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New Vacuum Retail Store Bermuda Janitorial Supplies is Bermuda’s one-stop-shop for all commercial and residential cleaning supplies, products and equipment. Its ‘Vacuum World’ department stocks a complete line of commercial vacuums, together with full inventory

of vacuum parts in-house, and with an onsite maintenance department. It also stocks a complete line of microfiber cleaning cloths, environmentally friendly janitorial products and cleaning equipment. Visit the new retail store at, 21 Serpentine Road, where you’ll find plenty of parking onsite. It is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Stop by for a free demo, or telephone 295-9795

Congratulations Elementum (Bermuda) Ltd. and The Oil Group of Companies on your new offices. Specialists in high end carpentry and millwork Congratulations Diamonds International on your new retail space.

Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel

Office Finishes


Phone:(441) (441) 535-1962 296-2326 Phone: Cell: (441) 535-1962 Email: Email: Your Office 2020


$GGLQJ ´WQHVV WR EXVLQHVV Tenants of Cumberland House on Victoria Street now have access to a new fitness facility and showers, added in 2020. Cumberland House is a premier 9-story office tower currently occupied by some of the island’s premier businesses. It has a stunning marble lobby featuring a dramatic rotunda, modern amenities, two high-speed elevators and is in close proximity to plenty of parking. Cumberland House is the perfect office environment for any business looking to relocate.

BAC Group

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You take care e of the look. We’ll take care of the feel. Indoor comfort starts right here. HVAC, HV H VAC, plumbing, plumbi se erv rvices from the electrical and solar products and services BAC Group of Companies...get that feel good feeling. AIR CONDITIONING • PLUMBING • SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS INDOOR AIR QUALITY • ELECTRICAL SERVICES

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9 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke HM 05 T: 441-292-0881 F: 441-292-6887

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Sealy’s “Bed-in-a-Box” Mattresses are comfortable, supportive and designed to last for years and years. Compressed for easy delivery, these memory foam mattresses are available with or without innersprings, range from 8” to 12” thick and come with a machine washable cover. All sizes available starting at $399 at BATE’S, 7 Marsh Lane, Devonshire.

Water on the Go Pure Water is manufactured using reverse osmosis followed by distillation. Pure Water is tested daily in house, weekly by an approved laboratory and annually by a US laboratory. Pure Water offers home and office delivery and a ‘drive thru’ pick up service. It now offers 24-hour vending of Pure Water and Pure Ice at great prices. The vending machine is easy to use and accepts credit and debit cards. Bermuda Waterworks 299-7873, 2361288. or visit 4

On the move

Pro-tone Cleaning Services Ltd has moved. After 30 years of servicing Bermuda’s commercial and residential properties Pro-tone has moved its head office to a convenient and central location: 20 Dundonald Street across from Gosling’s wine store and next to the BIU gas station. There you will find expansive parking and a state of the art onsite carpet and upholstery cleaning. Stop by or call today to speak with one of its friendly and knowledgeable representatives to discuss how Pro-tone can help make your life more enjoyable by taking care of all your cleaning needs — both residentially and commercially where details matter. =SYV 4ǽGI


Appliances with personality Although CafĂŠ Appliances have been part of GE’s lineup since 2010, CafĂŠ is now its own brand considered to be “Distinct by Design.â€? The customisable Professional Collection offers finishes in stainless steel, white matte and black matte, with hardware options in brushed stainless steel, black, bronze and copper. The latest Modern Glass Collection introduces a mirror-like finish called platinum glass for a sleek and contemporary look. Available at Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda Ltd. and BATE’S.

2I´FH 5HQRYDWLRQV Does your ofďŹ ce need a facelift? Hasco Home and Hasco Construction and Design, supply and install your ofďŹ ce ďŹ t outs making the process seamless and stress free. Its experienced designer will create an inspiring and functional design for your team. Once the plan is complete Hasco takes care of the rest — ordering the supplies and coordinating the install. Tel: (441) 2382862. Email: lhassell@


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Why hire a janitorial cleaning service? B

usinesses hire janitorial cleaning services for various reasons. Maybe it’s the lack of time, limited resources, or the inability to ensure the job gets done. Regardless of the reason, outsourcing cleaning services has become an excellent investment for many businesses. If you are thinking of hiring a janitorial cleaning service, here are some of the benefits you will want to consider:

and diseases everywhere from one person to another. It increases employee absenteeism. Hiring a janitorial company will ensure thorough and routine cleaning and disinfecting in your office.

Green Cleaning Approach Several businesses are nowadays inclined toward a more environmentally friendly arrangement. A professional janitorial cleaning service will employ safer “green cleaning” products to prevent toxins from

Reduced Employee $EVHQWHHLVP Poorly cleaned office spaces pose a potential risk of transmitting germs

lingering in the air.

Freed-Up Productive Work Time If office cleaning is assigned to employees, the time consumed in doing so can take away many productive hours from their work schedules. Contracting out janitorial work provides you and your team peace of mind.

Customised Cleaning Programs Every office has diverse cleaning needs, and so by employing a janitorial service, you can ensure that you access office cleaning services to suit

Green Cleaning for a Sustainable Future Whether for commercial space or home, Bermuda Cleaning Ltd. (BCL), voted Bermuda’s Best Cleaning Company 2019, is your one-stop call for environmentally friendly cleaning and janitorial supplies


hether for commercial space or home, Bermuda Cleaning Ltd (BCL), voted Bermuda Best Cleaning Company 2019, is your one-stop call for environmentally friendly cleaning and janitorial supplies.

What is green cleaning? Green cleaning has many definitions, but its main goal is to use solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy.

How does green cleaning EHQH´W RXU HQYLURQPHQW" The green cleaning movement encourages people to live in a more environmentally friendly way. Going green has positive side effects for the environment, including cleaner water, cleaner air, preserving natural resources, and reducing the impact of global warming. Reducing chemical usage, cleaning with sustainable products, and saving plastic bottles for reuse are among the simple ways to protect our environment. These easy tactics can start right at home 6

or in your office.

Five easy steps to clean green


Declutter. Take a look around to see what bits and bobs you think are obsolete, reusable or able to pass along to a friend. Plastic containers, bottles, clothes, equipment, and other knickknacks can always be helpful to others.


The Basics. Environmentally friendly products, microfiber cloths, mops, dusters, and Hepa-filtered vacuums are all basic tools to help kick-start your green cleaning movement. Remember, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying commercial green equipment or products. These are our personal preferences because there’s no mixing or measuring, and they do a great job with less “elbow grease.” However, there are also multiple household remedies that work safely.


Green Cleaning Products Lemon juice: disinfects and easily degreases White vinegar: loosens dirt and disinfects

Castile soap: foaming all-purpose cleaner Olive oil: great for polishing wood and ridding surface dirt Baking soda: effective scrubber reacts with vinegar and lemon Washing soda: effective stain remover and the perfect laundry supplement


Bottle Bank. Reuse your plastic bottles whenever possible. This isn’t just for cleaning; reuse all those take-out containers and plastic shopping bags.


