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My Funny Valentine Not Everything that Glitters is Gold Today is Kenya Jones’ twenty-seventh birthday. Her family and friends are excited to celebrate her special day but Kenya doesn’t feel the same way. The voluptuous baby-faced, psychology doctoral student, is highly focused on her studies at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine but feels that she hasn’t accomplished everything that she planned for her life. Her big brother Paul plans a birthday dinner against her wishes in an effort to cheer her up. Paul also tries to convince Kenya to join him and the rest of their friends in Corpus Christi for Memorial Day weekend but she is not interested in the invitation.

Kenya meets one of Paul’s old college buddies, Lawrence Washington, a high profile corporate lawyer known for his charm and killer smile. He is also known as an active playboy. She is instantly flustered by how handsome he is and he is floored by the bombshell. He informs her that he is going to the Corpus Christi Memorial Day weekend and asks her to reconsider the invitation. Kenya is so enchanted with Lawrence she decides to go on the trip. Paul learns of Kenya’s interest in Lawrence and instructs her to keep her distance. Her brother’s controlling ways angers her and Kenya decides to rebel and ignore his warnings. When Paul finds out that Lawrence had been contacting Kenya, he tells him that he has instructed Kenya to stay away from him. When Lawrence questions his motives, Paul tells him that men like him are not good enough for his sister. Lawrence views this as a betrayal and his bruised ego seeks revenge. He devises a plan to seduce Kenya to teach Paul a lesson. Kenya is reunited with Lawrence in Corpus Christi and he sets his plan to seduce her into affect, which slowly falls into place. Throughout the weekend, Lawrence encounters several other women and gives into his baser instincts but Lawrence finds himself developing feelings for her. It causes him to abandon his initial plan and he focuses on enjoying their budding romance. Kenya decides to take her romance with Lawrence to a new level and on their last night in Corpus Christi, she tells Lawrence that she wants them to spend the night with each other. Lawrence is taken aback by Kenya’s willingness to lay aside her Christian beliefs and surrender her body to him. A guilty conscience forces him admit to sleeping with other women and that he had tried to use her

to hurt her brother. Kenya is heartbroken and enraged at Lawrence’s deceit. Kenya wants to tell Paul what Lawrence had done but feels too ashamed at how foolish she was and decides to keep it a secret. She is resigned to remaining single and focusing on her studies. Lawrence’s life seems to take a turn for the worse as he undergoes public scrutiny for his current business deal and suddenly finds himself involved in a CEO’s death. The negative circumstances put his job in jeopardy and his firm forces him to step down. In the end, Lawrence is left with nothing but regrets.

Book of the month

My Funny Valentine Synopsis Author Jennifer ekeoba Release date: November 29,2013

Jennifer Ekeoba

Entertainment should not have to be dirty to be fun,” is the foundation on which Jennifer Ekeoba founded JEKEO Creativ. Not just a publishing company, not just a media entity but a movement! The daughter of a hard working mother and immigrant father Jennifer saw firsthand what it was like to be denied certain opportunities. Using her B.A in Media Relations and Global Business from the University of Houston and M.B.A in Strategic Management she plans on giving authors that haven’t had an opportunity a voice. The first release is the highly anticipated series My Funny Valentine. With a rare combination of a corporate mind, faith and a passion for writing Jennifer Ekeoba and JEKEO Creativ is poised to kick down doors.

It may sound cliché to say success is what drives Jennifer Ekeoba but to frame it any other way wouldn’t do the talented 30yr old entrepreneur from Houston, TX justice. “When I experience challenges and I am at the point of giving in I remember that God doesn’t put more on us than we can bear and my faith is renewed.” Jennifer founded JEKEO Creativ with the concept that novels, movies and television shows can be entertaining, riveting and jaw dropping while still being wholesome. “It takes more talent to write without using excessive cursing and sex as a crutch. Myself and my writers will create stories that reinforce morals, values, inspire others and spread God’s word.” Having lost her father at 14, she had no choice but to start working to help her mother. This commitment to family is the same commitment that made her the 1st of her siblings to receive her Masters. When asked what she plans on accomplishing that she hasn’t, “Taking over the world!” She says in a playful way. I wouldn’t bet against her. “I learned after 30 years of being on this planet how to be courageous enough to be myself and to embrace my past

