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I have to Thank God because, without him, our family would not have a 98 year legacy. I can’t believe it has been almost 100 years since my great grandmother had this vision. I’m excited about our new Franklin location; the beginning of Franklin Barber School (iChop!). I want to thank my beautiful wife, Zameika, and our children for being such a great support system. I also want to thank my parents, Ron, Sr. and Glenda, and my

brother Sean. Thanks to our wonderful staff - past and present - for helping Franklin continue, and, of course, I have to thank the countless students who have made Franklin a part of their lives. We are doing big things, so be on the lookout for iChop.com… it’s a lifestyle.

RON J Co-editor

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Arlether Wilson Owner/CEO


AWC Medical Supplies & Equipment, LLC Three Sugar Creek Center, Suite 100 Sugar Land, Texas 77478 Office: 832-886-6830 Fax: 281-835-6823 www.awcmedialsupplies.com

Arlether Wilson Entrepreneur, Advocate, Mentor & Author


rlether Wilson has advocated for the elderly, women, and children most of her life. She is

compassionate and always eager to help others, which has earned her respect and admiration throughout the country. Arlether is a veteran police officer, who spent most of her career working with clients who were victimized by crimes or those who needed assistance getting their lives back on track. Arlether has supported and helped raise funds for agencies such as the Houston Area Women’s Center,

AIDS Foundation Houston, the Houston Alzheimer’s Association, and donated goods to organizations, such as Bridge over Troubled Waters, and numerous youth organizations. Arlether is also an author of the award winning memoir “Rewriting the Script.” She holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Houston, a Masters Degree from University of Houston-Clear Lake, and she is a 2013 Doctoral Candidate.

challenges that some patients face after a life changing injury, when mobility is limited or after being diagnosed with a debilitating disease. By acting as a liaison, her goal is to enhance the quality of our customer’s lives and help them regain or sustain and optimal level of independence.

Arlether has won numerous awards and accolades, but her proudest accomplishments are her two wonderful children, Anthony and Jerica. She is After working tirelessly with social service agencies and a firm believer that Anyone attempting to meet the medical Can Better Their Best, and she always stresses the importance needs of her clients, Arlether established AWC Medical of paying it forward, maintaining a positive attitude, Supplies and Equipment, LLC in 2011. Arlether realizes and valuing education. the emotional and physical


Ke C

Candi Counc


eith Caldwell

idate for Houston City ncil District D

Determined Self-Motivated Ambitious


veryone has a purpose in life, and when you are a visionary you seek ways to motivate and empower others. Imagine living in a community that you consider to have so much history, promise, and character, but more could be done to move it forward. Perhaps that picture sounds a little daunting for some, but not for Keith Caldwell. He attributes his drive to his parent’s support, his compassion for others, and commitment to helping people of all backgrounds. Caldwell is a community advocate who believes in fostering relationships within every neighborhood. At an early age, Caldwell’s parents instilled the value of paying it forward, community service, respect, and being proactive. After witnessing his community’s decaying

Keith Caldwell

economic infrastructure, limited resources for seniors and children, and high crime rate he vowed to do all that he could to uplift and support his District. As an avid volunteer, he often insisted on lending a helping hand and spreading awareness about many issues within District D. He has proven that by getting involved, citizens can make a difference in their community.

ty Advocate Program where he mentored at-risk youth. Both personally and professionally, he bridges his desire to help the under-privileged population by not only mentoring, but by participating in programs that assist in the placement of individuals from the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and residents from Covenant House.

