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America’s Rising Star Seeks Public Office here in Texas

ristina ANDERS

Christina Sanders, candidate for Houston City Council, District D, has star power and growing community support from all pockets of Houston. As one of Americaís youngest progressive leaders at age 29, Christina has successful taken on, led and won many progressive policy battles on behalf of many who she will never know.

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or nearly 11 years, Sanders has been consistently on the frontlines as a community advocate and organizer. Her expertise in engaging and training young people to be active participants in the democratic and electoral process is what she does with such eloquence and grace. A proud twotime HBCU graduate, Sanders received her Bachelors of Political Science and Masters of

Public Administration in Public Policy from Texas Southern Universityís Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.

I don’t believe in Goliath. But, if there is a Goliath then just call me David, says Christina. As a young girl, Christina always knew she was interested in government and how her community could change for the better. She also quickly recognized that there was a gap between her interest in learning more about government and programs that could teach her about government and community leadership. To fill that gap, Christina steered the founding of the Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund, a state affiliate of

the League of Young Voters Education Fund, a nonpartisan organization which seeks to register, educate and turn out young voters around the country. ìAll of the leadership trainings and programs that were offered for young people were mostly on the East Coast or the West Coast. People want to know why we donít have young people in leadership or some type of pipeline and the reason is that they donít know how or where to start. Establishing the Texas League will not fill the gap but it will begin the process to get us over the gap and where we need to be as a communityî. Under Christinaís leadership as State Director, the Texas League has grown to be the largest field-based young civic engagement organization in Texas.

I don’t believe in Goliath. But, if there is a Goliath then just call me David, says Christina.


ffortlessly, Christina has built a proven track record of progressive policy wins in a way that many, even those who have worked in public policy for decades, have yet to achieve. Under her leadership, thousands of young Texans were organized to successfully join national partners to fight and defeat the proposed Texas Voter ID law. Her leadership and partnership helped to secure continued access to the ballot for hundreds of thousands of residents in Texas. The Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund is now involved in a Section 2 lawsuit working with the United Sates Attorney General as defendant-intervenors to protect the voting rights

of vulnerable communities, particularly young people. You just get it done! I don’t think we should ever forget the power we have as a people. We cant let money or games make us so afraid that we forget who we are and demand what we want. We deserve the best and only those who are willing to fight and have courage will receive that. Do what you have got to do ñ but, no matter what, get it done!î


hristina coauthored a manuscript entitled, ìFrom Block the Vote to Protect the Vote: Historically Black Student Voting Suppression and Disenfranchisement in Texasî published in Volume XIV of the Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy; making her one of the countryís youngest experts on student voter disenfranchisement. Christina’s passion for engaging young people in the American political systems is also evident in her service as an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Texas Southern University. Appointed at age 25, Christina was amongst the youngest political science professors teaching at a Texas public four-year university. To date, she has taught nearly a thousand young people about the workings of government and the importance of civic responsibility. I love my kids, Christina says about her students. ìThey call

me ëSocraTunechií. I remind them to ëstick to the script and memorize the linesí and that ëthere are no ceilingsíî. No matter what any critic says, America has done good! These kids are brilliant and they are ready. They love each other and they are not bothered about pettiness, about gender identity, race, status or any of those shallow things. They may not have the ìEnglishî words but, if you listen without judgment, you quickly see and hear how much they truly care about each other. Theyíre just trying to keep going and stay in the fight. And thatís a good thing! We need leadership that hears, understands and, without judgment, works to

reach, develop and lift that potential to the standard that is needed for us to get to the next level as a community. Or we are up the creek.î Christina has worked in the office of Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis as a District Aide and Policy Analyst. While there she worked alongside the stateís top clergy under the leadership of Dr. William A. Lawson of the William A. Lawson Center for Peace and Prosperity as the project lead for the successful creation of the first-ever Public Defender Office in Harris County. In an astonishingly short six months, Sanders led the organizing of clergy, elected

officials and community groups to the establishment of a Public Defender for Harris County citizens. Sandersí success in public policy is diverse as she served as the public policy coordinator for Houston Communities for Safe Indoor Air (HCSIA), where she successfully worked on smoke-free policy change in many Texas cities. She also served in Washington, D.C. as the National Coordinator of Black Youth Vote!, a program of the National coalition on Black Civic Participation. In 2012, Christina was nominated as one of the top organizers in America by the