and present.” Being a mentor for www. Jennifer Ekeoba understands the importance of helping low income students excel in academics. Providing mentorship, test prep and college prep she sees the same characteristics in these children that she saw in herself growing up in a poor neighborhood in Houston, TX. Having a father from Lagos, Nigeria, his immigration status stopped him from reaching the American dream but that dream lives on in his daughter. “When I was 10 my father sat me down and told me I’d be the leader of my family. He made me promise to watch my three sisters and baby brother and look out for them. He saw how strong I was before I saw it in myself, that’s why everything I do is in honor of him.” Ask anyone about Jennifer they’ll tell you she’s shy, a little goofy but more than anything they’ll tell you she’s a great friend. “If God has allowed me to be able to help someone, no matter if it’s financially, an offer of spiritual encouragement or jut a hug, I’m willing to do that. I would definitely want someone to do that for me.” Jennifer Ekeoba didn’t wake up one day with a story to tell or decide she wanted to give writing a try. She wrote her first short story at five years old, having her sister’s act out her characters. In high school she won 1st place in the NAACP ACT-SO competition. For Jennifer starting JEKEO Creativ is the continuation of a journey that started when she was just a child. Knowing the importance of not just having a dream but financing it Jennifer put her publishing and writing aspirations to the side to climb the corporate ladder as an HR Professional at NOV Wilson. Learning the importance of managing personalities and budgets combined with pursuing her M.S in Publishing from the University of HoustonVictoria she felt now was the perfect time to put all that she’s learned together and live up the expectations her father saw in her so long ago.

Kachelle Kelly Small Business Strategist & Work, Life, Harmony Expert is founder of Kachelle Kelly International, Inc.


usiness & empowerment coach, motivational speaker, strategic project planner and accomplished author, Kachelle utilizes her creativity and candor as she coaches career driven women & men to utilize social media, productivity & lifestyle apps to achieve more balance, be more productive and grow their business. Her coaching clients rave about her ability to not only understand them and their struggles but their businesses; knowing exactly how to be ìrealî in sharing a stepby-step plan to grow their businesses online and offline. Kachelle is well known on social media for empowering entrepreneurs to ìActivate Your Hustleî, to actively go after their dreams and visions by eliminating distractions; adopting best business practices to be successful.

In addition to being a Certified Life Coach and Certified Compass Spiritual Coach, Kachelle draws on her 18-year background of helping corporations and individuals excel. An accomplished administrator, marketer, and frequently sought-after speaker, she is known for her ability to help organizations and individuals reach higher levels of success. Kachelle’s impressive list of brand marketing clients includes Moet Chandon, Proctor & Gamble, Dr. Pepper, Wachovia Bank, and NEXTEL. She previously exhibited her strong business acumen as the Territory Manager for an International weight loss company,

managing the operations and staff in the greater Houston area. She coached, trained, and developed over 100 service providers, while leading area meetings that encourage members through their weight-loss journey. Weight loss coaching is not included in Kachelleís services & not associated with a weight loss company. As a former certified speaker with’s Making It Count programs, she has traveled to high schools and universities across the country to motivate teens to make the right decisions, stay in school, and excel in life. Kachelleís first book, Pretty Painful, is


a motivational work that offers new hope to women everywhere and has been featured in such various publications. Kachelleís second literary work, Boss Women Pray & Boss Men Pray: 31 Prayers to Increase Your Success & Spirit is a comprehensive prayer guide for entrepreneurs and those in leadership. She plans to lead an international movement in bridging the gap between doing business while nurturing the spirit. Award Winning Producer, Tracy E. Edmonds has selected Kachelle, as an inspirational vlogger on her YouTube Network, AlrightTV ìPreach On, Teach Onî Series. Her vlogs can be viewed on her YouTube channel. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and the NAPW 2012-2013 Woman of the Year for Consulting & Coaching for Texas. Kachelle is a member of the elite Savor The Success, “Savor Circle” mastermind. She is also a column writer for Houstonís D-Mars Business Journal, sharing tips and strategies to grow your business. Kachelle holds a Bachelor in Biblical Counseling from The College of Biblical Studies and a Certification in Christian Counseling. She resides in Pearland, Texas. For more info, visit