With more than two decades Caldwell has an easy-going of managerial experience, he personality, which allows believes in maintaining strong him to work well with others. partnerships with residents, His greatest strengths are his businesses, and other comrelentless determination, his munity leaders. Caldwell is leadership skills, and his abil- running on a platform that ity to inspire and unify others. would improve economic deHe thrives on challenges, esvelopment, schools, decrease pecially those that require one crime, and create resources to go above what is necessary. that allow seniors to live a Caldwell has served in many quality life. Caldwell currently capacities, including as an serves as the Chair for PreExecutive Board Member for cinct 392, and he currently the A. Philip Randolph Instiserves as the Sergeant at Arms tute, as a member of the Coa- of Senatorial District 13. He is lition of Black Trade Unionist, committed to creating change a Transport Workers Union in District D, and he is seeking Member, and as a former adyour support. vocate for the Houston Coun-

Caldwell081@gmail.com www.keithcaldwellfordistrictd.com



By Nata



alie Baker


W a a w th b


Women are aristocrats, and it is always the mother who makes us feel hat we belong to the better sort.


his mantra, though created more than a century ago by author and higher education advocate John Lancaster Spalding, is a candid description of what Glenda Jemison (more famously known as “Mrs. J.” or “Mama J.”) is to Franklin Beauty and Barber School.

“It’s nice and it makes me feel good…” Mrs. J. laughed, “but sometimes I have to remind [students] that I’m not their mom.” Mrs. J. is the mother to Franklin Beauty School. She nurtures her students by feeding them, encouraging them, praying with them, talking with them, and listening to them, which is a bound far beyond that of an ordinary school Director.

“I just love helping people. It motivates me,” said Mrs. J. Even though Mrs. J didn’t plan on being in the beauty business, she has proven – with approximately forty years under her stylish belt – that she is a natural and important force within this industry. “I never dreamed of being in this business,” said the mother, grandmother, instructor, owner, and stylist. “I’d just finished school to teach French when I was approached by my father-inlaw to manage the second Franklin location. I was only 23! Thank goodness the students back then aren’t like the students today,” she laughed. Today’s generation of students is much different from the students of the 1970’s, but Mrs. J. brings her experience and heart into the business today, which not

only keeps her going, but also helps many of the students who are faced with issues and exigencies that are vastly different from those that students encountered in the 1970’s. Dealing with these students brings Mrs. J. a great deal of personal reward. “…I’m most proud of one particular student that I had once who wasn’t a very good one and was always in trouble. But I would always talk with her and encourage her. I didn’t give up on her, and she ended up going to state board and getting her license. I’m not taking all of the credit for it, but who knows where she would have ended up if she had nobody to talk to? You have situations where students have four kids and no support, and I’ll talk to them about their situations, encourage them to get child support. We do what a lot of schools don’t do because we’re family oriented. Everything we do is with God.

I jus helping pe It motivate

st love eople. es me.


couldn’t do it without him in here, and I’m glad that I can help people get a profession and make money.” Mrs. J. also gets the opportunity to work closely with her family, as Franklin Beauty School is a family business. She works alongside her husband, Ronald Jemison, Sr., and she has trained her two sons, Ronald Jemison, Jr. and Sean Jemison, as well as her daughter-law-Zameika Jemison.

“I’m proud to train them and work with them. It’s easy to work with my daughter-inlaw, but it’s not always easy to work with my sons,” Mrs. J. laughed.

Back in 2011, Franklin Beauty School opened a North West Houston location that includes Franklin Barber School, which is a new venture for the family. Mrs. J. said that she is excited about the barber school because “things are changing in this business. Laws and cosmetology are changing, and I think barbering is a great idea.” Pretty soon, Mrs. J. will be even more known, once the Houston Beauty documentary airs. Mrs. J. said that she is excited about the show, but she wants everyone to know how genuine the crazy life in the cosmetology business – particularly the school – is.

“I never realized we have so much drama. This stuff actually happens and I never realized it until I saw some of the filming,” she said. Mrs. J. will soon be a reality star, adding to the many hats that she wears, but her focus is Franklin Beauty School, its familial values, and the legacy of the school. “I’m glad that my children actually want to be in this business because sometimes your children don’t want to do what you do. I want people to watch the show and remember us for our tradition. It is all about the tradition because our school has been around for so long.”