New Organizing Institute and is an alumnus of the Front Line Leaders Academy, a program of People for the American Way. She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Incorporated and the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Lawyersí Committee of Civil Rights Under the Law ìYoung Champion of Justice Awardî and the Spirit of Democracy Award as recognition of courage and outstanding work in protecting the voting rights of students at Prairie View A&M University. The Houston Defender recently suggested that through her work she is following in MLKís footsteps. She admits that she is not all

politics. Christina explains, ìI like Physics (relativity mostly), my mommy, Kemetic yoga, reading, running, Lil Tunechi, I LOVE Love, FDR, stories about the Framers, sunrises, sunsets, coffee and ìtha twitterî -making her a regular person, just not so normal. Christina Sanders is running an unapologetically progressive campaign. She is galvanizing a generation of young people in her community with the help of young people in leadership roles on her campaign staff. These are the young people leading the way, not asking for permission, not waiting to be tapped, writing their own rules.


ur issues command an urgency of now and we aren’t going to wait. The power of young people is insurmountable. Today is just as good as any day to recognize our power and unapologetically use it.î Sanders says. Christina will be the youngest candidate on the ballot in November with a proven track record of a political veteran. America will be watching her career. Sheís truly a rising star in Texas politics.

NBITLO Stimulates Houston Tech Economy through its Annual National Technology Conference The National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization (NBITLO) will hold its 5th annual National Conference and technology thought-leadership symposium October 25-27, 2013 in Houston, Texas at the Marriott West Loop. This yearĂ­s conference theme is: Beyond STEM: Building Bridges for the next generation of black technologists, engineers, scientists, & innovators. @nbitlo


hether you are you an early career technology professional or a student studying an Information Technology or a STEM related discipline? Even if you are an Information Technology Manager, Technical Recruiter or Chief Information Officer. In either case, this conference was designed with you in mind. This signature event is designed specifically with promoting the success of African Americans interested in excelling in technology leadership positions, advancing IT careers and creating mentorship opportunities for them. NBITLO accomplishes this through promoting a distinctive atmosphere of networking, camaraderie, and mentorship through this annual event. As a proactive response to address the less than positive statistics relative to the disproportionate number of African Americans represented in Information Technology positions, management and undergraduate as well as master and doctoral level degree programs, NBITLO, founded in 2009 , created this annual technology thought leadersí symposium. Blacks make up less than 6% of all technology professionals and less than 2% of all technology managers nationwide. Black people are 14 percent of the U.S. population and 13 percent of all students beyond high school. In 2012, they received just 8 percent of all STEM bachelor’s

degrees, 5 percent of master’s degrees, and less than 3 percent of PhDs. From community college through PhD level, the percentage of STEM degrees received by blacks in 2011 was 7.2 percent, down from 8.1 percent in 2007. Among the conference’s many goals, it was designed to increase the chances of networking and mentorship, as well as technology leadership by emphasizing the importance of early strategic planning, understanding the highly competitive nature of the technology industry, and stressing the importance of academic preparedness, certification, and professional development. Overall, NBITLO seeks to dispel the many myths that STEM is ìtoo hardî for African Americans and that Blacks just canít be successful in technology careers. Another component of this conference is to inform technology professionals and future technology leaders about the academic rigors, demands, and expectations of STEM-focused professional learning, and to impart strategies to help them prepare for the challenging technology workforce experience prior to actually beginning their information technology careers. During the symposium, a diverse group of panelists will cover a wide variety of topics in a power-packed symposium including ìWhat More Shall We Say About This? - Advancing the conversation from simply talking about the challenges facing the Black Community to using our professional technology and media tools, methods, and talents to advance our interests socially, economi-

