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DECEMBER 1, 2010

December Line Up The iCandi Movement

Note From MsiCandi

Real Discussions, Real Music, For the Grown & Sexy

Hey Everybody!!

iCandi After Dark is the realest, livest, and most resourceful talk show airing this decade. Stimulate your mind by listening and participating in live debates on topics ranging from Single Parenting to Entertainment Gossip! The sky is the limit here at iCandi After Dark; anything goes!

The show is led by Ms. iCandi, the iCandi crew, and a rotation of guests and co-hosts. iCandi after Dark airs every Friday @ 10 PM EST until midnight, so come on by and get a lot-a-bit of iCandi in your life!! Get ready for December’s line up. iCandi keeps it interesting, informative and GROWN!

I’ve decided to start up this Newsletter as a way to prepare you for all the upcoming shows this month, and to give you the opportunity to get to know my team. As you all know WE LOVE TO TALK, and 2 hours really isn’t enough time for us to get out what we want to say. In this Newsletter Brotha Insight is going to feed your minds with “Conscious Corner”, The Go2Gurl Shi will be giving you the “Word of the Month” to help expand our vocabulary, and Lady Red will be giving some of her recession-based gift-giving ideas. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this month’s Newsletter, for we at iCandi are always trying to give our supporters a true taste

of Candi. Not only physically but mentally as well..... Let’s get it!




DECEMBER 1, 2010

MU S I C RE V I E W S w i t h J . anto i nne Rihanna (Loud) Def Jam Records 2010

This album is a definite change from 2009's overly depressing and borderline Satanic "Rated R", after her public physical assault. Die-hard fans will definitely want to pick this up as it sounds like she's returned to her "Good Girl Gone Bad" era, the one that made her wildly popular to begin with. Even though there's a couple of subjects sung about here that may raise some eyebrows (especially on "Man Down"), some songs re-create the magic and allure that made her popular in the mainstream. "Fading Away" has that touch that will grab some listeners, as does "California King Bed" and "Love the Way That You Lie". And "Skin" is an unexpectedly good ballad from Rihanna. Quincy Jones (Q: Soul Bossa Nostra) Interscope Records- 2010

For the life of me, I cannot fathom that Quincy Jones, the entertainment guru and music impresario himself, would ever actually consent to this massacre of music that's called an album. Some of these remakes sound as if the artist decided to not really sing it, almost karaoke sounding. If you're going to remake a song, make sure the artist(s) covering the song are comparable to the original artist that sung or remade it. Wanting to remake yesterday's songs with today's "top" artists doesn't mean that you actually should. In this case, I can't even think of a track that was even remotely "good", except for BeBe Winans' "Everything Must Change, Jamie Foxx's rendition of "Give Me the Night", and Jennifer Hudson's screamed version of "You Put A Move On My Heart". The rest? Deleted from my memory.

Mariah Carey (Merry Christmas II You)

Jazmine Sullivan (Love Me Back)

Island/Def Jam Records - 2010

J Records - 2010

Given the lackluster sales of her past two albums (2009's dismal Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel and 2008's underperforming E=MC2) one would expect a new Christmas album from Mariah Carey to be ho-hum. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Christmas follow-up to her smash 1994 hit Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas II You will definitely put or keep you in the holiday spirit. Mariah kept it simple and traditional, which makes this a REAL Christmas album worth listening to. Her mother, Patricia Carey, even shows the same vocal prowess her daughter possesses on the song "O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah". If you want good Christmas music, this is the album for you.

Jazmine's sophomore CD shouldn't alienate her core fans, but should be enough to even bring on some new ones. This album doesn't fall prey to the sophomore jinx. Jazmine's raspy alto captivates you to WANT to listen, much less skip a song or two. There's uptempo, there's midtempo, and there's the ballads, pretty much the same formula that made her debut album Fearless worth more than a few listens. One can't help but to compare a few of her songs to labelmate Alicia Keys; however, it's Jazmine's emotion that sets her apart from the pianist. Songs like "Excuse Me" and "Stuttering" are definitely worth the album's purchase alone.