Barber to the stars By Natalie Baker

Barber to the stars You have probably never recognized a person on the haircut chart in a barber shop, but you will definitely see someone you know on the walls of Nicholas Howard’s Salon Nicholas Barber Studio on Richmond and Hillcroft in Houston, Texas. Nicholas Howard is “Barber to The Stars,” which is a name that he gained soon after he cut his first celebrity client, former NBA point guard, Gary Payton. Today, he has clients from all angles of the entertainment field that include Rick Ross, Kobe Bryant, Bun B, and Carl Thomas, just to name a few. For the past twelve years, Howard has been the Houston Texans’ locker room barber, and even though he has gained a celebrity status from cutting hair, he attributes his success to three simple things: professionalism, consistency, and reliability. “I’m not the best barber. There are other barbers who are just as good as I am, but when it comes to my professionalism, my consistency, and my reliability, I don’t think anybody compares,” says Howard. According to Howard, the answer is found in the details of how a person conducts his or her business. “[As a barber] you work for yourself, but you have to realize that you work for your clients. You hear about barbers not coming to work, not being presentable… [they] want to partake in drinking and smoking and drugs and things like that. Be physically presentable as far as

your look is concerned. Keep yourself up. While you’re at work, come to work. I get a lot of customers who are tired of their barber making appointments with them and they’re not there and haven’t called. He hasn’t communicated with them. It’s professional if you communicate with your clients. Be reliable. Answer the phone when they’re calling you. Treat your clients with respect… ultimately, they’re the ones who are helping you succeed in this profession. Have your business cards; it’s unprofessional not to have cards. At any time, you can gain a client and you just need to be ready to take them in.” Howard began cutting hair to make money while in college, and even though he didn’t set out to be a Barber to The Stars, he always knew that he wanted to be a successful professional. He believes that his self-standard of professionalism is what makes him the fruitful entrepreneur that he is today. The level of success that he sees for himself, he recognizes it in his clients.

“Someone who is successful won’t spend time on someone who is not on time. That’s the client you want. You don’t want the client that can do with or without a haircut. You need your clients to need you as well as you need your clients.”

It might be easy to assume that someone who cuts celebrities’ hair is out of touch and probably uses some grand scheme to market themselves and gain celebrity clients. In fact, Howard says he gets calls from barbers who want tips on how to be a “Barber to the Stars,” but, to him, all of his clients are important clients. “…My regular clients pay just as much and more as my star clients. My star clients make up only thirty percent of my clientele. The majority of my clients are just regular working people. Business professionals… don’t be so enamored with what you think it [barbering] is going to be if you cut stars. A haircut is a haircut is a haircut.” A haircut might be a haircut, but it has to be exciting to cut internationally-known celebrities. Of all the singers, rappers, and athletes that Howard has had the opportunity of working with, he does have a few clients whom he was most excited to cut. “Kobe Bryant and Maxwell [are who I was most excited about]… Kobe Bryant…you know, because he’s Kobe Bryant. He is one of the greatest basketball players that ever played the game. And I’m just a big fan of Maxwell’s. I think he is one of the greatest singing artists and has one of the better albums out today.” Although Howard gets to experience the glitz and potential perks of becoming a successful barber, he values the profession for the simple things that anyone can achieve just by becoming a barber. “This is a great profession to get into. You meet a lot of people, you make a lot of friends, you watch families grow, and it is fun to see the growth in people… they get new jobs, have kids, get married, and you get to be along in that process. It’s a rewarding thing.”

Barber to the stars

tamika fletcher

Tamika Fletcher

tamika fletcher

Tamika Fletcher I n a little over 10 years, Tamika Fletcher has established herself as one of the leading experts in beauty, curly haircare and do it yourself (DIY) lifestyle options. As the co-founder of Natural Resources Salon, Tamika incorporates a creative and artistic approach both behind the chair and within all of her areas of expertise. In the past year alone, Tamika has gained national recognition as a curly hair & DIY expert with features on Essence. com and on the national TV shows Deals, and Mirror, Mirror. She Ă­s established herself as an enthusiastic, knowledgeable expert and is often relied upon by local media outlets like

KHOU News 11, KTRK ABC 13 and My Fox Houston to offer social commentary on breaking news.