cally, and politically.î, ìWomen in Technology, Leadership, and Service Professions: Exploring Equity, Dispelling Gender Myths and Empowering Women to succeedî, ìRaising Parental Awareness in STEM Educationî, ìThe Black Technology Leadership Dilemma & Solutionsî, and a signature career development panel ìBranding You, positioning you for the interview, the promotion and beyond.î This yearís named keynote speaker is Kai DupÈ, Technology Evangelist. Mr. DupÈ is a technical trainer and software development consultant with over 25 years of experience. Mr. DupÈ is also a doctoral student at Pepperdine University where he is researching the lack of African American males in the information technology field. Kai is concerned with technology integration in urban schools as well as the educational achievement of African American males. He is an advocate for technology integration in American schools and is dedicated to encouraging African Americans to participate in the digital society via workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements. Among the list of conference panelists are Anjuan Simmons, technology translator, Mateen Diop, Ed.D, James Allen Woods, ìThe Branding Gladiatorî, Andra Ward, Executive Trainer and Leadership Coach along with many others. Additionally, the conference will connect technology students to real Black technology leaders and professionals who will share their real-life experiences and potentially serve as role models and mentors. Furthermore, it gives par-

ticipants the opportunity to fellowship and network with others with similar educational goals and professional aspirations in order to create effective support systems and accountability partnerships with achievement-oriented peers. Make plans now to come out and be inspired, informed, and empowered to stake your claim in improving your technology career. High school students, college students, college graduates, working technology professionals, career changers, advisors, supporters, and recruit-

ers are encouraged to come out and take part in all that this conference has to offer. This is truly an unparalleled opportunity. Don’t miss out! Events like this one don’t come along every day. Register today while spaces are still available.


WEST Non-Profit Executive, Technology Thought-Leader,

pursuing leadership positions in information technology. The effect of this effort has afforded West opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship which allow him through NBITLO to address the underrepresentation of blacks in the Information Technology field.

tech fost thr tech cap Bro and cap Info uni plu and cen cha ma exe

Throughout West’s career, he has led major technology revenue generating projects totaling over $157 million dollars, implemented systems that delivered cost-savings and operational efficiency to customers, and more importantly overcame countless obstacles, milestones, and transitions as a black IT leader. Through these experiences West learned the importance of giving back, having a force of resources or

Bef of t net tech pos solv to a his now

Educational Technologist, Tech Blogger, Digital Citizenship & Security Advocate & Founder of: The National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization (NBITLO) Officials from Redmond, Washingtonbased Microsoft Learning commissioned Andrew West is the Chief Executive Officer Andrew West, to join its elite global group of NBITLO - The National Black Information Information Technology Leadership Advisory Technology Leadership Organization and Council known as MSIT Forum. Westís Chief Technology Officer of West Innovation professional mission has evolved to include Group, information technology consultants, a keen focus on technology-integrated and author of The Modern CEO Technology education and innovation in the classroom to Tools, Innovation & Guidebook for Todayís improve academic achievement. Tech Savvy Leader. West brought to life the great vision of NBITLO and designed the mission with the success of the ambitious black technology professional and potential technology leader in mind. Through its founding, West created a Nationwide Network of support that linked current IT Leaders, Executives and Managers with those current IT professionals, and college level students interested in



hnology “troops” enlisted and out of that tered a spirit of “network connectivity” rough NBITLO. West has worked in hnology support and management pacities in the corporate sector in oadcasting, Telecommunications, Banking, d also Higher Education, & K-12 technology pacities. West’s (14) years of service to the ormation Technology field combined with ique educational learning opportunities us industry certifications includes graphics d web-design, technical support, datanter operations, network administration, ange and configuration management, anagement information systems, and ecutive technology leadership.

