgrades, water heaters, electrical repairs

West Jefferson

Maintenance and repair of buildings, $45,054 $1,041,517 classroom remodels, flooring tile upgrade


$551,639 $8,789,760

JEROME Heritage Academy

Paint office and hall, fix plumbing, $13,265 remodel lunchroom bathroom, fix ceiling tiles and walls from water damage, repair roof

Jerome Joint

Ongoing maintenance projects, $302,067 $4,860,480 replace carpet and tiles, remodel Ag room


Roof replacement and repairs, HVAC repair and ongoing maintenance





$360,586 $5,937,882

KOOTENAI Coeur d’ Alene

Replaced CHS roof, asbestos removal $797,107 $13,631,087 at Borah Elementary, fire system testing, air quality at Dalton Elementary, painting, Fire system repair at Skyway Elementary, NEXA Elementary elevator repair

Coeur d’ Alene Charter Academy

Mechanical HVAC replacement and general repairs/maintenance



Kootenai Bridge Academy Charter

Carpet, heating systems repairs and maintenance, supplies



Kootenai Joint

Strips for cracks in high school walls, lighting retrofit, strip and wax floors




Roof repair projects, HVAC repairs $335,741 $5,865,547 and upgrades, classroom renovations, replaced carpet, and routine maintenance

North Idaho Stem Charter School

Maintenance, repair/replace roof, heat $39,723 pump/heater repair, roof heat tape, ceiling tile

Post Falls

Carpet and HVAC,roof repairs, paint



$450,606 $7,106,051 $1,702,350 $27,846,635

LATAH Gem Prep: Online

Not required to report*

Genesee Joint

Replaced drinking fountains, boiler $22,207 repairs, replaced floors, asbestos abatement, basketball backstops in gym, new lockers, paint and general maintenance




Idaho Distance Education Academy




Kendrick Joint

Walk-in freezer and washer/dryer, $17,809 stage drapes, install HVAC systems, flooring, lower ceiling, lighting, duct work, plasma cutting table, electricity



Maintenance, water treatment system, $174,670 $3,510,354 security doors and cameras


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

LATAH Continued... Moscow Charter

Bathroom doors, automatic faucets, HVAC upgrades and maintenance



Palouse Prairie Charter Not required to report*




Retrofit of new heating system




Replace tiles, repair greenhouse, $20,156 door safety upgrades, inspections,classroom sink, salaries/benefits for staff, maintenance


Whitepine Joint

Roof repairs, new carpet, water cleanup $18,447

Whitepine Joint (former) (closed) TOTAL


$318,880 $295,791

$353,112 $7,191,099

LEMHI Salmon

Roof replacement, new boiler and $58,031 $1,488,762 pump, repair freezer, replace heating units, replace hot water booster in kitchen

South Lemhi

Covered existing roof, repaired and cleaned boiler, replaced furnace

Upper Carmen Charter Carpet classroom, replaced well fixture TOTAL





$73,577 $1,778,557

LEWIS Highland Joint

Ongoing repairs/maintenance, carpet



Kamiah Joint

Roof, gym floor, gutters, bell system, $31,747 HVAC repairs, maintenance salaries/supplies


Nezperce Joint

Flooring in science room, replaced $11,098 doors and baseboard heaters, replaced roof on ag shop, general maintenance



$55,896 $1,497,913

LINCOLN Dietrich

Clean ducts, electrical and intercom $15,496 system wiring, blinds, door knobs and locks, drinking fountain, desks and chairs, music stands, white boards, A/C units, maintenance



Gym roof, south classrooms, weight $14,311 room, repaired ceiling, electrical, doors, blinds, surfaces, paint, carpet, boiler and plumbing repairs, light fixtures, temporary heating unit


Shoshone Joint

Front drainage repairs, doors, library $37,094 shelving, carpet rotation, entrance safety repairs, auto flushers, install hallway doors



$66,901 $1,434,273


Roof repairs, refinish gym floors, new carpet, windows, blinds, freezer and refrigerator repair

$394,692 $6,763,440

Sugar-Salem Joint

HVAC repairs, security camera upgrades, countertop repairs, update offices, upgrade doors at all schools