Tamika is originally from a small town in Texas, but moved to Houston in 1997 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Communication at University of Houston. However, in her 3rd year at UH, she made an unexpected decision to pursue hair styling full-time. A decision she attributes to her father, whom she inherited a passionate work ethic from, and her mother and brother, whom she lost in a tragic car accident that changed her life forever. From the experience, she gained a new appreciation for each day, and each moment. Since then, Tamika has taken Natural Resources

Salon from a home-based business to a beautiful, modern, eco-friendly salon in Houston, TX. In 2010, she relocated the salon to the stylish, affluent shopping area, Rice Village and expanded it into a full-service salon. Tamika is proud to boast an impressive client roster including TV host, Deborah Duncan, Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams, Angel Taylor of the Gospel Duo, Trin-i-tee 5:7 and more. Tamika received a specialty license in hair weaving and braiding at San Jacinto College Cosmetology and is an Alfaparf trained color specialist. In her spare time, she enjoys arts and craft projects, watching movies, karaoke with friends and creating new curly hair styles.

Tamika Fletcher

tamika fletcher

Welcome to HOUSTON

dwight howard


Folklore Films Presents FOLKLORE FILM folklore [fohklawr]: legends that lead a people. film: [‘fi(?)m]: moving images that move a heart. This visual column curates an intimate group of present entrepreneurial artists and creative professionals who positively influence human culture in the world.

Andrea Everline

by marlon hall

Andrea is a social activist and an imagineer who decided to reconnect with her son she gave up for adoption. While painful and scary she faced the secret she hid for the last 10 years and her secret (her son) welcomed her with open arms. www.vimeo.com/70421103

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rilled ruit Berry Compote 1 Mixed Combine 3 cups fresh berries with 2 tsp. light

Sweet Potatoes 6 Sesame Cut 3 large sweet potatoes into 1/4-inch-thick

brown sugar, 1 tsp. lemon juice, and 1/2 tsp. cinnaslices; brush with 2 Tbs. toasted sesame oil. Grill 15 to mon. Cut 2 10-inch lengths heavy-duty foil, and spoon 20 minutes, or until tender and browned. 1 1/2 cups berry mixture onto center of each foil sheet. Fold edges together to seal packets, and grill Tequila-Lime Pineapple packets 5 minutes. Whisk together 3 Tbs. tequila, 1 1/2 Tbs. agave nectar, 1 Tbs. lime juice, and 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper in bowl. Add 4 fresh pineapple rings, and marinate Sizzled Red Pepper Salad Cut 2 red bell peppers into 8 wedges each, and 2 hours. Grill 7 minutes on each side. Serve with rethread onto skewers. Coat with cooking spray, and served marinade. grill 12 minutes. Transfer to bowl, and toss with 1 cup cooked chickpeas, 1/2 cup chopped fresh fennel, 1 Nectarine Halves with Goat Cheese Tbs. olive oil, and 2 tsp. lemon juice.




3 Grilled String Beans

Thread string beans onto skewers (donĂ­t crowd them too tightly). Brush with garlic oil; grill 4 minutes on each side.

Broccoli 4 BBQ Toss 4 cups broccoli florets with 2 Tbs. garlic oil in bowl. Grill 6 minutes using a grid-style grill topper. Transfer broccoli to bowl, toss with 3 Tbs. prepared BBQ sauce, then grill 2 minutes more.

Artichokes with Herbs 5 Baby Halve 6 baby artichokes, and brush with olive oil. Grill cut-side-down 6 minutes. Turn, and sprinkle with 1 Tbs. each minced garlic, rosemary, and thyme. Grill 4 minutes more.

and Pistachios

Grill 4 pitted nectarine halves 5 minutes on each side. Top with 1 tsp. soft goat cheese, 1 Tbs. honey, and 2 tsp. toasted chopped pistachios.

Butternut Slices 9 Lemon-Basil Cut peeled butternut squash into 1/4-inchthick slices; coat with cooking spray. Grill 20 minutes. Sprinkle with 2 Tbs. olive oil, 1 Tbs. lemon juice, 8 basil leaves, and 3 Tbs. raisins.