Call the professionals. Bermuda Cleaning Ltd specialises in all levels of commercial and residential cleaning. It has a wide range of expertise and thrives on building its environmentally friendly ethos. Its trained team can answer questions or meet for a free site visit and consultation. And its retail store, Bermuda Janitorial Supplies Ltd, stocks a wide variety of green cleaning products, equipment, and supplies. Tel: 295-1378; www.bermudacleaning. bm; 21 Serpentine Road, Pembroke. =SYV 4ǽGI






m Vacuu d l Wor ! Commerc ial Steam Mops





Most Comprehensive Cleaning Commercial cleaners own the right tools and techniques to eliminate dust and grime from the most inaccessible areas, e.g., air vents. Janitorial companies can also provide the best and fastest cleaning experience through the most advanced equipment available to perform the job.

A Welcoming Professional Environment A workplace that has been efficiently cleaned appears notably different and provides an excellent first impression to one that has not. It means that your potential clients or visitors will have a

16 Market Lane, Pembroke HM07 Office: 236-4051 Mobile: (Allen / General Manager) 333-4050 Mobile: ( John Ferreira / Chief Executive Officer) 338-1958


pleasant experience at your office, which will positively impact your business, too.

your requirements. Professional janitorial services offer an array of services that are customised according to your needs.

Long-Term Cost Savings A heavily stained and damaged carpet with extremely deepseated dirt becomes worse with poor cleaning methods. Professional janitorial services offer superior cleaning that can help fix the issue and avoid expensive carpet replacement, providing you with significant long-term savings. A professional janitorial service is a great way to get your office in order. By alleviating the hassle of ensuring your facility is cleaned and put into the hands of trained professionals, you will be able to increase productivity and maintain a friendly work environment while also ensuring your office cleaning needs are met.; Tel: 2364051; Email:

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Meeting Demand for Downsizing Subdivisions Prove a Sell-Out for Washington Properties


hen you have a waiting list of potential tenants you know you’re doing something right. For the last three years, Washington Properties has been subdividing the various floors of 22 Church Street, Phase 2 of the Washington Mall, and the latest to be completed – and already fully let – is the third floor. “We look at the requests that we have for office space and build them to suit the needs of tenants on our waiting list. Other potential tenants we learn about from talking to real estate agents, who tell us what they are looking for,” explains Paul Slaughter, General Manager of Washington Properties (Bermuda) Limited. It seems there are two trends driving the demand for smaller office space. Firstly, Slaughter says “a lot of companies are downsizing and outsourcing. These days an international company only has people in Bermuda who need to be here,” =SYV 4ǽGI

and secondly, there is increased demand from small, local business. For example, new tenants on the third floor include a number of small health and wellness related companies such as a psychologist, a yoga and Pilates instructor and an organic spa company, as well as a web design and marketing company. What was a large 7,000 square foot office with a single tenant is now 7 offices ranging from 250 square feet up to 2,500 square feet. The largest, end of corridor office, has huge windows overlooking City Hall, with views as far as Government House, and despite being

above Church Street, is very quiet. “Tenants want space that’s ready to move into,” continues Slaughter. “They don’t want to do the design or construction work.” The separation between tenant spaces is double walled and the offices all have acoustic ceiling tiles. There are new, modern and accessible bathrooms and a separate shower room on every floor and Slaughter says the building owners are investing heavily in new technology and energy efficiency for the property. “We recently replaced the old chiller




! ' #$$"'& & #& #%+*)*('/&%$#"$ 543210/.-22,/ ! ,0/.-22,/ + )'*+/&%$#"$ ' &"%' %%! .2 ," /.-22,/ + )'*+/&%$#"$ 20 CHURCH STREET 20 CHURCH STREET

& %'& & #& #%'$ '! $' #$$"

. ,&"/.-22,/ +)*' /&%$#"$ '& ' ' &"%' %%! ' ! ,0/.-22,/ )+ */&%$#"$ .2 ," /.-22,/ STREET ) /&%$#"$ 22 CHURCH

& %'& & #& #%'$ '! $' 22 CHURCH STREET#$$"

'& ' ' &"%' %%! ' .2 ," /.-22,/ +) ''/&%$#"$ 7 REID STREET

' #$$"'& & #& #%' . ,&"/.-22,/ ) /&%$#"$ 543210/.-22,/ ' &"%' %%! ) */&%$#"$ ! ,0/.-22,/ /&%$#"$ 9 REID STREET

& %'& & #& #%'$ '! $' #$$"

543210/.-22,/ ) /&%$#"$ '!$' ' &"%' %%! ' ! ,0/.-22,/ ') /&%$#"$ .2 ," /.-22,/ ) /&%$#"$ THE BEST BUSINESS ADDRESS IN THE HEART OF HAMILTON / 41/.-22,/ - 1&/ " / 12, 3/ 4 & / " 21&/#2,/& 0 & 21&/2,/32 1 " 21/ - -4 / 04 -- /-23 "40/#2,/ --/32 "4,& /. -- /32 " -4/ " /- "4&"/"43 12-2 / 23 " 21/& 2,"40/ " / 4&" , 1"&/ / 4" -/&4, 34& / 213 4, 4/04&

21" 3" /52 4/., 13 & $"' "! %"' $" &! $ ' #%& %' &##' - /&#, 13 & ,4 2& ,$32

/ 410 & / 2 0

$ & "$ $ & !$ "$ %"! % ' !4- //+ **+ + + 4, 0


plant for the air-conditioning and we now use a state of the art VRV, (Variable Refrigerant Volume) which allows greater flexibility for tenants operating their own hours and comfort levels. It has also significantly reduced our electricity consumption.� Each office area now has its own, individual thermostat. He adds that Washington Properties has also installed solar panels on one of the roofs and LED lighting and occupancy sensors in all the common areas. “From an energy management perspective, we have a central management software to control operating hours of air conditioning and common area lighting.� Separately, he says, the use of WiFi has reduced the costs of fitting out a new office, with no expensive cabling required, and has the added advantage of allowing more flexibility within the office space. Tenants also benefit from an out of hours card access system and an on-site maintenance team. The higher number of smaller tenants has created more management and administrative work, admits Slaughter but, he says they’ve managed to absorb the workload themselves and emphasises that “it’s a formula that works. As we complete a floor it gets rented quickly. We’re seeing an improvement in occupancy and rental returns.�

Key Contractors • AIRCARE • Commercial Office Environments (COE) • Eminence Tile & Stone • Furniture Flair • H&H Plumbing & Mechanical • Joshua Bate Trading • P&M Electrical =SYV 4ǽGI





he new Diamonds International is unlike any other jewellery store in Bermuda. Where else can you go shopping for diamonds, jewellery and watches, in a retail space that has a


playroom for the kids, sports on the TV, a bar, and a spectacular private VIP room? Located in Dockyard, Diamonds International recently expanded into an area previously used by Team