Kachelle Kelly



The Providence on Southmore (TPOS), A non-profit 501c3 organization in Houston, Texas has established itself as an organization aimed at assisting students attending Texas Southern University with overcoming the obstacles that block many from completing their degree programs. Research supports the necessity for drastic efforts stating that the national graduation numbers for male students are unacceptable with African-American and Hispanic males falling nine percentage points lower than their female counterparts (College Board, 2010).

Mission Statement The Providence on Southmore’s mission is to provide graduating high school students with support to ensure optimal conditions for completing their undergraduate degree programs within five years through: • Post- Secondary Planning/Placement • Degree Completion Support • Internships • Mentorships • Life-Coaching • Volunteerships

Vision Statement The Providence on Southmore provides students the opportunity to focus on their goal of graduation by minimizing obstacles and providing the needed advisory support to succeed.

The Problem 21% of African-American and 25.8% Hispanic students graduate within six years (Nationally)Source: Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, 2011 31.9% of African-American and 39.2% Hispanic students graduate within six years (Texas Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011

The Solution (Student Support Programs) The Providence on Southmore, Inc. staff members will match students with professionals that will serve as mentors that will direct their decision making as it relates to their area of professional interest. Mentors will commit to working with the matched student for the duration of the five-year program. Students will have access to a life coach as needed to address the social issues (past/present) that exist and stand to hinder their goals. Students will gain and/ or improve life-skills that will be instrumental in ensuring that optimal decisions are made to promote their success. Academic assistance (tutorials) will be available to students to ensure that they are able to meet the demands of a full-time student. Individualized attention will be given to students by tutors to maximize their academic experience and to ensure that students maintain their schedule

for completion. An integral part of the program will be partnerships with local corporations in an effort to equip students with internships that will increase their employability upon graduation. Students will form relationships and gain experience in their areas of interest to build their networking capabilities. In an effort to develop meaningful and positive connections with the community, volunteerships will be established. Students will select organizations to serve over the course of a twelve month period and will commit to one day per week.

The Challenge

Call to Action

As a start-up non-profit organization, there is a lot at stake. Survival is #1... Many people believe survival is just a matter of writing a grant for your worthy cause.....Well, it’s not that simple. Foundations don’t know you, so you have to build your credibility. One way that foundations determine your worthiness (credibility) is by the amount of funds you are able to generate before they write you a check. If you can convince your family, friends and acquaintances (those that truly know you) to give, then they take a second look. They want to know that others believe in what you are doing and that you are sincere.

You can be the difference in a student’s life by supporting our efforts through monetary gifts to our Student Support Programs. Visit our website at www. and go to our donation page to make a secure, tax-deductible gift through PayPal. Or, to be a sponsor of The Providence on Southmore, click on our SUPPORTERS tab and click on the gray Supporter button. From there, you will complete the form, and upload your logo and website address.



What started out eight years ago as a great idea and hobby to supplement her incomeÖ.Today, 723 Events, is a full-service event planning company. Her teams of talented, vibrant event designers bring more than a few decades of experience in corporate and private event planning.

The cornerstone of 723 Events success lies in Basheliaís ability to problem solving oriented and address those unavoidable emergencies and her personality to lead her team to consistently incorporate clientís individual style and vision, while drawing from career experience, a master in business administration and industry best practices. And lastly her modern approach in producing intimate gatherings to spectacular celebrations, no event is too small or too grand for the 723 Events team. 723 Events is dedicated to making each and every event one of a kind. 723 Events is ìWhere whimsical Charm Meets Modern Productions..

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i10media Dec issue featuring Kachelle Kelly  

i10media Dec issue featuring Kachelle Kelly