10 Grilled Bananas with Dulce de Leche

Halve 4 firm bananas lengthwise, with skin on. Brush cut sides with 1/2 tsp. lemon juice. Grill 5 minutes each side. Top 2 banana halves with 1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt and 1 Tbs. prepared dulce de leche.

Grilled Fruit

Franklin Barber School #franklinbarber A barber is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave males' hair. Now the new barber does a whole lot more! From contest to owning their own business, to teaching the art of barber. Franklin professional barber school is offering the training you need to have a great career.

Full & Part-Time classes (8am-4pm) Professional Staff Barber shop atmosphere on clinic floor 9 months of professional training Professional Barber tools to master your craft Cosmo to barber course also available for those who qualify ( Just two months) Call or come by today to meet with our admission staff to start your career in the professional barber program. Se Habla Espanol

Franklin Barber School 4745 Hwy 6 North Houston, Texas 77084 832-683-4792 www.franklinbarberschool.com

Franklin Beauty School #wearpurple THE NATURAL! Thousands of men and women are embracing their natural hair. From hair care products to Natural hair salons, this could be you. Call one of our fine locations today.

Full & Part-Time classes (8am-5pm) Hair Braiding-Only 1 week of training Hair Weaving-Only 10 weeks of training Professional atmosphere Experienced Instructors With two locations to serve you the Houston Community. Come be apart of the movement over 98 years of continued success.

Franklin Beauty School (South) 4965 Martin Luther King Blvd. Houston, Texas 77021 713-645-9060 www.franklinbeautyschool.com

Franklin Beauty School (West) 4745 Hwy 6 North Houston, Texas 77084 832-683-4792

Andrew West A

Author, Tech Philanthropi

ndrew West i ior Level Info Technology L with Executiv el experience highly succes planning, bu growing tech departments with support izational visi objectives lea way to new a ing levels; A visionary who synth facts, events and concepts to dev cessful outcomes, resulting in a successful relationships; Highly ate in the development and impl tion of technology solutions and that have positively impacted bu operations resulting in keen fina


Press Release Links www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10462321.htm www.prlog.org/11889557-the-importance-of-technology-in-business-leadership. html

hnology Thought-Leader, ist and Technology Entreprenuer

is a Senormation Leader ve Leve who is ssful at uilding and hnology s aligned ting organion, and ading the and excithesizes velop sucvariety of passionlementad programs usiness ancial

management, operational efficiency, and organizational effectiveness; Recognized as being spirited, resourceful and persistent, with the highest level of business ethics; Works well under pressure and during fast paced and stressful situations; Courageous and hard working professional with a genuine ability to work through the most challenging situations and obstacles. Throughout West’s career, he has led major technology revenue generating projects totaling over $157 million dollars, implemented systems that delivered cost-savings and operational efficiency to customers, and more importantly overcame countless obstacles, milestones, and transitions as an IT leader. West has worked in technology support and management capacities in the corporate sector in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Banking, and also Higher Education, & K-12 tech-

nology capacities. West’s (14) years of service to the Information Technology field combined with unique educational learning opportunities plus industry certifications includes graphics and web-design, technical support, data-center operations, network administration, change and configuration management, management information systems, and executive technology leadership. In June of 2010, officials from Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Learning commissioned Andrew West, to join its elite global group - Information Technology Leadership Advisory Council known as MSIT Forum. West’s professional mission has evolved to include a keen focus on technology-integrated education and innovation in the classroom to improve academic achievement.

The Modern CEO


Technology Tools Innovation & Guidebook for Today’s Tech Savvy Leader

Publisher: Author House http://bookstore.authorhouse. com/Products/SKU-000545698/The-Modern-CEO.aspx Softcover/ Hardcovers Available Worldwide: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Books-A-Million, Google Books Digital ebook versions: ePub, iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Google Play, Sony

Welcome to HOUSTON TEXAS and the 81st Grand Chapter Meeting. The Legendary Houston Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is proud to have the opportunity to Host all of our nearly 15,000 registered members, supporters, guests and friends. We will showcase the city of Houston for our guests!! Houston: Bayou City, Space City, a medical Mecca, energy capital of the world and the 4th largest city in the country.