Oracle during the America’s Cup. Keen Ltd. was selected to create the enlarged, showpiece jewellery store. Kevin Medeiros, project manager at Keen, says, “The new part of the store was formerly a rugged industrial space



that we have completely transformed. Now it’s an ultramodern store, while retaining many of the historic aspects of the Dockyard building, such as the exposed wood-beam ceilings.” To accomplish that look, Mr. Medeiros says, “We had to create all the interior walls and all the finishes.” In the VIP lounge, special fur-lined wallpaper was used; it’s also one of the only rooms that does not have the exposed beams. Mr. Medeiros says one of the significant challenges of this project was, “There were things we were limited in doing structurally because the building is 12

so old. We could not touch the exterior walls at all because it is a protected building.” Keen has a good working relationship with Diamonds International, as they partnered when creating the original store. When Diamonds International wished to expand, Keen was tasked with joining the two spaces seamlessly together. Mr. Medeiros says the expanded store means double the floor space to showcase the jewellery. “The most satisfying part of the project was completion,” Mr Medeiros says. “We did a very good job. The whole team – the

Diamond International staff and us – went above and beyond to make sure it was open for cruise ship season in 2019.” Oren Shrem, general manager of Diamonds International, says one of his primary goals in doing the renovations was “to keep the ceiling exposed. The wooden beams of the old building are magnificent. I also wanted areas where the (limestone block) walls were exposed as well. It was a vision of trying to keep the old but add the new.” The inside walls are mostly white to help give a clean look to the jewellery, except for the section that showcases Diamond International’s own signature =SYV 4ǽGI


Crown of Light collection. That area is designed using the brand colours of purple and gold. The entire showroom floor has creamcoloured tiles. Mr. Shrem says, “Commercially, we wanted to create a one-stop shop for jewellery.” Included in that is a kid’s room with a brightly coloured floor, a wall that can be painted on, a jungle theme with monkeys and a lion, and a Sony PlayStation. “If you’ve ever tried shopping with a family, you know it’s nearly impossible, so we offer to entertain the kids,” explains Mr. Shrem. “We also have a =SYV 4ǽGI

VIP lounge and a bar. We wanted to provide customers with an experience that will make them say ‘Wow! What a place! What great service! We want to let customers feel they are important, no matter how much they spend – great or small – we just want them all to feel appreciated.” With sports on the TV and drinks available from the bar, men are encouraged to let their wives and partners browse the women’s jewellery cases at leisure. The bar has a modern design with a large-screen TV as a centerpeice of the glass liquor cabinet. Six orange stools wrap around the L-shaped glass, stainless-steel, and neon-light bar. The VIP lounge is spacious with an eye-catching crystal chandelier. There are several areas within the lounge where people can sit, have a cocktail, and decide on jewellery purchases. The walls are adorned with glass artwork. Mr. Shrem says people “Can sit and relax away from the crowd and enjoy a little more privacy.” “Overall, I am very happy with how it looks,” adds Mr. Shrem. “It is probably one

of the best-looking stores in the company and in Bermuda. In fact, you won’t find many jewellery stores as large and attractive as this anywhere in the world. I like the high ceilings and that we kept the wooden beams. I like the functionality of the bar and the kids’ room. It also provides the right amount of space to display our extensive range of jewellery.”

Is a provider for over twenty years, of professional inside and outside wall painting, roof painting, wallpaper installation, property management, and termite prevention and extermination, to residential and commercial properties. Tel: (441) 335-2513

Key Contractors • BAC • E&B Wallpaper • Eminence Tile & Stone • H&H Plumbing & Mechanical • Keen Ltd • Ocean Interiors Ltd 13





Bermuda Security Group creates modern facility in a tranquil setting


hen you are in the business of keeping people safe, possessions protected and property secure, there is no better way to demonstrate your expertise than in how you take care of your own staff and the pride you have in your own


office building. When Herman Tucker, President and Chairman of Bermuda Security Group (BSG), started working on the designs for 1 Woodbourne Avenue – the former nursery school property he bought back in 2012 – he turned down

the multi-level building options: “I asked them to design something that closer resembled a house, but able to accommodate a business,” he says. “We maintained as much green space as possible. We have young fruit trees and a little area where staff can relax.


Windows Cyber Security Monitoring and Threat ĞƚĞĐƟŽŶ ĨŽƌ ^ŵĂůů ƵƐŝŶĞƐƐ

KE͛d 'h ^^ ǀĞŶ ǁŚŝůĞ ĂǁĂLJ͕ LJŽƵƌ ĐŽŵƉƵƚĞƌ ŝƐ ƐƟůů ĐŽŵŵƵŶŝĐĂƟŶŐ ǁŝƚŚ ƚŚĞ ŝŶƚĞƌŶĞƚ. ttt͘ >/Z^ ͘ KD

CyberSecurity ŚƩƉƐ͗ͬ​ͬĐLJďĞƌŚƵŶƚĞƌ͘ƐŽůƵƟŽŶƐ dĞů͗ ϭ ϴϯϯ ϮϵϮ ϰϴϲϴ

Secure through any outage. Thank you Bermuda Security Group for trusting us with all of your generator needs. Congratulations on the completion of your new building.


tel: 441.293.0984 | cel: 441.505.0500 |


The instruction was design something traditional, Bermudian.” The attractive light blue ‘home-style’ office that sits on three quarters of an acre, is just that, but with some differences because it doubles up as a demonstration of the security services and systems BSG can provide. There are subtle state of the art CCTV cameras around the entire building, solar lighting that comes on automatically at night, a two-story former garage at the back which houses the technicians, ‘hidden’ fire extinguishers and a huge generator with built-in silencer equipment, which supports BSG’s 24/7


operations in the event of a power cut. “We have central monitoring equipment that monitors peoples alarms, so if we lose power, we need to keep things working,” explains Richard Pitcher, Vice President, Projects and Business Development. BSG also provides ‘Life Safety’, which is a medical alert system, making it particularly important to have 24/7 power under all circumstances. “When you come in you want to see, feel and touch the security measures we put in place,” continues Tucker. “The front gate is electronically controlled; we have 12 cameras on the exterior of

the building. In our old office we had safety features, but we have been able to incorporate newer technology into our new building.” While there is a sales office inside, which also displays a variety of security systems the company has available, you can also buy what you see being used on a day-to-day basis. Many of the internal doors for example have access control, but it has been built into the door. “Each one of these doors has a different type of access control, done purposefully to show off the new types of hardware” explains Sherry Weitz, Senior Interior Designer at Entasis Architecture. “All the doors are egress free so anyone can get out without having to press a button, but you can’t get in. To get in, you need, for example a key fob.” By using this system, you avoid having to have a box installed next to the door and you don’t need hardware to get out of an office. “It’s very sleek and the client saves money on infrastructure because it’s wireless,” she adds. The LAN (local-area network) room also houses the same fire suppression system BSG offers its clients, which emits foam instead of water to preserve the room’s contents. 17


Tucker made the decision to go ahead with the renovation in 2017 and the project took 18 months from start to finish. “We made a conscious decision to invest in the company, our people, and Bermuda,” he says. The company move also happened to coincide with BSG’s 50th anniversary. Prior to the move, the company was based at 42 King Street, across from the Salvation Army. “It was a very old building,” continues Tucker. “Space was an issue and the condition of the building was an issue. Although there’s a lot of empty office space in this city, not a lot has adequate parking for our needs. We operate about 30 commercial vehicles.