$122,546 $2,165,281


$517,238 $8,928,721

MINIDOKA ARTEC-I Charter School Not required to report* Minidoka County Joint

Not reported




$313,958 $6,409,796 $329,737 $6,425,575


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

NEZ PERCE Culdesac Joint

Replace door safety glass, install safety $7,123 doors, security cameras, update modular classroom, new shop door, science lab table and gas line leak capped, gym floor maintenance



Replaced roof, carpet, ongoing repairs $37,161


Lewiston Independent

Rooftop HVAC units, floor coverings, kitchen repairs, emergency lighting, mitigate asbestos, roofing

Tammany Elementary



$351,083 $7,062,857 -


$395,367 $8,174,304

ONEIDA Oneida County

Install efficient lighting and repair roofs $183,418 $1,544,004


$183,418 $1,544,004

OWYHEE Bruneau-Grand View Joint

Maintenance, painting, updating power $22,563 supply, carpet

Homedale Joint

Maintenance, replace/repair roofs, $90,417 $1,814,957 replace/repair floors, electric hand dryers, thermostats, cameras

Marsing Joint

HVAC repairs/replacement, fire security, carpet, classroom updates

Pleasant Valley

Repairs and maintenance as needed



$64,185 $1,182,593 $472


$177,637 $3,697,475

PAYETTE Fruitland

Maintenance staff salaries/benefits, annual maintenance repairs, remodel early childhood center

$132,024 $2,285,866

New Plymouth

Flooring, electrical, lights, plumbing parts, boiler and HVAC maintenance, paint, doors, etc

$75,311 $1,405,885

Payette Joint

MMS roof repairs, PPS wiring, $112,305 $2,481,537 replaced three HVAC units, carpet, new bathroom stalls, general maintenance


$319,640 $6,173,288

POWER American Falls Joint

Repair roof, plumbing and boiler, replaced carpet

Arbon Elementary

Carpet, general maintenance

Rockland Classroom, elevator and fire system repairs TOTAL

$107,649 $2,302,467 $1,244




$122,510 $2,616,955


Maintenance of heating systems, generator and building upkeep

Kellogg Joint

Wiring and security upgrades, building $79,855 $2,036,152 repairs and maintenance as needed


Kitchen and lunch room repairs




Finished fan coil replacements, $35,936 installed air dispersion system, safety/ preventative maintenance including roof





$124,750 $3,268,298


FY18 Use

FY19 Amount Total

TETON Teton County

Roof membrane at Tetonia and $132,066 $2,134,176 Driggs Elementary, carpet and flooring at Victor Elementary and Teton High, heating system upgrades and auditorium lighting, PA system upgrade


$132,066 $2,134,176

TWIN FALLS ARTEC Charter School Not required to report*


Buhl Joint

Replace lighting and thermostats, repair sewer line, replace flooring

$93,477 $1,964,538

Castleford Joint

Greenhouse repairs, windows, gas $26,573 water heater, other repairs as needed


Salaries/benefits for maintenance, $124,264 $2,063,515 security systems, painting, windows, furnaces front entrances, bathroom fixtures, carpets


Finish elementary roof, LED lighting, $23,304 repair heating system, carpet, doors, windows, replace water softener, paint, other repairs


Salaries/benefits for maintenance, $150,949 $2,135,639 shower valve repairs, replace exit door, repaired roof, HVAC repairs, new wall

Murtaugh Joint

New air conditioning for high school



Three Creek Joint

Clean, seal, and wax new tile floors



Twin Falls

Complete updates to alternative HS, $715,063 $11,066,508 deep cleaning, replaced door, security upgrades, maintenance, window coverings, flooring

Wings Middle Charter


Xavier Charter School

Maintenance/repairs of HVAC units, $54,711 replaced carpets, repaired doors, added electrical outlets, repaired classrooms, deep cleaning






$45,998 $437,923

$1,232,873 $19,411,297

VALLEY Cascade

Asbestos abatement, HVAC repairs, roof repairs


McCall-Donnelly Joint

High school roof re-coat and sealant, floor replacement at middle school

$95,436 $1,582,866



$111,202 $2,072,867

WASHINGTON Cambridge Joint

Replace elementary roof, flooring in one $9,097 classroom, ongoing daily maintenance



Repairs to building



Snow removal for roofs, alarm system $115,708 $2,343,796 tested and updated, new ceiling tiles, painting, repaired boiler, HS auditorium refurbishment and upgrade


TOTAL $133,490 $2,868,821 TOTAL $22,842,500 $387,580,875 *Idaho Code 33-1019 requires that the Department of Education collect information from schools on how they spent their 2% requirement. If they do not own the facility, they are not required to report. These facilities do not own their building and therefore, are not required to report.

