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CANNELLONI This is a typical Italian dish. In my house,it is first dish. INGREDIENTS


1package of cannelloni pasta. A tin of tuna A glass of milk 50g of Flour A cup of tomato souce A pinch of salt.

A saucepan A large dish A pan An oven A cooker

PROCEDURE -Put water and salt to heat. -pour the panels of cannelloni slowly. -Boil for 10 minutes. -Make a souce with milk and flower in a pan. -Put the tuna and the cannelloni panels and roll them when finished. -Pour the tomato souce on the cannelloni when it is dry and serve.


CHOCOLATE ROCKS The chocolate rocks are typical of Estella. It is a dessert.

INGREDIENTS -1 packet of cereals -200g of chocolate -50g of butter

UTENCILS -a microwave -a jar -a tablespoon -a tray

Procedure: -Put the chocolate and butter in the jar. -Heat it in the microwave for 1minute. -Add 3cups of cereals and mix it. -Put balls of mixture on the tray. -Let it cool.



is a dessert .

Ingredients : one egg 3 tablespoons sugar . 3 tablespoons oil . 1 tablespoons milk one envelope baking powder . Utensils : a pan . Procedure : Mix the milk and flour in the bowl . Make a dough, form rings and fry.


MACARONI WITH VEGETABES AND TUNA INGREDIENTS -300g tuna -100g grated cheese -a bit of sweet basil -3 tomato -1 pepper -2 onions - a bit of oil -1courgette -a pinch of salt.

Procedure Peel the onion, wash the pepper and the courgette. Cut the vegetables. Fry the onion. Add a pepper, a courgette and a tomato. Cook the macaroni. Mix the macaroni with the vegetables.


SPANISH OMELETTE This is a second dish.

INGREDIENTS 2 potatoes 3 eggs 2 tablespoons oil

UNTENLSIS 2 pan On a low heat Spatula

PROCEDURE 1.-The first, take the eggs first. 2.-Break the eggs and beat them. 3.-Peel the potatoes and cut them. 4.-Them mix the potatoes and the eggs, add a pinch of salt. 5.-Take the pan and put the eggs and potatoes in another frying pan on the top to turn it over. 6.-Serve.


Potato omelette This is:2nd dish. It is Spanish. Ingredients 4 potatoes 3eggs ½ Onion. Untensils a fork a knife a pan a plate a cup Procedure 1 Peel the four potatoes. 2 Wash the potatoes. 3Chop the four potatoes and then fry the potatoes in the pan. 4Beat the eggs and put them in the pan. 5 turn it over. 6Put the potato omelette on the plate . 7Serve.

By:Sergio Lopez de Echazarreta.

Banana cake This is a dessert.

INGREDIENTS 2 cups flour 他 cups soft butter 2/3 cups sugar 3 mature mashed bananas 12g sparks of chocolate 1 envelope baking powder 10g vanilla A pinch of salt

UTENSILS An oven a mixer a mould.


Preheat the oven a 175 c(350) Mix the flour and the baking powder and salt. Mix the butter and sugar. Add the banana pure and the vanilla and the eggs. Mix it well. Add the dry ingredients slowly. Remove the mixer and add the chocolate shapes. Put the mixture in a mould. Bake it in the oven for 20 minutes.


Sandwich This sandwich is very good for dinner or snack. Ingredients 2 slices bologna sausage 2slices cheese 2slices bimbo bread

Utensils a knife a plate

Procedure Put 2 slices bimbo bread on a plate. Cut the bologna sausage. Put the bologna sausage between the slices of bimbo bread. Put cheese between the slices of bimbo bread.

BY: Denis

APPLE CAKE INGREDIENTS -5 reineta apples -3eggs -3 teaspoons of flour -6 teaspoons of sugar - a 200g pot of cream

UTENSILS -a blender -a knife -a oven a peeler

PROCEDURE -Peel 3 apples -Mix the 3 apples with the rest of the ingredients -Cut the other 2 apples and put them on the cream -Bake it´in the oven at 200cº


Our recipes  
Our recipes  

Some recipes pupils in the 6th level of Primary wrote and even cooked!