Eric Benet's Lost In Time is probably one of the BEST albums of 2010 that you're NOT listening to. What are you waiting for? Chrisette Michele's Let Freedom Reign will definitely keep Chrisette from being drowned in mainstream mediocrity.

Where there’s life there’s music... J. Antoinne iCandi Productions



DECEMBER 1, 2010

GABBO Geno The Great

Representing Baltimore, Maryland, Gabbo reminds you what true hip-hop is all about. You can purchase his album on itunes.

. . . o D d You

l u o W What

If you lost your job temporarily, things got rough, and the person that you were in love with abandoned you?


iCandi Crew


iWill Honestly I would just sit & chill & talk to God.

WHO NEEDS THE INDUSTRY Born and raised in Cincinnati, 5452’s mixtape has just dropped and with tracks such as “Watch This” and “Do it in The Bathroom”, he gives you a nice variety of chill and party music.


Stylez If they leave you it sucks, but all you can do is work on building yourself back up. Find something that you like to do and see if it’s a way you can make money from doing it. Lady R.E.D Kill his a**! Then turn to my family to bail me out of jail! lol

FaceBookers Eric Gordon Its back to moms house Niq Niq Lift my head to God, keep moving forward, and look back and smile at the one that left me..

Twitter Fellas grab your girl, ladies grab your man!! Set the mood right with the first iCandi Afterdark ULTIMATE SEX MIXTAPE Hosted by MsiCandi & DJ Pyra-C..... Coming to you his month

@YouknoScottM move on start fresh and start quick money hustle

Geno grew up on the south side of Chicago and began rapping in 8th grade. Over the years Geno has developed an innovative style in the likes of Jay-Z and 50-Cent. Geno is not only an artist, but an entrepreneur who believes in giving back to our youth. He is currently working on his first album entitled "The Elect”, which is set to be released sometime in 2011. Be sure to let everyone know to check the weather reports, because a STORM is brewing!

~*~ Diamond Sound *~*

@LAVISH_LYFE_MAG Pray on it, then keep it moving @DaBishopFTW Keep it movin and tell that hoe to kick rocks when she come back... #TrueStory



DECEMBER 1, 2010


Hi Family, This is ya boy Brotha Insight. I want to first thank Juli and the iCandi family for giving me the opportunity to share my voice with the world. The "Conscious Corner" is a segment that I want to use to bring a new level or awareness to our people. We are living in a new time and age. And a lot of things take place that we have no clue about. And that we really don't understand. So my purpose and calling in life is to feel this void. There are plenty of unanswered questions and I'm here to try and give some answers. I'm always reading and studying to bring new information forward to the people. There is a scripture in the Bible that is the realest scripture I have ever come in contact with. It's Hosea4 :6. And it simply says, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge". And I refuse to stand on the sideline and watch my people continue to perish. I'll say this in closing. Knowledge is not power. It is only power when it is applied to our lives. PEACE AND BLESSINGS FAMILY. Brotha Insight Ya boy , A Chicago Native, husband, & father. Brotha Insight Brotha Insight truly believes in educating our people to become more conscious about what’s REALLY going on in the world. Follow him on twitter @BrothaInsight

CONVERSATIONS IN THE NIGHT Be sure to support Brotha Insight on Tuesday nights as he blesses Chicago with some of his knowledge. Every Tuesday night at 10:30-11:30 (est) Hosted by Rev. Will Hall

Be On The Look Out for upcoming iCandi Projects at




DECEMBER 1, 2010

If you guys remember the iCandi Facebook Next Top Model competition, then you should remember Mz Diva, the winner. Sheʼs a wife, a mother, and a model and with her ambitions, she never ceases to amaze me. I was able to convince Mz Diva to give me an interview and once you read the things she had to say, youʼll be happy that I did.

and have a partnership. How are you able to keep that strong?

MsiCandi: DIVA!! Congratulations again for winning the iCandi Next Top Model Competition. How was that experience?