Public Building Fund Projects to be completed in Fiscal Year 2020: Dollars returned to the Permanent Building Fund are used on State owned facilities for improvement to State parks, renovations, new facilities for our college campuses, and maintenance projects for administrative buildings in the State of Idaho. The following projects are to be completed in FY20 and funded by FY19 dividends: ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF

- Complete Replacement of Domestic Water Service, JRW Building


- New Animal, Dairy, and Pathology Lab - Paving, Weights and Measures/Flammable Storage


- Roof Replacement, Engineering - Roof Replacement, MEC - Roof Replacement, HML - Renovations of Conversions Lab Space - Safety Improvements to Infrastructure, Academic & Research - Roadway Maintenance and Repair, Campus Wide - Study, High Voltage Loop Replacement - Repair/Upgrade Elevators, Multiple Buildings - Roof Replacement, Liberal Arts - Restroom Upgrades, Education Building - Replace Refrigerant Systems, Multiple Buildings - Replace Siding, Yanke Family Research Park - Security System Integration, Phase 2, Campus Wide - Fiber Optic Cable Loop, Phase 2 - Flooring, Abatement and Replacement, Multiple Buildings - Replace OIT Generator, MEC - Environmental Safety Alarm Pull Stations, ERB

COLLEGE OF EASTERN IDAHO - Roof Replacement, Robertson Building

COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN IDAHO - Roof, Desert/Canyon Building - Replace Irrigation Control System - Replace Walk-In Freezers, Desert Kitchen - Roof Deck, Chilling Plant - Refurbish Restrooms, Mini-Cassia - Window Replacements, Rick Allen Room - Install Security Cameras, Phase 1 - Entry Access Controls, Phase 2 - Elevator Replacement, Taylor Building

COLLEGE OF WESTERN IDAHO - Roof Replacement, Canyon County Center


- Repair/Upgrade Fire Alarm System, ISCC - Roof Replacement, A-Block, ICIO - Replace Door Operations, Units 8 & 9, ISCC - HVAC Upgrades, Unit 7, ISCI - Upgrade Utilities, Kitchen, IMSI - Electrical Upgrades, Units E, F, & G and Kitchen, IMSI - Restroom Renovations, McKelway Hall, Phase 1 (PREA) ICIO - Replace Water Supply Copper Pipes, Facility-wide, Phase 1, ISCC - Electrical/Generator, McKelway, ICIO - Replace Chapel Roof, ISCI - Restroom Renovations, North Dorm (PREA), SICI


- Misc. Repairs, Admin Office Building, Pocatello


- Replace Rock Retaining Wall and Roadway, SHN - Replace Air Damper Control Valves, Pine/Aspen/Birch, SWITC - Replace Chillers, Pine/Aspen/Birch, SWITC - Security Upgrades, Lobby, MH/CDC Buildings, RV, Twin Falls - New Parking Lot/Renovate Admin Parking Lot, SHS - Install HVAC Controls, Whitehall, SWITC - Upgrade Fire Sprinkler Suppression, SHN - Door Control System, Campus Wide, SWITC - Renovate Geothermal and Heat Exchange Pump, State Health Lab - Upgrade Storage Building, Phase II, SHN - Rebuild Upper Parking Lot, Pocatello HDC - Renovate Clinic Area, Whitehall, SWITC - Replace Cabinets, PTF Activities & Support Rooms, SHS - Upgrade Lighting, PTF Patient Restrooms, SHS - Roof Repairs, State Health Lab - Replace Flooring, PTF Meeting Rooms and Offices, SHS - Replace Interior Doors, Pine/Aspen/Birch, SWITC - Repair Parking Lot, SWITC - Repair Sidewalks, Campus Wide, SHS - Replace Kitchen Floor, PTF, SHS - Additional Parking Area, MH/CD Facilities, R5, Twin Falls - Insulate Carpenter Shop, SWITC