Polemarch Clayton Whitaker Vice Polemarch Ron Lockett, II Keeper of Exchequer Curtis Bergeron Keeper of Records Dr. Andre’ Morgan Asst. Keeper of Records & Exchequer Leonard Adams Strategus Edward Tanner Lt. Strategus William Gadison Historian Willie Earlie, Jr. Parliamentarian Kevin Hale

Board of Directors Ken Cowan Michael Garner Ray Haze Dr. Andrew James James Martin, II 32nd Grand Polemarch W. “Randy” Bates, Jr. Esq. Chief Administrative Officer to Grand Polemarch Ronald V. Julun Southwestern Province Polemarch Tim Albert Executive Operating Assistant to Province Polemarch William Puder 51st Laurel Wreath Laureate Dr. Bernard A. Harris 58th Laurel Wreath Laureate Dr. Bobby L.Wilson

Elder Watson Diggs Awardees Judge Carl Walker Jr. Willie High Coleman Jr, Esq. Guy L. Grant Awardee Olaolu Davis-Balogun Past Grand Strategus Damon Mattox Laurel Wreath Commission Chairman & SWELTF President Willie H. Colman, Jr., Esq. SWP MOIP Coordinator Ray Haze SWP Kappa Kamp Chairman Vernon J. Rush Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation Secretary & ECFOH President Michael Adkinson

2011 PAUL W. CAINE LARGE ALUMNI CHAPTER OF THE YEAR Chartered March 31, 1928 H www.HouKappa.org.

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arnel Thomas Declarations Consulting Owner/Personal Stylist and Image Consultant


www.declarationsconsulting.blogspot.com www.vdarnelwilliams.spreadshirt.com/ declarationsconsulting@gmail.com vdarnelthomas vdarnelthomas DarnelĂ­s Desires

Darn Tho

rnel omas Darnel Thomas is a wife, daughter, friend, model and everyday working woman with a sincere passion for fashion and all the glory that comes with being a woman that reaches beyond merely following seasonal trends... fashion and style is the very beat of her heart. Raised in the ever evolving city of Houston, Texas, Darnel has always wanted to be part of putting southern style on the map and after starting Declarations Consulting in 2008, she is gearing up to do just that! With blessings that include everything from working on and styling

everyday working men and women to coordinating and styling for local fashion shows, television commercials to speaking on the importance of identifying, solidifying and showcasing oneĂ­s personal and professional image and preparing for Houston Fashion Week, Darnel is definitely on the rise and taking the Houston Fashion scene to the next level. In addition to styling and modeling, Darnel has parlayed her quirky sayings and love of simplicity into her own on-line t-shirt store, DC Designs.

Barry Bolston A desire to help people, an investment in life-long learning and a commitment that goes beyond the old standard of customer satisfaction to a new standard of “client care”, are just some of the motivational factors that drive Barry Bolston….

Barry received his BS in Drafting & Design in 1994 and his MBA in 2000. Barry helped families realize the American dream of owning their own home when he started his real estate career in 2000. As a native Houstonian, Barry can put his insider knowledge to work to find a special property, for you and your family in your neighborhood of choice. Barry also uses the latest Internet marketing tools to get your property to the broadest possible range of “qualified” buyers. Why select Barry as your real estate agent? He genuinely listens to you and will work tirelessly on your behalf. More importantly, Barry truly believes in the Keller Williams’ belief system:

God, Family, then Business

Aja Fitzgerald Aja Fitzgerald was born in Chicago, Illinois. At age six, she and her mother relocated to Texas where she currently resides. Aja completed In Its Entirety at age sixteen with plans of completing a sequel to her first book of poems. Writing is her passion, and she aspires to publish her first novel in the near future. Aja’s long term goals are to become a university professor of creative writing and, of course, to become a best selling author. When asked what inspires her to write poetry, she responded: “I write because I feel like some things aren’t being said or broadcast enough like they need to be...Sometimes I write for personal relief orÖsaying something that I believe needs to be said that perhaps not enough people are saying or listening to...” www.ajatheauthor.com InItsEntirety.

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