fore founding NBITLO West felt the void there being a true nationwide network of tworking and technical support for black hnology professionals. West’s professional sture has always been, one of problemving. In response to that void he adjoined a diverse range of IT professionals from spear of influence to create what we know w as NBITLO

Anjuan Simmons Technology Translator

Anjuan Simmons is an energetic and informative speaker who often presents at conferences, seminars, schools, and community events. Drawing from his work experience as well as his educational background, his presentations focus on facts while simultaneously simplifying complexity. Anjuan is a Software Project Manager who specializes in agile software development. He has been quoted in many magazines and newspapers including USA Today, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, and Essence.


Frequently Requested Speaking Topics  

With an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Texas A&M, Anjuan’s education has given him a solid foundation in both technology as well as business. Out of his many academic accomplishments, Anjuan is most proud to have been the first Student Speaker elected by his fellow MBA students to speak at their MBA commencement ceremony.

 

  

 Anjuan has over twelve years of experience as an information technology executive at management consulting giants Accenture and Deloitte. He served as a technical team lead tasked with leading large teams in the implementation of Oracle packages. Anjuan’s specialty was designing infrastructure solutions including server sizing, high availability planning, and creating development through production environments.

Agile Project Management How Social Media Can Destroy Your Business Model Protecting Your Child Online How Minorities Use Social Media The MBA Experience The Past and Future of the Technology Divide Restoring Tech Cred to Houston Choosing a Career in Technology 3 Decisions That Will Make or Break Your Life After High School

Representative Client List

Testimonials “Anjuan has a solid background in using a variety of technologies to help solve business problems. While Anjuan possesses technology expertise, he balances this skill set with an appreciation for business objectives. Anjuan has strong communication skills, is enjoyable to work with, and would be an asset to any team focused on creating technology solutions that drive business value.” Christopher Kolhouse, Manager, Accenture

“Anjuan was always a pleasure to work with; someone who is both motivated and motivating to be around. He was very conscious of deadlines and always chose to take the "bull by the horns" (so to speak), approaching action items far in advance of their due date. He is not afraid to tackle challenges or to face adversity. In addition, he is probably one of the most eloquent public speakers that I have had the pleasure of knowing personally.”

Contact Information 832-529-4438

Clayton Dean, Strategic Sourcing, Hess

“Anjuan was always a pleasure to work with. He is mature, energetic and resourceful. Having the ability to deal with personnel at all levels effectively, good people management and communication skills, he influenced a multi-cultural and diverse team to accomplish common goals in our projects.”

Elaine Yi Lei, Ambassador Lima Peru Chapter, PMI-San Francisco Chapter.

Mailing Address P.O. Box 8354 The Woodlands, TX 77380


Kai Dupé


KEEP YOUR AUDIENCES’ ATTENTION AND KEEP THEM CAPTIVATED! Kai Dupé works and speaks for organizations that want to inspire people to be their best and reach their potential. He is an expert in both learning and technology. Kai uses his personal success to inspire and motivate others to achieve.

Kai Dupé generates results for your organization. He shares provocative ideas, creates buzz, boosts morale and entertains as he informs. Kai Dupé. The speaker for your next event. TAILORED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Kai’s presentations will inspire you to become the best that you can be. Everyone needs to tap into that reservoir of potential that lies inside and is waiting to be drawn out. Individuals need to be reminded of their greatness and overcome their fears in order to develop the tools and techniques that others have used for millennia to reach the highest levels of success. An experienced technologist, trainer and presenter, Kai offers workshops and seminars centered around personal development infused with technology and success principles that individuals and organizations can use to maximize their potential. Individuals and organizations will gain tools, techniques and strategies for integrating technology, information and knowledge into their lives for the betterment of their businesses, organizations and personal lives.