MsiCandi: These days everyone THINKS theyʼre models. What separates true models from the “bathroom pic wannabe models”?

Ms Diva: Hey Ms. Ceo, Let me start by saying congrats to the other models in the contest. They came with very creative pics and styles. The competition was a great and fun experience because it gave us an opportunity to show our creativity.

Mz Diva: Everybody is their own model! I feel like if you really want to be a Model, then it will take a lot determination, persistence and will power.

MsiCandi: Iʼve seen you in person and Iʼm jealous of your shape? How are you able to remain so fit being a mother of 5? Mz Diva: [laughs] I get that question a lot. Truthfully, I don't do anything special to maintain my shape. Being a mother of five keeps me moving. They say I'm blessed to have a high metabolism until I hit my late 30's. MsiCandi: What projects do you have coming up? What type of things can we look forward to? Mz Diva: Yes, I am an aspiring model. I have been at it for about two years. Now that the kids are older, I'm able to have time. MsiCandi: Being that we are Facebook buds I get to enjoy watching the wonderful love between you and your fiancé. We donʼt really see that much anymore in the black community. You guys seem to truly be in love

Mz Diva: [Smiling] Yes we are in love. The key is communication! You must have an understanding of one another, once you have that, no one or anything will be able to tell you differently.

MsiCandi: Is there any type of modeling that you will NOT do? Do you have certain standards when it comes to modeling? Mz Diva: As a model I know that you have to be open to different things, but I wouldn't do anything that would jeopardize my integrity or offend family. MsiCandi: What type of things do you see in your future? What are you goals as far as your personal life and your career? Mz Diva: I see big things for my future. I'm always looking to educate myself about the industry. My personal goal is to continue to focus on my family. Although I put energy into them, I draw even more strength from them. My professional goals are to stay fit and to keep up with the Model/Fashion world, and hopefully be found in the right place at the right time. You can Find Diva Dean on Facebook at

Kiara Mz Diva Dean Kiara is a mother of five who enjoys Shopping, Specialty Tables, & Modeling. She’s currently engaged to the love of her life and excited about what the future will bring for their beautiful family.

To be featured as the iCandi Lady of The Month go to our website at



DECEMBER 1, 2010





Christmas Traditions with MsiCandi I am so excited to finally be able to say this; “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” I have honestly been ready for the Christmas season since June. I don’t know what it is abut this time but I am so ready. Now that I’m a mother, Christmas brings me even more excitement as I get to share my Christmas traditions with my daughter. She’s still young so not everything is really understood or paid attention to but she enjoys the “Mommy & Me” time and that makes even more special.

I know there are a few “Ebenezer Scrooges” out there that will chant “"Bah! Humbug!" this time of year, but hopefully my traditions will have you feeling the Christmas Sprit. I’m personally challenging all of you (Scrooges included) to do at least 3 things off my list this month. If nothing it else do it to shut me up!! lol Make sure you guys email ( us back with your experiences, so we can feature a few of your stories in the next newsletter.




DECEMBER 1, 2010

VOCABULARY LESSON WITH YA GO2GURL Attention: ICandi Participants “Grl iz yuh finna cum ova? Errbody waitin!” What the hell does this mean? Have we as GROWN adults become so lazy that this type of diction is acceptable? Is a 35-yearold typing this foolishness, or even allowing a teenager to use this wording by not correcting them when it is received? So sad!

texting, and all areas of communication. Each Friday I would like for my iCandi folks to send me the word in a sentence and I will read some on air during iCandi Afterdark. Instead of going backward into ignorance let's move forward towards greater knowledge.. ~Shi~

Ya go2gurl is taking a stand. I am challenging you to learn a new word a month to broaden "our" vocabulary. Each month I will send out a word and its definition. I need you to try and use the word in your everyday conversations via talking, emailing,

Shi (The Go 2 Gurl) is the "laffy taffy" of the iCandi crew. This 32 year old mother of one always has a way of making us say “HUH?, really Shi!???” stay tuned I'm sure she has MORE to come.