“This was one of the attractions with the property. Space to create enough parking for employees, clients and all our commercial vehicles.” All the company’s employees are able to park for free. Like the outside of the building, the inside is modern, but also full of traditional features. There is state of the art technology and sleek, new furniture and fittings, but the first thing you see when you walk in, is an enormous oldfashioned safe. It sits next to the reception desk for decorative purposes only but in a world of increasingly subtle security systems, it is an effective reminder of the company’s purpose. Some of the walls are also decorated

with historic, black and white photographs of Bermuda, which are from Tucker’s own collection and are, he says, “meaningful pieces that reflect my interests.” The interior fit-out was overseen by Weitz who explains that she wanted to give BSG “something new, but timeless. The company was going from an old, cramped facility to a great new space.” “It was important to create a clean office space so it looks very slick to the eye,” adds Pitcher. “We want staff to feel energised. We wanted great working areas that were durable, appealing and comfortable.” To accommodate these needs, Weitz says she made the multi-purpose areas such the staff kitchen area livelier and less business like to create a “sense of community as opposed to going into somebody’s private office. That’s my favourite space. It’s just fun. It’s a little bit more whimsical. It has colour.” However, in areas such as the conference room, she made sure there were no distracting colours, instead using a palate that inspires calm. BSG has a “no desk eating policy” Weitz continues, which meant the communal areas both inside and out needed to reflect that. There is therefore a large seating area in the kitchen and new =SYV 4ǽGI

SUPERIOR INTERIORS has spots where you can sit and re-energise and enjoy this wonderful place.� “The surrounds are my favourite aspect of the whole property,� adds Tucker. “I saw a bluebird out there the other day so I want to add bluebird boxes. We have lemon, mulberry, peach, soursop and breadfruit trees. We planted some more cedar trees. You can never have enough trees and plants.�

Key Contractors

benches throughout the grounds should people want to eat outside. While there are a number of different rooms and working areas throughout the building, many of which house the various different functions of the business, Weitz ensured a light and open feeling throughout. Many large windows let in the natural light and light colours have been used for the floors and walls, as well as glass for some of the private offices. A “multipurpose room� has been

incorporated for both training and social purposes. Separately and slightly hidden away is a large, secure, high-density filing area and another large and secure room which houses all the inventory. The outdoor, communal and social aspects of the building were a priority, because it is these that really set it apart from more traditional offices. “As a group, staff can sit down and break bread together. It allows people to connect,� says Pitcher of the communal spaces. “The outside space

• Bermuda Security Group • Brunel Ltd • Commercial Office Environments (COE) • Decisions Ltd • Diesel Generators • Eminence Tile & Stone • Entasis Architecture and Interiors • First Class Electrics • Furniture Flair • Greenway Landscaping & Maintenance • Smith Technologies Ltd

%$#& #( ( %"(& (% ( % "( & $( &"'($''! (%"(


Bermuda Security Group We’re proud to be selected as your Communications provider. "''$ & ( &$! & $ (

& $#'$&$ '( #!( &"'( "% !(#%( & '( '!(# '( !% '( & (#"'' (&#( '( % '!%$( %#'

Better Decisions, Better Business DECISIONS LTD.







5HIUHVKLQJ 5 and Renovati



pen-plan offices have many wellknown benefits including light, space and the ability to be social. Being able to have a private telephone conversation, however, is not one of these


benefits. In the newly renovated offices of OIL & OCIL therefore, there are now two sound-proof ‘phone booths’, with charging and USB ports, made using around 1,000 recycled plastic

bottles, and this is just one of the many creative features in the company’s newly renovated 19,000 square foot office space on Bermudiana Road. OIL & OCIL moved into what =SYV 4ǽGI


H´W ion

had been XL’s offices 10 years ago and on renewing their lease decided it was time to make the space their own. “They wanted a full refresh,” says Darcy Robertson, Design Director of Commercial Interiors Group (CIG) who =SYV 4ǽGI

worked with Gail Miller, Vice President of HR & Administration on the project. “When they moved into this space, it was basically what XL vacated – the work stations, carpet, lighting, paint colours,” explains Robertson who also said that the

previous finishes, furnishings and layout had all been quite dark, and when you arrived into the office from the elevator, you were greeted by a lobby wall with glass doors. “The brief was to open up the space and 21


gain footprint because of expanding staff,” adds Miller. “We wanted to maximise our footprint and open the space without compromising the look and feel of a professional office. We wanted to the new space to be light, bright along with improved flow.” “The reception area was in a very dark location,” Robertson continues. “We completely opened up the whole reception space. We took out walls, inserted a glass wall and created a work café beyond.” Now when you step off the elevator visitors are greeted by a light and bright reception area with seating and wide corridors which 22

lead you to the boardroom and other large meeting rooms, via a beverage area where you can help yourself to coffee, tea and cold drinks. This new layout also separates the main meeting rooms from the staff areas, creating more privacy and security for the latter. Dual-purpose and collaboration spaces are an important part of the new interior design and nowhere is this better displayed than in the new work café, which houses not just a large, modern state-of-the-art office kitchen, but also banquette pods, one of the

aforementioned phone booths and barstyle seating. It has all been specifically designed so it can be used not just over lunchtime, but also to have a coffee away from your desk or for casual meetings. Separately, what looks like a glass wall separating the café from the reception area, are actually pivot doors so the space can open out for social occasions and improved flow. When closed however, the private client area on the other side still benefits from the light. “We wanted an expanded but functional staff café,” continues Miller. “We are a social group, and the upgraded staff café allows us to have informal meetings and functions in this space now.” With dual purpose in mind, Robertson also added bench seating along the length of the window side of the long boardroom, which now provides comfort for those who need to sit in on board meetings, and extra seating space for large staff meetings. Oblong light fixtures on the walls of this room not only provide extra light, but the shape matches those of the table, carpet and light border around the carpet for added aesthetic interest and a large Sheilagh Head painting of Hamilton Harbour decorates one end, complemented at the other end by three Dean Walker charcoal pieces. These are just a few of a number of impressive =SYV 4ǽGI

SUPERIOR INTERIORS finishes, everyone thought they were new. When we’re doing projects we try to reuse as much as possible and still give it a new fresh look.� As another sustainable measure, all the lighting on the floor is now LED. Miller says that staff particularly like the openness of the new office space. “You can see from one end of the floor to another,� she says. “Everybody loves it. It’s significantly lighter and brighter. And last but not least, we completed the project under budget and on time!�

Key Contractors • Abbott Decorating Contractors Bermudian artworks that decorate the office space and have been in OIL’s collection for a number of years. Creating generally lighter and brighter spaces was a priority for Robertson and Miller and this has been achieved in a variety of different ways. The work panels separating staff workstations were lowered and lightened to make the most of the natural light coming in from the huge windows and some interior walls were removed to allow for enlarged open plan work areas. The rice paper glass on the private offices was replaced with clear glass that now only have little vision strips. This allows full natural light beyond the office into the open work areas beyond, explains Robertson, the vision strips are a safety measure so you don’t walk into them. “As long as you have acoustic privacy, you don’t necessarily need visual privacy,â€? he says. The carpet was also refreshed and light, bright colours have been used on the walls and for chair fabrics. Most of the wood trim and framing throughout the office has been removed or painted over and all the filing cabinets were relocated to an off-site space. Ms. Miller says her favourite aspect of the new dĂŠcor is the colour palette because not only does it work well with the existing artwork, but the blues and turquoise they have used make it feel “like you’re bringing the outside, in.â€? Robertson explains that sustainability, particularly reusing and recycling, played a big part in the renovation. Wherever possible, he used existing pieces, from replacing fabrics and trim instead of =SYV 4Ç˝GI

buying completely new furniture to using the “carcass� of the old kitchen. “Even in the kitchen we changed the fronts out to give it a new look because two thirds of the cost is hidden behind the door, so why rip it out? We had to do some rejigging, but everything’s possible with the right contractors.� “The work surfaces and stations are the same, but because we changed all the

• BAC • BUE • Commercial Interiors Group • Furniture Flair • Innovative Office Interiors • Ocean Interiors Ltd • Windward Supplies Ltd

! ! !!! ! !



A culture of openness )ĬåĵåĹƋƚĵ ĵŅƴåŸ ƋŅ ±ÏÏŅĵĵŅÚ±Ƌå ĜƋŸ åƻŞ±ĹŸĜŅĹ ±ĹÚ čųŅƵƋĘ


lementum (Bermuda) Ltd. has grown so fast, it has moved within Hamilton twice in the past nine years to accommodate its expansion. Elementum is an alternative investment subadvisor that focuses on collateralised reinsurance investments as part of Elementum Advisors LLC’s


broader ILS investment management business. Its most recent move was into the penthouse of Cumberland House. Stephanie Bedell, senior interior designer for Commercial Interiors Group, says the entire floor required a full renovation to suit the needs of Elementum. “The floor was previously

closed in. Openness was a key point because the staff felt somewhat confined in their last space.” Having worked with Elementum before, Ms. Bedell says, “They knew what they wanted, so shopping for space was our biggest challenge. It took some time to look at all the various options in Hamilton in order to find a space






*( ,&$'!&$)*(% !+"+($'"- +,"' & - $ *(- *',-(+ -*##) +% &( - *'-#*,- **%)( -'%-&%- *', ,+#+,,+ -#',()$',+-%' !)+,

((* &$) +- ##) +- ($+,)*,% +!- -- - -*,- -- "&)! -"&, )*) " 26

that would achieve the client’s needs. When we reviewed this 10,000-sq.-ft space in Cumberland House, we thought it would give us the blank slate we needed, but it first needed to be completely gutted.� Ms. Bedell says the landlords at Cumberland House worked with Elementum to update the facilities, such as upgrading the HVAC system as well as making other improvements. “It was an undertaking for the building owners as well, but there is a good fit between landlord and tenant,� Ms. Bedell adds. “There were some challenges – there always is, of course. Ideally, we had hoped to have a higher ceiling; however, once we removed all the existing fixtures and fittings to concrete floor and slab, we were able to tweak a few ceiling details, allowing the new open design; with

curved bulkheads and glass, we were able to emphasise the openness of the space without the ceiling height being an issue. “When stepping off the elevator into Elementum’s new home, guests see the reception area through glass doors. They get a visually appealing simple, clean view of the area inviting them into the space. “The use of blue tones throughout the space, taken from Elementum’s corporate colour palette, are married with warm walnut custom millwork contrasted with the use of the Interface LVT wood plank floor, and the use of reclaimed Chicago brick on a curved feature wall provides a warm homey feeling to this office space. “Each workstation is an electronic sit-stand desk, providing ergonomics that gives staff the choice to sit =SYV 4Ç˝GI


or stand while working and the option to change posture throughout the workday. The use of a higher privacypartition provides privacy as well as helps with acoustics. Each work station also has personal storage units for personal items,” Ms. Bedell says. There is a small and a large boardroom, both bathed in natural light with large windows allowing picturesque views of Hamilton as well as the harbor. These meeting rooms have lightly frosted glass to allow light from the outside through to the rest of the office and also gives a measure of privacy to those in meetings. The main boardroom features two double TVs, which can be watched comfortably no matter where you sit. A large walnut boardroom table gives a welcoming, comfortable warmth to the room. Whiteboards are mounted on the walls to allow for sharing of big ideas. The kitchen picks up the company colour palette with the glass tile backsplash set against the quartz countertop and white cabinets. =SYV 4ǽGI

A new shower room was installed with a large glass walk-in shower, neutral porcelain tile resembling natural marble, and a wall-hung dark wood vanity with white quartz countertops. This was a facility the staff requested. They also have access to the newly created gym at Cumberland House. A wellness room has a large comfortable chair with a linear blue pattern, plus there is a small kitchenette where staff can take personal calls or when they require privacy. The use of

deep blue wall covering, white cabinets, quartz counter tops, and glass backsplash make this area a calm, quiet area to escape and recharge. Private offices ring the outside of the floor space, each office benefiting from maximum natural light. Paul Barker, principal and portfolio manager at Elementum, enthused, “We are very excited about the new space and looking forward to having room to grow along with our great landlord partners Park Properties Limited and City Centre Properties.” His colleague Nick Jagoda adds, “Our design firm Commercial Interiors Group, our general contractor, Ocean Interiors, and all of the suppliers and contractors that have worked with us on this project have made the process as easy as can be expected, and we are very happy with the results.” Mark Orchard, speaking on behalf of the owners of Cumberland House, says, “We are excited to welcome Elementum to our roster of tenants. Cumberland House continues to attract and retain a strong mix of business clients with its reasonable rental rates, superior management services, and world-class amenities, including a new fitness center, which is for the exclusive use of our building tenants.”

Key Contractors • • • • • • • • •

AIRCARE Anderlin Industries City Centre Properties Commercial Interiors Group Innovative Office Interiors Ocean Interiors Ltd Windward Supplies Ltd Sea-M Electrics Sound Decision Ltd


CONTACT: 295 2323 EMAIL:





development The former Bermuda Forwarders building undergoes a remarkable transformation


ichael and Lisa Richold have transformed Ashley House into a modern retail and commercial space housing a wide range of businesses.