ABOUT KAI Kai is an instructor at Kaplan University. He holds a Masters degree in educational technology from Texas A&M-Commerce and is a Certified Toastmaster. He is the host of The Kai Dupé Show, where he discusses all matters relating to the personal development of African American males. Mr. Dupé is the advisory board chair of BiTWiSE, a community dedicated to African American software engineers created by Microsoft and he is a contributing writer for The Atlanta Post where he writes articles on the digital divide. Kai is an accomplished Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and works diligently to assist those around him to improve their lives at the intersection of education and technology.


D IS C OVE R WHAT P E O P LE ALR E ADY K N OW EDUCATIONAL AND INSPIRING “Mr. Kai Dupe made an outstanding presentation to the Upward Bound students, parents and staff at McLennan Community College inWaco, Texas. Kai is a dynamic young entrepreneur and motivational speaker. The world is only just beginning to be impacted by the contributions to technology and motivational speaking this young man has to offer. Thank you for a superb job. Well done!” —Patsy Jones, Project Director, Upward Bound Program McLennan Community College

ENTERTAINING AND WITTY “He holds the audience’s attention and charms them with his enthusiastic personality. At the same time, his manner is that of a polished professional and he leaves the audience wishing for more.”

DELIGHTFUL AND EXCITING “Thank you for speaking at our Rotary Club last week, it was one of the best presentations of the year. Not only was the topic enlightening, engaging and motivating, I don't recall any of our guests getting as much attention *after* the meeting as you did. It was a very interesting topic and you presented it very well.” —Jeannette Jones, Lakeway Lake Travis Rotary Club

SOLID AND PROFESSIONAL “Kai is hands down one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He gives you solid, useful and practical ideas in a fun, fast-paced, no-nonsense professional manner. Many of our members are still asking for his materials months later. ”

—Donna K. Tyler, VP of Member Services, Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA)

—Judy Lazarus, Unitarian Universal Fellowship



Keynote, half-day, full-day or multiple-day engagements are available. Book Kai for your next event!

• Colleges and Universities • Churches • Community Organizations

• Diversity Programs • Conferences and Seminars • Corporate Training Programs



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RY ashington averywashington averywashington


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DARREN stephens


he Promotional Marketing Firm of D.Stephens & Associates is an event company that brings businesses together with potential consumers in a social networking environment. D.Stephens & Associates was created through the vision of Darren Stephens and Dillard P. Alsobrooks.


Darren Stephens is the owner of a premier online directory for Indianapolis Nightlife & Entertainment. has provided marketing consultation and photography-media management to venues and event promoters. As the managing partner he is the visionary force behind, he believes in clients who are serious about making lifestyle changes for the Indianapolis Travel & Entertain-

ment Industries. Dillard P. Alsobrooks is has been working in the Hospitality Industry with a primarily focus on private members dining and white glove hotel customer service for over 25 years and has been an entrepreneur for the last 5 of those years. His entrepreneur portfolio began with 2Sent Media & Entertainment – an online marketing & event planning company in Houston, Texas. Dillard was a partner and managing director of promotions & online radio advertisement. His partnership was purchased; an Dillard launched All For You Concierge – A Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service. As Partner| Chief Concierge he is director of daily operations in Houston, Texas from his Indianapolis, Indiana satellite office. Dillard’s formal training in Hotel & Restaurant Management from

Wiley College & University of Houston. In September of 2013, he launched AFY Prive` Driver of Indy – a designated driving solutions service that provides a chauffeur to drive your vehicle or use the companies Luxury SUV to accommodate you or your guest especially for North Indianapolis, Carmel, Castleton, Fishers, and Zionsville, Indiana. The Promotional Marketing Firm of Stephens & Associates creates a non-traditional marketing opportunity for target audiences to develop relationships with consumer products and services in a relaxed setting. This unique bond between event goers and consumer brands leads to an increased awareness within affinity markets. The synergy of the consumer and product experience will increase sales and market exposure for Stephens & Associates clients.



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i10Media Magazine featuring Christina Sanders  
i10Media Magazine featuring Christina Sanders  

i10Media Magazine featuring Christina Sanders