CHRISTMAS ON A BUDGET BY “LADY R.E.D” example, if itʼs a dress, put it with are Macyʼs, Kohl's, and Forever a pair of leggings and cute 21. I like Macyʼs because they boots. have really great deals on sale and regular-priced items, and there is normally a 15% or 20% Tip # 2 off coupon in addition to the sale Shop at the sales/special priced price. Kohl's is great because you can find some really good racks. If youʼre shopping from Whatʼs up world! This is Lady buys on the clearance racks if RED with my tips on how to save the sales rack make sure the youʼre willing to look. Forever 21 items are really marked down by money during the holidays. works well because their prices the percentage advertised. are reasonable without a sale Tip #1 and their clothes are really cute Tip # 3 and trendy. Some other stores Always start at the back of the that have great buys are TJ store where the clearance racks Take a calculator with you or are normally located. The items make sure your cell phone has a Maxx, Target, Wal-Mart, Marshalls, and Old Navy. calculator. on clearance may be out of season but you can always layer I hope my tips help you this My favorite three stores where them or save them for the you get more bang for your buck holiday season! Happy appropriate season. For shopping!




Stylez, Shi, Rommey, Bear, and Bro. Insight: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. To all the guests that joined the show (Kole Black, Jaysen Long, PHD, Gabbo, Rai Li, Mercedes, Sade, 5452, Shaun G, Bux and William Alexander to name a few) thank you for believing in iCandi and making the shows interesting and entertaining.

A 2010 RECAP OF ICANDI AFTER DARK The year 2010 is coming to an end and normally everyone starts to think back over the past year and start making their new year resolutions. Well, this year is no different. I remember this time last year, I came up with a motto for iCandi 2010 “New Year, New Attitude, No Bull S***T” (a little vulgar right?). But that’s how I felt at the time. I stuck to that motto and so many wonderful things have been happening for iCandi Productions. God has truly been pouring His blessings down on me and I’ve been enjoying the wonderful journey of bringing iCandi to life. Thank you Jesus for what You have done and continue to do for me. God is good y’all! To my beautiful daughter London: Mommy loves you with every breath in my body. I do this for you and I hope to make you proud. Hopefully I can show you by example that if you believe it, you can achieve it! Dream BIG because fairy tales CAN come true. To my team back in Cincinnati: “It’s iCandi Baby” You guys were there from the beginning and look where we are now. The sky is the limit for us. I thank you for believing in me and iCandi. I can’t wait to see what creative ideas we come up with in 2011. To Trakkilla: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring iCandi to radio. You opened the door and I am forever grateful to you. iCandi After Dark is my 2010 Movement for iCandi and I definitely didn’t do it alone. I have some of the livest, mot dedicated, and just freaking AWESOME co-host ever. Al-nisa, Troy,

Much love to Indie by Choice for reaching out to us and the collaborative teamwork of showcasing independent artist.

DECEMBER 1, 2010

December Schedule 12-3-10 Child Support Breakdown (How much it truly costs to raise a child)

12-10-10 Poets & Singers Open Mic Night 12-17-10 Cougars vs Dirty Old Men 12-24-10 - Special Time TBA! Deck the Halls with iCandi

Another big bear hug to Stylez of Southern Stylez for jumping on board with iCandi and handling our graphic work! You’ve had my back for years and I truly appreciate you for your continued love & support.

12-31-10 - Special Time TBA!

Our Goal is to take iCandi After Dark up a notch and being that we have some of the most dedicated, livest, most opinionated, supporters in the WORD, we know that anything is possible.


To our supporters and listeners: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for riding along with me on the journey of making my dreams come true. You guys are what make this possible. I love you all and I can’t wait to bring in the new year with you all and take it to the next level. “It’s iCandi Baby” Deuces, ~MsiCandi~

New Beginnings

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 DECEMBER 1, 2010 The show is led by Ms. iCandi, the iCandi crew, and a rotation of guests and co-hosts....

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