Initially, it was their intention to take the old Bermuda Forwarders building and create rental storage units. However, as work began, the opportunity presented itself to go in a different direction. This meant a lot more time and work would be needed, but the end result has been worth it. Ashley House, which is named after Michael and Lisa’s daughter, required a redesign of the front entrance to make it appealing to not only the tenants but also their potential customers. A mahogany door with PVC windows and mahogany trim, along with an attractively furnished lobby, were added. There are two businesses on the ground floor, a busy shipping company, BWS/ BOSS Ltd, and the custom framing specialists, Frameworks Ltd., recently relocated here from its former Paget location. An elegant mahogany and wrought-iron staircase leads upstairs to an interior design showroom, Sash and Trim, on the first floor and then to Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd, a holistic wellness center on the second floor. Behind the concrete front entrance of Ashley House is a large galvanized steel building, which was a complete rebuild in the renovation. The area on the south side is largely occupied by BWS/BOSS Ltd, where it has its bonded warehouse and a custom-built loading platform where

EFFICIENCY meets INNOVATION Proud to have provided HVAC Services for Ashley House. For more information call 293-4887 or visit 28

Air Conditioning and Engineering Services for Residential and Commercial Spaces.

up to four containers can be unloaded at once. BDA Express packages that have yet to be cleared by customs are held in this area, which is accessed by a staircase to a mezzanine level. Steel joists and galvanized steel were used to create this space; skylights were installed for brightness and energy efficiency. On the north side of the steel building, Marine Locker Ltd has its fully equipped =SYV 4ǽGI

SUPERIOR INTERIORS Key Contractors • • • • • • • • • •

Benevides & Associates Architects Efficiency Limited ESC Limited H&H Plumbing & Mechanical HASCO Home Island Electrical Maintenance Kam Restoration/Cleaning Solutions Richold Construction Co Ltd Signworx Souza Carpets & Flooring

provides metal and welding needs. Ashley House has all new electrical, air-conditioning, and plumbing installed throughout as well as all new vinyl windows and steel doors. Each business area has new kitchenettes fitted with new appliances. New bathroom facilities were built throughout, including an exterior bathroom for those working in the yard.

retail store where one can find anything from rain jackets, boat supplies, and even ATVs such as the Can-am Defender. A mezzanine was installed above the Marine Locker showroom. This area houses Ashley Storage, a storage rental space. This mezzanine is separate from the other businesses in the building =SYV 4ǽGI

and has its own entrance and freight elevator located at the west end of the steel building. Another part of Ashley Storage is located in the southwest corner of the property, with 40-foot containers, equipped with lights, providing storage rentals. This area also houses Iron Works, a business that

New vinyl flooring was installed in all the office areas, including the lobby. New concrete floors were poured, polished, and sealed in all the warehouse and storage areas. A security system, along with cameras, is installed throughout the property, and each business has key card access to their areas as well as to the two electric entrance and exit gates located at each end of the property.


Dream home


From kitchens and bathrooms to entire home renovations, our designers can bring your vision to life. | 215 Middle Road, Southampton | 238-0198



Tempting Redesign Food lovers greet the re-opening of Port O Call


t’s always been one of the chicest bars and restaurants on Front Street with its interesting décor distinguishing it from its competitors. But, after a refit lasting several months, designed by Michael Emery, the principal of Entasis, and Sherry Weitz, Entasis’ senior interior designer, there has been a dramatic change from the old Port O Call aesthetic with the addition of strong clean lines, a simplified colour story, and the use of texture in seating and wall treatments. Use of full-height metal screens as 30

decorative partitions have allowed the natural light to filter into the space and enhance the visual interest. The choice of lighting is also on-trend and uses several different fixtures to create a division of space as well as to give some ceiling interest. It meant pretty much destroying everything that previously existed – gutting both floors and then rebuilding – and the result, as you walk into the bar area, is one of light and space, with new, higher tables and chairs, in greys and =SYV 4ǽGI




SUPERIOR INTERIORS reds, and a new lounge area at the rear with a fireplace. There is a flow from front to back, and it feels like breathing in lovely, cool, fresh air. The new, white, quartz bar countertop adds to that sense of freshness. Port O Call’s outdoor seating area is one of the best “people watching� places in Bermuda, and the addition of new furniture makes the prospect of enjoying a drink while watching passersby even more appealing. With a large crowd, Port O Call could formerly be noisy and a challenge to hear dinner and drinking companions speak, but new sound-proofing on the walls and

Key Contractors • • • • •

A-Z Fire Protection Ltd. All In One Services BMI Ltd Efficiency Limited Entasis Architecture and Interiors • KJ Installs • Souza Carpets & Flooring

KJ Installs specializes in electronic security installations such as access control, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm systems. Other services provided are computer & low voltage cabling, TV mounting and installation of Ring doorbell and similar systems.

ceilings have helped quash the noise levels. A large pivot door now separates the bar from the restaurant – a good addition that not only can keep noise from the bar seeping through to diners but which also provides a greater sense of privacy and intimacy. The door can be swung shut, leaving diners free of the gaze from bar customers. The restaurant has been fully

refurbished with the addition of new booth-like dining tables with a space at the rear sectioned off to allow for more intimate and private dining or small parties. Brand-new air-conditioning, energysaving LED lighting and improved WiFi has solidified Port O Call’s position at the vanguard of bars and restaurants in Bermuda.

EFFICIENCY meets INNOVATION Proud to have provided HVAC Services for Port-o-Call.

Air Conditioning and Engineering Services for Residential and Commercial Spaces.

For more information call 293-4887 or visit

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RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AIRCARE You want your commercial HVAC system to last. That’s why AIRCARE provides maintenance solutions to extend the life cycle of your equipment. Additionally, AIRCARE maintenance solutions have been proven to reduce energy and overall operating costs, while improving the indoor air quality of your building. AIRCARE offers proactive preventative maintenance solutions that are customised to fit your unique needs. To find out which maintenance solution is right for you, contact AIRCARE’s Maintenance Sales Consultant, Andrew Scott. At AIRCARE, excellence is everyday. Tel: 292-7342. Email:

Atlantic Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd. Atlantic Cleaning has chosen to specialise within the cleaning industry, by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Its objective is to be recognised as the company that provides the finest cleaning services in Bermuda. The company culture is based on a single basic principle, the Golden Rule - to treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. With more than 30 years of experience, it has been the ethic that underlies every interaction with its clients and employees. It is a way of life common to every Atlantic Cleaning employee, and will ensure its success in the future. As a locally owned business, it is committed to hiring and training Bermudians in the janitorial industry. Tel: 236-4051. Email:

BAC Group of Companies In the commercial world, you need to rely on experts who know how to get the job done right. Catering to projects of any size, the BAC Group is the largest mechanical contractor in Bermuda with over 50 years of experience in air conditioning, plumbing, energy management, indoor air quality, refrigeration, insulation, sound proofing, fire stopping, fire protection and electrical services. The BAC Group designs and installs state-of-the-art plumbing, airconditioning, solar energy systems with ion lithium battery storage solutions, and electrical generators. The Group has the most experienced service department on the Island, providing round-the-clock service. When you need professionals, =SYV 4ǽGI

enlist the help of BAC’s highly qualified team. Tel: 292-0881. Email:

BCM McAlpine BCM McAlpine is Bermuda’s most well-established construction firm, with its history dating back to 1926. It provides the full service from cost estimation and planning to delivering your project in the field. Its professional staff have great experience in new build and refurbishment work on commercial core and shell and fit-out, civil and large scale residential projects. Tel: 279-5900. Email:

Benevides and Associates Architects Founded in Bermuda in March,1993. The objective with the firm has always been to maintain a high standard of design through the use of traditional Bermudian elements, always trying to recapture and maintain the beauty of Bermuda’s past while incorporating the conveniences of the present. Tel: 292-0971. Email:

Bermuda Security Group Bermuda Security Group offers residential and commercial security systems, fire protection systems, monitoring systems, medic alert systems, intruder detection services, card access systems, video surveillance, guard services, investigations, cash management and more. With fifty years in business and a corporate footprint that extends from Bermuda to the Cayman Islands and beyond, it has unmatched depth of experience and resources. Whether you’re building from the ground up or planning a facility renovation, be sure to call its security specialists at the start of your project for state-of-the-art integration of security technology. Tel: 298-2231. Email:

Bermuda Waterworks Bermuda Waterworks is a leading provider of drinking water for the Island. The Utility Division provides pipe borne water from Devonshire through parts of Hamilton and as far west as the intersection of Somerset Road and East Shore Road. The Bottling Division manufactures distilled bottled water in convenient three and five gallon sizes under the Pure Water brand. Drop by and try its new vending machine that

dispenses water and ice. Contact Bermuda Waterworks to see how it can meet all of your water needs. Tel: 299-7873. Email: (bottled water) or (utility supply).

City Centre Properties City Centre Properties manages a distinctive portfolio of first-class office buildings in Hamilton. These assets include Cumberland House, Chevron House and Craig Appin House. Cumberland House is a prominent nine-story office building at One Victoria Street. Comprising 64,000 sq. ft, Cumberland has distinctive architectural features, which include a towering entry rotunda, a stunning pink marble lobby and views in all directions. All the bathrooms have been completely re-modelled with attractive marble surfaces, water-efficient toilets and sleek fixtures. In 2017 the building added a dedicated emergency generator that can run the building for 72 hours and a new fitness facility was added in 2020 which is available to all tenants. With dedicated on-site maintenance personnel, Cumberland remains one of Hamilton’s premier corporate addresses. Chevron House is located at the historically significant corner of Church and Wesley Streets. This 24,0000 sq. ft, five-story building enjoys a distinctive design that maximises the expansive views to the east, overlooking City Hall and the Anglican Cathedral. With a mix of international and local business clients, Chevron House is the ideal home for any new or established business. Strategically located across from City Hall car park, Craig Appin House has been the primary address for international and local businesses for 20 years. Comprising 52,600 sq. ft of gross area, the building has 7,000 sq. ft full-floor rental options allowing customised interior layout to satisfy individual operational needs. Like Cumberland House, Craig Appin has dedicated on-site maintenance staff. Available suites from 1,000 sq ft to 7,000sq ft. Contact Mark Orchard at City Centre Properties to arrange a private tour. Email:

Commercial Interiors Group Commercial Interiors Group (CIG) offers a range of interior design services embracing fresh thinking and innovative 35

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES technologies. From space assessment to design concept, to project management, to art acquisition, it helps you navigate the always demanding build-out process. CIG possesses an international design sensibility combined with a wealth of local experience. Design excellence is not an expensive option, it is fundamental to realising a space within the constraints of budget and schedule. Tel: 296-5884 Email:,

Decisions Ltd Decisions Ltd. has been providing ICT solutions to the local Bermudian business community for more than 30 years, and offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to fit every budget. Decisions Ltd. offers services in the design, installation, maintenance and ongoing support of ICT infrastructures such as: IT Network products and solutions (PC’s, servers, switches, firewalls), wireless solutions (residential and commercial), PBX (telephone) products and solutions, video conferencing solutions, and services, structured cabling solutions, (fiber, Cat6, Cat7, coax, etc), Point of Sale (POS) products and solutions; for retail and hospitality, Bermuda Customs software products (eCTD, BCD and eBCD), audio/visual (AV) products and solutions, and Smart Home Solutions. Decisions Ltd. is a partner for many ‘best of breed’ products such as; Oracle Hospitality, Oracle, Microsoft HPE, HP Inc., Barracuda, TrendMicro, Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Commscope, Milestone, Axis, Polycom, NEC, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Extron, Loxone, Joan and Mersive (Solstice). Tel: (441) 295-4533.

EB WALLPAPER & PAINTING EB WALLPAPER & PAINTING has been a provider for more than twenty years of professional inside and outside wall painting, roof painting, wallpaper installation, property management, and termite prevention and extermination, to residential and commercial properties. Owner Erskine Brangman takes great pride in all his work and always focuses on meeting his client’s high expectations of professional work, matched with great value for money. His years of experience has spanned projects as large as working on an apartment complex to as small as applying wallpaper to one wall. Either way, he treats all with the same level 36

of importance. Trust your property to the experts at EB WALLPAPER & PAINTING. Call (441) 335-2513. Email:

(I´FLHQF\ /LPLWHG Efficiency Limited is the exclusive supplier of Mitsubishi air conditioning products and systems in Bermuda. Its technical team are factory certified to provide sales, installation, preventative maintenance and service to all Mitsubishi systems. Additionally, it also offers inhouse HVAC design and consulting services, ensuring that projects meet local design, comfort and safety requirements. Its aim is to select the most efficient and most reliable air conditioning and ventilation systems, specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers. Mitsubishi has distributed the most efficient and reliable air conditioning systems in Bermuda since 1986. Its products have the reputation of standing up to Bermuda’s harsh environment. Efficiency Limited is committed to each of its customers, ensuring that client’s needs are carefully evaluated and that the correct systems are selected and designed to meet local and international design codes and standards ensuring, that customers operate from or live in buildings that operate efficiently while providing a comfortable, healthy and efficient indoor environment. Tel: 293-4887.

Eminence Tile & Stone Located in the fast developing Earl’s Lane Industrial Park, Eminence has a first class designer showroom with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Eminence brags an in-house installation team and excels in making the building and renovation process easy for all its customers. Tel: 297-6161.