IDAHO COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED - Painting, Interior Hallways, Stairwells, Offices

IDAHO EDUCATION SERVICES FOR DEAF & BLIND - Renovation of Cottages 3, 4 and 5, Phase 2


- Roof Replacement, Restoration, Pioneer Village - Roof Replacement, Gutters and Restoration, Guard House, Old Pen

IDAHO STATE LIQUOR DIVISION - Remodel Stairway, Central Office to 2nd Level - Outside Stairwells/Curbing Repairs


- Replace Security Systems, Meridian


- Steam Plant Condition Assessment and Master Plan, Heat Plant - Roof Replacement, Business Administration - Roof Replacement, Heat Plant - Roof Replacement, Albion Hall - Upgrade HVAC, Phase 2, Reed Gymnasium - Clinic Expansion, Meridian - Envelope Repairs, CAES - Replace Ceilings/Add HVAC Returns, Phase 2, Tingey Admin Building - Replace Carpet, Third Floor, Oboler Library - ADA Access, Memorial Drive to Gale Life Science Courtyard - Remodel COT for Cosmetology Expansion - New Office and Conference Room Space, Maintenance/Welding Shops - Roof Replacement, Tingey Admin Building

JUVENILE CORRECTIONS, DEPARTMENT OF - Resurface Roadways, Ph 3, JCC, St. Anthony


- HVAC, Refurbish Air Handling Units, IAB Building, Boise - Replace Sidewalk, Burley - Replace Sidewalk, Idaho Falls


- Replace Siding, Southwest Area Office, Boise - Replace Sidewalk, Burley - Pave Parking Lots, Clearwater Area Office, Orofino

LEWIS-CLARK STATE COLLEGE - Repairs, Reid Centennial Hall Tower - HVAC, Administration Building - Repair Sidewalks, Campus Wide - Repave 11th Street Parking Lot - Ventilation, Activity Center, West Axillary Gym


- Site Utilities, Twin Falls RC - Youth Challenge Roof Supplement - Repair West Wing, Building 600 - Repair Interior, Building 600 - LED Upgrade, Caldwell RC - Dry Storage Building, Nampa Armory

NORTH IDAHO COLLEGE - Resurface Parking Lots - Repair Campus Sidewalks - Replace Elevator, Kildow Hall - Steam Plant Elimination, Phase 1


- Exterior Paint, Headquarters and Admin Support Buildings, Boise


- Upgrade Tower, Ashton Ridge, Fremont County - Replace/Upgrade Tower & Building, Mica Peak, Coeur d’Alene


- HVAC, Phase 1, Agricultural Sciences - Acoustic Mitigation and Isolation, Phase 2, LHSOM and Ridenbaugh - Roof Replacement, Holm Research Center - Roof, McClure Hall - Roof Replacement, Library - Buchanan Engineering Library, Life Safety, Phase 3 - Repairs/Renovations, Research, Archive and Collections Building


- Remove Carpet, Replace with Hardwood Flooring, VET-L - Replace Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures, VET-L - Replace Call Light System, VET-P - Remodel Staff Lounge, VET-P - Replace/Install Parking Lot Drains, VET-P - Pavement Preservation and Restoration, Veterans Cemetery, Boise

SUMMARY OF DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION LOTTERY DIVIDENDS 1992 Public School Funds Study HB 315 Facilities Trans 2004 (Whitepine)

$500,000 $377,500

Bond Levy Equalization FY 2003 - 2007


Bond Levy Equalization FY 2009 - 2019


Carry Over Balance Interest Paid (1990 - 2002)

$1,094,055 -$587,739

Public Education FY 1990 - 2019


Permanent Buildings FY 1990 - 2019




The Idaho Lottery launched on July 19, 1989. Dividends are transferred to the Public School District Building Account, the Permanent Building Fund, and the Bond Equalization Fund for distribution. Dividend distribution occurs annually in July. Distribution at the district level is based on average daily attendance. The Idaho Lottery office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. Our offices are closed on State and Federal holidays. For more information, please contact: IDAHO LOTTERY P.O. BOX 6537 Boise, ID 83707-6537 208-334-2600

Benefiting Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY. idaholottery.com

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