Hasco Group of Companies The Bermudian-operated Hasco Group, consisting of Hasco Construction, Hasco Home & Hasco Imports is your one-stop shop. Whether you’re building your home, renovating an office or looking for new cabinetry or furniture – Hasco has you covered. With a concierge style design service, custom imports service and skilled tradesman Hasco can design, supply, build and install. No project is too big or small, contact Hasco today. Tel: (441) 238-2862. Email:

,QQRYDWLYH 2I´FH ,QWHULRUV Innovative Office Interiors (IOI) has been the authorised Haworth dealer since 2004. Mark Andrew, Managing Director, represented Haworth here for six years prior to that. IOI represents and installs Haworth, Krug, Groupe LaCasse, Keilhauer and Tandus-Centiva. These are just some of the carefully selected lines that provide systems furniture, case goods, boardroom tables and flooring for many IOI clients, such as: Clarien, Butterfield & Vallis, Digicel, Deloitte, Nautilus, EY, and the Bermuda Hospitals Board. IOI also supplies raised floor systems and unitised wall systems manufactured by Haworth, for a truly flexible workspace. With competitive prices, great service and years of experience, IOI offers you everything you need to create your new office. Telephone Mark Andrew: 296-5922. Email:

Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda Ltd. - BATE’S & BQS Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda Ltd. has been “Serving & Saving Bermuda Since 1992.” Developed as an import company, the company continues to source and supply almost anything required for residential and commercial projects. Providing excellent customer service has been its goal since it started, and its friendly staff continues to answer the phone, ready to assist. BATE’S first showroom opened in 2010, displaying in-stock appliances, and its selections and inventory levels continue to grow. It established the in-house service company BQS – Bate’s Quality Service, in 2014 and is continually seeking to educate and train self-motivated, young Bermudians who are interested in a technical career path. Visit to see all of the products in-stock, and discover its thousands of sources to supply hundreds of product lines to Bermuda, at the best pricing possible. Tel: 236-7866. Email:

KJ Installs KJ Installs specialises in electronic security installations such as access control, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm systems. Other services provided are computer and low voltage cabling, TV mounting and installation of Ring doorbell and similar systems. Tel: 336-4507. Email: =SYV 4ǽGI

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Ocean Interiors Ocean Interiors was formed in June 2012 by Michael Baker and Deverio Hassell. It specialises in high-end interior fit outs, skilled carpentry and construction. It also installs millwork, drywall and fit-out custom carpentry in homes, offices, hotels and other commercial properties. Along with its core services, Ocean Interiors offers project management to assist with the successful planning and completion of projects with minimal interruption. Ocean Interiors has successfully completed projects such as Fairmont Southampton Princess, The Hamilton Princess Hotel, Markel House, XL House, Bermuda Monetary Authority, Public Works Headquarters and Astwood Dickinson. As a premium interior contractor 80% of its clients are international business and its construction division is primarily residential. Ocean Interiors is proud of its reputation within the industry, built upon unmatched customer service, creativity, expertise and exceptional staff. Tel: 296-2326.

Pro-tone Cleaning Services Ltd. Pro-tone is a leading provider for all cleaning needs. With over 30 years of experience it has seen it all. Pro-tone’s unmatched customer service, expertise and exceptional staff are ready and waiting to assist with your commercial and residential needs. Whether you require building services management, commercial janitorial services, kitchen/ hotel/school cleaning, pressure washing or assistance with residential cleaning and much more, Pro-tone is your go-to service provider where fast, reliable and professional services are delivered. Tel: 292-1456. Email:

Sea-M Electric Ltd Sea-M Electric Ltd. was started 25 years ago and has serviced the electrical needs of its clients in all areas of the Island. It is a full service company that can assist with the design and build of all types of projects from new construction to renovations and minor repairs. It also has a service department that helps support its clients, including many commercial restaurants. Its building maintenance team can attend to all types of building issues quickly and efficiently. Most of its clients have been utilising the company for many years and it takes pride in making sure it does the best it can in assisting =SYV 4ǽGI

them with their electrical needs. Sea-M Electric Ltd. is licensed and insured and is a full member of the Bermuda Electrical Contractors Association (BECA), Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA- US). Tel: 535-2323. Email:

Smith Technologies Ltd. Businesses face many challenges throughout their existence. One of the most difficult issues companies face is keeping their IT environments technologically current and cost effective. Solving this dilemma is where Smith Technologies can help your company reach its goals, by taking care of your IT needs and allowing you to focus on your core business activities. It offers customised service plans, individualised for each client, which means it focuses on the needs of each individual business for an IT solution that fits their environment. Whether you are an existing Bermuda-based business, or an international company operating in Bermuda, Smith Technologies Ltd. can take care of your IT needs, saving you money and resources best spent elsewhere. Knowledgeable: Its technologists hold certifications in various technologies. This means Smith Technologies has the objective technical know-how, to cover a variety of computing environments and services that a company may utilise. Experienced. With over 40 cumulative years in IT services, it’s technologists have sufficient knowledge of a wide range of businesses and implementations to be able to recommend, design, service, and implement the right solution for your company. Responsive. It listens to its customers. It will design and implement solutions tailored to each client’s best interests. It knows that time is critical to any business today, and if an emergency requiring technical attention occurs, Smith Technologies will be there to solve the problem, or find the appropriate professional who can, so that your business is back and running the way it should. Tel: 292-1818. Email:

Souza Carpets & Flooring Founded by Dennis Souza in 1985, Souza’s is a family run business. Souza’s carries the largest selection of carpet, area

rugs, wood flooring and vinyl flooring from top manufacturers. Specialising in friendly professional service, commercial or residential. Tel: 292-3438.

The Bermuda Cleaning Group The Bermuda Cleaning Group is a dynamic leader of quality residential and commercial cleaning and supply services. The BCL Group is made up of Bermuda Cleaning Ltd and Bermuda Janitorial Supplies Ltd. When you need prompt, professional service, look no further than The Bermuda Cleaning Group. It is pleased to meet client needs with a diverse range of office and commercial cleaning services, including windows, floors, carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, power washing, floor sealing and waxing. It also offers drop-off service for area rug cleaning. Whatever brings you to the BCL Group, it looks forward to putting its service and expertise to work for you. Tel: 295-1378.

Washington Properties Washington Properties operates the Washington Mall, a large city centre complex of retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, and office space. The offices accommodate local and international businesses while the retail outlets have a variety of products of interest to locals and visitors. The complex is well maintained with on-site maintenance staff and a resident security officer. The physical plant is regularly upgraded. The air-conditioning is controlled by a central energy management system, with individual zone controls for tenant schedules and comfort. Cable TV and high-speed Internet access are also available. Contact Paul Slaughter. Tel: 295-4186. Email:

Windward Supplies Ltd. Windward Supplies has been providing Bermuda’s corporate and hospitality community with furnishings for more than 32 years. Its focus is on service and providing top of the line quality products. As the authorised dealer for Herman Miller, Geiger and InterfaceFLOR, Windward can provide a broad selection of systems furniture; freestanding desks, ergonomic seating, filing storage, lounge furniture, conference tables as well as carpet tile and luxury vinyl tiles. Tel: 236-7457. 37

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